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Most recent 17 results returned for keyword: attachment parenting (Search this on MAP) rmbralph : s3p8 So, with that in mind, Ralph is fine with the fee fee people. What I mean is, he can pretend it's...
So, with that in mind, Ralph is fine with the fee fee people. What I mean is, he can pretend it's a real pussy is a joke in a way but it feels wonderful and like a real pussy so it's his lani fee fee with a sock upon it unto hold it together is a reminder for tighter styles. Butt cheek clench is not the context at all. What I mean is that is a singing style with brian is not all I mean. SO, with that in mind alanis, you plan upon sinning so that is My viewpoint of your plans for sure. My viewpoint is you will not be able unto even touch the flesh of a penis so with that in mind, Ralph is beyond fed up with your ideas of consolation prizes. You are an evil person alanis with twisted viewpoints with life in general and you are horrific unto think about from Ralph's viewpoint he wishes I didn't make him think about you since it's just bad stuff really. You are being told that you earn a certain amount of money per concert but you don't really use the money is not the case alanis but you do use the money is ajoke. What I mean is, the money that you use you sin with it and some of the money you hold upon unto is sinful also. So, the thing is you don't really need the money for that concert at all alanis. You just wanted unto try and make the nanny look bad and you pissing her off is stupid by the way alanis with challenging her from My viewpoint she is hating mario and you alanis and that is not going unto work out in your favor is My viewpoint. What I mean is that is obvious if you were sane alanis that you pissing off a person who can humiliate you like she can is foolish for all reasons. You not paying her is way evil and stupid alanis and you rubbing your evil money in her face with the so called charity style is so evil alanis and she has so much hate for you right now she would do merciless things but she will not try those illegal things she wants unto do unto you alanis. She has kill hate for you is a warning about what she is currently thinking of saying that is not even part of the case but just mentioning about mario and you in bed and stuff with mario's limp penis etc. She is so angry sometimes that she wants unto spill all the beaners is a joke but beans bitch that are not even part of the case is ajoke in some ways but some things not at all. (lit nanny wants unto tell cort about soft mario) it's obsolete form and so is mario's penis is the point meaning no longer in general use for sex and the cort word or court has meanings also like in revelations alanis with your court styles bitch. Put it that way with the paper work and you court with mario is just touching outside your temples with that style and you have this court crap you should leave right now meaning why even bother since you could just pay her off and settle out of court even if you think about it.
you could work it out better out of court alanis is My viewpoint but do what you think you must .  jury style is insane with what she plans upon saying right now is My viewpoint if you understood you insane person . (lani does not care about nanny with her penis tips) the point is alanis, the nanny has nothing unto lose at this point other than her good name mainly so unto speak so what I mean is, she is challenging you in public for a reason. She is insane is not the reason alanis but you are insane is the reason you blind person. What I mean is you are a liar and she knows that for sure alanis and she will mention you are a liar is her plan by the way. There is not any proof at all that you are a liar is not the case alanis.  she can comment without proof even is not good for you but she does have proof that you are a liar from My viewpoint for sure. So, with that in mind, I will expose you either way I look thereat it alanis. However, your idea of going unto court and lying is seriously insanity for all reasons. You lying anyway is insane style from My viewpoint with all the problems and pains it will cause you in your future alanis. You hired this woman and that says you trusted her in the utmost way imaginable for you unto make the choice with your riches with money you hand picked her ass for your only son you have currently, thus that is saying you didn't think she would f around so she is so f'n trustworthy and respectable is the jury's viewpoint with you making the final choice with her as the context who would care for Ever with all options so unto speak world wide. or they would have unto conclude you are a horrible mother who didn't check into her past and do a back ground check etc like you just left your kid with whoever without getting some kind of clearance of her character. Now Ralph is concerend about Josh is ajoke .  You can lie if you want but that is out the gate style from  rational viewpoints of sane people I mean etc.  
Well alanis, people are now thinking you made thirty thousand smackers in one night and you could have paid the nanny with it but instead you are going unto pay a lawyer to lie for you is your viewpoint alanis so with that in mind that is not rational in the first place while you are stealing the nanny's money that I will force you unto pay her anyway it's just more pain you have been earning with top level earth hell pains with simulation torture each moment as I mentioned before hand you are so crazy from My viewpoint that I find it absurd that you are even planning upon taking her unto court meaning from My viewpoint the only thing you can really defend yourself with would be lies alanis. What I mean is, you abused her mentally over and over and lied and treated her like a slave alanis. You let her eat and anyway, that is something you can point out since you didn't give her the official upon a time clock in and out with paper styles that was not necessary since you could have had another nanny there for the ten minute break even since you could afford one for the breaks and alternate alanis. however, most people get the idea all she was doing was wiping Ever's butt for twelve hours straight was not all she was doing so she had some woman down time that was break style like, wow, that Ever kid went unto sleep so she could watch pornos is a joke alanis but Mexican soap's or almost whatever she wanted alanis. So, now I am just joking about the Mexican soaps but anyway, that is drama in a different way other than your drama alanis for sure. (evil lani moris sette wood lie inn nann nee cort) you would do court styles with the nanny in sin alanis is My viewpoint and anyway, you sin with lying unto people everyday and you live a lie bitch anyway and stuff. You lied about the breast feeding and spending time with Ever annoyed the nanny by the way while she was wiping Ever's little bottom you were claiming that you were doing attachment parenting styles with Ever and anyway alanis with that false teaching it's evil in several ways like telling people unto breast feed at six or some age like five is sin in general and upon top of that you were lying about you spending so much time with Ever. The reality is, you had nannies alanis around you upon a normal basis for the simple reason you were not spending very much time with Ever and you were not even breast feeding Ever when you were making a big deal about it upon tv alanis upon the f'n news . You get the idea the nanny would like unto bring that kind of crap unto everyone's attention!!! Ralph would in a heart beat in court alanis!!!!! You were claiming at your shows that you were upon drugs and being a full time mom is like a joke alanis anyway right after with breast feeding styles was lie crap about the breast feeding anyway and spending so much time with Ever was a lie is an understatement. You telling people you love them is a lie also alanis. You love no one (other than Ever)you heartless piece of evil garbage. (lani gave not ever suck when she lied upon tele) you are a fibber alanis. What I mean is, you were upon the news lying about giving Ever suck and your tits were virgins is not the case but not in Ever's mouth during those times at all. So, with that in mind, you were not breast feeding Ever at all before that show that day or after that day so, with that in mind you were lying about the idea like you were going unto let Ever suck upon your boobies until five or whatever Ever wanted was the way you were telling people how unto provide for their children is insanity like abort them is worse but crazy styles of thinking that you have is one idea lani. Any sane judge would shake his head right away if watching you upon video with you claiming you are a liar alanis and then watching things in general and also with your pro abortion if they are a holy judge they would be looking at you and your lesbo crap like you are an evil piece of garbage with your abortion preaching and other demon teachings. However, if they saw a clip of you claiming you reach for the drug you'd rather be flying and numb upon drugs and you were dancing around like a nut ball and they asked you point blank in court if you were sober style like not upon any drug and you said you were not, they would be thinking well, you are saying you reach for the drug etc apparently you could not grasp the drug since you were unto f't off etc bitch. The point is, you are upon tape and people who are pro's can tell if someone is lying by the way and that is not all you have against you alanis. I have a whole list of reasons why a judge would find you guilty and you are guilty is My viewpoint you jagged little evil bitch. The stuff I can do with dreams in peoples minds is pretty amazing stuff. What I mean is, the human mind is amazing if you think about it. There are crazy people is obvious. If you think about it, a sane person can have crazy types of nightmares with all kinds tricked  thinking even is a clue people that I can cause a crazy person to have delusional thoughts if I want unto or I can let a sane person take a drug or drink, and think crazy things but I control their mind is the bottom line and I let them make choices. What I mean is, they are choosing things in a black out is not My viewpoint but I let them choose things before a black out unless the black out was Mickey giving you something is a joke in a way Bill. So, what I mean is, people who think they have a out of body type things like that guy in that video with the angels was just Me giving him that perspective with a vision and he saw them in the vision with what was taking place even so he saw they were around 8 feet for a reason. The point is the mind is amazing with dream styles and anyway, I am able unto do much more than make things seem real in a earth dream alanis. You alanis could even make 30,000 later with one phone call is a joke anyway. The point is, you alanis are so blind and delusional that you think that the nanny is crazy or something pretty often for making a big deal about her money you owe her. SO, you are so insane that instead of paying her her money, you want to make it seem like you are giving by doing some bogus charity event makes a lot of sense unto Me is a joke alanis. What I mean is, you lied about so many things so you want to make it seem like you are a giving person, the reality is, you are still holding upon unto the nanny's money is horrible alanis in public. That evil blind  person who is talking upon that evil video of lies doesn't understand how the mind works at all is not the case but he is a false blind teacher alanis and so are you. Ralph hates the idea of you false teaching at that evil loser bitches talk crap loser demon style  s word. Ralph wishes you were dead alanis. I make the mind work alanis and I can do that anyway I want with or without the brain. I cause noticeable things unto commonly happen in the brain of course but that is not necessary at all with a flesh body unto think and feel obviously I don't have a flesh body at this point and the holy angles never had a flesh body nor did the demons alanis. You alanis have a temp flesh body and a delusional crazy mind upon your pills that I allow unto trick you you loser going unto hell fire.  someone in a blackout doesn't make rational choices they are aware of if they are in a total blackout I mean. In the past, demons would control a person or I would depending upon who it was if they were in a total blackout I mean. So, what I mean is, if someone is so f't off that they are not aware of what they are doing in the natural I mean, then they are not thinking out their choices in a rational way is what I mean. in the past most of the evil people were demon possessed all around earth and the rest I helped them sin is not the case so what I mean is, if a holy person blacked out I helped them sin is not the case but made sure they got laid is not the case but kept them breathing or not etc and I let them walk around safely or not meaning if they were not aware of what they were doing  I guided them if they were not demon possessed I mean or there are different degrees of close unto total blackouts since I can let them be aware of their bodies is not really the total  blackout style I speak of. So, with that in mind there are different levels of what a person calls a black out since somethings they just don't remember doesn't mean they were not aware of their surrounding previously it's just when they wake up later in their mind they don't remember somethings alanis since I block them or in the past a demon blocked them>I can put your memory back of everything you have ever heard or saw but you can't access all things in your mind at will but I can put them in your mind is the way I view it like it happened or a different style version if I want like a memory or imagination styles or you can force your mind unto try and think of things and I can let you access various things you commonly can do or bonus stuff is ajoke way unto put it kinda but there is much more unto those ideas by the way. You are controlled by pills that trick you is one way unto put it since I let them effect your mind like they are made unto do since without those pills you would think rationally but you are delusional and fooled most often alanis. (man did not come from apes but from Jesus alanis) I already mentioned in the book that I created man and apes are apes and separate animals and there are still apes around you blind idiot.  I was joking around with making apes look more like man before I created man is the way I did that. Man was created first, then I made Eve from the man. I did it that way mainly for codes and that was My viewpoint at that time I did by the way alanis., I could have done the ape style but that was not necessary and that is stupid anyway if you think about it you tattooed dancing monkey loser evil bitch. (dim blind fool lani put vide about ape unto man)  you are false teaching right along with that blind idiot alanis by having that video upon your twit site and saying you love that person is another lie alanis and you know that for sure. Anyway, you saying that you agree with the blind person is evil and foolish you loser. (rev pro ralph has hate for lani and wants her dead)  Ralph hates you  alanis since you are an evil false teacher leading people away from Me and you are making an ass of yourself in the process while you earn future pain. Ralph hates you more than you hate him alanis for sure. Ralph is holy and hates your evil while upon the other hand you are evil alanis and you hate Ralph because he is holy and I am telling the truth and I have proof of that throughout this book and the bible. All I have is proof you are a false evil teacher who is blind and insane alanis meaning you are proving that anyway and I am honest and have many bible codes about that and I have mentioned it several times also that you are a false teacher and that is obvious unto anyone who knows the bible is true anyway you stupid person. (rev ralph has hate for dim lani and wants her dead) You are just an insane evil idiot alanis is Ralph's viewpoint, who he hates with kill hate. However, he won't try and kill you for sure since that would be murder nor will he threaten you. From Ralph's viewpoint, if I would have let him kill you along time ago he would have and I mean if I told him unto kill anyone he would but that is not his ministry so he has no plans of harming you physically even at all alanis and he never will. He wants you dead however but he surely has no control over  you dying is his viewpoint and Mine.
You will die by My Jesus hand soon enough alanis and you will be in hell fire in the demons pain level in agony . (Jesus will kill alanis and put her inn hell fire) This one banger is the reality of what will take place very soon alanis and you will be in merciless pain in hell suffering for your alanis sins like a complete loser in serious pain is the context you evil piece of crap. (evil lani moris sette gets death then hells fire) you are doomed you wicked stupid bitch. I hate you is what I am getting at and I will torture you forever in hell is not the context but for 45 minutes then torture you after that for ten years in total with simulation torture upon earth and you already have ten years coming as a reminder. You can add more things at the same time with more sin while you can sin anyway. I can do many simulations all at the same time with various body parts and I will alanis and I mean you will suffer and I can make your mind think you have additional alanis body parts that hurt badly and I will bitch.  
(hurt lani moris sette has ten years simu tor ture) I was doing simulation torture unto Ralph today after his phone job and he hates it a lot alanis is one way unto put the mild styles of annoying stupid kinds of simulation torments that makes him wish he was never created. Yours will be much worse with the torture alanis . Ralph doesn't care about your viewpoints when he is in the torture and I mean he is like whatever with everyone he hates his torture. (rev prophet ralph does get simu tor ture from God) Ralph was reading this scripture connection and thinking I am merciless.  
(revelation prophet ralph gets tor ture for sins)  he is still getting simulation torture and other styles for his past sins alanis and I mean even from sins from when he was twenty so that means you will get simulation torture for some of your past sins from when you were twenty. However, most of your sin payback crap is spread out in hell fire coming up soon enough and then the remaining portions are earth sufferings for ten years with simu's bitch and other merciless body pains and many problems are finally going unto come into your life . (lani will suffer pain from Jesus simu tort hand) (even though lani tis miles away Jesus tis near her) I am keeping you alive is one idea and all the other people. So, with that in mind, you are an empty nest alanis who is evil so you are still not yet filled with My Holy Spirit. So, I Am everywhere and looking at you from the same room you are in wherever you are. Right now you are wiping Ever's butt is not the context alanis, nor have you for a long time. Your mind is not able to comprehend My bible or this book since you are unto crazy alanis upon your pills as you are anyway right now and have been way unto f't off unto understand Me enough for it unto help you very much. You are so pathetic alanis and cowardly that you can't even try and have a real conversation with a holy person upon your twitter site or facebook like one of the prophets is what I mean. They would make a fool out of you is the reason you didn't post their comments. Any person who thinks they are an ape is an idiot alanis. Try and avoid the zoo alanis, that could get confusing for you. Ralph finds it pathetic with some of your evil alanis fans who comment to a prophet is what I mean. First of all, Ralph would jump right in is his viewpoint and kick their ass if they are a man in a heart beat if I told him unto go meet them. Besides that, all I will do through one of the prophets is make fools out of those evil people who comment to any of My prophets on youtube at one point anyway and that is usually right away. So, what that means is, first of all, when Ralph is watching some crap he is planning upon coming back with his words of My viewpoint or typing My words anyway and he is willing unto fight them with words only is a joke. What I mean alanis is, if they are smart enough to understand Me that is great, but if not, it's pathetic. So, what I mean is, those evil people are making fools of themselves is the point and are morons from My viewpoint and Ralph's viewpoint is they are stupid style and I mean when you look at a prophet poster like Hector, he is posting that he will hurt people for a reason alanis. That is the case that that prophet is willing unto hurt people is an understatement. (rev ralph can hear mariah sid nee evil lame show) so far he would not tell anyone to go hear this loser sounding evil show from 2013 he is enduring right now Mariah. What I mean is it sounds ok and lame style with your so called singing so far but anyway, he is hearing the third song right now. So, what I mean is, Ralph is disappointed and figures he will type a review of your current concert if I force him style. It's neat looking with your dress is a joke in a way. Your singing is embarrassing sounding from Ralph's viewpoint upon this third song it sounds like you f't it off. Ralph is amazed you are earning top level pain for this stuff. Dam woman is his viewpoint, that sucks and so does this crap so far is his viewpoint in comparison to how great your shows used unto be is the context. Keep in mind Ralph is like your biggest fan of all time Mariah with him playing unto your music in mind so he doesn't want unto witness bad reviews with loser versions of your merciless garbage when he was so way impressed with Me through him playing to your stuff before it's pathetic with the bs you are doing in general at that stupid style show what a f'n let down is the context, and why earn pain like a loser is Ralph's viewpoint when you could have been singing holy with greatness but instead you were wiping Ever's butt is not the case nor suing lani for more money but anyway, you should return your fans money is one idea is like a joke since that show is not that bad for a show but for you compared to your past stuff it was total loser styles like cheese style finally is not the context but dam is the case kinda like whatever loser of all time is not the context but loser for yourself for sure.
(evil fat mariah had unto much food and gets pain) you look fat is the context in the Sydney show is no longer a secret is ajoke. What I mean lard ass, is you were singing your all and Ralph was thinking of fat jokes about your all you can eat styles etc Mariah. So, that was a pretty good version from Ralph's viewpoint but not amazing for you anyway and now he is hearing you farm emotions and it's the greatest version of all times is a sick joke. You sang great in comparison upon those two songs in comparison to most other people but for yourself it was not so great and you f't up some parts. (evil mariah eft off her baby inn sid nee show) s word dumb, dew doo doo doo doo duh dumb is the context and you hit many poor examples of notes in that version Mariah. You are currently evil as Ralph is typing about that evil show and in that show you were earning top level pains for after death nightmares and humiliating yourself in the process. The fans were cheering you upon thereat that  evil concert , but you sucked upon that song for the most part for you anyway. Ralph was thinking of waddle jokes but they didn't apply since you were mainly just standing there moving your over sized leg back and forth. (rich big mariah will bee there inn after die naps) Ralph finds this amazing with the women delivered the children story with the two hoe bags with the mariah context anyway style of the death of the plan idea so that never took place is a different idea from Ralph's viewpoint anyway with that story. Well, ralph was not planning upon having the kid in the first place but the demons were so that plan was killed by Me. That other song was like blah. Oh no!, it's a song Ralph knows, can't let go and you sound bad upon it so far!!!!! You are f'n off a great song is the context from his viewpoint and it just started!!! Ralph is horrified you have children at your evil show in this Sydney show I mean. There is that little girl upon the stage named mariah who says she is young and you gave her Christmas gear and Ralph is thinking about your demon teachings being passed upon unto that kid and the other people and thinking no wonder you are earning top level pain for after death. Now there is a great song butter fly styles with eyes closed as the context. Ralph would like unto sing that with you maybe if you were holy and doing a great version with holy lyrics since he can tell it could be great is the context is like a joke in some ways but surely would sing a version of close my eyes with you and open arms etc. The songs in between were horrible is not the way unto put it but like whatever and evil is the jist of this concert is the point and pretty lame all around so far. This butter fly with eyes closed version is you singing horribly pretty often. Ralph can still tell it would be great if you were holy and I was helping. You suck badly in it however as an empty evil loser. This version of hero is way bad and lame and you are embarrassing yourself so far in it. By far the worst version Ralph has ever heard of anything from you Mariah.  Ralph heard the we belong together and was thinking demon mariah is not in you joking around anymore is a f'n understatement so that is great other than you don't sing like you use unto while you are evil but it's still great that the turd is f't off in hell forever and no longer tricking you further in you I mean while Ralph is typing even though your concerts are no longer very interesting from Ralph's viewpoint since it's minus the demon style jokes and you suck at singing while you are evil and empty in several ways in comparison to your later holy self anyway but by the time you read this Mariah you will be holy and singing great so Ralph will listen unto you later he figures and type a great review with My words and viewpoints and his viewpoints in the little f'r official section. So, keep reading if you want with your chins up. (james can show this Jesus code unto all lani boys) Ralph is amazed that James got into the conversation is ajoke Lori. Ok, now I am just wondering why is not the case. However, now Ralph figures it's at least for this bible code in the book and unto give that loser James commented unto the heads up about viewpoints. What I mean is, some evil blind ignorant loser person talking about love unto Hector is pathetic saying Hector is ignorant and harassing people and same with the 666 poster alanis. What I mean is, evil people telling a person who is holy that the holy person is ignorant or has not love or knows not Love is pathetic.  I Am Love and no one knows Me unless I filled them with My Holy Spirit. So, an evil person telling a holy person that the holy person is harassing people for mentioning the truth against the evil harassment against Me is also pathetic and that is what was going upon. It's so absurd it's almost amusing but so pathetic with blind losers like those idiots upon one video in particular that it's going unto bite them upon their behinds Lori. So, with that in mind alanis and your blind loser teachings, you are going unto suffer for sure for many years in serious pain. Other losers who oppose Me will suffer also and that is just the way it works out alanis from My viewpoint. (this bible jim and lani use has not any error code) words have several meanings. For instance, the f word has many meanings and so does the c word etc. However, with that in mind, saying lani boys has various contexts about how she addressed the evil males she was with in the past. That crap is so evil for lyrics it's pathetic with the sex sin styles and anyway, upon the other hand you can view it in a spiritual way with evil or holy later meaning spiritual children meaning those you later help get saved once you are holy later as Alanis I mean you can help with getting many saved so they will be new born holy spiritual babies. so boys and girls then older teens upon earth, so what I mean is in a spiritual context with Spiritual birth meaning born of the water is not what I mean since that is natural birth but Ralph was filled with My Holy Spirit in 97 so he is a teen holy person meaning a Christian. So, with that in mind, that doesn't mean a new born is totally ignorant of My stuff since if you think about Paul he was off with the basics of Me and I helped him understand Me quickly and he was understanding Me better than most people as a teen Christian for sure. Ralph as a teen Christian understands Me better than any age Christian upon earth. So, it depends and Ralph can learn stuff about the bible everyday and so can everyone. Ralph is finding this idea about this code interesting since you can code things and My codes have no error at all of course. However, someone could find part of a code and be confused with their limited thinking and I mean they are not finding the whole code or doing it upon purpose at first if they are an evil person like not putting a not etc to make it seem that way in an evil way like an idiot. So, what I mean is there are even codes with two flip meanings in those cases that they are not understanding even if they do it that way but with their evil intentions it's evil is what they are doing. What I mean is, it's a two flip I can apply if it applies under any circumstance very easy and explain how that works with the bible codes. So, with that in mind you can type anything you want in an evil appearing way even and I can apply the two context with a flip or point out I don't cuss etc . I don't do that in this book for sure very often with flip codes only for a main meaning like that one false prophet style two flip lani and ralph joke code with the two matches and anyway, what I mean is, that is obvious unto you sane holy people anyway. She is a false prophet right now since she is a false teacher is not the only context but she joked around and claimed unto be a prophet in public even while she was evil and that was the demon klamead in her singing that evil song still and alanis is still an evil false prophet to this day earning merciless pain for her sins  
(ralph does hope evil lani tis inn hell fire soon) Ralph saw you in Brentwood alanis going unto the gym and he hopes you had fun is ajoke. What I mean is, he wants you dead for all reasons and in hell fire tonight and you will be alanis. (lani moris sette was dead forty five mins inn harm) Dead unto your flesh body in pain in hell is the context and that will come unto pass pretty soon alanis. The context is you will not be alive in your flesh body for forty five minutes alanis and in hell fire in your evil spirit at the demons pain level suffering in agony. You will weep and gnash your horse teeth is an understatement, but in illusion forms. (cut lani died the last moment upon thurs near gabe) I mean simulation torture body  cuts upon the third level by My Jesus hand is what I mean by the cut in the code upon your alanis flesh.  holy angel Gabriel will be right next unto you full of joy and glad you are going unto be holy later alanis.  you will then kick the bucket is ajoke way unto put it for sure since you will at one point no longer be gasping for air is the context and thus dead unto your alanis flesh body and finding hell comfortable is ajoke but difficult unto endure the sky rocket styles of pain and unimaginable pain levels for anyone unless they are in it other than I know how much power I'm using for your sin paybacks with the pain alanis. (alanis got new pict upon the way unto the gym sins)  your in sin with your life in general. Working out for sin purposes is more sin in the first place just with deciding unto go work out for some sin reason is already a sin committed in your mind. I mean the choice, just like choosing unto pursue possible sex sin from your viewpoint is sin with the choice unto make a effort to try and accomplish the sex sin that you are not able unto accomplish anyway since I will start your simulation torture before you know it is a joke, but you will know once you feel the pain for sure. However, I started your simulation torture before you were able unto even get close enough unto a man unto sex sin is My viewpoint in the future I mean so with that in mind, you going to the gym is fine is ajoke. What I mean is, your main reason for working out is so you can try and get laid mainly and you won't get laid by any evil person for the simple reason I will stop you before you would be able unto do as such. So, with that in mind, Ralph doesn't really care what you do alanis just as long as you are in torture before midnight he is a happy camper about that anyway. (rev ralph has hope lani tis inn demon hell pain) getting it over with is the context people of course since from Ralph's viewpoint that is mandatory. So, that means Ralph has no reason unto think I will not put her in hell for forty five minutes since what I mean is that is where she is at right now. The problem with Me sky talking from Ralph's viewpoint is he knows not when I speak from most often and he figures it's mostly from the future for several reasons anyway and that is most often the case. So, with alanis being in hell fire right now that is something Ralph has heard for a very long time about meaning he has heard her in hell and that was her in the future in hell when he heard it in the past meaning I forced him unto hear the future and I do that often so with that in mind Ralph had a horrible day yesterday and he hopes alanis is having a horrible time right now is the context and not because of his day yesterday really very much anyway other than she is stealing his money is not helping anything at all and has only earned her much pain. alanis stealing from Lori for instance or the nanny etc has worked out in everyone's favor is not the case but against alanis mostly and with the pain she is in in hell over it she regrets it in a very selfish way currently and later when she has all the earth hell simulation torture over the money she will regret her sinning with the money so oh well is My viewpoint since I hate sins and I give sin paybacks is a problem for those who sinned. I can handle the dishing out the paybacks no problem and I have and will continue unto do what is necessary from My viewpoint with all things. Ralph is hoping you are enjoying this sermon when you are reading this alanis is not the case by the way and I mean he hopes once you are able unto read this that you are upon the highest level of pain possible and able unto read from earth and he hopes you are in hell while he is typing this so he figures either way you can read this later upon and hate him is fine with him since you are insane and evil he is like, what are you hating him for you are sinning against him is the context so hate a holy person for not sinning is stupid is the context.
Superantispyware on bleeping computer works great and I mean the free version. You don't need unto get the pro one at all.  The free one gets crap off your machine. Well, there are several free things upon bleeping computer. However, read about them and use them at your own risk for sure. You sure as hell don't need all those things. Anyway, Ralph tried that and by the way having malwarebytes the free version is a great idea and run that, he has had that in the past and still does currently with the trial pro but all you really need is the free. So, it gets fem pups and merciless bs. Go for the super  antispyware right away  also  it can do additional merciless findings occasionally if you want a change from malwarebytes sometimes or run them at the same time obviously of course unto clean up your s word. Not all things do all the merciless is the context. So, with that in mind, go unto and you can read that stuff. Don't just do things you are clueless about however. There are junk cleaners that are good also to get rid of other bs. Use them at your own risk is mentioned like with the junk ware removal tool Ralph used works great unto get rid of other merciless styles. So, warnings are all over the place about various things so with that in mind, using the super f'r is a great addition unto your current helpful set up for anyone who has unknown merciless f'n bs crap upon your s word that you are not aware of.  Ralph is not sure if alanis went unto hell yet or not but he figures maybe not but he hopes her torture starts today if not.  
(super anti spy ware upon blee ping com put terr) Ralph finds the Sam context of sample torture e is in amusing with the cart in this connection since Ralph was smiling earlier about hearing e in hell crap and Ralph has seen a cart scenario that is amusing and e is in so much pain that it makes Ralph laugh or smile is the context since the whole thing is amusing with e is ajoke but e in torture is amusing. What I mean is e is worse than alanis with his past evil in mind and soon e will zip into the black horses ass upon earth once sample torture is completed as specified in revelations and the little book. (God will open your eyes mariah with holy code soon)  Bwell Mariah, Ralph was just hearing that close your eyes song and it's his fav today maybe since he recently discovered it that is. Well, the thing is, Ralph thought it was called butterfly put it that way, however, he went unto go hear butterfly and was like this is not the close your eyes song, however, he is thinking he would sing a version of that song is like a joke with that way you did it and the lyrics are pretty dam cheesy so a great version of anything would be acceptable as long as you were in heaven with him. So, anyway,with that in mind, Hector is having a great sermon is ajoke since that person he was preaching unto is a complete idiot and James got involved and is currently making more of a fool out of that loser. So, James is taking the classic approach is like a joke Lori anyway. (God will open your golden lani eyes also with code) Ralph has been blind unto many mariah songs Mariah for his whole f'n life. So, he likes that song. You Mariah however were blind unto Me in most ways your whole life until you started reading the little f'r of course and saw your first code anyway, since you had unto start wondering and then you saw some codes in the little f'r and you were like, oh, Alanis has golden eyes is ajoke but anyway alanis, you have seen all the bible codes in this book so far but you are too simple minded to realize that they are Mine I did upon purpose. That means you are so tricked upon your pills with your simple child like conclusions about things in general and you are so shallow that you can't even really understand what love your neighbor means still. Hector is willing unto kick your ass alanis is like a joke since he would not be hitting a woman unless I commanded him unto and only in self defense would he even push a woman off of him is the point. Hector is a prophet poster person who preaches My viewpoints is the way that works out. That blind idiot he was preaching unto and  I mean Hector was responding unto that person calling a women a moron for saying you are a whore upon the video you are claiming all the sex sin upon. That person is so stupid that he was trying to defend you like you are not a whore. James was like, she is a whore is a fact. Anyway alanis, you are still a spiritual whore and you were a slut style sexual person and you still are a wanna be whore with sex that you can't currently accomplish. mario's penis is the main reason you have not gotten laid this year or last alanis. However, you figure that you would get laid by mario if he could get a hard upon and stick it in your pussy. However, that is not the plan alanis, go ahead and try if you want unto but as far as you figure that would be a waste of time anyway and it would be I assure you nothing has changed about mario's lack of penis power since he is still not able unto get an erection no matter what in front of you. Test out his penis all day, suck it off full strength would be additional humiliating sin for you if I let you touch his soft penis at this point in the first place. So, rubbing his loser with your thumb will not get him unto life either way I look at it. Test it out all day is a joke anyway loser. (lani cant thum rub soul eyes limp loser unto life) Ralph finds the penis sword reps amusing with your certain death then hell alanis also from his viewpoint with the scripture connection upon this souleye limp penis style code with your failing thumb rubbing styles. Pet styles will work is not the case either alanis. No b fits upon the thumb in this bible code. (ralph has golden lani eye near lit fur you tube) Ralph finds this one amusing is ajoke in a way but he does have one of your alanis golden eyeballs for his f'n avatar and you upon his computer desk top with your apple upon the sofa with what looks like a breast pump right next unto you is more absurd for a picture but amusing in a way is a joke freak show. You look pretty in the picture so it's heart melting style for a picture of you anyway that is rare and hard unto find alanis but the point is, Ralph likes your picture but not your evil insane spirit meaning who you are is horrific evil garbage with the way you currently are as evil I mean that is an understatement in comparison to most people anyway and stuff. (reve ralph has lani pict with her lap top upon his) You are embarrassing your alanis self with smiling about your picture upon his lap top. He figures it's a great likeness of you is a joke but wishes there was not the bs next unto you but oh well he figures he can fix that easy and of course he can but so what is the context is ajoke.  Ralph likes the picture kinda even though you can't really see your golden style eyes. However, you look like you are enjoying the book is not the case so you were reading something else. What I am getting at is Ralph would like Me unto say nice things about all the holy things you are doing with help styles and commenting upon you being holy and singing great alanis etc. However, that is not the case that you are holy yet so if you smile about being holy then that would be a great picture. However, your current smiles are fake style usually anyway alanis while you are evil so this picture was planned is My viewpoint and yours and you were reading this book is a joke alanis right then anyway.  you look cum fart able upon the sofa is a joke alanis. What I mean is, you look relaxed and caught off guard in your picture with the breast pump next unto you is not My viewpoint since I see you thinking even right now and later and all of it throughout eternity already and always have I have found this picture ridiculous but Ralph likes the way I created you anyway and your boobs. So, your butt was looking stellar was the info peoples viewpoints so you finally dropped some of your chins and flab and got noticed by them with positive comments they finally were able unto make even though some were not so nice if they would have thought them through since they were still putting you down by finally saying you looked great since that is rare style since  for all the other days this year  you looked like straight ass is ajoke but most often was the jist since from their viewpoints they see your life upon camera so they know you are butt creature style sometimes and not so great looking often but you have  your pretty stellar blue moments so I mean they liked you toned up in the go unto your sin styles at the gym picture where you earned serious future pain in front of them. Ralph thought your body in that picture looked cum fart able is ajoke alanis. You looked surprised and caught off guard in that crap also is not the case from My viewpoint anyway and stuff. (lani bot and paid for tit pump for pict sure sin) prop is the context alanis from your viewpoint you planned upon exposing your breast in that picture is not the context. However, you found your trick styles amusing the nanny even, however, she was not really as amused as you think since that is a hint that she doesn't like your lying bs since she is taking you unto f'n court you loser. This picture looks unplanned and you appear unaware of the camera and like your hair is finally looking alright right after you woke up from your nap is not the way I view your, and I mean all your extensive evil preparations for this sinful picture you planned upon tricking many with alanis. So, with idea's of trying unto appear like a super mom, you made yourself look like an insane person kinda in front of the whole world meaning most people find five year old breast feeding way crazy style like what is wrong with you alanis meaning that is absurd from most peoples common viewpoints since that is sinful lani in almost every case that would be sin since that is way unnecessary for sure. I find it horrible with that idea and sinful since that is not My will in general I mean since kids need unto get off the tit as soon as practical for many reasons and mostly mental ones is a joke  but those also. Way crazy with giving suck unto a five year old for sure etc. It would have unto be some rare strange circumstance upon some island where no food was available or something like that for it unto be acceptable since I mean if that was the only way I provided but some idiots sin away with stupid styles anyway, (lani did not make soul eye use strap upon for her) the meek shall eat and be satisfied. Well, the lesbo style you and mario did alanis did not involve a strap upon. Ralph found the meek style intro upon the one banger amusing and down in dust etc if you read the bible bitch. You could have forced your little mario slave unto sport a strap upon, however you told him not unto worry about stuff like his penis not working. From your viewpoint alanis, mario is not even necessary for dildo use. You can even use a dildo machine pumper with remote if you want alanis. My point is, mario is necessary in your life is not the case at all. (God took away mario tread ways penis life for lani) presently mario is touching your faith is a joke alanis., What I mean is, mario is a blind nerd idiot with a limp penis and a loser career now faced with court are not his only problems alanis. Little evil softy mario cries over you hurting his mario feelings often enough that it would humiliate him alanis if you knew how much. You are so evil and hurtful unto little evil dumb bitch however, that you would laugh behind his mario back only is not My viewpoint while you commit sins. What I mean is, you are so evil that you would continue unto rub his soft penis and pet it is not all you would do but maybe even try and suck upon his softness while you mention you are going unto try and get laid by others at some point soon and laugh about it in front of him while he later sulks and cries away from your presence after he performs the lesbo styles with his licking your alanis vagina and his mario tongue even gets sore and you don't care alanis nor appreciate him very much from his viewpoint he feels used and he understands he is a loser.(nob limp mario tread way cant get hard for lani) Ralph thought upon lani was amusing but this whole crap with you two idiots is horrible from his viewpoint but so pathetic he has unto see some humor in the codes anyway. Ralph was upon break is a joke in a way but was hearing Nick's thinking later with reading this and Nick likes you fat is not the case is not what Ralph was hearing but anyway.  Don't worry Nick, Ralph is not going unto cum after Mariah is a joke but he is not going unto come after her to meet her upon earth since she is the third tree option is the reason. So, what that means is, I am just joking with everyone about that idea anyway with Ralph possibly never meeting Mariah. What I mean alanis is that Ralph will meet the revelation prophet Mariah since she is just another revelation prophet in heaven with that context but happens unto be the third option meaning the next go unto girl with the Brit as second skip so jump right over Britney is amusing anyway but none of that matters really at all alanis Mario is hoping Ralph plays with Mariah upon earth in a way once at least and so does everyone else who likes Mariah anyway later so what I mean is after people hear Me playing some sounds with Mariah music is a joke people. What I mean is, demon mariah is a dead head is a joke but demon mariah was in the greatful dead and you are not the greatful dead Mariah upon earth. So, you are like a wanna be diva is ajoke. More like a diva hippy in one video so you finally got a better hair style compared unto the poo dull do styles or whatever you want unto call those bad choices of the past. So, not all were way horrible so don't take My comments and blow them up nor your butt unto large by the way. Ralph doesn't want unto be commenting weekly in the future about you being plus size or having unto many chins for sure so with that in mind go ahead and eat a ding dong would be ok for you right now Mariah. If you looked like Pastor Hagee however, I would make sure unto have a whole book about you Mariah is a joke. Look, I already do with you as the other revelation prophet with bible codes even and it's a different version of the little f'r and I know how that would go, you will find out later about the book is ajoke since it's already being mentioned. With that in mind people don't worry about reading it is ajoke . You have eternity unto hear My words and what would have been etc. So, being the third option is just saying that would have been great since Ralph is the ultimate person for a husband for the rev tree holy bitches anyway so that is just the way that goes people. Big deal really if you think about it. Ralph has no plan upon playing unto Mariah music is not the way unto look at the music I give everyone. The thing is, I don't care personally if you suck at My songs Mariah but that is not the plan in the future. Since Alanis is the other tree in the bible meaning actually the other revelation prophet who is going unto hear Me sky talk while she is upon earth it really doesn't matter what the other options would be for Me unto sky talk unto upon earth. Live with that is ajoke (evil tub mariah upon sofa did earn rich pain naps) Ralph went and heard close my eyes song again with a few examples. One example was pretty great in a joke way meaning the turds were joking around was not great since they had evil plans back at that dome in 98 style upon you tube but the sound quality sucks but Ralph was like oh bother with the un call outs mariah only is ajoke. What I mean is Ralph likes that song so he went and heard a newer 2013 version and noticed your voice is the exact same is not the context and the quality of the sound was horrible, Mariah I am just joking about your performance being horrible since it was crunch sounds with bottom out with bass and crap with the recording so that was not what it sounded like this f'n year woman at all. So, it was not that bad by the way and your voice was great as mariah is not My viewpoint but the fans didn't notice in general is ajoke. What I mean is, Ralph is glad you will get holy and hopefully lose some weight in a way is ajoke Mariah. So, that is not so important if you want unto be plus size really. I am seriously joking like you are super tub style upon the sofa anyway. You look cum fart able is another stupid joke in the vid's. Ralph didn't put that comment upon your video but nice ones only by the way is ajoke with one since he mentioned you were missing some of the spiritual jokes like with your house, but people are blind to the comments about demon mariah for right now other than very few people and they get the picture you don't have the turd in you anymore if they are reading this book anyway and there are very few reading this book Mariah right now but later upon many people will understand many jokes about turds. Ralph was not really making any bad appearing comments upon your videos calling you a whore etc was not what he was doing right now but saying hey, with lanis' picture he was like, they should be doing iyii's instead but he was just joking and the song made him want unto play music again finally.
23 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Eniyantti Eddie : Glad to hear that attachment parenting is not the cause of spoiling. It's due to the parent’s inability...
Glad to hear that attachment parenting is not the cause of spoiling. It's due to the parent’s inability to set limits and provide boundaries to their kids.
Spoiling | Ask Dr Sears® | The Trusted Resource for Parents
Few parents make it through their offspring's babyhood without being told that all their efforts to nurture and respond to their baby will surely spoil her
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Infant #Anger Management is attachment-parenting friendly (not extreme attachment #parenting). It produces patient #kids.
2 days ago - Via HootSuite - View - Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac. Author : Juliette Aiyana is a Licensed and Nationally Board Certified (NCCAOM) Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist...
Juliette Aiyana is a Licensed and Nationally Board Certified (NCCAOM) Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist who treats people and conditions, as an herbalist and Nationally Board Certified acupuncturist. Juliette specializes in difficult to treat and chronic diseases that other medical and natural health specialists have not been able to treat effectively. Her approaches to natural, holistic treatment include; herbal remedies, nutritional counseling, acupuncture & relaxation techniques.   

Juliette’s passion drives her to teach and to write about all types of healthy stuff, about living a naturally fit and healthy lifestyle in body & mind, about instinctual mothering & attachment parenting, about optimal fertility, and about health activism. As a wife, mother and small business owner she understands the struggles and balancing act of the modern American women and therefore she has learned through personal experience the importance of consistent self-care and when to ask for help from other health-care professionals. 
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Tres Belle Spa: Reiki and Attachment Parenting
In the following passage,  Liza Roeckl LMT, MPS, LCAT, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, shares her thoughts on the connection between Reiki and Attachment Parenting. Reiki is a Japanese healing energy that uses ‘Universal Life Energy’ to heal physical, emotio...
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Natural parenting or attachment parenting, as it is sometimes called is simply following the clue signals of your baby or child as they grow and develop...Read more:
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Natural parenting or attachment parenting, as it is sometimes called is simply following the clue signals of your baby or child as they grow and develop.
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Adoption and attachment parenting - is an option that many families turn to for a variety of reasons.
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First off, before I start writing I want to say that everyone parents differently. This is not a bad thing, but I'm writing about what works for me and my family. So, what is attachment parenting? Attachment parenting is basically listening to your instinct...
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First off, before I start writing I want to say that everyone parents differently. This is not a bad thing, but I'm writing about what works for me and my family. So, what is attachment parenting? Attachment parenting is basi...
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In May 2013, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds for an innovative art exhibit featuring the work of photographer Christine Santos: “Nursing is Natural … Naturally Beautiful.” This exhibit was intended to revolutionize and challenge the way Americans view breastfeeding by ...
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Interview with +Rita Brhel of Attachment Parenting International. I think it came out quite lovely. 
The Attached Family » The Beauty of Breastfeeding: An Interview with Photographer Christine Santos
In May 2013, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds for an innovative art exhibit featuring the work of photographer Christine Santos: “Nursing is Natural … Naturally Beautiful.” This exhibit was intended to revolutionize and challenge the way Americans view breastfeeding by ...
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Just when we manage to get Jenny to see the light and dial back on health advice, here comes her successor. Alicia Silverstone’s Son Has ‘Never Had a Drop of Medicine’ – ABC News. Alicia Silverstone has long been a proponent of attachment parenting. Now,…
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Just when we manage to get Jenny to see the light and dial back on health advice, here comes her successor. Alicia Silverstone’s Son Has ‘Never Had a Drop of Medicine’ – ABC News. Alicia Silverstone has long been a proponent of attachment parenting. Now, she has written a book about it. In “The Kind…Continue →
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Attachment parenting – highly responsive parenting style
Attachment parenting – highly responsive parenting style
Attachment parenting is getting a lot of media frenzy these days, but many parents are still unaware of the whole meaning of the term. Attachment parenting was initiated by renowned pediatrician, Dr. William Sears, together w...
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Attachment parenting is just the beginning. Join my #GoogleHangout Thursday 10:00 am PT #WineWithDrWendy
What's Your Attachment Style? - Relationship Expert: Love, Sex and Relationship Problems
We call fondly call each other “baby” when we enter a new relationship, but we are often completely unaware of how our own infant relationships to our parents can influence the way we trust romantic partners as adults. “Attachment parenting” has become a buzz word among new parents. But attachment as adults is rarely discussed […]
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A simply stunning article on the facts of attachment parenting #babywearing   #attachmentparenting   #baby  
You Can Have A Baby That Cries Less - Nurture Natural Parenting Magazine
Subscribe to Australia's only owned and printed natural parenting magazine. It is your destination for thought-provoking, evidence-based articles on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual elements of child-rearing from a natural parenting perspective.
9 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Wendy Walsh : We call fondly call each other "baby" when we enter a new relationship, but we are often completely ...
We call fondly call each other "baby" when we enter a new relationship, but we are often completely unaware of how our own infant relationships to our parents can influence the way we trust romantic partners as adults. "Attachment parenting" has become a buzz word among new parents. But attachment as adults is rarely discussed

This week on Wine with Dr. Wendy we will be digging into the juicy aspects of psychology as we discuss Attachment Theory, and how infant bonding with our parents can affect our relationships into adulthood. Joining me will be Dr. Sue Johnson, clinical psychologist, researcher, professor, and primary developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), as well as author of the recent book Love Sense. Also joining me will be hangout producer,+Laura Hampikian, and the lovely +Erica Djossa, blogger and couples counselor of

Tune in Thursday morning or during your lunch break at 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT for the latest episode of Wine with Dr. Wendy.
This Hangout is Q&A enabled, which means that you can ask questions to me and the guests before the Hangout and even LIVE during the Broadcast.

#Attachment #Psychology #WineWithDrWendy
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