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LCPDFR MP E05 : Bait Car Multiplayer 2 
Watch the video: LCPDFR MP E05 : Bait Car Multiplayer 2
We attempt some more bait car in multiplayer! I end up crashing a few less times.... Like and subscribe if you enjoy! __________Featured YouTubers___________...
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Bait Car
'S8/E1 - 8/1'. Police target criminals with a high-tech bait car, rigged with hidden cameras and radio trackers. We are taken along for the ride from the moment the car is stolen to the thief's arrest.
4 days ago - Via Google+ - View - : Guy Steals A Bait Car For The Fun Of It
Guy Steals A Bait Car For The Fun Of It

Guy Steals A Bait Car For The Fun Of It

6 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Deadly Police Encounters : Bad Police Stops - Reverse Bait Car 1st Amendment Test
Bad Police Stops - Reverse Bait Car 1st Amendment Test
Watch the video: Bad Police Stops - Reverse Bait Car 1st Amendment Test

15 days ago - Via - View - Bad Cops Busted : Bad Cops Busted - Reverse Bait Car 1st Amendment Test
Bad Cops Busted - Reverse Bait Car 1st Amendment Test
Watch the video: Bad Cops Busted - Reverse Bait Car 1st Amendment Test

18 days ago - Via - View - Rick Lewis : Take a gasp at Granny's rental car they placed her in yesterday while her little '97 Honda Accord gets...
Take a gasp at Granny's rental car they placed her in yesterday while her little '97 Honda Accord gets a new bumper replacement : 2017 Convertible Mustang Shelby GT! One word - Wicked . One of the sweetest questions mom's ever asked me is, "Where in the world is the key to try this thing on ?" Lol lol lol she is the best friend and most precious gift God has given me for a lifetime! Unconditional love. I'm going to try and send a pic of "The Beast " I call it. I'm talking 360 ° fully leathered , more illuminated panels , guages, and digital monitors than Space Shuttle and the encapsulated Driver's cockpit, along with remaining interior space protracted a seamless flow of gorgeous customized applications -Extremely designed for the top 1% of race enthusiasts worldwide. But here's little granny sporting around town just making up a reason to have an errand to run. Yeah, well, there's only so many Senior Centers within her allowed distance before I shutdown the Bait car mechanism lmao. I love her soooo much.
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Try this the next time you rent from Enterprise, National or Alamo. Scan the OnRamp Concierge QR code on your rental car window or key tag, and get instant access to information and tools specific to your rental vehicle. All to ensure you and your temporary travel companion get off on the right foot.
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I'm am old pro... I'm just talking from experience..... last time I tried to jump ship... they scrapped it... Google Philadelphia experiments.... Radioactive might have to bury these drums.... so if u try effin... with o.... everything is off the grid... area one... maybe just a blip on the radar.... writing from the book of Genesis... with every 16 bits...saga of Sega.... atlien.... with American dads... Roger in E.T.s... Hoodie no bike we in nasa stealing a bait car.... wearing the same Darth Vader helmet from spaceballs...
1 month ago - Via Community - View - MayhemMercenary : Bait Car is back! Big thanks to GAMDIAS for sending me the Zeus P1 RBG Gaming mouse!
Bait Car is back! Big thanks to GAMDIAS for sending me the Zeus P1 RBG Gaming mouse!
Watch the video: GTA 5 - LSPDFR Bait Car - Bait Car in the Hood (Gone Wrong)(Cops Called)
TruTV copyright claim inbound. GAMDIAS Zeus P1 - Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Mod List: •Essentials• Trainer: LSPDFR: ScripthookV: Ragehook: •Scripts/Plugins• ELS: Police Radio: Gamepad Vehicle Control: Arrest Manager: Traffic Policer: Emergency Strobes: Foot Pursuit Aid: Vehicle Search: ClearTheWayV: Player Location Display: Panic Button: LSPDFR+: GTA Comes Alive: LSPDFR Computer + : •Visual/Texture Mods• HD Texture Overhaul: VisualV: http...
1 month ago - Via - View - Cornelius Underwood : Moving the bait car to new location
Moving the bait car to new location
1 month ago - Via Google+ - View - Cornelius Underwood : Look out the window a it a bait car across the street anit dis some shit
Look out the window a it a bait car across the street anit dis some shit
1 month ago - Via Google+ - View - Police Chases 2016 : Police Chases 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada Police Bait Car Trap Goes Horribly Wrong
Police Chases 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada Police Bait Car Trap Goes Horribly Wrong
Watch the video: Police Chases 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada Police Bait Car Trap Goes Horribly Wrong

2 months ago - Via - View - Keith Braxton : How's getting drug all the way to Texas and back Yeah better get of Emily's Horse. Y'all need to learn...
How's getting drug all the way to Texas and back

Yeah better get of Emily's Horse.

Y'all need to learn how to type.

Choosing a partner is one heck of a job.

Hommie came up with great.

Bait car, muscle car

Even if he do got nitrous oxide he can't even use it.

You need to pull into the garage than

The importance of meeting the original felony

Stop and designated pre-indedicated location

Former basketball player Guy Cottman

Allegheny Coroner's office Atco Race track

After you, what you gonna do with a Gremlin AMC.

Don't shot until you see the whites of their eyes

Than you call T J, we gonna need the duster

Example, Tew

Who at the Wellington ain't wrapped to tight

Telescope , field glasses

Forgetting who you guys 

2 months ago - Via Google+ - View - Dan P : Yo lol
Yo lol
Bait Car Hood Edition! [Jeremiah Phillips] - YouTube
Dan P shared a video
2 months ago - Via Google+ - View - Officer TV78 : Bait Car
Bait Car
Watch the video: LSPDFR - On Patrol Day 7 - Undercover Taxi Bait Car
Today I go on patrol, protecting and serving Los Santos County. Undercover Taxi: Bait Car Mod: LSPDFR Mods: Thanks for Watching! if you enjoyed today's patrol be sure to Hit that Like Button below and Comment what you thought of it and how I can improve on my work. Also feel free to Subscribe so you never miss out on another patrol or any other video! Thanks For Watching!
2 months ago - Via - View - High Speed TV : Police Chase - Las Vegas, Nevada Police Bait Car Trap Goes Horribly Wrong (LIVE Video)
Police Chase - Las Vegas, Nevada Police Bait Car Trap Goes Horribly Wrong (LIVE Video)
Watch the video: Police Chase - Las Vegas, Nevada Police Bait Car Trap Goes Horribly Wrong (LIVE Video)

2 months ago - Via - View - Dennis Alexander : Parker Thief Real Name: Parker Known Aliases: Alice White, FBI Special Agent Hagen Affiliation Leverage...


Real Name:

Known Aliases:
Alice White, FBI Special Agent Hagen
Leverage Consulting & Associates

“That's twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag.”

Parker is an expert thief, and a guide to the Leverage team. Put into a foster system at a young age, she is socially awkward, but is slowly overcoming that. In the meantime, she is an extremely important aid to the team.
After Nate Ford's retirement from the Leverage team, Parker assumed the role of leader of the team.


Early Life

Parker had a hard life, being put into the foster system at a very young age. As such, she was sent regularly to different foster homes, which meant that she rarely had any time to interact with other children her age.

When she was nine or ten, Parker began her life as a thief. Her foster father always stole her toys from her and said "You need to become a better thief." She blew up his house most likely because she didn't receive adequate living standards wherever she had been living at that point, and attempted to steal in order to get what she wanted or needed.[1]

At some point Parker taught her younger brother, Nick, how to ride a bike. However, shortly afterward he was in a car crash on his bicycle and died, causing Parker immense guilt and grief that she kept within herself. [2]

Before she was twelve, she was a getaway driver. Some time after that she met a boy called Kelly in foster care, and he taught her how to boost cars. They worked together as a team until they boosted a bait car. He escaped the police, leaving Parker to serve 6 months in juvie.[3]

In 1998, Archie Leach caught her attempting to steal his wallet. He saw her potential and decided to train her as his apprentice thief, ultimately helping her to become very skilled in all sorts of thievery.[4]

She mentioned her first grab was in the Philippines, stealing from a woman with a huge collection of shoes. While not explicitly stated, this woman could be Imelda Marcos, a former first lady of the said country.


When Parker was a fully grown adult, she was recruited by Victor Dubenich, along with Nathan Ford, Alec Hardison, and Eliot Spencer, to "steal back" intellectual property which he claimed had been stolen from him. However, things turned around when they discovered that he was taking them for himself, and the intellectual property had never belonged to him. Nate then asked Sophie Devereaux to come and help them in a con in which they would turn on their former client.[5]

Later after Nate had become an alcoholic, Sophie set up a con in order for him to get revenge on I.Y.S. Insurance, and more specifically Ian Blackpoole. However the plan failed when Jim "James" Sterling got involved, which resulted in Parker's capture. Sophie then retrieved Parker, and Hardison destroyed the group's own headquarters, as part of a plan to disappear. The team then decided to lie low for six months.[6] However, even sooner than that, Parker met up with the rest of the group in an attempt to steal two David statues from the previous con.[7]

The plan worked out well; they pretended to take the Two Davids, forcing that exhibit to be shut down, when in reality they took everything else in that gallery. Then, they returned everything they'd taken -- after Nate made Sterling agree to get rid of Blackpoole and Blackpoole's policy that I.Y.S. wouldn't pay out on insurance under any conditions. The leverage team then split up once more, in attempt to lie low.[7]


Six months later, the team all met up when Sophie invited them all to see her performance of The Sound of Music, and later went to the bar beneath Nate's apartment. There, Parker admitted that she was not particularly enjoying her new life as an honest person, and had stolen the Hope Diamond, but had put it back. Shortly afterward, Nate was almost murdered, and the crew agreed to help a client. After successfully jailing a corrupt banker, Parker and the others set up Leverage headquarters in Nate's new apartment, and opened up for business.[8]

Shortly afterward, Sophie takes a leave of absence from the team, leaving Tara Cole to take over for her as the grifter of the group. Parker and the others don't initially trust Tara, because she originally lied to them about her identity.[9] However as time moves along they welcome her into the group, and Tara even begins coaching Parker on her grifting like Sophie did.[10]

Everything comes to a close, though, when Nate recruits the team to help him take down corrupted Mayor, Brad Culpepper III. The team soon discovers that it is not Culpepper who is in charge of this crime, but Tony Kadjic, who's working with the mayor and using the fact that he reports intelligence to the FBI as cover. The scam with Kadjic goes bad, and not even when Sophie intervenes does it help. The team defeats Kadjic, but is cornered by the FBI and Sterling, Nate then takes the fall for his group, saying he'll go to jail if his group is set free, and declares himself a thief.[10][11]


After Nate's arrest, Parker and the rest of the group teamed up in order to try and come up with a plan in order to bust him out, which they did. After Sophie failed to get Nate enthusiastic about the plan, Nate found the group a client within the prison walls. As it turned out the prison's warden was corrupt, and the team came up with a plan to take him down and break Nate out at the same time. After their plan succeeded, the team set up Leverage again.

However their escape was not without harm, in the process of it they'd attracted the attention of a woman who said she wanted the Leverage team to take down an extremely corrupt man, Damien Moreau, and gave them a deadline. She said if they didn't do it, she'd send Nate back to jail.[12]

During the quest Parker took some extra time off to help her mentor, Archie Leach, break into one of the world's most secure security systems. She did this behind the backs of the rest of the team, but after she disappeared they followed her into the system, and helped to get her out. After, she talked with her mentor who said he regretted not introducing Parker into his family, and Parker said that it was okay, leaving them both content with their positions. [4]

The week before Nate's deadline was up, Damien Moreau came into Boston. The crew set up on a plan to take him down, which involved destroying a bomb he was planning on selling for a huge sum of money.[13] Afterwards, the team chased him down to San Lorenzo, and made the politician he had "bought" lose the race, and even leading to convincing that man to have him arrested, making Moreau no longer a threat.[14]

In the Season 5 finale, The Long Goodbye Job which is also the show's last-ever episode, after Nate and Sophie have both retired, Parker along with Hardison and Eliot take full control of the Leverage Consulting & Associates team with Parker officially replacing Nate as the team leader.


Parker seems to be constantly testing her skills, as she can instinctively case any building she sees. She also has the skills to make herself appear and disappear from locked rooms at will. As a thief, Parker uses little equipment other than a self-modified harness, (this harness has resulted in excellent upper body strength), and a taser.

She has a soft spot for children and recognizes that her early life has changed her and doesn't want other children to be like her, but still can go out of her way to save children who she feels need her help. Parker's weakness is her social skills. Socially inept to a point, she either under- or over-compensates her emotional responses. But she has been working on this with Sophie.[15]

Since trust doesn't come easily to her, she has varied relationships with the team. While she trusts Eliot, Nate and Sophie, she is closest to Hardison, whom she is dating. She has stated that she's most afraid of letting down the people she cares about. Parker is the team's wild card, since no one knows what she'll do. She has proven at times to have a ruthless, sadistic streak or to be slightly psychopathic. (e.g. she grinned as she watched Eliot beat up Sterling, she smiled while choking Tara.) [8]

Parker's only motivation appears to be money. She steals, not for property, or assets, but for cash. She has a rather unconventional relationship with cash, and has the ability to tell the difference between counterfeit and legitimate money by scrutinizing, touching, and even smelling it. It goes as far as her Christmas wish seems to have been a large wad of non-sequentially numbered cash, which she received from Nate and Sophie. However, Eliot is teaching her to have passion for more things in life, since Parker saw how much Eliot liked cooking.[16]

Parker is completely unselfconscious, she will disrobe to change her clothes without any warning, often leaving the men in the team uncomfortably averting their eyes.

Skills and Strengths

Parker is a gifted thief, deft at security circumvention and picking both locks and pockets. She's a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat due to her excellent upper body strength and acrobatics. She displays a very high level of spatial intelligence that appears to aid her in everything from thieving, to drawing, to maneuvering vehicles at high speeds.


Poor social skills although she worked on solving or overcoming this trait with Sophie's help and appears to have taken a significant turn as of The Broken Wing Job.
Skewed emotional responses and expression.
Initially considered to be somewhat psychopathic due to her inappropriate emotional responses, but that perspective has changed over time.
Intimacy issues
Horse phobia.
Poor impulse control.
Emotional or Mind-Blindness (difficulty recognizing and understanding emotional states in herself or others).

Performed a heist of the French National Bank (which she described as "taking candy from a baby")
Stole "the Caravaggio", in Paris, in 2003 (Out of the three Caravaggio paintings stored in the Louvre, the likeliest one for her to have stolen is The Fortune Teller).
Stole the Polar Star Diamond, along with the Gem of Gibraltar, and performed something called the Damiani Raid.
Stole the Roslind Diamond in Perth.
Between Season 1 and Season 2, she stole the Hope Diamond, and put it back, because she was bored. [8]
Successfully performed a heist in the Louvre.
3 months ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Zach Houseknecht : Bait Car operations in the snow in LSPDFR.
Bait Car operations in the snow in LSPDFR.
Watch the video: LSPDFR E171 - Bait Car In The Snow | Undercover Dodge Charger PPV
⬇️READ THE DESCRIPTION! ⬇️ Bait Car operations in the snow in LSPDFR. Strawpoll for next patrol! - Support me on Patreon! - Follow me on Twitter! - Follow me on Instagram! - Like me on Facebook! - Mods featured in this episode, categorized by ⬇️CATEGORY TITLE⬇️ : LSPDFR 0.31 - ⬇️SCRIPT⬇️ Alfredo Helper - Arrest Manager - Auto Center Steering Patch - Better EMS - Code Red Callouts - LSPDFR + - LSPDFR Computer + - Player Location Display - Police Radio - ScripthookVDotNet - ScripthookV - Simple Trainer - Siren Mastery - Traffic Policer - ⬇️VISUAL & AUDIO INCLUDING MODELS⬇️ Captain14...
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