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Most recent 11 results returned for keyword: Deb Fischer (Search this on MAP) KTIV : U.S. Senator Deb Fischer weighs in on NE's death penalty debate
U.S. Senator Deb Fischer weighs in on NE's death penalty debate
U.S. Senator Deb Fischer weighs in on NE's death penalty debate
U.S. Senator Deb Fischer didn't have much to say about where she stands on the issue, but says these lawmakers are just doing their jobs.
13 hours ago - Via - View - Deb Fischer :

Living In Christ introduction | Going Farther
This Bible study features four lessons based on verses from the Gospel of John and other books from the Bible. Each lesson has questions and suggested
2 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Emily Pribyl-Thornburg : Nebraska Corn Applauds Nebraska Congressional Leaders for Support of E15 Legislation The Nebraska Corn...
Nebraska Corn Applauds Nebraska Congressional Leaders for Support of E15 Legislation
The Nebraska Corn Growers Association and Nebraska Corn Board would like
to thank Senator Deb Fischer for co-sponsoring and Representative Adrian Smith
for introducing a bill to expand the volatility waiver for blends of American
Ethanol up to 15 percent (E...
Nebraska Corn Kernels: Nebraska Corn Applauds Nebraska Congressional Leaders for Support of E15 Legislation
The Nebraska Corn Growers Association and Nebraska Corn Board would like to thank Senator Deb Fischer for co-sponsoring and Representative Adrian Smith for introducing a bill to expand the volatility waiver for blends of American Ethanol up to 15 percent (E15), ultimately increasing consumers' ...
7 days ago - Via Google+ - View - NE-MWI Mississippi River Basin Policy News : EPA: Split Senate panel sends 'secret science' bill to floor Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter Published:...
EPA: Split Senate panel sends 'secret science' bill to floor
Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter
Published: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved legislation in a 11-9 party-line vote today targeting what Republicans call the "secret science" underlying U.S. EPA regulations.

The "Secret Science Reform Act" sponsored by Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) was sent to the Senate floor with one Democratic amendment that would bar the censorship of common terms, such as a "climate change," in official documents.

Chairman James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said he was optimistic the bill would be debated by the full Senate. The House last month passed its version of the bill, mostly along party lines, despite a White House veto threat (E&ENews PM, March 18).

S. 544 would prohibit EPA from finalizing rules that are based on science that isn't "transparent or reproducible." It would also compel EPA to make publicly available all the studies and data that go into its rulemakings.

"What this bill is trying to accomplish is to ensure that we strengthen the scientific information that the EPA uses to make regulations, guidance and assessments," Barrasso said. "By improving their scientific process, the EPA will enhance the confidence that the public and policymakers have in the agency."

It is co-sponsored by Republican Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana, Mike Crapo of Idaho and Deb Fischer of Nebraska, along with Inhofe.

Democrats who yesterday called on Inhofe to withdraw the bill from the markup slammed the legislation as an attack on EPA science. They said it would limit EPA's ability to use studies based on private health information.

Ranking member Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) also pointed to a recent Congressional Budget Office report that found the bill would cost $250 million a year for the next few years and reduce the number of studies that EPA relies on to set rules (E&E Daily, March 13).

The legislation contains a provision that would restrict EPA from spending more than $1 million to carry out its provisions.

"This is a joke," Boxer said. "And I know I speak for every single Democrat on this side -- we're appalled at this bill, and we're going to make it really hard to get this on the floor."

In its veto threat against the House bill, the White House said that the legislation would impose "arbitrary, unnecessary and expensive requirements" on EPA. Scientific organizations and environmentalists have also objected to the bill, while industry groups have lined up in support of its passage.

The Senate committee voted down two amendments offered by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.). One would replace the bill's core language with a requirement that all funding sources for the studies that go into EPA rules be made publicly available. The other would stipulate that EPA could still use peer-reviewed science. Both failed in 9-11 votes.

By voice vote, the committee accepted an amendment co-sponsored by Boxer and Markey aimed at recent reports of state officials prohibiting the use of the term "climate change" in state documents. The amendment would ban officials from censoring terms that are commonly found in peer-review scientific literature.

Before voting against the overall legislation in the committee, Boxer said she looked forward to the debate that would likely occur on the Senate floor on the bill.

"I look forward to having a debate with the Republican Party on science," she said. "I think that's a definite debate that needs to be had."

In a brief interview in the Capitol after the vote, Inhofe said that he also anticipated the floor debate.

"I'm going to point out ... the faulty science that EPA has used on a lot of issues that are very expensive," he said.

Twitter:@apeterka| Email:
22 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Michael Weaver : 7 ways the GOProgressives have proven this week that there is only one party (Progressive American M...
7 ways the GOProgressives have proven this week that there is only one party (Progressive American Machiavellianism) that goes by two different names. H/T The Gateway Pundit

1) Lobbied and Voted for Obama’s Lawless Attorney General Nominee. 20 Republicans voted for cloture and helped confirm Loretta Lynch, a supporter of Obama’s lawless amnesty, to the top law enforcement position in the country. As Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) noted, we can now say that Obama has suffered absolutely no reprisal for an act that even King George could not do. What’s worse, Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) personally whipped for Obama on this vote!

2) Fought for Amnesty. McConnell and company pressured conservatives to drop amendments to a human trafficking bill. The Vitter and Sessions amendments would have ended birthright citizenship and closed a loophole for illegal alien human traffickers respectively. Instead, McConnell allowed a politically-motivated vote on a Democrat amendment pushed by the sexual identity cartel on the left, which would have discriminated against social service groups with religious beliefs. 10 Republicans voted for this amendment.

3) Didn’t Stand Up for Religious Freedom. Senate GOP leadership and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) are refusing to take up resolutions to disapprove of a pair of anti-religious freedom bigotry bills passed by the local D.C. government. Republicans have the ability to nullify those laws – one, forcing private employers to cover abortion services and the other forcing private schools to host transgendered and homosexual events – with simple majorities in both houses. They only have until May 4 to do so, but they are willing to consider every liberal priority under the sun before the deadline except for these resolutions. Issues pertaining to life, family values, and religious liberty are not welcome in the GOP-controlled Senate.

4) Pulling the Plug on Disapproving of Abortion-Mandate Bill. House Republicans initially marked up the resolution of disapproval to countermand the abortion-mandate bill of the D.C. City Council. But yesterday, CR got word that leadership has no interest in bringing the bill to the floor. In fact, they might pressure the committee chairman not to report the resolution to the floor, thereby preventing rank-and-file members from calling it up on the floor as a privileged motion.

5) Embraced Obamacare. What better way for Republicans to distinguish themselves from Democrats than by agreeing to eliminate the special health care subsidy given to members of Congress by the Obama administration? Under the law, members of Congress and their staffs cannot get any subsidies to shield themselves from the cost of the exchanges, yet Obama illegally wrote a rule granting them subsidies in contravention to the statute. When Sen. Vitter, as Chairman of the Small Business Committee, tried to subpoena the D.C. government in an attempt to ascertain which members of Congress helped secure these subsidies, he was rebuffed by his own members on the committee. Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY), Deb Fischer (R-NE), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Mike Enzi (R-WY), and Jim Risch (R-ID) joined with Democrats to oppose the subpoena. They gave every excuse under the sun, but it’s quite evident why they want to keep their subsidies.

6) Sketchy Accounting. Remember that $141 billion health care bill that passed Congress a few weeks ago? The one that will blow a $500 billion hole in the budget of 20 years? Now that Republican House and Senate negotiators are attempting to reconcile their differences over the annual budget blueprint, they have a minor problem. How do they tell the public they passed a balanced budget if they just enacted a new program costing $141 billion during the budget window? Well, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) have the solution. They just added in spending offsets in the budget to make it balance – except that they declined to specify the origin of those cuts! Hey, it’s all accounting anyway.

7) Championed Obamacare Subsidies Through 2017. Speaking of Obamacare, Sen. Ron Johnson is leading a group of 31 Senators sponsoring a bill that will put the Republican stamp of approval on the odious law. Instead of embracing the potential Supreme Court killing of the Obamacare subsidies and harnessing it as an opportunity to push back against the price-hiking mandates, Johnson has agreed to allow the subsidies to stay through 2017 – without demanding any concessions on mandates.

#defundtheGOP today. Remove yourself from their membership, declare yourself as an independent (no party affiliation) and never, ever give to the party (only the candidate directly).

27 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Superior Freight Services Inc. : GAO to Investigate West Coast Port Congestion A U.S. senator asked the GAO (Government Accountability...
GAO to Investigate West Coast Port Congestion A U.S. senator asked the GAO (Government Accountability Office) to research the effects of the labor-related slowdown at West Coast ports. Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) released the letter she sent on April 15.…
GAO to Investigate West Coast Port Congestion - Superior Freight Services Inc.

1 month ago - Via - View - Montway Auto Transport : Sen. Deb Fischer (R.-NE) wrote to +US Department of Transportation Secretary Foxx last week regarding...
Sen. Deb Fischer (R.-NE) wrote to +US Department of Transportation Secretary Foxx last week regarding the FMCSA's release of a Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) information app, saying the app enhances public access to inaccurate data.

The +American Trucking Associations have been lobbying to remove non-fault accidents from motor carriers’ scores on the CSA system, which currently reflect all crashes, regardless of responsibility.
#truckers #trucking #motorcarriers  
Senator questions FMCSA priorities in developing app for 'inaccurate' carrier safety scores | Regulations content from Fleet Owner
A U.S. Senator who has promised legislation to reform the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) now wants to know why the agency recently released an app designed to provide streamlined mobile-device access to Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) data on trucking companies.
1 month ago - Via Google+ - View - Kerry Spillman : This is Senator Deb Fischer, and she is on a mission to find out why, after all the inaccuracies found...
This is Senator Deb Fischer, and she is on a mission to find out why, after all the inaccuracies found with #CSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration felt it was necessary to make an app for that.

Senior Editor David Tanner has a report on Senator Fischer's letter to #Transportation Secretary Anthony #Foxx regarding her concerns about #FMCSA and the app.
This is Senator Deb Fischer, and she is... - Land Line Magazine - The Official Publication of OOIDA | Facebook
This is Senator Deb Fischer, and she is on a mission to find out why, after all the inaccuracies found with CSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety...
1 month ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Land Line Magazine : This is Senator Deb Fischer, and she is on a mission to find out why, after all the inaccuracies found...
This is Senator Deb Fischer, and she is on a mission to find out why, after all the inaccuracies found with #CSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration felt it was necessary to make an app for that.

Senior Editor David Tanner has a report on Senator Fischer's letter to #Transportation Secretary Anthony #Foxx regarding her concerns about #FMCSA and the app.
This is Senator Deb Fischer, and she is... - Land Line Magazine - The Official Publication of OOIDA | Facebook
This is Senator Deb Fischer, and she is on a mission to find out why, after all the inaccuracies found with CSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety...
1 month ago - Via Google+ - View - Truck Matters : Sen. Deb Fischer Urges FMCSA to Remove ‘Inaccurate’ CSA Scores from App, Provide Disclaimers | Transport...
Sen. Deb Fischer Urges FMCSA to Remove ‘Inaccurate’ CSA Scores from App, Provide Disclaimers | Transport Topics Online | Trucking, Freight Transportation and Logistics News
Sen. Deb Fischer Urges FMCSA to Remove ‘Inaccurate’ CSA Scores from App, Provide Disclaimers | Transport Topics Online
In a letter to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, Sen. Deb Fischer expressed hope that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration would remove from the agency’s QCMobile smartphone application Compliance, Safety, Accountability information that is deemed inaccurate.
1 month ago - Via - View - Bill Ries-Knight (Steelhoof) : Here is The List. People that have been elected to office that have decided to become obstructionists...
Here is The List.

People that have been elected to office that have decided to become obstructionists.  The pledge is short and to the point, but it fails the sniff test. 

 The phrase net increase in government revenue means that something as simple as charging more for lumber companies to harvest trees cannot happen.  

Why you may ask?  Because it it could easily be argued that the simple act of replanting trees is related to climate change.  Hence in another 20 years the fees will not change although the costs to manage will increase.  This means a net loss in operational costs to the US and an increase in Lumber Company Welfare.

_*The Pledge:
No Climate Tax Pledge:
I, ____________________, pledge to the taxpayers of the state of _____________ and to the American people that I will oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.*_

The signatories: Current Pledges: 411
U.S. Senate
Arizona (1)
Jeff Flake – U.S. Senator 
Arkansas (1)
John Boozman – U.S. Senator 
Florida (1)
Marco Rubio – U.S. Senator 
Georgia (1)
Johnny Isakson – U.S. Senator 
Idaho (1)
Mike Crapo – U.S. Senator 
Illinois (1)
Mark Kirk – U.S. Senator 
Indiana (1)
Dan Coats – U.S. Senator 
Kansas (2)
Pat Roberts – U.S. Senator 
Jerry Moran – U.S. Senator 
Kentucky (1)
Rand Paul – U.S. Senator 
Louisiana (1)
David Vitter – U.S. Senator 
Mississippi (1)
Roger Wicker – U.S. Senator 
Missouri (1)
Roy Blunt – U.S. Senator – Vice-chairman, Senate Republican Conference (Pledge /Release)
Nebraska (2)
Mike Johanns – U.S. Senator 
Deb Fischer – U.S. Senator 
New Hampshire (1)
Kelly Ayotte – U.S. Senator 
North Carolina (1)
Richard Burr – U.S. Senator 
Oklahoma (2)
James M. Inhofe – U.S. Senator (Pledge / Release / Video)
Tom Coburn – U.S. Senator 
South Carolina (1)
Tim Scott – U.S. Senator 
South Dakota (1)
John Thune – U.S. Senator – Chairman, Senate Republican Conference (Pledge /Release)
Texas (1)
Ted Cruz – U.S. Senator 
Utah (2)
Orrin Hatch – U.S. Senator 
Mike Lee – U.S. Senator 
Wisconsin (1)
Ron Johnson – U.S. Senator 

U.S. House of Representatives
Alabama (2)
Martha Roby – U.S. Representative – 2nd District 
Mo Brooks – U.S. Representative – 5th District 
Arizona (4)
Paul Gosar – U.S. Representative – 4th District 
Matt Salmon – U.S. Representative – 5th District 
David Schweikert – U.S. Representative – 6th District 
Trent Franks – U.S. Representative – 8th District 
Arkansas (4)
Rick Crawford – U.S. Representative – 1st District 
Tim Griffin – U.S. Representative – 2nd District 
Steve Womack – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
Tom Cotton – U.S. Representative – 4th District 
California (6)
Doug LaMalfa – U.S. Representative – 1st District 
Tom McClintock – U.S. Representative – 4th District 
Jeff Denham – U.S. Representative – 10th District 
Kevin McCarthy – U.S. Representative – 23rd District – Majority Whip (Pledge /Release)
Gary Miller – U.S. Representative – 31st District 
John Campbell – U.S. Representative – 45th District 
Colorado (4)
Scott Tipton – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
Cory Gardner – U.S. Representative – 4th District 
Doug Lamborn – U.S. Representative – 5th District 
Mike Coffman – U.S. Representative – 6th District 
Florida (9)
Jeff Miller – U.S. Representative – 1st District – Veterans Committee Chairman
Steve Southerland – U.S. Representative – 2nd District 
Ron DeSantis – U.S. Representative – 6th District 
Bill Posey – U.S. Representative – 8th District 
Daniel Webster – U.S. Representative – 10th District 
Rich Nugent – U.S. Representative – 11th District 
Gus Bilirakis – U.S. Representative – 12th District 
C.W. Bill Young – U.S. Representative – 13th District 
Dennis Ross – U.S. Representative – 15th District 
Georgia (8)
Jack Kingston – U.S. Representative - 1st District 
Lynn Westmoreland – U.S. Representative - 3rd District 
Tom Price – U.S. Representative - 6th District 
Austin Scott – U.S. Representative- 8th District 
Doug Collins – U.S. Representative- 9th District 
Paul Broun – U.S. Representative - 10th District 
Phil Gingrey – U.S. Representative - 11th District 
Tom Graves – U.S. Representative- 14th District 
Idaho (1)
Raul Labrador – U.S. Representative – 1st District 
Illinois (4)
Peter Roskam – U.S. Representative - 6th District 
Randy Hultgren – U.S. Representative- 14th District 
Adam Kinzinger – U.S. Representative- 16th District 
Aaron Schock – U.S. Representative - 18th District 
Indiana (5)
Marlin Stutzman – U.S. Representative- 3rd District 
Todd Rokita – U.S. Representative- 4th District 
Luke Messer – U.S. Representative- 6th District 
Larry Bucshon – U.S. Representative- 8th District 
Todd Young – U.S. Representative- 9th District 
Iowa (1)
Tom Latham – U.S. Representative- 3rd District 
Kansas (3)
Tim Huelskamp – U.S. Representative - 1st District 
Lynn Jenkins – U.S. Representative- 2nd District – Republican Conference Vice-Chair
Mike Pompeo – U.S. Representative - 4th District 
Kentucky (1)
Andy Barr – U.S. Representative- 6th District 
Louisiana (2)
Steve Scalise – U.S. Representative- 1st District – Republican Study Committee Chairman 
John Fleming – U.S. Representative- 4th District 
Maryland (1)
Andy Harris – U.S. Representative - 1st District 
Michigan (6)
Dan Benishek- U.S. Representative – 1st District 
Bill Huizenga – U.S. Representative – 2nd District 
Justin Amash – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
Fred Upton – U.S. Representative- 6th District – Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman 
Tim Walberg – U.S. Representative – 7th District 
Candice Miller – U.S. Representative- 10th District 
Minnesota (1)
Michelle Bachmann – U.S. Representative – 6th District 
Mississippi (3)
Alan Nunnelee – U.S. Representative- 1st District 
Gregg Harper – U.S. Representative- 3rd District 
Steven Palazzo – U.S. Representative – 4th District 
Missouri (6)
Ann Wagner – U.S. Representative – 2nd District 
Blaine Luetkemeyer – U.S. Representative-3rd District 
Vicky Hartzler – U.S. Representative – 4th District 
Sam Graves – U.S. Representative-6th District – Small Business Committee Chairman
Billy Long – U.S. Representative – 7th District 
Jason Smith – U.S. Representative -8th District 
Montana (1)
Steve Daines – U.S. Representative – At Large 
Nebraska (2)
Lee Terry – U.S. Representative – 2nd District 
Adrian Smith – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
Nevada (1)
Joe Heck – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
New Jersey (2)
Jon Runyan – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
Scott Garrett – U.S. Representative – 5th District 
New Mexico (1)
Steve Pearce – U.S. Representative – 2nd District 
New York (3)
Michael Grimm – U.S. Representative – 11th District 
Chris Gibson – U.S. Representative – 19th District 
Tom Reed – U.S. Representative – 23rd District 
North Carolina (7)
Walter Jones – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
Virginia Foxx – U.S. Representative – 5th District – Republican Conference Secretary
Howard Coble – U.S. Representative – 6th District 
Richard Hudson – U.S. Representative – 8th District 
Robert Pittenger – U.S. Representative – 9th District 
Patrick McHenry – U.S. Representative – 10th District 
Mark Meadows – U.S. Representative – 11th District 
North Dakota (1)
Kevin Cramer – U.S. Representative – At Large 
Ohio (9)
Steve Chabot – U.S. Representative- 1st District 
Brad Wenstrup – U.S. Representative- 2nd District 
Jim Jordan – U.S. Representative- 4th District 
Bob Latta – U.S. Representative- 5th District 
Bill Johnson – U.S. Representative- 6th District 
Bob Gibbs- U.S. Representative- 7th District 
John Boehner – U.S. Representative- 8th District – Speaker of the House (Pledge /Release)
Steve Stivers – U.S. Representative- 15th District 
Jim Renacci – U.S. Representative- 16th District 
Oklahoma (3)
Frank Lucas – U.S. Representative -3rd District – Agriculture Committee Chairman
Tom Cole – U.S. Representative- 4th District 
James Lankford – U.S. Representative-5th District – Republican Policy Committee Chairman 
Oregon (1)
Greg Walden – U.S. Representative-2nd District – National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman 
Pennsylvania (6)
Mike Kelly – U.S. Representative-3rd District 
Pat Meehan – U.S. Representative-7th District 
Mike Fitzpatrick – U.S. Representative-8th District 
Tom Marino – U.S. Representative-10th District 
Lou Barletta – U.S. Representative-11th District 
Keith Rothfus – U.S. Representative-12th District 
South Carolina (4)
Joe Wilson – U.S Representative – 2nd District 
Jeff Duncan – U.S. Representative- 3rd District 
Trey Gowdy – U.S. Representative- 4th District 
Mick Mulvaney – U.S. Representative- 5th District 
South Dakota (1)
Kristi Noem – U.S. Representative- At Large 
Tennessee (3)
Scott DesJarlais – U.S. Representative- 4th District 
Diane Black – U.S. Representative – 6th District 
Steve Fincher – U.S. Representative – 8th District 
Texas (14)
Ralph Hall – U.S. Representative - 4th District 
Jeb Hensarling – U.S. Representative - 5th District – Financial Services Committee Chairman 
Joe Barton – U.S. Representative - 6th District 
John Culberson – U.S. Representative - 7th District 
Mike Conaway – U.S. Representative - 11th District 
Kay Granger – U.S. Representative - 12th District 
Bill Flores – U.S. Representative- 17th District 
Randy Neugebauer – U.S. Representative - 19th District 
Lamar Smith – U.S. Representative - 21st District – Science and Technology Committee Chairman 
Pete Olson – U.S. Representative - 22nd District 
Kenny Marchant – U.S. Representative - 24th District 
Roger Williams – U.S. Representative – 25th District 
John Carter – U.S. Representative - 31st District 
Pete Sessions – U.S. Representative - 32nd District – Rules Committee Chairman
Utah (2)
Rob Bishop – U.S. Representative – 1st District – Chairman, House Western Caucus
Jason Chaffetz – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
Virginia (4)
Scott Rigell – U.S. Representative – 2nd District 
Robert Hurt – U.S. Representative – 5th District 
Eric Cantor – U.S. Representative – 7th District – Majority Leader 
Morgan Griffith – U.S. Representative – 9th District 
Washington (3)
Jaime Herrera – U.S. Representative – 3rd District 
Doc Hastings – U.S. Representative - 4th District – Natural Resources Committee Chairman 
Cathy McMorris-Rodgers – U.S. Representative - 5th District – Republican Conference Chairman 
West Virginia (1)
David McKinley – U.S. Representative-1st District 
Wisconsin (3)
Jim Sensenbrenner – U.S. Representative – 5th District 
Sean Duffy – U.S. Representative – 7th District 
Reid Ribble – U.S. Representative – 8th District 
Wyoming (1)
Cynthia Lummis – U.S. Representative – At Large 

Arkansas (1)
Mark Darr – Lieutenant Governor 
Florida (1)
Rick Scott – Governor 
Georgia (1)
Nathan Deal – Governor 
Indiana (1)
Mike Pence – Governor 
Kansas (1)
Sam Brownback – Governor 
Maine (1)
Paul LePage – Governor 
Missouri (1)
Peter Kinder – Lieutenant Governor 
Oklahoma (1)
Mary Fallin – Governor 
Texas (2)
Rick Perry – Governor 
David Dewhurst – Lt. Gov. 
Virginia (1)
Bill Bolling – Lieutenant Governor 
Wisconsin (2)
Scott Walker – Governor – 
Rebecca Kleefisch – Lieutenant Governor 
State Senate
Arizona (1)
Nancy Barto – State Senator - 15th District 
Arkansas (11)
Bart Hester – State Senator – 1st District 
Jon Woods – State Senator – 7th District 
Bruce Holland – State Senator – 9th District 
Jimmy Hickey, Jr. – State Senator – 11th District 
Alan Clark – State Senator – 13th District 
Michael Lamoureux – State Senator – 16th District 
Missy Thomas Irvin – State Senator- 18th District 
Ronald Caldwell – State Senator – 23rd District 
Jonathan Dismang – State Senator- 28th District 
Jeremy Hutchinson – State Senator – 33rd District 
Jason Rapert – State Senator – 35th District 
California (1)
Bob Huff – State Senator - 29th District 
Georgia (2)
Chip Rogers – State Senator - 21st District – Senate Majority Leader (Pledge /Release)
Judson Hill – State Senator - 32nd District 
Idaho (1)
Monty Pearce – State Senator - 9th District 
Illinois (1)
Ira Silverstein – State Senator - 8th District 
Indiana (2)
Jim Banks- State Senator-17th District 
Scott Schneider- State Senator-30th District 
Kansas (4)
Dennis Pyle- State Senator - 1st District 
Rob Olson – State Senator - 23rd District
Susan Wagle- State Senator - 30th District 
Steve E. Abrams- State Senator - 32nd District 
Louisiana (3)
A.G. Crowe- State Senator -1st District 
John Smith- State Senator -30th District 
Bob Kostelka- State Senator -35th District 
Maine (1)
Garrett Mason- State Senator-17th District 
Maryland (1)
Norman Stone- State Senator -6th District 
Michigan (5)
Jim Marleau- State Senator-12th District 
Mike Kowall- State Senator-15th District 
Dave Robertson- State Senator-26th District 
Arlan Meekhof – State Senator – 30th District 
Mike Green- State Senator-31st District 
Missouri (6)
Scott Rupp – State Senator - 2nd District 
Brian Munzlinger- State Senator- 18th District
Tom Dempsey- State Senator - 23rd District 
Brian Nieves- State Senator- 26th District 
Mike Parson – State Senator- 28th District
Rob Schaaf- State Senator- 34th District
Montana (1)
Terry Murphy- State Senator - 39th District 
New Jersey (1)
Michael Doherty – State Senator - 23rd District 
New York (2)
Greg Ball – State Senator – 40th District 
Pat Gallivan – State Senator – 59th District 
North Carolina (17)
Louis Pate- State Senator-7th District 
Bill Rabon- State Senator-8th District 
Thom Goolsby- State Senator-9th District 
Brent Jackson- State Senator-10th District 
Buck Newton- State Senator-11th District 
Neal Hunt- State Senator - 15th District – Deputy Republican Leader 
Wes Meredith- State Senator-19th District 
Rick Gunn- State Senator-24th District 
Phil Berger- State Senator -26th District, Republican Leader 
Jerry W. Tillman- State Senator - 29th District – Republican Whip 
Andrew Brock- State Senator-34th District 
Tommy Tucker- State Senator-35th District 
Austin Allran- State Senator -42nd District 
Kathy Harrington- State Senator-43rd District 
Warren Daniel- State Senator-44th District 
Ralph Hise- State Senator-47th District 
Jim Davis- State Senator -50th District 
North Dakota (1)
Jerry Klein- State Senator - 14th District – President Pro Tempore 
Ohio (1)
Kris Jordan – State Senator- 19th District 
Oklahoma (1)
Bryce Marlatt- State Senator - 27th District 
South Carolina (3)
Kevin Bryant- State Senator - 3rd District 
Ray Cleary – State Senator - 34th District 
Paul Thurmond – State Senator - 41st District 
Texas (1)
Donna Campbell- Candidate-25th District 
Virginia (3)
Steve Martin- State Senator - 11th District 
Frank M. Ruff Jr.- State Senator - 15th District 
Jill H. Vogel- State Senator - 27th District 
Washington (2)
Donald Benton- State Senator - 17th District 
Paull Shin- State Senator - 21st District, Vice President Pro Tem 
Wisconsin (4)
Leah Vukmir – State Senator - 5th District 
Alberta Darling- State Senator - 8th District 
Glenn Grothman- State Senator - 20th District 
Mary Lazich- State Senator - 28th District 
Wyoming (1)
Eli Bebout- State Senator - 26th District 

State House or Assembly
Arizona (2)
Adam Kwasman – State Representative - 11th District 
Carl Seel – State Representative - 20th District 
Arkansas (19)
Lane Jean – State Representative- 2nd District 
Nate Bell – State Representative- 20th District 
Kim Hammer – State Representative- 28th District 
Allen Kerr – State Representative - 32nd District 
Andy Davis – State Representative - 31st District 
Mark Lowery – State Representative - 39th District 
Mark Biviano – State Representative- 46th District 
Reginald Murdock – State Representative- 48nd District 
Stephen Meeks – State Representative- 67th District 
David Meeks – State Representative- 70th District 
Jon Eubanks – State Representative- 74th District 
Justin Harris – State Representative- 81st District 
Bill Gossage – State Representative - 82nd District 
Charlie Collins – State Representative- 84th District 
Randy Alexander – State Representative - 88th District 
Micah Neal – State Representative - 89th District 
Debra Hobbs – State Representative - 94th District 
Bob Ballinger – State Representative - 97th District 
John Burris – State Representative - 98th District 
Colorado (1)
Marsha Looper – State Representative - 19th District 
Connecticut (1)
Lawrence Miller – State Representative - 122nd District 
Georgia (1)
Josh Clark – State Representative – 98th District 
Idaho (1)
Lenore Barrett – State Representative - 8th District 
Kansas (8)
Virgil Peck Jr. – State Representative - 12th District 
Richard Carlson – State Representative - 61st District 
Peggy Mast – State Representative - 76th District – Assistant Majority Leader(Pledge /Release)
Peter DeGraaf – State Representative - 82nd District 
Steve Huebert – State Representative - 90th District 
Joe Seiwert – State Representative - 101st District 
Mike O’Neal – State Representative - 104th District – Speaker of the House(Pledge /Release)
Arlen Siegfreid – State Representative - 121st District – Speaker Pro Tem(Pledge /Release)
Louisiana (3)
Henry Burns – State Representative - 9th District 
Frank Hoffmann – State Representative - 15th District 
Jerome Richard – State Representative - 55th District 
Maine (1)
Stacey Guerin – State Representative- 22nd District 
Maryland (6)
Michael Hough – State Delegate- District 3B 
Rick Impallaria – State Delegate - 7th District 
Ron George – State Delegate - 30th District 
Don Dwyer Jr. – State Delegate - 31st District – Deputy Minority Whip (Pledge /Release)
Nicholaus R. Kipke – State Delegate - 31st District 
Steven R. Schuh – State Delegate - 31st District 
Michigan (17)
Pat Somerville – State Representative – 23rd District 
Hugh Crawford – State Representative - 38th District 
Bill Rogers – State Representative - 42nd District 
Tom McMillin – State Representative - 45th District 
Rick Olson – State Representative – 55th District 
Margaret O’Brien – State Representative – 61st District 
James Bolger – State Representative - 63rd District 
Tom Hooker – State Representative – 77th District 
Al Pscholka – State Representative – 79th District 
Bob Genetski – State Representative - 80th District 
Joseph Haveman – State Representative – 90th District 
Kevin Cotter – State Representative – 99th District 
Jon Bumstead – State Representative – 100th District 
Ray Franz – State Representative – 101st District 
Bruce Rendon – State Representative – 103rd District 
Greg MacMaster – State Representative – 105th District 
Frank Foster – State Representative – 107th District 
Minnesota (1)
Glenn Gruenhagen – State Representative- District 18B 
Mississippi (1)
Greg Snowden – State Representative- 83rd District 
Missouri (11)
Jeanie Riddle – State Representative - 49th District 
Anne Zerr – State Representative - 65th District 
Mike Leara – State Representative - 96th District 
Dwight Scharnhorst – State Representative - 98th District 
Susan Allen – State Representative - 100th District 
Doug Funderburk – State Representative - 103rd District 
Mark A. Parkinson – State Representative - 105th District 
Chuck Gatschenberger – State Representative - 108th District 
Tim Jones – State Representative - 110th District 
Eric Burlison – State Representative – 133rd District 
Shelley Keeney – State Representative - 145th District 
Montana (6)
Keith Regier – State Representative - 5th District 
Pat Ingraham – State Representative - 13th District 
Cary Smith – State Representative - 55th District 
Gordon Vance – State Representative - 67th District 
Ted Washburn – State Representative - 69th District 
Mike Miller – State Representative - 84th District 
New Hampshire (1)
Charles McMahon – State Representative - Rockingham 7th District 
New Jersey (2)
John DiMaio – State Assemblyman - 23rd District 
Michael Patrick Carroll – State Assemblyman - 25th District 
North Carolina (25)
Pat McElraft- State Representative-13th District 
George Cleveland – State Representative - 14th District 
Frank Iler- State Representative-17th District 
Jeffrey Collins- State Representative-25th District 
Nelson Dollar- State Representative -36th District, Deputy Republican Whip (Pledge /Release)
Marilyn Avila- State Representative -40th District 
Tom Murry- State Representative-41st District 
Mike Stone- State Representative-51st District 
John Blust- State Representative -62nd District 
Bert Jones- State Representative-65th District 
Justin Burr- State Representative -67th District, Republican Freshman Leader (Pledge/ Release)
Mark Hollo- State Representative-73rd District 
Harry Warren- State Representative-77th District 
Julia Howard- State Representative -79th District 
Jerry Dockham- State Representative -80th District 
Rayne Brown- State Representative-81st District 
Edgar Starnes- State Representative -87th District 
Sarah Stevens- State Representative -90th District 
Brian Holloway- State Representative -91st District 
Jonathan Jordan- State Representative-93rd District 
Kelly Hastings- State Representative-110th District 
Tim Moore- State Representative -111th District 
Mike Hager- State Representative-112th District 
Tim Moffitt- State Representative-116th District 
Roger West- State Representative -120th District 
North Dakota (3)
David Monson – State Representative - 10th District – Speaker of the House (Pledge /Release)
Alon Wieland – State Representative - 13th District 
Wesley Belter – State Representative - 22nd District 
Ohio (1)
John Becker – State Representative – 65th District 
Oklahoma (8)
Jason Murphey – State Representative - 31st District 
Aaron Stiles – State Representative – 45th District 
Leslie Osborn – State Representative - 47th District 
Mike Sanders – State Representative - 59th District 
Pam Peterson – State Representative - 67th District 
Randy McDaniel – State Representative - 83rd District 
Sally Kern – State Representative - 84th District 
Lewis H. Moore – State Representative - 96th District 
Oregon (1)
Kim Thatcher – State Representative – 25th District 
Pennsylvania (2)
Jeff Pyle – State Representative - 60th District 
Rosemarie Swanger – State Representative - 102nd District 
South Carolina (2)
Chip Limehouse – State Representative- 110th District 
Peter McCoy – State Representative - 115th District 
South Dakota (1)
Lance S. Russell – State Representative - 30th District 
Tennessee (1)
Glen Casada – State Representative - 63rd District – Republican Caucus Chairman
Texas (6)
Dan Flynn – State Representative - 2nd District 
Lance Gooden – State Representative – 4th District 
James White – State Representative- 19th District 
Phil King – State Representative - 61st District 
Patricia Harless – State Representative - 126th District 
Debbie Riddle – State Representative - 150th District 
Virginia (4)
Lacey Putney – State Delegate - 19th District 
Tommy Wright – State Delegate - 61st District 
M. Kirkland Cox – State Delegate - 66th District – Majority Whip 
Brenda Pogge – State Delegate - 96th District 
Washington (1)
Matt Shea – State Representative - 4th District 
West Virginia (4)
Troy Andes – State Delegate - 15th District – Assistant Minority Whip (Pledge /Release)
Kelli Sobonya – State Delegate - 18th District 
Linda Sumner – State Delegate - 30th District 
Larry Kump – State Delegate - 59th District 
Wisconsin (4)
Dale Kooyenga – State Representative - 14th District 
Don Pridemore – State Representative - 22nd District 
Jim Ott – State Representative - 23rd District 
Bill Kramer – State Representative - 97th District 
Wyoming (1)
Sue Wallis – State Representative - 52nd District 
State/Municipal Officers
Alabama (1)
Terry Dunn – Public Service Commission – Place 2 
Arizona (1)
Gary Pierce – Commissioner, Arizona Corporation Commission 
Arkansas (5)
Mark Martin – Secretary of State
John Thurston – Commissioner of State Lands
Josh Mesker – Justice of the Peace- 2nd District 
Don Hilyard – Justice of the Peace- 6th District 
Joshua Anderson – Justice of the Peace - 7th District 
Florida (3)
Pam Bondi – Attorney General 
Jeff Atwater – Chief Financial Officer 
Adam Putnam – State Agriculture Commissioner 
Idaho (1)
Ron Crane – State Treasurer 
Oklahoma (1)
Janet Barresi – State Schools Superintendent 
Texas (3)
David Porter – Railroad Commissioner
Barry Smitherman – Railroad Commissioner 
Christi Craddick – Railroad Commissioner 
Virginia (2)
Ken Cuccinelli II- Attorney General – 
Rosemary Wilson – City Councilwoman, Virginia Beach – 
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