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Elisa Corina Cristina Gheorghe
Elisa Corina Cristina Gheorghe : Tom and Angela - You Get Me (from Talking Friends)         To download "You Get Me" visit
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Angela Marie Bingham
Angela Marie Bingham : Jason Keith Bingham    
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Zapp Talk
Zapp Talk : Zapp Talk 102     Zapp Talk 102: Thanos vs. Hulk, Secret Six, Angela and more!    
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Zapp Comics
Zapp Comics : Zapp Talk 102     Zapp Talk 102: Thanos vs. Hulk, Secret Six, Angela and more!    
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Liz Langford
Liz Langford : Fury Movie CLIP - Bible Verse (2014) - Shia LaBeouf, Brad Pitt Movie HD     Angela, this is the scene I was talking about with Shia and the bible verse. His acting is superb.     Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: htt...
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Tony Bailey
Tony Bailey : Mad kid talks about fedora haters     We will see this man on the news very soon     bunch of haters hating on my fedora
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Yuliya Andreyev
Yuliya Andreyev : To Angela Pyun,

Dear D. Pyun (lol almost revealed your name) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I hope you have the best bday, I hope your wishes will always come true, I hope you will always be an innocent child. Yes I know I'm talking weird right now! I still love you so much and always will *talks in a very dramatic voice* sorry thy I couldn't get you a present. I hope you are not mad at me . I'm actually typing this at 8:46am during geo class. Angelica I love you for life!!!!!!!! Happy 14th Birthday!!!!

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Leighton Rutt
Leighton Rutt : OMG!!!!!! I am not going to say why either. I think Angela, and maybe Lynette might know what I'm talking about though. No more to be said
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Geovana Rubia
Geovana Rubia : Gatinha Angela Talking Tom         Video
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Autumn Douglas
Autumn Douglas : Reactive Attachment Disorder Colorado | Institute For Attachment & Child Development     YAH IM SHARING SOME FUCKED UP SHIT..Long post.......

So this could turn out to be a really bad day or a really amazing day probably the former. So I been really suicidal since like Monday and shit so I talked to a former friend who suggested I talk to her old highschool principal from like 13 years ago who she is still in contact with. So I ended p calling her and the school she runs is for like really fucked up adopted kids lol. ANyways she like practices a style of attachment therapy that I think has shown to be really detrimental and on her site she links to residential programs that I personally have had added to Angela and HEALS abusive program list and have been found abusive by the government for there style of therapy The abusive program is Anyways even on the phone she kinda started on me she is like "why do you wanna die" and i said "cus I hate myself" she asked "why" and I told her " cus I cuss ppl out and push people away who care about me and that I harass people" she kept saying "and" I knew she was waiting for me to say cus I am adopted..after a few minutes I did and she was like "you are right." Then I ask her if she can help me get my therapist back who I upset and told her that I really liked her and trusted her and that I didint wanna loose her and she infromed me that I was not talkin about my therapist that I was talkin about my birth mother. Very programmy but fuck something has to help!! Meeting at 530!!

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Jurirat Khamsopha
Jurirat Khamsopha : Timeline Photos     Talking Angela threw me an amazing birthday party!    
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