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1 hour ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Mary Greeley :

LABOUR’S BREXIT BETRAYAL: Party launches covert bid to overturn EU referendum result | Mary Greeley news
LABOUR'S BREXIT BETRAYAL: Party launches covert bid to overturn EU referendum result. labour vote. September 28, 2016 – CHAMPAGNE-SWILLING Labour bigwigs betrayed millions of working class Britons today as they launched a covert bid to overturn Brexit. Members at the party's swanky conference in ...
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - TK Reed : Our friends at the Calyx Institute are doing exciting things with non-profit access to 4G spectrum.
Our friends at the Calyx Institute are doing exciting things with non-profit access to 4G spectrum.
I have found a secret tunnel that runs underneath the phone companies and emerges in paradise
I have found a secret tunnel that runs underneath the phone companies and emerges in paradise
7 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Choosing Things of Life : You decide...
You decide...
Hillary Clinton Wants to Overturn Pro-Life Law Saving More Than 2 Million Babies From Abortion |
Hillary Clinton Wants to Overturn Pro-Life Law Saving More Than 2 Million Babies From Abortion
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Игорь Марков : how to create a mini sitehow to get rid of new myspace 2 0how to make a paper millhow to open a webp...
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8 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - The Templar Knight :

LABOUR’S BREXIT BETRAYAL: Party launches covert bid to overturn EU referendum result
CHAMPAGNE-SWILLING Labour bigwigs betrayed millions of working class Britons today as they launched a covert bid to overturn Brexit. By NICK GUTTERIDGE EPA/GETTY Labour members have backed calling …
11 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Abeto Alto : Spain: Court has overturn bullfight ban initiative in San Sebastián Court has overturn a iniciative ...
Spain: Court has overturn bullfight ban initiative in San Sebastián
Court has overturn a iniciative to ban bullfigh in San Sebastián. The government delegate in San Sebastián said that it was not question of  liking bullfight or not but to comply with the law on daily basis and not only when it suits anti bullfight movement...
Spain: Court has overturn bullfight ban initiative in San Sebastián
Court has overturn a iniciative to ban bullfigh in San Sebastián. The government delegate in San Sebastián said that it was not question of liking bullfight or not but to comply with the law on daily basis and not only when ...
11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - pee Ivate : CHAMPAGNE-SWILLING Labour bigwigs betrayed millions of working class Britons today as they launched ...
CHAMPAGNE-SWILLING Labour bigwigs betrayed millions of working class Britons today as they launched a covert bid to overturn Brexit

Members at the party’s swanky conference in Liverpool showed they still do not understand voters as they sneaked through a motion calling for a second EU referendum.
The dynamite document, voted through on the sly......
LABOUR’S BREXIT BETRAYAL: Party launches covert bid to overturn EU referendum result
CHAMPAGNE-SWILLING Labour bigwigs betrayed millions of working class Britons today as they launched a covert bid to overturn Brexit.
11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Robert L. Gilyard Black Independent Party President : Jeff: a principled public servant Robert, We have a chance to cement a progressive majority on the Supreme...
Jeff: a principled public servant
    Robert, We have a chance to cement a progressive majority on the Supreme Court, potentially for a generation.  A majority that could do things like overturn Citizens United, protect women's right to make their own health care decisions, and put limits o...
Jeff: a principled public servant
Robert, We have a chance to cement a progressive majority on the Supreme Court, potentially for a generation. A majority that...
11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Cecile Lemay : A judge just rejected our lawsuit to stop Nestlé from using an expired permit to pump water from the...

A judge just rejected our lawsuit to stop Nestlé from using an expired permit to pump water from the San Bernardino National Forest. Will you chip in to help keep up the fight and appeal this awful decision?
I'll donate
Yesterday, a judge rejected our lawsuit and ruled that Nestlé can continue pumping tens of millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest using a permit that expired 28 years ago.(1)

California is in the middle of the worst drought in decades, but this judge called it "reasonable" to allow Nestlé to keep taking our water.

This decision is wrong, outrageous, and not legally sound -- you'd better believe we're going to appeal it. But we need your help to fund the legal fight if we're going to overturn this awful decision.

Yes, I'll chip in to help stop Nestlé from taking our water.

In 2015 alone, an estimated 36 million gallons were piped away from the San Bernardino National Forest to be bottled and sold under Nestlé's Arrowhead brand of bottled water.

The permit expired in 1988, but the piping system remains in active use, siphoning about 98,000 gallons of water a day out of the forest in the past year.

Reports from the end of 2015 and the summer of 2016 indicate that water levels at Strawberry Creek in the San Bernardino National Forest are at record lows, threatening local wildlife that is already dealing with the ongoing drought in Southern California.

This judge ignored the environmental impacts. He ignored the public's right to input. In fact, the only interests he apparently considered were Nestlé's! It was a shocking bow to corporate power -- but this fight has just begun.

In addition to appealing the decision, we're continuing to push the Forest Service directly to stop Nestlé from taking our water through the environmental review process launched in response to YOUR activism.

But to replenish our legal fund and keep up the grassroots pressure, we need your help. Will you chip in?

Yes, I'll chip in to help stop Nestlé from taking our water.

Yours in the fight to protect our water,

Eddie, along with Annie, Caitlin, Emma, Katie, Kelsey, Lindsay, Moonyoung, Scottie, Tim, and William (the Courage team)


Like what we do? Chip in to help fund the fight for a more progressive nation. Or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Donate Today
Courage Campaign fights for a more progressive California and country. We are an online community powered by more than 1.3 million members. The Courage Campaign Institute is the educational arm of the Courage Campaign family of organizations. Our mission is to defend and extend human rights through innovative leadership development, training, strategic research, and public education.

Courage Campaign Institute is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Contributions or gifts to Courage Campaign Institute are tax deductible within IRS guidelines.

Courage Campaign Institute
Courage Campaign Institute is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of the Courage Campaign family of organizations. With more than 1.3 million members, Courage Campaign Institute powers the fight for a more progressive California and country through public education, leadership development, ...
12 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Enrique Morales :

Dancers sue to overturn Louisiana strip club age requirements
The federal lawsuit, filed by three "Jane Doe" dancers, challenges the constitutionality of the age requirement law that state officials will begin enforcing Oct. 1.
13 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - ImagesByKenny : Taiwan has been hit by a third typhoon in two weeks, a powerful storm that killed at least four people...
Taiwan has been hit by a third typhoon in two weeks, a powerful storm that killed at least four people and injured hundreds of others.
This time the eye of the typhoon passed directly over the middle of the island, from east to west, starting its journey at Hualien City.
Electricity was cut for millions of residents as blown-down trees severed power lines. An estimated 72,000 households were left without running water. 
The previous two typhoons kept their eyes offshore but both delivered significant rain and damaging winds. Typhoon Megi made a direct hit, and came ashore as the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane, on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. It too delivered heavy rain and damaging winds.
The weather observers in Hualien City reported a maximum gust of 155km an hour. This is strong enough to overturn lorries, and this has indeed happened.
Reports from Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau showed steady winds of 100km/h in Taichung City with gusts of 198km/h on Tuesday afternoon. Taichung is on the west coast of Taiwan and this suggests that Megi dropped from a Category 3 typhoon to a tropical storm as a result of the Taiwanese geography.
Megi gathered the seas to produce 11-metre high waves east of Taiwan.
Bands of rain revolving around the typhoon covered the entire country. In six hours of Tuesday morning, Taipei recorded 75mm. The potential from Typhoon Megi is 400mm on level ground but much more in the hills.
On Taiping mountain, since the rain from this typhoon started nearly two days ago, 984mm has fallen with 870mm on Tuesday alone. This amount of rain on a mountainside is likely to have caused landslides.
Taiwan has a mountain range running down its spine and this has two effects. Firstly it enhances the rain and secondly it disrupts the circulation of a typhoon.
Watch the video: Typhoon Megi bringing some wind and rain to New Taipei City
Typhoon Megi is the third typhoon to hit Taiwan in two weeks. It killed at least four people and injured hundreds. Electricity was cut for millions of reside...
14 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Игорь Марков : how to mix r&b vocalshow to design an eflyerhow to get pack rat avatarhow to make pancake shapeshow ...
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17 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - 2003candi : I bless you President Donald Trump, you and your family in Jesus Name. As I've posted from time to ...
I bless you President Donald Trump, you and your family in Jesus Name.

As I've posted from time to time since March (2016), the #FATHER has said to me "I will be #voting in this #election on November 8th 2016 and Donald Trump will be MY #Trumpet !!! Donald Trump WILL Win !!!"

Trump WILL be President of the United States of America TWICE and Pence will be President after him.

#Trump Will make America greater than ever before and he Will build the wall and bring #wealth back to #America. Additionally he will be set on fire 🔥 for Jesus ✝️ and he will extend his hand to the Believers and overturn unbiblical unjust laws.

Who Abba has blessed no man can curse 📖🙌🏾
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Abednego Edet : Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez dies in boating incident The Miami Marlins have confirmed the death...
Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez dies in boating incident
The Miami Marlins have confirmed the death of star pitcher Jose Fernandez, following a boating accident. Fernandez, 24, was one of three people found dead in the early hours of Sunday morning by the U.S. Coast Guard, after the boat they had been on overturn...
Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez dies in boating incident

1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Legend of Zelda Fandom : really though about trump vs. hillary i see people who would rather have trump than hillary and i'm ...
really though about trump vs. hillary i see people who would rather have trump than hillary and i'm like
- do we want a president who wants to deport citizens based on their religion and immigrants just bc they're not legalised yet bc becoming a citizen is hard
- do we want someone who thinks a million dollars is a "small loan" in charge of our economy?
- do we want someone who has literally SAID he doesn't have any respect for women in charge of our country?
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Cherry Cheng : Type KF60AK side dump wagon( is a kind of special railway wagon with the unloading...
Type KF60AK side dump wagon( is a kind of special railway wagon with the unloading equipment and vehicle structure, which is used for transporting bulk goods such as ore, grit, coal and construction materials on the standard railway gauge.

Loading capacity (T)


Tare weight (T)


Volume (m3)


Commercial running speed (km/h)


Minimum radius of
curvature negotiated (m)


Track gauge (mm)


Length of wagon (mm)


Overturn angle of the carriage


Working pressure of
overturn cylinder (mpa)


railway Bogie

Bogie K6


Type 120

Draft gear

No. 13A top operation
coupler (grade C steel)/Type MT-2 draft gear

Loading gauge

Conform to requirement of
GB146.183 locomotive and Rolling stock gauge
for standard gauge railways
1 day ago - Via Reshared Post - View - News Neck : On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace & Sean Stone take a look at Congress...
On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace & Sean Stone take a look at Congress’ double standard: as they move to overturn Obama’s veto of JASTA, the Senate kills legislation to halt a $1.15 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia.…
[327] Justice Vetoed, Protest Paranoia, & Perpetrating Fraud on the Debates
On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace & Sean Stone take a look at Congress’ double standard: as they move to overturn Obam
1 day ago - Via - View - Watching the Hawks RT : On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace & Sean Stone take a look at Congress...
On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace & Sean Stone take a look at Congress’ double standard: as they move to overturn Obama’s veto of JASTA, the Senate kills legislation to halt a $1.15 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia. Is the media fueling paranoia over Black Lives Matter and social justice protests by reporting and publicizing false facts and unfair narratives? Jeff Cohen, the Founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, joins us to talk about the Commission on Presidential Debates. Tabetha Wallace offers us her one minute political campaign roundup including Ted Cruz endorsing Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian supporting Hilalry Clinton.
Watch the video: [327] Justice Vetoed, Protest Paranoia, & Perpetrating Fraud on the Debates
On this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace & Sean Stone take a look at Congress’ double standard: as they move to overturn Obama’s veto of JASTA, the Senate kills legislation to halt a $1.15 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia. Is the media fueling paranoia over Black Lives Matter and social justice protests by reporting and publicizing false facts and unfair narratives? Jeff Cohen, the Founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, joins us to talk about the Commission on Presidential Debates. Tabetha Wallace offers us her one minute political campaign roundup including Ted Cruz endorsing Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian supporting Hillary Clinton. LIKE Watching the Hawks @ FOLLOW WATCHING THE HAWKS ON INSTAGRAM @ FOLLOW Tyrel Ventura @ FOLLOW Tabetha Wallace @ FOLLOW Sean Stone @
1 day ago - Via - View -