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Most recent 20 results returned for keyword: I Don't Like (Search this on MAP) Puma Ghostwalker : My Arms Wide Open...... Spending my winter writing my story of hiking the Appalachian Trail has taken...
My Arms Wide Open......
Spending my winter writing my story of hiking the Appalachian Trail
has taken much of my time as I relive it in my mind, expelling so much emotion
to word is exhausting to me. My sensitivities are "off the charts" sometimes
and it vexes me to be so emotional for so long.
My past has left me quite damaged and through the decades, I have learnt to take a negative and turn it to a positive by looking at the good in all things represented in my life. For the last two weeks I was having anxiety attacks late in the night caused by my belief I will not be able to complete my writing by the time I leave to hike the other half of the trail in late May completing the 2,200 mile journey on foot.
I like to read several books at the same time, working on several projects at the same time makes me happy too. Winter is a time of healing for me a time of reflection and rest.
The many obligations I have, working in the vineyard pruning the vines in late winter to promote the new growth for a proper fall grape harvest for Sky Dog Wine. I must help my friend on his golf course cutting down dead trees and pruning others for a healthy life.
I have beekeeping meetings, someone wants me to oversee a new beekeeping operation at a green farm in NYC…. Plus me…. my time to heal and get ready for work. I work three months in the spring and three months in the fall, that’s it the rest of the time is my time…. I live wild in a camper a100 acre wooded parcel in NYC owned by a friend,
provides me with the freedom from money.
I believe all things happen for a reason and if you are open to it… all things reveal themselves.
A few days ago I was captured by two “Forest Nymphs” , engulfed in their pleasurable magic, I was forced to leave my life openly, willingly as they invaded my thoughts
with their beautiful seductive charm, I knew it was a gift, I just had to read it and dance the dance to see where it will lead me. It lead me away from my obsession of completing writing my story this winter, they taught me that it is not so important to finish it.
Sharing my life and our stories together with Lila, for three days and nights with her soft and sexy seductive spirit had my head in a beautiful spin.
I told my best friend Gary and he laughed and put it all into prospective for me.
He said….” The King Has Been Dethroned’ you finally met your match, the
“Great Seducer” has been seduced. I have been seducing and charming the masses for decades and I forgot what it felt like to be taken to be charmed, lured into a sedative spell.
Lila and Elke, showed me, taught me to relax and breath, to not worry all things will work themselves out in time.
 This is my way of thanking them for helping me, to get me out of my head to see the whole story of life, my life, our life as human spirits all connected to each other.
Lila, has a soft and sensual way  of photographing flowers, adding word to match her art
can bring your mind to a seductive dance  “The Tango in your mind”.
Her power of unconditional love is charming, friendly and safe to me.
Elke, a match in her great beauty to Lila has a  soft incredible sexy style as she represents her art in erotic form with humor and a deep wit. I love her shots alone in her beauty looking out often into vast spaces of open road or stark land, I see genius in her expression.
Unfortunately some do not see the beauty in Elke and Lila’s art and cause them great pain.
When I go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art I favor the classical artist of yesteryear
I love the Renaissance era the frescos and marble carvings. I bypass the modern art exhibits, I don’t like them but many do just not me. How can I judge art from someone else’s perspective.
I have been hassled, stalked and my work has been abused by hate mongers.
I have had to delete unwanted comments on flickr and on youtube, where men have said terrible things about my hiking videos and I block them so they cant be offended with my work…….. It's Easy……..Don’t Look At It…..
Lila has most of her work now for friends and family only to safe guard herself and her family
Stalkers, have invaded her personal life and threatened her. It hurts me so to see this,
She is a beautiful soul so kind and giving……
She is a Beautiful woman inside and out… what’s the problem…..
Elke is a beautiful goddess like sprit, that shows the beauty of the woman’s natural body.
I think she is tasteful and totality adorable in her humor and great deep introspective of
Being alone in the vastness of the world sometime…
I really loved her resent half time expression of the resent football game….
I was on the floor laughing my ass off…….
My name is Puma Ghostwalker a United States Marine
I stand here and say with a Loud Voice to you lady’s….
And to all….
I have fought for your freedom…
Don’t let Anyone Take It From YOU
Peace, love and light…
I welcome you to my home here…..
“With My Arms Wide Open “
If you are reading this and have transgressed against women I encourage you to take this moment and think about it
 All the wasted energy squandered on negativity, hate and malice is a crime against yourself and humanity, it truly is a waist and blocks your “Heart Chakra”.
This place leaves you empty in your heart and soul if you could just try
To change your thoughts to a happier place you will find great joy in yourself and expressed love to others.
We live our  fragile lives as short as it is in time, then we die, we say to ourselves how did we live, we all will surely die, we all do. But the real point is how will be remembered, how did we live, what will be said of us when we are gone. Did we live a full life,did we make a difference, did we love, did we bless humanity with our being..
Perhaps we should all think about this, how are we living are we making a difference to enhance life..
when we are called to be "Recycled" by our creator, the Great Spirit.
Will God look down on us and say.. you lived a pure life, you made a difference.
Did you touched many and blessed with your love and kindness to all of humanity.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I pray for your
 soul and the souls of all the innocents that have been harmed and tortured.
Imagine your own mother falling prey to hate and cruelty, your wife or your daughter God forbid….
The women and children of the world have been victimized for thousands of years.
Let us all rise up and change this together as “One Human Family”
Let us All Evolve into the Greatness we all can be……
I ask of you in “Gods Name”
2 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Андрей «Продам участок» : I saw Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Bless its heart. Cultural critique isn’t my wheelhouse but...
I saw Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Bless its heart. Cultural critique isn’t my wheelhouse but I am a fan of superhero movies. I don’t follow the comic books because I don’t like pictures. They get in the way of my imagination. Despite this, I am…
Maybe God Is A (Wonder) Woman? — tressiemc
I saw Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Bless its heart. Cultural critique isn’t my wheelhouse but I am a fan of superhero movies. I don’t follow the comic books because I don’t like pictures. T…
9 minutes ago - Via - View - Magdalen Siebert FOB : I start school on Monday but I don't like my plain binder. I will write everything on my binder and ...
I start school on Monday but I don't like my plain binder. I will write everything on my binder and keep it for the entire year (I'm in high school if it matters).
10 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Dante : A cod video in 2016. I don't like the cc either, sue me.
A cod video in 2016. I don't like the cc either, sue me.
Watch the video: Dante - Best of MW3
This is a mix of my favourite clips 012-15 and my tage clips from last spring. Saso is too busy to edit it so I just thew it together lazily, doubt you will enjoy :] inb4 sanct comments. I used my mw2 cc cause I can I'm getting rid of my cod4 demos & sent mw2 ones to jungle so expect a few shit clearout videos
14 minutes ago - Via - View - Bliss Dzubella : I don't like PJ, but I like this song
I don't like PJ, but I like this song
Pearl Jam-Last Kiss - YouTube
Bliss Dzubella shared a video
18 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Diego Faptor (Vegito, former Deity) : Episode 2: The gang's race issue After a discussion between Normal, Rohan, and Zorvaz as they do ...
Episode 2: The gang's race issue

After a discussion between Normal, Rohan, and Zorvaz as they do their shit, they head off. Normal McBastard leads the group, having Zorvaz in middle line, along with Rohan staying in the back drawing.

Zorvaz: "What's colored and uncreative?"

Normal: "Green people?"

Rohan: "Sonic recolors?"

Zorvaz: "Rohan got it right-wait green people?"

Normal: "Yeah, you know.."

He whispers

Normal: "..Namekians."

Rohan: "It still doesn't matter, it's not like anyone is listening."

Suddenly, a gang of Namekians arrived, holding up signs saying "Green lives matter"

(Opening: (End at 1:04)

Rohan: "I stand corrected..."

Namekian 1: "We are people, too, you know!"

Namekian 2: "Yeah, don't judge us because of our antennas!!"

Normal: "These are the people who literally have no genitals."

Zorvaz: "Savage."

Namekian 3: "Cis scum!!"

Namekian 2: "I want to beat the shit out of you all!!"

Rohan: "Oh... Umm..."

The mangaka hides in a nearby bush, watching at a safe distance

Zorvaz: "What don't you all go back to Mars?"

Namekian 1: "Racist!!"

Normal: "The beauty of Namek is here, can't you all smell it?"

This further to even more insults, replied by slurs that we should not be allowed to hear. The chaotic argument sparked a battle

(Background song:

Namekian 4: "Fuck this shit, I'm going deep up your anuses!!"

Rohan grabbed popcorn as he writes on his notes. It doesn't look good, one of the green bastards(4) have attempted to punch Normal. Luckily, he blocked the attack with his weapon. This was followed by another Namekian(3), this time kicking Normal in the chin

Normal: "Ah shit!"

Normal slapped the previous guy(3) with his torch, burning his face off. The green man screams in pain, backing away as he dies

Namekian 4: "That's my brother, you fucker!!"

Normal: "You would have said that, regardless of anyone"

The lean, green, mean machine grabbed him by the head, ready to crush him. But, before anything, a dagger hits the aggressive Namek(4), landing on his hand. Turns out, it was Zorvaz's. He was already busy with three other Namekians.

Normal took this chance to stab him through the guts, killing the Yosher(4). Zorvaz evades out of harm from the others, rapidly throwing his daggers towards their legs, forcing one to fall(1). Normal pushes off the dead greeny(I don't care if that's not a word), joining with Zorvaz.

They made a devastating combination as they managed to get in a better place. Normal was in close combat with them as Zorvaz takes advantage of this, staying away from range.

Namekian 2: "We don't take oppression kindly here!!"

The triggered man fiercely gave a right hook as he flies over to Normal, leading up a parry from his axe, pushing him off.

Zorvaz: "They sure do have balls for their species."

Normal: "Tell me about it."

That same Namek recovered, only up to his knees. He holds out both of his hands, charging an energy out of his palms. Zorvaz thrown some daggers at some unfortunate protesters(5,6, and 7), forcing them to trip over. It left them unconscious.

Another one(9) flies over, preparing to launch a kick for the side of Normal's head. Zorvaz throws one at him as Normal blocks the attack, pushing the Namekian off.

Zorvaz: "There is still more of them!!"

The Namekian(2), from before, releases a ki blast. Normal wasn't fast enough to dodge it, getting hit by the energy, which forced him to fall on the ground. Zorvaz was too busy dealing three other assholes(8, 10, 12)

Normal: "How the fuck are still more?"

He gotten up, getting back into the fight. Zorvaz phases through some of them, attempting to get out of their range. The faceless man signs, finally using one of his cards, freezing all of them

(Stop song)

Normal: "Why didn't you use from the beginning?"

Zorvaz: "Why didn't you avoid that blast from one of them?"

Rohan, eating his popcorn, writes on his note. The spectator continues watching as this was going on

So, they gotten into a discussion between one and another

Normal: "Okay, so we just kill them off."

Zorvaz: "They are pretty much jackasses, but I refuse to do so."

Normal: "You're going leave them there in the forest? That's actually a good idea"

Zorvaz: "You know what, let's just keep going.."

A Namekian(11) escapes, ramming towards them, tightening it's fist.

???: "DODGE!!!"

Before anything, a random Namekian in a cape instantly kicks that one in the guts, leaving him unconscious

Namekian 10: "WE'RE WORKING WITH YOU!!"

Normal: "What the hell is going on?!?!"

Zorvaz: "I think he's on our side."

Namekian 12: "A brother under attack!!"

???: "Can everyone just shut the fuck up?!?!"

The area was in silence

???: "Good. I am Piccolo, Piccolo Junior. I heard there was a wreckage around here. The Green Lives Matter should go fuck themselves for all this."

Normal: "Oh, okay-"

Piccolo: "Let me finish, freak. This includes the other two idiots."

Rohan gets out of the bush, still eating popcorn. He gets closer, knowing he won't get fucked up by them

Normal: "I know this is an unrelated question, but have you seen a blue anthropomorphic Hedgehog around here?"

Piccolo: "Yes, he should be all the way there.."

He points into the deeper ends of the woods, which looked like a shady Disney villain fortress

Rohan: "WE'RE GOING THERE?!?!"

(Ending theme:

(Hope you all enjoyed it. Please leave suggestions. Are you character's portrayal accurate?)

+Ace Account
as Chillin Krillin/Jessie

+Diego Faptor
as Vegito/Diego Brando

+Rosalina, Mother of all Lumas

+Lord Legender
as Normal McBastard

+Hyper Kash The OneShot Man

+NooNooPooPy The Panty Stealer
as Zorvaz

+Clay Schutt
as Kira

+Ethan, Just Ethan
as Piccolo Jr.((Probably a Yoshi))

+Sσlαя Gισ
as Gio/DIO

+WooDeeWoo ¹
as Tien/Kenshiro

+Queen B (OG Deity Bulma)
as OG Bulma/Dead corpse

as that Christian mom

as Cell/GioGio

+Whis ウイス

+Echoes ™
as Rohan

+Brolza son of Broly

+Glaze Battle-Born

as Radditz

+Wolf Fang Fist Warrior ヤムチャ
as Yamcha

as basically a shit ton of characters/James

+Joseph Joestar//Sonic the Ironic
as Sonic

+Aud Ball
as Meowth

+Son Taicario

as Genie(Stand)
26 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Marshmalløw “Gabs” Bunny : I don't like colours oml
I don't like colours oml
29 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - astar634 Productions : Hello, I have noticed that my comments are being put to spam? I am wondering why? Whenever I want to...
Hello, I have noticed that my comments are being put to spam? I am wondering why? Whenever I want to say a friendly Hello to a fellow member. It goes to spam? Now I have been experiencing this issue since February. Is there a way you can help fix the problem? But whenever I say a another word that i've never used before. It keeps getting put in spam. This only happen when I'm in any community. Also when I test a different new account and different mobile device. I still experience the same problem? by typing 5 word to 10 words and 20 words, with a real meaning, That relates to the post, it goes to spam. Is it possible that Google+ thinks that I'm a spammer? Because I don't like this issue. Can you contact Google+ for me. This only happens when I comment in any community. Thank you for reading this.
-astar634 productions
29 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Mad Hatter : Reasons I don't like Nishat's behaviour at times: I don't mean to hate on her tbh. I don't mean to ...
Reasons I don't like Nishat's behaviour at times:

I don't mean to hate on her tbh. I don't mean to trigger anyone as well. Please don't kill me Nishat stans
• She doesn't appreciate Alisha enough
• She doesn't care about Alisha as much as Alisha cares about her.
• Because of her Alisha puts herself down :"(
• Just small things she does effect Alisha. For Example: Not tagging her.
•Even when Alisha is sad she doesn't care
• I've tried to cheer up Alisha but her behaviour doesn't change much.

+Argue Calmly in the comments. I want Alisha to be happy, okay? I don't want anyone making sad. I don't care who is making her sad, I will kick that person if I know them well and I'll try to speak out if I don't know that person well+

Alisha don't kill me
29 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Evee ™ : General Information Quote It takes two to lie. One to tell the lie, and another to believe it. Name...
General Information
It takes two to lie. One to tell the lie, and another to believe it.

Name "My name is Fernpool, but you can call me Fern."
Gender '"I am proud to be a she-cat!"
Age "I am 37 moons old."
Rank "I am a warrior."
Clan "DaggerClan, it isn't as scary as it sounds."
Sexuailty "Well, I only like toms, so straight."
Meaning Of Sexuailty "I only like toms..."

mother "I don't like to talk about her, but she was a kittypet named Orchid." (Alive, NPC)
Father "His name was Brownjaw." (Deceased, NPC)
Step Father "Nope..."
Step Mother "A queen named Cindertail raised me as her own..." (Alive, NPC)
Sister(s) "Never had 'em."
Brother(s) "His name is ..." (Open)


Crush "Well, heh..." (Open)
Half Crush "I met a tom at a gathering... He was very charming, heh..." (Thrushwing)
Past Crush "None that I could recall"
Mate "Hopefully I have one someday..."
Kits "Awe! There so cute! But I don't have any now..."
Mentor "His name is Whiteleaf." (Open)
Apprentice "Oh, we went training yesterday, its..." (Open)


Personality "Some cats say I'm very articulate and elegant..."

Likes in She-cats/Toms "I like toms who are shy, they are fun to be around..."

Theme song Ride - Twenty One Pilots

Likes "I love climbing trees, it just is so calming... When you look out over the territory."

Dislikes "I hate going into battle... It just makes me very nervous..."
History "Well, there is nothing much to say... I an half DaggerClan, half kittypet... I am a warrior, well... Nothing much... I'm the best tree-climber in the clan.. That's good."
31 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Atlas (Eggman) : I don't like Miley Cyrus's music, but tbh as a person I like her Because she kinda does whatever she...
I don't like Miley Cyrus's music, but tbh as a person I like her
Because she kinda does whatever she wants lol
36 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - 𝓣𝓸𝓻𝓲 • : “MY GAY ISSUE”??? “I DON'T LIKE DRESSING UP BECAUSE I'M THE BOY”??????? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH...




38 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Skeleton of Pun : Here's an RP I had with a friend yesterday. And don't worry, there's no NSFW. Underfell!Sans: Hey blue...
Here's an RP I had with a friend yesterday. And don't worry, there's no NSFW.

Underfell!Sans: Hey blue.
Underswap!Sans: Hello there, Fell!
Underfell!Sans: pokes him in the eyes
Underswap!Sans: Ow! Hey! What was that for?
Underfell!Sans: I got bored.
Underswap!Sans: Don't do that.. It hurts.
Underfell!Sans: I know.
Underswap!Sans: Rude.
Underfell!Sans: I know I am.
Underswap!Sans: You say that all the time.
Underfell!Sans: Mhm.
Underswap!Sans: Well, we should really think about where we are, because it looks blank, and I can't tell if we're falling or standing.
Underfell!Sans: What?
Underfell!Sans: Well we are standing.
Underfell!Sans: lays down
Underswap!Sans: Oh.. It's just that this place is blank.
Underfell!Sans: Yep.
Underswap!Sans: He walked off to somewhere, and accidentally hit his face in a wall.
Underswap!Sans: Wait, there's a wall?!
Underfell!Sans: laughs
Underswap!Sans: Hey! That's not funny!
Underfell!Sans: I guess we are stuck here.
Underswap!Sans: Oh no.
Underswap!Sans: How did we even get here?!
Underfell!Sans: I don't know.
Underswap!Sans: Darnit...
Underfell!Sans: tackles blue Rawr.
Underswap!Sans: Wh- Hey! Why did you do that?!
Underfell!Sans: No reason.
Underswap!Sans: Well you keep on hurting me..
Underfell!Sans: tickles him I'm not trying to.
Underswap!Sans: Wh- He starts chuckling. Please stop!
Underfell!Sans: Nah keeps ticking
Underfell!Sans: Tickling**
Underswap!Sans: Gah-! He keeps laughing. Stop it!
Underfell!Sans: Nope.
Underswap!Sans: Why not-?! He will not stop laughing.
Underfell!Sans: It's adorable when you laugh.
Underswap!Sans: No it isn't!
Underfell!Sans: Yes it is.
Underswap!Sans: No..!
Underfell!Sans: Prove it.
Underswap!Sans: ...I'm not adorable! Nothing I do is adorable!
Underfell!Sans: Yes you are.
Underswap!Sans: No I'm not!
Underfell!Sans: Yea you are.
Underswap!Sans: Okay, why am I adorable? Why?!
Underfell!Sans: You have stars in your eyes that are blue.
Underfell!Sans: And you go mweh heh heh.
Underswap!Sans: That doesn't mean I'm adorable!
Underfell!Sans: Yes you are.
Underswap!Sans: I'm not.
Underfell!Sans: You are.
Underswap!Sans: No I am not!
Underfell!Sans: Fine then you're scary.
Underswap!Sans: I'm not scary, or adorable.
Underfell!Sans: Then what are you?
Underswap!Sans: A person. That's all I am, and that's what you are.
Underfell!Sans: No I'm scary.
Underswap!Sans: You're not scary!
Underfell!Sans: I'm evil, Rawr!
Underswap!Sans: No you aren't..
Underfell!Sans: Yes I am.
Underswap!Sans: Not at all!
Underfell!Sans: Mhm.
Underswap!Sans: Ugh.. we keep arguing.. I don't like this.
Underfell!Sans: lays down you are just adorable.
Underfell!Sans: Don't argue about that.
Underswap!Sans: Since I don't like to argue, this is the last time I'm gonna say it.. No.
Underfell!Sans: Yes.
Underfell!Sans: tackles and tickles him
Underswap!Sans: Ack-! He starts laughing again, and he can't stop.
Underfell!Sans: Aren't you going to tickle me back?
Underswap!Sans: He stares at you for a moment, and then smirks, tackling and tickling you back.
Underfell!Sans: laughs
Underswap!Sans: You will get back what you have done! He keeps tickling.
Underfell!Sans: keeps laughing
Underswap!Sans: He eventually gets kind of tired of tickling, letting Fell free, and deciding to move away and lie down for a moment.
Underfell!Sans: looks at him smiling you got tired?
Underswap!Sans: Yeah..
Underfell!Sans: lays down next to him hey.
Underswap!Sans: What is it?
Underfell!Sans: Uhh, nothing..
Underswap!Sans: What? Why won't you tell me?
Underswap!Sans: I'm sure it wouldn't be too bad..
Underfell!Sans: Ok, sighs and says it really fast Ireallylikeyou..
Underswap!Sans: ..! w-well..
Underswap!Sans: I kinda feel the same way..
Underfell!Sans: Really?
Underswap!Sans: Yeah..
Underfell!Sans: smiles at him
Underswap!Sans: He looked away for a moment, and smiled back.
Underfell!Sans: hugs him
Underswap!Sans: He was a bit surprised, but he hugged back.
Underfell!Sans: looks at him
Underswap!Sans: He then looked back, and smiled.
Underfell!Sans: lays down
Underswap!Sans: He lied down next to him.
Underfell!Sans: smiles at him, blushing
Underswap!Sans: Why so blushy?
Underfell!Sans: I don't know..
Underswap!Sans: Eh, it's fine..
Underfell!Sans: hugs him while laying down
Underswap!Sans: He looked at fell, and hugged back quickly, also while lying down.
Underfell!Sans: falls asleep
Underswap!Sans: He looked at fell again after he went to sleep, then held him closer and started to fall asleep as well.

the end 
40 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Thumbs Up Production : I finally revamped my Thumbs Up Production website with much kicking and screaming. You see, I don't...
I finally revamped my Thumbs Up Production website with much kicking and screaming. You see, I don't like the new Wordpress style of slick transitions between pages filled with stock photos and very little content. Goes against my grain as a web site developer; yet many of my new clients want that format; therefore, I had to show them I could create it, yet still focus on content. I did so by circumventing the normal new format and adding slideshows with content attached. Please visit my new site and give me feedback -- there is no such thing as negative feedback, as I learn from all. I still create traditional web sites where content is king and the audience is focused on that.
Thank you for any feedback!
Thumbs Up Production
Offering Hollywood Productions and High Tech Website Design and Development at affordable prices.
42 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Anna Taylor : Questionz! 1. Uncles. 2. I am depressed. 3. I have a bad habit to sometimes be annoying sometimes...

1. Uncles.
2. I am depressed.
3. I have a bad habit to sometimes be annoying sometimes....
5. It's green.
6. Kinda?
7. 8-21
8. I really like cake.
9. Annoying people, picking, and..... Whining
10. My cousin..... Or brother? Idk.
11. Leo.
12. I miss a bunch of things....
13. Tooth brush by DNCE (also, it's stuck. Not suck)
14. Brown/Hazel
15. I am in the U.S.A.
16. "Be you. Everyone else is taken."
17. Paris, Hawaii, and Africa
18. Yes.
19. Winter/Fall
20. Don't have one.
21. The trip.
22. 5-30 minutes
23. Being left alone.
24. Twenty one Pilots, DNCE, and Panic! at the Disco.
25. PANDA! 🐼
26. I really love everyone 💜
27. I am sorry people but I don't like pickles.....
28. Howl's moving castle.... there is a bunch but most is from Studio Ghibli
29. Kinda?
30. I am almost in an 8 month relationship with my bf named Adam. For more info, follow him and I! Here is his channel. just click the name +Adam Rozsos

That's it! Hope you had fun reading this.
43 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - J.L Escob'San : BE HONEST, FROM MCDONALDS WHAT KIND OF PRODUCT DO YOU LIKE?? I personally like Iced coffees and frappes...

I personally like Iced coffees and frappes (Caramel or hazelnut)
45 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Blue : I was all expect 6,7,13,14,9
I was all expect 6,7,13,14,9
45 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Jak Bond : ((The rp is a mixture of Monster Girl Quest, me from Sakura Spirit, and some fetishes i have that i ...
((The rp is a mixture of Monster Girl Quest, me from Sakura Spirit, and some fetishes i have that i stitched together from several other games, since I have so many I can't name them all, so i put in the ones i want to use in this rp. Though there are bits I made up myself. Also, the rp is not related in any way to the Monster Girl Quest storyline, so there is no Luka the Hero who must defeat Alice, and so that is why it is the way it is. Only reply if you're able to do this rp or if you're willing to try.))

((PLEASE don't repost to use yourself without asking me first. I don't like when people take my rps to use them without asking me first.))

((The rp will be about the former Monster Lord Alice and her new Kitsune servant/pet Machiko, adventure, action, combat, magic, hateful humans who will try to kill us and you protecting me, spending nights in human villages and cities in our human forms, protecting me from strong Monster Girls like us who prefer females over males, since I am still learning to use my magic and I only know a few small spells, etc.))

((Dominant, kind, gentle but also protective and sometimes disappointed female needed to be the former Monster Lord, Alice the Lamia, who's ok with using your magic to make yourself a futa when in your human form, turning your fingers into slimy tentacles, and other sexual magic. Long term story-type rp wanted. Please at least TRY to be descriptive and creative, meaning describe your appearance, your movements, what you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste, your surroundings, etc., basically like what you'd read in a book or novel. Please use 4+ lines per post, and no text talk please.))

((Machiko's fetishes and likes are: petting, playing, stripping, giving lap dances, wearing lingerie, sexual teasing, foreplay, bondage, and she LOVES chocolate baths, wanting to go to any bathhouses that had private rooms for that.))

((The first 5 pictures are of you, the first 3 being your monster form, and the other 2 being your human form.))
((The other 5 pictures are of me in different positions and from different angles, the first of the 5 being how I am when you save me.))

You are Alice, the former Monster Lord, having given control of the monsters to the Dragon swordswoman, Granberia. You gave up control of the monsters and the title of Monster Lord so you could travel the human world as a gourmet and try the human foods, since you loved eating. Whenever you try to go to a human village or city, the soldiers attacked you, which was an annoyance to you, so you had to change into your human form, though you didn't like it much. As you traveled, you saw Monster Girls attacking villages and cities and kidnapping human males to rape and mate with, but you didn't pay them much attention, more interested in the human food, and sometimes the yummy taste of a human male's cum or even the delightful feel of a human female's body or a mostly humanoid Monster Girl's body while in your futa human form. One day, you were on your way to a village named Iclandi, where they had great chocolate delicacies and also private bathhouses for those with the money to have chocolate baths for as long as they wanted. You were nearing the edge of the forest near the village when you caught the scent of a Monster Girl. Normally, you would just ignore them, but this one had an interesting scent, like roses, honey, and chocolate mixed together in a perfect aroma, and you remember when you were a child Lamia, your family's Werewolf servant had this scent. You had asked your mother about it, and she had told you that only a small number of Monster Girls had this aroma, and most of the time it meant trouble for them because it was an aroma that even human males could smell, with their extremely weak sense of smell, and it drove them mad with lust. But your mother had said, it wasn't the humans that a Monster Girl with this scent had to worry about, it was the other Monster Girls who enjoyed this scent that were the danger. Some would try to keep the unfortunate Monster Girl as a sex slave against the will, others would attempt to eat them just because they smelled good, but some of these sweet-scented Monster Girls willingly became slaves to the Monster Girl that they thought would be a good mistress. Now, being a mature Lamia, you understood what she had meant, for the aroma was one almost intoxicating and it nearly clouded your mind. You head over to the area the Monster Girl was heading, stopping at a clearing she would have to run through, staying in the shadows of the trees. You hear a rustling and you see the Monster Girl run out, and you see it was a Kitsune, her silver hair flying behind her, her ears flattened back and her tail between her legs, and when she looks back, you see she has pink eyes, a slender hourglass figure covered in a blue, black, and brown outfit, and she had D cup breasts. As she nears the middle of the clearing, you think about going out and talking to her, but you see movement behind her and before either you or the Kitsune knew it, a wall of clear slime slams into her,knocking her down and pinning her to the ground, a clear Slime Girl, the rarest of the Slimes, forming on top of her, her hands pinning the Kitsune's arms down and the same with her legs, the Slime smiling down at her captive, and you hear her speak
Slime Girl: Ooh, goodie. I got a yummy-smelling prize! I'm going to have some fun with you.
The Kitsune struggles under the Slime Girl, but she smiles and covers the Kitsune with more slime, which helps hold her down
Slime Girl: Ah, ah, ah. No struggling now.
The Slime Girl forms tentacles from her body and several go to gripping and squeezing the Kitsune's breasts, the others travelling down and slipping under her skirt. The Kitsune didn't seem to like this, whining and struggling even more under the Slime Girl, who seems to get infuriated at this and forms a new, thicker tentacle, and you see it harden cause it becomes solid-like as she hits the Kitsune in the chest, winding her and stopping her struggling. The Kitsune lies there panting and whining, but she stops struggling, not wanting to be hurt anymore. The Slime Girl giggles and smiles, resuming the movement of her tentacles on the Kitsune's body, massaging her breasts, running up and down her body, covering the Kitsune in watery slime, soaking her clothes, and from your field of vision, you see tentacles slip back under the Kitsune's skirt, making her whine. Anger flashes through you, not wanting to see the Kitsune violated against her will by a Slime, but also because you wanted her for yourself and you wanted her body. You slither out of the trees and...
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+latteccinno ღ 
/a/ - She's cute either way but I don't like it when she - Anime & Manga - 4chan
She's cute either way but I don't like it when she tries to contain the fluff. - "/a/ - Anime & Manga" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of Japanese animation and manga.
50 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Jake 5290 (Monster Hunter Trash) : I don't like bones in most of my things. ~+Angi  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I don't like bones in most of my things.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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