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11 hours ago - Via Community - View - Morgana : 3 DAYS (Brazil) #CIVILWAR★ #TeamCap★👊😋
3 DAYS (Brazil) #CIVILWAR#TeamCap★👊😋
5 days ago - Via Reshared Post - View - King Nexuan : Top 20 Greatest/Iconic Marvel Supheros #1. Spiderman #2. Ironman #3. Captain America #4. Hulk #5. Thor...
Top 20 Greatest/Iconic Marvel Supheros

#1. Spiderman
#2. Ironman
#3. Captain America
#4. Hulk
#5. Thor
#6. Wolverine
#7. Deadpool
#8. Daredevil
#9. The Thing
#10. Mr. Fantastic
#11. She Hulk
#12. Black Panther
#13. Dr. Strange
#14. Jean Grey
#15. Cyclops
#16 Human Torch
#17. _Captain Marvel
#18. Ghost Rider
#19. The Punisher
#20. Ironfist
7 days ago - Via Community - View - Michael Noble : Steampunk Ironman <3
Steampunk Ironman <3
Geek Art Gallery: Gallery: Steampunk Iron Man
Here's a gallery of Iron Man drawn in steampunk motifs. It's a fantastic concept that's seriously caught on across the web. We've picked some of the best examples to be found and posted them here for your viewing pleasure. Steampunk Iron Man by Nagy Norbert. Created by Nagy Norbert ...
8 days ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Robe Reyes : Ironman 3 arcccccc
Ironman 3 arcccccc
11 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Jake Tylenol (KingofGeeks, LordofDorks) : Kilian Vs Lex Luthor(BvS) Pt.1 Kilian King of Geeks, Lord of Dorks, but above all else, just a guy sharing...
Kilian Vs Lex Luthor(BvS) Pt.1
King of Geeks, Lord of Dorks, but above all else, just a guy sharing my PERSONAL but HUMBLE OPINION on why I THINK it is okay for Ironman 3 to alter The Manderin, and why I can't accept Lex Jr. As Lex.

Now remember when Ironman 3 came out and people shitted on Manderin because he wasn't "comic accurate"? I'm willing to bet(I could be just a dumbass idk really know your life story) a lot of people don't even know who Manderin from the comics really is other than his rings. Hell, I just knew him for the rings and the shitty incarnation of TAS(sounded so fucking ridiculous in that show. 😂). The ONLY incarnation of Manderin I found interesting was from Ironman: Armored Adventures . But in the movies I feel like then he should've been developed from the first Ironman movie for that to work. Granted, Kilian is retconned(as far as I remember) into the 3rd movie.

2. Do you REALLY know Manderin?

But...whenever I defend Ironman 3 only ONE person thus far has ever broken down and explained to me why and how Manderin from the comics is so badass and memorable. And when he was done I went:"...damn...okay I see it now. Maybe your right, but the problem is...your one of the few people who knew that that I knew of so far." Not only that, but you really think a guy with 10 rings of imaginable power wouldn't gain the attention of the Avengers. At least in Iron-man 3 Tony is dealing with a personal issue, at the same time Cap is dealing with Bucky now the Winter Soldier, Thor is off world, but hell, I'm pretty sure Cap and Hulk would've have stopped what they were doing(depending on when Manderin first appeared in media yeah I know) and teamed up with Tony which would've taken away from setting up Rhodey being a superhero and Tony's arch of anxiety in general.

3. That's Captain America's Job
Plus to me, it wouldn't have fit in the theme of the Ironman trilogy in my mind.
Every MCU character specializes in certain enemies in their solo movies so the movies don't feel the same. Captain America deals with political thrillers. Thor deals with fantasy and magic, Hulk DEALT with action thrillers and kind of a horror superhero movie. Ironman deals with TERRORIST like the comics..most times. Manderin is a ruler of a foreign country, that's Captain America's territory(CORRECT ME IF 'I'M WRONG ABOUT THAT STATEMENT IN THE COMMENT BELOOOOOOOOW!!). Even Rhodey says in a scene something around the lines of: "This isn't your type of mission Tony" (paraphrasing like a mother fucker, I only rewatched the movie a month ago. STILL LOVED IT)
Manderin's rings can be explained by alien technology, sure. BUT Marvel Studs later revealed they RESERVED aspects like this for Gaurdians of the Galaxy to explore space and cosmic stuff. Now as I write this, I do see an alternate route where you introduced an infinity stone through the rings but...idk. I just feel like Kilian worked better.

4.It was practically the same thing!
Kilian's core character IS the Manderin anyway, that's what he's saying(and I say core character based off of what I believe I know of Manderin). He broke down the HIGH AND MIGHTY Tony Stark almost completely on almost every level. Took away everything from the god amongst men, found his weakness Pepper, and orchestrated all of his torment. Kilian is the reason if you take out all the jokes, you would see how Ironman 3 is easily one of the DARKEST MARVEL MOVIES YET! Kilian's sympathetic, he's a fanboy/nerd gone bad, personally there are brief times when I do wish to be Kilian to someone. So I relate in those moments.
5. It was kind of obvious
I guess I was immune to the Manderin outcry after seeing the movie the moment I knew Extremist was a plot in the movie. After all, Extremist and Manderin in my mind had no correlation with each other in the same story. I would understand if Extremist was Iron-man 2's problem and then Tony gains the power of Extremist to combat The comic Manderin, who you could set up better when you don't have to explain that complicated piece of shit. But guys, Extremist was it's own STORY ARCH ! There was no way your shoving Manderin full on 10 rings in the SAME movie you guys.
The End
But hey, while I'm writing part 2 explaining why Lex Jr doesn't work to me, especially for people who HONESTLY KNOW MANDERIN FROM THE COMICS(not saying I do because I really don't that's why I want your opinions the most) please, I'm begging you here, tell me how YOU think Comic Manderin would've worked in that movie. Thanks for reading, leave a "like" if you appreciate this article, agree or not, and hopefully I will be back with Part 2...or not hopefully..depending on if you guys like these at all...heh...bye. ;-;
13 days ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Jake Tylenol (KingofGeeks, LordofDorks) : Kilian Vs Lex Luthor pt.2 Lex Luthor(BvS) Rant Level 3/5 What's that line in Star Wars prequels? This...
Kilian Vs Lex Luthor pt.2
Lex Luthor(BvS)
Rant Level 3/5
What's that line in Star Wars prequels? This is where the fun begins." yeah, I guess so. Lex Luthor, the first villain, the arch nemesis of Superman the FIRST SUPERHERO EVER, the BADASS EVERYONE(or me and most DC fans) LOVED: reduced to pissing in a cup and being just fucking annoying(to me) for nearly 2-3 God damn hours. King of Geeks, Lord of Dorks, but above all else, just a guy sharing his humble OPINION on why I can accept Ironman 3's Kilian over the DCEU Lex Luthor. Check out part 1 for details. (God I'm gonna get so much flak for this shit in the DC community.😆)

1. The More Things Change
You know how WB came out and said superman was going to be totally reimagined, different from any other version or some shit like that. I was cool with that, hell, as much of the shit as I give the movie, I like Man of Steel. I genially do, not a 10/10 just a 7/10, it had POTENTIAL, even if it didn't set up jack shit for the DCEU, super-man WAS different or at least ACTED DIFFERENT. My ONLY complaint, was that ALL the things the movie brought up that would tell the story of Super-man in a DIFFERENT direction than almost ever before, like, Superman rebuilding the kryptonian race with the eugenics shit, the fact he let down both of his fathers expectations, the destruction he caused and even killing Zod, that was ALL FORGIVEN AND FORGOTTEN by the end of the movie. Even Metropolis is fully repaired by the time the movie ends even though it's DOUBLE THE DAMAGE OF 9/11 . AND they retcon some of the damage in BvS(personally Man of Steel would've been better as a standalone series imo) In the end, the world saw him the same way he's seen in the comics: a symbol of hope! A bright(..metaphorically that movie was visually gritty as shit) beacon of salvation by EVERYONE. All this to say, until BvS retconned it, there was NOTHING DIFFERENT about Super-man as far as the perception of the people were concerned. Nothing that that they were trying to acknowledge changed about Superman other then the fact that Superman is more edgy now and that's okay, and it's NOT okay(ugh). So Get this, one movie later, Lex..Jr..because they wanted to make him a surprise to the audience, is now a cringe worthy, over obnoxious, sleazy, bitch of an asshole, whose motivation is NEVER MADE CLEAR! THE ONLY THING I can GENIALLY understand about his motivation..and don't get me wrong, it makes sense if I don't think about it even slightly hard but...I mean the ONLY thing i truly understand is that this Prick loves pissing in jars! That's not FUNNY! I could get better jokes from Lex in the JUSTICE LEAGUE CARTOON (fucking amazing, fucking love it, if you haven't seen, fucking watch it. It's up there with Young Justice to me) I still don't quite understand what the FUCK was his plot? SOMEONE explain this shit to me PLEASE! For MANDERIN, not that many people know him other then; "AWE MAN HE'S GOT TEN RINGS SO LEGIT, FUCK IRONMAN 3." But nothing else! Unless if you are SPECIFICALLY an Iron-man fan. And I know for a fact that Iron-man isn't the go-to comic for all Marvel fans. But LEX, watch the fucking Justice L...wait..that's a new topic..hang on.
2. What ain't broke...
First off, I read a review prior to writing this excusing?this Lex's acting because Lex from the comics is a boring character, that he always has no reason to hate Superman in the comics. groan listen, I know more Spider-man than Superman, but mother fucker I know enough about Super-man to call your bullshit. Lex's TRUE motivation in the comics is probably another reason that they changed Lex if they let a superman comic fan help in writing the script. Because comic Lex's motivation is the REASON this movie DID NOT NEED BATMAN (God bless Ben Affleck Though..Shivers that man..that's a Batman right there...anyway...) Lex is JEALOUS of Super-man. Before Super-man was a thing, Lex was the symbol of hope to the world, like...Imagine if..imagine if Earth we're Superman and Lex's parents right? Lex is the Older son right? Praised for years and everyone loves him, coolest kid ever, And then fucking Superman, humble, courageous, GOD-LIKE is the youngest brother in the family, and outshines the older brother, and the Earth and all of it's friend just kind of gives less of a shit(it's an allegory for those who can't tell, Hopefully I just helps understand the relationship here) about Lex because Lex can't compete. Lex...LEX LUTHOR is Super-Man's arch nemesis BECAUSE not only is he a 180 version of him(like Batman is and like Batman was made) but he knows he can't BEAT superman, right? He's a fucking human. Actually he's a Superman fanboy in a way, all he want's to do it BE SUPER-MAN, A BETTER SUPERMAN! But he's so obsessive with this idea he MUST BE THE BEST OF HUMANITY(like Batman), so JEALOUS of Super-man, and Idolizes him SOO MUCH, he devotes his entire LIFE in trying to either KILL HIM, or turn everyone AGAINST HIM. I've bitched about this a Year before the movie came out. I have friends on this site that have disagreed with me up to this point. Some still disagree but I will respect there logical opinions, because I see where they may be coming from. But BATMAN did NOT NEED TO BE IN THIS MOVIE AND THE NEXT PART WILL TELL YOU WHY IF YOUR STILL READING OR SKIMMING(thanks btw.😊)

Why Batman wasn't needed in this movie had Lex been 100% comic accurate

One of the ways Lex's attacks Super-man without killing him is by getting Super-Man HIMSELF to KILL like ANYONE so he can convince the people of earth, that Super-man IS CORRUPT, he's a THREAT A MENACE(like Spider-man as we all know am I right?). Which, since Snyder loves Jesus Allegories so much, would've been interesting because in the Bible the PROPHETS kept trying the same shit, only they just wanted Jesus to fuck up but he never did. And Zod being killed in Man Of Steel would've had more depth IF Lex DID use that as propaganda against Superman and the destruction in Metropolis as well, pressuring Super-Man to either snap under the pressure and go rogue, where Lex would have Kryptonite to finish him off, OR..Pressure Super-man into quitting either way, MORE DEPTH THEN BVS GAVE SUPER-MAN!which ya know, would've been a GREAT THING TO EXPLOIT in a quick little cameo in Man of Steel and then have THAT be the plot to Man of Steel 2 instead of shoving Batman(great acting choice tho, Best Bat-man thus far) and WONDERWOMAN(by God, Gal Gadot is even BETTER imo) in a movie they don't belong in. Hell, in fact, just take out BATMAN, Wonder-Woman being the veteran hero of this universe could have been like a mentor to Super-Man or some shit, wouldn't that have been AWESOME! But like I said, the version of Lex from the comics, would eliminate the reason for Batman because his motivation is more or less the same he just has a slightly different motif. AND I WOULD'VE LOVED THAT, because we've scene how amazing Batfleck IS I would've rather have waited to see him in a solo first then this fucking movie..."But when Martha calls.." I guess.
The end
God damn, I had more but this shit went on too long. What are your thoughts on my article, agree or disagree we can talk about this LOGICALLY(even if logic dictates that I am wrong). If you ACTUALLY read or skimmed through all of this. You guys are awesome. Thank you, part 3 may be coming and idealistically a lot shorter. See you guys soon.
13 days ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Beth Blazin' : How does this Single Mom do a Saturday Night.... Adult Coloring Book and Ironman 3!! I know Hot!!! Lol...
How does this Single Mom do a Saturday Night.... Adult Coloring Book and Ironman 3!! I know Hot!!! Lol
14 days ago - Via Community - View - Essie Hiddles (エッセンス) : Nominated by: +Green Candy Cane  1.Real name:  Essence C Choate :^D 2.Nickname:  Essie, Ess... 3. Fav...
Nominated by: +Green Candy Cane 

1.Real name:  Essence C Choate :^D 
2.Nickname:  Essie, Ess...
3. Fav. Color:  Lime Green
4. Male or Female:  Female 
5. Elementary School:  Arlington Elementary 
6. Middle school:  Gary Middle School
7. High school:  Rogers High School- Then *Home-schooled*
8. College: ((Still thinking))
9. Hair Color:  Dirty Blonde or Brunette :^D
10. Tall or Short: Short (5' 5' soooo..I dunno)
11. Sweats or Jeans:  Sweats, yeaah..
12. Phone or Camera: Camera 
13. Health Freak: meh, so so..I do alot of jogging and running 
14. Orange or apple: Orange 
15. Do you have a crush on someone: Nope, not really jk. tomhiddleston
16. Guy friends or girl friends: Guy Friends are fun'er but girl friends are more supportive. 
17. Piercings: Bleh..nope.
18. Pepsi or Coke:  Coke :^D
19. Have you been in an airplane:  Yush, more than 12 times. 
20. Have you been in a relationship: A few times~ 
21. Have you been in a car accident: I've been in a school-bus accident. 
22. Have you been in a fist fight: no...not really....I don't like getting into fights
23. 1st Piercings: NOPE. NAH
24. Best friends: +ShadowNinja Ashz, +Squishy Slime, +Shinji Ikari, +Green Candy Cane, +TheFlaming Ninja294 
25. 1st Award: 
26. First crush: I would say Jimmie...aha. But online it would be +Corporol of the SDF 
27. 1st word: I have no idea o-o (gonna find out) 
28. last person I talked to:  err...Brett? irl..thats the last person I talked to. 
29. last person you texted: maybe +Squishy Slime o^o 
30. last person you watched a movie with: My dad xD We watched zootopia 
31. last thing you ate: MAC AND CHEESE...
32. last movie/tv show you watched: IRONMAN 3 MMM YES.
33. Last song you listened to: "Keep your head up" By Andy Grammer
34. last thing you bought: mmm...a t-shirt x3
35.last person you hugged: My cat...well....sorta hugged before she passed.

36.Food: (mmm...dunno....)
37.Drink: Vitamin Water. mm..yess
38.Bottoms: Guys basket-ball shorts, tight jeggings, or tight leggings, some sweats. 
40.Animal: mm...Owls were my first fav. soooo. 
41. Color: Lime Green, mmm
43. Subject: Art, of course. 
Have you Ever: (Put X in the Brackets if yes)(imma put a little x for sort of!)
44.[] Fallen in love with Someone X- you know u you are wriggles eyebrows 
45.[] Had your heart broken X- yeah...
46.[] Celebrated Halloween X- AH YEAH. MY FAV. 
47.[] went over the texts/Minutes on your phone x- nope. 
48.[] Had someone like you X- mhm..
49.[] Hated the way someone changed X- alot yeah. 

50.[X] Did something you regret
51.[x] Broken a promise
52.[x] Hid a secret
53.[X] Pretended to be happy
54.[X] Met someone who changed your life (KNOW WHO U ARE)
55.[x] Pretended to be sick
56.[X] Left the country
57.[X] Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
58.[X] Cried over the silliest thing
59.[X] Ran a mile
60.[x] gone to the beach with your [best] friend
61.[X] Gotten into an argument with your friends
62.[X] Stayed single for 2 years since the 1st time you had a bf/ OR been single forever

63. Eating: Cheetos
64. Drinking: TEA
65. Listening to: Stay True- Andy Grammer
66. Sitting or lying: Lying
67. Plans for today: Get High in Schoolwork :^))
68. Waiting for: My Dork to be Happy Today
69. Want kids: YES I WANT 2 a boy and a girl
70. Want to get married: OF COURSE
71. Want to travel: I do it anyways :3 

What do you look for in a Partner:
72. Lips or eyes: eyes- I like looking someone's eyes. See there emotions.
73. Shorter or taller: Taller- Mainly cuz I feel secure and I like them rest there chin my head x3 
74. Younger or older: Older the wiser? maybe xD 
75. Romantic or Spontaneous:  BOTH
76. Trouble maker or Hesitant: I like a boy who hesitates :^) 
77. looks or personality: personality IS BETTER. 

Have you Ever:
78. Lost glasses: NOPE :^) 
79. snuck out of the house: I never leave :V 
80. Held a gun/knife in self defense: errr..not really. 
81. killed somebody: WHAT.
82. Broke somebody's heart: I think...maybe. 
83. Been in love: I am, still am...its the best thing in the world. 
84. Cried when someone died: Of course..I miss my mum and my cat glory. 

Do you Believe in:
85. Yourself: Sorta. 
86. Miracles: 
87. love at 1st sight: no, not really..cuz I never have.
88. Heaven: Of course, I want to see my mum or course
89. Santa Claus: :^) aha. my present always came early
90. Aliens: wtf...why
91. Ghosts/Angels: OH YEAH. I've gone though so creepy stuff. 
92. Is there 1 person you truly want to be with: I feel like I do, and I am going to hold onto him as much as I can. 
93. Do you believe in God: Of course :3 
94. True love: maybe?
95. Fairies:
96. S** before marriage: NOPE. marriage first. 
97. Life after love: erm? 
98. Magic: nope.
99. more than 1 relationship at once: errr.....
100. TAGGED:

+Corporol of the SDF, +ShadowNinja Ashz, +Møøņfłąķę Đą Bįşh, +Cameron -088 +TheFlaming Ninja294, +Squishy Slime, +Morgana c:  

Rules: Once You've Been Tagged, You're Supposed To Write A Post With 100 Truths About You. At The End, Choose 10 People To Be Tagged or less. You Have To Tag The Person Who Tagged You.
22 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Maurice Ellis : MCU for Kids? the fuck is this notion that the MCU is for kids? Why because they make jokes so you don’t...
MCU for Kids?
            the fuck is this notion that the MCU is for kids? Why because they make jokes so you don’t realize how dark the movie is? This is gonna be a half rant/half for fun thing so here we go…thanks for reading, leave a “Like” if you appreciate these articles and would like to see more. You guys are awesome.
God damn…King of Geeks Lord of Dorks, Insert rest of intro a guy asking why is Marvel considered for kids?

Ironman 1
    The 20 second sex scene at the beginning, Tony is a hostage, the TERRORIST PLOT, Stane practically RIPPING TONY’S HEART FROM HIS CHEST, Stane, the deaths of the SHEILD agents fighting Stane. STANE BEING BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS!

Incredible Hulk
The plot, the character development, Bruce eats a thumb drive then shits it out of his ass later, the tone, the man of steel levels of destruction(which I will accept this time SOLEY because he’s the Hulk). The deaths of random citizens at the hands of Abomination, the FIGHT SCENE BETWEEN HULK AND ABOMINATION, the SE...well the attempted Sex Scene.. fucking Bloskey’s bones growing out of his body as he is being experimented on!
Captain America: the first avenger & Thor 1
Is it because Disney owns it people complain so much about this topic? God damn, does anybody remember Captain America and Thor 1? How much character development went into that? Thor 1 especially because it only had two action scenes, what little kid is sitting through that shit? I love those two movies, and I am fully aware that you have to have the attention span of an adult to enjoy them. Not to say your stupid if you don’t enjoy them, you can have the same attention span and not find any interest, my point is, I feel like I understand why their hard to like.
            Avengers 1
            A LOT OF PEOPLE DIE IN AVENGERS 1!....moving on (I haven’t seen that movie in so long I need to rewatch it). Oh yeah...CULSONS DEATH! The dialogue in Hulk’s introduction. That short bit of Hulk vs Black Widow! (the Avengers movies thus far have admittedly been more kid friendly but there are dark themes, nothing to call your dude bro crowd but…).
Captain America 2
            CAPTAIN AMERICA’S ex-girlfriend, former Shield agent and certified badass who grew old and has dementia,  the therapy session Falcon host for the retired vets, the Freedom vs Security argument that was used in the Dark Knight only handled differently(Dark Knight and this movie are tied to me),  mother fucking Winter Soldier’s ENTIRE STORY ARCH! He’s a god damn assassin, who was experimented on, his memory is erased every assassination, he was ABUSED by the same people he used to fight against CONSTANTLY EXPERIMENTED ON! HE KILLED TONY’S FATHER ( not shown in the movie but I’m just adding that bit in because it’s a plot point in Civil War for those who are not aware or at least rumored to be).

THOR 2(I like but dislike the movie so I haven’t watched it in a while, so forgive me for missing some facts)
            The opening scene, THOR’S HAND GETTING CHOPPED OFF, EVERYONE IN ASGARD WHO DIED! THOR’S MOTHER DYING! The Funeral for Thor’s mother(which…Thor took considerably well just saying…I mean…damn he practically shrugged off her death the scene later).

Ironman 3

            Kilian abusing retired veteran soldiers to make them superhuman, BREAKING DOWN TONY STARK BIT BY BIT emotionally, and almost LITERALLY! Tony Stark’s anxiety! The Ironman suit nearly killing Pepper when Tony has that dream: the way Tony treats that fucking kid! Extremis in a nut shell. Kilian preying on the fears of America to get what he wants. The fake Mandarin partying with the hooker’s scene! HOOKERS; FAMOUSLY FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES! :D What happens to Pepper because of Kilian. Kilian’s turn to villainy! Happy in the “bomb” scene. TONY USING GUNS AND KILLING PEOPLE! Rhodey’s solo side plot! Tony’s fear of being alone! The Fall of tony Stark(oh wait did I go over that one already? My fault, sorry.)
Tony blowing up a woman and killing a man both in cold blood (I mean his life was in danger but I digress).
            Avengers 2
            The amount of people who died in Secoviah (someone in the comment section please tell me how to spell that, sorry). The Avengers murdering people willy-nilly in the opening; Ironman casually killing people as he enters the base. Tony’s dream of the Avengers DEAD! Black Widow’s ENTIRE origin. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilvers origins of which they also briefly touch upon in Captain America. Hawkeyes side plot! The way the Avengers rip each of the Ultron bots to shreds (oh, but their robots so no one cares huh? Oh well…). The scene Ultron reveals his final form to Natasha. Bruce and Natasha’s love story, and ENDING!
            Civil War
            I’m not spelling it out for you WATCH THE TRAILER, OBSERVE HOW DARK the trailers are ALONE!
The reason Marvel movies have so many jokes, is so it’s not like the Dark Knight, if they fuck up, at least you’re not in this dark gritty boring setting for an hour! The humor is their so you DON’T realize how dark the movies are, which I guess works pretty well when this stereotype is always brought up. I need to re-watch GoTG and I missed Ant-man. But imo, next time you watch a Marvel movie…it may not be as dark as DC, but that doesn’t mean it’s childish either. In fact, in my mind the jokes are only their because their aware DC and Marvel ALIKE are childish, their COMIC BOOK PROPERTIES! What’s wrong with a little humor? At least it’s not trying to be an Oscar movie, it’s just trying to be a superhero movie! But I’ve probably angered some people so I’ll chill out for now, thanks for reading, you guys are soo awesome for doing so. King of Geeks, Lord of Dorks, signing off, until next time people. :)
23 days ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Jake Tylenol (KingofGeeks, LordofDorks) : Ironman 3 SCRIBECAST PODCAST Yo, i'm watching Ironman 3 on FX HD anybody want to commentate with me ...
Yo, i'm watching Ironman 3 on FX HD anybody want to commentate with me in the first ever SCRIBE CAST!  This is an Experimental thing i've wanted to try for a while.
just text your thoughts in the comments below as the movie is going on. You can join in even if you late to the party.
24 days ago - Via Community - View - Anubhab Das : Hi, I got a high score of 45371! In ironman 3 oficial game
Hi, I got a high score of 45371! In ironman 3 oficial game
1 month ago - Via - View - The Nemesis : Which War Machine Suit Is Better
Which War Machine Suit Is Better 
1 month ago - Via Community - View - Alex Maximillion : Ironman [Ironman 3] Vs Cyborg Genos ____________________ Speed Equalized
Ironman [Ironman 3]


Cyborg Genos


Speed Equalized

1 month ago - Via Community - View - Mike Flugence : I really hope that this next installment erases the bad taste many of the previous films left in my ...
I really hope that this next installment erases the bad taste many of the previous films left in my mouth. Come on, Shane Black. Please don't give us another Ironman 3. Anybody extcited?
The Hunt For 'The Predator' Begins In 2018
Twentieth Century Fox will hunt down The Predator on March 2, 2018.
2 months ago - Via Community - View - Emmanuel “Gabriel” garcia : Blue Da Ba Dee(IronMan 3 Version): my music for today
Blue Da Ba Dee(IronMan 3 Version): my music for today 
Watch the video: Blue Da Ba Dee(IronMan 3 Version)
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2 months ago - Via Google+ - View - James D. Wright : In st Corinthians 3:11 For no other foundation can any man lay, but that which is already laid, which...
In st Corinthians 3:11 For no other foundation can any man lay, but that which is already laid, which is Jesus Christ. Matthew 7:24 - 276 is in reference to having Jesus alive in a believer. Rain comes, storms hit. It is impossible but that offenses are going to come against us. Found in Matthew 18:7. In Psalms 127:1 Except The Lord builds the house, they labor in vain. Meaningful relationships are the same, unless our foundation is built upon Jesus Christ, it will fall. Offenses are going to come, Satan is going to attack and do his best to separate what Yahweh Adoniah, He is wanting to join together. You and I can be the wise man who built their house upon a rock, because the STORMS are going to come.  The common factor for Matthew 7:24 - 27 The heavy rain, very strong winds that blew against the two houses, The heavy rainfall, and violent wind, common factor for both houses, but the one house was built upon Jesus. Babe the storms will come, impossible for the storms of life to not come, but our foundation being built upon Jesus Christ, we will be the over conquerors. As found in Romans 8:27 I have found out that those storms are going to come, and with you in my life, we can stand against the wiles of the devil, as found in Ephesians 6:11 The whole armor of God, mine is an Iron-man suit! And you'll fit right in it, Ironman 3
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I like Cap's side. It looks nicer.
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