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Most recent 17 results returned for keyword: Kenya (Search this on MAP) Perkinson Millan : Good day everyone, how's your day going please read!!!! Thank You and God bless.
Good day everyone, how's your day going please read!!!! Thank You and God bless.

The Massai Olympics as an avenue to control illicit poaching of lions in Kenya
Conservationists promote the biennial event to curb lion hunting and recognize talent among the southern Kenya's Maasai tribe
12 seconds ago - Via Community - View - Startups Kenya : Customer Analytics Is Key To Growth In Banking | 7wData
Customer Analytics Is Key To Growth In Banking | 7wData
Customer Analytics Is Key To Growth In Banking | 7wData
Understanding customers is the foundation to a sustainable competitive advantage in banking. Therefore, financial marketers can no longer wait to embrace the power of advanced analytics to g
3 minutes ago - Via - View - Sports : Kenya thrashes France at the Cape Town sevens rugby tournament. Kenya Sevens put themselves in a fine...
Kenya thrashes France at the Cape Town sevens rugby tournament.
Kenya Sevens put themselves in a fine position to qualify for the Main Cup competition after a resounding 33-14 victory over France in their Group B opener at the Cape Town Sevens, South Africa. Kenya went into the break holding a 12-7 lead thanks to tries ...
Kenya thrashes France at the Cape Town sevens rugby tournament.
Kenya Sevens put themselves in a fine position to qualify for the Main Cup competition after a resounding 33-14 victory over France in the...
3 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Citizen TV Kenya : Wema Sepetu wants to relocate to Kenya via @edailykenya
Wema Sepetu wants to relocate to Kenya via @edailykenya
Wema Sepetu wants to relocate to Kenya - eDaily Kenya
Wema Sepetu wants to relocate to Kenya
4 minutes ago - Via - View - Citizen TV Kenya : Wema Sepetu wants to relocate to Kenya via @edailykenya
Wema Sepetu wants to relocate to Kenya via @edailykenya
5 minutes ago - Via - View - Spiritual Awakening : Setting the NARRATIVE for CHAOS - IT HAS BEGUN... Forget the election theater distraction and remember...
Setting the NARRATIVE for CHAOS - IT HAS BEGUN... Forget the election theater distraction and remember your history, Dictators... aka TYRANTS ONCE IN POWER - NEVER WILLINGLY RELINQUISH their POWER… - especially, when the CLUB is nearing this critical stage of their agenda… - ORDO AB CHAO latin for ORDER FROM CHAOS - the ENTITY in the WHITE HOUSE isn't going anywhere... THE ENTITY in the White House was SELECTED FOR AN END GAME SCENARIO, not a bridge or a stop gap for the next puppet to take the stage

The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter.

Intelligence agencies have identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, according to U.S. officials. Those officials described the individuals as actors known to the intelligence community and part of a wider Russian operation to boost Trump and hurt Clinton’s chances.

“It is the assessment of the intelligence community that Russia’s goal here was to favor one candidate over the other, to help Trump get elected,” said a senior U.S. official briefed on an intelligence presentation made to U.S. senators. “That’s the consensus view.”

Article - Rogue Republican Elector Warns Trump: "I Am Not The Only One Who Will Not Vote For You"

At least six more electors — members of the Electoral College whose votes actually elect the President — have vowed to cast ballots that don't align with the popular vote results of their states, Politico reported 11.23.2016.

Article - Michael Moore Warns "Something Crazy Could Happen To Stop Trump Becoming President"

The Next President won't be “OFFICIALLY ELECTED” until December 19th and won’t be sworn in until January 20th - Most of the SHE-OPLE assume that their votes decide who the next president will be, but that is actually not the case. It is the Electoral College that will elect the next president, and they don’t meet until December 19th. And the truth is that all of the members of the Electoral College never meet in one place. Rather, electors gather together in all 50 state capitals on the second Wednesday in December, and it is at that time that the next president and vice president are officially elected. Of course members of the Electoral College have voted according to the will of the people about 99 percent of the time throughout our history, but with how crazy this election has turned out to be you never know what might happen.

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Presidents are SELECTED, NOT ELECTED - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Ask yourself this… Why would the GOP covertly with virtually NO Lame Stream PRESS-TITUE Media Coverage WILLINGLY GRANT a lame duck President UNLIMITED WAR POWERS with NO EXPIRATION DATE?… While you're thinking about that question, add this little gem to your thought process, the GOP did this while passing a record $610 BILLION Defense Budget including an added $55 BILLION in EMERGENCY WAR PREPARATION FUNDING? - Wait... What? Did you just say, EMERGENCY WAR PREPARATION FUNDING???

*It started June 2015…
_ARTICLE - Obama seeks $65 billion in war funds

ARTICLE - Obama's $65.8 Billion War Request Includes Aid for Syrian

Fast forward to January 2016…
ARTICLE - Mitch McConnell Moves To Grant The President Unlimited War Powers With No Expiration Date

ARTICLE - Mitch McConnell Ready To Give President Unlimited War Powers

Fast forward to Spring 2016…
After being granted - UNLIMITED WAR POWERS by the GOP held house… - Both the GOP Congress & GOP Senate, in the spring, PASSED A RECORD $610 BILLION in DEFENSE SPENDING FOR 2016… including an additional $55 BILLION for EMERGENCY WAR PREPARATIONS for a WAR with RUSSIA (Syria, Ukraine, Yemen) & CHINA... - Huh?...Wait...What???.... Did you just say WAR PREPARATION FUNDING???? - since when are we at WAR with Russia & China?????

ARTICLE - US House Approves $610 Billion Military Budget

To further mislead the LAND of the FOOLS, the cover story narrative for the record funds was set aside to upgrade nuclear launch computer that uses a FLOPPY DISK… - Seriously, FLOPPY DISKS... - WTF? - that is how stupid they (the CLUB) see the brain dead She-ople...

ARTICLE - How Bad Are The US Computer Systems? An 8'' Floppy Disc Houses Nuclear Coordinate Data

We, us... the LAND of the FOOL and the HOME of the NAIVE have given the power, the access and our TRUST to TRAITORS, ...TRAITORS OPERATING from WITHIN who are creating CHAOS to DISTRACT & DECIVE us - Us as in WE the masses, so that they can REPRESS, CONTROL & ENSLAVE those who remain who are NOT KILLED by their planned coming DESTRUCTION & CHAOS that is at the CORE of the CLUB'S Global Agenda

As WAR and RUMORS of WARS, ANARCHY & CHAOS tightens it's grip on the WORLD... the CLUB'S DIVIDE & CONQUER plan spreads via the STAGED THEATER of MANIPULATION and DECEPTION - The SEASON of DISOBEDIENCE - PROTEST & CIVIL UNREST- The PRE-PLANNED ORCHESTRATED NARRATIVE of the coming CHAOS associated with CIVIL UNREST in order to ACHIEVE - The CLUB'S Agenda of DIVIDE & CONQUER... - THE HIVE MIND NARRATIVE for the WEAK-MINDED BLIND FOOLS of the FLESH - The REAL ENEMY controls ALL the PUPPETS (both sides of the narrative - in this case Broom Hilda (Clinton) and Mr Furniture Shopping (Trump) - BOTH and/or all government ASS CLOWNS are VILE WICKED WHORES who serve on the TIT of GREED of the PUPPET MASTER - aka... the CLUB

The Imperial President's Toolbox Of Terror: A Dictatorship Waiting To Happen

ARTICLE with .gov Links - Emergency Powers Give Barack Obama Authority Over Just About Everything During A Major National Crisis

ARTICLE with .gov Links - Is Barack Obama Preparing to Use an Economic Crisis to Suspend National Elections in 2016? | Silver Doctors

LUKE 11: 17

FREE your MIND - FROM THE LIES THEY TELL YOU vs THE REALITY OF THE TRUTH THEY ATTEMPT TO HIDE FROM YOU - Elections ONLY exist to make it appear that you have a choice... - YOU DON'T - and HAVEN'T since JFK and they KILLED HIM

If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it. - Mark Twain

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing… the people who count the votes decide everything.” - Joseph Stalin

A nation of SHEEP will soon be overrun by a government of WOLVES - Edward R. Murrow

The stage is being set…for the VILE TREASONOUS LIAR - _which is of course the LEGACY of OUR HERO - RICHARD CRANIUM - otherwise known as the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize winner, savior of the world from CLIMATE CHANGE, & regime changing warmonger, the village idiot from Kenya, the novice golfer, the individual NOT in the witness protection program to have more than 1 social security number - he/it has 3, our ruling tyrannical/dictator with a god complex,.. the MUZZIE TERRORIST Leader Barry Soetoro, aka... MR. RED TAPE HIMSELF - Michael’s “Life-Partner", the ENTITY in the White House... - _ to remain in office as the de-facto RULING DICTATOR... history has always shown us TYRANTS NEVER SUCEED POWER..._


BLIND SHE-OPLE willingly being lead to the SLAUGHTER by the pied piper that is the PUPPET THEATER of the coming "election-process" as this may be the SPARK that IGNITES the POWDER KEG that is the opening scene of the DIVIDE & CONQUER portion of the CLUB'S AGENDA - Be it the paradigm of left v right - the liberal v conservative - the perceived lines of right v wrong - the morality lines of religion v non-religious lines - the rise of nationalism v immigrants or the big kahuna the FORCED SCRIPTED NARRATIVE that is the RACIAL/Cultural DIVIDE - ALL of these are designed to DISTRACT the weak minded She-ople from their REAL ENEMY who appears first as SHEEP but are RAVENOUS WOLVES who seek to repress, enslave and destroy you

MEANWHILE all the WORLD is a STAGE - PROTESTS the first of what will be many…DIVIDE & CONQUER - confrontations, that will increase the FEAR & CHAOS thru VIOLENCE - DESTRUCTION & DEATH in the coming months…all leading up to the staged theater that will be the puppet conventions this summer, and the VIOLENCE that will come with them may be the start of the sequence…that triggers massive CIVIL UNREST across the U-ASS of A which will lead to the bigger staged event/events (pre-planned FALSE FLAGS)…and WORSE the EXECUTION of EXECUTIVE POWERS to CONTAIN the masses in a NATIONAL EMERGENCY which will be a MANUFACTURED EVENT staged to ENSLAVE them

Remember, DIVIDE & CONQUER is the NARRATIVE that will PLUNGE the U-ASS of A into CIVIL UNREST - thus creating the NATIONAL EMERGENCY that the ENTITY in the WHITE HOUSE may use to INVOKE Executive Powers to seize control of the nation without Congressional or Senate approval....these powers provide the ENTITY the ability to SUSPEND ELECTIONS

The U-ASS government remains the greatest threat to our freedoms... More than terrorism (as we are the TERRORISTS), more than domestic extremism, more than ginned-up gun violence, more than organized crime, the U-ASS government has become a greater menace to the life, liberty and property of its citizens than any of the so-called dangers from which the government claims to protect us - This is how tyranny rises and freedom falls

HISTORY MUST BE LEARNED... and then REMEMBERED - as history repeats…all one must do is shake loose the shackles that BLIND many to the TRUTH...when your eyes are opened to the TRUTH… the patterns of deceit are revealed…yet the vast majority of the mindless She-ople REMAIN BLIND… as the TRUTH and thus the SCHEMES of the CLUB are HIDDEN from them in PLAIN SIGHT

WE ARE REPEATING HISTORY be it the unstable global economy, to subversive governments working to control the masses - HISTORY UNLEARNED & LESSONS FORGOTTEN by HISTORY… these lessons have always DOOMED the GREATEST of those who FAILED to SEE the ENEMY from within

ORDO AB CHAO - is Latin for - "Order Out of Chaos or Order from Disorder"

EXITUS ACTA PROBAT - is Latin for - "The Outcome Justifies the Deed/Undertakings" - which is emboldened of the Arch of Washington, a MASONIC Monument in NYC - which BTW the arch frames what was once the World Trade Center Buildings - but is now the MASONIC TEMPLE called the One World Freedom Tower

E PLURIBUS UNUM - is Latin for - “Out of Many, One” one meaning the Anti-Christ/Satan - printed on the U-ASS Currency since 1935 & on the inside of the Capital Dome, in what is called, the Apotheosis of Washington in the eye of the U.S. Capitol Building by Constantino Brumidi in 1865 who also painted similar frescos inside the VATICAN in ROME

ANNUIT COEPTIS - is Latin for - “he (meaning their god small g - satan) approves [of our/their] Undertakings/Deeds.” - printed on the U-ASS Currency since 1935

NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - is Latin for - “A NEW ORDER of the AGES.” or said using their words - "a NEW WORLD ORDER" - printed on the U-ASS Currency since 1935

Why CHAOS and what is the OUTCOME to JUSTIFY the DEED so to speak... simply put... the DEED or ACTIONS are designed to allow a few men of power the ability to DECEIVE, MANIPULATE, & CONTROL Billions of people thru CHAOS - Chaos which brings FEAR, VIOLENCE, DESTRUCTION & DEATH to those who are to be ENSLAVED inside the GILDED CAGE, these slaves, gripped with fear and death, will beg the few in power, who created the CHAOS for a solution, a solution that was once an unthinkable option, in order for the PAIN & SUFFERING to stop - in short, the solution requested will allow those few men of power to stay in power and RULE... a RULE that will be achieved with a single BOOT (their boot) pressed firmly down on the THROATS of the MANY - the many...who will be FOREVER DEAD in the LIFE of this DEAD CESS-POOL of SATAN'S WORLD

This EVIL nation, this VILE world is dying and yet is already dead... moreover, the EVIL that will DESTROY LIES within, the DECEIVERS will continue to escalate their attacks in order to increase UNREST - CHAOS - DISOBEDIENCE & DEATH as this nation, NO... this world has become a worthless CESS-POOL of vile scum... - a nation, & a world riddled with mindless she-ople who are BLIND clones of the HIVE MIND who willingly accept-adopt & repeat the thoughts and emotions of the COLLECTIVE… BLIND SHE-OPLE who are uneducated, who lack knowledge of the TRUTH, void of common sense, self-absorbed lovers of themselves while unable to love others, converters of material things & worshipers of idols/celebrity, who are disobedient, having no integrity, lacking self-control, un-thankful, vain, thin skinned - allowing words to hurt more than actions, unable to take correction, liars, cheats, traitors, despisers of whats right doers of whats wrong, voyeurs, lovers of pleasures - if it feels good do-it mindset, lovers of strange flesh, who are void of morality, who are lacking in wisdom and scoffers of history, - and more importantly those who are the - deniers of the CREATOR, HIS WORD, & the TRUTH that resides ONLY in FAITH of the savior YAHUSHA ha’MASHIACH…. - who instead believe & live the LIE… forever DECEIVED by this CESS-POOL of FILTH that is this world

THE DAYS OF DISTRACTION APPROACH - the SMOKE & MIRRORS...the SLIGHT of HAND...the JINGLING of the KEYS - all are nothing but THEATER for the MIND....more importantly all of this manufactured theater is done to garner an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE that furthers the AGENDA of the WICKED and sets the stage for the arrival of the ADVERSARY

You say, "I see" but yet you remain blind - SEEK TRUTH - the TRUTH in THE WORD

THE GAME OF DECEPTION IS SIMPLE - they want you to look at their LEFT HAND that is holding/waving the cards asking you to PICK (a side - be it a flag, the right/left paradigm, the race card, a gender, morality, etc) A CARD in order to garner your undivided attention...while the RIGHT HAND FLEECES, MANIPULATES YOU without your knowledge and/or comprehension

IN THE LAND of the BLIND the ONE EYED MAN IS KING - REAL EYES - REALIZE - REAL LIES - The ADVERSARY is the father of lies, he manipulates all the pieces on the playing the flesh is weak...and the mind is confounded by the manufactured THEATER that is the CESS-POOL of existence

Remember, this ANCIENT GAME, that is our PRISON inside the GILDED CAGE aka this WORLD is RIGGED to ENSLAVE YOU - The CLUB and their hand picked governmental puppets along with their well placed banksters, and corporate C-level puppets are used to further their ancient agenda ensuring the elite stay elite…GLOBAL DOMINATION, ENSLAVEMENT, SERVITUDE which leads to ENFORCED COMPLIANCE - Remember the CLUB (satan) always PLAYS BOTH or All SIDES of the PLAYING BOARD - they will play both the White Chess Pieces and the Black Chess Pieces - to CONTROL the GAME - NOTHING IS EVER LEFT to CHANCE...OUTCOMES are METICULOUSLY PLANNED FOR & EXPECTED...failure at this juncture is not tolerated...those who do not fulfill their role or objectives are Eliminated...via a mysterious accident, an unexpected suicide, and/or simple disappeared - removed from the board

VIRTUALLY EVERY GOVERNMENT’S LEADER - be they a President, a Prime Minister, a King, or Dictator and their puppets governments' - all bow down to their master the CLUB/Satan & the FALSE PROPHET - And every Leader - Whore who deifies and/or bows down to this entity IS A WILLING PARTICIPANT of the EVIL LUCIFERIAN MASONIC AGENDA, those who are definite against the agenda or those who become an obstacle are eliminated...thus you either comply & worship the creature aka the ADVERSARY or you DIE - IF YOU CAN'T SEE THE TRUTH…you are doomed as the ADVERSARY controls you as you are a deaf, dumb and BLIND soulless being, if you DO NOT REPENT and give your self to YAHUSHA you will be judged for your LACK of KNOWLEDGE

The WAR for the SOULS OF MEN IS UNDERWAY, If you can't see there is something wrong by now you are so utterly lost that you're doomed as you lack - THE EYES TO SEE & EARS TO HEAR & MIND TO DISCERN the TRUTH - MAKE NO MISTAKE, NO ONE WILL ESCAPE WHAT QUICKLY APPROACHES

Those that continue to remain silent in their sleep will pay a very high price for their LACK OF AWARENESS of the events HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT - KNOW YOUR ENEMY - as men of wickedness approach as a sheep but are RAVENOUS WOLVES who seek to enslave and destroy you

UNPLUG YOUR MIND FROM THIS WORLD - the HIVE MIND of the COLLECTIVE that is this WICKED EXISTENCE - EVERYTHING you have been TOLD, TAUGHT, and/or PROGRAMMED about this world IS A COMPLETE & UTTER LIE - NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is as it APPEARS... everything is an ILLUSION based on a DELUSION - DECEIT, LIES & MISDIRECTION folded into a DECEPTION layered with half truths

...WHAT HINDERS A MAN'S ABILITY TO LEARN to discover the TRUTH HIDDEN in PLAIN SIGHT - to independently think with a critical mind, to discern the LIES from TRUTH - is the Indoctrination programming he receives as a child and then the ongoing programming he willingly accepts as an adult... questioning nothing while blindly accepting the HIVE MIND commands - *SEEK the WORD, READ the SCRIPTURES YOURSELF, let no man instruct you, as the HOLY SPIRIT will serve as your teacher to the TRUTH

Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House
The U.S. has identified individuals and groups who passed Democratic Party material to WikiLeaks.
5 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Citizen TV Kenya : Kamaru atumbuiza mashabiki wa Inooro fm #NipasheWikendi
Kamaru atumbuiza mashabiki wa Inooro fm #NipasheWikendi
Citizen TV Live Stream
Watch Citizen TV Live online via our live stream, view our online and TV schedule, watch top TV shows, synopsis, actor profiles and trailers of upcoming episodes
9 minutes ago - Via - View - Billy Leonard :

Matt Jordan Says Kenya Moore Used Him For #RHOA Storyline & Owes Him Money!
Matt Jordan calls Kenya Moore out for lying about their relationship and using him for a RHOA storyline; says she owes him money!
12 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Dj Afro Kenya : brand new action movie
brand new action movie
Watch the video: Dj Afro action HATARE sana "wonder 7" December 10: 2016
12 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - H Video Sex Anime Zone Naruto Chibi porno movie sexy girl sexe sexo chicas atrevidas : Mobile Android Ecosystem: Devices, Apps, Google Play etc. Android and Tech stuff Android Noticias Everything...
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14 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Citizen TV Kenya : Nana Akufo-Addo wins Ghana presidential vote
Nana Akufo-Addo wins Ghana presidential vote
14 minutes ago - Via - View - The Star Kenya : "There is no plan by the government to sell the New KCC"
"There is no plan by the government to sell the New KCC"
Uhuru’s assurance on the New KCC delights farmers
President Kenyatta’s reassurance on the planned privatisation of the New KCC has excited dairy farmers in the food-basket Rift Valley region.
14 minutes ago - Via - View -