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Most recent 17 results returned for keyword: Uncle Buck (Search this on MAP) ImRamro : BuckRun11..... A.K.A..... Uncle Buck, is the master of metal. If you have any interest in the T.V show...
BuckRun11..... A.K.A..... Uncle Buck, is the master of metal. If you have any interest in the T.V show How it's made? You need to check this channel out. 
Watch the video: Preparing to start a new project AR 80% lower pt. 1
Measuring these parts is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. But it is coming along. Now I have to figure out where to put he slots for the stam...
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - U. Buck : "I've HAD it!! Enough of what I was trying to be. I'm just myself now in all my glory to share my life...
"I've HAD it!! Enough of what I was trying to be. I'm just myself now in all my glory to share my life story of the past and express it in the now. Love me or hate me, Uncle Buck doesn't give of phuck." Welcome to my world.
4 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Jeremy Snyder : Looking for Uncle Buck. Send Ho.
Looking for Uncle Buck. Send Ho.
9 days ago - Via Community - View - Richard King : Make me a offer Uncle Buck HDX Sherlock Holmes The First movie HDX The Little Mermaid Works on Vudu...
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11 days ago - Via Community - View - debra covack : Uncle Buck , you ok? Hehe
Uncle Buck , you ok? Hehe
18 days ago - Via Mobile - View - Tim Pike : Uncle Buck my kind of cook, and my kind of breakfast.
Uncle Buck my kind of cook, and my kind of breakfast.
23 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Stephen Hollen : Hens, eggs and Uncle Buck Much of the time when I post stories or poems they tend to be warm or even...
Hens, eggs and Uncle Buck
Much of the time when I post stories or poems they tend to be warm or even bittersweet. Today I have a story on my mind that is not so much of either. It is a story of childhood, of the harshness of nature and the love of a kind and gentle Uncle that had a ...
: Hens, eggs and Uncle Buck
Much of the time when I post stories or poems they tend to be warm or even bittersweet. Today I have a story on my mind that is not so much of either. It is a story of childhood, of the harshness of nature and the love of a kind and gentle Uncle that had a terrible task.
28 days ago - Via Blogger - View - Jason Zoblin : "Uncle Buck" is a Classic "Uncle Buck" is a classic. Buck, played by John Candy, is asked by his brother...
"Uncle Buck" is a Classic
"Uncle Buck" is a classic. Buck, played by John Candy, is asked by his brother and sister-in-law to take care of their three kids. Buck is a bachelor, and irresponsible all-around, but has a great heart. The three kids, his nieces and nephew are Tia, Maizy,...
"Uncle Buck" is a Classic
"Uncle Buck" is a classic. Buck, played by John Candy, is asked by his brother and sister-in-law to take care of their three kids. Buck is a bachelor, and irresponsible all-around, but has a great heart. The three kids, his n...
1 month ago - Via Blogger - View - Thomas Riddoch : Uncle Buck My grandmother had just bought a VCR.  Her very first.  I was staying with her for a month...
Uncle Buck
     My grandmother had just bought a VCR.  Her very first.  I was staying with her for a month as part of my summer vacation.  We had just returned from Sears and she wanted me to hook it up.  "Grandma?  Do you have any movies?"     "No, I just got a VCR t...
Uncle Buck
     My grandmother had just bought a VCR.  Her very first.  I was staying with her for a month as part of my summer vacation.  We had just returned from Sears and she wanted me to hook it up.  "Grandma?  Do you have any movi...
1 month ago - Via Blogger - View - Phil Hawkswell : 20 years!? I liked him as Johnny LaRue and Uncle Buck
20 years!? I liked him as Johnny LaRue and Uncle Buck
John Candy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Candy's final completed movie was Canadian Bacon, a satirical comedy by Michael Moore that was released a year after Candy's death. Candy played American sheriff Bud Boomer who led an "invasion" of Canada. Candy recorded a voice for the TV film The Magic 7 in the early 1990s.
1 month ago - Via Google+ - View - Place to Buy Outdoor Products : #buy #sale Save Buy The Great Outdoors / Uncle Buck Double Feature Review
#buy #sale Save Buy The Great Outdoors / Uncle Buck Double Feature Review
Save Buy The Great Outdoors / Uncle Buck Double Feature Review | Best Outdoor Products Review
Review The Great Outdoors / Uncle Buck Double Feature Great Product The Great Outdoors: When an unannounced, uninvited and unwelcome family of fun-loving
1 month ago - Via HootSuite - View - kiki akiko : shake your tail feathers! what are your hidden talents? we have a talented bunch on g+! :) (expand...
shake your tail feathers!

what are your hidden talents?

we have a talented bunch on g+! :) (expand post to see everyone's special talents!)
they say don't judge a book by its cover, nor a bird by its color.
oftentimes, what makes us special is not immediately discernible.
what if we could see everyone's inner selves readily? :)
+Charles Lu
we have a talented bunch on g+ ! :)

+Ron Bearry I have studied the martial arts for many years. I earned my black belt in Kenpo Karate in 1992. I've learned many things about myself (and motivation) along the way. I've learned that a person can accomplish anything they wish as long as they are willing to work for it!   I once participated in tournaments for fun but I don't do that now. One of the things I learned had to do with the process of learning itself. When I was much younger I didn't learn very well. While studying the Martial Arts, I came across some excellent teachers that helped me to understand that everyone learns differently and that each person has to find out how they learn and understand things. After that discovery, I decided that I can learn anything I want!

+Kathryn Brown - I am an expert four leaf clover finder. Have found literally hundreds in my lifetime - in high school, I found one for every person in my grade (84 people, small school!) and gave them out at exam time. It's not something that fits easily on the resume, but does come in handy when you need something to brighten a friend's rotten day! :) I do get a feeling when there's one around, but there's no one setting that's better for them than any other. However, once you find a 4 leafer in a particular spot, that plant has a higher percentage chance of yielding future ones, so I make note of them when finding one and return every so often. For example, most of the ones from high school I mentioned in the post above came from a single large field in VA that unfortunately has since been developed. But even those plants only have a few that are four leafers - I recently transplanted two plants which I've been picking from for years here in LA, and they've only produced two new four leaf clovers so far, the rest are regular three leafers.
Stumbled upon this talent early in life when I used to spot them while riding my horse through fields. If you can spot them at a trot, finding them on the ground is easy! ;)

+Adam Lasnik Whoa! What a massive and smile-inducing thread! (not surprising coming from you, Shirley ;-).

And to share my talents...
- More serious: Pianist :) You can catch some of my piano-playing videos at and some of my older compositions at

- Less serious: Cheek percussionist. I am one of the few people in the world who can bang out fairly pitch-accurate and varied tunes by lightly slapping my (face!) cheeks with my hands. No, no YouTube videos. I have a reputation to protect :D

+Matthew Neason The spots of the peacock resemble innumerable eyes, each equally beautiful and each searching within those enamored by their beauty. Searching for the beauty that lies beyond the darkness. I wonder why beauty, not lust, but beauty transfixes us so? Perhaps our soul finds a match in the physical world, and when gazing upon something real that reflects the inner self, we become more connected with our collective conscious. The beautiful blue eyes can see the soul we pin down within us, the slave of our flesh and the saving grace of humanity. Maybe our talents, however impractical, are the only other means of portraying the marvelous essence of the soul upon one another. Nature's beautiful, yet false eyes, freeing the brave, reckless gods within us all.

+Jerry Johnson this is yet another fascinating post and the photo is superb! I will ask you to forgive me for not shaking my tail feathers though, as I didn't want to hurt my back! :-)
Hidden talent... Hmmm... I would have to say that I remember peoples faces very well for some reason. If I have had even a brief interaction with you, I will remember your face for years. I don't know why this is, but it has been there most of my life. As I've gotten older, I have learned to be selective in approaching people in airports or other public locations to figure out why I remember their face, because it can freak them out if I am not careful (too many stalkers in the news). But unfortunately the names don't always come along with the faces!!

+PJ Ammidon  I'd say one of the most useful talents I've developed in the past few years is doing medical research on the internet. Unfortunately, out of necessity, I've had to research several rare diseases and help those I love decide on treatment plans. From brain cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer to degenerative brain disease, rare diseases are particularly difficult for those that have them. There is often no clear choice for treatment and the decision about how to proceed often lies squarely on the patient's shoulders. It's unfortunate that the information about new treatments does not trickle down to local doctors for years. Thankfully, the information is out there... if you can find it.

+Tim Behrens - I have an innate ability to recognize a great picture when I see it. I recognized this one right away. :)
I'm not as good at it as I used to be, but I've been told I can be a calm in the storm. I'm fairly soft spoken and good at maintaining a peaceful air in stressful situations. Not always true, but it's something I still strive for. 

+Margaret Tompkins  I support animal shelters. It's not a "hidden" talent but it's not real public either. I'm more of a "behind-the-scenes" kind of person. I'm creating a G+ page for the Brown County Humane Society to see if we can help find forever homes for all those dogs and cats that need them. I love the posts that have already been made! You are so right Shirley that G+ people are VERY talented!! 

+John Hauxwell  I can put the letters in candy rock :)
Oh it was years ago +shirley lo Used to work in a sweet factory. Made lettered rock for various seaside towns around the UK and elsewhere. Blackpool, England made their own, but we used to make it for Blackpool in Australia!

+Aaron GTV with my band "Omni-" i play Ambient Rock, but by myself i play this:
this is a song i wrote called "Since i Met You"
Since i Met You "Live" acoustic video recording
and a cover of the song "Iris"

+Robert SKREINER  I can communicate with animals, specifically dogs, cats, horses and birds, because I love all animals. So I understand the true nature, or rather, I have learned to understand the nature and admire. This is also reflected in my photos.

+Amanda Torbitt Hi +shirley lo! Beautiful photo! I love the colors and the close up detail. ^^ Great question too.
Hidden talents... Empathy maybe? I'm always sensitive towards others emotions, which isn't always a good thing because I can find myself angry for example without it really being my anger(emotions can be contagious)... lol. But it's also useful in some ways to, helps me to help people which I love to do. I also forgive pretty easily. I'm better at listening than talking. So much of my talents lie in the emotional rather than otherwise. I'm okay in drawing and art related stuff, but I've yet to find what I'm exceptional at in that area. I also like trying new things. :)
If I can bring peace and happiness to people, it's one thing that gives me joy. I like to draw all sorts of things, buildings/still-life, dogs, anime/cartoon like people, other things too though those are some examples. I may post some on Google+ someday. :) I want to try pottery sometime soon. I just now tried a mango fruit(I have only had mango drinks before but not the fruit), and it was good. I will probably try the new "Sobe Water with coconut water" sometime, as I keep wanting to like coconut water for some reason, lol. :)
Currently I'm trying out a new website called Day Zero ( ). It's interesting so far, and seems good for goals with or without a set time limit. My list on there is here-, if you want to see it. ^^

+Serge Ivanov Fantastic color and detail +shirley lo! I have no idea how I missed this one. I think every post you make feels like a treat for all of us :) Hidden talents... My talents are so hidden that even I haven't discovered them yet! On a more serious note, I believe that I am a pretty good listener. It sounds simple enough, but apparently isn't that common. It doesn't feel like a talent because generally I am just genuinely interested in what people have to say. I find it hard not to relate in some way with someone.

+Tsegaye Hidru - This is interesting, +shirley lo. Peacock looks so beautiful.
Hidden talents: Huh! I don't know what to say. I may edit this post/comment when I remember them all :) I have excellent reflex. I'm so quick that I don't drop things. E.g. I have a record of not losing a bar of soap in the shower. :) Plus, great memory. I remember words, people, actions, etc

+John Orr  +shirley lo I try to always be conscious of others feelings and try to be as unselfish as I can. Being human it is a daily struggle but one I am happy to take on.

+Toshi Lin - Hidden talents? Interesting! ^^
I don't know if this is a talent...I feel some of my friends would like to share their secrets with me, especially those secrets they dare not to talk to any other one in the world. Probably not just some...
Another one...I don't know if it's a talent either...I didn't get mad for about 7.5 years. Yea...I think I am very calm most of the time. No, I don't do yoga nor tai chi. But I read a lot of Osho, also I like 莊子(Zhuangzi). Probably that's one of the reasons? Your questions are very interesting. I sometimes raised some questions on my facebook too. For example: What is self-confidence? What is the source of self-confidence? Do you "know" yourself?(self-recognition) What is the sense of security?(in relationship, life, etc.) Have you ever found security in any of your relationships? What is optimism? What is passion? ... etc. Most of the time I feel many people are suffering from these questions. That's why I raised them for my friends. :))

Zhuangzi was born around 369 BCE. A Taoist, the philosopher. His book also named Zhuangzi(or Nanhua Zhenjing) is one of the greatest two Taoist texts(the other one is Laozi:Tao Te Ching 老子:道德經). The following link you can see the English version of Zhuangzi:
Osho talks about many religions. And also about life. The following link(a pdf file) is one of his books...talking about the stories of Zhuangzi. Other books of Osho can be found here:

+Serena Ruiz I love peacocks, just rich colors! MY Hidden talent is I can draw well. I have been drawing since I was a kid and somewhere between high school and today, I gave it up to get a "real life" I had been to New York and California over that span of years and I saw many talented artists selling their very talented work on the streets. This worried me, because I am a shy person so I could end up like this just because I can not make connections or sell my work, because I do not speak up. So I got a job, traveled and then went back to college and studied English and History. ... AND now venture into another passion of mine, Photography!

+Robby Bowles Since you posted this +shirley lo, I've been trying to think of what my hidden talents are and realize that my hidden talents are actually not hidden on google+. My hidden talent in my life, everywhere except here on google+ is my photography. All though, this is becoming less and less the case.

+Yasmin Simpson Sorry +shirley lo for commenting until now. You really are a sweetheart with these posts. I have been trying to find my hidden talents and I really cannot find something, you are helping my brain to think more than usual, lol. I guess all my talents are "public" like photography and dance and for the ones that don't know me very well, I am a perfectionist and love order in all the ways and places.
Thank you... :-) The kind of dance that I like the most is almost everything. My childhood and youth was full of activities, for 15 years I practiced rhythmic gymnastics and I wish I could return to those times, later on I became a professional jazz-modern dancer... Now a days, I do Zumba (all kind of latin and modern dance). I'm still enjoying dance and music like crazy and I love the fact that I am exercising and I really don't feel it in this way. At rhythmic gymnastic,I was only a national competitor and as a jazz dancer I danced for a while and later on I was a jazz instructor. In other topic, I really love the fact to see and know more about you at FB, what a privilege to see the beautiful "girl" (young woman) that you are (in&out) and your lovely husband. Thank you sweet-sweet +shirley lo, as always admiring all the lovely things that you create at google+, what a job!. God Bless you both guys.

+Denis Labelle +shirley lo : found out about this post via +Louis Gray.
1. Coaching (Olympic/sport and in general)
2. Visual art (I designed an Olympic medal)
3. Leading/lobbying (Co-founded and developed the Int'l Triathon Union and the sport of triathlon around the world. Now, an Olympic sport)
Thanks for asking. Cool initiative!

+Charles Lu : now, I'm an Olympian 2.0 ;) >

I wish I could cook and play the piano like you. From now on, I will call you "Charles, the Biathlete". :)

+Liz ℚuilty Hidden talents - I have lots! Everyone thinks im great at tech, and i am, but i have many other talents. I love to cook, and i even run a recipe website which i generally do not advertise. I love to sew, i trained as a machinist but decided that fashion was not my thing. I still often will sew things from scratch, and made my own camera bag the size/shape i wanted for dirt cheap! I lost 80kg (about 170lb) so i could donate a kidney for my brother, After this i trained to be a personal trainer just so i could help others :) I did build my Tardis Ukulele and post that one though :D (though it was wood)
Yep it has blinky lights inside, the whole thing is here

+Charles Lu unfortunately my kids see me cook and it looks easy, so they never watch their food cooking, walk away and burn it. they have no idea how to cook :/

+Александр Лапенко I try to do all my side of life (work, family and others) with the most harmonious. But now my talent consist of feeling that this harmonious can be reach. And everyday I try to found a bridge from the feelings, dreams and ideas to the real life. And it will be open my hiding tallent. Shirley lo - thank you for chance to give some thought

+anne-marie Janssen - Fabulous photo! This is such a beautiful bird. I hope to find a feather one day! A hidden talent is something that I have to discover yet or maybe others will see it before I do. Just hope they will tell me :-D
and those birds can scream like crazy haha.. Coincidence or not.... I like to collect feathers! But live music and traveling abroad are my 2 big passions. I would die without it!! And what are yours, besides coming up with the greatest posts, questions and bringing people together??!! :-D just made me laugh with your enthusiasm for dancing. When traveling I have to have a goal. So I check most music festivals in Europe or North America, pick one and fly off :D It's going to be a round trip in the States and Canada this time. Here's a link to one of my feathers in scrapbook Thanks for your wonderful post +shirley lo

+Jun C - Hidden talent... hmm, I dunno if my talent is hidden now since I've shared this on here before... but, people are surprised when they hear me play the piano... I don't play as much as I used to, so I lost a lot of dexterity... I also used to be able to hear a song and then play it on piano from memory... my ear isn't as good as it used to be but I can still do that... just not as quickly anymore...BTW, beautiful bird and capture! :)
...i don't have perfect pitch! I wish i did... well, sometimes! from my friends who do have perfect pitch, it sounds like it could be curse sometimes... my relative pitch was very good tho... my fav pieces to play were ragtime (Scott Joplin) or baroque pieces... as for videos of my playin, i don't have anything good... so, i'd rather not share! ;)

+Heinz Udo Zemlin - Ein schöner Pfau . Mein Opa hatte zwei davon . Mein Talent ? Wenn ich einen Fehler mache , gebe ich es zu . Dann schwäche ich den Fehler ab . Nach einer Weile relativiere ich den Fehler . Zum Ende entschuldigen sich die Menschen bei mir . Ist das ein Talent ? Ich glaube es ist gemein . Aber es macht Spaß .
(google translate) A beautiful peacock. My grandfather had two of them. My talent? If I make a mistake, I admit it. Then I weakness on the error. After a while I trivializing the problem. At the end, people apologize to me. Is that a talent? I think it's common. But it's fun.

+Margie D Casados - I would say, being sensitive and emphatic, which tends to allow me to truly appreciate the people around me. Now that my parents have transitioned, I really treasure those insightful moments even more,.. when you feel close to someone, when you feel that special connection, and you enjoy just simply being alive. :) +shirley lo you too are very kind and very insightful. You can sense the depth of awareness, that is one of your many talents. It's shows from the incredibly beautiful photos and your expressiveness of what you share. You are a very gifted person. :)

+Lupe M. Luevano - HI +shirley lo I am taking a break from G+ right now, but it is always a privilege to come to your postings and participate in your questions. The above image is very beautiful.
If I could see others hidden talents readily I would be able to assist people around me faster where they would be happier, where it would be my power to do so.
I feel I am blessed with two hidden talents, that I have had to use many times in my Life. First one is when in a emergency situation, I can see what needs to be done immediately and and what order, and deal with it, and my second what I call a blessing is that I can usually see or read between the lines when someone needs to be heard due to inner torment or just needs a shoulder to lean on. Thank you, Shirley. Take Care.

+D. DeMonteverde - Hi +shirley lo! Thanks for another wonderful post and thought provoking question! Hidden talent? Hmmm... well, I make great-tasting creamed vegetable soups without the cream (a yummy way to eat veggies). instead of cream, I add a medium sweet potato for my creamed soups (carrot, cauliflower, asparagus). I like to use the Japanese variety sweet potato, the kind with the almost purple skin. If you like to cheat a little, you can add 1/2 cup of non-fat half and half (and yes, there's such a thing) but I no longer do and it's ok. I got the tip about using sweet potatoes from someone who had this soup in Scotland.
Also, in the past you'd probably find me in the last row in dance class. Now I've inched up to the front. I wonder if that means I have a budding talent here? btw, this is a spectacular picture ~ and so close up to the peacock I can almost touch it!

+Elena Konstantinova - Trying to figure out, but I think they ( my talents) are hidden so well ...
I love doing many things, but still haven't reveal any special talents in anything:like reading, like to edit videos that I shot ( more correct is to say "to learn to edit videos"), also trying to learn to program a little bit by myself and enjoying this, I can say my friends like my cooking, but I can't say I love to cook. I love my friends and can be a real friend I think. .... not so much, is it ?

+Shannon Adelson What a fantastic post +shirley lo and such a wonderful way to better get to know the people in our circles! I guess one of my hidden talents that most people don't know about me, is that I am the domestic one in our household, equally adept at cooking, cleaning, party planning, etc. I love hosting events, and getting friends together to goof off and let loose!

+Christian Louw Pedersen - My hidden talent is to hide my talent. ... Oh!! I just revealed it! ;-)
Well thank you +shirley lo !! I won't hide that I used to be quite good on the piano, but my truly hidden talents are ... ... hidden! ;-)
Jazz, blues, rock, folk, funk ... you name it! I composed, transposed, improvised, played concerts, recorded, and I was also teaching. BTW: I like your peacock!!

+Benny Sjöstrand Beautiful photo, amazing colours and details!!
That's a very interesting question, my hidden talents are still left to be discovered, or they would not be hidden(?).
I used to play the guitar for many years, I remember my music teacher one time told me: there is no such things called 'talent', it's all about tons of hours practising and not giving up. That may be true for almost everything in life.

+Ajeesh Kumar nice post +shirley lo :) nice pic too...
i guess i don't exactly know what my talent is. i may have just developed some for my life, career, or passion... yeah, also there may be inherited ones also, as every human has.. the most precious gift is the ability to develop talents, i think, isn't it? :)

+james mercer I have a talent that has allowed me to experience the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and all points in between. It is the talent of wanting to grow into a fully functioning human. I am on G+ and other social media for growth does not take place in a vacuum, and a student does not learn without a teacher (I until death will be the student). I will share observations made. The other way my talent is expressed is in Oversimplification never take something simple and make it complex. And the belief system that Homo sapiens is what we all start out as, with time, body, and mind to develop. Everything else is a tool to accomplish objective. No good or bad, either adds to or take away from...
My uncle use to have a couple of these birds. Have you ever seen p-hen very plain. Got me to thinking. Homo sapiens is one of a few species where the female spend more time looking good than the male

+Joe Vallee - Hidden talents, hmm
I've been told my fudge was the best they've ever had......... by more than a few people. ;-)
(a couple hundred pieces were consumed at the LA Photowalk)
BTW +shirley lo GREAT SHOT!

+Daniel Chen - Wow, I always love how colors pop in your photos!
Talent wise, hmm, I think I'm a pretty good cook. Some of the things I can make pretty well include pumpkin cheesecake, Thai spicy eggplant salad, and Latino chicken rice. It's good to have a few signature dishes, especially when you decide to host a dinner party at the last minute and need to come up with a menu fast :) I do have my better food photographs (though only a few of them are dishes I made) posted on my site here:
And I am pretty good at planning trips, trips that adhere to some kind of schedule that is :) (in response to a challenge to plan a disney trip and hit every ride) Hehe, that sounds like a challenge I might enjoy. I'll have study maps and all the rides, so I can put down the itinerary , I mean, ride schedule in an Excel spreadsheet :)

+Bill Murray - I am not sure what you want..but.. here goes:In many things I find peace and in art it is an expression of the essentials of peace and beauty..I paint in many ways,on many things with many topics..the expression of "art" in cooking intrigued I cook with sight,sound aroma,taste,and presentation..I makes for a great dining experience..I craft in many ways as well..The pieces that move thru my hands..come from leather bone ,bead..fur..homemade paints/dyes..clothes,bags tools of all kinds..and each comes alive their presentation and exquisit functionality...This is me shaking my feathers..Thank You..

To answer your question about the 2 words ("Wado,Waste'" and "MigWeitch") is cherokee,it means thank you...the other is "L " dialect Lakota..and it also means thank you....They are salutations ..used in "Public speak"..and some or most all of the Languages of the 1st People..are Spiritual in nature..and they usually have a female and a male language..spoken in community..There are some that have a 3rd language..mostly developed for the Outworld experience..and it has no the english language..Thank You for asking...Wado,Waste'

I enjoyed this..and the pics I put up today are a beginning of work I am writting for I hope all enjoy them..They are shared from many people..and will have a profound effect on many..I hope..Good sharing and chattin' with you..Bill

+Víktor Bautista i Roca - I make beautiful string (cat's cradle) figures.
Although sometime i've put some of them in a frame, to give as a gift, it's just the traditional ancestral art. An example could be:

+Bruce Tran - He is quite colorful! Great shot!
Hidden talent, well I guess it would have to be not getting lost. I can go to place/city and still remember that location few years down the road.

+tom ruggi hmm..i guess i am a jack of all trades, master of none.:) i think my true talent lies in helping people arbitrate things, bring people and sides together..

+Harit Doshi - beautiful pic. my hidden talent is that i can inspire myself and others and be positive all the time. i can easily learn and understand new things. this things have helped me to learn many things in arts and science and am like jack of all the trades. but i want to be master of one or many. professionally i am a software engineer and web programmer but i am also a photography enthusiast and good at sketching and drawing.

+Mark Esguerra As much as I'd like to tell you that my mustache can reach out independently and snatch food for me like an elephant, I don't think I have any hidden talents. He he. Unless of course +1'ing photos is a talent. ;-P

+Mohsen Alaghemand - I'm a programer,windows applications and web developer :D

+Chad LaFarge - I make a mean Crème brûlée.

+Melissa Beagle What a great idea +shirley lo! Hmmm. . mine is whistling. I can whistle most any tune. . . and tend to whistle when I'm happy.

+Eddie K - I am a great consumer +shirley lo, haha...
Everything +shirley lo. Or I make really great attempts at it. That's my talent.

+leonard mckee My hidden talents are only hidden because i choose to not show them. I can play any instrument(not real well maybe). I used to take my old banjo to nursing homes and just sit and play for a bit. Just for fun and thier enjoyment. I guess I'm just lazy.

+Ralph Mendoza - Fantastic colors. Great capture. Did it take a long time to get this moment?
Thanks +shirley lo. I think I listen well though my wife my
Hidden talent? Hmmmm, have to think about that one

+John Wesche - I love movies (all kinds) and I can remember and quote from movies I have only seen once, even if it was some years ago

+Valentin Dobroia - I am very good in organize trips and travels and in make exotic fruits salad :) The next scheduled trip is in Corfu Island in september, but until then can occur unplanned trips :). my spcial fruits salad contains a watermelon cut in half, in each half are removed the seeds and in this cavity we put honney, banana, apple, berrys and all the fruits you like. Then with a spoon we mix the core of watermelon with the rest of the fruits and his is the salad :)

+Charles Lu - I can make killer crab cakes and play the piano at the same time

+Chris Hoffmann - I can make a killer chicken soup (...while singing, +Charles Lu ;). Such an amazing image, Charles and +shirley lo!
I will try to sing anything. Right now, Adele is at the top of my list, but I also like to sing other pop songs as well as classical and show tunes, etc. I have a deep love for and appreciation of all music. :)

+Charles Lu Haha, but I find killer chickens 'round about the killer shellfish. :)

+shirley lo I sang publicly for many years (mostly locally) throughout my childhood and teen years, then abruptly stopped at 18 for a number of reasons. I've since sung only a handful of times in front of a crowd and I've never yet recorded myself singing. I have no reasons why, and often think about it. Maybe eventually I will find the courage to try again. :)

+Tisha Craw - Great shot, +shirley lo! I have no hidden talents. Everyone knows how fabulous I am. ;)

+Luis Alberto - Probably it is the plastic arts and the music. I refer to the plastic arts as the oil paint, and to listen to music, already it does a time it was employed at programs of radio, nowadays I am trying to produce a group music.

+Gabriel Hilbert - i do not know and consider them very little, but i fancy art in all forms, especially expression of self-thought. i love poetry and thought, with a side of drawing and carving, but have never made a dime. and you dear shirley lo?

I can only dance with too much to drink, but i love music in almost every form and to me it is the ultimate in self-expression. thank-you so much shirley lo.

+Jorge Gutiérrez - That is a really good shoot! and well i think i can draw realistic things without references.... and stay awake for days :S
i like the human body for all my practices (color, texture, volume...) and some fantasy things like warriors, princes, and so... xD
I just need music, some work to do (or some game to play ಠ_ಠ) and +Coca-Cola xD

+Philipp Weimer - Oh well, I can make some fantastic sourdough chocolate muffins :)
I hope I remember to post some next time I make them :)

+Jason Thompson - Great question. Finding solutions.

+Tim Behrens - +Elena Konstantinova, seems like the little things can be what others appreciate the most. I'd say being a real friend is huge.

+Anderson Santiago JR - i am a grate Rollerblade. i skating all around city find new doing.

+Timothy Soloman - The Peacock is said to be the Bird of King Soloman. Beautiful iare the works of Nature

+Bertrand Chombart haven't find my talent yet, i guess it very well hidden ;)

+Scott Chatfield Knowledge, and to experience perspectives from someone elses view.

+Richard Hay - Peacocks are dudes +shirley lo and Peahens are rather plain. Just trying to get a boy to wear a peacock outfit for Halloween though. My daughter wore one a couple years ago (awesome). I played trumpet & french horn for 17 years

+Jon Gauntt - In most things in life I am a Generalist. I can generally pick up something new and do well at it and even pick up skills needed to assist with it in pretty quick order. What I have never been able to determine is what I am exceptional at. My father told me when I was younger that I could do anything I wanted. I believed him... still do. However, I did not learn how to go from learning how to do things to excelling at them.
I tend toward artistic things (and take after my mother in this). Singing, Guitar, Writing, Drawing, Drafting, Imaginative Invention (more for my writing, because most things like this would not work in this world, but it's fun to create), Chainmail (from jewelry to stainless steel), Cross Stitch, Games with Roleplay (face to face, pen and paper), Photography (black and white developing on up to iPhone4s - currently no DSLR, but I'm working on it), Art Design, Voracious Reader, Bonsai, Computer Repair (though my day job keeps the need for doing this for others to a minimum), Console and Online Gaming, etc.
My hobbies are cyclical in nature and can come and go quickly. Often either time or space is limited by someone or something else. Currently my time is occupied most often by my wife's Grandfather who has Alzheimer's and Dementia (and as of a month ago a broken hip). We moved both her grandparents and her mother into our house in November. I have learned that I have vast reserves of patience (though sometimes I have to vent about her mother).
I once heard that if you practiced something (in this case a musical instrument) for an hour every day for five years you would have mastered it. I don't know if that is technically true, as it may just teach you that you have gotten proficient enough to see how vast the sea of knowledge is that lies before you. I have not followed through with this in many areas of my life. I do not know if that is a blessing or a curse. For one I am not specialized in one thing to the exclusion of everything else in my life. I am also flexible enough that if something catches my fancy, I can pick it up and enjoy the learning experience. As long as I am learning something new, I feel that I am alive. I hope the day never comes where either I don't enjoy learning anymore or that I have focused so much on one thing that I use it all up and have nothing more to learn about it. And someday, when it is all said and done, if I have tried a thousand things and have only developed patience, it will be enough.

+John Freeman - Hello, I feel my hidden talent lies in the ethereal part of life's mysteries.
I can look and see something; a photo, an image, or an entity and immediately know the most positive things or parts and the most negative things or parts but only comment on those that are positive. So I guess my failure or state is never seeing the middle ground. I know that is both all and nothing simultaneously yet I focus upon the positive in hopes of amplifying that and minimizing the negative. Also I use to be a better scientist than now but it still remains a strong part of my cognitive set. Thank You Shirley for allowing me to share my inner being with you through this site and you gentle insight of beauty. You are Love

+Tsunyu Chou - If I have any hidden talent, then it is truly hidden. Beautiful peacock, so vivid and glamorous.

+Dhopy Nepp It may sound pretentious, but I have the talent to see beauty where others see nothing.

+Zafrul Karim My hidden talent: I am a great boss. People who have worked for me in the past, have not found a better work-place or better boss afterwards.

+Duff Ashfox Talent? They say I "radiate". I think that qualifies. ^^

+Mari Sterling Wilbur Stunning colors and great photo of this showoff +shirley lo I'm great at listening to people and making them feel good about themselves.

+Christian Reyes - My not so hidden Tashkent is the ability to recognize how truly finite it's the time that I have available to love those around me.

+Romeo Deka I don't have any hidden talents, only simple curiosity.

+Joy Harrison - My hidden talent is that I know how to use positive things (music, art, poetry, baking) to soothe myself during personal turmoil.

+Brian Thompson I CURSH cans my hand i do them of you tube too beebee890

+Matt Baker Photography, iOS programmer, graphic designer, double-jointed thumbs.

+Josh Vosick My special hidden talent is I can force my pupils to dilate and I can make fart sounds with my neck

+John Soo-Hoo My special talent is to be able to reconize 70-90's TV/movie. Quotes or theme song.

One of my favorite quotes from "Highlander: The Series"
"A couple of Medieval songwriters come up with the idea of Chivalry one rainy day and you embrace it as a lifestyle. You live and die by a code of honor that was TRENDY when you were a kid."

Most of the shows are action adventure that have a hero character. The ones I enjoyed most are where the hero is reluctant and has flaws.

+Gustavo Mesa García focus on the meaning of the title :) everybody hidden the best talents = why?

If i got any .. they come and go & they´re mixed, so, i don´t know what to say.... maybe these "talents" are hidden even 4 me! l:)

+Kamel Ezzat My talents because I'm not a real hidden first type II hair like tennis Thirdly, I love the very practical researcher in the science of poultry Fourthly love of nature created by God so loved the trips and other ........... Thank you very much... Sweet shirley lo

+bebe cakra maybe photography but I do not have a network there :-D

+Johan Peijnenburg I am very good at shaking my tail feathers +shirley lo :D

+john chapman Hidden talent? Hopefully being able to make people smile :)

+Muzi Mzimela  really gal my hidden talent, I jc wish could somebody tl me u know

+Manoj Roy hidden talents?? talent itself is a rare phenomenon in my life, let alone hidden 1s.....but yeah....if i'd to speak of @least 1 friends say i've this amazing talent of pissing them off and i should give up this for good....difficult to explain them that they are the 1s who give me an opportunity every now and then !

+Makoto Takane Google + are like peacock feathers, spread the circle of circle Will be spread across the world.

+Tia Boykin
I am a cook & hair dresser

+John Wesche John Wesche - +shirley lo asked what some of my favorite movie quotes are so I thought I would make a separate post to list some of them. These are only a random small selection of some of my favorite quotes.

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” — The Shawshank Redemption

“You’re killin’ me Smalls!” — The Sandlot (I use this one a lot)

“The swan ate my baby!” — Drop Dead Gorgeous

“Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face! Good day to you, madam.” — Uncle Buck

Half of writing history is hiding the truth.- Capt. Malcolm Reynolds – Serenity

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it - Lord of the Rings

"Remember George, No man is a failure who has friends. ... You see, George, you really have had a wonderful life"- It's a Wonderful Life

"And so the days of the Samurai had ended. Nations, like men, it is sometimes said, have their own destiny. As for the American Captain, no one knows what became of him. Some say that he died of his wounds. Others, that he returned to his own country. But I like to think he may have at last found some small measure of peace, that we all seek, and few of us ever find."- The Last Samurai

Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who.- Monty Python and the Holy Grail

WOAH! You just shot at your imaginary friend next to a truck full of 400lbs of nitroglycerine!- Fight Club

Every shadow no matter how deep is threatened by morning light.- The Fountain

"I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!- There Will Be Blood

Well just a few of my favorites, there not in any kind of order or anything. What are some of your favorite movie quotes?

#peacock #talent #shakeyourtailfeathers
1 month ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Scoopsmash : The Interrogation scene, hehehe! Remember? Uncle Buck, you're missed. #homealone #movies
The Interrogation scene, hehehe! Remember? Uncle Buck, you're missed. #homealone #movies
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What's up uncle buck ? Where Are u?
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Uncle Buck.  All around good movie.  RIP John Candy.  We've missed you
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Troy's Top 100 Movies. #86 Uncle Buck.
Continuing my 80's in the eighties countdown. Uncle Buck is John Hughes 1989 comedy that stars John Candy as Buck, the wise cracking, crude titular character that is asked by his brother to come babysit their kids while they leave town for a few days. This ...
Troy's Top 100 Movies. #86 Uncle Buck.
Continuing my 80's in the eighties countdown. Uncle Buck is John Hughes 1989 comedy that stars John Candy as Buck, the wise cracking, crude titular character that is asked by his brother to come babysit their kids while they ...
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