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6 hours

Peter McAvoy dies after suffering 'massive heart attack' in his New York ... - Daily Mail: Daily MailPeter McA...
23 April 14 GMT - Via twitterfeed - - -

7 days

during the mca's I was reading the part in mockingjay where Finnick dies & I was trying not to cry. it was hard.
16 April 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

7 days

RT @UpdatedWorlds: BREAKING: First Person Ever Dies From Marijuana Overdose.
16 April 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

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Frank Leong Frank Leong : Mobile Uploads     "马华领导害怕巫统因此不敢反对伊刑法"。 朋友,蔡CD拍完戏后终于有空讲两句真话。嗯,真不知马华公公们会否脸红?     MCA, go to die la.
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Dato Raja Munir Shah Dato Raja Munir Shah : BY ELECTIONS.

Elections are a way of saying that democracy is well and alive in a particular country. by elaction are held after a particular YB resign or died.

There was a by election in kajang when the incumbent YB resign and yet after the by election, the candidate from the same party won even after so much hue and cry over the reason why the incumbent YB resigned.

Now, after the demise of the incumbent YB for Bukit Gelugor, the were calls from quarters that an UMNO candidate should be allowed to stand as candidate there.

For the by election in Bukit Gelugor, SPR has indicated that RM1.0 million has been set aside as the cost involving 1095 election workers for the by election to held on 25th May 2014, should there be a contest.

The question is, should there be a contest? Let's be honest to ourselves, can BN wrestle the seat away from DAP? Be it an UMNO candidate or GERAKAN or MCA? Honestly, if there as a contest, its just gonna be a waste of precious Public fund. the RM1.9 million can be put to better use else where!!

Lets make decisions base on facts and figures and not on emotions and sentiments alone. Lets do the homework first and then decide guys. Look at Kajang. We all know who is Dr. Wan Azizah, as far as politics are concern. From Permatang Pauh in Penang to Kajang in Selangor. yet, they still won.

I am noy against any Party contesting, just saying let us weigh the pros and cons of things. Unless we would like to see some guys from some Party out there out to "make some fast buck" during this by elections, then be it.

But fact is, IS IT ALL WORTH IT ??!!

wHAT SAY YOU GUYS OUT THERE. Let's hear it........

1 hour ago - View -
Yadav Pooja Yadav Pooja : mca 2nd year students jink roll no. yha die gye h aj hi balwant sir se mil le ek bar........

2 hours ago - View -
Bhupesh Kumar Bhupesh Kumar : Ca Nitesh More    
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Jeremy Kua Jeremy Kua : Malaysiakini     Let's make sure MCA get 0
3 hours ago - View -
Ca Nitesh More Ca Nitesh More : Ca Nitesh More    
3 hours ago - View -
CA Abhimanyu Kumar CA Abhimanyu Kumar : Ca Nitesh More    
3 hours ago - View -
CA Punit Kumar Rastogi CA Punit Kumar Rastogi : Ca Nitesh More    
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Ca Nitesh More Ca Nitesh More : Ca Nitesh More    
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Wu Jacinda Wu Jacinda : MCA Day : Woke up late. Ran after the bus. Had cramps. Was dying the whole MCA test. Pencil broke 15 times. And in those 15 times, I got up once to sharpen it again.
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Sammy Jikaze Sammy Jikaze : THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE SHAME OF KENYANS     gavana Wambora ought to heed advises like this from a patriot Kenyan.
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620 CKRM 620 CKRM : Colin Lovequist    
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Colin Lovequist Colin Lovequist :         Getting ready for Number Ones At One

Apr 23, 1991 Arista releases Alan Jackson's "Don't Rock The Jukebox," with a chorus that rhymes George Jones and The Rolling Stones

1969 - Glen Campbell' s single "Galveston" topped the charts. 1969 - Glen Campbell' s Goodtime Hour featured Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Bob Newhart, Vicki Carr, John Hartford, and Glen.

1977 - Loretta Lynn' s single "She' s Got You" went to #1.... Apr 23, 1973 MCA releases Loretta Lynn's "Love Is The Foundation"

Randy Travis' album "Around The Bend" was named Country Album of the Year at the Gospel Music Association's 40th Annual Dove Awards (2009)

American Made - Oak Ridge Boys (1983)

Apr 23, 2012 Bass player Chris Ethridge dies after battling pancreatic cancer in Meridian, Mississippi. A founding member of The Flying Burrito Brothers, he also played on numerous Willie Nelson hits, including "Whiskey River," "All Of Me" and "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain"

Apr 23, 1947 Songwriter Kent Robbins is born in Mayfield, Kentucky. Among his credits: George Strait's "Write This Down," The Judds' "Love Is Alive," John Anderson's "Straight Tequila Night," Trace Adkins' "Every Light In The House" and Gary Allan's "Her Man"

Apr 23, 1976 Jeanne Pruett introduces Don Williams as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. He remains part of the cast for only a couple years

Apr 23, 1977 Kenny Rogers records "Sweet Music Man" during an evening session at the Jack Clement Studios in Nashville

Apr 23, 1982 Warner/Viva releases David Frizzell's "I'm Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home"

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Tya Putri Ag Tya Putri Ag : kurangi sifat alayers nya ! hahaha (y)    
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