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Most recent 19 results returned for keyword: Men (Search this on MAP) Edgar Bryan : GOD    H-A-S   TO SEE I’m sorry, God, for what You must look down and see, Cursing, lying, murder and...
I’m sorry, God, for what You must look down and see,
Cursing, lying, murder and such near nudity.
My fellow men are taking sin to the edge,
Rejecting or neglecting their wedding pledge;
Signs of satan’s bonds – whom Christ died to set free.  - eab, 8/20/15   
3 seconds ago - Via Community - View - Drazena Grbavac : Today's Gospel reading and reflection of the Saint. August 16 Tuesday 2016 First Reading Ezekiel 28...
Today's Gospel reading and reflection of the Saint.

August 16 Tuesday 2016

First Reading Ezekiel 28:1-10
The word of the LORD came to me: Son of man,
say to the prince of Tyre:
Thus says the Lord GOD:

Because you are haughty of heart,
you say, “A god am I!
I occupy a godly throne
in the heart of the sea!”—
And yet you are a man, and not a god,
however you may think yourself like a god.
Oh yes, you are wiser than Daniel,
there is no secret that is beyond you.
By your wisdom and your intelligence
you have made riches for yourself;
You have put gold and silver
into your treasuries.
By your great wisdom applied to your trading
you have heaped up your riches;
your heart has grown haughty from your riches–
therefore thus says the Lord GOD:
Because you have thought yourself
to have the mind of a god,
Therefore I will bring against you
foreigners, the most barbarous of nations.
They shall draw their swords
against your beauteous wisdom,
they shall run them through your splendid apparel.
They shall thrust you down to the pit, there to die
a bloodied corpse, in the heart of the sea.
Will you then say, “I am a god!”
when you face your murderers?
No, you are man, not a god,
handed over to those who will slay you.
You shall die the death of the uncircumcised
at the hands of foreigners,
for I have spoken, says the Lord GOD.
Gospel reading Mathew 19:23-30
Jesus said to his disciples:
“Amen, I say to you, it will be hard for one who is rich
to enter the Kingdom of heaven.
Again I say to you,
it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle
than for one who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God.”
When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and said,
“Who then can be saved?”
Jesus looked at them and said,
“For men this is impossible,
but for God all things are possible.”
Then Peter said to him in reply,
“We have given up everything and followed you.
What will there be for us?”
Jesus said to them, “Amen, I say to you
that you who have followed me, in the new age,
when the Son of Man is seated on his throne of glory,
will yourselves sit on twelve thrones,
judging the twelve tribes of Israel.
And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters
or father or mother or children or lands
for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times more,
and will inherit eternal life.
But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.”
August 16.—St. Hyacinth
HYACINTH, the glorious apostle of Poland and Russia, was born of noble parents in Poland, about the year 1185. In 1218, being already Canon of Cracow, he accompanied his uncle, the Bishop of that place, to Rome. There he met St. Dominic, and received the habit of the Friar Preachers from the patriarch himself, of whom he became a living copy. So wonderful was his progress in virtue that within a year Dominic sent him to preach and plant the Order in Poland, where he founded two houses. His apostolic journeys extended over numerous regions Austria, Bohemia, Livonia, the shores of the Black Sea, Tartary, and Northern China on the east, and Sweden and Norway to the west, were evangelized by him, and he is said to have visited Scotland. Everywhere multitudes were converted, churches and convents were built; one hundred and twenty thousand pagans and infidels were baptized by his hands. He worked numerous miracles, and at Cracow raised a dead youth to life. He had inherited from St. Dominic a most filial confidence in the Mother of God; to her he ascribed his success, and to her aid he looked for his salvation. When St. Hyacinth was at Kiev, the Tartars sacked the town, but it was only as he finished Mass that the Saint heard of the danger. Without waiting to unvest, he took the ciborium in his hands, and was leaving the church. As he passed by an image of Mary a voice said: “Hyacinth, my son, why dost thou leave me behind? Take me with thee, and leave me not to mine enemies.” The statue was of heavy alabaster; but when Hyacinth took it in his arms, it was light as a reed. With the Blessed Sacrament and the image he came to the river Dnieper, and walked dryshod over the surface of the waters. On the eve of the Assumption, he was warned of his coming death. In spite of a wasting fever, he celebrated Mass on the feast, and communicated as a dying man. He was anointed at the foot of the altar, and died the same day, a.d. 1257. Reflection.—St. Hyacinth teaches us to employ every effort in the service of God, and to rely for success not on our own industry, but on the prayer of His Immaculate Mother.
Gate of Heaven🕎🙏🏻®
13 seconds ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Kristy Kunayak : Learn about brain waves and interferences - It is not a conspiracy theory, this is science! -1- Can ...
Learn about brain waves and interferences - It is not a conspiracy theory, this is science!
-1- Can brain waves interfere with radio waves?
-2- Mind Control by Cell Phone?
-3- Electromagnetic Waves and Human Health (excellent article, shows the impact in our health)
-1- Can brain waves interfere with radio waves?  By Elizabeth Dougherty MIT Engineering:
Not likely. Brain waves are too slow, and so weak they’re extremely hard to measure…Radio waves and brain waves are both forms of electromagnetic radiation—waves of energy that travel at the speed of light. The difference between brain waves, radio waves, and other electromagnetic waves (such as visible light, X-rays and Gamma rays) lies in their frequency—that is, how often the waves peak and trough in a second. Radio waves, which include radio and other wireless transmission signals, as well as other natural signals in the same frequency, peak and trough at between 50 and 1000 megahertz—that’s between 50 million and one billion oscillations per second.
The human brain also emits waves, like when a person focuses her attention or remembers something.  This activity fires thousands of neurons simultaneously at the same frequency generating a wave—but at a rate closer to 10 to 100 cycles per second.
Interference happens when two waves of the same or very similar frequencies bump into each other. This might happen when the signals from two radio stations, both broadcasting at 89.7 megahertz from different cities, bump into one another. “The shape of the waves changes linearly, they add to and subtract from one another,” saysDimitrios Pantazis, director of the Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Laboratory at MIT’s McGovern Institute. As a result, songs become static. But, says Pantazis, since their frequencies are so wildly different, brain waves don’t interfere with radio waves. Even if that was the case, brain waves are so weak, they are hardly measurable at all. For comparison, says Pantazis, “the magnetic field of the earth is just strong enough to move the needle of a compass. Signals from the brain are a billionth of that strength.”
Hard to measure, but not impossible. MIT recently installed a new MEG scanner to study the function of the human brain. To capture brain signals, the MEG scanner is in a room shielded with mu metal, a special alloy that blocks external magnetic fields. “Like a rock in the middle of a river, this metal forces all electromagnetic signals to flow around the room and doesn’t let any inside,” says Pantazis.
The MEG scanner consists of a helmet that contains 306 sensors spaced uniformly across its surface. These “superconducting quantum interference detectors” (SQUID) are cooled to near absolute zero, which makes them superconductive and, according to Pantazis, “able to measure even the slightest magnetic signals from the brain.”
-2- Mind Control by Cell Phone? Written By R. Douglas Fields 
Hospitals and airplanes ban the use of cell phones, because their electromagnetic transmissions can interfere with sensitive electrical devices. Could the brain also fall into that category? Of course, all our thoughts, sensations and actions arise from bioelectricity generated by neurons and transmitted through complex neural circuits inside our skull. Electrical signals between neurons generate electric fields that radiate out of brain tissue as electrical waves that can be picked up by electrodes touching a person's scalp. Measurements of such brainwaves in EEGs provide powerful insight into brain function and a valuable diagnostic tool for doctors. Indeed, so fundamental are brainwaves to the internal workings of the mind, they have become the ultimate, legal definition drawing the line between life and death.
Brainwaves change with a healthy person's conscious and unconscious mental activity and state of arousal. But scientists can do more with brainwaves than just listen in on the brain at work-they can selectively control brain function by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This technique uses powerful pulses of electromagnetic radiation beamed into a person's brain to jam or excite particular brain circuits.
Although a cell phone is much less powerful than TMS, the question still remains: Could the electrical signals coming from a phone affect certain brainwaves operating in resonance with cell phone transmission frequencies? After all, the caller's cerebral cortex is just centimeters away from radiation broadcast from the phone's antenna. Two studies provide some revealing news.
The first, led by Rodney Croft, of the Brain Science Institute, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, tested whether cell phone transmissions could alter a person's brainwaves. The researchers monitored the brainwaves of 120 healthy men and women while a Nokia 6110 cell phone—one of the most popular cell phones in the world—was strapped to their head. A computer controlled the phone's transmissions in a double-blind experimental design, which meant that neither the test subject nor researchers knew whether the cell phone was transmitting or idle while EEG data were collected. The data showed that when the cell phone was transmitting, the power of a characteristic brain-wave pattern called alpha waves in the person's brain was boosted significantly. The increased alpha wave activity was greatest in brain tissue directly beneath to the cell phone, strengthening the case that the phone was responsible for the observed effect.
Alpha Waves of Brain
Alpha waves fluctuate at a rate of eight to 12 cycles per second (Hertz). These brainwaves reflect a person's state of arousal and attention. Alpha waves are generally regarded as an indicator of reduced mental effort, "cortical idling" or mind wandering. But this conventional view is perhaps an oversimplification. Croft, for example, argues that the alpha wave is really regulating the shift of attention between external and internal inputs. Alpha waves increase in power when a person shifts his or her consciousness of the external world to internal thoughts; they also are the key brainwave signatures of sleep.
Cell Phone Insomnia
If cell phone signals boost a person's alpha waves, does this nudge them subliminally into an altered state of consciousness or have any effect at all on the workings of their mind that can be observed in a person's behavior? In the second study, James Horne and colleagues at the Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre in England devised an experiment to test this question. The result was surprising. Not only could the cell phone signals alter a person's behavior during the call, the effects of the disrupted brain-wave patterns continued long after the phone was switched off.
"This was a completely unexpected finding," Horne told me. "We didn't suspect any effect on EEG [after switching off the phone]. We were interested in studying the effect of mobile phone signals on sleep itself." But it quickly became obvious to Horne and colleagues in preparing for the sleep-research experiments that some of the test subjects had difficulty falling asleep.
Horne and his colleagues controlled a Nokia 6310e cell phone—another popular and basic phone—attached to the head of 10 healthy but sleep-deprived men in their sleep research lab. (Their sleep had been restricted to six hours the previous night.) The researchers then monitored the men's brainwaves by EEG while the phone was switched on and off by remote computer, and also switched between "standby," "listen" and "talk" modes of operation for 30 minute intervals on different nights. The experiment revealed that after the phone was switched to "talk" mode a different brain-wave pattern, called delta waves (in the range of one to four Hertz), remained dampened for nearly one hour after the phone was shut off. These brainwaves are the most reliable and sensitive marker of stage two sleep—approximately 50 percent of total sleep consists of this stage—and the subjects remained awake twice as long after the phone transmitting in talk mode was shut off. Although the test subjects had been sleep-deprived the night before, they could not fall asleep for nearly one hour after the phone had been operating without their knowledge.
Although this research shows that cell phone transmissions can affect a person's brainwaves with persistent effects on behavior, Horne does not feel there is any need for concern that cell phones are damaging. The arousal effects the researchers measured are equivalent to about half a cup of coffee, and many other factors in a person's surroundings will affect a night's sleep as much or more than cell phone transmissions.
"The significance of the research," he explained, is that although the cell phone power is low, "electromagnetic radiation can nevertheless have an effect on mental behavior when transmitting at the proper frequency." He finds this fact especially remarkable when considering that everyone is surrounded by electromagnetic clutter radiating from all kinds of electronic devices in our modern world. Cell phones in talk mode seem to be particularly well-tuned to frequencies that affect brainwave activity. "The results show sensitivity to low-level radiation to a subtle degree. These findings open the door by a crack for more research to follow. One only wonders if with different doses, durations, or other devices, would there be greater effects?"
Croft of Swinburne emphasizes that there are no health worries from these new findings. "The exciting thing about this research is that it allows us to have a look at how you might modulate brain function and this [look] tells us something about how the brain works on a fundamental level." In other words, the importance of this work is in illuminating the fundamental workings of the brain-scientists can now splash away with their own self-generated electromagnetic waves and learn a great deal about how brainwaves respond and what they do.
-3- Electromagnetic Waves and Human Health :
Amazing research article developed by Medical Oncology Department Trabzon and Medical Oncology Department Denizli. Worth reading and share, a lot of informations about human health affected by eletromagnetic waves including cell phones. source:
Excerpts from the article :
Electromagnetic waves are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles. These waves are also called electromagnetic radiation because they radiate from the electrically charged particles. They travel through empty space as well as through air and other substances. Electromagnetic waves at low frequencies are referred to as electromagnetic fields and those at very high frequencies are called electromagnetic radiations. According to their frequency and energy, electromagnetic waves can be classified as either ionizing radiations or non-ionizing radiations (NIR).
Ionizing radiations are extremely high frequency electromagnetic waves (X-rays and gamma rays), which have enough photon energy to produce ionization by breaking the atomic bonds that hold molecules in cells together.
Non-ionizing (NIR) is a term for that part of the electromagnetic spectrum which has photon energies too weak to break atomic bonds. They include ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, radiofrequency and microwave fields.
While the positive aspect of technologic innovation makes the life easier, it may also involve components that impair the quality of life via its certain negative effects. A discussion about the adverse effects of electromagnetic waves on the biological life has been ongoing since the discovery of electricity in the 19th century.
Electromagnetic waves generated by many natural and human-made sources can travel for long distances and play a very important role in daily life. In particular, the electromagnetic fields in the Radiofrequency (RF) zone are used in communications, radio and television broadcasting, cellular networks and indoor wireless systems. Resulting from the technological innovations, the use of electromagnetic fields gradually increases and thus people are exposed to electromagnetic waves at levels much higher than those present in the nature. Along with the widespread use of technological products in daily life, the biological effects of electromagnetic waves started to be discussed.
While electromagnetic waves didn’t change HLADR and CD11b expression in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells, they decreased the CD11a expression and increased the CD49d expression. These data suggest that electromagnetic signals could affect the functional capacity of the peripheral blood mononuclear cells by changing their adhesion ability. Maybe these alterations are a sign of the immune system modulation. Another hypothesis of effects related with ELF-EMF is that it changes the free radical levels in the organism. Free radicals in the body are eliminated through two pathways. The first pathway is the non-enzymatic pathway including glutathione, vitamins, carotenoids and flavonoids, while the second pathway relies on the activity of the enzyme, which is the most effective pathway.
Some people are more susceptible to exposure with electromagnetic fields from others.
A study by Heinrich S et al. has led to increasing concerns on the fact that increased number of mobile phone users, exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) may have potential adverse effects on acute health, particularly in children and adolescents. The authors assessed this potential relationship using personal dosimeters.
Effects on tetsicle and spermatogenesis
Due to carrying mobile phones in the pockets, exposure of EMF on reproduction system has been growing interested. Tenorio showed in wistar rats, there were no change plasma testosterone levels but histopathological analyses showed testiculer degeneration after the 30 minutes a day 60 Hz and 1 mT EMF exposure. In contrast, Ozguner and co-workers showed 900 MHz EMF exposure for rats, lends no support to suggestions of adverse effect on spermatogenesis, and on germinal epithelium But there was a significant decrease in serum total testosterone level, and plasma LH and FSH levels in EMF group (p<0.05).
Although electronic devices and the development in communications makes the life easier, it may also involve negative effects. These negative effects are particularly important in the electromagnetic fields in the Radiofrequency (RF) zone which are used in communications, radio and television broadcasting, cellular networks and indoor wireless systems. Along with the widespread use of technological products in daily life, the biological effects of electromagnetic waves has began to be more widely discussed.
The general opinion is that there is no direct evidence of hazardous effects on human health incurred by low-frequency radiofrequency waves. Studies at the cellular level, which uses relatively higher frequencies, demonstrate undesirable effects. In recent years there are a lot of studies about effects of EMF on cellular leve l; DNA, RNA molecules, some proteins, and hormones, intracellular free radicals, and ions are shown.
Particularly, the dramatically increasing number of mobile phones users rise significant concerns due to its potential damage on people exposed by radiofrequency waves. There are increasing number of in vivo, in vitro, and epidemiologic studies on the effects of mobile phones, base stations and other EMF sources in last decade.
Epidemiologic evidence compiled in the past ten years starts to indicate an increased risk, in particular for brain tumor, from mobile phone use. Because of mobile phones used close the brain tissue, electromagnetic waves affects it the most.The magnitude of the brain tumor risk is moderate.
A literature search on ‘mobile phone use and cancer ‘in Pubmed lists 350 studies. More than half of all of these studies is related to brain tumors. At present, evidence for a causal relationship between mobile phone use and brain tumors relies predominantly on epidemiology, in particular on the large studies on this subject. However, the etiopathogenesis of this causal relationship is not clear. The absence of this clear etiology even raise doubts about the cause itself. Weak evidence in favor of a causal relationship is provided by some animal and in vitro studies, but overall, genotoxicity assays, both in vivo and in vitro, are inconclusive to date.
read the article:
18 seconds ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Edgar Bryan : The devil can’t attack God (God kicked him out of heaven), he can’t attack the Son he tried (when Christ...
The devil can’t attack God (God kicked him out of heaven), he can’t attack the Son he tried (when Christ was on earth) and was Biblically repulsed, nor can he attack the Holy Spirit; he’s no match for our Triune God. So, what can satan attack? God’s instruction Book about how we can be born again, and live with Him eternally. 1.) The devil’s men tried to burn the Bible in bye-gone-days. That didn’t work. 2.) The devil and his cohorts tried to ban the Bible. That has not worked. 3.) So - - - since 1881 satan and “scholars” have produced mutilated “bibles.” (Must have 10% change to get copyright.) The NIV & ESV, for example (according to sources) have at least 45 whole verses missing.  Sadly this IS working in some Bible colleges. A seminary or university convinces pupils X new “bible” is OK and they teach this as truth in Bible colleges - the very heart of the Bible college is being thwarted by these devil-inspired “bibles.” [1]

[1] Doubters need to read about Westcott & Hort beliefs: praying to Mary, purgatory, & not believing in miracles, for starters.
31 seconds ago - Via Community - View - Holychosen Nationrobber : BELIEVED IN JEWISH CONSPIRACIES August 8, 2016 • Smoloko ONLY ‘STUPID’ PEOPLE IN TIN FOIL HATS BELIEVE...
August 8, 2016 • Smoloko



HENRY ADAMS (1838-1918)

Henry Adams of Massachusetts was a prolific author, political journalist, historian and member of the Adams political family; descended from President John Adams (his great grandfather) and John Quincy Adams (his grandfather). He was a Harvard graduate at a time when that still meant a lot. At Harvard, Adams studied Greek and Roman literature, mathematics, government, botany, astronomy, physics, and French.

In 1894, Adams was elected president of the American Historical Association. Hebecame widely regarded as one of America’s foremost intellectuals, again, at a time when the word “intellectual” still meant something. His posthumously-published memoirs, The Education of Henry Adams, won the Pulitzer Prize, and went on to be named by The Modern Library as the top English-language nonfiction book of the 20th century.

Adams’s attitude towards Jews has been described as one of loathing. The noted American statesman John Hay, remarking on Adams’s “Anti-Semitism”, said that when Adams “saw Vesuvius (volcano in Italy) reddening… [he] searched for a Jew stoking the fire.”

“I detest [the Jews], and everything connected with them, and I live only and solely with the hope of seeing their demise, with all their accursed Judaism. I want to see all the lenders at interest taken out and executed.”

Henry Adams seated at desk in study writing in light coat photograph by Marian Hooper Adams 1883

“We are in the hands of the Jews. They can do what they please with our values.”
Adams advised against investment except in the form of gold locked in a safe deposit box:
“There you have no risk but the burglar. In any other form you have the burglar, the Jew, the Czar, the socialist, and, above all, the total irremediable, radical rottenness of our whole social, industrial, financial and political system.”
– Quotes by Henry Adams

HENRY FORD (1863-1947)

By age 15, Henry Ford had taught himself how to dismantle and reassemble the timepieces of friends and neighbors, gaining the reputation of a watch repairman. The mechanical and visionary genius became America’s leading industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company.

Ford pioneered the development of the assembly line technique of mass production, making cars affordable for the Middle Class. The increased productivity enabled Ford to pay his workers unusually high wages. During the 1920’s, Ford published a series of essays under the title “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.

“And if after having elected their man or group, obedience is not rendered to the Jewish control, then you speedily hear of “scandals” and “investigations” and “impeachments” for the removal of the disobedient.”

“I know who caused the war (World War I) – the Jewish bankers! I have the evidence here. Facts!”

– Quotes by Henry Ford

THOMAS EDISON (1847-1931)

Edison was the most prolific inventor of the 20th century. The “Wizard of Menlo Park” was also a first rate scientist and businessman. His creations include the stock ticker, battery for an electric car, phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the light bulb. Edison is also credited with having created the first industrial research laboratory, developing electrical power for mass use (along with Tesla) and being awarded an incredible 1,093 U.S. patents.

Edison was a very close friend and vacation companion to the “anti-semite” Henry Ford. Though actual quotes cannot be found, we learn from Jewish sources that Edison did indeed share his buddy Ford’s view of the “Big Jews”. The great genius struggled for many years to keep the Jews from using his motion pictures without paying royalties. He eventually lost any control he had to the Jews who would later establish Hollywood.

Ford & Edison: The two great geniuses were bosum buddies!

“Like his friend Henry Ford, Edison was virulently anti-Semitic and blamed the Jews for all of the world’s major problems.”
– NNDB (Notable Names Data Base)
“(Israeli) Postal Authority officials were red-faced yesterday upon learning that Thomas Edison, the famous inventor, who is to appear on an Israeli stamp to be issued soon, is believed by some to have been an anti-semite. The Postal Authority – informed of these claims by The Jerusalem Post – began to launch an investigation yesterday into the charge. Alleging that Edison was anti-Semitic are Stephen Esrati, a philatelic journalist in Ohio, and Ken Lawrence, vice President of the 56,000 member American Philatelic Society.”
J-Weekly / quoting the Jersusalm Post

“Those Jews stole my motion pictures, Henry!”

“I’m tellin ya Tom, the Jews are killin us man!”

EZRA POUND (1885-1972)

Ezra Pound was, without a doubt, the pre-eminent American poet of the 20th century. The literary legend actually mentored Ernest Hemingway, TS Elliot, Robert Frost, and other great writers. Pound’s best-known works include Ripostes (1912), Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (1920) and his unfinished 120-section epic, The Cantos.

Having become disillusioned with America and England, Pound moved to Mussolini’s Italy and also praised Hitler’s achievements. Pound was never shy about expressing his feelings towards the Big Jews who he blamed for both World Wars.

“You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-jewed the Jew”

“And the big Jew has rotted every nation he has wormed into.”

“Your infamy is bound up with Judaea. You can not touch a sore or a shame in your empire but you find a Mond, a Sassoon, or a Goldsmid.”

– Quotes by Ezra Pound

BOBBY FISCHER (1943-2008)

Bobby Fischer was an American chess grandmaster and World Chess Champion. He is considered by many to be the greatest chess player who ever lived. Starting at age 14, he played in eight U.S. Championships, winning each by at least 1 point. At 15, Fischer became the youngest grandmaster and candidate for the World Championship. Still only 20 years old, he won the 1963-64 U.S. Championship with the only perfect score in the history of the tournament.

Fischer was very outspoken in his condemnation of the Zionist conspirators controlling America. Like Ezra Pound, Fischer also became an ‘ex-pat’, relocating to Japan.

“My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They’re not just persecuting me. This is not just my struggle, I’m not just doing this for myself… This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped. They’re a menace to the whole world.”

– Quote by Bobby Fischer


Solzhenitsyn was not only a Russian novelist and noted historian, but also a survivor of Stalin’s Gulag. His Gulag Archipelago remains an International Classic. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in 1970 and was finally expelled from the Soviet Union in 1974. He has been honored by some of the top universities in the West.

Towards the end of his life, some of Solzhenitsyn’s more controversial “anti-semitic” writings never saw the light of day in the West. In “200 Years Together”, and other essays, the great writer cryptically alludes to a worldwide Jewish conspiracy behind the Bolshevist takeover and oppression of Russia.

“You must understand that the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. (((They))) hated Russians. (((They))) hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their blood stained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.

The fact that most of the world is ignorant or uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of its perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn



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48 seconds ago - Via Google+ - View - Rick Wayne : Etude turned off the lamp and everything dissipated to gray. "Once the universe was dark. And men despaired...
Etude turned off the lamp and everything dissipated to gray.

"Once the universe was dark. And men despaired." He removed the lampshade, pulled a length of cord free from the bundle on the floor, and set the squat light on the table. He moved a pomegranate from the bowl and set it a few inches away.

"Those beyond took pity." He turned on the lamp.

Without the cover, the bulb was bright. Our eyes had already adjusted tot he darkness, so we all squinted and looked away.

"We are not the source of the light. Nor are we the source of the shadow, for it was there before us. We are in the middle." He pointed to the lumpy fruit. "Here. Between. Half in light. Half in darkness. And so we were given a choice. We were not saved. We were offered salvation.

"And that's what's important. The knowledge that there is a choice. That you have one. Always. To be good. Or to be evil.

"People think a saint is one who walks unerringly in light. But it is not so. Only angels are thus. Choosing the light often means simple amends, simple acts needing far less effort to commit than the original offense. A humble apology. The gift of a quiet tongue."

He pointed to the pomegranate's shadow. "With such an obvious choice, the darkness cannot win. So it convinces you there is none. No light. And therefore no dark. That there is only you: your wants, your needs.

"And if you believe in no darkness, then you will not see when you are walking in it. It becomes easily to believe that sharp word to your spouse was justified. They do it. Why can't you? And anyway they started it."

"An illusion," I said.

"Just so." Etude nodded. "But an illusion is not a hologram. It's not a projection you can pass through. It's real. Completely real, with all the qualities of reality: mass and energy and pain.

"But only as long as you believe in it.

"In a world without the choice, it's not such a big crime to cut in traffic. To exaggerate a story to make yourself feel grand. To cheat on your taxes and so leave the bill for others to pay. To think what is obvious must be true. To stand effortless and idle. Because there is no darkness. So what is there to rage against?

"That is how the darkness wins. With the illusion.

"You can't be a saint, it whispers. Not really. So why even try? And since only perfection is worthy, that in the absence of it, you are rational and reasonable in making absolutely no effort at all.

"A spare dollar won't cure homelessness, so why part with it? A Saturday cleaning the community won't stop crime, so why sacrifice it? A kind word won't save a single soul, so why give it?

"Only with no effort, no energy, there is no light." He turned the lamp off.

We all stood in the dark for several moments before we realized he had gone.

notes on Etude's philosophy and a possible snippet from Bright Black, the final installment of my five-course occult mystery, due later this year.
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Clinton calls for reduction in cost of allergy drug EpiPen
Hillary Clinton called on pharmaceutical company Mylan NV to voluntarily drop the price of their severe allergy treatment drug EpiPen, which has increased in price by 400 percent in the past decade.
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Kid at 16yr old, 4 kids by 2 men at 25 wants a man to pay her bills, gotta be joking! All those demands!
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1 minute ago - Via Google+ - View - Solomon Ikpaetor : WATCH: Top basketball moments from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games A recap of the best basketball moments...
WATCH: Top basketball moments from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
       A recap of the best basketball moments from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games The United States men's and women's basketball teams once
again emerged victorious at the Olympics. For the women the Rio Games
were their sixth straight Olympic title, and for ...
WATCH: Top basketball moments from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
A recap of the best basketball moments from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games The United States men's and women's basketball teams once again emerged victorious at the Olympics. For the women the Rio Games were their sixth straight...
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X-Men 1
X-Men is a 2000 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is the first installment in the X-Men film series, followed by X2 in 2003 and X-Men: The ...
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Boy/Man/Men vashikaran specialist astrologer in india/West Bengal/Kerala/**+91-8769610866
Watch the video: Boy/Man/Men vashikaran specialist astrologer in india/West Bengal/Kerala/**+91-8769610866
Astrologer Hari Sharma is Best Astrologer For Solving All Personal,Proffesinal & Social Problems. Pandit Hari Sharma Is Expert In Love Problems, Relationship...
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Quote from article: Using the statistic that women make 78 cents on the dollar as evidence of rampant discrimination has been debunked over and over again. That statistic doesn’t take into account a lot of choices that women and men make—education, years of experience and hours worked—that influence earnings. If we want to have a fruitful discussion about a gender wage gap, we should have it after the comparison is adjusted for those factors. In a 2013 Slate article, Hanna Rosin, author of The End of Men, for example

The official Bureau of Labor Department statistics show that the median earnings of full-time female workers is 77 percent of the median earnings of full-time male workers. But that is very different than “77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men.” The latter gives the impression that a man and a woman standing next to each other doing the same job for the same number of hours get paid different salaries. That’s not at all the case. “Full time” officially means 35 hours, but men work more hours than women. That’s the first problem: We could be comparing men working 40 hours to women working 35.
Don't Buy Into The Gender Pay Gap Myth
But the White House and others who promote the myth are manipulating statistics in a way to convince women that they are the victims of systematic societal discrimination, and, therefore, stand to benefit from further government action.
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