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Most recent 18 results returned for keyword: Capitals (Search this on MAP) JaMes Glenn : The planet earth is the only place in the universe where you pay to live. Alex Collier. We are part ...
The planet earth is the only place in the universe where you pay to live.
Alex Collier.
We are part of a well thought out design , large power structures have planned a way of life that brings us to the limit , they create shocks , open and close the " coffers " of abundance, then close , it is a cycle that repeated again and again .
The school is designed to create robots, you clouded consciousness and information that you transmit your life bitter , teachers are part of the blindness of that flock .
The kids picked up and reveal them then creates a guilt complex that creep lifetime.
Professionals are ready to respond to a way of life and consumption to the " American Dream " , the typical executive winner, politician with a model car , villa, own selfish comfort of the great capitals .
We poison with adulterated consumer products , then we sell medicines.
Those who can not have this, go to other "lower" levels , workers, technicians and various social skills.
The two parts form the design of a man scheduled to make money, to live and fight for property which enslave , subject , squeeze .
Some do not survive , they get depressed , they say , " all about money " , when he realizes , is immersed in a spiral , one designed to take you to " produce " , make money, lots of machinery.
This idea becomes the goal and purpose , so that man is able to do whatever you ask him to go to war , betrayal and angry with everyone.
The solution is inside, when we wake up , we will be the architects of our reality.
34 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - maksim kozyrev : STORPORT DRIVER VERSION by Sayegh Name: Storport Driver Version File size: 15 MB Date added: July 7,...
Name: Storport Driver Version File size: 15 MB Date added: July 7, 2013 Price: Free Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Total downloads: 1797 Downloads last week: 20 Product ranking: ★★★★★ Write your name in capitals. She forgave him. The accident happen...
Name:Storport Driver VersionFile size:15 MBDate added:July 7, 2013Price:FreeOperating system:Windows XP/Vista/7/8Total downloads:1797Downloads last week:20Product ranking:★★★★★ Write your name in capitals. She forgave him. Th...
2 hours ago - Via Blogger - View - MyFatPocket : How To Navigate The Coffee Capitals Of Europe [Infographic] - If you’ve ever been to Paris, Rome or ...
How To Navigate The Coffee Capitals Of Europe [Infographic] - If you’ve ever been to Paris, Rome or Barcelona, you’ll know that these cities have a bustling café culture, with each boasting its own distinct customs and practices for ordering, serving and enjoying coffee.

It can be confusing to keep track of the differences between each city, but luckily holiday rental website HouseTrip has created an infographic to help you navigate the aforementioned coffee capitals...
3 hours ago - Via HootSuite - View - Tomasz Węgrzanowski : Civilization 5: Arabia campaign (King) - domination victory by turn 382 War against Americans wasn't...
Civilization 5: Arabia campaign (King) - domination victory by turn 382

War against Americans wasn't too difficult, except they settled another Chicago really far to the West, on pretty much the Westernmost tip of Pangea even, near Tenochtitlan. So of course I had to burn that one as well, eliminating Americans from the game. Other civilizations I'm happy to leave there, but Americans had far too much city state influence for that.

Finally my efforts to outtourist Brazil became successful and I got up to +57 happiness. Next turn after that tourism win I invented Radar and upgraded all my 2 Bombers and 5 Fighters. That's as good as air superiority I'll ever have, especially with 2 Anti-Aircraft Guns sitting next to my 3 artillery, in a Citadel I built on Brazilian border. Without competition from Americans, I could get pretty much all the city states I wanted as well, so there was no risk from that direction.

Meanwihle AI entertained itself with petty wars like Brazil-Ethiopia and Aztecs-Portugal, with little hope of any of them getting anywhere. (Brazil actually took Harar)

Anyway, the big war. Annoyingly, Brasilia collapsed right away on the first turn, taking 2/5 of Brazilian airforce with it, making my careful positioning pretty much completely pointless. Next turn I took Sao Paulo, and his 3rd air unit with it, cutting Brazil in half, while making my positioning really awkward, with Artillery far behind frontlines, air force damaged, and Tanks isolated in front lines.

So I pulled my troops forward, and my anti-aircraft guns shot down their Bomber, leaving them with just 1 remaining air unit. It turns out they got Artillery now as well, so danger zone around cities is now a lot larger, but it's not a huge deal, and they had very few Artillery units (well, just 1 that shot at me, not sure if there were more elsewhere). A few turns later I took Salvador, attacking it with heavily damaged airforce and losing one of my Bombers in process, but it was worth it, since it's adjacent to Addis Ababa - Ethiopian capital.

I let Brazil live taking Harar in the peace deal - a small city they stole from Ethiopia just before our war (and one of the reasons why Brazilian territory was so underdefended - their armies were mostly down there in Harar), and proceeded to burn it right away. Now I could try to come with some fancy victory conditions, but by then I had 7/8 capitals, and all my troops with really good access to weakly defended Ethiopian capital.

Two turns, and it was all over. Harar didn't even finish burning out. 7 turns later I'd finish both Manhattan Project and Nuclear Fission research simultaneously, and I could start building nukes, just in case my campaign needed that extra final push.

Retrospectively, it was the most fun campaign I had in Civ5. AI had obvious massive cheaty bonuses of the kind that usually annoy me, and then it was also obviously stupid to let me balance that out. It was happy to start a war when it sensed an opportunity (unlike Paradox games, where AI is far too timid for optimal enjoyment level), but also knew when to cut the loses and accept peace deal a unfavourable terms instead of prolonging the war unnecessarily (unlike Total War games, where AI fights to the death every time, no exceptions).

I'm not sure if it was more King difficulty level, or more using 8-civilization rather than 6-civilization map that made campaign longer and more challenging. It's a lot better than my first impressions of Civ5 were, but then I feel I've had enough for now, and I don't really feel like playing more of it anytime soon.

My biggest mistakes:
* Using Pangea Plus map generator instead of Pangea - placing every city state on own tiny island removes a lot of diplomacy from the game
* Having military maybe 2-4 units too small to discourage AI attacks early on, and then sending 2 of my units to clear out Barbarian camp mid-war with Portugal - which resulted in retrospectively unsurprising Aztec attack.
* Ignoring obvious military buildups near my borders, assuming they go for another AI. That's actually what France - grouped their troops near my capital, which I reinforced, and then proceeded to attack Portugal. I expected Brazil to attack Americans the same way, so I did not reinforce (even though it would have been trivial), and they attacked me instead.
* Taking cities my happiness level would not let me take. I was one rebel spawn away from losing the campaign once, since pillaged road from the capital is nearly instant campaign loss (this is shitty design, but what can I do about that). If I waited a turn or two, maybe I could get my happiness buffer high enough to avoid rebels completely. This doesn't apply when the capital is coastal - then redundant connections are very cheap, so there's little risk of getting -20 happiness and -200 gpt from one tile pillage, followed by inevitable chain collapse.
* Not realizing how powerful air units are against unprotected armies - all my previous campaigns were over before AI could build any. To be fair, I learned that really quickly and combined operations of airforce, artillery, and tanks was how I was able to take over Brazil and Ethiopia so quickly.

And some puzzles:
* I think I screwed something hard with faith, since I was overflowing with faith points for second half of the game, with my religion dominant pretty much everywhere, and nothing really to show for this effort.
* I got massive dissidents penalty to happiness somehow caused by Brazilian tourism pressure. How exactly that works is a bit mysterious, only with massive spending to get tourism running I was able to stop that.
4 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Lucas Appino : [new] Media focused investment banks in New York - New York City has long been one of the major capitals...
[new] Media focused investment banks in New York - New York City has long been one of the major capitals for Herbert Allen investment banking, playing host to major corporations. There are many new banking institutions that will exclusively cater to the needs of media focused enterprises.
Media focused investment banks in New York | Lucas Appino
New York City has long been one of the major capitals for Herbert Allen investment banking, playing host to major corporations. There are many new banking
7 hours ago - Via HootSuite - View - Hockey Tracker : Washington Post notes it's unlikely Dustin Penner will be back with the #Capitals next season
Washington Post notes it's unlikely Dustin Penner will be back with the #Capitals next season
8 hours ago - Via HootSuite - View - rose marry : Political Map Political map. Educational game to learn easily the countries and capitals of the world...
Political Map
Political map. Educational game to learn easily the countries and capitals of the world (Europe, Africa, America, Oceania and Asia). You can move the map with your finger and zoom. Languages??: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, German...
Political Map
Political map. Educational game to learn easily the countries and capitals of the world (Europe, Africa, America, Oceania and Asia). You can move the map with your finger and zoom. Languages??: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish,...
8 hours ago - Via Blogger - View - ChampionsBallHockey : - Islanders VS Capitals - 4.13.14
- Islanders VS Capitals - 4.13.14
Watch the video: CBHL POOL A - Islanders VS Capitals - 4.13.14
8 hours ago - Via YouTube - View - The Hockey Writers : Washington Capitals: Why George McPhee Should Stay Washington Capitals owner Ted...
Washington Capitals: Why George McPhee Should Stay
Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis has a huge offseason ahead of him. It starts with big decisions at the General Manager position and determining Washington’s 2014-15 head coach. Due to the obvious reasons including calling out Ovechkin publicly, mishandling of the Jaroslav Halak situation a...

#AdamOates, #AlexOvechkin, #GeorgeMcPhee, #TedLeonsis
9 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Velikaya Rossiya : Valley of Geysers / Photos by: Lori, Legion Media/ Geo Photo/ Timag82/

Valley of Geysers / Photos by: Lori, Legion Media/ Geo Photo/ Timag82/
Haven’t been to the largest country in the World yet? Too bad, but we guarantee that after reading this article, before you know it, your bags will be packed and you'll be en route to mother Russia.
The Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka

10 Places you would never believe were in Russia
Heli-skiing and backcountry sailing in Kamchatka’s incredible landscape

One of the largest geyser fields in the world, the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka is known as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Volcanoes of Kamchatka”. Every year only several thousand lucky burgees have a chance to visit it because of its remote location and reserve status. 

In 2007 the Valley suffered from a massive mudflow which buried about a half of the Geysers. But already in 2013 a new landslide restored most of them and increased the number of Geysers.

Among the most famous geysers of the Valley are “Firstling”, the first Geyser to be discovered in the Valley in 1941 – throws a stream of boiling water directly into the river nearby; “The Giant” erupts 30 tons of water in a minute, the column reaches the height of 20-story building. “Triple” throws out the water from three different holes at the same time. 

If you do not feel lucky (and rich) enough to see it with your own eyes, you can find the video translation from the Valley of Geysers on this site .


Top 7 places to enjoy a real Russian Winter
Listvyanka: the final destination on the road to lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is a world inhabited by thousands of species of birds, animals, plants, fish and microorganisms, many of which are not found in any other stretch of water in the world. The lake is so big that its surface area is as large as Belgium – that it would take around four months, at normal walking speed, to walk all the way around it.

So thick is the ice when the lake freezes that during the Russo-Japanese war of 1904, railway lines were laid over it which successfully supported 65 steam engines and 2,300 loaded wagons. 

The location is also a UNESCO-listed Heritage Site. 

Even Hollywood director James Cameron was won over by the charm of the region. He ventured more than once to the bottom of Lake Baikal in exploratory missions whilst preparing to film his movies “Titanic” and “Avatar”.


Travel to Chukotka: russian region only 4 miles from the US
Moneron Island: A mystery trapped in pristine waters

There are no roads in Chukotka, nor Railways. This fact converted this remote region into the paradise of wild nature with infinite Arctic storms and relentless frosts from the northern Pacific which all the witnesses consider one of the most majestic things they have seen in their lives. Nothern Lights, Bays and Fiords form unique picturesque landscapes that are impossible to forget. 

Chukotka is tundra. Its vast hilly spaces are covered in moss, dwarf trees (tiny birch-trees, willows and other trees creeping along the ground) and grass.

The indigenous population of Chukotka, the Chukchi and Eskimos, are cheerful, fun-loving folk. Every winter they have dog- and deer-sled races.

In summer one can glimpse the natives hunting whales. In a show of respect, the Chukchi cut a slice of whale to throw into the sea. In doing so they hope to help the whale heal and return.

Mir Mine

Splendid isolation: Discover Russia's nomadic peoples
Ian Frazier’s Guide to Siberia: 6 must-see places

A former open pit diamond mine is located in Siberia. It is so big, that it is forbidden for helicopters to pass the airspace above the mine as they may be sucked in by the downward air flow. With a depth of 525 meters and 1,200 in diameter, the Mir mine is the second largest excavated hole in the World. 

The mine was closed in 2004, almost 50 years after the start of the mining. All this time the mining was held in extremely harsh Siberian conditions, with 7-month winters and an eternal permafrost because of which all the buildings of the town Mirny were constructed on piles to prevent their sinking. The temperatures were cold enough to freeze the oil and shatter the steel, at night the entire mine had to be covered to prevent the machinery from freezing.

But even under these tough conditions, the mine produced over 10 million carats per year.

Kizhi island

The haunting beauty of the northern Wonderland
An Alternative to the Beach: Five Trips to the Sea in Autumn

Don’t miss a trip to the breathtaking, UNESCO-listed Kizhi Island. For most Russians, it became the epitome of medieval wooden architecture. The most familiar landmark is the 22-domed Church of the Transfiguration with its gables silhouetted above Kizhi’s grassy shore. 

There have been churches on Kizhi for centuries, built using logs of scots pine, roofed with spruce wood planks and topped with a waterfall of aspen-covered domes. Traditional building methods involve no nails at all, but simply close-fitting notched logs.


The dangers and delights of the Caucasus
Ingushetia: Tips for travelers in the Caucasus "terra incognita"

The Cuacasian region of Ingushetia is full of towers and castles: on almost every mountain, behind every curve there is an ancient stone building. But even in Ingushetia, Vovnushki is considered to be sort of “exotic”, because of the strange converged form and pyramidal roofs. Built in the late Medieval era, they are considered to be one of the most mysterious and unusual architectural monuments in Russia.

In ingush language Vovnushki means “a place of battle towers”. To see them, you have to visit Ancient Egikal, the largest outdoor museum in Ingushetia is also the largest tower complex in the Republic.

The Urals

The Best Underground Attraction of the Oldest Mountains in the World
Great Urals: From meteorite tours to UFO reserves

The Urals, some of the most ancient mountains in the World, were formed over 350 million years ago. 

The first human settlements in the Ural Mountains appeared 14,000 years ago. In the southern Urals there is the ‘sun-town’ of Arkaim, while in the north polar region you can meet groups of Khanty and Mansi, reindeer-herding peoples. 

The Urals is also a paradise for fans of the paranormal – there are endless legends about UFO-sightings, and people come to follow in the footsteps of the lost Dyatlov Group expedition.

Putorana Plateau

Apocalypse, please: places that time forgot
Ecotourism paradises: There were the seals live

Putorana is the northernmost and one of the most ancient volcanic Plateaus in the World. It is situated to the East of the largest city on Earth above the polar circle – Norilsk. 

The plateau is about 250 thousands square meters with an average height of the mountains of about 1 kilometer. More than 25 thousand lakes are located on its surface, the concentration of the waterfalls is one of the highest in the world. One of the highest waterfalls in Russia – Kanda (108 m.) – is situated here.

In spite of the fact that UNESCO-listed Putorana is situated above the Polar Circle, a huge variety of animal species live there. For instance, every year herds of more than 500 thousand deer cross the Plateau.

Multa lakes

Altai landscapes lure in mountain daredevils
Solitude travel in the heart of Southern Siberia

Multa lakes is the true pearl of the Altai region. They are divided into three lakes: Upper, Middle and Lower. The river Multa flows from the Lower Multa Lake, slightly larger than the other two. The Upper Multa lake is located in a giant “bowl” and surrounded by steeply-sloped ridges with the glaciers and snow on the peaks. The attractions of this pristine wildlife region are so numerous that one can spend their entire life there and not visit them all.

New Age enthusiasts come here searching for the mysteries of Shambala – a magical mythical land referred to in ancient Kalachkara texts. The area, commonly referred to as the “Russian Tibet”, lies along West Siberia’s southernmost borders, has long captivated visitors with is astounding natural beauty. Here you might find horses pasturing alongside deer herds and camel farms, fifteen hundred glaciers and a thousand lakes perched on the mountain ranges. Throat-singing shamans and Old Believers live at peace in the settlements and villages at the edges of the dense forests and rocky outcrops.

Two capitals

A guide to the extravagant side of St. Petersburg
The best (and the most bizarre) of Russia’s rentals

It is hard to say something new about the two Russian capitals. Strikingly different and both extremely magnetic, they often contrast with each other.

For instance, St. Petersburg isn’t a city – it’s a legend, a marvelous city whose beauty gives Paris a run for its money. People come here to admire the magnificent palace facades, the faded old courtyards, the imperial residences in the countryside and the Aurora cruiser. The city is famed for its suspension bridges, the State Hermitage Museum, the Gulf of Finland, the summertime white nights, the assassination of Rasputin, and the lion statues on Palace Embankment. 

The Russian capital, like Russia itself, is astounding in its vast scale. Moscow is Europe’s largest city, with the world’s deepest-lying metro system, the world’s largest Orthodox church, and the world’s largest University building. The mirror-glass windows of skyscrapers are reflected in the golden onion-domes of the ancient cathedrals, and an excursion around the Boulevard Ring Road is like a trip through Time – Soviet-era Constructivist buildings stand cheek-by-jowl with Empire-era and Classical buildings, while the restaurants and bars are teeming with diners round-the-clock.

Golden Ring

Ground zero: Where Soviet Union and Ancient Rus collide
Cities of Old Russia: circling the "Golden Ring" route

Lying within striking distance from Moscow, the Golden Ring is a treasure-trove for history buffs who desire to discover the country's Slavic roots. 

The route runs through the towns of Ancient Rus, which have preserved some unique monuments of early Russian history and Culture: churches with wintry onion domes, monasteries and historic stone and wooden buildings. There are about a dozen ancient cities in the Golden ring, two of which are on the UNESCO list.


122 Degrees below zero: hiking above the Arctic Circle
Post-Apocalyptic skiing on the Polar Circle

Ostrich farms, flying dogs, reindeer-herders who tell fortunes under the Northern Lights, and a long polar night that turns to daylight only once a year – all these extraordinarities are simple reality for Arctic habitats. Tourists with a penchant for history come here because the Russian Arctic was the birthplace of the Gulag, but there is a lot more to the region. 

It’s a place where dawn is a long-awaited event, but that in summer goes for more than 30 days without the sun ever dipping below the horizon. Take a ferry to the North Pole from almost every town! With tens of wildlife reserves, northern nomad settlements and absolutely stunning nature, this remote and tough place is a must-see destination for an experienced traveler.
9 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - BookGoodies : Mind Hurdles: Having Fun with States & Capitals in the United States (Interactive Quiz Book) by Lynn...
Mind Hurdles: Having Fun with States & Capitals in the United States (Interactive Quiz Book) by Lynn West @KindleKidsBks
Mind Hurdles: Having Fun with States & Capitals in the United States (Interactive Quiz Book) by Lynn West @KindleKidsBks
Kids love and are challenged by Mind Hurdles: Having Fun with States & Capitals in the United State - Interactive Quiz Book. Its interactive multiple-choice format not only makes it a favorite among books for children, but it is also a wonderfully fun game that painlessly shows your child which capital belongs with each state.…
12 hours ago - Via HootSuite - View - Nina Astika : While Song armies did not do well against Liao on the southern front, Jin forces advanced relentlessly...
While Song armies did not do well against Liao on the southern front, Jin forces advanced relentlessly, taking Liao capitals and capturing the last Liao emperor in 1225, ending that dynasty.
Jin (Chin) Dynasty

12 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Sahameddin Ghiassi : Wall Street and the management of destroying the Middle Class in the whole world.  I do not know if ...
Wall Street and the management of destroying the Middle Class in the whole world.  I do not know if you have heard about Panda the China bear? They cannot produce enough offspring and they will die with the time if they have no support. Now we have the same problem, we are as the people say 99% or the population, but we are dying with the time. We work harder and have less fun, but we get poorer and poorer, why? I will explain it, at least I try. The one present that run the whole world, have money, knowledge, and they are united, but the 99 present, they do not have enough money and they are misused and used as robots against each other. 

 They are trained to be disagreeing with each other kill each other, hate each other, do not respect each other and even misuse each other. Their general knowledge is much less that the one present and most of them are full of ignorance and hate against each other. That is why the one present is so effective and powerful and the 99 is weak, disunited and full of hate and ignorance, complex and disunity.  The one present use their differences as a device to destroy them. Religion, nationalities, different languages, different way of thinking, races and all other small and big differences are use very wisely by the one present against the 99 people.  They do not trust each other, and if they trust each other, they will totally misused even by each other.

They are trained even to kill each other blindly. Some of these 99 people can slide in the one present, but they will be even more cruel that the original one present.  It is clear that the one present cannot control the 99 present, if they do not have any help among the 99 people. But they can easily get help from them. They trained them to be very indifferent and cruel to each other. And they are actually very busy to fight with each other. Sex complex is another device which is used against them. The 99 people are mostly in the third world and also in the first and second world.   The leader of communists, capitalists and different religions, the corrupted ones are cooperating with each other to control the 99 people. They introduce them hate, against each other religions, races, languages and the way of their lives.  One of their branches or device that they use is Islam.

The Shia and Sunni are trained some how to hate each other and call each other the wrong one. A lot of war is planted and design for them to kill each other with the West or East weapons. They can sell their weapons and can see how they work. The war between Iraq and Iran was one of their scenarios. The young people who cannot even read Quran, fight for Quran and kill their Moslem brothers. Millions of young people with the name of God is Great killing each other for eight years and at the end none of them were the winner or as both said, both of them were the winners? The both countries lost billions of dollars and millions of young people are killed or disabled? Who won the business people who sold their weapons and their insurance companies that insure them?  In the center or in the Western or Eastern countries the middle class and poor class people are the victims, too. They pay more tax and they work more, but they have nothing. What they have is taken by the Law, which is in the service of rich people from them and they pushed to be poor or if they are very smart and or cruel be richer. 

  I heard that in the Middle Eastern countries more than 20 present of the people are addicted to the drug. I know that in the West or East also a lot of people are addicted. The drug business is more profitable than the oil business. And the weapons industries are more profitable than all other business together. The insurance companies and banks are destroying the middle class in some countries with inflation, they destroy the little capital of the middle class or in other countries with deflation they do the same thing. They borrow too much money to the people and in the time that the people cannot pay, they take their business and destroy their down payment they put for their business. For example the middle class man saved 100,000 dollars after 15 years hard work. The bank give him 200,000 dollars more money, and he buy a small business. After two or three years, the value of his business from 300,000 dollars dropped to 150,000 dollars. So he will lose all his 100,000 down payment.

The interest rate goes up and he cannot pay the installments. Or his business does not work properly, because of competition. The bank takes his business and short sell for 120,000 dollars to the third person that is normally one of them. The people with huge capitals are waiting to buy short sells. The bank does not modify the business with lower rate to him? Because; the plan is to destroy the middle class. A man or woman, who worked for forty years, now has no pennies left, because the system will destroy the middle class.  Who does the work, the other middle class people who are employed by banks and insurance companies?  The government people who are selected by the people are also in the side of business people or banks and insurance companies. Do you why, because they have money and they pay for their camping gathering for the advertisement of elections.

The insurance companies that gathered a lot of money from each house or business or other thing, even if one time one bad accident happened, they have very so called smart employees who can find any type of excuses not to pay. Government people are supported some how by their donations which is also legal, but it is sort of bribes are supporting their favors. That is in reality the people are robbed by the insurance companies and banks.  As the government high personals have donation from them and let their hand free to robe people. In the East or Middle East is more bribes, and here the bribes are in the name of donation, which is legal?   The West is also expert to destroy the middle class people and make them even homeless. They gave loan with high interest and the person who has loan is forced to pay high interest. So with the time he cannot pay and will lose all your capital to the banks and insurance companies. The banks give with low interest a loan, but with the time bring the interest so high that the person cannot pay. In the time that he makes money, insurance companies gathered a lot of money, but in the time he needs help, they cancel their policy. The insurance companies are here mostly collecting money companies with the name of insurance companies. 

 And with the help of banks and other agency robe people and the government as had a lot of donation especially for election of the candidate from the huge companies let them robe people and they do not control them.  Now dear Mr. President, you know that there is a lot of unjust here. The middle class are robbed and destroyed and your government ignores the whole matter. I wrote a lot of letter to your huge administration, but I have been ignored. That is the way, because the people are trained to be indifferent or cruel, so if your administration ignores, nobody care. The people are trained like a robot to see only their own benefits and they do not care about other people. They laugh at them, but in the time they are in problem, they cannot laugh any more. 

 Nasser said I trusted your insurance companies, they collected a lot of money in the time, I did make good money, but in the time I had problems, they ignored me and cancelled the insurance policy. The whole system is also useless and they are indifferent and they do not listen and act properly. The house which is damaged by water and is dried for one week with ten electrical machines and hot air and it costs 700 dollars just for drying, after one week, the insurance company mean it was just a leak. A leak damaged the whole floor and the whole cabinets. The insurance company instead paying 200,000 dollars, just paid 700 dollars. The house was five times robbed by people; the police said that is a legal matter. Nasser worked here 16 years and paid over 700,000 dollars taxes, insurances, mortgage, and repair. The house for the business that he bought for 860,000 dollars and put another 800,000 dollars for changing it to a business cost now only 500,000 dollars. And he had no pennies after forty years of work? What do you call this? With PhD and a hard working person has been robbed by the system and the whole system is useless or indifferent. Now USA will lead the world, if a man with forty years work is robbed and destroyed, and the system is useless.

 Is that just? The Orange County makes mistake, Nasser is responsible, the people robbed him, he is punished, the real estate value came lower, and again he is punished. And if he goes to the administration and claimed, they say to him to back to your original country.  But what is a problem in their original countries? Over there the Sheikh drive a car which is made by white cold and fly in an airplane which is build with yellow gold? He has a house mostly made of gold and his bath room is made of ivory. He has a lot of beautiful women around himself and the regular young men cannot marry and generally they use their own hand as a wife? So they are angry and upset. They hate other young people that they think they have contacts with the women or girls and try to destroy them. They are busy with sex problem and are full of complex. The people cannot study and or work properly if they do not have any good relationship with the government. What here is called donation, over there called bribes and if you cannot pay the bribes, you cannot have anything. And legally and or religiously bribe is sin.

The people fight with each other and kill each other for religions or sex or different languages. Many women suicides, or even burn themselves, because they are reaped by strong men or rich men?  Nasser could not work in his country, because his mother was not Moslem. She was Bahai, a modern branch based on of Shia which with the time got a world Faith. The religious and clergy Moslem are against Bahai and kill them, if they can. Even Nasser was not Bahai, but they misused the name to robe him. The Moslem friend of him and his Bahai family robbed him as far as they could. He came here and robbed by your system.  A lot of my friends and students suicide, because the system was not accepted them or they got sick and depressed. One of my students got so fat, that he cannot move. He cannot think properly any more; he is depressed badly and tries to survive. He cannot move, because of artificial food made him extra fat. He came here for a better life, he had M S degree from USA and he was rejected and now he is very fat and disable. He cannot even move properly? Another student of mine killed himself?

And the other one that has a good life insurance is guided by her husband to kill herself.  Dear Mr. President if we want to have a better world, we should help people to have a better life and have guided and not robbed. The people should have support form judge system and government, but sorrowfully your judge system is only for rich people who can pay expensive attorneys? The representative of the US congress wrote about eight month ago to the government system, but still there is no answer for him received? If the government official ignore the member of house of representative, so it is clear they ignore me, too. And the 99 present people are also mostly indifferent if they are not cruel.   In this way we cannot have a better world. You see the bribe and corruption in Afghanistan and donation here, is destroying the middle and poor class, they have no voice any more, they cannot pay the expensive attorneys to get may be their right. The people with MS or PhD are robbed and destroyed here, what do you expect?

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I would like to work for the unity of mankind. I will cooperate
by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on Sun Dec 04, 2011 08:35 PM PST

I would like to work for the unity of mankind. I will cooperate with you, if you have the same idea. I have been misguided by the Orange County and Insurance companies. They destroyed my capital and life. I opened a boarding school with farm, so the students could stay here, work and learn. Is it a bad action that I have been punished? As a college instructor I helped a lot of students, is that a bad action that I should be punished for it. I put all my capital and work in this business, and the county destroyed it. Now, they say I should sue them, but no attorney will take the matter with the contingency? They want a lot of money Ab front. That means if you cannot pay them, you have no right and no voice. I should pay for their mistake and be their victim? I planted over 1000 citrus trees by myself and changed a lot to a garden, is it a bad thing? The bank and insurance companies robbed me. I paid over 700,000 dollars to them. Taxes, insurances, repair, mortgage were over 700,000 dollars? They misguided me and destroyed my life and nobody is willing to take the responsibilities. We work and they collect money. Is it fair? 
14 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - : Transfergeflüster: VSV verpflichtet Capitals Torjäger Francois Fortier -
Transfergeflüster: VSV verpflichtet Capitals Torjäger Francois Fortier -
Transfergeflüster: VSV verpflichtet Capitals Torjäger Francois Fortier -
In Wien war kein Platz mehr für ihn, also hat der VSV zugeschlagen! Die Villacher gaben heute bekannt, dass man den langjährigen Stürmer der Vienna Capitals, Francois Fortier verpflichtet hat.
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