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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: Miss Jackson (Search this on MAP) Mohd Haniff : ======================================== “You're going to record this interview?” ================...

“You're going to record this interview?”


“Does it look like I care?”

“I could care less about what you do to that person."

“Can't you see I'm busy?”

“I have to do eight of these? Seriously?”

“You won't give me information for all the world, father? What about for Mother?"

“I don't give two flying fucks about what you think of me.”

“You left me.”

“What happened to being friends until the end?”


Name: Marionette Dupain-Cheng

Alias: The Songstress
Black Siren
Black Canary

Status: Alive

Age: 16

Birthday: February 6th 2001

Nationality: Chinese/American, but knows French, Korean and Japanese

Horoscope: Aquarius. Defined by your honest, open and imaginative nature. While many people claim to adopt the mantra, "what you see is what you get," you genuinely live up to it. "Not true for me. Well, kind of."

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 112 lbs.

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species: Banshee



>Singing: She may be a Banshee, but her voice is still beautiful when she sings. It's kind of like a Siren's enchanting song. Whenever a person dies is when you can hear her Banshee's voice in the distance.

>Dancing: Since Banshees, or bean sidhe live for a very long time, she had the chance to learn every ballroom dance, ballet etc. She's now more flexible because of it.

>Boys: She does like men because of the pleasure they can bring if she uses her voice just right.


>Rapists: "You'll find out in my backstory anyway. Why ask?"

>Her parents: "Once again, you'll find out in my backstory."

>Poorly dressed people: "I don't want to discuss this with you."

Favorite songs: Nightcore - Miss Jackson
Nightcore - Faded
Girls Generation - Run Devil Run

Weapon(s): "Anything sharp I can get my hands on."

Weaknesses: "This is something I can't tell you. If I do and you tell, you'll die...can I call you kitty?"



>Unpredictable: Centuries can do that to you. They make you unpredictable in so many ways that you'd have to be careful about what you say.

>Crazy: This personality trait formed when she was brutally raped by her first stepfather.

>Unforgiving: She'll never forgive anyone unless she really cared about that one person. So in other ways, be careful about what you do.

>Emotionless: She shows no emotion to anyone except her lover, but since she doesn't have a lover or love interest, she doesn't show any emotion.


>EYES: Her eyes are a vivid, violet color. Her eye shape is in the pic. The makeup she wears is the same as the pic as well.

>OTHER FACIAL FEATURES: Unknown, since she always wears the mask in the pic, but probably the most beautiful Banshee yet.

>CLOTHES: She dresses like in the pic every day, each one of those outfits a different color every day and complements her body figure that any woman would kill for.

Bio: Reapers and Banshees don't get along. That's what her stepfather and mother say everytime they encounter a Reaper. That was because the result from Banshees and Reapers clashing are always destructive. When Marionette was born, her death was to be one month after she was born. But since her father was young in Banshee years, and he knew he was one of the lucky few who were to be immortal, he offered his life in exchange for his daughter's. His wife, Marionette's mom, began to sing the Banshee song of death and Marionette joined in. Her father was the first soul that she sang to. About fourteen years after her father's death, her mother remarried to a pervert. He married into the family to get closer to Marionette. When her mother was out at work, her stepfather raped Marionette. After a few hours, her mother returned to see the house in a big mess, Marionette crying and naked as she was pinned against the wall of the house with bite marks all over her body. Marionette was begging her stepfather to stop and let her go but he wouldn't let her go as he raped his step daughter again and again. Her mother called the police and tore him away from her daughter as the police arrived. Marionette was covered with a blanket by the police as her mother went to explain the scene she saw when she came back from work and what she thought was going to happen to her daughter. The policewoman stared at the blood on Marionette's thighs and quietly told her mother. Her mother had cried and apologized to Marionette. Her mother married a nicer man this time and Marionette took a liking to him. But when she turned 16, she showed the crazy side of her that had formed from the raping. She knew her stepfather had information she needed, so she held a knife over her mother's neck and demanded for the information. When she got it though, no one knew what she did to her own parents. This is as much as she'll tell me.


“Bye, bye kitty." The recording goes on to hear a man's scream of horror before it's cut off.

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Miss Jackson {Full Dangan Ronpa MEP - YouTube
Yada Kiti shared a video
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5 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Hey Miss Jackson : Hey New Here......and new to locs. Looking for support and tips. This video is my beautiful journey ...
Hey New Here......and new to locs.
Looking for support and tips.
This video is my beautiful journey to deepen self-love as I transition from being 6 years loose natural.
**Click to watch!!
Watch the video: My Loc Journey: 3 Month Update
New name (Hey Miss Jackson) replacing old name (FrozyWozy). I just needed a change and wanted to sound a little more mature. Thank you subscribers for sticki...
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idk someone told me to do this

Full Name?: Anthony "AJ" Trujillo
Age?: 12
Birthday?: 10-22
Are you Suicidal?: nope, all that stuff in class is just for shits and giggles
Are you insane?: nah, not that i know of. what do you guys think, voices?
Height?: 5' 2"
Weight?: 10,000,000,000
How many are you in your family?: 4
Are you the 1st child?: nah
Are you single?: ye

❣❣ This Or That? ❣❣

KFC or McDonalds?: KFC
Dunkin donuts or Starbucks?: neither tbh
Coffee or Tea?: Tea
Pariston or Ging?: no clue
Killua or Gon?: still no clue
Aoba or Noiz? STILL NO CLUE
pencil or pen?: pencil
Dog or Cat?: dog (hate cats tbh)
Dragon or Horse?: Dragon
Real life or Internet?: real life is better, but i'm a hardcore competive gamer
Fiction or Nonfiction?: fiction

ʚ♥ɞ Other Stuff ʚ♥ɞ
Your favorite Song?: Miss Jackson (P!ATD)
Your favorite food?: Chicken Parmesean
Your favorite Subject?: band and choir
Your favorite Person?: Amillia or dio (no offense meant)
Internet Best friends?:​ all my real life best friends
Do you like Anime?: ye
Do you listen to anime songs?: nr
Do you like K-Pop?:no
Do you like J-Pop?: no
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19 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Mιlкsнαкєღ (ミルクシェーク) : "уσυ тнιик єνєяутнιиg ιѕ яαιивσωѕ αи∂ ѕυиѕнιиє'ѕ ωнєи ιт'ѕ яєαℓℓу вℓα¢к αи∂ ωнιтє ωιтн яαιи ¢ℓσυ∂ѕ."...
"уσυ тнιик єνєяутнιиg ιѕ яαιивσωѕ αи∂ ѕυиѕнιиє'ѕ ωнєи ιт'ѕ яєαℓℓу вℓα¢к αи∂ ωнιтє ωιтн яαιи ¢ℓσυ∂ѕ."

•Basic Information•

First Name~ Makoto.
Middle Name~ Ashley, he hates his middle name and never speaks of it. Make fun of it, he'll come after you.
Last Name~ Natashi.
Nickname(s)~ None.

Age~ 17 years old.
Mental Age~ Has the mentality of a 19.
Physical Age~ He appears to be 17 physically, which is also his real age.

Gender~ Male "What are you? Fucking stupid?"
Species~ Human.
Language(s) spoken~ Japanese, English, and Russian.

Dominant hand~ Right.

Time Of Birth~ 8:09 am
Birthday~ July 22nd.
Zodiac Sign~ Cancer.
Birthplace~ Tokyo, Japan.

Tattoos~ None, plans on getting one on his arm soon.

Scars~ None.

Piercings~ Ear, that's all.

Clothing Style~ He is very simple. His go-to colors to wear are gray, black, and navy blue. He likes short sleeved shirts with baggy sweaters and long pants. He doesn't really care for style in clothing, usually he grabs anything comfortable to him. Sometimes he takes his glasses off, though he can't see very well and doesn't know how to put contacts in, he likes how he looks without them.


Talents/Skills~ Singing, dancing, picking locks, cooking, and hacking.

Strengths~ He's quite nice when wanting to be, speaks two other languages, intelligent, and able to make choices fast.

Weaknesses~ Sarcastic most of the time, not fond of a lot of people, not very organized, and sleep deprived.

--♡ -

Love Intrests~ Personality wise, someone cute, innocent, kind, and bashful.

Sexuality~ Bisexual, likes guys and girls.

Relationship Status~ Single.
♡ -

Virgin?~ No._

Drinker?~ No.

Drug User?~ No.

Smoker?~ Yes.

Pet Peeves~ People who repeat the same thing over and over, gum smacking, and people who complain about being single.
---♡ -

Favourite Quotes~ Doesn't have one.

Favourite Color~ Gray.

Favourite Drink~ Pepsi.

Favourite Food~ Pepperoni pizza.

Favourite Song~ Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco, and Swan Song by Set It Off. Can't choose between the two.

---♡ -

Parents~ Birth mother, Akiri Natashi and he doesn't know his birth father's name. His father was an American man, from what his mother had told him and is now dead. His mother was a Japanese woman and is currently in jail for three years.

Siblings~ Has a brother who is a year younger then him named Jin who is alive and, kinda well. He deeply loves his brother and is very protective of him.

Cousin's~ He has one younger cousin named Samuel Spahnx who he also cares deeply for.

Friends~ One that he's known since he was 5, a boy named Tsuki.

Enemies~ None.

Pets~ He has a pet cat, that his little brother named Kit Kat.

-♡ -

Personality~ Makoto is a silent, intelligent, and protective person. At first he's very silent the person he meets and will give them the cold shoulder along with a mean attitude. Once you get to know him better, that is if you manage to get passed his cold and scary attitude at first, he shows more kindness and less distrust in you as well. When in love, he often hides his feels with being rude and denying his feelings when someone brings it up. He will get blushy around the person will often be overprotective of them or pretend to not care for them when everyone knows he does.

Occupation~ Part time worker at a cafe.
Hair Color~ Black, seems like a lighter shade of black depending on the lighting.
Eye Color~ Black. But due to birth defects it can turn red.

Weapons~ Owns a few knives and guns.
Magic~ Doesn't have any magical abilities.

•Some extra info•

Hometown~ Tokyo, Japan.

Funds On Him~ 100 dollars.

Funds In Bank~ 5,000 dollars.

Transportation~ Skateboard, walking, and public bus.

First Word~ Mama.

First Toy~ A blue stuffed dog.

Childhood fear~ Falling off his skateboard.

Childhood Trauma~ Doesn't like to talk about it.

Childhood Hero~ His father.


Sleeping Habit~ He has a habit of putting multiple layers of blankets over him when sleeping.

Walking Habit~ He has a bad habit of hunching over. Trying to get better at not doing it.

Eating Habit~ None.

Study Habit~ Studies until he passes out, not really sure if that's one of his good or bad habits but he considers it good.



Birth date - Elementary school (0 through 11)~ Makoto was born in Tokyo Japan, July 22nd of 1999. Being born the first child in a family of two children. When he was a toddler, he had a hard time speaking. He would communicate with only making sounds and saying his parents names, but that's all he knew. His parents were worried about him not speaking with words, since they had another baby the next year, being also concerned that his brother would be just the same. They took him to many places to help him learn how to speak, but until he was 5 did he learn how to speak properly, using more words other then his parents names. During Elementary school, it was surprising for his parents. He did extremely well in school, what made them surprised he was doing so well was because he had a hard time talking as a toddler so they thought he'd be behind in school. Outside of school, he would play with his little brother and father. He helped his little brother learn things and would sing his brother to sleep. He had grown attached to his brother easily and never wanted to go to school at times because he wanted to be with his little brother.

Middle School (11-14)~ During Middle School, he became less energetic than he was in elementary. He didn't socialize as much or talk as much as he did before. Maybe it was because he had gotten new glasses, feeling like people would make fun of them, regular anxiety. Or it was the change of school, feeling like people wouldn't like him, again regular anxiety. He started to push people away, focusing more on his school work then before. He spent less time with his little brother and studied more at home. Other then his social life in school, he was still doing exceptionally well in academics in school. His private and family life was becoming a bit rough. His mother and father started to argue more, his mother sometimes treating his father. Other then that, his life was pretty good.

High School (14 Current age)~ At the beginning of his highschool years, his father had killed himself. As if highschool was stressful enough, with harder studies and classes. Having his father passing way, from suicide none the less, made it harder for him. He fell into deep depression, he was extremely close to his father. And his little brother was very close to his father, so seeing his little brother upset made his depression deeper. He started to pay less attention in school, with thoughts of his father swarming his mind making it hard to focus. And going home to his mother was scary for him, since his mother would always lash out on his father, without his father, she had no one to lash out on. He got scared his mother was going to last out on him and his brother. As his highschool years went on, he became less depressed, cheering up slowly after his father's death, spending time with his brother more again and focusing on school more as he did before. At the age of 16, his mother was arrested. They never told him or his brother why she was, which he thought was unfair since they were her children. After that, their aunt started to live with him and his brother for a year until Makoto was 17 since she had to go on a business trip over seas once he did. When he turned 17, his aunt left, leaving him to take care of his little brother and as well as his younger cousin. He is now doing well, getting money by volunteering and working part time at a cafe to pay for everything since no other family members live by.

0 - Worst then worst
1 - Extremely Poor
2 - Very Poor
3 - Poor
4 - Below Average
5 - Average
6 - Above Average
7 - High
8 - Very High
9 - Exceptionally High
10 - Flawless

Health: 6/10
Strength: 10/10
Stamina: 5/10
Speed: 8/10
Flexibility: 9/10
Reflexes: 6/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Creativity: 5/10
Charisma: 7/10
Social Skills: 8/10
Confidence: 8/10
Style: 5/10
Humor: 9/10
Passion: 9/10
Spirituality: 5/10
Discipline: 10/10
Neatness: 4/10


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In the close to 7 years I have been writing this blog I find that a lot of the loose ends have been burned off. In the beginning it was all about losing weight, counting calories, measuring portions, etc. Now, while I am aware of calories and portions, my focus has shifted entirely to simply living healthy. #calories #doctors #exercise #portioncontrol #weightcontrol
The Six Best Doctors
I found this in my web wandering and fell in love with it. I don’t even know if it qualifies as an infographic. In the close to 7 years I have been writing this blog I find that a lot of the loose …
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1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Adis Hodzic : Good Morning, Universe! And single ladies! 😆 Soundtrack included. 😊 Thank You, Miss Jackson! 😉 ...
Good Morning, Universe! And single ladies! 😆

Soundtrack included. 😊

Thank You, Miss Jackson! 😉

Have a wonderful day, Everyone! 🙏

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Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco
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It would be a travesty to miss Jackson Boone's latest release. Good thing we have it.
Jackson Boone, "Don't" | New Music | Impose Magazine
“Take a breath… Don't realize you're dreaming,” sings Jackson Boone on his latest, “Don't.” The mellowed lo-fi track digs deep into the effervescence of our daydreams, and losing ourselves within our thoughts. Residing in Portland, Oregon, Boone's music listens like the optimistic answer to the ...
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