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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: Left Eye (Search this on MAP) Aaliyah H : Natina Reed and Shamari Fears both moved to Atlanta, Georgia and met while in high school. Reed formed...
Natina Reed and Shamari Fears both moved to Atlanta, Georgia and met while in high school. Reed formed Blaque while Fears formed another group called Intrigue. Intrigue won a recording contract with Elektra Records, and Fears met up with Brandi Williams at a talent show while a member of that group. Fears left Intrigue to join up with Reed in Blaque and Williams joined the group shortly thereafter. Reed met Ronald Lopes while singing jingles to earn extra cash and he introduced her to his sister Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC. Lisa Lopes signed the group to her production company, Left Eye Productions.
1 hour ago - Via Community - View - Pluto the Dog : ((I don't know if I did this right)) Name: Dawson Renner Age: 15 Gender: Male Species: Cyborg (if that's...
((I don't know if I did this right))
Name: Dawson Renner
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Cyborg (if that's not acceptable then just human)
Height: 5'6
Weight: 160 lbs
Likes: Animals, big sweaters, gaming, reading, watching tv, and drawing
Dislikes: clowns, exposing metal extremities (i.e. Right arm, left leg, left shoulder, left eye)
Skills: quick reflexes, marital arts, isn't prone to infection
Overall Personality: Shy, but very angry if provoked, and will not hesitate to hesitate to hurt those who make him angry. He's not a social person when it comes to large groups of people, but he'll occasionally socialize. Thanks to his size he can sneak past things and people and fit into tight spaces if need be.
5 hours ago - Via Community - View - Maximus Wilson : I feel alone i feel sad all the time i feel like im loosing all my best friends i feel guilty i feel...
I feel alone i feel sad all the time i feel like im loosing all my best friends i feel guilty i feel like a bad person i feel like im not good enough at anything i feel stupid i feel like im wasting my life away im scared of spiders im scared of the dark im scared of being alone ive been biting my finger nails for over 6 years im very emotional i l like hurting myself when im mad i prefer perfume over deodorant im girly im an Asian wannabe i think im nerdy i dont like my voice im scared of loosing my friends im scared of dying i only prayed once in church i use to bully kids at church i like calling myself names when i do something stupid i use to cut my tongue with a razor because i liked the feel and liked watching the blood drip i use to choke cats i use to lie all the time i hate hearing offensive and racist terms i hate hurting people i feel calm when listening to kpop i use to be an atheist my hair use to be blond im kinda blind in my left eye its been that way since forever i sometimes go outside and hide so i can cry i cant go 5 minutes alone in the dark without freaking out i have bad experiences with friends i have bad experiences with the dark i have experiences with being alone my biggest secret is so huge i cant even tell my best friend because im to scared to im not confident the American flag reminds me of a some chip bag i cant live without kpop i cant live without any of my best friends because there my life id take my life to save theres cut my hand off to save theres get punched by mike Tyson instead of them if i ever won the lottery id give some to my friends i made this because i felt like i needed to 
7 hours ago - Via - View - Grell Sutcliff : Yeah, whatever... =^= I'll just post... This. Yay? Name: Wrath Species: Zorua? Appearance: A Zorua ...
Yeah, whatever... =^= I'll just post... This. Yay?

Name: Wrath
Species: Zorua?
Appearance: A Zorua who is missing an eye, and has white instead of red. Her pupil is crimson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hates both genders

Name: Belle
Species: Skitty?
Appearance: A black and White Skitty missingher left eye. Her eyes are open, and her pupil is Colbat blue.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Name: Kay
Species: Eevee
Appearance: Shiny with green eyes
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Curious
7 hours ago - Via Community - View - maru shini : Name:origionaly unknown Nickname: golden eye or Xodia, Age: between 17-20 Job:a current member of gang...
Name:origionaly unknown
Nickname: golden eye or Xodia,
Age: between 17-20
Job:a current member of gang called the thugs or Scorpions as they have a scorpion logo

Powers:-dooms day: a right eye with a shape of a skull, one look and the opponent is dead, he can use it for 4times maximum per day
-Golden eye: left eye with golden color iris, it help him memic the opponents move or create nen humanoid projectiles that can copy various nen abilities of past opponents, he can create up to 100 projectiles
-Conjuring any object with his aura on it or teleporting to it's place, he mostly conjours nen knifes with endless rounds

Strength: 4*10^7N

Rank: 2S class according to the police records
10 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Anime Vocalover : name; Alec Aventine age; 17 gender; male magic; shadow god slayer, katana use, black magic likes; swords...
name; Alec Aventine  
age; 17
gender; male
magic; shadow god slayer, katana use, black magic
likes; swords, darkness, the ocean, Sabertooth
dislikes; light, too much happiness
personality; sometimes depressed, but will try to be happy most of the time. serious, smart, very sensitive temper, bold. when angry both eyes turn red. usually right eye is red and left eye is blue
guild; Sabertooth
mark color and place; black on right shoulder
13 hours ago - Via Community - View - Champion Emily : ((I legit just started watching this so please bear with me if I have no clue what you mean, and its...
((I legit just started watching this so please bear with me if I have no clue what you mean, and its not very long, it's just descriptive and i Apparently have an "Enter" button obsession, and I'm attempting to meet the criteria of the community, I APOLOGIZE AGAIN I ALSO HAVE A TENDENCY TO OVER DETAIL MY PROFILES! AHHH' DONT BE MAD PLEASE!!))
Name : Emily Kate
Nickname:Void, Abiss ((ugu I suck at nicknames))
Age : 18
Gender : Female ((duh))
Guild : Fairy Tail ((plz?))
Guild symbol and color : back of the shouler ((black))
Rank : .... ((I don't know what that means but okay~))
Abilitys : Dissapear into the shadows, Magic (duh), unaffected by darkness
Magic: dark magic dragon slayer
Weapons : holder type (cards and a ring) Magic, A scythe
Magic spells ((I made them up I hope that's okay... These are vague descriptions and there not overly powerful and they are all dodge able ,just btw, and I'm sorry if they don't make sense please tell me if they don't))
1.Abiss Force ((creates dark wings that will send dark arrow like spears at the enemy))
2.Void Spear ((a dark spear created from the shadows, it's a very powerfull attack of it hits))
3.Dragons Daze ((a loud screech that temporarily stuns the opponent, also inducing mental and hearing pain))
Dark Shield ((a black shield that will protect the uses))
Dark jab ((jabs the opponent with an shadowy fist, can Pearce the skin if hit hard enough))
Deaths Call ((an escape, technique for harsh situations, basically calls upon the shadows and disappears into it, can help escape in troublesome situations))
Healing Magic ((self explanatory))
Mid-night slash ((uses the scythes blade, the blade engulfs in darkness, slashing at the opponent, the injuries sting as an after effect))
Looks :
Personality : can be cold, protective, fierce, sassy, kind, smart, never backs down, somewhat intimidating at first glance, happy, excitable, brave
Bio : ((I'll have to make one up)) her dad was a wizard who left on a mission and never retunened, her mom was a wizard aswell that taught her how to use the Holder type Magic, She has tatoo under and over her left eye, it's black. ((Looks like )) she grew up admiring The Guilds, but not for fame and fourteen, for helping people. She grew up hoping to get in a guild some day. To train hard and become a great wizard.
14 hours ago - Via Community - View - KittKattsSay Meow : Basic info• Pasta name: Black Rose Name: Evalyn Morrow Nickname: Eva or Eva Rose D.O.B: October Friday...
Basic info•
Pasta name: Black Rose
Name: Evalyn Morrow
Nickname: Eva or Eva Rose
D.O.B: October Friday the 13
Age: 17
Species: Ghost

Mother: Sasha Colburn (Dead)
Father: Kevin Colburn (Dead)
Brother: Dalton Colburn (Dead)
Sister: Evangeline Colburn (Missing)

•physical features•
Weight: 125 lbs
Tattoo: A Black rose that starts at her neck and ends at her ankle and a white rose under her left eye
Scar: a heart carved into her chest
Other noticeable mark: stitches holding her mouth closed
Physical strength(s): Can do almost anythung extremely flexible
Weakness(es): speaking of her family brings extreme violence and depression when conversation about the topic comes up she will leave without a word

•about him/her•
Back story: Evangeline Dalton and Evalyn were abused by their father after her mothers death when their mother died their father started drinking and blaming them for her death well he blamed Evalyn for her death because Mother had died right after Evangeline was born. it was one snowy winter day that Evalyn couldn't handle the abuse she was 14 Dalton was 10 and Evangeline was 4 their father had beaten them to the point were they couldn't even cry any more Evangeline was at the point of death but luckily their father had to leave for work that Saturday so Evalyn took Evangeline to the orphanage she couldn't take Dalton because he was too old and they may suspect something so Evalyn and Dalton had went back home to their father and he was extremely angry because Evangeline wasn't there their father than started beating Dalton and Dalton was still young and had died in front of Evalyn's eyes she cried she ice blue eyes sparkling red "Why why did you do it he didn't do anything" Evangeline than ran into the kitchen grabbing a knife stabbing her father multiple times in the chest than when he died took his heart than drew a heart with her knife on Dalton's chest than she ran out into the cold without a coat or jakect she ran into the forest and carved heart on her chest like she did Dalton she had let the scar bleed out her skin going pale than she had died in the snow her heart still beating but forever frozen
How(s)he kills: she Takes the heart of her victims after the die from blood loss and in some cases she slits their throats and spoon out their lifeless eyes
Saying: Keep Dancing in the Black Roses
14 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Flávio Silva : because it still has the left eye..
because it still has the left eye..
15 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Broly : "If you'd just let me kill you all before, you wouldn't be dealing with this pain now. You're all a ...
"If you'd just let me kill you all before, you wouldn't be dealing with this pain now. You're all a complete and utter waste of Saiyan blood!"

Name: Broly

Age: 30-40

Gender: Male

Home planet: Vegeta

Species/Race: Saiyan

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Power Level: 1,000

Bloody Smash – A physical technique Broly uses against Goku in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. He uses Goku's body as a trampoline by stomping on him, severely injuring him. It was named in theBudokai Tenkaichi series as one of Broly's Blast 2 attack and one of his Super Attacks in his base form in the Raging Blast games.

Bone Crusher – A Bear Hugtorture hold used against Gohan in Broly - Second Coming. Named in theDragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

Delta Combination – A rush attack used in his base form in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2.

Energy Shield – A technique Broly uses to shield himself from oncoming attacks within an aura of ki. Broly first displayed this skill when he was a baby. The shield is very durable, as shown to withstand a Supernova from Frieza, Planet Vegeta's explosion and withstanding the intense heat of lava.

Eraser Cannon – Broly's signature attack, it is a powerful, green energy sphere. It is also known as the Blaster Shell in theBudokai series.

Eraser Shot Volley – A variation of the Eraser Cannon technique, Broly repeatedly throws Eraser Cannons from each hand. He used this technique against Goku during the battle on New Planet Vegeta.

Blaster Meteor – Broly surrounds himself in ki and launches homing energy spheres at his opponents. Also called Burst Eraser.

Eraser Blow – An attack where Broly blasts an opponent in the abdomen with an Eraser Cannon at point blank range. He used this move against Gohan in Broly - Second Coming. In Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, Broly punches his opponent upwards and then ricochets them off the ground before using the Eraser Blow.

Planet Geyser – Broly fires a small energy wave at the ground, causing a geyser of ki which blows away any nearby opponents. Named and used in Supersonic Warriors 2.

Double Eraser Cannon- A variant of the Eraser Cannon technique where Broly charges up an Eraser Cannon blast in each hand and fires them simultaneously. He used this during a flashback to his childhood as well as during his fight with Goku in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Omega Blaster – A far more powerful version of the Eraser Cannon technique demonstrated in Broly - Second Coming, which begins as a small green sphere and immensely expands when in contact with a solid object, alternatively known as the Gigantic Meteor. It holds the power of seriously damaging planets or destroying them outright. Named in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, it is also called Gigantic Meteor (inDragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World),Throwing Blaster (inBudokai Tenkaichi 1), and Gigantic Eraser (inBattle of Z).

Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.Gigantic Hammer

Full Power Energy Wave – A green, fully-powered energy wave used in his base form in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Gigantic Lariat – A technique that allows Broly to ensnare multiple opponents at once and have them at his mercy. Used in the arcade game Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale.

Gigantic Slam – Broly jumps upward and rushes down at his foes with considerable force, using his own body and Energy Shield as a weapon.

Gigantic Spike – Broly grabs his opponent's face and drives them head first into the ground. Named in Supersonic Warriors 2. It is called Gigantic Driver in Zenkai Battle Royale.

Gigantic Hammer – A technique in the Budokai Tenkaichi series where Broly punches his opponent, then kicks them upside the head, slams them onto the ground, and finishes the attack by using an uppercut.

Gigantic Buster – A rush attack that Broly uses against Piccolo in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. This attack was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and is Broly's ultimate blast in his Super Saiyan 3 form.

Gigantic Omega – A yellowish green energy wave that is Super Saiyan 3 Broly's ultimate attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Full Charge Gigantic Omega – A more powerful version of the Gigantic Omega used by King of Destruction Broly.

Gigantic Press – Broly rushes at and tackles his foes with considerable force.

Hovercraft Punch – Broly rushes at the opponent, and punches them with a great amount of force. Used in Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu.

High Speed Rush – Used as a Legendary Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi.

Kakarot! – Broly screams "Kakarot" and his attack goes up, he becomes unable to flinch as well. It is one of his Blast 1 in all his forms in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. Broly prepares his Omega Blaster attack

Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.

Revenge Demon – A technique used in his Super Saiyan form in Broly - Second Coming, where Broly punches his opponent in the face twice before grabbing their face and throwing them to the ground. The throw is called Gigantic Throw in Zenkai Battle Royale.

Dashing Punch – The punch used at the start of his Revenge Demon. Broly uses it against Goku in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Videl, and later Goten and Trunks in Broly - Second Coming. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

Gigantic Throw – Broly grabs his opponent and proceeds to violently throw them down to the ground.

Explosive Wave – One of Broly's Blast 1 in his Legendary Super Saiyan form in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Seismic Power – Broly transforms into a Legendary Super Saiyan and powers up, causing an earthquake to damage the enemy. Named in Taiketsu, a similar ability is used when Broly powers up before transforming into the Legendary Super Saiyan for the first time in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Super Explosive Wave– He unleashes an electrifying, green explosive wave that obliterates nearly anything in its path. Broly can also use this as a gigantic energy shield to protect him from incoming blasts. Broly briefly used this attack on Goku while the latter was knocked out from having his punch being deflected by Broly's energy shield during their battle on New Planet Vegeta.

Telekinesis – The ability to manipulate people and objects with the mind alone. Broly uses this to strangle Goten.

Torture Hold – A hold used against Trunks. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

Trap Shooter – Broly holds his hand behind him and charges a green energy sphere into it. He then swings his hand forwards and sends out a wave of small green energy blasts.

Ultra Spirit Sphere – A special ability used by Broly (in his Legendary Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3 forms) in Dragon Ball Heroes. It puts Broly into sparking mode and quadruples his power.

Wild Sense – One of Broly's Blast 1 in his base form in the Budokai Tenkaichiseries. He uses this variation of the Afterimage Technique in Broly - Second Coming, shortly after blasting Goten and Trunks with an Eraser Cannon with enough power to force them out of their Super Saiyan forms and exhaust them, appearing in front of Goten and Trunks before using the Bloody Smash and smashing them on

Bio: _Broly was born in Age 737, during the period of intense turmoil between Frieza and the Saiyans. At birth, his most curious feature was his inordinate power level of 10,000. This anomaly meant that by birth, Broly's power had already been close to that ofBardock and King Vegeta at the time of their deaths. In the Saiyan delivery room where he rests afterward, Broly is tormented by the constant crying of his neighbor, Kakarot. Kakarot's crying affected Broly's psychological state of mind, causing him to hold a subconscious grudge against him. The two infants would not meet again for almost three decades. King Vegeta feared the threat the boy posed to his empire, and so he gave the order for the infant's execution. Broly's father, Paragus, begged the king to spare the child's life, attesting that his son could be an extreme asset to King Vegeta and his son. King Vegeta was quick to point out that while this is true, the same is true that Broly could use his ever-increasing strength to overthrow the Saiyan royal family. King Vegeta closes the argument by sentencing Paragus to death, shooting him with an energy wave. Broly is then stabbed, and left to die with Paragus. When Planet Vegeta is destroyed, Broly ascends and uses his powers to shield himself and his father. Broly then sticks with his father as Paragus plots revenge against King Vegeta and the royal family for the sentence they passed on them. As Broly developed, it became clear to Paragus that King Vegeta was not unjustified in trying to kill him. Broly's behavior became more maniacal and erratic as he matured, due to his power and the traumatic events during his infancy. One such consequence of this was when Broly punched Paragus in the face and blinded him in the left eye. Paragus prepares to place a crown to control Broly on his forehead Fearing for his own safety while considering the possibilities of having Broly's power at his back, Paragus used a ring as a special control device to keep Broly under restraint. Paragus narrowly managed to survive adorning Broly with the ring; Broly's calmness vanished as soon as he noticed the crown that Paragus tried to place on his forehead. After successfully doing so, Paragus launched a plan to  use Earth as a base of operations for universal domination, and to take revenge on Vegeta by luring him to a planet doomed to be destroyed by a giant comet. During this time, he also used Broly to destroy the remaining planets in the South Galaxy, such being the main cause of the realization of disturbance in the universe from King Kai; this caused him to contact Goku and inform him of the Super Saiyan threat. Broly encounters Goku, his sworn enemy, for the first time in 30 years. Broly appears to be a quiet and gentle Saiyan until his personality is later dispelled as a charade caused by the suppression of Broly's ring. He accompanies Vegeta to planet Todokama, ironically in search of the Legendary Super Saiyan. When Goku appears at Paragus' palace after warping to New Vegeta using Instant Transmission, Broly starts to fill with rage at the sight of Goku, before his father finally manages to calm him down. However, that night, Broly fails to control himself and goes into a blind rage, attacking Goku in his suppressed Super Saiyan form. The battle is drawn to an early close when Paragus arrives and is able to once again use his control over Broly. This encounter leaves Goku in surprise and certain that Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan he has been tracking down. When Vegeta tries to leave the planet with the others and Paragus's plan is exposed, Broly starts to walk toward Goku and utter his name in rage. His headband is destroyed and he transforms into the Legendary Super Saiyan, free of Paragus's control. Vegeta is completely shook by Broly's ki and Broly proceeds to fight Goku and the others. Raged beyond control and rampant with insanity, the combined Super Saiyan strength of Goku, Gohan and Future Trunks are futile. Eventually, Piccolo makes an appearance on the battlefield, but he too provides little help against the awesome power of Broly. Soon after, Vegeta dispels from his fear and astonishment and joins the fight, only to be quickly outclassed. While the devastated Z Fighters lie scattered about the rubble of a fallen city, Broly ties one more loose end by confronting Paragus, who is making an attempt to escape the doomed planet in a Saiyan Pod. Broly ignores the fabricated plight of his father, crushing in his arms the Saiyan Pod, and Paragus with it; he muses that Paragus's plan to have the comet kill him would not work. Goku rises one last time and asks his friends to channel all of their energy into him, Vegeta's energy being the final channeling due to his beliefs that he should not assist a lower-class Saiyan. Broly throws a powerful punch to finish Goku, but with the addition of Vegeta's energy, Goku is able to catch Broly's punch. Goku then emits a powerful ki that causes Broly to step back in fear. Realizing the source of Goku's energy, Broly laughs at the idea of Goku being able to kill him before quickly powering up. The two Saiyans charge each other head on, as the planet begins to break apart beneath them. Broly throws a punch at Goku that misses its mark, while Goku lands a powerful blow to Broly's abdomen. Broly's green ki bursts out from the point of impact, and his skin appears to crack as green light emits from his body. Broly then cries out in astonishment and explodes, seemingly defeated._
16 hours ago - Via Community - View - Dark Phang : I did the best I could, the only thing that I messed up was the left eye(please don't hate). :,(
I did the best I could, the only thing that I messed up was the left eye(please don't hate). :,(
18 hours ago - Via Community - View - Ezme Urueta : Emotions and Your Eyes - this is to help you understand and learn. The Body Is the Barometer of the ...
Emotions and Your Eyes - this is to help you understand and learn.
The Body Is the Barometer of the Soul correlates the eyes with the pituitary gland in the brain. 
Her observations on the eyes: 
Your third eye has to do with your inner visions of your soul. It shows you the direction your soul wants to 
go. When you do not understand these visions, you go against the soul’s plan. 
Your eyes are to see what you already know. You see it so you can recall what you need to do. Your eyes 
are your abundance. 
Your eyesight deteriorates because you do not want to see how you waste time when all your outflow is 
concentrated on everything but the present. 
To live in the present – See your direction with your third eye. Organize your time so you can be relaxed 
and in your feelings to just be yourself, then you will outflow with humility from your feelings. 
Color Blindness: Not seeing things as they are. 
Eyes: Not organizing your time so that you can live in the present always. 2
Left Eye: 
Not saying what you feel. 
Being fragmented and not concentrating on your needs. 
Not relaxed when outflowing. 
Not seeing good in things and criticizing as though you are better. 
Not seeing the big picture. 
Closing yourself from seeing the big picture. 
Closing yourself from seeing the future. 
Showing weakness when outflowing. 
Right Eye: 
Not liking the way you do things. 
You are being a perfectionist. 
Not doing things in time. 
Saying you cannot perform what needs to be done. 
Not out flowing what you know. 
Seeing what needs to be done but you cannot see how to do it. 
Thinking that good things do not happen to me. 
Knowing your ability and not doing anything with it. 
Bags Under Your Eyes: 
Holding on to old concepts because you are not regrouping what you have done and learning from it all 
and then giving out that knowledge. When you give out your knowledge, you make it wisdom for yourself. 
Holding on to the concept of not sharing what you know because you are waiting for people to come to 
you and ask for what you know. 
Holding on to the concept of not sharing because others will know more than you. 
Blinking Too Much: 
You run out of time and you do not want to see what you have not done. Because you were being racy, 
you have not planned and visualized your organization. 
Wasting time in between opportunities. 
You are not seeing any future for yourself. 
You are not sharing your knowledge or skills which enables you to take in more new things. 
Stirred up emotions from seeing bad in things stops you from seeing the reality in things. 3
Grey or Black Underneath Eyes: 
 Not wanting to share your wisdom because you are afraid of what others will think of you. 
Itching Eyes: 
Recurring problems of: 
 Not being militant with your timing to achieve more. 
 Not thinking you are doing the things that are best for you. 
 Not seeing what needs to be done. 
 Not thinking you are doing a good job. 
Sty in Eyes: 
 Stagnating – you are keeping thoughts of resentment for too long! 
Tic in Eyes, left eyelid: 
 You are seeing bad in lots of things. This irritation is telling you that you think you are superior to 
Tic in Eyes, under left eye: 
 You are telling yourself that what you have done is superior to others. 
Tic, right eyelid: 
 You want to be perfect, so you are cross with yourself because you have not done something perfectly. 
 You tell yourself that you are inferior. 
Tic, under right eye: 
 Scared that what you have done is not perfect or up to the standard required. Thinking other people’s 
 work will show up as being inferior. 
Watering Eyes: 
 Not able to say what you want to say. 
Flakey skin on Eyelids: 
 Not able to say what you feel because you think you are inadequate or unworthy. 
Protruding Lower Eyelids: 
 You are resenting change. You do not want to say what you feel. 
Red Eyelids: 
 The eye sees and you need to say the feeling of what you see and if you do not, the eyelid is put under 
 pressure by some resentment which stops you from saying the feelings of what you see. 4
Karol Kuhn Truman, author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, has these observations about the eyes: 
Circles Under Eyes: 
 Deep-seated grief 
 Feeling unfulfilled 
 Protracted hostility 
Watery Eyes: 
 Unable to express an inner grief 
 Not wanting to understand what you are seeing 
 Not seeing the truth 
 Fearing the future 
 Not wanting to see life as it is 
 Life is weak and out of focus 
 Not seeing eye to eye with another 
 Not forgiving 
 Inability to see one’s self-worth 
Dr. Robert-Michael Kaplan, author of Seeing Beyond 20-20 has these observations about various sight 
Disorientation of one part of your reality. Nearsightedness in one particular thread or part of your life. 
Restriction or fear in one of the ways you see. 
Lesson: Open up to the future in one area of your life. Stretch yourself beyond believes of what’s possible in a 
particular part of your seeing. 
Clouding or blocking out of life. You avoid seeing what there is to look at in your life. 
Lesson: Issues need to be looked at. Clean up the aspects of life that are clouding your view of what’s important. 
Corneal Conditions: 
Blocking off power. Fear of loss of power. Seeing again. 
Lesson: Reclaim personal power and vision. 5
Eye Turning: 
Blocking of energy. Can’t cope mechanism. Life’s too much, too complicated for you to deal with. 
Lesson: Learn cooperation and partnership between self and the world. Accept and love self and others. 
Eye Turning Inward: 
Overcompensation or excessive focusing. 
Lesson: Relax and look out. 
Eye Turning Outward: 
Spacing out. Drifting away. 
Lesson: Stay centered. Focus on details. 
Fear of seeing the present. “I have to see out in the future.” Anger towards self or others. Pushing space and 
people away. Wanting to break out and be independent. 
Lesson: Career or relationship changes may be important. Learn about commitment. Be connected to the 
Feeling filled with internal pressure, like you are exploding. You’re rushed. You’re overly inside yourself. 
You’re closed off. 
Lesson: Let go. Be free and flowing. 
Lazy Eye: 
Laziness to receive or express vision. Turning off of energy. An avoidance of truth, unacceptance. 
Lesson: Strive for balance. Open up to your blocks to learning in life. 
Macular Degeneration: 
Loss of the central theme of life. Not seeing the point of living. “Spacing out is what life’s about.” 
Lesson: Reconnect to the central focus of life. 
Fear of seeing the future, pulling inward to self. “I am afraid to see what’s out there.” 
Lesson: Reach for your dream. Push outward. Learn about creating space. Confront your power. 
Retinal Detachment: 
Feeling separate, unloved. Losing touch with the outside. Not wishing to see outside your immediate line of 
Lesson: Stay connected with others, particularly outside your immediate sphere of activity. 
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18 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Sage Uchiha : “Self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow… That is a true shinobi." ...
“Self-sacrifice… A nameless shinobi who protects peace within its shadow… That is a true shinobi."
Name: Sage Uchiha
Aliases: Indra Reincarnate, Traitor of the Uchiha
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Village: Iwagakure (Formerly of Konohagaukre)
Birthdate: March 21
Appearance: Sage has long black hair that comes a little bit past his shoulders. His build use to be lean but due to rigorous training and self-torment, his body is ripped every muscle toned and defined. He stands at 6 feet evenly without his shoes, though from word of mouth most would imagine him to be much taller. His most distinguishing feature that most don’t get to see is the tattoo’s that start at his shoulders and run down to his wrists. On both arms, a snake with eight heads is tattooed from the shoulders down covering the whole arm. The snake heads all converge on his wrists, unhinging their jaws all at once as if they were going to devour his hands. These tattoos are rarely seen except in battle, due to his want to remain unnoticeable. He usually keeps them wrapped up or covered with long sleeves. Being a pure blooded Uchiha, Sage has the blackest eyes ever seen in the clan in a long time. They are pure black like looking into an abyss, and they’re glossy a shiny pool of darkness reflecting a person’s soul back to them.
Personality: While Sage is a powerful shinobi, he showed no arrogance and often commended his opponents on their abilities. Likewise, despite his own impressive abilities, Sage never underestimated his opponents. Because of his pacifist nature, Sage took no enjoyment in violence or combat, instead preferring to avoid battle or, if not possible, end it as quickly as he could. Sage is known to be a highly perceptive, observant, and intelligent individual due to his quick wits and ability to keep a clear head during battle, he would rarely be deceived or caught off guard, only showing surprise when opponents proved more powerful than expected, and even then not losing his composure.
Weight: 210
Twin Kusanagi: Two swords forged by Sage with a rare resource he found when he was about 9 years old. Obsidian, a potentially indestructible ingredient. The blades are black with a glossy sheen like Sage’s eyes but for the most part have no special properties. The hilt is a snake with its mouth unhinged to reveal the blade itself. The blades are among the sharpest of swords ever created, Sage was truly lucky to have made something so great. If a flaw exist in those swords it hasn’t been found yet. He keeps the swords on his back, acting as a shield from sneak attacks.
Paralysis Poison: A concoction Sage made to dip all his bladed weapons in. It’s created from some of the most dangerous herbs from all of the lands, it cannot kill except in extremely large doses. He saturates all his kunai, shuriken and his swords in this poison. When an enemy is cut the poison gets into the blood stream causing paralysis in the area that has been cut. Cutting things like the neck can cause the muscles to contract and halt the breathing of an enemy, which is one of the most effective ways to use his poison. But frequent cutting can cause full body paralysis, so far 7 strikes is the limit someone has gone before their bodies were paralyzed.
Collapsible Gunbai: This isn’t really something Sage uses as a primary resource in battle, but it has proven useful over his years as a ninja. This Gunbai is special to him because it was his first creation as a child. The older he’s gotten the more changes he’s made to it, but it still holds the signature of the snake he put on it at the top when he was 10. Its primary function now that he’s older is to augment the power of his wind nature. Coupled with his natural gift at fire style has proven to be a destructive force for him.
Chakra Natures: Fire, Wind
Chakra Transformations: None
Kekkai Genkai:
Sharingan: Using it, he gains access to the dōjutsu's generic abilities such as seeing chakra, predicting movements, and placing a victim under paralyzing genjutsu with just a single glance. He reached the stage where he could even have his Sharingan activated for extended periods of time, with minimal drain on his chakra levels.
Mangekyo Sharingan: An ability activated by the killing of his father. With his left and right he has 2 techniques between them. None of which are genjutsu based, since his skills were never really that proficient in genjutsu. Combining both eyes allows for the creation of his very own Susanoo. His Susanoo is like the Uchiha of old, it’s full bodied not containing just an upper body but legs as well.
Pressurized Wind Displacement: With this particular technique using his left eye, the air around an enemy becomes pressurized and attacks with high speeds leaving deep lacerations. It can also be used to send an enemy airborne, or propel them in any direction. While this technique is being used on an enemy their air around them gets loud making it hard for them to hear and because of the high speeds, movement on the part of the enemy becomes extremely hard to do.
Temporal Distortion: Using his right eye, this technique allows Sage to teleport anywhere he sets his sights on. He can teleport up to 5 times before he has to recharge his eye. It also acts as a defensive skill opening up temporal rifts to send incoming attacks and enemies to different areas on the battlefield. This technique has to go through a cool down every time it’s used because it uses a lot of chakra. (5 comment cool down)
Full Bodied Susanoo: Sage’s Susanoo is black and stands upright with a face similar to Sasuke’s Susanoo. It has four arms that separate at the elbow, on the left side one hand holds a ball of pressurized wind. The hand below that holds a ball of fire that burns a scarlet red and can be controlled but only while in Susanoo form. On the right side the black Susanoo holds a scythe that’s double ended. Its armor is a little funny because it isn’t black, it drapes over the black Susanoo with a blue overlay. It’s bulky in its armor and it wears a hood concealing the face and only showing a slit with glowing red eyes. Its shoulders are rounded with scythe like blades sticking out of the top of them. This Susanoo is also capable of using the Yasaka Magatama technique.
Reaper Death Scythe: The weapon held by Sage’s susanoo. Its name is taken from the Reaper Death Seal, so it can be concluded that it has some similarities. Sage’s scythe seals its opposition, the first cut from the scythe eats the chakra from the cut area. A second cut on the same place seals the particular area cut. (For example a second cut on the enemies leg will result it being sealed like orochimaru’s arms.)
Forbidden Secret Technique: Life Sized Susanoo: This technique was created by Sage to solve the problem of Susanoo’s mobility. This technique shrinks the Susanoo and it becomes a sort of exoskeleton for the user, essentially making the user their own Susanoo. Naturally this comes with a great many enhancements but also comes with an extreme cost. Using Susanoo already uses a lot of chakra and puts a strain on the body, using this makes that strain and chakra drain even greater. This technique is only for those who have the life force and chakra to sustain this form, the strain on the body is unavoidable, but can be dulled through superior physical training. Sage prefers this style of his Susanoo over the larger scaled version, given his time with the technique he has been able to counter act the strain on his body through training.
Abilities & Skills:
Genius Intellect: By all accounts Sage is a genius, a prodigy since birth, his keen intellect has never paled in comparison to anyone. Showing a particular grand skill for analysis in battle it made him a great tactician, picking opponents apart before the first punch was thrown.
Legendary Ken & Taijustu: His greatest asset’s in battle are his fist and his swords. It’s very contradictory how someone who pleads the case of a pacifist is so expertly skilled with his fist. An ability he has honed so that he wouldn’t have to kill anyone, his fist are just as lethal as any sword but he rather incapacitate than kill. His swords are his most treasured possession, he’s killed with them before but only out of necessity. He usually only uses his swords for training, practicing his execution and precision movement.
Master Ninjutsu: Sage has mastered both his elements and is very capable of using them both at will. With a keen understanding of how chakra works and how the natures can feed off of each other, or potentially destroy one another, he is the equal of a master without having mastered all chakra natures.
Chuunin Level Genjutsu: Sage never showed a knack for genjutsu, though it would have been good for him to learn. His knowledge of genjutsu is vast, but his ability to perform them stops just shy of special jounin, leaving his genjutsu ability in the chuunin rankings. Which doesn’t bother him at all, he doesn’t really like genjutsu anyway and prefers to knock someone out quickly then toy around with their minds.
Snake Summoning: Something he picked up along his travels was a snake contract. It wasn’t his first choice as he would have much rather found a wolf or dog contract but he settled for what he had. Which turned out to be good for him, he earned the respect of the snakes and even paid multiple visits to Ryuchi Cave. He even made a friend out of one of the snakes, who eventually became what Gamabunta became to Jiraya and Gamakichi to Naruto.
Large Chakra Reserves/Life Force: Sage has very large pools of chakra even by Uchiha standards. Presumably having to do with his lineage, he also has a very big life force, able to recover from very grave injuries. This always led him to think somewhere in his bloodline was a Senju or Uzumaki, but he was never able to prove it or find out.
Bio: Sage was raised around war and genocide, though he was born to konoha he was frequently on the road with his family. Sadly, while on the road he witnessed deaths of all varieties and in huge numbers. This made Sage a pacifist, he had no desire to become a shinobi that lived to slaughter others. He retreated away from reality in his studies, he had a genius level IQ from a very young age and because of that it isolated him from the children of his age group. He became interested in the history of his ancestors while children his age were most interested in playing around. He became isolated from everyone including his family, it got to the point where he didn’t even care about making friends. He graduated the academy at 7 and mastered his sharingan at 8. Passed the chuunin exam at 11 and was leader of his own squad a year later. At 14 he was recruited into the anbu and given his own squad to command. Sage was always a calm and courteous young man and that often caught people off guard. He did everything he had to, to maintain peace. Sage was very diplomatic and had the capacity to become the Hokage one day. But upon receiving a mission to massacre an uprising, he lost himself. He fulfilled his mission alone, and returned with darker eyes than he left with. Afterwards he left the Leaf, unable to face anyone there after realizing that this wasn’t going to be the last time something like this happened. When he ran from the village he was forced to cut down his father, who was sent by the Hokage to stop Sage from leaving. This sad moment in his life unlocked his Mangkeyo sharingan and tormented him for years to come. After killing his father he buried him not far outside the village, but not before taking his eyes and preserving them for when he needed them in the future. Though Sage is a pacifist and would much rather solve things without violence, he is far from naïve and he knows that sometimes he will be forced to fight. In which case he tries his best to end all fights quickly, as he had not inherited his clans Curse of Hatred he had no desire to fight. After leaving the village at 16 he lived his life abroad before finally settling in Iwagakure at 22. Where he has been able to live his life in peace since then.
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i luv me some left eye she my favorite an i love the rest of them
22 hours ago - Via Community - View - Hayzie Taylor Scott : Confession I'm blind in my left eye...
Confession I'm blind in my left eye...
23 hours ago - Via - View - Whirl Wind- Jasmine Carlisle : name: Whirl Wind age: 19 species: werepony pegasus cutie mark: tornado abilities: super speed when it...
name: Whirl Wind
age: 19
species: werepony pegasus
cutie mark: tornado
abilities: super speed when it comes to running
bio: it was  a year ago, I was walking around Ponyville at night and it was a beautiful night and oh how I loved it so. I past around the Everfree Forest and I heard howling and it wasn't a normal howl curiosity gets the best of me and I investigate. As a look I saw a werepony staring at me with red-blood eyes without a second it attack me making three claw marks in my left eye and left. The next day I was at the hospital with a bandage covering my eye, he doctor told me that somepony found me laying on the floor and took me in the hospital. A month past and it was a full moon I receive my first transformation. I'm the type of werepony can control this side me. Any way I decided to run away and try to find ponies who were like me, I travel far and wide when I found this empire with ponies who were just like me and I decided to live here. 
personality: kind, loyal, does as an attitude problem 
likes: anime, manga
dislikes: rude ponies
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1 day ago - Via Community - View - Annie Hastur : In order to freak everyone out, I completely changed my appearance. I dyed my hair black (and damn it...
In order to freak everyone out, I completely changed my appearance.
I dyed my hair black (and damn it looks natural), and I put on black eyeliner. I am wearing this white hoodie and black jeans, and I got my hair covering my left eye.
Now to start drawing weird things and freak everyone out.
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For the most part, "Waterfalls" should be performed by  TLC .  Bette Midler , however, is an exception, because the 68-year-old's cover of  Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins ,   Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas   and the late   Left "Eye" Lopes ' 1995 single is a fresh, soulfu...
For the most part, "Waterfalls" should be performed by TLC. Bette Midler, however, is an exception, because the 68-year-old's cover of Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and the late Left "Eye" Lopes' 1995 single...
1 day ago - Via - View - Nidajfioll Kurura Ramurna Akten Siz'Halka : Name: Baroness Elise Von Nashor Gender: Female Race: Arrancar Affiliation: Las Noches Rank: Major...
Name: Baroness Elise Von Nashor

Gender: Female

Race: Arrancar

Affiliation: Las Noches

Rank: Major Arrancar Soldier

Zanpakuto Name: Uzui Maka
Zampakuto Description:
A very long spike, hard to use for everyone but her due to it's size, she's one of the few Arrancar that has not a Katana-like Zampakuto

>Zanjutsu Legend
>Cero Master
>Hakuda Expert:

A tall and slender young girl that looks about 16 years old.
She has a kinda normal outfit except for some distinctive adds.
She has a white tophat with a black line at the base, an eyepatch on the left eye and a long baton with a stilized snake wrapping around the sphere on the top, the same baton is her Zampakuto.
She wears a normal Arrancar suit but with a white cloack on it where there's drawed a still unknown symbol probably a reminiscence of her past life.

Her eyes are crimson red and her hairs silvery white, her right hand fingers have a finger only clawed gold glove, this could be again another reminiscence

Doppelt: her Reiatsu cteates ethereal clones of her spikes that disappear once they hit something

Her hands are enveloped in her Reiatsu that makes ethereal blades around them, these blades can be used till the effect finishes

Note: She never used Resurreccion yet

Mercyless and easily irritable Elise acts just like when she was alive, her sword has slain many Shinigamis and this earned her high respect even from the Espadas, she's considered the strongest Arrancar aside from the Espadas.

She was the daughter of the rich Baron Daniel Von Nashor, born during the Third Reich her father died when she was 10 assasinated by Anti-Nazist groups, she immediately took the power seeking and killing the assassins, she highly contribuited to the first part of the war against the Americans, and when the war ended, she was captured and doomed to Capital Punishment.

When she died instead of calming her angerr grew, she voluntarily accepted the Hollowfication and quickly became an Adjucha assimilating anything, Shinigamis, Plus, Hollows, anything that could make her power grow, when Sosuke stole the Hogyouku she was choosed between the first 20, in fact she is commonly considered Arrancar 11 and even miscalled "Espada"
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Full Name: Tero

Code Name: Death Walker

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Demon

Good/Evil: Evil

Slayer/Protector: Slayer and protector. Depends for who.


Birthday: N/A

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Orange (First form. Gets darker as he evolves)

Height: 8'2

Appearance: Orange skin, scars all over (large scars on his chest from left to right, his upper left arm and one on his left eye.) He has four arms total. His two right arms are robotic and pulsing green. They had a large green pulsing cord on it. Top from elbow to shoulder and bottom from elbow to middle spine. Most of his right side was also robotic. He had a six pack and his chest was buff. His face was also scarred up and his right side of the face was robotic. His right eye was blank white and his right was orange. His hair was spikey black and he was 8'2 feet tall. He wears a ivory heavy armor all the time.


Occupation: Hunted

Personality: Calm, soothing, quiet, slow, mad, raging.

Likes: Meditating, fighting, sleeping, training, being alone.

Dislikes: Rude people, sarcastic people, Hunters, crowds.

Relationships: N/A


Status: Alive

Weapon: Ivory Great sword, Ivory war pillar, Cestus.

Power: Super strength, Super speed, Teleportation, Evolution (Up to five), Flames and titan form.

Limit on Power: Energy is low, calm, bored, tired and when he is taken down.


History/Biography: (Will be told in RP when you make him give it up.)

(Extra pictures of his robotic arms and his weapons.)
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