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1 hour XI: De Gea, Valencia, Smalling, Evans, Rojo, Blind, Herrera, Di Maria, Fellaini, Young, Rooney. #mufclive
04 March 15 GMT - Via Twitter Web Client - - - - Recent Popular!

1 hour

04 March 15 GMT - Via Twitter for Android - - - - Recent Popular!

2 hours asi está quedando el nuevo set de rodaje. Que os parece? (faltan cosas por poner todavia, JUST SAYING)
04 March 15 GMT - Via Twitter Web Client - - - - Recent Popular!

20 seconds Dia da Mulher, espalhe delicadeza com uma linda homenagem a elas no Facebook!
04 March 15 GMT - Via SocialClique - - -

20 secondsعجبتني ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
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20 seconds @sekojevujuza: 💙 اشتري لحسابك متابعين خليجين حقيقين للتويتر و الانستغرام ☎ للتواصل واتس اب 0543268533 #انشر_الب…
04 March 15 GMT - Via اهلا و سهلا بc - - -

20 seconds DRIZZY RT "@tiaramvrie: 📝 RT @jointful: Drake's girlfriend."
04 March 15 GMT - Via Twitter for Android - - -

20 seconds @MAECanar: En 2014 trabajamos en la descontaminación de ramales en el Estero Salado, con sanciones a los infractores
04 March 15 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

20 secondsإستمتعي بفوائد #زهرة_المسكيتا #لبشرتك مع منتجات #باباريا الإسبانية للمزيد واتساب 0558688764
04 March 15 GMT - Via IFTTT - - -

20 seconds @FCPilotFlashes: Come to Chickfila on Monday, March 9 from 5-8 and tell the cashier you are with FC pilot flashes and help us out! ❤️ ht…
04 March 15 GMT - Via Twitter for Android - - -

20 seconds @ereijnijinn: 【川崎中1殺害事件】 犯人の舟橋龍一ら「俺たちは川崎国だ。逆らったら首切るわ」こいつマジでヤバすぎる!!! ⇒ ヤバすぎ( ゚д゚)
04 March 15 GMT - Via 速報ニュースつぶやく君 - - -

20 seconds @wortyhf: سأكتفي بك حلماً فواقعك ليس ليِ..
04 March 15 GMT - Via rt29-new185 - - -

20 seconds @stampaamblondra: Now at London Stock Exchange - @raffcantone and @Nouriel on "Rule of Law as an engine of growth" #anticorruption http:…
04 March 15 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

20 seconds @mukakinAP: 写真で出会えるアプリが話題! iPhone⇒ 出来たばっかでライバルも少ないから今がチャンスかも!
04 March 15 GMT - Via - - -

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Scott Fisher on FOX7
Scott Fisher on FOX7 : Scott Fisher (@scottfisherFOX7) posted a photo on Twitter     Scott Fisher Says: ARCTIC FRONT has just reached the far western Hill Country.
13 seconds ago - View -
Justin Rudicel
Justin Rudicel : Justin Rudicel (@ChasingtheMeso) posted a photo on Twitter     Energy coming in & snow will start to increase here in the metro in the next 2 hours. @NEWS9
9 minutes ago - View -
Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga : Lea Salonga (@MsLeaSalonga) posted a photo on Twitter     Oh how true.
13 minutes ago - View -
Fortune Magazine
Fortune Magazine : Here’s what Twitter said about female exec’s apology to mothers     After Katharine Zaleski's public apology to mothers, readers had some pretty strong opinions. Here's what you said.
16 minutes ago - View -
Shaadow Sefiroth
Shaadow Sefiroth : Footwork illusion     Magic GLIDE

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Vine : Shaadowsefiroth


Watch the video: video

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Real Simple
Real Simple : March 2015: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up     This month's book is written by Japan's famed organizing guru. Don't forget to join in our discussion about the book on Twitter, using the hashtag #RSbookclub!
17 minutes ago - View -
Pentatonix :         Did Scott ever find two white chairs for his room? Follow him on Twitter @scotthoying to find out! #ScottWednesdays

Follow Scott on Twitter HERE:

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Errol Barnett CNN
Errol Barnett CNN : CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) posted a photo on Twitter     Retweeted CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk):

Read full 105-page Justice Department report on Ferguson police department

18 minutes ago - View -
Jonathan Chase
Jonathan Chase : Jonathan Chase (@jonathan_chase) posted a photo on Twitter     “@Lilrick456: @jonathan_chase look who I spotted on #Leverage. 😜”old school me!!! "Boom"
18 minutes ago - View -
Shakey : Shane Shakey Byrne (@67Shakey) posted a photo on Twitter     Just a little bit of swelling going on in this ankle right now, not broken but ‘kin sore!!!
19 minutes ago - View -
Jeremy Shada
Jeremy Shada : jeremy shada (@JeremyShada) posted a photo on Twitter     It's been a while so I thought I'd post a little something from a recent photo shoot with my homie Josh Madson! 😯
19 minutes ago - View -
Jim Cantore
Jim Cantore : Jim Cantore (@JimCantore) posted a photo on Twitter     See you in DC Baby!! MT @paulythegun: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SNOWFALL!?!?!??!! @JimCantore ht @markellinwood
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I Fagiolini
I Fagiolini :     Robert was delighted to be coaching Voices of Hope, an excellent young ensemble from Liverpool Hope University today. Here they are in Weelkes tricky 'Thule, the period of cosmography'. Find them on Twitter @VoH_singers    
Watch the video: video

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Chef Rick Bayless
Chef Rick Bayless : Rick Bayless (@Rick_Bayless) posted a photo on Twitter     Making the perfect little Mexico City quesadillas of fresh-ground corn masa, local herede & epazote
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The Charlie Daniels Band
The Charlie Daniels Band : Obama says he can be trusted to make the right deal with Iran and that they can also keep their doctors. - Charlie Daniels via Twitter
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Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers :         Great #CactusCrew crowd on hand for today's game vs Milwaukee Panthers! If you're headed to AZ don't forget to post your photos to Twitter and/or Instagram using #CactusCrew for your chance to win prizes!
24 minutes ago - View -
Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga : Lea Salonga (@MsLeaSalonga) posted a photo on Twitter     Hey there, @DivoDavidMiller!!! Thought of you and @SarahJoyMiller_ when I saw this!!!
24 minutes ago - View -
Steve Ward
Steve Ward :     In response to your requests I thought I'd start a little video series here called #threeforall. Submit the most difficult questions you've got for me here, on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, wherever and once a week I'll post a video reply to three of my favorite questions. Sound good?    
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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona :         Half time / Mitja part / Media parte
Villarreal vs FC Barcelona (1-1)

Check the first half stats:
And remember you can follow the minute-by-minute of the game on

Repassa les estadístiques de la primera part:
I recorda que pots seguir el minut a minut del partit a

Repasa las estadísticas de la primera parte:
Y recuerda que puedes seguir el minuto a minuto del partido en

#FCBLive #VillarrealFCB

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Football League
Football League :         Tonight's Sky Bet Championship games are now under way! Follow @SkyBetChamp on Twitter for goal updates.
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Memphis Grizzlies
Memphis Grizzlies : Memphis Grizzlies on Twitter     #GrizzNation, wear #GrizzGear and watch #MEMvHOU -7pm/ct at Chiwawa Midtown to get half off any draft beer! *Must be 21+
31 minutes ago - View -
Marcus Tankard
Marcus Tankard :     Interested in joining the #Brikkhouse movement, a Luxury Bow Tie Line by Marcus Tankard?
1st email ->
2nd. Follow ~> Instagram & Twitter
@MarcusTankard & @TheBrikkhouse
SEEKING: Social Media Specialist, Blogger/Brand Outreach, Special Event Marketer, Assistant, Promotion Team. PR
Please include information about yourself and what you're interested in doing.
Opportunity - Exposure - Career Boost - Reality Tv

Looking forward to doing trunk shows and private/exclusive shows in New York, Detroit, Boston, Nashville, Atlanta, and Miami in 2015!    
Watch the video: video

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WNCN Steve Sbraccia
WNCN Steve Sbraccia : Steve Sbraccia (@steveswncn) posted a photo on Twitter     WARRANTS: truck was in working condition & thieves were apparently inexperienced in driving 18-wheeler #wncn
33 minutes ago - View -
WNCN Steve Sbraccia
WNCN Steve Sbraccia : Steve Sbraccia (@steveswncn) posted a photo on Twitter     GOLD ROBBERY: warrants claim thieves couldn't start truck and had to leave it behind along w/ $5-mill in silver
36 minutes ago - View - : Bryant McGill        
37 minutes ago - View -