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Most recent 4 results returned for keyword: Howard Carter (Search this on MAP) Jorge Casarez : The seal on King Tut's tomb prior to being broken This is what faced Howard Carter in 1922. Here was...
The seal on King Tut's tomb prior to being broken
This is what faced Howard Carter in 1922. Here was one of the greatest discoveries in archaeology. To gain entrance meant breaking this seal, which had been placed here 3,300 years earlier. 

From Howard Carters notes prior to unsealing:
"The folding doors were bolted in similar manner as the doors of the first innermost shrine, but in addition they were secured by a cord bound and tied to the central pair of staples fixed to the meeting styles for that express purpose. Affixed to the cord was a seal. This original seal was discovered intact, proving that the doors had not been opened since they were closed and sealed at the time of the burial of the king.

The seal of clay, or Nile mud, probably made plastic with oil, bears two impressions in relief obtained from separate incised seals:- one showing the prenomen of the King surmounting a recumbent figure of Anubis over nine Asiatic captives; the other, a counter-seal, showing only the recumbent figure of the Anubis animal over nine alien captives. The matrixes were evidently engraved (intaglio) upon some hard material, like stone or metal, and took either the form of signet-rings or ordinary stamp-shaped seals.

The first device is evidently of the house of Tutankhamen, while the second would seem, with little doubt, to be a departmental seal of the necropolis administration.

Although these seal impressions may be said to be good imprints, the perfunctory manner in which the ceremony was performed caused much of their details to be wanting. Thus the imprints are not sufficiently perfect to give an absolute rendering of the matrixes. The imprint of the principal seal, however, is sufficiently good to identify the three rows of three captives, beneath the King's cartouche and the Anubis animal, as definitely Asiatic (see fig. ...; cf. seal impressions e and i, pp. ... ). The impressions of the counter-seal is, unfortunately, not so good. Here the three rows of three alien captives beneath the Anubis animal, appear at first sight to be all Africans in contradistinction to the Asiatics"
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Feelin' grumpy.
On bus
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Howard Carter opening the sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun in 1924
One can only imagine the feelings racing through these peoples heads. They we're the first people to gaze upon the ruler off Egypt in over 3300 years. 

History Porn
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