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Vitor Gustavo
Vitor Gustavo : Timeline Photos     Talking Angela threw me an amazing birthday party!    
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Komal Kataria
Komal Kataria : Ssc Exam    
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Winter Crofoot
Winter Crofoot : Mobile Uploads     4pm on a Friday a mostly empty restaurant. After we finished lunch we ordered dessert. Silas was getting irritable and whiny. I moved him from the high chair to the booth by the window. He threw a minor temper tantrum. But he did scream a little. Mostly crying. 3 minutes!! This lady Angela came over and said "do you think you can take him somewhere and talk to him?" I'm like "he's two" she said "well people are trying to enjoy their meals". I said " you know what cancel the rest of my order and bring the check". She leaves. I wait and wait. The waitress brings dessert and "I say no thanks she basically kicked us out". Shiloh took the kids to the bathroom. I got up walked to the next room where she was just sitting at a table. I said "hey are you going to give me my check or what? You kick us out then never come back". She said "oh I thought your server was bringing it". I said "I want the check and your name and a number for corporate" and I walk away. A few mins later the server brings the check. Then here comes this Angela lady back. She hands me a card and said "look I'm sorry but you needed to do something about it". Omg I thought I was gonna deck her. F@ck her and F@ck Buckhead.    
16 minutes ago - View -
Shelly Frasier
Shelly Frasier : Mobile Uploads     Might not talk or see you all often but I lovesssss you — with Yelizaveta Guzman and 17 others.     Robyne Fildes Huffman, Laurie Anders Gordon, Erika Hosey, Dawn Martin, Lou Anne, Ronda Renee, Jennifer Towles-Ketler, Susan Mackey, Meagan Kesler, Wendy Spence, Melinda Nidy, Jeannine St. Clair, Mary Durgala Muscarella, Mary Fletcher Detwiler, Karen Burns, Karen Woods, Erica Hamilton, Holly Case, Shannon Woods, Shannon Williams Kern, Shannon Young, Mackenzie Vukovich, Nicolette Marie, Kristie Nicole Paul, Alisha Marchelle Oehler, Mary Ann Kriner, Jackie Lann, Rosie Lathrop, Brenda Caltagarone, Angela Anderson-commeans, Mandie Lemmon Burnette, Jodi Spees, Megan Young,
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The Virtus Group
The Virtus Group : The key to success? Grit     One of the key indicators of success is Grit. In this talk, Angela Lee Duckworth tells us why Grit is more important than IQ in becoming successful.
37 minutes ago - View -
Cuidado Con Talking Angela
Cuidado Con Talking Angela : ...
38 minutes ago - View -
Toby Thrower
Toby Thrower : Day 1
Today is 9/1/14: I start my 7 Days of Gratitude inspired challenge from Pamela Pipes. I am listing four things I am grateful for and challenging three friends to do the same. Don't stress out if I challenge you. You don't HAVE to do it... Rainbows and unicorns will fly outta your butt blah, blah, blah...

Today I challenge Josh Stacey, Fred Rulapaugh, and Angela Williams Gulley

1) My memories of My Dad Nolan and the time I had with him on this earth. He was a awesome and caring man. Loved by everyone. Love those road trips we shared and the fun times. Loved working with him at Jack Daniels and at home doing odd jobs. He was my swimming buddy. My Dad helped me with life challenges and help me figure out things. I miss him so much. I will one day be in heaven with you. Love you, Toby
2) My jobs. How many of you can say that you love what you do? I can. My occupations have lead me on a journey that has been so very educational but, more importantly, introduced me to forever friends. Thank you, Universe. My cup runneth over. (My answer about My jobs is the same and feel the same way as friend Pamela Pipes who I feel the same with in this.
3) I'm thankful for growing up in Lynchburg, TN. Talk about meeting quality people and lasting friendships. There's something to be said about graduating with a great group of kids, the class of 90 MCHS. Great group of kid in each class year before me and after me who graduates from MCHS. Friendships!
4) Lastly, I thankful for My family, friends far and near, and my better half. I love you all. You are my everything! PS: Thank you dear Pamela Pipes for starting the gratitude challenge.

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Marlene Mendes
Marlene Mendes : Timeline Photos     Tom and Talking Angela are ready to hit the Oscars red carpet tomorrow! Who's your favorite star (Besides Talking Tom Cat of course)?    
49 minutes ago - View -
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh : Government Job Notification    
59 minutes ago - View -
Anna LaDedah
Anna LaDedah : My beautiful daughter Angela Lahoud came to visit me! God i love her, no wonder shes my favorite. She is the best! Just talking to her makes my day. #ProudMother
1 hour ago - View -
Yolanda Bedford Fowlkes
Yolanda Bedford Fowlkes : Timeline Photos     Yes, thank you! — with Kim Wells Rhame and 48 others.     I try to tell you all everytime I talk to, text or fb but just in case I forgot a time or two....THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ARE HERE FOR ME! with Kanisha Randolph, Tyesha Hill, Tykia McClain, Kay Bedford, Venassia Rosemary Gunter, Calvin Fowlkes, Irene Fowlkes, Rara Rawlings, Rene Walker, Angela Hurt, and there are a few more who aren't on facebook!
1 hour ago - View -
Sharon Craine Hutchinson
Sharon Craine Hutchinson : Timeline Photos     When Kylie Ann was in preschool her teachers asked me, "Could you tell the other parents about Shaklee?!" They just marveled at how she was never sick even with the other kids coughing and having runny noses. My friend who is a distributor shared this exciting news about a daycare on the mainland: "What I think is so awesome is when a private small daycare's owner contacts you and asks for a natural solution for less sick kids in the classroom and not to expose other kids to their colds and coughs. Congrats to Bellas Daycare for ordering 10 bottles of the childrens multivitamins, wish other owners can talk about it with other parents as well." Angela K. #shakleeworks     Another Shaklee testimony :)
1 hour ago - View -
Eliciane Soares Ciane
Eliciane Soares Ciane : Timeline Photos     Talking Angela threw me an amazing birthday party!    
1 hour ago - View -