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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: Left Eye (Search this on MAP) The Star Kenya : The victim said his left eye was 'on fire' and that he could hardly see through his right eye
The victim said his left eye was 'on fire' and that he could hardly see through his right eye
Man splashes pepper in man’s face over an affair with wife
A man threw chilli powder in a man's face before slicing his nostrils open with pliers and threatening to cut off his penis because he thought he was having an affair with his sister-in-law.Mahomed Girach launched the frenzied attack on Ayub Lambat while he was leaning into the boot of his car outside his home in Leicester. The victim said his left eye was 'on fire' and that he could hardly see through his right eye.
1 hour ago - Via - View - ღ Cure-Chan ღ : Lyrics to theme song: Mirror, tell me something. Tell me who's the loneliest, of all? Mirror, tell...
Lyrics to theme song:

Mirror, tell me something.

Tell me who's the loneliest, of all?

Mirror, tell me something, tell me who's the loneliest of all?

Fear of whats inside of me; tell me can a heart be turned to stone?

Mirror mirror, what's behind you? Save me from the things I see.

I can keep it from the world, why won't you let me hide from me?

Mirror mirror, tell me something- who's the loneliest of all?

I'm the loneliest of all.


"My father was not the start of our name, and I refuse to let him be the end of it."

"What are you doing?! Do you have any idea of the damage you could have caused?!"

"Aren't you a little young to be attending Beacon?"

"What are you, brain dead? Dust! Fire, water, lightning, energy!"

"What? How dare!... The nerve of... Ugh!"

The Shining Beacon Pt.2:

"The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for any injuries or damages sustained while operating a Schnee Dust Company product. Although not mandatory, the Schnee Family highly encourages their customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy-to-follow guide to Dust
application and practice in the field."

"You really want to start making things up to me? Read this and don't ever speak to me again!"

And im lazy so just look it up on the google shit thingy

Nickname(s): Snow Angel (by Jaune and Neptune) Ice Queen (by Sun, Jaune, and Roman)


Race: Human

Weapon(s): Myrtenaster

Gender: Female

Age: 17


Outfit: White, Red

Accessories: Earrings, Necklace, Hairpin


Handedness: Left[1]

Complexion: Pale White

Height: 5'3" (1.6 meters) in heels

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Light-blue

Semblance: Glyphs

Professional Status:

Affiliation(s): Schnee Dust Company

Previous Affiliation(s) : Beacon Academy


• Student

• Heiress

Previous Team:

Previous Partner(s): Ruby Rose

Personal Status:

Status: Active

• Unnamed Grandfather
• Unnamed Father
• Winter Schnee (Sister)


First Appearance: "White" Trailer

Music Theme : "Mirror Mirror"

This is going to be long trust and believe motherfuckers-
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😘 Wєιѕѕ ѕ¢ниєє (pronounced Why-ss Sh-nee)[2] is one of the main protagonists of RWBY. Her weapon of choice is a Multi Action Dust Rapier (MADR) named Myrtenaster.

Heiress of the vastly influential Schnee Dust Company, Weiss made her first appearance in the "White" Trailer. After enrolling in Beacon Academy against the wishes of her father, she becomes a member of Team RWBY alongside Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long.

❤️ Aρρєαяαи¢є ??? ❤️

∂єfαυℓт συтfιт

Weiss appears as a young girl, dressed primarily in light blue, white, and some red. She wears a pale blue bolero jacket over a similarly colored thigh-length dress with a piece of black lace making up the neckline of the dress. The inside of the bolero is red and the sleeves turn blue as they get closer to her wrists. The back of the bolero displays the Schnee Crest, which bears a resemblance to a snowflake. The same design seems to appear when she uses her Semblance. According to Weiss, her dress is a combat skirt, which Ruby Rose also wears.

Weiss wears an apple-shaped necklace along with a pair of thin, rectangular earrings. She wears white, heeled wedge boots that go to mid-calf; the insides are also lined with red. Her long white hair is pulled back in an off-center ponytail, at the base of which is a small tiara that resembles icicles. She has a pale complexion and ice blue eyes. She also bears a crooked scar down her left eye.

Weiss also wears a small bag on the back of her dress, wrapped around her waist with a ribbon, possibly containing Dust crystals or vials, respective to the colors on Myrtenaster.

💖 ραʝαмαѕ

Her sleepwear is a faded bluish sleeping gown with short sleeves and white trimmings, and her logo on the upper-right chest.

αℓтєяиαтє συтfιт (Sиσωρєα)

During the events of "A Minor Hiccup" and "Painting the Town...", Weiss wears a pure white dress with black edging and two columns of four black buttons on the abdomen. Much like on the bolero of her original outfit, there is a print of her snowflake emblem on her back, in pale blue this time, rather than white.

The inside of the skirt portion of the dress contains black frills. She also wears thigh-high, white high-heel boots with frilly black thigh-high stockings that come up slightly above the top of her boots.

This outfit was codenamed "SnowPea".[3]


Weiss wears the same shoes, skirt, blouse and blazer as every other girl attending Beacon Academy, though her stockings/socks are shorter and reach half way to the knee.


After the timeskip following the Fall of Beacon, her new design is updated, sporting a blue, glittering mini-skirted dress with a sweetheart neckline on top of a white, tulle petticoat. A white ribbon ties at the waist, and over the outfit is worn a long-sleeved blue shrug. The shrug is fastened at the collar with a large sapphire broach that has three pendants dangling from it. Completing her attire are dark blue platform heels.

She also has an alternate/occasional outfit, where she wears a longer blue dress and platformless stiletto heels instead.

Weiss also wears sapphire accents in her two outfits and sapphire earrings.

😚 ρєяѕσиℓιту

Monty Oum has said that everything has been decided for her in her life, and because of it, she is a bit of a rebel. It even manages to manifest itself in her physical appearance as she wears her ponytail to the side of her head, disrupting the symmetry of the rest of her outfit. Despite her rebelliousness, she does not seem to be hostile to her family or the SDC. However, Weiss talks little of her family, nor does she ever bring up the subject, keeping such part of her life hidden. She also brushes off any mention of her family, as seen when she contacted her company's headquarters in Atlas, refusing to talk to her dad and sister for reasons unknown. Still, she will defend if offended, including her company, as seen with Blake Belladonna during their first encounter.

Considering the lyrics of her leitmotif "Mirror Mirror", it is very likely that Weiss felt very lonely throughout her life. Her initially cold attitude towards Ruby and anyone she doesn't consider a close friend may be a sign that she's very unused to the concept of a true friend due to her difficult childhood. In "The Stray", it confirms at the very least that due to the constant attacks by the White Fang her life became much harder than it should have been, explaining her often difficult personality. When she does befriend somebody though, she can warm up to a surprising degree, placing a great deal of trust in her friends and opening up to them when she feels the need, though remaining her usual strict self most of the time.

According to her voice actress, Kara Eberle, Weiss is "nice but can also be a little bit bitchy". She is irritable and confident in her abilities, though also acknowledges her deficiencies and the need to hone her skills further. Her confidence in her skills and intellect often comes off as arrogance to others. This is also mentioned by Kara, who called her the "know-it-all" type of person who also can become best friends with her acquaintances.

Weiss remains calm and collected during an encounter and mentally coaches herself. She is thoughtful and fights with precision and coordination. She is analytical and tactical when in battle, waiting for the right moment to strike and retreating when circumstances are not favorable.

Weiss seems to take her time at Beacon more seriously than her teammates, being far more studious than them. She is often taking notes even when the topic is not very closely related to the knowledge she seeks, and is annoyed by people who don't take their classes seriously. Her lecturing Ruby when they first met about her being too young and them being there to fight monsters also demonstrates her more serious attitude about becoming a Huntress. She also seemed intent in the beginning on becoming a popular standout student at Beacon, which is the reason why she seeks out Pyrrha Nikos before the Beacon Academy Initiation in hopes of gaining her friendship.

In "The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2", Peter Port argues that Weiss has received everything she has ever wanted in her life. He suggests this is the reason for Weiss' hostile behavior towards Ruby's being chosen for Team Leader instead of herself. Weiss acknowledges that she has usually gotten her way, but indicates that this is not always the case.

After speaking with the Professor, Weiss' attitude appears to change, as she takes his suggestion to "be the best person [she] can be" to heart. As a result, she decides to become more friendly with Ruby and tells her she believes she can be a good leader. She even mentions to Ruby that she had always wanted bunk beds growing up, contrasting greatly with her original outward opinion of the beds. Despite warming up to Ruby, in "Forever Fall, Pt.2", Weiss still shows a tendency to insult Ruby when she makes mistakes.

Despite her personality, Weiss does not lack a whimsical or humorous side, as she joined her team in a food fight against Team JNPR, emerging victorious, and was later seen laughing with her team afterwards. She also joined her team in a board game, but grew to dislike it after losing to Yang Xiao Long, "crying" afterwards with Ruby. In "Painting the Town...", Weiss makes an attempt at a joke, but fails, and is met with negative criticism from Yang and Blake, though they note that she's at least trying. Weiss also seems to enjoy participating in certain events, as seen in "Extracurricular", where she and Yang are in charge of preparing the Beacon Dance.

It can be inferred that Weiss' status as an heiress takes a toll on her personality, being a huge burden. When contacting the Schnee Company World Headquarters, before her call was answered, Weiss was shown with a disappointed expression and feigned smile, and after it ended, Weiss gave another similar downed expression, possibly due to her father, as she did not want to talk to him. Her status as the heiress also puts her under the impression that people would only date her due to her fame, which may contribute to her continued rejection of Jaune Arc's advances. This in term also goes with her reasons into being a Huntress, mostly because she wants to live up to her family's legacy, but not before adding that there is more to it than that.

However, she seemed unsure of this when questioned by Bartholomew Oobleck prior to her conversation with Blake and Yang. In addition, Weiss states that as Huntresses they have to put what they want last and the lives of other people first, those being the ones they protect. Weiss continues that for her family, vowing that she would not allow her father to be the end of the Schnee family's honor despite the SDC's transition into a moral gray area beneath his command, indicating that she wants to make things right. Weiss then resolves to put her job as a Huntress first and her own desires second, inspiring the rest of the team to do so as well.

Views on the White Fang and Faunus

Due to the ongoing violence between the SDC and the White Fang terrorist group, Weiss despises the White Fang and shows a noticeable distrust of the Faunus. The White Fang's activities seem to have contributed to a difficult childhood for Weiss, as she had close ties with numerous people who were either killed by or disappeared because of the White Fang.

The fact that the White Fang have been consistently disrupting the SDC's activities has also led to Weiss' father being frequently angry, further worsening her childhood. She cites these events as having colored her views on both the White Fang and Faunus. This is first shown when she begins talking about the White Fang in "The Stray", ranting about them in occasionally hyperbolic terms to the consternation of her teammate Blake, unaware that she was a former member of the group.

Weiss' past experiences are shown to affect how she views Faunus in general when she makes many derogatory comments about Sun Wukong because of his minor criminal acts. Furthermore, when Blake defends him, Weiss suggests he would likely just end up joining with the White Fang. However, shortly after the fight with Roman Torchwick, Weiss seems to no longer care about her argument with Blake, stating they are teammates and it changes nothing. However, she states that she's still not sure how she feels about Sun, although they seem to be on friendlier terms as time passes. Knowing that Blake is a Faunus, such fact is kept a secret by Weiss and her team, including Team JNPR.

Weiss' hostility towards the Faunus seems to have downgraded considerably since arriving at Beacon, as seen when she showed concern for Velvet Scarlatina and the rest of Team CFVY. She may be on friendly terms with the latter. She is even friendlier with Blake, having placed trust in her as well.

Abilities and Powers

As the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, Weiss was raised from youth to strive to be the best in all she did, and combat was no exception. As a testament to her skills, Weiss was on the top ranking of the sparing class during the events of the Vytal Festival.

Like many Hunters before her, Weiss has had her aura unlocked, coating her body with a shield powered by her soul. As long as that shield remains, she cannot be wounded, although she can still feel pain when struck.


Weiss's weapon of choice is Myrtenaster, a Multi-Action Dust Rapier. The rapier has a revolving chamber inside the guard, which has six slots in total, each of which contains a vial of Dust. The revolving chamber is constantly stocked with red, cyan, violet, white, yellow, and blue Dust.
Weiss utilizes the Dust in combat, either in raw form or in conjunction with her semblance to create various effects that suit the situation. When not using Myrtenaster as a dust supplier, Weiss utilizes her speed to dodge attacks and her sword to deliver damage through quick thrusts that leave little room for counters.


One of Weiss' most notable abilities is her Semblance, which allows her to create Glyphs that can be used in a variety of ways: create a slippery platform to skate on at high speed, generate midair platforms to manipulate her trajectory in the air and perform limited time dilation, to name a few.

With mastery, a Schnee also has the ability to summon avatars of the foes that they've defeated. In the episode "Heroes and Monsters", Weiss exhibits this ability once, as she unintentionally summons the arm of the Giant Armor she defeated in "White Trailer" to protect Velvet Scarlatina. Nevertheless, she struggles to demonstrate this ability, and she says "it's the only thing [she's] been having trouble with" to her sister.

In the series, Weiss' glyphs have appeared in a variety of colors for unknown reasons. So far, blue, black, white, and red normal glyphs have been shown, as well as a yellow "haste" glyph with a clock design.


Weiss frequently demonstrates the ability to combine Dust with her semblance, in order to direct the movement and manifestation of it, such as in "Players and Pieces", where she does this to create a curved wall of ice between Ruby and the Death Stalker's stinger.

Weiss has shown a preference for ice Dust, only switching types if it provides her with an advantage, such as using wind Dust against sonic based attacks.


Weiss seems to have limited endurance, as seen in "The Emerald Forest", after Ruby and Weiss are forced to retreat from a pack of Beowolves after a forest fire; Weiss is shown to be panting in exhaustion while Ruby still seems to be fully energized.

The biggest sign of her lack of endurance, however, is her inability to take heavy hits. Out of everyone on her team, she has been knocked out the most, such as by Nora's big hit with her watermelon hammer during the food fight, and the White Fang Lieutenant smashing her head into the ground.


Weiss alludes to Snow White from the fairy tale of the same name.
Her name translates literally to "White Snow" in German. However, the actual descriptive phrase "white snow" would translate to "weißer Schnee" or "schneeweiß" in German.
"Mirror Mirror", her song in the "White" Trailer, makes reference to the mirror that plays a large part in the story of Snow White.
Her role as the heiress to the Schnee Dust Company may allude to Snow White's affiliation with the seven dwarves, who were jewel miners.
Monty stated that the pendant on her necklace is shaped like an apple,[4] and in "Jaunedice", Weiss' meal consists of only an apple. These are references to Snow White and the poisoned apple.
According to Monty, Weiss fights with fencing because he studied fencing.[5]
Weiss' voice actor, Kara Eberle, compares her to both Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series.[6]
During an "Ask Me Anything" question and answer session on the Rooster Teeth website, Kara said that Weiss' favorite season is
Winter, her favorite color is baby blue, and her favorite ice cream flavor is blueberry frozen yogurt. Also, if given the choice between fighting 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses, she would rather fight 1 horse-sized duck.[7]
Despite her name being German, the 'W' in her first name, as well as the 'nee' part of her last name are not pronounced as they would be in German. Monty stated that this is because real-world countries, such as Germany, do not exist in Remnant.[8] In the offical artwork shown at the end of each trailer, she is holding Myrtenaster in her right hand, despite being left handed. This is because the drawings in the Team RWBY composite are early concepts.
However, the artwork of Weiss in the composite seems to be an edited version of the original Weiss concept art. In the original concept art, she has a beauty mark instead of a scar and is holding a silhouette of Myrtenaster that seems to have a somewhat different shape than the final version.
She has her own official Twitter account at RT_WeissSchnee, like Ruby and Yang which are currently inactive.
She has admitted to Ruby that she always wanted bunk beds as a child.
Weiss is often addressed by nicknames, being called "Princess", "Snow Angel" or "Ice Queen" by Ruby, Jaune, Neptune, Sun, Yang and even Roman Torchwick and the White Fang Lieutenant.
The "Ice Queen" nickname is also given by Qrow Branwen to Weiss' sister, Winter.


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Kings Of Soul, The Dazz Band - U R My Starship (Kings Of Soul Instrumental) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kings Of Soul, The Dazz Band - U R My Starship (Kings Of Soul Main Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kobes - Giava (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Koloniari, Hector Cooper - Day Dreaming (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Koloniari, Hector Cooper - King 116 (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kon Up - Fuka (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kon Up - In Da Mood www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kon Up - In Da Mood (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Konvic - Joining Dots www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Konvic - Joining Dots (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
KORT, Elementary - Try (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kotelett Zadak - Rubikon (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kurba - Fix (Cruster Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kurba - Fix (Ian Pons Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kurba - Fix (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Kurba - Fix (Pinco Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
La Shad nkokhi - Africa My Home www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
La Shad nkokhi - Africa My Home (reprise) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lady Bee, Grace Tither - Homeless Heart (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lange - Hacktivist www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lange - Hacktivist (Extended Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lay Roo - Beautiful Sooperstar (feat Mr JaZ) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Le Babar - I Want You (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Leigh Morgan - Almost Champion (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Leigh Morgan - Dilly of a Pickle (Chocky’s Dubfloor Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Leigh Morgan - Dilly Of A Pickle (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Leigh Morgan - Pie On The Sly (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Leon - Fresh N Beat (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Leon - The Night Is On (Natch, Dothen Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Leon - The Night Is On (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Leon El Ray, Tony Soul, Wave Crushers - We Dance (StonedDogs Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Level Groove - Get Back (Loko Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Level Groove - Get Back (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Level Groove - Get Back Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Level Groove - Trouble (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
LEZAMAboy - Code-t 17 www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
LEZAMAboy - Infected Techno (Extended Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
LEZAMAboy - Love the Music (Techno Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lian July - Athena www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lian July - Athena (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Linda B. - Alone (Deep Loneliness Dub) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Loko, Level Groove - Get Back Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Loop Jacker - Ginseng's House www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Loop Jacker - Looking At You www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lotche - Trust Me (Soulfuledge Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lou Doo - Step By Step (Original Mix) (feat Tanya Gayvor) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
LTG Long Travel Groove - DooDoo (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
LTG Long Travel Groove - Here Go (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
LTG Long Travel Groove - Very Cool (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Luca Marchese - Blue Limit (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Luca Marchese - Dancing (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Luca Marchese - Dark Soul (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Luca Marchese - Inversion (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lucas Steve, Wulf, Sam Feldt - Summer on You (Club Edit) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lucas Steve, Wulf, Sam Feldt - Summer on You (Club Edit) feat. Wulf (Club Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lyntronic - Lady Alcohol www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lyntronic - Why Can't You Let Go Now www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Lyntronic - Why Can't You Let Go Now (Right Now Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
M. Caporale, Pietro Nicosia - Lucia www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
M.F.S: Observatory - Ci Risiamo!!! (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
M.F.S: Observatory - Hurt (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
M.F.S: Observatory - Inside (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
M.F.S: Observatory - Inside EP www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Machino - Desierto (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Machino - Middleman (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Machino - Viento (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mack Bango - Miss Me www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mad Marvel - Celerbrate With Me (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mafaster - Panamo (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mafaster - Random Waves (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mafaster - The Apsidal (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mafaster - Viewpoint (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mafaster - Viewpoint Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Magnetic Soul - Calling Out www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Magnetic Soul - Cast a Spell www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Magnetic Soul - Hooked 4 Love www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Magnetic Soul - Since I Found www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Majesty - Moment (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Majesty - Moment Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Majesty - Need me (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Majesty - Right Now (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Makanan - No Need To Hide (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Malachi - Without You (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Malachi, Simon Cull - Stronger (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marcelo Wallace - Backup (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marcelo Wallace - Kessel (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marcelo Wallace - Kessel Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mark Faermont - This Time www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mark Faermont - This Time (Instrumental Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mark Faermont - This Time (Main Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marla Singer - Human Phobie (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marla Singer - Mode Selector (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marla Singer - Mode Selector (Ricardo Garduno Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marla Singer - Unforgotten (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marley Marl A.k.a. Marley Skills - Come Back To Love (Marley Skills Origianl Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Marocco - Strange Day (Cocoloco Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Maroy, Younes Ahidar - Afaro (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Maskmada - Barbarianna (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Maskmada - Disco Zero (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Maskmada - Golden Dawn (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Maskmada - Superhuman (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matan Caspi - Nothing Is Free (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matt Fax - Blimp (Extended Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matt Fax - Horizon (Extended Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matt Fax - Progressia (Extended Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matt Leger - Aarp (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matt Leger - Cally (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matt Leger - Dark Sunset (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matthew Brian - Disco Dreams www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Matthew Brian - Save The World www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Max Sowento - Road To Happiness www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Max Sowento - Road to Happiness (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
McAlvis - Ever www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
McAlvis - Ever (Hunger Radio Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
McAlvis - Ever (Hunger Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
McAlvis - Ever (kt3b Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
McAlvis - Ever (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Medizan - Bavaley www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Medizan - Bavaley (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls - Back To Back www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls - Crossover www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls - Deeper Thoughts (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls - God Lives (Soulful Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls - LandMark www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls - Mercyless www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls - Mzansi www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls - Soul To Soul www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mfr Souls, Loxion Deep Da Muziqal Chef - Musiq Friends (Main Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mickey Kojak - Move Too Fast (Illhaus Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mickey Kojak - Move Too Fast (Ryan Riback Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mickey Kojak - Move Too Fast (SINIQ Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mickey Kojak - Move Too Fast (SODF Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mike Scolari, Don Ruijgrok - FSTVL (Spartaque Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mius - Strobe And Noise www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mius - Strobe And Noise feat. Kasia Kowalczyk (Radio Edit) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mius - Strobe And Noise feat. Kasia Kowalczyk (The Black 80s Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mizz Wallace - The Wrong Bitch (Steve Miggedy Maestro Instrumental Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mladen Mande - Alarmed (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mladen Mande - Driver (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mladen Mande - Moonlight www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mladen Mande - Moonlight (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mladen Mande - Mystic Nights (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
MoBlack, Baba - Calabash (Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Modern Groove Assembly - FourFiveSeconds Acapella (Acapella) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Modern Groove Assembly - FourFiveSeconds Future Soul Rework (Main Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Modern Groove Assembly - FourFiveSeconds iTunes Future Soul Rework (Mastered for iTunes) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mogul, Damon Trueitt - Soulglow (Original Version) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Montrae - Good Love (Original Dubstrumental) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Moto - Calling www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Moto - Calling (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Moto - Calling (Radio Edit) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Moy Moy, Special Q - Puppy (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Moy Moy, Special Q - Today (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mpeshnyk - A Higher Time www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mpeshnyk - Priesthood www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mpeshnyk - Priesthood (Dub Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mpeshnyk - Truth Be Told www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mr. Jack - Only House Musik (Jack's Dream Short Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mr. V - Somethin Wit Jazz (Reelsoul 2016 Instrumental) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mr. V - Somethin Wit Jazz (Reelsoul 2016 Keyapella) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mr. V - Somethin Wit Jazz (Reelsoul 2016 Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mr.Kju - Helpless (Jonnas B Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mr.Kju - Helpless (Lucas Garcia Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mr.Kju - Helpless (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mr.Kju - Helpless (The Waz Exp. Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Munk - Purple Dust www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Mutale Kanyanta, DJ Serge Negri - Believe (DJ Serge Negri Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Myungho Choi - The Jump Off (J-Fader Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Myungho Choi - The Jump Off (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Myungho Choi - Wacha Gonna Do (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Myzo Lyza, Fruity B, KG Nyakz, Timza - Xenophobia (Main Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Name Does Not Matter - Black Knight (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Name Does Not Matter - Forest (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Name Does Not Matter - Forest Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Name Does Not Matter - Seq1 (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Name Does Not Matter - Sun Shower (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Name Does Not Matter - They Are Going To Catch You Anyway (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nanter - Deep South (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nanter - Space Jam (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nanter - Space Jam (Rolando Hodar Black Hole Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nanter - Space Jam (Silvina Romero Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nblow - Explorer (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nblow - Funky Sushi (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Netto Buck, Zonato Silva - Strange Love (4U Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Netto Buck, Zonato Silva - Strange Love (Co-op Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Netto Buck, Zonato Silva - Strange Love (NOPOPSTAR Andrey Exx Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Netto Buck, Zonato Silva - Strange Love (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Netto Buck, Zonato Silva - Strange Love (Vino Gomiero Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Netto Buck, Zonato Silva - Strange Love Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nhonkie - Congas (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nhonkie - Hustler’s Anthem (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nhonkie, Rev Shweezy - Any Move Is A Dance (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nick Barna - Flute Magic www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nick Barna - In The Street (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
NickNice - Stop Playing (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nicola Amoruso, Tonix - Gotta Do (Alvaro Smart Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nicola Amoruso, Tonix - Gotta Do (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nicola Amoruso, Tonix - I See You Baby (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nina Indi - Sapphire (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nina Indi - Sirius (Dennis Cruz Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nina Indi - Sirius (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ninetoes - Lay Down (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ninetoes - Nose (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ninetoes - rbsb EP www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nkokhi - Dont Push Me (Instrumental) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nkokhi - Dont Push Me (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Norty Cotto - Don't You Feel It (Todd Terry Re-Edit) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Norty Cotto - I Need A (Todd Terry Re-Edit) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Notes2Selves, Max C - Sharing My Life (Wade Teo Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nubiyan Twist - Headhunter www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nubiyan Twist - Headhunter (Ranga Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nubiyan Twist - Headhunter (Simbad 4_4 Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nubiyan Twist - Headhunter (Simbad Dark Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Nubiyan Twist - Headhunter (Simbad Dub) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
NuKid Bashh - 1500 Strokes (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
O.M.S. - Deep Love (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olaf Stuut - Siren (Jonny Miller Edit) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - African Summer www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Beauty www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Embarassing Moment www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Love Breaks www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Mellow www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Muito Obrigado www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Rain Forest www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Saharan Sun www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Soulful Beats www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olajoowantee - Train to Addis Abeba www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olbaid, Alpha Force - Kill It With Fire (Mike Saint-Jules Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Olbaid, Alpha Force - Kill It With Fire (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Oliver Schories - Eno (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Omar Khan - Secrets (Koyla Instrumental) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Omar Khan - Secrets (Koyla Version) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Omar Khan - Secrets (Nav's Stereo 99 Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Omar Khan - Secrets (Nav's Stereo Dub) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Omar Khan - Secrets (Original) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Omar Salgado - Caduceo (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Omar Salgado - ERKS (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Omar Salgado - La Puerta (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
One On One - I Want You (Saturday Night Inst.) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Onyx - Pullover www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Onyx - Pullover (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ordep Zerep - Integrity As The Key (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ordep Zerep - Juana www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ordep Zerep - Juana La Cubana (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Oscar Barila - 2 Shots Of Whisky (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Oscar Barila - Baby Stirs The C (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Oscar Barila - Cash Flow www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Oscar Barila - Cash Flow (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Oscar Ozz, Rich Vom Dorf, Phable, Sino Sun - The Evil www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ost Meyer - Aventador (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ost Meyer - Polaris (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ost Meyer - Polaris Aventador www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
OutpostLive - BlackSun (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
OutpostLive - Outward (Giulio Maresca Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
OutpostLive - Outward (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
P3P3 - B3AT (Club Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pagany, Iberico - Sofie (feat. Insatiable) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pagany, Soul Groove, Sudad G, Denise Montana From Goody Goody - Number One DJ www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paji, Yves Paquet - Sharks In The Woods (Extended Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (Extended Version) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (Horse Meat Disco Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (Maze Masters Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (Radio Edit) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (Ralphi Rosario Hot Mix 5 Dub) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (Ralphi Rosario Hot Mix 5 Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (The Carry Nation Dub) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You feat. Paris Grey (The Carry Nation Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Parlando - Devotion Chords www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Parlando - Devotion Chords (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pastrana - Filters (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pastrana - In Your Eyes (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paton, Jack Eye Jones - Waiting my whole life feat. Paton (Bolier Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paton, Jack Eye Jones - Waiting My Whole Life feat. Paton (D-Wayne Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Paton, Jack Eye Jones - Waiting My Whole Life feat. Paton (Original) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pavel Svetlove, Dina Eve, Geonis - Stand Alone (Deep Sound Effect Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pavel Svetlove, Dina Eve, Geonis - Stand Alone (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
PC Pat - Life Is My Music www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
PC Pat - Life Is My Music (Funk Protectors Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Perc, Passarella Death Squad - Temperate Dub (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Perc, Passarella Death Squad - Temperature's Rising www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Perc, Passarella Death Squad - Temperature's Rising (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Perc, Passarella Death Squad - Temperature’s Rising www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Peter Pardeike - Love Supreme (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Peter Pardeike - Nero (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Phil Greenwood - It's All Chicago (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Phunktokta, CMD, Sean Kosa, Andrew Duke, Bic - Alpine: The Third Day www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pietro Nicosia - Livin in Mopti www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pietro Nicosia - Livin in Mopti (Afro Deep Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pietro Nicosia - Livin in Mopti (Dark Fresh Dub) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pietro Nicosia - Livin in Mopti (Mauritzio Drummatic Dub) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pipy, Ezek - Dark Soul www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Pipy, Ezek - Dark Soul (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Poison Jam Sam - Manouche Swing (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Poison Jam Sam - Sophisticated (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Project Soul - Question My Love (Dub Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Project Soul - Question My Love (Vocal Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Qosmio - Dark Entity (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Qosmio - Nightmare (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Quincy Jones - Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ralphi Rosario, The Carry Nation, Maze Masters, Paris Grey, HiFi Sean - Lost Without You www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Raphael Hofman - Nightmare (Kris Davis Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Raphael Hofman - Nightmare (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Raphael Hofman - Susurrus (Bird Of Paradise Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Raphael Hofman - Susurrus (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
rawBeetz - All Alone (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
rawBeetz - Toronto Sessions Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
rawBeetz - u Like (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
rawBeetz - You R Beautiful (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Red9, Kunzima - Tibuku Dance (Ancestral Tech Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Redemption - Tell The World (Mark's E-SA Dub) (feat Evelyn Thomas) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Reel People - Golden Lady (feat Tony Momrelle) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Reel People, Tony Momrelle - Golden Lady www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Renato Cohen, dubspeeka, Affkt, Sutja Gutierrez - Flashcrash EP www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
ReneHell - Construction (GabeeN Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
ReneHell - Construction (Israel Toledo Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
ReneHell - Construction (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
ReneHell - Construction (Rob Kipara Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Reset Safari - Faceless (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rhythm Staircase - Black Storm (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rhythm Staircase - So Deep (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rhythm Staircase - So Deep Ep www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rich Martinez - Legends Never Die www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rick Marshall - Give You Up (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rico Tubbs - Ghost Rider www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rico Tubbs - Ghost Rider (Ampr) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rico Tubbs - Ghost Rider (Dr Cryptic Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rob Hollywood - Eternal Sun www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Rob Hollywood - Moon Chanting www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Robbie Rivera - Back To Zero (The Squatters Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Robinho B - Headlight (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
RooticalDeep - Left Eye (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
RooticalDeep - One Of Those Days (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Roundhead (Italy) - Durante Il viaggio (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ruben Naess - Back In The Days (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ruth Brown, De Hofnar - Feelings www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ruth Brown, De Hofnar - Feelings feat. Ruth Brown (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ryan Riback, Mickey Kojak - Move Too Fast www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ryan Truman - Feeling It www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ryan Truman - Lost In The Bottle www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Ryan Truman - Wanting www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
S.Chu - Going Down (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
S.Chu - Subwalker (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
S.O.N.Y. (South Of New York) - Love Addiction (Jim's Luv Dub) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Sammy Bananas - BLO www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Sammy Bananas - Pal Sammy www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
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Samu.l - What Is What (Dorian Paic’s Just Strut Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
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Samu.l - Your Story (Martin Landsky Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
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Sascha Ciccopiedi - Last Round (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Sascha Ciccopiedi - Night Of The Hunter (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Satori (NL) feat. Miou Amadée - Pink Orange Sky (Just Emma Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
Satu Bule Jelek - Balabalagan (Original Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
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Savi Leon - I Need U (DJ Christopher Remix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
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Serial Thrilla - Masta Blasta (Dub Mix) www.DANCEDJ.CLUB
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Mamaia Hot Nights 01
Mamaia Hot Nights 01
2 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - RAY “lazeray” LAZER. : #onthisday  in 845, 1170 years ago, a large Norse warband of 5,000 Vikings in 120 longships led by the...
#onthisday  in 845, 1170 years ago, a large Norse warband of 5,000 Vikings in 120 longships led by the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok raided Paris.

"We fought with swords, at Bardafyrda. A mower of blood rained from our weapons. Headlong fell the palid corpse a prey for the hawks. The bow gave a twanging found. The blade sharply bit the coats of mail: it bit the helmet in the fight." ("The Krákumál")

Snakes wiggle like a red thread through the tale of Ragnar. His second wife Thora breeds a pair of giant vipers the Norse hero has to overcome and protecting himself from the poisonous brood’s bites with loden or “hairy breeks”, gains the sobriquet “Lodbrok”, marries a third time, Aslaug, daughter of the legendary hero couple Sigurd and the Valkyrie Brynhild, has a son by her with the famous trait of the Völsung clan, a mark of a snake biting its own tail in his left eye hence his name Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and finally and famously, Ragnar Lodbrok ends his Viking hero’s life in the snake pit of King Ælla of Northumbria. The Lodbrok sons Ivar the Boneless, Halfdan Ragnarsson and Ubba didn’t take it too well, assemble the Great Heathen Army in 865, invade the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, wreak havoc for the next 14 years and finally capture Ælla and carve the blood eagle upon him. Or so the story goes. Whether there was a historical Ragnar Lodbrok at all is highly doubtful. More probable is that several Norse warlords of the early 800s have been condensed into one heroic figure centuries later. However, contemporary Frankish sources namen a Reginheri who had followed the prow beast along the whale road to the coast of the Frakkarlands and sailed his ships to Paris and this might have been the historical Ragnar "Leódbroga", the people frightener.

It was a black year for Charles the Bald, King of the Franks. The war with his brothers Louis the German and Emperor Lothair I had just come to an end two years before with the Treaty of Verdun and now Aquitaine was in rebellion and it was raid-the-Franks time again for the Bretons as well as the Norse. By mid-March of the year 845, Ragnar and his raiders obviously brought one half of Charles’ army to battle while the other half was caught on the opposite shore of the Seine. The Vikings allegedly executed their prisoners in a rather unpleasant manner in full view of the rest of the Franks, they fled in terror, Ragnar proceeded to Paris, sacked the place and forced the king to pay a Danegeld, a ransom of 7,000 pounds of silver to make them leave. Not an uncommon practice until well into the 12th century when royal taxes became more common. Ragnar proceeded to the coast and north to England for a Strandhögg (a raid, more or less a fight on the beach) or three until he met his legendary fate after a shipwreck on the coast of Northumbria. Paris was raided again three times more during the 860s and fortifications considerably increased until they held and enabled Count Eudes to fend off the next major raid in 885, allegedly by 40,000 Vikings in 700 ships under their warlords Sigfred, Sinric and Rollo, the selfsame man who would become the first Duke of Normandy in 911, just two generations after Ragnar’s first raid.

Depicted below is Angus McBride’s (1931 – 2007 somewhat pulpy imagination of a 9th century Viking raid using almost all the popular clichés of a strandhögg with the dramatis personae with (to current knowledge) historically accurate costumes and equipment (probably from Osprey’s “Men-at-Arms” series, found on:

And more on:

#history   #europeanhistory   #medievalhistory   #mythology   #1000faces   #vikings
4 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - kano : 📌 ❘❙❚ K A N O ❚❙❘ Welcome to Kano's page. This page is dictated by four different people. Kora, Aristotle...
📌                  ❘❙❚ K A N O ❚❙❘

Welcome to Kano's page. This page is dictated by four different people. Kora, Aristotle (Ari), Nathanael (Nate), and Owen.
kora Posts the aesthetics, writes in italics, and handles the collections.
ari Posts the quotes, lyrics, writing, roleplays, and formats the pinned posts.
nate Shitposts, talks about anime, and changes the profile photos and cover pictures.
owen Posts all the rants/vents, comments salt, and swears a lot.
These four people make up a whole known as Kano, the admin of this page.

   ✘ identity ✘  Kano (Aqua and/or Lord of the Lions)
   ✘ birthdate ✘  January thirtieth, two thousand two
   ✘ zodiac ✘  Aquarius ♒
   ✘ sexuality ✘  B₂ (Bisexual)
   ✘ gender ✘  Male
   ↳ preferred pronouns  He/him/his
   ✘ allergies/difficulties ✘  Allergies; Dairy (lactose intolerant), eggs, butter, cheese, nuts, dust, seasonal allergies. | Difficulties; Craniosynostosis, severe asthma, strabismus, etc.

   ✘ mental health ✘  Stable | Sane
   ✘ personal hygiene ✘  Average
   ✘ past surgeries ✘  Craniosynostosis surgery, strabismus (left eye) surgery, (right) ear patching surgery (failed), (right) ear tympanoplasty surgery (successful), (one, bottom left jaw) wisdom tooth removal.
   ✘ future surgeries ✘  (Lower) Jaw surgery, (top left and right jaw) wisdom tooth removal.
   ✘ disorder(s)? ✘  Classified
   ✘ self esteem (1 - 10) ✘  3.5/10

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    kano's quirks & habits
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   ▬ taking nothing seriously
   ▬ calling himself gay even though he's not
   ▬ procrastinating
   ▬ acting like a sassy black woman
   ▬ being a weeaboo
   ▬ complaining
   ▬ acting impulsively
   ▬ fanboying over a new anime/manga each day
   ▬ obsessing over lions

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5 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Immortal X (Dead in the head) : Wip This is the infamous mad magician, Mercy. He is the man who's made it his number one mission to ...
This is the infamous mad magician, Mercy. He is the man who's made it his number one mission to make Winter and Ozi miserable. He's kicked the living shit out of Mars, who dare not admit defeat, and Mentally tormented Winter for her old ways. He doesn't want to kill them, he just wants them to suffer. He can summon any weapon he pleases whether it be a kitchen knife or poison. He is probably the most polite asshole you'll ever meet. You'd think him to be a good guy until he did something. He's raped girls and thanked them for their time, apoligizes to his target for having to attack them. He is a manipulative sleaze ball with tattoos all over his arms. He where's a clip because his hair always falters his eyes and it makes him very irritable, to him having hair all in his face is the worst and most irritating thing in the world but he refuses to cute his hair. His left eye bleeds when he's overused his power. I'm not entirely sure if it's a good idea for him to be around kids. I just don't think I'd trust him around children with the state he's in.
5 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Shin “Narcissistic Wolfy” Tsukinami : "Hello~ Welcome to my profile" "I was Kanato buttttttttt" "ANYWAY!" ~*INFORMATION ON SHIN~* Shin...
"Hello~ Welcome to my profile"

"I was Kanato buttttttttt"



Shin Tsukinami (月浪 シン Tsukinami Shin) is the younger brother of the founders. He is the second son of Krone and Giesbach, the former First Blood king.


Shin has ruffled rusty blond hair with a part on the left side. He has a sharp gold eye with a slit down the middle like his brother's. He wears a black eye patch covering the left side of his teal glasses along with his left eye. The eye patch has two thin white lines crisscrossed over it. He has three blue studs in his right ear, and the one in the middle is smaller than the other two.

His uniform consists of a black shirt with a white long sleeved shirt over it that has a white ribbon on top of another black one below the collar and black armbands on the upper arms. He wears a black vest with crests on the right lapel and ruffles on the bottom. He also wears black gloves in contrast to Carla's white ones. He wears these with dark plaid pants and black boots. He wears a gold chain pendant with a red coffin on it around his neck and draped over his chest. There is a chain around his waist which goes around his tail as well. His fluffy tail is about the same color as his hair.

Because he possesses a high pride as a founder, he looks down upon the other bloodlines. He hates any race who is under the Ancestor bloodline, but hates the Vampires and Vibora the most.

"Beautiful blood" is his preference and often utters narcissistic remarks.

Normally his speech is polite, but when he loses his temper his words turn violent and often contain hurtful or insensitive remarks.

Shin is a very sadistic character. He takes pleasure in the others misery and pain. He looks down upon everyone aside from his brother. Shin enjoys pranking, torturing or humiliating the heroine. He also likes to make her feel embarrassed.

Shin usually follows the orders of his older brother Carla who he fears and respects, however, he is often too hotheaded and rushes to action while his brother prefers to think before acting. Shin often underestimate his opponents, looking down on them, which sometimes gets him into serious troubles (in Kanato's DARK FATE route, this gets Shin killed by Kanato, no matter the huge level difference in their powers.)

Shin is very prideful and narcissistic and he believes he is stronger than he actually is. He respects his older brother as the current king but doesn't plan to always live in his shadow and waits for the moment to become the alpha instead. He admires Carla but also holds a deep grudge against him which he hides to the very last moment until he is more confident that he has a chance to win.

Obtaining Yui for him not only means he to be the one to inherit the First Blood kingdom and hold the future of his race, but also to win and prove himself in front his brother. However knowing his brother's powers, he does it secretly and carefully. Shin can easily snap and act completely out of control not calculating the consequences.


Alongside his older brother Carla, Shin is one of the last two remaining members of the founders' bloodline.

Shin grows up more or less in his big brother's shadow who he also loves and admires as a person who is always the first in everything, stronger, faster, smarter, and loved and admired by their people. However Shin, who is their father's favorite sometimes feels sorry for his brother when he sees him get mistreated by their father. Shin gets easily praised by his father but he seeks his brother's acknowledgment.

Usually Carla, lost in his own thoughts and worries, trying to balance the kingdom and prevent his father to do more harm to their race than good, doesn't pay enough attention to his younger brother, which makes Shin think he isn't worthy enough for his brother's acknowledgment. Feeling desperate to prove himself, Shin trains recklessly and endlessly fights in duels with the guards however, he decides that only training isn't enough and in order to become stronger he has to fight for real.

Shin runs from the castle of the First Bloods and goes in the Vibora lands where he starts attacking the Vibora bloodline and killing them. This doesn't remain unpunished. The Vibora king seeks audience with Giesbach, but Carla upon learning what have happened, insists to speak with the snake king first as he wants to do his best to prevent another diplomatic crisis as they are on the verge of a war with the Vampire bloodline because of their mad king of a father Giesbach.

Carla bows his head, stepping on his high pride as a First Blood and bowing in front a sub-race as the Vibora king, and begs him for forgiveness instead his brother. Shin seeing this, prefers to die instead of enduring this humiliation and seeing his idol, his brother bow like this. However, the Vibora king is still not happy and wishes for a sacrifice. Carla in order to save his brother, forces Shin on his knees and pokes out his left eye with his sword. Shin is unable to remain sane after this humiliation and never forgives his brother for this, preferring to have been killed instead of bowing and sacrificing for a lower race.

The other thing for which Shin never forgives Carla is for killing their father Giesbach and on top of it using a dirty trick to weaken him by poisoning him with the infected with the Endzeit knife.


Carla Tsukinami
Carla is Shin's older brother. Shin looks up to him quite a lot. As Carla's servant Shin obeys his orders usually doing his dirty work. Shin also knows how strong his brother is, therefore his brother is the only person Shin respects. However, Shin waits for his opportunity to dethrone him and both get his revenge for the grudges he has always held against his brother, unable to understand his reasoning for his actions in the past. And at the same time wishes to defeat him and prove himself in front of his own "idol" like that, to gain his acknowledgment.

Shin calls Carla "Nii-san" which means big brother.

Shin had a far better relationship with his father than Carla does. Giesbach favored him to the point to where he would do anything for him, while he would frown upon Carla and say he hopes he dies in the war he started with Karlheinz. When Shin asks him to let him fight too, Giesbach refuses because he wants his war only to fall on Carla's shoulders. Shin can't understand why his father is so cruel towards his brother. However, he loves his father because Giesbach shows only his good side to him.

Shin doesn't have a strong bond with his mother. As an opposite with his father, he isn't close at all with Krone who seems to favor Carla. Shin realizes she is behind the coup and dislikes her even more,calling her "that woman".

It is suggested that Menae was like a parent equally for Carla and Shin. However, their memories for her were sealed by Karlheinz and later when they found out about her, they saw her as a traitor, but still began to look for her in order to mate with her and save their dying race. Before knowing she is already dead, Shin states he would like to kill her mercilessly for betraying them.

Shin finds her "jade brooch" that he gives to the heroine, which is filled with her residual magic, and shows memories (like dreams) of Menae to the heroine and sometimes to Carla too.

Disguised as the "First Blood supporter" Mertz, Richter tries to play the role of a lackey for the ancestor duo in order to use them for his own agenda. But while Richter shows fear and respect to Carla, he directly refuses that to Shin, especially when he finds out for his plan to dethrone his older brother. He mocks Shin, telling him he has no chance against his brother.

As a founder, he has the ability to transform into a wolf, snake, bat and an eagle. However, he prefers using his wolf form. He has high strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. Summoning and controlling familiars. He is able to wield a sword as well as using magic but not as strong as Carla's.

He possesses all the basic racial skills of the 4 sub races (has all the vampire, werewolf, snake, eagle demons skills). However in terms of power and skills, he is not as powerful as his brother Carla.


Shin's biggest weakness is underestimating his opponent and acting without thinking, which lets him off guard and vulnerable to mortal attacks.

A first blood like him can die only by decapitation (or Endzeit but it is shown that he does not have the disease).

He loves nuts.
He loves long baths after running around in his wolf form.
He uses Yui as a nut cracker, breaking the shells of the walnuts with her teeth, but then mocks her and says he wouldn't eat anything that has been in her mouth.
He enjoys humiliating Yui by making her lick his boots.
As mentioned above, he gets killed by Kanato in Kanato's DARK FATE route for letting his guard down and believing his tears.

More later



Name: Silverpaw

Silver – a 'shiny' grey colour
Paw – his rank


Previous Names:
Future Names:
Silverberry/Silverthorn – not sure yet
Origin of Name:
Got given the name Silverkit when he joined the clan, changed to Silverpaw as an apprentice

Nickname: Silver

Gender: Male

Age: 10 moons

Species: Cat

Breed: Unknown

Sexual orientation: Gay

Clan: Rippleclan

Rank: Apprentice

Status: Alive


Pelt Color: Very light brown, almost like a pale coffee colour, with some white and darker variation

Pelt type: Spiky but very soft

Body Type: Average build, a little small. A little stocky but slender, with a well muscled build

Paws/Socks color: Same as his pelt with darker speckles, except for one, which has a darker sock colour

Headfur Color: Same as his pelt

Inner-ear/Paw-pad/Nose Color: Nose is a darker colour than his pelt, inner ears are pink, pads are a mottled pink and white

Eye Color: Red

Accessories: N/A

Scars/cuts/birthmarks/etc: Scar on his cheek and two on the underside of his wrist

Intelligent – Silverpaw is very intelligent, and knows a lot about hunting and fighting techniques. He is very tactical, and often thinks thoroughly about what he is going to do before doing it
Introverted – He doesn't mix very well with others, and while he isn't nervous around other cats he just doesn't act very interesting, perhaps a little boring around crowds. He works better in smaller groups or alone with one other cat, where he starts to come out of his shell a little.
Graceful – Takes care in his movements and is very smooth in the way he walks and swims, and has a tendency to show off a little
Tired – Not really a personality trait, but he is tired a lot, which affects the way he acts. He can be very slow in his words when he's like this, and will sometimes do things he wouldn't usually do, such as leaning against a clan mate for support. He can often be found sleeping all over the territory, and tends to blink very slowly when talking when he's tired (kind of like the equivalent of being slightly stoned)
Secretive – He's not actually the kind of character to keep everything bottled up, but doesn't have all that many close friends to share things with. He prefers to keep problems to himself, rather than bothering others
Rebellious – Just because he's tactical and intelligent doesn't mean he can't be a dumb kid. He believes that if it's not something that he'll be caught doing then he should do it, and goes by the age old motto of 'what they don't know won't hurt them' when thinking about his mentor or the other warriors
Relaxed – He doesn't really have any ambitions or goals in life, and is content to pretty much live as he is at the moment, though he would be up for a change if it presented itself
Warm-hearted – He often puts other cats needs before his own, though it rarely shows through his dead-pan exterior. He would likely help even a fox cub in danger – being exposed as a massive softie is the only time he really ever gets flustered or embarrassed
Adrenaline junkie – Despite his general relaxed persona, there are times when he feels an itch in his paws for any source of fun. The feeling of his heart racing and his blood pumping a million miles a hour is wildly exciting, and he can put himself in dangerous situations in order to feel the rush

Quiet, relaxing spots: He likes to lounge on spots by the river on rocks and listen to the river, and could honestly sleep there for days
Rain: He likes to listen to the rain and takes note of the sounds it makes drumming on the groud
Swimming: Kind of a given since he's in Rippleclan, but Silverpaw adores swimming, and goes out any excuse he can get
Wild-life: Any wild life intrigues him, including more dangerous animals like foxes or badgers, and there have been times when he's been pulled away by a more senior ranked cat for following fresh trails out of curiosity
Herbs: The medicine den fascinates him greatly, and he often spends a lot of free time in there, sometimes collecting herbs for the cats in charge there. The fresh smell often entices him over

Overly bossy cats: He can deal with bossy cats in general, and being ordered around, but does draw the line when said bossy cat is being too overbearing, and either straight up ignores them or walks away
Responsibility: Perhaps not the best thing to dislike while being in a clan, but Silverpaw can't stand any sort of responsibility, and usually flakes on duties, which gets him in a lot of trouble
Being lonely: He does actually try to make friends, though these efforts can be half hearted or he tries too hard. He does like a fair bit of solitude, though it is sometimes too much, which is usually when he goes to the nursery to see any new kits
The heat: While he does enjoy sunbathing occasionally, he practically cooks under his thick pelt in high temperatures

His own ability to look out for other cats, while ignoring his own needs
His outlook means that he can forget to eat or sleep sometimes for days on end, or eat and sleep too much

He is a very strong swimmer, which comes in handy a lot, and is very strong in general, which means he can help out a lot in camp with physical activites

Going blind: A very, very scary thought to him, especially with his albino roots
Hawks: Thanks to an incident when he was younger, he is afraid of hawks

Medicine/Herbs (out of ten): 7/10
Fighting: 5/10
Swimming: 9/10
Hunting: 6/10

Leadership (out of ten): 3/10
Agility: 8/10
Stamina: 5/10
Speed: 6/10
Stealth: 4/10
Strength: 9/10
Defense: 6/10
Motherly instincts: 7/10

Fighting moves:
Usually uses his strength, and barrels cats over pretty easily, and can hold them down with little effort
In water he might hold a cat under or sweep their legs from under them to unbalance them, and then push them under

Weakness in battle:
Quick cats – he has a hard time catching them in battle, though he can generally pin them if he gets a well aimed strike

Right Eye: Eye sight is good, though he cant see as well as some other cats
Left Eye: Eye sight is good, though he cant see as well as some other cats
Nose: N/A
Front Right Leg/Paw: N/A
Front Left Leg/Paw: N/A
Hind Right Leg/Paw: N/A
Hind Left Leg/Paw: N/A
Tail: N/A

~Definition of Mental Disorder(s)~
~Cause(s) of Mental Disorder(s)~

Rippleclan territory, specifically quiet out of the way spots and the apprentice den

Mother: Ginger, kittypet, status unknown (NPC)
Father: Slateclaw – warrior, deceased (NPC)

Foster mother(s): Stormcloud, deceased (NPC_

Step siblings: Frostpaw, alive (NPC), Cherrypaw, alive (NPC)

Foster father(s): N/A

Siblings: Ice – His sister, died as a kit after being carried off by a hawk
Mate: N/A (OPEN)
Kits: N/A

Crush: N/A (OPEN)

Past Crushes:
Clan cats: N/A

Apprentice: N/A

Mentor: N/A (OPEN)

Silverpaw was born as Silver to a kittypet called Ginger. His father, a Rippleclan warrior by the name of Slateclaw, had been having an affair with the she cat. Ginger was not a good mother, and would often take out anger at her situation on the kits and their father. After a situation gone particularly violent, in while Ginger attacked Silver and Ice, leaving him with a gash oh his cheek and wrist, Slateclaw took the two to Rippleclan. Slateclaw confessed to his clan that the two were half kittypet, and they were taken in by a queen at the time, Stormcloud. After his and Ice's and his step siblings apprentice hood, a hawk was spotted circling the camp. Icepaw and Silverpaw were excited to prove themselves to the clan as half kittypets, and set out to find the hawk. In an accident, Icepaw was carried off by the hawk, but was dropped due to her weight and struggling. She crashed to the ground before Silverpaw's eyes but didn't survive, something that still gives him nightmares present day. His foster mother, Stormcloud, was out looking for them, and since it was leaf bare caught cold. She helped carry Icepaw back, grieving with her shocked foster son. After the vigil she helped to bury her foster daughter, even though it was apparent she was sick at this point. She died a few days later from green cough, which spread through out the camp and also killed Slateclaw, Silverpaws father. He blames himself for the deaths, as do his step siblings, who refuse to talk to him. This led to his antisocial behaviours. Nothing else major has happened throughout his apprentice hood.


Voice: Quiet and tired, silky but with a rough lilt – overall very pleasant, and pitch doesn't vary much

Theme Song(s): N/A

Fun Facts/Trivia:

He's a hopeless romantic, despite it never showing, and falls hard and fast

While he is very indifferent to any cats he doesn't really know, he is super affectionate to cats that he has a close bond with

He doesn't mind very young kits, and often helps out at the nursery, and admires queens willingness to protect their kits. Older kits, especially loud and energetic ones, irritate him

Due to his own mothers lack of empathy, he struggled for a while with figuring out mother-kit relationships, though it has made his fondness for newborns stronger
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Ricky Yamasaki : "My 2 weeks with the o2 product: I'm generally in good health - Taking NO medication except Vitamins...
"My 2 weeks with the o2 product: I'm generally in good health - Taking NO medication except Vitamins

On Saturday morning, I was watching TV and suddenly my Left Eye went dark, Right eye was ok - I was scared because it was the weekend. I knew that Sears Dept Store had a doctor in the Eye Dept. I asked my grandson to take me and have my eye checked.

Dr. said, "Lady I am going to schedule an appointment for Monday for possible surgery or you could be blind" - I said "OK." ...Had Eye Surgery done on both eyes, one at a time with implant in both.

Also was told I had 'DRY EYE' and needed to be on Restasis drops - one drop in each eye every morning and every night for the rest of my life. Insurance does not cover Restasis. I could not afford at $350 month. I have very dry Eyes. I am not making in my one eye any tears.

So I tried o2 drops, one drop in each eye every morning and every night.

$40.00 a month. My Eyes do NOT feel dry and irritated. It's amazing. I can enjoy living again! - Which would you pay $350.00 verses $40.00? - I made the choice.

I also sleep peacefully, no tossing and turning, more relaxed, full of energy, enjoy the essentials of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Also, I went outside and did yard work, came in the house for water, noticed swelling and redness on both lower ankles - got stung by a bee?? Did not feel anything, Was allergic to something - used 02 drops and the redness and welling was gone nest day.

I do take 15 drops at night, best time to take it. I feel so blessed that Keith introduced the o2 oxygen product to me." - Zena Karelin

Welcome to Most Perfect Product
Any expressed income examples are not impied incomes, they are simply examples to show what you could potentially make, and what others have made by using our systems to run your own home based business. Results are not typical, and are soley represenative of the individual's work efforts and ...
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Emma Simmins : My Gemsona Name: Olivine Comes From: Homeworld, but is now on Earth Job On Homeworld: Solider Weapon...
My Gemsona
Name: Olivine
Comes From: Homeworld, but is now on Earth
Job On Homeworld: Solider
Weapon: Scythe
Clothing: An olive green chestplate with a yellow star, a yellow-greenish skirt, and some limb enhancers (even though they don't enhance anything)
Height: (With Limb Enhancers) About neck-height to Garnet, (Without Limb Enhancers) About the same as Pearl
Gem Location: Right eye even though it looks like her gems are on both eyes (Allow me to explain. She's a glitch, a kind of gem I invented. She was originally supposed to be a Peridot, but something went wrong with her creation. The gem on her left eye us just an illusion. So, instead of being a nerd, she's a soldier.)
Skin Color: Olive green
Likes: Quiet, meditation, and her friends/allies
Dislikes: Unwanted noise, watching her loved ones get hurt, and water
Friends: Diamond (My brother's Gemsona), Rutialated Quartz (My cousin's Gemsona), Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Greg, and Peridot
Not Sure: Garnet and Rose
Enemies/Nuisances: Lapis, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Onion
That's Pretty Much It. Bye.
8 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Seяeṅa セレナ : • N a m e I n f o • [ Full Name: Tsumiko Junsuina ] [ First Name Origin: 罪 (tsumi) meaning sin. 子 ...
• N a m e I n f o •

[ Full Name: Tsumiko Junsuina ]

[ First Name Origin: 罪 (tsumi) meaning sin. 子 (ko) meaning child. Tsumiko gave herself this name as a child, due to her believing the humans' perspective on ghouls - a sin. She has mixed emotions on this point of view. While she loves being a ghoul, at some points, she'd rather be human. ]

[ Nicknames: Tsumi (Close Friends) ]

[ Kanji: 罪子ピュア ]

[ Alias: Crossout ]


• A g e I n f o •

[ Physical Age: 15/16 (Tokyo Ghoul) 18/19 (TG: re) ]

[ Mental Age: 51 ]


• B i r t h I n f o •

[ Birthday: December 30th ]

[ Astrological Sign: Capricorn ]

[ Birthstone: Topaz, Zircon, Tanzanite ]

[ Birth Flower: Holly/ Narcissus ]

[ Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan. Unknown ward. ]


• C a r n a l I n f o •

[ Carnal Orientation: Heterosexual ]

[ Carnality Meaning: Attracted to the opposite gender. ]*

[ Carnal Preference: Males ]


• A p p e a r a n c e •

[ Skin Tone: Fair, Pale ]

[ Body Shape: Hourglass ]

[ Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black ]

[ Hair Style: Straight hair, messy and unkept look. Bangs are swept to the left. ]

[ Eye Color: Dark Brown ]

[ Height: 5'4" ]

[ Weight: 110 lbs. ]

[ Distinctive Features: None really. ]


• P e r s o n a l i t y •

Tsumiko is sociopathic. This includes hostility, risk-taking, irritability, etc.

She doesn't really care about others personally unless they are very close friends. She has a lack of reguard for others that she does not know. While she can't get an official diagnosis, she does have the symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder.

While she is sociopathic, she is slightly more caring around very close friends. She would protect them and defend them, attempt to help them in a time of need.

Sometimes, her symptoms can hardly show and she would laugh and tease friends, and sometimes playfully insult them.


• I n t e r e s t s •

[ Likes: ]

* Books
* Her Kagune
* Coffee
* Meat
* 20th Ward
* Stars
* Kitties

[ Dislikes: ]

* Her Parents
* Nearly everything NOT on the likes list


• G h o u l I n f o •

[ RC Type: Ukaku (Temporarily, may change.) ]

[ *Kagune Desc.: The kagune is nearly all black, but fades into indigo and then a bright purple at the tips. The veins are red. ]

[ RC Level: 6500 ]

[ Rating: SS ]

[ Ward: She usually hangs in the 20th ward but sometime goes back to the 13th ward when she needs to blow off steam. ]

[ Mask: A white mask covering her entire face exceot for her right eye. The left eye is covered by a black cross representing her partial hatred of being a ghoul. There are six holes in the mask so she can speak and breathe. ]

[ Ghoul Alias: Crossout ]

[ *Alias Origin: The CCG noticed that there was only one kakuja shown. They also noticed the big cross on her mask, covering up a potential other eye. They thought of it to be a big part of her life and could be helpful when trying to intimidate the ghoul, which, in their eyes, could lead to her defeat. ]


• S t a t s •
[ Out of 5 ]

Strength: • • •

Speed: • • • •

Intelligence: • • • •

Stamina: • •

Reflexes: • • • • •

Technique: • • •

Accuracy: • • • •


Tsumiko was born to a killing ghoul duo. Both of them were able to use their kagunes at a young age. Years went by, and she just disappointed them more and more. Eventually, when she was eight, she was abandoned in the 13th ward during her sleep. There was no place there where she couldn't hear screams or see blood. But, she managed. One night, when getting attacked by a ghoul, she was able to unleash her kagune and kill them. Years went by and she got stronger and stronger. When she was 12, she showed up at Anteiku's doors. She went there often to rest, and sometimes slept there. She now lives her life alternating between the 20th and 13th wards.


• R e l a t i o n s h i p s •

Ayano Junsuina
Mother, Unknown Status
Hideaki Junsuina
Father, Deceased

[ Crush: None ]

[ Best Friend: None ]

[ Other: None ]

[ Children: None ]


"Mum... It's me... Your Little Devil."

"I lived in a life of bloodshed and violence. If a kid like me survived there, any ghoul can survive much less worse things."


[ Theme: "Twin Skeletons" by Fall Out Boy, "Shatter Me" by Lindsey Stirling, "Bring Me To Life" by Evanesence ]
8 hours ago - Via Community - View - Marcus Smith : *IN PROGRESS* *ONLY HALF DONE* Name: Cadron Darkvale Age: In the land of the Fey, time works different...

Name: Cadron Darkvale
Age: In the land of the Fey, time works different but judging by appearance, he is 19.
Gender: Male.
Species: Faerie Fey, one of the Fair Folk. However you choose to word it.
Title: Cadron the Vicious of the Wild Hunt.
Height: 6'1ft.
Build: Slender but muscular. He has the graceful and tough body type of a soldier and a hunter.
Skin tone: Snow pale.
Eye color: His left eye is an electrifying blue while his left eye is a soulless black.
Hair color: His hair color depends on his feelings. When he happy, his hair is a soft green. When he is distressed, the color of his hair is a midnight black.
Scars: Cadron has a pale scar starting from the top corner of his left eye to the right corner of his lips.
Pets: His "pet" is a smoky black faerie steed. This steed can fly across the sky and run through any terrain.
Likes: Cadron enjoys the thrill of the hunt. He collects the bodies of the dead to return to the Court. He loves the heat of battle and the adrenaline rush it provides for him. When he is not hunting with Gwyn, the leader of the hunt, Cadron also enjoys the sights, bother terrible and beautiful, of the Faerie world. His favorite sight of them all is the night sky and the billions of stars.
Dislikes: The young hunter absolutely despises the Nephilm and the Night's children (Vampires.) Now, he has never met on of the Angel's children, of course considering he is not permitted to leave the Hunt without permission but judging from all of the stories he has heard, the shadowhunters are despicable beings dedicated to wipe out Downworlders. Vampires, on the other hand, he has met. He finds them disgusting and pathetic creatures, forced to live off of the blood of others.
Love Interests:
Weapons of choice:
9 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Shocking Videos : Doctor pops huge cyst on child's face that had grown so big he couldn't see out of his left eye
Doctor pops huge cyst on child's face that had grown so big he couldn't see out of his left eye
Watch the video: Doctor pops huge cyst on child's face that had grown so big he couldn't see out of his left eye
Doctor pops huge cyst on child's face that had grown so big he couldn't see out of his left eye VIDEO: Horrific moment doctor pops huge cyst on child's face that had grown so big he couldn't see out of his left eye WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Child was admitted to hospital in El Salvador with giant eye cyst Such huge lumps normally only strike people aged 30 to 50 When it reaches that size, the only treatment is to pop and squeeze it Dr Alberto Cota filmed the gruesome moment he performed the surgery This is the gruesome moment a doctor burst a giant cyst covering a little boy's eye. The child was admitted to hospital in Sonsonante, El Salvador, in February with a slow-growing inflammation on his eye duct, known as a chalazion. The lump had become so big it completely blocked his left eye. Most cysts fade over time. If not, the only way to treat it is to cut an incision and squeeze out the fluid. In a graphic video, Dr Alberto Cota demonstrated exactly how this is done. The child...
9 hours ago - Via - View - Anastasia “The Sundae” Rivaille : Shannon sat on the roof of her home that she shared with her sister. Looking out into the distance. ...
Shannon sat on the roof of her home that she shared with her sister. Looking out into the distance. She sang.

I was fine.. With the man... Who would come into her life now and again... I was fine... Cause I knew... They didn't really matter until you... I was fine.... When you came.... And we fought like it was all some silly game. Over her, who'd she choose. After all those years I never thought I'd lose...

It's over isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it over? It's over isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it over? You won! And she choose you, and she loved you, now she's gone... It's over isn't why can't I move on...

Her voice was beautiful and soft. But was clear enough for many to hear.

_War and glory, reinvention. Fusion, freedom, her attention.. Out in daylight my potential; bold, precise, experimental. Who am I now in this world without her! Petty and dull, with a nerve to doubt her.. What does it matter! It's already done, now I've got to be there for her son...

It's over isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it over? It's over isn't it? Isn't it over! You won! And she chose you, and she loved you... Now she's gone....! Isn't over isn't it... Why can't I move on...

Then she finished with a tear falling slowly from her left eye. When she felt a prescence behind her, she quickly turned around.
9 hours ago - Via Community - View - Frida M. : PART 11- THE BLACK ROSE (Aries and Scorpio in the weapon room) Aries-"wow this place is awesome" ...

(Aries and Scorpio in the weapon room)

Aries-"wow this place is awesome"

Scorpio-"this is only part of it,the real awesome part is behing that door points to a door but sadly we wont be going in there today"


Scorpio-"we're starting with the basics today remember"

Aries-"oh right!"

Scorpio- grabs a normal bow and sheath of arrows "here lets start with this and then we will start going higher in range"

Aries-"ok" grabs bow and sheath of arrows

Scorpio-"follow me"

(Aries follows scorpio into a different room with a sign in the door saying "training room" so aries knows what to expect when she comes in)

Scorpio-"come over here, this is where we practice with the bow and arrows. Ok let me show you how to hold it"

scorpio adjusts Aries's hands and tells her how to aim

Scorpio-"ok we're gonna try the 10 yard distance first"


Scorpio-"your main goal here is to get in the 60's and up"

Aries nods and loads her bow but misses the target by a few inches. Shes tries again a few times

Scorpio-"here let me show you how to aim it"

(Scorpio goes behind Aries before she can answer and when he's behind her he can feel her tense but he ignores it and puts his hands over her's and puts his face right besides her's causing Aries to blush a little)

Scorpio-"alright close your left eye and look trought your right eye, use the tip of the arrow to aim but make sure its pointing straight to where you want to hit and also thats its not tilting up or down"

(Scorpio pulls Aries's arm back and aims making sure its straight and lets go of the arrow, the arrow hits right in the bulls eye)

Aries-"wow you are good"

Scorpio-"well this is easy its only 10 yards"

Aries-"yeah but i mean i suck"

Scorpio-"have you ever used a bow and arrow before?"


Scorpio-"then thats your excuse, you'll learn fast"

Aries-"i hope"

(Scorpio helps Aries a few more times causing all of the arrows to run out so scorpio gets another sheath of arrows and hands them to Aries)


Scorpio-"no problem, think you can do it by yourself now?"

Aries-"hmm . . I can try"

Scorpio-"go ahead try and if i see u need a little more help ill help you. Ok"


(Aries aims how Scorpio told her and hits the bulls eye. Aries is so happy to finaly hit the bulls eye she jumps on Scorpio and hugs him almost knocking him down and manages to get a smile from scorpio)

Scorpio-(Still huging) "see i told you you would learn fast"

Aries-"Yes! Thank you for helping me"

(When they are about to break apart they end up being too close to each other and they just stare at each other)

Aries's POV

_as we're about to let go from the hug i gave him we end up being too close and im shocked. That's the first time i notice his eyes, his lovely hazel colored eyes and his cheak bone, so perfect. My hands on his chest and i can feel his warmth. soon my attention goes to his lips, his light pink lips and i cant seem to let him go . . I don't want to let go _

Scorpio's POV

when she jumps on me i am shocked, i didnt expect her to hug me but i hug her back anyway way. When we are about to break apart we stand there looking at each other, standing only inches apart and the first thing i notice are her eyes. she has brown eyes, light brown to be exact and they might just be the most beautiful eyes I've seen. My attention then goes to her lips, her hot pink lips and i dont want her to let me go or to pull apart. I know i wont be the one to pull apart because i am paralized, the only thing i can do is move in closer and closer to her lips. . The pair of lips I've been waiting to kiss since i first saw them

(When Aries and Scorpio are just 1 inch apart a voice comes from outside the door. Pisces. Aries and Scorpio are startled and they finaly let go of each other fast while pisces just stands shocked unable to move)

Pisces-"sorry i didnt mean to interupt"

Aries- blushing with embarrassment "No no you didnt interupt anything Scorpio was just showing me how to aim at the target, right Scorpio?"

Scorpio-"yes yes thats it" also blushing

Pisces-"ok well i just came to tell Aries its time for the next station"

(Pisces leaves Scorpio and Aries alone again)

Scorpio- blushing "sorry about that Aries"

Aries-"No no its ok"

Scorpio-"alright well see u tomorrow"



(Aries starts walking outside)
Aries's POV

i cant bealive what just happened, i was about to kiss . . . Scorpio! Not that he's ugly or anything he's actualy quite cute but he's just not my type and i dont really like him like that

after that Aries's mind goes to pisces

did he see us? Im pretty sure he did other wise why would he have felt bad for interupting, and did i really catch a little sign of jealousy and hurt in his voice when he said it? Well this was not the time to think about this so ill think about it at night

pisces's POV
what had i just seen? And why did i even care? Me and Aries where nothing but friends, i barely even knew her! So why did this bother me so much. I had just seen her and scorpio about to . . Kiss! So i didnt see the problem i mean scorpio is one of my best friends And i dont know why this angered me or more specifically . . Hurt me! Could i have feelings for Aries? No the only thing i feel right now is hate and anger towards her and scorpio and it was something i couldn't explain but i just couldnt ignore it. After i saw them and told them what i went for i walked out and ran to the bathroom where i am now and i can hear her looking for me calling my name so i decide to just go out and think about this some other time but the anger is still there

No one's POV

Aries-"pisces! There you are I've been looking everywhere for you"

Pisces- emotionless "i was in the bathroom"

Aries-"listen pisces what you saw in there I just want to say-

(Pisces cuts her off)

Pisces- anger "dont explain anything its none of my business anyway let's just get to the next station and get over this already"

(Pisces walks away leaving Aries shocked and with her words in her mouth)

Aries POV

well that was heartless and rude why would he be mad at me, after all me and him had nothing to do with each other but it just bothered me that he sounded mad and emotionless and that was not like him at all. But what did i care we weren't anything but friends right? All of the sudden anger got to me. What did he even care!? He has no right to get mad at me! He doesnt own me and he certainly has no right to my life and who i should kiss! Well if he wanted to be like that so be it i don't care! Two can play at that game but thats when i realized my next station was with him and we would be alone and he's mad at me. . .shit! But i didnt care i was mad at him now

(Aries walked into the room where her and pisces would be practicing)


CLIFFHANGER MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!😈 IM SO EVIL!!! Ill post tomorrow the next part and leave you wondering what happens next!!!


10 hours ago - Via Community - View - TYGER 2.0 : ●▬▬▬▬๑۩❇۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● ✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠ ✹Quote: I am a man of war ✹Name: Jason ✹Age: 27 ✹Alias:...
✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠

I am a man of war






✹Likes: Getting stronger, Fighting, rain

✹Dislikes: Enemies, crime

✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color:
(In pic)

✹Eye Color:
(In pic)

✹Skin Tone:

✹Physical Build:
Very muscular

✹Physical Deformities/Alterations:
Scar over his left eye tattoos

✹Blood Type (Mortal, Holy, Unholy):
✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠




Long range combat
Close quarter combat

Strong, protective

✹Sexual orientation:

✹Biography (Minimum of seven lines.):
Jason had a rough life. His family did not love him. His mother died during child birth and his father took it out on him. Jason was abused for years until one day he out of blind rage he killed his father. Now he is the leader of his kingdoms army.
(I'll update this later

✹Ultimate Ability:
Berserkers rage
(When used. The user channels the rage of all berserkers and his or her strength will double or even triple)
✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

Anything really



✹Items of Interest:
10 hours ago - Via Community - View - Angelee Miller : (Had to re-do the post to add the picture, my apologies) Name: Scar Li (pronounced Lee not lie) Age...

(Had to re-do the post to add the picture, my apologies)

Scar Li (pronounced Lee not lie)
Very secretive about age
Job: Butler to Simi
Appearance: (extras not shown) Right eye is brown while the other is a tiger eye of blue and brown. Has a silvery scar over left eye.
Has been working for Simi for a little while now and plans to keep job there. Not much else is known
Extra: a demon of course (as shown in picture)
11 hours ago - Via Community - View - Miyu “The Trap” Kasahara : \/‹¥›‹¥›‹¥›PROFILE‹¥›‹¥›‹¥›\/ {~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} ‹›¥‹›Quotes‹›¥‹› [~~~] "Losing...



"Losing shows you the wrong way of doing things."

"When it comes to power and strength, appearance matters little to nothing"

"No matter what! I will always get stronger"

"Hello, how I may I serve you today!"

‹›‹¥›‹›‹Basic Info›‹›‹¥›‹›

My name is Miyu, Miyu Kasahara. Its a pleasure to meet you I give a small polite bow

I let people give me nicknames, along as they don't relate to being a pet

My age is 2 in my kinds years, but in human years I think I'm 17 and a half, maybe? I look way younger though

‹›¥‹›Date Of Birth‹›¥‹›
My date of birth is on Dec 24, 1998

‹›¥‹›Japanese Zodiac Sign‹›¥‹›
I was told by my parents that my Zodiac sign was a tiger. I like tigers, so stripy

I'm all male! I put a finger on my chin and look up slightly but my rather feminine appearance confuses a lot, and I mean A LOT of people. (Shota, trap)

I'm from a rare, almost extinct species called the Albino Japanese Mountain Cat I make my ears and tail appear, and I change my left forearm to a cats you could probably tell by my coloration

In my species name is says Japanese. So I'm obviously Japanese! "Minasan kon'nichiwa, ogenkidesuka!" I smile I said "Hello everybody, how are you!"

‹›¥‹›Blood Type‹›¥‹›
My blood type is O if I can last recall

I am a bit of an airhead sometimes, I act a bit girly sometimes, I'm really intelligent and learn fast, I'm a bit shy at first, but turn silly and childish when known better, when needed I can get really serious, or really angry if you push me

‹¥›Likes And Dislikes‹¥›

I like sweet things, sleepin, playing games, reading, reading manga and watching anime, girly things, fish, yarn, cat toys, and milk

I dislike thunder, dark places, loud noises, spicy and bitter things, mean people, messy places, and worms shivers when I say worms

One of my comforts is a nice, hot cup of chocolate mmmm (¯︶¯) but of its a hot day, a nice glass of choco milk works just as good, another is fishing, playing video games, reading manga, watching anime, eating ice cream, and cleaning his tail, hair, and ears

‹›‹¥›‹›‹Character Design›‹›‹¥›‹›

Adorable I poke my cheeks and smile

‹›¥‹›Body Type‹›¥‹›
My body type is that of an average girl with slightly bigger thighs and rear end. I even have a bit of a chest! Buts its just above flat

I'm kinda short, I stand at 5'2½" I blush and get a bit aggressive s-say any small jokes and I'll bite you! I puff out my cheeks

I weigh in aaattt I step on a scale at 103 lbs

‹›¥‹›Hair Color‹›¥‹›
My hair color is a snowy white color. Perfect for hunting in the snow covered mountains

‹›¥‹›Hair Length‹›¥‹›
My hair touches just below my butt

‹›¥‹›Skin Type‹›¥‹›
My skin is really soft and smooth, and has a bit of a pale complexion

‹›¥‹›Eye Color‹›¥‹›
My left eye is a bright yellow, while the right is a bright silver with faint streaks of green and blue. they both represent my two different elemental powers. But I wear a silver contact on the left one so they match

‹›¥‹›Most Beautiful Feature(s)‹›¥‹›
My most beautiful features would have to be my eyes, my hair, my ears, and my tail. My tail is the most beautiful because I can change it to short haired, and then to really floofy when I want! (o゚▽゚)o

I have a wide variety of clothes, I wear both female and male clothing. But my mains would have to be my pink oppai jacket with either a skirt or pair of pants, and my village gi. I also constantly wear a crescent moon necklace with a deep blue gem with sparkles given to me by my mother.

‹›‹¥›‹›‹Biography, Powers, And Weapons›‹›‹¥›‹›

Miyu was born in the snowy mountains four human years after his sister. When Miyu was born, his coloration which was all white save his bright yellow left eyes. This made him a very rare Albino Japanese Mountain Cat, this made him part of an almost extinct species. The reason that species is almost gone, is because there genus and body could do things never before seen, a cut that would take a week to heal, would heal in one or two days, they aged slower and could live for a long time. they almost never got sick, and if they did, it never lasted long. Their senses were enhanced, flexibility, speed, stamina, strength, even mind power were enhanced, they can even change their body parts to that of a cat, and if taught, they can turn to a full cat. But the main reason they hunted them, was because they had the highest spiritual power than anything ever recorded, thus not only letting them summon parts of their dragon spirit, but even making and have friendly bonds with them as well. This made them the top target for big companies and facilities, looking for ways to enhance the human body, or make large amounts of money. When Miyu turned 16 in human years, he was sent off to find a life long mate to be with. But so far, the ones he meet were not eligible for it. So instead of searching, he would just wait, and let fate and coincidence work together to bring her to him. When he turned 16½ in human years, he got a knock on his house door. When he went to check, and opened the door, he was greeted by his sister, soon his sister stayed with him at his place and has fun with him... On a... Sexual level sometimes. When he just 17 years old in human years a few days ago, he was walking back from the store and saw two blurs rush in front of him into an alley. When he went to check what they were, he was surprised at his find. It was a female white kemono cat with blue tipped ear with blue eyes, and wore a light red sweater and a short skirt. The others was a male dark grey and white kemono fox with glowing lava red eyes and wore deep blue pants, a white sleeveless shirt, and a red scarf. The female was 18½ years old and stood at about 3'5", and the male was 18 and stood around 3'7". The condition they looked in had Miyu worried so he brought them home with and they now live with him and his sister. Miyu still visits his village every now ad then and stays for a bit if he can.

My kind are born with one kind of power, those powers were once that of a dragons, but is in a sleeping state or dormant state. And when that power is fully woken, we can summon parts or even the fully spirit of the dragon to attack. Some of us get really special and some say we are chosen by dragons themselves and we get two powers, my powers are that of lightning and the sky dragon. I how ever never went into full training, so I can only summon parts of my two dragons with how much I've learned.

¥‹Power Moves›¥

¥Sky Dragon Roar¥ Miyu blows a fierce cutting wind blast from his mouth, drawing in air strengthens it

¥Wind Shear¥ Using my sky dragon powers, I create a slashing wind that is sharp enough to sever limbs. Can fire of one powerful one, or a barrage of smaller weaker ones. Has slight tracking to it

¥Light Breeze¥ A healing move. Miyu calls in a slow healing breeze around my allies. This move does not heal me however

¥Sky Dragon Combo¥ This move unleashes a fury of quick sky elemental attacks, and ends with a X cutting wind blast

¥True Sky Dragon Combo¥ This move calls in the spirit sky dragon's claws and much more aggressive then the normal one and ends with a powerful upswing with the sky dragon's claws

¥Lightning Dragon Roar¥ Just like the "Sky Dragon Roar"

¥Thunder Rain¥ Miyu calls in a concentrated circle of a small lightning strike 3 meters in diameter. Does considerable damage. Size increases to 6 meters in diameter when in an actual storm

¥Dragons True Thunder¥ (Strongest move so far) This move is like vegeta's "Final flash", it takes time to charge up to do large amounts of damage, but can be fired off on the spot for moderate damage. This move charges up when Miyu takes damage and depends on how hard the attack was it can be a bigger or smaller charge. Can only absorb so much damage. When at a high charge, this move becomes planet buster size. (Like vegeta)

¥Lightning Dragon Combo¥ Just like the "Sky Dragon Combo" but with lightning and ends with a downward kick

¥True Lightning Dragon Combo¥ A move aggressive version of the original and uses the spirit lightning dragon's claws to attack and ends with grabbing the enemy and slamming them into the ground

My main weapon is my "Blooming Sakura Katana ", it was saved till I was old enough to have it. It was made from an ancient material that has magical properties to it, but I've yet to unleash its full potential yet. Now, about Suki and Jin. Suki can turn into a sword/ sword-whip weapon which pieces can break apart and is blue, Suki calls it the "Moon Cleaver". Jin can turn into a purple gun-blade he calls "Aura Shot". Together they can combine to make a magic railgun/scythe Miyu calls "Lunar Eclipse" this weapon can then transform into a rifle sized magic railgun called "Blue Rail Sniper", that has three modes one shot (sniping), burst fire (medium range), and full auto (close combat).

¥‹Weapon Moves›¥

‹›¥‹›Blooming Sakura Katana's skill(s)‹›¥‹›
¥Phantom Strike¥ Miyu dashes forward with his katana in its sheath and draws with immense speed. When Miyu sheaths his katana, five slashes follow afterward.

¥Perfect Counter Stance¥ Miyu gets into a defensive counter and can counter almost anything, he can't deflect really heavy objects, beams, or hard hitting attacks. This move deflects bullets and arrows back at enemies.

¥Bladed Whirlwind¥ Miyu throws his katana like a boomerang, creating a tornado that cuts flesh. When the katana comes back, Miyu sheaths the katana in mid-air, shattering the tornado doing AoE damage in a 3 meter radius.

¥Full Sakura Bloom¥ In this move, Miyu jumps back and place his katana on his shoulder and the katana gives a slight glow and shine. When it finishes, Miyu jumps forward with a round slash and then does another round slash after landing (can change direction of second round slash). This move then unleashes three slashes each in the spot where the round slashes hit. (This move produces sakura petals for effect).

‹›¥‹›Aura Shot (Jin) Skill(s)‹›¥‹›
¥Hornet Thrust¥ Miyu dashes forward to deliver a quick yet powerful strike that goes through armor and though skin, then ends with slashing diagonally away from the ground.

¥Buster Shot¥ Miyu fires off a charged blast that sends him flying to the enemy. He then slashes down and shots a shotgun blast of 6 rounds at the enemy

‹›¥‹›Moon Cleaver (Suki) Skill(s)‹›¥‹›
¥Seismic Toss¥ (Whip form move) Miyu latches onto an opponent and throws them into the air, and then brings them back at fast speeds slamming them into the ground. Then slams them the other way.

¥Rose Petal Dance¥ (whip form move) A move where the blade pieces break and strike the enemy repeatedly. Then ends with all striking downward together.

‹›¥‹›Lunar Eclipse's Skills‹›¥‹›
¥Full Blue Moon¥ A move that swings the scythe around with immense speed. (Creates blue moons images that shatter for effect).

‹›¥‹›Blue Rail Sniper‹›¥‹›
¥None have been made yet¥

‹›¥‹›Theme Songs‹›¥‹›
there's alot

‹›Main Theme‹›

‹›Running Theme‹›

‹›Thinking Theme‹›

‹›Stealth Theme‹›

‹›Calm Theme‹›

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‹›Epic Entrance Theme‹›

‹›Full Power/ Ending Move/ Cool Moment Theme‹›

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‹›Sky Fight Theme‹›

‹›Serious Sky Fight Theme‹›
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