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Most recent 19 results returned for keyword: David West (Search this on MAP) Solomon Dalung : GENERAL BUHARI: POLITICAL TSUNAMI IN THE CENTRE OF RELIGIOUS CONTROVERSY: By Barrister Solomon Dalung...
By Barrister Solomon Dalung

One issue that has dominated contemporary Nigerian politics is religion, especially electioneering periods. The emergence of General Mohammadu Buhari on the political land scape in 2003 had altered the political chemistry of search for leadership. It provided credible opposition to the grand style mafia-like leadership which monopolized power for the benefits of a comprador class. As a result, there has been a paradigm shift from issues related politics to triviality of religion and ethnicity.

As a patriotic leader with passion for his nation, General Buhari has remained focus despite frustrating electoral experiences. His commitments to democracy can be measured by his resilience for the rule of law demonstrated in the legal battles for flawed electoral processes. Each time General subscribed to public pressure for a contest the phobia of "islamization of Nigeria" is mobilized as weapon by his opponents. While these issues are unheard of if another Muslim is contesting the presidential election.

Ironically, General Buhari contested the 2007 elections with a fellow Muslim Umaru Musa Yaradua and Pastor Chris Okotie, yet, the religious card was manipulated against him while Pastor Okotie, a Christian was also rejected by his constituents that are victims of Islamization stereotype. At Inaugural ceremony on the 29th May 2007, Yar'adua admitted publicly that "the election was flawed" but promised political reforms. Sadly, when the results of the election was challenged by General Buhari, the decision of the apex court remains a judicial contradiction which still hunts the nation till date.

Admitting but not conceding that there is mutual mistrust between the two dominant faiths, but can General Muhammadu Buhari as elected President Islamize Nigeria? How can this be achieved under constitutional democracy? Will the National Assembly be abolished or all the members to be elected will be Muslims to set the tone of Islamization agenda? Is there any constitutional power vested on the President of Nigeria to suo motu for making such declarations? What will become of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,1999 as amended? Will General Muhammadu Buhari islamized his vice, Pastor Osibanjo, Rotimi Ameachi, John Oyegun, Rochas Okorocha and all Christian members of his party, the APC?. These questions remain unanswered to a rational thinking mind.

If it is easy to declare Nigeria a religious state why has President Goodluck Jonathan not declare it a Christian state, judging by his passion for manipulating religion for electoral advantage? Under Jonathan presidency religion has been ascribed electoral value used by public officials as credential to gain public responsibilities. Although few Nigerians has bought wholesale this sentiments based on media misrepresentation of General Buhari's messages in the past suggesting that he is a violent personality who instigated his supporters to resist rigging with violence. The PDP government accused him of vowing to make the country ungovernable if not elected in 2011. Therefore, the failure of Jonathan's presidency is cheaply attributed to this statement. Can all these statements be taken as true reflection of the personality of General Buhari? Certainly, I don't think it is.

Prof Tam David West, Air Com. Bernard Banfa, Major General Paul Tarfa and host of others too numerous to mention have been close Christians allies of the General throughout his military career but they have not converted them to Islam? Buhari maintained cordial relationships with Christians some of them he has not personally met yet he is referred to as an Islamic fanatic. Amongst his personal aides, there are so many Christians who are excused from work on Sundays to enable them discharge their religious obligations. In General Buhari's office, secularity is observed while freedom is jealously guided.

As a person I met General Buhari for the first time early August 2014 after the bomb attack, when in company of Northern Elders we visited him. When I was introduced he stood up immediately, advanced towards me with an amazing smile saying "you are a true Nigerian who love peace" General Buhari continued, "it's because of you that I acquired a transistor radio and now your fan. He further stated that "I thought you are an elderly person but you are younger, may God grant you long life," he prayed.

Two years ago, Buhari developed a tradition of calling me on Christmas day to wish me happy celerations. He will call immediately I returned from Church and introduce himself as "Muhammadu Buhari" followed by good will message. Can a fanatic call a Christian that he didn't even know on a religious occasion to exchange pleasantries? Did he owe me any obligations to do that and in any case did he know me then? Personally, Iam not convince why Buhari is associated with religious extremism.

Fanatical Muslims have no accommodation for sister beliefs talk more of associating with them, anything contrary to their convictions is abominable. The commonest characteristics of fanaticism is intolerant to alternative opinions or beliefs. Is General Muhammadu Buhari like that? I thought if Buhari is a fanatic who seek power to Islamize Nigeria then he should have done that when himself and his deputy were both Northern Muslims. General Buhari fought Maitasine insurgents in Bulunkutu and Jimeta-Yola in the then Borno and Gongola States and defeated them, will it be fair to refer to such a personify as fanatical?

So what is wrong and who is afraid of Buhari? Generally, charisma is an exceptional leadership charm which remains a threat at all times. Captain Thomas Sankara was assassinated in Burkina Faso in 1987 because of charismatic leadership. Indeed General Buhari is a charismatic leader so benevolent with humility. A man with impeccable integrity that is transparent, honest and patriotic. Quite accommodating but intolerant to injustice and corruption. General Muhammadu Buhari is not an angel but he is an exceptional leader with over whelming character strength.

Of course, Buhari will be threat in a corrupt system with clueless political leadership like ours where national development has been compromised for personal aggrandizement. Therefore, religion and ethnicity becomes viable mischief instrument for creation of phobia in people as justification for non performance. The over mystification of General Muhammadu Buhari with bigotry orchestrated by hate campaigns is a mere ploy to scare the people from discovering his leadership charisma. This deceit is calculated at entrenching strong grip of Nigerian leadership by parochial power cult at the expense of insecurity, corruption, unemployment abject poverty.

Despite unprecedented attacks on his person in the 2015 electioneering campaigns by his opponents, Buhari maintained calm by resisting the temptation of joining issues, rather he concentrated on populist oriented approach which targeted redemption of the nation from political doldrums. There are over thirty legal suits sponsored to disqualify him which are yet decided by the courts, his age has also been used as an issue which instead turned out to be an advantage because the nation required matured leadership desperately. Also, his opponents made mountain out of ants hill of his health status which produced no benefits since General Buhari exhibited more strength in his campaigns by traversing over 35 states of Nigeria without any incidence of medical retreat.

Even the postponement of polls turned out to be blessing in disguise for Buhari due to massive defections of prominent political elements from the opposing camps. As result, the incumbent adopted dollar rain approach where major votes concentrated areas were bombarded with the American white notes, instead of bomber electoral harvest it escalated more damage to opponents camp as evidence of irresponsibility because salaries of public servants have been unattended for months. Therefore, it became an avenue for dispossession of a wicked man with dangerous political weapon but I sincerely doubt the potency of the dollar rain.

I may be wrong but convinced that Nigeria at this critical stage need a leader like General Muhammadu Buhari whose compassion for the nation is exemplified by not only charisma but also a non materialistic personally driven by selfless desire to serve. There is no doubt that from the body language of the nation Buhari will emerge victorious against all odds from the presidential polls. It is trite that, destiny can only be delayed but certainly not denied, which is what is playing out. Here come Mr President.
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13 hours ago - Via Community - View - Ravi B Maharaj : Media Release: Did Faris Al-Rawi Leak the Witness Statement? On Monday 16th March 2015, Senator the...
Media Release: Did Faris Al-Rawi Leak the Witness Statement?

On Monday 16th March 2015, Senator the Hon, Faris Al-Rawi created hoopla surrounding the presentation of the witness testimony of Mr. David West by the Prime Minister during a public forum. In his statement, Senator Al-Rawi regaled the media with allegations of "professional misconduct" as he proceeded to allege that the Prime Minister breached the Civil Procedures Rule in her address. What the goodly Senator conveniently failed to mention that night however, was that either he, or another person who was then providing counsel to Dr. the Hon. Keith Christopher Rowley in the matter between him and former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan SC, provided the witness to the group Fixin T&T for the purpose of distributing it to the public at large. Not only that, but the document currently still being shared by Fixin T&T on DropBox was uploaded to that site on either Thursday 12th or Friday 13th March 2015, an entire three days prior to Senator Al-Rawi issuing his statement on this matter. 

I had personally written to the Chief Justice on Tuesday 17th March 2015, in which the media was copied, requesting an investigation into how Fixin T&T came into possession of the witness statement. This request was subsequently forwarded to Registrar and Marshal of the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Jade Rodriguez for evaluation and resolution. Yesterday, Wednesday 25th March 2015, Ms. Rodriguez responded to my concerns by stating the following:

I have been directed by the Honourable the Chief Justice Mr. Justice Ivor Archie to respond to your e-mail correspondence below.
Please be advised that where the court orders that a witness statement be filed in any matter, the filing party submits to the Civil Court Office the original witness statement together with the requisite number of copies for service upon other parties to the action as well as for their own use. The original witness statement and all copies are stamped with the official court stamp. The original witness statement is retained by the court and becomes part of the court file. All stamped copies are returned to the filing party for service on the other side.  When a copy of a document is served, the person receiving the document signs or endorses the face of the document as proof of service.
I have noted that the document as attached to your e-mail bears, on the top left hand corner, an endorsement by one “Jeremy Dowlat”. Since this endorsement appears nowhere on the original document on the court file, there could have been no “leak” by this court. Further, if there is any breach of the Civil Proceedings Rules with respect to how a witness statement is used, that is a matter to be dealt with by the attorneys who have conduct of the matter in the manner in which the Rules provide.

What this translates to ladies and gentlemen is that the document that was scanned and uploaded to DropBox for public distribution by Fixin T&T would have irrefutably come from the defense counsel of Dr. the Hon. Keith Christopher Rowley, who would have filed the initial witness statement. And since there has been no statement to date purporting any theft of documents relating to this case by any of those legal luminaries, one can only come to the conclusion that the document was provided to Fixin T&T voluntarily. And being that Senator the Hon. Faris Al-Rawi was the senior counsel for Dr. Rowley at that time, I now call upon him to clarify this matter to the public.

In addition to this, I am also forwarding this information to Mr. Ramlogan and his counsel to determine whether there was any breach in the Civil Procedures Rule by any of the counsel for Dr. Rowley. For whereas the Prime Minister only displayed a copy of the witness statement, which she could have legally acquired from the Supreme Court, you now have a case where the defense counsel for Dr. Rowley has tasked a non-legal entity to distribute copies of the witness statement to the media in a manner inconsistent with current legal practice. In addition to that, there is still the matter that since DropBox stores all documents on servers in the United States of America, this can be seen as a breach of the Data Protection Act of 2011. 

I thank you all for your time and consideration of this matter and I urge you to investigate this further and to probe Senator Al-Rawi and the other members of Dr. Rowley's legal counsel for an explanation. 

Best regards,

Ravi Maharaj
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Hacking on the Heimdall in order flash recovery on SGH-T699 a/k/a Samsung Galaxy S Relay

Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS
# DEPS_CFLAGS = -I/usr/include/libusb-1.0
DEPS_CFLAGS = -I ../libusb-1.0/include
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looks like OxygenOS will not be released tomorrow :(
Dang that sucks
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18 hours ago - Via - View - Court Mejias : Screenshots will be REMOVED!!!!! I'm saying this now so it can make its way around and be seen. With...
Screenshots will be REMOVED!!!!!

I'm saying this now so it can make its way around and be seen. With Oxygen OS and CM12s coming soon there will be a ton of pointless screenshots of people getting the update.

The first post/screenshot will stay but any others after that will be removed. Everyone knows the update is coming so no need for screenshots.

Updates are random so posting and saying "got my update here in New York is pointless."

Only post with good information will be kept. If there are duplicate post or questions they will be removed and linked to the first post of its kind. There are over 17,000 members... Let's not all post screenshots.. Thanks.

Any questions? Comment on the post. This post will be pinned for the next couple of days.
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Nestlé is about to suck BC dry -- for $2.25 per million litres to be exact
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Banking corruption, state looting
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Palm oil, business responsibilities, online campaigning
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