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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: Mothers Day (Search this on MAP) Jason Rollins : Full real name: Akane Suzuki Meaning of this name: Deep Red Who gave them this name?: Her mother Why...
Full real name: Akane Suzuki 
Meaning of this name: Deep Red
Who gave them this name?: Her mother
Why this name?: Because her hair is red not that
Does your character like their name?: Yes
Do they use their real name?: Yes….and no...
Birth date: July 3
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Physical age: 17
Mental age: 20
How old do they look?: 17
Mortality: Imortal 
Species/race: Shinigami 
Nationality: Japanese
World (timeset, universe, …): Well being a shinigami I guess you can say they are from the afterlife..
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Do they mind this orientation?: No they don’t mind it
Are they still their birth gender/sex?: Yes she is                     
Body type: Average
Length: 6’0
Weight: 62 kg
Cup size: B

Form of the body (humanoid, canine, …): Humanoid 
How many arms? :2
Number of digits per hand: 5
Dominant hand: Right
Nails/claws: Nails
Skin type (fur, scales, skin, …): Skin
Skin colour: White
Face and head
Complexion: White 
Lip colour: Red
Hearing: Average
Tooth colour: White
State of teeth: Very clean
Tongue colour: Pinkish red
Make-up:Sometimes if she is in the mood to kill guys
Number of eyes: 2
Eye shape: Deepset 
Iris colour: Green
Pupil shape:Normal round shape
Pupil colour: Black
Sclera colour: White
Glasses/contacts: Sometimes depending on her targets preference 
Eyesight: Excellent

Hair length: -Girl:Long 
Hair texture:
Natural hair colour:Red
Dyed?: Yes
What colour?:Black
Why?: Well...from my understanding and field experience I have learned that you can...send males quicker to their deaths by playing with their emotions. smiled sadistically
Any highlights or accessories in the hair?
Well kept?
Facial hair:No
Does your character shave their facial hair?No they don’t since they don’t have facial hair
Facial hair colour:If I had facial hair….it would be red
Is your character perceived as handsome/sexy…
    ·         … by his race: Average...
    ·         … by another race:Average
    ·         … by themselves: Sexiest person alive
Clothes and accessories
Normal outfit:A white and red shirt with a red skirt.
Job outfit:White dress 
Casual outfit: Same as her normal outfit.
Fighting outfit: completely res shirt
Formal outfit: Not interested..

Weapon(s): A sythe (see picture))
Remarkable objects owned: Her scythe((See picture for it’s appearance and it’s size comparison)
Favourite object:
Other important objects: 

Give a biography of…
    ·         … their childhood:
Her childhood was...average to say the least,she didn't get into to much trouble and her parents were very supportive of her helping her with her problems as they occurred.She was then sent to school where she used to talk to guys a lot more without forcing herself however that would change as the years go on...
    ·         … their teen years:
In her teen years her slow decline into insanity statred to happen as she noticed strange things about her dad.So one day she followed him slowly and leared that he was cheating on her mother for a few sluts.A year after her discovery they divorced.
    ·         … their young adult years: 
       She is now much older and also a lot more aggressive to guys. Whats the oint in trying to love a filthy pig.So she makes it her job now to damage every guy that uses a girl.

Economic knowledge: Excellent 
Socioeconomic level: Average
Finances: A little above average
Are they rich or poor?:Rich
Current culture:
What do they think of other cultures?
How did they discover their sexual orientation?:yes
Have they come out for it?: yes
Is it considered weird by the character’s culture/relatives?: yes a little but her prents let her choose what's she wants

Love life: Doesn't care
How easily do they fall in love?: Very difficult
How many lovers have they had?: 0
Sex life:Non existed
Opinion on sex and sexuality: She is more lesbian in a sense since she hates guys
Are they still a virgin?:yes
Can they go without sex? For how long? : Very very long time she doesn't give a Sh*it
Would they have a one-night stand?: Depends...
Preferred position (dominant/submissive/don’t care/switch): Don’t care
Sexual turn-ons:
Sexual turn-offs:
Sexual practices they refuse to do:
Current job(s)/occupation(s):  Lead singer in a band
Why?: Because she enjoys singing..duh!
Do they like it?: YES!
Salary: $32 

Hobbies: Singing and Dancing
Are they member of any clubs?:Dancing,Singing,MArtial Arts,Cooking,Cosplay,Anime
Other things they do in their spare time: Study


Personality and skills
Summary of personality: Insane,sociopath
In general, who or what influenced their personality to become as it is now?
Jung personality: INTJ
Enneagram: Individualist 
Strengths: She doesn't feel emotions but is extremely good at acting them
Weaknesses: Anything that is red living or dead
How are there actions influenced?: This makes her almost an unstoppable killing machine and will only stop killing or trying to if she finds them red enough.

Worst thing that can happen to this character: Not being able to help a friend of her get revenge on a boy
Mental state: Shattered/Random
Sanity: Low

Intelligence:Above Average 
Are they street smart or book smart?: Street Smart
What, besides school, contributed to their intelligence?: Books

Everyday habits: To start of her day she will always wear a different style of clothing,sometimes make-up and also glasses depending on her mood. However each style is different from the day before. After that her day is pretty normal to a highschool student

Self-control: Very good but sometimes she just loses herself to the demons inside.
General Temperament:Calm
What angers them?:Men in general.they use women as toys...and when they are done with them they toss them aside.
Self-esteem: Very good
Optimist/pessimist: Neither
Drives and Motivations: teach those pigs (men) a lesson they will never forget
Good Characteristics: 
Character Flaws and Quirks:-Hates guys (although she may be attracted to them)
                                      -She hates fighting with sword,fits,etc. (any weapons) however                        she still loves to hurt her victims mentally. IF she is forced in a situation to fight though she can still be a threat by using her scythe.


“I don’t feel bad for killing men..because..I believe when something wakes up from it’s dream in which it will continue one day of their life before falling asleep and experiencing another life…”
When do they feel at ease?: When she is alone...
When don’t they feel at ease?: When she is surrounded by men
What depresses them?: seeing a girl hurt by men
What makes them laugh?: Getting revenge on that man

Social skill: Excellent she is the type of girl who tries to make friends with all the girls in school but when it comes to guys its somewhat...random
Outlook on life: Positive 
Activity:  Very active
Predictability: Very very low
Tidiness: Above average
Cleanliness: Above average
Manners: Depending on the gender
Bravery: Above average
Loyalty: She is very loyal
Skilled at: Dancing,Sports,signing,English,Latin,a few more 
Particularly bad at: Cooking
Talents: Acting 
Passive or aggressive: Both

Weapon(s) they’re skilled with:Scythe
Signature weapon/attack: Sythe
Any other things about their combat: When it comes to fighting she is completely random in melea style  but he occasionally throws insults to damage to person mentally.
Theme song: Bad Girlfriend 
Personal quote:”I think...I’ll have your heart”
Interests and opinions
What is their favourite…
    ·         Colour:Red
    ·         Animal:Cat
    ·         Dessert:Chocolate
    ·         Drink:Coffe
    ·         Alcoholic beverage: Wine
    ·         Holiday: Mothers Day
    ·         Literary genre:Horror
    ·         Song: Kiss my Lips...because the beat is catchy 
What is their least favourite…
    ·         Colour: White
    ·         Animal:Dogs
    ·         Drink: Tea
    ·         Alcoholic beverage: Beer
    ·         Music genre: Country
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