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Most recent 18 results returned for keyword: Mitt Romney (Search this on MAP) mateusz szczęsny : Odpadlem :-) Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of …:
Odpadlem :-)

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of …:
Watch the video: Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2.
Download on iTunes ► Tweet this Vid-ee-oh! ► ERB Returns on May 5th, 2014 ◄ Tshirts for this battle: http:...
49 minutes ago - Via Mobile - View - Mark Rogow : "Corporations are people" -- Mitt Romney 3.SGI shall respect and protect the freedom of religion and...
"Corporations are people" -- Mitt Romney
3.SGI shall respect and protect the freedom of religion and religious  expression.  7.SGI shall, based on the Buddhist spirit of tolerance, respect other religions...  SOURCE: Website  "No, the corporate charter is for the Organization (you know the...
"Corporations are people" -- Mitt Romney
3.SGI shall respect and protect the freedom of religion and religious expression.  7.SGI shall, based on the Buddhist spirit of tolerance, respect other religions...  SOURCE: Website  "No, the corporate chart...
7 hours ago - Via Blogger - View - Ching-wah Lo-Obama : War criminal.
War criminal.
9 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - US National News - News Waver : READ IN: Friday, April 18, 2014: ObamaCare hits 8 million, Transpo bill funding discussions begin, the...
READ IN: Friday, April 18, 2014: ObamaCare hits 8 million, Transpo bill funding discussions begin, the Mitt Romney book club, LCV drops $1 mil in Colorado
READ IN: Friday, April 18, 2014: ObamaCare hits 8 million, Transpo bill funding discussions begin, the Mitt Romney book club, LCV drops $1 mil in Colorado
Sign up here to receive Read In every morning at 8 a.m. It's free! A1: The stories you need to read before your first conference call. -- Pre...
9 hours ago - Via HootSuite - View - EpicTimes : Mitt Romney Starts Officially Endorsing Republican Candidates
Mitt Romney Starts Officially Endorsing Republican Candidates
Mitt Romney Starts Officially Endorsing Republican Candidates | EpicTimes
After a long spell outside the political spotlight, Mitt Romney is quietly beginning to lend a hand to a select few Republican candidates in midterm races. There's no doubt that a nod from former top name on the GOP ticket has value, especially financially. But how do the party, candidates, and Romney himself know when and where the failed presidential candidate should get involved?
18 hours ago - Via Buffer - View - Joe Carpenter : Thank you "The Christian Science Monitor" for picking up this post and having it in line on your site...

Thank you "The Christian Science Monitor" for picking up this post and having it in line on your site for people to read and share. The vetting of my posts that are found on different news sites is so vastly different yet uniquely appreciated. I think I will make a compilation post out of this unique selection of my posts found here on your site. Your posting support and interest in my opinion posts is a pleasure. The following compilation post is a sequential copy/paste of my posts as they appear today on your site as I can see it from my circles. These are only a few of the 5000 postings including shares and repeats that I have made in the last two and half years. These posts were fast written and have survived the shake out of the Internet to remain here visibly in line on your site, they are filled with typos and structural errors, but they are today as they were then. Thank you for your patience and focus on content and intent in these rough posts. To see the posting history or full posts below just copy/paste the first sentence or two into the G+ search window and it will show. There is one compilation post with compilation posts inside of it as the last entry here that appears confusing. 

(1) Joe Carpenter originally shared: (Thank you notes removed) 
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. By Edward Gibbon: The Rise and Fall of he British Empire: The Rise and Fall all of America: Time to pump our own oil. Time to systematically start shutting down the overseas bases and systematically bring it home. Let China and Russia have the Middle East they are now slaves to their economies just as we are but don't know it yet. The Cold War is over. The Rise of Radical Islam as a global destabilizer is an ideological struggle incompatible with the tenants of American life. Pump our own oil and get out. Shut down all privet armies. Fully and properly Audit and shut down the Federal Reserve. Abolish the IRS. Restructure the financial markets that has allowed gutting of the global markets with 1.4 Quadrillion in derivative speculation on 60 Trillion of Global GDP. Return the powers to the states, stopping the federal medaling in every area of everyones life. Do away with HLS etc etc. Try a Mark Lavin's Liberty Amendments. But this is a road that is going to lead to ruination as a major course correction is needed. The sad fact is it wont happen that it has flipped and the only way to change it is going to be to let it crash under its own weight of dysfunction with bankruptcy brought on by unfunded entitlements, war dept., the un-affordability of fuel for the masses etc etc etc and this is the trigger event, that could  tip the tipping point past the point of no return. For 35 years it has gone in down hill in the wrong direction making everything worse and worse and worse. And the last straw was the Real Estate Bubble that no one cared about and the Tarp Money Bail out into coruption with third world problems and people. The Gulf Wars only stalled the problems of the middle east that are now untenable to fix from the outside. It is a powder keg that children playing with matches should keep clear of. 

1)The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 12 vols.
Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ... A 12 volume set of Gibbon's magisterial history of the end of the Roman Empire, ...
(Google news clip removed)

(2) Placard share post with out photo abbreviated, with thank you notes. 

Joe Carpenter
Extended circles  -  Dec 20, 2013

Thank you "Christian Science Monitor" for picking up 17 of my posts and having them all in line on your site for people to read. Of these 17 pick ups 2 of these base posts are this post and 15 of them are a compilation base post. Basically in the vetting and selection process of my 5000 postings from just before the election you have selected 2 of my posts to show in line on your site here near the top there may be more deeper in scrolling down. I have not checked lately the archive "from you" and after these thank you notes will go and check and count and add that in an edit revision here as well.

Joe Carpenter
Extended circles  -  Dec 18, 2013
Thank you "San Diego Union" for picking up 4 of these base posts and having them in line on your site of your readers to see.

Joe Carpenter
Extended circles  -  Dec 8, 2013
Accidentally finding Albert Pike and his book "Morals and Dogma" in a used book store pushed me into this blogging thing, it was the last straw. Google Albert Pike satanic belief Morals and Dogma page number. (or variations of that search query)  It is all some how connected as these dark side beliefs go back over two thousand years to the days before Christ.  
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(Post over 1000 lines found on Internet as a share to read full post just copy/paste the paragraph bleow into G+ search window)
Aleister Crowley originally shared:
Aleister Crowley (/ˈkroʊli/; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947), born Edward Alexander Crowley, was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, and mountaineer, who was responsible for founding the religion of Thelema. In his role as the founder of the Thelemite philosophy, he came to see himself as the prophet who was entrusted with informing humanity that it was entering the new Aeon of Horus in the early 20th century………………..

(3) Full copy/paste of post as seen on C.S.M. site. 

Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Dec 20, 2013

Thank you "Christian Science Monitor" for picking up this one stand alone post as found in search of your site, form you. Its nice to find these lost posts are found interesting somewhere on the internet. Of the post pick ups of mine you like the White House copulation post, the Fall of the Roman Empire Post, the Crowley post, the Bait and switch post and this one as I quickly scan your archive of about 150 post pick ups from me that you find interesting. That is interesting to me. 
Joe Carpenter originally shared:
The tipping point may be upon us as a mathematical adjustment will take precedence over delusional self deception and media malfeasance as inflation hits, interest will rates rise now near 0  and the dept. service will go up proportionally till is no longer possible some where between 5% and 10% on 20 Trillion. The capital flight is and has been on as all that can are getting out or hunkering down. Stupid is a stupid does.

I blame all of this, all of it,  the last 35 years of it, on the Republican party leadership of fools. Today for the first time in 5000 postings and daily listening to the talk radio shows from before the election, did I hear that tone of urgency and seriousness that is long over do. Sean Hannity was the best today as he is coming into his power. He knows what is coming and wants to work to prevent that calamity of hardship with a solution direct approach to avoid a crash that could make the Great Depression look like Child's play. Every society in Human history that has gone down this road has perished at its own lack of restraint, sound leadership and bad judgment. I think today, it was Brett Winterble sitting in for Roger Hedgecock that took second place. Taking third was Rush Limbaugh just for today as his show mirrored the Don Imus show from last night. Dennis Miller is in a league all of his own and carried his water today saying the day they come to his studio asking what he is talking about is the day he is quitting. I get that as there are tree letters in my San Diego mail box from the IRS. I may be toast as well. Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero last night also made a good standing ending his show complimenting one of his brilliant callers explaining how critics of the Federal Reserve are basically now legally considered enemies of the state. Bill Cunningham on Sunday was on his game too doing his part by linking the Republicans and the Democrats as one entity that is no longer capable of acting in the best interest of the nation. God Bless America she is going to need it. 

Copy/Paste below of Google News 
House approves budget deal aimed at averting shutdown
CNN - ‎53 minutes ago‎ 
Washington (CNN) -- A compromise federal budget plan that would remove the threat of a government shutdown for two years won easy approval Thursday from the Republican-controlled U.S.
Republican Party »
Paul Ryan »
United States Congress »
Most of House delegation from Indiana backs bipartisan budget dealIndianapolis Star
House Passes Budget Easing $63 Billion in Spending Cuts Businessweek
Featured:Has Paul Ryan hurt his 2016 presidential prospects? Christian Science Monitor - by Peter Grier
Opinion:Washington Post: Welcome truce in budget wars Salt Lake Tribune
In Depth:House Passes Bipartisan Deal on Budget and Pentagon Bill New York Times
Wikipedia:Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014

George Ito
18 minutes ago  -  Google+
TPM: The Republican-led House on Thursday passed a bipartisan budget deal aimed at mitigating painful spending cuts and avoiding more government shutdowns. The vote was 332 to 94 with 169 Republicans and 163 Democrats voting for it.
No More Shutdowns! House Passes Bipartisan Budget Deal
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(4) Full copy/paste of post as seen on C.S.M. site.

Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Oct 30, 2013

Thank you "Christian Science Monitor" for finding my posts just recently as there were zero posts of mine on your site up until just recently. Thats great I will scan you archive "from you" and see what post of mine you have collected on your site for your readers to see and share.  I stand corrected I found a post pick up thank you note from september of this year in your archive. That may have been the first or the start. 

Joe Carpenter originally shared:
Democratic bait and switch socialism shows Republican how real crony capitalism works. Tell the people its free, get the votes, then flip it, muzzle the insurance companies that wrote the health care bill, set up another woman in the White House as the chump, the patsy, the fall guy, the scape goat, and laugh all the way to fundamentally transferring America into a single payer authoritative system built on the intentional chaos as hard working innocent people are just royally ripped off and suffer the real life hardships of this political gamesmanship by the too big to fail banks, to big to fail military industrial complex and now the too big to fail insurance companies.  (Inspired by the Roger Hedgecock show) 

Copy and Paste of Google News Below: 

President Obama tries to sell Obamacare: Can you hear me now?
Los Angeles Times
42 minutes ago
Written by
Cathleen Decker
As he tried to reframe the national discussion about healthcare reform on Wednesday, President Obama uttered an outright fib: “This debate has never been about right or left,” he said of the ceaseless fighting over his healthcare plan.
Obama Vows to Fix Health Site and Rebuff Critics New York Times - by Michael Shear
Obama invokes the ghost of Mitt RomneyCBS News - by Major Garrett
Featured:Obama in Boston: Does Massachusetts prove Obamacare will work? Christian Science Monitor - by Mark Trumbull
Opinion:Readers Write: (Oct. 31): Affordable Care Act, Walz on farm bill, American divisionMinneapolis Star Tribune
In Depth:Obama takes responsibility for healthcare website problems Chicago Tribune

Obamacare site: When is a crash not a crash?
4 minutes ago

Written by
Doug Gross

(CNN) -- When is a website crash not a crash? That question has been on the minds of many since the government official responsible for the beleaguered HealthCare.
Obamacare on trial: 'You deserve better. I apologize,' Sebelius says. Christian Science Monitor - by Linda Feldmann
FACT CHECK: GOP asks Sebelius for the impossibleBusinessweek
Featured:Sebelius to Congress: 'Hold Me Accountable' for Health Care WebsiteNational Journal
Opinion:Today's BuzzOrlando Sentinel
In Depth:Not in Kansas: Sebelius hearing on Obamacare went straight to Oz NBC
Wikipedia:Kathleen Sebelius
Related: Kathleen Sebelius » 
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(5) Full copy/paste of post as seen on C.S.M. site. This post is showing multiple times in line on the C.S.M. page.

Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Dec 20, 2013

Thank you "Christian Science Monitor" for picking up this post as found in search of your site ,from you.

Joe Carpenter originally shared:
Divide the people, Divide the language, Divide the courts, Divide the political parties, Divide markets, Divide the classes, Divide the religions, Divide ideologies, Divide reason, Divide logic, DIvide the truth, Divide the sexes, Divided the medical community, Dived the markets, Divide the Middle East, Divide the Nation.

Health care: Obama's fix for canceled plans throws insurers a curveball
Christian Science Monitor
23 minutes ago

Written by
Harry Bruinius
Health insurers across America woke up Friday to confront a looming administrative nightmare. Skip to next paragraph. Gallery Obamacare facts: How will the law affect you?
Obama struggles to save his cherished health lawAlbany Times Union
Obama's fix for canceled insurance policies could raise costs, experts warn Fox News
Featured:Fixes to Obamacare have little impact on Utah Deseret News
Highly Cited:Statement by the President on the Affordable Care Act (press release)
Related: Insurance »

Miami Herald
21 minutes ago  -  Google+
Every presidency faces a moment when reality catches up to perception in a bad way, particularly in second terms. The furor over the botched healthcare law is President Barack Obama’s moment.
WASHINGTON: Healthcare law could be Obama’s second-term curse - Nation -...
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(6) Compilation post 1002 lines abridged here, to see full post copy/paste first paragraph of post into G+ search window to read full post. 

Joe Carpenter originally shared:

“The White House” Thank you for finding interest in my posts and for picking up 6 of my posts yesterday as found in search of your site from you with hundreds of posts pick ups from me. It is quite a compliment that after 5000 postings, starting before the last election, you are finding my posts as thought provoking enough to merit posting on your site. It is my privilege as an American to contribute my opinions to the current political discourse. These posts are fast written and are filled with typos, errors, missing words and at times the wrong word quickly spell checked into these posts. They were never intended to be grammatically perfect as the intention behind them is to stimulate critical thought and analysis. Thank you for your selection process and vetting prioritization of my posts by picking posts of interest that you consider note worthy. These sentiments, of reasoned thought in conflict with bureaucratic processes and more are found in my self-published book with CreateSpace “The Carpenters Bench” by Joe Carpenter available as a Kindle E Book on Amazon. My next book “Grasshopper Praying Mantis” manuscript work in progress is a philosophical work that goes far beyond the Micro world of “The Carpenters Bench” to delve into so very much more in the Macro. 

The Following is a compilation post. For brevity only a portion of the longer posts will be numbered and showing below. To find the original posts copy/paste the first sentence or paragraph of the abbreviated post in to the Google+ search engine and it will pull up related Internet references showing the entire post. There are several long compilation posts that have been picked up consistently by news agencies, organizations and individuals globally here in this compilation post. Abbreviated posts will end with a series of periods (………..).

(1) Joe Carpenter originally shared: (This base post picked up yesterday 4 times by “The White House” site. Thank you notes removed.) 
Old Post:  Reposting Archive Rebuild, Told You So Project. 
Posts #1 through #9 of 23 of a 100+ LONG POST if opened. 

Search words as entered into Google+ system and sequentially numbered as the search engines have pulled them up, it changes, as this selection of twenty posts is random. This compilation of posts, were in my first G+ site that was deleted from the Internet with out warning or recourse of 2300 posts before Mitt Romney lost the election. My Face Book page was suspended multiple times once for 90 days but they never deleted any posts or ever removed any posts. These posts I were composed in word doc so they were still in my computer and some of them were copy and pasted into my word documents for safe keeping. 

It should also be noted at this time that I received a letter to the friends address that I used here in California to vote from that my vote did not count in the Presidential election because it was improperly cast. To this day I have not seen the letter. He called me and told me he got the letter and read it. We should have kept it but at that point of disgust and disappointment with the condition of our nation it was not even given any more attention than a shrug over the phone. If verification is ever needed there is a paper trail on that letter.  I had just moved back for Washington State where I was a legal resident and reactivated my California drivers license.  When I voted here in California, I showed my California drivers license as ID and the administrators of the voting pole called my last place of voter’s registration in La Jolla California and verified my information. I was handed a paper ballot that I filled out and returned. It has been my experience in life here in America and abroad that if I have bureaucratic problem of any kind I know I am not alone and that there are thousands possibly millions of people that are having or have had the exact same problems. So my question is how many people did that happen to……….. 

(2) Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 7:49 PM
Thank you "Newt Gingrich" for picking up this post as found in search of your site, from you. All of this is because the Republican party could not stand together and appose this mess one issue at a time in this escalation gone off the tracks into uncharted territory. Told You So:
Joe Carpenter originally shared:

John McCain or Mitch McConnell taking home a 2 Billion Dollar earmark? I seriously do not think 100 million people getting cancelation notices think it is Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee the Tea Party people and more. Told You So but you can't make a silk purse out of sow's ear, never try to teach a pig to sing, it only waists your time and annoys the pig, even if everyone can understand and overlook a little piggishness but no body wants to deal with a hog. (That last one is cleaned up for the internet, not bad if I do say so myself.) Two Billon Dollar Earmark? Now that is Hog. 

Copy/Paste of Google News: 
New breed of Senate Democrats drove filibuster change
Los Angeles Times - …………..

(3) Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Dec 1, 2013
Thank you "Boston Herald" for picking up this post and having it visible in line on your site for your readers.

Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Nov 27, 2013
Thank you "Los Angeles Times" for picking up this post as found in search of our site, from you.
Joe Carpenter originally shared:



Copy/Paste of Google news: 
Boston Globe
See realtime coverage 
White House to Allow Insurers to Continue Canceled Health Plans
Wall Street Journal
7 minutes ago……………

(4) Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 10:39 AM

Rush Limbaugh for the 4th time (or what ever almost never) in 3 years talks about the Federal Reserve and QE3. He is explaining how the Democrat lead barrow and misrepresent in fake data on jobs is all wrong but if the Republicans did it they would be crucified. He continues that the 85 Billion per month is not joe six pack money from the economy but phony money printed creating a bubble. He then goes to figure out what the job numbers need to be on the next election. Then he comes around to the Federal Reserve again saying that Obama would just need to call Yellen (He actually used her name) and tell her what to do. Commercial Break time allotted to the Federal Reserve job numbers 2014 election news cycle 4 muinets tops. To me I know Rush Understands how this works but the approach that he uses to address the number one controller of our economy at this time in history has me concerned.  Back From Commercial break back to the unemployment numbers he asks why are the Democrats demanding the one time only temporary extension on the unemployment benefits. He reads from Fox news as Emergency benefits needed. He asks why if the economy is in recovery are all of these emergency measures needed. Now back to the phones. 

Point here is Rush Limbaugh 20 to 30 Million listeners knows the economy is tanking, he knows the numbers are being cooked, he knows the stock market and the 1% of the 1% of the 1% are making more money than ever at the expense of the poor the working poor and the middle class. I am getting the impression that Rush Limbaugh is focusing on selling programming more than focusing on a 100% realistic assessment of where the US economy really is as he too is playing into his base of funders and listeners that are still trying to polish up the Republican Party as the solution to the countries problems that everyone refuses to address in a social denial that is paramount to the denial that has allowed some of histories worst events. Its so bad they can not even look at it let alone talk about it directly. This 4 to 6 muinets connecting or linking the Federal Reserve the Unemployment numbers and the White House of puppets is the very best he can do given his 1975 world view. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh should try selling to the Cost to Coast audience listen to some of Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero for some perspective of how far behind the curve he is or has sold out to. I just can not believe that this is not a purposeful refusal to touch the Federal Reserve third rail problem of entrenched coruption that touches and effects every aspect of American culture. Its very sad. 
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(5) Joe Carpenter originally shared: (This base post picked up over 20 times with thank you notes to news agencies and individuals globally) 
In the greatest era of American leadership incompetence marked by the exhaustion of the American public pushed to the breaking point by an exploitative American corporate owned media, dumb and dumber evolves into stupid is as stupid does. Congratulations Republicans your risk adverse gutless failure to stand up for the Constitution and sacrifice America's pride, dignity and  freedom to an ineffectual misguided police state mentality of a prison statism mind set falsely rationalized as needed reactionary measures to protect us, the public, from terrorism, drugs and  and criminals has now made the impossible, possible. It does not take much to control a population all you have to do is to exhaust them intellectually to the point of giving up, then you need to create a leveraged situation of dependency of some kind, then all you need to do is to make an example of a few people by putting them in jail or aggressively destroying them financially by auditing them into oblivion and once that goes unchallenged all you need is a few tanks and few summaril public executions and you will run game for a while. 

I am no historian and clearly not an academic but given this vacuum of perspective we are currently living in, this false reality creation by the media concocted by its swarming echelons of buzzing gad flies trying to sell titillation rather than opinions has made real life stranger than fiction to real to sell. If I were to place blame for all of this coruption I would start with the Rhino class of feckless Republican leadership starting with Mitch McConnell and John McCain that historically split the Republican party backed by every worst case special interest group as Mitch McConnell took home a 2 Billion Dollar earmark to end the Obama Care government shut down as John McCain called Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, MIke Lee, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, the Tea Party people and more Wacko Birds. This one injustice that Supreme Court justice John Roberts has wrongly crammed down the thoughts and minds of 300 million people at the hands of this confused, misguided, dangerous and lawless administration is now being compounded in a continuation of the same incompetence of style that is now escalating to keep one step ahead of the lies by creating larger and larger problems to keep the focus off the real problems. There is no need to provide the long list of failures over 35 years here that has brought this nation this sad state of condition. Everyone knows it starts small and works it way up too cataclysmic mistakes of war and peace. 

The idea that a country can spend Trillions on several Middle East wars then throw it all away is only understandable in the minds of people that would not investigate a perpetrated fiction against the minds of a nation to win an election with "that" premeditated, calculated and intentional strategy of pure deceit and Media manipulation to create "that" false reality. That same Benghazi mentality of Machiavellian pragmatism of Stalonist expendable casualties to achieve nothing but power for powers sake at the dark end of the spectrum is now the Hunger Games American mind set of selling out everything, sacrificing innocence at the alter of coruption, exploiting everyone, abandoning every motivational impetus of a legal principle, betraying all prior blood and treasure, offending, insulting and disrespecting all continuity of reason, logic and causality.  

This is all the Republicans fault, their timidity, their ineffectuality, their abdication of American values, their failure to defend the Constitution and most of all the people charge are all wrong starting with Mitch McConnell and John McCain. What ever happens in American politics the first thing that should happen is to put these two fools out to pasture with comfortable retirement and signed gag order. It would be nice to have John Roberts resign as well. 

One Nuclear Bomb can ruin your hole day. What on this Gods green earth do these people think they are doing just when things are working. Where are the opposition voices? Where are the adults? This is where bad leadership and coruption leads every time. Its the same style of dived, distract and conquer but there is nothing on the other side but control and power for the sake of control and power. When good men do nothing. And Nero fiddled while Roam burned. It will not end in a bang but in a whimper. 

Copy/Paste of Google News
Iran nuclear: Obama faces sceptics in Congress
BBC News - ‎3 minutes ago…………

(6) Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Nov 16, 2013

Divide the people, Divide the language, Divide the courts, Divide the political parties, Divide markets, Divide the classes, Divide the religions, Divide ideologies, Divide reason, Divide logic, DIvide the truth, Divide the sexes, Divided the medical community, Dived the markets, Divide the Middle East, Divide the Nation.

Health care: Obama's fix for canceled plans throws insurers a curveball
Christian Science Monitor
23 minutes ago…………

(7) Joe Carpenter (This Base Post picked up 3 times) 
Shared publicly  -  Nov 15, 2013

Thank you "US Congress" for picking up 2 of these base posts in search or your site, from you.

Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Nov 12, 2013
Thank you "GOP" for picking up this post as found in search of your site, from you.

Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Nov 9, 2013
This is a false analogy that is just more of the same stupid stuff  as this is just more of the same, of diminishing and denial, of how bad things are today. America is in very bad shape. Aside form the fact that US economy is about to implode and the world about to move off the dollar. Do you think at any time in US history it would be Ok to tap record the phone calls, text messages and email of 300 million people. Would it ever be Ok to open, read and copy every single letter sent in the entire country to anyone. Get a grip this is not McCarthyism, what ever that was, but what ever it was, it was kids stuff compared to the medical surveillance state IRS enforces NSA monitored RFID chip tracked rip off health care obey me law. One Hundred Million People are going to get cancellation notices. Paying  more for less in the biggest mess that has not even started. Where are the journalists? Is everyone that cant do anything but spell and idiot. Is all they can do, is poor this stuff out day in and day out with out any proportionality, just similarity and Va La they sell something that sounds like it must be smart. I don't even need to be an expert on McCarthyism, I got a Collage degree too, this is a million times worse than any of the  scandals of the past, this is unsurpassed in US history. There is no comparison this is the new standard of cataclysmic. Only the creation of the Federal Reserve could be measured in the same league of malfeasance and betrayal of the American people to the elite power interests that now drive the entire world or the NWO. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Ron Paul were/are 100% correct in their response to this take over of the American way of life by the new international elite's and the institutions they own. I wish I knew who "they" were. 
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(Placard Post) 
Pamela Zuppo originally shared:
The Grand Old Tea Party: Why today's wacko birds are just like yesterday's wingnuts.

A Democratic president begins a new term in the White House. Two years later, America votes a cadre of aggressive conservatives into Congress, loaded for bear. At first the Republican establishment, thrilled to have the Democrats on the run, puts its wariness about the fire-breathers aside. Within a few years, though, the new guys throw out all the old rules of consensus and compromise, and the establishment shows signs of buyer’s remorse. One of the new conservatives, a bulky, take-no-prisoners senator who sees socialist quislings everywhere, takes control of the agenda and threatens to drive the GOP into the ground…………… 

(8) Joe Carpenter
Shared publicly  -  Jul 23, 2013

Thank you "White House" for having 49 of my post on your site.  Old post only seen here besides on the Ground Zero site. Glad you liked it too. Interesting parterre of posts you have collected on me very nice. 
Joe Carpenter originally shared:
Ground Zero with Clide Lews and his guest Dr So and So: I think the topic was secret societies. I had just woken up having dozed off in the chair. His last caller of the show was recommending a book “The Spiritualist?” (I think was the title).  Clide was just going off yelling, “stay on the line, stay on the line, I need to talk to you”. In the background and between Clides excitement of “Wow, this is new” you could hear his guest agreeing “Oh what a great book”. 

What the caller said was Lincoln used to have séances (is that correct spelling?) in the White House. The caller was saying that Lincoln was told by a Channler to write the Proclamation Emancipation. The caller said the book claims that Lincoln even admitted to using the same words when he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation as were given to him by this Channler from one of these séances.  

On the week of the 9/11 Benghazi scandal I found Ground Zero on the radio for the first time. The topic of that week was the occult, the dark forces and the agents of evil. The catharsis I felt was I am not alone on this; this stuff is so pervasive in the undercurrent of the culture, so timely, that its bubbling out everywhere on the internet and now its on the Radio.  I felt vindicated and confirmed that some how my yearlong blogging efforts were for some reason and not in vain. 

This blogging thing was all started with one old book accidentally found in a used bookstore and one accidental conversation with one old man at the coffee shop.  He in complete confidence before I knew he had of a life time of, law enforcement, IRS, Treasury experience and personal research before the internet, in all kinds of stuff, told me not to waist my time reading that Albert Pike and his book Morals and Dogma because he was a devil worshiper. In my whole life I had never heard this before so I told him that I would pay him $100 if he could find the quote in one of those original editions of the book he had at home and that I had found by random chance just plucking it off the shelf browsing looking for something, anything pre-psychobabble out of the 1930s 1950s or older. Weeks passed and I would see him once in a while but he could not find the quote or that smoking gun, the evidence that I wanted to see, as I thought it was all just nonsense in the mind of some old man who I knew nothing about. One morning we both had our lap tops out and we were chatting and I suggested that we should try Goggling it.  The power of Google, “page 324 (there abouts) Our God is Satin”.  He also wrote an entire book on satanic worship. That did it. That was the last straw. I am not going to do nothing about this. This explains everything. 

After millions in legal bills (paid by all on all sides), a 100 million in Global sales, royalties paid on 30 million in US sales, a potential market in the Billions, over my 17 year old product utility patent portfolio that I originally wrote and had lawyers file and issue uncontested in 12 countries that I was at one time the sole owner of, with every license agreement personally brokered by me, with 34 Chinese factories suing my company, me personally and all partners in US Federal court over and over and having my business and cash flow destroyed by a cost prohibitive Global legal system, my eyes had been opened and my curiosity kindled. The power of ideas and solutions was my life. Seeing how ideas enter the real world in really smart products that people want and watching an industry develop around an idea and spread over continents and do good everywhere was a revelation and emotional awaking for me.  I took one penny per dollar and that was too much for them. If it were easy everyone would do it.  The rule of law, International treaties, concepts, principles, ideas, economics, contracts, agreements, physics, math, science, engineering and the human elements of character, culture, morality, and belief systems. My whole life, my entire experience was based on all that is correct and right with the world of “What is” and “What works”.  Seeing how all that was challenged by the attitudes of people that want something in their own self-interest driven by the forces of money has only strengthened my resolve and matured my perspective. This direct personal reliance on world systems has convinced me and shown me the importance, responsibility, magnitude, and power of world systems that are supposed to be driven to support the most basic principles of human correctness. In the end it all becomes a moral issue for humanity not all the secondary issues or their functional or dysfunctional systems. 

The Human Element drives everything. If that “Human Element”, becomes tarnished by dark forces and systems are put in place that do not represent or support that which is good, proper and beneficial, then justice, harmony, love and humanity are lost. The fact that a U.S. general, that started a satanic sect of satanic worship, literature, organization, followers and all is allowed to represent our country and good people are entrusting their sons and daughters to the control of a U.S. general that believes in satanic worship is to me a form of social ideological insanity. 

It does matter. The truth does matter. What people believe in matters. I know nothing about the all this mystical stuff, secret societies, or any of it. Once again the power of the Internet and one old man saying here look at this United States General. All I have is a childhood Christen birth faith and a philosophy degree with a simple belief of what is good and what is evil.  But one thing is 100% for sure in American the social unconscious, the combined forces of intent of millions of people, do push in a direction for reasons that does exist and represent something that needs to be out in the open. That is the American way, expose everything. 

The fact, the reality, that Cost to Cost has been on the air for years (That I just found and just started listening to last month) discussing, exposing, documenting these issues of Secret Societies, The Occult, their influence and more seemingly out there stuff is a testimony to our free society. Ground Zero with Clide Lews last night was connecting the dots in a contemporary way of causality, the entomology of today’s culture, in a way that I thought was just me going over top loosing it and becoming some kind of wacked out, conspiracy theory nut myself. Great job, well done Clide Lews as I type this listening to Dennis Miller and now Rush Limbaugh who we are all on topic here. 

Good and Evil exists, how we access the spiritual forces around us and which one we support is up to us. Lincoln if this story has credence may have tapped into something good, some how, someway, in some spiritual way, that has brought humanity into an idea, into our principles and into our laws. We need to be very careful, thoughtful, and mindful of “what forces” are driving “what laws” by “what people” in our country because it matters what people think, believe in and support morally. 

Joe Carpenter Nov 20, 2012
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Caution: Adult concepts below not for emotional arrested adults or members of both the Republican and Democratic Party. Legal disclaimer, the opinions below, are only the opinions of the author because we are not in a Mental Institution because if we were these opinions would be considered a problem not just an opinion. What a joke. 

Charles Krauthammer physician, psychiatrist looking to confirm and spell correctly as a click of the finger demonstrates the power of the Internet again and again. G+ Posts make the cross over to Google Search Engines on Joe Carpenter. Looking to spell Liar correctly look what comes up on Google search John Kerry is famous, now that is what I call Karma. I am just going to post this Wikipedia search as a demonstration of how ideas matter, what people think matters, what people believe matters, but to my amazement a psychiatrist has found his way into politics and deals with some of the biggest sociopathic liars, chronic liars, habitual liars, egomaniacs, megalomaniacs, narcissists, delusional personality types imaginable outside of a cynical setting. I have never heard him use any psychoanalytic terminology in interviews. Is he so very carful not to express those concepts in formal terms but rather refers to them in the common language as he did just recently by calling attention  to he presidents speech by counting the number of time he used the word “I” and then saying, “that the worst part of it is that he has personalized it”. Ok Dr Krauthammer, what do you have to say about a President that says “Raising the dept sealing is not adding to the dept”. I understand now how this commentary works, you have to be a part of it, to contribute to it. You can not come out and diagnose the President of the United States as (A) Delusional (B) A Sociopathic Liar (C) An Ignorant Uneducated Imbecile (D) A Con Man (E) Having single Mother syndrome where the poor grown man thinks everyone will believe his exaggerations with the same acceptance as his mother as if he is still a child fibbing his way out of spending his lunch money junk food. We could name that Bill Clinton syndrome too. (G) And so forth you get my point of sarcasm here as what is happening Globally in the Middle East and in Washington DC and on the floor of congress is as Denis Miller so wittingly called it the “Inmates are Running the Asylum”.  

Now I can dig in on Charles Krauthammer as he does know and is soft peddling it. This high brow arrogant, dangerous, intellectually dishonest, cognitive dissidence strategy of this administration to split the country on identity issues to win votes and get back in power as a motivational underpinning and pattern of behavior has a medical definition and every psychiatrist in the country knows what they are doing and it is ugly, its wrong and it needs to by called out for what it is. This behavior is not tolerated in therapy and it is not tolerated in psychiatric hospitals but here we are as a nation and all these medical professionals have nothing to say about the DSM5 billing tool turned into an ideology and a belief system and a vote getting strategy, that does not apply to them or to our leaders but only to the general public. I do not think so. 

30 years of Construction and I may not have the slick manor of Charles Krauthammer or the reserved measured tone and careful step as not to step on the toes of power but this rhetoric needs to be ramped up a notch. In construction there is no room for B.S. and this is B.S. (5000 posts and that is as close to swearing I have gotten besides one WTF, in real life when I get angry people know it because it is a stream of four letter words. I did not even know that I could still communicate by using proper vocabulary. First of all in the past I could not spell most of the words but now there is spell check.) Charles Krauthammer knows words have meaning and when people talk nonsense to the smartest money savvy country in history while addressing professionals saying, “If some of you are not keeping up…….. and The dept ceiling does not add to the dept”  there is an individual that has gone delusional with power, unchecked by the media and lost his perspective to degree that perhaps he should be removed form office for incompetence. Given the pathetic condition of the Republican Leadership of feckless fools its no wonder no one thinks this is a problem as it appears perfectly normal in the insane asylum of Washington DC. They are all diagnosable at this point and the entire psychiatric community should be dismantled and we can all just live as if this is some third world ghetto run by drug lords supplied and armed with automatic weapon by US government. So who is the Waco Bird now John Mc Cain.  Tanks and Jets to the Muslim Brotherhood?

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Reverend Peterson (bon info .org?)Helping young black men to overcome anger, speaks out on the Sean Hannity Show calling Travion, a thug, a tattoo wearing, a pot smoking, kicked out of school teenager.  The Reverend says, “This was not a typical teenager, he was a troubled youth, single parent raised, self admittedly, self evidently on his own Face Book Page before they took it down, with a Twitter account named improperly xyz, what Obama said today is bringing this to the forefront like I have never seen in my life”. (these are all apx quotes typing as fast as I can) “We have not had an honest conversation in this country about racism by blacks to whites as we are raised that blacks can not be racists”. Reverend Person says he is very sad about what the president said by saying things that some people will take the wrong way and make it worse. 

Wow, excellent, sun light cleans, that was unvarnished, from the heart, with the best of intentions no politics from Reverend Peterson here. Sean Hannity also gave credit to Bill Cosby for being a voice of reason on this topic for responsible mature human relations. It is too bad and even sad that this cultural sensitivity/vulnerability/past real injustice is not being addressed with the skill, insight, wisdom, care, responsibility and love of ones fellow humans by this administration and our agenda, sales driven, entertainment media, the NWO-M in order to heal the wounds of past injustices.

From my personal perspective the obsessive compulsive fear based reactive behavior patterns being inappropriately described by the President, Sean and the Reverand here today is a problem of psychological labeling that confuses the human propensity to self destructively obsess on lots of things sex, violence, race, religion, socio economic position, heights, crowds, germs you name it, to the point of a phobia, neurosis or psychosis from real racism. The president and the Attorney General and more are confusing the context of behavior either because they are genuinely confused immature people which I do not think is the case or they are purposely manipulating the human frailties of people to create a political advantage. This is a highbrow sophisticated cognitive dissidence psychological strategy of dirty war techniques by arrogant and self serving irresponsible people that value their personal goals over the goals of the countries best interests and health. This is a dangerous game they are playing. 

See Copy/Paste below:

From scorn to gratitude, mixed reactions to Obama's remarks on Zimmerman ... (blog) - ‎11 minutes ago………..

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Thank you "News Daily" for picking up 167 posts of mine. Below is a compilation of posts that are less seen and not as visible on most news agencies. Typos, Spelling errors and all, they are what they were.  This selection is just the base posts with no thank you notes attached. Some how base posts when shared do not carry original post date or any date as the dates of these posts are part of the information cycle and are important. I may start dating my posts in the future. #1 through #11 of 26 here. Post One of Three here………..

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Thank you Wall Street Journal. Just adding the issues that should be considered and debated from a biomedical ethical position. 

Then on page 1004 it describes what the term "data" means in paragraph 1, section B: More below.

THE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN MEDICINE knows how wrong this is and posts this as an example of what not to do with your education, knowledge and your understanding of human nature. 

BELOW ATTEMPTED WEAPONIZATION AND IMPLIMENTION OF PSYCOANILITIC THEORY GONE STUPID. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS SO ON TO THIS. "cognitive infiltration", pedantic intellectual nuttiness of inverting reverse psychology back and forth so many times it becomes psycobable MF. GROW UP AMERICA. "Epistemology" of changing the historic meaning of language its self, please the oldest trick in the book.
From the administer of the office of information and regulatory affairs at the White House -- ggogle and believe.
Re: C .R. Sunstein, ''Conspiracy Theories'' - READ this!!
quote from the doc:
“We suggest a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories: cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity.”…………….
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Somehow I missed this little blurb.  It's both a #MurkyPolitics  and #GNiE  subject; with the +Electronic Frontier Foundation and +Sunlight Foundation turning to open-source software to make it possible to actively contact representatives in Congress.

Typing as somebody who has leveraged the US Postal Service in the past to contact US representatives, I think I can state with some degree of certainty that the difficulty in reaching any particular representative is inversely proportional to their political ideals. Cases in point: Reaching somebody in +Mitt Romney's staff? Easy.  Reaching somebody in Obama's staff? Bloody Impossible.  Admittedly the mileage of any particular US Citizen's ease of access to their elected representative may vary from state to state; so a small subsection of sampling probably doesn't give that clear a picture of ease of access. 

Anyways, the actual software so far can be located here:
Dear Web Developers: EFF Needs Your Help
Donate a Few Hours to Help Us Create a Free Software Backend for Contacting Congress, Make the World a Better Place for Digital Rights UPDATE (4/16/14): We're lowering the threshold for getting prizes, take a look below. For years, EFF has been helping concerned technology users contact Congress. The EFF community stopped SOPA, we fought back privacy-invasive cybersecurity proposals, we are championing software patent reform, and now we’re demand...


In the new cerebral intellectual environment of earning a living or making money by managing bureaucratic systems, manipulating rules, labeling personalities to assess utility, defining profit centers as results of cause and effect relationships between business entities, evaluating the risk rewards of outspending opponents as a percentage of the economic benefits in protracted cost prohibitive law suits from the other side, winning is defined pragmatically and success is measured in the acquisition of stuff. The survival based competitive attitude of the new intellectual business and political environment has developed a new bread of old style power brokering personality types with out the old style classical balancing belief systems of ethics, morals and principles of human decency and responsibility to others. In this new cerebral intellectual environment of Godless consequences of human interactions the personality disorders of the past are becoming the mental tools of a new kind of rationalization system that places self interest, self promotion, self defense, self absorption, self delusion at the center of the new armored self identity as a component of survival and advancement. Ego brokering in this new age of character assignation becomes a new form of old arrogance where an attitude of stubborn impermeability to the concerns of others is essential to winning in the new social environment of gamers playing for an advantage. The dangers of the new cerebral environment are too dangerous to ever address directly as the manor of nuanced interaction becomes a posturing of separatism camouflaged as concern but has the goal of self advancement by using or diminishing others to gain the upper hand. In this new medical based ideology of personal identity issues where types of Schizophrenia have been relabeled as identity disorders the new forms of identity politics are following the new forms of identity disorders as byproducts of the new definitions in the new psychoanalytic biomedical frontiers as reactive strategies by master manipulators using every new advancement like magic tricks to get stuff, gain power and have control over others. All it has done in the cognitive dissidence strategies is add nuclear weapons to the mental toolbox to be weaponized  by power hungry people that are amoral, narcissistic, megalomaniacs that are fully capable of being sadistic mentally and physically. 

Delusional is Delusional. (Copy/paste from Google search) "Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what is real and not real; Think clearly; Have normal emotional responses; Act normally in social situations". Hence the problem of an illness based system of definitions derived with out any definitions or the study of what is “normal”. This medical perspective has gone unchallenged culturally for too long as it has now become a part of the nations dysfunction through its identity politics of P.C. based fears, games, superstations, strategies and irrationalism. The better living through chemistry of the new medical industrial complex now has over 50 million Americans on some form of antidepressant, antipsychotic or mood altering drug of some kind all defined and categorized for billing purposes in the DSM5 as forms of mental disorder by definition.  Now that the government has taken control of the payment of medical care the government will control the definition system that will continue to be negatively influenced by the forces of money, power and the system decay of all bureaucratic systems as entropy spirals them into the coruption.  All of this is diagnosed by doctors and a system that has removed narcissism from its clinical definitions. So why has narcissism been removed form the new DSM5 definitions of mental illness. Because that is the dirty secret and the big problem perceptively, attitudinally, ideologically, ethically and philosophically but not biologically with the entire industry form the practitioner side and the client/patent side. Given the new diagnostic tools and the medical advances there is going to soon be an end to the (biological/broken brain) and (attitude/learning) dichotomy soon enough as in the new world if it is not a biological problem or broken brain syndrome of some kind its all the old school stuff again of attitude, education, learning, skill, determination, patience, intension, passion, love, commitment, and the good old human components of the good old days long gone. 

Where is Dr. Charles Krauthammer on this one when you need him? Where is the psychiatric community in its own self reflection and analysis?. Where is he Medical community of educated people. Where are the journalist. Where are the Religious institutions of all faiths on this one? Where for that mater is "Psychology Today" and "The Journal of American Medicine" on this one? Where is the education system that has dissected everything. This is a culture problem. I remember the first time I was miss-called a “Bigot”. In actuality the new bigotry is the intellectual dishonesty found in the bigotry of low expectations and labeling of others for the purposes of power control and self-advancement at the expense of others. So much for the domed yuppie quest for P.C. perfection, language bastardization is a form of intellectual manipulation, dishonesty and a form arrogant bigotry unto its self. Copy/Paste of Google search: "Bastardisation or bastardization may refer to: Corruption (linguistics), the process of corruption of the meaning of linguistic terms; An Australian term for hazing ..."

(still has typos but got to go to work now the old fashioned way making building fixing in the real world)
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CONSERVATIVE N REPUBLICAN CELEBRITIES DODGE LIBERAL BOSSES: Most stars liberal? No, there bosses are. 1 Kansas band walked out on CBS when they commanded them to do no more Christian lyrics, after Audio Visions, Vynil Confessions, Monolyth , n Drastic Measures, as there sound was adapting to the 80s. 2 Dan Peek of America (ANOTHER SUPERGROUP) went solo to re record Lonely People the way it was ment to be> DONT GIVE UP TILL YOU DRINK FROM SILVER CUP....HEART TO JESUS CHRIST....HES on HIS way etc...3 Dave Mustaine (OF MEGADETH, another top band) claimed bosses  were  pressuring him to quit bashing Oboma! 4 Producers put an upside down cross on Black Sabbaths 1st album WITHOUT PERMISSION and a documentary shows band members were shocked. Then they were coached to make it part of there act. etc....Many stars remain silent, but even Meatloaf broke the silence (LIKE JOE PERRY OF AEROSMITH DID WHEN HE VOTED FOR MCCAIN N CLAIMED HE WAS A LIFELONG REPUBLICAN) and went for Mitt Romney in 2013. CELEBRITIES ARE NOT THE ISSUE, BUT THERE BOSSES ARE. Theyre producers mostly because theyre to far gone to hold any other job.
20 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Pradheep Shanker : “The common thread is that there’s a Democrat in the White House who’s not that popular,” said Kyle ...
“The common thread is that there’s a Democrat in the White House who’s not that popular,” said Kyle Kondik, the managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, a nonpartisan research group at the University of Virginia. “It wouldn’t be surprising if any of those states went Republican.’

WASHINGTON: Trouble for Democrats: More Senate seats are at risk | Congress | McClatchy DC
Democrats are finding that their path to keeping control of the U.S. Senate this year is getting bumpier.
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If Mitt Romney has some fun with this, I wont blame him one bit.
For Those Wondering what a Real Political Scandal Looks Like
Have I got one for you: Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property ...
1 day ago - Via Mobile - View - Chris Carmouche : Rand Paul Courts RINO Money Money is indeed the mother's milk of politics but the question that never...
Rand Paul Courts RINO Money
Money is indeed the mother's milk of politics but the question that never seems
to be answered is, what does it really buy from political candidates. (National Review Online) Rand Paul will do his best to charm a group Mitt
Romney’s top donors next week a...
Rand Paul Courts RINO Money | America's Conservative News
Rand Paul Courts RINO Money
1 day ago - Via Blogger - View - Law Offices of Vincent W Davis And Associates : Matt Mackowiak: Immigration reform may wait until 2017 Our immigration system is broken. Few would ...
Matt Mackowiak: Immigration reform may wait until 2017

Our immigration system is broken. Few would disagree.

The political debate over immigration reform over the past decade has centered on legalization (also called amnesty) versus border security, and both sides are dug in.

Liberals believe they cannot achieve their aim of the legalization of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the country without a comprehensive bill. For this reason, they oppose dealing with immigration reform with individual bills, as the Republican-led House majority intends to do.

Political considerations are, of course, at work here.

Republican elected officials are wary of their base being able to claim they support amnesty. At the same time, Republican Party officials, donors and operatives understand that Republicans must increase their share of the rapidly growing Hispanic vote beyond the less than one-third that Mitt Romney won in 2012.

Therein lies the challenge.

It’s easy to forget that a bipartisan immigration reform bill, authored by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., passed last year in the U.S. Senate. Most Senate Republicans opposed it, and the House has said it is a nonstarter, with weak enforcement provisions and border security that has too many holes in it.

There is another consideration.

If the House and Senate agreed on a legislative package that included legal immigration reform, dealing with those here illegally and new increases in border security, what confidence would Republicans have that the Obama administration would enforce the border security and enforcement parts of the law?

Republicans have good reason to ask this question.

If you take the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration has unilaterally (and extra-constitutionally) changed existing law literally dozens of times. They have ignored mandates, delayed provisions, made changes, all through their own “executive authority.”

But wait, doesn’t Congress write and pass the law and the executive branch enforce it?

Yes, your seventh-grade government teacher was correct.

Read more at:

#immigration #immigrationreform #immigrationnews #vwd
Matt Mackowiak: Immigration reform may wait until 2017
Our immigration system is broken. Few would disagree.
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Melissa LeBlanc : Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has articulated his vision for America’s future in an ...
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has articulated his vision for America’s future in an election-year tumult of campaign speeches and media interviews; now, this essential collection of Romney’s direct quotes, past and present, is an invaluable primer that crystallizes his stance on domestic and social issues; national security; the economy; health care; and much more. Here, too, are his comments on his personal life, family, and faith—key insights into the man himself, in his own words.

“I do not define my candidacy by my religion. A person should not be elected because of his faith nor should he be rejected because of his faith.” (“Faith in America” speech, 2007)

“We’re the party of opportunity. We’re the party of keeping taxes down. We’re the party that want people to have choice in their schools and choice in their health care.” (This Week with George Stephanopoulos, 2009)

“When I was a little kid, there used to be the ditty that went around: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Today that idea is foreign to some kids.”(The Charlie Rose Show, 2006)

“The older I get, the smarter Dad is. I pattern myself like him—his character, his sense of vision, his sense of purpose.” (Time, 2007)

“America has been a force for good like no other in the world, and for that, we will make no apology.” (Values Voter Summit, 2010)
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - James Barrow : Mitt Romney predictions that turned out to be true:
Mitt Romney predictions that turned out to be true:
Joshua Riddle

1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Melissa LeBlanc : Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney gives you the inside story on how he rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics...
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney gives you the inside story on how he rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics--and how his own brand of leadership makes him one of the Republican Party's most compelling new stars.
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Melissa LeBlanc : In No Apology, Mitt Romney asserts that American strength is essential—not just for our own well-being...
In No Apology, Mitt Romney asserts that American strength is essential—not just for our own well-being, but for the world’s. Nations such as China and a resurgent Russia threaten to overtake us on many fronts, and violent Islamism continues its dangerous rise. In the face of such challenges, America need not apologize for its liberties, but must use them wisely.
We need renewal: fresh ideas to cut through complicated problems and restore our strength. Creative and bold, Romney proposes solutions to restore economic vitality, create good jobs, reduce out-of-control spending on entitlements and health care, dramatically improve education, and rebuild a military battered by years of war. Most important, he calls for a new commitment to citizenship, a common cause we all share, rather than a laundry list of individual demands. Many of his solutions oppose President Obama’s policies, many also run counter to Republican thinking, but all have one strategic aim: to strengthen America and preserve our global leadership.
Personal and dynamically argued, No Apology is a call to action by a man who cares deeply about America’s history, its promise, and its future.
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