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Most recent 19 results returned for keyword: I Don't Like (Search this on MAP) Zero : this mob nigga was just like "I hope you get banned because you posted something I don't like and WAHHH...
this mob nigga was just like "I hope you get banned because you posted something I don't like and WAHHH my precious feelings are more important than your right to do whatever you want"

I'm not even doing anything objectively wrong it's just a picture of a baby

I'm not sharing the nuclear codes
or sharing pictures of child porn
or planning to kill anyone

it's just a baby

it's funny how you're acting like a fucking baby instead of being mature about it and not caring
36 seconds ago - Via Google+ - View - Sreema Sreekutty : Hi today is 1st friendship eclipse in d world. If u have true frnds,u have 12hrs. Send dis to all ur...
Hi today is 1st friendship eclipse in d world. If u have true frnds,u have 12hrs. Send dis to all ur frnds(including me)
Send this to your friends and colleagues and see what number they send to u showing how they feel about you!!!!
#0 🏻you are irritating.
#1 🏻I once had a crush on u😙
#2 🏻 you are boring and chipku.
#3🏻you are cute.
#4 🏻you are my friend but I wish we were more😙
#5 🏻I like u
#6 🏻I love u.
#7 🏻I want 2 marry u
#8 🏻I want you to be by my side forever
#9 🏻you're crazy as hell.
#10🏻you're stylish.
#11🏻you're caring
#12 🏻you're one of a kind
#13 🏻you're amaaaaaaaaaazingly good 😀
#14 🏻you're not bad
#15 🏻you're my best friend
#16 🏻you're a good friend
#17 🏻I want to kil u🔪
#18 🏻what would I do without you?
#19🏻I tolerate you
#20:🏻you're too sweet for words
#21🏻I wish you were my lover
#22 🏻you're just a colleague
#23 🏻you're my role model
#24 🏻 you're a naughty one
#25 🏻you're beautiful /handsome
#26 🏻I want to be ur boyfrnd / Girlfriend
#27 🏻I want to have u very close to me
#28 🏻I always feel like talking to u
#29 🏻 I don't like u............................
Reply me first😁😁😁😁
1 minute ago - Via Google+ - View - Gracie Geeky : So today, I had a weird conversation at school... Weird kid: Ayy Krissy, you're such a bad person I...
So today, I had a weird conversation at school...

Weird kid: Ayy Krissy, you're such a bad person I forgot your name.
Male BFF: She is a good person. Shut up.
Me: I'm pretty sure anybody with at least decent memory would recall the name of their mortal enemy. But, anyway, it's perfectly fine you "don't remember my name." Gracie isn't my real one, anyway.
Male BFF 2: lol
Weird kid: Don't try to roast me, I don't like it.
Me: Nobody does, but it's kind of inevitable considering you're wearing a Pikachu onesie in 2017.
Male BFF 1: lol shots fired
2 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - I don't like to act cute : Pick a bias any bias ;) -Your 2nd favourite boy Lars
Pick a bias any bias ;)

-Your 2nd favourite boy Lars
6 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Ron Lewenberg : This “I don’t like what you are saying so it’s hate speech now shut-up” footnote to the First Amendment...
This “I don’t like what you are saying so it’s hate speech now shut-up” footnote to the First Amendment is well-known at our colleges and universities. These bastions of free thinking freely admit thinking that we normals have no right to think freely at all. The fact that California law enforcement is regularly ordered to stand back and allow conservative speakers and their audiences to be intimidated and beaten in order to silence them is just a preview of the new America that liberals dream of. If you imagine the unholy love child of the economic basket case/police state of Venezuela and the grim intolerance of your local campus, you have a pretty good idea of the new, fascist America the Democrats seek to breed.
Liberals Want To Kill Free Speech, So We Patriots Must Fight Back
If we give in, we will spend the rest of our lives with their soft, girly hands around our necks.
6 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - THE TEACOAST . : See-Through . Pullover: I really like how this is a waist blouse that hangs onto the waist...
See-Through .
Pullover: I really like how this is a waist blouse that hangs onto the waist rather than hangs loose- I don't like the feeling of someone being able to look at my hidden muffin top lol . Also, since it's see-through, it's an easily deceivable t...
See-Through .
style alert:'s FASHION DIVA - Tube-Hem Openwork Pullover .
11 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Active “Somm” FX : Free Binary Options Signals. Automated Binary looks is very good...
Free Binary Options Signals.

Automated Binary looks is very good auto trade system. Probably one of the best looking I’ve seen for a long time. The main reason I don’t like using auto trade systems is the lack of control you have over your trades. Automated Binary have soo many settings to choose the best strategy for you.40B
12 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Pit Form Kid Icarus: Uprising 新・光神話 パルテナ : ///PINNED POST//// Hello everyone welcome to my post Name: +Pit Form Kid Icarus: Uprising 新・光神話 パルテナ...

Hello everyone welcome to my post

Name: +Pit Form Kid Icarus: Uprising 新・光神話 パルテナ​​​​​​​​

Like: making new friends helping others and being with Lady Palutena 😊😊😊

Dislike: mean people bully taking shit about my post I don't like that shit if u are mean and taking shit about my I well block u so please be nice to me think you

What I post kid icarus uprising Stuff. Smash Bros 4. and other Nentendo stuff. If u need anything or want to talk im here to help. I love Anime and playing video games. I im Pit several of the goddess off lights I im a angle that like to help others in need. And I always happy being with my friends. family and my awesome followers ^^ there are the best with out them I would it be here today but there help me out u believe in me and that why u guys are the best.

People I talk and be with
+Aaliyah Rosado​​​​​​​​
+Princess Rosalina​​​​​​​​
+Twilight Princess Zelda​​​​​​​​
+Neo Tikiamoa​​​​​​​​
+Nekomata Kami​​​​​​​​
+neku sakuraba​​​​​​​​
+Princess Peach​​​​​​​​
+It's Just a Goddess Of Light​​​​​​​​
+Dark Pit /Pitooey/Female​​​​​​​​
+Dark Pit -Pittoo-​​​​​​​​
+Jimmy Hero​​​​​​​​
+King Infergus Valnid Haberstis​​​​​​​​
+Hades Lord of the Underworld​​​​​​​​
+Lady Miku​​​​​​​​
+Toy Freddy​​​​​​​​
+The two bros Mario and Luigi​​​​​​​​
+Grease Lightning Luigi​​​​​​​​
+Luigi RPG​​​​​​​​
+Princess Zelda ゼルダ​​​​​​​​
+Super Mario​​​​​​​​
+Prιиcєss Dαιsy Sαrαsα​​​​​​​​
+Nagito Komaeda​​​​​​​​
+Nashi Dragneel​​​​​​​​
+Gerilynn Felicier-Norton​​​​​​​​
+Akemi Inuzuka​​​​​​​​
+Fem Vegeta Fem Goku​​​​​​​​
+Cristian Figueroa​​​​​​​​
+Cream The Rabbit​​​​​​​​
+Mario & Sonic Fan​​​​​​​​
+Fruitninjadragon 203​​​​​​​​
+Viridi Torisaki​​​​​​​​
+Mario Madness​​​​​​​​
+Evan the Dragon Master​​​​​​​​
+Leia Moonlight​​​​​​​​
+Lexi The Sexy Furry​​​​​​​​
+Serena Pokemon​​​​​​​​
+Erza Scarlet​​​​​​​​
+Dry Bowser​​​​​​​​
+Meta Knight​​​​​​​​
+supersonicman10: Dat music remixing let's player.​​​​​​​
+Neku Sakuraba​​​​​​
+ღ Ряіисеѕѕ Usаgі оf Еаятн ღ​​​​
+Shantae Is Bae!​​​
+Cereza Umbra
+Nes Atari Gamer Man

If I forget anyway I im sorry but I care about u all ^^ and u guys are the best

21 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Sullivan Luster :
22 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Rival Silver : I'm bored af, I can't seem to finish an art trade due to technical difficulties, I surprisingly did ...
I'm bored af, I can't seem to finish an art trade due to technical difficulties, I surprisingly did my homework and not at the last min, I've beaten most of my videogames (I say most because I don't like some games I have) oh well
22 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Dilson de Almeida : i cant wait for this guy maestro hulk) to show up in old man logan comic coming this summer. but i don't...
i cant wait for this guy maestro hulk) to show up in old man logan comic coming this summer. but i don't like the idea of mastro hulk vs logan, the only that. hulks vs wolverine, its embarrassing to the core. logan shouldn't be able to stand a chance at all.
23 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Momther (Mom Of The Chat) : PROFILE UPDATE: Comet ~ G E N E R A L ~ Quotes: ”☄Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use...

~ G E N E R A L ~


”☄Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.☄” To Gale in “There’s Something You Should Know”.
>Main Quote

”☄Murderers do not breed murderers.☄” To the Pack after sparing Oberon in a fight for Lead Warrior in ‘Comet vs Oberon: The Apprentice and The Master’.
>Second Main Quote

”☄This is my home now… This is where I belong...☄” First thoughts upon seeing the camp for the first time.

”☄Mother must be a giant!☄” First thoughts on Yin before she opened her eyes.

”☄Not to do it...☄” In response to being scolded for cursing by her father, Aiden.

”☄Catch me if you can, mouse-brain!☄” To her brother Gale.

”☄I'm-I'm going to take Oberon's rank. I'm going to fight her for it.☄" To Gale in “There’s Something You Should Know.”

”☄You’re not going to fail anyone by being yourself.☄” To Gale in “There’s Something You Should Know.

”☄I want you to know that no matter what choices you make and no matter where you go that I will stand by you, you will always be my brother. You will always have a home here and no matter how much of a mousebrain you are, I will always support you.☄" To Gale in “There’s Something You Should Know.

”☄I would rather make sure an innocent pup made it home, I wish someone would have done the same for my nieces and nephew. I don't wish for another parent to lose their pup.☄” To Hyde in “Younger Strangers And Odd Pups”.

”☄You are not a mistake.☄” To Hyde in “Younger Strangers And Odd Pups”.


”Mother named me Comet, she says one flew over us when I was born.”


”I was born here in the Moon Pack but I currently reside in the Training Camp.”


”I’m the Lead Female Warrior now.”


”I’m female!”


”I’m two years and three months old.”

Sexual Orientation:



”My theme? It’s You by Keaton Henson and When I Was A Kid by Shane Koyczan.”

~ F A M I L Y / R E L A T I O N S H I P S ~


”My dad’s name was Aiden. He’s dead now.”

Step Father:



”My mom’s name was Yin! She’s dead now, I want to prove everyone wrong by being a better wolf than her.”

Step Mother:



”My brother’s name is Gale (+Daddio), he’s my brother but he’s also my best friend. I would do anything to protect him, even if it meant betraying the Moon Pack. I also have an older half-sister named Ignacia (+Daddio) though I’ve only seen her once and that was before her and Saturn became Mates. Before they were Melus. The wolf who’s parents killed mom’s and the step-daughter who’s step-mom killed her mate’s parents. What a twist.”


”Well there’s Cybli (Deceased), Yang (Deceased), Umber (Deceased), Sightseer (+Daddio), Asher (Missing), Matatabi (???).”


”Blizzard (???) and Shiro (???) though I haven’t ever met them.”




”Thoughtful (Deceased) and Kalama (Deceased) but I never knew ‘em.”




>Mate First

Other Family Members:

”Saturn’s pups are my Niece and Nephew.”


”I dunnooooo.”
>H y de


>Crush First

Former Mate:

>Mate First


>Mate First

Best Friend:

”Pinao and Gale, duh.”


”I met a little pup named Hyde (+Daddio). He seemed really nice but if he talks bad about himself again I swear to thE MOON-”


”Oberon, now.”


”Sycorax but he’s dead.”

~ A P P E A R A N C E ~


”My pelt’s base color is white white light and dark grey covering parts of my back and face.”


”My eyes are a light brownish with flecks of grey in them.”

Paws and Nose:

”Uh, well, my nose is black and my paw pads are pink.”





~ P E R S O N A L I T Y ~


”Well, hunting now.”


”I really like to run!”


”I don’t like being scolded by father and mother.”


”Mother says I tend to be goofy and rebellious but I have become ambitious. That is a dangerous trait to have in my family.”

~ H I S T O R Y ~


”I was the first of Gale and I to open my eyes a few days after our birth, the birth in which a comet flew overhead, that’s how I got my name. When I was a few months old, a storyteller told me of the Alliance-Pack war. I vowed to not become like my parents. I spent most of my days as a pup with Oberon. A few moons ago, Sycorax, the enemy of the Vale, murdered a few of my nieces and nephews. I fought Oberon for Lead Female Warrior and I won without killing her. Gale has left the Pack. I miss him. My parents are dead because of me, but for a good cause. If Hyde wouldn’t have told me, I’d have lost Gale.”


>She has the build of a male and closely resembles her now deceased Uncle Yang.

27 minutes ago - Via Community - View - ahri serf : +Four Strings Re-tuned Chapter 1 ( broken twinship) These twins aren't exactly human, well why you ...
+Four Strings Re-tuned
Chapter 1 ( broken twinship)

These twins aren't exactly human, well why you may ask because they were elfen. Well our main plot characters are named Minerva and Krasis and I hope you enjoy reading this lovely fairy tale.

They were out in the lovely gardens of the beautiful forests floor during the night when their joy quickly turned to fear when out of the blue they hear dreadful screams coming from their little village. Minerva runs back to the village to see who the screaming was coming from but to only return to Raiders raiding her once beautiful home. she fell to her knees crying, knowing every is lost and as well terrified of what's happening around her [the buildings were set Ablaze ,elders and most of the adults were slaughtered, the children being rounded up for the profit* Raider comes running pass Minerva on horseback and throws a net on Minerva and the rider keeps running with her still tied to his side dragging her to the center of her burning village, (Minerva was knockout by a rock while she was being dragged by the Raider). Crasis walks the other way from the village but does so very nervously and her legs shake and quiver with every step, Till she finally reaches a clearing but then a elfen man standing on the hill's edge overlooking a large pool of water with a beautiful moon light reflection resonating off the calm pool waters. Crasis “Ryloff…… why ain’t u helping us…. You're the templar mage of your village?’
Ryloff “little girl i mean cupcake, you’ll never understand even if i told you little missy, it's funny really… i’m selling out my own people because well protecting the helpless ain’t my thing girl o by the way little kid look up…..crasis looks up then a Raider hits her over the head knocking her out* Ryloff look down at crasis “so pathetic really…. too young to defend herself… to useless to know to much either” Raider “where should i put her Ryloff?” Ryloff “place her with the other children of the village. Raider carries her back to the burning village through the woods and then to the center of the village then places her up against the fountain, just so being her sister is next to her as well*

[END OF CHAPTER 1] The Roundup
Minerva and crasis waken to only be remind that everything is lost and it wasn’t a dream. Minerva quickly covers crasis eyes from seeing their dead father whom was which nailed to the post, where they were laid against. Minerva whispers in her twins hear (“I love you sis and I’m sorry”) (crasis “replies that Ryloff…… Ryloff did this to us which is being muffled by her sobbing and hopeless”) minerva trying to stay strong for her sis but it’s growing much more difficult to do so due to being surrounded by death. “Crasis am here and there nothing going to happen to us as long as we stick together ok” crasis “ I don’t be….lieve you sis I can’t but I feel slightly safer than without” “Ryloff “hmm it seems the twins are trying to reassure each other… it’s pointless am selling you individually just like everyone else… so this little duo gonna go bye bye soon enough” minerva “why?” reaches over the fountain were a broken blades edge lays still holding her twin in her arms Ryloff places the tip of his blade at the edge of her nose with such precision that even the swing of his perfection sword didn’t cut her nose the water in the fountain splashes out freezing the broken blade to the stone edge “load them up into their category’s* then grins at minerva grab her by her long hair and pulling her away from crasis and bring her to a wagon that she’ll ride alone in* “krasis how much does it hurt being separated from your twin forever?” Crasis still sobbing and holding her eyes tightly closed so that she can see what’s going on Crasis “we were your family Ryloff, I treated you like a brother then you rip out my heart! Her voice cracking with every word” Ryloff laughs at every word that’s why you're gonna ride with me during the march to the black market, A.K.A SLAVE MARKET. Crasis lookup at Ryloff in sadness and disappointment but is to scared to resist Ryloff request thus so she complies with it and shortly after she walks over to his wagon and gets into it, looks back to her burning village in which she begins to sob once more. Her eyes bloodshot from the endless crying and soreness in her throat from it as well. She lays on the layout bed on the back wall of the loyal wagon. Ryloff eventually came to the wagon got init and sat down on the opposite side of Crasis. Crasis still hears screams from the children in the other wagons. She rests her head on the soft pillow which much cleaner than her now dirty, beaten mentally and physically hurting. Ryloff “Your probably completely broken about what happened to you so far deary but i assure you, it's gonna get much worse later on” “Does it hurt you that i betrayed you, you’ve did consider me your older brother in way, yes and thus being someone you’ve lookup to as well as loved yes?” Crasis specks throw her sobbing even though it's choppy and sobbing between every word she speaks. “I did love you RYLOFF!!! I trusted you as my Brother and I did LOOK UP TO YOU!! I WANTED TO BE LIKE YOU IN STATUS as a Siege mage of the village in which you’ve burned and destroyed” Ryloff “Hahaha that’s cute and very sweet of you to tell me your heart’s true feeling towards me, you’ll sell for a high price. You're a very smart girl ain’t ya?’ Crasis “yes i wanted to be just like you and not this monster in which i see in front of me now!! What happen to the OLD RYLOFF I Wanted to be his EQUAL and eventually better then when it was time to retire from protecting the village to continue a new path!?” her words turning to anger rather than sadness and her speech is becoming very loud and in a way intimidating even for a 10 year old ELF girl. Ryloff “the RYLOFF you thought you knew was never there, I wasn’t someone you should ever look up to kid and thus being you’ll never be my equal.” The wagon begins to move. It begins to rain heavily and thus the sound from the rain blocks out the echoing of the screaming and sobbing from all the other wagons, as well as the clouds are a shade of light grey. Crasis sits up getting more angry and her hands begin to shine with arcane magic glistening with a beautiful glow, her beautiful emerald green eyes have blue essence energy pulsating from her eyes. Crasis “I once loved you as a close friend and even as a brother, I thought you were the greatest person ever, besides my father and to you am just a sack of flesh with a number above my head?! *Fires sphere from her left hand breaking through the wooden frame of the wagon but Ryloff quickly move out of the way grab her left hand with his left hand and with right hand grabs her throat slamming her against the back wall of the wagon: The sphere continued through the wagon thus hitting the coachman whose steering the wagon killing the Raider on contact and the co-coachman quickly take the rope to steer the wagon. Raider “hmmm more money we get now ahaha” Ryloff fedora and the cloth covering his left side of his face gets blow off from his quick movement in which he made to dodge crasis magical attack. Ryloff Face’s left side oozing dark energy thus being darker than space or even total darkness, the edge of his iris has slits of dark purple and in the center a lizard's like eye but it self is blood red glowing like a nightmarish terror walking the night for prey. Ryloff “You like your brother still, little girly Crasis i mean i was a monster hiding my true self away behind smoke and mirrors really you’ll never be like me and that hope, as well pointless dream you’ve envisioned for yourself isn’t. Crasis eyes begin glowing black filling with fear and her beautiful glow of pure arcane magic fades away quickly being replaced with Epic fear, everything but her beautiful green emerald iris is black. Her nose begins to bleed as will as bloody tears roll down her face, his stare pierce her very soul, flood her already weakened mind full of horror and nightmares. Crasis passes out from the extreme stress and as well as pain. Ryloff slides her down the wagon wall slow and gently lays her back down to rest. “Simply amazing i’d say, she was able to live… the darkness from the shades EYE normally kills most mortal men”
Crasis nosebleeds very little but enough to soak a small puddle of the pillow.

End of CHAPTER 2

CHAPTER 3 Child’s Play Wagon

Minerva LOOK at the other side of the Wagon and see a elf girl rolled . Minerva “hello there but i’ve never saw you in our village before” Girl “ hey? said somewhat scared. “My name is Hazel if you're wandering” Minerva “My name is Minerva and hello Hazel” Hazel “ ain’t you scared Minerva, I mean we're going to be sold on the slave market i mean you heard them right?”
Minerva “um I know but i have plan thou” “ if I may ask how old are you?” Hazel “um 15 and 4 months why would you ask that?” Minerva “because if you die then you died knowing someone cared about you and thus that’s why i ask” Hazel “ I help my dad in the graveyard which is out of sight but they still grab me after they killed him” Minerva “ I know your pain, my father was nailed to a stone post like some kind of animal I guess”

Hazel “ why do they say your twin Crasis was the smart one” Minerva “ because well she is because really i can’t give you answer due to, am really unsure why they think that” Hazel “ well for what it's worth I’ll might joy my final monuments with you” Minerva “ gee you're making me blush and feel sappy which i don’t like… but it's meaningful and thus I thank you” hazel “ hey wanna talk about our happiness moments?” Minerva “ rather we’d not do such thing” “I have a plan…..” Hazel “ what’s is it?” Minerva “see those chains I'll attack our captures and i want to use this blade to stab them” Hazel “ but how will we escape after that… were dead middle between the other carts we’d be killed after words or worse” Minerva “ I rather do something other than nothing at all” The wagon suddenly stops then a fully armored elf women opens the gates to the wagon which is place on its back side. The elf women speaks as the gates are fully opened. “Hello children” Minerva and Hazel ‘yes?” Minerva and hazel both speak at the same time. “How do you know our name?” elf “hmmm you girls hungry and or dehydrated? If so I’ll bring you both because I maybe not able to set you free but i can at least show some kindness” Hazel “yes I Am very much of both hungry and thirsty miss” Minerva “ you didn’t answer our question miss, I’d in answer miss” elf women “ you’ve been well talking offly loud….:: Minerva “ Um no we haven’t I can barely hear myself speak. So tell the truth right now!” elfen women “ or what you gonna do little one, you're gonna poke me with that blade you have at your side, I’ll warn you that’s a bad idea little child. Hazel gets up quickly to cover Minerva mouth but in response Minerva naps on Hazel attempt to harsh her, by sliding her left leg between Hazels and places her arm across her neck slamming her against the steel wall of wagon in a quick motion. Minerva looks down at the much smaller Hazel. Hazel’s eyes wallow in fright from Minerva act of aggression toward her…. Hazel look off to the right. “ I Am just so hungry Minerva it’s been 3 days since i last ate anything at all. Minerva throws her off to the side then steps on her hips feeling her frail body and how baggy her clothes were on her but she continued grinding her shoes into her side. Elfen women : hahaha how cute you turn on your friend because she said something that displeased you….. Minerva turns 180 degrees quickly throwing the blade at the Elfen women, its pass past her head cutting cleanly through her long blond hair and her brown iris eyes widen: as a reaction she slams the doors and never brings the food she said she would. The Wagon begins to move shortly after the incident. Minerva looks at the door after it shuts then few seconds she goes back to beating Hazel. Hazel to scared to speak, to weak to fight back, all she can do is sob which she is doing as she lays in a pool of her own tears and covering her head with her frail arms. Minerva gets on her knees with one knee digging into her weak waist and the other being using to balance all her weight on her other knee in which she’s using to torture poor Hazel. Minerva begins to punch Hazel face with just one punch breaking her nose and it begins to pool blood mixing with her tears than her next punch ruptures her left eye and it becomes bloodshot, her third punch brakes out 5 teeth. She gets off of Hazel grabs her by her shirt not getting good grip of her body and when Minerva tries to slam her against the wall her shirt rips entirely at the angel she was pulling from. She then drops the rip shirt on Hazel. Hazel extremely beaten struggling to crawl to her original position, as she gets up on her hands and knees shaking and starving. Minerva “ you forgot to bring your crappy shirt with you. crowdly Hazel!!” Hazel “did beating me please you? [said jittery and very sobby] coughs up blood leaving a pool of blood where she cough. Minerva looks at the wall and ground where she beaten her and see the broken teeth and blood. She gets ready to kick her in the face but stops gently laying her foot against her battered face then lays it back down to the floor where her other feet are place. Minerva goes to the opposite corner of Hazel. Hazel tries poetically to puts on her cleanly rip shirt and 3 minutes or so rolls up due to it becoming freezing as the day has turned to night. Minerva gets up and walks over to Hazel. Hazel immediately respond to Minerva standing in front of her. “Are you feeling sorry for me, well if you did you’d kill me” Minerva “no I'm not feeling sorry for you and I was SHUT MY MOUTH” she rips off her own right sleeve and then rips it open so it’s like a bandage which is colored bright red with deep shades of blue on her shirt finely woven fibers. Then take off her over shirt and lays it down next to her self. “ Hazel I’m going to only ask this once stand up and why are you blushing?” Hazel “ because another person is seeing me half nude….. I just realized I’m older than….” Minerva “by how much” Hazel “ am 13 laughing very weakly with slight sarcastic tone” then tries to stand up, manages but near falls over but Minerva stop her Fall with her hand, by place it against the wall like a man trying to get a women to go tipy for him. Hazel head rest on Minerva left arm and her eyes are staring at Minerva muscular right arm. Her blush isn’t a light shade anymore, becoming a clear pink sunset shade from the romantic pose they are not in. Minerva takes notice to her blush. Minerva “ why are you so pink?” Hazel “ It’s looks like you're hitting on me because our current position is a romantic gesture” Minerva “ what are you talking about…. Am trying to make up for my outburst Hazel!!” Minerva right arm’s fist cuffs up into a fist but lets the anger unroll, unrolling her fist making it rest at her side open handed. “Fine then get on you knee in a position that would be more confortable for and less awkward for us” Hazel walks over to center of the cage wagon but halfway falls to her knees and hands but Minerva helps to continue to the center of the cage and she manages to get on her knees. Minerva walks behind Hazel and then grabs the sleeve then wraps it around Hazel's head to cover her raptured eye. She then hands the over shirt to Hazel and she dresses herself. Hazel “ question? “ Minerva “ yes?” Hazel since you saw my bra was um you know dirty or just uncleanly?” Minerva “ why are you asking this….. I didn’t even notice because i didn’t care to said in annoyed tone” Hazel “o o ok” Minerva “ok i have bandages for your nose. Wraps her rip shirt around her face like a facial scarf and ties it tightly around her head. Hazel “Thank you so much…. This very sweet of you even thou you nearly killed me you kinda made up for it” Minerva “we should get some sleep” Hazel “If we were to huddle together, we’d be much warmer than sleeping alone” Minerva “ I’d be rather be alone because it seems you're growing a crush on me and I’d rather not EXPLORE THAT ROUTE” Hazel “ but am freezing Minerva” Minerva “yeah i know but i don’t care because you're kinda gay for me and that's kinda making me uncomfortable” Hazel “awwwwwww sighs fine”



Minerva wakes up from her sleep when a Raider enters her cage wagon. Thinking it’s gonna be easy : he’s heavily unprepared for Minerva reaction, when he reaches for the not so sleeping Minerva. She quickly dashes to right then jumps onto his back quickly shoving her middle fingers into his eye sockets rip them right out like some kind of fish out of water caught by a fishing hook and his blood squirts all over the cage wall then she hops off and the noise awakes Hazel. The Elven Women from before grabs Minerva by her then she throw at the front wall of the cage making loud bang noise as she Minerva. Minerva “crowley women wearing armor to fight a 10 year old girl shameful I’d say” she laughs Minerva dodges her punch with easy, quickly ducking to grab the dagger from the Raid then stabbing under the sheet metal of her armor then when she draws her weapon, Hazel screams as loud as she possibly could to draw her attention elsewhere. Elfen women look at Hazel with annoyed look and changes force to stab her instead, but Minerva stabs her back of her leg then as she fell to her knees Minerva slices open her throat and then rips off her helmet by the fur tail attach to the top of her Elfen helmet, then begins to stab her head maliciously till her face is nearly unrecognizable the wall in front of her and her face and upper chest is soaked with blood. She throw her body off to the side. Ryloff standing off to the side of the entrance to the Cage wagon, with which shadowy side of his face showing so as Minerva turn around she stared into his nightmarish eye for only a second and she fell to her knees with her eyes bleeding dry black blood. She gets back on her feet to continue fighting back. Minerva “ I’m not gonna give in easily Ryloff” she’s swings the dagger at Ryloff and push her out the wagon but stop her in mid fall by grabbing her hair and when she tries to attack him for doing so he lets fall out of the wagon but she stops her fall by throwing away the knife and stopping her fall with her hands. Ryloff hops out of the wagon. He looks down at her, what are you gonna do now fight back with no hope of escape…….. probably hungry because you haven't eaten for 20 hours. Hmmm grabs her by her throat and tosses her into a wheelbarrow one of the other slave masters take the wheelbarrow and dumps her into one of their metal cages that were place outside.

[End of chapter 4]

Chapter 5 separation of 2 twain's

Minerva cages was pick up by a magical golem rather carefully, while the other children were left outside. children that were place in the cage. Minerva see Krasis being place in nether cage. Minerva yells out to her twain “ Krasis please hear me I love you and if I’ve wronged you, am sorry”….. “That’s the last time Minerva sees Krasis as she once knew her” Krasis “ rolled up in the corner of her cage, trying to block out the outside noise and the commotion going on around” Minerva gets places in an a isolated area so she couldn’t hurt or kill anyone else. Sits in the center of her cage unpleased with her current situation but yet the area in which she was place in is rather clean and setside seemingly set up just for her. They take Krasis to a cleaning room where They take their more expensive merchandise to make her look more pleasant to look at. Krasis “ Where are you going to do with me?” slave women's: “ simply say nothing” one the slave woman grabs her and put her into the bathing room Then the blind slave women specks to her: may you please take off your clothes so that we may clean you up for the Krasis: [interrupts her] I’m not taking off my clothing so that women i don’t even know can bathave me… cross arms BLIND slave : hmmm Krisis am blind so i can’t see your lady extremities. Krasis: then how would you wash me if i can’t see me…. BLIND women: you’re very smart 10 year old yes, then i sure you know the answer even before you ask the question. Krasis… you’ve we're render blind because you were born that way a mage gave you site but then someone died which could be the only reason magic could fail….. Love breaks down magic…..
Blind slave : looks at the other 2 girls leave us and please get Ryloff. Please keep talking…. Krasis: I have nothing else to say to you blind one…. Blind one: could u give me back my vision little one? Krasis no sadly I could kill you if I try because I know nothing in the fields of healing such a curious organ thus I wish not to end you or damage your vision any further than it already is. Blind one: my name is Alice… Krasis: Alice I feel a strong bond between us in a manner that I can’t explain as well as the manner I fell toward Rlyoff. ALICE : I’d like that thought….. Hopefully we meet again one day…. Maybe that day will be the day you once again give me sight. Krasis : if we meet again, maybe that day you’ll be no longer a slave but a free women and we’d not be worry of persons pulling us apart….. Ryloff knocks on the door Ryloff: the slave women said you wish to talk to me. Krasis : yes this is true, may we speak please? Ryloff [WRAITH: sighs Ryloff why are we even trying to help out wasted spec?] Ryloff: because i want to make money…. [WRAITH: why would we even require money when we can just steal everything we wish?] Ryloff : because stealing makes emeries and it's better to have money then have none at all [WRAITH : fine we will indulge her little longer, but after that are we gonna break her once again?] [Ryloff : always in enjoy playing with my little spac of wasted potential, little Wraithy. Ryloff: “yes we may deary” blind women follows Crasis out of the room. Crasis: hello Ryloff, um they're asking me to do stuff I’d otherwise disprove of…. Why are you doing this to the last person on this planet who loves you?” Ryloff: well little Crasis, am not answering that because that question is fleeting from my mind right now. Now I know you look up to me, so I ask you will you play magic with me little brat? Crasis “.................yes….. Am shamed but i will” ( the wraith uses her magic to hide the audience from Crasis but the audience can still see her) Ryloff hands Crasis a water sack. She takes it and begins quickly gulping down the water. She then wipes her mouth off. Ryloff “ Ready to begin?” Crasis “ ye…...yes.” Ryloff dumps his last water sack in front of Crasis as it rushes to the floor Crasis uses her magic to begin levitating the water in a seemly emotionless spectacle. Ryloff walks behind her. Slaps her on the back which causes her to jump. The water splashes onto the gollum, she Then tried to pull the water off of the gollum but instead freezes it. She tries harder to remove the water she splash on it but it's causes to freeze throughout it to the point the heart of the gollum rips out by large spike of ice and it's left shoulder gear that stick out, breaks away from its body in which looks as if a hand is grasping the gear. The surface of the gollum is a light shade of blue like permafrost and ice flakes from it. Its glass lens for it's eyes shattered. Ryloff walks away from her as she does this. Man from another country walks on stage. Sand Strider “ so starting at 1000?” biter (2000) and another till it reaches 80000, a women who's a ringmaster offers 100,000. The slave seller yells “sold to the lady” 
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+Four Strings Re-tuned

Characters: Lunar and Eleanor.

18 years after lunar's birth, son of Eleanor.

Lunar’s looking at a calendar checking the day in which the 2nd house is hosting the beast taming. Eleanor asked lunar what’s he doing looking at a calendar, he replied seeing the date of the monster taming showing. 2nd house of knights is hosting it and if it falls on a full moon when you morph into a lycan thus me using you as my tamed creature. Letting us get back at the person who treated you like a filthy dog in which case I am killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Eleanor “I don't like this plan lunar! anyways how do you plan on getting into the party, you're not a knight of any of the houses?”

Lunar “ No but Ivorius died after taking command of the 13 house due to trying to find a beast for him to tame, just so he could go to this party” mother this dick is a monster behind human skin…. I am doing this world a favor, trust me, i won’t get hurt much I promise smiles back at her she stares blindingly as if she saw a ghost. She then quickly holds lunar in a tight hug trying her best to not shed tears lunar eyes widen for a brief minute before comforting her by caressing her back with his left hand but she hugs tight only shedding few tears, but he whispers in her ear: mother there's nothing to worry about because my plan’s gonna work.

Tomorrow night Eleanor morphes into her lycan form: she fell asleep outside not to risk damage to her house. Lunar sitting in front of her on his knees waiting for her to mutate into her lycan form he takes off his dark black 10 gallon hat and then places it next to him before standing up Eleanor at this point is fully a lycan now and her thoughts are nearly just relying on instinct but her memories of her son are a scar on her physically thus mentally as well lunar gets into a ready stance and waits for her to make the first move Eleanor stands up getting ready to lunge at Lunar, suddenly she does so, Lunar does a dive roll but before he completes his roll he quickly stands up to jab her collar bone that right before her bottom jaw frost jabbing it thus leaving her upper half nearly unresponsive to what her nerves telling her body what to do then he jabs Eleanor base of her throat making her feel exhausted so she plummeting down to the ground: lunar being only human can only help soft her fall rather gently lowering her to the ground he grabs the muzzle he gently edges it on eleanor head then he places her breast plate around her then tightly strapped it in place as well as her muzzle* [*Eleanor mindset falls into place treating him as her pack but the thoughts of her son still run thoughts her head]

Chapter 2 at the gates

At the gates of the 2en house lunar hands his lycan mother to aura who’s soft toned elfen women whom can be compared to singing birds and angels songs blowin in the wind. Lunar walks away to go to the party in the 2en house . [aura walks with Eleanor till she's fully in the kennel then aura ask her assistant to close the gate behind them but as she speak she unclips her gauntlet’s which offer resistance to most unnatural beasts attacks, and then lets them hit the floor. She reaches out to pet Eleanor: she rubs Eleanor cheek with a reaction of pure calmness. The assistant ask her if he could do the same, so he edges closer to but with no avail [she growls loudly at him] aura ask him to simply watch and close the doors behind them. Aura walks eleanor to the back of the rooms which is were the largest cage is located: they stop at the gate which for a brief mount, aura removes her helmet then she walks into the cage with eleanor following behind. Aura “ assistant please close the gate to the cage now….” Assistant “ but Aura?!” Aura: “don’t question me please.] Eleanor looks at the door as it closes. Aura sits down next to the back wall of the cage and thus leaving Eleanor blocking the entrance. Eleanor stand up on her hind legs ready to attack but just stares at Aura; eventually face plants into Aura lap as if Eleanor lost all desire to feed. Aura uses her magic to remove the steel protection guards around her body. Meanwhile; lunar walks in on a conservation Gregor is having with a knight, Gregor: what's your name, i’ve never saw your face here before? Lunar “ Iverest, leader of the 7th house.” Gregor, “mind if we engage in simple conversation?” Lunar “sure” Gregor “ what’s your weapon of choice?” lunar “ i’d rather not say it's a tradesman secret” gregor “ well mine is medium sized duel swords” l unar “how long have you been leader of the 2en house” Gregor “3 years” lunar “you know Gregor…. I’d wish to challenge you for your house, i’ll just call it a pride honor because a young kid gonna make a name for himself” Gregor you sure about this boy? Lunar: yes I’m ready…. *crosses his arms Gregor : dashes toward lunar lunar : moves his hand and his lance ejects forward blowing out fire as it extend stabbing through his chest and then his heart thus pushing him back and setting him ablaze as it reach its full reach then retracted back into the handle and he turns hit around and the Electrified other end extends from it going through his face with easy shocking his head till it explodes. Lunar: looks at the knights watching. ‘Someone bring my lycan to me at once please.’ Knight ‘ yes sir we’ll get Aura to bring it to you at once and well clean the mess up” aura walking with eleanor and she's wearing no armor, lunar surprised to see his lycan mother unbelievably claim as if the mere presence of aura claim her. Eleanor lays down next to lunar and aura takes a rolled up blanket on her back; lunar ‘would you place it on my lycan please’. aura ‘yes’ walks arounds till she stops behind eleanor and flops out and waves the large blanket to before covering her from her back to her ears* she then walks around eleanor then sits next to lunar and she scoots rather close to lunar: then whispers in his ear “ i know this lycan is your mother, i honor your courage and pride thus if anyone wish to speak against your take over as a wrongful act because you're not ivorius” lunar “ you mean that or am i gonna have persuade you of any?’ she interrupts him “nope not even the smallest of request” lunar “thank you aura” “now please leave me be i wish to sleep now” aura “sure” lunar gets off the bench then lays his head on Eleanor's back and falls rather quickly asleep*


CHAPTER 3 Running into old problems

Next morning Eleanor wake up completely naked from the transformation and What embarrassed her the most was her son was using her lycans body as a soft furry pillow and he for. Her face checks are completely red from embarrassment, she tries to ask lunar to get off her but she mute from embarrassment. So she gently bangs her head on the ground. She reaches to lunar’s neck and tries to wake him by glistin his neck but nothing then so she places her pointing and ring finger on his necks sensitive spot and then her thumb on the side of his neck: digs her sharp thumb nail in his neck and pinches his neck and he wakes up immediately after Eleanor does this: sitting up and stretches his arms and then stands up and leans his hand out to his mother, Eleanor sits up with a glare of embarrassment purple line cross her face with purish pink checks: her head staring at the ground with some of her hair in her face. *Eleanor covers her breasts with her left arm then reaches for her sons hand with her right hand. Lifts her up and takes off his pure ocean blue scarf and walks behind her, then reaches around her with the large scarf in both hands he wraps around Eleanor 4 times covering her nipples and upper side of her breasts. He reaches to his cloth fauld on his left side then button it throw his coat. Lunar “Eleanor all i have is my fauld for cover your genitals” Eleanor “just give it to me please…”
Her hands buried into her face* Lunar “Mother are you ok?” Eleanor “ a son shouldn’t ever see his mother nude when he's old enough to take care of himself!!!!” {said with extreme tune of embarrassment} Lunar “ mother I’m not judging you because if i was to judge you, I’d be judging myself as well” Eleanor’s face turns Pink from Red; intensifying her Embarrassment. Lunar your poetic mind set making this feeling worse than what it already yes!” Lunar “sorry if my honesty is shaming you more mother, I’ll shall take my leave. Lunar walks throughout the manor; 30 minutes laters lunar Finally finds Aura. Lunar “ Aura I need clothes for my beast” maybe you help me find a outfit that fit her? Aura “ yes I can where's your mother now?” Lunar “ in the Challenger Hall…” Aura “I’ll escort her to a private room to help her fit into something she can be proud of.” BOMBNATION “sitting across from Aura” Lunar “ who are you?!” BOMB “my real name is Ericson Dawnguard but i prefer to be called by my title Bomb nation!” [he chuckles] “hmmm you know a lycan and white haired boy…. Hmmmm your real NAME LUNAR AND NOT Ivorius…. Your mom is Eleanor curse lycan…. “ Lunar “Aura did you tell him?” Aura her eyes widen in complete shock of ERICSON statement Aura “ I told utterly no one!? How you even remember her?” BOMB “ you never forget a real friend lost or forgotten because life's too short to forget those whom died for freedom and hope curse or not dead or live your my ally to the end and beyond!!!!!” I completely hated this useless trash and I always wanted to throw him out like scrap from a junkyard but I’M no leader and am thus am no commander…. Just a engineer congratulating the new commander on his newly found position” but alas I’m taking up too much of your time; so go help your mother” Aura “ thank you for your kind words grand ENGINEER of the houses~” Lunar and Aura walk to the challenger but they stop in the hallway on the way and she walks over to it then opens to the door to take out a blanket. Lunar “ what’s that for, thought you were getting her clothes?” Aura “ I can’t bring someone clothes when i don’t know their size.” Lunar “ sorry madam” then enter the hall. Aura “ Eleanor please wrap yourself in this” Eleanor wraps herself in the smoothing silk blanket* she brings Eleanor to a private room. Eleanor “ son can u please sit outside?” Lunar “ ok mother as you wish” Aura : helps Eleanor find a outfit that would suit her well. Eleanor “ can I just have the older Templar hunter? I used to wear it when I was with the houses? Aura “ you like those things with her hand on her hip*” ok grabs the wall speaker phone. “We don’t have them in this room, so am gonna request a maid to fetch you it so you don’t have to go outside naked again.” Eleanor, “I thank you” brings the clothes to the room but she stops at the door to look at lunar: maid blushes as she looks into his blue eye’s. Lunar “ma’am ain’t you a bit young to be a maid?” maid coughs then readjusts herself, maid “lunar ain’t you a bit young to be the high commander of the 2en house?” lunar “ never too young to start a dream” maid “am coy’ed” lunar “ I won't take up anymore of your time” maid nods her head then walks into the door, step back in embarrassment. Looks at lunar and smiles with smirk of shame on her face, she relaxes then opens the door and walks in with three colors of the same clothing, closing the door behind her. She then lays the clothes on the bed. Maid “ I hope these clothes fit you, if not I can fetch your size lord Eleanor” Eleanor looks at the first outfit, smirks and lifts her eyebrow. Eleanor “does these purple eyes and black haired say I love pink? Maid “miss, am deeply sorry….. I didn’t mean to offend you. Sighs i’ll take the black and write. Aura it fits you Eleanor. Eleanor “the question is, is it my size!” Aura “Chuckles” Eleanor “what?! “What's so funny?” aura “ one-size fits all… the uniform made with magical fibers that grow with the wears form.. So they never will rip from strain” Eleanor “that's great news to hear!” aura “ you should go find Canesten commander of the first house!” “He’ll wanna be told that there a new house member?” Eleanor “ I’ll tell my son once” please close your eyes I’ll feel uncomfortable?” Aura “yes” clovers her face with her hands. Eleanor doesn’t waste any time getting dressed in her old gear. “Aaaa I still love it back then, sighs before his death.” Walks out of the room. “Lunar need me to explain what she said or you heard through the door? Lunar “ I heard everything…. You knew, am a half breed of your curse?” Eleanor “do you have the mutation?” Lunar “ no but I have really good hearing and eyesight then your average elf or human and or everything most likely” “don’t quote me am not a doctor” Eleanor “ you had me worried!” lunar“ nothing to be worried about mother” aura walks out of the room. Lunar “ Aura can we have a carriage or a horse?” Aura “ no need to ask me… you're my boss not the other way around” Lunar facepalm. “Well I guess.. This is a permanent position” Eleanor crosses her arms. “What did you think was gonna happen when you kill a commander of a house?” Lunar “ I didn’t plan that far ahead mom” Eleanor rolls her eyes. Lunar “ Just show me where were the wagon is, please” Aura “sure” they go to stable aura unchains one of the horses. Try not to lose him please or get him killed” his name is skullcone. LUNAR “ why is he named that?” Aura “ because bomb nation named him” [said with a sigh]




Lunar stops at a restaurant on the way to meeting Canesten located in a steampunk city known as Grand Meltdown.

Eleanor “ I always wondered why it was called that?” Lunar “maybe thy pump steel out like they were robots, just a guess?” Eleanor “seems reasonable”

Eleanor plays with her fingers as she waits for the waiter whom sat them to the table. Lunar leans over and sees a red haired tall fellow with one side of his face deformed. “mom behind you is the father of the son, I of whom I posed as to get into the house” Eleanor “ you think he is tracking us down” Lunar “ wouldn't you?” Eleanor “ yes” “he's a friend of my….. I mean your Dad” Lunar “ it's ok mother… I think he’d be proud of you?” Eleanor “yeah…. Duo his name is Kessler and he's as block headed as you can be”

He walks over to them with a chair in hand then places it on the end of the tables. Kessler “ hello Eleanor it’s been a long time hasn’t it?” Eleanor “ yeah it has been why are you here?” Kessler “ your son killed my son so you're both my enemies now” “this is your last meal” quickly stands up drawing his ejection sword. Lunar flips the table they were eating and the table becomes a flame from his blizzard's of warring fires. Eleanor “ we must leave this place or he’s gonna bring it all down!” Lunar “ then we leave” “there's a steel factory near by, he can’t burn that down” they quickly arrive at the steel factory. Kessler walks into the factory and only saw the Lunar standing in view. Eleanor push large crates onto him. He slashes through them with rizing fires breaking them apart from one swing. 
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I like Fine as a unit but I don't like their songs :'))
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If you joke about autism there's a 90% I don't like you already. 
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Hewwo random ppl I don't know.. I am FAXY

Take Two I am Foxy the Fox I am taken by +Mangle The Fox*​**​*​ :) love u babe :)
I don't like chica or Toy Chica I love mangle and that's all :) Back off my girl friend
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Welcome to my profile!!

I really don't know why you're here... I am not much, but here's some things to know about me:

I am Brooke, and don't have any nicknames.

I am a teenager I guess... Nothing else I am gonna say.

I am obsessed with Once Upon A Time and NCIS. They're my two favorite shows at the moment.

I was born in the USA, and live with my two brothers, parents and of course, my dog. I love them all dearly, and would do anything for any of them.

I am a very sarcasric person, and have a sense of humor not a lot of people get. At least people I know in real life.

Ok... There's a lot more about me, but I don't like talking about myslef too much. These are some people that I just enjoy talking to, or looking at their posts.

+Gнσѕт​​ I don't even know why you still talk to me...

+Ivan Jang​​ Idk. I just enjoy this human's existence.

+Undertale Memes​​ One of my first Internet friends.

+Derpidastre Random Derp​​ My first Internet friend to be honest...

That's really it...
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How do you feel about Radishes
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