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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: On the Radio (Search this on MAP) mieczysław michalik : Lola is about a cross-dresser. According to a 2004 piece in Rolling Stone magazine, it may have been...
Lola is about a cross-dresser. According to a 2004 piece in Rolling Stone magazine, it may have been inspired by the famous transgender actress Candy Darling, who Kinks lead singer Ray Davies allegedly dated for a brief time. This is the same Candy mentioned in Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side" ("Candy came from out on the island, in the backroom she was everybody's darling").

The other possibility, which is stated in The Kinks: The Official Biography, is that Ray Davies wrote the lyrics after their manager got drunk at a club and started dancing with what he thought was a woman. Toward the end of the night, his stubble started showing, but their manager was too tanked to notice.

Said Davies: "'Lola' was a love song, and the person they fall in love with is a transvestite. It's not their fault - they didn't know - but you know it's not going to last. It was based on a story about my manager."
The Kinks came up with the riff after messing around with open strings on guitars. The group's guitarist, Dave Davies, contended that he deserved a songwriting credit on the track, leading to additional friction with his brother Ray, who got the sole composer credit.
This revived the career of The Kinks, at least in America where their popularity was fading. Their previous Top 40 in the States was "Sunny Afternoon" in 1966.
The line "You drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry cola" was recorded as "it tastes just like Coca-Cola." The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) refused to play it because of the commercial reference, so Ray Davies flew from New York to London to change the lyric and get the song on the air.
Lola is mentioned in the 1981 Kinks song "Destroyer," which begins: "Met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place."
Ray Davies, who wrote this song, told Rolling Stone in 2014 why this song didn't cause more of an uproar considering its storyline. "The subject matter was concealed," he said. "It's a crafty way of writing. I say, 'She woke up next to me,' and people think it's a woman. The story unfolds better than if the song were called 'I Dated a Drag Queen.'"
The Kinks' fans were not the type of people who would relate to a transvestite, but they loved this. It opened the door for artists like Lou Reed and David Bowie to explore homosexuality in songs that straight people liked too.
Weird Al Yankovic recorded a parody of this song entitled "Yoda" (based on the Star Wars movies) for his 1985 album Dare to Be Stupid. (thanks, Jerro - New Alexandria, PA)
Ray Davies used his National Steel resonator guitar for the first time on this song. He recalled to Uncut: "On 'Lola' I wanted an intro similar to what we used on Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, which was two Fender acoustic guitars and Dave's electric guitar so I went down to Shaftesbury Avenue and bought a Martin guitar, and this National guitar that I got for £80, then double-tracked the Martin, and double-tracked the National – that's what got that sound."
The Kinks probably weren't familiar with it, but an American song published in 1918 also mentions Lola and Coca-Cola. In "Ev'ry Day'll Be Sunday When The Town Goes Dry," we hear the line, "At the table with Lola they will serve us Coca-Cola."
Ray Davies told interviewer Daniel Rachel (The Art of Noise: Conversations with Great Songwriters) that he didn't initially show the lyrics to the band. "We just rehearsed it with the la-la la-la Lo-la chorus which came first. I had a one-year-old daughter at the time and she was singing along to it."

Comments: 77
John, Brisbane - if you keep up your attitude you'll have no one in your life.
Stop being a bore yourself and enjoy the music.Luke - Manchester, Uk
Dave, Detroit: It's "I asked her her name and in a DARK BROWN voice" as in a deep bass voice.Luke - Manchester, Uk
What about towards the end of the song when they sing 'Girls will be boys and boys will be girls it's a mixed up...'Liz - Oregon
On August 23rd 1970, "Lola" by the Kinks entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #65; and on October 18th, 1970 it peaked at #9 {for 2 weeks} and spent 14 weeks on the Top 100...
As already stated above it reached #2 in the United Kingdom, it also peaked at #2 in Canada & Germany; plus on the Dutch Singles chart & in New Zealand it reached #1...
In 1980 a 'recorded live' version of "Lola" entered the Top 100 for a 6 week stay, peaking at #81...
Between 1964 and 1984 the English quintet had twenty-four Top 100 records; five made the Top 10 with two reaching #6, "Tired of Waiting for You" for 2 weeks on April 18th, 1965 and "Coming Dancing" for 2 weeks on July 10th, 1983...
Their other two Top 10 records peaked at #7, "You Really Got Me" in 1964 and "All Day and all of the Night" in 1965.Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
@ Kristi - I pet sit for a cat named Lola, and I sing this song to her - lol! She probably thinks to herself, "Oh no! Not this again!" I also call her Lola Falana, like the actress/singer of the same name. Yeah, I know, I'm weird - lol!!Nancy - Somewhere In Ohio, Oh
In Ray Davies' (of The Kinks) seminal song Lola, he writes the lyric "I'm glad I'm a man, and so is Lola." This can mean one of four things: "Lola and I are both glad I'm a man," "I'm glad Lola and I are both men," "I'm glad I'm a man, and Lola is also a man," or "I'm glad I'm a man, and Lola is also glad to be a man." Davies opted to use syntactic ambiguity on purpose and has never made it clear which interpretation is the correct one.Cyberpope - Richmond, Canada
I think it says: "I asked her name and in a bedroom voice she said, Lola". Also, I prefer to hear it as: "but I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man and so does Lola".David - Detroit , Mi
Wait, sorry, I wanted to say "non-transvestites (which are different from crossdressers, etc. etc.)". Sorry. Lola is about a transvestite, not a crossdresser (however, obligatory "LONG LIVE EDDIE IZZARD!" here when mentioning crossdressers grin).Kip - Eastham, Ma
Okay, I don't want to get anyone's panties in a bunch (yes, intended :p) -- but I just wanted to say that some of the comments here about "heteroboors" and whatnot -- COME ON! This is a great song; I first heard it in the sixth or seventh grade, and I knew what it was about right away. Now, sure, it was a little bit later until I fully understood it, but I knew what it meant. And I loved the song. And I'm 100% heterosexual. It's a great song, and you don't need to be ANYTHING except a music fan to appreciate it. Hetero or LBGTS, it doesn't matter, a great song is a great song, and yes, non-crossdressers (which, I know, are different from transvestites and homosexuals, etc. etc.) can appreciate this song AND the meaning. Great music is great music. Okay, okay :-)Kip - Eastham, Ma
The most telling lyrics: "I pushed her away. I walked to the door. I fell to the floor. I got down on my knees. Then I looked at her and she at me." This has SOOO much innuendo. This guy is on his knees looking directly at Lola's......what? I mean, the dude is on his knees! That's when the real realization of what's going on really hits. Of course, there's an incredible amount of double meaning throughout the whole song. It is masterfully written and sung. Btw, rock it out if your name is Lola, it's great!Camille - Toronto, Oh
for almost 3 years i loved this song because the guy sounded a little like me, but he still met a great girl. Thanks a LOT Internet!Nicholas - Reston, Va
I had the album in 1971. You're wrong.
It's the opposite of what you say.

Also: "and it tastes just like Coca-Cola".Rick - Harrisburg, Pa
Essentially the same instrumentation as Apeman, another song on the same album. The lyrics are extremely different, but the same sound.David - Youngstown, Oh
Duane from Tampa you are so right. I couldn't agree more. and, john from bispane, you have a very interesting way of looking at it.Ryan - Somewhere In, Nj
I do not care about any of the deeper meanings of the lyrics or social-political statements that the song makes it just F*****g ROCKS and is fun to listen to; dance to; sing and play if you are lucky enough to be in a band!!! Isn't that what Rock and Roll is really about? I am putting anyone down for anything, but too often I feel that people lose the perspective if you over analyze a song, one can some times lose sight of the forest for the trees. This is one of the GREATEST rock songs ever for many reasons, but mostly because it ROCKS!!Duane - Tampa, Fl
Some years ago, I was working in a welding shop, and we had hired some temps to help with a large project. We had the radio playing as we worked, and a song by Elton John was playing. I was singing along, and this temp guy says to me "That's fag music". I said, "Well, I'm not concerned with what the musician does in his private life. I like his music." That was that, until another song came on the radio, "Lola" by The Kinks. The temp speaks up again and says "Now THIS is a great song!". I informed him that the song was about a transvestite. He objected. I pointed out the lyrics "I'm glad I'm a man, and so is Lola", and then reminded him of Lola's "dark brown voice", and of her strength, etc. It was amusing watching the odd expression on that fellas face. I laughed a little, and went back to work. He didn't say very much for the rest of that day.Stegokitty - Cumberland, Ri
I stumbled upon this song by accident and I really got to like it.Zane - Kenosha, Wi
This is John again and I just want to say that men and only men in my life is what I want.So all you heterosexuals know where the door is and please F O heteroboors.Anyway I totally love this song and cant understand why it did not get to no 1.John - Brisbane, United States
I have always thought the lyrics of the final verse of this song went something like this:

"I'm not the world's most masculine man,
but I know what I am and in bed I'm a man
and so is Lola! la-la-la-la Lola, la-la-la-la Lola"

Perhaps if they actually were, it would clear up any misunderstandings of punctions and such!
Still a great song!Lola - Home, Ga
In regards to William, syracuse, NY comment; maybe Lola is glad that she (Lola) is a man? It's all about punctuation, which you loose with lyrics. But this could still be a way of looking at it, as being a drag queen does not mean you're unhappy about your sexuality.

To Michael, Hong Kong, Hong Kong: The version I have goes 'Cherry Cola' and at the end 'I'm glad I'm a man and so is Lola' - so a bit of both versions according to you, but the best version I think :-)Georgia - London, United Kingdom


Watch the video: The Kinks - Lola (Official Audio)
Official audio for Lola by The Kinks, released on Sanctuary Records. Subscribe to the official The Kinks channel for music videos, behind-the-scenes, live fo...
2 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - NAPTOWN NUISANCE : This band is the very reason that I think music still has hope. As long as bands come out and play their...
This band is the very reason that I think music still has hope. As long as bands come out and play their heart out like this and pour their soul into the music and try not to fit into a mold then music will not die off. Right now there is too much bullshit being played on the radio these days and music promoters have no idea what music is and they have lost touch.There is way to much music out right now lacking talent and heart, give or take a very few bands being played on the radio.
Watch the video: Rival Sons - On My Way
i'm on my way , i'm on my way back to you i'm on my way i'm on my way, i'm my way back to you what can I say, that hasn't already been said Before the fire (...
4 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - takerfan4ever : Take a look at this picture. It's the king, dead. But answer this.. does he look at peace, or does it...
Take a look at this picture. It's the king, dead. But answer this.. does he look at peace, or does it look like he's still suffering? My answer? Well.. you'll know by the end of this story I'm about to tell you.
On the month.. and week of his death date, police's allegedly said michael had magazines of kid porn. They came to the conclusion that he showed this to kids.. and detectives believed he showed it to his nephews to rape. We all know mj was a freak over women, and he did have playboy magazines, but this.. well. . Isn't true. Why? In 2005.. or something around that time.. NO evidence was found to convict him of being a molester.. no one said anything about child porn.. also.. there was animal cruelty in the kiddy porn magazine! We know this isn't true.. but why do they say this 7... SEVEN years after his demise? Why can't they let him rest?

I wanted to listen to him on the radio.. but some instantly turned it as soon as they said in tribute for 7 years, of mj. You know what they changed it too... Young Thug! Well.. that has nothing to do with what I was saying.. but I thought I may add!

Anyways.. rip mj.
5 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - xCrazy Kittyx : (Dectective,Officer x Criminal) //Pp me //3+ Lines //No text talk : 'U' or 'Waut' //You start //Tell...
(Dectective,Officer x Criminal)

//Pp me
//3+ Lines
//No text talk : 'U' or 'Waut'
//You start
//Tell me your rp or name first

You were assigned the case of "Ghost" who steals every night at local pawn shops and jewelry shops.You were frustrated and stressed because no one has ever seen this 'ghost' only a black blur on camera,you had no lead who ever it was. Weeks have passed, one night you had a call on the radio saying The criminal was in your area. As soon as you heard that you see the 'ghost' on the roof top,looking down.You hurried up and climb up the fire escape to the rooftop where i was at. You finally get to the top when you feel a kick to the face ...

6 hours ago - Via Community - View - nanak ram mali : Jai Shri Krishna friends >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Good Evening/Night >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Happiness is 1. Falling...
Jai Shri Krishna friends
Good Evening/Night
Happiness is
1. Falling in love.
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts.
3. A hot shower.
4. No lines at the supermarket.
5. A special glance.
6. Getting mail.
7. Taking a drive on a pretty road.
8. Hearing your favourite song on the radio.
9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.
11. Chocolate milkshake ... (or vanilla ... or strawberry!)
12. A bubble bath.
13. Giggling.
14. A good conversation.
15. The beach
16. Finding a 20-pound note in your coat from last winter.
17. Laughing at yourself.
18. Eye contact with a hot member of the opposite sex.
19. Midnight phone calls that last for hours.
20. Running through sprinklers.
21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
22. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful/good looking.
23. Laughing at an inside joke.
24. Friends.
25. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.
26. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
27. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner).
28. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.
29. Playing with a new puppy.
30. Having someone play with your hair.
31. Sweet dreams.
32. Hot chocolate.
33. Road trips with friends.
34. Swinging on swings.
35. Making eye contact with a cute stranger.
36. Making chocolate chip cookies (and eating them...!).
37. Having your friends send you homemade cookies.
38. Holding hands with someone you care about.
39. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change.
40. Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much-desired present from you.
41. Watching the sunrise.
42. Getting out of bed every morning and being grateful for another beautiful day.
43. Knowing that somebody misses you.
44. Getting a hug from someone you care about deeply.
45. Knowing you've done the right thing, no matter what other people think
7 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Our Daily Journey : Starting Over - As part of their training, all new presenters on the radio use a practice log—an exact...
Starting Over - As part of their training, all new presenters on the radio use a practice log—an exact replica of the live log except for one small difference in the file name. It’s a little like a flight simulator for pilots; you get to make mistakes without embarrassing or devastating consequences. It’s a great system for trainees, but if a seasoned presenter accidentally use the practice log to prerecord her radio program, it won’t be able to air.
Starting Over
As part of their training, all new presenters on the radio use a practice log—an exact replica of the live log except for one small difference in the file name. It’s a little like a flight simulato...
8 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Robert Anderson : Bernal for the shade hot already - Big black Raven lands on the Tow Away No Stopping sign checking out...
Bernal for the shade hot already - Big black Raven lands on the Tow Away No Stopping sign checking out the scrounging below - Few people mostly looking women I am my own asset as Black and White pulls in turns around and is long looking ~ one young and intense the other older mild and debonair ~ wanting only to make retirement he's no hero ~ but a great shot in a cinch :

And Taxi Driver guided me backing in : The real meaning of this and that but I hold no grudges and once done is gone and deserves no more energy except to learn from - So I started using stories in the early days so young and un-aged ~ my stories were considered gossip and I was criticized many times - But I don't use names or descriptions ~ stories to illustrate psychological philosophical principles the one illustrates for the all ~ besides it will never get back to them if you don't tell : So when you have community everyone knows everyone War and Peace ~ they might resent my illustrations but who is the they ?

I am aimless Am of the heaven fables fabled again : She was always weird well nice twenty year ago very liberal and makes a living from her causes ~ I think something south of the border who they stole California from and still thumb their knows - The cabbie was so friendly ~ he was early working and now latter walking ~ and he knows it is an experience - O but he would so say ~ I am from south of the border my best friend besides the Professor ~ we had a show going come see the watcher :

That first day I had a vision and went up the hill after stopping at the Precita Park cafe Bar and Restaurant ~ and I stormed around in the back tables empty because it was mine I owned it ! Everything was mine I own it - Now this is logic ~ how to make it true ? Get the concept ~ I own it all ~ but why stop in materialism ? Everyone knows me and who I am - I am famous !

But how to believe it ? that's the trick : I am the focal center and it all goes thru me ~ Heaven and Earth and I am the transit ~ and everything is message and meaning wake Up ! "I pray for things all day a little peculiar" - So after my storm cloud travesty ~ and green clad cabbie waves me a wonderful smile bye : He was my best friend simple and joyful knows a good line ~ cause I can come up with them : I went to the top of Bernal and sat on the rock tableau for two or three hours and thought it all thru ~ the premises of rich and famous ~ the logic as proposition ~ like the concept of enemies occurred to me - If I am this powerful I must have enemies who do not like my ethical ethologicals - I must make decisions ~ I must have specific assessment objectives - Well there is only one way ~ like "The Way the Worth Should Will" did I tell you Am ? Make opinions take sides a major event considering universal proportions ~ the war was on the front pages and anymore it is perpetual war :

Evil is what it is ~ which is which ? What is Evil me what do ? Take on Evil the ultimate ~ it's the universe you or me ? I decided there was no evil per-say but rather random circumstance except for the beastly human material or Spirit - It was a hell of a battle but I was becoming a general and controlled the whole - I must give orders I must read messages : If there was evil enemies they were surreptitious ~ and so I had to create my allies equally incommunicado both friends and enemies :

I must be anti-fascist anti-evil and O the BeWill offered me material power if I chose the hind most - I believed it because I could now see the strings that could be pulled in a small community where the Prince is dying taking forever - But first the elaborate dinner for eighty so Rockefeller style ~ anybody can come well inclusive of the neighborhood - Intrigue underlies the passing of the richest man in Russia and intimate of the great Cathine court circles ~ but Pierre the inheritor is illegitimate therefore the will is invalid ~ unless the emperor himself signs legitimacy papers which he has said he would do :

The Dutch Duke Demeanor getting on in years asks the Princess Annoyeds to steal the will and the legitimacy attachment ~ and Dutch Duke will show them to the dying Prince in a state of stroke with the Holy Unction ceremony performed ~ only he wouldn't recognize a Pink Elephant in the room ~ and I will see a nod in his eye the legate is invalid he back invalidated the will and it's annexation :

Poor Pierre will not get a dime and the money go to the legitimate heirs direct born blood relatives ~ Can you get the will asked Dutch Duke Demeanor ? while Poor Pierre is famous for with cohorts drunk ~ tying a policeman back to back to a bear thrown into the river and the bear swam with a cop on it's back - More or less a pet and this in Napoleon's day the private wars of war lords now corporate cancer :

Poor Pierre is such an unassuming innocent so it seems probable to me the would-be richest man banned from Ain't Bettersburg to Mustgo and his father's modest one hundred room house ~ where straw was laid on the driveway so the horses and carriage wheels would not disturb the Lord ~ and Poor Pierre raised abroad in a foreign land - analogous perhaps the eastern story I liked ~ the first son of the king was hidden in the provinces so the enemies of the king could do him no harm ~ when the age of consent he went to the city ~ a denizen of anonymity until the day he realized he was heir to the thrown : Christ was bipolar and you can't run a world by poetry ~ and the Happenese tried it - What did the Emperor say concerning the incoming missile issue ? The Pine cone bristles ! Isn't that the code you know what to do ? No it's poetry ! Let meeting minds why ! I began to fashion a logic of feasibility so powerful that known would power poof ~ think it and it happens ~ and the laws of happen-stance :

I look at her each time goes by and she meticulously avoids my eye behind sour glasses Soul mate ? She looks intellectual but I did get a glint this last pass :

Raven shadows cross my hath ~ Red Rock Cliff Garden but so mundane most people miss it ~ takes an eye : But so as the single source I must represent everyone so I must decide whose right and who is long wrong :

I'm at work my official designation - Where go Bob ? Bob goes to work ~ but actually it's the only fun I have and work begins when I get home : So powerful I cannot know how powerful am I did slip a gear once ~ accidentally putting a pause in earth circuit ~ and got a few quakes on that one :

Depends on the correlation ~ all in the correlatives Constant Random and should there be four elements ? I need something to do - So I have to create observational context - Four ! the kids shouted at the golfer and have to be tall for that game of radius leverage : Did the empire smear the Russian track and field team banned from the Olympics ? Not trusting their own athletes to beat the pill poppers on their own ~ and this empire is bush league ~ and so the Gods make theater of it :

I got caught in a God joke - Chile Bowl 22nd and Mission ~ floor to ceiling plate glass windows the Camera Observer ~ sit at a Formica table with coffee and cigarette smoke ~ and look 22nd corner Mission one of the busiest intersections ~ up-scale the more than average story high bank across the street tasteful - The radio on the speaker system not loud with a more than half dozen other meditaters and we began to notice the song matched the character walking by or the cab driver or the customer coming in the door ~ as the song comes on South of the Border comes forth :

Now this is a surrealistic experience - Bongo Island song on the radio and a south seaer comes in the door and it may have been a half hour I and the spectators nobody talked ~ but you feel the thinking everybody knew - I get up to go and a new song comes accompanying should have waited ~ I paused midway rising and everyone sees I am caught in the God joke - "Jesus Walks" ~ and I looked like Jesus at the time they said so in Israel - And so I perhaps not so much walked as slunk out of there :

I was not sitting in the box seat the aristocratic observer ~ but a mere actor caught in a joke of the Gods and you can't beat them ~ but at the same time they are all that is important in a personal spiritual sense Goddesses Gods : Tattooed left shoulder blade and she will never know it's there - Get thee behind me Satin ! So enemies of course and I create friends-anonymous my protectors :

The whirling Dervish again and again ~ and I looked under her hat but not sure she seemed as on an invisible phone - A physical attraction but never get past the censors ? In Goddess Dervish degrees yes Goddesses ~ Let leaping frogs high !

Calaveras County frog jumping contest and gambling event ~ they snuck into the Frog quarters and poured lead into their tiny little throats bet against - Let leaping frogs low :
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Freedom or farce?
I woke around half four to
a stunning dawn and spotted a carp roll where I was fishing. Followed by
another. It looked good. Very good. I turned on the radio to find out we had
left the European Union. Fair to say I was stunned. Even though I kept hearing f...
Freedom or farce?
I woke around half four to a stunning dawn and spotted a carp roll where I was fishing. Followed by another. It looked good. Very good. I turned on the radio to find out we had left the European Union. Fair to say I was stunn...
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Heard this on the radio and me thinking it was from 80's or 90's what a surprise 2016.. I didn't think music was made like this in 2016 because most of it is shit ..cheers for uploading
Watch the video: Supertonic Sound Club featuring Shelley Bukspan - Truly Something Special (2016)
Supertonic Sound Club featuring Shelley Bukspan - Truly Something Special (Remaster 2016). Released on AMTY Records on 17 June 2016. Cover Photo by Seamus Su...
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Tune Into Our One Hit Wonders Weekend With Your Home For The Best Hits On The Radio Oldies 101.7!

10 hours ago - Via - View - Michael Rickey (AF6FB) : I've been at Code Camp for most of the day. The first session was a non-starter. The one I wanted to...
I've been at Code Camp for most of the day. The first session was a non-starter. The one I wanted to attend was full, my back session was missing the presenter.

That's OK, I met a fellow ham radio operator and we talked about our clubs and what we do with ham radio.

Later sessions were great. I'm now in a talk about taking a personal project to the next level.

One more session after this, then driving home.

I'm hoping to spend a little time on the radio is Field Day after all.

More to report later.

10 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Wisconsin State Journal : Michael Feldman, whose show "Whad'Ya Know?" aired on the radio for 31 years, did his final broadcast...
Michael Feldman, whose show "Whad'Ya Know?" aired on the radio for 31 years, did his final broadcast to a sold out crowd in Shannon Hall on Saturday.
"Whad'Ya Know?" bids farewell to the radio after 31 years
Michael Feldman, whose show "Whad'Ya Know?" aired on the radio for 31 years, did his final broadcast to a sold out crowd in Shannon Hall on Saturday.
11 hours ago - Via - View - XxForeverKittyxX AJ : Happy is on the radio yet Ruby doesnt play Ruby was a rlly sweet song :(((((
Happy is on the radio yet Ruby doesnt play

Ruby was a rlly sweet song :(((((

11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Gint Aras : Dear friends, I'll be on the radio tomorrow night, 10:00 PM Chicago time.
Dear friends, I'll be on the radio tomorrow night, 10:00 PM Chicago time.
I’ll be on WGN!
Tomorrow, June 26th, I’ll be on “After Hours with Rick Kogan” on Chicago’s WGN radio. I’m slated to speak beginning at 10:00 PM local (CDT) time. Chicago’s -5 GM…
12 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - JORGE QUIALA : CUBAN SHORT STORY Freighter ‘s Explosion “La Coubre” Terrorist attack! Testimony! In the 60, the ranks...
Freighter ‘s Explosion “La Coubre” Terrorist attack! Testimony!

In the 60, the ranks of the organization swelled, and began to send troops to the Sierra Maestra to the physical evidence of "The Five Peaks." Named for the five runs for over 100 miles through the Sierra Maestra, including the highest elevation of Cuba, El Pico Turquino 2000 meters high.

When young Rebels finished this test, gave him as recognition, a Czech submachine gun. In the middle of this year, it said that in the island's central mountain range, counter-revolutionaries were installed; militia companies were preparing to face them. In that year, all the money and currency proceeds to purchase weapons and aircraft, was spent on a purchase of weapons in Belgium, which came on board the French flag vessel "La Coubre," that landed on the docks of Havana Harbor.

At noon, when I was coming out of the house of a Dutch family, where my sister Mary worked as servant, in the cast Kohly, at height of 42 Avenue, I felt a loud explosion, and looking toward the northeast, I observe a high fungus on the horizon.As said at the time, said that among the boxes of weapons, the CIA had planted a spring’s bomb, which when lifting the box pressed, the device exploded.

I just said, something happened! I continued walking down the avenue 31, up to my house. When I arrive, I hear on the radio, "an urgent call from the Red Cross, requesting the cooperation of the Boy Scouts". Because these were first-aid expertise. I become like "Clark Kent" in Superman, and go to the Avenue 31 Scout dressed.

Arriving at, stopped a car and the driver asked if I was going to the Red Cross. He took me to the door of the institution in the street "Egido" in Colonial Havana. To the extent, that we were presenting, we interspersed with staff of the Red Cross ambulance, then gave us the guidance for emergency: "There was a large explosion in the pier, the area is considered dangerous, there are many dead and wounded, maintain cold blood, not to look anyone straight in the eye, become deaf to the demands for help, seeking only those who have the possibility of living.

When we arrived at the scene of the explosion, it was a gruesome panorama. Number of men burned, chopped, dead and even talking. Embedded pieces of burnt flesh against the steel mesh fence. Half of men, extending his hand to be saved.Others said, I have family, I cannot die! One said: "I know you from Marianao." I pretended not to have seen, nor heard him, but with the corner of my eye I he recognized. Indeed, he was from the neighborhood. But he was dead, and talking.

I saw a white man brunette curly hair, who was leaning against a column bleeding, his face blackened, and I offered him help. I asked for help with the whistle, and came one of the Red Cross. Together, we took him to an ambulance.
The man wanted to say something, and told him to shut up, with an outstretched hand signed one direction. We went, and what we saw, turned the stomach. Burst carnage of burned bodies. There was nothing to do.

Back came across a man crawling near a wall; we assisted, and carried him to the ambulance; when he died in our hands. Luckily we arrived at the scene after the second explosion that was the worst.

Otherwise, another one would be telling this story. When finished the job, I was emotionally unbalanced. Not differentiate the symptoms of hunger or thirst, not knowing if mourn or cry. I did not eat meat, for over a month. The only thing that was assimilated water and juices.

I did deep analysis on the meaning of life: "how a moment could change everything." I became more communicative with people; I started to say good morning to everyone who crossed my path. I looked in the mirror and say, I have the gift of life, and I have to review this chance!

In the following months, the neighborhood boys made a fierce resistance to maintain the association of Boy Scouts, but the government had already condemned to death. It was simply outdated with time. Slowly and quietly we went sliding into the Young Rebels. There was no alternative, or change, or perish! This was a time of discord among friends of years; many did not accept the change, preferring to leave the challenge. Some of them switched to the organization 'Youth Catholic Action’ in defiance of the government.
Others joined the clandestine organizations of the counter –Revolution; and suffered long years in prison. The most sensible, accepted the change even more to see. In my school, I was elected Students President,with a dual role as General Manager of the Young Rebels.

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I heard something on the radio today about Sinn Féin and the possibility of a referendum for a united 32 county Ireland and I legit died.

I don't think anyone understands how much I crave a 32 county Ireland. 
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Helpful Bean Counters on the Radio - Accountants for Hampshire & Sussex Small Businesses
Jane and Martin (our Helpful Bean Counters) were asked to speak on a local radio station in Southampton to discuss their view on setting up their business, working together as a married couple and the challenges faced by small family businesses. Community Hr Mon-Fri 3-4pm Friday 24 June 24 Jun 2016 by “Kelly” In the … Continue reading "Helpful Bean Counters on the Radio"
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Make sure you tune in! Our President & CEO Michael J. Quinn will be on the radio this weekend to discuss Let's Talk Hudson Valley with Bob DeFelice!
The program will air this Sunday Morning 6/26/2016 as follows:
- Sunday at 7:00am on Oldies 98.9FM & 94.5FM WGNY-FM
- Sunday at 7:00am on 1220/97.3FM ESPN Radio WGNY-AM
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The program will also be streaming live at during those same times! Don't miss out! #RhinebeckBank #HudsonValley #Radio
13 hours ago - Via - View - Ana Paula : HUMANITARIAN LIKE A BOSS On this day - 14th June 2002 Michael Jackson was made an honorary director...

On this day - 14th June 2002

Michael Jackson was made an honorary director of the soccer club, Exeter by the then board. He was given the opportunity to speak to the almost filled to capacity 10,000 seat Exeter audience. The event was means to raise cash for the club and two charites aimed at combatting AIDS and Malaria.

Michael leaves Paddington Station, London, on a train ride to Exeter with Uri Geller, magician David Blaine and 200 fans at 12.30pm. Reuters describes the event as bedlam, saying that the scene at the station was "Pure chaos, recalling Beatlemania back in the Sixties." Tickets for the journey were priced at 100 pounds each, including travel in luxury first class seats and access to the benefit concert at St James' Park, home of Exeter City Football Club, which Michael was also attending.

On his arrival in Exeter, Michael is first taken to a hotel then later to St James' Park where 10,000 had gathered for this fund raising event. It was organised to raise money for the football club and on Michael's condition that he would attend the event provided that the Exeter chairman brought along some sick kids from hospitals and also gave half of the money raised to children with Aids and malaria.

Exeter co-chairman John Russell said at the time:

“All clubs are finding it difficult, we have to develop new areas of making money to help keep the football going.”

“We are putting Exeter City on the map with this event as Michael Jackson is an attraction worldwide.”

Michael was accompanied on stage by magician David Blaine and Uri Geller.

Michael's full speech that he gave at the event here:

"Hello everybody. Hello to you wonderful people of Exeter. To you great supporters of the Exeter City Football Club. Welcome to all the great fans that have come from here and far. To all you children. I’m very happy, very happy to be here with you today. Today, today we come here to support children. We come here to support children with AIDS. We share our love for the children, to help the youngest of those affected by HIV and Aids. We will help them to build a good future, all of us working together for them. A future without prejudice for these children and their families.

We are here to support and help the people of Africa to find a solution in the fight against the spread of HIV AIDS … and malaria … through education and awareness, we aim at conviction but we help with cure. We are here to support you, the supporters and players of this great football club. Sadly, sadly, we live in a state of fear. Everyday we hear of war on the news, on the radio and television and the newspapers, always of war. We hear of nations hurting each other, of neighbours hurting each other, of families hurting each other and the children killing each other. We must learn to live and love each other before its too late. We have to stop! We have to stop the prejudice, we have to stop the hating, we have to stop living in fear of our own neighbours.

I would like all of you now to take the hand of the person to the left and to the right of you. Go ahead! Right now! I mean it! Don’t be shy! Do it! It starts now! To the person next to you. To the left and the right. I mean it. Right now! Go ahead! Don’t be shy. Do it! Do it! Now, tell the person … tell the person next to you that you care for them. Tell them that you care for them. Tell them that you love them. Tell them that you love them. This is what makes the difference.Together, together we can make a change of the world. Together we can help to stop racism. Together we can help to stop prejudice. We can help the world live without fear. It is our only hope, and without hope we are lost.

(Applause, somebody in the audience screams: Who’s gonna win on Saturday?)

England is gonna win? I believe you, I believe you. You know … I know nothing about sports but I believe you.

Hmmm, thank you all, thank you Exeter.

I’m very proud and happy to be here. Thank you Exeter Football Club. Thanks to all the wonderful fans. I see Israel, I see Spain, I see countries all over the world. I love you!

Thank you to all my team. And a special thanks to David Blaine …the worlds greatest. To Patti Boulaye and to the great Uri Geller and Matt Fides …the man. We thank them and all the other performers.

Please join me in giving them a great cheer. And, most importantly. (balloons are released) That’s beautiful. That's a sign of hope.That’s for all the children of the world.I love you. And thank you for everything.All my love and God Bless..."

Listen to Michael's speech and see some footage from the event here:
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