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Watch the video: WWE Live Chicago 2016: Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar No DQ Match
Summerslam rematch: Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs Randy Orton Suplex City Deathmatch Full Match WWE Chicago live event 24 September 2016
16 hours ago - Via - View - Mr. Irrelevant :

Watch the video: WWE Live Chicago 2016 Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton Rematch
#WWEChicago live event 24 September: Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman No DQ Match SummerSlam ReMatch 2016 HD "Suplex City" Deathmatch
16 hours ago - Via - View - The Chosen One : +Logan Barton Rekt if Neville gets drafted to the cruiserweight division cause that would make him the...
+Logan Barton Rekt if Neville gets drafted to the cruiserweight division cause that would make him the last pick. And the last pick is always deemed as Mr. Irrelevant.
7 days ago - Via Google+ - View - JShizzle 63 : Promo:*This Sunday I will be going against Mr Irrelevant himself, it takes one Omega Bomb (Shizzle Bomb...
Promo:*This Sunday I will be going against Mr Irrelevant himself, it takes one Omega Bomb (Shizzle Bomb) to retain my title...OHHHHHH YEAH (I am short promo king)*
7 days ago - Via Community - View - The Dominator : ((No one's victory)) The bells rings Lillian: Here is your winner, Mr. No One!
((No one's victory))
The bells rings
Lillian: Here is your winner, Mr. No One! plays as the crowd cheers and I roll in the ring
JR: Mr. No One has beaten the WWR Champion Jeff Gardner ((+The Masquerade)) 2-0!
King: But Jeff was only pinned once!
I stand up and the ref raises my hand
JR: But this man had a phenomenal debut! I see a very bright future.
King: He's exciting, but who is he?
JR: He's Mr. No One!
I roll out of the ring and the crowd cheers
I look at the fans and nod
I walk up the ramp
Jeff has gotten back into the ring
He stands up
Lillian gives him his WWR Championship
I look at the WWR Championship
Jeff: You want this?
I nod
Jeff laughs and nods
Jeff: I guess I'll see you soon
I wink and walk to the back
8 days ago - Via Community - View - Antonio Cortes (El MizSaro) :

Watch the video: TNA Ethan Carter III (EC3) 1st Theme Song "Trouble" + Lyrics & Download Link
The official entrance music of current TNA superstar Ethan Carter The Third, 'EC3', with download link. Title: "Trouble" Artist: Dale Oliver Duration: 2:34 Download link: Lyrics: Ladies and gentlemen... E...C...3 Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble Woah, oh, oh woah oh woah Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble I'm trouble! Woah, oh, oh woah oh woah I've been fighting all my life For the man I am inside I believe the plan for me is plain to see (chillin with gee, get my bling) A man of steel (steel), a fast machine (machine) My pockets full of cash and bling Greatness is my only destiny-y-y-y Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble Woah, oh, oh woah oh woah Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble I'm trouble! Woah, oh, oh woa...
8 days ago - Via - View - HeelStomp “The Controversial One” TM : My face when Mr. Irrelevant calls others irrelevant.
My face when Mr. Irrelevant calls others irrelevant.
12 days ago - Via Google+ - View - The Masquerade : ((Interview with Mike Tenay)) Live on WWR. Com Mike Tenay commentator of Smackdown is getting ready...
((Interview with Mike Tenay))

Live on WWR. Com Mike Tenay commentator of Smackdown is getting ready to start his interview.

Mike Tenay: Hello ladies and gentlemen around the world. My name is Mike Tenay and today live on WWR. Com I'll be having an interview with one of the three men who will challenge tonight for the WWR Championship, in a Hell In A Cell main event match. This man needs no introduction, my guest today is The Rated R Superstar Edge.

I walk in shake Mike Tenay's hand and take a seat.

Mike Tenay : How are you feeling today? Any nerves for the WWR Championship match?

Edge: I'm feeling great Mike. I know what I have to do tonight and I'll do it. This isn't a new thing for me, I am familiar with main event championship matches.

Mike Tenay: You sound really bullish today. I can see your oozing out confidence... I wonder if you felt that way last night when you were on the Smackdown main event forum with Drew Galloway (+The Chosen One​) and The Miz (+Edinem TM​). Less than 24 hours ago you got the ball rolling on Smackdown with a shoot promo on Drew Galloway. You called him and I quote "Mr. Irrelevant". This angered Drew quite a bit last night. I want to know from you if you regret calling him out like that.

I take a deep breath.

Edge: Haaaa. No I don't regret it not one bit because it is true. Drew Galloway is Mr. Irrelevant nowadays. Let's call it like it is, this man needs to feud with me more than I need to feud with him. Everyone knows that Drew's stock here has spiked since he and I started to have issues back before Money In The Bank. Drew Galloway can't deny that I have made him a mega star that can main event Pay Per Views for the title. He knows it deep done he does. He knows it because before he and I started to have this "feud" he was probably 5th or 6th in line for a World Title shot. Meanwhile I was always up there 2nd or 3rd choice... I don't take back what I said.

Mike Tenay: Wow that's a strong statement you have made... It's been going around social media and the locker room that you are not capable of doing it. That you can't win the big one. People like Dean Ambrose (+deano The mastah​) and CM Punk (+Luc Trastamara​) have been critical of you in that regard. They believe that you have been handed opportunity after opportunity and that they have been lied to by Paul Heyman (+The Dominator​) about getting title shots. They also say that you need to be brought down to earth and put in your place. Any response to their critics?

Edge: Yeah I have a lot to say about that... First off about this I'm not able to win the big one thing. I don't even know where this crap is coming from. If you look at my track record, the only legit world title loss I had was against Shawn Michaels (+The Dominator​). That I lost but the rest was controversial. Like my "draw" with Connor McGregor (+Axl Creed​). I didn't lose that match, I didn't win but I didn't lose and that's a fact. So if anyone is going to talk shit about that they are fabricating nonsense and are trying desperately to ruin my reputation. As for the other match a triple threat match at MITB. I didn't want anything to do with the United States Championship. So yeah I can tell you right now that I took a dive. As for the WWR Championship, I got screwed. I had Slater (+The King of Kings​) tapping. I won that! Galloway knocked out the ref and stole my victory using his friends. So by that I should be WWR Champion right now but I'm not.

Edge: And I get it coming from CM Punk that he wants a title shot but, what about your ECW Championship? You have a title be happy that you are a champion, don't go looking up to guys like me and blame them for you being weak. If I were really serious about going for the big titles I'd drop that one and put my whole focus on the big titles. To Ambrose, hypocrite much? You are a three time World Champion here. You lost your title to Dolph Ziggler (+Phenomenal Lass Kicker​) how about you stop running from your demons and face them for once. Atleast Drew Galloway had the common sense to go after the world title he lost which is on Smackdown. So before you start being a pain in my side and Paul Heyman's grow some balks and demand for a title shot at Raw where competition is at a minimum.

Mike Tenay:... I don't think they'd like what you said.

Edge: Do I care. Why should I care about them? They suck both of them are beneath me in every way of this business. They don't have title shot after title shot because they aren't a star. They are not me. I'm better than them, and you know what when I'm done inflicting hell on The Miz and Drew Galloway. I'm going to shut them up. They won't use me as a scapegoat anymore. They'd know that they are as valuable here as the gum under my shoes.

Mike Tenay: Although I would seriously love to follow up with this matter, we have to deal with what we are here for and that's your match at Backlash. With the events of the last night still fresh in mind. I think everyone can see that you and Drew Galloway have deep seated issues with each other. Edge would tonight be the end of this long running feud between you two?

Edge: I don't think this will be the end not for a long shot. Drew Galloway and I are top guys in WWR and we are bound to clash. I guess the elevates this beyond a feud and makes it a rivalry. A rivalry that can only end with the WWR Championship on the line and us in a one on one match. Thankfully for him, that isn't going to happen any time soon. After I pin him or that other guy, Drew Galloway will be forced to go back to whatever night of the week Raw. So until the next draft. It's done for me and him.

Mike Tenay: And that was the first part of this interview. We'll be back after the break.

5 minuet add break.

Mike Tenay: We are back here with The Rated R Superstar Edge. Now picking up where we left off you had just mentioned former WWR Champion The Miz as some other guy. Many of the fans on social media have warned you and Drew Galloway about The Miz. He was the longest reigning WWR champion in WWR history. The man knows how to win matches and I have to say that he could be a dark horse in this match.

Edge: Hahahahahhahahaha. That's funny Mike that really is. I think everyone who thinks like that have their head up some one else's ass. The Miz is no dark horse. Maybe if this match happened like 2 or 3 months ago he'd be one but now he isn't even close. The Miz is past his prime and is on the decline. His best days are behind him and he can't admit it. He's a has-been that is trying to stay in the spotlight by dragging around better wrestlers in a faction that only benefits him. The Miz lost his Intercontinental Championship, he shouldn't even be in this match and yet here he is. You know instead of bitching about me, Ambrose and Punk should bitch about The Miz way way more. He took your shot he didn't even have a match or contract stipulation for it. I am the No.1 contender fact, Drew Galloway had a rematch clause fact! The Miz just got handed an opportunity he didn't deserve fact! And when we have our match tonight, he'll see how far behind he has fallen when I put him through hell.

Mike Tenay: I can imagine that you will make a lot of enemies because of what you have had to say. Many of them could be after you soon. What do you have to say about them.

Edge: That's the price of power. Everyone wants to be the guy that beat you everyone want to be like you. I get it they are jealous of me. Who wouldn't, I am the most watched Superstar in Rp wrestling history. Everyone can't keep my name out of their promos, I made a shoot on Drew Galloway and suddenly Smackdown ratings increase and everyone becomes active. Everyone here is chasing me, everyone here wants what I have. And that's power Mike I have power here.

Mike Tenay: What power.

Edge: You see my fake WWR Championship. It was no gimmick I had that because I knew I was the champion of Smackdown. I didn't have to win the title to know that I am the guy. The top guy here that runs this yard. Smackdown is my back yard I am the MAN around here! I can go and ruin anyone's career right now if I wanted to but I don't need to waste my time on losers. Everyone in the Smackdown locker room sees it, they know that I'm top dog. They know that I can ruin them. They know that and that's why they trying so hard to get my attention. Because when I say something everyone listens, when I'm on TV people watch. They want to see me they don't want to see CM Punk vs Kenny Omega ( +Samuel Baron​) they don't want to see AJ Styles vs AJ Styles ( +Brooklyn (The Real Deal)​ and +elPeladoLoquendo​) they don't want none. They don't pay to see Dean Ambrose do something stupid and put his life on the line, if they wanted to see someone try to kill themself they would just go online and watch some Isis video.They pay to see me! To see me in a big match. To see my legendary entrance, to see my replica WWR Championship, to see me kick ass in the main event. They don't come here to watch these pathetic B rate Smackdown talent. They come to see me they come to feel my big match aura.

Mike Tenay: My Gawd you are a prick.

Edge: Nobody cares about what you think Mike! Do your job ask me questions. If you can't do that then you should piss off from this whole thing.

Mike Tenay:... Edge all I can say is you should watch what you say about people when they are not around.

Edge: I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Mike Tenay: Edge how do you feel about that Hell In A Cell stipulation? This isn't an ordinary match, I have seen careers cut short because of it. Edge does that Cell intimidate you?

Edge: The Hell In A Cell is the most dangerous structure in wrestling. I know for a fact that the man you see right now will be a changed man after he leaves the cell. That's because I'd have won but it is also because that is hell on Earth. The Hell In A Cell is the most intimidating structure ever devised. There are so many ways to get hurt in that match... And there's so many ways to hurt people in that Cell. That match is Unforgiving and there is no excuse... No morality or mercy to hold us back... That cell is were our darkside comes to play with no interference... No help. If there's a God he won't hear your pain there...he can't help you. Nobody will hear you scream...blood will be spilt.

Mike Tenay: Last Question. Edge what will you do if you lose the match? And if you win what will you do then?

Edge: I won't lose. I won't entertain doubters by saying I have plans for a loss. I have many plans for when I win. I want to break The Miz's record. I want to make have my face on everything WWR related. I want to win that title. And I'll never ever let it go. We're done here.

I stand up and leave.

Mike Tenay: You heard it all from the horses mouth. All that's left is to watch Backlash to see who will win the WWR Championship.

+The Chosen One
+Edinem TM
+Hideo Kojima Guy (Am Whalenomenal Bitcvh)
+Axl Creed
+Prince Devitt GuyTM
+Krage The TV 69 Legend
+deano The mastah
+Tejas The heel Cena guy
+Mrigank Behki
+Brooklyn (The Real Deal)
+The Unstable Hugger™
+Phenomenal Lass Kicker
+Ian The Great One 23
+Samuel Baron
+Luc Trastamara
+Big Daddy Jess The God
+The ⓟⓤⓝⓚ Goddess™
+The Ultimate DS
+Seth Rollins Guy Tazz's son
+Zepol iz Bae
+Elijah Section
+Bullet Club Fanatic
+The Prize Fighter
+Anthony Hendry
+Kidd Sj™
+The King of Kings

And everyone else R8 
14 days ago - Via Community - View - The Masquerade : ((Mr. Irrelevant shoot on +The Chosen One​)) "You Think You Know Me." Metalingus hits and I walk out...
((Mr. Irrelevant shoot on +The Chosen One​))

"You Think You Know Me."

Metalingus hits and I walk out of the smoke with my street clothes on and my legendary replica WWR Championship on my shoulder. I have a chip on my shoulder as I walk down the ramp.

Mike Tenney: It's real strange to see someone with a match as big as his acting so confident as he makes his way to the ring.

JBL: There's nothing in the world for Edge to worry about Mike! This man has it all planned out and you can see that he's plans are working.

Mike Tenney: Do you know what Edge's plans John? Because I would love to know what goes on in Edge's head.

JBL: Well I can't tell you because I'll be giving away Edge's title chances. All I can say is that Edge has every right to be confident. I talked to him earlier today and I can see it in his eyes. He knows he's going to win the WWR Championship.

Mike Tenney: I wouldn't want to count my chickens before they hatch. Edge knows he's facing Drew Galloway (+The Chosen One​) and The Miz (+Edinem TM​) in a Hell In A Cell match. He also knows that these are former WWR Champions who know how to get over the line and that experience could make the difference.

Fans: Booooooooo!

Edge: So tonight I will have the displeasure of having to attend some Main Event forum with Drew Galloway and The Miz. Now I know why we are having this sort of thing because everyone feels that this match needs build if it is to live up to expectations. Paul Heyman (+The Dominator​) feels that it is needed to spice things up and to make things interesting in this match up. I see it all I see what he's trying to do but let's be honest people. The only person that will make that match live up to expectations is me. I'm the only good thing that Smackdown has going, I'm the only reason you dumbfucks switch on the TV and change it to our channel. I am the single most valuable asset to this company, I am a Superstar! And it is up to me to deliver the ratings week after week. It is up to me to reach your expectations for that match at Backlash. Why do I say this when I have to other opponents at that event. I say it because both my opponents are glorified losers, pretenders and phonies.

Fans: Booooooooo!! Edge Sucks! Edge Sucks! Edge Sucks!

Edge: I know you guys say that because you love me. Deep down inside you're all just Edgeheads.

Fans:Kill Your Self! Kill Your Self! Kill Your Self!

Edge: And you know what. Believe it or not I'm actually an honest man. And to tell you all the truth, I am going to win the WWR Championship at Backlash. No contest because honestly I have to deal with Mr. Irrelevant (+The Chosen One​)and his Co Star (+Edinem TM​ ). Both of them need this match. They need to have the attention on them. I don't, I naturally have the spotlight on me wherever I go because I am always relevant. From the day I set foot in WWR everything and everyone I touched turned to gold. I made everyone I faced a star. I made man after man after man relevant and give them a moment in limelight I constantly enjoy. I made +Krage The TV 69 Legend​ get a push, I made +Axl “I Am Phenomenal” Creed​'s last world title reign legitimate, I made Summerslam great, I made +Elijah Section​ a thing again and I made Drew Galloway legend he claims to be... You thought you were going to get away with it? That you'd slowly sneak your way past me as I belittle that fuccboi +Edinem TM​ week after week. Nah nah nah, I didn't forget about you. And I'm sure you're shaking in your boots because I have dirt on you +The Chosen One​.

Edge: It is really really amusing watching you think that you are a legend. It really is because you like to walk on your high horse acting like you're the best thing since sliced bread. You quickly forgot your past, but I didn't. You and I go back way back and because I have known you for so long. I know why you're suddenly looked at as some top guy. I'm sure that you think you're a top guy because everyone opened their eyes to you and your talent...hate to burst your bubble, nah who am I kidding I don't. We all know the real reason behind your rise to the main event scene. It was all thanks to me. Remember when you were the Shotgun Champion? Remember that? Remember when nobody actually gave a shit till I went for it and coincidentally you were the champion. Then suddenly everyone cared about you and you actually got a look here. Then after you retained the title by pinning +Samuel Baron​ you went back to your little dark hole of obscurity where you belong. Everyone forgot about you +The Chosen One​ nobody cared, and that made you angry didn't it. So mad that you took your ball and went to play somewhere else. And while you were busy arguing with +The ⓟⓤⓝⓚ Goddess™​ over useless shit I was building my reputation as the guy who has the big matches here. I was busy doing what you and so many GRW guys couldn't do and that's be a relevant feature on WWR.

Edge: And so I became the main event. The Superstar WWR has been crying out for. I became that man. And soon after stealing the show at Summerslam, literally making +Anthony Hendry​ vs +Kidd Sj™​ a side show. You came back with +Axl Creed​ and took advantage of the dying tag team division. That got you a platform to challenge me for my United States Championship and you became No.1 contender for The WWR Championship because I was more focused on my Ladder match against +Krage The TV 69 Legend​ that night. And the rest they say is history. You and I have been facing each other in matches since. You and I have been at each other's throats since. From the moment you and I crossed paths you have gained some sort of popularity some sort of relevance. And you love to rub it in everyone's face it's all you talk about. But there's one thing you always leave out, one constant factor in your rise. The man that made you a star, you forget about me every time +The Chosen One​. You forget that you haven't been able to beat me one on one and that you wouldn't be where you are without me. You forget that I made you and I can unmake you just as fast!

Edge: You have become another man that got the spotlight since facing me. You have joined a long list of people who have benefited from my work. And I'm not talking about clowns here I'm talking about guys like +Tejas The heel Cena guy​, +The Unstable Hugger™​, +Axl Creed​, +The Dominator, +Elijah Section​, +Samuel Baron​, +The Prize Fighter​ and +BrOkEn Prince​. I made them have some sort of relevance here. I made them all Stars! But they couldn't last after I left them. They all burned out and lost their spark. They started to fade and fade until they became obsolete. They all burned out. I on the other hand have gone from strength to strength, my light has grown. I have become the most watched Superstar in Rp wrestling today. I have eclipsed everyone and left them in my wake! I have cemented myself as the Main Event talent of WWR. Nobody has Main Event'd more shows than me in recent times. And at Backlash, I'll be putting the icing on the cake when I win the real WWR Championship! I'll be putting your light out. I'll be putting you back to where you belong +The Chosen One​, in a pit of desperation and despair.

Edge: I'll become the real legend of Rp wrestling. I'll show everyone that I am the best. It will be so obvious after I beat you and +Edinem TM​ at Backlash that if I was doing this from the beginning. Guys like +Big Daddy Jess The God​, +Kidd Sj™​, +Axl Creed​, +The Dominator​, +Anthony Hendry​ and +The Chosen One​ would all have less titles than they already have. Because if I was doing this from the beginning of it all, I'd be the guy with 40+ titles while all of you... You'd be living in my shadow permanently.

I drop the mic and raise my title as the crowd boo me out of the building.

Metalingus hits and I leave. 
15 days ago - Via Community - View - Big Daddy Jess The God : Catch your breath plays as I make my way to the ring while holding a clipboard, instead of putting my...
Catch your breath plays as I make my way to the ring while holding a clipboard, instead of putting my arms up as usual I just walk straight the ring ignoring the fans existence, I pick up a mic in the ring and begin to speak
One lost? You think I'm just complaining about a simple lost? If this was a game of just win and loses then I'll be well ahead of everyone else, cause you see +Anthony Hendry , "Jess The God" is not just a gimmick Walker, Jess The God is exactly who I am, for years on top of years and companies on top of companies I've always been the man. Before I even allowed WWR to get their hands on me the hype was always there just ask +Axl Creed about the prestige comes with the honour of having me, everything I touch turns into gold and everyone I touch turns into the next big thing in professional roleplay wrestling! I don't claim to be the best myself when I can have a line of people tell me I am +Anthony Hendry , and what do you have exactly? That's right, nothing. +Axl Creed you're making the right choice betting on me to come and get it because I'm more determined to hurting this guy than I've been for anything else in my career. You don't get it do you?! That wasn't just any loss. That was my shot to get my 40th and you took it from me! +Phenomenal Lass Kicker dodged a bullet but for you Hendry that bullet is now aimed at you. Fuck the excuses. You believe I'm just some whiny bitch because of a short coming. I was this close. I was up there about to land right on +Krage The TV 69 Legend but you knocked me down and cost me my chance! It was supposed to be my moment not some nobody with a retarded Roman Reigns picture for a profile picture! RP is not a fairytale, there's no room for you "hard workers" and "underrated talent" unless you're +The Masquerade no one cares about how hard you work or the fact that you're underrated because really you just don't belong. You were a waste of a draft pick and quite frankly being Mr. Irrelevant would've still been to high, it's a shame that you're even allowed to be on the same brand as me let alone breathe the same air, so that's why I have this.. Bàlor holds up the clipboard he carried with him to the ring In my hand a contract, and in it it states that you ( +Anthony Hendry ) will be facing me in not just any match, no that's not enough, you'll be facing me in a No Holds Barred fight! And the loser of that match is gone. There's not enough room for the both of us, you can take your manager and your "show up and kick ass" gimmick somewhere else m8, because right here in front of you stands an actual man, not one who hides behind something he's not but a man who is simply better than you. After I am finished with you I will finish my race to 40. No bum from a ran down trailer home can stop my mission. I'm the best this business will ever offer, forget about your +Kidd Sj™ s , +The Chosen One s, and +Bullet Club Fanatic s...All that matters in this world is me. Armageddon Anthony Hendry will be your downfall. If you have the balls to come sign this contract come out here and do it. I'm not running anywhere lad I'm out here waiting for yah Crowd chants for Hendry to arrive while I'm standing in the ring awaiting his arrival
18 days ago - Via Community - View - PrinceWatercress : Jack Swagger vs. Jinder Mahal! The Golden Truth vs. Bo Dallas and "Mr. Irrelevant" Curtis Axel! This...
Jack Swagger vs. Jinder Mahal! The Golden Truth vs. Bo Dallas and "Mr. Irrelevant" Curtis Axel! This week on #WWE  #Superstars!
Come As You Are (WWE Superstar) - Superstars recap for August 26, 2016
Jack Swagger beats Jinder Mahal with the Patriot Lock. The Golden Truth (Goldust and R-Truth) beat Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.
30 days ago - Via Google+ - View - The Chosen One : +Antonio Cortes Drew ended jobber Grado's career
+Antonio Cortes Drew ended jobber Grado's career
1 month ago - Via Google+ - View - The Chosen One : Reasons why I lost faith in WWE. This was straight up cancer then I got double rekt when they ended ...
Reasons why I lost faith in WWE. This was straight up cancer then I got double rekt when they ended Bo's steak. Drink bleach +WWE 
1 month ago - Via Google+ - View - Jhay OmandamTM : Now everyone calls me Mr. Irrelevant...Am not Curtis Axel Ya Fegs 😒
Now everyone calls me Mr. Irrelevant...Am not Curtis Axel Ya Fegs 😒
1 month ago - Via Google+ - View -