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18 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Lionel Peyronnet : “Being on his team, I respect his game more…he’s got more to his game that a lot of people don’t really...
“Being on his team, I respect his game more…he’s got more to his game that a lot of people don’t really see.” -Mo Speights
Austin Rivers’ Long-Range Shooting Soars With Repetition & Tweaks | LA Clippers
Two scars, roughly a centimeter or two apiece, below and to the side of Austin Rivers’ left eye still remain almost a year later. They’re the only remnants remaining of his most defining moment as an NBA player.
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New Accounting Rules Spell Big Changes for Public Companies
Public companies—including Inc. and Microsoft Corp.—are gearing up for the most historic accounting changes to hit U.S. capital markets in decades.
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FASB addresses debt classification, inventory disclosures
FASB addressed balance sheet classification of debt and the disclosure requirements for inventory under the board’s Disclosure Framework.
5 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Robert Tobia : Netball and Speights pictures
Netball and Speights pictures
5 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Robert Tobia : 1/10 Nationalism and Netball On Tuesday, we had our first lecture in Dunedin from Dr. Mark Falcous...

Nationalism and Netball

On Tuesday, we had our first lecture in Dunedin from Dr. Mark Falcous, a professor at the University of Otago, taught our professor, Dr. Adam Beissel and was a colleague and wrote papers with another one of our professors, Dr. Josh Newman. Dr. Falcous has done research in Sport and the Media,
Globalisation and Sport and Social Theory. During the lecture, we discussed whether sport unites a nation. At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Falcous talked about what nationalism was and how it was a belief system for a set of ideas that reinforce boundaries. These boundaries can be physical, figurative, and even changeable. Dr. Falcous then mentioned an exercise he has done with his previous classes where characteristics of a person from New Zealand (where most of the students are from) followed by the characteristics of a person from a different country (England). The country of choice was arbitrary but consistent throughout the years. The other part that was consistent were the results. The students tended to give favorable traits to a person from New Zealand while giving negative traits to the person from New Zealand. After the traits were determined Dr. Falcous asked where the students got the traits of a person from England from. The traits were not discovered from personal experience, but second hand from the media or word of mouth. Now, I am not one for inspirational quotes, motivational videos or anything of that nature. But this reminded me of a TEDx I watched while I was bored at work one day. The guy talks about how he traveled the world for a minimal cost and his experience. One of the things he mentioned is that no matter what country is in, the people would always say something negatively about the people from the next country he was going to. Every time he got to the next country he realized these negative stereotypes were wrong. Basically what I am getting at is many of the things that we believe today may not necessarily be our own thoughts and conclusions, but ideas passed down from the media or people we know and trust. These ideas, positive or negative, provide us with preconceived notions that we often time accept and do not contest. If you're interested in hearing more from the TEDx, I linked the video at the bottom.

Later on in the lecture, we talked about a case from the 2010 World Cup. Similar to American history, soccer has historically been viewed as a wimpy, or a "poof" sport in New Zealand. The game is not as physical as rugby, the preferred sport in New Zealand. And the team has never done the Haka pregame, something that the All Blacks take pride in doing each game. However, recent New Zealand history has seen white New Zealanders gravitating towards soccer and away from rugby. Part of the reason for this, and mentioned in an article written by Dr. Falcous and Dr. Newman, is because of the browning of rugby. Maori and Pacific Islanders are typically bigger than the white New Zealanders, and after being in New Zealand for almost 10 days it is something that is evident. Skinny little white boys are tired of getting crushed on the rugby field by the physically dominant Maori and Pacific Islanders. The article goes on to site concern generated by some white New Zealanders of this trend. Now, back to the 2010 World Cup. Little New Zealand, little soccer history comes to the World Cup and while they did not win a game, they were the only team to go undefeated. Even Spain, the eventual champions lost a game in the group stage. While New Zealand did not physically get a win, it was a massive emotional win for the country. The players were celebrated and were quoted to be playing with a similar playing style that the nation embodies. Not so ironically, similar characteristics that Dr. Falcous' students came up with. The player of focus for New Zealand, Winston Reid, a player of Maori descent that decided to play for New Zealand after not being chosen to play for Denmark. The New Zealand press neglected the latter and celebrated the former despite being critical of the browning of rugby. Because soccer is traditionally dominated by white New Zealanders, having a Maori player that was successful showed that soccer in New Zealand is inclusive and every race is represented. What Winston Reid had going for him was that he was an outlier. It would be interesting to see if the narrative would have been the same if the majority of the team had been Maori or Pacific Islander.

Towards the end of the lecture, I asked about the playing style of the All Blacks, compared to the playing style of the All Whites (New Zealand's national soccer team). The All Blacks, being the traditional power, do not have the same small guy mentality that the All Whites do. Despite that, the All Blacks still have a playing style that New Zealanders identify with. After hearing that New Zealanders identified with both playing styles, I was curious to see if there was an instance when a player played with a style that did not embody national characteristics and how he was received. The case that I was told about was Sonny Bill Williams, an All Blacks winger with a sense of flair that New Zealanders do not identify with. Because of this the people and the media are highly critical of his play, almost to a point of vilification. Maybe not by surprise, Williams is Maori, and New Zealanders identify more with players in the scrum, who are typically white.

Translate this to American sports and a few examples popped into mind. First, if you asked Americans what they pride themselves on, they would come up with something along the lines of hardworking, independent (but not selfish), innovative, believe in tradition and their roots. Now translate this to American athletics, you get Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, Tim Duncan, Ken Griffey Jr and Tim Tebow (if you still consider him an athlete). What do these people have in common, they all worked their butts off, did not do anything to draw attention to themselves and stuck to their roots. Now to some of the most hated athletes in America. Once you get past the Lance Armstrongs, A-Rods, Tiger Woods (debatable) and most recently Grayson Allens of the world who have all been caught cheating one way or another, you get to people like Lebron James (pre-coming back and winning in Cleveland) and Kevin Durant, who are both hated for leaving (home) for a place where they saw greener grass. Leaving home is an idea Americans do not click with. It is known that Americans do not travel around the world, but they also do not leave home. According to the 2010 census, 59% of Americans do not move out of their home state. So it is easy to understand why people were not kosher with Lebron and Durant leaving the team that drafted them. But when you add that on top of previous generations of Americans that believed in job stability and working for the same company for 30, even 40 years. It becomes even more apparent why people were frustrated with their move, despite how much sense it made for them. Now, two other athletes that came to my mind: Odell Beckham Jr, and Cam Newton. Beckham and Newton, both very talented football players have drawn recent criticism from the media and the public. Beckham, a very flashy and talented wide receiver, who along with his flashy catches is also known for his celebrations, his temper, his criticisms to the media, and most recently his partying. Newton, also worldly talented and physically gifted, also likes to celebrate, talk trash, dress flashy and make criticisms to the media. Americans want an athlete that is worldly talented, like Odell but without the celebrations and off the field antics (Jeter, Manning). Where Newton differs from Beckham, is Newton was a first. Prior to Newton, there had not been a black quarterback that was as successful as him. However, after getting a pass in the media because he was the anomaly, he began getting criticisms after quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick (both temporarily), Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston and now Dak Prescott and Tyrod Taylor have shown similar on the field success but doing so in a less flashy and quieter manner. And then there is the specimen that is Robert Paxton Gronkowski. Likes to party, celebrate, says ridiculous things to the media but is loved by football fans across America. Now is this because Gronk is white, does he get a pass (no pun intended) because he has only played for the Patriots, is it because he tries to play through all the injuries he's accumulated, is it because he consistently delivers on the field, or is it a combination of them all? At the end of the day, I think many of the debates I mentioned are interesting to look at. How does a nation's identity show on the field and how does that help create a sense of nationalism? And also, what makes an athlete hated (assuming they have not cheated)?

On a lighter note, later that day we learned how to play netball. A game created for women and was meant to be less physical than basketball. An interesting game; smaller ball, still trying to put the ball in the basket (net), no backboard, you can't dribble, or move with the ball in your hands for that matter. When the opponent has the ball you have to give them 1 meter of space. Also, contact is called quicker than a ref will call defensive pass interference in football. I can see the game being fun to play socially, or even competitively. For me, I prefer a game that allows the game to be played more fluidly and freely. After netball, we got a tour of Speights Brewery. Native to Otago, Speights has been around since 1876 and is one of the most popular beers in New Zealand. The tour was interesting and while a good majority went right over my head it was nice to be able to sample and compare the different beers they had instead of blindly drinking what is in front of me.
Grainer, A.D., Falcous, M., & Newman, J.I. (2012) Postcolonial Anxieties and the Browning of New Zealand Rugby. The Contemporary Pacific. 21(2). 267-295. 
Watch the video: How to travel the world with almost no money | Tomislav Perko | TEDxTUHH
Many people daydream about traveling the world, but all of them have the same excuse - lack of money. Tomislav, after traveling the world for years with almo...
5 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Jennifer M. McGuire : The Los Angles Clippers beat the Miami Heat 98-86. Chris Paul had 19 points, 18 assists, 6 rebounds,...
The Los Angles Clippers beat the Miami Heat 98-86. Chris Paul had 19 points, 18 assists, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals. With Paul's sixth assist (which came with 59 seconds left in the first quarter), he became just the 10th player in NBA history to reach the 8,000-assist milestone. In addition, Paul reached the 8,000-assist mark in just his 806th game, making him the third-fastest to reach 15,000 points and 8,000 assists (behind Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson).

J.J Redick had 25 points (4/8 3PT), 2 assists, and 7 rebounds.
Marreese Speights had 19 points (3/5 3PT) and 2 rebounds.

Goran Dragic had 24 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds.
Hassan Whiteside had 15 points, 13 rebounds, and 2 blocks.
Tyler Johnson had 12 points (4/12 FG) and 7 rebounds.

#NBA #Clippers #Heat
Chris Paul puts up gaudy numbers as Clippers overpower Heat
Paul tallied 19 points and 18 assists as the Clippers beat the Heat 98-86.
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5 to Watch: Trends and Predictions Shaping 2017 - AICPA Insights
Our profession took shape more than a century ago, about the time a Scottish-born scientist named Bell was inventing the telephone, two brothers from Ohio were figuring out how to take flight and Henry Ford was creating his horseless carriage. To say that things have changed a bit since then...
7 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Kyle Adrien : 🔥🔥✔
NBA on ESPN on Twitter: "Redick: 🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽
Speights: 🍽🍽🍽🍽
Bass: 🍽🍽🍽
Mbah a Moute: 🍽🍽🍽
Felton: 🍽
Jordan: 🍽

18 dishes to 6 players... the Clippers were feasting "

Sign up · Log in · NBA on ESPN – Verified account @ESPNNBA. Redick: Speights: Bass: Mbah a Moute: Felton: Jordan: 18 dishes to 6 players... the Clippers were feasting. Embedded image. 3:15 PM - 8 Jan 2017. 304 Retweets705 Likes. Reply to @ESPNNBA ...
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8 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Yisrael Speights : I Want To Join
I Want To Join

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9 days ago - Via Google+ - View - thecameronboyce : #offline I'm chilin with Lauryn and Taj Speights tonight #XMOB Have a nice Weekend and a beautiful ...
#offline I'm chilin with Lauryn and Taj Speights tonight #XMOB
Have a nice Weekend and a beautiful Night
9 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Christopher Speights :

Companies Look to Make Headway on Lease Accounting in 2017
Companies in several sectors, such as automotive and retail, are planning to spend more time and effort on lease accounting implementation in 2017, according to a recent Deloitte survey.
10 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Christopher Speights :

How to Survive and Thrive in Busy Season
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10 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Clippers SportsRoadhouse : Marreese Speights could be the LA Clippers' missing piece
Marreese Speights could be the LA Clippers' missing piece
Marreese Speights could be the LA Clippers’ missing piece
Marreese Speights was a vital key to the Golden State Warriors' 2015 NBA championship. The LA Clippers are hoping for more of the same in their own run t...
12 days ago - Via - View - Richard Huang : Phx at Clippers 1/2/17 first half Warren 12 Len 10 5 Tucker 4 rebounds Bledsoe 5 assists Redick 14 Rivers...
Phx at Clippers 1/2/17 first half
Warren 12 Len 10 5 Tucker 4 rebounds Bledsoe 5 assists Redick 14 Rivers 9 DJ 6 rebounds Crawford 10 points Bench 9/16 Speights 9 Bass 3 Crawford to speights 21 phx bench
Phx at Clippers 1/2/17 first half
Warren 12 Len 10 5 Tucker 4 rebounds Bledsoe 5 assists Redick 14 Rivers 9 DJ 6 rebounds Crawford 10 points Bench 9/16 Speights 9 ...
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13 days ago - Via Google+ - View - jaylin speights : Think you’ve got what it takes to beat me in Real Racing 3?
Think you’ve got what it takes to beat me in Real Racing 3?
14 days ago - Via - View -