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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: north carolina amendment 1 (Search this on MAP) Arrellano Antocha : One thing we can say for certain is that Ingrid Schlueter truly loved working for the VCY America Broadcast...
One thing we can say for certain is that Ingrid Schlueter truly loved working for the VCY America Broadcast Network,in her capacity as executive producer, and host of the crosstalk call-in talk show. And her abrupt departure undoubtedly, caused her great emotional distress ;coming as it did as a result of conflict between herself and her father :Vic Eliason. Getting fired from a job you enjoy is hard to take,but when it comes by the direct orders of one’s own father,then it can be devastating.

INGRID,hard at work .answering the incoming calls jamming the lines at the studios of vcy america.

While we may never know the many details that led up to her firing ,it may be good to know that Ingrid used the crosstalk program to ease some deep-seated emotional problems that probably were as a result of a terrible upbringing ,at the hands of cruel and uncaring Vic.

A careful and studied analysis of Ingrid shows clear signs of a compulsive disorder coupled with a histrionic personality .

For those who can recall when Ingrid freaked out over not getting cream and sugar added to her bag of take out coffee ,or when her order for flower arrangements were not to her liking; the flowers she claimed were not what she paid for ;and then spending the one hour of her program allotment time berating the clerks who handled both the coffee and the cheap flowers purchase. The flowers were purchased at a BIG BOX department store.

This ,a clear sign that there was more to Ingrid than an overly concerned Christian lady ,trying to defend basic ,conventional church teachings.

Now ,disappointments come and go ,but to air these trivial matters in public and force her listening audience to endure listening to them,and to endure hearing her vilify and berate store clerks ,is quite another story. And on a Christian Broadcast Network that claims to promote the Law of Christ , namely: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF.

Add to that , the general inability to deal with on the air disagreements, she had with some of her callers, and her hostile over reaction to them ; this also supports the diagnosis that Ingrid was a truly disturbed individual, crying out for help. [We can see where she inherited this disposition!]

The cruel and uncaring Vic Eliason. Ingrid’s father and chief of the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST EMPIRE .He fired Ingrid and has disowned his family including his challenged granddaughter ;young Emily. And he still claims to be pro-life. I think the only thing Vic is PRO of , is his PROfits.

Now ,she used the program, not to connect emotionally with the needs of the Christian audience ,but to find relief from the feelings of despair and inadequacy that go with emotional distress. And relief she quite often found ,albeit at the expense of the callers and her co-laborers: her father Vic and Jim the chimp Schneider.

At some point they decided that she had to go, and this was nothing more than a business decision. She was not getting along with Jim and she had for quite sometime alienated another stalwart of VCY AMERICA : one of Pseudo Christian America / religion /political hustlers: BRANNON HOWSE. All this was too much for Vic to deal with. He had to preserve the broadcast empire that took him a lifetime to put together . And Ingrid ,with her husband Tom ,who worked at VCY AMERICA as the call screener, began to appear as liabilities . Of course there was pressure that came from the elders of various church communities ,raising a stink over Ingrid’s many divorces and remarriage.

And here’s why. Here’s what all the six-day creationists conveniently fail to mention when they’re pushing the creation museum idiocy. :

22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a awoman, and brought her unto the man.

23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and aflesh of my flesh: she shall be called bWoman, because she was taken out of Man.

24 Therefore shall a aman leave his bfather and his mother, and shall ccleave unto his dwife: and they shall be eone flesh.

25 And they were both anaked, the man and his wife, and were not bashamed.

In our society ,multiple marriages and divorces are nothing more than a socially acceptable form of polygamy. Anything else other than; ONE MAN,ONE WOMAN ONE LIFETIME , the Bible considers to be ADULTERY!

[I wonder if Vic Eliason ever thought that INGRID was making FUN of ADULTERY with her divorce and remarriage , as he accuses a summer stock stage performance of doing in their comedy about THE BIBLE . ]

And so, the problem the staff at the studios of VCY AMERICA had to figure out, was how to give Ingrid the heave ho without taking the blame for the decision. And it’s just like BRANNON to have thought of how to do it.

They had to come up with an idea that would so enrage Ingrid ,knowing what a hair trigger temper she had, that would result in her becoming so disgusted with everyone ,and that she would offer little resistance, and simply leave the premises.

And so they hatched the practical joke that would finally convince Ingrid to leave . Brannon was and is ,a well known practical joker, and is often simply referred to as :THE JOKER a la BATMAN Comics. And what it entailed was downright disgusting for anyone to do to a woman.

Knowing that Ingrid ,whatever else one could say about her, detested pornography. She has absolutely no respect for anyone who even would think of looking at smut, or garbage, as Ingrid called it.

And so they put together a plan, that when Ingrid started to host the crosstalk program; and as was her routine, to open the top draw of her desk, to pull out a paper pad to take notes from the many callers jamming the lines to speak with her , she would instead see there duly placed over the note pad, a glossy center fold photo from a triple x-rated hard core porn magazine .

The photo itself was of a middle age white woman with her mouth stretched from ear to ear trying to accommodate a primitive savage. When Ingrid saw this ,she shut off the mic. Does anyone remember the 7-8 minutes of unexplained dead air time that would often happen. ?

This was usually Ingrid letting off some steam at Jim the chimp or Vic.

But this time ,stuff really hit the fan. Ingrid was livid. she turned and walked up to Jim ,who at this time was laughing so hard he was choking and incredibly Vic was away :waiting for his bag of fries and Big Mac to arrive. She looked at Jim and said; ‘you rotten son of a bitch jim, I never thought you would be so low, you piece of degenerate filth” ‘how could you be so disgusting?” !!

Then she walked over to Brannon and told him off in language so raw that the employee bringing Vic his bag of fries ,big mac and a coke, stood there in disbelief. The employee related this to me and I will not even reveal whether it was male or female, in order to protect the identity.

All I know :Ingrid called Brannon everything in the book. And Vic her father ,sided with the guys; Brannon and Jim . ..He kept explaining to Ingrid that it was all a joke , ” it was all a joke Ingrid” he kept repeating.

“Boys will be boys” He tried to calm her down,but Ingrid would have none of THAT!

INGRID and her dear husband Tom. Now ,here’s a pair you can draw to!

This infuriated Tom ,Ingrid’s husband, to the point that he threatened all of them with some serious consequences and he was then told to shut up or they would call the local gendarme. But Ingrid, always the trooper ,opened the mic and continued the crosstalk program as usual. What a Gal!

What helped Ingrid to continue the crosstalk program, was the subject- topic for the day. Two of her favorite hot button issues: appropriate dress code for young ladies attending church services, and in the second half of the program : a discussion of church music during the protestant reformation. And Ingrid pulled it off in fine form.

But later ,it made sense for Ingrid to leave. Given that her father had pretty much thrown her under the bus. It was senseless to stay and be subjected to this kind of childish game playing.

And all this contributed to the condition that is taking its toll on Ingrid and her family.

Brannon Howse and Newt Gingrich, best of buds in this picture, and their paths cross often.

Ingrid would often refer to Brannon as that sawed off piece of horse manure. [mixed metaphor]

THE HUSTLER: ..BRANNON HOWSE has been ripping you off. Brannon and Newt have been lying to you about morality and family values.

On gay marriage, meanwhile, Gingrich argued that Republicans could no longer close their eyes to the course of public opinion. While he continued to profess a belief that marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman, he suggested that the party (and he himself) could accept a distinction between a “marriage in a church from a legal document issued by the state” — the latter being acceptable.

“I think that this will be much more difficult than immigration for conservatism to come to grips with,” he said, noting that the debate’s dynamics had changed after state referenda began resulting in the legalization of same-sex marriage. “It is in every family. It is in every community. The momentum is clearly now in the direction in finding some way to … accommodate and deal with reality. And the reality is going to be that in a number of American states — and it will be more after 2014 — gay relationships will be legal, period.”


“I didn’t think that was inevitable 10 or 15 years ago, when we passed the Defense of Marriage Act,” he said. “It didn’t seem at the time to be anything like as big a wave of change as we are now seeing.”

This is a marked change from when Gingrich, in a 2011 interview, called marriage equality “a temporary aberration.”

Newt of course has in the past made some absolutely ridiculous statements regarding gay rights and gay marriage.

Horrible Things Newt Has Said About Gay Marriage:

Indeed, ahead of the 2012 presidential race Newt signed on, in part, to the Family Leader’s hateful “Marriage Pledge” in which he said he would “aggressively defend” the Defense of Marriage Act and that he would “support sending a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the states for ratification.”

He didn’t stop there, vowing to repeal or block any reform to welfare or tax policy that attempted to level the inequity between same-sex couples and their heterosexual counterparts.

Gingrich also backed North Carolina’s Amendment 1 which amended the state’s constitution to codify a ban on gay marriage and all marriage-like partnerships, whether gay or straight. In a video recorded for the effort, Gingrich implied gay rights were a radical threat to religious liberty and urged voters to pass the ban at the ballot. Gingrich failed to mention that North Carolina already had a statutory ban on same-sex marriage.

Indeed, Gingrich put his opposition to gay rights at the very heart of his presidential nominee campaign, saying that he was “pro-Classical Christianity” (whatever that means) and would oppose the “homosexual agenda.”

He also said in a radio interview with a known hate group that he believed the Obama administration, after review, declining to defend the constitutionality of Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act was Obama flouting the law, saying “If there is a rule of law, it means that if the congress passes a bill and the president signs it, the president has the obligation to support and sustain the laws of the United States.”

This fails to recognize that there is a strong precedent, used often under the Bush administration in particular, of the federal government declining to defend that which it believes to be constitutionally suspect.

Gingrich has also previously referred to gay marriage as paganism, and said that gay couples could only ever be friends.

So what about this sudden change of heart? Does Newt fear the apocalypse is upon us? Probably not. But it does show how quickly his convictions can be changed by political ambitions. It also raises the question as to whether the wider Republican party will accept this reality.


3 months ago - Via Google+ - View - Kyle Brouhard : Could someone please tell me how a federal judge can not only move against the will of the people of...
Could someone please tell me how a federal judge can not only move against the will of the people of a state by repealing a state constitutional amendment that we overwhelmingly voted for, but can also strike off our books the law that has been in effect for many many years, which the constitutional amendment was written to uphold? Is no one aware of the fact that the repeal of the law that Amendment 1 upheld was never brought to a vote, nor was it even discussed, in our General Assembly, yet the law was effectively repealed by a single federal judge who happens to hold office in this state? I'm no political science or constitutional law scholar, but this just seems like an end run around the political process that we are said to hold in such high regard in this state and in this nation. So bills are no longer introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly, to become law when voted for and signed by the Governor. Instead, the federal court, and yes, even one single federal judge, has the power to make and even change or repeal laws, contrary to our state laws, even without the support of the Legislature, the Governor and the will of the people. So even the worldly system of government doesn't work anymore. How broken does it need to get before people wake up and try to do something about it, assuming it's not too late already?
2 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Justin Gibson :

BREAKING: North Carolina’s Amendment 1 has been struck down.
RT @freedomtomarry: RT to congratulate #NorthCarolina on this historic win for the freedom to marry! — Mike Signorile (@MSignorile) October 10, 2014 BREAKING: North Carolina’s Amendment 1 (ban on marriage equality) has been struck down. #NCPol #NC4M #LGBTQ #MarriageEquality — Justin Gibson (@JGibsonDem) October 10, 2014 Amendment one is no longer a barrier for Marriage Equality in North Carolina! #LoveWins...
2 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Tony Seel : ** UCC files lawsuit against North Carolina The Lead  by Megan Castellan    +TAG The United Church of...
UCC files lawsuit against North Carolina The Lead  by Megan Castellan    +TAG The United Church of Christ filed a lawsuit in federal court today, arguing that their religious freedom was being violated as a result of North Carolina's Amendment 1, passed in ...
UCC files lawsuit against North Carolina The Lead by Megan Castellan    +TAG The United Church of Christ filed a lawsuit in federal court today, arguing that their religious freedom was being viol...
2 years ago - Via - View - Justin Vacula :

Pastor behind church's North Carolina Amendment 1 apology billboard speaks
Missiongathering Christian Church in California – in response to the passage of Amendment 1 which recently defined marriage in North Carolina's state constituti
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Tariq Manzoor :

North Carolina Amendment 1 Divides Gay Rights and passes
North Carolina voters to the polls Tuesday to decide whether the statutory prohibition against state establishment of a state other than gay marriage, civil
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - :

North Carolina Amendment 1 voters suppress gay rights | MassNewsMedia
Majority of North Carolina voters where in favor of Amendment 1 which defines “marriage” as a legal union between man and woman. This comes as an enormous setback for gay rights activists wishing to l...
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Toby Fife : An excellent piece on what North Carolina's amendment 1 means for the LGBT community at large.
An excellent piece on what North Carolina's amendment 1 means for the LGBT community at large.
A beggar cannot hide his poverty (more thoughts on amendment 1) | Queer Spirituality
The passage of North Carolina's amendment 1 which bans all forms of recognition for same-sex partnerships has been all over the news and the blogosphere. I even mentioned it in my post yesterday. ...
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Jim Lai : North Carolina's Amendment 1 passed, demonstrating that congratulations, the state and 60 percent of...
North Carolina's Amendment 1 passed, demonstrating that congratulations, the state and 60 percent of its electorate are morally bankrupt. Interestingly, everywhere with a university in the state voted against Amendment 1.

On the other hand, the demographics of the vote indicate that this issue is likely to be solved actuarially as the ignorant old farts that voted this policy into place die and are replaced by people who live in reality.
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - George Wiman :

Colbert on North Carolina's Amendment 1
Yes. This. Google+: View post on Google+
4 years ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Dave Hill : Colbert on North Carolina's Amendment 1 Yes. This.
Colbert on North Carolina's Amendment 1

Yes. This.
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Roosevelt “Arje” Jackson :

The Real Lesson of North Carolina’s Amendment 1 - COLORLINES
Pundits are obsessing over what black voters think about same-sex marriage. It’s the wrong question. Strong, new coalitions are growing around a far broader social justice fight for all the relationsh...
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Susan Stone :

The Real Lesson of North Carolina's Amendment 1
President Obama's public support of same-sex marriage helped upright the frowns of many LGBT marriage activists. The president's endorsement came the day after North Carolina voters passed a constitutional amendment to ban recognition of any form of relationship that is not a legally married hetereosexual couple. While the passing of Amendment 1 may seem like a big blow to same sex-marriage activists, the grassroots organizing that came together ...
4 years ago - Via Google Reader - View - Being Liberal : EDUCATION is the key...
EDUCATION is the key...
Why? Trying To Understand North Carolina Amendment 1 Voting Results
The correlation is not accidental. EDUCATION is the most important factor in fighting bigotry... Appalachian State University, UNC Asheville, Unc charlotte,UNC, Duke University, Duke University, No...
4 years ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Erica Robey : Just a thought regarding North Carolina amendment 1. Gays and lesbians alike have the right to be just...
Just a thought regarding North Carolina amendment 1. Gays and lesbians alike have the right to be just as miserable as heterosexuals marriages.
4 years ago - Via Mobile - View - Videos y Fotos : #Amendment1 An overwhelming North Carolina vote to define marriage as legal only between a man and...

An overwhelming North Carolina vote to define marriage as legal only between a man and woman dealt a strong blow to gay marriage supporters this week.

With 58 percent support, the measure made North Carolina the 29th state to ban gay marriage, which is legal in only six states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Maryland and New York) and the District of Columbia.

Washington and Maryland passed legislation to permit it, but those laws have yet to take effect. In any case, North Carolina deals marriage equality a setback.
North Carolina Amendment One Bans Gay Marriage in State
The overwhelming North Carolina vote to define marriage as legal only between a man and woman dealt a strong blow to gay marriage supporters this week.
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Community Village :

North Carolina Amendment 1: Racism In Homophobe’s Clothing | Community Village Daily Activist
"Protestant Pastor Martin Neimoller famously spoke to this dynamic when he stood up in solidarity with German Jews saying: First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was ...
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Noah Baron :

North Carolina's Amendment 1: Losing On The Merits
Let's take a page out of Harvey Milk's book: if you don't mention "at least one old queer" in your campaign ads against an anti-gay initiative, you've already lost the battle. Perhaps the vote in Nort...
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - Peter C. Equality Frank : #FACT : If +Democrats 2012 do NOT move the Democratic National Convention from North Carolina you'll...
#FACT : If +Democrats 2012 do NOT move the Democratic National Convention from North Carolina you'll know where they stand on #MarriageEquality (continuing to hold the DNC in North Carolina after their ardent show of hatred is nothing less than an out-and-out endorsement of North Carolina's Amendment 1 banning marriage equality).

If +Barack Obama opposed North Carolina's #AmendmentOne why wasn't he campaigning against it? #DoNothingPresident #WeCantWait

(from my Twitter account: )

+Democrats +Democrats +Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Peter C. Frank (@NiteStar) on Twitter
Sign up for Twitter to follow Peter C. Frank (@NiteStar). Disabled GOP LGBTQ political & community activist, advocate, & single gay guy in Westchester County near NYC. #Luvs2Snuggle #NightOwl ...
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View - David McGirr : Right; let's crunch the numbers on the North Carolina Amendment 1 vote yesterday. All the press today...
Right; let's crunch the numbers on the North Carolina Amendment 1 vote yesterday.

All the press today is about "61%" of voted passed it. But let's break down the actual numbers.

North Carolina population: 9,656,401
Registered voters in NC: 6,296,759
Actual ballots cast: 2,165,045
Voter turnout: 34.38%

Votes in favour of Amendment 1: 1,303,994

Now that means that 61% of 34.38% of voters are against this measure.
To make that easier to understand the actual percentage of North Carolina residents that voted for Amendment 1 is 10.7%
4 years ago - Via Google+ - View -