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19 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Bob Calder : But it is important to understand that millions of Americans got a vastly different impression of what...
But it is important to understand that millions of Americans got a vastly different impression of what happened. Here is how Rush Limbaugh summed it up for his listeners:
Conservative Outlets Gave Their Audiences a Very Different View of Trump's Press Conference
Viewers who watched it themselves saw a rambling, misleading performance. But those who relied on conservative cable newscasts or talk radio hosts got a very different impression.
34 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Boris Borcic : Edwards Marc A. and Roy Siddhartha. Academic Research in 21C: Maintaining Scientific Integrity in a ...
Edwards Marc A. and Roy Siddhartha. Academic Research in 21C: Maintaining Scientific Integrity in a Climate of Perverse Incentives and Hypercompetition Environmental Engineering Science. January 2017, 34(1): 51-61.

Via +Mike Taylor on Twitter
36 minutes ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Boris Loudermilk :
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44 minutes ago - Via - View - Birraire - Beer Blog : The price of beer... Première of Arriaca's cans at the Barcelona Beer Festival 2016. A year ago, Arriaca...
The price of beer...
Première of Arriaca's cans at the Barcelona Beer Festival 2016. A year ago, Arriaca surprised us all with the launch of their beer in cans . Rubia, IPA and Vikingathor - a Boris Brew beer now made by San Frutos - were presented as the first canned Spanish c...
The price of beer...
Opinion post. A reflection on the increasingly lower price of locally produced beer.
47 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Billy McDonald : 0:00Russia the country together the world 0:06tetris merkins you wear on your heads 0:08and potentially...
0:00Russia the country together the world
0:06tetris merkins you wear on your heads
0:08and potentially the 44th President of
0:10the United States Russia with other
0:13friends of a major development in the US
0:15this week
0:16michael Flynn resigning as the US
0:18National Security Advisor this coming
0:21after reports that the justice
0:22department warned he could be vulnerable
0:25to blackmail over communications he had
0:28with the Russian ambassador
0:29ok not saying everyone check your office
0:31pools because if you had communication
0:34with Russia at the reason the first
0:35number jumped in a certain resigned you
0:37win this Shane because my money was on
0:40never set foot in a public school or
0:42president can't stop seeing Melissa
0:44McCarthy whenever you're sweet but a
0:47dressing Lee the plaintiff article is
0:49just the tip of the iceberg regarding
0:51the Trump administration and Russia
0:53there were accusations swirling around
0:55two people involved in this campaign
0:56Paul mana Ford and Carter page there's
0:59strong evidence that Russia tax to be in
1:01females remove the election and then
1:03there's of course the infamous leaked da
1:05energy serious connections between Trump
1:07and his associates and Russia or as you
1:10undoubtedly remember it
1:12the thing about the urine fetish model
1:13sex party i'm not there is no hard proof
1:17yet of direct links between Trump
1:19himself and Russia but he does have a
1:21weird noticeably soft spot for both the
1:25country and its leader those in Moscow
1:28recently and I spoke indirectly and
1:31directly with President Putin who could
1:33not have been nicer couldn't even sent
1:35me a present
1:36beautiful president with a beautiful now
1:38by the way it would be great if we could
1:42get along with Russia just so you
1:44understand that that tomorrow so Donald
1:46Trump wants to get along with Russia
1:48this is terrible terrible it's good yeah
1:51i'm not saying it's terrible i'm also
1:54not saying it's good though I'm saying
1:55it's a bit weird
1:57you've been objectively night of the
1:58black damier Putin when you have to
2:00Meryl streak
2:02I'm pretty sure is not an infamous
2:04autocrat although you know what now say
2:06if you tried it she'd know that the
2:07woman if it's for the 4.8 lunch is
2:14fixated on getting along better with
2:17Russia so tonight we thought we'd ask
2:18what does that actually mean what other
2:21chances of it happening and what we give
2:24up in the process and I know that over
2:26here we think of Putin of a cartoon
2:28character who staged photo ops where he
2:30shirtless on a horse or swimming like a
2:32dolphin out when emerging from the sea
2:35like a Bond villain or wearing old
2:38winning a staring contest with a baby
2:39chick or quite possibly breaking your
2:42child's arm but in Russia he's not from
2:45comic book villain too many he's a comic
2:47book hero he's genuinely popular there
2:49for years he even had his own pop song
3:03that's all i've been stuck in my hair is
3:09always not going to take watches it's
3:13it's called a man like Putin and it's
3:16all about how women want someone like
3:18him although just think about that for a
3:19second because that means they want a
3:20man into sixties you are spinning hair
3:23and it was probably about five foot five
3:25so the man they're saying they want is
3:27essentially Richard Dreyfuss but mean
3:29and you ask for all those photo ops
3:33what you'd really be surprised how many
3:35Russians look at those and take them at
3:37face value
3:38earlier this year beautiful miraculously
3:40recovered to ancient values from the
3:43bottom of the ocean
3:44fortunately cameras were on hand to
3:47capture this historic moment the other
3:50was fighting longer just the square C
3:53products and avoided that again
3:57everything glass made interesting the
4:01fortunate by the alley evolution was it
4:03was not clear their you changed your
4:05sister with his Oh of all not only is
4:10that clearly bullshit but control the
4:12size photo ops
4:13it's the same publicity strategy as
4:15taylor swift and tom hiddleston America
4:18deals with Russia got people jobs
4:21scarred total jobs
4:24utah popularity so it's all the more
4:26surprising given the from the beginning
4:28his presidency has been shrouded in
4:30accusations of corruption we've seen him
4:33enriching his friends his close allies
4:36and marginalizing those who he doesn't
4:39view as friends using state after
4:42whether that Russia's energy wealth
4:44whether it's other state contracts
4:47redirect those to whom he believes will
4:51serve Him and excludes those who don't
4:54IC 4 so putting springs depend on him
4:56for their wealth that actually explains
4:59how we wound up once going out dressed
5:01like this because any real friends would
5:04tell him blasphemy and no I love you but
5:06you cannot pull off white denim you look
5:09like you're attending the wedding of a
5:11yacht and the year nineteen ninety-one
5:12get change as a friend get changed but
5:16it's not just routine friends become
5:18rich some estimates but Putin's personal
5:20wealth anywhere from forty to eighty
5:22five billion dollars which was making
5:24one of the richest men in the world and
5:27although he strenuously denied it
5:29nothing about his finances advert
5:31president Putin's official income is
5:34around a hundred thousand dollars a year
5:36and yet he lives like the super rich
5:40he has the collection of expensive watch
5:43it's even his designer chaksu cross
5:46three sounds and dollars
5:48what-what-what non-stop works out in a
5:52three-thousand-dollar traction the only
5:55acceptable reason for owning a tracks
5:57into that expensive if you record to be
5:592,000 to hit work it's your name is
6:01missy elliott and you are not fully
6:03aware but other clothes exist that it
6:06that he gets drawn along there but but a
6:11couple of really surprising well
6:13consider Putin's own daughter she and
6:16her husband have holdings what around
6:18two billion dollars which is a lot of
6:20money for someone who and what is true
6:22is an academic / acrobatic rock-and-roll
6:25golfer and if you think we don't have
6:27footage of her in action
6:29you are solely mistake
6:42first and second not a lot of people
6:48think that the most dangerous job in the
6:50world is proven guard or fight
6:52appointment but like now now to put a
6:54strong word in for a guy whose job is to
6:56throw scooping daughter way up in the
6:58air i'm going to hopefully capture you
7:01know what you know what maybe slightly
7:04Putin has just been extra ordinarily
7:06lucky in his life and it's so a contrast
7:09would be extreme misfortune that many of
7:11these critics and political opponents
7:13have suffered opposition leader Boris
7:14Nemtsov was shot dead
7:16alexander litvinenko like former KGB
7:18agent who turned on Putin died of
7:20radiation poisoning a journalist Anna
7:22Politkovskaya was murdered on Putin's
7:24birthday and the active Adam a color
7:26that would allegedly poisoned manager
7:28provide only to be allegedly poisoned
7:30again earlier this year and i know that
7:33all this looks bad but again maybe putin
7:35had nothing to do with any of that he
7:37just got lucky
7:38maybe the guy has a rabbit's foot yes a
7:40freshly severed one but fit
7:42he's got what and meanwhile other Putin
7:45adversary's about have a ended up
7:47disgraced when sex types of them was
7:49shown on national TV or leaked on the
7:51internet and a sex tape doesn't even
7:54need to be will as this man Kyle Hatcher
7:57who was the US State Department in
7:58Russia discovered a few years ago and
8:01last month this undercover video of
8:03Hatcher was posted on our Russian
8:05internet site complete with background
8:08music Hatcher is seen in a moscow hotel
8:10room in his underwear with the lights
8:14then the lights are out of the room and
8:16a man and a woman appeared to be having
8:18sexual relations on the best catcher
8:20told us officials this is a fabrication
8:23ok now that is obviously ridiculous but
8:25I do actually have some questions here
8:27one if someone will need to thank sex
8:29tape of you do you watch it and so what
8:32if the fake you is better effects down
8:34the real you and the only reason i ask
8:37these i'm currently talking shit about
8:39Putin on television so I'm expecting my
8:41place next to come out any moment house
8:43I don't just I'm just interested i'm
8:45just interested that's all
8:48lucy has carefully created an atmosphere
8:51in Russia but he's extremely hostile to
8:53any opposition standing up to him can be
8:55targeted by trolls and not just on the
8:58internet when garry kasparov smoking a
9:00political opposition event he was
9:02interrupted and if you true by radio
9:04controlled flying dildo
9:06I know I have this way that kind of
9:10respect that because that's like really
9:13imagination initiative and planet stop
9:16what is net effect is not is what
9:19liberal politician Ilya Yashin claims
9:21happened to him pointing at all
9:26only next publications what models
9:31photos from my couple of my life
9:39whatever you need you can look I do
9:49understand being mad at someone who is
9:51shit on your car but for the record
9:53parents walking by are not actually
9:55going to be offended because if you have
9:57a child your visual response to see
9:59someone other than your own kids taking
10:01a dump in public if not my fucking
10:03problem not my problem starts social
10:08recap routine may or may not have stolen
10:10billions of dollars and may or may not
10:12have been involved in the intimidation
10:13or assassination of his opponents there
10:16was so much that people suspect but
10:18can't quite true in the same way that I
10:20suspect proteins genitals are just a
10:22cyst covered in forms but i can't
10:25entirely say for sure I'm 98% I'm just
10:29not quite there but here is what we can
10:32say about Putin without a doubt he among
10:35other piece and extra Mia and posted via
10:38find long prison terms on protesters
10:40propped up the brutal Assad regime and
10:42sign a harsh anti-gay propaganda law
10:45which many what she supported which
10:47might actually not be that surprising
10:48when you consider they see shit like
10:50based on state sponsor TV so remember
10:53this autumn and Gomorrah were birth with
10:55the reign of sovereigns fire from the
10:57heavens 64 since that time the real name
10:59of homosexuals just so you know our dear
11:02TV audience is not gaze sodomites God
11:06does not tolerate that built and sin
11:08that may consume the entire world we
11:11need to reserve to stay alive
11:14Wow now to give you just a sense of how
11:17anti-gay Russian TV is that most popular
11:20makeover show features five straight
11:22guys and it's called red jacket looks
11:27so in a nutshell that is Russia under
11:30Vladimir Putin and our president wants
11:33to get along better with him and I'm not
11:35saying that America has it regularly
11:36cozied up to raisins with hideous human
11:39rights record I will not mention names
11:41but let's just like the Saudi Arabia
11:43knows who they are but but there is
11:46something truly alarming about how easy
11:49Trump's makes this all sound if our
11:52country got along with Russia that would
11:54be a great thing wouldn't be a wonderful
11:55thing frankly if we actually got along
11:58with Russia would be great if we
12:00actually got along with Russia would be
12:02nice that we actually got along with
12:04Russia would not be good what did
12:05actually be wonderful wouldn't be nice
12:08would be nice wouldn't it be nice if we
12:10actually got along as an example with
12:11Russia i'm all for it
12:13sure yeah and it would also be nice if
12:15you could walk right up to a bear and
12:17hug it that would be really really nice
12:19but unfortunately it's not that fucking
12:22easy negotiating anything with Putin is
12:25going to be way more difficult than
12:27Trump Trump speed for think to spend his
12:29early life of a spy for Russia in east
12:32germany where he mastered manipulating
12:34foreigners and i'm not saying that Trump
12:36isn't at his left
12:37I'm just saying what what happened last
12:39year when Bill O'Reilly tried to game
12:41out how Trump would respond to Russian
12:43planes bombing us warships i would say
12:46do not do that that's provocation that's
12:49something that you're not supposed to be
12:50right but he did if you do i do you do
12:53on many you have to shoot one of those
12:55homes and I i may have to do something
12:58which you would hate to do but this is
13:00something I would want to do but i would
13:03say latter beer
13:04don't do it let's go come on we're gonna
13:07have a good relationship
13:09don't do it
13:11but is just fucking embarrassing
13:14we're using the tone of a dog owner
13:17failing to stop a spaniel peeing on the
13:19rug boggles don't do it let's go come on
13:22wagons were going to have a good
13:25don't do it why don't go don't know your
13:31favorite thing is Trump has already
13:34given Putin something absolutely massive
13:37and he may not even realize it yet
13:39let me explain Putin is actually a
13:42little bit weaker than you think at the
13:43moment the economy is struggling which
13:45is not great news for an autocrat who
13:48might have stolen billions from his own
13:49people but he is still very popular in
13:52part because he routinely deflect
13:54criticism on to the US and not just a
13:56Dodge blame but 2d legitimize our
13:59ability to claim the moral high ground
14:01Russians love it when America points the
14:04finger at him and he just pointed it
14:06right back
14:07for instance when he was asked a few
14:09years ago about suppressing dissent in
14:10Russia he immediately changed the
14:12subject to problems in America but i
14:15believe that everything is perfect now /
14:1724-hour monitoring your little is really
14:21there would be no problem
14:22Ferguson right no there was no other
14:24problems with a similar nature either
14:27will be no abuse by the police
14:28Lori this is the same case in Russia a
14:31lot of problems
14:32yeah but not all problems are the same
14:35it's not comparing lala land an academy
14:37award nominated movie with glaring fours
14:40to the human centipede I think that's
14:42fairly counters are filled
14:44yes one movie if people so mouth to anus
14:47but you know when God looks at his feet
14:49when he dances so it all evens out in
14:52the end this message that you know it if
14:56things are bad here just know that they
14:58are just as bad in America that is a key
15:00Putin technique Russian state media
15:02spent a good part of last year insisting
15:05that the u.s. election was rigged and
15:07they did this for a clear reason
15:09what does the Kremlin want to put in
15:12Russians heads there's no real democracy
15:13in the world doesn't work
15:15this will be the opportunity to show
15:17that hey
15:18they have been through the same thing
15:20there is no difference and we're no
15:23worse than they are
15:24yes exactly so that is the official line
15:28your shit wish it everything shit never
15:31tried for a better world because it
15:32doesn't exist that is not only bleak I
15:35think it's also the working title of
15:36every Russian novel ever written as you
15:40know what you would expect America's
15:42electrical rates to be a standard Putin
15:45what changed last year though with that
15:47he had a major American candidate saying
15:50the exact same thing and if you think
15:52that that played into Putin's hands in
15:55matching how happy he was eventually the
15:57President of the United States take his
15:59moral equivalence argument and just run
16:01with it since the killer lot of killers
16:05a lot of killers what you think our
16:07country so innocent you think I country
16:10so innocent
16:12I don't know of any government leaders
16:13that are killers and we're take a look
16:16at what we've done to holy shit the only
16:20way he could found any more like
16:22Vladimir Putin is if he said all that in
16:24a fucking three-thousand-dollar traxxas
16:26from is basically the propagandist of
16:30Putin's dreams and who knows why he's
16:32acting this way may be compromised
16:35maybe even idiot but since the president
16:37of the United States wants to come up
16:39with this country i will America and
16:41Russia are not the fucking sane and
16:44don't get me wrong
16:45America has had and continues to have
16:47endemic problems that need fixing that
16:50might as well be the title of this show
16:53but hold on not hold off with our
16:56elections have some flaws but they are
16:58not rigged are human rights record is
17:01far from perfect but it does not compare
17:03to Putin's Russia and are pressed is at
17:05least currently three enough that I can
17:07return me do this
17:09Donald Trump America's wealthiest
17:11hemorrhoid America's walking talking
17:13brushfire wrong burning in man for and
17:16ill-fitting suit full of chickens coming
17:18home to roots Twitter's is made manifest
17:22sensient circus peanuts a racist voodoo
17:24doll made of discarded cat hey clown
17:26made of modified for skin and Tottenham
17:29Hotspur don't think of candy corn in a
17:30week maybe a few critical source
17:32actually a plastic factory with
17:33cheeseburgers and confederate flag belt
17:35buckles always have luggage company
17:37Cheez Whiz our kidney drop on the floor
17:38physical today what happens if the
17:41secret gets into the wrong hands
17:43yeah i've talked a lot of shit have not
17:51had murdered yet yet there is still time
17:55the problem is though Trump has already
17:57given Putin a lot without realizes but
18:00Putin wants more experts say that he
18:02likely want an end to us sanctions of
18:04course to endorse his promises provision
18:06in Syria at 11am weekend NATO and her to
18:10recognize the annexation of Crimea all
18:12of which will be against American
18:13interests and values but there seems to
18:16be a genuine danger that if unchecked
18:17Trump may trade any or all of that away
18:20in exchange for getting along better
18:23whatever the fuck that really means so
18:26someone needs quickly to get into trunk
18:29here and educated in how realistic
18:31getting along better with Putin actually
18:33is unfortunately our capital cowboy
18:36cannot do with you in 30 seconds
18:38so we put together a quick explanation
18:40guaranteed to stick in someone's mind in
18:43the catch is possible form shitty techno
18:46music like it
19:16what no what no no do not you got my car
19:26that is where it's so weird if anything
19:29it might be the weirdest part of this
19:31whole story playing some shit on my car
19:34stop please don't do it
19:36I'm sorry you were telling the president
19:38about Putin go

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47 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Boris Pieper : Crowdsource Your Next Boss?
Crowdsource Your Next Boss?
Crowdsource Your Next Boss?
New research shows that those employees who collaborate and communicate the most have leadership potential.
54 minutes ago - Via - View - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia : Dr. Workneh meets with UK Secretary of State, Boris Johnson የኢፌዴሪ የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር ዶ/ር ወርቅነህ ገበየሁ ከብሪታኒያ...
Dr. Workneh meets with UK Secretary of State, Boris Johnson

የኢፌዴሪ የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር ዶ/ር ወርቅነህ ገበየሁ ከብሪታኒያ አቻቸው ቦሪስ ጆንስ ጋር ተገናኝተው ተወያይተዋል፡፡
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu conferred with his #British counterpart, Mr. Boris Johnson on Friday (February 17, 2017) on the margins of the Munich security conference in Germany.
Dr. Workeneh briefed the secretary of state for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom on the current situation in Ethiopia and the region. The Minister also raised Ethiopia’s new role as non- permanent member of UNSC. He emphasized the need to consolidate the Ethio-UK collaboration not only at bilateral level but also on multilateral fora, particularly at the UNSC in a bid to work together on regional peace and security matters, including on Somalia and South Sudan.
Further noting that Addis Ababa is the diplomatic hub of the African Union, Dr. Workneh urged the Secretary of State to consider the issuance of British visa from the UK Embassy in Adiis to Ethiopian nationals and the larger international community residing in Ethiopia.
Mr. Boris Johnson on his part thanked Dr. Workneh for the meeting and promised to continue the existing good relations between the two countries.
He further called on #Ethiopia to participate at the London International Conference on Somalia, due in May 2017 at the highest level.
Both sides concluded their meeting by agreeing to further deepen and expand their strategic partnership in more sectors and also exchange visits at the highest level in the years to come.
#Ethiopia #mfaethiopia #WorknehGebeyehu #British #BorisJohnson #Germany #Munich #msc

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