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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: i ll have another (Search this on MAP) ALDC Secret Facts : Ok.... This will be my profile and cover photo for half of December. The other half of December I'll...
Ok.... This will be my profile and cover photo for half of December. The other half of December I'll have another one +Mackenzie Ziegler made me.
11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - The Child Of A Billion Names “Kid Perez” Perez : (Ask first, I'll repost, Canon, MU,AU, OC allowed) I woke up, seeing my Uncle asleep next to me, I decided...
(Ask first, I'll repost, Canon, MU,AU, OC allowed) I woke up, seeing my Uncle asleep next to me, I decided to get up, looking around to see either cans or bottles I c-cant tell which one I drunk... Ahh n-nevermind, I'll have another g-great day without this m-messing with me.
19 hours ago - Via Community - View - Balance is Key : everybody should believe in something, I believe in this moment I'll have another coffee, cheers.
everybody should believe in
something, I believe in this moment
I'll have another coffee, cheers.
23 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Secret Star (Male Wadanohara) : Anyone can join. I'll be choosing Mod's soon so do not ask to be Mod. I'll have another owner and 4 ...
Anyone can join. I'll be choosing Mod's soon so do not ask to be Mod. I'll have another owner and 4 Mod's. 
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Neecie Johnson : Facemask Friday: The Joy of Pumpkin Well, happy Saturday everyone. I have to say, I'm not regretting...
Facemask Friday: The Joy of Pumpkin
Well, happy Saturday everyone. I have to say, I'm not regretting my decision to quit the part time job. I needed this long weekend. I'm getting much done. I'll have another one at Christmas and then again for New Years. I intend to make the most of these da...
Facemask Friday: The Joy of Pumpkin
Well, happy Saturday everyone. I have to say, I'm not regretting my decision to quit the part time job. I needed this long weekend. I'm getting much done. I'll have another one at Christmas and then again for New Years. I int...
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Nomadic Quintessence : No matter what you do There'll be somebody on your case No matter what you do There'll be somebody ...
No matter what you do
There'll be somebody on your case

No matter what you do
There'll be somebody on your case

OO-oo, days go by
I just sit around and get real high
OO-oo, what a glow
I just hang out, they come and go

I'm feeling really cool
I think I'll have another one
I'm just another fool
You know they say it's illegal
But what isn't these days
No matter what you do
There'll be somebody on your case

I must not be together
Look at the shape I'm in
I just know people are saying
"He's looking awful thin!"
I guess I can count my blessings
Though I've always been this way
I guess I'll quit tomorrow
Maybe another day

You know time has no absolute
It's a just seems like it's spent
Everything has a tendency to be so warped and bent
While looking here and there
I'm surprised to see
Everybody's gone here
Everybody's gone but me

OO-oo, days go by
I just sit around and get real high
OO-oo, what a glow
I just hang out, they come and go
Watch the video: J.J. Cale - Days Go By
J.J. Cale - Days Go By 1996 - Guitar Man (album) When you light that funny cigarette Would you pass it back to me I'm feeling a little down and out And it'll...
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Victor Veritas : It appears, that after 5 years... I've finally met all of my mathematics goals. Last target satisfactorily...
It appears, that after 5 years... I've finally met all of my mathematics goals. Last target satisfactorily comprehended just now. I'll have another #Review session in Fall of 2016. Until then.. we need to other areas which were not satisfactorily understood. 
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Marcelo Nascimento : I have Mageia 5/KDE. If I install metapackage task-plasma5, how will my system react? Will KDE be replaced...
I have Mageia 5/KDE. If I install metapackage task-plasma5, how will my system react? Will KDE be replaced by Plasma or I'll have another desktop option on login screen?
1 day ago - Via Community - View - Libor Stech : Think I'll have another cuppa.....frustrating day.. 😐
Think I'll have another cuppa.....frustrating day..
2 days ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Bullet Club Fanatic : So my partner/girlfriend had an accident so my team is broken up. I don't know if I'll have another ...
So my partner/girlfriend had an accident so my team is broken up. I don't know if I'll have another stable or if I'm going solo.
2 days ago - Via Community - View - Stike96 : Slight change of schedule, the UTP podcasts are now on Sat, and I'll have another video out for Fridays...
Slight change of schedule, the UTP podcasts are now on Sat, and I'll have another video out for Fridays and Sundays :).
2 days ago - Via - View - Victor At Broadview : Famous Days … she left a lot behind but I just walked away To Comment on this Collection, please post...
Famous Days
… she left a lot behind but I just walked away

To Comment on this Collection, 
please post a Review or email:

Barbie And Adam

She sat down at her desk very organized and reflective,
…   in a tidy, business suit with bell bottoms, "Oh my, where was I?"
She enjoys her job at the office.    She has enough responsibility 
to make her feel professionally relevant.
Welcome to the modern office tower and midway amusement centre.
Complete the paperwork, get paid, and spend it all on Black Friday
 buying Christmas presents for the children!
" It’s a controlled system, a "big top" illusion! "
She has to look pretty to fit the company’s iconic image.
“be smart, and seek advancement.”   Where is the trade off, or will it take 
a trapeze accident to push the concrete jungle into self destruction. 
" Come into my office Barbie, and explain this tree of Good and Evil! "
She held her head high and stood her ground against Adam.

Days of Shania

12 Days of Shania
more eyes, more body, more a complete person
everyone can be Country Music
the young, old and undecided, 
12 days of Shania 
from uptown bars to run down trailers,
 join in, in a return celebration!
she’s a real woman’s modern image,
goin’ in and out kickin’, with makeup and mid riff.
Shania crosses over borders and traditions,
they sing her songs, watch her videos and buy her CDs by the millions.
our girl from Timmins, is a Hemmingway, a Steinbeck!
a World Wide Superstar, an Unbelievable Canadian Success! 

now is the Time for Revolution, for The War on Terrorism
time for, “life, fun and serious girl power!”

we want more than singers.   we want famous, articulate celebrities
to agree with our politics, religion and environment.
in 12 days Shania will have a greater influence than the Beatles,
her opinions are important but her talent and beauty are what we fight for!
everyone can be Country Music
the young, old and undecided, 
12 days of Shania 
from uptown bars to run down trailers,
 join in, in a return celebration!

92 Year Old Mice  or
     The Time Hurricane Hazel 
Came Up Through The Humber River

How do you feel when you are 92 years old?   
You never feel very good at that age.
She wishes her body wasn't so stiff and sore.   
She has 47 plates around the dining room table, 
representing the 47 countries that she has visited.
She also has 47 grandchildren hanging in pictures on the walls. 
Hurricane Hazel came up through the Humber River.
It destroyed all the houses in the lower valley.
That must have been when the mice invaded. 
They took over every dry spot that was nailed down.   
At night it's rush hour in the floor joist freeway,
5 peanut butter traps a day don't slow down the traffic.   
You can smell their smothering, 
fur bodies as soon as you walk in the door.
How can an old woman stop 47 mice from being born every day?
Maybe she likes the company.   When she opens the cupboard 
she sees 94 black eyes, starring out for just a mouse second. 
Maybe she enjoys the scurrying of 188, pink feet over clean dishes.
Her life is only a make-up mirror of what it used to be.
What else can she do but keep up appearances.
She drink a cup of rye a day and rents out mouse packed rooms to strangers.
Before bed she kisses the 47 pictures 
that her husband had painted about the time when
Hurricane Hazel came up through the Humber River.

A Friendly Night of Heartaches

The computer was stolen.    They found it later 
at the bottom of the river.    Sophia is on TV in full color.
She is a man’s woman and dresses in wool suits.
I’m sitting on the couch in the living room
No one can penetrate my small space or locked entrance.

Someone took the trouble to walk backwards through the snow.
They had scanned in but forgot to check out with their key pass.
They always show her sitting on the side of a bed
Her knees stay squeezed tight together.
The limousines don’t slow down when they approach the corner.
Their lights shine through my room and cast rolling shadows on the walls.

They watched the security film and found out who was still in the building.
He confessed to everything when he returned to work the next day.
I love how she rolls the curls around her finger.
I know all her romantic lines and famous photos.    Kiss me Sophia.
There hasn’t been a car now for 2 hours. 
The porch screen is starting to fill up with June bugs.
He lost his job.  The movie is over.  
And I found my friendly night of heartaches.

Alanis and Shania

Alanis did it again !   She had them eating a few naughty words
in her new song, "lick my face," and then she was gone.   She threw her love 
out to the audience.    But the encore on Canada Day was worth the anticipation.
Her long flowing hair danced in circles.   Here was our own, Ottawa girl 
with fame and energy.    She is beautiful !  She has made it !

The Shania center opened on the weekend in Timmins.    Over 5 million 
in grants were spent to attract the world's tourists.    This is something new 
in Canada, to honor our own talent!    Her story has been played out to millions.    
How her parents died in a car accident and how she grew up from songs to riches.    
They still talk about her surprise appearance at the high school reunion.    
A country singer and songwriter from Ontario who has captivated the world.

Moi, I still feel the same, as when I was 18.     I still read the papers on the hard wood floor.   When I go to the Sand Dunes I still walk up and down the shore.  
~ a stranger just handed me free tickets to Alanis and Shania, 
on the same day!    How can I choose!

Oui, there have been some bumps along the way.    But, my life has been 
all about curbing emotions and doing the right thing.    To be talented like Alanis 
takes a lot of hard work.    Shania had dreamed that she would be successfull !     
Well, at least that’s the line that I tell my kids.    But we all know that there is a revelation and a change in perception that set the superstars apart.  They are guided by something spiritual that grows by itself into a stronger power.    
OK, OK, I think I’ve said enough.   
If you want to see for yourself, here are two tickets.   Go Figure!

Alanis Met Ringo

They exchanged a few words.  
She was never the same.
They met for only a minute.
He was doing most of the talking.
It was planned to happen.
He said, “I’d like to jam.”
She said, “OK.”
What are you playing?

Is there a mutual attraction
that is only shared by 
those who meditate in India!
Are they connected by 
a mysterious peninsula 
that “costs too much,”
to get in?    

He probably said, 
“Shape up, birdie, 
my life is a mess, 
you are my karma
to the rest of the world. “
Maybe, it is a tone, 
a punctuation, or a hidden
book of revelation
about Mars and Venus.

Whatever …
He is a carrier, a mule, 
an informer to beautiful, 
young women in Los Angles.

Get your act together, because
   the world really is round. 
   Here is my pin, take it!
“John and George are there, 
going through hoops and circles.
 See, look into my eyes, 
believe me !”

Does this only happens to those 
who are musically famous, 
or to everyone who is tormented!
How else can you explain 
her motivation?   
It’s like a real, tall tail light, 
a real, tear drop, or a defining moment 
that shatters quake lines.
“Now you know the secret.”
There are no Roswell spaceships
just this piece of broken guitar string   
… and of course, 
my bill will be in the email.

Celine Dion is the Mother of the New Nation of Quebec

I wish I was Celine Dion and the mother of the New Nation of Quebec.
Would I be a separatist or just a separate artist?
How can she be the “sweetheart of Quebec”
When she lives in Florida and sings in English?
I want to be like her, “because she left”
I want to claim her as my own because she is successful,
Not because she is a separatist.
But, she did leave, just like a separatist!
She is Celine,
Giving birth in the US.
Celine Dion is the Mother of the New Nation of Quebec.

She has US glamour, US money, US prestige and US sex.
The separatists are dinosaurs, 
They are an insulated, insulting embarrassment
to the New Nation of Quebec.   
If I was Celine, I would separate Quebec!
Las Vegas shows !  US dollars !  Circus Tents !
Then, I would return to Florida and once again become a US Superstar.

Chapter 1

The Riceman’s are billionaires.
I’m thinkin’, how can they afford
2 million in taxes?
If I owned a house in Rosedale
where would the money come from
to pay the taxes?     It would be 
better, maybe to just own 
a small apartment 
and see how things go.
But wait, where would we put 
our “his and her” books 
and Indigo things?
If you’re so rich that you don’t 
have to worry about taxes
and you know the money
will just come flowing in,
you would be set for life!
What a feeling !
These people are in love.
They think differently than I do.
What confidence, What self assurance,
What happiness, What romance.
Is it the money, the power?
It is love.
We are not just glory hungry, 
rich beggars.     If we owned 
your company or country
everyone would be wealthy.

You would thank us for taking over.
No, you won’t vote.   We own you.
Remember, It’s the better way.
Once your in and swallowed up
we will still smile and hold hands 
But then, we’ll start looking over 
our shoulder for something else to buy.
Is it greed, Or fame, Or just fun?
Is it the chance to risk every thing
and then come out the winner?
To deal and dine and position
and then pounce on the prey
with surprise, skill and vengeance. 
This is the satisfaction,
to go home after work and 
read a good novel,
after you just bought the bookstore!
No, Mr. Riceman says, 
“I don’t risk anything at all “.
I know the rules and I own the game,
I have the right friends and connections.
I’m just calculating positions 
for shareholder growth.
I once was a junk bond dealer,
like a new car salesman.
Now, I’m a King
and you don’t know how to do it !

Child of God

Now that I’ve found my stride it’s easy to wake up at 5 and run for an hour.
With childish exuberance, I head for the trees of forgiveness and blessing.
There they are, at the top of the hill near the apartments.   
As soon as I step under their branches I can feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit.
My sins are forgiven and I’m blessed with spiritual happiness!

Over there, under the streetlight is the tree of Hope and Wonder 
I study its colour so I’ll be able to compare it to the real one in Paradise.
The pine scent stays with me as I continue on my morning jog.
On the inside, my body is awash with joy and purpose!
I know there is a heaven and that Jesus will greet me!

One-day last summer, I was out kayaking on the river.
The entire sky became a golden, spiralling hurricane!
Swirls of particles kept circling in a suspended pattern before me!
The Holy Spirit was in everything!    He/She said that I was saved!
Just carry on and call, if you need me.

Now that I’ve found my stride there is no need to worry.    
I’m a Child Of God enjoying my time on earth 
but ready to leave in a hurry.

Crises No. 1

The first crises we experienced was the ice storm in January 1998.    
There was no power, no water, no lights, and no flush toilets for 14 days.    Luckily, 
we had a wood fireplace, candles, and a chainsaw.    But, as the week dragged on we began to run short of food, gas, and money.    The ATM’s didn’t work and the IGA had 
a 5 can limit.    The Canadian Tire store had flashlights, sleeping bags, stoves, heaters 
and generators but they wouldn’t open up because of security.    However, the local Home Hardware gave out credit, accepted bankcards and stayed open late, even on Sunday.    A snowmobile shop that started charging double for maintenance and repairs had their entire stock confiscated by the Canadian Army.

At the end of the first week we made a cabin fever run for Kingston. 
Somewhere, the ice had to stop.   Somewhere there were shopping malls, flowers and Irish Spring showers.    It was a rejuvenating experience to walk down a grocery aisle, 
to hear the CBC again and to go for coffee at Tim Horton’s.    Montreal was the worst hit.    Hydro towers fell in unison like miniature toothpicks.   There was only one line left into the city.   No hospitals or schools were open.   The Eastern Townships were also 
a disaster area.   They were covered in cool, clear ice like a frozen Niagara, complete with carnival tents and pine-tree rainbows.    

We were comfortable in our Prescott bunker and washed and flushed 
with bottled water.    Finally, the lights came on after hundreds of snapped poles had 
been replaced.    Rescue crews had to cut through sparkling mazes of hanging wires 
and balancing branches.    However, this natural destruction was absurdly wonderful.   
~ Four inch rings of ice hung like igloos on the purple lilacs and the sugar maples.              

The split arms of the apple trees bent to the ground under the weight of silver bracelets and transparent halos.    Giant, finger-fort branches formed ice cave prisms.     
In a weird way, I reluctantly miss the silent heaven of bright stars and the sudden crack 
of shotgun limbs.    Trees fell in two with just the added glow of moonlight.      Fortunately, we survived, healthy and fit.     We were never in any real danger but in her own way, Mother Nature had warned us to be prepared for the worst, next time.

Going Thru To Paradise

Streams of dry leaves blow along the pavement 
on their way to Paradise.
I’m walking towards the branches
that form the entrance to Paradise.
There is a guard on the corner but no one is ever stopped
once they get this close to Paradise.
I can hear the breath of the angels as they listen for my footsteps
along the way to Paradise.
I’m overwhelmed with love as I touch the leaves
that line the path to Paradise.

Suddenly, I’m in Paradise   ………


He was stating the obvious.
The system is missing a very important ingredient.
How can we put a price on, good will, brand recognition and 
intellectual property.    He wants to add that into the stock price.

We survive for only a few years at the top of our earning powers.
It’s the other’s around us that continually get
the promotions, holidays and white shirts.
Everyone has to put so much effort into their haphazard world.

I have a car, a house, food and a family.
I have everything that anyone needs to be happy.
But I can’t do what I want to do.    I’d be out of work.
The higher the position, the greater the recognition but the less stress.
“I’d like you to take it from here”

The more you accomplish the more you are expected to achieve.
Thank goodness Greenspan is old or he could be dangerous.
My love of life and self worth can never be priced into the market.
I’d take the choice to go home early before I’d take a pay raise.

Grizzly Bear

Last night I dreamt I saw a grizzly bear doing chin ups under a honey tree.
The hive was bouncing up and down in time to his feet ricocheting off the ground. 
All the birds flew the coup as he groaned, growled and grunted.
We ran to the window to find out what all the fuss was about and we’re surprised 
to see that the grizzly bear’s car was still running at the bottom of the canyon.

We could see his giant paw marks in the grass 
were he had zigged and zagged up towards the honey tree.    
His claws had scratched through the tree’s dark bark and exposed the sweet wood.
He swore, swung and sucked in his gut as he raised his head up, into the leaves.
His legs kicked back and forth like a ballet dancer on Oprah Winfrey.

We couldn't see his face and he wasn't wearing his Umbros but 
his fur stuck out like drills bits as it rolled and flexed over his muscles. 
Suddenly, the tree branch broke and he collapsed into a silent pile of bear rubble.    
Nothing moved, except for the honey hive that fell and bounced down the hill.

Was the grizzly bear hurt or was he just playing possum?    
With some concern, we ran down to his car and started honking the horn!    
Objects is the rear view mirror are closer than they appear!
Red eyes, yellow teeth and bad breath broke through the open windows.  

We tried to hid on the dirty floor under hair balls and gum wrappers.
There was no way to escape from his rage unless, “we could escape in a hurry.”     
The grizzly bear climbed up on the hood and started and poundin' on the panels.
Then, without warning, he stopped.    He opened the door and politely asked,
"Do you want to go to a party?   
It’s karaoke night down at Goldie's Bar and Grill."


Wet streets and flashing lights, red maple leaf curtains,
one foot in the past, the other in mid-air over bridges, ships and rivers.
Rows of human chains and the kiss of over ripe melons.
My hands and heart are tied up with memories of grief and acceptance.
Let the handmaiden write on the wall the final terms of surrender.    
Do me in, like pine and tar, like diarrhea and unwanted stepsons.
Take me to the cliff of EXPO 67, to drug-ins and love-ins.
Show me how to praise GOD and to stand up for my actions.

It’s Saturday night on St. Catherine’s.   The crowds line up for the disco.
Most are from the mountain top or the Jewish ghetto.
Nothing has changed.
The army still lives on with simple fears and brave come-ons.
If I could tell the difference between happy hour and happy hour
the world would be a better place with stone walls and mile-high fences.
I see sunflowers in the bus stations and dead faces in the cathedrals.
 Let’s talk in rhymes and laugh uncontrollably at nothing in particular.
The park in Old Montreal has only 2 living flowers.
I picked one for you and left the other one, to give you, 30 years later.
How will I know you?   Where will you be standing?
Will your hair still look like an island of messy seagulls?
Next Tuesday, your legs will be like a young girl’s, riding horses.
And when you leave, take everything, I want nothing left over.
Like a ship going down river, let the amber bottles sink to the bottom.
Let the wine flow from lip to lip to lip while the disco kids take notes.
Now, these terms are as good as gold, useful to the both of us.
I’m so glad that we both wasted our time.     It makes acceptance much easier.
The handmaiden decided to write a postscript.
She said, “ he’s such an easy mark.    He’s the last man still laughing.

How Important

All of the CIL controls and SAP systems are in place.
Everything should start up according to plan.
Well actually, this is the first time we’ve tried this.
“I hope you are good at thinking fast on your feet. “
The wires were lying on the floor in a tangled bundle.
The control circuit was open.   Nothing was tagged or yellow lined.
“How is it going?”
“We’ll be busy all day in meetings, you’re on your own, sailor.”
I had never worked with this type of servo controller, 
PLS, SLC or PCX.    All of the software hasn’t arrived yet and
the logic has to be translated from Japanese.   The Ethernet was down,
the VFDs needed to be configured, and I was still missing manuals.
Last night there was a snowstorm.    Most of the experienced 
techs called in sick and my computer kept loosing its memory.
“OK, make me look good !”
“You know how important this project is to the company.”
I hung up the phone, wrung out the wires,
megered the 3 phase and turned on the 575 AC power. 
“Ok, after lunch I’ll turn her over.  The statics and dynamics
   have been tested but I still need to check the motor rotation.   
“When I got back the line was running!   Someone had cut my locks off! 
“Hi, it says here that we’re supposed to be up at 12:30. “
Logistics, buying, sales and finance all came down for a picture.
“There have been some changes.  You have to stay after work to fix them.”
“And we need the downtime codes and the reliability reports running !”
All of the managers were sitting in the conference room planning their next meeting.     
I was thinking about taking a vacation.   Most of the OPLs had been downloaded.      
So, I left a thank-you note and quit the company.

He Said So

I gotta get up early to go to work,
to fill up a hole.
I sure hope the check is in the mail.
two times it was NSF.
This computer is driving me nuts !
It’s off again in wonder whirl.
Jean sent me some family jpegs 
but they wouldn’t download.
Its Sunday today, a day of rest.
We could never work, play sports, 
sing or gamble on the Lord’s dime.

Do you know how the great lakes
and mountains were formed? 
“The great Maitouwadge bird scooped out
the rocks and filled them up with dew drops.
There, that explains that enough,
to satisfy any priest or warlord.
Here is a new plan …
Let’s all be brothers and sisters,
live together in communal houses 
and respect the land and water. 
Ooo Ahhh Ooo Ahhh Deeeee
OK, I’ll have another cup of coffee
before I start to fill up the hole. 

Ian and Sylvia

He was laying down.    His head rested on her bottom.
Their blue jeans were faded and tired from riding all day.
You don’t get to be in that compromising position 
without a few hugs and warm beds beforehand.
She was using her hat as a pillow, his was pulled down over his eyes.
Their horses had wandered off in the valley, looking for some sweet grass.
The fire was burning bright and the coffee pot was on the hot coals.
Behind the rail fence three Cree braves pulled out their scalping knives.
They circled around behind and were about to scream a thirsty, war cry!!

Rule No. 1 never light a fire. 
Rule No. 2 never put down the book until you’ve read the ending.

I was so upset to hear that they had split up.
They had magic on their records that every city kid desired.
If after creating all those lonesome, winter emotions and fresh, Alberta mornings, 
if even they can’t stay together, what chance do the rest of us have, 
… those of us who live on Queen St. East in Cabbagetown.

Suddenly she heard a twig snap and her nervous muscles woke Ian up.
“What’s amatter honey, scared of a few Indians ?”   “I’ve told you, 
I’ve passed through these parts before.   They’re my spiritual brothers. “
When the tomahawks fell and the long knife cut their brains out,
Ian stood up and said, “Well, I guess I shoulda listened to your feelings.”

He put down the latest prairie thriller
and reached across to hold her by the arms and shoulder.
Rule No. 3 never take Sylvia for granted.

I’m Still as Young as I Ever Was

This is the time of year to go outside,
to lay on the picnic table and watch the tomatoes grow, where the pool used to be.   
Let’s have a party!
There is still smoke coming up from the fire where my boys roasted buns and wieners.
They left the lawn chairs scattered, upside down in the grass.
It’s the farthest thing from my mind!
I’ve hoed the carrots, hilled the potatoes and spread lime dust on the beans.
My boots sank into the soil and left behind, overlapping dance prints.
I want to get away from it all!
Their empty beer bottles and rock CDs are still sitting on the table.
“I picked one up and looked at myself in the reflection.   I couldn’t believe the mess.”
The party scene is heating up!
I can’t wait until this fun is over so I can make an excuse to head back to Alberta.
But, there are skid marks in the gravel and I’m blocked in by 3 pickups.
Music is spinning out from the hotel rooms!
There is no reason to stay here when the weather out West is so wonderful.
The barman invites me over to have another round with his barflies.
I’m standing in the middle of the highway!
My wrinkled jaw and curly hair are beginning to let me down.    
I find more comfort between saddles and horses than between beds and girlfriends.
My life reminds me of, “those cowboy paintings,” that dip into,“western glory.”
Young sweethearts drift into the Golden Nugget.  “I’m interested but not motivated.”
Actually, I need a cool drink!
I gaze into the distance and am supported by years and years of beautiful sunsets.
I’m still as young as I ever was.   I’m ready to start over and plant fertile seeds.
Let’s have a party!
This time I’ll take no risks or extra pleasures.   I’ll stand out tall in the noonday crowd
and shake hands on main street.    Then I’ll come back early and bring the boys a present.


How come
all the CDs that are really terrific
come in the same soft, brown colours?
It's the subtle background
and jazz direction
that makes all the difference.


Nothing is better than freedom
To be able to stand in the sun, unalarmed
To be able to face unmoved, into the wind 
To feel connected to the places you’ve been
and to people you’ve met

The beauty of your life and work
…  that has nothing to do with yourself
can be enjoyed on my front veranda
facing south
looking into the summer clouds
… thanks Joni


Martha Steward and Mr. Clean

The winter sun is lying close to the horizon.
It pierces through the kitchen window like mini torpedoes 
and puts nail holes in Martha Steward’s painted wall.

Mr. Clean can’t compete with her style or power.
Time is measured in light years across our perfect universe.
We all act like people, like the last alternative.
Our shapes and minds and desires are only a force of habit.
We are inexplicably tied to the air and the dust,
like a bumble bee is stuck to sweet, clover pollen.
When you stand in front and I pull you back 
the molecular shafts and tunnels swell and collide
just like in the scientific manuals.
When will we ever learn to love one another?
Will Martha Stewart and Mr. Clean ever get married?
Will a combination of peach pies and lemon scent do it?


What circumstances?
I gave my heart to Mary but Mary never stayed

I wake up every morning
to enjoy the day 
to hear the sun break through the clouds
and to feel the night blow away

Just watch me, at sunrise
in the full light of dawn
reaching out for what is real
for the heart of actual living things

Mary took off and left everything
all the sacred nights 
all the sick and simple mistakes

Every day is mine.   Jump to it
I choose to be happy!
Who cares what went on
behind her wide smile 

You call these circumstances
Get-a-lifeI’m going to survive with a clear conscience
and with a secret wish 
to be loved


Are you tired?
Yes I am
Are you sleepy?
Yes I am
Have we got much further to drive?
When will we get there?

The kids are asleep in the back.
We spent the night at Hope B.C.
The van’s seats can be fully reclined.
In the afternoon we’ll be in Vancouver,
to start our hunt for an apartment.

On Tour to Promote the Latest

I’ve seen a lot of her lately.    She is beginning to look familiar.
The open mouth, the long hair and balloon eyes.

She is never at a loss for words
and doesn’t put on any pretensions.
~ unless not putting on any pretensions is a pretension.

She would like that, to psychoanalyze her commitments.    Let’s talk about 
her inner self and about how happy she is with where she is in life right now.
She wants to embrace the rest of the world and feel wonderfully personal.

She has risen above the critical rags and the love of appreciative onlookers.
Accept me for what I’m doing today and for what I’m singing about, right now.  
Tomorrow, when it’s over, I’ll feel a little different about our close relationship.   

She is a one-woman show, a modern proverb in a stream of perplexity. 
She comes from the school of energetic execution.    Treat everyone like how
you would treat me.   Our lives are eternal spirits, like omnipresent expressions.

She is basic and honest.     She is searching for herself in order to reach others.
She is a Canadian.    You don’t have to sell me.   I bought the full set of luggage.
But at night in bed, I wonder if she would ever say, 
“Gee, I think you are terrific.”


She was laying on the floor, reading.    When he came home he laid 
down and kissed her.    She was young wife.   He was the Prime Minister.    
He was always involved in controversy.    He created the action, confronted 
the press and did what he wanted.    He never had a boring domestic life.    
He was still a playboy at 50, ~ prowling, and pirouetting behind the Queen 
of England.    He ran the government with arrogance and enjoyed the company 
of movie stars and young models.   He tried to juggle the separatists and the west 
between a rose and the finger.    Pierre was a Quebec Jester.   His magic cheek 
spread from Ottawa to the Canadian wilderness.     He was just as home in China, 
as in Washington and Cuba.    No one could outthink his boyish agenda.

There was more to his life than politics and celebrities.    His claim to fame 
was a continuous nine minutes.    Margaret wanted an intellectual hero, access 
to drugs and freethinking.    She smoked and talked about biblical characters 
in Marrakech.   John and Yoko came to visit.    He slept with the window open.  
He danced in the sugar bush or in the Empress Hotel with the same European charm 
of a classical maestro.   Cool Trudeaumania !    Nixon couldn’t stand him.     
He taught her everything about love and beauty.   But in the end she destroyed him with her sexual flings and Rolling Stone parties.    She was laying on the floor, reading.     
The 3 boys were sleeping upstairs, dreaming.    
Pierre came home and laid down beside her.    She was stoned out of her mind.    
He was no longer the Prime Minister.

Rosedale and Alberta

She is a woman, I’m a woman’s man.
She stood in front of the spotlight 
and sang out from years of frustration.
Her icy smile and folk length hair
were right off the wall.
I just kinda stumbled into the business.

She dug up fresh, traditional material
from Irish, Celtic and Anglican songbooks.
I guess she was bored and unhappy
with her Sunday School classes and the choir.
After a couple of exploratory trips to Toronto,
she moved in and was looking for a singing career.
I was struggling and offered to help.

We sang everywhere,
from Carnegie Hall to the Troubadour.
Her classic, chic lines and my 
country attitude brought the house down.
We separated after 12 years.

Was it because of the Stones, the Beatles, Dylan?
Was it because of the house in Rosedale
and the ranch in Alberta?
We were always staring off into the distance
like passing starships.
She left a lot behind
but I just walked away.

Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Alanis Morrisette
       ...   are all Canadian

He said, " Come on, are you ready? "
She said, " No. "
He said, " Come on, are you ready? "
She said, " Only if you ask me, nicely. "
He said, " I thought I already asked you nicely! "
She said, " No. "

She is Close

She is close
Dressed in a day slip
I’m fully clothed
Pants, belt and bike buckle
Her shoulders are bare
So are her thighs
And small breasts
She is close

There are only a few threads
Of dark lines
Running down her back
Along a silk zipper
I’m dressed up
I’m pinned and hammered
She swings around and 
Reaches for her sunglasses
She is close
She lifts up a coaster
My hands and mouth shake
Like a wall of wall to wall mirrors
I jump on my bike and start up

Her arms are white 
She looks like a bottled angel
She is close
But, I don’t bother
To go back to hold her 

She Sings for Fun

I won.    Switzerland won.
Her hair is such a beautiful color.
She left high school to enter the music business.
I watch her videos every day.

I could talk to her.   I knew her beauty and style.
I used to see her every morning waiting for the school bus.
She said hi once, while standing in the parking lot.
I drove the VW down to the river and shouted at the black swans.

I was walking across the intersection.
They honked and yelled out, while kissing their girlfriends.
I saw her in the backseat.
She understood.   She wasn’t making fun.

Pretending not to care heightens the emotions.
I wear sunglasses and act indifferent on purpose.
I read her interviews.   I felt the problems and pressure. 
She was my girl.    She waved once, in the cafeteria.

Today, I watched her special on TV.
She is happily married, obviously to someone else, and has a baby.
She sings for fun and has moved to Switzerland.
Once, I held her hand in the stairwell and then walked away.

She Will Never Know

Love is the bases of all our actions
even when we’re far apart.
Everyone needs to be loved
and needs to know that someone 
will be waiting for them
down the road

What is it, 
that splits us apart, draws us together, 
and changes our lives forever?
Is it the joy of separation
or the pain of making up?

Do you see that couple, 
consumed by daily events.
Do they ever stop to ask each other,
" we could do a lot better "
or do all the frustrating decisions 
simply wear them out. 

…   let's go for a coffee, at Tim Horton's. 

Someone Else

Today, I had lots of time after jumping on the mat
to turn around and see the frig door close.
I also was able to warm up in front of the woodstove
before the toast popped up.
The old sun is handing out free buckets of light
to the greedy fingers of the dancing trees.
The fresh snow is melting away
into new streams of ice water.

When I answered the phone, someone yelled out,
" Hi honey-dear, it's me!"
She must have mistaken my voice for someone else.

Someone else !   Someone else !
…  the only, true reason to live and speak,
…  the love of the sun and the snow is, … for someone else.
I can feel it!
… like a calling card, like call waiting, like call despair 
just like the first time, over and over again, 
holding hands on the rec room couch.

Eventually, the weekends were driven away by 
boats, pools and pressure treated decks. 
Eventually, I lost the excitement of early, spring mornings.

The sun is taking back her empty buckets
from the broken limbs of the crooked trees.
The worn paths through the roses are now grown' over 
with crippled strangers looking for something else.


Some of the things I do are stupid,
like lying on the deck of the boat
and then rolling into the water.
… even though, the boat was only a park bench
floating in a lawn of concrete, mud puddles.
Sometimes I put twitch grass between my fingers
and blow on the fuse to make a whistle
or pop my eyes out till the nasty kids run away.
Here are a few other things that I learned
to do as a young boy but now I think are stupid,
like mixing up the black and white watercolors,
like cutting off my pants too short or,
like sleeping all night in a convertible.
Now, what is really stupid is going to school in your pajamas
or jumping into the deep end wearing only your underwear. 

I’ve been to Niagara Falls and have rode in the
“Maid of Misery.” We had to put on yellow raincoats 
and sign a promise not to drown in the green water.
Some of the things I do are stupid.
like working for a $100.00 a hour,
like having my picture taken at a hotel convention.,
She said, “Don’t be stupid, you know I got pregnant,
 it was all your fault, not mine!
“I’ll settle for some laughter if you can come over on Sunday.”

Suddenly, I’m In Paradise

The sidewalk has a few cracks.    The streetlights seem a little dimmer.
The wind completely died down as I approached the entry.    Across the road 
and out into the bay I can see where the Norwegians landed.
They anchored their ships and waited out their first night in Paradise.
They could smell the smoke from the fires but were afraid to go to shore.

Paradise calls me back every morning.
I start off early to avoid the traffic so I can concentrate on my passage.
There is only one place on Dover Street to access the portal.
If you come too early the leaves will not be opened and if you come too late 
the leaves will have blown away.     The entrance to Paradise is then inaccessible.

It works like mathematics, odd and even numbers.     
The boys in the boat from Norway didn’t make it.
You have to land on both feet with your hands out of your pockets.
  In my case, what works is grape leaves falling from branches.
Paradise is real, once you believe it!    Jesus said He would do it! 
And He does, every day.    It’s very obvious!

The Tall Ships

In 1740 they came to the shores of Campbellton,
They floated up the Bay of Chaleur to the Restigouche.
The Listiguij were camped on the far side at Cross Pointe.
No one could see the tall ships outlined against the sundogs
The mountains folded over and provided a natural cover.

Hey, I can hear a train whistle in the distance!
The tracks are beginning to vibrate to the wavelengths of a full moon.
The captain looked out towards the shoreline, “What kind of place is this?”
The natives kept quiet and felt the ground tremble.
The tall masts started blowing afoul in a tactical dilemma.  

The sound of the train was getting closer.
Soon hundreds of cars will be running over the trestle.
When the sun rose the ships pulled anchor.    It was full tide.
Their colors sailed off over the horizon and the natives celebrated.
Surely, the ocean spirits had visited them 
and will return with charms and bracelets.

Meanwhile, the train continued to travel on for a thousand miles.
All I could smell was diesel as I scanned the bay for more tall ships. 

The Best Of

Finally after all these years, the days I spent 
listening and dreaming are coming true.
… not with the same “Strong Wind “ adventures or the 
“Someday Soon “ promises but as a greatest hits package. 
I cried over not being able to be with you on the veranda 
overlooking the Don Valley but the lights in the village 
welcomed other things.

At night, I’d listen to Ian and Sylvia and the long train whistles 
headed west.    They were more than Canadian folk heroes. 
They represented my idealistic future and romantic ideals.
… they were a happening, hip couple, doing gigs, 
… play’in and love’in with a cool edge that touched the stars. 

I’m going to buy the box set and put it away until Christmas.
There will be just enough time to ride on down to “Tulsa”
and make things right before I buy the ranch in Alberta.

I still dream along to every recorded note and scratched emotion.
He was cut rough.   She was table lace.   I cried when they parted.
I wrote to you every night and then threw my letters in the basket.
When I look out the window, I still see you waiting on the veranda.

The Blues

Don't go to where the blues are …
Stay off the pier.
Don’t listen to Muddy or B.B.
cause the blues will kill ya.

Jazz is the answer to a classy evening.
Smooth cool horns provide a sweet groove.
But the blues aren't worth your time or trouble 
to bleed for.

The man is, the man
who can lay down the blues.
Stubborn mules and rotten cotton
ain’t no place for a white man to die.

The blues are the, " Grapes of Wrath,"
the end of life as you know it.
Not here for here, but here for the hereafter.
Only God can listen to the blues.

The Dance Card Is Full

The dance card is full
It feels like inclement weather
Everyone is standing out
on the front porch or under the band shell.

Dance your little heart out,
and look out for freak rainstorms.
Fill up the endless summer
with jitter-bugs and tangos.

There is so much you can do
with sunshine and flowers.
Romance just kinda rolls in
like jet streams behind warm fronts.

Give me your free love 
As part of a recurring system
The dance card is full
like fragrant forecasts and radiant rainbows.

The Future Song

Am I telling you the truth when I write about the future?
Can I realistically warn the rest of the world by interrupting all of the signs?
The computer revolution is over!       How insane to have an operating system. 
One day our collective brains will be replaced by IBM stem cells.   Telepathic 
signals between chemical solutions will be programmed into every wheelchair.

And what about energy and environmental solutions?    No worries!
An unlimited, renewable source has already been discovered in Canada!
It was there all the time, just like Super Sex, Sheep Cloning and Special Gravity.
" all these conditions will be combined into a workable platform by the Liberals.”

And of course, land transportation will be totally prohibited.   The flying fox 
and the talking rabbit will be the only forms allowed to populate Ontario.
Stay inside the dome and, “P.I.C.K.  a ride “ will wake you up in the morning.
Everything you ever need will be available within 2 hours; opium, pearls, beads 
or a Coke a Cola. 

Yes, food will be problem.    The factory farms will have to start over with new 
varieties of home-made honey and garden-fresh beans.    Billions of worms 
will hatch our offspring in septic tanks filled with twisted codes and genetic links.     
One day, they will be straightened out by “our alien friends” who know how to 
jump start evolution.    But in the meantime, I’m warning you, “Be On Guard.”   
Toronto will be the first to go.    
Sing to your children in perfect pitch and learn how to play the sitar.
The final blow will be a “Celine Dion” song sung behind a beep, beep, beep.
How do I know all this?     I know cause, I know cause, I know cause, cause,

Only The Good

Time passes
Old men die
Seasons fall upon us
Babies cry
Life is a lie
Stay away from me
Stop the rail car
Hold out your hands
Age is deadly advice
The lonely stay alive
Skin turns to gold
I hate what I see
Once I was in love
And sent to prison
I don’t care about anything

I’ve lived
I’ve dreamed
I’ve survived
I’ve used up my steel strings
My head dances
With angel’s wings
The ride was terrific
The lights blink off then on
Only the good die

The Idea Is 

They landed by rowboat 
- to escape oppression,
- to win the hearts 
  of their wives and King,
- to stand up for something,
  that was considered important.

But, that was only the excuse.
… something else drew them together.

The real idea is,
" to always do what you think is right! "

Do you accept all the frivolous excuses,
or do you think its best not to get involved ?

The Mountain Mist

The street signs looked like oil in the late afternoon.
The mountain mist filled up the valleys and flowed down the hills.
She was reading to her daughter in one of those houses, not far off the highway.   
I was traveling from town to town, through the Appalachians, 
to see if I could find her.
Coffee cups in transport trucks roared by her garden window.
She was safe from all the dripping mugs and screaming tires.
At the bend, I couldn’t see the on coming traffic.
The wipers lifted off the glass and blinded my vision!
They turned another page and hugged each other before bedtime.

Years later I found her, or someone who I imagined was her, walking down 
the sidewalk with her daughter.   They had ski passes hanging from their jackets.
Her daughter looked just like me, except that she was smiling.
I tried to smile too but I got in their way. 
I fell over the curb while they ran on to finish their Christmas shopping.

The mountain mist fell down on top of me.
I fought my way up the hill following the bus and taxi, tail lights. 
In my mind I was singing Salvation Army carols.
Back in the hotel room, I re-read the all personal ads and memorized 
the real life positions of all the models in the Wal-Mart flyers.     
Tomorrow, when the snow melts, when the geese fly, 
I’ll push my hands in my pockets and call the last number in the phone book.
She’ll say, “ Hi Daddy, Mum is waiting for you by the Canadian Tire. “
The mountain mist will be burnt off by noon but I’ll be so tired.
I’ll say, “Your Mother has to go to work but I’ll stay with you for a while.“

The Movie Actors

The sun, a perfect red ball, was rising in a haze over the water.
The actors, a man and a woman, were sitting close together on a park bench
They were the stars in their own futures.

Instantly, I recognized the significance of the movie.

When all the calculations, miraculously work out to zero
and there are only 2 magic numbers left.   (10 and 26)
~ what will we be able to tell our grandchildren?
~ that we have only partially figured out, “how to sit tight.”

The red ball no longer looks like a natural marvel.     It’s oblong and far away.
It’s full of undetermined lumps based on solar flares and flash winds.
As mathematicians we don’t have a chance to solve all the equations 
but as movie actors we can speculate on how to direct the show.

The script says that not even God could have stopped the explosion.
He had no way to avoid the black holes and super novas.
A fundamental particle must of contained enough finite energy
so it could wiggle itself across the expanse of virtual darkness. 

I think that we are all part of a “make believe play,” that one day will be 
accidentally revealed to us.   “You haven’t been as good as you thought.” 
The time will come when I won’t even know right from wrong.   Meanwhile, 
the actress put her hand on the actor’s knee and got ready for their next kiss.

The Pinery

We were camped near the edge of the village.    The moon was fading 
fast and the sun was heating up the nylon.    Our adventurous kids were already up 
and were being kind and helpful to each other.    They carefully undone the zipper 
and patiently lined up for the latrine.      
Today, as I sit on the island and watch the fog lift up the mountains, I know
 that my kids will be having outdoor fun, somewhere else, with their own families.
However, the last time we stayed at the Pinery, no one was interested 
in the silly things.    They were bored with the sand, the surf, and pirate games.

When the first day of spring arrives, I go down to the basement and lay 
out all the camping gear.   The stove will need to be cleaned and the tent will 
have to be repaired with another role of duct tape.   The sleeping bags will have 
to be aired out and all the extra stuff packed up or thrown away.

Cool/Hot jazz was playing as I drove down the Blue Water Highway.
 No Fires Allowed, Smoky says, “Put out your campfire.“

Someday I’m going to leave this world and hike off into heaven.    I’ll bring clean 
water for the tribes and tell them all about my outdoor secrets.    I’ll show them 
how to light a fire with just one match and how to cook eggs in the sunshine.            
Soon we’ll all be eating canned corn, playing cards and smoking marijuana.

Today is the Queen’s Birthday, the British flag is flying high over Fort Wellington.   
The town is celebrating Harbor Days.    I’m going to photograph 
the toy soldiers and try to capture the spirit of another fun summer.     As the soldiers march away in the distance I think I can see my kids setting up their tents on the parade grounds.   Daddy, Mummy, can we go camping?   
We want to sleep outside and cook some hot dogs.    
We want to swim in the lake and tell stories around the campfire!

The Stone House

Every morning she dresses up in a parka and 
snow pants and walks her daughter to the school bus.
They talk, hug and play until the bus comes.

" The bus is here!"
She waits until her daughter crosses the road
and then waves goodbye from the driveway.

The dogs know the routine.
They start heading back before the lights stop flashing.
They bark and run across the front lawn
and go for a crap in my garden.
She turns and slowly drags herself back up 
to the stone house.     She waits inside 
and stares out the window until the bus comes.

The Driving Test

Everything went well, better than expected.
Despite the worry and heartaches
There was nothing to it.
Actually, the test was easy
Carol passed with flying colors.
What a relief, a time to celebrate
3 days of hard work, driving and parking.
No one can say that she didn’t deserve it
But it wasn’t a sure thing.

She arrived here on the train from Toronto.
The other passengers had to transfer to school buses
due to mechanical problems in Ottawa.
We had no assurance, no sugar line,
no insider information, no hook, line and sinker.
She only had this one opportunity or else she would 
have to start all over again in the beginners line up.

Now, we are breathing easier.
Our toes feel like pincushions, like Nike Air Runners.
When we drove by the station, the other passengers were 
still standing along the tracks looking like sheep
 waiting for a transport.
We were smiling.  We were eating our party cake
and waving out the window.

The Worn Out Star

This is a personal song for everyone I know,
for you in the brown dress and short hair
and for you with the big smile in the front row.
I want to tell you something
that I’ve never told anyone before,
“You’re such a lovely audience.   I love everyone of you."
Please keep the applause and laughter coming.
I'm here tonight to perform my latest hit,
about long ,warm nights in the back of my car.
Please keep throwing the flowers, bras and lighters.
They mean so much to my Mother.   I adore ever one of you.
I want to take you all home and dance in the moonlight.
Hey, wait a minute blue eyes, didn’t I see you at the rodeo
last night.    I remember you waking up in the bunk house !”
Come on, up on stage and join me in a final round of,
" Cold Kisses."    Say, aren’t you the Prime Minister’s wife
 or someone kinda famous.”

Now, I only write love songs to keep my mind focused.
" But I’m not really that good.  The sex is all in your head."
Just ask Delores, Lucy, Sue, Sandra, Alice or Nancy. 
They came with me after the show to sleep it off in my room.     
“Hey, everything is not that bad!
I've still got my autograph to give` ya !"

To Fall Back On

The point is, I’m part of a dead-end existence
going nowhere fast.    I’m becoming friends with
the park bench and the city handouts ……

West of Brandon, east of Portage La Prairie
the transport’s headlights shone into 
the backseat where the kids were sleeping

The storm clouds had turned the big Manitoba sky
into black diamonds.    We were being pushed along
like tumbleweeds in front of a roller coaster

The kids were still in school and as free as superheroes
They were enjoying the time of their lives without knowing 
who they want to be 
or what they will have to fall back on
Why do so many kids fall, hungry and cold,
 into drugs or alcohol, without being able to find a loop hole

The transport’s bumper was now part of the backseat luggage
His flashing lights were throwing arrows into the side view mirrors
My kids will always have a steady handed Dad to look up too.

Finally, he passed.   The truck was invisible in it’s own cyclone
The world is still a beautiful place, even if you’re at the bottom
The kids started to wake up and to ask for the next pee stop.

Uncle Luke's Call

Luke called from work at 6 this morning
He said " this is Jean's due date!"
Call me if you hear anything!
… …   I'll leave right away and drive to Toronto.
He surprised me, thinking of his sister while he worked the weekend!
I thought he called because his truck broke down,
or that Cathy asked him to move out of her Daddy’s mansion.
A year before, his Suzie ran off to Ireland with her old boyfriend.
Yes, he really is a sensitive, good hearted kid.

Luke played baseball and hockey.
He put himself through college and is paying back the bank loan.
if Nortel don't have another layoff, he'll be OK.
There were always friends at his townhouse.    
He likes to be liked and can influence everyone.
We used to play catch on the driveway in the summer.

I left the patio door wide open.  Carol is still sleeping.
Mark and Mum are already in Toronto.
I think I'll lie on the couch or work in the garden
… …   until the new baby comes.

We Became Famous

My name is Orfendorksfalkenbackass and I became famous for
finding the fingers sticking up through the concrete.
My name is Zutsdeldufusuropussass and I became famous for
finding the gold in the basement.
My name is Fraulien Yorvalooosupuswustripass
and I became famous.

When the day first started, the road was empty
but by 7 o’clock the army trucks were rolling into our village.
No one in Butfussdusumuprodass knew anything about the war.
We had just found out that we were on this side of the border
and that there were enemy soldiers farting in our kitchen.
Their tags said he was Z, he was T and she was ZT.
None of them wore lederhosen, had blonde curls
or talked in Alzasuckulpilkdorkass.

They sat on our clean sofa, put their feet up on the kitchen table
and fell asleep.    My sister killed them.
My brother stole their wallets and I cut the rings off their fingers.
We buried the bodies, stole the gold from the trucks
and went over to the Beerfookgarten.     By 9:30 it was all over.
The invading army had turned around and my sister left with them.

Over in Hildarbankaulkhfurass they heard of our glorious victory.
They shot holes in the water tower, raped the school teacher,
and burnt up the winter potatoes.
They created a new holiday in our name, “ Orfendorksfalkenbackass, Zutsdeldufusuropussass, Yorvalooosupuswustripass Day “
We had become famous!

You Are Love

If I had a 1000 harbors /
I would give them all away /
I would let them fall into the ocean /
to comfort other lovers / hoping for a prayer /

Your hands and hair are meant for movement /
to be shaped and curved by the sun /
to fly unchained over helpless nations /
to root out healthy / deranged men /

You float / you flirt / you fill me /
You are as transparent as the clouds /
You smell of female passion /
You are One /

Your dress flows above your ankles 
and wraps around your legs /
No one has ever touched you / in a harmful way /
You are Love /

Our Way

It's hard to get ahead
to get a handle
to try and manage
day to day
and never worry about
where to go
what to do
or how to make it work 
our way

Copyright © The JR Collection of Canada Day Poems.
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Think I'll have another cuppa.....frustrating day..
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I think I'll have another cup ;)
4 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Pete Miramontes : Another frosty night underway across the Carolina's. The overnight low here in Raleigh is forecast to...
Another frosty night underway across the Carolina's. The overnight low here in Raleigh is forecast to drop down to 26°. For tomorrow we do warm it up a bit more with afternoon highs expected to rise into the low to mid 50's. We even have Freeze Warnings in effect until tomorrow morning for portions of the Eastern Carolina's. I'll have another update tomorrow morning along with a look ahead into your Thanksgiving forecast. #ncwx #scwx ~Pete 
5 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Louis Rainier Alcindor : November 12, 1923 ~ Adolf Hitler was ARRESTED and IMPRISONED for the FAILED COUP ATTEMPT Adolf Hitler...
November 12, 1923 ~ Adolf Hitler was ARRESTED and IMPRISONED for the FAILED COUP ATTEMPT

Adolf Hitler Attempts a Coup, 1923

The "Beer Hall Putsch"

On November 8, 1923 Adolph Hitler led his Nazi followers in an abortive attempt to seize power in Munich in what became known as the "Beer Hall Putsch". Although the plan failed, and Hitler imprisoned, the notoriety the Nazi leader gained laid the groundwork for his rise to the dictatorship of Germany. While in prison, Hitler wrote Mein Kamp, the book that described his political philosophy and planned conquest of Europe.

At the time of Hitler's attempted coup, Germany's Weimar Republic - which had been established at the end of World War I - was in chaos. Gangs of opposing political groups fought each other in the streets - Communists, Socialists, Nazis, and others resorted to violence in order to promote their political agenda and silence their opponents. Assassinations of unpopular political leaders were a common occurrence. Germany's economy was a shambles. Uncontrollable inflation reduced the value of the money in a worker's

Adolph Hitlerat the time of the putsch wallet to next to nothing. Before the start of World War I, just over four German Reichmarks were equivalent to one U.S. dollar. At the beginning of 1923, the exchange rate had risen to 18,000 marks per dollar by July it had reached 350,000 marks and by September, a staggering one hundred million marks per dollar.

In the midst of this turmoil, Hitler saw an opportunity to grab political power in Munich, rally popular support behind him and topple the German national government through a march on Berlin. The Nazi leader was inspired by the success the previous year of Mussolini's March on Rome which installed a Fascist government in Italy.

On the evening of November 8, 1923 leaders of the Bavarian government were holding a rally at a Munich beer hall before 3000 spectators. Suddenly, Hitler burst into the hall, fired a pistol in the air and announced that the building was surrounded by 600 of his stormtroppers. The Nazi leader whisked the stunned Bavarian officials off the stage and into a back room where he vowed to hold them hostage until they expressed support for his revolution. The hostages soon acquiesced. Unfortunately, the spontaneous enthusiasm Hitler expected from the local population was not immediately forthcoming. By dawn the following day, the coup attempt was running out of steam, riddled with confusion and lack of direction.

However, Hitler had promised a march on Berlin and despite the dwindling chance of success, he led a column of approximately 2,000 armed followers through the streets of Munich. Entering a city square, the marching rebels were confronted by a police unit. Shots rang out and fourteen Nazis were killed in the ensuing bedlam. Hitler escaped only to be arrested two days later. Tried and convicted of treason, the Nazi leader was sentenced to five years of confinement under reasonably comfortable conditions, but actually served only eight months.

The experience taught Hitler that power was to be achieved not through armed conflict but through manipulation of the existing political system.

"The national revolution has started."
Egon Larsend was a young man living in Munich. We join his account as Adolph Hitler sits nervously nursing a beer at a bar just outside the entrance to the hall where the rally is taking place. He is awaiting word that his stormtroopers have been deployed around the building:
"A look-out man rushed to Hitler, reporting that the storm trooper lorries were just arriving. With a ham-actor's gesture, Hitler swept his beer glass aside, took out his Browning, and signalled the group of men around him to follow him into the hall.

These men were a motley crowd. Among them were Hitler's bodyguard, a primitive and brutal butcher's apprentice; his former sergeant in the army; Rudolf Hess, who was to become his second-in-command in the party; 'Putzi' Hanfstaengl, the son of Munich's most famous art publisher, who had studied at Harvard together with F.D. Roosevelt, and who would have felt more comfortable at home playing the piano than handling the pistol that had been pushed into his hand.

The planned dramatic effect of the group's march into the hall was somewhat marred by the difficulty of pushing through the perplexed crowd to the platform. Kahr [one of the Bavarian leaders] had stopped speaking, and saw with dismay that a heavy machine-gun was being wheeled into the entrance by uniformed stormtroopers. Some people panicked and tried to leave, but every exit was now guarded, no one was allowed out, and a few who tried were kicked and beaten back.

At last Hitler arrived below the platform, grabbed a chair, mounted it, and fired a pistol shot at the ceiling. There was a sudden silence in the hall. He jumped from the chair and leapt up the steps to the platform. A police major, hand in pocket, tried to bar the way. Hitler put his pistol at the officer's head and shouted, 'Take your hand out of your pocket!' The man obeyed.

Hitler was now in front of the triumvirate Kahr, Lossow, and Seisser [the three Bavarian leaders]. He turned to the audience and declared in a hoarse, excited voice: 'The national revolution has started. The building is guarded by six hundred heavily armed men. The barracks of the Reichswehr [army forces] and police have been occupied. Reichswehr and police are now on the march under the swastika banner!'"

"If I am not victorious by tomorrow, I shall be a dead man."

Hitler was bluffing. The Nazis did not have control of the local army nor the police. Hitler forced the three political leaders into a small room behind the stage where he attempted to extort their allegiance to his plot:

"The three listened in silence, anxiously watching the excited man with his pistol and the armed guards barring the way out. Hitler ended with the threat: 'Anyone who refuses to collaborate with me has no right to live. I have four bullets in my gun three for my collaborators if they abandon me and the last for myself.' He put the barrel to his temple: 'If I am not victorious by tomorrow, I shall be a dead man.'

Kahr was the first to answer. 'You can have me shot or shoot me yourself,' he said calmly, 'or just lock me up. A life more or less makes no difference.' Seisser: 'But Herr Hitler, you promised me a few days ago that you wouldn't stage a putsch!' Hitler: 'Yes, I promised. But I had to do it, for the good of the fatherland.' He called his bodyguard to get him another glass of beer.

Suddenly he seemed to get rattled as his prisoners did not declare their enthusiastic allegiance. He jumped up and ran out on to the platform. Here, during the quarter of an hour of his absence, the scene had changed. Hermann Goering, at that time commander of the SA, had arrived, and occupied the deserted speaker's rostrum. He was in full gala uniform, with medals pinned to his chest - awarded to him during the war as a pilot, squadron leader, and eventually commander of Richthofen's famous 'air circus'. He had joined Hitler's party only a year earlier.

Goering appeared just in time to tame the three thousand people in the hall who were getting restless, despite the threatening machine-guns and pistols around them. What, they wanted to know, was happening in that back room? 'Don't worry,' Goering told them. 'No harm will come to Herr von Kahr, to Lossow and Seisser. They are holding preliminary discussions for the formation of a national government which all of you want.'

'You don't need machine-guns and hundreds of armed men for that,' cried someone, and there was a roar of applause.
'Shut up!' Goering snarled arrogantly. 'You've got your beer, haven't you?'

Now Hitler came dashing back. The excitement in the hall, far from abating, heightened. He seemed to have lost. Again he drew his pistol and fired a shot at the ceiling. 'If you don't keep quiet,' he shouted, 'I'll have another machine-gun put in the gallery!' At last there was silence, and he started anew, calmly and without his usual melodramatic gimmicks. What was happening, he said, was in no way directed against Kahr, who would remain in control of Bavaria. But a new Reichs government had to be formed, with Ludendorff, Lossow, Seisser and himself. 'There are these three men in the back room, wrestling with their conscience,' he said, putting on a touch of emotion. 'Can' I tell them that all of you will be behind them?'
'Ja, ja,' came the thunderous answer. He had succeeded in swinging the mood of the crowd on his side in a matter of minutes - it was a demagogue's masterstroke. 'In a free Germany,' he went on, now with passion, 'there will be a place for an independent Bavaria!' And he ended on his favourite heroic note; here was the man of destiny pleading for the hearts and souls of the people: 'This I can tell you, either the German revolution begins tonight, or we shall all be dead by tomorrow morning.'"

At this point General Ludendorff, commander of the German forces on the Western Front at the end of World War I and a German national hero, arrived at the beer hall. Ludendorff had lent his support to Hitler's coup attempt and had been brought to the hall to persuade the three Bavarian leaders to give in to Hitler's demands. The effort was successful as the Bavarian politicians voiced their support and were released. Once free, however, they recanted and the local army garrisons were ordered to halt the coup attempt.
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ok i'm gonna sleep for a bit bye

maybe i'll have another fucked up dream like the one with the amputee and the nails 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
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"Everyone needs something to believe in, I believe I'll have another beer"
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I'll have another cat meme tomorrow. Even if you hate this one.
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I'll have another cat meme tomorrow. Even if you hate this one.
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