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8 minutes

RT @mguestxo: I feel like shit😒
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

15 minutes

RT @Kyle_Lippert: If Sharknado was realistic there would be a scene of the NYPD shooting and arresting a harmless nurse shark that was just…
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

18 minutes @taylorlaynefox: “@BestTextMsgs: Bestfriends >>>😊😚” @Alyssa5513 @kaitlin_keeler is that you guys?😂😂
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter Web Client - - -

18 minutes“@BestTextMsgs: Bestfriends >>>😊😚” @Alyssa5513 @kaitlin_keeler is that you guys?😂😂
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPad - - -

25 minutes

The sharks are from the future and they must kill @TaraReid to save humanity. So Edith Keeler. #Sharknado2
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPad - - -

36 minutes

@keeler__mike I was but you can't wear em with shit better wait till the global games come out
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

43 minutes

Got about a good 2 minutes of warmup pitching, and now my arm is killing me 🔫
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

46 minutes

RT @jocelynnhart: sometimes u just gotta accept that most people are just really shitty and move on with ur life
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

59 minutes

RT @ethanwtyler: I honestly get so annoyed if you take hours to text me back
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

1 hour

I hate when people touch me😡
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPhone - - -

1 hour

RT @acts_1_8: "Being addicted to drugs is a sin" *is addicted to FB/texting* What's your drug? Being addicted to ANYTHING is a sin.
30 July 14 GMT - Via Twitter for iPad - - -

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Ochoa Edwards
Ochoa Edwards : Darkest of dark people - Jarawas     Hey Jermaine Keeler I found a video of you     Jarawa Tribe in Andaman Islands. Jarawas are one of the adivasi indigenous peoples of the Andaman Islands. Their present numbers are estimated at between 250...
Watch the video: video

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Wat Hughes
Wat Hughes : Wat just brought the body count to 13,991,963 by icing *HHH* Double Keeler.
MwG-X $тℯεł ℭ@η℮ was just iced by Wat, who has whacked a total of 13,991,962 rivals.
Wat just brought the body count to 13,991,961 by icing ϺΘᏴЅϯ☼R alvin.
✔ƒ [I☠S]⌘SUSS❸o€✔ƒ was just iced by Wat, which brings the body count to 13,991,960 rivals.

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Paul Neault
Paul Neault : WHAT FIREMEN DO IN THEIR SPARE TIME!     Tony Keeler; ever done this when you have down time? Haha!     What Firemen do in the Spare Time!
Thanks waheed!!!
Watch the video: video

23 minutes ago - View -
Kevin Wedman
Kevin Wedman :         ''42ND STREET'' (1933) The first major work of Busby Berkeley. a classic, fast-paced, backstage movie musical - a refreshing film that changed the film musical forever and saved Warner Bros. studios from bankruptcy, helping it grow into a major studio. Set during the Depression and about the Depression, this film is considered the backstage musical par excellence, the grand-daddy of them all. The film succeeded by mixing veteran stars (George Brent, Warner Baxter and Bebe Daniels) with virtual new-comers (Ginger Rogers, Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler). The film was very successful at the box office. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1934. Pre code.
45 minutes ago - View -
SP Specialist
SP Specialist : For those who don't have a ride,a school bus will be on division and Keeler from 830 to 930,ride there nd bak....courtesy of LilSam
53 minutes ago - View -
Celina Cline
Celina Cline :         The five pictures that make me feel like a bad ass and beautiful and tagging Sandy Solomon and Amy Cline Jamieson and Trinity Leeds and Ericka Keeler Stacey Jo Plumage and Katie Springer. Lol
58 minutes ago - View -
Melissa Jean Scott
Melissa Jean Scott : Timeline Photos     For real though...~ Keeler     Jedidiah Schmader haha reminded me of you! I still can't find mine neither tho..
1 hour ago - View -
SES XC Alumni
SES XC Alumni : Updated Rosters.

Team Sager
1. Mike Willis
2. Daniel Craig
3. Jared Anderes
4. Mark Koons
5. Mitcher Barnes
6. Marci Keeler Jennings

Team Caselman
1. Ian Hughes
2. Klint Spiller
3. Garret Sager
4. Kellen Womochil
5. Max Mcclure
6. Clinton Mcdonald
7. Conner Gies
8. Trask Engel
9. Tiffany Cleveland
10. Ryan Unruh

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Marcie LaLande
Marcie LaLande : Timeline Photos     For real though...~ Keeler    
1 hour ago - View -
Lavonda Pairgin Lockner
Lavonda Pairgin Lockner : Timeline Photos     For real though...~ Keeler     Where's Lavonda! !!???????
1 hour ago - View -