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Most recent 19 results returned for keyword: supermoon (Search this on MAP) Pierre Richard : Several nights ago, we were fortunate to witness the 'Supermoon', which is defined as the moon when ...
Several nights ago, we were fortunate to witness the 'Supermoon', which is defined as the moon when it is at its closest point of approach in its orbit around Earth. As a result of that amazing and special celestial event, the following image is presented, which is the personification of the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, Selene (Roman counterpart, Luna).
The oil on canvas painting was dated 1880 and created by French artist, Albert Aublet.
#Greek #Mythology #Classics
6 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Robert Oravec :

A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth. (Wikipedia)This supermoon was photographed in November 2016 in the south of Slovakia.Camera: Canon EOS 100D, lens: Tamron 70-210 f2.8
7 hours ago - Via Community - View - Durga Krishna : Supermoon (Kelowna, BC)

Supermoon (Kelowna, BC)
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Top 10 Reasons 2016 Was Great For Science |
10. #A New Moon (Asteroid 2016 HO3)
9. #Carbon Dioxide Stones in Ground
8. #Stem cells make stroke victims walk
7. #Cybernetic Implant
6. #Planet Nine
5. #Another discovery to endorse that man evolved from Fish
4. #Eternal Data Storage
3. #Supermoon
2. #Vertical landing of Rocket
1. #Abortion Pills by Mail
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Top 10 Reasons 2016 Was Great For Science | -------------------------- 10. A New Moon (Asteroid 2016 HO3) 9. Carbon Dioxide Stones in Groun...
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Senovia Dominguez : Image of the Day Martin Luther King Jr. & Supermoon Monday, January 16, 2017: As the United States...
Image of the Day

Martin Luther King Jr. & Supermoon

Monday, January 16, 2017: As the United States honors the legacy of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., NASA joined in with this flashback to the supermoon of November 2016 with the memorial of King in Washington, D.C. NASA photographer Aubrey Gemignani captured this image as the largest full moon since 1948 set over the monument to King.

By -- Tariq Malik
1 day ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Prapimpan W : Supermoon (Kelowna, BC) by Alexander Hill on 500px
Supermoon (Kelowna, BC)
by Alexander Hill on 500px
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Meru Karn-Takenuki : (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani) -- Monday, January 16, 2017: As the United States honors the legacy of civil...
(NASA/Aubrey Gemignani) -- Monday, January 16, 2017: As the United States honors the legacy of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., NASA joined in with this flashback to the supermoon of November 2016 with the memorial of King in Washington, D.C. NASA photographer Aubrey Gemignani captured this image as the largest full moon since 1948 set over the monument to King. -- Tariq Malik"
By the Staff
Image of the Day
The moon, or supermoon, is seen as it sets over the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on Monday, Nov. 14, 2016 in Washington.
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Kmmruth r.Smith : The Adventures of Man-Man. Episode 3: Behold the Supermoon by Aaron Aaronson (from the book "The Chronicles...
The Adventures of Man-Man. Episode 3: Behold the Supermoon by Aaron Aaronson (from the book "The Chronicles of The Adventures of Man-Man, Defender of Man: (Episodes 1-6)")
A bunch of people sat on lawn chairs or stood around, many holding binoculars, some looking through telescopes. All the supermoon watchers chatted with each other and looked back and forth at each other with amazement and awe. One of them smacked himself on the forehead while beaming a happy smile. "Wow, I mean wow. This is absolutely incredible. I can't believe it. I mean, it's the moon but it's so, so, it's just so big."
"So much bigger than usual." another of the supermoon viewers exuberantly proclaimed.
"I've never seen anything like it, well, in a sense one could say that I have, because it is the same moon and I've seen the moon before but never this big." another of them noted.
"I always thought the moon was just this tiny little speck, but man, it's big." another of the people in the field commented.
A man looking through a telescope at the supermoon raised his head. "Guys, I gotta say you're missing out here, because when you look at the big supermoon through a telescope, trust me, it's even bigger. Come over, take a look."
Another person standing in the field walked over and looked through the telescope. "Oh man that is big!"
Another person came over and peered through the telescope. "That's like the, the biggest moon I've ever seen."
Amending his earlier statement, after walking over and looking through the telescope, a man declared. "My God, the moon's even bigger than I thought it was, even after I realized it was bigger than I thought it was."
"Oh man, it just doesn't get any better than this." a member of the crowd of onlookers viewing the supermoon stated.
"It really doesn't." another of the onlookers declared.
"Yeah, it really, really doesn't." another of them announced with a somewhat depressed voice.
"That's kind of really fuckin sad isn't it?" one of the supermoon gazers declared.
"Yeah, it kind of is really, really fuckin sad." another of the supermoon watchers moaned dejectedly.
Another of the supermoon gazers then exclaimed, mesmerized. "Yeah, but just look how big the moon is!"
"Oh man, that's big!" another supermoon watcher commented.
"I mean, do you see the size of how big the size of that big moon is?" another of them called out in awe.
"It's just so, it's just so big!" another proclaimed.
The supermoon then seemed to present itself as a flowing pattern.
"Wait, that's weird, it looks like it, it sort of looks like it's moving." one of the supermoon gazers observed.
"Hey, yeah, but like, moving within itself, the way it's blurring and sort of swirling within itself." another of the supermoon viewers noted with bemusement.
"Wow, that is strange." another of them announced.
The so very big supermoon was flowing within itself like a sea of dreams, its prominent presence gliding within itself as if an illusion, a fluid sight that left the viewer wondering if it was even there at all, or if all of what they were seeing was just . And then it was if all energy of the picture of the supermoon started swirling towards it center, like a whirlpool down a drain the bizarre image was disappearing as it approached the center, being replaced by the familiar structure of the moon, as it always sat up in the sky. And then the bizarre, twisting malaestrom was gone and there was only the supermoon as it had been.
"O.k., that was a little weird." a member of the crowd announced.
The next moment a swirling, chaotic, vortex erupted from the supermoon's center, spilling outward in a flash wave that covered its entire surface, the wave disappearing as quickly as it had swept over the supermoon. And now, visible upon the supermoon was a face. There were two large closed eyes, a nose, and a still closed mouth, two large ears on either side of it.
"Holy crap, the supermoon has a face!" a supermoon viewer so declared.
"Oh my God, I've never seen anything like it. And this time that would be entirely accurate." the commentator from before updated his previous statement.
"This is the craziest thing I've ever seen." a member of the crowd of onlookers declared.
"I've never seen anything this weird." another of them detailed.
At that moment the two large eyes of the supermoon opened and the mouth turned into a beaming smile.
"I don't believe it, the supermoon is smiling at us!" a member of the onlookers gushed ecstatically.
"You're the best supermoon!" one of them shouted out.
"Yeah supermoon, you rock!" another bellowed
The supermoon chuckled three times, a joyous look on its face.
"You are by far the coolest supermoon that's ever been." one of the supermoon viewers declared.
"I knew this night was going to be amazing excitement, but I never expected it to be this great!" another of the supermoon viewers proclaimed.
There was then a chorus sounding off from all the people assembled in the field. "Thank you supermoon!"
The supermoon stared back at the people gathered in the field with an aw shucks gesture then just sat there in the sky with its big presence and a joyful smile. It's eyes and smile then sharpened as the look on the supermoon's face turned into a hateful scowl of rage, it inhaled deeply, puffing out its cheeks and then exhaled with monstrous force, spitting out a black slime that hurtled toward the field as a comet, impacting with the ground and forming a large smoking crater, that the crowd of people stared at with disbelief, slackjawed. There then emerged from the crater a large green slime creature, humanoid in form, but with only two sharp red eyes as features on its face and it was constantly emitting a flow of slime from its body.
"O.k., um, no, wait, I think that would have to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen." another amended statement by one of the onlookers.
One of the members of the crowd stepped forward with open arms, "Greetings to our planet creature who came from the supermoon. We welcome you in peace. I am sure that you will find much to love here on our planet and that our two species can coexist quite harmoniously. You are now on the planet earth, welcome friend."
The green slime covered entity who had descended from the supermoon stared at the man then spoke its first words. "I see. Tell me something. Where is it that I emerged from?"
"Why the supermoon, supermoonman." the member of the crowd who had greeted it replied.
The supermoon entity continued speaking. "Yes, you do of course realize it is exactly the same moon, it's just that its proximity to your planet is closer than it usually is, don't you? Therefore it is the exact same moon forever encircling your planet."
The greeter's face took on a disappointed look. "Um, ah, that's all it is. Actually, no, I didn't know that. Crap, well then driving three hours to sit in a field to look at the supermoon was a complete waste of time. This supermoon isn't in any way super at all."
"Um, it did develop a face and spit out the slime creature who landed in the field and is talking to us now." another of the onlookers pointed out.
"Oh. Yeah, you do have a point." the greeter of the supermoonman conceded.
The supermoon slime creature then asked. "So then, if, I emerged from the moon that is forever circling your planet, exactly what planet do you think I thought I was on?"
The supermoon viewer who had formally greeted the creature from the supermoon replied. "I see. You know the two of you guys together, the way both your logic works, you should really start a business or a think tank or something. I should have realized it would be unnecessary to point out to you that you were on planet earth. So, please tell me Supermoonman, what is it that brings you to earth?"
The supermoon slime creature scanned the entire assembled crowd then spoke. "Why I have descended to earth for one simple reason. The supermoon phenomenon is a rare occurrence but one that always happens for an individual purpose. It is to set wheels in motion, the effects of which may not be apparent until decades later. It symbolizes a harbinger of the future to come. Now 1948 was the last time the supermoon presented at this close a positioning to the earth. That was originally intended to be the year of revelation, leading to the second coming of the sage race of supermoon people, but events didn't come to fruition as the axis' of the two celestial bodies were misaligned by a fraction of a degree and so instead the supermoon people entered into another period of waiting, as they have been waiting since the dawn of man upon the earth, this latest period culminating after 68 years in the year 2016 with a new supermoon that had the possibility of setting the stage for the prophecy to finally be fulfilled. Now the foreshadowing of the future is not by way of momentous, cataclysmic world events such as the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or, say the rise of Hitler, or the Vietnam War, or the Indian Ocean tsunami, or the Great Depression. No, what the supermoon foreshadows is done in a more subtle way. Let's take a look back at the year 1948 and a few of the events that occurred within it shall we so as to prove my point. In 1948 Gandhi was assassinated. A violent end to a doctrine of peaceful resistance. In 1948 so erupted the Arab Israeli war as that region of the world was plunged into religious based conflict. 1948 was also the year that North Korea declared itself the DPRK, beginning its tenor as a pariah of the international community. 1948 was the year of the rise of Communism in China. In 1948 Babe Ruth died. In 1948 Alan Funt's "Candid Camera" debuted on television.”
Some members of the crowd began to develop looks of consternation and worry on their faces.
“In 1948 there was a breakup of some band, actually haven't researched this one personally, but some popular underground band called "Stalin and Tito" parted ways. And in 1948, if not the most telling predictor of the doom of the planet, I don't know what else could be, there was the formation of NASCAR. And so, take a look at the world, present day, where are we, peaceful resistance leads to murder and armed conflict, ISIS flares around the world while Israel tries to rule as a supposed benevolent dictator, while inflaming passions on either side. And an American president was just elected who gladly stokes the passions of the ugliest corners of the human brain while also having the former head of an Anti-Semitic, virulently anti-Muslim news website as his chief strategist and senior counselor to his presidency, while during his campaign displaying not so veiled Anti-Semitic adds. Where do you think that will lead? North Korea has developed nuclear weapons and defiantly refuses to ever give them up regardless of the costs, and also states that this absolutely paranoid regime will use them with a first strike if the regime feels threatened, and you know, they probably actually do read ranting 3AM tweets in North Korea too. By that, of course I'm referring to the leadership, because the only damn time the actual citizens of North Korea have ever been allowed to even see a computer was when they were led on their mandatory tour of Dear Leader's greatness and were actually able to glimpse a photo of one entitled "Dear Leader Son's, Great, Great, dear Computer. Now back to work!" A new president who wants to impose tariffs in what will ultimately start a trade war with China. In 1948 Babe Ruth died. In 2016 the fuckin Cubs won the world series and Bill Murray did some song and dance on T.V. with some of the players. Now if that isn’t a prelude to the apocalypse."
"Wait, you coming here was a prelude to the apocalypse?" one of the supermoon viewers blurted with unease.
"Oh shut the hell up moron, like the detail of the Cubs winning the world series was really necessary for you to realize that was what I was saying." The supermoon slime creature admonished. "So go on, calm your fears as you watch a reality T.V. marathon, partly consisting of every episode of "The Real Housewives", taking place I believe at this point in every single one of the 50 states, District of Columbia too I'm sure, and outsourced to, who the fuck knows, The Real Housewives of Nicaragua, Switzerland and Guam. So plow on through your reality T.V. stupidityathon, all the various shows, and then honestly tell me, looking back, wouldn't Alan Funt sort of deserve an Oscar current day? And then sit there and watch those cars going around and around and around and around, never stopping to realize you really could be watching a repeat tape loop of the same cars going around and around and around and around and you would never know the difference. You might want to ask yourself the question of why you get so thrilled when there is actually a car crash of twisted metal upon that repetitive stage if you truly want to understand why the end is at hand."
"Wait a second, did the supermoon slime monster just say the end was at hand, did he?" another of the crowd called out anxiously.
The supermoon slime creature sighed with a sneer "Oh will all of you morons really just shut the hell up? But, if any of you still need more convincing that the end is nigh, that it is time for the earth to kiss itself goodbye. This just in. A reunion tour will be taking place this year for "Stalin and Tito".
"Oh my God!" a member of the supermoon viewing crowd shouted.
"Oh my God!" another shrieked.
"Oh my God! I really got to get tickets, when do they go on sale? I really loved their songs "I can’t go for that", "You make my dreams" and "Maneater." another member of the crowd announced, pleasently surprised.
"Uhuh. Yeah, o.k." the supermoon slime creature uttered with a confounded look on its face. "Take a look around at all the other events of the world. Are you really going to attempt to try and stand there and tell me that the world isn't sitting on a powder keg, with a burning fuse dwindling and that it isn't about to go off? So welcome the birth of apocalypse and the beginning of the end. World events shall continue on, becoming more and more seismic until all of world society shatters in an earthquake that will swallow civilization into a darkened pit from which it will never again emerge. And I am here as the messenger of end times and I will use the key, releasing the flow of all the supermoon people to join me as we spread chaos and our own destruction as we wreak havoc as we spread across the globe to, with the assistance from the human race itself, so bring about a final end to the human species. Soon, the failed experiment that is the human race shall be no more. Welcome apocalypse! This is the end of days."
"Oh man, that really doesn't sound good." a member of the viewing crowd declared ominously.
"That sounds like it really could be a problem." another groaned, apprehensively.
Another member of the crowd got a very grave look on his face but then turned with excitement as he pointed up into the sky at the supermoon. "But I mean, look at the moon, I mean that's just a really big moon."
"That's just like the, like the biggest the moon has ever been." another of the crowd members guffawed.
"It's like, I mean, it's really big." another of them exclaimed.
The supermoon slime creature looked at the supermoon watchers with a look of bewildered disdain. "Oh hell, why don't I just start the apocalypse with all of you in the field." It then fired off with rapid succession, slime waves that swept over all the members of the field then it sliced through the crowds in a whirlwind fury, physically slaughtering all the members of the supermoon party. Blood seeping into the ground, disappearing into the cracks of the soon to be shattered planet, the draining blood illuminated by the light of the supermoon...

John Smithelrithy stood on the back of the sanitation truck as it drove along the streets. He had a concerned look about him, a dubious expression upon his face. Something was amiss in Schiff City and he could not tell what it was exactly. The truck stopped and he got down to go grab the garbage cans and empty them into the back of the truck. As he did so, he saw something he had been noticing all along his route, numerous stretches of the sidewalk and street that were coated by a layer of green slime. He kneeled down and scooped some of the slime up with his finger. He smelled it and then tasted it. "Hmm. Smells and tastes like evil slime." He pulled out a plastic baggy and scooped up some more of the slime and placed it in the plastic baggy then placed the baggy into his pocket. He emptied the two garbage cans into the back of the truck then took his place, again standing on the back of the truck. There would certainly be work to do upon returning to the League of the Fortress of Illustrious Justice, John Smithelrithy again returning to his true identity of Man-Man...

Man-Man and Genextrowotobox sat in the Man-Man cave on a couch, staring intently at the bag of green slime.
"So Man-Man, how are we going to determine what the green slime actually is?" Genextrowotobox asked.
Man-Man responded immediately. "Simple. We will play music and depending on how the slime reacts to the various music we play, we will then be able to determine whether it indeed is an evil slime, or if possibly I was mistaken and it is actually a benevolent slime."
"Um, and what if the slime doesn't react to the music at all?" Genextrowotobox inquired.
"We will then know it is a cunning slime and that we must tread very carefully until we have a better understanding of what the slime's plans actually are." Man-Man cautioned.
"So what music do we play to answer that question?" Genextrowotobox asked.
"That's why we're sitting here, staring at the slime. We're trying to figure that out." Man-Man answered.
"O.k., to see if it's benevolent slime, I know, how about that "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" song?" Genextrowotobox suggested.
"A fine selection." Man-Man replied.
"O.k. then, how about that "There’s a hole in the bucker dear Liza." song?" Genextrowotobox offered.
"We could give that one a try." Man-Man responded, nodding his head..
Genextrowotobox tossed out another suggestion. "O.k., o.k., how about, how about the "Oh I wish I was a little bar of soap" song?"
"That may well just tell us that the slime is a sexual pervert." Man-Man noted with a concerned look.
Genextrowotobox offered another idea. "Well then, maybe the song of "The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah.""
"I think someone here needs a stay at Summer Camp." Man-Man commented, bemused.
"O.k., o.k., well then to see if it's evil slime, what should the songs be?" Genextrowotobox asked.
"Keep suggesting and I'll tell you." Man-Man replied.
"Well, we could try, I don't know, if it responds to Billy Joel would that make it evil slime or benevolent slime?"
"That would most definitely make it evil slime." Man-Man declared.
"O.k. then, o.k., Britney Spears songs?" Genextrowotobox queried.
"Evil slime. Keep em coming." Man-Man answered.
"Rolling Stones?" Genextrowotobox asked.
"The slime would definitely be evil." Man-Man stated.
"Kanye West songs?" Genextrowotobox suggested.
"Evil." Man-Man declared.
"Justin Beiber?"Genextrowotobox proposed.
Man-Man looked at Genextrowotobox with a look of alarm. "What, Genextrowotobox, please, our goal here is not, if the slime is in fact evil, to set it off on a homicidal rampage. Less evil songs."
"O.k., but, a question. How would doing this help in telling us what the slime actually is?" Genextrowotobox asked.
"It will not tell us what the slime is, only whether the slime is evil or benevolent, from there we would have to perform further testing." Man-Man detailed.
There then came a story over the police scanner which had been on within the room. "...It's a terrible scene here in Schiff City as a slime creature that apparently arrived here from the recent supermoon is waging a campaign of terror and destruction and painting the streets both with slime and with blood. It is like the broken nightmare of insanity that Schiff City can only dream it will awaken from. In unrelated news, tensions continue to flare around the globe so that events on the world stage appear they may possibly be heading into tumultuous calamity such as what Schiff City is currently trapped within. That's all for now..."
Genextrowotobox responded to the police report exuberantly. "Man-Man, I guess we got our new case. And I guess that proves that the slime is actually evil."
"No, that does not in fact prove that the slime is evil. It might very well be that the slime is just a byproduct of the body's reaction to evil and that it is in effect a benevolent slime trying to make an escape." Man-Man hypothesized.
"But we're going to go out now to try and save Schiff City, right?" Genextrowotobox urged.
Man-Man shook his head. "No. First we have to do the music test. For if it is indeed a benevolent slime merely trying to make an escape then it would then be a slime in need of a superhero's assistance so we really owe it to the slime to first determine that answer."
"Yeah, but, if we do the music test, we're going to have to listen to Billy Joel." Genextrowotobox lamented.
"Um, ah, well." Man-Man hesitated. "Damn it, you're right Genextrowotobox, the people of Schiff City need us. The slime can wait. Quick, to the Man-Man mobile!"
"You mean a taxi?" Genextrowotobox asked.
"Yeah, um, call a cab. We have work to do." Man-Man directed.

A taxi arrived and Man-Man and Genextrowotobox got in the back seat. A female driver turned her head and asked. "So where are you going?"
"Schiff City Central Park, and step on it." Man-Man instructed.
The taxi took off along the road. "Schiff City Central Park, you think that's where it will be?" Genextrowotobox asked.
"Well I assume it would want to be somewhere that is an open space and a clear view of the sky to more easily receive its mental telepathy orders from the moon as it conducts its diabolical plans to destroy the earth." Man-Man theorized.
Genextrowotobox seemed somewhat anxious. "O.k., but Man-Man, what do we do when we find it? I mean, we've never fought a slime monster who emerged from a supermoon to destroy the earth before. I don't have a clue how we would possibly devise a battle strategy."
Man-Man responded reassuringly. "Why we just utilize our superhero instincts and I'm sure it will come to us Genextrowotobox. No need to worry, we are the greatest superhero duo of all time so if we just put our minds to it and devote all our efforts, I assure you we will defeat the slime monster who emerged from the supermoon and came here to destroy the earth just as we have all our other foes that we have vanquished."
"Wait a second, you two are superheroes?" the cab driver asked with surprise.
"Yes, I am Man-Man, and sitting next to me is my loyal sidekick Genextrowotobox. So you've heard of us then it seems." Man-Man stated.
"Um, ah, yeah, sure." The cab driver answered, failing miserably to do so convincingly, then she continued "And you guys are going out there to do battle with that slime monster from the supermoon that's destroying Schiff City?"
"That we are my lady. A true superhero never rests." Man-Man stated.
The cab driver's face and voice became very excited. "Can I help too? Please, I always wanted to be a superhero all my life. It would be like a dream come true. I would assist in any way I could if you'd let me, I promise."
"Hmm. I don't know. We really have always been a superhero duo, a superhero trio? I'm not even entirely sure that's an actual term." Man-Man debated.
"Oh come on, please, I'll help out in whatever way I can." The cab driver pleaded.
"Um, are you even any good?" Man-Man asked.
"Well, I don't know for sure, I've never actually been a superhero before. I'm sure I'm not up to your standards but I'm crafty, I'm resourceful, I'm good with my hands, and of course I do have my taxi here, so I have a car." the cab driver answered.
Genextrowotobox looked at Man-Man. "I don't know Man-Man, maybe we should consider it. I mean we could probably use all the help we can get in our showdown with the slime monster who emerged from the supermoon and is destroying the city. Not to mention, she does have a car."
Man-Man just looked ahead pensively, with his hand on his chin, nodding his head. "Hmm, I see your point. She does have a car."
"So, will you take me on as a superhero partner, please. And to think I could play a role in defeating the slime monster and saving Schiff City, why it makes me feel giddy." The cab driver gushed.
Man-Man turned and looked at Genextrowotobox. "Um, ah, Genextrowotobox, would it be alright with you if she joined the League of the Fortress of Illustrious Justice?"
Genextrowotobox responded, nodding his head. "I actually think it would be a fine idea. An extra superhero for our showdown with the slime monster could do wonders for our chances in battle. And, well, she has a car."
"Yes, I think you are right. She does have a car. Very well then, we welcome you as the newest member of The League of the Fortress of Illustrious Justice." Man-Man announced.
"That's wonderful! Oh God, I'm so happy. Thank you so much. My name is Brenda Brorrows by the way." the cab driver celebrated.
Man-Man shook his head. "No, it is not, Brenda Brorrows is the name of your real world alias, but right now the three of us are on a case for the superhero trio. So I am not currently John Smithelrithy, I am Man-Man. And my rotund friend here is not currently Lester Festerposh, he is my loyal sidekick Genextrowotobox. And you, as the newest member of The League of the Fortress of Illustrious Justice are not currently Brenda Brorrows, you are instead now, Man-Man Girl. Man-Man proudly welcomes you to the team Man-Man Girl." declared Man-Man.
Man-Man Girl responded, exuberantly "Thank you Man-Man, Man-Man Girl won't let you down. To Schiff City Central Park so we can defeat that slime monster!" The taxi sped off faster along the road…

Man-Man, Genextrowotobox, and Man-Man Girl wandered around within Schiff City Central Park, looking around.
"Still not finding anything Man-Man." Genextrowotobox announced.
"Me either." Man-Man Girl declared.
Man-Man pondered. "If I was a slime creature where would I be exactly. We figure out that answer, uncover the method to its madness and we will ascertained its whereabouts and the showdown can then occur. So come on team, think. Now pretend you're a slime creature, where would you be?"
"Well, I'm a slime creature and I'm in Schiff City, so I guess I would be looking for something that was, slimy." Gexextrowotobox proposed.
"But I'm not familiar with the area, so I don't know off the top of my head." Man-Man Girl ruminated.
"Yes, I have to come up with something though, something with which I can relate, you know, something slimy." Genextrowotobox mused.
"But, of course, one needs to remember I did also come from outer space. And first emerged from the supermoon itself." Man-Man girl meditated.
"And I'm very slimy." Genextrowotobox proclaimed.
"Wait, I have it, the supermoon display at the Schiff City Space Museum!" Man-Man Girl exclaimed.
"Ah, excellent work team. I am certain that we will find our slimy friend at the Schiff City Space Museum." Man-Man predicted.
"Um, you do realize the museum is back on the other side of town, just a few blocks from where I picked you two up." Man-Man Girl pointed out.
Man-Man conjectered "Yes, well, coming to Schiff City Central Park was helpful in that it allowed us to actually clear our heads to come up with the answer. Besides, just look at that view of the moon. Is not that a perfectly sized moon?"
"Wow, it's amazing, the moon looks like it's just the size it should be." Genextrowotox observed.
"Now that's a moon of normalcy." Man-Man Girl declared.
Man-Man then directed. "Quick, to the Schiff City Space Museum!"...

Man-Man, Genextrowotobox and Man-Man Girl slowly stepped through the dimly lit interior of the Schiff City Space Museum. Man-Man instructed to the team. "We must tread carefully, for the slime monster could very well be just around the corner."
"Actually, the supermoon exhibit is just around the corner." Man-Man Girl noted.
"Then I stand not-corrected." Man-Man declared. "So team, are you ready for the battle?"
"As ready as I'll ever be." Man-Man Girl replied nervously.
"I'm ready Man-Man, let's do this." Genextrowotobox declared.
Man-Man nodded his head assuredly. "Very well then, it is time for The League of the Fortress of Illustrious Justice to do what it does best, stop the slime creature and save Schiff City." Man-Man then quickly jumped around the corner, followed by the other members of the superhero trio. Standing and looking around at the supermoon exhibit was the supermoon slime creature covered by its green slime, and yes, it was slimy. Man-Man shouted out at the supermoon slime creature, "Ha! Guess you didn't expect to see us did you? But now you see that we are here to put an end to your plans of destroying the world my evil, disgusting, horrific slime creature friend who hails from the supermoon. Your nefarious plans are finished because you now have to contend with the greatest force of goodness that there is, The League of the Fortress of Illustrious Justice and I Man-Man, and my two sidekicks comprising the superhero trio, Genextrowotobox and Man-Man Girl are here to stop you."
The superhero slime creature looked at Man-Man with a look of disdain then spoke mockingly. "O.k., first off, no, I didn't expect to see you, because I have absolutely no clue who the hell you are. Two, those have to be the three stupidest superhero names anyone has ever come up with. Three, superhero trio? That's a horribly idiotic title for your little group. Four, and I ask this question pointedly, how is it exactly the three of you intend to stop me?"
Man-Man stood there for a pause with a befuddled look on his face. "Um, we haven't gotten that far yet."
"I told you we should have discussed it during the cab ride over here." Genextrowotobox commented.
"We had other matters to attend to." Man-Man responded, agitated..
"Um, how are we going to stop it?" Genextrowotobox asked.
"We'll figure it out at some point." Man-Man stated, ruffled.
"Might a good point for that point be now?" Man-Man Girl pondered.
"You may have a point." Man-Man proclaimed.
"So what do we do?" Genextrowotobox asked.
"Let us retreat behind this mini supermoon replica and devise battle strategy." Man-Man xx. At which point Man-Man, Genextrowotobox and Man-Man Girl quickly moved behind a structure representing the supermoon as each crouched down onto one knee. "O.k., team, it's time to figure this out."
"Anybody got any ideas?" Man-Man girl asked.
"You do of course realize that you're really in no way protecting yourselves by merely huddling behind the supermoon replica. I mean it's not like I can't just walk around it to kill you." The supermoon slime creature noted with annoyance.
Man-Man contemplated on the situation. "The problem is we really don't have any clue what its weaknesses might be. And though I admit I am usually quite good at determining our adversaries achiles heel to be, I must admit when it comes to what that would be for a slime monster from the supermoon I find myself stumped. So, ideas?"
"Um, what about a slime coagulant?" Genextrowotobox suggested.
"I would say that was a good idea, only you do realize we have no clue what a slime coagulant would actually be." Man-Man responded.
The supermoon slime creature called out. "You know it really would be ridiculously easy for me to walk around to where you are and kill you. But, why waste the effort, I'll just wait here and as soon as you emerge with whatever nonsensical, hairbrained plan you concoct, I'll just strike you all down then."
"What about we spray it with slime resistor, deconstructor, destabilizer, modifier?" Genextrowotobox proposed.
Man-Man looked at Genextrowotobox with dismay. "O.k. Genextrowotobox, I'm going to turn to the newest member of the crime fighting trio and see if she has something that is hopefully useful to add. Now then, Man-Man Girl, any suggestions?"
"Well, what's the slime made of, do we know?" Man-Man Girl asked.
"No, that we do not, we are only aware that it is a green slime." Man-Man responded.
"Well, it seems maybe it's some kind of oil or something maybe." Man-Man Girl theorized.
"We could throw cheese doodles at it and it would think it was moon cheese which it must be resistant to and then it would fall down and I could eat all the cheese doodles." Genextrowotobox blurted out.
The supermoon slime monster called out with impatience. "What exactly is the hold up here?"
"Quiet Genextrowotobox, Man-Man Girl is offering her theory." Man-Man chided.
"Well, if it was oil, then maybe fire would be its weak spot." Man-Man Girl hypothesized.
A smile appeared on Man-Man's face. "Defeated by the goodness of fire. The flaming fire of goodness obliterating the slime. I like the sound of that."
"Do we know if it is susceptible to fire?" Man-Man Girl asked.
"No, we do not." Man-Man replied, the smile disappearing from his face.
"Wait, Man-Man, don't you have the sample with you?" Genextrowotobox asked.
Man-Man responded somberly. "That I do but you do realize neither of us smokes so we have no way to test the theory. Suppose we could rub two sticks together but in addition to being time consuming, we also do not have two sticks."
"Really getting kind of bored here." The supermoon slime monster moaned.
"I smoke." Man-Man Girl announced.
"And you have a lighter?" Man-Man asked.
"Of course. I find cigarettes work better when you sort of have something to light them with." Man-Man Girl announced.
"Quick Man-Man, take out the sample and test it." Genextrowotobox eagerly exclaimed.
"I sure hope this works." Man-Man said apprehensively then pulled the bag of black slime from his pocket and spilled it onto the floor. He then took the lighter from Man-Man Girl and flicked it until a flame stood atop it. He slowly lowered the lighter down to the black slime until the flame connected, and at that moment...
The black slime ignited and shot up into the air as a spiraling tunnel that broke apart and dissipated into nothing, flaming out to every side until the black slime was gone.
"Wo, that thing went up in a flash!" Man-Man Girl said with surprise.
"Obviously, fire is its weak point." Genextrowotobox proclaimed.
Man-Man Girl then proposed, "So I'll just run up with my lighter and light the fucker up."
Man-Man looked at Man-Man Girl with a cautious look. "No Man-Man Girl. It seems to possess acute reflexes and I fear that the in the time it would take to ignite the lighter it might be able to stop you. What we need here is to have a source of fire already lit so that we can set it ablaze instantly."
"I'll just light up and have a cigarette and jab the fucker with it before it's done." Man-Man Girl eagerly proposed.
Man-Man began nodding his head optimistically. "Yes, yes, that should do it. Very well then, have a cigarette Man-Man Girl, smoke. Smoke like the wind! The people of Schiff City are depending on you. For the good of all humanity, smoke a cigarette. Schiff City needs you. Do it, for the children."
"Really not a problem." responded Man-Man Girl, smoking a cigarette.
Man-Man directed the others. "O.k. then, now Genextrowotobox you jump out to the other side to create a diversion while me and Man-Man Girl run out from the other side, me providing back up in case she runs into trouble, she setting the slime monster ablaze with her cigarette. Understood?"
"Understood Man-Man." Genextrowotobox nodded his head.
"Yeah, let's torch the bitch!" Man-Man Girl blurted.
Man-Man looked at Man-Man Girl with somewhat alarm. "Um, Man-Man Girl, you certainly have become quite enthusiastic about this part of the plan."
"I just really wanted a fuckin cigarette." Man-Man Girl explained.
Man-Man looked at the other members of the superhero trio solemnly. "Very well then. The time has come. And if things don't go as planned, well, I'll see you on the other side."
Genextrowotobox and Man-Man Girl looked at each other then at Man-Man and all three nodded their heads with an air of solemnity, knowing this could be the end, knowing there was no other choice. This was just what superheroes did.
The supermoon slime monster groaned, exasperated. "Oh will you give me a break and just come out so I can kill you?"
"Now!" Man-Man shouted out to set the plan in motion.
Genextrowotobox leapt out to the left. "Hey slime supermoon monster, over here!" Man-Man and Man-Man Girl took off to the right, running towards the slime supermoon monster. Genextrowotobox continued, "It's now over for you because this hose leads to a tank of slime coagulant and slime destabilizer, modifier and when I spray you with it, you're done for."
The supermoon slime creature looked at Genextrowotobox with consternation. "You do realize there is no such thing as slime coagulant, destabilizer, modifier and that you're not even holding a hose." Their footsteps audible on the floor, the slime supermoon monster darted its gaze at Man-Man and Man-Man Girl, seeing them approaching. It shot off a slime stream directly at Man-Man Girl but Man-Man tackled her out of the way to safety.
"Thank you Man-Man, you saved me." Man-Man Girl gratefully responded.
"Think nothing of it fellow crime fighting compatriot. Genextrowotobox we need further diversion.” Man-Man exclaimed.
The slime monster aimed at Man-Man Girl, about to release another slime stream, but then turned away to the other side toward Genextrowotobox with a perplexed look. "Excuse me, why exactly are you throwing cheese doodles at me?"
"They're not cheese doodles. It's moon cheese motherfucker." Genextrowotobox barked.
"Quick Man-Man Girl, now's your chance." Man-Man urged Man-Man Girl.
"O.k. Man-Man." Man-Man Girl replied, nodding her head.
"Um, there really is no such thing as moon cheese and even if there was I highly doubt they would market it in a large bag that says cheese doodles.” the supermoon slime creature proclaimed derisively.
Man-Man Girl got up from the ground and ran up to the supermoon slime monster who turned and saw her standing there. Man-Man Girl took a deep drag from her cigarette then spoke. "You know, they say smoking is bad for your health. Well trust me, it's about to get really bad for yours. It's time for me to fly you to the moon of your doom. Because when you get caught between the moon and the superheroes of Schiff City, the best that you can do is go to hell. And also--"
"Um, Man-Man Girl, maybe a few less moon references and just set the supermoon slime monster on fire." Man-Man suggested.
The Supermoon slime monster began raising its arm to fire a slime stream at Man-Man Girl as Gexextrowotobox was down on the floor near the slime monster, eating the cheese doodles he had thrown at it.
With a wry smile, Man-Man Girl declared. "Moon River of slime. You are so out of time." Man-Man Girl then took her cigarette and pressed it into the supermoon slime monster which erupted in flame.
The supermoon slime monster cried out as it became wrapped in flame. "No! No! Who would've thought smoking would be the death of me!"
The supermoon slime monster writhed on the ground, bathed in flame until it was still and all there was for it to do within the world was burn and turn to ashes. Man-Man turned to Genextrowotobox and Man-Man Girl. "Once again the forces of good are triumphant, and evil has once again been defeated. I would say the three of us make one hell of a team. And Man-Man Girl I would say we have uncovered your true special, superhero ability, smoking. So from now on, when assuming your true identity as Man-Man Girl you must have a lit cigarette every time we square off against an enemy. And for that matter, every time we are strategizing, or driving in the Man-Man mobile or walking the sidewalks or even every time you pass from one room to another for that matter."
"Way ahead of you." Man-Man Girl responded, smoking a cigarette.
"So come on team, the greatest crime fighting trio in the history of superheroes, let us make our exit from the museum and return to the League of the Fortress of Illustrious Justice. Come on, let's get out of here and retire for the night." Man-Man instructed.
Man-Man Girl exuberantly responded. "You know what, I don't need to rest or anything. I'm ready to take on a new evil supervillain right now."
Man-Man looked at Man-Man Girl with a wise learned look of one teaching a new student of the superhero trade. "Yes, I know the spirit, but this was just your first mission. We've been doing this much longer. And with time, you will realize things you really have to listen to and back away from if you hope to be at full strength for your next mission."
"Such as what?" Man-Man Girl asked.
"Such as, when you set the supermoon slime monster on fire it sort of also set the museum on fire as well, so we really should get out of here." Man-Man mentioned.
"Oh sheesh." Man-Man Girl responded, turning around and seeing the fire now raging within the museum.
Man-Man, Genextrowotobox and Man-Man Girl walked from the museum and stood on the sidewalk in front of it, flames really starting to consume the structure, smoke pouring from it, Man-Man Girl smoking a cigarette. "I can't believe I'm actually a superhero now, it's what I've wanted all my life." Man-Man Girl pondered.
"It just goes to show you that if you want something bad enough, all dreams can come true." Man-Man proclaimed.
"Did I do o.k.?" Man-Man Girl inquired.
"You did better than o.k. You did great, and you've already mastered the art of witty superhero sayings." Man-Man answered proudly.
"You think so, it was really all spur of the moment, off the top of my head, I think I can do better." Man-Man Girl commented.
"And you will do better, in time. This is just the start of the superhero trio, I promise there will be more missions to follow." Man-Man noted encouragingly.
"That's good, I'll get better. And really, back there, I was sort of dead in the water, but you tackling me, you really saved me." Man-Man Girl sighed with relief.
Man-Man got an odd glean in his eyes. "Yes...I really did sort of...I'd say I unquestionably did save you." Man-Man declared.
Man-Man Girl looked at Man-Man with a peculiar look. "Hey, what's with the axe? What is it like some freaky, bizarre initiation or something?"

Man-Man and Genextrowotobox sat in the Man-Man mobile, heading back to the League of the Fortress of Illustrious Justice, Man-Man was sitting in the front passenger seat, Genextrowotobox was the one driving. In between them was a canvas back with something oval in shape inside. Man-Man and Genextrowotobox turned to each other and nodded with the satisfaction of another successful battle against the forces of evil and that good had won once again...
Then, Genextrowotobox, because he wasn't paying attention to the road, crashed the Man-Man mobile into the guard rail...
And so, another episode of the historic, epic struggles of the superhero duo draws to a close. The Adventures of Man-Man, Defender of Man. Episode 3: Behold the Supermoon has been wrapped up, once again the forces of good standing triumphant. And so no, the supermoon slime monster will not be leading the countless legions of other supermoon slime monsters here to destroy the earth. But, as for the world being at a powder keg, tipping point of chaos, confusion, calamity, on the verge of plummeting off a cliff and into an abyss it will never recover from, bringing all of the events of history into their place, formulating the final pieces of a previously thought unconnected puzzle? Well, as for that one...
To be continued...

The Chronicles of The Adventures of Man-Man, Defender of Man: (Episodes 1-5) - Kindle edition by Aaron Aaronson, Drunk Epencil. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @
The Chronicles of The Adventures of Man-Man, Defender of Man: (Episodes 1-5) - Kindle edition by Aaron Aaronson, Drunk Epencil. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Chronicles of The Adventures of Man-Man, Defender of Man: (Episodes 1-5).
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Explanation: What are those specks in front of the Moon? They are silhouettes of the International Space Station (ISS). Using careful planning and split-second timing, a meticulous lunar photographer captured ten images of the ISS passing in front of last month's full moon. But this wasn't just any full moon -- this was the first of the three consecutive 2016 supermoons. A supermoon is a full moon that appears a few percent larger and brighter than most other full moons. The featured image sequence was captured near Dallas, Texas. Occurring today is the second supermoon of this series, a full moon that is the biggest and brightest not only of the year, but of any year since 1948. To see today's super-supermoon yourself, just go outside at night and look up. The third supermoon of this year's series will occur in mid-December.
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