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New Alien: Isolation details - Xbox One trigger rumble, Alien survival tips
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Man facing 25-year prison term for shipping guns inside Xbox 360 cases
34-year-old Adam Joseph Bunger of Bowling Green, Kentucky decided selling guns to international customers for a healthy profit was a great idea. But his solution for shipping them was less so. What Bunger did was to dismantle the guns and magazines before p...
Man facing 25-year prison term for shipping guns inside Xbox 360 cases
Man facing 25-year prison term for shipping guns inside Xbox 360 cases TechAllTop, Technology Today
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UPLOADED NOW - Call of Duty Ghosts - WARRIOR INSIDE (Xbox One) Disturbed - Warrior
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This commentary was inspired by the lyrics of a song from a band called Disturbed! The song is called "Warrior" The lyrics are here - Follow me on twitter - Get Partnered with Fullscreen Arcade Royalty Free Music by --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Partnered with Fullscreen Arcade Website - Youtube - Twitter - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Disturbed Disturbed is an American heavy metal band from Chicago, Illinois. The band's members are vocalist David Draiman, guitarist Dan Donegan, bassist John Moyer, and drummer Mike Wengren. Former band members were vocalist...
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Xbox One Play & Charge Kit
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On a déballé notre Xbox One mais il semble que celle-ci soit un peu bizarre... Abonnez-vous à la chaîne !
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Teardown: See what's inside Xbox One

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No lag exists when routing a Xbox 360 or PS3 through the Xbox One. This will be a great feature for people who don't have a TV with enough HDMI ports. 
Xbox 360, PS3 work without lag inside Xbox One -
Xbox's Albert Penello said that connecting an Xbox 360 or PS3 to your Xbox One's HDMI In input "won't be a great experience," back in September, but we've called his bluff.
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4 months ago - Via Google+ - View - Николай Димитров :

Inside Xbox One’s Fighter Within Video -
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The new #nbalive14  for the #xboxone  
Electronic Arts Best Price $59.99 or Buy New $59.99 Privacy ...
NBA Live 14 - Xbox One. Electronic Arts. Best Price $59.99 or Buy New $59.99. Privacy Information.
6 months ago - Via Google+ - View - HotHardware :

Microsoft In-House Designed Processor is Secret Sauce Inside Xbox One Kinect - HotHardware
It seems that with Kinect on the Xbox One, there's more than meets the camera's eye. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft for the first time has built its own processor in-house, and it's destined for Kinect. Oddly, there's been no mention of where the chip is actually being built, and there's really no safe guess. There's little to learn about...
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BlackBerry, Apple on the inside Xbox
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8 months ago - Via Mobile - View - banny pandiangan : HOME»TECHNOLOGY»VIDEO GAMES»E3 E3 2013: Microsoft's Phil Harrison defends Xbox One as 'worth the extra...
E3 2013: Microsoft's Phil Harrison defends Xbox One as 'worth the extra'
Microsoft's corporate vice-president talks to Tom Hoggins about the next-generation console's games, online policies and cloud computing.

The Xbox One console 
By Tom Hoggins2:41PM BST 12 Jun 20139 Comments
It's the day after the E3 2013 press conferences, and Microsoft's Phil Harrison is looking remarkably relaxed. The upcoming Xbox One console has been caught in a swirl of controversy over the restriction of pre-owned sales, as well as a requirement for your console to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours.
Microsoft's main competitor, Sony, took advantage of the controversy by declaring they would not be imposing such policies for the PlayStation 4. The raucous reaction suggested Sony had dealt an early hammer blow to Microsoft in this next-generation console war.
Surely, in the face of such staunch opposition and positive press for its competitor, Microsoft would have to reconsider their policies?
Harrison thinks not.
"We designed Xbox One to be very purposefully a 21st century device. Fully designed for the digital world we live in," he says, sidestepping the news of Sony's declaration. Instead, he wants to focus on the positives he feels their always-connected console will bring. "There are benefits that come with licences in the cloud," he says.
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"Any Xbox One you go to, your content is on that Xbox One. That's something we haven't been able to do with the old world of disc-based licensing. Ten of your family members can have a shared content library."
While there's a certain head-in-the-sand mentality in ignoring the concerns (mainly around consumer rights and ownership) that many have over Microsoft's policies, Harrison does have a point about the potential benefits.
Being able to access your game library on a friend's console (as long as you're signed into your profile) is a neat enough touch, but actually being able to share libraries with ten of your 'Xbox Family' is actually a generous addition. It's a shame for Microsoft that these positives have been overshadowed by the thornier side of their pre-owned policy.

Take the online check-in for the Xbox One, where if your console is offline for more than 24 hours, you will not be able to access your games library. "The advantage is that every time you turn on the machine, it will recognise you and bring your content onto the home screen," says Harrison. "It will bring your choices and recommendations and everything will be updated, you won't have to wait for a content download before you can start enjoying your game. These are tangible steps forward."
True. Though it perhaps doesn't explain the necessity of a call home every 24 hours if it's then going to disable your games. "We do recognise there will be these very rare edge cases where for whatever reason your internet is down," says Harrison. "In my experience internet downtime lasts for seconds or minutes. In those few occasions you don't have access to your usual broadband connection, you could tether your Xbox to your mobile phone. The 24-hour ping takes kilobytes of data."
It is, in every sense, a real shame that these issues have rather dominated the headlines at E3 2013. This year has seen the industry get some of its swagger back, and the next-generation titles look terrific.
Microsoft, in particular, had a strong lineup of games at its conference. It displayed a great deal of variety, from smaller indie projects and creative games like Project Spark, to the big-budget blockbusters. One of those blockbusters, Respawn's Titanfall, is exclusive to Xbox One. Harrison says this is due to Respawn wanting "the ability to enhance the game through a connection to the cloud."
As much as 'cloud computing' is a frightful term, the practical benefits of it are potentially exciting. But with such an abstract concept, how do you go about making that tangible?
"I agree it can be an abstract term," says Harrison. "But it is servers in data centres around the world that users connect to automatically, and it allows the game running on Xbox One to take advantage of dedicated servers over the internet. We can offload certain computational tasks to those servers. Day one of Xbox One, we will have the server power equivalent to the entire computing power of the planet in 1999. There's a tangible data point for you."
Microsoft will have 300,000 servers forming the Xbox One's 'cloud', a number Harrison expects to grow exponentially as the console evolves. One example of a game using the cloud is Forza 5's 'Drivertar' feature, which uploads your driving behaviour in the game to the cloud, which in turn can teach the game's AI to race like a human.
Harrison himself presented a section of the conference showcasing Microsoft's support for independent developers. It's an area Sony where has seemingly stolen a march since the PS4 reveal, but Harrison sees it differently.
"I don't think anyone has been has committed to the independent developer more than Xbox over the previous generation," he says. "That won't change with Xbox One. We will welcome developers large and small. I'm keen to stress that when I talk about an independent developer, I don't care whether they have 500 people or 4 people. Im not interested in the size of the company, it's the innovation and creativity that they can bring to the table."
The question remains over how that content is then curated on Xbox One. "You'll hear developers, particularly in the mobile world, talk about discoverability -- how do I get my game discovered by my potential audience." says Harrison.
"Inside Xbox One we have designed some things that help solve that in a number of smart ways. Inside the home screen you will have recommendations. Games will be recommended based on your previous playing preferences. We have built in game DVR and upload studio that allow you to share what games you are playing in video form with your friends. Your friends can then simply and quickly get that game on their system."
Which all sounds great, but how do independent developers get onto Xbox One in the first place? "As we speak there are meetings going on with developers large and small in these meeting rooms," says Harrison. "We have a very large team dedicated to it."
One other area where Sony won points was its pricing. At £349, the PlayStation 4 is £80 cheaper than the Xbox One's RRP of £429. It's not an insignificant amount of money, but Harrison is confident that the Xbox One will justify the extra. "We feel great about the value of Xbox One," he says. "It's a unique architecture, with Kinect and the power of the cloud. What we showed yesterday was the most incredible games lineup in any first few months of a platform launch, many of which are exclusive and all of which have advantages being on Xbox One. That's what's really going to drive value. We couldn't be happier with the price we're starting at."
Microsoft certainly has some work to do in convincing the paying public that Xbox One is worth the cost. Controversy aside, that task has begun in earnest at E3 with some terrific games showcased for Xbox One. PlayStation has a few of those of its own too.
"There's always an additional frisson of excitement when you've got new platform launches, says Harrison. "But there's no doubt that games as an industry is in rude health, and is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment on the planet, and I think that's reflected out there."



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2 seconds ago
The day they started telling me what I can do with my games, I have paid my money for, they lost my custom, I think it's a shame what's happening to gaming.

Nathaniel Hideyoshi Kan
13 seconds ago
I happen to know a good number of people who like to play single player games offline and, in fact, have no internet at home.  So for those people, the Xbox One is impossible to use.  I guess Microsoft's response would be something along the lines of "get with the times" as if those people were living their lives wrong.  Meanwhile those people could pay $100 less for a PlayStation 4 and get a console they can actually use whenever they want, so long as they have electricity and a TV.

I've also known people to have issues getting their internet connected within a week after moving, but manage to have everything unpacked and otherwise setup within a day or two, so those people would also be stuck with an essentially dead console.

Or how about when you have an equipment failure, like your modem burns out on Friday night, and your ISP won't be available to replace is until Monday?  You're stuck all weekend not being able to play any games.  Yeah, ok so you wouldn't be able to play Call of Duty multiplayer without internet anyway.  If you had a PS4 you could at least decide to finally take a crack at the single player campaign since your internet is out.  With the Xbox One, you may as well unplug it for the weekend, without internet, it's just an overpriced paperweight.

They want to talk about all this Cloud sharing and ease of use from connectivity, and that's all well and good.  You'd have to be blind to not see the benefits of what they're doing.  At the same time, the restrictions they impose by REQUIRING an internet connection to play at all are ridiculous and unnecessary.  I can see games not working remotely on other consoles if you don't check in, but if you have a disc in a console, offline play should be possible regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection.

I'm sorry, but i'm not paying $500 for a console that only works when Microsoft wants it to work.

26 minutes ago
So you can share your games library with your family... just like most of us can already because we happen to be living in the same house. Them being, you know, family. Thanks Microsoft!

The cloud can do little for games, because no matter how powerful it is, it still has to talk to your console down that same old internet connection that everything else is using these days. Whatever they intend the XBox cloud for, it isn't game AI. Like Kinect, it's technology in search of a use.

Where are the tech specs for the Xbox 1, like Sony has already revealed for the PS4? Has the delay anything to do with manufacturing problems with the ESRAM Microsoft are using to compensate for the slower memory? Or the rumoured trimming of system speed because of same problems?

Indy Sigur
43 minutes ago
lets the Games begin!!

Blood Washed
58 minutes ago
One aspect MS should be talking about is the benefits of the shared library - where up to 10 family members can access your games (only 1  + yourself at a time). Many households have multiple consoles for Call of Duty and need to buy 2 copies of the same game.  With the shared library you essentially buy 1 get 1 free.

I haven't found it clearified anywhere, but what if "10 family members"  can live in any location? You and your other gaming family members could save $100's a year. I think personally how many times I buy a game that has co-op that  I don't get to experience unless someone else in my family buys it - now I can.

Jonathan Burkitt
4 minutes ago
I think one may find (obviously not sure), that only one console will be able to play any one game at a time. So I doubt they are going to let Bob play CoD on his Xbox while Sally goes and plays the same purchase on another.   So it will be one or the other, so no different to sharing disc within the house. (Not 100% sure but its my gut feeling).

Flopper and Wandog
Today 11:24 AM
I found a side by side comparison of the two systems here in case anyone is interested. Anyway, unless the Xbox One's price is lowered, the PS4 will be the console that more people buy, and overall seems to be most worth it.

John Timmons
Today 10:26 AM
I think the debate of Xbox One vs. PS4 has been a bit misleading so far. Microsoft is planning for the next 5/10 years, Sony needs to make a profit immediately. I put my thoughts on this in my blog http://wjminnovate.wordpress.c...

 Recommended by 1 person
Indy Sigur
32 minutes ago
sorry mate, i've seen your post and had to login to reply.Why do you say xbox is future proof and ps4 not? just see the facts, ps4 has superior RAM + graphic card and thats the main reason it will go further. It is gaming machine after all. And nothing is more important as a raw power. Soon enough games will become bigger & bigger and ps4 will feel comfortable with that whereas x1 will struggle. Even now many 3rd party devs are witholding info wether their games will run on 60fps or not. On the other hand ps4 will run 60fps as a standard. I could go on and on. Only thing what x1 has and ps4 not is Kinect. Is thats the future? I really doubt it. VR + kinect possibly makes more sense. But then again. ps eye will be able to do exactly the same. All in all, ps4 is consumer friendly product where games is at the forefront.  John, I've seen your desperate comments couple of times :) I feel sad for you. If you like xbox and Halo series thats fine but sometimes reality check is needed. 
Sony is not looking for immediate profit :) son, get your facts straight. As the matter of fact, Sony will take a significant hit on every single machine sold due to expensive high end components. Sony aim to make money back during the next gen which is about 7-8 years. So its a long way to go and Sony will have to pull it off or they wont survive. But what M$ will do with x1 in the next 4yrs when the games will take off seriously? Where will they get that extra processing power to match PS4? I know what - XBOX TWO - so start saving

John Timmons
16 minutes ago
It's all aout opinions. I am just trying to promote a debate about this which looks at both sides and their differring approach. I am neither a more of a fan of one or the other. I personally dislike kinnect but see its possibilities like you can. Sony is a company struggling to turn a profit, that is an irrefutale fact and something which they are desperate to resolve. My point is simple: this is not as open and shut as it is being portrayed.

Don't feel sad for me I am rather content.

jason stafford
Today 10:06 AM
Personally I feel sorry for all those parents out there who will have to justify not buying one for their kids at Christmas, I mean we all know Santa doesn't spend that much money on gifts at Christmas don't we?  There's a small part of me that hopes this fails miserably so we can all get back to what gaming is!  Consoles are becoming like mobile phones, it's all about the next generation, how it will be bigger, smarter, faster etc.  I think I'm getting old grumps

 Recommended by 3 people
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