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Watch the video: The Roots - The Day (feat. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash)
from "How I Got Over"
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Watch the video: Mobsters - full movie

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1 Surprisingly Simple Tip to Make You More Productive and Less Stressed
If you feel disappointed about what you didn't get done by the end of the day, this easy routine could change everything.
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Résumé mistakes that hurt your chances of landing a job
This video emphasizes transparency in all aspects of the résumé, as well as pointing to gray areas and describing how to handle them.
5 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Chris Pauls 3rd Cousin : How far could Lebron carry this team in the West? PG: Darren Collison SG: Tony Allen SF: Lebron James...
How far could Lebron carry this team in the West?

PG: Darren Collison
SG: Tony Allen
SF: Lebron James
PF: Enes Kanter
C: Robin Lopez

6th: Lou Williams
7th: Terrence Ross
8th: David Lee
9th: Kyle Singler
10th: Brandon Jennings
11th: Nick Young
12th: Marreese Speights 
6 days ago - Via Community - View - Yisrael Speights : The Horrifying Story of John Doe and Jane Doe 996PAGES ON THIS WIKI Add New Page View source  Comments233...
The Horrifying Story of John Doe and Jane Doe
THIS WIKI Add New Page View source  Comments233 Share
Original Story
As you know John Doe and Jane Doe were users of roblox who logged off many years ago at the same time. But what many don't know is the room.

They heard of roblox and met each other on here. They soon became real friends and called each other. Their real names were never known however. One day Jane found a new game made called "Room no.1". Jane was really excited and called john to tell him to play the game. Both joined the game. It took a while to load.

Different from other games which loaded a bit faster. When they joined nothing was visible for a couple of seconds. Their characters finally loaded but there was nothing in the game besides a red head.

It looked odd as it was huge. John was curious and said let's check out the figure. When they started moving a very odd, dull music started playing. They then turned down their speakers, and turned them off of being scared. When they got to the head, Jane wanted them to touch it but John wanted to observe it.

It had no visible face and was just a big red head. The odd part was that when John or Jane moved closer the head looked the closer ones way. Jane, being the immature girl she was, said it was similar to a goofy character from a tv show they watched. John didn't reply back as he was too busy observing the odd figure. John was getting bored and was going to tell Jane to play another game but Jane said it first. Both tried to leave the game but the options menu was gone! It was odd. John asked what happened to it. Jane chatted that maybe it was just a bug. Their computers were new too so John found something suspicious. Jane said maybe try force closing the roblox window but that didn't work either. John was about to shut down his computer, until he realized his computer buttons were all missing! Nothing was there. Now he started to worry. He assumed Jane reacted the same but shockingly Jane was trying to be optimistic. John decided not to worry.

Both just moved around for a bit circling each other and chatting. All of a sudden the floor below their characters started to shatter. Pulling them downwards towards a dark room. The falling lasted for about 5 minutes but what was odd was that they couldn't focus on anything else in real life besides the screen. It was almost like they were being forced to play. All of a sudden the screen wasn't dark anymore. They could see what was around them. John found Jane, both were happy to find each other but they started worrying in the chat. Asking questions like "where are we?" and "why are we here?". Images would flash on their screen showing some kind of figure. It looked like the red head from earlier but a different color and sad. A faint cry could be heard. Both rushed to the find help or anybody else but the way they went lead to a endless loop of a hallway which would lead them back to where they began. John thought maybe they are in trouble.

They didn't want to worry but that's all they could do. For a couple of seconds both were able to release from the screen staring and look around but all they could see was a mist of darkness around them in real life. Jane said they don't have to worry as they have each other. John felt a little better after hearing some promising words but he still wondered what was going on. John really never had any friends at school. Not much is known but he is said to have been a loner. Jane was supposedly a caring person. But she is still a mysterious case. While having a moment of hope a sudden bang is heard. It repeats getting louder and louder until everything turns white. Everything is loud and blinding. Almost to the point of pain. Then it stops. But right when John looks up he finds his most horrifying circumstance.

John quickly recovers from that irritating noise. When he looks up he notices Jane isn't there. He walks around trying to see if she was there but nothing was to be seen. John was about to have a panick attack. Where was Jane? Was she hurt? Why did she leave him? And what's going on?

Jane looks up after that irritating noise. Strangely John isn't there. She's confused as usually John never wanders by himself in games. She walks around trying to find him when all of a sudden a door appears. It's only a few studs away. Clear to be seen but nothing on it. She moves towards it and touches it hoping John is on the other side. Right when she touches the door she's pushed back by force. She tries again but this time a ghostly figure appears with a red head. Jane can barely comprehend what is going on when her screen is blinded. Strangely herself in real life couldn't move and she couldn't move her character. The ghostly red headed figure approached Jane closer and closer. A smile appears on the figure's face growing bolder and bolder as he moves closer. Jane starts to worry crying for John.

John moves around only to see notes aattached the floor. Each had words scribbled on them. It wasn't clear what they said so John just ignored the words. But right when he went to one, he was able to grab it as a tool. The note appeared on his screen with terrifying words like, 'I'm going to kill you', 'die already, 'you'll never save her'. After putting the last note down blood started to drip from John's hands in real life. He started to panick, but the blood disappeared leaving only marks. John had no idea what was going on and why these things were happening. He only wanted to leave and have fun with Jane like he used. Why did this have to happen, we wondered.

Trying to pull himself together, John walks closer to a figure standing in the middle of a floor. The floor was very dark. Barley to be seen if missed. John asked the figure what was going on. The figure responded with 'you have made a bad decision'. The figure continued talking, 'Once you enter this game, there is no way out'. 'Your friend and you shouldn't have came here'. 'Both of you will feel the pain your character endures here on out'. 'You'll die miserably here by it'. John tried asking who was this 'it' but the figure disappeared leaving nothing but a note. The note was flashing with an image of John and Jane. John didn't recognise Jane in the image as he never seen her real look. But instead of looking normal they were dead looking. Almost like ghosts. John started to worry if this was the truth. If they would die and never escape.

John kept moving and found a door. Instead of pushing him away like it did for Jane, he was able to enter. When he entered he saw the horrifying fates of many other people who entered the game before them. Not only did their character endure pain but they did as well. Some were mutilated and even forced to kill one another. John scared to death left the image room. A new door appeared and John entered. But instead of seeing more people in pain he was about to realize his fate.

John opened his eyes only to see Jane standing there screaming in pain as barb wire was wrapped around her legs and arms. The barb wire cut deeper and deeper into her skin making her unable to move. John was now terrified. He screamed to let her go. Three shadows appeared in front of John. They blocked his entry way of getting to Jane. Suddenly flames broke loose around Jane. John, screaming in horror pushed the shadows to the side and ran to Jane. He didn't let the flames effect him. He got to Jane and tried to get her out of the wire. Sadly the wire became deeper and deeper. John didn't know what to do!
8 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Yisrael Speights : Google review of Fairmount Park Elementary School by Charity fausnaught #GoogleMaps
Google review of Fairmount Park Elementary School by Charity fausnaught #GoogleMaps
Google review of Fairmount Park Elementary School by Charity fausnaught
★☆☆☆☆ "This school is a damn joke!! They don't give a crap about half of their students.. While they let the other half get away with stuff"
8 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Zoe Nosworthy : Day 50 A tale of birds... A long drive today from Te Anau to Dunedin started well with one final visit...
Day 50 A tale of birds...
A long drive today from Te Anau to Dunedin started well with one final visit in Te Anau to the Wildlife Sanctuary, a donations attraction that rescues injured birds, either releasing them back into the wild or caring for them if they are unable to be returned. They are also part of a breeding programme for endangered birds. Found this place interesting because I was able to see some birds, albeit in captivity, that are otherwise, unlikely to be seen by. The first star was the rare and threatened takahē, a large bird, related to pukeko. This bird was believed to be extinct until in 1948, a small group were found in the Murchison Mts near Te Anau. Similar breeding programme set up as kiwis to repopulate areas that have been made pest free (pests being stoats etc). Saw a mother and juvenile as well as a couple of older birds.
We saw a morpork owl, snoozing on its perch, injured, can't be released. Used for educational and awareness raising in local schools who are involved in pest control projects.
There were three adult and one juvenile kākā parrots, we saw them being fed with nectar water (sugar water) and fruits. Kākā is a beautiful native forest parrot. They have brown and green feathers with brilliant flashes of orange and scarlet under their wings. Other birds included parakeets and various ducks. The sanctuary was teeming with wild birds feeding from the specifically chosen plants. I managed to zoom in and photograph a white aced heron on the shore.
Our drive was long through beautiful countryside, straight roads mostly, dropping to the plains as we approached Dunedin, driving on a two lane motorway into the city.
Dunedin is at the head of Otago Harbour on the South Island’s southeast coast. It's known for its Scottish and Maori heritage, Victorian and Edwardian architecture and students. The harbour and hills around Dunedin represent the remnants of an extinct volcano.... very dramatic hills on the Otago Peninsula, more of that later.
As usual, we started in the I-site to get our bearings. I signed up for an evening trip that evening onto the adjoining Otago Peninsula, Philistine Phil choosing a Speights Brewery tour.
The Otago Peninsula is home to colonies of albatrosses, sea lions, little blue penguins (New Zealand's smallest) and rare yellow-eyed penguins. The trip took me to the Albatross Centre, on the northern tip of the peninsula, a long but dramatic drive. I saw a few albatrosses wheeling over the Albatross Centre at the tip of the peninsula but it was the little blue penguins that I was hoping to see, during their evening return to land, to a beach just below the the headland. As it grew dark, we were ushered down a path onto raised platforms just above the beach. This would offer us a view of the little penguins as they swam ashore, often in v-shaped formations, then emerge, waddle across the narrow strip of sand and pebbles, up a grassy (rabbit inhabited) path to their nests. It was enchanting! In the distance, the lights of Dunedin illuminated the south west shores and hill as the night city came to life. But where we were, all was expectantly quiet. Watched for ages in the growing dark. We could see them as they swam speedily towards the shore before their precarious waddle to their nests. The platform is illuminated in a way to give people enough light to see the penguins and take photos. Mine were not particularly successful although my camera took a great film of a group of six making their way past us. A lone penguin had an exchange of words (well, a flapping of stumpy wings) with a rabbit blocking the path.... I saw several pairs of penguins but then the group of six emerged from the dark sea. Just a great experience, another magical highlight of this magical land.
I climbed back up the path, by now the stars had emerged, the Southern Cross very visible i amongst a plethora of stars. The Milky Way emerged above my head in the darkened skies before moonrise. Just spectacular.
The drive back into Dunedin was interesting, the mini-bus driver was lost finding a campsite near Lanarch Castle which resulted in a ten point turn on a steep dead end narrow lane and another missed turning a bit later. Returned to Dunedin tired but elated just before 11pm! The moon now over the city. End of a spectacular evening.

11 days ago - Via Google+ - View - L.A.SportsRoadhouse : #Clippers #LAC Los Angeles Clippers reserve center Marreese Speights is adept at taking charges http...
#Clippers #LAC Los Angeles Clippers reserve center Marreese Speights is adept at taking charges
Los Angeles Clippers reserve center Marreese Speights is adept at taking charges
He has become a master at taking charges, using his 6-foot-10, 255-pound body as a defensive deterrence, an art form that Clippers reserve center Marreese Speights has nearly perfected.
13 days ago - Via - View - : Ferry Ale House - The Ferry Ale House - established in 2008, as New Zealands 15th Speights Ale HouseSpeights...
Ferry Ale House - The Ferry Ale House - established in 2008, as New Zealands 15th Speights Ale HouseSpeights has traditionally been brewed at Speights Brewery since 187
Ferry Ale House | Restaurant | Cafe | Family Style Restaurant | Event Venue | Concert Venue | New Zealand |
The Ferry Ale House - established in 2008, as New Zealands 15th Speights Ale HouseSpeights has traditionally been brewed at Speights…
13 days ago - Via - View - Christopher Speights :

FASB changes presentation of defined benefit costs
Current presentation requirements for defined benefit costs lacked transparency and limited the usefulness of financial information, according to stakeholders.
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Great links for increasing your digital knowledge
These recently released publications can help jump-start CPA efforts to remain competitive in the evolving digitized environment.
14 days ago - Via Google+ - View - All Star Chevrolet : Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Speights on their new 2015 #ChevyEquinox! Welcome to the #AllStarFamily...
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Speights on their new 2015 #ChevyEquinox! Welcome to the #AllStarFamily and enjoy that #NewCarSmell!
(Salesperson: Blaine Henry)
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