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4 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Udayveer Bhadauria : So, I was playing a casual game as medic, and when I was on Red in payload, an asshat called Amir tried...
So, I was playing a casual game as medic, and when I was on Red in payload, an asshat called Amir tried to vote kick me twice just because I was a medic. I was, understandably, incredibly angry. I was healing everyone, pulling out my needle gun only when I needed to retreat, all that nice stuff. But he still tried to vote kick me twice and called me a failure to the team. I told him to fuck off and find his own healer, because I have an limit when it comes to stuff like this. He died three times, when I could have just healed him. As a medic main, have any of you put up with bs like this?
25 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Ben Schweitzer : I'm posting this article with an abridged, annotated version because it is quite long and quite detailed...
I'm posting this article with an abridged, annotated version because it is quite long and quite detailed and if you haven't been following politics (both US and World politics) for the last 40 years, you won't be able to keep up.  But it's important that you keep up. Because if you do, you will have witnessed something far more astounding than you've ever imagined.

Hold on to your seat:
(Quoted material)

The genesis of Donald Trump’s relationship with Paul Manafort begins with Roy Cohn. That Roy Cohn: Joe McCarthy’s heavy-lidded henchman, lawyer to the Genovese family. During the ’70s, Trump and his father hired Cohn as their lawyer to defend the family against a housing discrimination suit. (Cohn accused the Feds of using “Gestapo-like tactics.”) But Cohn and Trump became genuine pals, lunching at the Four Seasons and clubbing together at Studio 54. It was Roy Cohn who introduced Stone and Manafort to Trump.

[This guy ]


Despite his Yankee stock, Manafort ran Reagan’s Southern operation, the racially tinged appeal that infamously began in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the hamlet where civil rights activists were murdered in 1964.

[ He's talking about this]

The success of the 1980 campaign gave Stone and Manafort cachet. More important, they helped run Reagan’s transition to power. They stocked the administration, distributing jobs across the agencies and accumulating owed favors that would provide the basis for their new lobbying business. They opened their doors in 1981.


Manafort and Stone built a glamour firm. The Black in its name belonged to Charles Black, who as a 25-year-old launched the Senate career of Jesse Helms. Later, they lured Lee Atwater, the evil genius who would devise the Willie Horton gambit for George H.W. Bush.

[ He's talking about this ]

The firm had swagger. In the early ’80s, the partners spoke openly to the Washington Post of their annual $450,000 salaries. According to the consultant Ed Rollins, Black would later boast that the firm had schemed to gain cartel-like control of the 1988 Republican presidential primary. They managed all of the major campaigns. Atwater took Bush; Black ran Dole; Stone handled Jack Kemp. A congressional staffer joked to a reporter from Time, “Why have primaries for the nomination? Why not have the candidates go over to Black, Manafort and Stone and argue it out?”


Strangely, the HUD scandal proved a marketing boon for the firm. An aide to Mobutu Sese Seko told the journalist Art Levine, “That only shows how important they are!”

[ This man ]

Indeed, Manafort enticed the African dictator to hire the firm. Many of the world’s dictators eventually became his clients. “Name a dictator and Black, Manafort will name the account,” Levine wrote. (Levine’s piece, published in Spy, featured a sidebar ranking the ethical behavior of Washington lobbyists: It found Black, Manafort the worst of the bunch.) The client list included Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos (with a $900,000 yearly contract) and the despots of the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, and Somalia. When the Center for Public Integrity detailed the firm’s work, it titled the report “The Torturers’ Lobby.”

Indeed, the firm was an all-purpose image-buffing operation. As the Washington Post has reported, Manafort could book his clients on 60 Minutes or Nightline—and coach them to make their best pitch. He lobbied Congress for foreign aid that flowed to his clients’ coffers. He might even provide a few choice pieces of advice about tamping down domestic critics. Manafort understood the mindset of the dictator wasn’t so different from his corporate clients. According to one proposal unearthed by congressional investigators, the firm boasted of “personal relationships” with administration officials and promised “to upgrade backchannels” to the U.S. government.

This wasn’t empty rhetoric. On a Friday in 1985, Christopher Lehman left his job at the National Security Council. The following Monday, he was flying with Manafort, his new boss, to the bush of Angola to pitch the Chinese-trained guerilla Jonas Savimbi, who wanted covert assistance from the U.S. to bolster his rebellion against Angola’s Marxist government. Savimbi briefly left a battle against Cuban assault forces and signed a $600,000 contract.

[ He's talking about this man ]

The money bought Savimbi a revised reputation. Despite his client’s Maoist background, Manafort reinvented him as a freedom fighter. He knew all the tricks for manipulating right-wing opinion. Savimbi was sent to a seminar at the American Enterprise Institute, hosted by the anticommunist stalwart Jeanne Kirkpatrick, a reception thrown by the Heritage Foundation, and another confab at Freedom House. (Kirkpatrick introduced Savimbi, who conscripted soldiers, burned enemies, and indiscriminately laid land mines, as a “linguist, philosopher, poet, politician, warrior ... one of the few authentic heroes of our time.”)

Manafort’s campaign worked wonders. His lobbying helped convince Congress to send Savimbi hundreds of millions in covert aid. Indeed, every time Angola stood on the precipice of peace talks, Manafort, Black worked to generate a fresh round of arms—shipments that many experts believe extended the conflict. Sen. Bill Bradley was blunt in assigning blame. “When Gorbachev pulled the plug on Soviet aid to the Angolan government, we had absolutely no reason to persist in aiding Savimbi. But by then he had hired an effective Washington lobbying firm, which successfully obtained further funding.” Or as Art Levine concluded, “So the war lasted another two more years and claimed a few thousand more lives! So what? What counts to a Washington lobbyist is the ability to deliver a tangible victory and spruce up his client’s image.”


In 2005, the Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Ahmetov summoned Manafort to Kiev. Ahmetov hailed from Donetsk, the Russian-oriented heavy-industry east of the country. Ahmetov had cause for panic. The best political hope for his region, and, more to the point, his own business interests, was a gruff politician called Victor Yanukovych. As a teen, Yanukovych spent three years in prison for robbery and assault. After his release, he was again arrested for assault. None of this past history—these “youthful mistakes,” which he once instructed the KGB to expunge from his record—slowed his rise through the political ranks. In 2002, he served a brief stint as prime minister in a sclerotic pro-Russian government, mired in corruption scandals.

[ He's talking about this man ]

When Ahmetov summoned Manafort, in 2005, his candidate had suffered a crushing defeat. Yanukovych had just run for president of Ukraine, a campaign that involved rampant fraud and the possible poisoning of his opponent with dioxin. His bid ended in massive protests against him and his crude attempts to overturn the will of the people. The protests, the Orange Revolution, were a burst of optimism that Ukraine might transcend its past and take its seat as a European-style democracy. They should have destroyed Yanukovych’s career.

[ He's talking about Victor Yushchenko ]

Yanukovych seemed a hopeless case. “A kleptocratic goon, a pig who wouldn’t take lipstick” is how one American consultant who worked in Ukraine described him. Yet Manafort saw hope, as well as a handsome paycheck. Despite Yanukovych’s Soviet style, Manafort considered him political clay that could be molded. “He saw raw talent where others didn’t and he shaped it brilliantly,” one former State Department official told me. Manafort set about giving Yanukovych a new look: well-tailored suits, shirts and ties that matched, a haircut that tamed his raging bouffant. Manafort taught the pol a few simple lessons that helped sand down his edges. He showed him how to wave to a crowd, rather than keep his arms locked to his sides. He instructed him to refrain from speaking off the cuff. He taught him how to display a modicum of empathy when listening to the stories of voters. “I feel your pain,” Yanukovych would now exclaim at his rallies. One Ukrainian columnist cheekily asked his readers to identify the 10 elements of Yanukovych rallies that Manafort had imported from the Republican conventions he’d run.

The buffed image was born from opinion surveys, conducted by a team of pollsters Manafort brought to Kiev. He found that the hope of the Orange Revolution had curdled into frustration with the government’s incompetence. So Manafort crafted a new image of Yanukovych—businesslike, not likable but persistent—that stood as a pragmatic antidote to the hapless Orange Revolutionaries. People believed that when Yanukovych was prime minister, “there had been an order to things,” Brian Mefford, a Ukraine-based consultant told me. “That’s the sentiment they tried to run on.”

At the same time, Manafort understood how to accentuate divisions in the Ukrainian electorate. He had overseen Reagan’s Southern strategy;

[ The Southern Strategy is a political maneuver in which a Republican appeals to racists in order to win. ]

he understood the power of cultural polarization. His polling showed that Yanukovych could consolidate his base by stoking submerged grievances. Even though there was little evidence of the mistreatment of Russian language speakers by the Ukrainian state, he encouraged his candidate to make an issue of imagined abuses to rally their base. To the same end, he instructed Yanukovych to rage against NATO, which he did by condemning joint operations the alliance was conducting in Crimea.

To be fair, Manafort was hardly the only American in Yanukovych’s orbit. Bernie Sanders’ consultant Tad Devine went to work for him in 2009. Ukrainians spent heavily in Washington, hiring a small army of top-drawer Republican lobbyists, including former congressmen Vin Weber and Billy Tauzin, to bolster Yanukovych’s image in Washington and ultimately stave off American support for Ukrainian democracy. But Manafort set up the largest shop in Kiev, housed in a well-guarded office just off Independence Square. During elections, his operation swelled to six American consultants, in addition to Ukrainian translators and drivers. He procured a special role in the Yanukovych camp. Anders Aslund told me, “Manafort became Yanukovych’s closest political advisor.”


It wasn’t just Ukraine. That year, the pair [Manafort and Davis] had consulted on behalf of pro-independence forces in the tiny principality of Montenegro, which wanted to exit Serbia and become its own sovereign republic. On the surface, this sounded noble enough, so noble that McCain called Montenegro’s independence the “greatest European democracy project since the end of the Cold War.”
A report in the Nation, however, showed that the Montenegrin campaign wasn’t remotely what McCain described. The independence initiative was championed by a fantastically wealthy Russian mogul called Oleg Deripaska.

[ This man ]

Deripaska had parochial reasons for promoting independence. He had just purchased Montenegro’s aluminum industry and intended to buy broader swaths of its economy. But he was also doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin, on whose good graces the fate of all Russian business ultimately hangs. The Nation quoted Deripaska boasting that “the Kremlin wanted an area of influence in the Mediterranean.”

Manafort and Davis didn’t just snooker McCain into trumpeting their client’s cause; they endangered him politically, by arranging a series of meetings with Deripaska, who the U.S. had barred from entering the country because of his ties to organized crime. In 2006, they steered McCain to attend a dinner with the oligarch at a chalet near Davos, where Deripaska speechified for the 40 or so guests. (The Washington Post reported that the oligarch sent Davis and Manafort a thank-you note for arranging to see the senator in “such an intimate setting.”) Seven months later, Manafort and Davis took McCain to celebrate his 70th birthday with Deripaska on a yacht moored in the Adriatic.


As for Bulgari Tower, the project sputtered and shuttered in January 2009. Yulia Tymosehnko didn’t like the smell of things. She sued Manafort and Firtash for racketeering in the Southern District of New York. “The money kept going in and out,” her lawyer Kenneth McCallion told me. “Real estate was the ostensible reason for sending money to New York. But they never wanted to close on the project, they wanted to keep the cash liquid, so it could keep going back to Ukraine.” The suit never had much of a chance, because it didn’t offer enough supporting evidence to justify its grandiose claim: that Manafort and Firtash were laundering money to finance human rights abuses on a grand scale. But her case raised all manner of troubling questions, and reinforced an old one: Why would Paul Manafort so consistently do the bidding of oligarchs loyal to Vladimir Putin?
If You Don’t Think Paul Manafort Can Get Trump Elected, You Don’t Know Paul Manafort
Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s palace, is impressive by the standards of Palm Beach—less so when judged against the abodes of the world’s autocrats. It doe ...
54 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Lauren Devlin : STOP BULLYING 🚫
1 hour ago - Via Reshared Post - View - The Dictator : Can someone make me a build that plays the witcher 3 @ 4k 60fps.
Can someone make me a build that plays the witcher 3 @ 4k 60fps.
1 hour ago - Via Community - View - Old SnakeTM (Roger) : Which is the best stealth game ? (random image in others)
Which is the best stealth game ?
(random image in others)
2 hours ago - Via Community - View - Osama Ahmed :
2 hours ago - Via Community - View - The Sniper555 : Which you prefer (if you cannot find your favorite write it on the comment section )
Which you prefer (if you cannot find your favorite write it on the comment section )
3 hours ago - Via Community - View - Dersim zonema : Did you see Hulusi Bey's sword fell Failed coup attempt to the grievances of the Erdogan-Hulusi Akar...

Did you see Hulusi Bey's sword fell

Failed coup attempt to the grievances of the Erdogan-Hulusi Akar dictatorship attention to the inversion effort!

Themselves to be defenders of democracy at the same time the dictator, not just a specific Turkey and the Turkish "merit" if necessary.

Let's get to the question of the extension.

Erdogan himself the most powerful fund-Hulusi Akar dictatorship of the time, how the operation was organized against this?

Khurshid Hasufel kaybediliş no information about the clue and the "do not reach" Hakan Fidan, myth, what kind of work are not engaged in dealing with affairs of state?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has changed from head to toe and could not get a sensation you ever National Police Police intelligence until the last moment in the constitution?

The Hulusi Akar Gendarmerie Intelligence gathering intelligence on what? Vandalize the houses in Kurdistan could not maintain the lead commander who took Johan signature on the walls?

US, UK, Germany and France, why in the first hours of the coup attempt and why they settle for the middle passenger explanation messages rather than openly supporting the current government?

The response to this question of Erdogan-Hulusi Akar dictatorship, always open and acknowledges the fact that the coup against the destruction at any moment.

So this business of Cizre, Nusaybin Kurdish destroying planes and tanks to deal with the house, he did not seem to hold the funeral in the streets for days.

So the murder scene, the dictator's outskirts to join the celebration of the liturgy and killers ilişerek iftar dinners, important accessories in the shoulder, he did not make it valuable tin medal in the chest.

So your tanks and planes with the Kurds destroying their homes TOKI open yourself to the construction site activities into your headquarters, you lost it, they shall such devastated. You have your headquarters, back to what "decision" nor "gah" remains.

Last three days, and the shoulders of the crowd dictator commander, killing the unarmed and defenseless Kurds brash courage, we saw how well that acizleş against weapons and power.

When rescued from whence he was taken hostage, into the hands of the uniform, running around with the right desperately to save himself from a helicopter, we could not believe that the head of the army turned Kurdistan instead of fire.

Now "the greatest commander" as he and skirts to adhere to the dictator, after this step coup attempt, is the patient after surgery stitches burst. The bodies of the patients is in place, but once inflamed boil of current seam is impossible to become old. Without excess weight, it will take again this ripped seam in the weak structure.

Side cheap recovery and despotism of the opportunity to continue one more breath, "festival of democracy" is also action; they talk to.

The real dictatorship to be happy are those who struggle against militarism and fascism since the beginning.

Because all of society against M.p, oppression, by a theft of union property by the tyranny of the regime is corrupt.

Thieves, crooks and murderers regime between the civilian and the military wing of the "national unity and solidarity"; the poor, the oppressed, and others are distorted in favor.

After the Kurds, Alevis, women, workers, universities, the press, against the poor and the students will be divided into living with a weak dictatorship and fear.

Seize the dictatorship, power struggles and contradictions within Fascism will continue to increase. In this regard, the recent calamity equality has increased the possibilities of fighting for freedom and democracy.

While it is a simple, foolproof system they established a dictatorship's true, it's the name of "national will" not change anything in them.

It is a common feature of fascist dictatorship. Oppression and persecution they have developed, accompanied by theft, corruption and bribery scheme "legitimacy" of the election and express by a majority vote. 
The fate of the dictatorship are common in every region and every era: the power of choice, not with resignation or democracy within the process; hard to resist, they leave by victims of violence and destruction.

Themselves with the coup, coup attempts by others "to attack democracy," it beyond descriptions of humor would be a laugh.

The most appropriate words for dictator
3 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - John Whetstone : Looking for opinions on the most realistic looking game out now. I'll be playing in 4k with maxed out...
Looking for opinions on the most realistic looking game out now. I'll be playing in 4k with maxed out settings. I just picked up an UHD monitor and wanted to be amazed. Thanks. 
3 hours ago - Via Community - View - Mason Cusack : Who's that pokemon?
Who's that pokemon?
4 hours ago - Via Community - View - Skitty “Mrs. Tweedy” the Dictator : Found this on a Whisper post. If anyone wants to help go ahead, I don't have the money to so I will ...
Found this on a Whisper post. If anyone wants to help go ahead, I don't have the money to so I will simply pray.
Click here to support Giving Back To Mom by Kaila Jarvis
Hello! First off, thanks for taking the time for reading.. My name is Kaila. I am starting this GoFundMe to help my mom and hopefully surprise her. Our family had been getting hit blow by blow this past year. Just a few months ago, our house caught fire. Insurance helped, but being without a kit...
4 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - jellalfern Fernandess : Which one of these, You want to be on the ps4. ( comment your reason if you have one)
Which one of these, You want to be on the ps4. ( comment your reason if you have one)
5 hours ago - Via Community - View - Jedimasterwp 2 :

9 hours ago - Via Community - View - Sun-Young Jung (ANNE) : those mean so-called experts *Wed. Sep. 23. 2015 eMail to America: When I stayed in Dae-jeon, I asked...
those mean so-called experts
*Wed. Sep. 23. 2015
eMail to America:
When I stayed in Dae-jeon, I asked the help for the university work to Gerhardt like yesterday. At that time, he did return my letter asking the help for the university work. There was few case that he did not answer like this time. He always returned my letter without even opening it. After he said, "Millions! Buying clothes. Marriage" at the classroom, I wrote a letter to him. But he returned my letter again. And then, he told the German policemen that he wanted to get together only with rife affluent women. Ha Ha. I was taking care of the disabled old widow vet in her eighties. The German minister listened to me and ready letter, helping me. It was done in such a way in Germany.
Because Gerhardt returned my letter in Daejon, I had to reach for the renter in Berlin, in order to withdraw all from the rented room at that time, by asking the bill for rent. But Gerhardt kept the head of the renter (Dieter Schramm) from sending any answer, while further stalking me. So it was not done all. Thereafter in Seoul, he once introduced the other professor as I explained you in detail. Whenever I tried to teach school children, Gerhardt kept me from doing that pleasant work, if his wife's fraud didn't work out. So, I moved on to the other academy. Then, Lim Kyung Seok and Park Kyung Hwa made a lot of phone calls to the other lecturers saying that I bought clothes. Ha Ha. Then they were very vindictive to me although I wanted to get along well with them. Six times in all, it was repeated in the same way. Finally, Gerhardt made the Premier Han keep me from teching school children. Gerhardt was willing to steer some higher officials only. So, I sent a letter to the Premier. His secretary made a phone call to my cell phone and said that I had better write directly to the university. So, I sent a letter to Gerhardt, asking for the university work. Then, he return my letter again.Thereafter, he began to interfere into my shopping and the delivery service. Even recently, some personnel said about the delivery service of the middle price dress which I canceled two yers ago. I knew that it was steered by Gerhardt. Would it all mean that I wanted some official greatness from Gerhardt. He has been really doing so. I have been only willing to keep in conformity about the university work. Because his intervention which I noticed, I sometimes asked if he could help me.
Please say this to the German Chancellor and the President also. Gerhardt always wanted to sever all the good linking around me whenever I reached for him, asking the Korean officials to send me to hospital. After ererasing my favorites like the judge from Daejeon and the Premier Han Seung Soo whom Gerhardt pretended as if willing to improve me and asked to keep me from doing the teaching of school children, Gerhardt was willing to make me solely exerted only him. That's why he always sent me to hospital right after the judge finished the case and after the former Premier left the Office. The Premier made his main secretary call to my cell phone, saying that I had to send the letter to the university directly, after he kept me from teaching school children at the sixth final academy. During that meanwhile, Gerhardt always kept me from doing that work five times in all. If I finally taught English to school children only through a phone call by talking on a telephone, he even hindred that work also. If I took the lecture of the Korean scholar Kim Yong Ok, he kept him from doing it. Ha Ha. I told it receny in detail. So, I wrote some political opinion on the internet, which Seo Geo Seok always accused.
In view of Seo Geo Seok and Park Keun Hye'surdering ofy father, Gerhardt must have been getting in touch with them. I seems to be so nsive to send the email writing of yesterday. Gehardt has been willing to sever my email to you and send me to hospital again, in order to demolish my good relation to you. Within that university also, even the other professor's compliment was the reason that he refused the university work, after blocking me from getting any academic appointment. If tgere was some die term for any applying for the fiundation, he did not answer at all.
In Korea also, whenever he made my sister and my brother send to hospital, he made the social workers tell my sister and the hospital as if I were clinging to him in obsession with the bygone matters. He always told the officials as if I wishe a great official position. I only wanted to make it known that I would not like to get any disturbances or fraud from them. This time also, I told you so in thecsame mind. While not answering like this way, he often told Korean officials as if I had to be more patient. But this early in the morning, he made something so swiftly toward Koreannsocial workers, using my pure minded email writing. He is that type of intriguing man. He will only conwuer the high officials, using sirroundings on mr. Please say this all to the German President and the Chancellor also. Please ask them not to comply to him if you do not reach for the President and the German Chancellor. Would you please explain this to the new German Justices in whom must be willing to steer in much fraudulent words. As I told you, I was not that wrong like he will tell. Today's doing of Gehardt and telling do not brlong to any affinity of the "horse" of the film, "Marathon 말아톤" . But he said as if he were a horse of that film which was full of affinity and friendly care.
Although interfering into delivery service asking them to send me to hospital is a much annoying of me, he said as if he were a horse. He did interfere into the delivery service also. A few times, I mistook it as if it could be some of his good mindedness to make me ask him to the help. Whenever I sent a letter, he used it and moved some social workers to send me to hospital, saying to them that he never ever interfered into the delivery service. After sending me to hospital, he made the hospital diagnose my womb first as soon as I arrived there. Ha Ha. He sermed to search for a virgin as a girl friend. In America, professors usually make a womb test of a former student?
He also askedy bor friedn Thomas not to near me. He never belonged to his department, taking any seminar from him either. He was only my private friend. After he made a phone call to him in such a way, Wollek and Choi Heide reached for him further and told him that I bought clothes. Ha Ha. I missed my boy friend Thomas. He was cool like Kim Shiho whom my sister still has in good memory also. The other terrific scholar and Thomas are the good memory to me. When the secretary of the Premier Han Srung Soo made a phone call to me, I knew that it was goodinded to have kept me from teaching the school children in his own thinking. But Gerhardt was bluffing by teturning the letter I sent to him. The Premier could not help me any more. He was warm-hearted at that time. He was willing to help me. Using the innocentindedness, Gerhardt played only. This time also, height be saying that I would be deluded as if he interfered into the delivery service of the dresses. Whether or not it happened, he did play toward Korean high officials.
Please explain further to the German Justices and President and the Chancellor. University work seems to be done only correct mindedness needless to make any womb test at the mental hospital.
Only if the favorite persons, who cared for me, left the office, Gerhardt always madey brothers and sisyers send me to hospitalband make another womb test. At first he made only x-ray test. Then second time, he made them directly insert a cold iron rod intoy organ, which made me feel humiliated. So, I ran away from the hospital two hundred kilometers away by a taxi in a hurry. Ha Ha. Because my family was so firmly brain washed by their rhetoric as of they never made any accusation, they asked me stronly to get back to hospital. There, Choi Heide begand to say a lie everyday, making me again explain to the new persons. After informed all, the Catholic manipulaters said that now it would be okay. All those fraud and hurt and humiliation were not that oky to me.
Because you might have noticed how Gerhardt reacted to my email, I wish only that he would not say as if he were a "horse" of that film, pretending as if willing to improve me. Asking the officials to send me to hospital is not any improving me. And also, must have been collaborating with Seo Geo Seok and Park Keun Hye in the plot of murdering my father. He wanted to make me in a situation in need of him. If I asked so, he swiftly moved the officials to send me to hospital. He is not soych a horse as a psycopathic person.
Herewith, I'dike to tell you about my thinking and what happened in daily life of me.
Sun-Young Jung
*About Wollek diplom.
*Tue. June. 2. 2015
(Personally)eMail to America;
Yesterday, I sent some email with some more precise description so that you could transmit them to other persons. While I was asleep, it occur to me that I did not tell you about a department cashier next door to me at the dormitory.
I already told you about a few students who made loud noise with music deliberately. Next door to me at the dormitory, there was a department cashier who took her boy friend during the lunch break at the department store nearby. At first, I thought that she was a student and she also got to my room, telling about herself. I wondered how she got into the student dormitory which was only for students. I did not ask it to her. It was a student dormitory. She said clearly that she was not any student. But after Wollek intrigued a lot, she said abruptly that she was a student of a college. She changed her boy friend four times within six months, which seems to be their customs, anyway. The walls at the dormitory was thin. The wooden floor was linked to each other. They made a loud obscene noise on the thin wall on my room. If I volumed up the music, they call the police. If two policemen got to the dormitory, I explained what they did and what I did. Then, they laughed and got back. It happened a few times. Thereafter, I did not volume up the music although she made much obscene noise on the thin wall, because she would call the police again. After the policemen laughed and got back, her boy friend hit the floor frequently, unsatisfied with the getting back of the policemen. Then, they made much beating on the wooden floor frequently, just like the restaurant maid and her daughter have been doing so upstairs. The cashier was only free herself without any disciplinary aspect. She was feeling high and everything that she did was all okay just like the daughter of the restaurant maid upstairs are doing so. She was still beating on the floor upstairs. Then, the laborer upstairs waited for me at the parking lot, expecting greeting of me. Then, I did so. They are invincible in their fraudulent way and accusing while saying that everything that they did are all okay and right.
Because I have been telling that incident of the department cashier, through my house phone everyday for long term, I forgot that I didn't tell it to you. But the stalking judge seems to justify himself of his collaboration with Wollek and Kim Kwang Kyu by saying that incident, while making the restaurant maid upstairs to put something harmful into my running water. It is surprising that the stalking judge and Robinson will believe again such a liar like Wollek and Himmelmann and the wife of Gerhardt who have been always saying lie to him since in Daejon. Despite all those lies of them, the stalking judge has been covering his eyes toward their perpetual deliberate conspiracy, being submissive to those mean university guys. These days, he is even making a service to my abdomen, which has been his genuine wish as the reason of his stalking of me. Such a service by him is not my wish. He harassed me. A few years ago, he was strolling away with his car at a zebra around Hyundai Deparment store, making his car door near to me, while crossing the zebra with all traffic signal stopped. As a such a submissive official to those mean university guys he was so much high only to me. Even though I gave him the book of Hahm Pyongchoon, he is still saying that he wants to get respect from me. He has only pursued more by continuously believing all sorts of lies from Wollek and Reiter. Although I have been clearly saying about the department cashier, he is still pretending as if he did not know the description of the department cashier. Just because I forgot to tell you about it, he must have justified his putting something into my running water by saying that incident of a department cashier, although he has been hearing my saying. This stalking judge is not honest. He has been always submissive to those vindictive German stalkers, how many lies they may have been saying perpetually. This Korean official is brutal in his hardened supposition of regarding the stalker Gerhardt as if the highest top supreme university guy although I have been explaining how unfair doings this oldman has done since I stayed in Germany. He and his wife committed hindering study of an intelligent student while getting salary from the university. They were only obsessed with what if I got there to marry, which was absurd of them. They were not willing to consider any of learned aspects of me, saying only about marrying. However fascinating Picaso her husband may be, he was lesser of Picasso in his forceful oppressive driving of a female student into a "distinguished separation" between the private and the public from school where there was no private area. He was that oppressive so that even another faculty helped me, noticing that he was putting much pressure on me. I was not in such a composure to search for marrying a German because it was a difficult foreign life while getting oppression from Gerhardt. I only thought about getting back to Hahm Chaibong. Whenever I made a phone call to him, he was pleasant, which was encouraging me at that difficult foreign life.
As I told you, I have been always telling through my house phone about the incident of the department cashier. Just because I forgot to tell you about it, this stalking judge will justify his stalking and use it as if he should put something into my running water, submissively to Wollek diplom. The wife of Gerhardt has no right to rob my cash, what ever I did in my private daily lives. Such a deceptive stalking woman had better mind her business or learning more, instead of saying that there is no one who cannot speak English. What is more, he made the restaurant maid send radiants to a woman's organ of me. I do not want his service on my abdomen. It is a harassing to me. Such an act has been the very wish of him while stalking me for long term. He is a cousin of Kim Kwang Kyu and has been harassing me in such a way for long years. It is odd of this stalking judge to be willing to make service on my abdomen as if I made wrong toward the department cashier. Even if I made wrong to the department cashier, why would he make a service on my abdomen through the restaurant maid upstairs while I am sleep?
Herewith, I'd like to send an abstract description of Wollek and the wife of Gerhatdt and Reiter who have been perpetually saying lie to the new officials of Germany as well as of Korea. The contents were already known to the stalking judge from Daejon, but he will be submissive to those mean university guys who are lacking in the diligency and will get only higher by making fraud on me. These university guys and the psychopath Wollek will fill their power greed by making false accusation and fraud only, while trying to deceive the new officials and presiding over them. The stalking judge is unfair and not honest. From the beginning he was unfair in Daejon, by submissively dedicated only to those a few perpetual liars from a German university. I didn't do anything wrong to him. Due the radiant sent by the restaurant maid upstairs, I feel uncomfortable because I do not need his service.
Sun Young Jung
*Wed. May. 27. 2015
eMail to America:
As I told you, the wife of Gerhardt and Reiter and Choi Heide and Park Kyung Hwa have been making fraud and accusation on me. They have sent also young couples in their twenties to a mart in Express Bus Terminal and made severe accusations continuously. These days, they cannot lead the accusation on me. So, lastly they usually have their last measure of hospital again where Choi Heide's sibling has been working. When they sent me to hospital in Daejeon, they made so many fraud everyday, necessitating any explaining in every tiny little detail. Then, there was a telephone cost. But Park Kyung Hwa and Choi Heide made the rent owner say a lie to my mother directly as if I were deluded and made a lot of phone calls without any reason. If my mother did not move, the rent owner force her to send me to hospital by making as many as twenty times of phone calls, saying that I was still making phone calls. The renter was the wife of a worker at climate institute. She told my mother in every detail even what she never watched. Choi Heide and Park Kyung Hwa instigated the woman who rented one room to me. Choi Heide made a worker at the Incheon Airport say a lot of distorted exaggeration to my brother-in-law, while Park Kyung Hwa directly said a lie to my sister-in-law. Then Choi Heide made those all say to my mother that there was no accusation but I was deluded, saying that there would be no "great expert professors" who would make any accusation on "nothing" like me. Through my elder-brother-in-law, these intriguers said that I had to watch a film "Beautiful Mind". Ha Ha. Whenever I got to my elder sister, he forced me to watch it. These intriguers of Korea and those mean university guys said in such a way that I mistook as if accused, while pretending to my siblings as if they never made any accusation on me in Daejeon. The stalking judge is still stalking me while downloading my live picture whenever taking a shower. It is unpleasant to think that a constant stalking official downloads my live picture in a wish to get a "respect". Unwished stalking is unrespectable. This stalking judge was feeling so high by getting the order from the "great horse Gerhardt" in a highly expectation as if he were the supreme top being more of all. Although I gave this stalking judge the book written by Hahm Pyongchoon, which was a full form of respect, this stalking judge was pursuing more of it, while being so submissive to those mean university guys. Being hardened on the highly pursuing of more of position, he was hardened as if those mean professors were supreme highest top experts and as if I had to pursue the same hypocrite career of them. When my elder sister tried to ask to the policeman, through whom I gave the book of Hahm Pyongchoon to this stalking judge, this stalking judge was made a gesture extremely as if even little making a sign as if I were accused were any harmful impact on him. And he brutally evaded my sister's asking. Compared to some kind high officials from the court and Prosecutors' Office who sent me a kind letter, explaining, "It was not anything wrong doing", or "Impossible to accuse", the stalking judge was brutal and so coldblooded, in extreme securing any possible lesser interest for him, what if my sibling would make a counter-accusation (Even if my innocent sister would make a counter-accusation, which is not her type at all, why would it be wrong? Compared to the secular wife of Gerhardt, who has been perpetually committing conspiracy as a habit, it would have been innocent of me and my sister even if making an accusation. But the stalking judge was so submissively devoted to those mean university guys and so loyally kept their order to pretend as if there had been no accusation. So, the very policeman who transmitted the book of Hahm Pyongchoon to him was cold-bloodedly said a lie to my sister as if there had been no accusation and as if I had been irrecoverably deluded in megalomaniac. Ha Ha. That's why my innocent sister said, "What do you think you are? Which great professor would make any accusation on such a nothing like you? Why do you think as if Germans made accusation on you? Are you lingering on a megalomaniac to become a greatness of professorship? Would you like to become a professor so much? That's why you are doing like the academician in the film "Beautiful Mind? It's deplorable. We are sad that such a learned sister of me is deluded as a megalomaniac." Ha Ha. Then my mother also cried, by being dragged into the manipulation of Choi Heide's fraud through all those mobilized trick. Then, Choi Heide and Choi Myung Suk and the wife of Gerhardt and Park Kyung Hwa and Wollek and Reiter all incited those mobilized persons who talked to my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law so that my mother got to a city hospital in Mogpo which is the hometown of the ray fish. After watching the facility in Mogpo, my mother was reluctant to send me to hospital, however I may have been described as if deluded. Then, Choi Heide and Wollek were extremely irritated in eagerly wishing to capture me through 911 personnel. So, Choi Heide maipulated through a personnel in Inceheon Airport who is a long years' intimate friend of my brother-in-law (the husband of my younger sister), making him say that there was a clean Catholic mental hospital. Then, Choi Heide and Wollek and Park Kyung Hwa orchestrated in great scale to mobilize all my family memebers, which was said to be necessary if sending me to hospital. After manipulating my innocent social siblings in such a way, the mean university guys mobilized 911 through my sisters and brother-in-laws and my innocent mother. On the very day, my mother abruptly rang my door bell in Daejeon, which was remote from her own house. When I opened the door, a 911 personnel abruptly rushed into my room, saying all too vindictively to me, "Shit !" In view of his insulting leakage of word, "EE Shit!", Choi Heide and Park Kyung Hwa and Reiter and Wollek and the jealous wife of Gerhardt and Young Sun's sibling and Seo Geo Seok told a lot of fraud to the 911 man, apart from their trick on my siblings. It was impressive of his vengenace although I never did anything wrong to him personally as well as officially. He was unknwon to me. But the 911 man was full of vengenace. I could notice how much distorted words of fraud must have been told to him by Choi Heide and Park Kyung Hwa and Lim Lyung Seok and Kim Kwang Kyu. They are all the owner of North Korea and they are those who murdered Park Chunghee. They always ridiculed me that I made a research on the dictator although they pursued "democracy". Ha Ha. Because there was no institute to make accusation furthermore, Choi Hiede turned to a Catholic hopistal, where his sibling Choi worked. They were only submissive to the state institute whether or not I got a lot of fraud. Because the state institute did not inflict any official harm to me, the sibling of Cho Yun Sun, Cho Malsun, in the prosecutors' office were willing to send me to that Catholi Hospital, in collaboration with Wollek and the jealous wife of Gerhardt through Choi Heide (the former head of Severance Hospital). Even if Cho Yun Sun made a deception on state exam without any study of law and the professorship, their positions in society could make their image toward my innocent siblings as if correct and as if I were deluded. Once my elder brother-in-law clearly said to me, "They are as much as undeniable professors !" While submissively dragged into them, my small brother-in-law, who is weak in his consdition, said so, when I lived in Daejeon. At that time, I never noticed what he meant. Only while teaching school children in Seoul, I got to know who those stalkers were. It was surprising that Young Sun's teacher like Lim Kyung seok made a direct phone call to a small academy and said that he could teach English well although he cannot speak English at all just because he is a great professor. Ha Ha. Then, the jealous wife of Gerhardt added more as if I went on a trip with Charlie Brown to learn English. Ha Ha. At that time, Lim Kyung Seok's sibling at the state institute ridiculed me, "Hey ajumma (a married scuar woman)! You are Charlie Bravo. It is our terminology. Charlie Charlie Bravo. It is suscpicious of you how you could speak English well as a Korean native speaker! You are Charlie Bravo!" At that time, I was so much suffering from their words. I felt humiliated due to their ridiculing of me. If I made an appeal to state officials that Young Sun's teacher and Park Kyung Hwa made a lot of phone calls of fraud toward the academy, Choi Myun Suk and Park Kyung Hwa and Lim Kyung Seok who did make all those phone call to the other lecturers really, said to the state officials as if they never made any single phone call to the academy. They asserted as if they only made official accusation without any intriguing more. But some righteous officials nodded when I told their names clearly after watching their names on the cell phone of the other lecturer. After the wife of Gerhardt could not make fraud with Charlie Bravo, she and Young Sun's teacher said, "These days, dogs and cows on the street could speak English". But they cannot. Ha Ha. In Daejon also, I had no alternative as a daily work of job because they made me as a woman who bought clothes. So, I chose only the job as a life planner of insurance company because it could be done even by a woman who bought clothes. Ha Ha. But the jealous wife of Gerhardt and Reiter was so concerned what if I could earn more money than they. Everyday, Choi Heide and Park Kyung Hwa made phone calls to the other members of that company with a lot of fraud so that I could not get along well with them. Nonetheless, I took the language course of Chinese and Japanese for seven months. Because I already had some good knowledge of the Chinese characters since my teens, only learning good pronunciation could improve my language ability of those oriental languages. But Reiter who spent his all lives on learning only the half of the all Chinese characters wa so jealous of what if I could speak Chinese also better than him that he manipulated on the lecturer of Japanes a lot everyday. Lastly, he made her get some questions of test with the picked words like "scholarship scholarship, computer computer, and clothes" Ha Ha. Then, she was wailing her tongue with screening her face with the text book after kiddling with the other students. Ha Ha. At that night, Reiter and Choi Heide sent a lot of white Police cars as many as seven cars on the street around me in a bluffing atmosphere. After their hindering and accusation didn't work out, Reiter and Choi Heide made the academy keep me from getting to there. Choi Heide and Lim Kyung Seok made the cademdy say that the other students would make a boycott if I got there more. Ha Ha. Reiter and the wife of Gerhardt were so great in such a way of stalking and hindering. They had better exert their energy into learning in their own studying in the studying expertise area. But instead, they have been only making conspiracy and spreading fraud, because it is liable and easy than exerting painful effort into study of difficult things. Ha Ha.
Today, it is said that these stalkers reached for the former Catholic Hospital again and said a lot of distorted exaggeration again, omitting their fraud and atrocities. These mean university guys, who have been asserting as if they were great expert at that time, say nowadays that walking slowly is okay and that I ran too fast. Ha Ha. Their rhetoric is contradictory to their former assertion as if they were great expert. Even while saying they walked slowly, Lim Kyung Seok and Kim Kwang Kyu and Reiter and the wife of Gerhardt still pretend as if great expert whenever they deceive the foreign historians, with the yelling of comfort women. Their fraud and stalking and conspiracy are too too long. My study is much long and cannot be drained ever. Ha Ha. I'm sure. Despite all those devastation by those stalkers and Gerhardts' dirty trick of an old racoon, I'm still pleasant whenever writing to you. I'm proud of that I happened to find you and happened to start to write you voluntarily with pleasure. It has been years of despair to me. My innocent sisters and my brother say, "You are nothing." Ha Ha. And my mother still firmly believes as if there was no accusation and her daughter me were much deluded. If these intriguers reached for the Catholic Hospital, and manipulate further, my mother will be easily mobilized to send me to hospital. The doctors in that Hospital was kind and never did anything wrong to me. They only were all deceived by the lie of Choi Heide and Wollek and Reiter who bluffed as if great. The Catholic Hospital was calm and clean in Nature. I felt but suffocated because they supposed those mean university guys as the orderer and supreme being more of the others all. Catholic Church seems to keep respect of position's authority. It is a positive respect. But if some position possessor did not make in order, like Gerhardt didn't do any school work as a university man who got the salary from the state, it got distorted due to his deviated willing to feel high toward a small student who was younger than he by twenty years. He was too great and old and rife for me. I had my boy friend Thomas. But he made phone call to him and asked him what he made with me, asking him not to near me. Ha Ha. Even in Korea where professors could usually ask if students have boy friends, it was rare case that such a university guy made a phone call to the boy friend and ask him what he made with me. Ha Ha. Thomas never took any lectures from Gerhardt. He belonged to another department. He was only my private friend. In America, could a professor make a phone call to a boyfriend of a student and say not to near her? Ha Ha. Gerhardt had better another rife affluent woman if in need of girl friend in his seventies. He is too older than I so maturely. The Gerhardts had better search for their own happiness rather than stalking me and making fraud on me. But Gerhardt still says as if willing to improve me ten years after retiring from the university, while saying as if I went there to marry him. I would not like to marry him.
Choi Heide and Wollek and the wife of Gerhardt and Robinson have manipulated to the very calm Hospital in Nature remote from Seoul. In their own dimension, they were kind. But these intriguers said a lot of lie there. It was painful to make all clear there again, at that time also. I would not like to marry Gerhardt but he is still manipulating on my dresses which I bought two years ago. Even if he pretends as if he were not involved, there would be no such a distorted person like Gerhardt who could do such a time behind atrocity. My assumption is not wrong because he is the only sadist distorted guy I have ever known. I would be pleased if you tell them that I would not like to marry Gerhardt but that he is still willing to improve me although it is he who has been improved by peeping at my writings. I would not get to the Hospital any more even once again. Wollek and the wife of Gerhardt are psychopathic in their repeated accusation and fraud on me for long years while saying a lie to my sister and my mother as if they never did so and as if I wanted greatness from Gerhardt. It is psychopathic of the spouse Gerhardts as if they never made any accusation and as if I made an explanation without reason. It is this spouse of Gerhardt who need their cure through study more, instead of making fraud only while trying to preside over high officials. Brazenly, they say through indirect persons to my innocent siblings as if there were not existent and as if I still thought about the old horse in his seventies.
Sun Young Jung
*Mon. June. 1. 2015
eMail to America;
After all those fraud by the paid private spy Wollek, who took huge cash from Himmelmann for further spreading of conspiracy as if I bought clothes, the wife of Gerhardt is now saying as if she were qualified to rob my cash just because I do not like music. Ha Ha. Although she still says that she does not know my name, she knew even that I do not like music. Ha Ha. They are so much interested in me by making such a delicate investigation. I'm not sure why the wife of Gerhardt should rob my cash from my account if I do not like music. She even made a huge accusation just because I liked the song of the very singer in blue jean, whose song words I explained you. The wife of Gerhardt is psychopathic in her accusing of the song, while saying that I do not like music.
Actually, I and my younger sister liked music, like Beatles. She and I shared the same CD Music of Beatles. Even her son liked Beatles since his little babies. Ha Ha.
As I told you, while I stayed in Germany, those German university guys including her husband Gerhardt would not consider any normal stance of my learning although I got there with such a clear theme of object, in order to get back to Hahm Chaibong. But this couple who has been only obsessively investigating with which Congressman I got together or at which car I got together, which never concern to me. Ha Ha. The spouse Gerhardts have been saying their own wish. His wife is so psychopathic and even wished that I had a bad harassment from a man in my childhood years. There was no such a thing in my life, as I already told you. The wife of Gerhardt and Wollek are vindictive and abnormal in their distorted way of making words without looking back themselves. Her husband was only willing to believe as if the Asian student were willing to be shown pretty, driving me forcefully and oppressively to the "distinction of the private from the public", although there was no private area at school". He still is grabbing the private room as if a 'horse'. His wife is still making accusation and trying to rob my house more. She was jealous on my learning although her husband oppressed me as if I wanted to be shown pretty to him, which was his own wish. If he got to Yonsei university, the female student would want to be shown pretty in his illusion with having two pictures of women at study and strong alcohol which he sipped when getting to the classroom.
Even though her husband tried to make an appeal during the seminar if there was a loud noise outside of the seminar, his wife will distort my appeal within the dormitory as if abnormal. Some students made a loud noise all through the nights by calling many buddies and having party, with loud sound reverberating all the etage of dormitory. They were aged in "storm and driving" stage. A few students were deliberately continued to a loud music continuously. If saying an appeal once, they rather ridiculed it, in so much assurance that they were much more of the Asian woman. They were in odd way bluffing in East German area. The assistant Himmelmann was not any policeman but she obsessively made Koreans investigate me although she did abnormal rolling of her eyes perpetually to Gerhardt at the pubic seminar. The more she rolled her eyes, the more Gerhardt "distinguished the private" from the public school. I felt almost suffocated. At the dormitory those a few East German bluffing students deliberately bothered me. At school, Gerhardt was torturing me. I was in despair. Although there was no violence from my side. they brazenly made accusation. They did ridicule me as if more of all, making deliberately loud music perpetually. The rolling eyed Himmelmann said that her face was red because she made sports, which was her own acknowledgement of rolling her red eyes and erected red face. But she said later to the German officials, red face and rolling eyes are subjective view, not objective one. She said also. "I know his wife well. She works at Hamburger University." Then, she said to German officials, "How she knew that his wife works at Hamburger University?" Ha Ha. She said to Gerhardt also in such a way. At that time, Gerhardt distributed telephone numbers of the doctorate students to all. There was her phone number also. Because her phone number was changed, the very boy friend, whom Gerhardt sent to me to have a date, told me her phone number. Himmelmann also got in touch with the male friend frequently. But this hypocrite liar Himmelmann said to German officials, "How did she know my phone number?" Ha Ha. It is most conspicuous that Himmelmann deprived her husband of whole salary life long. As a university woman belonging to the Liberal Arts at University, she seems to be brutal. She was a perpetual instigator of paid spy for stalking her targeted person, which is not so of university, neither academic. She even tried to put emphasis on that she does not need any marriage. Ha Ha. If she get married to any other man, she cannot deprive that life long salary from her husband. Ha Ha. So, she exaggerated the distorted words as if I went there to marry Gerhardt, to evoke Gerhardt some fear what if I wish marry him. Ha Ha. In view of her rhetoric, she already knew that Gerhardt oppressed me. Even if I got there to mary Gerhardt, it does not concern to Himmelmann. But she and Wollek were extremely alert what if I got there to marry Gerhardt. Ha Ha. It is brutal of Himmelmann to deprive all the salary life long from her husband. If only having children for education it would be understandable. But she was said to have no kid with her husband. The German Policemen said so at that time, when I asked them. In such a brutality, she paid huge cash to the psychopath Wollek, even after the Korean officials finished investigation on me in calmness. Korean students said that she paid huge huge cash to the psychopath Wollek, after Berliner Consular and higher Korean officials finished the investigation about me in detail. In such a vindictive intention, Himmelmann said later to Recki's husband and the other German officials that she wanted to know my name. Some other correct students and university guy interpreted it in good mind as if she wanted an apology from me, personally. It was her fault to make such a rolling eyes in public seminar, noticing that Gerhardt oppressed me almost making me suffocated. But I made a sincere apology though writing a letter to her. But Himmelmann and the paid psychopathic diplom Wollek continuously spread conspiracy wherever I went. If I got to a bank, Wollek spread the fraud as if I got there to marry Gerhardt after buying clothes. Then, I had to write some letter to the bank. If so, Himmelmann and Wollek lied back to Korean high officials as if I were deluded and still obsessed with the incident which was already done. Ha Ha. I have never seen such a distorted psychopathic person like the paid spy Wollek. He always rummaged my room perpetually, many times, as if he were qualified to make a break into a woman's room. He boasted to German Police Officers that he never stole my cash from my room and just privately rummaged my room. Ha Ha. But whenever there was some cash in my room, Wollek made some guys always rob my cash from my room. I think this old man is deluded as if he were any correct "expert" as a diplom, which is lesser than the ordinary German students who all get Master's degree automatically as soon as graduating from university. It usually takes four years for them in Germany to graduate from the university. Wollek and Tich and Baer are only diplom, which means that they must have spent eight years on graduating the university while doing only wishy washy part time job without exerting themselves study more. Out of jealousy, they hindered my study in their country.
It is brazen of the wife of Gerhardt to be willing to find fault with me although it is her husband that did wrong by neglecting school work as a university man who got the salary form the university which belongs to the state. I did not wish to marry him, let alone any private relations, as I told you. I had my boy friend Thomas, to whom he asked what he did with me. Brazenly, Gerhardt asked Thomas not to near me. Recki's husband is still asserting as if I went there to marry him. He is still interfering into the delivery service, DHL, although it is two years that I canceled it. Gerhardt still keep them from treating the credit card charges and sporadically say about delivery through email, still recently. Ha Ha. I would not like to marry him, let alone sharing such a private daily lives. This couple of Gerhardt had better search for their own happiness instead of willing to preside over higher officials of Korea who have some nostalgia toward learning. Using such an innocent mindedness, these mean university guys will order them as if great something.
The wife of Gerhardt and Robinson and Gerhardt are still manipulating on delivery service behind the scene. It is most abhorrible of Gerhardt that he is still pretending as if a friendly "horse" like in "Marathon", in order to justify his private stalking on me. Ten years after he retired from the university, he will pretend as if doing university work, only in order to fill his greed for presiding over higher officials. He is still saying as if I went there to marry him. I would not like to marry him. I would not like to do anything with him, either.
Sun Young Jung
*Sun, June 15, 2014
as for Reiter :
Hi, America,
I think that I said little about Reiter who has been stalking me for more than fifteen years while making severe accusations behind the grey-eyed prosecutor of Germany. These days, he justifies his lacking in diligency by saying that he learned only the abbreviated simple form of Chinese language because "the antique Chinese Dynasties were all corrupt". I'm no sure if the old Chinese Dynasties were all corrupt. Even during the chaotic antique ages, their discuss in scholarly are was much enhanced and handed over their splendid culture to Korea and Japan. Koreans and other Asian countries still use the Chinese characters in their daily lives. This university guy who calls himself as "expert" in academic area did not accomplish even the language itself although he calls himself as great "expert". In Korea even the school children could read the original difficult form of Chinese characters, which he cannot read. He never treated even the main stream of the Chinese culture like Confucianism and Buddhism. If we major in foreign language and literature, we are supposed to treat at least the main stream of its culture. But he did only a shallow theory of Laotze which prevailed in Chinese and Asian society when there was chaotic politics. Laotze is not Orthodoxy in oriental countries. Only when some anarchic temporary ruling were prevailing, there was the thought of Laotze dominant in Oriental countries. The thought of Laotze is not orthodoxy, compared to the mainstream like Confucius or Buddhism which has been sweeping over the people of Asia for long long decades.
This unknown lesser diligent sinologist would not stop making accusation in his country, in collaboration with the wife of Gerhardt and Wollek despite the finishing of their accusation, I surfed internet in order to know how much accomplishment he made in the Liberal Arts. He gave only the lecture like, "What temples are there in what mountain. Only if he studied some area, he could mention on the others' research. Otherwise, his trying to mention on it would be a charlatanerie. He is lesser of dealer of taffy. So, I had to explain through letters that my Korean academic adviser speaks Chinese fluently ad his theory in on the right track. This lesser diligent Sinology said only that 大學 (Great Learning) should be written as dàxué and that there are many reference books about Confucianism. Although he never ever studied Confucianism, he said only that there are a lot of reference books of it. Ha Ha. The American scholars who speaks Chinese fluently translated 大學 (Great Learning) into Great Learning, which "Grosses Lernen" in German. Dàxué is not any German. It was in Germany. Ha Ha.
Because Reiter wouldn't stop continuing the false accusations on me in his own country although his accusing was finished, I wanted to know how much accomplishment he made in his own area which belongs also to Liberal Arts. Although I moved to another university, he continued the same conspiracy again and again. He and the wife of Gerhartd shouldn't have hindered my new register in the new university after their huge accusation was finished. But Recki and this mean university man did hinder my new register. Due to their dirty rhetoric during the severe accusation, the former female adviser gave up supporting me although the accusation was finished. I knew to accept the refusal. I wrote a short letter saying goodbye to her, moving on to another university. It was not any easy work. She was friendly to me as soon as I arrived in that country. She read the plan of lectures of the university and recommended Gerhardt as the possible adviser because my plan falls on his area in the same Liberal Arts. In Germany, all the universities belong to the state and the faculty members are all state officials. At first, she was reluctant to support me because I made a positive evaluation on the "dictator" Park Chunghee, as Europeans usually tended to do so. After getting through with me for one year, she changed herself and turned to support me strongly. She wrote a positive recommendation for the apply to the foundation. Usually, academicians get the support from the foundation when writing doctorate dissertation, which is usual in academic area. Rather, it is taken to be lesser worthy if not getting any support from foundation. Because doctorate dissertation includes more accumulated intelligence, it deserves to be supported. For that work, there were a lot of foundations. Not all the foundations made restriction on ages. because my mother sent me study money for one and half years, I thought that it would be wiser to apply for a foundation and spend the study cost there. The female advisor also wrote positive recommendations.
If we are to major in the foreign language and literature, we are supposed to treat also the main thought of that foreign country, although it is not prerequisite duty. Out of conscience, I mean. But he never ever did about the Confucianism or Buddhism. He never ever wrote any single article on them. He never ever studied them. Even the language itself, he did only half of it, that is, the simple form of the Chinese characters, without being able to read the original difficult form of those characters. But he was grotesquely commented on the Confucianism blah blah in his country, bluffing as if a great 'expert'. That's not a correct way of a honest scholar, without any conscience. Only when a scholar knows and did much in some part, he could mention on the part. If mentioning without doing any of it, it is much lesser than the charlantanerie. That's why I explained that my Korean academic advisor could speak Chinese fluently and his theory was on the right track, in his country Germany. This mean school man has been mad out of jealousy in invisible terms. He has been stalking me for more than fifteen years, bluffing as if he were great expert. Actually, it could be taken to be pride if the Westerner is able to speak the oriental language. And it is difficult to learn a foreign language. That's why Young Sun spent all the seven years on learning the German language which is difficult for Korean (it usually takes seven years for Koreans to master the German language. What is more, Young Sun still needs the help of the aborigine when translating the Korean language into the German language). She has never ever took any lectures about the theme of her thesis. Although I knew long time ago that she cannot have taken any lectures of it, I just forgot. I was surprised that such a liar who wrote the thesis full of lies freely creatively without taking any discussions or seminar has been making false accusations on me, in coalition with such a stalking sinologist who calls himself as a 'great expert'. I had to explain in order to defend myself toward their severe conspiracy and accusations. But weirdly, these charlatanerie experts say as if they were enviable, although it is they that have been making fraud and accusations for may years. And also, the retried guy Gerhardt makes much ado as if he were the right "horse" to make me a den of university like Youngsun. It is happenings within the timidity of academic area. I wonder what is so great of them. They have been great in their conspiracy and using the state force illegitimately. Maybe, they have been saying that their positions are great in school. While studying in Germany, there was no finalized position in my mind. I just wanted to stay near my academic adviser. Because I set him free from my mind, there is nothing more to do if any with the Nazi guy. It is long since I left school. But the Nazi school man Gerhardt is still taking care of my room there. What a correct school guy! After refusing the school works, he was satisfied when I successfully could get the room getting through the hindering of those "experts". That's why his wife was beginning to make the accusation on me. Right after his wife hindred my new register in the new university, I had to get some help from the personnel who could be more of Recki and Reiter because they called themselves as great. I could get the help of the Minister of education in Germany when registering in the new university. The minister also made a phone call to Gerhartd asking him to care for me. He did care for me, in the caring for the private room. Ha Ha. Then, the common-sensed and sound German Policemen ridiculed me, "Ha Ha. Did you make a reconciliation with Gerhartd? He cares for the room, refusing school work? Ha Ha." It was really a haha. But it was not my fault. My only concentration was getting back to my home university and to my academic advisor. But the wife of Gerhartd made a new accusation anew and anew w=if te former accusation was finished. When her hindrance of my new register didn't work out, she and Reiter made a new accusation to block my bank account into which my mother sent my study money. This distorted university guys, Reiter and Recki who cannot speak English told the students at the dormitory through Wollek that they were willing to keep the accusations behind the scene without bringing them for the judge. Because if doing so, it would made as innocent. Recki and Reiter were jealous on my learning. She had better learn English instead of making fraud on me as if I went on a trip with Charlie Brown to learn English.
Choi Myung Suk and her siblings are clever in their intriguing, in order to provoke this way and that. These murderer of Park Chunghee cleverly knew how to make the third person upset, by saying a lot of distorted exaggerations. Due to the dirty talkative rhetoric of these siblings of the murderer of Park Chunghee, the female academic adviser lost total taste on me and just gave up although I never did wrong. I just accepted her way of thinking and wrote a short letter saying good bye, and moved to another university, which was not any easy thing. She was friendly to me and we got in touch through house phone. She recommended me also to but the commuter's token of subway by the year, saying that it was cheaper than buying one by one everyday. At that time of the finishing the study, she stayed at her eldest son. I had no phone number. But the personnel of the university asked me to inform the list of the faculty members. There were not so many alternatives. The personnel said that the list could be added later by the female academic adviser. Temporarily, I gave the list. There was nothing wrong so much.
As soon as I arrived in that country, she read the semester plan which was published in the form of the book with me together and recommended Gerhardt as the other adviser. I went to him and asked him if he could agree on my subject. He agreed and I gave him the book of my Korean academic adviser, which was not the mindedness to marry. And also, the state foundation recommended him as the second faculty. In such a natural way, I took part at the seminars in that department. But he denied many years later that I gave him the book of my Korean academic adviser. Out of the sight of righteous persons, he pretended as if correct. Although it was he that took the psychological consultation from the university man, he said a lie to the other professors as if I took it. In the first semester, I turn in a report as a way of practice of writing the small part of the thesis. After reading it he came to the class room with rolling eyes and approached me and said "Come to me". As you read my some writings except for the asocial phrases, you must have noticed something fresh and some new aspect you didn't thought about. In retrospect now, I think that he must have noticed the inner passion in my mind. He was not that scholarly in his behavior to drive such an aspect of my passion into his distinguishing of the private form the public school where there is no private area, which was an oppressive willing to fill his desire, pressing all the spending energy from me. I felt suffocated without any place to turn to. It was the difficult foreign life of me. In the Korean university, we just knocked the door of the study without making any appointment from the busy professors. If it is open we could ask the help. If it was closed, we could ask later. It was Korean way. Compared to the terrific German scholar who bought a lot of Coffee within the university, Gerahardt was lecherous when he was furious when I greeted him on the corridor. My Korean academic adviser bought pizza to the students outside (Pizza hut is outside). He took us in his car, which was usual when also getting to a conference in other universities. The German female academic adviser also wanted me to give the party for which I was prepared. What was so wrong? It is he that approached to me in the classroom and said, "Come to me". It is he that suggested to have a Coffee. After he got upset at the corridor, I told him that I would not get a coffee. Then, he said to his secretary, "Jung wanted private relation after getting coffee outside. So, I'll block her getting any academic appointment". That was the so-called "wanting to get private relations". Compared to the broad society, it could not be taken as if no oppression. But within the timidity of school politics, it was a big oppression. That's why the other professor tickled his tongue and helped me. Gerhardt put false imposition of blaming on me and fixed it as if true by saying to all the faculty members that I 'wanted a private relation'. Some wise university guys laughed at him. on of my female buddies in that university said, "Ha Ha. A university professor blocked academic appointment? Ha Ha. It is a laghable scandal. Ha Ha." It was all haha, but not to me. Lastly, I made a resistance to him, like my Korean academic advisor commented recently. Even the compliment by the other professor became another reason that he refused the school work. He put much pressure on me for one and half years which I felt suffocated. I had no place to turn to but to take the similar help from the other professor who helped during the confrontation. He just stopped breathing and looked at me for a while with clicking his tongue when he heard that Gerhardt blocked me from the academic appointment for more than one and half years. When the professors heard that he blocked it from me because I "wanted a private relations", they wisely knew what Gerhardt was willing to do to me. That's why the other professor helped me.
In the timidity of the school things, the outsiders like the officials in society do not know well. The doctorate thesis means the deepening of a narrow area. In such a work we could get some new fresh theory. That's why the Korean academic advisers give the degree to their pupils. But this Western man devoured my endeavoring and pretended as if nothing. But he corrected the direction of his lecture which was already given. As a learned woman with integrity, I could know what was taken from me. It is invisible but I knew. But this guile hypocrite school man has been bluffing as if it cannot have happened because my major falls on that of him just a little. But I know it was unfair of him. He had my small but important marrow which I did and was brazenly willing to also have me. He asked my male friend Thomas not to near me although I never said him about the university confrontation.
In his behavior of driving me into his rigid 'form' of distinguishing the private (=searching for the private) from the public school where there is no private space, he was brutal and merciless using his superior position. In the human world, it matters with the conformity or agreement if there would be any private relations. There was no mutual exchange of text messages or any familiar affection of mutual sentiments between him and me. He was brazenly willing to be adored or aspired, taking himself as if a Picaso. His unfair desire was stifling me. That's why the other professor helped me silently. It was a difficult foreign life, and there was no composure of me to think about any private romantic relation with school man who was older than I by twenty years. This 'great' romantic guy who was rubbing his neck with erected red face could be regarded as if humane, in some aspect. But you could understand what I mean if I say that he is brutal and merciless. He is not a honest scholar, let alone being great. That's what I'd like to say. There is no sophisticated liberal aspect as a scholar belonging to the Liberal Arts. He will still bluff and pretend as if only great and as if something great. He has been only saying about greatness. He was never ever faced with the higher officials like these days. He likes it. These days, this retired university man has been more improved by pulling the bling bling great institution as much as Embassy. In his exaggerated bubbled behavior, you could also enough notice that he must be a man without any acute sensitivity, and therefore, without semen. Not because he lives on a monthly rent, but because his behavior make me fed up with his brutal and merciless forcing on me. He will be great without any genuine diligency in the way of Liberal Arts although he has been pretending as if expert. The Gerhardts never stayed in foreign country for study, which is highly evaluated by Americans. They never enlarged the academic area into a new frontier.
In the vindictive behavior of Reiter and Wollek (dipl.) and Young Sun and Gerhardt, there is some lack of diligency, which would lesser qualify them as the experts. They have been only vindictive, boasting of their position. Gerhardt has been bluffing that he speaks his own mother tongue. He never stayed in a foreign country which you Americans highly evaluate. He never accomplished any difficult foreign language which is difficult for himself and the other Germans also. He never accomplished any new frontier in the academic area. His theory in Kantian version is not any more held as the truth. Although he bluffs that he is the expert of Nietzsche, it could be also viewed on the other point of view. He was only deliberately willing to do it in Kantian version. When he asked an important quotation of "Nietzsche went fishing to the mountain" which means that he denied the modernity taken as if sovereign for individual subjectivity, I knew he missed something important stuff. Despite this small episode which I already said many times, he is willing to brazenly pretend as if he were more of all those officials in society or as if he were on the highest top and great. He is insipid and mean only, in my acute evaluation, which could be never felt by any other officials or social men who only adore the high position in rigidly hardened way of thinking. I'm sure that you might not take my explaining as if I were bluffing of my intelligence or knowledge, or as if I wanted a high social position. But it is vindictive of the pimp Cho Yun Sun in her saying as if I envied her or Young Sun although it is they that have been making conspiracy on me. If I clarify their conspiracy, why is it wanting to be great?
What makes me feel bothered and unpleasant is that they influence on my prince in such a way of mobilizing, bluffing with the gravity of their position which my prince cannot resist. If I say anything about these traitors or Gerhardt, it makes some images as if I wanted more to be great. But that's not what I mean. The mean sinologist, Reiter, is still making accusation on me, today also. Why not explaining about him? In his country, there is a porn advertising at midnight on TV which showed women put off clothes while cleaning. I heard that after the unification of Germany, the male persons in the communist Germany went to the prostitution first. Reiter, Wollek, Baer, Tich, and the grey-eyed prosecutor spent their lives in the communist society. When the choi president irritated them through the intrigue at the disabled vet, they must be irritated in that direction. Didn't these Germans say that they are great expert? Although hypocrite charlatanerie, the communist Reiter must have wanted to conquer me and defeat my femininity also.
In the society there seem to be such unfair unbalanced persons like Reiter and Gerahradt and Young Sun and the Choi Myung Suk and Park Kyung Hwa and her brother Park Heung Ryul whose siblings murdered too many righteous persons including Park Chunghee. They still try to do the same on the other righteous leaders. But weirdly, these traitors adore these some mean Germans unconditionally. In view of their pretending and showing of as if high and great relying on only their safe social position, they might be rightly evaluated as mean. They have been living lie only. by living lie.
They are the type like the pot calls the kettle black.
(They are covered with pooh but they will find fault with little chaff.)
With small but with acute evaluating on those great.
Evaluation on the wife of Gerhardt(Recki):
With such a charlatanerie Reiter, the wife of Gerhardt has been collaborating for more than ten years, continuing the same severe false accusation every day although all the accusations were finished in her own country. This big big headed and dick dick waisted school woman was so volatile and laughed, saying "Ha Ha, Jung !" Right after she failed in inflicting harm to me, she said so as if it were nothing vindictive. But she and Reiter didn't stop doing so vindictive an accusations. At that time, I thought that only Reiter continued the conspiracy. But in retrospect, this two meter-dick waisted woman made the conspiracy also through the pimp Cho Yun Sun as if I went on a trip with Charlie Brown to learn English. This Western school woman cannot speak English. I can now imagine, how much she must have been jealous. For this western woman, it would have been much easier to learn English. But she didn't do it as an academician and willing to pretend as if in the highly improved position in the academic area. Being obsessed in a possible relations of her husband, which never ever even occurred to me, she got some delusion and made those severe accusations and conspiracies. She and he bluff that they speak their own mother tongue. If they were really so-called 'great scholars', they should have been at least learning the first alphabet of Korean, during those long years of interfering. Instead, they have been only making the name Heo Suk Ja to me through the school students upstairs. What a good female education expert ! This lecherous woman (Recki) is still making conspiracy behind the scene in coalition with Reiter and Wollek and the grey-eyed prosecutor and the pimp Cho Yun Sun and the psychopath murderers of Park Chunghee, choi president, and Choi Myung Suk. Actually, the communists get along well with Nazis. Although their accusations were finished in their own country long time ago, these intriguers still made the conspiracy behind the scene through Park Kyung Hwa toward Korean officials, bluffing as if great something. Then, they put forward a Chinese speaker to me, in order to make an rhetoric as if I still had a long way to go although it is not my major. They put forward mathematics in the same context. Are they good at those things themselves? Ha Ha. They are willing to only pretend as if erudite and great through intrigue and conspiracy. The wife of Gerhardt is a psychopath and she dilute her vindictive deliberate intention by saying "just 'cause don't know the name". What name she cannot still know after making the same accusation for more than ten years? What is more, she sent the grey-eyed prosecutor to Korea in the year of 2002, solely in order to investigate about me in detail. Right after another accusation of her through intrigued students was finished in her own country, she sent the prosecutor to our country. This German prosecutor got back on the same aircraft with me together. He was bluffing that he got aboard on the first class, which was conspicuous only. Compared to the other ordinary passengers who must have got aboard and took off from the aircraft first after landing, his destitute feature was very conspicuous. I wondered what he must have been. Gradually I got to know that he must be the prosecutor who was manipulated by the jealous wife of Gerhardt. At the borderline in Germany, the wife of Gerhardt made the personnel capture me. And so, I asked them if they would send me back to my homeland. They said Yes. So, I explained why I went to their country and showed the school register. They allowed me to get in.
In such a way, the wife of Gerhardt was stalking me and never accepted the decision of the state institution of her own country and has been willing to demolish me through more conspiracy by still spreading the conspiracy toward Korea. As you might have noticed while reading my email except for some asocial phrases, I accumulated some fresh intelligence and a little more knowledge. She must have been getting more jealous when my intellectual ability was shown. Such a good feature was brutally humiliated by her husband. This guile Nazi, Gerhardt distorts now again, as if I wanted to do officially more greatly through him, in competition with the pimp Cho Yun Sun. He will pretend as if he were official and correct, whiling drawing the state institution of Embassy. When he made a great great show of theatre to the all professors there, omitting to say that it was he that took the psychological consultation, this dick-waisted wife also went to that university with dye of her white hair in deep deep black color which was so severely unnaturally dark. Because Gerhardt severely put pressure on me as a foreign student, by blocking the academic works for more than one and half years, the other professor just stopped breathing after hearing it. I never wanted any reconciliation. But the other professor who made the appointment to me instead of Gerhardt occupied the situation and silently solved it overnight. But Gerhardt brazenly put the false imposition of charges on me by saying as if he blocked the academic work to me because I wanted a 'private relations' to him. His words made the other professor more sure of what he was willing to do to me. That's why he helped me. It was a pure-minded innocent years of studying. As a learned woman, I never wanted to do what I never meant. Not because I wanted to be 'great or officially get married to him'. This Nazi guy still says about marrying bla bla. I wonder how much favorite type he is. There was no exchange of text messages or friendly phone call through cell phone. There was no affectionate sentiments from me. He was only rubbing his neck with red face at class room. If I didn't comply to his form of rolling his eyes, he said to the officials that I was immature. Rolling eyes is not the criterion of evaluating maturity, rather, not making such rolling eyes is only the honest inner mindedness. It was I that I wouldn't do private relations within the school.
Whenever I explained something academic into universal terminology which this unwanted peeping Tom could also understand, he swiftly pretends as if he were already more of it and as if he were in more highly position, somewhere on much sovereign position. He will cleverly behave himself as if he were more of all the officials outside of school who did not attain the doctorate degree or professorship but possess more balanced sense and fair acute sensitivity. I've never seen such a guile school man like Gerhardt. No one knows about his subtle guile charlatanerie that much. But this Nazi guy still makes the atmosphere as if I should be improved by him although it is he himself who should be more improved, instead of saying, "Oh, I see. Oh, I didn't know that !". After I left the school ten years ago, this peeping Tom who has been only obsessed with exaggeration on any male persons behaves himself so. How could there exist such a mean man in the world? How could it be taken as if plausible that I still want so-called "improvement" by this guile Nazi charlatanerie? His wife is still pretending as if great. Her husband is a peeping Tom. This spouse is a weirdest spouse in the world. Although I would not like to do anything with her husband, he pretend as if he were right person to raise me up.
Her husband is older than me by as many as twenty years. My favorite type was Thomas. But it is her husband that said to Thomas not to near me, in order to have me. It seems to be her husband on whom she should make the discipline and education. It is also the wife of Gerhardt that has unfair desire for power through manipulating the social institutions and making the repeated conspiracy. When this German university woman who cannot speak English made the conspiracy as if I went on a trip with Charlie Brown, she was jealous, which is not so easily noticed by the righteous officials who usually respect high position and seemingly correct category, regardless of the inner distorted aspects of some of these Nazi Germans who are so psychopathic in their adroit intrigue and conspiracy just like when making the name Heo Suk Ja. It is they who have been doing wrong. The wife of Gerhardt should stop making conspiracy. Her husband is taking care of the room which I never would like to share with him. There's nothing that I should share with him, if it is any room or any knowledge. But this peeping Tom will say, "Oh, I see. Oh, Max Weber is German! (He never did anything about it). Oh, Oh.", in ten years that I left the school. I've never seen such a brazen school guy. He is lesser than Young Sun who said that every Korean is the specialist of the Korean Studies. I wonder why this Nazi guy is still saying about 'improving' bla bla? I'd like sincerely this peeping Tom to get away, stopping his pretending as if he were not after me. I have nothing to share with him.
The female academic advisor who was at first so reluctant to support me just because I was positively evaluating Park Chunghee accepted my writings and always supported me. The jealous wife of Gerhardt and Himmelmann and Kwang Kyu and the pimp Cho Yun Sun hindered the procedure through severe accusations and intrigue. Their sophistry was so severe, my female academic advisor lost taste on me even after their accusations were finished and refused to help me with the procedure. I could understand her way of thinking and accepted her refusal calmly and moved to the other university, where these whores again made the severe conspiracy again. So, I wrote a letter to the minister of Germany. But Gerhardt was still more distinguishing the private from the school, getting to be more friendly while caring for my private room. Ha Ha. That's why his wife made a new version of conspiracy of so-called 'severe infliction of violence on the students with kicking'. She must have been surprised that a minister complimented me and her husband took care of the room of the small girl who was about becoming the same doctor which was her only proud. She is still making conspiracy on me toward Korean officials in coalition with Park Keun Hye and the pimp Cho Yun Sun. My prince says that these whores will get balance because my intelligence is a foam. Ha Ha. If the wife of Gerhardt could speak English, I would agree with him. But their assertions as if they were great expert seems to be not correct.
The charaltanerie Reiter seems to have been getting in touch with the Blue House, bluffing that he could speak Chinese. After pretending for long years as if great an expert, he says these days that he doesn't need have learned the original difficult form of Chinese characters. He says because 'all the dynasties were corrupt', which is said by the Communists who abbreviated all the original Chinese characters. The company workers who trade with China practically use those abbreviated Chinese characters which is used contemporarily. In China, they have their own history linked to the present socialism. But in the oriental countries sharing the Chinese characters, the original classic Chinese characters are still used in the daily lives. In our country also. Because it is known that Reiter cannot read the original difficult Chinese characters, he justifies his lack of intelligence by driving the all the Chinese dynasties as if corrupt. Ha Ha. As a sinologist, he never did any Chinese history, either. The sinologist Reiter is lesser than the company workers because those Koreans know the original characters also. He did only that part of the language. Although he never studied any part of Confucianism which is the orthodox mainstream of Chinese cultural area, he was commenting on the theme of Confucianism bla bla to the German officials. He did so continuously although his accusation was finished in his own country. So, I had to explain that my Korean academic advisor could speak Chinese fluently (He also know the original difficult Chinese characters as well), and my theory is on the right track. It was the conspiracy years by the sinologist who calls himself as a 'great expert'. Ha Ha.
He still says that only the abbreviated characters are prevailing and he did only that pat of the Chinese language. Ha Ha. Why does he call himself as a scholar? He has been doing only conspiracy for those long years, bluffing that he is on a high position. In the academic area, conspiracy does not make scholar high. Only through learning diligently, they could become high.
Aa for Kim Kwng Kyu, the brother of Kim Jai Kyu:
This old man has been bluffing that he is a 'great expert' for more than ten years. If a university man, he could be usually taken as an expert. But he or Lim Kyung Seok (Young Sun's teacher) is not my teacher expert. They were unknown to me. But these siblings of Kim Jai Kyu have been making fraud and conspiracy for more than ten years. That's why I write a description about them. Then. these guys say as if they were enviable and Young Sun is great. In possessing their own position is adored by the delivery service men and by the restaurant maid upstairs. Even my innocent sister and my mother and my brother-in-law adored them when they bluff. But I never did anything wrong to these guys personally as well as officially. They themselves found that they are lacking in diligence in their studying area and have been making swindling toward the officials in society as if they were great expert although lacking stuff in their own major. How could there be such an academician like Young Sun who never ever took any lectures of the theme of her dissertation? And also, these university guys and the wife of Gerhardt always said that they could teach English well just because they are 'great professors', although they cannot Speak English at all. Ha Ha. I never heard of such an odd rhetoric like theirs. These unknwon university guys had better their own study in their major more. Young Sun's teacher Lim Kyung Seok and Young Sun have been yelling of "historical progresss" and "revolution'. If the academician will keep his faith, they are supposed to acquire the basement knowledge for buttressing their faith. But Young Sun and her teacher never studied their founding knowledge like Hegel as the basic background foundation, even in Korean, let alone learning German. In such a lack of diligency. these swindler demagog say that their slow walking and lazy strolling away is okay and the others 'ran too fast'. Ha Ha. Compared to their assertion for ten years as if gret expert, their change of rhetoric is shrewd and proves that they were already jealous since long years when they made repeated accusation and fraud. They are willing to keep hate on me because the knowledge that I know contrdicts the lie they have been living.
Kim Kwang Kyu is the brother of the renter (Kim Sam Ji) of the one room where I stayed for one year in Southern area of Seoul across Han River. He was born in 7. Jan. 1941. After he graduated from the university with dipl. in German language and literature in the year of 1964, he did nothing for four years. I'm not sure if he was able to go to military service with such a short height as a man: 5.5 feet. The term for military service is two and half years, ordinarily. After the suspicious term of nothing for as many as four years, he approached to the highschool of their sibling, Byung Kook's grandfather, in 1968. Then, he got some language course in Germany for two years. Thereafter, he became abruptly a professor in a university in Pusan, without writing any doctorate dissertation. He spent as many as eight years on getting a master's degree. In the year of assassination of the First Lady, he was in Germany in Munich in 1974. I wonder what he did in Germany at the time of cold war era as the sibling of the assassin. Before he approached to the highschool in 1968, there was a suspicious long term as many as four years after graduating from the university. I wonder who is his father. As I told you at the very night of murdering Park Chunghee, someone made the personnel in the Blue House put the beaten pollack at table even in such a confused moment of assassination, saying that Park Chunghee like it. But the very family of Park Chunghee said that it was not true that he liked the beaten pollack. Even at the moment of murdering a person, they enjoyed in such a paradox. It is cruel and psychopathic of him. At that time, the director of all eating at the Blue House was Kim Samji, the very woman from whom I rented the small one room. He and his RO members must have ridiculed Park Chunghee who said that the red Bolsheviser communists should be 'beaten' with a bat, which was only a putting emphasis on the anticommunism during those strict cold war era. After murdering a person and making a parady though food is not any good minded democratic intention. Youn Sun's uncle Chung Seun Hwas was also eating deliciously at the next building of their target of murdering. These sibling have been saying only about eating thereafter. ing Park Chunghee. They fixed their sister into Blue House who worked at that time as a director of all the eatings of Blue House. Weirdly, her face seems to have resembled with that of Kim Manbok who was suspicious with his weird behavior during the frog government. Kim Manbok got into National Intelligence Service in the very year of the assassination of our First Lady. The high cheek of their face seems to be similar with each other between Kim Samji and the short-legged spy of the North, Kim Manbok.
Kim Kwang Kyu and his RO colleague have been sending brothels to Korean officials as well as to American club, and through those brothels thy drug the persons whom they aim at. This seventy four year old man is a peeing Tom and made the porn scene of the brothel Sohn at East Sea into a CD, in order to peep it. This distorted guys hindered my getting of the degree in Germany since I stayed there. Then, they asked me through the person of Germany. "Would you stay as a student only?" Ha Ha. As a man who specialized in the foreign language and literature but got all the degrees within, he must be jealous. And also, he must have a feel of duty that the 'dictator' should not be researched. This Bolsheviser nener ever asked his regime North Korea to do democracy but he has been only willing to demolish Korean presidents.
He seems to be also a brother of Kim Yeong Nam of North Korea. Though his brother in the North, Lim Kwang Kyu and Young Sun's teacher Lim drove Hyun Young Cheol to be brutally executed recently. They are the culprit who made Chng Seong Taek executed so brutally. These university guys are advocating and supporting the North Korean development of nuclear bomb. These guys are adorer of anarchic chaos just like in the ways of terrorism toward Japanese colonial rule. In those old years. anarchic terrorist might have been justified. But with the change of time, state justice has been changed. But these traitors are still yelling of comfort women in the time behind illusion of colonial rule. Those comfort women are putting out by these university guys and they are still sending their young siblings as brothel trap to Korean officials. They are still doing prostitution, while asking aplogy. It seems to be unbalanced if asking apology while still doing prostitution. They are only willing to be dedicated for North Korea, trying to use Japan. Bygone is bygone. But they will not stop. Even with the bygone accusations on me long years ago. they are still sticking on it while doing only more fraud.
*Wed. Feb. 4. 2015
eMail to America:
Do you remember that I told you that I happened to save the innocent swimmer of Korea (Park Tae Hwan) from Disqualification at London Olympics in the 2012? At that time also, Robinson and her Canada line must have done so. Robinson's hole is that much large. At that time Robinson and her Iran husband and their North Korean branch made so on the Korean swimmer. I think Robinson bitch is not any as much as a wife even a fourth concubine of Iran President. She was eagerly thirstily picked him in dreaming which is only glorious. The Oran President might not even remember that he picked to that maid of slavery. She is only the agent of Iran spy group, not even see the Iran President even once. Robinson is so much fascinated by Iran President alone onesidedly and she has been so much energetically dedicated without even trying to day that she had a baby of the Iran President. She must be under the Iran officials and the Secret Service. Is Iran so much great a Muslim? It is the problem of mentality not the greatness of the Muslim state which is the origin of the Islam terrorism. Those intriguers who pulled the trick on the swimmer in London must be the very persons who sent Charles and accused me. Robinson is remote from aristocratic, which motivates her to rush into every royal court in Europe, in degrading way. When she pulled the trick to Spain, she was worst with the spy weasel divorced woman. Today, Robinson compares even the Spain weasel as if she were the first to your President. Ha Ha. First marriage. First, this spy bitch poisoner is saying to your President while putting emphasis on that she is a mother. I have never heard of such a mother spy who is out of mind doing the hole service to the Iran adored lord who even does not remember that he might have his daughter. The subordinate agents of Iran hereditary Muslims must have been collaborating with Robinson and ordered her what she should do each time. London Olympic fraud is positioned in that context. These days I got to realize that it was committed by Robinson also. The children who are contracted with lukimea in the apartment complex is committed by Robinson. This bitch is now pulling trick again to that innocent swimmer Par Tae Hwan. A doctor named Kim (maybe Kwang Kyu's brother) is said to have provided NEBIDO, which was not taken as rule-breaking formerly. But these days abruptly, Robinson opens her hole again to the IOC and Olympic Games and swimming association as if Park Tae Hwan should be disqualified again. By making such a threatening, Robinson is driving Korean administrators to make an intrigued deal with North Korea for a TALK. These North Korean traitor of the eel's servants like a Talk with the North. I think that a talk could be led only between the humans whose behavior is predictable and comply to the promised convention and never inclined to do terrorist bombing on innocent persons. To North Korea nothing concerns among these components.
Robinson servant maid of the foot of Iran President is pulling such a dirty trick on Korean Swimmer and Korean someone maybe the brother of the poisoning doctor to make them treason on our country. Since London Olympics and since the female buttock trap on the righteous rightist stream of the Spokesman, I should have noticed this dirty spy bitch hole. Today, I got to know more what such a bitch maid servant hole is. Is her hole so tasty unforgettably? Why is she there in your White House? And why you America let her continuously commit such a dirty hole's rolling still today? Would you please block her hole or stitch with needle please? Is such a dirty spy maid hole of the Iran terrorist Muslim is also woman's hole? Mother is she? Where us such a swindling mother spy who is still deceiving her own kid as of there were no father to the lesser resemblance? If there is such a mother more, no child could learn the real sense of human basic heart. Where is the real truthful heart of acute sense from the basic bottom of the heart?
Would you please block the hole with stone lest she roll it toward Korea? She has been doing too much without stopping. How could such a blunt whore bitch be a first lady of your great America? Where is the prestigious dignity of America going? I cannot help but say this way. Please understand me please. She is too much a bitch whore. Such a swindler whore's hoke is not so tasty. Bit she plays only theatre as if delicious with expensive costumes only while drugging. Real tasty hole does not need any drugging. To the adored foot of Iran President, she cannot have used any drugging, neither daring to murder his mother. Is America her drum or peanuts of fun? If she is bored, dies she open to the peanuts?
Would you please reach for the Swimming Association and say your wise words how Robinson pulled the trick on the innocent swimmer since London Olympics and that now she is pulling trick through doctor, maybe Kwang Kyu murderer's sibling?
It is extremely vindictive fraud to pull such a trick on such an innocent swimmer who has been only doing the hard disciplinary training for long years although there is no huge cash neither high lucrative position. It is only a clean spirit of Olympic Games. Such a swindling whore who is only greedy for fund and cash of Korean Air is still today pulling the dirty trick. With such a dirty hole, she should not get into the swimming pool, which would make the clean water contaminated, and all the other innocent persons also.
Sun-Young Jung
p.s. Although I wrote to you, the content as follow are all erased.
Herewith, I write it again:
『* Sun. 28. July. 2012.
Apart from the eMails the other day, may I ask a question about the Olympic Games held in your country ?
Just a moment ago I watched the swimming. All of us saw that Park Tae Hwan from Korea finished first at the 400 meter preliminary swimming in the third group. But the Chinese referee is said to make him disqualified. Nobody understands that. Despite the repeated monitoring he is surely the winner. Would you watch the video of the swimming of the third Group once more? The Chinese referee said that he moved a little at the start. Is is not understandable. Because I have experienced that a chinese public service employee always tended to put a false charge, the Chinese umpire there also must have made misjudgement. Would you make an oral test of English to him? He cannot be a good English-speaker. As far as the Chinese are concerned, I'm sure that the Chinese guy this time is also another silly fellow. Would you watch the video so that there might be no false charge.
P.S. If Park Tae Hwan was disqualified at the moment of the start, the swimming of that group should have started again, haven't it? After the full running was he disqualified? What a ridiculous DSQ it is! It is as ridiculous just as the stupid Chinese umpire.
* Sun. 29. July. 2012.
Hi again,
Perhaps you would not like to recognize, you might have done something after getting my eMail about Park Tae Hwan, the Korean swimmer who was judged as DSQ at the 400 meter preliminary swimming by the Chinese umpire. Anyway I was pleased to hear that the stupid judgement of DSQ was canceled and the swimmer participated in the Final Race. I'm not sure whether you listened to me or not. Nevertheless I'd like to say, "Thank you". I thought that I should do at least up to this. I have no antipathy toward the United Kingdom any more although the foreign Sinologist put the misunderstanding on you.
* Tue. 30. July. 2012.
In view of your instant reaction at my eMails I noticed a kind of calm and fined sensitivity of you. Especially in view of the fact that you didn't give any distinct answer to me like the judge and Byung Kook in Korea who are the one I can be myself with, I know you are also noble men. Your occult obscurity like that of these men makes me feel some graceful nobility of you, which gave me a lot of pleasure (Plaisir).
But it seems that a shallow mind of the Germans who have been making conspiracy against me for many years rile again the officialdom of the Korean society yesterday. A producing manager for the Department of Sports of a Korean broadcasting company, MBC, named Kim Jong(Chong ?) Hyun (김종현) is bluffing as if he overturned the misjudgement on the case of DSQ of the swimmer Park Tae Hwan. This manager of MBC is bragging his services that because he gave the capturing of the starting moment of the Korean swimmer to the Korean coach of Park Tae Hwan with a notebook, FINA correct the misjudgement. What a ridiculous assertion it is ! I think he knows already well that he didn't do that. Like the 'expert' Young Sun knew well that she was not the expert when she asked the officials what my major was. What is worse, the name of this stupid Korean guy gives me the impression that he may be one of the family of the persons who have been making illegitimate use of state force against me, in coalition with these Germans who have made criminal conspiracy against me. In the Korean society a middle name or one word of the first name is usually owned between the family. The red colored name of Kim Jong Hyun(김종현) is the same with those of Kim Jong Min(김종민) and Kim Jong Du(김종두) who deceived the Korean official institution and got money as if he got impediment in his body. These guys are always pulling jiggery-pokery toward the Korean officials, in coalition with the Germans without semen. They have been making a lot of humble names against me. On the dimension of the public cause, this manager of MBC raises suspicion in my mind that he may have instigated the labor union of MBC under his hat these days, in order to kick the CEO out of the post who is said to be faithful to the Korean right-wingers on the side of Justice and Right. He seems to be the type to practice extortions behind the back and show smile on the face. Despite the confusions instigated by the labor union of MBC these days many people know that it is also another kind of fraud by the leftists who want to demolish the right-wingers and the Korean government which is exerting his good strenuous efforts to overcome the third global economic crisis triggered from Europe these days and has been managing good without loud bragging of his merit.
Would you please say to the Ceo of MBC that this manager Kim Jong Hyun (김종현) may be good at lie and the Ceo should be beware of his jiggery-pokery? Because I'm just a small woman I cannot protect the Righteousness of the officialdom. I just happened to watch the big fraud on the public dimension through my microscopic daily lives. It may be also your role to make things in order lest the truth should be distorted. Would you please do up to that? Then, I'm happily satisfied. There may be also an easy intercommunication between the area of your broadcasting companies.
Yours Sincerely,』
*Wed. Sep. 24. 2014.
eMail to America:
These days in Korea, there is the Olympic Games, the Asian Games in In Cheon City. Do you remember that I had to write some email to London Olympics? At that time, these North Korean whores, Choi Myung Suk and Park Kyung Hwa made the innocent swimmer as Disqualified through mobilizing a Canadian umpire. As I told you, Canada seems to be the basis of these North Koreans in our country. Boston pressure cooker bombing was also linked with a Canadian. (Supplemented on Feb, 6. 2015. To that country, these whores are visiting these days. There, they must have sent the very Chevrolet to the White House. They are enough the type. And also, they must be linked the riot line there in Canada. Because as soon as the plaything of Choi Taemin left Canada on September 22th 2014, the Hong Kong riot erupted right after the next day. These North Korean traitors must have intrigued there through the eel and the Bolsheviser Executive Chu Cheol Ki.
Anyway, these North Koreans are pulling the dirty trick again to the same innocent swimmer Park Tae Hwan. Weirdly weirdly, this diligent, all too innocent swimmer is said to have been sluggish as many as five seconds at the Swimming. He has been all too diligent and innocent and honest marine boy. His parents are just moving the others with their so simple wholehearted innocence. Although I am not any relative of them, their behavior is just moving, with their sincerity and their innocence, and Koreans like him all too. It felt some dirty intrigue by Choi president and Young Sun's sibling again. So, I wrote some messages in Korea so that they could make an investigation who gave the eating to this swimmer who is innocent and all too honest. The swift Korean intelligent investigators must have done it. They are righteous.
I am sure that there must be the sibling of Yun or Lee Jeong○ or RO among those workers at the restaurant for the swimmers and the athelets. There must be RO. How could there be such a dirty case in the world? They are all Choi Taemin's family or the enuch's sibling or the pimp Cho Yun Sun's link. With these dirty siblings, the fourth wife of Jeong-il, Park Keun Hye, is doing the nepotism of politics in the name of state worker for unification. As I told you, these North Korean traitors in the Blue House do not change. Since and before the Aungsan bombing, they never ever changed. How could there such a ridiculous dirty work in the world? The diligent disciplined swimmer is abruptly sluggish? They must have ut something harmful into his food. These North Korean and Park Kyung Hwa usually put something harmful into the food of the targeted persons. They also put something into the lunch of my mother at the church of which priest is Park Kyung Hwa's brother. When I ate in the restaurant of the Severance Hospital, the former Head of the Severance Hospital Choi (the sibling of Choi Taemin who lunatically picked to the plaything of Choi Taemin) made the serviceman of the restaurant ut something into the soup of me. The Korean officials surveyed it and made it sure at that time. And also, in the densely populated apartment complex of Seoul (Sang-Gye Dong), these RO siblings and the enuch's (Lee Jeong Hyun) siblings established a Chinese noodle house a few years ago, for unknown reason These days, it is said that there are really some children who are contracted with cancer of blood, lukimea. The sibling of Choi Taemin, th former head of the Severance Hospital Choi in his eighties has been bluffing to the ignorant persons that he has more material to evoke cancers like stomach cancer or others. He orchestrated the murdering of Park Chunghee after match mating to the daughter of Park Chunghee with Choi Taemin. In December 2014, this Choi and his comrade bitch Robinson evoked a cancer on the throat of the American President through a seemingly intensive poisoning on the American President. Herewith, I send also their plotting procedure in detail through the attached file. In view of their dirty behavior, those children must have been targeted by this former Head of the Severance Hospital and Robinson by putting something harmful into the ordered Chinese noodle by their family. Korean officials also made it sure recently that the family of those children ordered the Chinese food from the very Chinese noodle house there. This murdering doctor Choi must have been murdering many people in such a way. He seems to have pulled the evoking cancer to many entertainers. His comrade Robinson usually ordered the submissive Korean officials to put something harmful into the running water into my house. This slave of Iran man learned such a murdering measure from her father who treated the running water in southern area of America. There, he must have murdered many Americans through water, which was succeeded to Robinson. Such a murdering measure is hardly imagined by ordinary persons on earth. And also, Robinson poisoned the American President perpetually. Even after it was known to the American President that she poisoned him and evoked him a throat cancer, she was forgiven by this humane man of America and celebrated her birthday on 17 January 2015. But she again poisoned the American President thereafter tremendously. So, his perfect cured voice which was the fathoming of the level of the throat cancer was exacerbated since 22th January 2015 abruptly. So I wrote to America to inform them of it. Because his voice sounded clear by 21th January 2015, it was suspicious of this slave bitch of Iranian man. Robinson dared to poison him again even at the Air Force One around the last week of January 2015, which was directly captured by the American Security Guard and American righteous administrators at the Air Force One. Nonetheless, this bitch does not stop swindling yesterday either. She said a lie to her husband, American President, as if she did not noticed that the Iran semen was fixed into her body, pretending as if she had been leading a trustful lives as a married wife, saying that it is her 'first marriages. But during this marriage, she got to the present Iran president and took the semen and gave birth to the lesser resemblance and deceived for thirteen years. hat is more, she has been more picking with Iran husband at the Hillton continuously in the meanwhile. Although she says as if she never knew that Iran semen was fixed into her hole, she has been picking at the Hilton until recently over the long years over thirteen or twenty years, with that Iran master of this slave of paprica. The American righteous Staff must have noticed that this swindler slave of the Iran demon lord got to the Hilton Hotel frequently whenever her husband America President got outside. That's why this swindler spy bitch slave of Iran husband made such a piet event gathering the Tibet Buddhists at the Hilton, in order to cover her long years' picking with Iran husband. It seems to be not so private in her picking to the hereditary Iran semen. She even gave birth to the baby of that Iran man. Then she has been continuously picking with that hereditary Muslim master at the Hilton until recently whenever American President made a travel. She even provided a benevolence of sending brothels to her husband through the submissive Korean comrade out of her own prick of conscience as her own excuse for the lunatic picking with the Iran man at the Hilton. Just like the eel and the plaything of Choi Taemin did lunatically at the Lotte, Robinson and the hereditary Muslim man of Iran made great orgasm at the Hilton and this slave of Iran parica got his order and poison also. While having been committing such a sin and almost a crime for long years, she has been getting the order each time whenever she made the heavenly picking with her Iran husband. Out of fear as the agent of North Korea what if her treason could be noticed by some intelligent Korean woman, she has been making conspiracy on me since long. Since sometime, this spy of th North and Iran ordered he submissive stalking judge to put something harmful into my running water through the restaurant maid upstairs, whenever I take a shower. While doing so, the stalking judge want to get respect from me.
This murderer swindler Robinson must have also evoked the cancer lukimea to those children at that apartment area. They tried to inflict harm to my innocent sister and brother, in order to deviate my attention from their treason. Those children must be in the same context. This murderer Heide doctor Choi must have orchestrated so. Would you please help those children whom this murderer Robinson evoked cancer, in collaboration with the pimp Choi doctor who was the former head of the Severanc Hospital, who takes himself as a Che' Guevara Bosheviser, a great revolutioner? This Choi and his brother orchestrated the murdering of Park Chunghee also behind the scene and match mated to the daughter of Park Chunghe with various North Korean spy men. In the like measure, this orchestrator Choi has been orchestrating the picking between Robinson and the Iran president at the Hilton whenever the American President went on the foreign trip. These adroit murderer doctor says these days that the cancer cases are today more or less increased overall. pretending as if he never evoked those children any cancer. But I know that he evoked the cancer on those children by making their RO siblings put something harmful to their delivered food. I got through that these Choi siblings put something harmful into the delivered food. While eating it. there was a change on my body. They committed the same thing to my elder sister in Kwang-ju area also.
So, these murderer doctor must have ordered their sibling at the restaurant to put something into the food of Park Tae Hwan at that time of Swimming Game behind him. It cannot be the doctor either that made this innocent swimmer could get caught at the Doping Test at that time of Asian Games. I knew that he was drugged at the athelets' restaurant, where there must be their siblings who could be easily mobilized at any time. This innocent swimmer was weirdly sluggish although he made th new record during the discipline even right before the Swimming Game at the Olympic Games. Why these orchestrator Bolsheviser will put the blaming on the doctor Kim who is said to have been taking care of this innocent swimmer Park Tae Hwan? It was said that the same medicine which this doctor used was not caught at the Doping Test, formerly. Last year, Robinson and Choi president must have drugged this swimmer who was supposed to be the Gold Medalist. It was said that he had such a cohesive record all through the training. But abruptly on the very day of the Olympic Games, he got sluggish, which was extremely suspicious of these Bolshevisers. In view of Robinson's swindling behavior, she must have done so, by getting the order from her Iran semen husband who must have also transmitted the North Korean desire. The Disqualification on this innocent swimmer at the London Olympics must have been intrigued by Robinson, I collaboration with her Iran husband and his friend country of the North. At that time. this bitch made a severe severe conspiracy on me toward London Olympics and the United Kingdom's Media Guardian. Because I sensed something was happening around me, I sent some email to there. My sensing was right at that time. But at that time, I couldn't yet know that Robinson did so. I only appealed them that the Disqualification was weird and that the swimmer himself said honestly that he didn't move his shoulder, as the Canadian umpire asserted at the 400 meter preliminary swimming. Since London Olympics, Robinson made such a dirty trick as the spy of the North and as the slave of the Iran parpica. In London Olympics, this innocent swimmer lost his gold medal unfairly, due to the complot by this dirty whore Robinson and her comrade of Canada. Canada is the line of Robinson. When the plaything of Choi Taemin visited Canada last year in September, the Hong Kong unrest boke out as soon as this plaything of Choi Taemin left the Canada on 22th September 2014. There, these comrades of Robinson must have pulled the trick toward Canada. Through IS line or some faction line, they must have done something there. On the very next day when this plaything of Choi Taemin left Canada, the Hong Kong unrest started. Robinson was willing to desperately save the boy leader who was said to disappear at the beginning of September last year. She must have oppressed the Chinese leader through the threatening unrest through which Robinson and her comrades tried to shatter the Chinese leader. This leader of China is doing successfully for his own country as the patriot. If it didn't work out Robinson made the North yell at the 'torturing' by the Democratic American Intelligence. This bitch must have sent Snowden to Russia also. She is the spy slave of Iran paprica who seems to be the surrogate of the North also. Whenever she has been picking with the Iran paprica at the Hilton, she must have been getting the order and poison from the Iran husband. He husband of Iran must have ordered her to send Snowden to Russia after lunatic picking at the Hilton. If investigating the timetable if Robinson was at the Hilton right before Snowden betrayed America, this slave of the Iran paprica must have been there in Hilton for picking with the Iran husband lunatically. After the satisfactory picking, she must have got the order about Snowden or yelling of torturing and so on.)
Without knowing anything, this innocent swimmer, marine boy, is satisfied with the bronze medal. He is that much innocent.
Just like when I wrote some email to London, this continuous target of these whore North Koreans is too late saved. There is only one or two games for him which seems to be not so his major.
Despite of this dirty dirty complot, Byung Kook ridicules me, as if a 'mermaid' 'cleaned' the aquarium as a 'cleaner'. Ha Ha. It seems to mean that the stalking judge will block my bank account from my drawing. This jealous official will not make me draw my money until I should have opened the door of his car at the intersection on the zebra. If I have to lose due to it, I would take it. Every woman has a right to choose her own proper and timely favorites, not the ones who has been manipulated by the affluent stronger as well as get interest later due to the others' noticing. Some of those Korean male persons have such a tendency.
My prince Byung Kook is more comic in that he is only exerted himself to devaluating all things I have been doing as if nothing in vanity. He will say as if my base is loan as the fundamental root. Ha Ha. And also, he has been ridiculing me with those brothels. It is he who seems to be faulty. Although destitute, I seem to have the right to be righteous and to be evaluated positive. He has been willing to make a flaw on me, deliberately. These days, he made it get through that I should be contained under these intrigued false set-up and repeated investigation through the Korean official who never studied that much like mine. Byung Kook means that I should be under control within, instead of relying on the western righteousness as if evading from my basic root of loan. Ha Ha. Although he will bluff only to me as if something more of me, the features of him seems to be leaking. While he has been kneeling down to those brothels' big big silicons, he will adore them. But he will oppress me. Those brothels are also sent from RO and those whores. Weirdly, Park Keun Hye is pleasant if Byung Kook has those brothels. I don't know the reason and the motivation of this plaything of Choi Taemin.
Would you please ask who got the initiative of the investigation about the provider of eating to the innocent swimmer, Park Tae Hwan? Such a swift investigation must be done only through a police department, maybe the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department(?). To such a righteous Policeman should be given a prize. Would you please ask your righteous American high official to make them promotion improved?
Would you please make so? They were always swift and acute in the investigation about the brothel acts in Japan and in New York. They are the very able and righteous officials. If they are not the policemen, would you please search who made such an acute investigation and give them promotion?
And also, would you please ask them not to be manipulated by Byung Kook who will only play as if haughty in a high handed manner with the wealth, while adoring the earning of money through prostitution by brothel Song Hye Gyo? Admiring haughty authority might be good-mindedness, but a deliberate disregarding and ridiculing of some invisible intuition and highly acute clear sensitivity belonging to the other intelligent person seems to be vindictive. He even ridiculed me as if in exorcism. Ha Ha. Kwang Kyu was jealous since I was about finishing the study in Germany. He said to me through other German, "Would you stay as a student only?" In the academic area, oppression with pretending as if high does not seem to be righteous.
Byung Kook and Kwang Kyu will put any flaw onto me and mobilize some judges in Korea and will influence on America or, at least, will sever my writing to you, in order to occupy the monopoly of the unfair power within. Wouldn't it be easier to sweep over such a stupid plaything of Choi Taemin within their palm?
Would it be wise to make the righteous and sane official groups into promotion and make our country also righteous like in America?
Would you please do so?
* Sat. Jun. 1. 2013.
eMail to Olympics:
During the Olympic Games in London I wrote to you due to the false decision of the stupid Canadian umpire of the Swimming Game.
As a volunteer who took a part in the Seoul Olympic Games during my elite Yonsei-university years I sent an eMail to you to explain what would be the motivation of that false decision against Park Tae Hwan who finished first at the 400 meter preliminary swimming in the third group.
The red left-leaning admirers of Kim ilsung here in Korea have been making intrigues against the nephews or cousins of some righteous and democratic patriots of South Korea. Park Tae Hwan was also the target of them. Because his trainer, Sohn, is the nephew of Sohn Chang Shik who searched for the genealogy of Kim Daejung whose original name was Chegal.
After sending an eMail to you I got to know later that the personnels of the training team were all broken-hearted and weary. Especially the director of the team, Sohn, is said to have suffered most, which means that the red adorers of the North Korean terrorists successfully attained the goal. Thereafter, they have been still bothering Park Tae Hwan.
As for Mun Daesung, it seems to be also in the same context. Why don't you rather investigate Young Sun who never ever studied her major. She never took any single lecture or seminar about the theme of which she wrote the doctorate thesis. Actually there are many lectures about the confucianism in the university which she visited, but she never took any lesson of them. And in Germany, there are many lectures about the theme of subjectivity, but she never learned it there, either. With reading a few books she just wrote a general overview under the great theme of ‘Confucian thought and Subjectivity’ without any correct direction. Only spending seven years on learning the foreign language (German) was all that she as done. What is worse, she needs the help of the aborigines for translating German into Korean. Then she has been bluffing as if she were an expert. Due to their repeated suits against me I got to know that. Whenever I went to the academy to teach English to school children she and her sisters-in-law made conspiracy against me. After criticising me that I studied the politics, Youngsun wrote in her resumé that she is a specialist of the politics which she never studied. She let the officials ask me what my major, saying that I got the lectures of the philosophy. Then, she presents herself that she is a specialist in the philosophy. Ha Ha. Maybe she noticed that I had done what she should have done. If I say the truth, she changes her bluffing that every Koreans are the specialist of the Korean studies. Ha Ha. Have you ever seen such a comic expert and specialist? Are you investigating only Mun Daesung? Actually, it is said that some quoting without footnotes in a thesis are radical criticized in Europe. In our country, it is a little different. There are some layers of specialists who have been exerting themselves in the academic area as the scholars all through their lives. In that case, the quoting without footnotes is the criterion for the kicking out of their posts. For instance, the case of Young Sun who filled her thesis with lies without taking any lectures and bluffing as if she were a specialist is very ridiculous and should be poked fun at. Most of Korean officials say that it is okay though because she passed in that country. There's no one to make an accusation to her. But her cousins are making accusation to Mun Daesung although her wrong doing is far still severer. The case of Mun Daesung is very different. He is differentiated with his practical technic in the high level of competitions. In the other Korean universities many persons talented with good practices are teaching the students as a professor even without a doctorate degree. What is more, in the Opposition Party there are many (like Jung Seikyun and Ahn Chulsoo) who committed the plagiarism, which apparently turned out to be. And also, there are tens of thousands of people who employed a surrogate and made their thesis written. Around the universities and copy shops there are many surrogates who write thesis for such busy and great professionals like Youngsun's cousin (Jung Sei Kyun) who are too busy to read books one by one or to exert himself on pouring time on writing thesis. They just want to keep their erudite prestige like Youngsun who bluffs that she has much money if it is proved that she never studied her major. But compared to the lying professional Youngsun, those busy professionals would be better because they do not at least lie like Youngsun and her cousins. They themselves are making accusation against Mun Daesung through another persons. How ridiculous and comic persons they are !! The criterion of evaluating an academic person should be put on whether the person loves learning. Mun Daesung is the lover of learning. So, he continued to study also. Compared to Youngsun, Okpyo, and her cousins who just pretend as if they really studied their major, Mun Daesung is the lover of learning who really took the lectures of his major.
I think that if he corrects his thesis with more accurate attaching of the footnotes which he forgot to take care of due to the concentration in his technical practices, he would be freed from the critics motivated by some vindictive chasing and intrigues. Like Park Tae Hwan, Mun Daesung must be the target of those adorers of North Korean terrorists who have been only committing bombing for so long years.
Of course, it would be natural of you to investigate if there is a plagiarism. But it happened not in the european university but within our country Korea of which situation is different from that of your europe. What is worse, if you are controled without realizing yourselves by some vindictive, unrighteous, and tedious motivation, it would be not so wise.
Herewith, I attach some eMails which I already sent to you so that you could understand what is about.
*Mo. June. 8. 2015
(Personally)Dear Mrs. Senator Friedman,
The stalking judge is still putting something into my running water whenever I take a shower. He said that he wanted to get respect from me. Although I gave him the book of Hahm Pyongchoon, he pursed more someone like Wollek diplom and the mean university guy like the wife of Gerhartd who cannot speak English and her husband who would not do school work while caring for my private room. The stalking judge will believe only their position is correct and regards the psychopath Wollek as "expert", although this psychopath took huge cash and spread conspiracy through the contract with the perpetual instigator of paid spy, Himmelmann. Wollek still say that he is an expert. Ha Ha. Then, the stalking judge has been always believing the rhetoric by Wollek and the wife of Gerhardt. As a university woman, Himmelmann deprived whole salary life long from her ex-husband although she does not have any kid, in no need for any cost for children education. Such a brutality of Himmelmann is worse than the confrontation for keeping study at the university and the dispute between the students at the dormitory. Brazenly she was willing to find fault with me, by saying a lie to the Korean high officials as if the confrontation at the university were underway. After Gerhardt said to the university men that I wanted to get private to him, she and Wollek always told the other German students that they noticed what Gerhardt wanted. But Wollek told the officials as if he did not know even my name. Ha Ha. He always made a phone call to every friends of me in Germany and told about Gerhardt and me, saying that I went there to marry Gerhartd. Ha Ha. Wollek was so eagerly interest in me. Whether or not I went there to marry Gerhardt, it does not matter to him. This stalker was saying about to those Germans who never related with me at all. Ha Ha. If I got to FU (Freie University) in Berlin, he followed me there and told to the other professor that I went there to marry him. Ha Ha. I happened to watch this grey haired creepy oldman at the other University FU. A female friend said that he is a psychopath. How could such a Heide-like creepy person be an expert and the stalking judge follows whatever this diplom psychopath ask to him? Despite such an unbalanced behavior, this Korean official said that he wanted to get respect form me. I did respect him, but he neglected me and in all discrimination as if those stalking Germans were highest supreme persons and as if my innocent sister were a something lesser, he refused to say anything through the policeman who transmitted the book of Hahm Pyongchoon. My sister was so sure that no one would make any accusation on me, and so she said that I was deluded, sending me to hospital. This high feeling adorer of professor is still submissive to the psychopath Wollek and the wife of Gerhardt, in coalition with Seo Hyanghee and the fourth wife of Kim Jeong-il. He will only serve those position possessors although they have been unfair. Like at that time, he seems to secure his position by being loyal to higher position. Would you please reach for the Head of the Supreme Justice and make it sure that this stalking judge will get higher using accusation from the German, which is not so honest of him? Please say the Korean Supreme Court that this judge has been unfair to me since l stayed in Dae-jon. He is still submissive the comfort woman Seo Hyanghee, in eagerly wishing to keep loyal submissiveness, possibly in order to get more promotion of position in the officialdom. It might be natural of the Korean officials to aspire higher position and willing to listen to the higher position possessor, but I wish only that this stalking judge and the former student would be loyal to them only, not get interested in me with their emotion. They will do both of them, that is, being submissive to the comfort woman Seo Hyanghee and get emotion toward me. I never gave them lesser respect. They passed by long years ago. But all too abnormally, they will stick to me with some private emotion although this stalking judge's submissive loyalty to those unfair plotter made me uncomfortable. How high he was that he never ever said his name either. It does not occur to me how these how these two stalking men look like. These two men were not kind to me. They are still only do the service for the comfort woman Seo Hyanghee, while sticking on me with some personal emotion. Korean men seem to not dare to get emotion toward female high position possessor.
Would you please say this subtlety to the Korean Supreme Justice and keep the stalking judge from doing unfair to me? Please ask the Head of the Supreme Justice to make the other official assume my case. This stalking judge will get only submissive to the mean university guys although I clearly explain how Gerhardt was unfair within University. He will say that I did not like music, being dragged into the rhetoric of Wollek and Reiter and the wife of Gerhardt who are all great for Kim Kwang Kyun and this stalking judge. Whether personal likes or dislikes is music or not, they had better mind their own business. In Dae-jeon also, he was so loyal to these vindictive accusers and was in full concern what if my sister or I make accusation to those German. Even if I or my sister make accusation to those unfair stalkers, why shouldn't I or my sister make any accusation to the wife of Gerhardt? As a judge, he was too unfair. Even if provided with such a chance, I would not like to spend any precious seconds to Gerhardt and his wife. Brazenly, the wife of Gerhardt said that I should not make accusing her and she was willing to keep the accusation. Ha Ha. This ignorant woman who never ever did any foreign languages had better learn English, instead of making fraud as if I went on a trip with Charlie Brown. She is jealous and vindictive, in trying to send me to hospital deliberately. Such a brutal intriguing woman gets no punish from such a submissive official of Korea who could not dare to say any words to them. Due to the siblings of Kim Kwang Kyu among Korean officials, something unfair happened a lot. Kim Kwang Kyu's brother exerted his energy only demolishing the Korean rightist stream pretending as if democrats. These so called democrats never say to their regime of the North to do democracy.
*Thu. May. 21. 2015
The stalking judge was jealous that I loved your President. Many years ago, he followed me on the street. This stalking judge form Daejon enjoyed all, including strolling with his car at the zebra after making all the traffic signals stopped, while making his car door near to me. While getting all orders from those German mean university men like Reiter and the wife of Gerhardt and Gerhardt ago hindered my study, this Korean official was willing to enjoy the other's pain, crossing the zebra with his car. If I say this with description in detail, he said to the others as if he were wholehearted and as if I lightly refused the wholehearted wish of a man. His loyal submissiveness to those a few Germans made it all difficult.
I never did anything wrong to the stalking judge. Long years after since the year of 2002, he will make supplement more than the former fulfilling his social gain through keeping the false set up on me. He has been all okay toward German intriguers, getting their order all in loyal submissiveness.
Please help me so that Wollek and Noh Seung Ho cannot manipulate on Korean hygienic official to put something into my running water.
*Wed. Jul. 15. 2015
eMail to America:
After making severe fraud as if Iwere Heo Suk-ja, if I prove something more, the rstaurant maid always said sith Lim Kyung Seok, "Should we get away if we did not study?" Ha Ha.These unlnown persons sjo have bedn alwaus bluffing as if great academician are noa playing as if weak or gentle. When they made delibersye fraud on me to new officials, they were not that gentle, neitger simple. Tbey wdre full of greed for presiding over high officials as if great something. If it didn't work out, Choi Hside said tgat he is an respectable old man. Ha Ha. These unknown intriguer traitors have even some flexible tactic of pretending as if they wers simple gentkd individuals after murdering only presidents and big politicians of Korea.
Recently, Kim Jeong-il's wife said that animals do not usually betray trust. I told you that I and my sister are fond of "Beatles" the singers. The beatles are alsoy favorites also. My sister always watched bugs as her likes during her childhood years. Such a brutal perpetual accuser Reck cannot be any person who would like any animal or dogs. She said only, " These days, dogs and cows could speak English well," if het fraud didn't work out as if I went on a trip with Charlie Bravo. It is she that said herself in such a way. In vies if ger inability of speaking English, such a say by her seems to prove that she is lesser than dogs and cows. All was told by herself. But Lim Kyung Seok us saying now of bugs and animals after his fraud didn't work out. With such a lack of conscinece, he haf better not preyend as if an academician or scholar. He us a gladiator of swindling and fraud for Bolsheviser anarchism.
At least, those simple cute bugs and animals cannot know hoa to make fraud and conspiracy. In this viewpoint, it seems to be clear whichside is more of them.
Sun-Young Jung
12 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Socrates Wilde : Jacob G Hornberger: "Opponents of the Turkish coup attempt point to their own country's experience with...
Jacob G Hornberger: "Opponents of the Turkish coup attempt point to their own country's experience with military rule. If asked, they would probably also point to the brutal and tyrannical military dictatorship in Egypt, a dictatorship that the U.S. national-security establishment continues to fortify with U.S.-provided weaponry. The Turkish people realize that with a democratic system, there is always the possibility of ousting the dictator in the next election and electing someone else who moves the government in the opposite direction. Military dictators, on the other hand, inevitably delay a return to democracy for fear that the person they ousted, or his friends, might get elected." 

Turkish Citizens versus Pinochet Coup Dead-Enders - The Future of Freedom Foundation
One of the fascinating aspects of the attempted military coup in Turkey has been the reaction of the Turkish people to the military coup attempt. It stands in stark contrast to the attitude of American and Chilean right-wingers who still sing the praises of the U.S.-national-security-state-driven military coup in 1973 that brought army strongman Gen. Augusto Pinochet into power. At the time the Chilean coup took place, American and Chilean right ...
12 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Martha Leah Nangalama : DEVIDED WE FALL AND THE DICTATOR WINS - #Uganda #Museveni BY SPAN I call upon the opposition not to ...
BY SPAN I call upon the opposition not to lose focus and keep the eyes on the ball. We must stop fighting each other and remember that there are thousandth of Zeridah Kakayi's out there that cannot get any voice. On May 11th, 2016 the Vice Chairperson Zerid...
BY SPAN I call upon the opposition not to lose focus and keep the eyes on the ball. We must stop fighting each other and remember that there are thousandth of Zeridah Kakayi's out there that cannot get any voice. On May 11th...
13 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - sunlion55 : Donald Trump has a Yuge Man-Crush on Vladimir Putin. And it is not surprising given that Putin is the...
Donald Trump has a Yuge Man-Crush on Vladimir Putin. And it is not surprising given that Putin is the one person who can match Trump #Bigotry  for #Bigotry  whether #Racist#Homophobic  or #Misogynistic.

Should we be concerned with Trump's "fascination" with Putin? Professor Krugman explains the ramifications:

"But we’re talking about a ludicrous, outrageous candidate. And the Trump campaign’s recent behavior has quite a few foreign policy experts wondering just what kind of hold Mr. Putin has over the Republican nominee, and whether that influence will continue if he wins.

I’m not talking about merely admiring Mr. Putin’s performance — being impressed by the de facto dictator’s “strength,” and wanting to emulate his actions. I am, instead, talking about indications that Mr. Trump would, in office, actually follow a pro-Putin foreign policy, at the expense of America’s allies and her own self-interest."

More disturbingly Professor Krugman points out that a pro-Putin foreign policy could be a win-win for Trump. First he gets to help out the Dictator Demagogue that he clearly is fixated on, and Second, he might make a lot of money doing so:

"We do know that Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, has worked as a consultant for various dictators, and was for years on the payroll of Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president and a Putin ally.

And there are reasons to wonder about Mr. Trump’s own financial interests. Remember, we know nothing about the true state of his business empire, and he has refused to release his taxes, which might tell us more. We do know that he has substantial if murky involvement with wealthy Russians and Russian businesses. You might say that these are private actors, not the government — but in Mr. Putin’s crony-capitalist paradise, this is a meaningless distinction."

If there are two people Donald Trump would place above the interests of America it is 1) Himself, and 2) Vladimir Putin. I think we can all agree with this #FACT.

Importantly Professor Krugman doesn't want to dwell on the origins or explanations for this strange Demagogue-to-Demagogue, Racist-to-Racist, Homophobic Bigot to Homophobic Bigot tête-à-tête between Trump and Putin; what matters are the implications and ramifications for America:

"At some level, Mr. Trump’s motives shouldn’t matter. We should be horrified at the spectacle of a major-party candidate casually suggesting that he might abandon American allies — just as we should be horrified when that same candidate suggests that he might welsh on American financial obligations. But there’s something very strange and disturbing going on here, and it should not be ignored."
Donald Trump, the Siberian Candidate
The Republicans’ presidential nominee doesn’t just admire Vladimir Putin.
15 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View -