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Windies Cricket
Windies Cricket : Live online text updates of the 5th and final ODI between South Africa and the West Indies can be found @WindiesIntl on Twitter!
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Noah Archangel - The Band of the Hawk
Noah Archangel - The Band of the Hawk : Summa Gumbo - Noah Archangel presents Texas Summer Beats     #Beats Have you heard ‘Summa Gumbo - Noah Archangel presents Texas Summer Beats’ by Noah Archangel on #SoundCloud?
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Elizabeth & Jim George
Elizabeth & Jim George : When you pray, your days will become pointed rather than pointless, full rather than empty, vibrant rather than vacant! –@JEGeorgeAuthors


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Alicia Morris
Alicia Morris : Alicia Morris (@angel04131) • Instagram photos and videos     Every 100 fans I get on these sites one fan will get a signed photo of their choice. If you are chosen as the winner I will post your username on all pages and you have 24 hours to claim your prize. Good luck everyone.

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Habstrakt :     Disciple Recordings Twitter Takeover H-3 @Disciplerecs     Habstrakt will be doing a twitter Q+A on '@Disciplerecs' in just 3 hours time (9pm GMT)

Barely Alive - Lasers Up (Habstrakt Remix) is out now as part of the 'Fiber Optic EP'

Watch the video: video

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ABC13-Christine Dobbyn
ABC13-Christine Dobbyn : Alana Chapa Holmes on Twitter     Teachers trying to restock classroom after fire damage

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KXAN Austin News
KXAN Austin News : KXAN Weather on Twitter     Planning to break a record set back in the bell-bottom era. It was 79 degrees, set in 1970. We should hit the low 80s today! #atxweather
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Conde Nast Traveler
Conde Nast Traveler : Condé Nast Traveler Twitter Chat Starts at 1 P.M.     Planning a trip to Europe this year? Conde Nast Traveler Editor in Chief Pilar Guzmán will be answering all your Europe-related travel questions on Twitter today (1/28) at 1 pm EST! Follow along there — and ask away! #TravelerHelpDesk
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Michael Sweet
Michael Sweet : Welcome to Twitter - Login or Sign up     Looks like we have a new twitter:-) - give us a follow if you want to......
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Michele Mcphee
Michele Mcphee : Boston Police Dept. on Twitter     Michele McPhee - Boston

Boston Police have released photographs of a man who shoveled the iconic Finish Line of the marathon route on Boylston Street during yesterday's raging blizzard.

Using the hashtag #WhoShoveledTheFinishLine, Boston Police asked the public to help solve the mystery.

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Testosterone Nation
Testosterone Nation : Join T Nation on Twitter!     Hardcore motivation, videos, workout & diet tips, updates and more! Join T Nation on the Twitter machine here:
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Shane Koyczan
Shane Koyczan : I don't generally hashtag cooperations but Bell will give 5 cents for mental health per tweet that's hash tagged #BellLetsTalk I encourage you all to get on your Twitter accounts and help raise money for a worthy cause.
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SALVA : Premiere: Stream Salva's "$$$ Secret Stash $$$" Project CHECK IT OUT ON Complex $$$$$$ PEEP MY SECRET STASH $$$$$$$
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Distractify : Emma Watson Ran A Twitter Q&A About Gender Equality And It Was Flawless    
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Barely Alive
Barely Alive :     Habstrakt killed it with his remix of 'Lasers Up', he'll be taking over the Disciple Recordings twitter account at 9pm (GMT) TONIGHT for a Q+A

iTunes:     Habstrakt will be doing a twitter Q+A on '@Disciplerecs' in just 3 hours time (9pm GMT)

Barely Alive - Lasers Up (Habstrakt Remix) is out now as part of the 'Fiber Optic EP'

Watch the video: video

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Daru Jones Official
Daru Jones Official : TOUR UPDATE: Now back in Nashville, Tenneesee. Who's coming? #BridgestoneArena

Follow me on this journey via Twitter and Instagram @DaruJones - Don't forget to hashtag myself, #JackWhite #LazTour

Much Love -dj

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Kellee Maize
Kellee Maize : Kellee Maize: How I "Made It" in the Music Industry: My Top 10 Tips     Here is the article, (with a joke title that caught some attention), on the The Huffington Post that I mentioned last week. So many artists have been hitting me up asking for more. A follow-up will come soon. Meantime, if you have questions about it, hit me up on twitter

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Shaadow Sefiroth
Shaadow Sefiroth : Little girl sings like an adult     So young with such a mature voice . THEM VOCALS !!

Vine : Shaadowsefiroth
Instagram: Shaadowsefiroth
Watch the video: video

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MissMalini : Diandra Soares Talks Bigg Boss 8!     Look! The fabulous Diandra Soares in conversation with me, MissMalini all about Bigg Boss #BiggBoss8 #BB8 (plus answers to ALL your Twitter, Facebook & Instagram questions coming soon too!)    
Watch the video: video

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Complex : Migos Donated Money to Their Old High School and Twitter Went Off     Migos fired back after they were ridiculed for donating $1,000 to their alma mater.
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BuzzFeed News
BuzzFeed News : An Indonesian Cleric Said Muslim Women Shouldn't Take Selfies So They Trolled Him Mercilessly     Ustadz Felix Siauw posted a 17-point Twitter manifesto about how selfies could be seen as a sin for Muslims.

So how did women respond? With #Selfie4Siauw, of course.

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Stephen Devassy
Stephen Devassy : " Ennodu Nee Irundhaal " from " I " Cover by Saiesan Muthulingam     Check out our Kreative Kkonnect's new association with a very talented singer Saiesan and Pearl Media Studios, Canada. More coming soon....!!! Music lovers follow us at     " Ennodu Nee Irundhaal " from " I " Cover by Saiesan Muthulingam
Arrangements : Vakeesan Muthulingam
Visuals : Pearl Media Studios
Subscribe us :
Follow Saiesan Muthulingam :
Follow us :
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Call us : (+91) 99 62 99 19 19
Email us :
Watch the video: video

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Car Talk
Car Talk : Timeline Photos     Mush! Dog sledding on Huron Ave. Photo by EHChocolatier on Twitter.     Yesterday in Our Fair City!
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