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Basma Samira
Basma Samira : Timeline Photos     I dream that my daughter will be able to live past her fifth birthday, attend school, and be able to make free choices for her life. I dream that she will be able to have her own family and live long to take care of them.

Angela Nguku, Leader of White Ribbon Alliance for #Kenya is one of eight women from diverse backgrounds around the world who shared dreams for their daughters. Photographer Joanna Vestey captures their inspiring hopes in her photo series "Dreams for My Daughter" for Imagining Equality:

What dreams would you share? #EqualityIs     I dream that my daughter be a professor and have her own radio talk show.

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Steven Raj Moses
Steven Raj Moses : Sheila Prasad    
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Eisenhower Ferreira Duarte
Eisenhower Ferreira Duarte : Tom and Angela - You Get Me (from Talking Friends)         To download "You Get Me" visit
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Gracinha Guedes
Gracinha Guedes : Timeline Photos     I love making Talking Angela happy. — with Talking Angela.    
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Hernandez Ferrel
Hernandez Ferrel : So I was watching this video about Talking Angela app.. the mystery behind it... on my laptop ... and I downloaded ... and it's downloading... but on my cellphone... creepy..
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Jorge José Quiñonez
Jorge José Quiñonez : Tom and Angela - You Get Me (from Talking Friends)         To download "You Get Me" visit
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Yäïrë Cärrëön
Yäïrë Cärrëön : A-Available=Yes
B-Birthday=December 1
C-Crushing on= nobody.
D-Drink you last had=Coffee
E-Easiest person to talk to= Mariah Angela Brenda cx
F-Favorite color= Purple🔮💜
G-Grades in school= idk.-.
I-In love with=JustinB. JulionA. LarryH. & many more✋😂
J-Jelous of=Nothing ._.
K-Killed someone=Never 👎
L-Love who=Idk👌😐
M-Milkshake flavor=Strawberry
N-Never have i ever-Done drugs😂
O-One wish=Not saying Cx
P-Person who called you last= Mariah cx
Q-Question youre always asked=How old are you?😐
R-Reason to smile=My family👪
S-Song youre listening to=Solo junto a ti-Conjunto Atardecer❤️
T-Time you woke up=11:00 a.m.
U-Unforgettable moment= I have ALOT😱❤️
V-Very best friend=Angela & Mariah
W-Worst habit=Play with my hair💆
X-X-ray youve had=None🙅
Y-Youre last time you cried=Dont remember.
Z-Zodiac sign=Sagittarious♐️

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Bobby Wood
Bobby Wood : Sh%t Southern Women Say     Hey ladies, do you say these things? Cathy Traci Casey Angela
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Angie Richardson
Angie Richardson : Angie Richardson    
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Joe Mumma
Joe Mumma : Ok so I'm sitting here at Asian star and this man at the table behind us starts talking about boxer briefs.....then something about giving himself a front can't make this stuff up! With Angela Mumma
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Aangela No Worries Jones
Aangela No Worries Jones : One thing about it 629 is good I don't need noone at all I get so tried of people talk shit about I use people hoe is that when I pay my bill with the help of my husband and brother.that what people don't no but if they was not there angela still would be good because I take care of my shit.because I am a woman so u people that think u all no some u don't at all ok
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Jadyn Reyes
Jadyn Reyes : When This Bulldog Puppy Talked Back To His Mommy I Nearly Fell Out Of My Chair! Adorable!     Angela Renee Reyes-Frans awe !
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Timothy L Cooper
Timothy L Cooper : When we look at AGE in prospective, to a 100 year old person I am young and to a new born baby I'm a million years old

I have experienced many great things in my life, good bad and ugly and what i have learned is...................

I still have much to learn

I want to thank everyone who took a moment out of their life and wished me a happy birthday, you remind me that even if we don't hang out or talk at all during the year,,,,,,,just a friendly thought can make a day more pleasant........

You are all special to me!!!

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