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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: Left Eye (Search this on MAP) ceci frenguelli : WILL YOU ADOPT ME EVEN IF I ONLY HAVE ONE EYE? At just 2 months of age, I lost my eye. My name is Froto...

At just 2 months of age, I lost my eye. My name is Froto and I desperately need a home where I will be safe and loved for the rest of my days. Will you please ADOPT me?

Please EMAIL all questions to

I was just a tiny girl when I was found abandoned at a temple. I was wandering around, totally lost and lonely. I had terrible problems with my eyes. Fortunately, a kind person called the Soi Dog shelter and they came and picked me up.

I was started on treatment for my painful eye infections but it was sadly too late to save my left eye. Thanks to people like you though, I am alive and have been given a second chance. I am now ready for a home of my own.

I am about 4 months old now and the people here tell me I am so very sweet. There are so many other cats here with me now; I just long to be taken out of here and into a home of my own. Can YOU do that for me?

I can easily travel to Canada, the U.S. or Europe. Please adopt me. PLEASE EMAIL to find out what to do next.
24 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Ƭιccι Ƭσву (Rσgєяѕ) : Name: Toby "Ticci Toby" Rogers Age: 16 Height: 5'10" or 178cm Weight: 146lbs or 66.22kg Species: Human...
Name: Toby "Ticci Toby" Rogers
Age: 16
Height: 5'10" or 178cm
Weight: 146lbs or 66.22kg
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Abilities: No pain, no physical feelings
Weapons: Two hatchets, one is brand new with a orange handle and a sharp blade ,and the other is old with a wooden handle but a sharp blade
Killing Method: 1.) A quick slice to the waist line 2.) A quick slice to the throat 3.) Rapidly hitting the chest or stomach with both or one hatchet 4.) Throwing one to the leg of a running victim and jumping onto their back and chopping into the back of their head 5.) A chop to the head or heart
Personality: Out going (with his friends that is), funny, mischievous, and weirdish

Bio: "I-I've had a really r-rough childhood. I w-was bullied because of s-something I c-couldn't control. And my sister d-died in a car accident, after s-she died my f-father became an abusive d-drunk and beaten me, but it didn't matter much, couldn't feel any pain with this disease I had. Sometimes I would nibble on my hands and accidentally bite off a little piece of my own flesh. One day, I saw something, a tall man with no face w-what so ever. I felt insane after that e-encounter, I went downstairs a-and grabbed a kitchen knife and killed my f-father. After that my mom walked in, oh t-the look of h-horror on her face, I didn't want to cause pain for her, I ran to the garage and grabbed the gas canister and dumped gasoline inside the kitchen and lit it on fire, after I lit it on fire I grabbed my f-father's two hatchets and tried to escape, b-but it was too l-late. The fire had spread around me, I was trapped, I saw the tall man with no face again, i-in the fire with me. The next second I know I'm safely away from the fire. The tall man with no face took me to his home, a mansion, the size of it at first glance was humongous. Inside were just like me, sorta. There was this kid named Jeff the Killer, he didn't tell me much of what happened to him, except the fact he killed his whole family and went killing sprees and cut his cheeks and cut off his eye lids. The other person their named Jane the Killer, she had a pretty normal life until Jeff came in and ruined it, he made her who she is now. The thing named BEN.... I didn't talk to him yet, but he clearly loves to play video games. There's this dog named Smile Dog, he's red and black and has a wide smile on his face, he likes Jeff a lot so I just Jeff is like his owner. There's this really fun person named Laughing Jack, he was forgotten and kills just children, also likes candy, that's all I really know, he didn't tell much. The Eyeless Jack person just creeps the absolute shit outta me, he rarely ever talks and literally went straight up to my face and smelled me. Also there's two workmates there, Masky and Hoodie. Masky does a lot of paper work and stuff. Me and Hoodie do the physical stuff. Hoodie like never talks, but treats me like a brother same as Masky. Masky hates me, I can tell, I mean I annoy him a lot. One day while I was wondering the woods I saw this girl, I thought she was one of those towns girl, so I tried to sneak up on her, but I stepped on a puddle and alerted her. She immediately turned around with her knifes at the ready. We just stared at each other for what seemed like ages. She was very different from other girls. She wore a white tank-top, loose navy-colored sweater, black pants, combat boots, and fingerless black gloves. She has hazel-colored hair, her right eye is an emerald-green and her left eye was a small clock that was ticking. What surprised me the most was the eyewatch thing and she had sewed parts of her cheeks. She wasn't a towns girl. I slowly put my two hatchets away and slowly towards her. She calmly put her knifes away as I got closer. I asked her what happened, after s he told me what happened then I asked her if she was alone and if wanted to come live in a mansion with others that would accept her for what she has done and for who she is. She agreed to live there. I walked her down to the mansion and told her what happened to me. I have to admit, I grew a crush on her and I think she grew a little something for me as well. When we got to the mansion, I knocked on the door and Slender answered and looked the girl than back to me and asked me who she was, I told him everything and he aloud her to stay for as long as she wants to. Now I live with people in a giant mansion that share the same things as me. I love it here, a family that accepted me for who I am. It warmed my heart. Though I do miss my mom and sister."
2 hours ago - Via Community - View - Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust - Eye Care & Services to Humanity : Diksha Lodhi, 8 year old girl, had lost her eyesight two years ago due to chickenpox because of which...
Diksha Lodhi, 8 year old girl, had lost her eyesight two years ago due to chickenpox because of which she could not go to school, play or go about her routine chores as she would often bump into walls.
As Diksha’s family was residing in Indore (M.P.), Diksha was examined and operated for her Right Eye Cataract. The cost of the operation for Right eye was Rs.40,000/- which impacted her father who earns his livelihood through hard physical labour. A few months later her family moved to their native village Pooniyakhedi in Taalbhet block of Lalitpur district, Uttar Pradesh.

Diksha’s Uncle Mr. Bundel Singh Lodhi who was familiar with SSNC had his eye examined a few years ago. He came to know of an eye camp to be organized on 5th February, 2016 by SSNC at Chanderi which is 20-25 kms from his village Puniyakhedi. Mr.Lodhi convinced Diksha’s parents to get her examined at the camp. After preliminary examination, she was referred to base hospital at Children’s Eye Care Center at SSNC, Anandpur for thorough examination and was posted for LE Cataract Surgery free of cost. On 6th Febraury 2016, Diksha was operated and showed satisfactory recovery. The next day when the patch from her left eye was unfolded she was very happy to see everything clearly again. Her uncle thanked everyone at SSNC for the support.

‪#‎Anandpur‬ ‪#‎Eradicationofblindness‬ ‪#‎SSNC‬ ‪#‎Cataract‬
3 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - shiva mahadeva : Accidental. I do not like japanese. But there is 2 japan girls who I like. Su metal and another. Su ...
I do not like japanese. But there is 2 japan girls who I like.
Su metal and another. Su metal has dot under left eye.
The another one has 3 dot under left eye.
Sure accidental
lol humanoids. Better name blinde droids.
4 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Coffee : ((I'm not sure if i'm doing anything wrong or not.. Just tell me.. Achievement unlocked, first profile...
((I'm not sure if i'm doing anything wrong or not.. Just tell me.. Achievement unlocked, first profile from a normal member..And it's late at night too.))

01. ▌ Basic Information⇣⇣ 
» Quote: "If you ain't worthy of takin' my bullets, i'll cut your fingers off and feed 'em to my junkyard dog biscuit. Ain't nothin' personal, just for good enjoyment and good pay." 

» Name: Rentaro  

» Age: 19

» Affilation: Neutral Evil

» Alias: Black Bullet

» Title: N/A

» Gender: Male

» Family/Gang: Takeuchi Family

» Durability Tier: 10-A

» Destructive Tier: 10-A

02. ▌ Physical Details⇣⇣ 
» Hair Color: Dark Blue

» Eye Color: Amber

» Build: Rentaro is 5'11" and average build.

» Physical Deformities/Alterations: None

03. ▌ Biographical Details⇣⇣
» Race: Human

» Rank: ??? (halp)

» Powers: 
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Gunmanship

» Personality: Rentaro, whilst seemingly low-tempered, he has a soft side for puppies. He treats everyone outside of his organization with a cold heart, and with no care. Rentaro often questions humanity, life, and death. When if tough situations, Rentaro always remains calm, even if the situation is life threatening. 

» Relationships: None

» Biography: At the age of six, Rentaro's parents passed away, leaving him at the care of Kikunojou Tendo, who wantonly welcomed him into the Tendo family with open arms. However, as tears dropped down his face, Rentaro held a burned charcoal in his hands as he ran from the funeral of both his parents telling himself that his parents were in fact alive and that he will find them. Years later, living with Tendo, Rentaro dropped out of school and started to smuggle drugs. He created his own personal gang in order for him to make money more easily whilst selling drugs. Things got a little difficult with the feds so sadly, Rentaro out of trust issues, killed his gang members and went hiding away for years, still not to be found. Rentaro discovered he was skilled in guns and his accuracy was pin-point. He was being hired to assassinate, all for good pay. He's been doing that for a while, until he eventually stopped.. Rentaro was finally caught by the feds. He was in a stand off with the police and SWAT and dealing with  automatic weapons and helicopters. Rentaro was with his pistol and behind a car. Rentaro knew this was the end of his life so he got from behind the car and fired as many shots as he could. He killed 5 cops, but was shot 29 times... Rentaro woke up, thinking of was dead, but he was in a lab. Apparently, he was attending the personal "The New Human Creation Plan". His life changed completely after that, and he joined a mafia. Rentaro gained manners, decency, intelligence, a heart, and only killed when he had to, not for the love of money. This is the life Rentaro wanted to live.. One he didn't have to murder his friends to hide from the feds.. Rentaro got caught again, but things changed a bit this time. With a smile on his face and before the bullets can reach him, Rentaro's left eye releases a glow and allows him to stop the bullet midway. As he releases the bullet from his grip, the skin encompassing his arm begins to deteriorate. Just then, Rentaro reveals his Varanium-infused limbs, informing cops that he is a Mechanical Soldier from the New Human Creation Plan. Rentaro woke up in his room, not remembering anything that after that day..

04. ▌ Equipment/Items⇣⇣
» Weapons: 

[Springfield XD (スプリングフィールドXD Supuringuhuīrudo XD]:  Rentaro is in possession of a, as he states, 'normal black gun'. He carries the gun on the back of his pants, using it when he is the midst of a fight. He has shown great mastery over said weapon, shooting a helicopter down easily repeatedly without showing any signs of fatigue and with the ability to maintain his stability throughout the process. With his gun, Rentaro's main projectiles of choice are Black Bullets, which are created from the very same object that destroys heavy vehicles easily, Varanium. He himself states that with said bullets, helicopters and cars will instantly go down; giving him the upper hand when in combat. These Black Bullets were able to harm a tank greatly.. This has limitations though. Rentaro only carries a few Black Bullets, because they're hard to make.

[His mechanical arm]: This counts as a weapon, I suppose. This arm is strong enough to have a 2 story building collapse.. It has limitations though. The longer the use of the arm, the weaker it'll get.

» Armor: None

» Clothing: Rentaro dons a black suit covering his body entirely.

» Appearance: Rentaro Satomi is a young teen of small frame and messy dark blue hair, with slightly slanted eyes and blue irises. His dark blue hair partially covers the whole of his forehead; reaching down below his eyes with a parted set of bangs untidily forming. Rentaro possesses thick sideburns connected to his hair which hang loose around his cheekbones on either side. Further; several strands of his unkempt hair, having gaps in several locations, arch around his thin eyebrows and hover on top of his thick eyelashes. His nose serves as roof to thin lips and a small jawline. He has small ears and normal-sized feet. Despite his profession, Rentaro shows no scars in any visible part of his body.
Rentaro dons a black suit covering his body entirely. The jacket, which he leaves open with solely one button connecting the two sides in the center, displays a much lighter color in the inside; resembling the color light blue. On the right side, there's a strap of the same light blue color linearly craved from the collar of the jacket to the bottom. Additionally, the inner collar displays thin black lines similar to the ones on the strap. Underneath the jacket, there is a notable white shirt with a large turtle neck held together by a black tie around his neck. Around his wrist, Rentaro keeps the large blue cuff, with a small white line circling around the middle, folded accordingly. The shirt underneath the jacket is kept in messy standards, as one of the sides is inside the pants whilst the other is left out in the open. Rentaro's lower body is sheltered by a pair of pants that are held around his waist by a blue belt with a small white line encompassing around the center; serving as a form of adornment. The back of the black pants show two pockets, each serving as inventory for his wallet containing his Civil Security license. He travels around in high black shoes that have a much lighter color at the bottom.
» Items of Interest: None

» Ultimate Ability: Blue Fire Beam Emission

4 hours ago - Via Community - View - Việt Nam Vòng Quanh Thế Giới : Starving Sea Lion Pup Found Sleeping In Restaurant Dining Booth Jason Wells BuzzFeed News Reporter ...
Starving Sea Lion Pup Found Sleeping In Restaurant Dining Booth
Jason Wells
BuzzFeed News Reporter

Mike Aguilera / AP
A starving eight-month-old sea lion pup found sleeping in a dining booth at an upscale oceanside restaurant north of San Diego, California, on Thursday is getting some off-menu chow at a different table.
The female pup, which was severely underweight and dehydrated, was discovered at The Marine Room in La Jolla, famous for its water’s-edge location and waves slapping against the windows.
It’s not clear how the sickly little sea lion, which weighed about 20 pounds — half of what she should weigh at her age — was able to get inside. The pup was taken to SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue Center in San Diego, where experts started her on fluids and are dressing her left eye, which was being drained of fluids, the local CBS affiliate reported.

Experts said they are cautiously optimistic about her recovery.
The sea lion pup is part of a larger problem afflicting pups up and down the coast of California.
Pups have been washing ashore in record numbers due to abnormally warm Pacific waters and a lack of food sources for nursing mothers. The result has been a nonstop rescue effort as the malnourished pups come ashore, desperate for food as their mothers leave for longer periods of time to find prey that has become ever scarcer.

The Marine Mammal Center reported rescuing more than 1,800 marine mammals in 2015, breaking nearly every record in its 40-year history.

Photos from Bernard Guillas's Facebook post
Watch the video: Starving Sea Lion Pup Found Sleeping In Restaurant Dining Booth
Starving Sea Lion Pup Found Sleeping In Restaurant Dining Booth Jason Wells BuzzFeed News Reporter Mike Aguilera / AP A starving eight-month-old sea lion pup found sleeping in a dining booth at an upscale oceanside restaurant north of San Diego, California, on Thursday is getting some off-menu chow at a different table. The female pup, which was severely underweight and dehydrated, was discovered at The Marine Room in La Jolla, famous for its water’s-edge location and waves slapping against the windows. It’s not clear how the sickly little sea lion, which weighed about 20 pounds — half of what she should weigh at her age — was able to get inside. The pup was taken to SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue Center in San Diego, where experts started her on fluids and are dressing her left eye, which was being drained of fluids, the local CBS affiliate reported. Experts said they are cautiously optimistic about her recovery. The sea lion pup is part of a larger problem afflicting pups up and dow...
4 hours ago - Via - View - 50c 3 and 3 Against Lucas Killing Art : As i walk through the valley of FORCED death, by a dirty state avocate, who hid away with a bunch of...
As i walk through the valley of FORCED death, by a dirty state avocate,
who hid away with a bunch of colored,indian and gay church people, and with a colored town Wentworth KZN. Coupled with 2 of my mothers sisiters and there children.  GET A SHIELD FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN IS THE 2016 KILLING SHOW BRAG TO ME.

Well this is a very real true story, that has taken place since 2006, and all behind our backs. It is now 2016 so its taken me a good few years to see how they have kiled us, and by force and for the sickest worst reasons anyone could imagine.

I am the eldest of my family, we was just 3 children from my dad Danny Dempsey, and he likewise did not have any family of his own blood. We lived our own lives us 3 siblings and have always never mixed with the main families that have added the force to have us all killed.

They have forced a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, AND A GENOCIDE CASE OF THE 1ST IN SOUTH AFRICA. In fact what they have done to me and my 4 children and my 4 grandchildren no human could ever treat a ANIMAL IN THIS MANNER. ME AND MY FAMILY OF 8 ARE TREATED WORSE THAN A ANIMAL, IN FACT IN SOUTH AFRICA ANIMALS ARE TREATED BETTER THAN US.

I HAVE been fighting to show this case, and as one can imagine they are still 11/02/2016 forcing us into this killing fields.


We had a huge domestic family abuse argument in our home, which spilled over to a neigbour, cause i asked TO USE A TELEPHONE.
AND a gun a small 2.2 gun was used and a human was shot in the bottocks, in the end of this domestic violence that turned into a state crime.


We faced the shooting of a firearm OR the discharge of a gun court case, as it was when the new gun laws had just been enforced.

BUT litle did we know that they had all done this behind our backs, they had got all people who hated us, to add to this crime and all are doing various crimminal tacttics on us till today.

They got all sorts to do us harm, they then got a muslims to aid them with the gun they choose to kill us. The du bai muslims are the only culture in the world that is obssessed with this NEW WORLD ORDER TAGG SYSTEM, no other place really goes this far for this, unless you are a huge political and a president, like in USA with the Rothchilds.

Funny enough at the same time, this muslim people of the world created a series THE WAKE UP PROJECT, which was sent all around the muslim families in KZN, as we are KZN. 

Most european and all the creeds here, do not go looking and researching this sad INHUMANE SYSTEM, I SUPPOSE THAT IS WHY IT IS BANNED BANNED IN THE WORLD.

They really on defy, and got a muslim family i worked for in Amanzimtoti KZN and a man a muslim man i had a once or twice sex with, to bring in this gun.

THIS GUN, is a small tagg the size of human hair, that fits like a contact lens to the back of your eye, it carries a blip, a gis/gps radio tracker signal, and fitted with a camera and a audio pick up.


One has to wear glasses or else one does not have to see a optician, we all wear glasses and most of my children have eye stigmatation and color blindness, this tagg is the most INHUMAN THING SINCE GAS CHAMBER WITH ADOLF HITLER.

This muslim men proudly all bragged and new that i first was fitted with this tagg by a indian , why a indian optician, cause they cheap and would always do consultations that remained in medical aid proportions. But the indian muslim optician a Z Khan from Montclair Mall is the main optician, and naturally the families Jack Suliman and a Raffik Sulliman are all muslim and i suppose all families, SA indian families born and breed, but i suppose all muslims say the the arabs of the world.

This tagg was brought in by this country the UAE, very proudly, under the term this is MUSLIM KANGAROO CORRECT WAY IN SOUTH AFRICA.

In my case they are personal with a child from my moms sister, she is a white homosexual lady and has been there personal companion as we are not there family or friends. We do not mix with muslim people as normal living law abiding SA people.

This white woman, who is not a relative to us by natural living, she a lady Marcel Van As is just a name to my party of 8 untill 11/02/2016
And due to the fact of what they wanted done to us, had to get a moms eldest sister a M.Hurter and her children involved, they also in fact are just a name to our ears, as we also do not know them.

So this white indian lady Marcel happily brings in this tagg and them via du bai into South Africas land and border boundries.

I go to the optician as my eyes are trouble eyes, and that day, when my pressure of my eyes was tested as a normal pressure test, which did not have to be done by age or optical requirements, i felt my left eye feel like a spec of sand had been shot into it.
I told the very young muslim man Z Khan, hey that does not feel correct, for the reply no its just the feeling of the air in the pump.

But it did not feel correct and of course no human would ever in life assume a tagg with this disgusting INHUMANE CAUSE IT GETS WORSE... thing was in living existence.

No human in a balanced mind would assume that they was putting this into ones eye, let alone accept that humans proudly are using and making this. And they reasons for the tagg and to force it futher meaning still install taggs on all my children and my little grandchildren as they was born in a hospital, that is HOW SICK SICK INHUMANE AND SAD... CRIME AGAINST SOUTH AFRICA, MALICE TO MY VERY CORE OF ANC AND MY COUNTRY.

So i did not know then that this muslim indian optician had done this, well he had, and all the taggs, becaue they bragg THEY HAVE SHIELD THEY HAVE A UMBRELLA AND THAT IS THE STATE AVO AND PROSSECUTOR, AND AGAIN THIS is not all just this band of sick dirty humans, who write and brag


SO this asd thing is driven by proud bragg only cause the tagg which is a gun is in the human or little childrens eyes.

To run this it naturally is server based computer running thing, cause it needs the gis/gps/radio bands for tracking and is made to be a solo powered tagg driven by human shit and light, so that no batteries is required. It has taken me since 2007 to find this tagg and its make up and its harm, cause a human body can not have a foregin object installed with no side effects.

This tyrannist geocide proud group of pain drivers, we the human microwave cookers, we the shape shifters, we the guardians of the sky, we see through your eyes, we see your soul, we you, we the identity stealers, we will take your living worth and name.

In fact the tagg is used for all they could get in on there big mafia don families praise, because they make sure that they tell every human in the country that they did this, and all must do and take from us as they please, we the dagga muels who will carry this tagg killing theme for all that have joined lent a hand to aid them, and being a few years
many many many all have jumped in to the thrill of this sick sad killing.

No child of mine was excluded, as the bragg is my NAME AND CHILDREN MUST ALL BE FORCED TO DEATH OR THERE LIVES FORCED QUICKER.

This thing of how we was going to be killed was palnned and added by my mothers 2 sisters and there friends and families, the state avocates just happen to be there friends, so bob your uncle was perfect for there way for us to be killed.

I do not accept my children being the sad prize in this, and even though incorrect on me, i could handle dying and ending my time but not to my children who are NOT THE SCUM OF THIS COUNTRY

They feed this tagg to cults, groups, ex wifes children, and to all who had a thing against us, yet none approached us via supreme courts as they have taken all our assets all our papers.

They all lots had plans on who and what was wanted from us.
Medical organs forced as you sleep, pictures for dirty phaedophilian 
men, if one had sex in ones own home, recorded as pawn show.
if one is on google or cyber, would use my own kids naked bodies 
to be played back with a few airbrush additinals so that one is looking at ones own childrens bodies, them at servers laughing saying....
aaahh!!!!! dumb mushroom drug addicts THEY DO NOT EVEN SEE ITS IS THERE OWN KIDS.... 

The state avo, handed us as medical organ donor so tons of medical and non medical all take ther shot at live bodies.


That can show how this works, we are the moving around day and night victims, and the gunpowder in this is 
that is what is mixed to be arc'd and forced on our bodies.
4 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Sheamus : (one on the left the right was just to take up space) Name Sora Usagi Prefers to be called usagi Status...
(one on the left the right was just to take up space)
Sora Usagi
Prefers to be called usagi 




Faunus, rabbit

From: vacuo

likes: scrolls, vehicles, and tools

dislike: Beowulfs, and summoners

hair, ears, and tail black, skin is a tan with freckles runing from the bottom of his left eye to the bottom of his right eye, his eyes are a light blue color and his collar is black with a silver buckle hoodie is white with gray insides shirt is a greenish blue gloves are black pants are dark brownish green #1f2e1e , black boots
Pulse stinger (it's melee is a bladed lance its ranged is a grenade launcher)

Semblance/ special ability
creates invisable platforms can be used as walls floors and what not make a grate mime

Keeps to himself though to those that get to know him he's quite friendly has a violent sore spot about the grim the beowulf specifically 

as a child he lived in Vacuo and just as his parents before him pland on attending shade academy even going as far as to starthis studies as soon as he cud read a promiseing student indeed but due to some complications leading his parents to accumulate a very large amount of debt forcing them to leave Vacuo entirely on there way to the nation of Atlas they were attacked by a beowulf in a attempt to save his family his father tried to fight the grim telling his wife and child to run as she carried the child running trying to get to safety a loud scream followed by a louder roar told them that the father had died and the beowulf was now hunting them it wasn't but twenty minutes before the beowulf caught up with them and quickly dispatched the mother she fell to the ground pinning sora down so he wasn't able to move the scent of her blood covered his up and the beowulf just left the body he spent the next three days trapped under the corpse of his mother staring at the the pained expression on her face till it was burned into his mind he was discovered by a retired huntress by the name madicen shreen she took the boy back to her home in vale where she trained him to enter beacon and become a hunter

Dust colour:
A greenish yellow #99e327  

Talents: mechanic skills, dabbled in piloting, hes a terrible cook


none yet
6 hours ago - Via Community - View - PhoenixSlash 16 : Fixed Post Name: Phoenix Slash Age:16 Zodiac Sign: unknown Gender: Male Species: Human and Warlock,Also...
Fixed Post
Name: Phoenix Slash
Zodiac Sign: unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human and Warlock,Also his a dragon tail phoniex Knight
Personality:Nice to friend or people,mean if needed,caring,brave and kind
Likes:birds,animals,helping little kids and the forest
Dislikes:wars battles blood or death
Powers:reborn,flying,transform,speed and magic
Relationships: single
Pets: (Optional)Phoenix last of it species name Flame
Bio: This kid family was killed at a young age but find a baby bird.which then the two become friend and bothers
so become one but still are different thing.So after find him self in a place called phoenix he was a knight of the flame in phoenix drop but at night his left eye glow with flame and got stronger every night.
Weapon:blade of flame,shield of bird,bow of sins,magic of dragons, and transform to a phoenix knight.(this knight is burn in the flame of he friend that got hurt and his family.Also will do anything to keep his friends save.)
also he is well to open portals to other places.
First one is him now Second is transfrom
6 hours ago - Via Community - View - Midori// \\husky : Oc 1 and 3 I deleted QUOTES: "...." FIRST NAME: Ash LAST NAME: Matthews AGE: 14 SEX: male GENDER...
Oc 1 and 3 I deleted

QUOTES: "...."


LAST NAME: Matthews

AGE: 14

SEX: male


•black short hair
•left eye is green while right is brown
•pale skin
•around 101lbs
•wears a medical eyepatch to cover up and hide his eye to make it look like both his eyes are green and he had an injury on the other.
•he has dark circles under his eyes due to lack of sleep.
•long bangs that cover his face

ETHNICITY: Caucasian American


EQUIPMENT: a hammer, clothes, matches, fire-starter and a little box of assorted cookies, and canteen carried all in a black duffle bag.

WEAPONRY: A decorative sword. It's black with painted flames on it.

GROUP: alone

OCCUPATION: survivor +0

PERSONALITY: shy and mischievous. He hates when people talk badly about paranormal things. He is very quiet will talk to no one of he wanted to.

BACKSTORY: "ash was always a silent. He never talked to anybody but his parents which resulted in him being unknown to about everyone. He was always in his room reading books about paranormal things such as ghosts. He lived collecting cool swords and sharp weapons. One day we was reading in his room when he heard the screams of his parents and when he went to investigate he saw his parents corpses...."

Intelligent: 6/10
Strength 2/10
Stealth: 5/10
Agility: 3/10
Accuracy: 2/10

6 hours ago - Via Community - View - L.Lawliet “Krito” Monkey D.Luffy Krito : (my new and approved L) Name: L Obito Lawliet Title: God of darkness and Light Alias: L relationship...
(my new and approved L)

Name: L Obito Lawliet 

Title: God of darkness and Light

Alias: L 

relationship status: single

Crush: +Grimm Death-Heart​

Powers: Since I was born and raised in the darkness and the sunlight he now controls the darkness and he is able to create darkness even if it's sunlight outside. He is able to create clones of himself out of darkness.  Darkness can also take the power that is inside the darkness and make it his own and can make an armor that cannot break out of darkness. I also was raised in the light and i have light magic and can make the sun change into different colors gaining new abilities with each sun color. I also can change the moon to any color as well. during the night i grow dark wings and my hair is black, during the day or when i am the light my hair turns white and so does my wings and eyes.

Abilities: Powers and Abilities

Tobi is one of the most powerful fighters of the story, having abilities mirroring that of Madara himself. He has immense speed (enough to match very fast foes), strength (enough to tear off his limbs or punch through rocks with no effort), and reflexes. Also, his half-vegetal body enables him to recreate his lost limbs and grants him extreme resistance to pain. In spite of his might, Tobi almost never involves himself in battle and prefers using his powers to evade attacks, using baits to catch his foes off-guard, or devising powerful decoys to fight through.

He attacks with kunais (daggers) of all sizes, shurikens (throwing stars), giant shurikens which he can use as melee weapons, or chains which he hides for stealthy captures. He also uses Madara's signature war-fan with as much proficiency as his mentor. Madara's war-fan serves both as a spear of some sort and a shield; it is connected to a chain which can be used to swing it like a flail, and its user can channel his chakra (energy) through it to increase its sharpness, raise barriers of chakra from it, and absorb any kind of attack to reflect it back.

As an Uchiha, Tobi is a master of fire techniques but he can only uses them with his mask off: he is able to spit huge fireballs, a flurry of fire balls (in which he can hide shurikens) or powerful fire streams, which he can combine with his Sharingan powers to increase their range. He proved able to hurl a very powerful, whirling fire blast, and to raise impenetrable, fiery force-fields. Furthermore, he masters Earth techniques which he mostly uses to disappear underground for surprise attacks in quick succession.


Tobi wields the Sharingan (Eye of the Copy Wheel), the hereditary eye power of the Uchihas, which grants him several abilities:

To physically see the flow of chakra and perceive traps, illusions or hypnosis.
To read through movements to mimic them, and predict their outcome in order to avoid attacks. (Though the wielders remain unable to avoid movements too fast or unpredictable for them.)
To copy any technique (save from special powers) used by a foe to near-perfection. (Though the wielders cannot copy their foes' degree of training and mastery.)
To hypnotize foes, either to trap them in illusions or to control their actions. Tobi's Sharingan being powerful enough to gain complete control over Kurama.
Mangekyo Sharingan

Should Sharingan users witness the death of the one they hold dearest, they awake the Mangekyo Sharingan (kaleidoscope of hypnosis). Contrary to Madara, Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha, Tobi's Mangekyo Sharingan grants him a unique power called Kamui (Divine Majesty) which enables him to vacuum things, people and even attacks into a pocket dimension and to expel them out at will; which he uses to project stored weapons.

He can disappear in and out said dimension to teleport anywhere in the world, or next to people he knows. He can also shift himself partially or entirely into his dimension to make attacks phase through him. He combines this with his ability to read movements to nullify any attack, usually counterattacking right after. However, he can only vacuum something at contact, he cannot warp things and people when shifting out, and warping himself takes time. At full power, he can warp things and people at any range and open gateways between dimensions. He is even able to warp towards other dimensions than his own when making visual contact, although he needs outside help and it puts extreme strain on his body.


A spell said to mimic reality-warping powers of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the legendary Sage of the Six Paths (the founder of Ninjutsu who defeated the Ten-Tails), which can only be used by wielders of both the Sharingan and the Mokuton. Named after the God who fathered the major Shinto Deities, Izanagi can temporarily turns its wielders into illusions to avoid attacks. Its length of action is very short and the eye which casts it turns permanently blind.


Gedo Mazo
The Demonic Statue of the Outer Path

Tobi replaced his left eye by Nagato's Rinnegan (Samsara Eye): the world's most powerful ability, once wielded by the Sage of the Six Paths. The Rinnegan grants mastery of the five elements (fire, water, earth, lightning, and wind) and virtually any existing normal technique. It also enables to summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path: the empty vessel of the Ten-Tails which has unbelievable strength and can conjure soul-absorbing dragon-spirits or devastating energy blasts. The more Tailed-Beasts it absorbs, the mightier it gets.
Finally, the Rinnegan grants seven powers:

Outer Path: The Rinnegan’s primary power, which grants control over the Yin and Yang (illusions and reality). It can conjure powerful energy-chains that can bind any creature and suppress their powers; or black rods that can diffuse the wielder's chakra. The wielder controls anything and anyone (dead or alive) infused with his chakra, use their powers through them, share their vision, and rig the receivers with chakra chains. At full power, the wielder can teleport, conjure mountain-sized meteors from the sky or undetectable shadows of themselves to attack remotely.
Deva Path: The power to attract and to repel anything, be it things people and attacks with variable force. It can also generate an orb that attracts anything around and crush it into a sphere of debris.
Asura Path: The power to turn the wielder's body parts into mechanized weapons, including extremely powerful chakra cannons, clusters of missiles, tentacles, and rocket-punches.
Animal Path: The power to summon giant beasts under the wielder's control.
Nakara Path: The power to summon the King of Hell, a demon able to absorb its victims' life-force, to store their soul or even resurrect them.
Preta Path: The power to absorb chakra either directly from the victims or to cancel attacks.
Human Path: The power to read the victims' thoughts and rip off their souls.
It must be noted that although Tobi displays perfect mastery of the Outer Path, he is unlikely able to use the Rinnegan to its fullest potential, as combining a stranger's eye with his own powers like he does is too taxing. He was seen using the Human Path and he can resurrect people through the Nakara Path at the cost of his life, but the fullest extent of his Rinnegan powers remains unknown.


Since Madara rebuilt his body with Hashirama Senju's DNA, Tobi can use his power to create and control trees, plants and wood. Tobi has displayed the abilities to grow branches from his body, which he uses like piercing weapons and javelins that can expand or sprout other branches at will, to grow tentacles-like vines to constrict his foes, to unleash a barrage of wooden stakes, and to make skyscraper-sized roots erupt from the ground.

As the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tailed Beast

During the final battle of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Tobi is able to absorb the Ten-Tailed Beast into himself, making his power skyrocket to near-omnipotence. He becomes overwhelmingly fast and strong, being able to destroy the most potent seals like nothing, to crush the mightiest ninjas who ever lived before they can react, and to shrug off incredibly destructive attacks. He also becomes able to levitate, to conjure chakra arms from his body, to perceive Chakra the second it his gathered so as to anticipate attacks, and to distort and reshape his body to the point of overblowing himself like a sunfish or elongating his torso like a snake.

Much worse, Tobi gets complete control of the Ten-Tails' power, which is noted to be even more dangerous now that it has a host to focus it. He can cancel his enemies' techniques at contact, fire many ginormous Spheres of Destruction, and create create Truth-Seeking Spheres: orbs of black chakra described as a mix of elements and natural energy far beyond mortal capacity. Tobi's black chakra obliterates anything it touches, overcomes regenerative powers, and can be shaped to form spears, projectiles, cloth-like shields, giant hands and more. Tobi can use the Truth-Seeking Spheres to channel his powers, stick them to people, or make them explode in a devastating atomic blast. He can also turn his monk-staff into a gigantic sword. Even worse, he can restore the Ten-Tails' original form: the God Tree which he can control at will, transforming its roots to attack his foes.

He is not without weaknesses however. Since the Ten-Tailed Beast's power is based on natural energy, the ninjas who learnt to master it through the art called "Sage Mode" can use it to wound him (should they manage to bypass his defence). Also he lost control of his signature Kamui technique.

Likes: sugary food, cake, the dark, and the light, +Grimm Death-Heart​
dislikes: rude people, people acting all high and mighty.

Powers: detective skills and the power of darkness and light.

Bio: unknown
7 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - S T A R F O D D E R : Alright, new fursona/page mascot! Introduction: Name: Finnegan/Finny Clan: Nah man, rogue. Enjoys waltzing...
Alright, new fursona/page mascot! Introduction:

Name: Finnegan/Finny
Clan: Nah man, rogue. Enjoys waltzing to just outside the border of Clan territories and touching it when patrols come by like 'I'm not on your side, I'm not on your side~'
Appearance: Light dusty-gray tom with a gray face, black under-markings, gray back paws, right eye is yellow, left eye is silver, stubby tail
Personality: Finny is an impulsive, narcissistic, egotistical young tom with seemingly boundless energy, always itching for a fight or debate. He is never serious, no matter what. You could be dying, and he'd be cracking a pun. Oh yeah, Finny adores puns, he is the Bad Pun King. Flawed morals, but stands up for what he believes in and will occasionally help others. Hates weak and pathetic cats. Loves to be the center of attention and entertain others. Can be very over-dramatic.  Has no filter on his mouth, will let you know exactly how he feels about you. Flirty and charismatic, but in reality hates getting attached to others. He prefers to be around others, yet truly connected to no one. He tends to unnerve and scare others with his confidence and twisted, sick sense of humor. No one actually has a real understanding of the tom's unseen side. Quiet, sober, rational-minded, and crushingly lonely. Infinitesimal means something that amounts to nothing, if that gives you any sort of idea.
Extra information:
~Wears a yellow bandana most of the time that reads 'INSIG'. Insig stands for insignificant
~Songs that fit: One for the Money (Escape the Fate), Prince Charmless (idk), This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race (FOB)
~Occasionally seen wearing a crown
~Enjoys bugging my other OCs (Rowanblaze, Etch, and Sunmask in particular)
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Sea of Love 3D IMAX film teaser - VidMug
Sea of Love 3D IMAX film teaser - VidMug
7 hours ago - Via - View - Night (The Shadow knight) : //don't judge me if he's from an anime. Even if he's not a cyborg. //be descriptive at least //2+ liners...
//don't judge me if he's from an anime. Even if he's not a cyborg.
//be descriptive at least
//2+ liners
//sorry for short story and bad grammar.
//State name before you start.

[] Cyborgs, they're humans too, right? Aren't they? Yea of course, some people thinks. But are they? With those crazy weapons in them? Are they still humans? []

As the night fell in the city. A cyborg appear on the roof of the building. His left eye glow blue, is quite easy to spot him. But would people even bother to look up to the building? No, some people don't, and they don't give a damn about cyborgs. They have no idea how many of them self destructed to kill the enemies. They just, live in peace and ignore the dead.

Of course, you like to go up onto the roof when the night fall. You're on your way to the roof top, you open the door at last. But you see someone, staring down at the city. "hello?" you said. He didn't turn around, since you didn't know that he's a cyborg. "I'll take my leave if you don't wish that I could stay up here." he said before you could say anything else.
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Go back TLC v are some of the most beautiful and talented young women to ever come into the music industry ever and still hold the crown as the young queens of hip hop and a tribute also to left eye Forever in all of her fans worldwide who loved and still miss her and carry on her spirit a beauty and freedoms of expression miss you live with God and Jesus forever stay in the music TLC we love y'all this is to everybody all over who love these... beautiful talented young ladies enjoy their music they brought with them a brand new sound
Watch the video: gplus-1763180325.mp4
Go back TLC v are some of the most beautiful and talented young women to ever come into the music industry ever and still hold the crown as the young queens of hip hop and a tribute also to left eye Forever in all of her fans worldwide who loved and still miss her and carry on her spirit a beauty and freedoms of expression miss you live with God and Jesus forever stay in the music TLC we love y'all this is to everybody all over who love these...
7 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Twoscar Aramara (The Angelwolf) : I don't really Care if you don't like it. It's just who and what I am. And I am going to be myself. ...
I don't really Care if you don't like it. It's just who and what I am. And I am going to be myself. No rudeness intended

Name: +Twoscar Aramara

Age: Unknown. (I lost track. Also I am ageless but I am still able to be killed. But I am always reborn.)

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Bi.

Father: Angelwolf Aramara the Grand Stellose Titan Emperor.

Mother: unknown. (Too many times I have been reborn.)

Likes: Protecting the future generations of all living things from harm. And honor, peace, justice, and hope, drawing, random types of music, games, rping with friends sword play. And all out pure good. Being heroic.

Dislikes: the evil of the earth and mankind's unfair treatment of the future generations. Animal abuse/ Child abuse. Hunting for the sport of it.

Features: two scars in the shape of crescent moons on my left eye. Wings of pure energy two football fields long each. My mane is lunar white. My fur is gold and silver though it is a soft as silk. Sky blue eyes. Is immune to curses, mind control, and poison.

Mate(s): Lyroo Calif.

Power: Unlimited. (typical for angels)

Abilities: Sword control. Bazerker force. Unlimited potential and more unlockable abilities. Can summon the power of the abyss.

Rank: Rise Alpha. (The ability of the Rise Alpha grants the power to command anything by a powerful voice that once spoken cannot be ignored, and only nullified by a second voice of another Rise Alpha.)

Race(irl): Angelwolf. (Born)

Pup(irl): Echo Aramara. (My daughter)

Status: Angelwolf Pack leader(g+ community disbanded.). Earth Guardian. Lonely in a world so cold.


I'm sorry if you feel that I am op but it is just my existence nothing to be concerned about. 
8 hours ago - Via Community - View - The One Lost In The Dark (Of Tomorrow) : Nokari is wondering through The Hidden Leaf Village her left eye a rinnegan and her other eye a sharingan...
Nokari is wondering through The Hidden Leaf Village her left eye a rinnegan and her other eye a sharingan after she got a new one from the masked man and she is wearing her clothes when she left the village and became rouge when you notice her and decide to
(Open to +Katherine Mackie)
8 hours ago - Via Community - View - Aaron Josef (BitterHonesty) : "Thank you! Thank you! You've been a lovely audience!" Those were Avasteron's last words before exiting...
"Thank you! Thank you! You've been a lovely audience!"

Those were Avasteron's last words before exiting the stage of Cirque Du Rouge, a semi famous traveling circus with strange but marvelous acts. After the show. He bid everyone a good evening before leaving out the back door. He wore a white cloak and washed off his show makeup, revealing a strange marking next to his left eye. He then put his hands in his pocket and walked on home. It was dark out, some street lights flickered as the young magician walked under them, then they returned to normal after he left them. He stopped when he heard shouting in the distance. A mans voice, several actually, and a female voice. He lightly sprinted towards the aggressive conversation, and stopped when he got within distinct earshot. He could finally hear what was going on. The boys were mad at the girl for something. It was vague on what it was, but it had to do with money. One of the guys shoved the girl to the ground, shouting at her

"Where's our money!? You said you'd bring it today!"

now that he got a clearer vision of the guys, he noticed a beer bottle in his hand, suspecting that the guys were drunk and angry for no reason at the girl, but that was just a possibility, and he was ready to step in, should the girl not be able to defend herself

(+1 lines, more would be highly appreciated, Girls only, you can be tough or fragile, whichever you prefer, you can be a Neko or any other human/animal hybrid. No test talk please. Also, please ask if you wish to partake in this post.)

9 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Red Tier : Profile Update Name: James Ar. Far Position: King/Commander of Gueriullo Affiliation: Gueriullo Age...
Profile Update

Name: James Ar. Far
Position: King/Commander of Gueriullo
Affiliation: Gueriullo
Age: 21
Personality: Kind, vague, leader
Bio: From what he can remember from his young life is that he was the son of a noble who had been murdered in front of his very eyes, his little brother saving his life by stepping up and killing the intruders the second they walked in James' room. After that, James trained in the art of sword as his father had wished for him to do, whilst training in the way of Sastsu-blade, Sword of Dark, a cut off of Sastsujinken,
Fist of Dark. He trained with his brother in a split dojo, Kastsu/Sastsu. One day, James broke down after finding out that the murder of his family had been planned, and he set out to find the leader of the group who had done it. After tracking the main down, James used his Sastsu-blade skills to infiltrate the groups headquarters and properly deal justice, assassinating the goons with throwing knives and after a battle, impaling the leader, laughing and screaming bloody justice. After realizing what he had done, James went off and attempted to end his own life, where he was stopped by his brother. After battling with his brother in an all out Sastsu-blade vs. Kastsu-blade, James realized what had become of himself and set out to make things right by training in the way of Kastsu-blade. He hadsn't seen his brother since, but saw a man looking mighty familiar to him when his country was attacked. After training in Kastsu-blade, James sought out help from a man named Ben to help conquer Gueriullo and after failing to take Gueriullo peacefully, Ben killed the king, King Vince S. Wringer. James took over as king. After finding a mask in the basement, remains of what Vince owned, he donned it and a magnificent garb that he dons in battle. James has rarely used his family power, psychikenesis, which he has recently been using more to train himself in it.

Base: Lelouch vi Brittania (Zero), Code Geass, Lelouch of the Rebellion

Theme song ((COLORS of the wind)):


Blastiose: Baron
Items: Blastiosinite, Leftovers
Water Gun
Mud Shot
Hyper Beam

Blaziken: Gurren
Items: Blazekinite, Leftovers
Flame Kick
Fire Punch
Aura Sphere

Sableye: Geass
Items: Sablenite, Leftovers
Shadow Sneak
Phantom Force

Special Powers/Abilities: Psychikenesis

Physical Appearance:
James has course black hair with white skin and purple eyes, a trait that runs in the family. His left eye turns red with the family birthmark brought out in his eye every time he uses his psychic or telekinetic abilities. When he uses both at once, they both turn red, bearing the birthmark. He is tall and looks 19 for being 21.
9 hours ago - Via Community - View - JORGE QUIALA : CUBAN SHORT STORY-NOVEL How it Conformed the Cuban Nation?[6-6] VI.-Africa-The Kingdom of Benín (Legendary...
How it Conformed the Cuban Nation?[6-6]
VI.-Africa-The Kingdom of Benín (Legendary History)
Retrieved from the Book:Black Cuba****
Author: Jorge L. Quiala (2012).
Well, give me another hug! Quietly caring for my old man! Good luck! "It was a pleasure." Do Nacimento said, addressing the chariot back to the boat. Afternoon was still young, and the captain moved the boat around checking every detail, provisions for a long journey, accommodation compartments, measurements, and medical devices, large tarps to shelter those who should go on board, because not all fit on the deck. Luckily the boat was one of the greatest 'freighters' of his time. Do Nacimento argued with the navigation plan, went to the pantry and took another bottle of wine, and sat alone on the bow.

 As if to let pass the time from when the hard trance.He watched carefully, the evolutions of the seagulls in the distance that will bring peace to his soul of old sailor.  He went to his cabin; unwrapped the effigies, went at the ceremony of the tribe, and try to identify them: "This is Eleggua, Shango, Oshun, Oggun, Yemaya, this is the old Babalu, and this is Obatala." He learned them and smiled.He leaned back in his bunk, and fell asleep. At 11 pm, the second officer woke him up: "Captain, it's time to take a position based offshore in front of the docking target." The great ship went out to sea and then turned southward.

Carvalho (second in command) white male, medium height, muscular, curly black hair, stripped to the Roman, large round black eyes, smile brief where they could see the small teeth, square and separated. Often involuntary winked his left eye, like a nervous tic. He was very loyal to the captain, and good-natured, and considerate of the crew.The night was clear and cloudless, could accurately identify the 'North Star', and main constellations of night navigation: Ursa Minor, Ursa Major, Cassiopeia, and the Southern Cross. At 3 am, were arrested about 5 miles off the mouth of the river Ibadan. At 4 began a slow approaches, and 5, the ship was turning to dock at a pier built of rustic club at last minute.

To everyone's surprise, people were already there, organized in a long line; began to climb the women with children, then young children, before older, adolescents, women without children, the elderly, and finally men began to raise charges of the tribe.As part of the supply, there were also animals, chickens, ducks, pigeons, pigs and several goats. That do not planned Do Nacimento. He looked at Carvalho, and laughed: "It's like Noah's ark." He said, and they both laughed. At 6:30 am, merchant ship O'Porto was off the mouth of the river Ibadan, heading west towards the Atlantic Ocean. Do Nacimento deep breath, as if to say: Finally! Quirito said aloud: ‘O-mio, Yemaya-Olote’, we're at your mercy!

The ship remained close to 0 degree direction throughout the day, the sea was quite calm, and continued sailing westward. Do Nacimento, call Carvalho and Quirito to establish discipline and order on board."The boat is almost the mark of waterline, and need to take some preventive measures for such a long journey, and so many people. At a minimum, with well time will take about 20 days to reach the destination. We will set daily schedule as a relay in position between those who travel by rail, and those who go on deck to give everyone the opportunity to stretch, breathe fresh air and sunbathe. This movement is effected simultaneously go down go up ten to ten, which occupy the same places surveyed, this is to maintain stability and balance of the ship. The relay takes place by a 12-hour period; which means that everyone will sleep outside and inside.

 The ship has three small compartments of sanitary services, one fore and one aft, and one for officer in the cabin.  In these circumstances, the latter will only be used by the crew, warriors, and women with young children. On the other hand, is extremely important to maintain a high degree of hygiene due to overcrowding. To avoid any outbreak! 'In case of overcrowding, the most frequent outbreak is Sarnia, because to be dirty. In this regard, every person, when you go to the bathroom, washed, and rubbed with a piece of cloth to be delivered, wet with seawater, which is abundant. In each daily service will be available a water tank for this task. The cloth will dry in a nail in the wall behind each.

The reservoir of drinking water is limited, this indicates that daily will be distributed a minimum and sufficient ration for everyone. For this reason, the portion of whatever food will be served without salt, to prevent thirst. During the trip, on sides of the ship, will be launched large trawling nets, what trapped, shall be distributed proportionally, and eat raw. This will help the diet. At noon, little bits of lemon, that everyone will keep in the mouth to stifle thirsty, and avoid the sea sickness, "Scurvy. Everyone who wants to stretch out on deck can do at their discretion, but without leaving the site. Finally, every three days, sprinkle lime powder on the floor to maintain the level of hygiene. All of the above, is mandatory, and of immediate compliance. 
Both said at his command, Captain!

Captain Do Nacimento, moved forward, and sent for the navigator. Since leaving at open sea, he, like Sea Wolf, noticing a strange behavior on board, and wanted to share views with 'Alfonso', the navigator. Order Captain! "Look Alfonso, since we started sailing in sea of heighth, wind has not done, and then what should be this cruise speed we have, well above normal. Set yourself as the breaking bow, makes its way into the sea! Yes, it's funny! "It's something, as if we were being pulled or pushed by some force." Exclaimed the captain.

"Remember Captain, that this is a quite unknown to us in another hemisphere, and unknown phenomena, or laws that may act." Indeed, after leaving, I was referring to some notes made by seamen, where they say, meteorological phenomena, called "Hurricane" by the natives; also move to speed east to west direction as we. “I will note this detail in blog! Do we keep the same latitude 0 degrees? Yes, sir! Remember me at 9 evening, make a sextant observation of the North Star, to take latitude 23 degrees north, and turn again to the west! That will be, Captain!

• Alfonso, white man, 26 years old, slim, medium height, curly haired, fine-featured face and freckles. Graduate of navigation school, two years of experience in the trade with the captain. People uncommunicative, but analytical and responsible in his work.

On the fifth day of sailing, a sailor cried, have a great big fish catches in networks, port and starboard. Quickly, the captain, Carvalho and Quirito, went to see the catch. Huge! Lift them carefully, will not break the strings, and place them on rail without opening them, not to alter the order! Sawfish were great, golden, grouper, and tarpon, as well as hundreds of smaller fish. The captain ordered the 40 warriors who had swords, and knives, to help cleaning the fish, and immediately, a good portion would be shared per capita. 

Quirito look carefully far into the sea, and said: Thank you, ‘Yemaya-Olote’, for having attention to your people! And he sat on the floor to eat his portion of raw fish.

Captain, a storm moves in front of us in the same direction! Lend me your binoculars! Indeed, calculation is it was formed recently, and is located about 60-70 miles ahead! "If it keeps the same direction, and speed than ours, no danger, but rather serves as a sweeper of pirates and criminals who seek safe harbor. "So the amount of fish that is leaving behind bewildered. If so throughout the journey, we have secured food for a long time "said the captain.

At the fifteenth day of sailing, the captain Do Nacimento ordered decreasing latitude to 20.30 'degrees north, to go to sea south of' ‘La Espanola’ because the conquerors would be moving north towards Baracoa.  When changing direction, the captain will call the attention "earth" port-side much before reaching the height of ‘La Espanola’, and write it on the Navigation Log. The seventeenth day, he withdrew a little more to starboard to hide behind the horizon, as were passing just south of the Espanola. He notes in Blog, latitude and time, and he said: Let's go exactly where we wanted, to the south eastern coast of the island of Cuba! Start the late afternoon of that day, August 7 de1511, when the captain sent for urgently Quirito that was lecturing the tribe on deck. When Quirito look up toward the horizon, when saw the beautiful landscape before him, exclaimed: "Despite the misfortune, Oloffi has had a gesture to us to enable us alive until so beautiful paradise. Others who know where they will come. "

The ship was detained exactly one mile from the coast, where there was a huge mountain range, with lush forests. The polychrome landscape extolled the desire to restart their lives. Like a welcome of good fortune.

In return, Do Nacimento ordered that the overboard personnel, exchange staff on deck, to everyone could also appreciate the landscape, before the expected sunset.
When the sun was almost on the horizon to the west, was ordered to lower the boats, and began landing in the New World. First landing were the warriors, and took refuge in the forest that was near the foothills of the mountains almost along the coast. Quirito, to all staff: "As you go landing, take refuge in the forest, and wait for the rest. The sailors of the ship also helped the landing.

 In the same way as embarked on Ibadan River, and they were landed. And finally, just as the men of the tribe, began to fall, packages, work tools provided by Do Nacimento, knives, a few firearms, food, animals and other supplies.
The darkness was covering it, but the last glow, even reflected in the water, and allowed to continue with the disembarkation 'The last ones down were Quirito and the 20 marriages. Do Nacimento, and Quirito strongly embraced. "Train to the tribe, to be always slope away into the mountain, a ship that address this point further into the sea, circling several times, always at dusk, and send to receive the goods, that will be me passing to another destination.”

Indeed, the last to disembark, was Herminie and her husband Yimboro were three embraced long time. Take care of her a lot, that's all I have! Yimboro told. I promise that we will be a great family! Well, until next time! And the ship departed to due East. (E).

 BLACK CUBA -Yoruba State in the New Word (2012).
Author; Jorge L Quiala
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