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Beach Bag Ban In Cannes Amid Terror Concerns
The French Riviera city says the move will remain in place for three months in the hope of deterring terror attacks.
19 minutes ago - Via Community - View - Christopher Shaker : If you are curious, you can now watch it online... ‘Clinton Cash’ Has Been Made Into a Movie The Breitbart...
If you are curious, you can now watch it online...
‘Clinton Cash’ Has Been Made Into a Movie
The Breitbart-funded broadside against Hillary Clinton will be screened in Cannes and have its U.S. premiere the week of the Democratic convention.
**PLEASE SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA EVERYWHERE** Download Link: (Wait for page to load, click green "download" button)
39 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Stephanie Tiu : Terror attacks: France to deploy 23,000 Police & Military personnel to protect tourists Following the...
Terror attacks: France to deploy 23,000 Police & Military personnel to protect tourists

Following the Bastille Day attack in Nice, which left 84 dead, and the murder of an 85-year-old priest, the French government has pledged to deploy an additional 23,000 armed police and soldiers to holiday destinations over the summer. Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the additional troops and police officers will be deployed to 56 festivals, open-air concerts and fairs.They will patrol beaches, festivals, stations, airports and other populated areas. This is to protect tourists at holiday sites due to fears Islamist terrorists could target holidaymakers.
Also, the Cannes Council has banned the possession of backpacks, suitcases and other large bags in which bombs could be hidden, from its beaches. This according to them is a maximum precaution in a very tense security environment.
Terror attacks: France to deploy 23,000 Police & Military personnel to protect tourists
Following the Bastille Day attack in Nice, which left 84 dead, and the murder of an 85-year-old priest, the French government has pledged to deploy an additional 23,000 armed police and soldiers to holiday destinations over t...
1 hour ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Moni Dee : Holidaying in France this year? Don't take your bag to the beach
Holidaying in France this year? Don't take your bag to the beach
Now bags are BANNED on beaches in France following surge of ISIS-related terror attacks
HOLIDAYMAKERS have been banned from taking bags on the beach in Cannes over fears of an Islamic State-style terror attack.
2 hours ago - Via Community - View - Антон Гаврилов : Sexy? Share with a friend! ;-) - - - how to dupe items in circle of doom how to adjust cpap how to reproduce...
Sexy? Share with a friend! ;-) -
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2 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Nick Moore : Good evening, #AsylumNation! I have great news... I scheduled my first motivational speaking presentation...
Good evening, #AsylumNation!

I have great news... I scheduled my first motivational speaking presentation tonight! On September 30, 2016, Soul-Terra will be hosting an opening night for the Cannes-selected film "Kundalini".

The owners have invited me to give a 10-minute spot at the beginning of the 2-hour event, before the movie starts.
Crafters of the Crystal-Pyramid™ Candle – SOUL/\TERRA

6 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Sheila Ballarano : #NEW YORK #MonicaBellucci 💋: The Waldorf Astoria, I could paint you monica, paint my wife, and paint...
#NEW YORK #MonicaBellucci 💋:
The Waldorf Astoria,
I could paint you monica, paint my wife, and paint a picture of you,
and the most beautiful family is you monica,
I never have to work a day again in my life, so, Im not really sure what you want me to do,
this office, is just so beautiful

and having the most respectful schedule to be me,
and I made a billion for you today monica
so writing academy awards, film de cannes, its your wife monica
and I really don't mind painting at all,

and I found a way to be you monica, and Im famous,

your wife monica bellucci
#NEW YORK #MonicaBellucci 💋:
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Emily Dobrev : Kirsten Dunst 69th Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet 2016 Yellow Dress,。
Kirsten Dunst 69th Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet 2016 Yellow Dress,。
7 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - ANA HERNÁNDEZ : Newsweek: Armed Police To Protect Tourists On French Beaches.
Newsweek: Armed Police To Protect Tourists On French Beaches.
Armed police to protect tourists on French beaches—as Cannes bans backpacks
An additional 23,000 troops and police officers will be deployed at tourist destinations.
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9 hours ago - Via - View - Test Business Page : By Dlvr.It: Bag checks, police patrols now part of Cannes beach life: Vacationers in Cannes along the...
By Dlvr.It: Bag checks, police patrols now part of Cannes beach life: Vacationers in Cannes along the French Riviera say they fully accept the bag checks and police patrols that have been introduced following the recent attack in nearby Nice. Rough Cut - Subtitled (no reporter narration).
Bag checks, police patrols now part of Cannes beach life
Vacationers in Cannes along the French Riviera say they fully accept the bag checks and police patrols that have been introduced following the recent attack in nearby Nice. Rough Cut - Subtitled (no reporter narration).
10 hours ago - Via - View - Barbara Williams : The mayor of Cannes announced Thursday that, due to the terror threat in France, bags have been banned...
The mayor of Cannes announced Thursday that, due to the terror threat in France, bags have been banned from the city’s world-famous beaches.
Bags banned from Cannes beaches over terror attack fears in country | Fox News
The mayor of Cannes announced Thursday that, due to the terror threat in France, bags have been banned from the city’s world-famous beaches.
10 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Maritime Propulsion : MAN Engines will present its latest generation of six-cylinder engines for displacement-hull yachts ...
MAN Engines will present its latest generation of six-cylinder engines for displacement-hull yachts and planing-hull boats up to 55 feet in a European premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016. The newly developed marine engine, with a capacity of 12.4 l…
Grounded Bulker Refloated on St. Marys River
The grounded 603-foot Canadian bulk carrier Mississagi was refloated on the St. Marys River following operations to offload approximately 2…
10 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Leaked videos :
Marion Cotillard Cannes Screening Two Films in 2016
Marion Cotillard Cannes Screening Two Films in 2016 . Hopefully in the next Cannes, Marion Cotillard takes her much deserved award as Best Actress . Returns to the festival twice, Competing with two films that look very promi...
11 hours ago - Via Community - View - Quest Times :

Beach Bag Ban In Cannes Amid Terror Concerns
The French Riviera city says the move will remain in place for three months in the hope of deterring terror attacks. Holiday goers in Cannes will no longer be allowed to take large bags onto the beach, in a move aimed at pr...
11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Brittany From Boston : It's the dreamiest and ritziest town on the French Riviera and it's calling your name! Get ready to ...
It's the dreamiest and ritziest town on the French Riviera and it's calling your name! Get ready to go to Cannes, this guide has everything you need to know.
Cannes Visitor Guide » Brittany from Boston
Cannes is the most fabulous destination on the French Riviera, and here you've got your Cannes Visitor Guide to prepare for your visit!
11 hours ago - Via Google+ - View -