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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: flesh eating bacteria (Search this on MAP) Indian Creek : Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Eastpoint Florida Posted on March 4, 2011 by Panajachel Chamber of Commerse...
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Eastpoint Florida
Posted on March 4, 2011 by Panajachel Chamber of Commerse Online
 Eastpoint Florida

East point Apalachicola Bay Florida
East point Apalachicola Bay Florida

People are now dropping dead in the East Point.

What Does It Take?

by Darrell Hocker 

The cover-up of our lifetime and perhaps the century is taking place on the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone wants to turn their head and just pretend it does not exist. I am here to tell you it has and does exist.

Florida has a record of looking the other way concerning pollution that began decades before the Gulf Oil Spill. Those who are looking now do not seem to understand what they are looking at. I have spent ten years trying to pry open peoples eyes to the potential effects of pollution. I have too often prostituted myself to reach that end. But enough is enough!

This is my story on my terms for my purposes. I doubt even this will open blind eyes and deaf ears because everyone ONLY cares about themselves and their little world.I want to share with you my little world and my own private hell on earth. A hell I was cast into unwillingly and through no fault of my own.

Yet, someone is to blame and carries the weight of inflicting unnecessary suffering on others. It is my belief all the deaf, dumb, and blind who only know their own little purposes and live in their own little lust and greedy desires are the usual suspects.These selfish and self serving individuals keep us chasing a tail we will never catch and distract us from any good with misinformation.

But while they indulge in their own dreams of self vindication and restitution so “they can have their lives back” the little unnoticed people are dealing with something else that consumes their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. As you will see I know well how this feels. I know how it feels for even those you have supported through thick and thin to leave you without support.

I know the desperation and need to be heard when no one is listening. Welcome to “my” world.In 2000 I first saw the entrance to the Sportsman’s Lodge in Eastpoint, Florida. It is and was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Sonia and I truly thought we had walked into paradise. There we found work and lodging and a place we would come to call “home.” Having had experience in environmental issues I also began to notice the quality of water in the Indian Creek channel that ran through the property.There were strange odors and a consistency of the creek water that just was not right. Being a nature lover I began to walk the adjacent property and explore the lower end of the Indian Creek Basin.

But already having dealt with the politics of pollution and being badly burned I had no desire to go there again.But in December of 2002 I noticed one morning the owner of the Lodge Robert D. Allen (Bob) was upset and despondent. I inquired what was the matter and was shown an order delivered by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office demanding hook-up and impact fees. My response was they could not legally demand an “impact fee” as a water district.

So I jumped into the middle of a fight not my own. Unlike Bob Allen I was free to go or come as I pleased. I did not know or imagine this moment was going to consume and destroy any hope I had of a peaceful and normal life. Nor did I know this pollution was going to touch me personally in the worst way any person could be touched or tested.

Regardless, at that point I and Sonia began to work endless hours seven days a week to get the blind to see. We found the blindness and deafness to pollution was complete. We found everyone who should listen and regulate and took oath to do so were the blindest of them all. We have found that the ignoring of the ecological disaster now occurring in the Gulf is only the continuance of a pattern of heartless self interest.

No agency of State or Nation would hear or believe what we worked endlessly to show. Sewage was being dumped into the East Apalachicola Bay.In 2004 both Sonia and I got the surprise of both our lives. On January 6, 2004 at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital I was in the room with 4 people and then amazingly there was a miracle and there were 5 people in that room. Maria Franchesca Hocker was born kicking, crying, and by all examination perfectly healthy.

Neither of us had believed after being together four years we could have children. But, in that delivery room as I held my new born child my heart was gone and the full possession of that precious helpless body..

In 2005 we at last took a drive and a video camera up Indian Creek so everyone at last could see and hear the truth.We found plywood squares 500 feet below the Eastpoint Waste Water Treatment Plant blocking Indian Creek’s flow. We found pipes conveying sewage water from the plant into adjacent wetlands. 50 foot from the forty acre class c sewage sprayfield we found a large “borrow pit” with a ditch draining the water into Indian Creek.

These pictures and the video were sent to all responsible agencies state and federal. Guess what? No one saw or could figure out what such things meant. Dick Francher the head of FDEP enforcement sent a letter saying “He could not see the “borrow pit” we referred to.

But as predicted by Bob Allen in 2005 “Hurricane Dennis” flooded the Sportsman’s Lodge property. The White Eagle Restaurant and all the lower portion of land were overflowed and covered with water from Indian Creek. Water which had been a sewage disposal ever since the late 70’s by record. Bob Allen knowing what he knew closed down the flooded RV Park on theSouthside of the property.

Land that was soon to be sold to the State of Florida through the Franklin County Commission for the Indian Creek Park. The trailer we lived in was fully flooded and we started seeking a place to live. In hindsight I should have taken the family and left then and never looked back.

But I was never that good at running so I stayed put and continued to fight. In 2006 we were living on the Southside of the Lodge property while negotiations were being made for the sale. I personally worked with the “grant writer” for the project and the “Trust for Public Lands.” In 2006 we took these photos of Franchesca outside the trailer we lived in.
As you will notice like any child she is fascinated with dirt. Unfortunately at the time we thought it was “cute” as most parents would. Only in hindsight has the importance of this come to light.  Yes, that is dirt at the corner of her mouth and yes she did taste it. As a child I well remember doing the same and my sister and I making dirt pies.

In 2007 DEP answered 5 years of constant work to get them to see. Four enforcement agents came to the Lodge and vowed to address all our concerns. The result was that a Consent Order was issued to the owners of the “borrow pit” and the Waste Water Plant was ordered to clean up it’s act by moving the spray heads that sprayed into the “borrow pit” and to convey no sewage by pipes or any other means to the wetlands.The Eastpoint Waste Water Plant was only told and never issued ANY citation.

After so long a battle it was only a bitter sweet victory. As it seemed the sale of the Southside of the property was a sure thing attitudes toward my involvement changed. Hal Tobin and Mel Madgison a St. Joe lawyer were put in charge of negotiations. Suddenly as the promise of 4 million dollars became a near reality I was allotted no more than a shadow figure status.I was already suffering from exhaustion, depression, and emotional distress. I was sent to Tucson Arizona and spent the month of October there with Bob’s sisters Betty and Nora Allen.

Two of those weeks I spent at St. David’s monastery seeking to be rejuvenated. I determined it was time to come back and get to work. On arriving in Panama City, Florida though I had called, (12 times) no one was there to pick me up after a 30 hour bus ride. No one would answer my phone calls, not even Sonia.

Not knowing what catastrophe had struck I determined to walk the 90 miles to Eastpoint. Let it suffice to say when  I finally arrived it did not take genius to realize I was no longer welcomed. At that point I suffered a full nervous breakdown and found myself homeless and without a friend in the world.

I contacted a Church Group in nearby Wakulla County and explained my situation.Without question they took me in and gave me both home and support. After months of dealing with the loss of family and friends and being separated from Franchesca I was beginning to find myself once again.

The only communications I got had to do with me coming back to work at the Lodge. Just prior to Christmas Bob brought Sonia and Franchesca to visit. Franchesca had a cold and was not feeling well. I could do little but hold her in the Church Chapel and cry. I sent Christmas gifts that Christmas by a friend, but it was the bluest Christmas for me. By mid summer I was sure that part of my life was over. I forgave and proceeded onward to forget. I was ready to start my own yard and remodeling service and was making arrangements to go to Africa on a mission trip in October of 2008. But one communication by e-mail was to change everything once again. “Baby sick—had cirgury alright now” followed by a phone number.

For nine months I had been ignored and pushed aside with little communication or reasonable talk of reconciliation. I did not know what to do so I went into the Chapel and prayed. That day I went to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and found my baby on the verge of death. Sonia was not truly coherent or aware of the seriousness of her condition. We waited for the Doctor to tell us what was wrong and three days later it came. A very rare pediatric lung cancer named Pluero Pulmonary Blastoma. There was only a 20% chance of her survival. We asked what caused it and the doctor said, “just plain “bad Luck” we have no known cause for this.

With two bags of clothes Sonia and I rode in the ambulance to Shands Hospital at Gainesville, Florida.The change from day to day as her life hung between life and death, as she had her right lung removed andendless streams of poison shot into her body is visible and tangible.

Everyday was a slow year long. Every moment an internal pain that was indescribable. All that kept me anywhere near sanity was the bravery with which Franchesca fought and remained alive through the endless torture.These words echo the mentality of all those who still believe that once the oil was stoppedfrom leaking everything was over and alright.

IS IT? Following Riki Ott’s warning in June of 2010 I evacuated the coast and moved inland to Georgia. Once again as in 2009 after my daughter was declared free of cancer I returned again to Sportsman’s Lodge. In 2009 I found no improvement in the pollution of the Indian Creek.I found the Consent Order to be completed in 120 days against Magnolia Ridge LLC had never been executed.

It was business as usual except now the waters ,rain, and even the air was filled with corexit/oil, benzene, and the water was producing flesh eating bacteria from microbes eating the toxins. As with Indian Creek everyone was and still are turning their heads and not wanting to see the TRUTH!

So the outcome is that we play politics with the deaths of men, women, and especially children. It seems NO ONE fully grasp the final consequences of this disaster. That final consequence is the suffering and deaths of thousands. The Oysterman worry if we make waves their Bay will be shut down. The restaurant and business owners worry that any negative findings will ruin the economy and their business. SO-we must all be silent and turn our heads as people suffer and fall dead from these deadly toxins.

So, WHY DID I RETURN? In the world of hopelessness and useless politics I heard the most miraculous story. A story of two people who literally put everything in their life on hold and without hope of acceptance or remuneration believed there was hope and that they had to do something.

John Hutchison world famed anti-gravity scientist and companion Nancy Lazaryan came to the Gulf of Mexico on a mission. The mission: to take some filthy, toxic, and polluted water and make it pure. Whether they succeed or not it is this spirit alone that will give us any hope.

STOP IT! STOP IT! Start DOING something!

What you can do is stop pretending this disaster does not exist. If it is not touching you—CRY OUT for the love of others.

OK-maybe your not listening, ok-maybe like others you believe it will never affect you. Maybe you want political or government answers from a political body and government that created this deadly disaster anyway. WHY IS THE BP OIL SPILL NOW MORE DEADLY THAN EVER? Because no one will believe that a child just by touching the water can in shortand horrific days be dead.

 WHAT WILL IT TAKE? I am not sure..but anywhere there is hope in the midst of hopeless apathy I want to be there. I want to help make it work. By being here I am putting my daughter, my spouse, and myself in danger. I see the sea of resistance and negativism and have only found two positive voices—OH, but they are not talking about it—they are doing it. What are you doing?

Even after all this has personally cost me—I can not quit/I will not quit. I have seen the enemy and he is us! If all you are concerned about is yourself I will advise as Riki Ott did, “run as far and as fast as you can” because the worst is yet to come. Everyday for 365 days I died and was only resurrected moment by moment by some hope a nurse, doctor, or total stranger would give. I will never forget the old black lady on the public bus. She asked me why I was going to Shands and I told her that my daughter had cancer.. Without embarrassment or thought she stood up leaning on her cane with her free hand lifted and in a loud voice proclaimed my daughter’s healing. I never got to tell her that was the day my 5 year old daughter was to have her right lung removed. I couldn’t tell her for my own choked back tears. She didn’t talk about it, she did what at that moment she was able to do. God help us!~ We know not what we do not do and the suffering we cause for the love of only ourselves.

1 day ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Emma Harte : I have read all 253 pages of “Complications” by Atul Gawande. The book is structured with anecdotes ...
I have read all 253 pages of “Complications” by Atul Gawande. The book is structured with anecdotes followed by questions raised and lessons learned. The final chunk is in Part III, “Uncertainty,” and it deals with my second essential question about how people deal with uncertainty. After reading about tolerance of ambiguity (TA), which is discussed in a psychology article from Scientific Research (, I learned that people with high TA are more open and mindful. When making decisions, they are comfortable with changing their mind if new evidence proves their original decision wrong. On the other hand, people with low TA are more likely to make rash, overconfident decisions and do not like to change their mind once they have already made a choice. After reading this article, I realized that Dr. Groopman’s ideas about how doctors can make better decisions align with the description of people with high TA. The other article I looked at deals with clinical uncertainty in particular and is called “Physician Responses to Ambiguous Patient Symptoms” ( It describes a study in which researchers randomly presented doctors with patients displaying equivocal symptoms and analyzed the decision-making of the doctors. The researchers noticed two distinct ways that the doctors responded to the patients, which they call “usual care” (UC) and “high-partnering” (HP). Doctors who displayed UC denied the ambiguity by making a diagnosis without considering other options, whereas doctors who displayed HP acknowledged the ambiguity openly with the patient and used further questioning and tests to make a diagnosis. It seems to me that doctors who displayed HP in the study would have high TA, and doctors who displayed UC would have low TA. My working thesis is: Acknowledgement of uncertainty produces informed, thoughtful decisions, whereas denial of unceratinty causes rash decisions and a narrowed mindset.

In “Complications,” Gawande demonstrates a high TA through his complex decision making process. He describes a situation when a woman came into the ER with a bad case of cellulitis (skin infection); however, her infection looked severe enough to plant the idea of necrotizing fasciitis, known as flesh-eating bacteria, in his head. Gawande could have dismissed the slight possibility that the woman’s condition was not what he and other doctors thought it was, but he asked another surgeon to do a biopsy. Gawande writes, “[C]ould he say for sure that it was not necrotizing fasciitis? He could not. It is a reality of medicine that choosing not to do something- to not order a test, to not give an antibiotic, to not take a patient to the operating room- is far harder than choosing to do it. Once a possibility has been put in your mind- especially one as horrible as necrotizing fasciitis- the possibility does not easily go away” (Gawande 235). Doctors with low TA might dismiss the idea that their original diagnosis and first impression of the situation is wrong, but a better doctor will keep an open mind and consider all of the possibilities.

One example of how denial of uncertainty can affect doctors’ performance is SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS is not a disease but a name that lumps together any infant death that occurs suddenly and without a known cause. Gawande explains that the concept of SIDS is a way that doctors deny uncertainty: “One of the great appeals of science is the idea that it can erase uncertainties. But the truth of the matter is that it tends to raise as many questions as it answers” (Gawande 203). By using the term SIDS, doctors refuse to acknowledge that they don’t know exactly why an infant has died. It prevents them from digging deeper and keeping an open mind to other options. In “Complications,” Gawande describes a mother who had eight infants die suddenly. The deaths were ascribed to SIDS, but it was later found that she murdered the children.

One question that my research has raised is whether individuals with low tolerance of ambiguity can learn to become more tolerant. If the answer is yes, then maybe teaching doctors to acknowledge uncertainty could improve how they treat patients. If the answer is no, then maybe people with high tolerance of ambiguity are better suited to be doctors.
2 days ago - Via Community - View - Jenny Smart :

Flesh-eating bacteria: Vibro Vulnificus in Florida ocean hospitalizes 32, kills 10
New warnings issued Monday surrounding a flesh-eating bacteria found in the ocean that has already killed several people in Florida.
3 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Juice Plus+ : Know the facts about 'flesh-eating bacteria' #nutrition #health
Know the facts about 'flesh-eating bacteria' #nutrition #health
Know the facts about 'flesh-eating bacteria'
Don’t feel hesitant about enjoying our coastal waters; follow the guidelines for minimizing your risk.

4 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Adrian Azzopardi : Flesh-eating bacteria, E.coli, cholera, shigella, and salmonella bacteria are present in South African...
Flesh-eating bacteria, E.coli, cholera, shigella, and salmonella bacteria are present in South African water supplies-because three-quarters of water pumped back into rivers by municipal treatment plants is not properly treated. The collapse in water sanitation standards—due to the inefficiency of the Third World government—is detailed in a new report from the 2016 SA Health Review (SAHR). According to the report, some 986 municipal water treatment facilities discharge 2,100-million kiloliters of treated water into river systems every year.
Poisoned Water in South Africa -

4 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Ashley Black Guru : After flesh-eating bacteria entered Ashley Black’s bone system 15 years ago, a story began unfolding...
After flesh-eating bacteria entered Ashley Black’s bone system 15 years ago, a story began unfolding. Finding treatment options limited, Ashley began studying the human body, uncovering new systems virtually unexplored in modern healthcare, fitness, sports and beauty.
She established Ashley Black Fasciology™ – the mission of which is to educate the world on fascia, which holds the potential to change society’s understanding of anatomy and physiology. Improving fascia changes lives and helps everyday people enjoy unprecedented levels of health, vitality and beauty.
As the leading expert on #fascia, Ashley has pioneered every aspect of the field. Her client roster includes A-list celebs; top-ten athletes in major sports, royals, billionaires, supermodels and worldwide influencers.
Ashley is launching knowledge and physical products to bring the benefits of Fascia science and Fasciology™ to the general public; including the FasciaBlaster™, a self-treating tool anyone can use to loosen fascia and improve overall health.
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Watch the video: What is the FasciaBlaster™? Ashley Black Fasciology™
The FasciaBlaster™ is the only device on the market proving to break through fascia (the connective tissue that can cause unsightly cellulite & restrict bloo...
10 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Scp-166 Teenage Succubus : Item #: SCP-734 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Any staff entering the containment...
Item #: SCP-734

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any staff entering the containment area must be in contained atmosphere haz-mat suits.  No physical contact is to be made with SCP-734.  Anyone making physical contact with SCP-734 is to be immediately removed from the containment area and placed in quarantine for observation.  Any items exiting the testing area must be sterilized before being allowed to exit the containment area.

Blood is to be drawn via arterial catheter once daily, the amount to be determined and re-evaluated monthly.  Catheter is to be cleaned and maintained three times daily.  Blood drawn is to be immediately sealed and the container sterilized before cryogenic storage.  Blood may be stored for five years, after which it is to be incinerated. Requests to use drawn blood must be submitted to Overwatch.

SCP-734 must have a handler standing by at all times in full haz-mat gear who is to be rotated every four hours.  Interaction with SCP-734 is allowed only when in full haz-mat equipment.  SCP-734 is to be changed and fed as needed with nutritional requirements reviewed and adjusted monthly.  SCP-734 may be given toys with clearance from Overwatch.

Description: SCP-734 appears to be a male human infant between seven and eight months of age. SCP-734 shows normal development and health for a child of his age and genetic background. No abnormal genetic mutations, infections, or rare cellular disorders have been found during any test, and no origin point or cause has been found for the effect SCP-734 has on human tissue.

Any human tissue making contact with SCP-734 will begin to rapidly break down and “flake” away.  This effect is most often triggered by skin-to-skin contact, but any living SCP-734 cell can cause the effect.  This “flaking” will begin at the point of contact two hours after exposure to SCP-734 and spread at the rate of 0.5mm/minute.  The means by which the “flaking” occurs is unknown as no form of viral, bacterial, or chemical agents are passed by SCP-734 to the subject.

Cells begin to lose physical cohesion and small patches of tissue begin to peel away in flakes.  The flaking begins in the tissue layer of contact, most often the epidermis, and will attack that layer exclusively for five hours.  After five hours, the effect will begin on the next layer, and continue in this manner until all tissue layers are affected.  This process is extremely painful and becomes progressively more debilitating as nerve tissue, blood vessels, muscle tissues and skeletal structures are exposed then “eaten away” by the effect.  No treatments or procedures short of amputation of the affected areas have shown any success in halting the progression, with amputation having a success rate of 72%.

Due to the non-infectious nature of this effect and its low survivability rate, blood drawn from SCP-734 has a very high strategic value.  An arterial catheter has been installed to provide a constant supply of blood samples which are currently being stockpiled and researched for possible application in Foundation activities, both covert and military.  SCP-734 itself has shown above-average intelligence and physical aptitude, and proposals to train and condition SCP-734 to become a Foundation operative once it matures are under review.

SCP-734 was recovered at █████ Medical Hospital after reports of a massive outbreak of a unknown form of flesh-eating bacteria in the maternity ward.  Foundation operatives quarantined the area and found several nurses, four doctors, and one infant affected by SCP-734.  SCP-734 was isolated and contained after interviews with staff.  The mother of SCP-734 was not found, and no records of her discharge from the hospital were found.  It is assumed that she was affected by SCP-734 during birth and died from the effect.  How she was able to carry SCP-734 to term remains unknown.

Memo to Handler Staff:  This should not be necessary; a reminder will, however, be issued to all staff working with SCP-734 that full face masks are a MANDATORY part of the haz-mat equipment needed for working with SCP-734 and may not be removed at any time while on-duty.  SCP-734 may be a baby, but it is still capable of causing a degenerating tissue disorder in anyone coming in contact with any living SCP-734 cells.  This includes mucus. Agent ███████████ removed her face mask, stating “He's just a baby, I'm holding his hands, it'll be fine!”.  SCP-734 then sneezed on Agent ███████████'s face, causing “flaking” to initiate from twenty-six points on her face and neck.
Photographic records of the effect's progression to her will be provided to any staff with questions or complaints related to SCP-734 and its containment procedures.
11 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Catherine Hislop : The truth becomes know bit by bit. Flesh eating bacteria is known in the UK ! Fish Food ? Wow !
The truth becomes know bit by bit.
Flesh eating bacteria is known in the UK ! Fish Food ? Wow !
Watch the video: Red Alert - Lava Dome Under Gulf Of Mexico Rising As Waters Heat Up
Stock Up On Survival Food Today! - Great Tea To Rid Your Body of Toxins! -
11 days ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Breaking Cobb County News : Aimee Copeland, a Snellville native who four years ago survived a battle with flesh-eating bacteria ...
Aimee Copeland, a Snellville native who four years ago survived a battle with flesh-eating bacteria and subsequent amputations following an accident from a homemade zip line, offered a message of compassion to graduates at Georgia Gwinnett College. Read the full article: Gwinnett Daily Post By Gwinnett Daily Post for Georgia Health... | @gahealthnews
Aimee Copeland shares her story at Gwinnett graduation
Aimee Copeland, a Snellville native who four years ago survived a battle with flesh-eating bacteria and subsequent amputations following an accident from a homemade zip line, offered a message of compassion to graduates at Georgia Gwinnett College. Read the full article: Gwinnett Daily Post
11 days ago - Via - View - sudha pillai : She lost both her hands and legs to a flesh eating bacteria. On Sunday she will run the TCS 10K run...
She lost both her hands and legs to a flesh eating bacteria. On Sunday she will run the TCS 10K run. Hats off to #shalini
She calls herself Shalini V 2.0 -"the new improved version" Her family and friends know her as Shalini Saraswathi. I don't know her. But in my mind she is Wonder Woman. Shalini is 37. She is a deputy general manager with ...
13 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Colesha Jackson : Who wants some flesh eating bacteria today? I promise it smells and taste really good
Who wants some flesh eating bacteria today? I promise it smells and taste really good 
Watch the video: Fleshing eating bacteria Biloxi Beach
We are manufacturing flesh eating Bactria
14 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Neal Syrette : The life of an American within the boundaries of Ottawa... As you can clearly see, I don't interact...
The life of an American within the boundaries of Ottawa...

As you can clearly see, I don't interact with many Americans within this city anymore.  I barely even see them on the streets.  At an earlier point in my life, I use to see them everywhere as they use to flaunt the fact that they were here right in front of me (at a point when the world wasn't fully aware of even my own existence).  I had even lived with one at the Borthwick Ave. experiment house, as you will all soon see for yourselves.  That American soldier 'Kenny' still has an integral part to play in all of this.  In other words, you on this planet will see him again, committing the last transgression his race will ever commit on this earth.  The igniting spark to the flame so to speak.  So It was a bit surprising to see one so openly yesterday trying to sell a false idea as a mistaken truth...

There's a reason for all of this.  That continual loss of control for them since the walls went up around them.  Not a single one of these fifty thousand americans could leave the city; for them it was physically impossible.  Just as not a single one could ever enter again.  The reason being : they were caught in their own trap; the cage they tried to create for me was used against them.

No celebrity, no athlete, no politician once that barrier of angels was commanded into place (as I've already told you the why, when and how)...

Its no surprise that over the course of the past few years of this we here in Ottawa have had to see others of our own citizens pretending and taking on the role of tourists; given everything from actual identification/passports to actual American vehicles driven across the border and then passed on to Canadian families.  All to maintain that one hopeless lie of still having control over themselves.  What made it worse was the fact that there were our own people helping them with this lie.  Church groups, spy and military families, even politicians.  By every classification and definition of the word 'terrorists' was what they were hiding in all of these Americans being here.  Surprising, that they would do all of that, as opposed to coming clean and telling the truth for risk of exposing the hole that they put an innocent human being in.  Such a simple truth, there is a wall (just as Daniel said)...

This is the single reason why they are desolate; they already knew the truth of everything that I have already told all of you.  Most have seen the effects with their own eyes.  Yet they will do anything to make sure that truth does not get out into the world.  Anything to remove the guilt of what they had done by eliminating the memories that an implant allows, in any possible way.

In a roundabout sort of way, there is always effects that happen from causes.  One of which, was the Americans then tunneling underneath the river in an attempt to "get under" the wall; also to be able to resupply their underground fortress without getting seen.  Long story short, they ended up digging two, massive freeway sized passages underground, in both directions parallel to the Ottawa river leading out of the city limits.  Collapsing the river over both tunnels will create the abundant supply of water the remnant citizens of this city will need to survive after the solar storm passes.  The Aquifer.  They essentially deepened the river giving a greater holding capacity to our waterway.  The collapse is nothing but a thought.  Without those desperate attempts at escape, none of what we needed would be there.

Initially, there was a frenzy for awhile after those walls went up, a panic from all of those who were no longer able to leave.  That echoing effect that extended outward for all of them, almost mirroring that very first sociopathic American.   A feeling of being trapped.  It got to the point where eventually the idea for the "BOX" came into existence.  You see it was the Americans who started the physical assault on my brain everywhere and anywhere.  They began using chemicals right on the street, regardless if there were innocent bystanders nearby or not.  It was pretty reckless of them...
Not to mention just being an absolute nuisance.  There are two phrases from the bible which I'm sure you have all heard at some point in your lives. 

"You are one in a thousand."
"You are two in ten thousand."

I'll tell you what the message was in each of these sayings; prophets giving guidance and advice in the most obscure way where only the one meant to understand the message through time, would.

At the start of all of this, before the barriers were enacted fully encompassing this city.  There were fifty thousand of them, working, living and residing here...

That's roughly five percent of this city's total population; an American citizen who has infiltrated and erroneously made themselves into Canadian citizens.  Quite literally an army, all intent on one goal.  A peaceful takeover of a nation.  They are in every branch of the government, whether federal, provincial or local.  Every department.  For the longest time I use to see them as mere bus drivers for OC Transpo.  Everywhere.  Even before they developed the technology to just steal a person's life and physical identity.

At times past you have heard me make mention that there are now only forty thousand of them still here in this city.  This all goes back to the 'two in ten thousand'.  I still remember the very first two that I put into the "BOX"(summer of 2014ish)...

In total, I ended up putting ten thousand of them into that "BOX"; ten thousand Americans from every part of this city.  At first I use to just point them out, putting them in one, two or five at a time, as I went through my day.  This was tedious and no where near as efficient as just setting barriers over highly travelled areas of the city.  It took a while scratching away at individuals.  I found that all I had to do was simply walk out an area to be "off limits" and set the barrier.  Any American walking through it into the area, BOX.  Pretty easy.  We went from ones and twos to thousands in the blink of an eye.

The message from this was pretty clear for all of them.  Even trapped in this city, I have the control over each and everyone of you to confine you into a tinier area that you can never leave from.  Further confined within your prison.

Of course that wasn't going to stop them from trying.  You see in Ottawa there are all sorts of networked tunnels running from one area to the next.  Its the sole reason why any sort of construction in the downtown core takes so damn long to complete.  They don't want anyone to know about them.  Unfortunately, the old American embassy was no exception to this; they would all just all scurry underground to the new embassy (since technically, it was still attached and defined to the angels as the confines of the building)

I learned you really have to define the boundaries. LOL  I've long since adjusted this. 

Upon reaching ten thousand within the "BOX" (even when securely hiding in the new fortress), they were removed from Ottawa, carried to two kilometers over the White House and dropped.  Each specifically to be impaled on the pickets of its fence.  I sent them all home.  And to home the chosen ten thousand all went...

That is why I no longer see any Americans out on the street; they avoid me like the plague (or like the truth I guess)LOL

As for the one in a thousand, well this one has to do with 'Kenny' and the flesh devouring virus he created in his body from the inoculation (the same one that bonded with the biological weapon) mating with a flesh eating bacteria affecting Joe Vallillee's house cat.  He got sick because of his ignorance and stupidity.  In his own body, he created something that will affect one thousand of the worst Americans within this city (and their families where ever they are).  Himself included (on the completion of his task).  To slowly and very, very painfully liquefy from the inside out.  Not a single cure or ease for their pain.  While the rest of the world is celebrating the three and half days of their 'victory' this is what all of you will be experiencing.  You know that guy who created the maltov cocktail with the trains and decimated a small Quebec town with them (Lac-Mégantic ), he's another one.  He's a chemist, I worked with him hiding out at the produce warehouse. 

That's why its surprising for me to physically see  Americans here in Ottawa; I always recognize them for what they are.  Not a nut or a sack among them.  The worst sort of coward on this planet.  The sniffling whining kind.  If I do see them (should I feel so inclined to choose to do so)...

Then "BOX". LOL (Though this time around each one to wait out the days left until the end; dead or alive, wet or dry.  The last forty thousand of them if need be.)  All packed into that confined space on top of each other, never starving, never dying of thirst.  Living or dead, existing in their own and others of their race's excrement, all compacted together as a single whole.  This time around you are all staying put in this one single building.  Body crushing body.

These ones can celebrate the 'three and half days' in rigorous confinement.  As you can clearly see, my walls are never coming down.
18 days ago - Via Google+ - View - DoctorsHospitalGA : Cynthia Martinez is former Marine that lost her two legs, an arm and all the fingers on her other hand...
Cynthia Martinez is former Marine that lost her two legs, an arm and all the fingers on her other hand after contracting flesh eating bacteria. She spent more than 6 weeks at our Burn Center. She came back TODAY to thank the staff and tell them she's going to be taking part in the Marine Core Marathon in October. As she was thanking the staff, one of the nurses told her that "you don't understand the impact you've had on us." What an inspiration to Live your healthy! Cynthia is certainly living hers
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This could easily be the WORST idea next to "zip line over flesh eating bacteria" ...

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Flesh Eating Bacteria - #Funny #Pic

For more hilarious pics & videos, visit: LOLSALOT.COM
Flesh Eating Bacteria - LOLS ALOT
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Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor To Give GGC Commencement Address #nutrition #health
Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor To Give GGC Commencement...
Aimee Copeland will speak at Georgia Gwinnett College on May 12.
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Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor To Give GGC Commencement Address
Aimee Copeland will speak at Georgia Gwinnett College on May 12.
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  Rosie Batty - Domestic violence campaigner and the 2015 Australian of the Year who lost her son Luke Batty to domestic violence.

●  Emma Murray - The mother of Will Murray.
Will sustained a serious neck injury in January 2016, resulting in quadriplegia.

●  Don Elgin - Australian Paralympic amputee athlete who won 4 medals at 3 Paralympics.

●  Sam O’Sullivan - A talented VFL footballer one of only seven people worldwide to survive super aggressive flesh- eating bacteria.

●  Michael Roberts - MC.

●  Phil Ceberano - Entertainment.
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