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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: Red Lipstick (Search this on MAP) Echo Meyer : Eternal My name is Nik and I’m immortal. No, I’m not a god or a heavenly being. In fact, I’m technically...

My name is Nik and I’m immortal. No, I’m not a god or a heavenly being. In fact, I’m technically not alive. I guess I’m just in my own category. I’m older than the gods, created from pure chaos, and was brought into the form of a human-like being by a goddess. I will exist in some form eternally.

Yeah, I am made of pure chaos and darkness, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a good guy, right? Okay, so once upon a million or so years ago, I was an evil being of destruction, but once you have done that for a while it gets boring. Except there are times when I regret that decision. Like yesterday, as I hurried to protect my one and only trustworthy companion.

A surge of dangerous and destructive anger came over me as the beast roared and searing acid dripped from its fangs. I glanced over at my companion, looked into her algae-green eyes, and calmed down. She usually had that effect on me. I could see the fear on her face and in her fidgeting. Biting her red, lipstick-coated lips, playing with the streak of red in her blonde hair, and her glistening-with-tears green eyes darting nervously from me to the monster.

“Anna, run. I’ll handle this.”

She knit her eyebrows in concern, but still quickly nodded, kissed me on the cheek, and bolted in the direction opposite the creature. I watched her go for a moment, but when the creature began to move towards following her, I stepped in front of it and began a darkness spell.

“Hey! I shouted. “Where do you think you’re going?”

It stared at me in confusion, like it could not figure out why I was not letting it chase her. ‘What is she to you?’ it seemed to say. I grumbled,
“Don’t give me that look.” It realized its mistake a second too late and got a face-full of dark mist. As it choked and spluttered, I built a large silver orb around it, and as soon as I made it solid, the creature was trapped.

Now, you might be thinking that the thing would use my orb as a sort of hamster ball and squish Anna and me, but instantly when the monster began to try to move the orb sank about two feet down into the solid rock beneath it. The orb was stuck in the rock, and I prepared to blast the creature into oblivion when a girl’s voice behind me shouted,


I stopped mid-spell and turned to stare angrily at Anna.

“Oh, come on. Anna, please not this again.” I sighed in frustration. “Are you really going to do this every time?” She gave me a defiant glare.

“Nik, it’s my job! I can’t let you just destroy them like that!”

With a growl I muttered directions to the orb. As we walked back towards the entrance to the normal Underworld, I smiled as I watched Anna absent-mindedly pull at a red stitched seam on her black leather fingerless glove. She was the most beautiful and feisty thing, with delicate blonde hair and algae-green eyes, and her favorite outfit; black leather boots, pants, jacket, and gloves, all edged with red stitches. She was a regular mortal, unlike me, and I knew that she would grow old and die without me eventually. I chided myself for loving her, but I couldn’t help it, after all she had done for me. I thought of her as my sister. See, a few years ago, the mortal police caught up with me and put me in foster care. I went to this really nice family that had a daughter and a son, 10 year old Anna and 16 year old Cedric. I later found out that Anna worked for the Ancient Greek death god, Thanatos, as an escaped soul and monster catcher. She was already planning on running away because she was putting her family in danger with her job. I knew I couldn’t let her go it alone, and it was the perfect excuse to get out of the foster home, so I went with her. We had been travelling together like this since. I became quite fond of her during our travels and now I can’t imagine a world without her.

She caught me staring, and gave me a weird look. Then she gave me a sideways smile.

“What? Why are you staring at me all shiny-eyed like that? It’s kind of creeping me out.” She asked. I blinked and shook my head, then stared at the ground for a bit.

“Have you ever thought about what it will be like when you’re y’know, older?” She paused at that.

“You mean when I age and you…uh, don’t?” Suddenly, she slapped a firm hand on my arm, her eyes growing wide.

“That’ll be so WEIRD! I’ll be like forty and you’ll be that same age as my kids! Ha, at least I’ll finally be the older one.” She gave me a light, playful shove. I grinned.

“Heh, that won’t seem so awesome when you’re like eighty and all wrinkly and old and I’m still young and innocent.” She gave me a skeptical look.

“Yeah, innocent, suuure.”

We laughed as we reached the entrance, and continued to joke and talk all the way back to Charon’s ferry. We hopped on just as he was leaving from dropping off a group of newly passed souls, and I paid him quickly before sitting down next to Anna.

The whole way back I was quiet as I thought. I knew that I had to get out so that I could think and relax a little, as well as complete a job, and I wondered if Anna would sense what I was really going out to do, or if she would let me leave at all. I sighed and then turned my black moonstone, which helped me keep my calm and not explode and try to kill someone at the slightest thing, as my natural instincts were telling me to. Basically, it kept me sane. Any time I was feeling stressed or apprehensive, I focused my energy on it more. Anna must’ve noticed, because she placed a hand on top of mine and gave me a small smile.

As the ride ended and we got off, I readied my mist orb, grabbed Anna’s arm, and then gently traced a pattern on the smooth glass of the top of the orb. I visualized our home, and the orb shrouded us in cool, silver mist, dissolving us to take us home.

Please give me your thoughts! BTW I don't have chapters figured out for this yet
6 hours ago - Via Community - View - Kitten KaboodleInc : Before the age of Photoshop, there was Philippe Halsman. His dynamic and imaginative photography broke...
Before the age of Photoshop, there was Philippe Halsman. His dynamic and imaginative photography broke the rules of the day by going against the soft focus style of the time and giving sharp focus to his subjects. He used both stage and darkroom techniques to produce gravity defying objects and invented new ways of interacting with subjects. His works often appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. He worked with celebrities as varied as Salvador Dali, Richard Nixon, and The Duke and Dutchess of Wales.

From the 1940s through the 1970s, Philippe Halsman‘s sparkling portraits of celebrities, intellectuals, and politicians appeared on the covers and pages of the big picture magazines, including Look, Esquire, the Saturday Evening Post, Paris Match, and especially Life. His work also appeared in advertisements and publicity for clients like Elizabeth Arden cosmetics, NBC, Simon & Schuster, and Ford. Photographers, amateur as well as professional, admired Halsman’s stunning images. In 1958, a poll conducted by Popular Photography named Halsman one of the “World’s Ten Greatest Photographers” along with Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Ernst Haas, Yousuf Karsh, Gjon Mili, and Eugene Smith. Altogether, Halsman’s images form a vivid picture of prosperous American society in the middle years of the twentieth century.

Philippe Halsman ( 2 May 1906 Riga, Latvia - 25 June 1979 New York City) was a Latvian-born American famous portrait photographer. Born to a Jewish family of Morduch (Max) Halsman, a dentist, and Ita Grintuch, a grammar school principal, in Riga, Halsman studied electrical engineering in Dresden. In September 1928, Halsman went on a hiking tour in the Austrian Alps with his father, Morduch. During this tour, Morduch died from severe head injuries. The circumstances were never completely clarified and Halsman was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for patricide. The case provoked anti-Jewish propaganda and thus gained international publicity, and Albert Einstein and Thomas Mann wrote in support of Halsman. Halsman was finally released in 1931, under the condition that he leave Austria for good, never to return.

Halsman consequently left Austria for France. He began contributing to fashion magazines such as Vogue and soon gained a reputation as one of the best portrait photographers in France, renowned for his sharp, dark images that shunned the old soft focus look. When France was invaded, Halsman fled to Marseille and he eventually managed to obtain a U.S. visa, aided by family friend Albert Einstein (whom he later famously photographed in 1947).

Halsman had his first success in America when the cosmetics firm Elizabeth Arden used his image of model Constance Ford against the American flag in an advertising campaign for “Victory Red” lipstick. A year later in 1942 he found work with Life magazine, photographing hat designs, one of which, a portrait of a model in a Lilly Dache hat, was his first of the many covers he would do for Life.

In 1941 Halsman met the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and they began to collaborate in the late 1940s. The 1948 work Dali Atomicusexplores the idea of suspension, depicting three cats flying, a bucket of thrown water, and Salvador Dali in mid air. The title of the photograph is a reference to Dali’s work Leda Atomica which can be seen in the right of the photograph behind the two cats. Halsman reported that it took 28 attempts to be satisfied with the result. Halsman and Dali eventually released a compendium of their collaborations in the 1954 book Dali’s Mustache, which features 36 different views of the artist’s distinctive mustache. Another famous collaboration between the two was In Voluptas Mors, a surrealistic portrait of Dali beside a large skull, in fact a tableau vivant composed of seven nudes. Halsman took three hours to arrange the models according to a sketch by Dali. A version of In Voluptas Mors was used subtly in the poster for the film The Silence of The Lambs, and less subtly for the film The Descent.

In 1947, he made what was to become one of his most famous photos of a mournful Albert Einstein, who during the photography session recounted his regrets about his role in the United States pursuing the atomic bomb. The photo would later be used in 1966 on a U.S. postage stamp and in 1999, on the cover of Time Magazine, when Time dubbed Einstein as “Person of the Century.”

Other celebrities photographed by Halsman include Alfred Hitchcock, Judy Garland, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, and Pablo Picasso. Many of those photographs appeared on the cover of Life.

In 1952, John F. Kennedy had two photograph sittings by Halsman. The result was that one photograph from the first sitting appeared on the jacket of the original edition of Profiles in Courage. In the second sitting a photograph was used in the senatorial campaign.

In 1958 Halsman was listed in Popular Photography’s “World’s Ten Greatest Photographers”, and in 1975 he received the Life Achievement in Photography Award from the American Society of Magazine Photographers. He also held numerous large exhibitions worldwide.

#Photography #30ArtWorks
8 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Adela Alonzo : I Can Dance This Under the Influence Red Lipstick. ...ANYWAY U WANT BABY 💋💋💋
I Can Dance This Under the Influence Red Lipstick. ...ANYWAY U WANT BABY 💋💋💋
Watch the video: Snoop Dogg - Beautiful (Ft Pharrell)
Snoop Dogg
11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Billie Bee : Drawing red lipstick illustration
Drawing red lipstick illustration



She pioneered music and style in the early days of punk in Europe.

When you consider who Souixsie's avatar is, the name "banshee's" allows understanding of the fact that these avatars can and do assert themselves from the subconscious.

Leinth is an Etruscan Death-Goddess, whose name means "Old Age" or "Old Woman".

She is depicted at the gates to the Underworld, or as a representative of Death or the journey to (or from) the Underworld. On one mirror-back She is shown with Mean, one of the Lasas or Fate-Goddesses, and Hercle (Herakles) who is retrieving the triple-headed dog Kerberos from the Underworld as His twelfth and last Labor.

Mean is crowning Him with a wreath, to indicate the successful completion of His Labors, and Leinth's presence is symbolic of the scene's setting at the threshold between the Underworld and the world of the living.

Leinth is also depicted alongside Maris or Mars, who appears in triplicate form on another mirror-back: as Maris Husrnana ("the Youth") He is shown as a boy, the son of Menrfa and Hercle; as Maris Halna He is an adult, a bridegroom; and as Maris Isminthianus ("He Who Brings Misery") He is shown with Leinth as either dead, in the Underworld, or as a Death-God Himself.

Leinth's name is related to many gloomy words in Etruscan, such as leine, "to die"; leinie, "dead" or "inert"; another more literal meaning is, "she who stops"

Despite Her name She is depicted as a young Goddess

A banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a member of one of the prominent Gaelic families, usually by shrieking or keening. Her name is connected to the mythologically-important tumuli or "mounds" that dot the Irish countryside, which are known as síde (singular síd) in Old Irish.

The banshee is often described in Gaelic lore as wearing red or green, usually with long, disheveled hair. She can appear in a variety of forms. Perhaps most often she is seen as an ugly, frightful hag, but she can also appear as young and beautiful if she chooses. In some tales, the figure who first appears to be a banshee or other cailleach (hag) is later revealed to be the Irish battle goddess, the Morrígan.


Siouxie was a literal archetype of the female gothic style and true pioneer of punk music and punk style in the 1970s.

Siouxsie became well known in the London club scene for her glam, fetish and bondage attire, which later became part of punk fashion. She would also later epitomise gothic style with her signature cat-eye makeup, deep red lipstick, spiky dyed-black hair and black clothing.

In early September 1976, the Bromley Contingent followed Sex Pistols to France, where Siouxsie was beaten up for wearing a black armband with a swastika on it. She claimed her intent was to shock the bourgeoisie, not to make a political statement. She later wrote the song "Metal Postcard (Mittageisen)" (in memory of the anti-Nazi artist John Heartfield).

Following the adage of DIY and the idea that the people in the audience could be the people on stage, Siouxsie and Severin decided to form a band. When a support slot at the 100 Club Punk Festival (organised by Malcolm McLaren) opened up, they decided to make an attempt at performing, although at that time they did not know how to play any songs.

On 20 September 1976, the band improvised music as Siouxsie recited poems and prayers she had memorised. This "Lord's Prayer" performance lasted 20 minutes.

For critic Jon Savage, Siouxsie was "unlike any female singer before or since, commanding yet aloof, entirely modern." She opened a new era for women in music as Viv Albertine from The Slits would later comment:

"Siouxsie just appeared fully made, fully in control, utterly confident. It totally blew me away. There she was doing something that I dared to dream but she took it and did it and it wiped the rest of the festival for me, that was it. I can't even remember everything else about it except that one performance".

One of Siouxsie's first public appearances was with the Sex Pistols on Bill Grundy's television show, on Thames Television in December 1976. Standing next to the band, Siouxsie made fun of the presenter when he asked her how she was doing. She responded: "I've always wanted to meet you, Bill".

Grundy, who was drunk, suggested a meeting after the show. That directly provoked a reaction from Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, who responded with a series of expletives never heard before on early-evening television.

This episode created a media furor on the front covers of several tabloids, including the Daily Mirror, which published the headline "Siouxsie's a Punk Shocker". This event had a major impact on the Sex Pistols' subsequent career, and overnight, they became a household name.

Not liking the cliches put forward by the press, Siouxsie distanced herself from that scene and stopped seeing the Pistols. She decided to focus all her energy on her own band, Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Early life 1957-1976

Siouxsie was born Susan Janet Ballion on 27 May 1957 at Guy's Hospital in Southwark, England. She is 10 years younger than her two siblings. Her brother and sister were born while the family was based in the Belgian Congo.

Her parents met in that colony and stayed working there for a few years. Her mother, Betty, was a bilingual half-Scots and half-English secretary, and her father was a bacteriologist who milked venom from snakes.

He was a Walloon from the French-speaking part of Belgium. In the late 1950s, before Siouxsie's birth, the family moved to England. The Ballions lived in a suburban district in Chislehurst. Siouxsie had an isolated youth. Her comrades invited her home but she couldn't reciprocate as her father drank at home and didn't work.

She was aware of her family being different. The Ballions weren't part of the community. Their house was different: Elsewhere, "life in all its normality was being paraded".

She later said: "The suburbs inspired intense hatred"
13 hours ago - Via Community - View - Kisuke : Archangel of Death "I serve only on the accord of Doomsday." ||Name:|| Zara Questo ||Alias:|| The...
Archangel of Death

"I serve only on the accord of Doomsday."

||Name:|| Zara Questo

||Alias:|| The Snow Princess

||Titles:|| Archangel of Death

||Gender:|| Female

||Age:|| 1000+

||Body Age:|| 21

||Race:|| Arrancar

||Hair Color:|| Black

||Eye Color:|| Dark Brown

||Height:|| 5'10

||Weight:|| Slender, 136 lbs

||Blood Type:|| O+

||Appearance:|| Zara is a tall slender female with long black hair that extends down to her hips and ruby red eye irises. Laura wears a bishop like cloak made of silk and consisting of dark colors however the attire is separated into three pieces. The first piece is a one piece romper like silk lace piece of clothing. The second piece is or area pair of ankle Black heels with a particular sharp heel easily able to pierce through flesh and leave dents in sturdy stone and metal constructs. The last piece is a black cape that drapes all the way to the ground like a monarch's.. She finishes with a pair of black fingerless leather gloves and some ruby red lipstick. Her attire changes often sometimes.

No Known Family

||Personality:|| Zara is usually a calm individual. She is reminiscent of a Kuchiki like Rukia who isn't an outspoken person despite having emotions. She hasn't strayed that far away from her blood drenched past to assume her royal duties.

||Affiliation:|| Hueco Mundo, Doomsday's Kingdom

||Rank:|| Archangel Of Death

||Number:|| Unknown


||Powerful Reiatsu:|| Despite being a heir Zara has powerful spiritual pressure rising to the level of a captain leveled opponent. Her reiatsu is a very pale blue and crests chills and goosebumps.

||Zanjutsu Expert:|| Zara is known to be one of an few best swordsman of Hueco Mundo, always having more than one blade strapped onto her waist.

||Hakuda Expert:|| Zara is mastered in many skills however Hakuda isn't one of those. She can still despite not being mastered in it perform well in this style of combat. She doesn't fair as well as a Hakuda based opponent however she has an average captain's level of mastery in Hakuda.

||Sonido Expert:|| Despite being petite and seemingly one with little physical stats, Zara possess an insane amount of flexibility in sonido. Her sonido moves up into high Mach speeds faster than the likes of most captain class opponents.

||Cero Expert:|| Zara has the extensive knowledge and ability to wield and manipulate the shape of her cero along with create new variations and techniques. She is so skilled in utilizing Cero, she has developed 2 of her own. Her cero is a crimson red with a white outline and her base cero is parasitic like her reiatsu.

||Hierro Expert:|| Zara has the knowledge and capabilities of using all basic types of Hierro and is even capable of using that knowledge to use "Hierro" outside of her body. Her Hierro is on par with an opponent her level.

||High Speed Regeneration:|| Zara despite being as powerful as she is hasn't relinquished her high speed regeneration due to the fact she isn't the most bulky person alive. Her Hierro is strong but it can only take so much before actually harm is taken into account.


Cero Torrente: This is a variation of the cero unique to Zara. She is able to focus it into a potent stream the size of 4 inch pipe that continuous is fired. It burns through and drains away what it attacks.

Cero Beso: A blowed kiss orb is formed in this variation of cero the size of a large tire but a sphere. It is highly explosive and explodes on contact. The explosion is the size of a cluster of dynamite in terms of explosive power.

All Other Arrancar Techniques not noted.


Zanpakutō Name: Hueso de hielo
Meaning: Bone of Ice

Appearance: Hueso de hielo is a long slender katana with a white ribbon wrapped around the silver of the hilt. The blade is 5 feet long while the hilt is 6 inches long.

Ressurección Name: Muerte de calor
Meaning: Death of warmth

Release Command: "Exhale and shatter their warmth, Hueso de hielo!"

Appearance: After the words of her ressureccion depart from her lips a powerful blizzard falls upon all targets in a mile radius. The farther from her being the center of the storm the easier it is to see. After her transformation has halted the blizzard stops and anyone in a 2 meter radius of her will be frozen solid. Her lips will have changed to a frosted white color as if the white lipstick on her lips are frozen. White eyeliner and eye shadow outline her eyes while her skin appears to be frosted over. Her hair rapidly changes until it is silver while it grows longer and curls stopping at her hips. She is dressed in a fur long bleached tan colored polar bear skin with slits on the side so her arms are visible. The head of the polar bear goes over her skull with the snout and teeth of the bear. If one were to take off her cloak they would find a long long sleeved white silk dressed heavily embellished in crystals and an ice crystal crown quickly forming on her head. A white polyester cape extending out of the back of the dress. In order to battle the skirt of the dress will retract as well as the top and be replaced with a pure ice Crystal chest plate and skirt. Her Zanpakutō changes into a straight platinum plated longsword. After her transformation is complete the blizzard ceases and everything is still.

Ability: In her ressureccion state Zara is able to manipulate the force of winter and ice. Plants begin to die in her field of reiatsu while lakes and bodies of water begin to freeze over. With a slash of her Zanpakutō a field of ice can be create or spiritual energy can be frozen. She has absolute manipulation of ice and lordship over winter.

||Ressureccion Techniques:||

The King Of Winter: Shouting at the sky Zara triggers a quaking of the ground. Erupting from a generated ice cave the king of winter breaks the earth and stands behind his queen. Standing 50 feet tall and taking the form of a polar bear yeti hybrid the King of Winter can call forth blizzards and summon avalanches. He can also mow down entire blocks of a city every hour at a time and can summon forth frost golems who stand 7 feet tall and wreck havoc on smaller targets.

Call Of The Blizzard: Zara screams at the sky calling forth a wave of ice crystals to rain down from the sky. After three commend of doing so 500 or so ice crystals float around Zara. Zara can manipulate the ice crystals to shred individuals to pieces and freeze their remains. The ice is so powerful that it can shred through solid stone and weaker metals. With time it can weather trough mountains creating caves and even through stronger metals like steel.

Revival of the Ice: Zara's most powerful ability can raise the undead through freezing their corpses and bringing them back to life with the essence of winter. This however is only temporary and once dead the corpse serves under her control acting like a zombification like ability. After 50 comments the corpse dies for good unless stored in a place where it can be preserved permanently.

Archangels - Neutral
Queen - Maternal Figure

Cold weather
Hueco Mundo

Some Quincy
15 hours ago - Via Community - View - Red Square : Like the LBD - Every girl needs a classic red lipstick in their make-up bag! #BestBuys
Like the LBD - Every girl needs a classic red lipstick in their make-up bag! #BestBuys
17 hours ago - Via - View - Ĵιиκ тнɛ ρƨʏcнσ : {Final Update for my main OC - had to repost it because it messed up last time } ❚Password required...

{Final Update for my main OC - had to repost it because it messed up last time }

❚Password required before accessing videos❚

❚Enter password❚


❚Access granted❚

❚Please select video❚


❚You have selected Jinx❚

❚Warning ! Video may contain inappropriate language, do you still wish to continue ?❚

►❚Yes❚ ❚No❚

❚Video is loading,please wait❚




❚Video loaded❚

❚Opening Song❚
Marina and the diamonds:
Oh No ! :

"Hello darlings, my name is jinx calamity rose, I'm an Aquarius, i enjoy sunsets, a bottle and of whisky and hunting down the supernatural.Enjoy this lovely little video of mine"

►Basic information◄

Ƨσяяʏ ι cαи'т нɛαя ʏσʋ σиɛя тнɛ ƨσʋи∂ σғ мɛ вɛιиɢ α ғαвʋℓσʋƨ вιтcн

Ɩ'∂ яαтнɛя вɛ ƨσмɛσиɛ'ƨ ƨнσт σғ ωнιƨκɛʏ тнαи ɛиɛяʏσиɛ'ƨ cʋρ σғ тɛα

Ɩ'м α ℓα∂ʏ, мσтнɛяғʋcκɛя тяʏ тσ ƨнσω ƨσмɛ cℓαƨƨ

Ƨσи σғ α вιтcн!

"The name is Jinx Calamity Rose....yes that's my full name, so just call me Jinx"

❚Meaning Of Name❚
{jinx a superstitious term meaning to give something/someone bad luck or misfortune}

"My nickname is Bitch, thanks guy's your the best...."

❚Preferred Name❚
"I would appreciate it if you would just call me jinx"

"I'm 18 years old"

"Wow you're stupid, I'm obviously female"

"Sadly I'm human, it sucks I know"

"I'm British darling"

"I was born and raised in London, England. I thought that was kind of obvious"

❚Current Residence❚
"At the moment I'm staying at the Old oak tree. My uncles public and B&B. Because i work there I get my very own room to live in. But only when I'm in the area, normally when I'm on a hunt far away from home I just sleep in my car or in a old abandoned house."

Seriously? What do I sound like too you? I have a British accent dumbass!


"I was born February the 16th 1998"

❚Zodiac Sign❚
"Like I said in the beginning of the video,I'm an Aquarius. Were you even paying attention?"

❚Zodiac Trait❚
{The Aquarians are born intelligent. They know how to work and what will work for them. This trait makes them prominent in the crowd. They often get recognition from others}

"The only family I know of is my auntie Rosemary and uncle Jonathan. My auntie Rosemary was my mothers eldest sister, I moved in with my aunt and uncle when I was 12 years old because my drunk of a "father" couldn't take "care" of me anymore. Please I was the one taking care of him!"

"Umm, how do I put this, Most of my friends are Dead. Apart from Destiny she's still alive and kicking.....the bitch....."

"I don't own any pets because I'm always traveling around. Plus I don't have the time for one"

"I have a really bad habit of calling everyone Darling, Sweetheart, Princess, Honey etc. I understand most people don't like being called those names. But I can't help it, Sorry~"

{Jinx is usually very charming with a cheerful yet sassy attitude. She prefers to be left alone and dose not like it when people try to get involved with her personal/work life. Jinx is also a calm and collected person, who try's her best to keep out of unnecessary fights/arguments but is not afraid of getting her hands dirty or standing up for herself. In addition jinx is well mannered, has a great sense of humour but can be very serious and cold hearted at times}

"I'm a hunter sweetheart, I hunt down the supernatural and save peoples lives. But of course I don't get payed for saving people,most people don't even believe in ghosts and demons. Anyway, to earn money i work part time at my uncles pub as the bartender.

{A hunter is a being, usually a human, who hunts down the supernatural and saves people from monsters, demons, ghosts and other creatures}

"Umm, I think my only goal in life is to save as many innocent people as i possibly can, also try not to murder destiny when she enters the bar"

❚Biggest fear❚
"My biggest fear is me ending up like my old drunk of a so called "father". I wouldn't say I hate him,because hate is a strong world. But if he was on fire I'd roast marshmallows on his burning corpse


"To tell the truth i don't really give a damn about the way I look, as long as I'm happy, healthy and alive my appearance doesn't bother me. But if I have to tell you about the way I look fine! Even though you could just take a picture, it would be easier:

❚Hair colour/ style❚
"I have medium long, black thick hair that I have down unless I'm hunting. Then I'll have it in a high ponytail or a messy bun"

❚Eye colour❚
"My eyes are both a light golden champagne"

❚Special features❚
"I was born with natural long/thick eyelashes that make my eyes stand out more than anything. I also have a beauty spot under my left eye"

❚Skin colour❚
"My skin colour is a warm ivory"

❚Body type❚
"Umm, I don't know how I would describe my body, can we skip this question please?"

{Jinx is very slim and neat looking young girl, she is also a little musclier and is currently working on getting a six pack}

"I have burn marks all over my left arm and side, I also have a burn mark on the left side of my neck, it's a long story about how I got them so let's just say. You can't be a hunter if you don't risk your own life to save someone else's..."

"i have a anti possession tattoo on my wrist"
{anti possession tattoos stop you from getting possessed and controlled}

❚Make up❚
"I don't really wear much make up. The only make up I wear is a little bit of concealer on the left side of my neck to cover up my burn mark. But I guess i do dress up when I pretend to be a FBI agent. I will wear red lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, foundation to cover up all of my spots and make me look more alive and awake.Because normally I look like a zombie who has been hit by a train"

"I'm 5'6"

"None of your damn business"

❚Clothing style {Cold weather}❚
•Skinny ripped denim jeans
•black/brown leather jackets
•long sleeved flannel plaid shirts
•combat boots/converse shoes
•Vest tops /tank tops

❚Clothing style {Hot weather❚
•High waist denim shorts
•quarter lengths
•Short sleeved flannel plaid shirts
•Crop tops/ tank tops
•Sandals/converse shoes

❚Favourite accessories/Special times❚
•A small silver ring that has the words "free spirit" engraved on the inside of it {she wears the ring on her middle finger on her right hand and rarely takes it off}

•Many different coloured friendship bracelets {pink,blue,green,red,black etc } on her right hand. {hunters usually bring their children to the pub with them, so out of boredom the children will make jinx bracelets to wear}

•Brown leather shoulder bag
{items inside the bag}
•two drinking flasks one filled with holy water and the other filled with whiskey.
•box of matches
•four different phones
•Fake IDs
•A small bag of salt
•cards with her number on

►Likes and Dislikes◄

✓Healthy foods {salads mainly}
✓Reading about mythology and the supernatural
✓being alone {sometimes}
✓Personal space
✓whiskey and lots of it
✓People who have a sense of humour
✓classic rock and punk rock
✓Sleep {jinx only gets 4 hours of sleep per day}

✗people touching her stuff
✗the dark
✗Hugs {jinx doesn't like hugs, hug her and you will be punched in the face}
✗People who start fights for no good reason
✗people who try to get involved with her work
✗flowers {she has hay fever}
✗most pop music
✗Being woken up { "I will knock you out with the arm clock" }

►Weaponry,AbilitiesSkills and Weaknesses◄

"I own a large amount of weaponry, because I need to be ready, so i can easily adapt to the different situations I may face. When I'm hunting, i own many weapons like:"

●Handguns, Shotguns ~One of the most useful weapons jinx owns . By modifying her bullets, she can use them against many creatures (e.g. Silver bullets can be used against skinwalkers and werewolves, while shotgun cartridges can be loaded with salt.)

●Knife ~As close range weapons, they can be useful when there is no possibility to use a gun, or use them to decapitate vampires for example. Jinx can also use other cutting weapons, like axes, machetes and even swords.

●Demon blade~ The demon blade is an ancient supernatural dagger of the kurds witch has the ability to kill/harm demons.

●Salt ~Jinx and other hunters like her have considerable amounts of salt, as it can be used for protection against demons, ghosts , hellhounds etc, as most of them cannot pass a line made of salt. However, it can be also used to attack if shotgun shells are loaded with it.

●Silver ~This works very well against werewolves and skinwalkers, so it is practical to have weapons (like knives, for example) and bullets made of silver

●Iron ~Used to harm ghosts, demons, and other supernatural entities

●Holy water ~It can be used against demons, it's very pain full for them

●Fake IDs~ jinx owns many fake IDs that allow her too get important information from the police, doctors, locals etc

●Seals and Sigils - These comprise a vital part of her defensive arsenal. Seals and sigils can range greatly in size, from Devil's Traps or Solomon Keys in the ceiling, too smaller ones like tattoos. They can also be used on entire houses, cars, and even on boxes to contain cursed objects.

●~Extras ~
•Spray paint {used to draw Devils traps }
•Syringes {used to inject vampire with dead mans blood, it's like poison for vampires but it isn't deadly. It simply slows them down}
•A silver lighter
•Rosemary beads
•extra bottles of Whiskey
•shovels {used to dig up graves}


Jinx has a good physical condition suitable for hunting, and possess an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and mythology as well. Jinx is a skilled fighter proficient with firearms, shotguns and melee weapons she might acquire. When weapons are scarce and she is in a dangerous situation, she will use hand-to-hand combat or whatever is available as a weapon. She also appears to be a proficient tracker and possess prudent tactical skills and an instinctive ability to "read" behavioural characteristics In addition, she has to be virtuosos of escape, evasion and silent movement, when the situation requires subtlety and stealth, such as surprise attacks.She can also read and recall Latin incantations, which can be used to summon and exorcise demons.


●lock picking,
●breaking into security systems,
●computer hacking
●disguised conning
●car jacking
●gaining an 'advantageous purchase'.
●operating and conducting investigations {she knows how to both impersonate and evade them effectively}
●torturing physically
●fixing cars
●Playing the guitar


"Hellooo I'm human, almost everything can kill me. seriously I get a cold and I feel like I'm dying"

"Sweetheart, don't you think I've told you enough? I've told you everything, from my name to my life goals. I've even told you how much make up I wear ? Why would you even wanna know that ?!?! So I'm keeping my past to myself. I need a little bit of mystery about me after all..."
✰Random Quotes✰

"holy hell"

"Would you look at that, I don't give a damn"

"Oh darling go buy a personality"

"I'm Agent Rose, FBI"

"Shut the fuck up and stop complaining"

"Interrupt my sleep and I'll interrupt your breathing"

"Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. I'm made of sarcasm,wine and everything fine"

♬Theme Songs♬

❚Fall Out Boy❚
Just one yesterday:

❚Yale Naim❚
New Soul - Remix :


And that is everything you need to know about me, Thank you for watching and I hope I get accepted
~Peace out bitches~ ッ

❚❚❚❚❚❚❚The End ❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❚

•this OC was inspired by the hunters from a tv show called supernatural, {the weapons and the ways of killing monsters are from supernatural, I didn't just make them up}

•pictures were found on tumblr and Google search ,credit go's to the original owners. I honestly don't know who the original owners/artists are so if you do please tell me it would help and mean a lot.

•if you have any ideas on how I could improve this profile please tell me also sorry for the bad grammar and spellings.

Thank you for taking your time too read this now have a slice of cake

Profile Temple Was Originally Designed By Me If You Wish To Use It Please Just Ask Me
{if I do say yes, please do not claim it as your own work} 
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As per IMDb the storyline is as follows ”A private investigator must unravel the murder of her uncle while keeping the secret that she is a descendant from a line of werewolves.” This movie will be directed by Tiago Mesquita and the writing credits go to Mark Morgan. In Nov. 2015 Lohan had shared a selfie from the first day shoot. Mail Online did an article on that. ”Lindsay Lohan is back on a movie set, working on her first film in two years. The 29-year-old revealed her new project, The Shadow Within, on Instagram Monday with a close up selfie” is what the article mentioned. ”My first day on my new film!!!!! Will be sending a sneak peek of my character this week #theshadowwithin” read her Instagram post. The fans of Lohan are happy as she didn’t appear on screen after 2014 when she had a guest appearance on CBS’s “2 Broke Girls.” After a long hiatus, Lohan is now working again. ”The 29-year-old actress snapped a couple selfies from the set wearing a bright shade of red lipstick. “The Shadow Within” is Lohan’s first movie role since 2013’s “The Canyons.” mentioned an article on HNGN . Watch this space for more updates during the filming of this movie.
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Wow and Rockfeller ice skating rink is just amazing while you ice skate along side many different flags as you take in the buildings around you. You also get to skate along side Prometheus ( the yellow statue ) and the mini colorful waterfall. And on Christmas there’s a big beautiful lit up Christmas tree right above Prometheus. Speaking of Christmas , the whole place lights up during Christmas , the trees decorated with lights and everything. New York just makes you feel happy. Radio city hall is also one of my favorite places , I got to go on a stage door tour. Radio city hall is absolutely breathtaking , the theater makes you feel like you’re in the sun ( because of its rippled designed ceiling ). And the rows and rows and rows of red chairs just brings a joyous feeling to you , because you can just imagine the hundreds of people sitting there. I even got to meet one of the rockeetes! Everything from their matching outfits to red lipstick excited me. Plus, I'm really interested in the performing arts so I was thrilled to meet a performer. There's even a big guest book in radio city where all the celebrities who come sign it. Oh My God! I was in the same room as Mariah Careys signature. I was also in love with the Majestic theater in New York, I also got to see Phantom of the Oprea. Let me tell you, the theater, it’s self was almost more interesting than the show. The theater was so beautiful and it had really nice designs on each side of the walls. There were these little lights all over the theater that gave it that compelling glow.

Oh, and I loved the double Decker busses, touring the city on a high bus…. It was great! And last but not least of my reasons I love New York city, would be because of the people. The endless people going places to places , some rushing , some jogging , some dancing etc.. Excited me. I loved the very idea of people together in crowds having a good time , because with people filling the streets of New York city it made everything seem magical. I also really enjoyed the different types of people , people in general , with their creative minds and unique styles. Id come to Newyork 10000000000 times more if I could.
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