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Most recent 14 results returned for keyword: The Town (Search this on MAP) Black Rose ブラック ロス : Open Just Ask to join. ~The Destruction of Hoenn.~ A Day after the Destruction of Kanto instead of...
Open Just Ask to join.

~The Destruction of Hoenn.~

A Day after the Destruction of Kanto instead of moving east to Johto, Black went South to destroy Hoenn instead of Johto. The skies over the Island region blackened. Wind began to howl across the Hoenn's routes and even through it's cities. Over the center of the region within the Black Clouds a funnel took shape and began swirling ominously as the people of Hoenn stared in paralyzing fear. The funnel opened wider and from the shadows within the clouds Black floated down from the clouds along with Dialga and Palkia who remained behind Black as they stopped floating downward and remained high within the air. Black stared down upon the region's cities and people with a almost glaring expression. "The day has arrived where this region will be free of Humanity as well. The day of judgement has arrived for this region's people. I the God of this world shall remove the sins of man from this world, this universe, this realm." Black said coldly as he extended his arm and opened his hand charging a attack that slowly grew within his palm. "Palkia Spacial Rend, Dialga Roar of Time." Black called for a action of the Gods. Their gems began to glow different colors, Palkia swinging his arm and released a Power Energy slash with destroyed all of Littleroot Town and Oldale Town utterly. Dialga Roared as it fired a Dark Purple and Black energy beam that collided with Petalburgh igniting in a explosion, firing again the attack hit Rustboro City destroying many of the buildings and killing many of the people just as the other attacks did. "My turn..." Black said as he turned and faced Dewford Island, the Energy Sphere grew larger turning a Dark Purple Color which was fired. The large beam made contact with the Island Town completely destroying it. Black then began to unleash a volley of of Gold colored Energy spheres that have a Black Core upon the cities Slateport, Mauvile and the town of Verdanturf destroying everything within them leaving the once lively towns in cities in ruin. "Even I shall eradicate the human civilization from this beautiful Region permanently!" Black said as he fired a Black energy beam at the Sea Mauvile area destroying it completely. The half sunken building ignited in a intense flame which like many of the destroyed cities began to cast black smoke high into the blacken skies.

"Dialga, Palkia Aura Sphere." Black commanded as the Two Dragon's bagan charging two massive energy spheres that were fired into the area of Weather Institute and Foretree City destroying the building and the city completely leaving both places in ruin. Black smirked as he watched the mortal humans die off in large numbers and turned his attention to Fallorbor Town and Lavaridge Town and fired a volley of those gold energy spheres directly at the towns destroying them both in mere moments. "Now to finish what I started here!" Black said as he faced the west area of the Region staring at the towns and cities of Mossdeep, Sootopolis, Ever Grande, Lilycove and Pacifilog Town. "Dialga, Palkia Draco Meteor!" Black ordered, The Dragon Gods responded and charged a sphere of energy that they threw into the sky, both sphere exploded and rained comet like energy attacks which rain down all over Lilycove destroying everything within it even destroying the diver's house within the route to Mossdeep. The city of Lilycove laid in ruin of fire, smoke and destroyed building. Black continued moving and flew above the city of Sootopolis, a smirk grew upon his face as he put his hands together in a Kahmama Wave like fashion charging a Energy sphere with a Dark Purple outer color a translucent inside and a Black Core. Black smiled as he fired the Black energy beam into the center of the city obliterating Sootopolis and it's people. The beam dissipated and the inside of the crater like city was in complete ruin. The buildings were completely destroyed and the town was seen with smoke raising from the fires within. Black began to fire energy volleys of Black cored energy spheres which obliterated the League Building and the city of Ever Grande which consisted of the Victory Road and a Pokemon Center which were destroyed. Black then directed his attacks upon Mossdeep destroying the city and it's residence in mere seconds if not a minute or two. The last cities of Hoenn were in ruin of crumbled buildings and fiery smoke and flame.

"It's time we move to Johto now. We finished our job here we must go right away." Black said with a smirk as he flew into the black funnel that he came out of. Following, Dialga and Palkia entered the funnel as it closed and vanished into the Black Skies that now rested across the World that the human cities laid in ruin. The last of Humanity laid in Johto and Kalos and those were the next targets.
2 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Daniel Oines : DAN'S CORNER HUDSON, FL-Well, it's that time of year again. I suppose you might say the presence of...

HUDSON, FL-Well, it's that time of year again. I suppose you might say the presence of land dwelling, air breathing invertebrates is sort of a tradition in our town. And they are all around us as another winter fades into the mists of memory.

We've also got worms, which are invertebrates, and dwell IN the land. That's another tradition here in Pasco County. I was walking down to the Batterchox Cafe early last week when I ran into Pastor Rhubarb, who was carrying a mud bucket filled with worms.

It reminded me of the time Sven Walterson lost his tractor the night before the apple festival dance that year Edna's onion cake lost first prize. Both Sven and Edna were invertebrates who lived on land. They didn't have gills.

The kind of person who loses a tractor is the kind of person I want to know. But I have to admit, I never got to know Sven before he died.

I did deliver the eulogy at his memorial service though. All the people here love to hear me talk. I think it's because I flatter them and the town they live in and they like that sort of thing, being the idiots that they are.

Anyway, I asked the Pastor about the bucket of worms and he stood there in silence. He had a large, wide brimmed black hat and those round, silver framed eyeglasses Radar from M*A*S*H and John Denver were once fond of wearing. He had beady eyes.

We stood in silence, starting at one another for a good four hours that morning. That's the kind of thing we do here in our town. You might even call it a tradition, like little league baseball games on a summer evening and fireworks the third day before Halloween.


There I was, wondering about the worms. But I realized it was really none of my business. Who was I to bother the Pastor, whose last name I invented and promptly forgot?

I broke eye contact and went on my way. He turned his head and looked at me as I strolled to the cafe, proudly wearing my casual sports jacket and red bow tie.

I had some rhubarb pie, which reminded me of the Pastor. I talked to a farmer, a gentleman by the name of Voppeltryne Chagunkoprawnvi. His family settled our town way back and started a tradition of changing their first and last names to invented, difficult ones every few months. They used to be the Hudson family in the 1500s.

Voppeltryne's wife was named Temnerianiablashke. She and I had had an affair a few months ago, and I suppose, by tradition, that the old farmer resented how I acted like we were old friends ready to have a good, long chat at the cafe.


And so we finished talking. It was, as you might imagine, a somewhat awkward conversation. But I tried to keep it going as long as possible despite all his signals that he just wanted to leave as I leaned on the entrance door while complimenting how nice his wife was.

This kind of writing could just go on and on, but I wanted to see how a newspaperish style of text looked on Google+. I wondered if plain capital letters would stand out.

Blah, blah. So forth. Such as.

It's sunny right now with a steady north breeze. That's another tradition in our town. The children don't really like it in the winter because it hurts their eyes when their kites fly straight up to get into perfect alignment with the bright sun. It's no fun to fly kites and look at the sun, but they do it anyway.

I like writing things and exploring what digital technology can do. Thank goodness for Notepad!
8 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Global Cycling Network : One for the sprinters, Stage 1 of the Abu Dhabi Tour kicked off with an out and back route around the...
One for the sprinters, Stage 1 of the Abu Dhabi Tour kicked off with an out and back route around the town of Madinat Zayed.
Watch the video: Abu Dhabi Tour Stage 1 Report
Controversy around disc brakes and a sprint finish were the main stories from Stage 1 of the Abu Dhabi Tour. Subscribe to GCN: Get exclusive GCN gear in the GCN store! A quality field assembled in the Middle East, including several sprinters eyeing victory today. Mark Cavendish, Marcel Kittel, Andre Greipel and Caleb Ewan were all involved - who would take the leader's red jersey at the end of the day? Watch more on GCN... Sprint tips with Mark Cavendish ▶︎ Matt vs Cav GCN Challenge ▶︎ Photos: © Bettiniphoto / & ©Tim De Waele / About GCN: The Global Cycling Network puts you in the centre of the action: from the iconic climbs of Alpe D’Huez and Mont Ventoux to the cobbles of Flanders, everywhere there is road or pavé, world-class racing and pro riders, we will be there bringing you action, analysis and unparalleled access every we...
10 minutes ago - Via - View - Ashlynn Walker : Panaca Valley Wander #3 Panaca, NV is a small town in the middle of nowhere, but, for me, it is the...
Panaca Valley Wander #3

Panaca, NV is a small town in the middle of nowhere, but, for me, it is the center of the universe. This small town is where I grew up and have spent most of my life. It is also the place I got to take my latest walk. There is something so special about that town. Maybes it’s the fact that you get to wave and chat with everyone because you know everyone who lives there. Or maybe it's the fact that you know every street and back road for miles around. You can’t get lost in the noise and hustle of a big city, because in Panaca there is no noise or hustle to get lost in.
As I walked along, I looked to the left and remembered riding down the hill on my bike as a child. I looked to the right and I saw the only busy street in the town, but I am not sure you can call it busy with two cars zooming by. I looked straight and I saw what seems to be an endless dirt road, with rows of farms framing both sides.
I looked around and I realized that all the memories are there because the town hasn’t changed. The roads are the same, the people are the same, the feelings are all the same. I love that small town feeling that I was just talking about. It’s just the greatest feeling in the world. Where everyone and everything is homegrown with love and supported by everyone around. 
11 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Frank H : Excerpt:- At least 28 cities in Espirito Santo, located northeast of Rio Janeiro, are canceling Carnival...
Excerpt:- At least 28 cities in Espirito Santo, located northeast of Rio Janeiro, are canceling Carnival celebrations because of security concerns, which have flared up since a police strike in the state.

“The measure is due to the crisis experienced by public security in the state, which makes the full security of residents and tourists impossible during the Carnival of 2017,” a press statement from officials in the town of Piúma said.

No problem, don't worry about it. When they get sacked for not taking care of the people as they are PAID to do they will learn. Don't be lured into a contrived situation...

Brazilian Cities Cancel Carnival over Security Concerns
Amid police strikes and widespread violence, cities in Brazil's Espirito Santo state say they cannot protect partygoers and tourists.
12 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Chrisblend : Mali soldiers, armed groups hold first joint patrol in northern town Soldiers from the Waraba Battalion...
Mali soldiers, armed groups hold first joint patrol in northern town
Soldiers from the Waraba Battalion, an EU-trained Malian army battalion, walk outside their base in Gao July 8, 2013. Malian soldiers staged their first joint patrol on Thursday with members of rival armed groups in the town of Gao where Islamist militants ...
Mali soldiers, armed groups hold first joint patrol in northern town

14 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Joe Sida : 14.01.2017. NAZIS AND RACIST in GERMANY are in soup in my Records here in Germany, they have them as...
NAZIS AND RACIST in GERMANY are in soup in my Records here in Germany, they have them as members in every working places, Organizations, e.t.c they have also penetrated many Religion as members, many will lose their asset through fine and some will be taken to life Jail some where soon, they have been killing alot of people, and in my personal Blood is a recorded three Babies, this Racist and Nazis group are now working in systematic way through networking with their learned language codes, every body beware, i Joe Sida injured through the weapons they used against me and will never let them go free, no Mercy.... I'M OUT FOR ALL....

Criminals and Enemies of progress is POLICE.

Back to my apartment 20.12.2016.
No matter what ever you shown or tell your unknown/ secret enemies, they must figure out a way of disqualifying or depribing your rights, through legal or illegal way, every body take note and be careful, also no Police is a friend to any!, but sometimes will act like a friend only to find a way to destroy all your way of success, The most CRIMINALS and enemies of progress is POLICE, confirmed by JOE here in Germany.

Attention 22.11.2016.

German Nazi/ Racist spion as my neighbor Miss Willroth Irina brought and illegally left a dog sleeping in the house which made me warn her to take away but she just made a report to their Police concerning my warning which made them attacked and injured me in the street also intentionally destroyed some of my personal belonging e.g my new wrist watch, also targeted depriben my won cases against them but no way though i am right now in a German Hospital where they forcely took me to cool down which also not a right department for me but any way i still have many of won cases for compensation proves!, they re all murderers Criminals/ Losers and must pay for all damages caused or would be Losen their properties and taken to jail soon.

Attention 22.11.2016
Some Nazis/Racist if they found out that many of their commited crimes has been captured/ exposed, they easily try to start acting like a mad or handicap person, only to be free from purnishment, i got one girl confirmed, age between 20/21 years old newly moved into my apartment as neighbor same house floor also have worked with the Nazis criminals who attacked my apartment on 13.10.2016, as police e.t.c, all my won amount for compensation must be paid.

Achtung 22.11.2016.
Manche Nazis/ Racist, wenn wissen das ihr schon soviel offentlichen scheiß gebaut/ gefast, fang ihr an zu charactieren als wie verrukt oder behindert, diese speil ist nur zu frei vom eigenen straf zu gehen, hier in meine wohnung ist einer madchen zwischen 20/21 jahr alt neue rein gezogen in der gleich etage als nachbarn auch schon zusammen mit der kriminell/ nazis als polizist hier in mein wohnung angegriffen am 13.10.2016, gearbeitet etc, mein gewonnen schmerzensgeld mus gezahlt.

Just suffered and got my phones e.t.c, back today 16.11.2016 through a German immigration office while i didnt succeeded through Police station due to their attempted criminal act plus wickedness and Racism.

Neue info, 16.11.2016.

Durch des bose und racismus von Bad Pyrmont polizei , mein handys ihr illegalie vom mir am 13.10.2016, weg gennomen/ gestohlen, hier durch mein schnell getrofenne untersuchung gegen ihr etc, alles war uber auslanderbehorde zuruck zu mir am 16.11.2016 gekommen.

Mein Handys und micro sd karte gestohlen bei Nazis Bad Pyrmont Polizei am 13.10.2016, ist bis heute 10.11.2016 noch nicht zurück zu mir gekomme.

Achtung, Achtung, Achtung.
Nazis Deutsche Polizei ist an der versucht Joe Sida zu toten nach ihr mich vergiftet und noch zusammen mit gearbeitet und alle mein kinds mit Absicht getotet alle Deutcher/in wissen sie vom mir bescheid und jetz hatten ihr weitere viel vom mir am 13.10.2016 gestohlen, ich habe viel mehr in English sprache hier online geschrieben, wiisen sie bescheid vom mir.

Attention, Attention, Attention.

On my getting Close to my house door within 18.15, 07.11.2016 two different big German Criminals/murderers, Nazis Police without uniform just shouted and attempted catching me which i just ran away, my untreated injuries is valid including their new commited once, my phones and sd Cards is still illegally Held by the wicked Bad Pyrmont Police they must provide all to me, while the longer i dont get them! the more purnishment they will be receiving from me and my helpers, every Body beware, they are in many offences and continuose murd attempt right now.

I Joe Sida within 17: 20 time 07.11.2016, have just broken the wicked Nazis German police in Bad Pyrmont, glass windows and door with a stone, which two fat unknown German Man with a car just jumped out of a car and chased me in the street close to my home.

Joe have just now 07/11/16, 15: 00 time confirmed through German post office that no undelivered packet from any German Police under my name is left in their office, German Police racist and murd act/ criminal and attempted murd act is now openly confirmed, i am free to kill any of them till they pay my won amount of money for injuries and damages which they caused to my life and all my helpers is covered under my case law.


Joe some minute ago 07.11.2016 on ride and just witnessed how a Bad pyrmont Nazi Police girl with uniform, standing and removing my first son foto which i pasted on a wall infront of their Station with some writen information against their criminal and murderers act, and also ride till Bad Pyrmont train station and found out that all my pasted foto was also removed by unknown person, which i have just replaced again my self right now and till evening if i dont get my phones and memory stick/ SD card which they stole, then my open attack against every Police in my near will start, its my right they are murderers and criminals and also illegally using Nazis law against international law.

Any body who want to visit my apartment to witness how the murderers Nazis police scartered and left my apartment, they have to do that now till 07.11.2016 evening, address is, An der Oesdorfer Kirche house 9, post code 31812 in the town called Bad Pyrmont in Germany my name is at door bell, my phones and memory stick/ sd card which they stole is still never get back to me!..

German Police is big criminals and Shit.

Here is some of the photo how the German wicked Nazis Police in the City called Hameln zone /Bad Pyrmont scartered and left my home also attempted to deny having my money wallet and phones with them, which i stll captured them through my immediate report and investigation as i was still in the German Mad peoples hospital where they illegally through their injustice sent me but now my money wallet is out but they wickedly and stupidly configured a story to delay given back my phones which my open attack against them will be taken place at any moment from monday, they are real criminal, their poisons and injuries given to me, the compensation amount due to damages is still never paid according to my won case against them, i am still untreated due to unpaid awaiting won money, health check up and treatment must be any where of my choice.

16 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Frank Cleare : I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: The town halls trying to tackle Trump's agenda...
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

The town halls trying to tackle Trump's agenda -
The town halls trying to tackle Trump's agenda - BBC News
Republican politicians are returning to their home districts to face a barrage of criticism
18 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Ελένη «ΕLENI DOUFEKA» Δ. : ★ °.˛.˛.°★。˛°.★ ★*GOOD* ΕVENING *★ °.˛# Ελλαδα γύρω μας και εντός μας )~~*★ °.˛.˛.°★ ,#GREECE! #Kaiafas...
★ °.˛.˛.°★。˛°.★ ★*GOOD* ΕVENING *★ °.˛#
Ελλαδα γύρω μας και εντός μας )~~*★ °.˛.˛.°★
,#GREECE! #Kaiafas #lake #Ilia
I ♥Greece because..★ °.˛.˛.°★ ✅✔✅✔✅💟💕
This is a view of Kaiafas Lake.

Kaiafas lake (actually a lagoon) is a lake in Ilia Prefecture in southwestern Greece, extending north of the town of Zacharo. It lies between the Lapithas Mountains and the Ionian Sea. (Wikipedia)
18 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Joe Sida : Attention Attention Attention, 14/08/2016,DEUTSCHLAND IST SCHEIßE...... GERMANY IS SHIT..... Some German...
Attention Attention Attention, 14/08/2016,DEUTSCHLAND IST SCHEIßE......
Some German Court racist system captured, if you hand over case proving your innocence and alot of injuries Germany given just to wicked / kill you, or you still inform them to investigate your case they only remain on silent and if you apply for compensation, they do same silent and you still gave them your needed amount due to injuries and damages they caused and you still gave them period of time to act against if is not acceptable/ suitable for your shown injuries/ damages they still remain on silent till period over but on same process if any German/ Authority lift up some silly case against you, even without showing a real prove of offence commited by you, you will be surprise on the decision some of this Racist Court is going to make even with force against you and upon the money they owe to you, they will still find a way through Injustice of given you an illegal fine and same way will try to detain you if you dont pay, upon that they knew that they owe you some amount to pay due to your neatly won case against them, i am a proud injured Victim with multiple proves against Germany, Germany is Shit i am seriously injured by them also till my Babies murd which all my won cases reference nr is known by them they must pay fast! If not!, my real attack against them will be starting soon.


DEUTSCHLAND IST SCHEIßE..... is SHIT! 12/08/2016.
German Authorities are stealin peoples belonging also using an intelligent way to get someones copy of house key without the persons notice which they use sometime in going to poison the persons food!, all this made me to beleive that Germany is a SHIT and very wicked Country i'm proud to say this because they re murderers and Criminals which i have alot of new evidences to prove many! They must pay all debt owe to me due to injuries them and their Nazis/ Racist caused, if not done soon then i will start taken any physical action of my choice against them!, People beware!!! I have been on injury and patience here enough. 20/07/2016: I was injured by the Germany also till murd and attempted murd against me upon my won compensation due to injuries and damages caused to me by the German Authorities still not been paid but they went ahead targeting to intimidate and to kill me for them to be able to use my won money them self!, every body beware because copy of my uploaded letter today right on my facebook profile is one of my example to show their new intimidation,threats from them against me in a case which i won directly against the German Police Racism and illegalities commited against me, through this case they have also threatened me at home on the 12/07/2016 early in the morning which i succeeded in chasing them out with my self defense weapon, every body beware here is an open war and war crime against me the Victim of Nazis and Racist here in Germany!, and will like to inform that the injury given to me through their Chemical weapon / Poison gas which they used against me is hurting me now more and more then psychologically hurting me more and more due to my Babies which they intentionally murdered!, people beware because i will be giong soon ahead to burn places here in Germany if my won money for compensation not been paid fast as possible for my health check up and treatment to be taken place any where of my choice, i have been patience enough but they want to prove stupid wiseness with the Nazis/ Racist Laws which at moment no legal right because a deadline was given for them to prove thier innocence concerning my showned injuries and their attack against me in which they didn't show any innocent prove for a very long time, people beware because here will be soon an open attack from me against German for them to pay what they are owen me which many of the German Courtes knews my needed amount of money through my letters and application to them, which no one have to blame me if i starts because is my legall right, 14/06/2016,All published information from 2014 down here in my profile is still valid till now, every body beware of frauds!, and will like to inform that hackers re still having access in shutting down and also sometimes deleting infos in old phones without internet access e.g sms, numbers e.t.c this has been occuring to me till today, i tested three different phone also locking with code but same still happening even on 08/06/2016 having phone in my hand it occured twice the third round in my pocket, 24/05/2016, About 7 and half hour ago Just puttin on my cloth and three (3) stupid Police with a big dog succeeded destroying my door broke in my apartment showing a letter proving wrong Nationality instead of my Nationality stated in my submited birth cert also stating to me that one of their Nazi Judge Mrs Ziche from the Magistrates Court Hannover sent them to search my apartment for weapons which i refused but they did by force and after all they didn't find any but scattered my apartment also left it like a mad persons house going!, also still never pay my won money for compensation due to injuries, every body beware here is war Crime going against me in my case here in Germany. 15/05/2016,If I, or any of my real supporter starts destroying or killing/ injuring people no one have to blame us because Pain getting higher day by day i, m injured!, my expected health check up and treatment is no longer going to be in Germany also knowned by some German Courts, but my awaiting won compensation still not been paid but I also got confirmed that the undercover Nazi German girl (Diana Dilling) who accepted killing my Babies through her together job with her Authorities/Police and Nazi Organization, is now back on facebook which i'm not the first foreign guy that they did used her in doing the same job of frustration against to leave their Country but only mine got till Murd & Poisons e.t.c, against me also without any commited offenses, also attempted to destroy my signed Paternity/ Custody for my first son but didn't get before i sent all copy to the German Court same job they did by stealing my Original birth cert in one Justice department as i vissited through four Police illegal arrest against me but copy already sent to three different German Courts before it happened e.g to Magistrates Court Hameln, Administrative Court Hannover and Niedersachsen higher Administrative Court e.t.c, in which all did received, case still going on concerning the criminal incident, every body be known because two guys in relationship with her before me was also dealt with in which one already in prison before my relationship started which he will be up to nine years or more for a stated drug crime and one other case according to her which i dont know if he did commited or not but the first guy ran away narrowly escaped from going to prison for a stated drug and deportation case against him, but through my relationship with her alot was exposed, i also forced her giving self report to the police concerning her commited offenses that resulted my babies murd which i luckly and accidentally witnessed during the incidents but Police never interested because they only targeting and having interest to hear offenses against me which was the main job given to her, if you like to see these girl check her profile now if she still never ran away..19.04.2016,Joe is single and dont want any relationship, beware, and if any one mentioning any thing other than mine here dont beleive him or her, its a fraud!.... 14.04.2016, Got confirmed that The Hameln Magistrates Court here in Germany is a Nazis Court while accepting illegal cases from my enemies but delaying for the payment of my won case for my injury treatment which some case detail is partially right here in my page 17.03.2016, illegally arrested!, beware of German criminals/ impersonators!, my phone and bank cards with many personal datas/ documents (e.g) my Original birthcertificate, phones having prove of my first son's murd e.t.c, was stolen by the German Authority which all workers involed during the incident (e.g) Justice are still denying been the one indeed but aware of all stolen documents /datas,. 08/03/2016, I hereby to declare that onbehalf of my injuries and my won case, money still not been paid here in Germany, any one owen any debt to any German Authority or Commerzbank, you dont have to pay back to them! if you want, is Authorized by me and if you want it to be signed then just contact me, i will do that for you because this people are very wicked which i will prove to any limit any International Authority want to have it, down here in my page from 2014, is some detail but still alot private and Commerzbank is bank i paid for service but no good service given, very bad and wicked bank. 14/02/2016. I want to tell the Nation that since my Babies murd, here in Germany is a seriouse open war/war Crime against me (Joe Sida) and cold war going against some foriegners here in Germany now till the limit of deadline abuses by many German Authorities but forcing others to obey their own given deadline, same in many German Courts and some local Companies every body beware while my won due Compensation for damages here is still not be paid/ granted and they re now targetting to kill me according illegal move been going on now.... 30/01/2016. Any information you hear against me (Joe Sida), from German Police/Undercover Nazis, Racist or any of thier secrete agent, never believe it!!!, best try to contact me because they are murderers and i am having alote of video /voice recorder to prove my innocence in many allegation against me which they many times attempted stealing in many ways but never got all, the case is also registered in the German Courts but as a foreigner no 80% assurance for legal Justification in some German Court. Today 29/01/2016, Money owe me by Germany is still valid and would like to inform that, I won the Hameln Murderers, and they decided robbing me yesterday 28/01/2016, with their Police, stolen some of my belonging from my money wallet (e.g) sd cards, every foriegner in Germany / vissitors, beware of Police robberry here in Germany, this link my understanding to know more hack groups against me. 15/01/2016. I just confirmed that hackers have just stole many of my saved datas in my smartphone right now, just like they did sometimes ago, but my backup is still privately somewhere...... every body be known all smartphone is reachable by hackers.....and this act must be my won enemies/ murderers and Criminals/loosers seeking for a retrieval of my won right, but no way, case deadline is over!!!!!! 08/01/2016. The Town Hameln-Pyrmont is one of the confirmed dangerous Nazis Town in Germany. 28/12/2015 Alle Deutscher besser Such vor ein dolmetscher/in, wenn sie meine geklart information hier gegen dein Land richtig verstehen wollen weil dein Land viel scheiße in meine leben gebaut noch bis mord, meine groß angriff gegen alles wird schon bald wenn sie alle mein gewonnen recht in deine Gericht nicht schnell ab sofort zu mir geben!!! Wenn mein angriff esttate mus niemand schuld zu mir geben Wissen sie bescheid!!!.... This is free world my rights belongs to me alone! same with every one, all people who are mesin up! fire &Thunder is on the way, good people no fear all is gonna be alright yeaah!!!!, Injustice is forbiden in any been done! must be an immediate retrieval! A right Judgment must go according to what someone personally commited and not because of what any of his or her knowned person or friend been commited without any clear evidence of his or her support. Never accept any information you heard against me from any one behind without contacting me to know atleast a little truth about me from what ever you heard because there are many wicked once out there looking for an innocent soul and image to destroy, so be knowned and be warned! take care. Here is the fraud lawyer R.A.e Kienitz,Möller & Becker/ v. Klencke postfach 100263-30968 Wennigsen, which the undercover Nazi worker Mr Gerald Klause Reherstraße, 3, 31860 Emmerthal, who pretends to be a helper to the forigner but only what he does is to work together with his fraud lawyer in canceling many of my personal reported case application to the Court behind me with out an aproved signature from me that they have the right to do that also trying to put me into new troubles,so that all report would be regarded as a Mad persons report, but nomatter what ever they are doing, i will never give up for my Right. Mentally disorder, Hatred/ Greediness and fraudstration pushes some foriegners in working with Nazi/ Racist against a fellow forigner for their own beneficial... Today 27/06/2015, new added details. My name is Joe 22 years old and would like to tell the nation that they did work together with my ex German fiancee Diana Dilling and illegally did intentionally killed my three unborn babies also till nine month pregnancy due to racist here in Germany and now trying to deprive my right for the case which i started against there murderer act also with many other reports which i gave against their intimidation on me in different ways also now trying to set me up in different ways and also looking for a way to convert my report like a mad person story and also secretly constructed something in my ex apartment Bahnhof str 80, 31020, Salzhemmendorf which causes chemical smell with two other different smell which i knew from where the two are coming from and they only oon it when ever they need it, which i also lately discovered after i took the flat and i also lately heard that two different people who have lived here before me one man from Argentina had also the same problem with the dangeruous smell which later ended their life to death and now am the one inside but their job now is trying to destroy my life time good records or to make me mad also to kill me so that all my exposed information will be regarded as a mad person story also to close all report and my rights down, also early this year 2014, one old German woman died inside her flat who just sharing a wall demacation with my flat which she also one time reported that the chemical smell also gets to her flat sometimes, also still a beeping sound which never allow to sleep and hots the brain when ever is loud while some times very low in volume, also my internate was hacked by unknowned person taken many of my saved datas also changing some of my personal settings through the same hack attack which i reported long ago but still never confirm any thing been done for a help, and still happening some times till today, also a case of Public Assault through an illegal police arrest been done to me with many law abuses in an open street area on the 2/05/2014, in the City Hameln because of false report, one of my offender gave to them against me which they received from my offender the same day, in which i did respected them during the arrest but they still did intentionally mishandled me with many illegalities which i knew that i can injure them rite their before they get me down if i intended to !! but didn't do that due to respect of the law at first attempt and also a case of an illegal house ban/prohibition on me due to same false reported story from the same offender which i won the case but still never receive my won right from the Administrative Court Hannover also my won case by Public Prosecutor Attorney Hannover still never receive my won rights, also my killed babies with many illegal abuses case on me which i won but still never receive my won right from Hameln Magistrates Court also with the chemical smell problem in my flat still never receive all my won rights till today!, and they also briben some lawyers which i tried using in some of the cases which i also have many proves to defend my cases, which also made me quiting with the bribed lawyers, i just want the people to know before it would be too late because am still on the war for my won rights in all the case process and there re still many other reported cases to tell but will first stop here and feel free to ask if your re interested for more clarification. Today again been 31/12/2014, i just got a new prove that a suspected mentally disordered /Nazi Judge Mrs Metzdorf from Magistrates Court Hameln who has been trying to complicate all my cases with the Nazi man Mr Gerald Klause who play the Nazi role in fighting to close down all my won cases right in every German Courts which all the payment never still been paid to me and now my new prove is that they are right on the way setting me up and planning to send me to a detention House in the City Gottingen Maschmühlenweg 11, 37073 Göttingen from the 13/01/2015, so that they can have the chance to steal all my personal won cases saved documents/ letters also to have more chance in poisoning my food / to disfigur my life! But now a word is enough for a while! and right in this level without my won cases payments been not recieved then some one must die any day of their attempt to touch/arrest me with any of their Nazi agent or so called Police, my three unborn babies was illegally killed here which am having many proves also having my singned Paternity /50% Custody right for my first son Pascal that they did illegally killed in the nine month pregnancy then followed by the other two and also chemical weapon/ poison gas that smell some times right in my current apartment ,now still upon my currently health condition which am the whole time struggling to move to a new Apartment to be able to start a Therapy because of all and my won rights/payment still not been given to me, here is the Red point!!! i just want people to know because right from now any thing can happen any day of their new attempt of touching me or to arrest me as an offender. Today 27/01/2015, New detail! I will soon be out of the dangerouse appartment towards ending of this month and would be in a completely new address in a new appartment latest from the first (1st) of next month being febuary!! 01/02/2015, Now starting a new life in my new apartment hoping for a better life /health........ 25/02/2015, still waiting for all my won cases right!!!... 27/03//2015 Now confirmed that the Emigration service Hameln together with Police Salzhemmendorf/ Hameln, Bad Pyrmont Police zone was all involved in all the constructed poisonous gas/ Chemical weapon which smell and trying to kill me in my ex/old apartment Bahnhof str 80 31020, Salzhemmendorf also in involved in set up plan in the illegal act of killing my three unborn babies. And now on 20/03/15, attacked me with pistol in my new apartment for arrest due to my exposed informations.... 08/04/2015, Same Nazi group of Police Bad Pyrmont knocking/beating at my door today again with an unknowned reason.... 23/04/2015, Was at bathroom/ toilet, Same Police came beating at my door today again withing 14:48 without any earlier apointment notice but still never knows his Nazi /mentally disodered reason. 23/05//2015 Have never been in prison my whole life but they did intentionally illegally killed my three unborn babies also tried in my ex apartment making me mad in different ways also attempted killing me in different ways also with chemikal weapon right in my apartment but didn't succeed and now setting me up in different ways to find a fault of sending me to prison but here is enough right now! My won due compensation amount for murd incident plus new attempted and damages has to be send to my bank account or a notified apointment letter for me to recieve it right in my apartment direct in my hand cash right from now or else an unexpected intervention fisically, spiritually will start taken place any moment from now!!! Every authority incharge, be warned!!!... 27/06/2015 Injustice Judge Mrs Metzdorf Hameln Magistrates Court Germany rulled one of my case over against me for what i didn't commited, only because my last sent letter to the Court was written in English language and also didn't inform me for a new interpreted letter before rulling the case, and every Court are normally having a personal interpreter for different languages which English is also one of the international official/comon language been used in every Country in the world, this Judge must be a Nazi/Racist or Mentally disodered and not surpose to be in her current position!, any one who need more clarification feel free to contact me any moment from 21/08/2015. Till 15/09/2015. You can also reach me on facebook Joe Sida. 27/09/2015, Also confirmed that here in Germany is some Social workers who are planning set up and easily puting some foreigners into problem by firstly depriving many of their rights and if they struggle for their right then they allegating on them for a crime which some didn't commited also going till limit of bringing some of their member to bear false witneses for example here in City Hameln Suntel str 9, 31785 Hm is where i got my confirmed prove, so any new foreigner in Germany or a German who is having any business with this office, be known and be warned! Up till now 30/11/2015, all my request is still valid! even many /more new setups/ damages against me to be expose soon, Germans with thier paid murderers/ terrorist workers against me, really want a big problem, i confirmed many new with strong proves right now, right in my hand which they are planning to steal but Germans will suffer for killing (3) of my Golden Babies due to racism! still planning to kill me because i still dont leave their Country which was their main plan for working with all thier paid murderers in killing all my babies which i captured all thier murder act through my special investigation from ( April 2011) the murdered year of my first Son (Pascal) till 2013 year of my last baby which was intentionally killed from same undercover Racist/Nazi worker German Girl, also reported to police but no help, which till today no breathing space arround me here in Germany.
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