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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: On the Radio (Search this on MAP) Undead Hearts [Official] : Heard it on the radio: Musicians need the airwaves to make it | Arts and Culture | M&G
Heard it on the radio: Musicians need the airwaves to make it | Arts and Culture | M&G
11 minutes ago - Via - View - Song of the Day : Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, Ha Ha Tonka specialize in effortless anthems that owe as much to...
Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, Ha Ha Tonka specialize in effortless anthems that owe as much to high Ozark mountain music as to underground college rock. On their new album, Heart-Shaped Mountain, the quintet expands their creative palette with a balanced, radio-ready sound filtered though a broader, post-punk songwriting approach, as heard on tracks like today's Song of the Day, "Race To The Bottom", an expansive track that seamlessly winds itself between genre, recalling a midwestern-influenced version of TV On The Radio.
Watch the video: Ha Ha Tonka "Race to the Bottom" (Audio)
From Ha Ha Tonka's 2017 Bloodshot album 'Heart-Shaped Mountain':
22 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - stressed øut cuz of itunes : THIS IS FOR THE LOVELY CLIQUE MEMBERS: (I wrote this ages ago but never posted it. Hope you don't hate...
(I wrote this ages ago but never posted it. Hope you don't hate it. Stay alive |-/)

I have heard many people say that they think they say, "Stay Alive" too often, or they care about people being alive too much. I also care about this stuff to a deep extent. I don't think you care about it too much. You can't care for other's lives and that other people "Stay Alive" too much. If you spread around the "Stay Alive" thing, then, you are one beautiful person who cares for others. You should be proud of yourself. Lots of people irl & online joke around about killing themselves and hating their lives and dying in holes and other dismal things. Killing yourself or feeling like it, isn't something to joke around about. It disgusts me when I hear a person say "Kys" or "Let me just go drink some bleach." ...Because they are most certainly not words to play around with. The people who use those ridiculous sayings as a joke are obviously much less mature than what you must be; you can actually see how vital/important it is to not muck around about those things. So thank you for understanding that. I also want people to know that Twenty One Pilots' music ACTUALLY DOES SAVE LIVES. Yeah, you may be thinking "how the eff can a song save a life?" But it's not a matter of going up to somebody in a hospital bed on life support, switching on the radio and recovering them. It's about the people in this world that don't believe they are worth anything. That the world would be better off without them in it. That they should just go die. TOP's music can make a suicidal person come to a truce for a whole nother day. Or "Stay Alive." So please, please, please do not question the power of music and what it can do. Especially Twenty One Pilots. Yes, music does save lives. No, a superhero with cape saying, "Mr. Music" doesn't go around, reviving the drowning and bringing back the dead; but music can save lives. And that's a beautiful thing. That is (one of the many reasons!) why I love Tyler & Josh so, so much. <3 Tyler's lyrics can make a person feel not alone, or a bit more worthy of living another day on this Earth. And without Josh's awesome drumming and music to back it up, it wouldn't be a song. It'd just be words. So the lyrics alone could've just been written and kept in one of Tyler's notebooks/journals in an old draw, or sent to an Op shop, or thrown out, or lost for all we know. It would never have even been recorded, produced and shared with the world... made of something. The world would have been a worse place without TOP's music. So all this: The Clique, Vessel, Blurryface, Regional At Best, TOP fan art, your Clique frens, TB Saga, Josh Dun phuns, Ski mask trends, Their self titled album, the whole "Stay Alive" thing, extra motivation, people staying alive, you sitting here right now, reading this...none of it would be without Tyler or Josh's music... Without them. So we wouldn't have discovered any TOP music, if it weren't for Josh too. And Josh isn't "just the drummer." He is 50% of this whole amazing thing and he is just as important as Tyler is. Tyler & Josh both need more supportive fans, rather than the mean, unwelcoming ones. So I am happy to say that most of us are welcoming Clique members and Ty & Jishwa would be proud to have fans like most of us. Being a "true" Clique member doesn't necessarily mean knowing all the lyrics to every song, or owning every piece of merch, or having heard another TOP song before Stressed Out and so on. Those are just stereotypes of the opposite of an "unworthy" or "untrue" Clique member that have been formed over the past couple of years by The Clique itself. And if you do know all the lyrics, own all the merch and have heard all the previous TOP songs before Stressed Out, that’s awesome. Good on you, fren. Like, there is nobody saying that you are a "true" or "real' fan/Clique Member. You must be a devoted Skeleton Clique member, but nothing is there to say that you are not a good one, or on the other hand: better than all the rest. You could own all the TOP merch in the world, have posters from your bedroom floor to the ceiling, and know all the lyrics, but still be a unwelcoming or contradictory Clique Member. Being a fan doesn't rely/depend on the materialistic things like posters and CDs. It's all what's in your heart... Whether you actually truly love Twenty One Pilots with all of your heart and soul. On the other hand, you could only own BlurryFace & Vessel, have one small poster, and have heard Stressed Out as your first TOP song, but still be one of the best, most devoted fans/Clique Members. To me, being a Twenty One Pilots fan is different to being a Skeleton Clique member. Now, I am most certainly not saying that fans are less devoted, or Clique members are better, but I am saying that they are fairly different in my opinion. Being a "fan" to me, is: liking their music, maybe following them on socials, making a bit of merch every now and then, or feeling a bit disappointed if you can't go to their concert. To me, being an actual Skeleton Clique member is: Loving Tyler & Josh with all of your heart and aching soul for who they are, longing to change the world/help more people to stay alive like Tyler & Josh, having something special with their lyrics that you don’t even understand, looking up to the boys in almost (if not everything) they do, understanding that Ty & Jishwa are humans too, using their music as a help/way to escape or feel something, getting goosebumps/crying/strongly believing in what Tyler & Josh preach, and so on. It’s that beautiful warm feeling you get in your torn heart, the tears that form in your eyes when you think of all one band has given you, that fact you know that you have a purpose in life. Because of Twenty One Pilots. And if you are a real fan or Clique member, then you will understand that Tyler and Josh are humans too. And not every step they take has a whole story/meaning behind it. As a Clique member, I have to say we can't assume that all they do has a long backstory to it. We need to remember: Even though they may seem too inspirational/extraordinary/smol to be real, they are humans too, just like you and I. So if we are The Clique, why are we being unwelcoming to newcomers? Tyler was once a newbie to the music industry. Why are we judging the worth of a member? I bet Jishwa had been judged like that before. Why are we saying that you can't have Stressed Out as your favourite TOP song? Maybe that song had saved somebody's life. We broke Tyler's heart saying all this stuff about Stressed Out being what it is, and he even tried changing the lyrics so that the so called "true fans" would sing long. Isn't that shameful? We made Tyler, Tyler Robert Joseph who has saved several of our lives, guilty for having produced one of the best songs in history? These are the times when I am (sad to say) ashamed to be a part of The Clique. Sometimes I am in tears from the joy and pride of being a part of this devoted fan base, and what we can do; yet other times I feel like I wish I'd never joined. We ARE The Skeleton Clique. If we really were a true fan base, or Clique, or community, whatever you consider us, then we would welcome newcomers and wouldn't judge others’ worth of joining too seriously. After all, we are just judging ourselves at the end of the day. I have only joined the Skeleton Clique less than a year ago too. I'd consider it more as a fan base or Clique, though; not a fandom. Because to me, a fandom is a group of fans (of something) that are less devoted or more laid back than an actual fan base or Clique. See, the Harry Potter fans are probably less devoted than the Skeleton Clique. Well, there are many different reasons for that. Including that I doubt Harry Potter has saved any lives! This is what I think an average fan would do, compared to what an actual Clique Member would:
An average fan would listen to 'Kitchen Sink' or 'Oh Ms. Believer' or 'Truce' and say, "Nice beat. I'm going to listen to that next time. I wonder what this all means?"
But a Skeleton Clique Member would listen and say, "That was beautiful and this helps me/makes me feel a bit better/less alone." And they'd probably cry, get goosebumps or just feel empowered by the music in a way. An average fan would possibly fangirl or scream/squeal if they got to go to a Twenty One Pilots concert with happiness. But a Clique member would probably burst into sobbing fits in disbelief that their biggest inspirations in life are actually going to be in the same ROOM as them. (Or not know what to feel…) A fan would think, "Yes! Tyler & Josh are so cool! I can't believe I'm going to their concert! It's going to be so FUN!"
Whereas Skeleton Clique member would think, "I can't believe that I am actually going to be standing on the same floor, under the same roof, in the same room, breathing in the same air as Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun. They have helped me so, so SO much & it's going to be the best, most extraordinary yet emotional part of my life." A fan would make fan art and pin it on their wall/put it away. A Clique member would be pondering of the meaning of their lyrics, or what Tyler & Jishwa would be up to right then, or would be thinking about all the times TOP has helped them whilst making the fan art. They may even be listening to TOP that very second. By comparing what I think a fan/Clique member would do, I am not trying to say Clique members are better/more worthy of liking TOP. I'm just differentiating between the different ways of doing things regarding Twenty One Pilots. You probably think I'm being stereotypical right now (which I actually am), but I just basically wanted to show what it feels like to love & care about one band so much, and to be in their fan base, rather than just a fan. Last year, somebody I knew (in real life) asked if they could join the Clique. That person had insulted TOP before, had constantly questioned the power of their music, and only liked Heathens. (Which are stereotypes of an unworthy fan. And dun get me wrong, I love Heathens!) That person had said things to me like, "But how can their music save lives? That's impossible!" and, "But Josh is only the drummer." and, "How can you be SO obsessed with them? They're only a stupid band." So obviously, I wasn't too keen on welcoming this person into our supportive fan community too soon. After all, they had called TOP stupid and boring. But here we go again. I was being a stubborn Clique member and said, "Well, I am not one to chose who is a part of the Clique and not, but...Sorry, (name), I'm not saying you can't be a fan of TOP, but to be an actual member of the Skeleton Clique, you need to have something special with their lyrical concepts and all... I'm not stopping you from being a fan. Sorry." And the person shrugged their shoulders and almost cheerfully said "Okay!" It seemed as though they didn't care. So I'm somewhat sorry to say, but I was being one of those unwelcoming, suspicious and judging Clique Members at the time. Yet, if that person were to walk up to me today, and ask me if the could join the Clique I’d probably just say the same thing, but worded a little better. Because, not that I am the judge of who gets to be in the fan base, but….like, there’s a difference between wanting and choosing to be a fan, and, having the Clique chose you, because you belong there. You shouldn’t have to ask to be in a community, if you really belonged there. You’d just BE apart of it. So I am sorry to the Clique for having been not a very good member. And I know I have let down the fan base & Ty and Jishwa. So I know what it feels like to feel guilty for not being super welcoming to newcomers. So by that encounter, I was just trying to explain what it truly means to have something with their music. (Not just the lyrics either.) And I guess what it also means to feel something through their extraordinary musical concepts and everything, really. In my opinion, you can't really just listen to the lyrics of (say,) Stressed Out and then think, "Why the heck a candle? What candle? This guy made a song about making candles?" Because that is what most people would think. If you really understood what Tyler was saying in that song, then you wouldn't have to question/ponder over "why a candle?" Because you would get it. You would get it if you had been through what he was pondering over. (A certain smell taking you back to when you were young/the past, and then never being able to identify where it's coming from/what it is.) Then Ty goes on about making a candle out of it if he ever identified the smell. And then it sort of goes into a bit of self doubt and speaking metaphorically when he says, "I'd make a candle out of it if I ever found it. Try to sell it never sell out of it. I'll probably only sell one." I say "metaphorically speaking" because I doubt Tyler actually intended to imply that he was going to go out on a quest to find the mysterious smell and then start a candle business. But, that's what most people see it as. So if you really had experienced that smell thing before (which happens to me every now and then and freaks me out.) then you would understand what Tyler meant. I'm not saying if you have no idea about what I'm saying then you can't be a fan. And that you need to know ALL the lyric meaning to be a “true fan.” Another thing that I think is important that we realize as the Clique, is that Stressed Out shouldn't be known as the "worst TOP song.” Because really, the only reason why we (The Clique) say this, is because more people (Including I) have joined this fan base after the song was released. Just because this song brought more people to the clique, doesn't mean it's a bad song. If anything, it's one of the best, most meaningful songs. And anyways, isn't it a good thing that the Skeleton Clique is growing? I mean, we are a fan base, if we didn't have chart blitzing hits like Stressed Out & Ride (often known as the less good songs), then we wouldn't have had so many people join the Clique recently, and many people would be hurting a lot more without TOP's music supporting them and giving them hope.
So really, we should sing Stressed Out with pride, knowing it's one of the songs that brought many fans together. I must say that: I'm not the best Skeleton Clique member. No offence, but neither are you, or anyone else. There is probably no such thing as the "Best Skeleton Clique Member" or the "Biggest Fan." I think what it all comes down to is what is in your heart and soul at the end of the day. We are one. We are a whole as the Clique. So whether you consider yourself a Clique member is what it really comes down to I guess. Because the federal police aren't going to come after you for claiming you love TOP but don't even know if Ty & Jishwa are brothers or not. (Although I doubt you’d be a “true” fan if you didn’t even know that.) And yea. So I am proud to be a part of the Skeleton Clique, to be a part of this amazing fan base alongside beautiful, extraordinary people like you. Yeah, call me cheesy, call me lame, call me a typical fangirl. But we are the Clique. We will never be broken as a fan base. We may be shattered as individuals, but not as a whole. Because we are broken together. Twenty One Pilots is our glue. And let's keep it at that, frens. Stay strong. Live on. Be yourself. And don't let ANYBODY steal your car radio! Thanks for your time. Thank you.
Power To The Local Dreamer :D
Stay Alive fren |-/
51 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Prathamesh Adsul : We had been asked to describe an ideal afternoon with that author. My description was a lazy afternoon...
We had been asked to describe
an ideal afternoon with that
author. My description was a lazy
afternoon, seated on the floor of
a quiet bookshop talking about
our favorite books and favorite
authors. He had liked it, I didn’t
even want to come. Why spend
an afternoon getting hit on? But
my bestie loved his work and she
wanted all the details.

I got out of the cab in front of
the small non-descriptive
bookshop situated on one of the
many side streets that dotted the
Awolowo road, Ikoyi section of
the map. The curtains were still
in place behind the picture
windows. He was late. I paid the
leering taxi driver and walked
towards the building. I wasn’t
sure what he was leering at, I
was wearing a properly flared
skirt and a long sleeve button
down shirt. I wasn’t even trying
to be sexy.
The door opened before I
knocked and I took a step back.
He was nothing like I expected.
In a novel I’d have come face to
face with a supermodel with
geek glasses on. He was short.
Not Aki or Paw Paw. But barely
taller than I am, that wasn’t what
caught my attention. He was
muscular. I could tell beneath the
loosely fitted casual top he wore
and that smile. He looked
innocent, adorable.
When he spoke, it was accentless
but refined. I smiled without
“My name is Edem” He said calmly
“I know” I shot back, clearing
losing my cool due to the ultra
sexiness I imagined under the
loose fitting shirt.
I followed him into the bookshop
while he turned on the lights and
opened the blinds. “I’m sorry” he
“I’ve been here for a while but I

like to sit in the dark, would you
like something to drink?” My
mouth had suddenly gone dry so
I nodded.
He led me past shelf after shelf of
books, I craned my neck to catch
glimpses of some of the more
familiar titles, as I followed him
through the door on the far end
of the wall, I walked into a
kitchen that was a far contrast to
the mini-library I had just come
He pulled an apron off the back
of the door and slipped it on. He
tugged at the sleeves of his shirt
till they settled just beneath his
“What would you like?” I told him
anything, he smiled again and I
started smelling cookie dough.
It was ridiculous, my blackberry
beeped and I snuck a peep, it
was my bestie she was hungry
for gist. I hurriedly typed a
message saying I just got here.
She read and replied in seconds
‘is he hot?’.
It was part of why she adored
him, he was mysterious. She had
heard him on the radio but there
were no pictures of him. All his
promo shots were graphically
altered so his features were
unclear. His book spoke to her
and she wanted to see who he
was. I ignored the message.
When I looked up, he was
backing me, pulling cookies out
of the oven.
“I didn’t bake these, he said
before he turned around.
Chocolate Royale deserves the
credit, I was just warming them.
When I read your entry I thought
the only thing missing was a
plate of cookies and a jug of
He pulled out a jug of milk from
the fridge. He was definitely
eccentric, which Nigerian adult
likes cookies and milk?
He walked over to the tall center
island and hopped onto it.
“My office tells me I’m supposed
to inspire you in the space of 4
hours, from noon till 4pm, you’ll
have a press conference and tell
everyone how great it was to
hang out with me for an
afternoon. I don’t know if I can
do that. What inspires you?” He
The question caught me off
guard. I hastily put together a
“Family, Friends, Good things. I’m
epicurian”. I said
“Epicurius, so pleasure motivates
you.” He replied
“Rather hedonistic. What gives
you pleasure?” Another question,
like he was testing me.

“Winning, being in control, great
sex”. I said that last bit before I
thought, I just blurted it out. He
fell silent, I started to stammer an
apology then he got off the
island walked over and lifted me
clean off my feet. I am not fat but
I’m not petite or light either, I
weighed a solid 60kg and he
picked me up like I was a child. I
wrapped my legs around his
waist instinctively.
My brain was trying to play catch
How did we get here? But my
body knew, I could feel my
nipples pushing against the
fabric of my lace bra. Already
Aching to be touched, my hands
were already on his arms. Feeling
through that casual shirt, tracing
the outlines of his muscles I
could feel them beneath the
smooth dark skin. My hair had
fallen over my face and I wanted
to kiss him, to lean in and forget
every alarm bell that had gone off
in my now active brain.
He was adorable and I wanted to
ravish him.
“I want you too” he whispered
then his right hand that had
been holding me aloft left my ass
while his left shifted a bit to
accomodate the weight. That
hand found its way up my back
and with a lazy flick he unhooked
my bra strap. I think the bra
might have been affronted, he
had brushed it aside like a
“I must apologize for my
hastiness but when you walked
in with half your shirt undone it
took everything to not stare and
that’s all I’ve wanted to do since
you came in” I looked at my shirt
sure enough the first three
buttons were loose. Sigh
He set me on the counter then
pulled the shirt open. He looked
me straight in the eye as he
loosened all the other buttons. I
let him push the shirt over my
shoulder. I watched him look at
me, his eyes darkened, then he
lowered his head. Just before his
lips connected with my right
nipple that was practically
pulsating in anticipation, he
stopped. I could feel his breath
on it. A hair’s breadth away, just
I felt his hands traveling up my
legs. Forging identical paths up
both of them. When he reached
my upper thighs he stopped and
spun them in gentle circles. It
was like he was sending
subliminal messages to my
nether regions, my ex had said I
was difficult to please, getting
me to climax was like breaking
the Da Vinci Code, you had to
understand Latin. We hadn’t even
started fucking but I was flooded
and I knew for a fact, Edem
Isong was fluent in latin.
As the tips of his fingers inched
closer to the center of me they
slowed, I willed them to go
faster, his breath was still hitting
my nipple evenly the combination
was heavy, as the fingers closed
in on the folded lips I arched my
back and my nipple slipped into
his mouth.
“Good girl” he muttered.
I looked down to find him
smiling. He knew exactly what he
was doing then he traced the
opening from the base to my clit
in slow motion and the words of
protest on my lips died. The
thought I had was of Paganini,
referred to as the devil’s fiddler. I
was the fiddle and I was
enjoying being played.
When his lips left my nipples and
his tongue stopped drawing lazy
circles around them, I felt a
profound loss, I wanted to grab
the back of his head and shove it
back there. There were a lot of
things I wanted to do that I
couldn’t. I wanted to touch him,
to pleasure him in return but I
was caught in the onslaught, he
didn’t seem to care. He was
focused, focused on me and that
thought heightened my pleasure.
He had a finger inside me,
stroking my walls, his thumb was
on my clit, his left hand was
everywhere else. He leaned up till
his lips were next to my ears
then he slowly whispered
everything he intended to do to
He was going to lift me up the
counter and drop me on his dick
and after I had come, he would
lead me into the library and eat
those cookies off my skin and
then he would bend me over and
slowly teach me to scream his
name. Listening to him, I
climaxed for the first time. He felt
me contract and the flood of
wetness that followed. Then he
pulled his finger out then lifted
me off the counter and impaled
me. I had no idea when he took
his trousers off.
I had my legs wrapped around
him again. He moved backwards,
to the centre of the room. My
hands were on his shoulders, his
were cupping my ass. He moved
and I exploded.
In reality he was standing still. He
lifted me off his dick, then
dropped me onto it. It was thick
and unmoving and when it filled
me all the way to the hilt, I came
When he lifted me off it again, I
reached down to feel it, I had to.
He let me run my hands around
it, holding me aloft. I had
stopped worrying about how
heavy I was, he could handle it.
He looked adorable but he
wasn’t, he was an alpha male.
The next time he impaled me it
was gentle, he slid into a gentle
rhythm, gradually building his
pace. I didn’t care about anything
else now, not the repeated beeps
from my blackberry, not my
friend on the other end, not the
fact that I was audible to the
occupants of the nearby
The first two times I came had
been sudden, I was caught by
surprise. Now I could feel it
building. The sensation
originated from my shoulders
and travelled down my spine, my
whole body stiffened and
convulsed around him, the
pleasure ripped through me and
escaped in a scream.
He kept carrying me, he was still
hard inside me but he wasn’t
thrusting anymore. I needed the
time to recuperate and I think he
knew it. We just stood there. My
eyes were closed, occasionally a
ripple of pleasure would flow
through me and I’d shudder. It
was comfortable, the rise and fall
of his chest, I could fall asleep
here, then I opened my eyes and
caught side of the glass of milk
still sitting on the center island.

4 hours ago - Via Community - View - Messαgє Man (Rhy) : 👏 JUST 👏 BECAUSE 👏 THE 👏 CLIQUE 👏 ARE 👏 CRINGY 👏 JERKS 👏 DOESN'T 👏 AUTOMATICALLY 👏 MEAN 👏...
4 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - sassy (fløwer ghøst) : yo, this song will never be on the radio even if my clique were to pick and the people were to vote ...
yo, this song will never be on the radio
even if my clique were to pick and the people were to vote
it's the few, the proud, and the emotional
yo, you, bulletproof in black like a funeral
the world around us is burning but we're so cold
it's the few, the proud, and the emotional
4 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Rainbow Shine “Goulddigger” 101 : THEY PLAYED EXPLOSIONS ON THE RADIO OMG
4 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Denroy Lawrence : Mafiosos Chapter 1.2 [The ice cream truck abruptly announces its self with a beloved melody known to...
Chapter 1.2

[The ice cream truck abruptly announces its self with a beloved melody known to all. Children scatter towards their home screaming for their mothers, other stood before their house calling for their parents and pleading for money.]

Antonio: Ms. Massimiliano, I am sure we can all agree it is hot.

Luigi: Antonio, No, we're not doing that.

[Antonio drives up behind the ice cream truck.]

Antonio: Ms. Massimiliano, last I recalled​ you loved chocolate swirls besprinkled. Luigi, I'll have vanilla with no sprinkles— have whatever you like.

[Antonio reaches into his almond colored wallet to withdraw a twenty dollar bill. Luigi snatches the money and exit the car. Antonio and Massimiliano sit in awkward.]

Antonio: You broke wind Massimiliano?

Ms. Massimiliano: Grow up Antonio.

Antonio: It is great to see you again, It was your father who commanded me to go to college. I miss him dearly, how is Mr. Massimiliano?

Massimiliano: Livid.

[Luigi returns with Massimiliano's chocolate sprinkled swirl ice cream with sprinkles and Antonio's vanilla ice cream. He enters the car with difficulty trying to give way the ice cream as soon as possible. He exits the car again cursing in Italian. Antonio chuckles and continues​ to lick his ice cream. Luigi returns with extra napkins.]

Antonio: No ice cream?

[Some children had the luxury of having ice cream, while those without looked with envious eyes but their eyes before long changed​ to joy once all were united to play again. The ice cream truck drove away.]

Luigi: No.

Antonio: The change?

Luigi: I told him to keep the change.

[Antonio, slurp up the remaining vanilla and​ chewed up the ice cream cone. He put the car in drive and drove slowly in fear a child might sprint onto the street. But the ice cream truck was gone.]

Massimiliano: I still see your frugal.

Antonio: Yes, in college I had to micromanage what little money I had. As I child I was just economical.

[The light changed​ to green and Antonio was forced to accept the Lost of seventeen dollars.]

Luigi: let's go to dad's eatery Antonio, I'm craving a tortellini and lamb soup.

[Antonio was silent and enraged.​ Luigi called his father requesting his order, with satisfaction. All was quite in the car, just the way Luigi liked it. Life outside of the car was moist with heat. Sounds of inaudible conversation mixed itself with children joyous screams of laughter and a shout of a brewing argument.]

Massimiliano: Nostalgia seems familiar but everything else is different.

[Luigi turns on the radio to subliminally demand silence. Irritable by the besmirchment of his suit, he peers at people through the window. The radio played and Luigi mouthed along.]

Male Singer: Baby I wanted to paint your body on my canvas, your silhouette will be painted with royal colours my dear. Show me the sun and moon that is your bosom (a saxophone bellows). Come stand in the moonlight and be my eclipse absorbing my heat and heart.

Female Singer: I'll only undress for you, I'm confident when I see your effusive smile, and your firm embrace tells me that me it true. So paint my body on your canvas, show the world my royalty and I'll express whose my king. Tell the world the power that wield when we're nude.

[Luigi straighten himself when he realized he is in his father's restaurant vicinity and exited the car immediately after Antonio parked the car.]

Disclaimer: All characters, corporation, establishment and incidents protrayed are factitious and any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental. 
5 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Crystal “BandLover” FandomFreak : I cannot express how much I hate that song. My mother listens to it without headphones and hearing it...
I cannot express how much I hate that song. My mother listens to it without headphones and hearing it makes me want to blow up my head. I don't care if people listen to it, but leave me out of it. If something is played too much, it loses it's charm. But no one seems to understand that and keeps playing it anyways. Maybe I should just be a DJ because I wouldn't be playing the same song over and over again, I would also play something that is not popular so the artist or band could actually get some knowledge. I wouldn't be playing something that you always hear on the radio. Anything that isn't overplayed.
Watch the video: Musical Autopsy: Train - Play That Song
Doc Buckley heads to the Musical Morgue to dissect the latest song from Train, aka "those drops of Jupiter guys". Train's singer decides a "request" is a "de...
6 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - First Last : +B Ren Playa​ One of the very last convos you n I had you asked if I knew when the last time was Id ...
+B Ren Playa
One of the very last convos you n I had you asked if I knew when the last time was Id felt truly happy. I didnt. You told me about yours then. You said you n your Ma had been on the way to pick Grammers up from work, you thought you were around 8 or 9. You told me, there was nothin spectacular about it. You just remembered cruisin, sittin in the car with your Ma and you remembered "In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins was playin on the radio. You looked happy just talkin' bout it. The happiest I seen you. Anyways. Im not meaning to bother you, n I won't contact ya again. I just wanted to remind you of that cuz you might need that memory again, ya never know, yea? Screwed, of course, cuz you' Hyuck😔. I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you n your Grandma. Pas y Amor Driver. 
Watch the video: DJ Screw - Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight Chapter 178 - In the Zone
7 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Cannibal Clyde : when ur favorite song comes on the radio and ur favorite part isn't cropped out this time
when ur favorite song comes on the radio and ur favorite part isn't cropped out this time
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Michelle :   I believe God can use others to teach us a lesson in our life to share with others. I recently had...
  I believe God can use others to teach us a lesson in our life to share with others. I recently had this happen to me and it is benefitting to my children. I heard on the radio how Lady Gaga went from following Jesus to who she is now. As I was…
Teaching A Child To have A Relationship With Jesus
I believe God can use others to teach us a lesson in our life to share with others. I recently had this happen to me and it is benefitting to my children. I heard on the radio how Lady Gaga went …
7 hours ago - Via - View - Lily M : 50. He prank called Freema Agyeman and Julie Gardner live on the radio.
50. He prank called Freema Agyeman and Julie Gardner live on the radio.
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Ann Elisabeth Healthytwig : By Justin Johnson Sometimes testimonies of salvation are just wrong. By wrong I don’t mean unclear and...
By Justin Johnson
Sometimes testimonies of salvation are just wrong. By wrong I don’t mean unclear and vague which may be wrong because they do not communicate clearly that Christ died for our sins and resurrected for our free justification (1 Cor 15:1-4, Rom 4:25). By wrong I mean doctrinally wrong, i.e. a false gospel.

To many people, saying a testimony of salvation is wrong is like telling someone they have a bad haircut. It’s not polite to mention it, and besides it is a matter of personal preference anyway.

Meanwhile, when we understand that there is only one gospel which is the power of God unto salvation today then the wrong-ness of a testimony depends on how it lines up with the one gospel that saves.

Perhaps you have heard these wrong testimonies:

“I was born a Christian.”
“I felt God’s anointing.”
“I keep the commandments.”
“I live the best life I can for God.”
“I decided to be a better person.”

People who describe salvation like this are most likely unsaved people who do not know the gospel. Do not be deceived, many people go to church with these wrong testimonies. The above false salvation testimonies are owned by people who claim to be Christians.

These testimonies are worse than just unclear, they are simply wrong. Anyone who takes these statements as a testimony of salvation is wrong to do so, even if the person has been to seminary, has written popular Christian books, is on the radio, and teaches other Christians.

A Good Bad Example

In Christian books (how can a book be Christian, right?) it is customary for the author to give a personal testimony. Normally their stories are in the front of the book so that they can gain credibility among their readers. Some of the best examples of wrong testimonies are spattered about on pages written by men with more degrees than the Masons.

A seminary graduated, dual master of divinity, popular Ph.D in the evangelical Christian community gave this testimony early in his book:

“As a teenager I heard the gospel – that God loved me, He had a plan for my life, and I needed to ask forgiveness for my sins to receive Christ into my heart and experience eternal life. I did just that, and my whole world changed when I became a follower of Jesus.”

Not only does this testimony use almost every Christian gospel cliché in the book, it is also just plain wrong when compared to what is truly the gospel. If this is all he knows about how he was saved then by his own testimony he does not know the power of God unto salvation in the preaching of the cross.

The good news of the gospel is not that God loves you and he is driving your life car. Neither is it that anyone needs to plead for forgiveness, since God has already offered forgiveness through Christ’s death on the cross (Eph 4:32, Col 2:13). “Receiving Jesus” like a package is not at all like trusting his finished work on the cross to deliver you from the bondage of sin and death.

Following Jesus in his journeys around the Holy Land will not get you a step closer to salvation since no one understood the preaching of the cross throughout his earthly ministry (Luke 18:33-34).

A Right Testimony

The gospel that saves is that Christ accomplished everything needed to save you from sin and death when he died on the cross for sins. The cross took your sin problem out of the way already, and through his resurrection you can have free righteousness on Christ’s behalf through faith (2 Cor 5:21, Rom 4:24-25; Rom 5:1). Do you believe this? Do you trust this gospel?

By trusting his death and resurrection for your salvation and adding no other works or church traditions you are sealed with the Holy Ghost (Eph 1:13, Rom 4:5). This latter “no works” disclaimer is necessary for all those who would make God’s grace powerless to save by adding any necessary work to Christ’s finished work (e.g. baptism, confessions, prayers, experiences, etc.)

The Cause of Wrong Testimony

Wrong testimonies of the gospel are either spoken out of ignorance of the right gospel, or out of intent to hide the gospel of salvation. The second motive would be devilish according to 2 Cor 4:4, and such sinful behavior should be stopped.

If we choose to give the testifier the benefit of the doubt then he is not a deceiver deliberately hiding the gospel, but he is merely ignorant. Ignorance is curable, but it means he is the victim of a confused evangelical system that has successfully hidden the true gospel from him so that he cannot articulate it in his own salvation testimony.

“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” – 2 Cor 4:4
Ignorance of the gospel can be cured by hearing and trusting the right gospel (Rom 10:17).

“But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost…” – 2 Cor 4:3
Dire Consequences

Wrong testimonies teach false gospels. When celebrities articulate wrong testimonies many follow into the damning trap of a false gospel. It should be no surprise that many people who claim to be Christians simply are not in that they are ignorant of the gospel that saves.

It is not that the gospel is hard to understand, and I would, as God wills, that all men were saved (1 Tim 2:4). This is why Grace Ambassadors endeavors to clearly minister the gospel of the grace of God, but wrong testimonies produce false converts and they need to be called out.

If your testimony is unclear, make it clear; get a better understanding; know the gospel of salvation (1 Cor 15:1-10). If your testimony is wrong get your story straight or be quiet.
Wrong Testimonies
Sometimes testimonies of salvation are just wrong. By wrong I don't mean unclear and vague which may be wrong because they do not communicate clearly that Christ died for our sins and resurrected for our free justification (1 Cor 15:1-4, Rom 4:25). By wrong I mean doctrinally wrong, i.e. a false ...
7 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - JPweather : I remember playing All4One on the radio back in the 90's. I loved the "songs that defined the 90's" ...
I remember playing All4One on the radio back in the 90's. I loved the "songs that defined the 90's" medley! Super cool guys.
Watch the video: 79e1356f-6dc8-4498-8adb-4fa28046948d
I remember playing All4One on the radio back in the 90's. I loved the "songs that defined the 90's" medley! Super cool guys.
7 hours ago - Via - View - Messαgє Man (Rhy) : twenty one cookies is my favorite band 😫😫👏👏 because a chocolate chip to you 😭😭 is not a chocolate...
twenty one cookies is my favorite band 😫😫👏👏 because a chocolate chip to you 😭😭 is not a chocolate chip to me 😭😭 !!!💦💦💦
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Emily on the Radio is up next at 5:30 pm
KTST FM – Anaheim | OC's Best Music and News
Let's celebrate the lifetime and music of Chuck Berry, one of the greatest rock-n-roll pioneers of all time! Famous for writing and playing many songs like ” Johnny B.Goode” which are very loved. Chuck has passed away on March 18th, at the age of 90 due to an illness. he has left us with new recordings ...
10 hours ago - Via - View - quartz night (wpa) : heavydirtysoul played on the radio a few minutes ago and i fucking lost it
heavydirtysoul played on the radio a few minutes ago and i fucking lost it
11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Simone Vice : They got a Rakim hour long on the radio tonight on WBLS for my fellow NY'rs. Now thats whats up!!!!!...
They got a Rakim hour long on the radio tonight on WBLS for my fellow NY'rs. Now thats whats up!!!!! It ended just now but mad dope tho!
Bong Bong to that! 
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