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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: Left Eye (Search this on MAP) Kurumi “Bad Dreams” Tokisaki : Kurumi Tokisaki (時崎 狂三Tokisaki Kurumi?) is the third Spirit to appear. Due to her brutal actions, she...
Kurumi Tokisaki (時崎 狂三Tokisaki Kurumi?) is the third Spirit to appear. Due to her brutal actions, she is referred to as the Worst Spirit (最悪の精霊 Saiaku no Seirei?). She is also the first Spirit to appear as an antagonist in the Date A Live series.

 "No matter how big the world is, Tokisaki Kurumi is the only person that can interfere with irreversible time. And also this Zafkiel. Please don’t lend your ears to nonsense made by smart scholars and authors. The thing that you-- Shido-san-- are looking right now, is the only truth." 
-To Shido Itsuka

Kurumi Tokisaki




Human (Formerly) 

Hair Color:

Eye Color:
Red and Gold



Extra Information:
Mana reported that Kurumi Tokisaki is the most dangerous Spirit ever known, having killed over 10,000 people (not including space quake victims) personally.

Kurumi Tokisaki had used unstated and unexplained methods to personally transfer into Shido Itsuka's high school and classroom so that she could get closer to him. Her purposes and reasons for moving were simple: consume Shido Itsuka, and in doing so, gain the Spirits' mana sealed within his body. During the time Kurumi was a Raizen high school student, she almost succeeded in consuming Shido. However, she was forced to retreat after being overwhelmed by Kotori's destructive power. Kurumi had claimed that it was because she simply wasn't prepared to face her, but later argued that she could defeat Kotori if she had more time stored up.

Later, it was revealed (at the end of Volume 4) that Kurumi had a conversation with a mysterious being that made it seemed like she was talking to herself. Here, she stated her real goal was to seek Shido out in order to be able to use her 12th bullet to travel 30 years back in time and kill the First Spirit. To accomplish that, she required a significant amount of spirit mana which she didn't possess, which is why she wanted to consume Shido. Shido held the spirit mana of three spirits within him, enough for her to be able to use the 12th bullet and still have some power left over to kill the First Spirit.

Kurumi is "a girl with astonishing beauty," as described by Shido. She appears to be elegant and has manners. She has long, black hair usually tied in long twin tails. Her right eye is red-tinted while her left eye appears as a golden, inorganic clock face. The positions of the clock hands represent her remaining "time" and are covered by her bangs, which are only revealed when she transforms into her Spirit form.

The Astral Dress, which Kurumi wears, is made out of orange and black frills, giving her the appearance of an elegant Gothic Lolita with uneven twin tails. On her head, she usually wears a big crimson net bow to hold her hair. She also wears a red and black collar on her neck. Kurumi's height is stated to be 157cm, and her three sizes are B85/W59/H87.

When not in her Spirit form, Kurumi usually tends to wear either the female winter uniform of Raizen High School or a black Gothic Lolita dress.

Kurumi is a person whose character is difficult to read. She possesses a dislike of humanity that borders on mistrust, which is something that she shares with most of the other Spirits in her debut. She is a skilled actress, capable of putting on the façade of an innocent, curious young girl when she needs to. This skill of hers is shown when she registered as a student at Raizen High School and spoke in a polite manner. However, under that mask lies a mad woman, prone to fits of insane laughter and possessing no regard for human life, viewing them as a food source to restore her own time, and thus, a disposable commodity.

There is a twisted justice behind her methods, however, as the people that she brutally murdered were would-be rapists and animal abusers. Also, a good sign of her sense of justice lies in her ultimate objective: to go back in time, kill the First Spirit, prevent the spacequakes from ever happening and saving millions of lives in the process. This goal made <Phantom> call her a kind person, albeit sarcastically.

In hindsight, Kurumi possesses some degree of innocence that her psychotic behavior has not entirely ruined; she has a soft spot for small animals and other creatures. She once slaughtered four humans not because she needed to replenish her time, but because they were trying to kill a kitten. She also appeared to have some desire for a normal life, a chance at redemption, as Shido was able to speak with one of her many timelines and nearly convinced her before the true Kurumi interrupted.

However, despite the fact she doesn't kill without a reason and her redeeming qualities, Kurumi doesn't seem to think of herself as a great person and even appears to hate being called one. When Shido stated that he would not give up on her despite her being a murderer, she responded by using her City of Devouring Time on the students of Raizen High School. She even summoned a spacequake which could have killed them all, in an attempt to make him give up on her. Also, when <Phantom> called her a kind person, Kurumi's initial response was to try to shoot her.

Her ability to summon shadow clones of herself from other timelines adds, even more, complexity to her character. The clones are essentially herself, which means they have the same personality, but they also have free will to an extent, even if they share memories, goals, fears, and obsessions. It is also hinted that the experiences each clone possesses  affect the main one since, after helping Shido locate Tohka (so that Kurumi could track the Second Spirit) and parting ways, Kurumi was shown talking to her clones and was happy because she had received a pat on the head from Shido. Some of her clones also slightly reflect what her former personality was; the clone that Shido faced on the school rooftop nearly agreed to let Shido save her, and the clone from Kurumi Star Festival (the very same clone Shido reasoned with on the school roof) was very cheerful and became slightly emotional when saddened.

Kurumi appears to have a particular liking for cats, as shown by her brutally murdering a group of men who were shooting at one with pellet guns. In an Omake, it is shown that she can be quite embarrassed about this. When Shido and Tohka caught her, she ended up going so far as to have one of her clones pretend to be the real her and "dispose" of her so that she could get out of the situation without ruining her reputation.

Before becoming a Spirit, Kurumi had a strong sense of justice. While lamenting about the inequality in the world, she always possessed a strong desire to help those in need. This trait was considered both pure and naive, the latter of which Mio took advantage of to trick her into becoming a Spirit that hunted down other Spirits that were incompatible with their Sephira Crystals.

Powers and Abilities:
Zafkiel (刻々帝 (ザフキエル), Kokkoku Tei, lit., "Emperor of Time")

Clock, Flintlock Pistol, Musket

Astral Dress: 
Elohim (神威霊装・三番 (エロヒム), Shin'i Reisou: Sanban, "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 3")

Her flintlock pistol and musket both possess special bullets that can cause different effects on the subject's time depending on the number of the bullet.

First Bullet: Aleph [一の弾(アレフ)] (Accelerates time on a target object or subject)

Second Bullet: Bet [二の弾(ベート)] (Slows down time on a target object or subject)

Third Bullet: Gimmel [三の弾 (ギメル) ](Causes a target object or subject to age)

Fourth Bullet: Dalet [四の弾(ダレット)](Rewinds time on a target object or subject)

Fifth Bullet: Hei [五の弾(ヘイ) ] (Allows Kurumi to see a glimpse of the future)

Sixth Bullet: Vav [六の弾(ヴァヴ)] (Sends the consciousness of its target into the past)

Seventh Bullet: Zayin [七の弾(ザイン)] (Temporarily freezes time on a target object or subject)

Eight Bullet: Het [八の弾(へット)] (Creates a clone of a target object or subject)

Ninth Bullet: Tet [九の弾(テット)] (Allows Kurumi to share her senses with someone in a different time or dimension)

Tenth Bullet: Yud [十の弾(ユッド)] (Peeks into the past of a target object or subject)

Eleventh Bullet: Yud Aleph [十一の弾 (ユッド・アレフ)] (Allows Kurumi to directly devour a Spirit's power)

Twelfth Bullet: Yud Bet [十二の弾(ユッド・ベート)] (Sends its target subject or object through time)

Kurumi has the ability to manipulate mainly time, but her main power is associated with controlling shadows. Shadow is her primary element while Time is her secondary element in terms of usage. Combined with the power of the 8th bullet, she can create a clone that has all her experiences, memories, abilities, etc. These clones can take the form of long white hands with red outlining when they are in Kurumi's shadows. However, as these are her past selves, they sometimes may contain feelings which the current Kurumi no longer possesses and as such, Kurumi will not hesitate to kill these clones if they choose to disobey her.

These clones are less powerful than Kurumi herself as she has mentioned in the last chapter of Volume 3 and in the epilogue of Volume 4. She can form a single clone by shooting herself with Zafkiel's 8th bullet, or bring out all of her clones at once from the shadows which she keeps them in. She can also use these shadows to store her clones all at once and all the time they've collected, if she needs to do so. She can also control her clones partially through small fields of shadows, most often to hold someone in place and prevent them from moving.

Her Angel is very powerful. Each time she uses its abilities, it consumes a bit of her time (life force). In order to get back her life force, Kurumi possesses  the ability to absorb other people's time who step within the boundary of her shadow. In order to target a large crowds, she can summon a red barrier that serves a similar function, which she calls the City of Devouring Time (時喰みの城 Tokime Mino no Shiro?).

The clock in her eye moves clockwise when she has to use life force to power her angel. She utilizes two intricately designed guns as weapons which resemble the hands of a clock: the musket (long weapon) for the minute hand and the flintlock (short weapon) for the hour hand. To activate any power she needs, she first needs to call her Angel (regardless of whether the Angel has been summoned already or not) and position her flintlock at the number of the bullet on the Angel. Next, she needs to shoot the bullet at the target with the gun. In the event that she needs to use the power on herself, then she is required to shoot herself.

Kurumi has the ability to summon her spacequakes at will, as seen when she confronted Shido on the school rooftop.

Only the original Kurumi is capable of using her Spirit powers but her clones can still use her guns, summon and dismiss Spacequakes at will, and even summon the <City of Devouring Time>.

Date A Live:
Before the Events:

Kurumi was once an ordinary human before becoming a Spirit. She grew up as the daughter of a rich family and was beloved by her parents. However, one day while returning home she was attacked by a monster. She was saved when a girl wearing a dress made of light killed the monster. The girl introduced herself as Mio Takamiya and claimed herself to be an "ally of justice". She told Kurumi that the monster was called a Spirit and asked her if she wanted a power like hers to help her fight them. Wanting to protect her family and friends, Kurumi accepted and was given the Sephira Crystal containing Zafkiel. Afterwards, she bonded with it, unknowingly turning her into a Spirit herself.

Working together with Mio, Kurumi began hunting down Spirits. However, one day after killing a Spirit, Kurumi left Mio with the task of cleaning up the it's body. Kurumi then left, but took a wrong turn and returned to the scene. Now, instead of a monster, Kurumi found her best friend Sawa lying dead as Mio holding a red Sephira Crystal. Realizing Sawa was the Spirit and she had killed her, Kurumi started to inverse. However, before she completely transformed, she used her fourth bullet and reversed time. Mio then revealed the truth; she was having the Sephira Crystals bond with humans, turning them into monsters, and then kill the host in order to slowly purify the Crystals. Mio claimed that she intended to entrust the Sephira Crystals to someone before causing Kurumi to black out. Kurumi woke up in a giant crater after causing a spacequake with no recollection of who she was or where she came from. She eventually used her tenth bullet on herself to regain her memories. Afterwards, Kurumi made up her mind to use her twelfth bullet to travel back in time to kill Mio and prevent the existence of Spirits from ever happening.

At some point, using her ability to make clones of herself, Kurumi had created a massive information network. In order to gain enough time to use the Twelfth Bullet, she and her clones began to prey on humans, taking many lives in the process. However, the many lives she had taken attracted the attention of DEM, who sent Mana Takamiya  after her. They fought many battles, during which Mana had always killed her. However, unbeknownst to Mana, she was just killing Kurumi's clones. Much later, <Phantom> appeared before Kurumi at some unknown point in time and told her about Shido Itsuka, along with the Spirit mana sealed inside his body. Having nothing to lose, Kurumi infiltrated Raizen High School through unknown means to confirm if this story was true.

Kurumi Killer:
Kurumi first makes her appearance in the story as a new transfer student to Raizen High School. There, she boldly introduces herself as a bona fide Spirit in front of all her classmates, surprising Shido and Tohka and angering Origami. Immediately afterward, she approaches Shido and asks him to give her a tour around the school.

Owing to a mistake by Ratatoskr, Shido accidentally asks to see her panties, to which Kurumi teasingly decides to comply. However, she is stopped by a frantic Shido. Throughout their conversation, Shido is startled that Kurumi is the aggressive one in trying to seduce him. However, their conversation is cut short by Origami and Tohka, whom both fall out of a closet, from which they were eavesdropping.

After school, Kurumi kills three delinquents that she meets while walking along the streets and is then confronted by Mana Takamiya. Origami, having heard Mana’s report, is surprised to see Kurumi appear the next day at school. Confronted by Origami, Kurumi quickly forces her into a corner by summoning various hands from her shadows. When asked about her intentions, Kurumi reveals that she is after Shido.

As Shido is forced to take on a triple date, he uses Fraxinus’s teleporter to constantly shift between Kurumi, Origami, and Tohka. During her date with Shido, Fraxinus’s decision causes them to go into a lingerie store. In an attempt to test how far Kurumi will go, Fraxinus gives the command for Shido to ask her to put on a very revealing piece of underwear. Much to everyone’s surprise, Kurumi complies with the task. After Shido returns, Kurumi reveals she had bought the underwear because of Shido's compliment.

However, the date takes a darker turn after Shido is forced to momentarily leave for another date. After Shido left Kurumi, she finds some boys shooting at a stray cat and convinces them to let her play with them. Ratatoskr loses sight of Kurumi as Origami and Tohka run into each other. After they both proclaimed that they were trying to find Shido for their date, Origami runs off, concerned that Shido could be in danger. Shido returns to look for Kurumi but instead finds blood, body parts, and Kurumi preparing to kill a man. As she holds Shido within her clutches, Mana Takamiya intervenes, wearing her CR-Unit.

Mana Takamiya delivers the death blow to Kurumi and explains to Shido that <Nightmare> will always continue to return no matter how many times she kills her. Afterward, he is forced out of her way and avoids Origami and Tohka. Tohka finds out the reason for Shido's behavior and goes to his house in an attempt to cheer him up. After gaining some insight to Kurumi, the next day Shido declares to Kurumi that he'll save her. Hearing this, Kurumi tells him not to force his values onto others, as she hates that kind of wishful thinking. Frowning at Shido's proclamation, Kurumi tells him that he should put his words to the test and meet her at the rooftop of the school after class.

After arriving at the school roof, she lets out a chuckle and wonders if Shido still intends to save her after what she has planned. Summoning her shadow, she encases the school in her <City of Devouring Time>, which she uses to slowly steal the time of those who step within the boundary of her shadow. While Kurumi is threatening the school and the town, Origami and Tohka are engaged in battles with other copies of Kurumi. Shido seemingly manages to convince Kurumi, only for her to be killed by another Kurumi. It is revealed that the hands within Kurumi's shadow are actually the hands of other copies of herself.

Mana arrives again and immediately cuts off Kurumi’s arm, which she then quickly regenerates by rewinding time using the fourth bullet <Dalet>. She then proceeds to reveal that Mana has only been killing her clones and that she doesn’t even take her seriously. Freezing Mana in place by using the seventh bullet <Zayin>, Kurumi then easily defeats her with a barrage of bullets. Tohka and Origami show up but are immediately restrained by Kurumi’s copies. As Kurumi takes everyone hostage, she attempts to summon a spacequake to destroy the entire town. However, Kotori appears and annihilates the spacequake with her own, having taken back her Spirit power from Shido temporarily to fight Kurumi.

Itsuka Sister:
Continuing from the sudden arrival of another Spirit, Kurumi is confronted by Kotori, who has taken back her powers from Shido. During their battle, Kurumi briefly gains the advantage by using her seventh bullet <Zayin> to freeze Kotori in place. Summoning numerous clones, Kurumi attacks Kotori with a barrage of bullets. Kotori falls over from Kurumi's attack, but her healing flames enable her to recover from her wounds. Shocked, Kurumi sends her copies to capture Shido, but he is pushed away by Kotori and the clones are instantly disintegrated into ash. Kurumi uses her Fourth Bullet <Dalet> to heal the injuries which she suffered and angrily tells Kotori that she will not let it end like that. In response, Kotori transforms her angel into cannon mode and prepares to launch her attack. Frightened, Kurumi summons her copies to shield her. However, the resulting blast is still enough to destroy a quarter of Zafkiel and cost Kurumi her left arm. 

As Kotori prepares to deal the final blow, Shido immediately stands in front of Kurumi to shield her. Knowing that Kotori is no longer herself, he tries to reason with her to spare Kurumi. After the shot was launched, Kotori suddenly regains consciousness. At the last moment, she changes the direction of the projectile, hence saving Kurumi’s life.

After the clash with Origami in the park, Kurumi is seen at a rooftop slowly regaining the amount of “time” she lost during her fight with Kotori. There, a mysterious silhouette appears, asking how it went with Shido. Apparently, this being is the one who told Kurumi about Shido’s existence and his ability to seal spirits. When questioned by the mysterious person about her goals for seeking Shido out, she states that her true purpose/goal is to consume Shido and use him as fuel for the 12th bullet, which will allow her to travel 30 years back in time and kill the First Spirit. She believes that the results of her actions will prevent the birth of future the calamities that humanity calls Spirits. The mysterious person mocks Kurumi for being “surprisingly gentle”, before disappearing into the shadows.

Miku Lily:
Kurumi briefly appears after Shido made his escape from Tengu square. With Tohka captured by DEM, the Fraxinus crew helpless under Miku's influence, and Miku in pursuit of Shido, Kurumi appears and offers her aid to Shido.

Miku Truth:
Kurumi and Shido decide that the best course of action is to convince Miku to leave them alone as they attempt to save Tohka from DEM. After arriving at Miku’s home, Kurumi relentlessly teases Shido about both “Shiori” and the size of Miku’s bra. However, the teasing is cut short as they find a CD and a mysterious photo. Kurumi uses the Tenth Bullet Yud on the picture and CDs to peek into Miku's past, but the sound of Miku's Army Breaker Diva <Gabriel> interrupts Kurumi before she can explain to Shido about Miku's oddity. Knowing that soon everyone in the area will be after them, Shido and Kurumi decide to confront Miku directly. 

As Kurumi and Shido stand against tens of thousands of people brainwashed by Miku, Kurumi summons her <City of Devouring Time> to take care of the mindless masses. However, Miku's <Army Breaker Diva> manages to give the people enough strength to overcome Kurumi's City of Devouring Time. Surprised, Miku boasts that her <Army Breaker Diva> isn't limited to enchanting people. Not one to be easily impressed, Kurumi promptly summons her past selves. The area immediately becomes engulfed in darkness as the battle begins.

With Yoshino and the Yamai twins busy fighting against the myriads of Kurumi selves, Shido is quickly taken to where Miku is by one of the past selves under the acceleration effect of the First Bullet <Aleph>. Kurumi drags Shido and Miku into her shadow so that the two can speak privately. However, the strain of fighting three Spirits and maintaining the space proves to be too much for Kurumi, who resorts to using the Second Bullet <Bet> to slow down time for their escape.

Afterward, Kurumi receives information about Tohka’s whereabouts from her other selves. She requests a pat on the head from Shido. Kurumi teases Shido further by adding another condition for helping him: something along the lines of saying "I like Kurumi better than Tohka" in front of the Princess. Kurumi tells the flustered Shido that she is only joking and reveals Tohka's location. However, as they arrive at DEM’s footsteps, Mana appears and attacks Kurumi. Seeing her chance to move on her own, Kurumi decides to leave Shido to Mana. Before leaving, she assures Shido that the frontal assault caused by clones will remain.

During the aftermath of the battle, Kurumi remarks that she never found her true target, the Second Spirit; the Spirit captured by DEM and the one who knows the identity of the First Spirit.

Tobiichi Angel:
Origami finds Kurumi and requests to be sent to the past with the power of Kurumi's Twelfth Bullet <Yud Bet>. Kurumi jokingly asks Origami if she wanted to go back so that she can see Shido when he was an innocent child, to which Origami replies that she wishes to go back five years ago to kill the Spirit that murdered her parents, thus changing history. Sympathizing with Origami's desire to alter the past, Kurumi eventually agrees to send Origami back in time. However, she tells Origami that she is using the former AST wizard as a test subject for the Twelfth Bullet and that she will use Origami's spiritual energy to power the time travel. Origami remains adamant and assures Kurumi that she is ready to pay the price as long as she is sent back before the incident which occurred five years ago. Then, Kurumi summons Zafkiel and shoots Origami with the Twelfth Bullet.

After seeing Origami tap into her inverse form, Kurumi takes the chance to talk to Shido. Kurumi tells him that everything he did will become meaningless once Origami went into her inverse form. She then proceeds to shoot Shido with the Ninth Bullet alongside the Twelfth Bullet, sending him to five years in the past to find out the reason for Origami's inversion.

Tobiichi Devil:
After Shido realized that he had traveled back in time, he suddenly hears Kurumi's voice in his head. He scans his surroundings to search for Kurumi, but she tells him that she is in a different "time." Kurumi explains that she has sent Shido 5 years into the past using the Twelfth Bullet -<Yud Bet>, as well as the Ninth Bullet <Tet> which allows her to connect –communicate telepathically and share senses– with people in a different time. Shido argues that he needs to return to the present to help Tohka and the others, but Kurumi tells him about how she sent Origami to the past before she returned as an Inverse Spirit. Kurumi says she wants proof that history can be changed. She gets a little sentimental and says she's talked too much. She then urges Shido to hurry and find out what caused Origami to go Inverse.

After watching the events of 5 years ago unfold, Kurumi concludes that by sending Origami and Shido back in time, she has helped to create the current timeline. She concludes that the best course of action is to send Shido back in time again to change history. However, in an attempt to save spirit mana, the action will be done by the Kurumi of 5 years ago. Kurumi says that five years ago she was near where the fire broke out. Shido asks if she had met him at that time, but Kurumi denies this and says she was just there to see the flame, as another Spirit could have very well caused a disaster on such a scale. Kurumi says she can guarantee that she was around the fire then, but she did not meet Shido. However, if such a meeting occurred, history would be altered.

Past-Kurumi, who is wearing an Eye-patch, asks what business Shido has in a place like this, which prompts him to ask her bluntly for help. Eye-patch Kurumi is surprised that Shido knows her name and warns him not to move. He tries to tell her that he was sent here by the Kurumi from 5 years later. Present-Kurumi tells Shido that they don't have a lot of time and asks him to touch the eye-patch Kurumi. Shido says it's fine if she keeps pointing the gun at him, but he'd like her to hold his hand. Eye-patch Kurumi cautiously complies, and Present-Kurumi quickly explains the situation. After a moment of silence, eye-patch Kurumi agrees to shoot Shido with the Twelfth Bullet. Before Shido disappears, eye-patch Kurumi wishes him good luck, and Shido tells her that he thinks the eye-patch suits her well. Present-Kurumi lets out a choking sound upon hearing this while the other Kurumi thanks Shido for the compliment and bids him farewell till they meet again five years later.

During the second time jump, Kurumi listens in on Shido’s conversation with Phantom. She wonders if Shido knows who Phantom is. Regardless, Phantom refuses to give answers to Shido on the basis that Kurumi is eavesdropping on their conversation.

After Origami’s appearance in the new timeline, Kurumi reappears before Shido and reveals that she has also retained memories of the original world, and she knows that Origami has become a Spirit, but she is uncertain as to what event could have caused Origami to become a Spirit in this world. Kurumi changes into her Astral Dress and says that she can, however, use the Tenth Bullet <Yud> on Origami to find answers. Shido asks Kurumi for her help.

However, the instant that Origami saw Kurumi, she automatically assumes her Inverse form. Origami calls out the name of her Demon, Devil of Salvation <Satan>, and attacks Kurumi and Shido. Kurumi leaps into air and shoots at Origami, but the shot is easily blocked by Origami's "feathers", while the defenseless Kurumi is torn apart by Origami's attacks. Shido screams out Kurumi's name and turns to Origami, only to be surprised by how her "feathers" and Astral Dress have vanished, leaving Origami in her school uniform. Shido tries to make sense of the events before him and is more confused when Origami asks him what she's doing here. Origami asks Shido if she's had a black out again and says she's been losing consciousness since a while ago. She thinks she's probably suffering from anemia and leaves after asking Shido if he has read the note she's given him.

Kurumi shows up again and tells him that it was only a clone created from the Eight Bullet <Het> whom Origami had torn apart. She tells him not to worry but says that it will be difficult to use the Tenth Bullet on Origami like this. Shido wonders if he made a mistake, but Kurumi tells him that their current situation is not bad compared to what took place in the original world. Shido understands what Kurumi is saying, but he can't agree with her because he wants to know what happened to Origami. Kurumi says she's also interested in how altering past events can change the world, but tells Shido that she's not that softhearted and will be taking extra fees for any favors from now on. She bids Shido farewell and disappears into the shadows.

Itsuka Disaster:
As <Material A> is being prepared to be transported from Neryl Island to DEM’s Japanese headquarters, Kurumi launches a swarm of her clones to retrieve the captured Spirit. However, at that instant, all of her clones are swiftly defeated by the new Adeptus 2. 

After Shido’s condition stabilized, Kurumi emerges from the wreckage of the transport aircraft. She uses the tenth bullet <Yud> to recall the memories of the plane before it crashed. She witnesses a scene where the airplane trembled as a pillar of light erupted from the distance. She concludes that the event has something to do with Shido, and is grateful that she can retrieve the Second Spirit without sacrificing a lot of her clones. However, much to her surprise, the Second Spirit already escaped.

Nia Creation:
Kurumi comes to visit Nia, the Second Spirit after the latter received a manga sales challenge from Kotori and the others. During their conversation, both parties obtain information about the other. Kurumi through her clones, and Nia through her Angel. Using Rasiel, Nia can determine that Kurumi is the reason why the transport plane had no escorts. Kurumi responds that she was merely there to have her questions answered.

While grateful towards Kurumi, Nia responds that she is a pacifist and won't give critical information to someone like Kurumi. Kurumi sarcastically replies that no one will receive misfortune from her inquiry. Then, she asks Nia about the First Spirit, who appeared in the world 30 years ago. She inquires about the reason for its appearance, the exact time and coordinates of its manifestation, its power, and a way to kill it.

The rest of the conversation occurs off screen. However, the next time Kurumi appears, she is seen talking to one of her clones. She remarks that it would be impossible for her to defeat the First Spirit. However, she feels that all the murders she committed aren't in vain since her angel can rewind time. Before leaving, she utters her disdain for the three people responsible for the First Spirit's appearance 30 years ago: Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, Ellen Mira Mathers, and Eliot Baldwin Woodman.

Mukuro Family:
One month after the conflict with Mukuro is resolved, Shido, Tohka, and Origami are shocked to see Kurumi at school. She asks them what is the problem, as homeroom is about to start. Giving a slight laugh, she tells them that she has returned to this school starting today and looks forward to having a great time with them again.

-Yet to be done-
2 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - THE REMUS ブラザース : WORK IN PROGRESS MAIN OC ========== "I never tried to hide the fact that my main goal is to be the...


"I never tried to hide the fact that my main goal is to be the best."

[]Character Full Name:[]
Luciano Alexandros Death-Heart

[]Titles Addressed by:[]
Sir, Mister

[]Personal Preference Name:[]

The Shadow Man, Mr. Nobody



[]Languages Spoken:[]
Portuguese (and Brazilian)

[]Voice Type:[]

Luciano's pretty chill about things, even if he has to do something in an angry way he does it in a pretty chill way. He can also be a pretty funny and social guy.

Disclosed, Luciano doesn't give a shit.

Disclosed, Luciano doesn't give a shit.

[]Item of Interest:[]
Necklace with cavalry cross.


[]Theme Song:[]
ryanjacob - VISA

[]Combat Theme Song:[]
Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, and PnB Rock - Gang Up

[]Fallen Theme Song:[]
joji - Old Yeller

[]Learned Spells:[]
•Light form
•Light manipulation
•Light attacks
•Peace Inducement


[]Main Weapon:[]
Hebrew ritual sword

[]Weapon Ability?[]
The ability to summon extreme light and other supernatural powers when used, but only by the owner can do so.

[]Other Weapons:[]
Various types of grenades and poisons

Taekwondo - Luciano was taught Taekwondo at his teenage years by an unknown master.
Tai chi - Luciano was also taught the art of Tai chi by the same master.
MMA - Luciano learned MMA in the streets and became a master at it.


Hell, many viruses

Luciano has very good physical strength, but light magic and martial arts have made him a master of mental strength.

He owns a chateu in a disclosed location.

[]Place of Origin:[]
The Kingdom of Lost Souls

Nuel Heart

Sigrid Death-Heart


+Tirzah Senpai • Devil Slayer​​​​​​​ (Grimm), +Dove Strider​​​​ (Alexzandrea)




[]Hair Color:[]
Originally black but dyed blue.

[]Hair Style:[]
Long, parted to the side.

[]Eye Color:[]
Right eye is green, left eye is blue.

[]Skin Tone:[]
Pastel white


[]Body Type:[]






Classic 1920s rich man attire (vintage gray suit jacket, skinny gray dress pants, gray vest, white tie, white dress shirt, black dress pants)

Unknown, possibly dead



[]Best Friend:[]

[]Partner in Crime:[]




{Love Life}~

Unknown (possibly Tai)


[]Relationship Status:[]





[]Guild Emblem:[]

[]Crimes Committed:[]

[]Number of Kills:[]
Unknown but high

He doesn't take any

[]Times in Jail:[]

Born to Grimm and 3 other siblings, Luciano struggled a bit as a kid due to him not really knowing his mom, since she was away most of the time he was a kid. Being the youngest, he was raised by Grimm, of whom he had to obey the most.

Luciano grew up to an athletic little kid, he played sports, was energetic, and went to school a lot. Until when he was revealed something, martial arts.
When Luciano was 13, he ran out of his house to go to his training sessions with his master, of whom is unknown. Luciano was taught Taekwondo and Tai chi, very serious and respected martial arts. His life at home was becoming more mysterious.

Luciano moved out of his house at 16, where he discovered light magic from his mentor, and that's where he took the streets. But first he learned the arts of it, through extreme exercise and mental capacity he became a master of light magic, knowing a large number of spells. That's when he took the streets, and also took down criminals who used black magic to their advantage and worshipped the Devil.

Luciano then decided to settle in a chateau, in which now he still keeps in touch with Grimm.

2 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - ギルワイルドキャット Guill Wildcat(Guill Rabbit) : ((I'm already too bored)) Open Roleplay ((Andrew Can't RP because he makes no sense)) Date• 1 - 9 -...
((I'm already too bored))
Open Roleplay ((Andrew Can't RP because he makes no sense))

Date• 1 - 9 - 2020
Time• 12:56 AM

After Guill Died Years from Unknown Death By Mecha Assassin, Guill was in Heaven by Given a Second Chance to Life, after Guill was Resurrection. He Pulled out a Sword from his Chest & Covered Something up to His Left Eye while His Stomach was Cover in Blood, Guill made an Sword Holder at his Back then he puts a Sword at His Sword Holder. Guill walked at the City but it was Destroy, But Guill Cover himself with an Hoodie with His Jacket is Open & His Mouth was still bleeding a little

"Man, what happen while I was gone?"

Guill hear something & it was an Friendly Civilian(Aka You)
4 hours ago - Via Community - View - Edward “ค๔๔” Grenore : [ Title: Testing Field ] [ Time: 4:34PM ] [ Conditions: Clear Skies/Cold Weather ] [ Type: Closed...
[ Title: Testing Field ]

[ Time: 4:34PM ]

[ Conditions: Clear Skies/Cold Weather ]

[ Type: Closed RP ]

[ Location: Unnamed City ]

The chilling air blew against his white jacket, causing slight discomfort to the Mechanic. Scoffing at the weather, he continued his analysis. Numerous virtual screens were located all around the young mechanic, each possessing data incomprehensible by the common human brain. Though in simple terms the numerous screens seemed to be apart of some sort of experiment, displaying an exact replica of the young mechanic within the virtual screen. And where exactly was the young mechanic? He stood above one of the numerous buildings along the city, sitting on top of his drones which formed a makeshift seat. His fingers working across a virtual keyboard, vast data passing by his eye's at speeds far exceeding a human's comprehension. While at work the young mechanic would begin to chuckle in a low tone, sending chills down upon anyone who could possibly hear

"With these newly given calculations..Yes, this should work perfectly."

The young mechanic would stand up from his Dynamo, raising his hand as his Dynamo would begin to spin furiously in front of himself. An electrical charge began to flow around the given space, connecting various particles and compressing them to generate a canon. While grinning the young mechanic would glance over towards the readings, seeing that the data was overflowing the Dynamo's current max output but he cared little, this is the first time he has ever generated such a large essence of energy without it blowing up or fading away. A loud beeping noise began to echo, the readings blaring warning but the young mechanic carried on with the experiment. Shortly afterwards a massive explosion occurred in front of the mechanic, knocking him backwards against the brick wall along the roof. The massive explosion would then be directed towards the sky, when imploding a massive surge similar to an EMP coursed through the city, causing a massive blackout, aside from that most devices with electrical capabilities would begin to overflow with the sudden surge, causing numerous vehicles to explode. That didn't stop there as even more chaos occurred, meanwhile the dust cleared where the mechanic had flown to after the massive shockwave

"Kukuku!! Excellent! After countless research I have finally perfect it!"

The young mechanic went by a name know as Add, grinning in an eerie manner as his left eye began to emit a purple glow, electricity sparking around it. He began to laugh loudly as the chaos progressed throughout the city, the only thing he cared for was the success of his experiment
5 hours ago - Via Community - View - Solarsky “Rainfall” Rewound : ⚫ Memorable Quote ⚫ "I am like the sky far ahead; Nothing can penetrate my soul." |||||||||||||||||...
Memorable Quote
"I am like the sky far ahead; Nothing can penetrate my soul."



Current Name: Horizonbranch
Past Name(s): None
Possible Future Name(s): Unknown
Name Meaning(s): Horizon: Was chosen by Moth, her mother
Branch: Was what she found when she was sent to retrieve an item for her naming ceremony

Current Nickname(s): Zoni
Past Nickname(s): None
Possible Future Nickname(s): Unknown
Nickname Meaning(s): Zoni: Short for Horizonbranch

Current Clan: Pack of Pounding Rain
Past Clan(s): None
Possible Future Clan(s): Unknown

Current Rank: Deputy
Past Rank(s): Warrior, Rogue
Possible Future Rank(s): Leader

Age: 34 Moons

Gender: Female

Lives: 1



Pelt Detail: Long-haired sol tortoiseshell
Body Detail: Muscular

Wound(s): None
Disease(s): None
Disability(ies): None
Mutation(s): None

Left Eye Detail: Summer green
Right Eye Detail: Summer green

Nose Detail: Orangish, light pink, and triangular
Whisker Detail: Long, white, and straight

Ear Detail: Sharply pointed
Inner Ear Detail: Feathery

Pad Detail: Smooth yet hard
Claw Detail: Black and short, yet sharp

Limb Detail: Muscular, well-toned, and long
Tail Length: 6.8 inches

Height: 8.4 inches
Weight: 7.9 pounds

Species: Maine Coon

Voice Tone: Isabella Celeste Hothman (soft and slightly stuffy with a hint of a British accent)

Other Features: None



Fighting Style
Fighting: 64/100
Strength: 98/100
Defense: 64/100
Reflexes: 37/100

Hunting Style
Hunting: 82/100
Fishing: 14/100

Healing Style
Herb Knowledge: 12/100
Healing: 28/100

Physical Stats
Scent: 96/100
Vision: 84/100
Hearing: 98/100
Power(s): None
Ability(ies): None
Best Skill(s): Hearing

Other Stats
Speed: 64/100
Endurance: 79/100
Swimming: 32/100
Stealth: 46/100
Climbing: 64/100
Leaping: 83/100



Parent(s): Moth (Mother, deceased: Cream she-cat), Cutthroat (Father, deceased: Tortoiseshell tom)
Guardian(s): None

Foster Sibling(s):

Adopted Kit(s):

Other Family Member(s):

Current Mate:
Past Mate(s):
Possible Future Mate(s):

Current Crush(es):
Past Crush(es):
Possible Future Crush(es):

Temporary Mentor(s):

Temporary Apprentice(s):

Greatest Ally(ies):
Greatest Foe(s):





Least Favorite(s):


First Impression:
Last Impression:








Other Information:










Home Location:
Home Terrain:

Home Prey:
Home Predator(s):



Current OC Owner(s):
Past OC Owner(s):
Possible Future OC Owner(s):
Original OC Creator(s):

Template Creator:

Art Creator:

Image Creator:

+Tiffany Yep​​ and +Chuchupikachu TheGamer​​, a work in progress. Please notify me of any mistakes so far.
5 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Jennifer Smith : 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓PIEROGI💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯A1107315♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ ⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳Estimated 1 year old⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳ 🗽🗽🗽🗽...


⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳Estimated 1 year old⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳

🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽Manhattan ACC NYC🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

☞☛☞☛DOH〰VB HOLD 03/29/17☜☚☜☚

☞☛☞DOH HOLD RELEASED 04/09/17☚☜☚



Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 03/29/2017, From NY 11207, DueOut Date 04/09/2017,

Medical Behavior Evaluation GREEN
Medical Summary BARH scan negative male intact allows handling clean teeth, eyes wounds on top of left eye, behind the rt ear some abrasion on neck poss bite wounds or others wounds cleaned with novalson clean coat BCS 5/9 AMB x 4 NOSF
Weight 71.2

A staff member writes: When we think of pierogis, we think of delcious looking appetizers that warm our bellies. When I look at Pierogi, I think of a delicious looking Pittie that warms my heart. He came in a stray, but my intuition says he came from a loving home. and he just wandered away, but isn’t really lost. He has the shiniest brindle coat, well trimmed nails, knows his commands, and play bows at his canine friends as they pass by. Pierogi has a beautiful exterior and interior, just like the appetizers. Come by ACC today to get a sample of his warm & kind demeanor, and to make him part of your family today.

A volunteer writes:  ‘Er, excuse me ma’am, have we met?’  I’m Pierogi, and I’m sitting here so politely waiting for my walk.   Yes, I have a toy in my mouth as I like to just hold it there….I agree, I do look kind of cute like that.   It’s my charm!  Here, I’m coming forward and will sit politely while you leash me.  OK, let’s head outside as I must go potty!   Yes, I’ve been told I’m stunning but I won’t let it go to my head.  I can be as playful and silly as the next guy, love to get my zoomies on, love to play with a ball, and love to give kisses.  The silly humans named me Pierogi -maybe because I’m the sweetest dumpling they’ve ever met?  I know how to sit, I love treats and take them gently, and I also know ‘stay’,  well, up to a point that is and then I come running :).  I know about furniture and really like to sit on a chair when one is available, and will pose for photos on it with my cutest face on.   When I go back into my kennel I like to arrange my bedding to be comfortable, and then just lie down, toy in mouth, to wait for my next walk.  I’m one part snuggles, one part playful, one part smart as heck, and you can just keep adding on the parts!  I’d love a new home as I’m ready to move forward with a family or person of my own.   They don’t call me “Mr. Social” for nothing.  So, come meet me today and let’s get this love affair going.

Please try one of these rescues they might be able to help you

☞☞Looking Glass Animal Rescue☜☜

☞☞Destiny's Road Animal Rescue☜☜

☞☞Ruff Dog Rescue North East☜☜

☞☞Rescue Dogs Rock☜☜

🗽🗽🗽NYC AC&C🗽🗽🗽

These links are for direct contact with the NYC AC&C

or call 212-788-4000 ext 3

Adoption Fees

General Adoption Fees
ACC adoption fees are as follows:

Dogs and Puppies:
Up to 6 months: $150.00
7 months to 6 years: $75.00
7 years and over: $50.00

Cats and Kittens:
Up to 6 months: $75.00
7 months to 6 years $50.00
7 years and over $25.00
Two Kittens: $100.00
The fee for a cat 7 months and older is waived with the
adoption of a kitten.

All ages $50.00
Bonded pair $75.00

Please help make a difference......please help share.....we also need fosters thank you very much everyone!!!! ▶️▶️..."When you see a post of a dog that needs help, please hit the share button as that one share could save the dog."◀️◀️


Watch the video: XiaoYing_Video_1492912388922.mp4
💓💓💓💓💓💓💓PIEROGI💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯A1107315♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ ⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳Estimated 1 year old⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳ 🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽Manhattan ACC NYC🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽 ☞☛☞☛DOH〰VB HOLD 03/29/17☜☚☜☚ ☞☛☞DOH HOLD RELEASED 04/09/17☚☜☚ ☞☛REQUIRES 6 MONTH QUARANTINE WHICH CAN BE DONE AT HOME☚☜ MALE, BR BRINDLE, PIT BULL MIX, STRAY〰ONHOLDHERE, HOLD FOR DOH-VB Reason STRAY Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 03/29/2017, From NY 11207, DueOut Date 04/09/2017, Medical Behavior
6 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Crying Charlie : Name: Desiree Matrons Cpn: Despair Saying: "You're my Friend, right?" Looks: Blonde short hair (platinum...
Name: Desiree Matrons

Cpn: Despair

Saying: "You're my Friend, right?"

Looks: Blonde short hair (platinum), (right eye) pitch black, (left eye) white and lifeless, has two eyes on her cheek and one her forehead, white eye bleeds and a scar crossing through her eyebrow., lip is scratched and cuts on her face, pale skin, eyes on her arms

Wears: a long sleeve shirt with stripes with the colors of Turquoise and black, dark denim jeans with ripped holes at the knee and thigh, black Chuck tailor boots, has a bracelet made of burned and melted Gold, has tiny diamond earrings.

Bg: Desiree is a shy girl who can't really make friends all that well. She draws only decapitated animals and one girl who is her being either torn apart or tortured in some other gruesome way.

Personality: Quiet, shy around New people

Scared of: New people and Toby

Weakness: Her friends (her drawings)

Likes: Drawing, Despair, chocolate pudding

Dislikes: Torn Paper, strangers
6 hours ago - Via Community - View - Madara Ucнιнα • うちはマダラ : |【☯ROLEPLAY PROFILE☯】| “ Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war... Those are the two...

“ Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war... Those are the two realms belonging solely to man. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only humans could do. They're two sides of the same coin... to protect something... another must be sacrificed. ”
~ Madara Uchiha

[☯]— Ɠєηєяαℓ Iηƒσямαтιση •

|Nᴀᴍᴇ: Madara Uchiha|
|Aɢᴇ: N/A|
|Sᴇx: ♂|

|Aʟɪɢɴᴍᴇɴᴛ: Chaotic Good|
|Sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ: Asexual|
|Mᴀʀɪᴛᴀʟ Sᴛᴀᴛᴜs: Single|

|Rᴀᴄᴇ: Human/Edo Tensei|
|Lɪɴᴇᴀɢᴇ: Uchiha Clan|
|Oᴄᴄᴜᴘᴀᴛɪᴏɴ: Shinobi|

[☯]— Ƥнуѕιcαℓ Sρєcιƒιcαтισηѕ •

|Gᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ Aᴘᴘᴇᴀʀᴀɴᴄᴇ|

Madara is a sturdy male Shinobi with a body built and toned in years of combat. His lean muscle hides a motherload of superhuman strength which also allows for heavy duty agility and dexterity in combat. His hair flows in spiked strands of pitch black, and his deep, dark eyes are tinted red when in his current state of Edo Tensei. His skin is caked with cracks flowing across it, and his chest underneath the clothing has mutated into a face model of Hashirama Senju, thanks to absorbing his DNA.

He generally dresses in formal Shinobi combat gear from the era of the warring states. Black undershirt with a long coattail, and loose, navy blue pants which transition into a pair of combat tailored sandals over white battle tape. He dons a set of crimson plated armour strapped on to his upper body, the plates of which extend to his upper legs, right below the hips. On the back of his armour, he typically carries his Gunbai, or War Fan. It is his weapon of choice.

|Eʏᴇ Cᴏʟᴏᴜʀ: Deep Red|
|Hᴀɪʀ Cᴏʟᴏᴜʀ: Black|
|Sᴋɪɴ Tᴏɴᴇ: Cracked but fair|

|Hᴇɪɢʜᴛ: 179 cm|
|Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ: 72 kg|
|Bᴏᴅʏ Tʏᴘᴇ: Sturdy and Lean|

[☯]— Ɓαcкgяσυη∂ Iηƒσямαтιση •


Admin Note: This is an extremely long story, and I'd rather not make this post too long on its own. I think the Wiki does an excellent job at summarizing a good 90% of it. There is stuff I add in after this story, however.



Once Madara had shut his eyes and Hashirama had begun to vanish at the end of the fourth Shinobi war, the Uchiha decided that he had yet to atone for his sins during Life. Death was too light a punishment, so he simply repeated his former means of cheating it; sacrificing his left eye in order to initiate another Izanagi. In the altered reality, Madara Uchiha had forged an Edo Tensei contract with himself while he was alive, effectively having mastered the Jutsu when he had to revive himself mid-fight with the Kage. The coffin of the Edo Tensei, thanks to the interference in the spatial fabric during the fight with Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, was sent off throughout the Spacetime Continuum, waiting to land within solid space before finally opening up and letting the now immortal man out. Eternity was what would be the punishment for the man known as Madara Uchiha, and whatever strange new world he entered, he would endure and protect.

[☯]— Ƥєяѕσηαℓιту Ƭяαιтѕ •

|Psʏᴄʜᴏʟᴏɢɪᴄᴀʟ Aɴᴀʟʏsɪs|

Madara Uchiha is an imposing figure who left his mark on ninja history as the cofounder of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. At heart, he is a man who is concerned and in love with humanity as a whole, and has an overwhelming desire to protect mankind while helping it progress. The once-proud Leader of the Uchiha Clan is capable of great love, but that love was twisted out of proportion by the games life played with him. Hardened through decades of war, the man is an uncaring and rigid individual who refuses to see anything but the big picture. Firm and outspoken with his views on matter, he holds his pride as a Shinobi close to his heart, willing to put everything on the line to protect it.

Intellectually speaking, he is an elite mind of his time and many after it. Aside from being the cofounder of the Hidden Leaf Village, Madara is an adept and highly capable tactician with uncanny amounts of future sight. Anticipating various outcomes, he has even planned for events that would play out decades after his own death, including his own revival and the waging of the fourth Shinobi world war. If he was not corrupted by the curse his clan existed with, Madara would be considered one of the brightest minds to ever grace the planet. His foresight included his own gain in power, and for a while, he was quite literally the strongest man to ever exist.

In battle, he is a ruthless and uncaring savage who would fell an army of men without a second thought. He has no regard for human life, and this makes him a very dangerouds force of nature. His high amounts of combat skill along with his decades of wartime experience couple with his massive natural talent and absurd Chakra Pool to allow him to make full use of his deadly Kekkei Genkai. His fighting style is fluid and graceful, yet it has almost zero openings. In his prime, Madara could only be matched and bested by the man considered by the entire world to be the God of Shinobi: Hashirama Senju.

Madara is also a highly adept politician, able to understand and help improve an entire village of highly skilled Shinobi. He apwas an active force in decision making, and was a prime candidate for Second Hokage. His problem lay in the method through which he would achieve his ends, and his general attitude on people. He was a firm believer in his own ways, and often times, he was right. It was just his skill at interacting with other people that fell short, and eventually led to violent disagreements with his comrade and closest friend Hashirama.

Despite all this, however, Madara is quite often misunderstood. As stated by a few who knew the real him (Hashirama and Tobirama Senju), he is a kind man at heart. His intentions are good, despite his sour methods. He was a compassionate older brother, and a benevolent leader to the Uchiha clan. His skills were put into full use during the founding of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and his defection was purely due too being misled by the fabricated information on the Uchiha Clan's sacred Stone Tablet by Black Zetsu. Till the very end, even warring against the entire world and despite being seen as a heinous villain, Madara stuck to his plan to achieve his vision of World Peace. He lived as he died: A human being. Flawed, but not rotten.


For the longest time, the Infinite Tsukuyomi had been the means of choice for his true objective: World peace. This has not changed, even with his second revival. He may not see the Infinite Tsukuyomi as the solution anymore, but he does still have the same goal. To achieve a peaceful, balanced world where human beings may come together not to raise arms, but for open dialogue,

How he goes about this now resembles a freedom fighter's way more than anything. He is fast less violent, and more open to other views. He did not lose his ruthless nature, and he is still a proud Shinobi, but he isn't out to make the entire world his enemy anymore. He seeks to learn from his past transgressions, and atone in the best way he can: by taking action once more.

|Wᴏʀʟᴅ Vɪᴇᴡ|

Although his view of this world as a rotten and unfair one where true peace may be an impossibility has not changed too much, he is not nearly as vehement about it. Having chosen the path of trust, he tries more to see the good side to this wicked, terrible world.


› Madara's Hobby is Falconry.
› His favourite food is Inarizushi, while his least favourite is Roe.
› Madara has always enjoyed fights with Hashirama, despite losing a majority of them.

[☯]— Ɓαттℓє Sтαтιѕтιcѕ •

|Tɪᴇʀ: Planet Level|

Madara is comfortably at a planetary level in terms of raw power. Due to not having the Juubi inside him anymore, he is slightly weaker than he used to be, but he is still capable of using Six Paths Power which matches that of Naruto Uzumaki, who effortlessly blew away several meteorites summoned by him. He far surpasses the strength of Toneri Ōtsutsuki, someone who had the power to split the moon in half.


➣ Lɪғᴛɪɴɢ: Mountain+
As a basic Shinobi, Madara has been shown to be capable of taking in the mass of, and lifting the God tree. This can be low balled to a larger version of the Kilimanjaro, or even slightly higher.
With his Susano'o, his lifting strength is likely far higher, just due to the sheer size of the chakra construct.

➣ Sᴛʀɪᴋɪɴɢ: Large Town - City Level
This can be scaled decently from his punches being able to push back and square off against Naruto Uzumaki in his Bijuu Mode, someone who deflected five different tailed beast bombs which all blew up large areas. This is not to say he can punch cities away, but it has more to do with his potency, regardless of the area of effect.
With his Perfect Susano'o, he is capable of slicing off mountain tops from the sheer shock force of his sword swings. His incomplete Susano'o could completely eviscerate segments of a military squad comprised of elite Jōnin.


➣ Tʀᴀᴠᴇʟ: Massively Hypersonic
Considering how fast he was getting from one area to another, and considering that he can easily outpace lightning timers like Kakashi Hatake, it is safe to say that he is Massively Hypersonic in terms of traveling from point A to point B.

➣ Rᴇᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴ: Faster than Light
He is able to react to attacks from Naruto Uzumaki, a relativistic fighter who could easily avoid light speed attacks. He has also reacted multiple times to Tobirama Senju's Flying Thunder God Technique, which is effectively a form of instantaneous teleportation.

➣ Cᴏᴍʙᴀᴛ: Light Speed
Using his Storm Release techniques (Such as Sage Art – Storm Release: Light Fang), Madara infuses natural energy with his attacks to harness actual natural elements. As of such, he fires off actual light based attacks which travel and act at speeds of light.

|Pᴏᴡᴇʀs ﹠ Aʙɪʟɪᴛɪᴇs|

Madara is the second Sage of the Six Paths, and as of such, his reincarnation Jutsu has bolstered his power incredibly compared to the version that fought in the war before becoming the Juubi's Jinchuriki. He has access to all his six paths techniques, even though he has lost access to the Juubi, and by extension, his appearance as the Juubi Jinchuriki. He resembles his look as an Edo Tensei version in the war. The loss of the Ten Tails has, however, weakened him considerably in terms of actual raw force, but he does keep the perks of being an Edo Tensei, such as infinite Chakra, Stamina and Regeneration.

Madara is quite literally immortal, being able to regenerate from being obliterated completely on an atomic level. The only true way to ‘kill’ Madara is either by conceptually erasing him, or by sealing him away using Fuinjutsu.

Kᴇᴋᴋᴇɪ Gᴇɴᴋᴀɪ: Sɧariŋɠaŋ
The Sharingan (Copy Wheel Eye) is the Ocular Kekkei Genkai awakened by those of the Uchiha Clan. It is a red eye with a black spiral off of which extend three black tomoe. Madara, and later Sasuke, were the only two Uchiha to ever awaken the straight tomoe Sharingan.
The ocular bloodline limit allows Madara to gain leaps and bounds of visual prowess, enabling him to copy movements down to the T once he sees them and his body is capable of performing them. As of such, he can imitate entire fighting styles and Ninjutsu techniques after seeing them but a single time. The sharingan also has precognitive prediction when in direct combat, allowing the user to procure an edge when it comes to knowing the opponent's next moves.
It also allows for the use of Ocular Genjutsu, allowing for those with a Chakra Network to be put into a Genjutsu directly with eye contact. This does not, however, work on those who lack a chakra network to disrupt.

Kᴇᴋᴋᴇɪ Gᴇɴᴋᴀɪ: Etҽrŋal Maŋɠҽkʏσυ Sɧariŋɠaŋ
The highest evolutionary stage of the Sharingan before its transformation into the Rinnegan, the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan was unlocked by Madara when he transplanted his dead brother's eyes into his own sockets, therefore transcending his normal Mangekyou Sharingan and ascending into a tier of his own, where only Hashirama Senju could truly compete. His Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan manifests as a straight tomoe black pattern which attaches to the edges of his pupils with black rods.
Aside from amplifying the properties of the regular Sharingan, the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan gives the additional ability of Mangekyou Genjutsu. Due to its nature of directly attacking the brains of its target, it requires no Chakra network to disrupt. One can surmise that it uses Chakra to control the bioelectric flow if the nervous system, which was what allowed it to subjugate the likes of the nine bijuu, which lack any form of a Chakra network.
The trump card and ultimate ability of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan is Madara's Susano'o. A warrior construct made entirely of Chakra, standing leagues above the average human being, the Susano'o is the product of two Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan working together in order to protect their user. Madara can manifest the Susano'o in parts, or its complete perfect form. The Susano'o ribs can be used as a shield, and the arm can be used to punch with the concussive force capable of leveling mountains. The complete Susano'o construct allows for four arms apart from Madara's own two, and enough of a Chakra AoE in order to weave three sets of signs at once. This allows him to pull off feats such as summoning entire meteorites from the skies, and wielding four energy swords to slice up army squadrons with little to no effort.
The pinnacle of the Susano'o, however, is its perfect form. In this form, the Susano'o resembles a tenth with dense chakra plated armour which is nigh-impenetrable. Madara himself is transferred from the stomach to the jewel on the Armoured head, and two of the perfect form's tangible arms turn intok underdeveloped wings which allow for even more force than before. The entire body of the Susano'o is formed, including the feet and sandals. This makes a Perfect Susano'o comparable to an actual tailed beast.
The Perfect Susano'o's armour can also be applied to other entities of suitable size, such as the Kyuubi. This gives the entity a sword to use, along with additional protection that allows it to stand up to things it wouldn't normally be able to dent.

Kᴇᴋᴋᴇɪ Gᴇɴᴋᴀɪ: Riŋŋҽɠaŋ
After his final fight with Hashirama back when they were both alive, Madara had bitten off a piece of his flesh and swallowed it, later vomiting it up after he revived himself with Izanagi. Using the DNA in this flesh, he infused himself with Senju DNA as an Uchiha, and also unknowingly spliced the Chakra of Indra and Ashura. This created the Sage of the Six Paths's Chakra within Madara, causing his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan to evolve further into the power of the Gods – The Rinnegan.
The Rinnegan is a strange looking eye with a pale purple/grey overtone over the black loops it continuously forms around the centre. It is a transcendent Dojutsu which has all the capabilities of the Sage of Six Paths.
This ocular Kekkei Genkai allows Madara to access the power of the Six Paths: Deva, Asura, Human, Animal, Preta and Naraka. These come along with the ability to use black Chakra receivers and rods which circulate the Chakra of the user and allow for interference on a spiritual level for all those who make contact with it.
The Deva Path allows for large town level Gravity Manipulation. Madara is capable of using Gravity to generate the concussive Almighty Push (Shinra Tensei), and the Attractive Almighty Pull (Bansho Ten'in), two very powerful attacks which are capable of acting on a scale wherein a weaker user could level the Hidden Leaf Village with a single thought. The Deva Path's final power, however, can also be considered its most deadly. The Chibaku Tensei is the literal creation of a miniature black hole which sucks up any and all debris and matter around it, creating a condensed sphere of substance which can be used as a projectile or a prison, depending on how it is applied. It was what was used by the Sage of Six Paths to create the moon; a prison intended to contain the husk of the Juubi. Madara has shown that he can launch these black holes by the dozen with little to no effort.
The Asura path isn't as notable as the others, giving Madara the ability to manipulate his biology and modify it by appending to his body using things such as cybernetics. He doesn't use it much.
The Human Path allows for telepathy and soul removal, meaning that Madara can clutch on to the souls of other beings and rip them out of the body in order to do with them as he pleases. He could theoretically use Fuinjutsu to seal souls away within objects or other human beings. He rarely finds the need to use this power, however.
The Animal Path allows for Advanced Summoning Jutsu which calls forth animals that share his field of vision. The rhinoceros is fairly generic, as is the pterodactyl, but Madara can summon a three headed dog which is basically immortal as long as the summon is activated. It can regenerate from anything, including getting its heads chopped off (they grow back). He can also summon a stealthy chameleon which is undetectable by Non-Senjutsu or Dojutsu users, which he can position for tactical field of view over the battlefield.
The Preta Path allows for absorption of Chakra, including Natural Energy. This negates any and all Ninjutsu one might use against Madara.
The Naraka path allows Madara to summon the King of Hell, which could fulfil two purposes: interrogation and restoration. To interrogate, the Naraka Path need only catch hold of a person, causing the King of Hell to appear before them. With the victim seemingly paralysed, the Naraka Path begins questioning them. After answers are given, the King of Hell will unzip its mouth to release tendril-like arms and would draw out an apparition of the victim's life force energy in the form of an enlarged tongue. The King of Hell would then proceed to pass its judgement. If the person was lying or refused to answer the questions, the King of Hell would remove their tongue and consume it, apparently killing them. However, if they told the truth, they would be spared, although left extremely exhausted. The second ability the Naraka Path possessed is the ability to repair any damage. To do so the Naraka Path has the King of Hell ingest the damaged body with its tendril-like arms into its mouth, then, after some time, the destroyed body will emerge from its mouth, completely rejuvenated.
The Rinnegan also has the seventh and Outer Path, which allows Madara to summon the Gedo Statue and create chains of chakra which can contain tailed beasts. He never uses this, however, since its purpose is to revive the ten tails. It can, however, be used in order to summon the Gedo Statue itself, allowing him to rip out souls for the Gedo Statue to absorb.

After having spliced his DNA with Hashirama's, Madara gained access to both the Rinnegan and the use of Six Paths Senjutsu, or Sage Art. He is capable of harnessing natural energy to do his bidding, giving him an added precognition to his Sharingan, a Danger sense, a boost to all his basic statistics, and the ability to call on massive amounts of Chakra on a whim. Sage Chakra also has special properties which allow him to do things like touch the Truthseeker Orbs, and even overload someone else with Sage Chakra to turn them into an animal mutate.
Sage Art techniques highly bolster the potential of regular jutsu, and they are extremely hard to defend against due to their possible scale. Unlike even seasoned Sages, Madara can enter Sage Mode at a moment's notice, with the only physical change being the red markings that appear on Hashirama's face which sticks out of his chest. It is extremely difficult to tell when Madara is in Sage Mode.

|Cʜᴀᴋʀᴀ Nᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs|

• Fiʀɛ Rҽlҽaรҽ (火遁)
• Wɑtɛʀ Rҽlҽaรҽ (水遁)
• Eɑʀtɦ Rҽlҽaรҽ (土遁)
• Wiɳɗ Rҽlҽaรҽ (風遁)
• Ligɦtɳiɳg Rҽlҽaรҽ (雷遁)
• Yiɳ Rҽlҽaรҽ (陰遁)
• Yɑɳg Rҽlҽaรҽ (陽遁)
• Yiɳ-Yɑɳg Rҽlҽaรҽ (陰陽遁)
Kᴇᴋᴋᴇɪ Gᴇɴᴋᴀɪ: Wσσɖ Rҽlҽaรҽ (木遁)
Kᴇᴋᴋᴇɪ Gᴇɴᴋᴀɪ: Stσrm Rҽlҽaรҽ (嵐遁)


With the power of the Six Paths under his command, Madara has access to all the basic Chakra nature elements, allowing him a myriad of Jutsu. He even has access to two Kekkei Genkai Natures, namely Wood Release and Storm Release.

List of Jutsu:
Admin Note: This list is HUGE! You have no idea, and I'm saving your device from crashing by doing this. There are, however, a few Jutsu which are unlisted in that link. I'll write those descriptions out for you. A few amends to be made, however: Madara does NOT have access to Kamui or Amaterasu. Those were errors on the part of whoever made that website. The rest is completely accurate, though.

Sage Art – Storm Release (嵐遁): Light Fang
Using his Senjutsu combined with his Storm Release, Madara is capable of harnessing the natural form of light and amplifying it with Chakra to use as a weapon. From his mouth, he fires a literal beam of light which can be used as a cutting blade that can harm planetary beings (Hence why Naruto had to dodge it).

Sage Art – Yin Release (陰遁): Lightning Dispatch
By applying the concept of Yin Release, Madara is capable of creating lightning out of nothing, manipulating it to trap and attack foes. It was capable of stalling both Naruto and Sasuke with their Six Paths powers, making it a highly potent technique. It could theoretically be combined with Fuinjutsu to make for highly potent seals.

Limbo: Border Jail
Using the power of the Rinnegan, Madara is capable of using Limbo Clones; advanced shadows of himself that live and operate from the invisible world of Limbo. They are immune to all forms of damage except for Senjutsu and Six Paths chakra, basically operating from a foreign plane of existence. The only way to truly neutralise a Limbo clone is by sealing it, as they cannot be destroyed.
Limbo clones do have a time limit under which they need to operate before returning to the main body, and as an Edo Tensei reincarnation, Madara's limit is summoning three of these at one time.


The Gunbai Uchiwa is the signature weapon of Madara Uchiha. Carved from a sacred tree for ritualistic purposes, this war fan is not foldable, and extremely durable. Nothing has been shown capable of breaking or even denting it throughout the series. Madara is extremely adept at handling the War Fan, using it both to deflect attacks, and as an actual weapon which packs the concussive force of a typhoon.
Madara can literally summon hurricane-esque winds by applying Chakra to the weapon, and could theoretically fan his own fire style Jutsu.

Chained to his Gunbai, Madara also wields a scythe expertly in combat, using the two in conjunction for deadly bukijutsu combos.

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Link to picture 3:

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{I added a little Easter egg in this profile at the beginning so you guys can feel what Bear can be like when she feels playful}

Random quotes
Bear started to stand on her hind legs, raising her front legs

"WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB! Sorry! I just felt like saying that."

"Arcanine nine?"

"Haha! Nah... I can speak."



"Knock Knock"

Who's there

"Broken pencil"

Broken Pencil who?


UGH! I'm gonna start your profile


Main quote
"The best people come from the worst places and the worst people. Don't ever doubt yourself and what you're capable of."

Happy quote
"This is truly amazing! Thank you so much for this.. I don't know how to repay you for this..."

Sad/ Depressed quote
"H-Huh? N-No! I'm fine! H-heh... N-No I'm not crying.. I.. I'm just... uh.. sweating from my eyes?"

Provoked/ Angry quote
"How.. DARE you? You think you can just come into my life and do that to me? Heh.. Haha! Funny.. This is the last time you do something like this"

"So, you want to battle? Very well! I can't wait to see what you're capable of. Give me all you got, and don't hold back"

"That was pretty fun. I'm going to spare you, since I have no reason to kill you. Practice a bit more"

"Wow.. I didn't expect you to defeat me... Guess this is the end. Right?"



Teddy Bear, Gummy Bear, Fluffy, Angry Bear, and gentle giant



Bear is an Arcanine

She is a fire type Pokémon

Pokedex entry #1
Arcanine, a legendary Pokémon. The evolved form of Growlithe. Arcanine is known for its bravery and fierce loyalty. Growlithe evolves into Arcanine from its use use of a fire stone

Pokedex entry #2
Arcanine, a legendary Pokémon. Arcanine runs so smoothly, it appears to be flying and is known for its majestic cry

•Protecting her Trainer
Because she is an Arcanine, she has a natural instinct of protecting her new trainer and pose as a threat to any aggressive Pokémon

•Proving her strength
Bear likes to prove herself worthy of her own strength, even though her species of Pokémon is known for their power

•Providing help to others
If someone does have an encounter with bear and they are kind, Bear will try to offer help, even going to the extent of attacking another Pokémon that stands in their way

•Defeating Pokémon and spare them
Bear loves to defeat Pokémon, but not kill them. She would much rather spare them then to take their life away. She would only take their life away if they deserve to die

•Evil Pokémon and trainers
Bear will feel a sudden duty to attack anyone with an Evil aura to them, instantly growing a deep hatred for them

•Seeing the innocent attacked for no reason
If she's around the event, she will instantly jump in and defend the innocent Pokémon

•Fighting for no reason
Bear is a rather laid back Pokémon and doesn't battle others unless she has a reason to.

•Being trapped inside of a Pokeball
She dislikes being put in a pokeball and will become quite aggressive if she is put in one




Physical description
Arcanine is a quadruped, canine Pokémon with an orange pelt marked by jagged black stripes. It has diamond shaped ears with beige insides, black eyes, a round, black nose and two pointed teeth protruding from its upper jaw. It's head, muzzle, and chest are covered in shaggy beige fur except for two oval sections around each eye and ear. Long tufts of fur grow behind its knees and around its ankles. It's underside is black and has a billowing, beige tail that is bent in the middle. Each paw has three toes and a round, pink pad


Zodiac sign

July 30, 1996

Home Region



Bear is pretty confident in herself and doesn't let anyone take her down, mentally or physically.

She doesn't like to stay in one region, she would much rather move to different regions to explore and stay there for a while. The adventurous side of this Arcanine sometimes put her in danger

Once bear sets her mind to something that she wants, she will stop at nothing to get it.

If she meets a trainer that she deems trustworthy, she will instantly become loyal to the trainer, risking her life for the trainers safety

Bear is a playful Pokémon and loves to have fun with her trainer, but is well aware that her is a human and is very gentle when playing with her trainers

Bear is a cheerful Pokémon, often thinking of the lighter side of things. She often cheers up her trainers with this trait of hers

She is known to put herself in dangerous situations that most Pokémon won't do.

Bear is quick to notice different things to help her decide what kind of Pokémon or Trainer someone really is.

If she grows fond of a Pokémon or a trainer, she will become protective over them, fending off anyone who poses as a threat

She puts everyone else before her and takes care of them first. She thinks it's selfish to take care of herself and make others wait

Bear is sweet, proving to be gentle to the ones she trusts

Bear can be very passionate about different things and almost nothing can change how she feels about different things

Bear can be very genuine towards her trainer, and will be completely sincere

She knows what to do in almost every situation, knows her rights from her wrongs and knows about the history of Pokémon and trainers along with her own species. She also knows different tactics in fighting and rarely fails when fighting

Even though Bear is outgoing, when someone first encounters her, she can be quite aggressive and shy. It'll take a lot for her to trust someone to become her normal self


"Uh... I don't have a Mate.. I'm not really looking for one right now, even though having one would be fantastic"
Bear has no mate

"I don't really want kids.. and that may seem odd, but I have my reasons why I don't want kids"
She has no kids of her own

Bear had a trainer called "Aiko" which helped her become a level 100 Pokémon. Bear visits her sometimes and tells her about her days

Her mother was brave, confident and intelligent. Bear looked up to her mom since she wanted to be exactly like her. She admired the way her mother was and how she protected Bear and her siblings. She literally wanted to be her when she grew older, but when she got older, she noticed that her mother wasn't the Pokémon that she thought she was and became disgusted by her mothers actions, eventually fighting her mother as a Arcanine

Bear's father was a strong, but not bright Arcanine. When bear was a couple of months old, he died of "mysterious" causes, meanwhile in reality, Bear's mother brutally murdered her mate

Her siblings were annoying, but she loved them. All of them were older than her and often picked on her, but bear knew that they loved her since they all were extremely protective over her. Bear has about 3 older siblings

•Lily, The oldest
Lily is the oldest and the most wise. She often guided Bear in the right direction when Bear was just a Growlithe. She put her siblings in place and told them off about their wrong doings. She was the strongest out of all of her siblings before Bear was born

•Roxy, the second oldest
Roxy is the second oldest and is the most kind out of her siblings. Roxy was the one who showed her how to be kind and only be aggressive if someone is aggressive to her. Even though she is kind, she can still be aggressive and almost everyone knows it, making her an Arcanine you cannot mess with. Bear looked up to Roxy, especially after she saw the fear in her Aunts eye when she saw the look on Roxy's face before Roxy attacked her

•Ollie, the brother.
Ollie is the third oldest and is the most aggressive one in the group. Him and his mother often attacked each other since Ollie was the only one who spoke up about her wrong doings. Ollie was the one who trained Bear before her first trainer. He set the record straight for his family and proved to be one of the bravest in the bunch

Bear's grandmother told her stories and myths about different Pokémon. She was into the supernatural and stargazing, of course most of Bear's family thought this was foolish, but Bear believed her. Bear's grandmother passed away from natural causes

Her grandfather loved to battle to prove his strength and often won against his friends. Before Ollie began to train Bear, he was the first one to teach her the basics and to use her powers for good and never for evil

Each of her aunts treated Bear terribly. They often kicked her about and called her names. She has about 5 aunts

•Aunt Clarissa
Clarissa was the oldest out of Bears aunts and was the meanest. Bear calls her the "ugly" one since most of her beige fur fell off, leaving her bald. Her left eye was shut and most of her teeth were missing. Clarissa was the one who picked and bullied Bear the most. When bear got older, they battled and Bear chased her out of Johto since she was about kill Clarissa.

•Aunt Mary
Aunt Mary is the second oldest aunt and is the second ugly. She followed in her sisters footsteps and beat Bear with Clarissa

•Aunt Jane
Jane was the "prettiest" one out of all of her sisters and often ignored whoever was talking to her since she thought that they weren't "cool" enough to that to her

•Aunt Katrina
Katrina is the "dumbest" one in Bear's opinion. She often repeated the things that her sisters said and couldn't form words correctly

•Aunt Lila
Bear has never really seen aunt Lila more than once in her entire life and it was still a terrible experience. Aunt Lila had her tactics which made her worse than the rest

Bear's uncles were never to be around. She only saw them once in her entire life and they were completely nice, unlike their sisters and wives. Bear has 3 uncles

•Uncle Oliver
Oliver is married to Clarissa, and Bear doesn't understand why he would marry such a nasty Pokémon. He is one of the most nicest people Bear has ever met

•Uncle Ben
Ben is the brother of Bears aunts and is pretty caring.. For the most part. Ben is known to stop caring about his family if he catches them doing something he doesn't approve of

•Uncle john
In Bear's description of her uncle, who is married to aunt Jane, He is over protective and will stop at nothing to make sure his family is alright

Bear has a couple of cousins, but doesn't really like them. The cousins that she has now are from Uncle John and Aunt Jane as well as Uncle Oliver and Aunt Clarissa

•Cousin Alison
Alison was Jealous of Bear and her cheerful personality and often wanted to attack her, but bear always came out stronger than Alison and chased her away

•Cousin Sage
Sage was Alison's sister and often wanted to explore Johto, but knew what her mother, Clarissa, had done to Bear and hated her

•Cousin Ashley
Ashley was the youngest of Oliver and Clarissa's kids. She didn't know what was happening at the time that Bear was getting bullied and often was asleep during it

•Cousin Graham
Graham is the only Kid of John and Jane. Graham was the attacker of the family and killed anything that he felt like. He was killed by Bear when she got older

She doesn't have any friends right now. Most of her friends went their way to Kanto to experience and face different Pokémon

•Dusk, The Houndoom
Dusk was Bear's best friend. They often went on Adventures together when they were smaller Pokémon. Dusk's mom decided to leave to go to Kanto and take Dusk with her.

•Bailey, the Vulpix
Bailey was Bear's other friend. Bailey often went with adventures with Bear and Dusk and had fun doing so. Bailey's mom and dad both abandoned her when she was smaller and took care of herself. Bailey made the decision to go to Kanto, or halfway, just to go

•Hailey, the Scoutland
When Bear became an Arcanine she met Hailey and they often joked about and trained with each other. Hailey soon met a trainer in which she left to Kanto with

She doesn't have any enemies that she knows about. She often defeated most of her enemies, but spared them and let them live



Hidden Ability
Boosts the attack stat when its hit by a dark type

Flash Fire
Powers up the Pokemon's fire-type moves if it is hit by one

Lowers the opposing Pokemon's attack stat





Sp. Attack

Sp. Defense



Close combat
120 Power | 100% accuracy

Flare Blitz
120 Power | 100% accuracy

120 Power | 100% accuracy

Flame Charge
50 Power | 100% accuracy


Worst trait
Bear can be too aggressive the first time she encounters a trainer, but doesn't want to attack the trainer

Best trait
Her sincerity is her best trait. Once she trusts a trainer, she will become genuine and sincere

Favorite food

Least favorite food


Pokemon Red/Blue
A Pokémon that has been admired in the past for its beauty. It runs agilely as if on wings

Pokemon Yellow
A legendary Pokémon in china. Many people charmed by its grace and beauty while running

Pokemon Gold
This legendary Chinese Pokémon is considered magnificent. Many people enchanted by its grand mane

Pokemon Silver
Its magnificent bark conveys a sense of Majesty. Anyone hearing it can't help but grovel before it

Pokemon Crystal
An ancient picture scroll shows that role were attracted to its movement as it ran through prairies

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Arcanine is known for its high speed. It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this Pokémon's body is its source of power

A Pokémon that is described in Chinese legends. It is sad to race at an unbelievable speed

A Pokémon that has long been admired for its beauty. It runs agilely as if on wings

This fleet footed Pokémon is said to run over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this Pokémon's body is its source of power

Its proud and regal appearance has captured the hearts of people since long ago

This legendary Chinese Pokémon is considered magnificent. Many people are enchanted by its grand mane

Its magnificent bark conveys a sense of Majesty. Anyone hearing it can't help but grovel before it

Its proud and regal appearance has captured the hearts of people since long ago

Black/White 2
The sight of it running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night has captivated many people

Pokemon X
Pokémon that has long been admired for its beauty. It runs agilely as if on wings

Pokemon Y
Its magnificent bark conveys a sense of Majesty. Anyone hearing it can't help but grovel before it

Pokemon Omega ruby/Alpha sapphire
Arcanine is known for its high speed. It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this Pokémon's body is its source of power

Pokemon sun
Overflowing with beauty and majesty, this strong Pokémon appears in ancient Eastern folklore

Pokemon moon
The fire burning inside its body serves as the energy to fuel it as it runs great distances. It appears in many legends

In the afternoon of July 30th, 1996. Two Arcanines sat by an egg and watched it hatch slowly. They were the parents of the hatching egg and couldn't wait to see their new baby. The top of the egg shell popped off and revealed a growlithe with beautiful orange eyes. She stared up at the two giant Pokémon, tilting her egg over to leave her egg. The Growlithe crawled to her parents, stopping at her mother. She looked up at the Arcanine which was smiling at her, she gave out of first bark before the Arcanine picked up the growlithe in her mouth gently and began to trot away to show her other kids their baby sister. Her mate trotted after her shortly after

They stopped at small spot by a lake and sat down. The mother gently dropped her baby on the ground before she barked to call her kids. One by one, three Growlithes came by and stopped close to tier baby sister

"Mommy, is that our sister?"

{"Yes Lily... This is your baby sister.. Be gentle with her"}

"Really? This is our baby sister? WOW! She's so... tiny... It's adorable!"

{"Don't shout too much.. It may startle her Roxy..."}

"O-Oh... Sorry, mommy..."

"When will she fight?"

("She's not going to fight anytime soon Ollie. She's still a baby, and she's a girl. She won't have the potential to fight like you, Ollie")

"Yeah! That's right dad!"

"So... What are we going to name her?"

{"What do you guys want to name her?"}

"Uh... How about flower?"

"No! Too girly! How about death?"

"No! How about Bear? Bears are cute and cuddly, but dangerous! It can suit her.."

{"Yeah.. Bear is a nice name... Right hun?"}

("Y-Yeah! O-Of course honey!")

Bear crawled towards Lily's way and tried to bite her. Lily just giggled and barked slightly as she played with Bear. Ollie rolled his eyes, trotting away from the group to train with his friends. Roxy stayed with Lily and bear, staring at her new baby sister in awe. She could sense that Bear was going to be special, but kept it to herself as she jumped in to play with Bear and Lily. Bear's parents watched the three of them play, wagging their tails slowly. Ollie wasn't too fond of his baby sister and would rather train with his friends than be with his sister

Bear was now two and discovered little about her family. Ollie finally got used to Bear being around and allowed her to hang out with him and his friends. Her father seemed to be scared of his mate for some odd reason and Bear couldn't grasps why he was terrified of her. He often told Bear to never change and to always stay on the right path. Bear didn't know her father told her this or what purpose it served, but she went along with it. Her mother was often away from Bear and her other kids and Bear didn't know where she was during those times, but did hear the screams of other Pokémon and hid in bushes. Lily evolved into an Arcanine shortly after Bear turned two, and taught Bear a lot, she taught Bear about the origins of their kind in hopes for her to use it in the future and tell her own kids about it.

Roxy was the girly one in the group and often took Bear to help her pick flowers. She was a kind Pokémon and often comforted Pokémon who were down. Her kind personality cheered them up and made them become more confident in themselves. She lead Bear to believe that not all Pokémon are bad.

Ollie was the one who took time out of his day to train his little sister. He didn't care of what his father told him, he wanted his sister to become strong and defend herself as if she was a male

Bear's grandparents came to visit in September and it was one of the best months in Bear's life. Her grandmother taught her how to stargaze and taught her about the supernatural. She often laid by the lake at night and stargazed with her four grandchildren along with her mate. She often said things such as "The strongest people come from the worst places. Don't ever doubt yourself Bear.. You'll find your place in the universe sooner or later and I want your place to be filled with happiness and positivity."

Bear's grandfather trained her in the afternoon and gave her pointers on what to do. Both of her grandparents adored her and she adored them

One day in November, Bear was roaming around by herself when she spotted a blood stain which resembled a paw. She went close to it, leaning down to sniff it. Before she could sniff it, she saw a trail of bloody paw prints and she decided to follow it closely. A few minutes passed by and she was hit in the face with a awful smell. She gagged, almost vomiting

"What the--- Why does it smell so bad over here?! IT STINKS!"

She was about to leave when something caught her eye. A familiar tail. She stopped in her tracks, staring at the tail which didn't seem to move. She started to walk towards it and stopped in horror. It was her father, dead on the ground. His guts ripped from his stomach and dragged out. She was frozen and didn't know what to do. She started to cry, turning around to run back home. Ollie caught her crying and ran to her, stopping her before she hurt herself.

"SIS! What are you doing?! What's wrong?! Why are you crying? Are you hurt?!"

"D-DAD! Found him in the huff woods. Guts... blood!"

"WHAT? Breathe!"

Bear started to take deep, shaky breaths. She was still crying terribly and hugged her brother before she started to speak again

"Dad! I found him dead! H-His guts were out. W-Why would someone do t-that?!"

Ollie growled, pulling away from the hug. He set a tree on fire before collapsing in the floor, crying. Their father meant the world to Ollie. He was the one who helped him with his training and often took him around town to greet humans and get used to them. He continued to cry for what felt like hours before getting up.

"We have to go get Lily and Roxy! The killer might still be out there. I don't want them getting hurt"

Bear nodded and began to run in the forest, Ollie following close behind. They soon bumped into an Arcanine's leg which belonged to Roxy. She had evolved and was staring down at her two little siblings, tilting her head as she sat down.

" What are you guys doing so far away from the den?"


"W-What? Oh.. My god.. n-no.. This can't be true, right? Tell me he's lying Bear! TELL ME!"

Bear shook her head no. Roxy started to cry, shaking her head quickly. She had to keep herself together and let out a deep roar to call her sister. Lily emerged from the trees, sighing as she looked down

"I know... Dad's dead.. I ran into his corpse before I came here.."

Together, they all hugged, crying in a tight circle. Bear was devastated that her father was dead and cried herself to sleep. She heard her mothers voice right before she fell asleep and an empty cry from her. Bear immediately sensed that something was wrong, but let her sadness get the best of her

Bear was now six and still hadn't gotten over the death of her father, sure it was easier to cope with, but the pain seemed to stay. Ollie had evolved into an Arcanine and was still training Bear. Lily and Roxy often watched them train and threw in pointers during their training. Bear has recently met a couple of friends and they helped her cope by playing with her when her siblings weren't around. Her friend, Dusk the Houndour was her adventure buddy and they often got into trouble with the the little adventures they went on. Bear met Bailey shortly after and they went on Adventures with Dusk. They were in New Bark Town most of the time and caused trouble there, but was nice to the humans.

One nice day in August they each ventured out to New Bark Town and trotted around with each other

"This is starting to get BORING! We're always here!"

("Well too bad! My mom won't let me anywhere else!")

["Mines either! She said that I can only come to New Bark Town!"]

"You don't have a mom!"

["I know, but still! I want to relate you guys"]

The three of them began to laugh at Bailey. Bailey didn't find it offensive that they were joking about how she was an orphan, she found it quite funny herself that she was an orphan

"Well.. We could start going back to the forest... This is just boring now. We can come back the day after tomorrow"

("I guess...")

["Yeah.. I guess..."]

The trio started to make their way back to the forest. They all parted ways, saying their goodbyes to each other before they each ran back to their homes. Bear jumped and dodged the trees and logs that were in her way. She soon heard Ollie and her mom arguing, beginning to slow down to hear what they were arguing about

"You don't care about anyone, but yourself! YOU DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT YOUR MATE THAT DIED!"

{"Heh.. So? Want me to cry? Bet you do! Listen here, bud.. Everyone dies.. It's just the circle of life.."}

"You're a monster. What if someone kills Bear? Your 'angel'? Then what are you going to do?"

{"EVERYONE DIES! So, of course I wouldn't care. Bear isn't special hun... She's just a girl.. and girls in this family.. Don't... do well.."}

Bear soon came into view for Ollie and his mother, crying a bit before she trotted away to find Lily. Ollie hit his mother, giving her a scar on her face before he ran after Bear, leaving his mother bleeding. Ollie picked up Bear, sitting down with her in his mouth.

"Let me go! Who do you think you are?!"

"I'm your older brother. Right? Or are you not my little, kind sister?"

"Put me down."

"Nope. Not until you calm down."

Lily came by and stopped when she saw Ollie holding Bear is his mouth. She sighed, sitting down, staring at her younger brother and sister

"Put her down Ollie."


He gently dropped Bear, staring at Lily who stared right back at him. They were both staring at each other with rage in their eyes

"So... Mom doesn't care about me"

"She doesn't care about none of us. Don't cha think?"

"Yeah.. Mom is one twister Arcanine... Just forget about whatever she told you guys. She's just trying to manipulate you guys into becoming like her."

Bear sighed, laying down to go to sleep. She wanted to forget what had happened just then. The next day, Bear trotted out to where her friends normally were and greeted Bailey and Dusky with a sigh.

("You alright there bud? You seem... Depressed for some odd reason?")

"My mom.. is just.. going insane and I'm not depressed! Just... weirded out for some reason! Heh! No biggie"

["uh.. Thats a biggie, listen. I'm not going to be here for long.. I'm actually going to Kanto tonight-"]

"You WHAT?!"

["YEAH! I always wanted to go, and I came from Kanto! My home region! You guys should... come one day.. maybe when we're all evolved we can.. meet up? Well..Uh.. Yeah. This is my last day in Johto and I have to make the most of it!"]

"Yeah! I'll miss you, but we can't let you leave without doing something fun first! Right Dusk?"

("RIGHT! We must do something fun! How about rob a couple of stories and go a little past the end of the town?")

"Yeah! Let's go!"

With that said, the trio ran to New Bark Town, looking to start some trouble for the last time as a trio. They entered the town, beginning to trot together

"Where do you want to go first Bailey?"

["How about... The meat store? We always robbed that place! We can do it again, but we gotta bring the HEAT this time!"]

Bailey's tails began to wag as she ran to the meat store. Bear and Dusk followed close behind her and ran inside of the meat store. The began to quickly and quietly to towards the meat section. They all had their different roles. Bailey was the distraction since she was an amazing sight to see in their opinion. Bear was the muscles which means she broke the glass that had the meat inside of it and Dusk helped her grab the meat and run out of the shop

Bailey jumped on top of the counter, yawning. The owner of the store came out and saw the Vulpix, dropping his jaw in shock. He slowly made its way move to Bailey which gave Bear the time to make her way over to the meat. She used her flame charge and broke the glass. The owner of the store yelled and ran to where the Pokémon were, but Dusk and Bear were already gone. He turned around to see if the Vulpix was there and she wasn't. They collapsed far away from the shop, laughing loudly

"Haha! He is so stupid! How can he not tell that it was a set up?"

["I don't even know! He really is dumb!"]


Soon they each stopped laughing and sighed, staring up at the sky

["Hey.. Guys?"]


("What's up Bailey?")

["When I leave... and I know that I'm going to be gone for a long time.. I don't want you guys to forget about me, because one day.. I know that we will all reunite..."]

"Don't worry Bailey.. I won't forget about you."

("Right! I wont either...")

Bailey smiled, eventually getting up. Bear and Dusk soon got up after her, folding their ears back as Bailey hugged them.


With that, Bailey began to trot off in the direction of Kanto. She couldn't wait to get there to see her old friends again and reunite with her grandmother which she left. Meanwhile Bear and Dusk were left alone, by the forest

Bear was now ten and became closer to her siblings over the years. Roxy often took her far away from the forest and brought her back five days later to spend some quality time with her sister. Ollie and her had gotten closer as siblings and so has Lily.

One day in September, Bear's aunts, uncles and cousins came to visit and it was one of her toughest months as a growlithe. Her aunt Clarissa instantly hated Bear and started to abuse her shortly after her and her family's arrival.

Clarissa, Jane, Lila, Katrina introduced themselves as the aunts of the family and John, Ben and Oliver introduced themselves as the Uncles of the family. Lily rolled her eyes and left, not wanting to her her cousins introduction of themselves. Ollie stayed with Bear and so did Roxy. Ollie and Roxy soon left to do their normal activities and so did Bear's uncles, three of her aunts and all of their cousins. Only Clarissa and Bear were alone. Clarissa started to laugh at bear and make fun of her

//"You're so UGLY! Heh.. I should abuse you. You deserve it"//

She kicked and bit at the small growlithe. Luckily for Bear, Roxy jumped in front of her aunt and stared down at her with hatred in her eyes. She growled, looking down at her aunt which was a foot smaller than her and bared her teeth

"If you were JUST attacking bear, I should attack you. Right? Did you forget who I am already? Ha.."

Roxy grabbed her aunts face with one of her paws and lifted her face up to meet hers, glaring into her eyes before she blew fire at her aunts face, throwing her back and forcing her to fall on the ground pretty hard.

"Let this be the last warning... If I see you touch any of my siblings again, I will not hesitate to kill you. Alright?"

//"Y-Yes Roxanne..."//

"Good. Now come on little Bear... I don't want you around such ugly creatures like our aunt.."

Bear nodded and began to trot after her older sister, following close behind her. She looked back at her aunt who was bleeding from her face due to Roxy's small attack. Bear started to look up to Roxy since she proved to be one of the best role models for her. Roxy found Lily and sat down with Bear


"What Roxy?"

"Bear is kind of.. hurt.. Clarissa was attacking her.."

Lily started to move to bear, laying down in front of her little sister to look her in the face. She sighed, getting up before she picked up bear. She started to trot away, going to a healer nearby.

_She continued to trot, going straight to the beach and dropped her into the water. An Alomomola came by and started to heal Bear under the watchful we of Lily.
Once the Alomomola as done healing bear, she brought her to land and swam off. Lily picked up Bear and started to bring her home_

Bear's aunts and uncles were still around and Bear didn't know why. Each day, Clarissa would give Bear a dirty look before trotting away with her sister. Her daughters became a threat to Bear, but they each knew that Bear wasn't their average sort of growlithe and didn't bother to attack her.

Bear was mostly with Lily during these times and learned a lot about her mysterious sister. One day in November, Lily and Bear were having a nice stroll through New Bark when they came across a trainer who stopped in front of them. The trainer had light brown eyes and messy brown hair. She was smiling brightly and had a dimple on her left cheek. To Bear's surprise, Lily stopped to and stood up on her hind legs to hug the trainer. She got back on her four paws and looked at her little sister

"Bear.. I'm about to do something.. That I hope I won't regret.. You need to go with this trainer. Alright? You aren't strong enough to be in the forest, around our family."

"W-What?! W-why? W-What about Dusk?! W-What about...."

"shh.. Bear.. it'll be alright. I trust her. She'll let you go when you hit level 100... I believe in you alright.. You are special and don't forget that Bear. So please... stay with her.. Come back to us when you're stronger.."

Bear began to cry, nodding. As she walked to the trainer. She couldn't believe that her sister would do something like this. Without saying goodbye, her sister ran off, going back to the forest. The trainer picked Bear up, but received a scratch across her face from Bear. Bear jumped down, and began to walk away. She was aggravated that Lily would do such a thing

Hours went by and they arrived at the trainers house. The trainer unlocked the door and let Bear step inside.

["Look. I know that your sister gave you up to a stranger, but I promise.. These will be the best seven years of your life! Just give it a chance!"]

"Fine. Guess I have no choice anyways."

["I'm Aiko! You're new trainer."]

"Yeah yeah I know! Just help me get stronger"

The trainer nodded and kneeled down to Bear's level, petting her slowly. Bear allowed her to and went to the living room shortly after to fall asleep

Bear and Aiko had gotten closer within the three years they been together. They often trained during the week and went to battles during the weekend. She gave Aiko many wins and only lost a few times. Whenever she lost, Aiko would tell her that she'll do better next time and to never give up on herself. They were just coming home from a match

"Looks like I won another match."

["Yeah! I'm really proud of you Bear! You're only a level 40 and you're already so strong."]

"Yeah. Hey, thanks for training me. I would be unlocking my full potential if it wasn't for you"

["Aww, thanks Bear... So, uh.. When do you want to become an Arcanine?"]

"Probably when I'm sixteen?"

["Yeah.. You can become and Arcanine when your sixteen. I don't see a reason not to."]

"YAY! I'm gonna be an Arcanine! This is amazing. I'm so happy"

Aiko laughed at the Growlithe's sudden joy and picked up Bear and carried her home.

July 30th. Bear's birthday. Bear was laying on the couch, completely bored. It was her sixteenth birthday and she hadn't planned to do anything special. She was already at a level 89 and was extremely close to becoming a level 100. Her ears twitched a bit as she laid down. She was waiting for Aiko to come back since Aiko told Bear that she will be back with her birthday gift. Bear had forgotten about their little deal since she was busy doing other things. Aiko came in the house and Bear jumped off the couch, running to her trainer

Aiko giggled at her Pokemons excitement and kneeled down to pet her.

"Hi Aiko! You were gone for a long time! Where were you?"

["I had to go to my friends place. She had your gift at her house."]

Aiko placed a small orange box on the floor and asked Bear to hit the top of the box off. Bear did what she was told and smacked the top of the box off. Inside was a fire stone. Bear started to evolve, turning into an Arcanine. When she was done evolving she jumped up and down and ran throughout the house. She soon came back to Aiko, pulling her in for a hug

"Thank you so much Aiko.... I'm so happy"

The giant Arcanine licked her trainers face before her trainer began to pet Bear. This was the best birthday present Bear could have asked for. Aiko had done so much for Bear and Bear didn't know how to repay her. Whenever Bear told Aiko this, Aiko always told her that she didn't have to repay her and that Bear deserved it.

Bear reached level 100 and it was time for her to leave Aiko. To Bear's surprise, Aiko was crying. She didn't want Bear to leave her, but she knew Bear had to. Bear had to take care of her family issues and couldn't leave that.

"I'll miss you Aiko.. One day I'll visit you."

Aiko nodded, unable to speak. She just patted the head of he giant Arcanine and held the door open for Bear to leave. Bear licked her face and left, traveling back to her home forest. It took her a few minutes to get there. She trotted through the familiar looking woods when she saw a familiar Arcanine. He appeared to be hurt. She trotted over to Ollie, leaning down to nudge her brother

"Ollie... I'm home.."

"Bear? It's... it's really you! H-hah... Mom said that Lily killed you.."

"No.. She took me to a trainer which helped me become stronger.. W-Who hurt you?"

"Mom did.. She left me out here to die like dad."

"Where's Roxy?"

"She's... with Lily.. I don't know where they are."

Bear called for her two sisters using her Bark. It took a couple of minutes for her two older sisters to arrive. They gasped at the sight of older bear and almost cried seeing their baby sister as an Arcanine.

"Sis.. You're really.. here! O-Ollie? Are you okay?"

Lily ran over to her younger brother which was slowly dying. He was bleeding out of his mouth

"It's.. really me"

"Bear... I'm so happy you're here.. I've been worried sick about you and I almost killed Lily when she told me what she had done.."

Roxy ran over to Bear, nuzzling her younger sister. She couldn't believe that she was here. She was so happy to see her face again.

"Well.. I thank her. She helped me out a lot.. Thank you lily"

"Sister knows best.."

"Where's mom?"

"By.. the lake.."

"Take Ollie to a healer. Make sure he gets healed because mom left him out here to die."

With that, Lily and Roxy picked up Ollie and began to carry him away to the Alomomola. Bear started to trot towards the lake, spotting her mother. She growled softly, making her way towards her mom. She was disgusted by her mothers actions toward her brother and took her fighting stance. She growled softly, staring at her mom as she slowly turned around

{"Hi baby! How-"}

"Don't hi baby me. I know what you did to Ollie, and I'm disgusted by your actions. You're a monster. I bet you killed dad as well?"

{"Heh.. Haha! So you really came in touch with the real world? Hahaha! HEH! Ha... That's hilarious.. It only took you seventeen years for you to come in touch with the real world."}

"What kind of sick Pokémon are you? You don't deserve to be alive."

{"Oh really? And how are you going to do that if you're weak? You can't do anything, even if you try. I'm stronger than you and you k---"}

Bear used flame charge and knocked her mother off her feet

"If I was weak.. How did I knock you off your feet? You're going to meet your doom mom.."

Her mom laughed a bit, kicking her daughter away before using Flare Blitz on her. Bear almost fell to the ground with that attack, but quickly regained her balance. She used flame charge again, only for her mother to dodge it and use flame charge on Bear. Which made her fall down

{"HAHA! You're going to die, Bear! Just accept your fate and die like your father"}

"Id rather not.. lose... to a Pokémon.. Like.. You...."

She got back up using outrage on her mother. She charged at her mom, dodging her mothers attack. She growled, staring at her mom before using close combat. She let out a powerful roar

Her mother charged at her again, sending bear flying into a tree. Bear knocked down the tree from how hard she hit it. She slowly started to slide down, sighing

{"*huff* huff "Bear! IM GOING TO KILL YOU!"}

Bear felt as if she was about to pass out, and closed her eyes for a brief second. She started to remember all of the people who said that they believe in her. She remembered Bailey, Her father, Her siblings, Dusk, Her grandparents and... Aiko.

Bear opened her eyes, squinting them at her mom. She pushed herself up, dodging her moms attack and used outrage on her mom. She barked at her, dodging another attack from her mom and kicked her pretty hard in the face.

{"B-Bear.. D-Don't kill me please!"}

Bear laughed at her mothers pathetic response and Flame charged at her, knocking her off of her feet. She could tell that her mothers HP was draining and using Close combat, killed her mother.

Bear panted, collapsing in the forest. She continued to pant, closing her eyes.

Ollie found Bear, shaking her awake. He saw his mothers corpse next to bear and gasped, shaking his head

"You killed her? Bear... Oh my god..."

He closed his eyes, nuzzling his little sister before calling his older sisters over with a Bark. They saw their mothers corpse and fell down next to Bear and nuzzled her. Bear sighed, feeling a bit guilty

"I didn't mean to kill her... It was just the heat of the moment and I--"

"Shh. Take it easy"

"You did what you had to... and I'm proud of you sis.."

Current day
Bear isn't really traumatized by the events of her childhood. She continues to be the brace Arcanine that she is. She sees no reason to change and is trying to find stars that were glowing brightly. She wanted to believe that those stars were her her grandparents. She is currently in a different forest in Johto, enjoying her life as a lone Arcanine. She met Hailey, a stoutland which became her friend before the stoutland made her way to Kanto and left Bear behind. She doesn't mind though and hopes to travel to Kanto with someone.

7 hours ago - Via Community - View - Angelic Prism StudioTM : ⎨General⎬ ⇢Name: Phantom ⇢Name Meaning: A ghost. ⇢Nickname: None ⇢Nickname Meaning: None ⇢Age:...

⇢Name: Phantom
⇢Name Meaning: A ghost.
⇢Nickname: None
⇢Nickname Meaning: None
⇢Age: 5 Years Of Age
⇢Gender: Stallion
⇢Breed: Mustang
⇢Herd: White Mountain Herd
⇢Rank: Warrior


⇢Overall Temperament: Protective // Fearless // Focused // Strong // Dependable // Helpful
⇢Habits: None


⇢Coat Colors: Bay
⇢Mane Colors: Black
⇢Tail Colors: Black
⇢Front Right Leg Markings: Black Stocking
⇢Front Left Leg Markings: Black Stocking
⇢Hind Right Leg Markings: Black Stocking
⇢Hind Left Leg Markings: Black Stocking
⇢Facial Markings: None
⇢Right Eye Colors: Black
⇢Left eye Colors: Black
⇢Height (Estimated): 16.9 hh


⇢Parents: Unknown
⇢Sisters: Unknown
⇢Brothers: Unknown
⇢Aunts: Unknown
⇢Uncles: Unknown
⇢Children: None

⎨Relationship Stats⎬

⇢Best Friends: Jinx +Orion The Horsey // (Open!)
⇢Mate: None
⇢Dating: None
⇢Crush: None _
⇢Friends: _None (Open!)
⇢Enemies: None (Open!)
⇢Stat: Single


⇢Bio: Unknown, will appear more in Role-Plays.


⇢Template: +Angelic Prism StudioTM: Ask To Use Template!
⇢Information: +Angelic Prism StudioTM
⇢Pictures: All Go To Rightful Owners!
⇢Note!: None
7 hours ago - Via Community - View - Titanium Jane : Monster: Name: Sam 'Sammy' UnderWood Gender:Male Likes: Nature, bad boys, sleeping, music. Dislikes:...
Name: Sam 'Sammy' UnderWood
Likes: Nature, bad boys, sleeping, music.
Dislikes: Woodpeckers, Preppy girls/boys, fire.
Personality: Kind at heart, To nice to kill (unless driven too), Curious, modest, sweet, loyal, fooled easily, shy, awkward.
Appearance: Wood for hair with little leaves on them, Black eyes with green pupils, tan skin, grass side-Shaved hair.
Pacifist, Genocide or Neutral: Neutral
Species: Creation/Plant
Relationship: None (Gay btw)
Abilities: Growing plants quickly, healing,and choking enimoies with vines.
Theme Song: (Optional)
Bio: His dad left him and his mother did as well. He was raised by a forest monster (who passed when he was 16). He found grillby's and now works there. By the time he was 16 he had a job but no friends, since he was awkward and shy. He can't bring himself into any real conversation with the people he serves. He almost had a conversation with Papyrus, but Papyrus did most of the talking. When he was in a fight with a human she unfortunately blinded his left eye.

Attack/Defense: 10-30
HP: 50

(I'll try to post a pic of him later)
7 hours ago - Via Community - View - Orion The Horsey : ⎨General⎬ ⇢Name: Jinx ⇢Name Meaning: ⇢Nickname: None ⇢Nickname Meaning: None ⇢Age: 5 Years Of ...

⇢Name: Jinx
⇢Name Meaning:
⇢Nickname: None
⇢Nickname Meaning: None
⇢Age: 5 Years Of Age
⇢Gender: Mare
⇢Breed: Mustang
⇢Herd: White Mountain Herd
⇢Rank: Unknown


⇢Overall Temperament: Headstrong,sassy,brave,strong,always thinking,always working,sweet
⇢Habits: To think of others way to much and not her self


⇢Coat Colors: Palomino
⇢Mane Colors: White gray
⇢Tail Colors: White gray
⇢Front Right Leg Markings: Gray Stocking
⇢Front Left Leg Markings: Gray Stocking
⇢Hind Right Leg Markings: Gray Stocking
⇢Hind Left Leg Markings: Gray Stocking
⇢Facial Markings: Blaze
⇢Right Eye Colors: Blue
⇢Left eye Colors: Blue
⇢Height (Estimated):


⇢Parents: Unknown
⇢Sisters: Unknown
⇢Brothers: Unknown
⇢Aunts: Unknown
⇢Uncles: Unknown
⇢Children: None

⎨Relationship Stats⎬

⇢Best Friends: Phantom +Angelic Prism StudioTM (he's a long lost best friend)
⇢Mate: None
⇢Dating: None
⇢Crush: Phantom
⇢Friends: None (Open!)
⇢Enemies: None (Open!)
⇢Stat: Single


⇢Bio: Unknown, will appear more in Role-Plays.


⇢Template: +Angelic Prism StudioTM: Ask To Use Template!
⇢Information: +Angelic Prism StudioTM
⇢Pictures: All Go To Rightful Owners!
⇢Note!: None
7 hours ago - Via Community - View - Yin Xiao Long (Shadow Huntress) : || General || Name~ "I am Yuki." Name Meaning~ "My mother told me it means snow...just like my pelt...
|| General ||

Name~ "I am Yuki."
Name Meaning~ "My mother told me it means snow...just like my pelt is as white as snow"
Nickname(s)~ "A former friend used to call me Yu-Yu"
Age~ "Im two years old"
Gender~ "Im a girl obviously"
Birth Pack~ "I was born a loner"
Former Pack(s)~ "When I was 6 months old I was taken to Storm"
Current Pack~ "Im a loner again"
Former Rank(s)~ "I used to be a huntress when I was with Storm"
Current Rank~ "I dont have any anymore"

|| Relationships ||

Mother~ "My mother was Summer...she died for me...."
Father~ "My father? I dont remember him well." >Lightning
"However, I used to have an adoptive father named Koda, but he disappeared mysteriously during the ordeal with The Others"
Sister(s)~ "I dont have any of those"
Brother(s)~ "I dont have any of those either"
Pup(s)~ "I adopted a pup...her name is Starlight"
Other Relative(s)~ "I have a few cousins" Feuer (Cousin/Niece), Flare (Aunt), Kallik (Cousin), Owl (Cousin-In-Mate), Koda (Nephew), Ice (Niece), Perth (Nephew), Flint (Nephew), Gia (Niece), Nightdust (Niece), Blaze (Grandfather), Nightfire (Grandmother)
Crush(es)~ "I dont have any"
Former Mate(s)~ "Nope"
Current Mate~ "I wish"
Former Bird Companion(s)~ "Havent met any birds before"
Current Bird Companion~ "Nope"
Friend(s)~ "I used to have a friend named Ilene but she is in Mystic now"
Enemy(ies)~ "I hope not"

|| Appearance ||

Main Pelt Color~ White
Other Pelt Color(s)~ Ice blue
Pattern(s)~ Ear tips, tail tip
Left Eye Color~ Gold
Right Eye Color~ Gold
Scar(s)~ One over her left eye
Body Type~ Lean but fit

|| Statistics ||

Personality~ Kind, generous, a little broken by her rough puphood
Like(s)~ Hunting, swimming
Dislike(s)~ Staying in one place for prolonged periods of time, closed spaces
Scenery Preference(s)~ Spacious areas
Mental/Physical Problem(s)~ Claustrophobic
Talent(s)/Skill(s)~ Great swimmer and caretaker

|| Misc ||

"My mother...she was brave." ~Asked about Summer
"Your my...your my cousin?!" ~Meeting Feuer
Theme Song~ None
Bio~ Find out in RP

|| Credits ||

Art Credit~ #MyArt
Template Credit~ #YinXiaoLong
7 hours ago - Via Community - View - Iam ChattyCathy : Baron Guy de Rothschild, of France, has been the leading light of his bloodline. The Baron is an Illuminati...
Baron Guy de Rothschild, of France, has been the leading light of his bloodline. The Baron is an Illuminati Kingpin and slave programmer. For those who have bought the cover story that the Catholic Church is not part of the Illuminati’s NWO, I would point out that the Baron has worked with the Pope in programming slaves. This photo was picked for the trauma chapter because the Baron has a droopy left eye. Many of the deeper Illuminati alters show droopy left eyes due to the trauma they have received. The authors are not aware of what the official explanation for his droopy left eye would be.
8 hours ago - Via Community - View - Luna Michaelis : Name: The name’s Zoe Phantomhive Gender: I’m female. I’m sure that’s pretty obvious Sexuality: I’m...
Name: The name’s Zoe Phantomhive

Gender: I’m female. I’m sure that’s pretty obvious

Sexuality: I’m straight

Occupation: I’m a Noble and the older sister to Ciel Phantomhive. If that counts.

Personality: I’m hardheaded, Caring, Loving, I have a bit of Anger Issues, I’m not so much fun loving but I do play Chess from time to time.

Likes: Alois Trancy, Ciel Phantomhive because I gotta love my little bro, Alex my Demonic Butler and Sebastians brother, Having to marry Alois when I grow older.

Dislikes: Alois Trancy, Alex my Demonic Butler and Sebastians brother, Anything sour or bitter really, Being nagged or yelled at, My lessons, Having to marry Alois when I grow older

Skills: Handling a Gun (Such as shooting and Etc.) Hand To Hand combat, Fencing, Sparring, Playing a Violin and a Flute, Always keeping my guard up, And beating Demons in Combat sometimes even multiple ones.

Demon or Human or Grim Reaper: I’m a human but people have thought that I was a demon and or a grim reaper

Do You Have A Butler: Yes his name is Alex Boardway. His mark is on my left eye which I either have my hair over or an eye patch over it

Crush/Boyfriend: My crush is Alois Trancy. He is also very protective over me sigh It’s really annoying sometimes but I’m kinda used to it

Any Family: I’m Ciel Phantomhive’s older sister. I’ll tell you later what happened in my Bio

Age: I’m 17 but yeah I know that I look like I’m in my 20ints

Bio: When I was younger and Ciel was a one year old I ran off, not on purpose am not that big of an idiot, but when I ran off I was kidnapped and I grew up with them and they actually got me to believe that the guy who kidnapped me was my father. Since the guy who kidnapped me was very strict he instead that he teach me martial arts and how to use various weapons. I was 12 when I found out that he wasn’t my father, I was outraged, I ran off that’s when I first saw Sebastian Michaelis. I really don’t know why he took me to the Phantomhive Manor. But when he took me there that’s where I met my little brother Ciel Phantomhive again I didn’t know right away that he was my brother. When I got there all the rooms were full so I had to share a room with Ciel Phantomhive. I was nervous about it since my kidnapper would rape me from time to time, I knew that Ciel Phantomhive wouldn’t do that it was just a natural reaction to times like that. A few months later I found out that I was Ciel Phantomhive’s big sister since I was looking at the Phantomhive family tree and I saw my picture from when I was younger. I was surprised I never thought that I would be his big sister, I mean we don’t even look alike. But it’s true. I was so happy that I had finally found someone that was that was my real family, then I got sad since it meant my parents were dead. I smiled and ran from the room I was in and hugged my little brother Ciel Phantomhive. He didn’t know about me so he didn’t believe me until Sebastian Michaelis said something. He somehow knew I was Ciel Phantomhive’s sister. After a few years of living with Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis I became the Queen's guard dog along with my little brother Ciel Phantomhive.

Looks: I have paleish skin whitish hair and yellow eyes. I have a tattoo that is like claw marks that are red.

Other Info: I always have a chain around my neck that has two dog tags. On the dog tags are info about two of my childhood friends they went into the army and died during a war. 
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”People often ask me what lead me to become a knight and what’s knighthood like, I’ll answer only the latter question. Knighthood is a way of life, simply put. More often than not, it’s not a personal pursuit like a treasure or wealth would be, it’s simply a different way of life from, for example, being a peasant. And since people romanticise knights so often, let me tell you… It has its disadvantages. Being a knight, you are the first line of defence. Always. Every day, you wake up ready to die for what you protect and such death is the most honourable one. You live, ready to die. Doesn’t sound all that amazing now, does it?”
Name: Anne Frostfound.
Nickname: An – shorter version of her name often used by Anne’s friends and relatives. She hates being called so in public.
Race: Human.
Mother – Eleonora Frostfound – Deceased.
Father – Richard Frostfound – Alive.
Possible siblings – Since Anne ran away from her house when she was very young (9 years), there is a possibility she might have a younger sibling (11 years being the eldest they can be).
Birthplace: A large city house in one of the land’s unspecified cities.
Occupation: Knight/Lordess.
Age: Anne is 20 years old.
Height: 5’2” (157 centimetres).
Weight: 54 kilo.
Hair: Long white hair pulled back into an off-centre bun tail and pinned with an icicle shaped tiara.
Eye colour: Fair blue.
Skin colour: Very pale – although not sickly pale – somehow reminiscent of snow.
Scars/Tattoos: A vertical scar across Anne’s left eye – a training accident which almost cost her an eye.
Attire: Anne generally likes wearing white dresses. She does so on almost every occasion, only very rarely opting for a different colour (and if she ever does, she usually wears black to contrast her usual dress, as well as her skin and hair colour). The dresses are usually designed to look simple-yet-stunning, lace being an ever-present part of almost every one of them. However, the more one observes the dress, the faster they realise there is a very large number of small and – seemingly unimportant – details which add to the overall noble-like appearance of the attire.
Anne’s preferred outdoor outfit consists of a white, double breasted jacket with black piping, cuffs and buttons over a white, pleated full skirt with black lace trim. She also wears a pair of white, thigh high boots with black heels and lace-topped black stockings.
Notable features: One strange feature of Anne’s is the fact she basically never wears armour. The reason is quite simple, though. She is small and her body build is far from ideal when it comes to carrying kilos upon kilos of steel on one’s shoulders, which is why she – even though she is a knight – opted for a duellist approach in combat – wearing no armour to take advantage of her agility while also using a rapier instead of a typical sword.
Weaponry: Albitr
Sometimes referred to as “The bleeder” or “Wicked sting”, this excellently-crafted rapier is one of many things Anne inherited from her mother. By quickly stabbing and slashing at the foe’s exposed points, Anne first weakens her opponent, making it easier to finish them off later. These quick slashes and jabs are meant to cause bleeding and pain upon moving, making it very difficult to fight effectively.
Albitr is a relatively light and very well-balanced weapon entirely made of metal. It follows the standard rapier design, sporting a very long and almost needle-like blade with a very sharp tip. Most of the weapon’s weight is centred at the guard, allowing for quick and easy directional control of the blade, itself. The guard is massive enough to the point where it’s possible to use for blocking incoming attacks, even though rather inefficiently.
Six gems of various colours are set inside the rapier’s guard. Their purpose is purely fashionable. Some people tend to believe they are imbued with some strange magic, which give Anne her abilities.

Hollow Guard
Perhaps not the strongest, but certainly Anne’s most recognised ability, Hollow Guard allows her to summon a large hollow armour, which then completely obeys every order of Anne’s – those are, often, thought-based. This magic is directly inherited from her mother, who had a very similar ability. The difference here is that Eleonora summoned a real metallic armour, while Anne can only summon its projection. The projected knight is considerably weaker – both in terms of damage it can sustain and the raw strength it possesses. It should be noted that, while considerably weaker than the real armour, the projected knight is still very strong, capable of punching through solid steel. It can also sustain considerable amounts of damage before breaking and disappearing.

Soul Guard
Yet another ability originally used by her mother. Anne can surround her body with a protective shell, which can deflect and block incoming attacks at the cost of her stamina. It’s also important to say this shell is formed directly on her skin and her clothing or weapon are not protected by it. This shell provides protection against direct attacks, elemental effects, and most possession, charm or mind-controlling magic.

An ability allowing Anne to decrease the temperature of anything she touches – the speed at which this happens can be controlled by her, although there are limits to it and faster freezing gradually increases the speed at which this spell drains Anne. For optimal effect, a skin-on-skin contact is required, but contact through armour or through a weapon is also possible, albeit less efficient. As a side effect, Anne’s body grows colder while using this ability. This can potentially make her vulnerable to certain types of attack, but, in return, allows her to withstand temperatures much colder than a normal human body could. This ability pushes the heat out of the target, Anne does not absorb it, instead, it simply dissipates.

Frozen mist
A magical cold mist which Anne can summon in her vicinity in order to aid her abilities. Its size and thickness is controlled by her but, besides the air turning cold and the visibility becoming worse, the only other effect is the fact Anne gains an ability to “project” her other abilities. For example, Anne’s Hollow Guard summon becomes stronger and more resilient, her Soul Guard will drain her less upon sustaining damage and her Flash-freeze will function to a greater degree. This is Anne’s most draining ability. By far. She can only use it very sparingly and prolonged use results in complete magic capacity drain.

World view: Anne is, for the most part, a realist. She sees the world as a challenge only the strongest and most dedicated can beat. She realises her own chances, but that won’t stop her from trying to achieve her goals, nonetheless.
Anne also tends to be quite independent. She can use assistance and help, but most of her battle planning will then include a series of independent strikes, for example. Simply put, she has no trouble being on her own, but she’s not a loner, either. Just like every human being, Anne enjoys companionship of others and likes to spend nights out drinking with other knights and warriors she admires and considers her friends – most of those are originally her mother’s friends, which then helped Anne become a knight.
She is also quite secretive – after all, you don’t want everyone to know your plans. On the flip side, Anne also likes showing off, as long as it helps her in the future. Or as long as it’s just fun. Simply said, she is a bit of a mixed bag – not careless, but not shut-in, either.
Desires: Anne’s main desire is to become a well-renowned knight, following in her mother’s footsteps. She wishes to make her name known – not necessarily for being a woman, but simply because that’s what most knights search for – fame. As well as their name in going down in the history. She also wants to find herself a squire to continue her knightly tradition – not necessarily blood of her own, but rather someone worth (as well as capable) of becoming a proper knight.
Pain/anger points: Having to work had and take huge risks her entire life, Anne hates the class difference between the royalty and simple citizens. As a knight and a lord, she is considered a higher class, due to which everyone tends to assume she became a knight even though she is a female simply by choosing to do so, effectively disregarding many of the difficult decisions she is now proud of. After all, she risked just about everything to get what she desired. Someone simply saying “oh, it’s because you had it easy” while knowing nothing of what she had to do does indeed tend to get her blood boiling.
Being a knight of honour and sword, Anne also (openly) dislikes the “improper” knights – knights who never experienced true battle, simply sitting back, letting their troops kill and be killed in their name. Corrupt knights that bought their way to influence, instead of properly earning it as a true knight should.
Fears: Anne has no special or extraordinary fears. She is only scared of heights and spiders, as well as other insects. For both, there is a single rule – the bigger the scarier.
She also refuses to meet her father – and refuses to talk about this topic altogether. Since she ran away from her home, her father – overcome by anger – effectively disinherited Anne. Even though he’d love to take it back and apologise to her, the damage has already been done and Anne never spoke to him since then. For well over a decade now.
Bio: Born as an only child of one of the very few proper female knights and a rich, successful trader, Anne certainly never faced the problems of hunger or cold. She grew up in luxury. The only black stain on this otherwise snow white paper of her life was the death of her mother – Eleonore. Anne never truly had a chance to meet her, since she was only three when Eleonore died. Instead, she listened to the stories dad and mother’s friends – most of them knights who served alongside Eleonore – told her about mum’s adventures and great feats. Ever since she could remember, Anne wanted to be just like her mother. She was completely fascinated with knighthood and wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps, to pick up where she left off and bring even more fame to her family, to see the entire world and help the poor. She wanted to be a knight more than anything and grew up with that goal in mind. There was but one issue. Anne’s father – still mourning over his wife’s death – forbade Anne’s attempt to pursuit this dream. He simply wanted to protect his little child from the same fate her mother has met. Anne, however, wouldn’t allow herself to be stopped. At the age of nine – and after a terrible argument with dad – Anne ran away from home, intending to pursue her goal anyway. Nothing could stop her, not even father’s threat to disown her if she leaves.
She did so, anyway. He did so, too.
Anne now had nothing. Nothing but her plan. What exactly was this plan? Since she used to meet her mother’s friends – most of them knights, as mentioned before – she knew some of them had no squires yet. Anne was, of course, planning to become one such squire. But who would accept a girl as a squire – well, a page? One of Eleonora’s closest friends, – a knight known for his bravery on the battlefield and, well, somehow less-than-royal and very straightforward way of expressing himself – Sir Robert, once jokingly offered Anne to become his page. She intended to take him up on his offer, which was not something most people would do. The reason he had no squire or page just yet was simple – nobody managed to keep that position for long. According to the rumours, his training sessions were straight-up brutal and so was his teaching plan. No royal child managed to perform up to his standards. Anne, still being young and foolish, decided that, through the power of determination, she will become prove victorious where others had failed. Sir Robert did make Anne his page. To him, it was a great honour to be the one to train Eleonore’s only child and he sworn to make her the best knight she could be – she, of course, knew none of this. Sir Robert was still just as harsh and strict as he would be towards anyone else and his training sessions were just as difficult as rumoured.
Against all odds, Anne managed to pull through, becoming a squire at the age of 15. Her training was both physical and educational. She was taught everything from reading to noble manners, which also included proper horse riding – unlike most, however, she was taught both the male and female manners, since she was both a lady and a knight. Speak of difficult training. Naturally, another part of her education was the art of swordfight. Anne, once more, received a bit of a special treatment in this regard. No matter her physical training, she was still somehow frail and her frame was too light and slim to carry a proper armour or sword. So, instead, she was given a rapier (which originally belonged to her mother, although she only carried it during official events and such) and taught to fight the way a duellist would – an extraordinary knight, indeed. Even more so than her mother, at this point. Up to this point, pretty much nobody outside of Sir Robert’s castle knew of Anne training to become a knight. As well-known as her mother was, some still disagreed with the very idea of female becoming a knight. One can only imagine their reaction to the child of the woman, who promoted such ideas, also becoming a knight. One doesn’t even have to imagine, actually.
As a squire, it was Anne’s duty to follow Sir Robert everywhere – both to assist him and to learn. This also included events such as feasts. The very first feast Anne had attended was organised by the King, himself. Following Sir Robert, Anne would first meet her mother’s friends. All of them were absolutely delighted to see Anne following in her mother’s footsteps and, needless to say, immediately went to celebrate. Such commotion, of course, brought attention to its cause – Anne. Naturally, the people who disagreed with Eleonore’s knighthood attended the feast, as well. In a matter of minutes, young Anne would be scoffed, laughed at, and even insulted. No matter her rank and pride she wore as her mother’s legacy – or perhaps because of it – this effectively pushed Anne on a brink of tears. Her first public event and she’s already been seen running off, almost crying. Suddenly, knighthood didn’t sound so amazing. It took her seven months to show up again – three of which she spent arguing with Sir Robert about not attending any public events whatsoever. Naturally, rumours of her giving up started spreading. She almost did – after pushing through all the difficult training, Anne almost gave up her goal because of few snobs. Quite frankly, she only stayed because Sir Robert simply refused to release her from her duties, saying he bothered with Anne far too much to just let her give up like so. During those four remaining months, Anne simply trained and studied. She mostly focused on her swordplay and the art of debating – an idea of Sir Roberts’. The reasons he stated for Anne having to learn this were quite simple: If she’s ever confronted, the worst mistake is to run off or explode. She had to learn how to anger and taunt her foe without breaking the rules of conversation – only to lead them into a duel, which Sir Robert was confident she could win. In the end, those four months were spent training almost exclusively with Sir Robert. Thanks to this special care, Anne picked up bits of his quirky personality, becoming – among other things – a little bit sarcastic along the way.
Ever since then, things became easier for Anne. After few lost arguments (and duels), most of the people opposing Anne’s knighthood gave up on insulting her and, quite frankly, she even gained a bit of renown in the duels. After all, you don’t see a squire win a duel against a knight, let alone a girl wearing no armour! Then again, rapier wasn’t the most favourite amongst the knights, being mostly looked upon as a weapon of cowards. During this time, Anne started to explore yet another thing inherited after her mother – her magical abilities. Surprisingly enough, she had near to no trouble at all, quickly mastering the Hollow Guard summon and Soul Guard. However, as the cruel joke of life usually goes, nothing good lasts forever. A courier informing Sir Robert of a bandit attack on his village arrived and, naturally, it was his duty to protect his land and people. Anne followed Robert. After all, she was his squire. Besides, what was few bandits compared to the might of a knight, his squire, and an armed group of soldiers? Truly, a group of bandits could never compare. However, these people plundering the village were no bandits. And plundering action was merely a distraction – a group of trained assassins was hired to eliminate Sir Robert. Why? Anne never knew. She has never been told so. That is, however, besides the point. The question right now is as follows: Did Sir Robert survive this setup? Yes and no. He managed to survive the fight, succeeding in disposing of all enemies, but he was struck with a poisoned blade. Knowing he would die before he’d have a chance to receive proper medical attention, Sir Robert – on the very brink of death – would make Anne his successor in his titles of a knight, as well as a Lord – A Lordess, in her case. How did Anne feel about this? She wasn’t bothered at all by such pity business at that moment, of course. A man she basically owed her entire future to was dying right in front of her – partially due to her failure. After all, if she did better, she would surely manage to kill the assassin who stabbed Robert. And so, in tears, Anne would accept the kinghood, being basically forced to kneel and swear the oath. A twenty years old girl – now a woman – with a title of a knight, a Lord, a castle and two villages to overlook. Understandably enough, Anne wasn’t in a mood to celebrate. She may have achieved her goal, but at what price? A mentor and, quite frankly, basically a second father? That was not a fair trade to her. Then again, life never trades fair, as she had learned. Overcame with grief and anger, Anne would merely deliver the message of Robert’s death to the Queen, not leaving her castle for weeks – one might say this had truly became her favourite solution to most problems.
Now, Anne is twenty years old. She is everything she wished to be. The question is: What will she do now? What will she become? She could roam the lands and become known through winning various tournaments. Or, perhaps, she could become a renowned general in the Queen’s army? Maybe she could construct a massive library, expanding both her knowledge and magical powers. But, quite frankly, none of that really fit her. Anne felt like she needed someone to look up to and learn from. Stand by their side and watch the world through the eyes of her master – just like she did with Sir Robert. Thus, Anne decided to become Queen’s guard and right hand. How? She doesn’t know. After all, she can figure such details out on the go or even improvise, if needed (very different approach to problems compared to how she used to plan ten steps ahead as a child – courtesy of Sir Robert). And so, her goal is set. From now on, her story begins – a white canvas once more.

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Name: Moriko
Nickname: Kiko/Mori
Name meaning: idk
Rank: healer
Pup/Childhood name: Twig
Left eye color: green
Right eye color: Green
Fur color1: brown
Fur color2: ^^^ & black
Markings: circle with dots around it
Markings color: dark brown
Paw pad color: black
Body type: Skinny
Fur length: not that short not that long
Gender: Female
Age: 2.5 years (human years)
Sexuality: Straight
Friend(s): None yet
Acquaintance(s): None yet
Enemy(ies): None...Yet
Best friend(s): ^^^^^^^
Personality: gentle loyal kind
First impressions: gullible
Lasting impressions: Kind gentle loyal
Likes: helping other wolves
Dislikes: loved ones deaths
Good traits: Loyal, kind, gentle
Bad traits: gullible, snaps at wolves when angry, has a limp
Skills: Healing, Swimming, Foraging (for herbs)
Theme song: (will edit)

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Let's talk about not what you like, but what you hate, Master!


➡️ Kanji: エネ / 榎本貴音
Rōmaji: Ene / Enomoto Takane.

➡️ Hair color: Blue (Program) / Black (Human)
Eye color: Blue (Program) / Red or hazel (Human)
Species: Computer program / Human (Past)

➡️ Gender: Female.

➡️ Weight: 2MB.
Height: 157cm (Takane), 640 pixels (Ene)

➡️ Blood Type: AB.

➡️ Age: 19 Years (Human)

➡️ Occupation: 6th Member of Mekakushi Dan.
Ability: Opening Eyes.
Status: Alive.


In Artificial Enemy, Ene is shown with long teal hair and blue eyes. She has a blue and white jacket and a blue and black skirt. She is also wearing black leggings/boots. This attire was later shown to be her outfit in Route XX.

In Route 01, Ene wears a dark blue jacket with white stripes going up the arms and a silver zipper on its collar, over a black skirt. Adding to her short, black skirt, she wears black thigh highs with turquoise stripes and with her feet non-existent and scattered to resemble pixels. Her light blue hair is pulled back by her black headphones and tied into pigtails. She also has light turquoise data features on her cheeks.

As Takane, she usually appeared with the same black hair and hazel eyes, wearing a silver headphone, a creamy long-sleeved shirt and a purple and black striped skirt over shorts with black shoes.

In Headphone Actor, Takane is shown in her "Actor" outfit with black hair and red eyes, which are naturally hazel colored. She wears a black jacket with several yellow stripes adorning the sleeves over her hot-pink shirt. She also wears a black gas-mask with red lenses and silver headphones, as well as black leggings, white shorts and red sneakers. Below her left eye is what is presumed a small orange-yellow plaster.

An alternate version of Takane appears in Summertime Record, wearing what appears to be Ene's Route 01 jacket with sleeves shortened or rolled up to just below the elbow. She also seems to be wearing the lower half of her "Actor" outfit; that being the usual black leggings, red sneakers and yellow garment tied somewhat lopsided around her waist.


Ene is a naïve, often cheeky, cyber girl who started living inside of Shintaro's computer as a virus, after she arrived in a mail of an unknown sender. She can invade anything that uses electricity, and goes out of her way to annoy Shintaro - but is also reflective when her pranks go out of hand. She usually renames the folders on his computer, changes his passwords, and lots of other similar things. Although she can be deleted from his computer, she will reappear as soon as he connects to the Internet again. She also has some familiarity with the sister of Shintaro, Momo. Momo does not seem to dislike her, since Ene does not live in her own computer, but she became kind of mad at her for suggesting something about yuri (girl love) between Momo and Marry.

When she was still human, Takane used to be frustrated about her illness which would frequently cause her to fall asleep, hence why she was always crabby. Around her classmate Haruka she tended to act cool and angry about a lot of things he did, however, deep inside she struggled against her desire to be with him seeing as she loved every smile and word of him, but wouldn't admit it. After losing her human body and becoming data, she became much more cheerful and extremely noisy instead.

ᕮYᕮ ᗩᗷIᒪITY

Opening Eyes: (目を覚ます Me o Samasu): Ene's eye ability is known as the "Opening Eyes", which allows her to be immortal and to transform into a cyber-being. After regaining her human form as Takane, she is able to send her consciousness into electronic devices and control them as her cyber-self did, as long as there is a wireless port. While using this power, her body temporarily loses its consciousness.[6] Her ability also got rid of her illness, which restricted her, due to her wish of having a body that would not require sustenance or sleep.


When Takane was alive, she lived with her grandmother. She was known to have a disorder that caused her to fall asleep spontaneously. Because of it, she always had trouble developing close relationships with people around her, and grew up to have a twisted personality. In high school, she attended a class for handicapped students with her classmate, Haruka. She fell in love with him, but was not able to tell him her feelings in time.

She was the second best in the country at shooting games and secretly known as 'Senkou no Maihime, Ene' (Dancing Princess of the Spotlight, Ene). At her school's cultural festival, a young Shintaro challenged her to the shooting game, which she and Haruka made for the guests that came to their booths. Takane promised him that if she lost, she would become Shintaro's servant and even call him her master. Shintaro got a perfect score and won, but he decided to just forget about the deal.

One day, Takane had a dream in which she was overhearing a radio broadcast; curious from what it is about, she put on her headphones to listen. It turned out to be a news interview with a country's president announcing the world was to end that day. Once the president announced that, she tried to persuasive herself that it was a joke and opened a window, only to hear a loud siren and the cries of people. She then put on her soundproof headphones to drown out the noises, only to find the radio had stopped. Listening more closely, she realized that her own voice was speaking to her through the headphones. It asked her if she could hear the voice, then went on about how Takane still had a place she wanted to go and something she wanted to say. Takane was unable to remember what, but somehow understood the meaning of it. The voice told her to trust it and to reach the hill, so she could understand the significance of it, or disappear if she stayed there. Takane wiped away her tears and took a deep breath. The voice asked her if she wants to survive, and with all her strength she began to run on the trembling ground.

When she was in her second year of high school, she lost her life when someone administered her with a drug, allowing her to enter the Heat Haze. Through a window in the dark she was able to spot her teacher Kenjirou, who did not only have her body connected to a machine, but also a real body duplicate of Konoha, the video game character Haruka created for their game, who was placed in a test tube. Before being able to figure out why Haruka's video game character became real, she touched the window by accident and started to disappear. Once nearly gone, she heard a strange voice and was then possessed by the snake with the "Eye Opening" power, which made her gain an immortal spirit and enter the cyber world.
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☞Performance Name: TSS Rockin' Pumps
☞Barn Name: Rocky
☞Age: Three
☞Breed: Dutch Warmblood
☞Gender: Filly
☞Pedigree: ?
☞Health Status/Issues: Healthy

☞Traits: Cheerful, Friendly
☞Personality: Rocky will avoid most horses and humans, with a few exceptions due to her training. She loves paddock time more than anything.
☞Likes: Paddock Time
☞Dislikes: X
☞Compatible With Companions:
☞Compatible With Horses:
☞Compatible With Humans:
☞Compatible With Livestock:

☞Coat Colour/Marking(s): Chestnut
☞Tail Colour/Marking(s): Chestnut Brown
☞Mane Colour/Marking(s): Chestnut Brown
☞Eye Colour
➭Right Eye: Hazel
➭Left Eye: Hazel
☞Leg Marking(s): Four white socks
☞Face Marking(s): Blaze
☞Height: 16.1 HH
☞Weight: ?

☞Altered/Gelded: X
☞Up For Breeding/Stud: No
☞Open Spots:


☞Dam: ?
☞Breed: Dutch Warmblood
☞Owned By: ?
☞Link To Profile: X
☞Biography: ?

☞Sire: ?
☞Breed: Dutch Warmblood
☞Owned By: ?
☞Link To Profile: X
☞Biography: ?

☞Famous Relatives: ?
☞Siblings: ?
☞Grandparents: ?
☞Half-Siblings: ?

☞Shows Entered:


☞Trained In/Speciality: Dressage

☞Type: Dressage
☞Saddle Pad:
☞Lead Rope:
☞Martingale: X
☞Breastplate: X

☞Biography: Unknown, but she was bred a few times as a three-year-old and can never be bred again.
☞Past Injuries/Illnesses: ?
☞Past Owner(s): +Jenna Live +Grace C. +Me

☞Date Bought: 23rd of April 2017
☞Bought For/Price: Animal Token
☞Bought From: Internet
☞Age Bought: Three

☞Price If Sold: 200 {at least}
☞Rules: X
☞Reserved For: X

☞Enemies: X
☞Friends: X
☞Birthday: 30th of April
☞Claim: Winyamaro
☞Theme Song: X
☞Theme Color: X
☞Quote: "Life is like a Dressage test. If you're too busy thinking about your last move, the next one won't be any good either."

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ᴬ ʷᵒᵐᵃᶰ ʷʰᵒ ᶤˢ ᵃ ˢᵒᵛᵉʳᵉᶤᵍᶰ ʳᵘˡᵉʳ
ᵒᶠ ᵍʳᵉᵃᵗ ᵖᵒʷᵉʳ ᵃᶰᵈ ʳᵃᶰᵏ˒
ᵉˢᵖᵉᶜᶤᵃˡˡʸ ᵒᶰᵉ ʳᵘˡᶤᶰᵍ ᵃᶰ ᵉᵐᵖᶤʳᵉ.


❛ A former ruler of a world long forgotten;
It in its entirety remains in me.
My title is lost, but my drive is not;
For I will keep fighting, 'till I cease to be. ❜



▸ 𝙽𝚊𝚖𝚎: Christina Drakos.
▸ 𝙾𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝙽𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚜:
➸ 𝔑𝔦𝔠𝑘𝔫𝔞𝔪𝔢(𝔰): “Chrissy”.
➸ 𝔗𝔦𝔱𝔩𝔢(𝔰): “Empress”.

▸ 𝙰𝚐𝚎: Over 5,000.
▸ 𝙳𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝙱𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑: November 29th (Sᵃᵍᶤᵗᵗᵃʳᶤᵘˢ).

▸ 𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚌𝚒𝚎𝚜: Dragon (Rᵉᵈ Eʸᵉˢ˒ Bˡᵃᶜᵏ Mᵉᵗᵃˡ).
▸ 𝙽𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚢: ??? (Fᵒʳᵐᵉʳ), Norad (Cᵘʳʳᵉᶰᵗ).

▸ 𝙶𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛: Female.
▸ 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚝𝚞𝚜: Alive.

▸ 𝙷𝚎𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝: 165 cm. (5’ 5”).
▸ 𝚆𝚎𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝: 64 kg. (140 lbs).

▸ 𝙰𝚕𝚒𝚐𝚗𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝: True Good (Lᵃʷᶠᵘˡ).
▸ 𝚁𝚘𝚕𝚎: ???
▸ 𝚂𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜: None (Oʳᶤᵍᶤᶰᵃˡ Cʰᵃʳᵃᶜᵗᵉʳ).

▸ 𝙵𝚊𝚌𝚎-𝙲𝚕𝚊𝚒𝚖: Paradise (Pᶤˣᶤᵛ Fᵃᶰᵗᵃˢᶤᵃ).
▸ 𝚅𝚘𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝙰𝚌𝚝𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚜: ???



▸ 𝙱𝚘𝚍𝚢 𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚞𝚌𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎:
➸ Christina has a generally slim build; rather skinny, despite being around 64 kg on her own. Her body has always been built to look sort of small compared to others, making her seem a bit more petite compared to other women her height. Still, she holds a lot of muscle for how skinny she is, and doesn’t appear unhealthy with how underweight she may appear to be, even if she’s not.

▸ 𝙷𝚊𝚒𝚛 𝙸𝚗𝚏𝚘.:
➸ 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯: Snow White.
➸ 𝔗𝑦𝔭𝔢: Straight.
➸ 𝔏𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔱𝔥: Short; Down to Shoulders.

▸ 𝙴𝚢𝚎 𝙸𝚗𝚏𝚘.:
➸ 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯: Crimson Red.
➸ 𝔖𝔱𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔱𝔥: 20/20.
➸ 𝔗𝔯𝔞𝔦𝔱𝔰: Glowing Eyes.

▸ 𝚂𝚔𝚒𝚗 𝙸𝚗𝚏𝚘:
➸ 𝓒𝔬𝔩𝔬𝔯: Caucasian.
➸ 𝔗𝑦𝔭𝔢: Extremely Smooth; Silky?
➸ 𝔗𝔯𝔞𝔦𝔱𝔰: Very Pale.

▸ 𝙰𝚝𝚝𝚒𝚛𝚎:
➸ 𝓒𝔞𝔰𝔲𝔞𝔩:
On a normal basis, Christina can be seen in something casual. Whether this be a sweater and a pair of shorts, or a blouse with a skirt, it doesn't matter; when it comes to casual attire, she can be found wearing anything.

➸ 𝔉𝔬𝔯𝔪𝔞𝔩:
As there are many sorts of formal traditions upon Norad, Christina has a few different varieties of formal wears. This is usually consist of some sort of dress and heels, but has been found wearing a kimono for certain scenarios.

➸ 𝔚𝔬𝔯𝑘:
Christina has taken up a job, and is now owning, a coffee shop downtown of the Heartlands City. Here, the uniform usually consists of black pants and a white blouse, as well as a specially designed brown apron with the logo on it.

➸ 𝓒𝔬𝔪𝔟𝔞𝔱:
Her combat attire is accessed through magic, and isn't a set attire that she has to put on physically. This consists of a sleeveless black dress, with a few blue strands to dress it. Around her neck is a black cape, the interior of the cape a bright blue color. She wears one black glove on her right arm, and one white glove on the other. To top it off, she wears a pair of white thigh-highs with black stripes, that appear to act as boots as well.



▸ 𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝙱𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚑: ???
▸ 𝙷𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚃𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢: ???

▸ 𝚁𝚎𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎: One of Christina's Bunkers.
▸ 𝙰𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚕𝚒𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜: Aegis Cafe (Oʷᶰᵉʳ), The Drakos Family.
▸ 𝙾𝚌𝚌𝚞𝚙𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜: Empress (Fᵒʳᵐᵉʳ), Cafe Owner (Cᵘʳʳᵉᶰᵗ).

▸ 𝚁𝚎𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚙𝚜:
➸ 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝑘𝔬𝔰 𝔉𝔞𝔪𝔦𝔩𝑦:
- Josephine Drakos (House Leader).
- Cordelia Drakos (Sister).
- Victoria Drakos (Niece).
- Armin Drakos (Nephew).
- Marius Drakos (Nephew).
- Erika Drakos (Niece in Law).
- Corinthos Drakos (Nephew).
- Kane Drakos (Grand Nephew.
- Kichiro Drakos (Son).
- Samuel Drakos (Son).

➸ 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔖𝔢𝔩𝔭𝔥𝔦𝔞 𝔉𝔞𝔪𝔦𝔩𝑦:
- Christian Selphia (Descendant).
- Children of Christian (Descendants).

➸ 𝔒𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯 𝔑𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔳𝔢 𝔉𝔞𝔪𝔦𝔩𝔦𝔢𝔰:
- Eva Andefi (Acquaintance).
- Valarious Crawlings (Acqauintance).

➸ 𝔏𝔬𝔳𝔢 𝓘𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔢𝔰𝔱:
- Arata Neku (Lover).

➸ 𝔉𝔯𝔦𝔢𝔫𝔡𝔰:
- Treble Sol/Selphia (Friend).
- Dwyer (Former Butler).
- Naoto Shirogane (Friend).
- Edward Grenore (Best Friend).
- Ouronari Scarlet (“Sister”).

▸ 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚢:
➸ Christina, all in all, is a good person. She happens to be a very experienced person, who’s gone through a large amount of scenes in her life, that could’ve shattered the minds of a simple creature such as a human. With this, she has a lot of experience with terrible accidents, and has come to obtain much more patience than what one could even think possible. This trait happens to be similar to her descendant, Christian Selphia, as these two are patient and polite rulers, who usually know what they’re doing. She also happens to have a decently bubbly attitude, who can keep a conversation going. Being the mother of two, she is also very protective and motherly-like, having shown worry for even the darkest of people on occasion. Sometimes, she’s shown to make reckless decisions, but as they had brought ultimate good in the end, Christina rarely regrets it. She is genuinely a planner, who likes to write things down, or think before she does something, as what had made her such a great ruler back in her own time. She can be a bit sensitive, but appears to keep this to herself, mostly. She’s one to rarely give up, as shown when she’d supposedly committed suicide. As said before, she is all in all, a really good person.

▸ 𝙱𝚒𝚘𝚐𝚛𝚊𝚙𝚑𝚢:
The older sister of the famed Drakos Scientist Cordelia, Christina was known for being a skilled warrior, choosing to fight alongside her own troops, being the one who created a space Empire unlike any other that had since come to pass. While her sister was arrested by the Zone Cops for her research, Christina vanished while on an investigation of a world known as Norad, soon after, due to squabbles between her own children, and others, the Empire she had helped expand began to decline, resulting perhaps in the situation much later, where Mavros attempted to rebuild the Drakos Empire through fair means and foul. It is said that the King of Norad, Christian Selphia, was named after her, in hopes that he would be as kind a ruler as she had been. She is also supposedly the one who created the various bunkers on Norad, or at least laid the groundwork for their later construction. Her deeds had made her famous, thus turning her story into a folktale, with no answer as to where she actually went.

When she returned, after centuries of cryosleep, she happened to return during a dark age, or, “the end of the world”. Christina’s goal had been to find other members of the Drakos family, and reunite, but instead… She came, and branched off onto her own, meeting many new faces. Whilst exploring, she’d met a forest spirit named Treble. Whilst exploring through the fields one day, she’d come to hire a new butler named Dwyer. She became a decent partner with a man named Arata; while she’s come to notice how others find him to be a bit of a threat, she hasn’t separated herself from him. She had also met a dragon lolita named Kanna Kamui, and a detective named Naoto Shirogane. After the result of the end of the world was revealed, the group was allowed to return home, and… Seemed to ultimately separate, but still appeared to have contact with each other.

Just after her relationship with Arata had advanced to a near love state, he’d been attacked, and transformed for the worse, into the embodiment of Gluttony. In attempts to keep Christina safe, the male had left the apartment in which he’d lived, and with a rather harsh exit. This had been caused by a heated argument, and appeared to have shattered Chrissy’s motivation for some time. The insults he’d thrown at her had left a large cut, with extra salt in the wound. During this time, in hopes of being able to cope, she had gone to Christian Selphia, her descendant, where she’d helped in creating two “blood” children: Kichiro, and Drakos. They happen to strangely look like Christina’s and Arata’s children, if they’d ever planned to have any. Which… In this case, was impossible, with his current state. Despite, nothing that the female had done seemed to sew up the wound, to let it heal.

After some time, making the excuse that she’d needed to give back Arata his violin, she’d committed suicide by jumping 150 feet above sea level, into the ocean. This was where she was supposedly presumed dead. Thus, this didn’t actually happen to be the case. Whilst attempting to drown from this far below, an unidentified sea creature had gone to attack her, thus snapping Christina back into reality, and killing it. With little life left in her from suffocating, she’d absorbed the dead Sea Monster’s life force, thus it becoming a part of her, and ultimate making her, genetically, a new person. For some time, she’d hidden underneath the oceans of Norad, coping with what she’d become, and how she’d come to meet Eva Andefi; a house leader associated with the Drakos and Selphia line. After meeting her, she’d decided to visit the shore on occasion, but never quite back to the city.

Eventually, though, she’d had enough of sitting, lonely in the ocean, while everyone assumed that she was dead. She returned, just like any other person, and discarded the shell of the monster she’d killed. Here, she took on a casual appearance, and addressed herself as “Regi”. This was soon dropped one night, sitting upon the roof of one of the many libraries, where she’d come face to face with the once-human Gluttony. Here, it was revealed that even through what Arata had put her through, that she still loved him, and she wanted to be with him. This must’ve shattered his sanity into pieces, for she’d nearly been killed by him, with the ability he’d gained after becoming Gluttony. While she was unsure as to what it was, she had managed to escape it, extracting the stone that had caused him to change, and ultimately killed her lover.

Just a bit before the death of Arata, she’d come into contact with a man named Edward Grenore, otherwise known as “Add”. After befriending him, she had been lended a place to stay, and thus had learned just a bit more about the advancing technology of Norad. In the process, she’d been told the story of how he’d successfully rescued his mother, but as a result, had become unstable in their current timeline. With her assistance, he had been placed in Valarious Crawlings’s custody, whom she assumed was able to help him. While it appears their current situation with each other wasn’t too friendly, she understood that it must’ve been done. She had come to trust Vala with him, hoping that he’d be saved.

After the incident with Edward and Vala, and wiith a bit of work, she had discovered a way to revive Arata, having claimed that now hadn’t been his time to die. She’d found herself looking for a Dragon Tempest, where none other than the King of Dragons himself, Christian Selphia, had assisted in resurrecting him. This had resulted in his disappearance, but the success of Arata’s revival. Since that point forward, she had been staying with him in a hotel room, rather than anywhere else. Here, they’d played it low, as Arata was still recovering. In that process, she come to indulge herself in the business of the coffee shop she worked at, which needed lots of work. Here, she’d met a gluttonous war spirit named Ouronari; Nari for short. She had fed her rather than fending the dangerous spirit off, and had come to befriend her as well. The two currently work together at the coffee shop that she had ended up buying from its previous owner.

At some point before the Spring Festival, Christina had discovered the art of summoning Servants; while she didn’t need it, it seemed interesting enough. Here was where she summoned Astolfo, otherwise known as the “Rider of Black”. This was where she learned that summoning these people was as if taking a life, laid to rest until its time came, and bringing it to the world around them. This motivated her to summon once more, summoning a stronger spirit, who she refers to as “Saber Lily”, her true name being Artoria Pendragon.

After hearing about the Spring Festival, she had managed to convince Arata to go with her, where she’d been able to learn a bit more of the culture from his home-country, Japan. It had been rather nice, for she’d seen a bit more of a softer side of him, which she’d been unaware he had. Here, she’d been allowed to learn what “pocky” was, as she had never had it before. She had managed to also force him into what they called the “pocky game”, which she’s still a little confused about, but seemed okay with none of the less. The most important thing that she had come to learn from this, however, was that his mental health appeared to be an issue, as had been revealed after she’d asked what was wrong, replying with “Not right now, give me time, and I’ll give you an answer”. What happened that night has yet to be fully revealed.

Recently, she had become to worry for her current state as a Sea Monster. She wasn't aware of the many capabilities she had, and worried that if she let it go too far, that it might’ve become a threat to Norad. Thus, Christina went to the Drakos House Leader, Josephine Drakos. Josephine possesses the ability to manipulate one’s genetics at will, which was what she’d requested of her. This appeared to have happened, for her appearance was resorted back to as it was prior to becoming a Sea Monster, and she had regained the other abilities she’d had before.

At some point after this, she had taken up what she may call “the weight of the world”; Arata's health. Her worrying had gotten up to a higher degree than normal, and had decided that she was to do something about it. With this, she had begun to use Rune Spells to not only keep Arata away from the nightmares that he had been having since his resurrection, but had managed to project these within her own mind, to step into his shoes. As they are different people, her levels of pain wouldn't come from his own memories, but had altered her own in order to experience the pain he had received. This had created a minor health issue, as her left eye had begun to bleed, and minor hallucinations had occurred here and there. Despite her fear, it hadn't affected her too much.

With this, however, she had learned of the reasoning behind all of these nightmares: rather than altering them to endure his pain, she had then changed them, and was able to experience exactly what had been affecting his mental health. Christina had learned quite a lot about him this way, and once she had gained enough information, had cancelled the spells altogether. For research purposes, and knowledge of the upcoming world threat, Christina had decided to take over one of the bunkers that she had built in the long gone past, and has quite a lot of work to do. The world wasn't going to fix itself, was it?



▸ 𝚁𝚘𝚕𝚎: ???
▸ 𝚆𝚎𝚊𝚙𝚘𝚗:
➸ 𝔖𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔡 𝔬𝔣 𝓗𝔬𝔭𝔢:
Supposedly in the past, Christina is to have wielded a sword with no markings, that held a gold colored, yet slightly blueish glow. This sword happens to be one of many legendary weapons that have been known throughout Noradian History. It’s said that it is able to change shape, becoming the type of weapon fit for their wielder.

➸ 𝓘𝔩𝔩𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔞𝔯𝑦 𝔚𝔢𝔞𝔭𝔬𝔫𝔰:
As Christina isn't very good with things such as holograms and technology, she has resorted to magic in order to create hologram-like weapons. She can be found wielding other various weapons, whether a bow, or missile-like spikes that glide through the air, or even a simple dagger knife. Upon contact, these weapons are broken, but deal the same amount of damage a normal weapon would.

▸ 𝙶𝚎𝚊𝚛:
➸ 𝔑𝔬𝔫-𝔑𝔬𝔯𝔞𝔡𝔦𝔠 𝔐𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔩 𝔊𝔢𝔞𝔯:
Despite how this set of armor was thrown away in the past, when she’d initially absorbed the life force of the Sea Monster that keeps her alive today, she has somehow managed to recover the armor that she had worn thousands of years before. It happens to change shapes along with her sword, and is very flexible. It appears to be mistaken for her clothing, or may be underneath.

▸ 𝙴𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚙𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝:
➸ 𝔖𝔱𝔢𝔞𝔩𝔱𝔥 𝔖𝔥𝔲𝔱𝔱𝔩𝔢:
Christina happens to have forgotten about this for quite a while, but somewhere upon Norad resides Chrissy’s old spaceship, which she has yet to find, and take over once again. If it’s still whole, it must be run down, and out of service. She’d have to fix it up before using it again. It could be her next task to complete; it depends on if she deems her old ship important or not anymore.

▸ 𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕𝚝𝚢:
➸ 𝔖𝔱𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔤𝑦:
Represented both within the past, as well as current time, Christina is known to be an extraordinary strategist, or planner. Whether this be plans as to how to accomplish a simple task, or a battle plan; even if Christina may not be the strongest out of all rulers, her strategic abilities top above others. This has saved many lives within the past, and will moving on to the future.

▸ 𝙰𝚋𝚒𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚜:
➸ 𝙸.) 𝔐𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯 𝔖𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔡𝔰𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔰𝔥𝔦𝔭:
While Christina is very good at using weapons such as spears, bows and guns within combat, throughout her years, fighting with a sword has always come the easiest for her. Thus, pulling off strange stunts with a sword isn’t nearly as difficult, thus giving her the upper hand.

➸ 𝙸𝙸.) 𝓡𝔲𝔫𝔢 𝔈𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔢 𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔭𝔲𝔩𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫:
Christina has been on Norad for thousands of years, thus leaving her exposed to the Runic Energy in the air. She has a general understanding of how to manipulate it, and thus, has an affinity with certain elemental rune abilities.

➸ 𝙸𝙸𝙸.) 𝔗𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔰𝔣𝔬𝔯𝔪𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫:
After recovering her previous draconic genetics, she regained the ability to transform into both the dormant form of a bunny, with white fur and red eyes, as well as her much larger form, of a dragon. Being a dragon allows her to resurrect fallen dragon allies, but sadly, into mindless zombies. Generally, she mainly uses her animal forms to retreat, or gain height advantage.

➸ 𝙸𝚅.) 𝔈𝔫𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔢𝔡 𝔖𝔢𝔫𝔰𝔢𝔰:
Generally, being born a dragon, she has always had generally enhanced senses. Christina has the ability to hear even the quietest of whispers, but only if she attempts to do so. This allows her to gain information, if she is ever found having to snatch up information. Her speed, jumping skills, and eyesight are much better than the average person.


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