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Most recent 16 results returned for keyword: The Dictator (Search this on MAP) DuWayne Bryant : the dems have and will continue to break any or every law our country is governed by because their special...
the dems have and will continue to break any or every law our country is governed by because their special, laws don't apply to them, the shit they have been doing to destroy the constitution and this country , I think everyone of them in congress now should be sentenced to prison for life, they are no better than the dictator in north korea
Dick Morris: Dems Attempting to 'Fix Presidential Elections'
Democrats are bypassing the Constitution as they try to replace the Electoral College with the popular vote as the means by which Americans elect presidents, says Dick Morris.
1 hour ago - Via Google+ - View - SovereignSyria : STILL Believe free Syrian army FSA is a moderate freedom fighters against the dictator ? Take a look...
STILL Believe free Syrian army FSA is a moderate freedom fighters against the dictator ? Take a look , here is their style , to liberate you. .
3 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Michael Schobel : #syria . While food aid begins to flow into the country, many Syrians are heading into the arms of ...
#syria .

While food aid begins to flow into the country, many Syrians are heading into the arms of the dictator to get it.
Exclusive: U.N. Docs Expose Assad's Starvation Campaign in Syria
While food aid begins to flow into the country, many Syrians are heading into the arms of the dictator to get it. 
3 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - José Galisi Filho : The Dictator | press conference (2012) Sacha Baron Cohen Borat Anna Faris Megan Fox
The Dictator | press conference (2012) Sacha Baron Cohen Borat Anna Faris Megan Fox
Watch the video: The Dictator | press conference (2012) Sacha Baron Cohen Borat Anna Faris Megan Fox
Darsteller / cast: Sacha Baron Cohen , Anna Faris , John C. Reilly , Megan Fox , Ben Kingsley , B.J. Novak , Genre: comedy Regie / directed by: Larry Charles...
6 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - The Dictator Full Movie :

Watch the video: Watch {Full Movie} The Dictator Streaming {HD}
~ Watch The Dictator 2012 Megavideo Full Movie Streaming ~ [Full-Watch] : [Download-Free] : Movie Info The heroic story of a North African dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. -- (C) Paramount #For DOWNLOAD : 1. Go to Link in [Download-Free] 2. Create Free Account & You Will Be Re-Directed To Watch The Dictator 2012 Full Movie Streaming Online 3. Enjoy The Dictator is a 2012 American comedy film co-written by and starring Sacha Baron Cohen as his fourth feature film in a leading role. General Aladeen also goes by the name David Diefendorf. The film is directed by Larry Charles, who previously directed Baron Cohen's mockumentaries Borat and Brüno. Cohen, in the role of Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya visiting the United States, stars alongside Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley, Jason Mantzoukas, and an uncred...
11 hours ago - Via YouTube - View - EDL supporter : Parents of murdered WPC Yvonne Fletcher lay flowers at spot where she was shot dead 30 years ago as ...
Parents of murdered WPC Yvonne Fletcher lay flowers at spot where she was shot dead 30 years ago as 'MI6 spies close in on prime suspect'

The parents of WPc Yvonne Fletcher have laid flowers on the spot where she was shot dead 30 years ago today and demanded justice for their murdered daughter.

The 25-year-old was gunned down outside the Libyan embassy by one of Colonel Gaddafi's henchmen on April 17 1984 and the person responsible has never been caught.

Her mother and father Tim and Queenie were among mourners at a memorial service in St James Square and said it is 'time this case was closed'.

'Here we are 30 years later, having dealt with numerous governments and a dozen or more foreign secretaries and it seems no closer to achieving justice for Yvonne,' they said.

It emerged today MI6 may be closing in on a 'prime suspect', who may be hiding in Egypt having fled Libya after the collapse of Gaddafi's regime in 2011.

Miss Fletcher was one of 50 officers policing a protest against Colonel Gaddafi's regime outside the embassy when she was hit by a burst of gunfire from a first-floor window.

The dictator had sent a message the embassy the night before asking his agents to 'cover the streets of London with blood'.

Investigators believe the bullets, which killed her and injured 10 protesters, was fired by a sniper who intended to hit protesting Libyan dissidents.

1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Farhad Abdolian : Al-Sisi officially announces presidential candidacy
Al-Sisi officially announces presidential candidacy
Al-Sisi officially announces presidential candidacy
General Abdul-fattah al-Sisi has delivered his presidential election candidacy to the High Electoral Commission, Egypt’s Asharq al-Awsat news agency reported on Monday, April 14th.There is no returning back to a time where there was a dictatorship rule in Egypt. No one can limit a nation with two ...
1 day ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Ryan May : Does it sound familiar? #Russia #Ukraine  . . 1. DOES IT SOUND FAMILIAR: Using race and ethnicity as...
Does it sound familiar? #Russia #Ukraine 
1. DOES IT SOUND FAMILIAR: Using race and ethnicity as a pretext to invade sovereign nations? 
2. DOES IT SOUND RACIST: Mr. Putin uses race and nationalism to stir up violence and separate, and then, would have the minority decide the fate of an entire nation? I guess the dictator doesn’t realize that, that’s not the way things work in a Democratic nation nor in a Republic: The Majority decides. 
3. "Russians in Ukraine form the largest ethnic minority in the country" Emphasis on MINORITY. But hey, according to them, Russia can invade any country with a Russian speaking population. I wonder what nation will be next? 
Russians in Ukraine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Geography[edit]. The ethnic Russian population is significant throughout Ukraine ranging from merely a notable fraction of an overall population in the west, to a significant minority in the center and growing in number even further to the east and south.
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - giovanni Kaselias : the dictator
the dictator

the dictator - BROTHERS MOVIES
the dictator
1 day ago - Via Blogger - View - Aleksey Nelsonovich Llanos Riyabtseva : The dictator of North Korea, the Iron Monkey, has a legion of robotic primates to defend his never-ending...
The dictator of North Korea, the Iron Monkey, has a legion of robotic primates to defend his never-ending empire.

#WIP from the great Ryan Lovelock, and yeah, you will find a complete monkey robot scheme on our rulebook on #Kickstarter.
1 day ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Suresh G : THE monologue, by the one and only Charlie Chaplin in "The Dictator". #CharlieChaplin  
THE monologue, by the one and only Charlie Chaplin in "The Dictator".
Watch the video: Charlie Chaplin: The Great Dictator ("UNITE!") Monologue
"The Great Dictator (1940)" Movie Monologues IMDb:
2 days ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Marcos Ronald Roman Gonçalves : THE SQUEAKY WHEEL NAZIS, AMERICAN STYLE Exclusive: Burt Prelutsky declares, 'Obama has decided it's...

Exclusive: Burt Prelutsky declares, 'Obama has decided it's good to be the dictator'
Nazis, American style

2 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Alias Elysum : Crimean referendum #crimeainvasion #crimea #ukraine Even though this is edited footage from the Dictator...
Crimean referendum #crimeainvasion #crimea #ukraine  

Even though this is edited footage from the Dictator movie
Watch the video: Crimean Referendum in a nutshell

2 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Tim Evanson : This is where Abraham Lincoln was shot at about 10:25 PM on April 14, 1865.  Looking at the presidential...
This is where Abraham Lincoln was shot at about 10:25 PM on April 14, 1865.  Looking at the presidential box, Lincoln was seated on the right.  In the other image, the yellow door is the one John Wilkes Booth used to gain access to Lincoln's suite.

*  *  *  *  *

On April 12, 1865, Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to General of the Armies Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia. John Wilkes Booth, who had plotted to kidnap or kill Lincoln for a year, became convinced that the only way to save the South now was to assassinate the president.

On Good Friday, April 14, Booth went to Ford's Theatre to pick up his mail. (In those days, actors often had their mail forwarded to theaters where they'd be performing, rather than to a hotel or post office box.) He learned that President Lincoln and General Grant were both going to be attending a play there that evening. Booth immediately met with his co-conspirators to plan actions to "decapitate" the federal government. Edmund Spangler would help Booth at Ford's Theatre, where Booth would kill Lincoln and Grant. Lewis Powell would kill Secretary of State William Seward at his home on Lafayette Square. George Atzerodt would go to the Kirkwood House hotel and kill Vice President Johnson in his room there. David Herold would help Booth, Powell, and Atzerodt escape the city on horseback, and they would rendezvous at home of Dr. Samuel Mudd in Maryland.

It was no secret that Lincoln was attending Ford's Theatre that night. The early afternoon newspapers carried the news, and around 6 PM barrels of burning tar were placed on nearby streets as boy-criers went around yelling for soldiers to come see the President. Even so, it wasn't a full house that night. Mrs. Grant didn't like Mrs. Lincoln, and Grant faked a migraine so that he and the missus didn't have to go. The Lincolns attended the theater that night with Major Henry Rathbone (Lincoln's military aide) and Rathbone's fiancée, Miss Clara Harris (the daughter of Senator Ira Harris of New York).

In the early afternoon, Booth returned to Ford's Theatre. The locks leading from the dress circle balcony to the Presidential Box had been broken in March 1865, but no one had told the stage manager -- and so they weren't repaired. Henry Clay Ford, the theater owner's brother, had some months ago ordered a hole bored into the north door in the box passageway, with the idea that Lincoln's aides could look through the hole and check on the President without disturbing him. Booth found a board backstage, and took it up to the passageway.  Using his knife, he cut a notch into the top of the board so it would fit against the doorknob. He gouged a slight groove in the passageway floor so that the board would snag against the board and prevent the door from being opened. Not only would this prevent anyone from coming into the box and stopping Booth, but it would prevent anyone from coming to the President's rescue in a timely fashion. Booth hid the board behind the door, and left.

The VIP boxes were draped with heavy yellow silk and with lace curtains. Wooden chairs were the usual seating, but theater owner John T. Ford decided that Lincoln deserved better. The partition inside the box was removed to give the Lincolns more space. A wooden rocker, two plush red velvet stuffed chairs, and a plush red velvet stuffed sofa were placed in box, along with six regular wooden chairs. Two American flags were put on poles and set in armatures on either side of the box. Flag bunting was also hung in drapery loops from the railing. A picture of George Washington was affixed to the support in the center of the box, and hung between the folds of bunting. A Treasury Guards flag was hung from a pole over this picture.

Lincoln spent most of the day in a Cabinet meeting. Around 4 PM, he met with some old friends from Illinois. He and Mrs. Lincoln dined at about 6:30 PM, then went to the theater at 8:30 PM.  They were late for the show.

The Lincolns, Rathbone, and Harris were accompanied by John F. Parker, Lincoln's bodyguard. Lincoln had a long dislike for military guards, and his wish for a minimal guard was -- as usual -- honored that night. Parker escorted the party up the stairs to the dress circle, across the rear of the dress circle to stage-right, and down the dark corridor to the Presidential Box.

Laura Keene was starring in "Our American Cousin", a popular comedy about dumb Americans and their snobby English hosts. When Lincoln appeared in his box, the audience broke out in cheers and applause. Keene had arranged for the play to stop at that point, and for the orchestra to play "Hail to the Chief." Lincoln sat in the rocker, to his wife's left. He was mostly hidden from the audience's view. Mrs. Lincoln sat on a regular wooden chair to his right. Miss Harris sat in a red velvet stuffed chair to Mrs. Lincoln's right, and pulled the chair up close to the railing for a better view. Major Rathbone sat on the sofa, which was to Harris' right and back from the railing. In the corner behind Rathbone was the unused stuffed chair and the five unused folding wooden chairs.

Parker sat outside the Presidential box, but left his post after a short period of time to go drinking in a nearby tavern. This left Lincoln unprotected. But it is unlikely Parker would have tried to stop anyone as famous as Booth from paying his respects to the President.  The play resumed, and everyone settled in for a night of laughter...

About 9:00 p.m., Booth rode to Ford's Theatre on his horse. He left it at the stable in the rear of the theatre, and asked a scenery shifter to go get Spangler. Spangler was in the stage-right wings, having just shifted some scenery. Spangler crossed behind the set and met Booth at the stage door. Booth then asked another scenery-shifter if he could cross behind the stage. The man said no, but he could take Booth beneath the stage. There was a narrow, steep set of steps beneath a trap door near the stage door, and the man opened this up and led Booth into the basement. He led Booth up into the stage-right wings, where another narrow, steep set of stairs emerged from another trap door.

Here, Booth seemed to lose his nerve. A door here led into the covered passageway on the south side of the building.  Booth walked west toward 10th Street, passed through a door onto the sidewalk, and then turned left and went into the Star Saloon.

While Booth was gone, Spangler called for Joseph "Peanuts" Burroughs. Peanuts was an African American youth who managed the door Booth had just exited as well as distributed programs out front before shows. Peanuts came over, and Spangler told him to exit the building, go around back, and hold Booth's horse for a few minutes until Booth came out. Peanuts ran off, and Spangler went back to handling scenery.

Just after 10 p.m., Booth walked into the lobby of Ford's Theatre. He looked at the big clock hanging over the doors, and then walked past the usher to the stairs leading up to the dress circle balcony. He paused a few minutes in the rear of the dress circle, looking at the play. He was waiting for Act III, Scene 2, in which a huge laugh came. His goal was to assassinate Lincoln during this outburst of screams, laughter, and applause. Booth moved to the passageway door, which remained unguarded. With the lock broken, he was able to enter. He located his board behind the door, and shoved it against the doorknob to prevent anyone from entering the box. Booth crept down the narrow, short passageway, listening for cues from the play.

As the critical "straight" line was said, Booth pushed the door open and stepped behind Lincoln. As the audience howled in laughter, Booth shot Lincoln in the left side of the back of his skull with a single-shot derringer. Major Rathbone leapt to his feet, but Booth pulled out a knife and slashed at him. Booth slit Rathbone's entire left bicep open from shoulder to elbow. Rathbone attempted to grab Booth, and Booth stabbed him again. Rathbone stumbled and fell.

People down below didn't even hear the shot. The first anyone knew that anything was wrong was when Mary Lincoln began screaming. Many people assumed this was part of the play somehow. Not more than four or five seconds had passed, when suddenly Booth -- whom most people recognized -- appeared at the railing in the Presidential Box. He leapt from the railing like the athlete he was. But Booth had his spurs on, and one of them caught against the picture of Washington. He began to fall. His spur caught further in the Treasury Guards flag, and he collapsed on the stage. As he landed, his spur slashed a hole in the green felt carpeting which covered the front of the stage.

The tibia of Booth's right leg was fractured. Booth shouted, "Sic semper tyrannis!" That was the legendary line from Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", a line which Brutus hisses as he stabs the dictator Julius Caesar to death. Audience members had no idea what to make of this. The actors and actresses on stage didn't know what to do. Actor Harry Hawk, playing the male lead in the play, tried to grab at Booth but was unable to stop him and didn't pursue once he realized Booth had a knife in his hands.

Booth ran across the stage as pandemonium broke out behind him. He slashed at a stage hand, wounding him slightly, and then out the rear door. Booth launched up into the saddle of his horse, and smashed the butt of his knife against Peanuts Burrough's head. The young man was stunned and staggered back. Booth rode his horse about 100 feet east down Baptist Alley, then made the turn north and emerged on F Street. He rode east down F Street, and then out Pennsylvania Avenue. He crossed the Navy Yard Bridge (where the 11th Street Bridges are today) and then down Good Hope Road and left the city.

Dr. Charles Leale, a newly-anointed U.S. Army surgeon, was sitting in the dress circle when he saw Booth leap from the box onto the stage. As Rathbone screamed for help, Leale tried to open the door leading to the Presidential Box. But Booth's wooden board kept it closed. Leale banged on the door for several minutes as Mrs. Lincoln and Miss Harris screamed, and Rathbone kept yelling for help. Finally, Rathbone got up, staggered down the passageway, discovered the board and kicked it loose, and Leale burst in.

Almost 10 minutes had passed. Leale reached President Lincoln and found him not breathing. Believing Lincoln had been stabbed, he searched all over for his body for a wound. Realizing Lincoln was bleeding from the skull, Leale quickly found the bullet's entry wound. Leale dislodged a huge blood clot from the wound, and suddenly Lincoln began breathing again. Leale looked into the President's eyes. His faced was bruised around the eyes, because the shock of the bullet entering the skull had fractured the bones around the eye socket. Lincoln's left eye was dilated and protruding. His right eye was enlarged, but responding to light.

Leale look up at Rathbone and Mrs. Lincoln. "His wound is mortal," he said. "It is impossible for him to recover."

Dr. Charles Taft, another physician attending the play that night, was then lifted up to the box. Another physician, Dr. Albert King, managed to push his way into the box from the dress circle. Lincoln's right eye became dilated, too. Leale, Taft, and King realized Lincoln might die in a place of entertainment. They and some other men decided to rush the president into the street. The White House was four blocks away, but they dared not take him there for fear he'd die in the street. Massive numbers of people -- some of them theater patrons, others soldiers who'd rushed to Ford's once the alarm was sounded, some of them people out for a stroll or wanting to see what happened -- were jamming the street in front of the theater. Meanwhile, Henry Safford -- a man who rented a room in the William Peterson house across the street -- had run out of his apartment with a lantern to see what the commotion was. Safford ordered the soldiers and doctors to bring Lincoln into the Peterson house.  Lincoln was laid in Safford's bed, his head resting on one of two pillows. The president was so tall, he had to be laid crosswise on the bed.

Abraham Lincoln never regained consciousness. His breathing became irregular around 2 AM, and Leale and the others knew death was coming soon. Lincoln died at 7:22 AM.

Military guards were immediately posted in front of the theatre. No one had access to it except by direct order of the U.S. Amry Judge Advocate's Office. Theatre employees regularly slept in the theater's north addition, but after a few days these were sealed and no one allowed inside. Fortunately, master photographer Mathew Brady was permitted to photograph the interior of Ford's Theatre a few days after Lincoln's death. Brady's photographs constitute one of the most important documentary sources about Lincoln's assassination and about Ford's Theatre we have today. To prepare for the trial of the conspirators, the Judge Advocate's Office drew plans of the stage, all scenery and props, the contents and decorations of the Presidential Box, and much more. This, too, added immeasurably to our understanding of the assassination.

Powell, Atzerodt, Mary Surratt, and David Herold were tried, found guilty of conspiracy, and hanged on July 7, 1865. Mudd, Spangler, O'Laughlen and Herold were given life sentences. (Amazingly, their sentences were commuted after just four years and they were set free.)

John Ford received permission to reopen the theatre on July 7, 1865. He scheduled a performance for the evening of July 10, 1865, and sold more than 200 tickets. But after an anonymous letter threatened to burn the theater down if it ever opened, the Judge Advocate closed Ford's Theatre for good. Soldiers stood guard over it for several weeks, and the federal government took it over for use as an office building.

Here are two sets of images of the interior of Ford's Theatre.
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