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13 seconds ago - Via - View - Libris Fidelis : CHAPTER FOUR This FOURTH CHAPTER may be my last of this book, PART 2 -- A CITY UPON A HILL, In which...
This FOURTH CHAPTER may be my last of this book, PART 2 -- A CITY UPON A HILL, In which the author provokes the gullible into believing lies in this continuing author's psychosis to really corrupt the truth about our country, and about the Left with his anti-USA subversions, which is more of his completely fictionalized lies of pure propaganda!

And again I warn -- that this evil lying author should not be confused with the other Daniel Flynn, who is an attorney in Chicago.


Page 115 CHAPTER 4 - THE BIG FIVE LIES : "This is a critical chapter because, as a fascist, this author wildly cites bogus examples for his propaganda about global human sustainability, which for anyone who honestly observes our planet's current situation, is in critical imbalance!!!"

Page 115 : "Joseph Goebbels' mantra that using a lie enough times transforms the falsehood as being accepted as if it is the truth is exactly the method being used by the author in his plot to destroy the Left and Liberalism."

Page 115 : "This quote from Vladimir Lenin is critically important because it proves that he was not a communist: communism comes from the Helenic (ancient Greek) word comuniti which translates to the way people relate to each other, so proper communism would imply the people's cooperative self-determination. What Lenin created was the subordination of the people to the revolutionary power structure not even remotely resembling a form of Democracy. What Lenin actually created was a republican form of political-economic mafia!!! Stalin had a more powerful army, so he absorbed Lenin's organization to use Lenin as an emperor would use a subordinated conquered king in an empire, and Stalin literally set himself up as an emperor of the Soviet Union."

Page 115 : "The author completely has no idea what happened and has no knowledge with which to assess what happened. And then the author employs his ignorance and prejudice to dishonestly blame the Left for what the Right has done!!!"

Page 116 : "The author has lied throughout this book and this is the continuation of his previous lies to libel the Left."

Page 116 MYTH #1: AMERICAN WOMEN LIVE UNDER PATRIARCHY : "The myth the author is here promoting is that female gender subordination in marriage is really independence. What a liar."

Page 116 : "The author is intentionally ignoring the gender-glass ceiling!!!"

Page 117 : "The author's comment about our USA being the best in the world for gender equality overlooks unequal pay scale, social male superiority!"

Page 118 : "I would like to know what justification the author uses for including the fringe causes into the Left."

Page 118 : "When the author brings examples such as strategic theories versus true theories, he takes on a diversionary side trip."

Page 118 : "It is interesting that Rightist author Daniel Flynn is also an authority on Feminism, and as he claims Feminists detest science, that Flynn knows their psychology as women. Thus Flynn knows more than women do that women in our USA are totally sexually liberated!!!"

Page 119 : "Obviously the author has no understanding of the patriarchic practice in the wedding ceremony of the father giving away the bride, of the tradition of the bride throwing the bouquet to the maids to signify the bride throwing away her chastity, of the little woman at home syndrome."

Page 119 : "Feminist expert Flynn ignores the probability of male ego, what Feminists call male stupidity, being the primary cause of Flynn's own provided statistic that males populate prisons almost twenty times more than females, which is probably patriarchic in nature."

Page 119 : "the author cites a highly suspect source that males constitute seventy per-cent of the homeless population. I was an Iowa Council On Homelessness councilman and the statistics I received were that fifty-five per-cent of all homeless in our USA were single-parent mothers due to the fact that if the mothers requested assistance, the child welfare authorities would take the mother's children away from her, and her children could face mandatory adoption!!! As usual the author writes 'out of his ass'!"

Page 119 : "Insurance is a scam!"

Page 120 : "Without regard to male homosexuality, the notion that HIV predominantly only affects males is unsupportable in that prostitution and infidelity most assuredly spreads HIV from husbands and boyfriends to females of all categories!!! The author enjoys using bogus examples."

Page 120 MYTH #2: AMERICA IS THE WORLD'S LEADING THREAT TO THE ENVIRONMENT : "This is part of the author's propaganda psychosis, since the world-wide capitalist engine is mostly by US finance and commercial consortiums which exploit undeveloped countries' governments!!!"

Page 121 : "If commercial depletion of forests was not for selfish motives, then why have eighty-five per-cent of the world's original forests completely disappeared by year 2000?"

Page 121 : "Now this fascist author is attacking advocacy groups who scrutinize the environmental hygiene of our delicate biological planet. It is similar to the analogy of capitalists complaining about the requirement for city sewage treatment plants!!!"

Page 121 : "Here is another blatant fascist lie by the author that reforestation has created more US forests today than in the last century!!! Prime trees for construction lumber is a MINIMUM of 500 YEARS OLD !!! Paper pulpwood trees are tightly grown together with all but their top branches cut off, and are literally mowed-down like grass when they are six to ten years old. Unprotected forests are being cleared for urban development at an increasing pace, due to exponential human overpopulation!!!"

Page 121 : "If anyone thinks John Tierney's statement of the New York Times' is the least bit true, visit Washington, Oregon, and California former logging areas!!!"

Page 121 " "The author dishonestly asks if we really know that Al Gore's statement that automobiles are a more deadly threat than any military enemy. California's San Gabriel Forest was almost dead until the California requirement for catalytic converters, and 'smog' was a known health antagonizer with USA's exponential human population increase; even improved fuel economy will not reduce carbon monoxide levels overall!!"

Page 121 : "This is all a lie. Only compact cars rated these consumption rates, and there is no way possible to cut hydrocarbons by ninety-nine per-cent without going to pure hydrogen fuel !!!"

Page 122 : "Another grossly blatant lie by this fascist author that starvation is impossible world-wide!! The opposite is exactly true! The German discovery of the nitrogen process for crop fertilizer in the 1930s is credited for feeding one-third more population than organic farming, yet the process is petroleum-based!! Since in eight generations the world petroleum sources are eighty per-cent depleted, so with the world population increasing exponentially with farmland continuing to be developed for urbanization, the world is headed for a major catastrophe akin to the Easter Island disaster, except on a global scale!!"

Page 122 : "Naturally this fascist author, who has not studied the facts, ridicules a protestor who has studied the facts, as the author plays with his bogus references."

Page 123 : "When the author criticizes the "Left" for being traitors and subversives to our country, and then he brags how our country does not need Liberalism because women have more rights, and the air is cleaner in our USA, he lies about reality since it was Liberal legislation by the Left that brought those conditions to our USA!!!"

Page 123 : "The author erases credit away from the Left for the Left's Liberal politics, and then says that the results of the Left's politics to make improvements proves by the improvements that the Left was unnecessary and has only been a trouble-maker!!!"

Page 124 : "What this fascist author does not disclose is that Liberal laws of the Superfund are the imposition of the rule of law; the Superfund was never a benefit brought by Rightists! The right fought those laws bitterly since they were extensions of Liberal anti-pollution laws!!!"

Page 124 : "Again, more than MERELY FALSE INFORMATION, the author LIES about US water consumption. Mexico successfully sued our USA in World Court because not one drop of the once mighty Colorado River crossed the border into Mexico!!! It was a dry river bed!!!"

Page 124 : "The author's propaganda serves the deceptive role of hiding the fact that modern pest control is toxic to humans and to pollinating insects; that to pollinate those crops, the insects need to leave their larva to eat those plants to reproduce the next generation of pollinators!!!"

Page 124 : "The author used the LIE that fuel can now be burned that produces NO pollution at all!!! But only pure hydrogen fuel can do that, which comes from water and CANNOT BE TRADEMARKED!!!"

Page 125 : "The overt lies of this fascist author are pathetic. The economics and industry of advanced nations have cut down entire forests, drained wetlands used by migratory birds, channeled and dammed rivers for barges and hydroelectricity; the examples are many!"

Page 125 : "The author callously propagandizes away the truth that the environmentalists are the true conservatives, who are trying to preserve and protect the world's ecosystem, while the fascist Right wants to eradicate the ecosystem for profit."

Page 125 : "The author repeatedly uses ad hominems to demean environmentalists due to the fact that fascist Right is insanely illogical."

Page 126 : "What this fascist author refers to as"science" is actually engineering of for-profit commodities, not rational respect for Earth's biology and environment!"

Page 126 MYTH #3: AMERICA IS A RACIST NATION : "First of all America is a 509 year-old (as of 2016) vertical hemisphere, NOT a nation. Our 227 year-old nation was named AFTER the hemisphere was named America."

Page 126 : "As usual, this arrogant author concocts a fantasy story to make believe that he is an intellectual when he writes that many believe our country invented racism!"

Page 126 : "This fascist author attacks the Left by falsely accusing the Left of what actually the author is doing: using racism to inspire hate and discord!!!"

Page 126 : "This fascist author intentionally steers the Congressional slave representation, of a slave being three-fifths the political value of a free person, to ignore that the slave's value was only exercised by the owner, not by the slave!!!"

Page 126 : "The author plays BOTH SIDES as devil's advocate AND the devil in his typically deceptive and dishonest way!!!"

Page 127 : "David Horowitz uses false information. Our USA didn't become a nation until our U.S. Constitution FEDERALIZED our confederacy in 1787. The slavery of the English colonies must carry over into our USA of 1787 since it continued unabated into the 1800s."

Page 128 : "David Horowitz needs to do honest research if he wants to present himself as an authority. Actual slavery in the English colonies began when the English king shipped Irish Gaelic captives as slaves to Virginia and the Carolinas. Until the middle 1600s caucasian slaves in the American English colonies outnumbered African slaves!!!"

Page 128 : "David Horowitz does not identify what a slave trader is. The west coast African slaves were captured by African tribes; the slave ships were largely European."

Page 128 : "Dinesh D'Souza is painting a false picture of slavery in our USA. It was NOT THE SOUTHERN POPULATION who owned slaves, it was the chartered wealthy factory and plantation owners who owned slaves!!!"

Page 128 : "The only reason fascist Daniel Flynn wrote the Charles Drew story, with intentional fabrication in a paragraph preceding the simple three-line correcting truth, was to inspire an emotional angst that could be guided by the author's propaganda toward hating anything the author designates to be hated!!! The author is creating allies of hate!!!"

Page 129 : "The author is fascistly promoting more propaganda again by claiming that minorities were not disproportionately included in the Viet Nam military action. The disproportion was evident by their economic status."

Page 129 : "The author did not participate in the Viet Nam war. Propaganda always excludes the truth of African Americans refusing to be used as a tool in combat; it is true that rebellion ended in a defensive fight to save one's own life."

Page 130 : "The author brings a terrible fact that racism increasingly appears within African American and Mexican American cultures as the result of how they are and have been disregarded and segregated during the course of USA's commercial communism, proving equality has never been a goal of The Establishment. Minorities have ALWAYS been brought in to the American hemisphere and/or our USA, or encouraged to emigrate, to be used as economic servants to The Establishment which has caused this racism and ethnicism."

Page 131 : "Gee... if the author thinks the Left hates our country so much, and that the Left's policies have increased minority access to education and that education hates our USA, there must be a great number of USA-hating people whom the author hates!!! So who is the author trying to warn???"

Page 131 MYTH #4: THE UNITED STATES IS AN IMPERIAL POWER : "This is true, because Imperialism is a monarchy or empire realm. But all tyrannies are set-up under a central power that is unchallengeable."

Page 132 : "The author is genuinely lying when he says the protestors of USA's support of Israel and School Of The Americas and the World Bank and War On Terror are blaming the the employees of our US infrastructure, when it is The Establishment and Congress they were protesting!!!"

Page 132 : "The Viet Nam veteran protestor Kenneth Stewart, as a witness, proclaims our USA to be a terrorist nation as part of the 50,000 people protesting Israel's occupation and genocide in Palestine and the School Of The Americas and the World Bank and the internationally illegal and anti-Constitutional War On Terror, while this fascist author intentionally ignores the truth and accuracy of the protest!!!"

Page 133 : "This Establishment-supporting fascist author is not understanding or does not want to understand the concepts of the terms "conquer"; "empire"; "evil", and "imperialism" that mean US commercial communism, which is anti-Democracy and brings us into globalization!!!"

"Page 133 : "The empire is not our US controlled empire BY CONGRESS, but is an empire controlled BY THE PARASITICAL WEALTHY ELITE ESTABLISHMENT THAT CONTROLS CONGRESS !!!
THEY are who own the empire!!! The author does not want to admit who he is a prostitute to and for!!!"

Page 133 : "When the author mentions corporate logos representing US subversion, he does not mention the "players" of international consortiums that are larger than corporations, and sometimes have no names, such as the international mafia based in Geneva, Switzerland that has infiltrated using its global consortium industries and financial institutions, such institutions as our US Treasury, FBI, NATO, and European Union."

Page 134 : "The author deceptively asks where activists get their ideas of US military enforcement of empire, and then the author cites Noam Chomsky's statement that no country no matter how small is exempt from our military, and all we need to remember is our US military's invasion of the tiny island of Greneda. Only because of Cuba's alliance with the Soviet Union have we not invaded Cuba in a unilaterally-declared war."

Page 134 : "The author is here again writing a blatant fairy tale story to mock Noam Chomsky's intelligence, which is far superior to the author's corruptly inferior intellect, and then the author mockingly glosses over Howard Zinn's astute comment!"

Page 134 : "There is possibly much truth to Gore Videl's adept statement; to keep the secret pipeline safe and open through the Kyber Pass and as I have suggested, to add more pipelines for oil and natural gas to Europe to circumvent Russia."

Page 135 : "The author uses the Central Intelligence Agency as a convenient scapegoat, a typical anti-Liberal tactic, when the CIA mostly does what the US President and the Pentagon tells it to do."

Page 135 : "The author deliberately alleges there is no proof of US complicity in coups, but there is definite documentation of USA instigating the overthrows of Iran, Chile, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala!"

Page 135 : "This fascist author deliberately avoids the naivete of undeveloped foreign country governments in facing the great wealth of world-renown commerce wanting to come into those countries!!"

Page 136 : "As powerful as our US military is, our USA is subject to the world's wrath of the world's nations. Even with the subversive infiltration of our US commerce, other nations can do great harm to those commercial investments, similar to "back-stabbing" our USA's military might."

"Page 136* : "This author is so full of shit, but then the purpose of his propaganda is to mislead and to deceive."

Page 136-137 : "The ignorance in this facist author's arrogance attacks understanding the reality that our USA DID NOT DEFEAT the Soviet Union, which is why we do not conrol Russia today -- in fact our USA's stupidity and disregard COULD have shaped the new russia but didn't. As it turns out, both Russia and China use USA as a capitalist mafia TO REPLACE our USA as the new world economic and military powers FAR WORSE than our USA has ever been, and that is entirely our and England's wealthy elite's fault!!!"

Page 136 : "It is no more a fallacy that a super-wealthy nation causes other nations to lose their fortune, than it is that the capitalist class keeps sciety poor -- the author's dishonest popaganda is dangerous!"

Page 136 : "The author has NO qualification to analyze what causes scorn for US foreign policy, beyond the fact the author is a deliberate liar!"

Page 136 : "The other foreign countries have suffered due to global capitalists in our USA forming scam financial consortiums in a lending pyramid scheme robbing those countries!"

Page 136 : "The rest of the world has gone deeper into poverty even though there is more "money" in the world that arrises from exponential human overpopulation. But the world is switching over to swapping credits in place of money, and the US dollar as the world trade standard is being abandoned to leave our USA powerlessly bankrupt!"

Page 137 : "With the tyrannical powers of Russia and China growing, it is entirely possible that In The Clash Of Civilizations, the words of Samuel Huntington are quite accurate -- that the economic impact of our USA will have shrunk from seventy per-cent in 1920 to thirty per-cent by 2020!!!"

Page 137 : "The interest on international loans IS NOT PAID to our US treasury -- it is paid to mega-wealthy private international financiers and their global consortiums which is why theWorld Bank is hated!!!"

Page 137 : "Again the author is using bogus manufactured fascist fantasy to masque the real reason both our country and the world is so deep in debt -- global finance and taxation is a huge "Ponzi Scheme" with nearly ALL OF THE NATIONS BORROWING FROM EACH OTHERS' TREASURIES TO PAY EACH OTHERS' PRE-EXISTING LOANS WITH THE INTEREST GOING TO THE PRIVATE GLOBAL WEALTHY ELITE!!!"

Page 138 MYTH #5: THE RICH GET RICHER, THE POOR GET POORER : "Again the author lies so blatantly to cover the truth. Since 1980 this fact has become ever more verified by economic decline of domestic economies WORLD WIDE!!!"

Page 138 : "Never before has he wealth differences between the rich class in our USA been so great, and the middle and lower class been so subordinated than in the present decade!!!"

Page 138 : "The burden of taxation DOES NOT fall on the wealthy as this fascist author so dishonestly claims! The Walton Family of Wal-Mart have their corporate investments rigged so that their Wal-Mart customers pay the Walton Family's taxes by the price mark-ups on what they buy on products made in China that are ten per-cent the wholesale cost of US made products, which has closed US factories!!!"

Page 139 : "The reason the exorbitant US income tax to low and moderate income people is at one-third of income is because the REAL INCOME TAX is as prices paid for products and food that include the taxes the capitalists and their businesses pay!"

Page 139 : "Notice that right here the fascist author admits that the poor have lost their position in the current economy!!! But then the author lies that the economic prosperity has grown!!!"

Page 139 : "A nine-trillion dollar US economy with a THIRTY TRILLION DOLLAR NATIONAL DEBT -- and the author lies abut how great our USA is!!!"

Page 139 : "The author is propagandizing that it is better to have a reduced part of the growing economy, but that growing economy is increasingly putting most of society on an existence lifestyle, while the wealthy elite become more wealthy!"

Page 139 : "Notice the author mentions Bill Gates and Leona Helmsley in the same sentence about grand wealth, but the author DOES NOT MENTION Leona Helmsley going to prison for income tax evasion!!!"

Page 140 : "In Friedrich Hayek's book The Constitution Of Liberty, he states the very reason the tax code taxes wealthy more -- to provide more economic equality in civil status!"

Page 140 : "In this paragraph the author makes an absolute lie, because the exact opposite is the truth. The truth is that ignoring the absolute losses of the lowest and middle economic classes while stressing their relative prosperity within the upper domestic economy of our nation as a whole serves to exemplify the mathematical ledgerdomain that fascist Rightists play in the service of upper class domination !!!"

Page 141 : "President Ronald Reagan was the POLITICAL PUPPET of The Establishment's commercial communism that destroyed the economic standing of the middle and lower classes!!!"

Page 141 : "This entire page is nothing but propaganda using old data mostly derived from before the effects of he Establishment using digital consumer technology to destroy employment and bring global products that shut down US industry!!!"

Page 142 : "If you want to witness a total lie being used as propaganda, read the author's own words that "Just as the extremely poor are not typically chronically impoverished, the extremely rich usually were not born into affluance." The author must be insane to not have any shame for writing what he wrote!!!"

Page 142 : "I have already stated the dishonest corruption of the list of super-wealthy men that the author provides."

Page 143 CONCLUSION : "The conclusion is that the author is a lying fascist propagandist for The establishment."

Page 143 : "As the author writes but is more accurate about the author: "Machiavelli said One who deceives will always find those sho allow themselves to be deceived." How true!!!"
_ _ _ _ _ _
Libris Fidelis
27 seconds ago - Via Reshared Post - View - LY.GROUP.CHINA :

Watch the video: 2016 NEW LY 628 electric heating and air blow separating oven 220V 600W
2016 NEW LY 628 electric heating and air blow separating oven 220V 600W Function:For mobile & pads screen pre-separating Code:LY-628 Voltage:220V only Poewr:600W Size:400*400*580mm Weight:30KG
48 seconds ago - Via - View - Alok Dheer : Please read this status. Then suggest a solution instead of just ranting about how our govt is sooooooo...
Please read this status. Then suggest a solution instead of just ranting about how our govt is sooooooo wrong.
I ask all the brilliant people:
So what is the way ahead? Do nothing? Show the other cheek? Go to war? I am still waiting for the right answer.

Being shared by many on Social Media:


1. Russian forces arrive in Pakistan to hold joint military drills.

2. Indonesia offers Pakistan defence equipment.

3. Iran wants to be part of CPEC and link Chabahar port (built on Indian money) with it.

4. China says it supports Islamabad's stance on Kashmir.

5. Atleast 50 other countries, prospering on China's trade, do not comment on the Uri attack..

6. OIC says it supports Pakistan's stance on Kashmir.

7. Turkey sending fact finding mission to Kashmir on Pakistan demand.

8. Nepal wants to boosts bilateral relations with Pakistan.

9. USA has refrained from naming Pakistan for the Uri Attack.

10. If the UN took no cognisance of Pak PM speech, it doesn't give any imp to our views also.

11. Withdrawl from Indus Water Treaty will annoy World Bank.

12. Withdrwlawing MFN status to Pakistan will go against principles of WTO.

And our government wants us to believe that Pakistan has been internationally isolated.

Govt Needs to realise that USA cannot do without Pakistan, China will never allow Pakistan's isolation & Russia is looking at Pakistan as an imp arms market.

Countries around the world have their own priorities.

Wanting others to fight our war or even look at the situation through our eyes is Being Naive."
China must worry about jobs as firms move production to India - The Economic Times
"China needs to worry about effect of industrial transfer to India on production chain," an article in the state-run Global Times said today.
1 minute ago - Via Google+ - View - World News :

China upset as U.S. sanctions firm tied to North Korea nuclear program
China said on Tuesday it was opposed to any country using its own laws to carry out "long arm jurisdiction", after the United States sanctioned a Chinese industrial machinery wholesaler tied to North Korea's nuclear program.
1 minute ago - Via - View - Irobiko Chimezie : Over the years, “sex education” in China hasn’t been an acceptable subject for adolescents as most parents...
Over the years, “sex education” in China hasn’t been an acceptable subject for adolescents as most parents and even teachers avoid it like plague. People who brand themselves as “traditional” often see sexuality as a taboo that shouldn’t be discussed in…
Sex Education In China: An Overview On The Effects Of Tradition, Morality And Laws.
Over the years, “sex education” in China hasn’t been an acceptable subject for adolescents as most parents and even teachers avoid it like plague. People who brand themselves as &…
1 minute ago - Via Reshared Post - View - ROBERT LEIF :

2 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Davide Vaccari : ”Based on the scale of the attacks, the most likely culprit is a large state cyberwarfare unit, with...
”Based on the scale of the attacks, the most likely culprit is a large state cyberwarfare unit, with China at the top of the list of suspects.
The ultimate goal of the efforts could include a “global blackout of all websites and e-mail addresses in the most common top-level domains.”
Someone is Testing a Takedown of the Entire Internet
And it’s probably China.
2 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - BLOGGER YARD : Xiaomi launches Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus in China
Xiaomi launches Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus in China
Xiaomi launches Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus in China
Xiaomi has launched the new Mi 5s and its elder sibling, the Mi 5s Plus in China. Xiaomi Mi 5s Starting with the Mi 5s, the new device has a...
2 minutes ago - Via - View - MY Blogging Guru : Xiaomi launches Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus in China
Xiaomi launches Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus in China
Xiaomi launches Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus in China
Xiaomi has launched the new Mi 5s and its elder sibling, the Mi 5s Plus in China. Xiaomi Mi 5s Starting with the Mi 5s, the new device has a...
3 minutes ago - Via - View - Kevin Burress : Desert locust cicadas that don't like cold weather and hatch 2-3 times a year. And China would even ...
Desert locust cicadas that don't like cold weather and hatch 2-3 times a year. And China would even keep them off with more chemicals than the FDA would allow if they showed up.
3 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Ray Merritt : I am endorsing Jill Stein for President! Why, well she wants to cancel out student debt, with quantitative...
I am endorsing Jill Stein for President! Why, well she wants to cancel out student debt, with quantitative easing; which is when you support an amount of money going to bail out one or more groups needing assistance, or having to do for the poor what we did for the banks, who were irresponsible by buying jet fair, building violin swimming pools, buying vehicles for their bosses or spending the stimulus on lucksuries. Yes I spell some things how they sound! She stands for strength, because she has never lied in all the documentaries that I have watched so far. Donald Trump is a comedian just watch his returic. He likes to make false statements like I won’t nuke, because I am the least likely to take all my cards off the table, when in fact he says we are going to make America great again. If he gets Mexico to pay for a wall, lets hope that it can be like The Great Wall of China producing culture, by decorating it with art, by employing anyone to add pictures like puzzles on center street grill fast food outlets & putting gate houses along its corridor. Why does Trump want all minimum wages to be according to the price of living in each state? Simply this is his greatest stronghold, because he can make people earn what they need, not what they want from Hillary's $12.00 minimum wage or Bernie's/Jill’s $15.00 dollars, which will cost more for a hamburger, don’t get me wrong, I cook many soups, stews, & pasta with cutting up fresh vegetables or making sandwiches excetera. Hillary had three people Killed, she likes to talk about her mom Dorthy who raised her as a spoiled brat, she doesn’t care for the poor or the middle class as much as she cares for lobbyist's. Her email scandal is so dam confusing, because too many people say what they think about it, when we should forget that this whole thing ever happened, because like it or not Hillary can’t lose, why too many people back her up like, B.O. Gorge Sorose who caused riots at Trump rallies, or Sid Rothschild, David Rockefeller who has had nine heart transplants or Vice President Joe Biden who would have been the best candidate as his own words hold him to high esteem. Trumps Vice President Mike Pence put a woman in prison for 20-25 years for trying to have an abortion, don’t get me wrong I hate the idea of death, but if a woman is responsible she shall know that her free agency, free choice & free will, lets her choose life and death, the Trinity will decide her fate, he also believes in electric shock therapy on Gay’s to turn them strait, Just ask Trevor Noah on the daily show or comedy central, he knows more about Trump, Hillary, & Bernie than most educated wright wing separatists. Beware of all the lies from Hillary, why she says I am going to hurt the coal miners jobs or she cares more about global warming than producing green house gasses, which plants produce more leaves to clean the air. Jill Stein will replace fracking of shail rocks turned into oil or coal digging, with work that provides environmentally sound jobs. If people still want to use oil & coal, we should protect the workers lungs with respirators or ventilator masks with oxygen tanks for as-ma sufferers. One person stated 15 different times that Hillary lied by swaying half truths, which she told. She is a better choice than Trump, she has the most glossy facts, told over trumps constant truth that he was smarter by getting away from paying taxes a couple of times. How many more wars do you all want that start with Hillary’s secretary of state Job & also when she was a Senator fighting terrorist’s for too long rarely wining against many areas like Syria, Libya, Iraq, ect. Jill Stein will cut the funding of weapons from terrorist countries, like Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Israel’s middle east areas, Iraqi, Afghanistan or Syrian places. Hillary wants a no fly zone on Syrian territory, which if we or our allies shoot down Russian planes, this could start a world war. Trumps campaign people are dumb, because one lady said B.O. started the war in Afghanistan, when we know for sure that G.W.B started the main war there with the Northern Alliance on his side who went against the Taliban. The Cold War was a lie, because Russia fought terrorists with their paratroopers, who wanted no more school hostage situations. If I become a leader one day I will never use nukes, my cards would be to use drones, Jill doesn’t want to use them though I say this because technology can prevent war, I prefer to use of Radar Artillery, for all artillery brings dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl. Jill Stein will never give up on the middle class, poor or down trodden, I strongly say she is better than Gary Johnson a libertarian who wants Canibus, Marriwana or weed, just to be legalized, I hate this plants smell like a skunk, Jill say’s we should treat weed users as freeing them from the jails, those who have used Marriwana so far, can face treatment rehab. This drug is not as bad as some think it is, clearly I do not support it, like Gary does, because I saw a friend boil it, and drink it, this plant can cause slowed reaction times, hallucinations, anger, anxiety, or hypertension. We should produce Hemp for clothes, roads, food from its seeds, diaper inserts, gloves from bamboo or plastic oil based toilet paper, save a tree, save the copper statue of liberty, which brought great merchants or immigrants to New York or places on the east coast. Believe in Jill Stein or rhyme so she is like Jack and Jill go up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown-Trump, Hillary like Dictators and Jill came following after her own agenda, which is not part of the main stream politics. Please Vote for Jill Stein for she must stay in, even when she must get 15% of each states vote just to be on the ballet! Trump said that B.O. & Hillary created Isis or Isil the Islamic state of Iraq, Syria, & Levant or all of the middle East, this is a blatant lie, they helped it grow though to what it is now doing today. Trump suggested that people should hit someone, who throws tomatoes at you, & a Trump supporter punched someone who was rallying against them. Trump said make Hillary be less safe from gun owners, this is a threat & he tells it latter like it is a joke. Bernie is just supporting Hillary, because she can win verses Trump. Jill is as smart as any body can be, she was a medical Doctor, I like her skills to stay on track, even when the media cuts out parts from her interviews & bashes her over and over again. She is a green party member who wants to get our economy on healthy renewable clean energy by 2030 A.D. or what I believe should be at least 50 years from now. She fought against mercury being in our vaccines, she believes in all freedoms that don’t jeopardize the safety of our children. I will vote for Jill Stein just, because she always has been forthright at bringing up real life situations to be solved with a brain far superior than Trump or Hillary’s mentality. Female Doctors should be praised not blazed with fiery darts from the adversary, she is successful in politics, because she worked hard going to school, even when other candidates were given handouts from their dad, or Trump’s inheritance 14 milion or Hillary’s campaign donations from lobbyists. Trump & Hillary want war not peace, why because she has killed enough Syrians or Assad's people through her Secretary of State job as saying he was a bloody dictator, when all of his documentary's seem to show a calm, intelligent leader who sides with Putin the best leader of Russia, even better than Stalin who sent infantry off to be shot down by German machine gunners & Trump gets baited by a tweet from twitter, I guess he does not even care what he say’s anymore as long as it gives him popularity, the more a man say’s about his so called truths that turn out to be wish washy, is how we all get burned, by sensationalism. I believe in Capitalism with businesses privately owned & operated by small business owners or an increase in wealth, income or commerce, because the free trade deals should have limitations for smuggling of dangerous items. Jill Stein needs to win with your vote, please choose her over the two pigeons who fight over moldy bread crumbs. I see the Light of Christ in Jill Stein, because she is as honest as Abe Lincoln. This Light can tell anyone the difference from right & wrong, & it testifies of all truth from Jesus Christ’s spirit within us. We must stand as witnesses of God at all times & in all places regardless of the Morale values being declined. Jill Stein has strong values to protect our children’s safety from bad medicines, she promotes a safe environment for all the down trodden, weak, or afraid from big businesses on Wall street, the bankers were bailed out & some of them paid it back, but even I sent two letters to B.O. to say if the banks fail the whole economy falls prey to a weak area of stress for bank account owners. I believe that all people can remember, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, for which it stands one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. All people are free as long as we remember life can change, but our values stay firm to support truth in words for the Plan of Salvation. Every one is important in God’s eyes, so remember forgive all people for their sins & you will be free from condemnation, which is a temporary stopping of our progression, such a Spiritual Death; separation from God because of our sins. Admit or recognize what we did wrong, feel sorrow even godly sorrow for our transgressions, then ask for a forgiveness of the things we did wrong or what we have not done for someone, when we promised them to do a chore or work & we failed to make up for our inequity from lack of care for ones property, & then going to make restitution by going & doing no more evil & doing good continually. Jill Stein does want all people to have jobs allowed from a requirement of a green new deal job, working to be a voter for the greater good, not a vote for Hillary the lesser evil than Trump. Listen to my words with your soul & you shall find the truth. Jill cares for free medical treatment for all people in America, so we can make weak persons become strong from real life health care. She will cut the military by 50%, just to stop wasting so much money for wars, that have made us less safe by bombing innocent people, & using the surplus to pay for her environmentally sound campaign agenda. Jill Steins main strength came from not funding her campaign with lobbyist’s donations. She will transform our economy into a place for clean air, land & water plus Jill Stein love’s our rights for all people to have free agency, free choice & free will in most areas of their life’s. I am recruiting as many people as possible to vote for the real joy of a life free from pain, when you can’t afford to fix teeth, on minimum wage, I want minimum wage to be based on the price of living in each state, or Donald Trumps plan. Current care for Ray Merritt only pays for a free cleaning, not free ex-rays or liberty to have an exam done to replace teeth with porcillin. I clean my teeth, on my own, because I don’t want my porcillin fake teeth to be pulled out by a dentist. I will try to convince all presidential candidates to use a wage based on the cost of living in all of the places we each reside, in around the United States of America. I believe that Jill Stein will win with allegiance placed in the Green Party for a safe, clean & rejuvenized economy forever more. Yes she spray panted the shovel of a bull dosser, but artistic ability should be encouraged by joy in safe protest. I believe we should transport oil & coal mostly by lightening fast railways instead of using pipelines, which have high records of breaking to spill oil into our water supply. Hillary has been seen as fake in her support from Bernie sanders, who would have won the election by playing politics just to latter stop endorsing Jill Stein so he could use his voters to say Hillary has my point of view on most issues. Jill Stein needs your vote, please change history by not letting the second Clinton back into the white house to make medicare worse from the same plans Bill Clinton had of universal health care, which costs tax payers to much money. Trump sadly loses the debates to Hillary, because of her videos bashing Trump, while he say’s I don’t use adds from commercials to bash her. Hillary likes to stand up for changing her mind several times on abortion, Marriage, sniper fire, or even saying she now cares for the poor and middle class, when in fact Trump said that Rosy Odanol speaks Garbage as a Lesbian, who staid on talk shows ranting about how wicked Trump was. Hillary & Trump both have the stamina to travel for trade talks, thus making deals to expand trade, but Donald will make other countries pay for our trade deals, Hillary wants our economy to pay off college debts, but also lowing interest rates on the school loans. Hillary will win without you vote for Jill Stein, because we need a real recycling agenda from the Green Party. Just imagine if we could empty dumps of their recycled products, by mining them, & thus creating gobs all over the world. I promise all people that I will vote for Jill Stein, until we see her in the white house, for this one in a life time campaign. She must win with her study of politics & her real Honesty to tell the truth like it is. Jill Stein grew up singing in a Jewish choir, she believes in moral values for our Adult like Children & for our kids to be protected from harmful toxic waste.
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3 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - China Briefing : Case Study: Tax Exemption Under the China-Hong Kong Double Tax Arrangement – Part 1
Case Study: Tax Exemption Under the China-Hong Kong Double Tax Arrangement – Part 1
Case Study: Tax Exemption Under the China-Hong Kong Double Tax Arrangement - Part 1 - China Briefing News
Learn about tax exemption of capital gains under the China-Hong Kong Double Taxation Agreement in this case study from Dezan Shira & Associates.
5 minutes ago - Via - View - Marinho Mario R. Williams : The arbitration ruling on the South China Sea might have added extra fuel to pre-existing tensions in...
The arbitration ruling on the South China Sea might have added extra fuel to pre-existing tensions in the disputed waters, but instead of resorting to more belligerent rhetoric, Beijing and other claimants appear to be ready to invest in fostering cooperation and reviving joint development initiatives in the contested region.
"Their gestures include an agreement between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to finalize a framework for the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea before mid-2017 and a host of accommodating trilateral arrangements among China and new leaders in the Philippines and Vietnam," Texas-based think tank Stratfor detailed in its latest analysis.
Beijing Testing Newfound Approach to Easing Tensions in South China Sea
The arbitration ruling on the South China Sea might have added extra fuel to pre-existing tensions in the disputed waters, but instead of resorting to more belligerent rhetoric, Beijing and other claimants appear to be ready to invest in fostering cooperation and reviving joint development initiatives in the contested region.
5 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Lau Yuk Far : My country Democracy Republic of China from Republic of China founder Sun yet sen1911-1945-2016...forever...
My country Democracy Republic of China from Republic of China founder Sun yet sen1911-1945-2016...forever.💕
5 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Tech2 :

Xiaomi Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus debut in China; boast of Snapdragon 821 and dual-camera setup
After months of rumours and speculation, Xiaomi has, at long last, unveiled the Xiaomi Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus smartphones.
5 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Tom Daley Fan : I can't believe tom went to china and took this picture ^_^
I can't believe tom went to china and took this picture ^_^
5 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View -