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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: JP Morgan (Search this on MAP) A Journey through NYC religions : JP Morgan Chase used false letters written by "faith-based" business woman to beat down whistle-blower...
JP Morgan Chase used false letters written by "faith-based" business woman to beat down whistle-blower? #nycreligion
He Was a JPMorgan Chase Whistle-Blower. Then Came the Blowback. - The New York Times
Johnny Burris filed complaints with his bosses, and when the bank fired him, he got no chance to defend himself, he says, and then black marks appeared on his record.
1 hour ago - Via - View - Annie Keller : Know What President Was Supposedly Bribed? Some historians claim that President William McKinley was...
Know What President Was Supposedly Bribed?

Some historians claim that President William McKinley was bribed by the wealthiest 3 men in America to secure the presidency and their empires. They were JP Morgan, Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. See the History Channel rendition of "The Men Who Built America" ( )
3 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Zeenat Nahar : Article published today
Article published today
BOA CEO Moynihan Awarded With The Second Largest Pay Package After JP Morgan’s James Dimon
Brian T. Moynihan, the CEO of BOA has been awarded with a pay package of $16 million, a 23% rise from the previous year. However, the package will reach at maximum if BOA can touch 0.80% earning against assets during the next three years. JP Morgan Chase & Co. CEO James Dimon has ranked top in receiving pay packages for the 2015.
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Marian Brown : Insider trading like Soros did to the British Sterling and JP Morgan controls the US Treasury who purchased...
Insider trading like Soros did to the British Sterling and JP Morgan controls the US Treasury who purchased Russian Rubles by Ambassador Wanta under Reagan and the Money Market sell off on the morning of September 11, 2001.  Communist Red China buys directly from the Treasury by-passing Wall Street.
We ring in the New Year with a visit from David Morgan to discuss the unprecedented demand for American Silver Eagles. The question is, WHO is buying all of ...
12 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Breaking Charleston WV News : Fourteen years ago, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) opened a small office in Huntington,...
Fourteen years ago, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) opened a small office in Huntington, WV. The office had three employees. Today, the foundation’s offices on the third floor of the JP Morgan Chase building at 1000 5th Ave. have grown significantly, now numbering 20 employees.
Blind Foundation CEO tells Huntington, WV chamber organization is ‘here to stay’
Fourteen years ago, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) opened a small office in Huntington, WV. The office had three employees. Today, the foundation’s offices on the third floor of the JP...
13 hours ago - Via - View - Ellie likeswater : Biggest load of bullshit I have ever seen in my life .. This delegate issue is such a fraud coming from...
Biggest load of bullshit I have ever seen in my life .. This delegate issue is such a fraud coming from the DNC READ THIS!! This is disgusting.. What a scam!! Sanders has had more votes than Hillary yet Gold MAn SACHS amnd Jp morgan back slimeball HILLARY wins more delegates WHAT A FUCKING FRAUD !
After Being Trounced By Sanders in NH, Clinton Still Wins More Delegates Thanks to DNC Insiders - Freedom Outpost
After Being Trounced By Sanders in NH, Clinton Still Wins More Delegates Thanks to DNC Insiders
13 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Izdihar Mansur (Izdi) : Jim Willie: When Deutsche Bank Fails, Barclays, Citigroup, and More Will Fall Like Dominos BY VOICE ...
Jim Willie: When Deutsche Bank Fails, Barclays, Citigroup, and More Will Fall Like Dominos

In the video below, Dr. Jim Willie explains that with Euro-zone banks showing renewed signs of crisis (Deutsche Bank deleveraging by a massive €425 billion over the past year- the fastest pace since the 2011 near-Euro collapse, and Barclays admitting a £12.8bn capital shortfall Tuesday) and fundamental indicators in the gold market screaming financial crisis (GOFO rates remain negative for nearly 20 days and massive inventory draw-downs at the COMEX & LBMA), 

Willie, who recently stated that Deutche Bank is under major duress and could be the first major bank to collapse in the next stage of the banking crisis, informed The Doc that unlike the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 which the Western Central banks were able to contain thanks to $13 T in bailout funds, a failure of Deutsche Bank would trigger a systemic banking contagion the likes of which the Western world has never seen.

When asked by The Doc how Deutsche Bank differs from Lehman Brothers in 2008, and what events could lead to a renewed banking crisis, Willie responded:

My best German source informs me that 3 major banks are in trouble, and these 3 banks are fighting every single night to fight off insolvency and failure.  He says CitiGroup in New York, Barclays in London, and Deutsche Bank in Germany- every single night are in trouble.  

The important thing to keep in mind about Deutsche Bank is that it won’t go down alone if it goes down at all.  If it fails, it will take along with it 3,4,5,6 or 10, or 15 other banks!   It will be 1 or 2 quickly, then a 3rd and 4th a few weeks later, another, then before you know it, all of Italy and their major banks would be kaput.

My belief is that Deutsche Bank and its constant overnight risk of failure is somewhat tied to derivatives related to LIBOR, and also a risk related to their FOREX derivatives.   In other words, derivatives that the banks use to balance off the currencies.

Believe it or not, in the derivatives world, gold is treated like a currency.  Isn’t that ironic?

The FOREX derivatives that the banks are involved in are very much tied to gold.

The big immediate threat for Deutsche Bank though has to do with their problems in hiding debt for the Sovereign nations applying for the Eurozone.   For example, Greece and Italy couldn’t have their debt ratios over certain levels, so what Deutsche Bank did was they turned nice big chunks of Sovereign debt into currency swaps.

For an example of how this works: Suppose you have a $250,000 bad business loan that is stinking up your credit report.  So you call up your favorite Deutsche banker (or Goldman or Morgan- pick your criminal enterprise that is your personal favorite) and you tell him, look I have a $250,000 debt here and I want to make it go away.   They say OK, we can do something clever here.  We can pay off your debt so your credit report looks good, and we can establish this $250,000 Euro swap, and we’ll keep it off the books!

So you have this $250,000 bad loan stinking up your books, it goes away, and is replaced by something hidden- a euro currency swap!  That’s precisely what was done on a larger macro scale by Greece and Italy- and Deutsche Bank is involved with several of these, and the total that is becoming disclosed is $400 Billion.    Apply your typical ratios and you can conclude that they are $10, $15, $20 billion short for capital requirements!

The big banks are so criminal that they have converted fraud and criminal activity into a small cost of doing business!

When asked to clarify his statement that a failure of Deutsche Bank would likely result in a contagion of bank failures Jim Willie responded:

Deutsche Bank is in a slightly different situation than Barclays, even though Barclays just announced a 12.8 billion capital shortfall Tuesday.  The former Deutsche Bank CEO Ackermann was forced out last year.

Interpol came into Ackermann’s office and conducted a financial document raid.  There’s a new sheriff in town. Sources indicate that big, powerful Eastern interests hired Interpol to clean things up.

We had events in April, May, and June in which 5,000 metric tons of gold were lifted out of London.  Eastern entities were angry as hell that their gold had been leased and rehypothecated.  The London banks used the Easterners’ gold as equity for futures contracts that went bad- like in Spanish, Greek, and Italian debt. 

Deutsche Bank’s CEO could not withstand an assault on their office to retrieve data, even though he appealed to several high level politicians.

Fast forward to July 2013, and now we are seeing several Deutsche Bank Vice Presidents being indicted under various fraud charges, and they are almost all cooperating with Interpol!   They’ve flipped to cooperate with the serious fraud division of Interpol.

London and New York remain fortresses (for the cartel banksters), but Frankfurt might be in the process of being penetrated.

Getting back to your question as to why a Deutsche Bank failure would be different than Lehman Brothers, it’s because they are involved with all the different Sovereign bonds!   Spain, France, Italy, Greece, they’re involved with all of them and their balance sheet qualifications for the European Union! 

Deutsche Bank is involved very closely with all of the Eurozone currencies and bonds, and they have massive swaps interwoven with all the major Western banks.

I have a client informing me that Deutsche Bank has a bunch of swaps that they wrote against Detroit muni bonds!    Deutsche Bank has their fingers in alot of different pies!  Lehman Brothers was involved in numerous mortgage instruments.

Dont bet your money that Deutsche Bank will go down, but if it does, the next day its going to be Citi, Barclays, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Soc Gen, and big threats to JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs! 

In conclusion, Deutsche Bank owns $25 trillion in OTC swaps with the Central banks and other major banks, so expect a daisy chain of derivative failures for the $1.6 quadrillion derivative market if it were to fail!  

Deutsche Bank cannot break down by itself.  It would result in the complete breakdown of the European Monetary Union!

In today’s world when a big bank dies, they merge them with another big bank.  Another European bank, potentially Barclays.   I think we are going to see massive amounts of money flooding into gold!

A bank failure contagion, that’s whats going to push gold way over $2,000/oz again.

Silver is going to be moving over $100 and gold is going over $5,000, I’m as certain of it as I am that the sun will rise in the east in the morning come January. 

Michael Snyder Continues:

There is so much chaos going on that I don’t even know where to start.  For a very long time I have been warning my readers that a major banking collapse was coming to Europe, and now it is finally unfolding.  Let’s start with Deutsche Bank.  The stock of the most important bank in the “strongest economy in Europe” plunged another 8 percent on Monday, and it is now hovering just above the all-time record low that was set during the last financial crisis.  Overall, the stock price is now down a staggering 36 percent since 2016 began, and Deutsche Bank credit default swaps are going parabolic.  Of course my readers were alerted to major problems at Deutsche Bank all the way back in September, and now the endgame is playing out.  In addition to Deutsche Bank, the list of other “too big to fail” banks in Europe that appear to be in very serious trouble includes Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, HSBC and BNP Paribas.  Just about every major bank in Italy could fall on that list as well, and Greek bank stocks lost close to a quarter of their value on Monday alone.  Financial Armageddon has come to Europe, and the entire planet is going to feel the pain.

The collapse of the banks in Europe is dragging down stock prices all over the continent.  At this point, more than one-fifth of all stock market wealth in Europe has already been wiped out since the middle of last year.  That means that we only have four-fifths left.  The following comes from USA Today…

The MSCI Europe index is now down 20.5% from its highest point over the past 12 months, says S&P Global Market Intelligence, placing it in the 20% decline that unofficially defines a bear market.

Europe’s stock implosion makes the U.S.’ sell-off look like child’s play. The U.S.-centric Standard & Poor’s 500 Monday fell another 1.4% – but it’s only down 13% from its high. Some individual European markets are getting hit even harder. The Milan MIB 30, Madrid Ibex 35 and MSCI United Kingdom indexes are off 29%, 23% and 20% from their 52-week highs, respectively as investors fear the worse could be headed for the Old World.

These declines are being primarily driven by the banks.  According to MarketWatch, European banking stocks have fallen for six weeks in a row, and this is the longest streak that we have seen since the heart of the last financial crisis…

The region’s banking gauge, the Stoxx Europe 600 Banks Index FX7, -5.59% has logged six straight weeks of declines, its longest weekly losing stretch since 2008, when banks booked 10 weeks of losses, beginning in May, according to FactSet data.

“The current environment for European banks is very, very bad. Over a full business cycle, I think it’s very questionable whether banks on average are able to cover their cost of equity. And as a result that makes it an unattractive investment for long-term investors,” warned Peter Garnry, head of equity strategy at Saxo Bank.

Overall, Europe’s banking stocks are down 23 percent year to date and 39 percent since the peak of the market in the middle of last year.

The financial crisis that began during the second half of 2015 is picking up speed over in Europe, and it isn’t just Deutsche Bank that could implode at any moment.  Credit Suisse is the most important bank in Switzerland, and they announced a fourth quarter loss of 5.8 billion dollars.  The stock price has fallen 34 percent year to date, and many are now raising questions about the continued viability of the bank.

Similar scenes are being repeated all over the continent.  On Monday we learned that Russia had just shut down two more major banks, and the collapse of Greek banks has pushed Greek stock prices to a 25 year low…

Greek stocks tumbled on Monday to close nearly eight percent lower, with bank shares losing almost a quarter of their market value amid concerns over the future of government reforms.

The general index on the Athens stock exchange closed down 7.9 percent at 464.23 points — a 25-year-low — while banks suffered a 24.3-percent average drop.

This is what a financial crisis looks like.

Fortunately things are not this bad here in the U.S. quite yet, but we are on the exact same path that they are.

One of the big things that is fueling the banking crisis in Europe is the fact that the too big to fail banks over there have more than 100 billion dollars of exposure to energy sector loans.  This makes European banks even more sensitive to the price of oil than U.S. banks.  The following comes from CNBC…

The four U.S. banks with the highest dollar amount of exposure to energy loans have a capital position 60 percent greater than European banks Deutsche Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse and HSBC, according to CLSA research using a measure called tangible common equity to tangible assets ratio. Or, as Mayo put it, “U.S. banks have more quality capital.”

Analysts at JPMorgan saw the energy loan crisis coming for Europe, and highlighted in early January where investors might get hit.

“[Standard Chartered] and [Deutsche Bank] would be the most sensitive banks to higher default rates in oil and gas,” the analysts wrote in their January report.

There is Deutsche Bank again.

It is funny how they keep coming up.

In the U.S., the collapse of the price of oil is pushing energy company after energy company into bankruptcy.  This has happened 42 times in North America since the beginning of last year so far, and rumors that Chesapeake Energy is heading that direction caused their stock price to plummet a staggering 33 percent on Monday…

Energy stocks continue to tank, with Transocean (RIG) dropping 7% and Baker Hughes (BHI) down nearly 5%. But those losses pale in comparison with Chesapeake Energy (CHK), the energy giant that plummeted as much as 51% amid bankruptcy fears. Chesapeake denied it’s currently planning to file for bankruptcy, but its stock still closed down 33% on the day.

And let’s not forget about the ongoing bursting of the tech bubble that I wrote about yesterday.

On Monday the carnage continued, and this pushed the Nasdaq down to its lowest level in almost 18 months…

Technology shares with lofty valuations, including those of midcap data analytics company Tableau Software Inc and Internet giant Facebook Inc, extended their losses on Monday following a gutting selloff in the previous session.

Shares of cloud services companies such as Splunk Inc and Inc had also declined sharply on Friday. They fell again on Monday, dragging down the Nasdaq Composite index 2.4 percent to its lowest in nearly 1-1/2 years.

Those that read my articles regularly know that I have been warning this would happen.

All over the world we are witnessing a financial implosion.  As I write this article, the Japanese market has only been open less than an hour and it is already down 747 points.

The next great financial crisis is already here, and right now we are only in the early chapters.

Ultimately what we are facing is going to be far worse than the financial crisis of 2008/2009, and as a result of this great shaking the entire world is going to fundamentally change.
Watch the video: Jim Willie: If Deutsche Bank Goes Under It Will be Lehman Times Five! The Doc ...
14 hours ago - Via Community - View - Trish Freedom Fighter : The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud: Part 3 Space Travel Is Impossible Because There Is...
The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud: Part 3

Space Travel Is Impossible Because There Is No “Space”
By The Modern Gnostic

A Quick Recap Of Parts 1 & 2
In part one of the series I provided five cases of egregious fraud that completely invalidates NASA as a credible agency and instead is a purveyor of pseudoscience  and Lysenkoism. Lysenkoism is used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives. The American taxpayer derives virtually no benefit from NASA’S existence and alleged scientific contributions derived by supposed explorations and experiments in space.
Absent of any other sources to verify, we have had to prostate ourselves to the so-called “experts” despite irrefutable evidence that NASA is nothing more than an elaborate financial embezzler and pseudoscience peddler. In Part 1 we established a bar of credibility stating that “Fraud Vitiates Everything”

In short, once fraud is detected everything that sits upon it is now in question. Your credibility is shot! Who would disagree with the logic of found fraud destroys the validity of everything? It’s reasonable, predictable and has the power to instantly change the direction of one’s perception, even those that were held sacred. Fraud has no limits by those who engage in it and it’s been around a long time. Do you think real fraudsters stop at just one fraud? Or do you think they keep going and going until they die or get caught? The answer is a simple one. Why would you ever stop lucrative fraudulent activity if you haven’t been caught? So the chance for systemic fraud once initial fraud is found becomes a virtual certainty.
If you haven’t read Parts 1 & 2  I would suggest it in order to better understand the context of this article and contents therein. At the end of part 1 we had five rock solid cases of blatant fraud and after part 2 the list has grown to 15. That is a 300% increase in secondary fraud or the second level. At each new level the fraud spreads exponentially eventually diluting the “root fraud”.

NASA’s 5 undeniable frauds Part 1:
1. The Occult and Satanic roots of NASA
2. The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax
3. The 1986 Challenger Disaster Hoax
4. The International Space Station Hoax
5. The ongoing involvement and manipulation by Freemasons
NASA’s 10 undeniable frauds Part 2:
6. Satellites Exist Hoax
7. Satellite Deployment/Launching Hoaxes
8. Hubble Telescope Hoax
9. Hubble Image Hoaxes
10. The Space Shuttle Hoax
11. Sky Lab Hoax
12. Earth Images Hoax no actual unaltered images exist!
13. Apollo 11 imagery and telemetry lost by NASA in 2007  hoax (they have possession or destroyed?)
14. Earth has changed to an Oblate Spheroid, no longer round like a billiard ball
15. All NASA patents and licenses are now potentially fraudulent
*some items on both lists may be a secondary hoax originating from a primary hoax. example: If satellites don’t exist how can Hubble? If Hubble doesn’t exist how can the images exist? The hoaxes build-up like sedimentary rock, the next layer covers over the previous layer. In “Fraud Vitiates Everything” the discovery of initial fraud/hoax must invalidate all claims, statements, proofs, references, abstracts, etc., that utilize any or all parts of the primary hoax as a basis for the secondary fraud/hoax and so on.
In addition to “Fraud Vitiates Everything” we will use Occam’s Razor to separate science from science fiction.
(The Aristotelian principle that entities must not be multiplied beyond what is necessary. This principle became known as Occam’s (or Ockham’s) Razor or the law of parsimony.  In science, the simplest theory that fits the facts of a problem is the one that should be selected)
By recognizing the root fraud of NASA, it isn’t even necessary to offer alternative proofs to refute NASA’s claims of human space travel since they cannot account for the fraud that has already been found. NASA can throw all the equations, images, videos and technical doublespeak in support of their space travel fairy tale, but until NASA overcomes the overwhelming evidence of root fraud what’s to talk about?  Well, lets take a few potshots’ at NASA anyway since they’ve been lying to us since 1958.
That being said, I thought it would be appropriate to give you a current sampling of “activities” NASA has been engaged in while under the direct auspices of the military industrial complex. Many people forget that NASA is under the military command and not a government agency like the CDC, IRS, or FDA. (what a fine trio) Would it piss you off if you found out that many NASA employees were caught watching child pornography ? I would be pissed! Would it piss you off if you found out that NASA was changing the data on the Greenland Icesheets to perpetuate the global warming scam? I would be pissed! Would it piss you off if you found out that NASA has been involved in geoengineering and spraying Lithium into the atmosphere? I would be really pissed!
Funny, we can send out probes to the edges of our solar system but somehow we can’t figure out a way to end starvation and famine. How is this possible!! Or maybe better said “why is this even happening?”  The answer is The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) backed by the Jesuits (to be discussed in further detail in part 4). NASA is one of the main pillars the satanic khazarians use to control humanity. With their Freemason minions at the helm, it’s been a tool of spiritual oppression, pseudoscience garbage wrapped up in a massive embezzling scheme. The hoaxes below bring truth to the previous sentence.

By assigning numbers to the hoaxes it’s easy to dispel all of NASA’s amazing accomplishments. For example, #2, #4 #10 & #11 are proven hoaxes which amazingly are the only 4 proofs NASA has used to chronicle actual human space travel. Let that sink-in for a moment. The Apollo Missions, International Space Station/Shuttle, Hubble and Sky Lab have been thoroughly exposed as elaborate hoaxes by the Freemason’s of NASA which leaves zero proof of humans and space travel.
NASA has laid out their pseudoscience lies like dominoes, one-flick can drop the whole lot. Imagine a “block” representing one NASA hoax. By snapping together other blocks of NASA hoaxes you eventually have a fortified matrix of hoaxes which is moderated solely by NASA. It eventually becomes a labyrinth of bullcrap so thick you need machete to cut through it.

One unusual aspect of NASA’s fraud is a combination of deductive and inductive reasoning can be used to expose NASA as a fraudulent Masonic/Military/Hollywood propaganda apparatus.  We can arrive at a confirmation starting with a theory, such as “NASA is a fraud”. Hypothesize “satellites aren’t real?” Observe the information, for example “why are there bubbles seen on space walks?” and then confirm that satellites are fake. Likewise I have information such as “NASA is run by the Freemasons”, I observe the information and see a pattern like “constant masonic symbolism and gestures”  I can then make a tentative hypothesis for example “NASA could be run by masonic satanists”  I can then observe more information like “the founders of NASA were all occultists” and now I can confirm the original information “NASA is run by Freemasons”
The ability to incorporate deductive and inductive reasoning to arrive at confirmation is a testament to the massive body of pseudoscience fraud that has permeated the farthest corners of the earth. Below is an example of this permeation as a layering effect eventually obscures the “root fraud”. Because of the “root fraud” each level or generation that moves away from the “root fraud” obscures and buries the initial fraud. As stated above; Fraud Vitiates Everything It Touches, however fraud uncorrected becomes destined to the history books as fact. As is the case of the Freemasons of NASA and their massive steaming pile of elephant dung.
Layering A Hoax

This is NASA’s Patent Portfolio which details their patents and licensing program. Here’s an example of NASA patents and licenses fraud (#15) based on “Lunar technology” the Signal Boost. When I last checked the Apollo Missions were all hoaxes (#2) but look at the features!
                      Signal Boost

Here’s a quote “A portable communications signal booster, originally designed to improve communications for lunar missions, is lightweight, portable, and can boost incoming signals to improve local reception for cellphones, laptops, satellite, and Wi-Fi Internet receivers without the need for power plugs, cables, or batteries. It can be configured as an umbrella or window shade for easy deployment and compact storage”.
Using Occam’s Razor which is the simpler of the two. A. That NASA’s Signal Booster technology was designed for lunar missions even though there were none and we should disregard the fraud nonetheless and accept the technology at face value. B. NASA never went to the moon and the Signal Booster technology is bogus. If you chose B. than you’re correct.
Consider for a moment that today’s automobiles get an average of 25.8 mpg and the Model T in 1908 got between 16-25mpg. Does it make any sense that in 107 years there has been no significant increase in fuel efficiency or utilization of more efficient power sources for cars? However, NASA can send a probe (New Horizon’s) 3 billion miles to Pluto with pin point accuracy and return pristine images that look about as real as a $4 dollar bill? Does that seem plausible? #6 on the list above nullifies that satellites exist, which sadly for NASA enthusiasts means neither did the New Horizon’s mission.
Where’s Antarctica? Why is the map segmented into “33” sections?
In Part 2 we planted a seed in regards to Antarctica never being traversed by man and the 52 countries that signed onto the U.N. Antarctic Treaty to prevent any exploration by non-military personnel. However a quote from the treaty says; “52 parties set aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve, establishes freedom of scientific investigation and bans military activity on that continent” Obviously, the exact opposite is true of Antarctica. Antarctica is under military lock and key and scientific investigation by independent researchers is prohibited and enforced by the “same banned military that the U.N. Antarctic Treaty quoted above” This is a severe dislocation of facts, but yet there it is. So in my book, the U.N. Treaty is merely a hoax and does not carry out it’s stated intention.
What is the big deal about Antarctica? No other continents that I know of has lock-down security, but Antarctica does. We know almost nothing about it except that it’s really cold and Penguins love it. But as the Hoax chart above indicates, satellites don’t exist nor do any credible images or video footage of earth. We therefore have no direct evidence (besides cartographers) what the continents really look like, how big they are in relation to other landmasses and are they geographically situated as portrayed to us? What if for example a continent was in a different location than we’ve been told, that might cause a bit of a ruckus don’t you think? What if a continent was much bigger or smaller than we thought?
Take a look at different maps to see the differences between them, Why not just one “definitive map?” Come to think of it, why didn’t they put Antarctica on the U.N. flag? Why is the U.N. map segmented into “33” sections which is a heavily promoted and recognized occult number? Do you believe it’s a hapless coincidence that Freemasonry has 33 degrees and Satanists revel in the number 33 like maggots feasting on a rotted carcass? We also know that NASA is rife with Freemasons and Satanists so it’s safe to conclude there is a nexus. I can clearly state with discernment, that NASA and the United Nations are clearly linked and have been co-conspirators in defrauding the public. But the big question remains, what are they hiding that requires 52 nations to sign the Antarctica Treaty then breach the very intent of the treaty before the ink was dry?
Lets Have A Little talk About Gravity
Before we apply some scrutiny to gravity you must take into account the mountain of fraud that has been accumulated in regards to NASA. Before you believe in anything that NASA promotes or espouses remember the dossier of deception that has been piling up thus far. When we think of gravity the picture of Isaac Newton and the falling apple usually come to mind, but that naive image is a crafted whitewashed version of Isaac Newton.
But what do we really know about Isaac Newton? First of all he was very similar to the boys from NASA and delved into occult numerology, Alchemy and Esotericism. However Newton was the Grand Master of the Secretive Priory Of Scion. The Priory Of Scion was dedicated to the preservation of the satanic Merovingian bloodline that was an early forerunner to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.
It’s also clear that Newtons Principia was rewritten around 1723 by the Jesuits who are the real hidden hand behind the RKM.  This explains the seemingly paradoxical nature of Newton and how the finished work of Newtons Principia was further distorted to create false political and scientific dogma manifested in NASA today.
Society Of Jesus (Jesuits)
[1]To return specifically to Newton once more, the cute little tale (originating from Newton) about seeing an apple fall from a tree and thereupon falling into a “deep meditation” on the nature of gravity sometime in the summer of 1666 is obviously a politically correct and safe enough version of events that would have served to protect Newton’s image from his secret obsession with alchemy and esotericism. Note: The year 1666
It was a collection of works found posthumously in Newton’s library, papers and note books which revealed that Newton had spent more of his life immersed in studies of alchemy (as well as theology, Bible chronology and natural magic) than he had spent working on “pure science.”
Ironically, since Newton’s time, all notions of forces somehow transcending time or space were considered to be in violation of Newton’s Laws, despite the fact that the great man himself saw neither his laws as sacrosanct, nor as the limits of a universe which—in opposition to today’s fawning atheistic worshipers of Newton—he saw as God’s creation! 
British astronomer and cosmologist Edward Harrison noted that “if Newton had lacked a mystical outlook there could not have been a Newtonian universe” What an unusual paradox since Newtonian Science has always been presented as a somewhat mechanical process that is likened to “gears” and “machinery-like” concepts that are purported as unbreakable laws. So even in the creation of Newton’s laws, Newton could not have elucidated his concepts without the aid of an intelligent designer. Quite a contradiction right from the get-go wouldn’t you say? Unsurprisingly Newtons concepts were delineated through the centuries to omit any reference to god or an intelligent designer from which his ideas originally sprang from.
As in Parts 1 and 2, we find Newtons occult roots much like NASA progenitors  Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Walt Disney and Arthur C. Clarke. To further muddy the waters of gravity, it was Arthur C. Clarke that invented the term “Zero G” in his 1952 book Islands In The Sky. If you read Parts 1 and 2, it’s hard to disregard any coincidences.
So let’s restate the question that Isaac Newton had to ponder when that magical apple fell from the tree. QUESTION: Why did the apple fall from the tree? ANSWER: Because it was more dense than the air around it. Conversely, if we let a balloon with helium go, it rises because it’s less dense than the air around it. What a truly simple idea, density. Remember, the same awesome power of gravity that holds the oceans to the earth like Velcro as it spins over 1,000 mph, somehow permits birds and insects to fly around as if it didn’t exist at all.
The hypocrisy of gravity is on display in the very oceans that are purported to be constrained by it. (note unintended hypocrisy of second sentence)
[2]In the water, the buoyant force of the water keeps you from sinking to the bottom, but you don’t actually notice the resistance to gravity. So astronauts train for weightlessness in deep swimming pools. You are still under the influence of gravity – but the buoyancy counteracts it, so you feel weightlessness. This is one of the reasons why scuba diving is so enjoyable.
The key word here is buoyancy. Here is a quote from the Wiki page.
“For this reason, an object whose density is greater than that of the fluid in which it is submerged tends to sink. If the object is either less dense than the liquid or is shaped appropriately (as in a boat), the force can keep the object afloat.
The only difference between water (liquid) and air (gas) is the density. Buoyancy is not confined to just water, it also pertains to “Air buoyancy”
Buoyancy of air
[3]Similar to objects at the bottom of its ocean of water looking upward at objects floating above it, humans live at the bottom of an “ocean” of air and look upward at balloons drifting above us. A balloon is suspended in air, and a jellyfish is suspended in water for the same reason: each is buoyed upward by a force equal to the weight of fluid that would occupy its volume; when that buoyant force equals its own weight, it neither rises nor falls. In one case, the displaced fluid is air; and in the other case, the fluid is water. Objects in water are buoyed up because the pressure acting up against the bottom of the object exceeds the pressure acting down against the top. Likewise, air pressure acting up against an object in air is greater than the pressure above pushing down. The buoyancy, in both cases, is equal to the weight of fluid displaced – Archimedes’ principle holds for air just as it does for water. 

It’s Not A Coincidence That A Submarine And Airship Look And Act The Same
The Earth’s atmosphere is composed of air. Air is a mixture of gases, 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen with traces of water vapor, carbon dioxide, argon, and various other components. We usually model air as a uniform (no variation or fluctuation) gas with properties that are averaged from all the individual components. Any gas has certain properties that we can detect with our senses. The values and relations of the properties define the state of the gas. Again referring to the “state of matter”, NASA makes it clear that the “state of matter” is the medium that water or air buoyancy can be achieved. Gases and liquids are two sides of the same coin, one less dense than the other. NASA’s other “state of matter” is a solid which has more density than either a liquid or gas, making it possible for humans to have total buoyancy. However, if we go to the beach and put our feet in the sand we actually sink because it’s density is less than a slab of concrete for example.
I would like to personally thank Archimedes for explaining that buoyancy and density holds for air as it does water, ergo the same principle is applied to water and air. Furthermore, physicists say that “the force of gravity does not depend on the object’s shape, density, or what it is made of, Physicists at Penn State University state unequivocally that GRAVITY DEPENDS ON MASS AND DISTANCE AND NOTHING ELSE! 
That being said, one has to infer that the water at the bottom of the ocean has more gravitational pull exerted on it than the water at the top since it’s closer to the mass of the earth. The gravity at the surface would have to be the same or more than the gravity at the bottom of the ocean in order to keep the oceans from flying off into space (remember the weight of the oceans is supposedly based from the bottom up). But wait a minute, if the earth is spinning at 1,000 mph the centrifugal force would actually make the water surface heavier as you got closer to it.
The NOAA quotes this gem, “The Effect of Centrifugal Force. It is this little known aspect of the moon’s orbital motion which is responsible for one of the two force components creating the tides. As the earth and moon whirl around this common center-of-mass, the centrifugal force produced is always directed away from the center of revolution”. The surface of the oceans would bear the brunt of the weight since centrifugal force is trying to spin the water away from it’s axis. But according to GRAVITY DEPENDS ON MASS AND DISTANCE AND NOTHING ELSE the gravitational pull at the surface has to be less because it’s further from the center of mass (the ocean floor), but somehow the magical properties of gravity change to defy its own definition.  
Creating The Centrifugal Conundrum

A Ridiculous Paradox!!
According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there are over 332,519,000 cubic miles of water on the planet.  A cubic mile is the volume of a cube measuring one mile on each side. Of this vast volume of water, NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center estimates that 321,003,271 cubic miles is in the ocean. That’s enough water to fill about 352,670,000,000,000,000,000 gallon-sized milk containers! As I stated before, A gallon of water weighs 8.34lbs multiplied by 352,670,000,000,000,000,000, it’s a ridiculous tonnage that is not going to be influenced one iota by the moon if we take gravity at face value that GRAVITY DEPENDS ON MASS AND DISTANCE AND NOTHING ELSE! But again, somehow this magical gravity can do things that defy it’s own definition. 
The parade of constantly morphing and changing models about the moon’s effect on ocean’s and tides is nothing short of a carnival side-show. As questions arise that challenge the contradictory and implausible explanations that NASA and the science community put forth, they see fit to change the model to accommodate the astute questions that are raised. This isn’t science, just your old friend Mr. Pseudoscience.
Let’s take a look at how ridiculous and inconsistent the depictions of the moon’s effect on earth’s oceans and tides and how the Gravity story keeps changing. These images can be commonly searched for and you’ll see a wide variation of different models that try to explain how the moon defies the very definition of gravity and is powerful enough to “lift” the oceans. One would figure a uniform model would be used throughout the world and especially the U.S., but that’s not what we see in the variations of a “supposedly” simple concept. Why? Because no authentic photo or video footage has ever been put forward showing the earth or actual satellites in space. These images refer to the “tidal Bulge” that the moon exerts over the earth as it “flattens” it out and pulls the oceans.
#1 Single Tidal Bulge#2 Two Tidal Bulges (due to inertia & gravity) with one arrow indicating the pull of the moon creates a Tidal Bulge on both sides but is created by the side facing the moon#3 Two Tidal Bulges with Arrows indicating the direction of the pull of the moon creating bulges on both sides. How can the Tidal Bulge opposite the moon bulge out when the moon is shown pulling the opposite direction?
To solve the problem they come up with this solution;
#4 Two Tidal Bulges caused by the moon and the sun pulling in opposite directions?From a Million Miles Away, NASA Camera Shows Moon Crossing Face of Earth
Here is the latest fake satellite image from NASA DSCOVR Where’s the “Tidal Bulge”?  Where’s the Oblate Spheroid? Where’s the pear-shape? Why Aren’t the clouds morphing? Are you kidding me? 
Here is NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera ‘EPIC’
Do you see an “oblate spheroid” or “pear-shaped” earth? All I see is the same type of CGI/Photoshop graphic and no morphing clouds, Really!
But Wait, Neil DisGrace deGrasse Tyson is contradicting NASA’s latest imagery. Now I’m so confused, should I believe Neil deGrasse Tyson or NASA imagery? Should I agree with Neil deGrasse Tyson even though he’s quoted as saying he wants be a “master of geoengineering”? Does that mean he endorsed the intentional spraying of lithium aerosol by NASA as reported earlier in this article?

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a paid shill of NASA
By trusting our own senses and observing nature we can make rational and sensible observations that cannot be answered by the standard model of gravity. For example, how could a small bird skim inches above the water while escaping the very same force that supposedly holds the oceans to the earth like velcro?  And if the moon had it’s way, the massive gravitational pull it supposedly exerts on the tides would pull the small bird and (everything else) to the moon faster than shit through a goose.
If the moons gravitational pull was so incredible that it can defy the laws of gravity itself, how come it’s not strong enough to lift water in Lake Michigan or any land-locked body of water on earth? So the moons gravity only affects oceans despite land-locked bodies of water are a fraction of the oceanic weight and thus easier to pull-on for the moon. Land-locked bodies of water like Lake Michigan are considered “non-tidal” But again, somehow this magical gravity can do things that defy it’s own definition. 
Of paramount importance for the critical thinker: Are there any natural occurring phenomena or even laboratory experiments that show how water can stick to the outside of a spherical object? The answer is a predictable “no”. At this point in time there are no scientific proofs that water behaves in any other manner than just the way you experience it, flat. Water always flows to seek it’s own level. The only example furnished for this gravitational conundrum is the earth itself, of which no authentic photo or video exists to verify it’s existence. In other words, the the only example of this magical state of water is only experienced on the planetary scale of earth, leaving no way for you and I to hold it to scrutiny. And that my friends is one helluva con-job by the RKM Freemasons of NASA.
[4]And herein lies an inescapable irony. The root solution to everything that troubled Newton stems from one source: his every own theory of gravity.

Using Occam’s Razor which is the simpler of the two. A: Despite the abundance of undeniable hoaxes, lies, omissions, Freemasonic/Satanic underpinnings and the involvement of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia we should disregard all of that and accept gravity as presented by NASA and the prostitute academia scientific establishments that receive grants and endowments from the very same people or B: That NASA cannot be trusted, Newton was an occultist and satanist and the chameleon-like theory of gravity helps obscure the financial and spiritual embezzlement taking place. The answer is simple, B: NASA is a fraud and so is gravity.
Gravity has magical properties that seem to morph and expand in order to meet the critical thinkers who question the veracity of NASA’s claims. Hidden behind all the equations, formulas and technical pseudoscience nonsense, gravity does not exist. Gravity only exists to explain what they cannot but more importantly will not.
Now that you have learned about Isaac Newton, density and bouyancy, I want to leave you with this classic example of pseudoscience garbage that is taught at the university level In the United States. The University of Tennessee describes Newtons Third Law Of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) and uses the metaphor below to describe this principle.
“This law is exemplified by what happens if we step off a boat onto the bank of a lake: as we move in the direction of the shore, the boat tends to move in the opposite direction (leaving us face-down in the water, if we aren’t careful!).
“I have never let my education get in the way of my schooling” -Mark Twain
How is this example proof that for every action there is an opposing reaction? If we apply what we have learned about “states of matter” it’s easy to see the idiocy of this proof. The proof is based on different “states of matter” which is the underlying problem from the start, it’s not apples to apples. In this case water (liquid) and land (solid). One might consider what would happen if the boat was on land (solid) and you stepped off? Would the boat move in the opposite direction. The answer is no. The boat will always kick-back in the opposite direction because liquid is less dense than solid meaning less friction. Duh!

The Vacuum of Space Does Not Exist
Space Vacuum — $199 at SEARS
We are told by the deities of NASA that space is a virtual vacuum and their approximation as to where this vacuum starts and the atmosphere stops is called the Karman Line which is estimated at 62 miles. However the Wiki [5] says “no clear boundary exists between earths atmosphere and space,  just a decrease in density or fewer gas molecules”.
Its important to note that the whole concept of space travel is driven by two concepts, (1)gravity and the (2)vacuum of space we call the universe.
Here is the Wiki for Outer Space;
[5]There is no clear boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space, as the density of the atmosphere gradually decreases as the altitude increases. There are several standard boundary designations, namely:
The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale has established the Kármán line at an altitude of 100 km (62 mi) as a working definition for the boundary between aeronautics and astronautics. This is used because at an altitude of about 100 km (62 mi), as Theodore von Kármán calculated, a vehicle would have to travel faster than orbital velocity in order to derive sufficient aerodynamic lift from the atmosphere to support itself. The United States designates people who travel above an altitude of 50 miles (80 km) as astronauts.
So the Karman line is approximately 62 miles up and then you enter the partial vacuum of space, poof!, you’ve become weightless. That is what the Freemasons of NASA want you to believe and it’s total BS.
[6]Vacuum is space void of matter. The word stems from the Latin adjective vacuus for “vacant” or “void”. An approximation to such vacuum is a region with a gaseous pressure much less than atmospheric pressure.[1] Physicists often discuss ideal test results that would occur in a perfect vacuum, which they sometimes simply call “vacuum” or free space, and use the term partial vacuum to refer to an actual imperfect vacuum as one might have in a laboratory or in space.
[7]The principal environmental characteristic of outer space is the vacuum, or nearly total absence of gas molecules. The gravitational attraction of large bodies in space, such as planets and stars, pulls gas molecules close to their surfaces leaving the space between virtually empty. Some stray gas molecules are found between these bodies, but their density is so low that they can be thought of as practically nonexistent.
So as stated above, the term partial vacuum “refers to an imperfect vacuum as one might have in a laboratory or in space.”  Since a laboratory or space are two places we could look for imperfect vacuums, let’s look at the laboratory versions.

They all have an envelope/glass dome to offset the inward pressure as air is pumped out. Without some type of rigidity they would collapse in on themselves. So if the laboratory can create an equally good imperfect vacuum shouldn’t examples in space have the same types of attributes? One would think so but it’s not the case. A vacuum in the lab is created by sucking out the gases/matter, but in space the same vacuum is supposidly created and maintained by the paradoxical expansion of the universe. Imagine exhaling into a balloon (expansion) and then inhaling the air back out (vacuum) they are two different processes but yet NASA says it yields the same result. Sorry not buying it.
By the way the supposed expansion of the universe was just recently recorded by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and it was…
74.3 plus or minus 2.1 kilometers (46.2 plus or minus 1.3 miles) per second per megaparsec (a megaparsec is roughly 3 million light-years) “Space itself is pulling apart at the seams”
Of course we know this is ridiculous pseudoscience from the hoax list above. Numbers #4, #6 #10, #11 on the Hoax list prove satellites don’t exist, so the Spitzer Space Telescope doesn’t either. The measurements of the expansion of the universe of course are complete nonsense since Spitzer never existed except on the hard-drives of NASA’s production department. As I’ve stated numerous times, just show us real images and video of earth and satellites and we’ll call off the dogs. But true to their colors as accomplished liars, there’s always another lie to cover another truth.
Even more to the notion space is a vacuum is this video of Physicist Brian Cox doing a science piece for the BBC. The show was based on NASA’s vacuum chamber which is the worlds largest. Apparently they simulate non-gravitational space conditions to test craft. The assertions he puts forward are the usual NASA pseudoscience horse manure but key parts of the documentary open the door to exposing the total fraud.

Here are the things to think about after you watch’s short 4:40min
It looks like a movie set and the command and control scenes are straight out of a Michael Bay film
They have to move reinforced aluminum walls that interlock and then pump out the chamber to simulate space
They conduct an experiment dropping a feather and a bowling ball in a vacuum and non-vacuum to show “gravity exists”
The facts are simple to deduce.
It was overly produced and the command and control scenes were scripted or staged. This is a trivial fact compared to the real problems with this.
If it requires reinforced interlocking doors to simulate the vacuum of space how could a spacecraft just permeate the vacuum of space and become weightless if such massive efforts have to be taken to reproduce space conditions on earth?
Wouldn’t the craft crash right into the rigid boundary of the vacuum and go down in flames as if it hit the massive reinforced vacuum doors in the above section?
The feather and bowling ball experiment does not prove gravity, but rather the density of one of NASA’s “States of Matter” The state of matter in a non-vacuum is a gas (air) and it’s density moderates the “bouyancy” of both the feather and ball. The ball is far less buoyant than the feather and will drop faster. Conversely, in a vacuum the removal of gas (air) reduces the density to virtually zero, thus no resistance or density is present to moderate the feather and ball so the bouyancy will be the same. This has nothing to do with the magical properties of gravity it’s simple density and bouyancy in one of NASA’s “States of Matter” which happens to be a gas (air) or lack of it.
Brian says by removing the gas (air), the bowling ball and feather will fall at the same rate, thus proving gravity exists. Sorry Brian, it only proves objects of different mass and shape will fall at different rates depending on the density and “State Of Matter” they reside in. In a vacuum there’s no density, in a non-vacuum you have density and objects do what the illustration shows below…

However you can completely destroy the gravity theory with a book and a piece of paper. You can achieve the same results as a vacuum chamber right in your home. Grab a decent size book and a smaller piece of paper or envelope. Hold one in each hand and drop them. As you guessed the book will fall faster to the ground. Now instead of firing-up NASA’s gigantic vacuum chamber that cost the taxpayers millions and doubles for a movie production set. Simply place the paper on top of the book and drop them. What happened? They fell at the same rate didn’t they?
The question of the moment is why? The density of air could not act on the envelope because the book was pushing the density away to the sides creating a vacuous pocket for the paper to fall unimpeded at the same rate as the book. Watch this simple video as proof.

This is just another example of pseudoscience nonsense that permeates academia and the majority of the population. Rest assured, you could challenge any high school science teacher or college physics professor that you can make a book and a piece of paper fall at the same rate. Once they take the bait, make a hardy wager and enjoy your earnings, you can never lose because it’s outside their paradigm

Here is a quote from the Scientific American  that reveals the subtle deception that is similar to NLP Neuro Lingusitic Programming. As the article discusses, two balls of different masses dropped and landing roughly the same time.
Scientific American Quote;
Did both balls hit the ground at the same time?
You should have found that both balls hit the ground at roughly the same time. According to legend, this is what Galileo showed in 1589 from his Tower of Pisa experiment but, again, it’s debated whether this actually happened. If you neglect air resistance, objects falling near Earth’s surface fall with the same approximate acceleration 9.8 meters per second squared (9.8 m/s2, or g) due to Earth’s gravity. So the acceleration is the same for the objects, and consequently their velocity is also increasing at a constant rate. Because the downward force on an object is equal to its mass multiplied by g, heavier objects have a greater downward force. Heavier objects, however, also have more inertia, which means they resist moving more than lighter objects do, and so heaver objects need more force to get them going at the same rate.
“If you neglect air resistance” is the misdirection in the summation. Neglecting air resistance is like testing the PH in a pool with no water. The dismissal of “air resistance” is treated as a forgone aspect and dismissed. Once they minimize “air resistance” you are hit with a blitz of pseudoscience formulas that might be pertinent in an imaginary world that has gravity, but unfortunately for the science community at large there is no gravity to apply formulas to. They’re experts in a scientific virtual reality that is totally disconnected with simple basic principles they cannot answer coherently within the laws of nature or earnest scientific research. Their view of the cosmos is seen through the military industrial complex lens which is a computer generated reality-matrix of which they reside in ignorance, malevolence or both.

Listen to this NASA representative talk about the uses for the vacuum chamber and she highlights that it’s been used for making movies such as Armageddon and Future World. So not only is this a vacuum chamber it’s also a movie set. Should we be surprised? No we shouldn’t since NASA is already proven to be a Freemasonic Satanic Khazarian Hollywood hoax machine.

In space a new set of principles seem to apply allowing the envelope/dome/boundary to be semi-permeable and objects can gradually enter into and out of the vacuum. Because of this very reason space cannot be considered a vacuum as compared to it’s laboratory brethren. There is obviously something wrong with the assertion that there is a “vacuum of space”. The only proof offered that a vacuum exists in space are fake astronaut images or video of either the Apollo, Space Lab, ISS/Shuttle hoaxes. “The only proof of the Vacuum Of Space is the illusion of weightlessness” and without the illusion of weightlessness in space it would reveal that gravity doesn’t exist, but rather the density of NASA’s “state of matter”  and it’s effect on an objects buoyancy. In other words, it’s virtually “empty space” with no gas (air). One cannot have a vacuum next to a non-vacuum and have interplay between the two, it’s impossible and paradoxical.

Without the parlor-trick of weightlessness in the vacuum of space, the explanation for gravity would be dead in the water. The faked weightlessness of space proves the very same explanation of GRAVITY DEPENDS ON MASS AND DISTANCE AND NOTHING ELSE!  which has exposed the deception of the gravity argument in the previous section. So if the astronauts appear weightless that reinforces they have escaped earths fake gravitational pull and are in a Zero G Vacuum. Remember Arthur C. Clarke? The supposed vacuum and weightlessness of space solely exist to reinforce a false gravity model that cannot explain the various anomalies that defy it’s very definition. There is no gravity, just density and buoyancy of various “States of Matter” 
So now that we know that “space” doesn’t exist I would like to suggest we not look at space based on boundaries, lines and vacuums, but rather as one continuous area that loses density as it ascends from the surface of the earth outward.  In the research paper Tesla and the Aether by Eugene F. Mallove. Nikola Tesla referred to the Lumeriferous Aether.  I’m not proclaiming that the Luminiferous Aether is what fills “space” I want to merely provide you with another possibility that could exist outside of NASA’s expanding box of lies.
What did Tesla think about the aether? For that matter, what did Tesla think of “electricity”? We must remember that when the nineteenth century Tesla worked, the aether was inextricably connected with the concept of electricity—in addition to its being the medium of the transmission of light and other Hertzian electromagnetic waves. The idea of “particles of electricity”—later to be discovered and then called “electrons”—was not yet in vogue. Electricity was thought of as something like an intangible fluid—literally “etheric.”
In a seminal talk before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) in May 1891 at what was then called Columbia College in New York City, Tesla spoke these telling words:
“Of all the forms of nature’s immeasurable, all-pervading energy, which ever and ever change and move, like a soul animates an innate universe, electricity and magnetism are perhaps the most fascinating. . .We know that electricity acts like an in-compressible fluid; that there must be a constant quantity of it in nature; that it can neither be produced or destroyed. . .and that electricity and ether phenomena are identical.”
Tesla noted that this “ether” was everywhere moving and dynamic and the salvation of humankind. He also stated “with the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from stores forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance with giant strides” 
He also said:
“it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”
Eugene Mallove states in Tesla and the Aether:
In conventional science, all the “stuff” of the universe fills a regime of cosmic nothingness, with quantum mechanical electromagnetic fluctuations at an extremely small sub-atomic level filling up this “nothingness”—the so-called zero-point energy. Virtual particles supposedly pop in and pop out of existence—unpredictably, chaotically, randomly—to satisfy or not satisfy mass-energy conservation. Recently more baggage has been added to this cosmic picture by conventional science: It feels a need to augment the universe with so far unidentified “dark matter,” “dark energy,” “quintessence,” and a seemingly interminable epicyclic bestiary of imagined creatures to help patch up the Big Bang with its primary structural feature, curved space-time, as dictated by General Relativity. This is Einstein’s theory that supposedly “explains” gravity, but which does no such thing.

Wardenclyffe Tower
Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest intuitive minds that ever graced the ground we walk on and was also vilified and financially destroyed by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). Tesla had the key to unlock free wireless energy that he wanted to distribute worldwide via towers like Wardenclyffe in Long Island N.Y., until his primary financier RKM bag-boy J.P. Morgan found out Tesla’s intent and immediately pulled his financing and the tower eventually was razed. Parish the thought of “free energy” who would do such a crazy thing, we’d rather pay for it!
We know that all life is based on electrical activity and when your electrical activity ceases so do you. The Aether concept is compatible with all living organisms down to each individual cell. Maybe it’s the seemingly empty Aether that carries and bathes the intelligent designers consciousness within each and every one of us?And it is this very consciousness that can only exist in the presence of electrical activity. The human brain is literally a dynamo of electrical activity, no electrical activity means no physical existence but does not preclude non-physical existence such as consciousness which is in of itself energy. I said prior, this is an example to stimulate the synapses and more importantly to break-free of the pseudoscience paradigm that is being dispensed by NASA by providing a viable alternative to “space” by one of the truly greatest minds in history. It’s quite evident that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia feared Tesla and his intuitive understanding of the true nature of things based on the systematic destruction and sabotage of his work. In short, he was a threat to the RKM’s power structure.
[8]Tesla’s ambitious World System came to an end when its principal financier, J. P. Morgan pulled the plug on funding. Morgan, the financial giant behind the formation of many monopolies in railroads, shipping, steel, banking, etc., was a major conduit of European capital into U. S. industrial development in the Robber Baron era. He looms large in Tesla’s life. Morgan money was in the Niagara Falls project. He backed Edison, too. It was Morgan’s pressure on Westinghouse, whom he also financed, that caused the cancellation of Tesla’s dollar-a-horsepower contract and the loss of millions in royalties to Tesla for his poly phase.
When Tesla’s lab burned down (arson was suspected), one of Morgan’s men promptly arrived with aid, as well as with the offer of a partnership with Morgan interests. Acceptance would have put Tesla firmly under Morgan’s control. Tesla refused. And Tesla succeeded in preserving his autonomy until he became possessed with overwhelming ardor to fulfill the dream of his World system. Tesla was ready to sell his soul to finance Wardenclyffe, and J. P. Morgan was right there to buy it.
In 1901, Tesla signed over to Morgan controlling interest in the patents he still owned, as well as all future ones, in lighting and radio. Morgan then put about $150,000 startup funding into Wardenclyffe. Later he invested more, just enough to bring the project within sight of completion. Morgan then became elusive. Tesla tried desperately to communicate with the investor, but to no avail. When word was out on Wall Street that Morgan had withdrawn support, no one would touch the project. This finished Tesla as a functioning inventor. Work on the Wardenclyffe tower came to a halt. Left to dereliction, the tower remained only as a curiosity to passersby. During World War I, the tower was unceremoniously dynamited to the ground.
Space Travel Is For The Jetsons

“No man has ever ascended much higher than 300 miles, if that high, above the earth’s surface. At or under that altitude the astronauts are beneath the radiation of the Van Allen Belt and shields them from the extreme radiation which permeates space. No man has orbited, landed on, or walked upon the moon in any publicly known space program.Any intelligent high school student with a basic physics book can prove NASA faked the the Apollo moon landings”
-William Cooper
The framework or scaffolding that space travel is real was born out of the crucible of science-fiction and fantasy long before it was purportedly confirmed on July 16, 1969 with Apollo 11.  Below is the editorial section of the New York Times called Topics Of The Times to professor Robert Goddard’s statement that a rocket can function in a total vacuum in the New York Times from an article published Jan. 13, 1920. The first paragraph states
”That Professor Goddard, with his ‘chair’ in Clark College and the countenancing of the Smithsonian Institution, does not know the relation of action to reaction, and of the need to have something better than a vacuum against which to react — to say that would be absurd. Of course he only seems to lack the knowledge ladled out daily in high schools.”
Here you see the editorial mocking the absurdity that a rocket can work in a vacuum on its own. The second paragraph was the official retraction 49 years later on July 17, 1969. The Freemasons never miss an opportunity to do-it right in plain sight. Apollo 11 was launched July 16, 1969 on the 4 day journey to the moon. What are the odds?
Further investigation and experimentation have confirmed the findings of Isaac Newton in the 17th century and it is now definitely established that a rocket can function in a vacuum as well as in an atmosphere. The Times regrets the error.

Here is an excerpt from Professor Goddard released by Clarke University after his findings were ridiculed by the New York Times;
Dr. Goddard gave another reaction to the New York Times editorial in front of an assembly of Clark University undergraduate students a few years before his first rocket launch. As described by one of the students who was there, inside a glass bell jar Dr. Goddard put “a spindle at the top of which was rigged a .22 caliber revolver loaded with a blank cartridge. The latter was electrically wired to explode at a given moment. After exhausting as much air as practically possible from the bell jar, thus creating an airless vacuum analogous to the medium outside the earth’s atmosphere, and after quoting The New York Times’s pejorative comments, Dr. Goddard touched a key, the cartridge exploded, and the pistol spun briskly around making four complete revolutions. Dr. Goddard knew that Isaac Newton’s Third Law, viz., that every force has an equal and opposite reaction, had never been repealed; that it operates universally whether in or out of a vacuum; and therefore whether in or out of atmospheric space. This experiment as repeated for us was highly dramatic and, of course, quite conclusive. As the pistol spun around, Dr. Goddard dryly observed, ‘So much for The New York Times.'”
This is the absurd proof that Goddard uses to prove that rockets work in a vacuum. By now from what you’ve learned, you should be able to pick this apart without mercy when you know about NASA’s “States Of Matter”. First and foremost, how much removal of air does “practically possible” mean? Inside a bell jar, even a small amount of gas would be sufficient to push against because of the containment rigidity of the bell jar. And it’s certainly possible that no air was removed and the demonstration was slight-of-hand trickery (science certainly has no shortage of frauds and charlatans in the history books). In space that same amount of gas would not be contained but rather dispersed in space since no bell-jar exists in the first place. In a bell-jar pressure waves reverberating off the glass will also further distort the “States Of Matter”,  but the vacuum of space has no such limitations.
Furthermore, stating it’s analogous to space is a theory on top of a theory since no direct proof existed of space or its contents at the time. The bell-jar therefore cannot be considered analogous to the unverified vacuum and contents of space. There was no scientific verification just mathematical and half-baked pseudoscience examples like the above based on a mythical force called gravity. But the powers that be said it’s so!
Benjamin Guggenheim
As a side note, Robert Goddards main financier was Benjamin Guggenheim who was murdered along with John Jacob Astor and Isador Straus on the R.M.S. Titanic in 1912, which was owned by RKM bag-man J.P. Morgan Chase. All three men were in opposition to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and Jesuit takeover of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Remember Nikola Tesla and what J.P Morgan Chase did to him? Even in the early 1900’s the RKM was whacking people and bulldozing their way to financial control of the United States. Professor Robert Goddard eventually moved to Roswell N.M. of all places in 1931 to continue testing rockets. In 1947 Roswell was the center of the world. You just can’t make this stuff-up.
How could the rocket lift-off if the rocket is closest to the mass (earth). Escape Velocity would have to be instantaneous which is theoretically ridiculous.
Here are the basics why rocket and space travel is impossible. The very first reason is the EVP (escape velocity paradox). Escape velocity is said to be 40,270 km/h (25,020 mph). This means a rocket has to reach that velocity to escape earths gravity. They tell us that the vacuum of space is the Karman Line which is 62 miles off the surface of earth. The physicists at Penn State say that GRAVITY DEPENDS ON MASS AND DISTANCE AND NOTHING ELSE. Since the launchpad is closest to the earths mass, it would need to be at escape velocity just to lift an inch off the launchpad.
Furthermore, since the gravity is decreasing as the rocket is rising why would you need to be accelerating to escape velocity in a decreasing gravitational field?. Or is this escape velocity what’s needed to smash through the imaginary vacuum of space into weightlessness? It’s none of these, the rocket goes up, the air density decreases to the point where there is no gas (air) to push against and the rocket’s temporary buoyancy is gone. At this point, the rocket returns to earth because it cannot maintain buoyancy in one of NASA’s “states of matter”, in this case it’s gas (air).
There is no magical line that can be crossed where you suddenly become weightless. What goes up always comes down and whatever pseudoscience bullcrap NASA want’s to spin to counteract this fact go ahead, this rocket launch is D.O.A.
So if the rockets don’t go into the vacuum of space where do they go? A better question would be why are launchpads always on the edge of the ocean? The answer is surprisingly simple and can be articulated with a few simple images.

Here’s a video of a launch from a plane and the arc is clearly seen. NASA asserts that the rocket will follow the curvature of the earth then turn 45 degrees and head into space. Come to think of it, where’s the earths curvature? Also, I’ve never seen a rocket make re-entry have you?

The rockets never go straight-up they always arc until out of sight. At that point they drop into the ocean to be retrieved by eagerly awaiting vessels that have the area on lock-down. Rockets don’t arc to reach escape velocity, they arc until out of view then drop into the. ocean. NASA’s farcical reason for the rockets arcing is to achieve escape velocity and again it defies its own definition which is represented by the Penn State Physicists. Flying spherically parallel to the earths mass would waste the most critical commodity, fuel. The total perfidy of this scenario is beyond moronic. As people begin to make astute observations, NASA keeps pulling multi-layered-pseudoscience answers out of their ass and get away with it because they have the keys to the cosmos.
Accepted model of rocket trajectory to reach escape velocity (why the small black arrow pointing up from launchpad?)

Escape Velocity Paradox defies the very definition of gravity…..


Archimedes’ principle holds for air just as it does for water
But look at this. NASA was nice enough to draw me a diagram; I think the title was supposed to be Flight of a Rocket into Water, anyway thank god NASA is so transparent.
NASA was also nice enough to furnish a photo-op recovery of a booster. All routine, nothing to see here folks, move along! I would bet my gall bladder or appendix that the rest of the shuttle is just below the surface. (when making wagers with your organs only use vestigial ones, you don’t need em) They show you just enough but never too much. Plausible deniability to the inth-degree.

Into The Ocean Or Into Pieces!

Let’s imagine for a moment that we could mysteriously permeate into the vacuum of space and desire to travel to the Nevada desert Mars, it was quoted earlier in this article by NASA that;
The gravitational attraction of large bodies in space, such as planets and stars, pulls gas molecules close to their surfaces leaving the space between virtually empty. Some stray gas molecules are found between these bodies, but their density is so low that they can be thought of as practically nonexistent.
In a Morpheus Moment “fate is not without its ironies” the spinning of the gun around the spindle as Professor Robert Goddard described would be analogous to a spacecraft that had no gas or matter to push against. The craft would spin wildly like a top, if that at all. Professor Robert Goddard’s example was NOT “analogous to the medium beyond the earths atmosphere”  because the “State Of Matter” of the bell-jar was altered and unverified and the “State of Matter” of “space” was neither verified nor proven. Therefore no conclusion can be rendered that rockets can operate in the vacuum of space.
How would the space shuttle steer without gas molecules to create the density for the rudder, flaps or ailerons to work against (friction)? But along comes NASA to the rescue again with another pseudoscience gem by saying a rocket engine in a vacuum pushes against its own exhaust to propel itself through the vacuum of space.  Does that mean the flight controls will also magically use the exhaust to steer?
Here is an official Re-Entry of Orion EFT 1. This NASA footage could have been done better by baboons on a remote tropical island with sharpies and a notepad. It’s beyond pathetic and there’s even an actual “black-out” period during re-entry and temporary loss of telemetry data. I can assure you the satanic Freemasons of NASA are rolling in dupers delight as they drill these bogus pieces of propaganda into the malleable minds of humanity. Take note of all the editing.

I think it’s worth a quick review of the space shuttle and how easy it was to hoax-it.

Here’s another example of NASA’s pseudoscience idiocy. Comparing a rocket engine in space with releasing air from a balloon. Again, the “States Of Matter” are not the same. The balloon is propelled by the release of air pushing on the “density” of gas (air). No mention of the “State of Matter” in a vacuum which is void of the same gas the balloon is pushing against.
Here’s how LiveScience answers how a rocket doesn’t push against anything.
In space, rockets zoom around with no air to push against. What’s going on? Rockets and engines in space behave according to Isaac Newton’s third law of motion: Every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. When a rocket shoots fuel out one end, this propels the rocket forward — no air is required.
NASA says this principle is easy to observe on Earth. If you stand on a skateboard and throw a bowling ball forward, that force will push you and the skateboard back. However, because your weight on the skateboard is heavier than that of the bowling ball, you won’t move as far.
The only question that has to be asked is this; Why are you standing on a skateboard? By doing so you are altering the “state of matter” by decreasing the friction much like the analogy of stepping off a boat onto land supposedly proves Newtons Third Law. What would happen if you’re standing on the ground and throw the bowling ball? Absolutely nothing because the “The States Of Matter” are the same. This is all slight-of-hand nonsensical pseudoscience which purposely obscures the truth rather than illuminate it. These so-called proofs are buried beneath the very hoaxes they support and perpetuate with endless lies to cover previous lies always trying to obscure the growing light of truth.
NASA & The United Nations: Working In Unison To Devolve Humanity
The RKM by way of Professor Robert Goddard had already planted the seed of space travel by positing that “rockets work in the vacuum of space”. The Rothschild’s were well aware that a new scam in the name of the U.N., space and NASA lay just a few decades down the road. Starting with Professor Robert Goddard declaring that rockets will work in space in 1920 without any empirical proof, to the creation of the U.N. in 1945, U.N. treaty in 1952 and NASA in 1958 the road was being paved for another massive scam. They had already hijacked the monetary system in 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act, thus the heavy lifting was out of the way.
These initial sequence of events was the initial bulwark to allow the militarization of Antarctica and space as we know it. By controlling these areas it’s been nothing short of a concerted and coordinated effort to devolve humanity into the chaos of which their so-called New World Order will supposedly arise.
There is no such thing called gravity just the density of NASA’s “States Of Matter”.
It should be clear by now that there are no sacred areas that cannot be touched by fraud. The only limitation of fraud is our own lack of imagination of how it can be used as a malevolent force against us. Even the supposed persona and established tenets of Sir Isaac Newton appear to be illusory and contradictions abound. The supposed theory of gravity does not hold-up under scrutiny and is constantly defying it’s own definition.
When under the light of interrogation, the more we try to reconcile gravity to our world, the less plausible it becomes. We have seen numerous examples of so-called proofs that are imbalanced, impartial and not relevant to the actual basis of the claim while intentionally distracting you from the slight-of-hand that’s occurring. That’s called pseudoscience! For 99% of the population they could never imagine that NASA is more Hollywood science-fiction than true scientific inquiry. Conversely the RKM could never imagine we’d catch onto the deception as quickly as we have, but we did.
I have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that gravity is nothing but smoke and mirrors to accommodate what they won’t tell us. If gravity was really present NASA wouldn’t have to keep changing and tweaking the model as astute people call-out their never ending lies. Mark Twain said the following; “When you tell the truth you never have to remember anything”. From Isaac Newton to Robert Goddard to Carl Sagan and Neil disgrace deGrasse Tyson, all in one way or another NASA stooges, Freemasons and peddlers of pseudoscience bullcrap.
Once you pull back the curtain, it’s easy to see the reality of the situation. There are three hoaxes piled up on each other to make a mosaic that does not exist. 1) Gravity only exists to explain away how water could stick to a spinning sphere in violation of it’s own principles. No proof exists of this phenomenon accept on the planetary scale of which there are no credible images or footage. 2) The fake “vacuum of space” which does not exist is used to create the illusion of weightlessness which also does not exist. 3) Fake images and videos of astronauts are used to create the illusion of weightlessness, which is used to reaffirm the presence of gravity.
The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and their Freemasonic henchmen have been the cause of unimaginable theft, murder, genocides and suffering the world over for centuries. It is they who control the Federal Reserve and world finances, keeping the majority of the world in perpetual debt slavery and yet we are to believe that their control of NASA is for altruistic endeavors. NASA is part of our military and if you understand that the U.S. military is used by the RKM as a personal mercenary force, destroying sovereign countries that oppose it’s hegemonic ideals, it’s not hard to realize the apple does not fall far from the tree.
However, another war is being waged in a more subtle fashion. The battleground being the human mind and it’s perception of reality. NASA has a specific role in making sure the human race knows it’s a cosmic anomaly or accident that sprung from series of random events creating matter that somehow became conscious. The contrived story of the big-bang is nothing more than a starting point for the advancement of a godless, nihilistic material reality that serves to alienate each one of us from the undeniable truth that consciousness proceeds matter.
Fibonacci Sequence
The human species is the intelligent designers most intelligent design that has strayed from the path. From the sheer beauty of the world’s landscapes, to the perfect Fibonacci sequences observed in nature, the world is hardly an accident nor is the human species. As humanity throws off the yoke of oppression and regains it’s connection to mother earth our strength will grow as we reestablish our true divine potential and connection to each other. We’re all different color leaves of the same tree and that scares the hell out of the RKM.
We see the constantly changing and morphing models of gravity and it’s supposed effects on the oceans. We hear assertions that the earth has changed shape even though NASA’S CGI/Photoshop images don’t show it. Billions of dollars spent on supposed satellite probes to Pluto and Ceres but yet we don’t have the technology and resources to end starvation and homelessness?
NASA wants you to look up at the twinkling stars for all the wrong reasons, primarily to promote an atheistic dis-empowering view of humanity.The message is very clear “you are an insignificant by-product of a series of random coincidences and events without such, your creation would be impossible” As the human species collectively realizes that we live in an intelligently designed conscious biosphere. The malevolent forces that seek to control humanity will instantaneously dissolve as our collective conscious begins to remember who we really are and get to “Know thy self”. One man hit the nail on the head to unlocking the true source of our existence and then learning to reclaim it.

“The longest journey is the journey inward”
― Dag Hammarskjöld, Markings
Conclusion: Mapping a New World Order — OURS!!
Question, why so many different maps?  The fact of the matter is we have no idea what the earth really looks like because NASA has been playing hide and seek since 1958. To this very day no credible photos or video footage of earth or satellites exist, but then again why should they since space travel is impossible as well as satellites.
In another prophetic “Morpheus Moment” “fate is not without it’s ironies”  there is one entity that knows the true shape of the earth and they’re located at 760 United Nations Plaza, NY. The U.N. flag that innocently waves in the breeze in the plaza reveals the shape and true configuration of our world. By no mere coincidence, the United States Geologic Society uses the Azimuthul equidistant projection to this day, quite a striking similarity wouldn’t you say! As in most aspects of life, the answer is right under your feet.
18 hours ago - Via Community - View - fuzztfork8 : So, the NY fed is moving to chicago they sold JP morgan bld to China, and the military is moving to ...
So, the NY fed is moving to chicago they sold JP morgan bld to China, and the military is moving to colorado......what do they know that we don't ?
And they bought even more ammo.Well, we know it;s NOT to protect the border.Because we have open borders.And tX and utah are HOSTILE?????WTF?
Watch the video: US Transition to the North American Union
Northcom Moving Back to Colorado Because of EMP Threat, Wary of Natural Disaster NY Fed Partially Moves to Chicago, JP Morgan Sells HQ to China, Why is the N...
20 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - fabrice pamarot : LA BANQUE: JP Morgan Chase Bank
LA BANQUE: JP Morgan Chase Bank
21 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - vicki green : I will continue fighting for Bernie. Wallstreet, Goldman, JP Morgan, etc must be reigned in.
I will continue fighting for Bernie. Wallstreet, Goldman, JP Morgan, etc must be reigned in. 
Young blacks more open to Bernie Sanders' White House bid

23 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Dave Warner : Dave's Top 5 Things for Saturday Why is this man smiling? I give you this one  just in case you were...
Dave's Top 5 Things for Saturday
Why is this man smiling? I give you this one  just in case you were having a good day. It will tick you off – NY banker Jamie Dimon made $2.2 million in one day when shares in JP Morgan Chase jumped up by 8.3 percent Friday. How long will it take you to mak...
Dave's Top 5 Things for Saturday
Why is this man smiling? I give you this one just in case you were having a good day. It will tick you off – NY banker Jamie Dimon made $2.2 million in one day when shares in JP Morgan Chase jumped up by 8.3 percent Friday...
1 day ago - Via Google+ - View - Lorenzo McNally : Krugman like Deputy AG Lanny Breuer and Barak Obama is a New York Jew fully invested in the FACT that...
Krugman like Deputy AG Lanny Breuer and Barak Obama is a New York Jew fully invested in the FACT that a 1,000 NY Jewish/goyem financial CEO's should be in JAIL ! Why ?
Hence Trump and Sanders leading polls !  Why ?
$18 + TRILLION worth of FDIC TAXPAYER SWAPS robo signed  FHFA (D)/NYSE(R) low income MORTGAGE FRAUD crime and COVER up to
save a 1,000 New Yorkers who we're paid instead of jailed !
Jed Rakoff, a Federal Judge in New York, argued that the focus should be on individuals, and that not prosecuting individual malefactors after the financial crisis, 
despite widespread indications of FRAUD, may 
"be judged one of the more egregious failures of the criminal justice system in many years."
They we’re actually PAID for this SWAPS crime below.. 
$300+ BILLIONS in 2009-10 alone by President (ZERO PROSECUTION/jail)
Barak Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 2011, Government Accounting Office
GAO-11-696 Federal Reserve Investigation 

$ 7,389.4 BILLION Domestic
$ 1,561.6 BILLION Foreign
CitiGroup- $ 1,756 BILLION plus $ 263 BILLION
Morgan Stanley- $ 1,364 BILLION plus $ 548 BILLION
Merrill Lynch- $ 1,281 BILLION plus $ 493 BILLION
Bear Sterns- $ 850 BILLION
Banc of America LLC Securities- $ 845BILLION plus $ 101 BILLION
Goldman Sachs- $ 433 BILLION plus $ 155 BILLION
Barclays Capital Inc- $ 410 BILLION
JP Morgan Securities Inc.- $ 112 BILLION
Lehman Brothers Inc.- $ 83 BILLION
Country Wide Financial Corp.- $ 75 BILLION

Plus $9 TRILLION in total Criminal COVER UP ~
deficit borrowing, spending, QE, TARP and ZIRP !

Its the damnedest thing in the World that between Marx and the 
$1.4 QUADRILLION SWAPS Casino a regular Jewish American is faced with the straight up rattlers and snakes of the LIVING Hell of Marx and the likes of Mickey Cohen and Arnold Rothstein ruling the World with SWAPS financing virtually every human Capital and Labor enterprise known to man !
Pure Insanity  !  Just 16 YEARS ago !

Vote Sanders or Trump and FINALLY end the INSANITY !
of the GREENSPAN PUT since 1987 !
Paul Krugman: At the intersection of economic stupidity and politics
Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign famously focused on “the economy, stupid.” But macroeconomic policy — what to do about recessions — has been largely absent from this year’s election discussion.Yet economic risks have by no means been banished from the world. And you should be frightened by how little many of the people who would be president have learned from the past eight years.If you’ve been following the financial news, you know that there’s a l...
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Wardenclyffe Tower
Also known as the Tesla Tower was designed and built by Nikola Tesla in NY. Tesla intended to transmit messages, telephony and even facsimile images across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea based on his theories of using the Earth to conduct the signals.

The Tower was designed as a world communications center and Nikola Tesla added to the project in that the tower would also be used for transmitting electrical energy without wires to the entire globe. Tesla wanted to saturate the globe with electricity as a dynamo so that everyone on the surface of the globe could obtain electrical light just by sticking wires into the soil and a electrical bulb would light.

J.P Morgan, the project’s primary financier, refused the plan and the project was eventually abandoned. 
The tower was dismantled on July 4, 1917.  It was dynamited and razed by the mortgage holder, the proprietor of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Know more:

#nikolatesla   #electricity   #history   #teslatower
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JP Morgan Increases Turkey's Investment Note
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Wells Fargo has $17.4 Billion exposure. According to various reports, Citigroup C +7.32% has $58 billion in oil and gas exposure, Bank of America BAC +7.08% $43.8 billion, J.P. Morgan Chase $42 billion, Morgan Stanley MS +6.45% $16 billion, and Credit Suisse $9 billion. BNP Paribas has $38 billion in total commodity exposure.
Zombie Oil Companies Could Hit Banks With $20 Billion In Loan Losses
Some oil companies are on their deathbeds, and banks can't escape the disease.
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