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Cum arata?
55 minutes ago - Via Google+ - View - Slan : +Arata Kirishima​ A shit ton of DeadTube chapters are being dropped at once.
+Arata Kirishima​ A shit ton of DeadTube chapters are being dropped at once.
2 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Arata Academy ENGLISH : Time Management Lesson - Link:
Time Management Lesson - Link:
Watch the video: Time Management Lesson
Link: Welcome to the very first video of our productivity course, the Productivity Ninja! In our course, the lectures will reach a total of nine hours and we will also have interactive activities. Pick up a notebook to write notes in it, we are going to start today’s quick video right now, so you can learn how to double your productivity. Keep in mind that it’s important not only to watch it from the beginning, but to check as well the next videos we’re going to send you by email – that way, it will be very clear how you can make the most of this course. Before we start talking about specific techniques, it is better to map the strategy, explaining what kind of changes we need in order to have a better focus on our work, on studying and on our personal endeavors. That is how you’re going to start sparing time to enjoy what really matters in life. My name is Seiiti Arata, you probably are already familiar with some of the coaching we have in Arata ...
3 hours ago - Via - View - Arata “Corpse Collector” Kirishima : oh shit you can respond with pictures on G+ now this site just got 10 times better
oh shit you can respond with pictures on G+ now

this site just got 10 times better 
4 hours ago - Via Google+ - View - Trash Master King Asshole : The Emperors view of preparation The Emperor of Comuria was ready. He was actually hiding a big secret...
The Emperors view of preparation
The Emperor of Comuria was ready. He was actually hiding a big secret. He fooled the Mandrex Family and the Red Force. As Long as he is the Emperor he is a lot of opportunities. His secret was that he was an ally with Neoma. They wanted to make it look like the Academy is against the Emperor. In turth they want a Chance to destroy the Power of the illegals and the Mandrex Family as well of rival reasons. The Emperors risk was that he made a deal with a criminal Gnagster only to Lure the Private Company to the Arena and the Camelfight would be a good distraction but no one should find out about his secret. He needed Mandrexx gone so even this Nation belongs to Neomas Ballance. As Long as Arzor and Martuma are Close and the Great General Arata Kabuto Things will be safe for him. This will be Fate but he planned everything. He even knows that Dark Jupiter was fooled and stole only the half o9f the crytsal the rest is at hius Hands and when they arrive there will be an ambush. The Fate Begins soon
Nosken: "General"
Kabuto: "Nosken! And do you think Dark Jupiter arrives"
Nosken: "They will but i prefer you to wipe them out before they arrive"
Kabuto: "Sure sure"
Arzor: "We will handle it"
Martomus: "......"
Nosken: "Thank you my loyal servants i ma grateful"
11 hours ago - Via Community - View - Arata Kohaku :
12 hours ago - Via Reshared Post - View - Arata Blog : Veinte minutos de gameplay de Watch Dogs 2.
Veinte minutos de gameplay de Watch Dogs 2.
Watch the video: Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough: Open World Free-Roam with Multiplayer - GamesCom 2016 [US]
Watch the first-ever open world, free-roam gameplay walkthrough for Watch Dogs 2. In this new demonstration, a small slice of the expansive San Francisco Bay...
13 hours ago - Via - View - Kaneki “Ɛуєραтcн” Ken : "At death's door, I finally stumbled upon the twisted truth. Rize, Hide, it was always all inside me...
"At death's door, I finally stumbled upon the twisted truth. Rize, Hide, it was always all inside me, after all. They were nothing but an extension of myself. The people I want to meet. The things I want to be told. 'Hide'll stop me for sure.' As soon as I began to think that somewhere inside me, I myself began wishing for it. Wishing that I'd live."

Kaneki Ken.



Artificial Half-Ghoul.

Black Reaper.
Number 240.
The One-Eyed King.

As a child, Kaneki had all the same features he has now as an adult with black hair. As a normal university student, Kaneki was a scrawny young man with little to no athletic background who preferred to read books. In his free time, he wore casual clothes.

At work, he wore the standard Anteiku waiter uniform, consisting of black trousers and a grey waistcoat over a white dress shirt and a brown necktie. Because he couldn't properly control his single Kakugan that manifests in his left eye, he wore a medical eye patch to cover it.

His ghoul mask resembles a leather gimp mask with an eye patch. It bears a lipless mouth that shows large, gnashing teeth, much like a restrained asylum monster. The bolts sticking out of his neck and the fact that he is an artificial ghoul invoke a Frankenstein-like theme.

After being tortured by Yamori, his appearance changed drastically. His hair became completely white and his nails were blackened. He began to favor monochrome clothing, and wore a form-fitting black bodysuit with cutouts when going into battle.

In the years since adopting the identity of Haise Sasaki, his hair began to develop black streaks growing out from the crown. He wore the standard business attire of a ghoul investigator, favoring black dress shirts and pinstripe pants with a knee-length white trench coat. He also wears a pair of round eyeglasses when reading. After the events of the Auction, his hair slowly began to revert back to its original color with almost no white remaining.

After the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, his appearance has changed drastically again. His hair has completely reverted to its original black color, and he started wearing his glasses at all times. He wears a black version of the Arima Squad uniform, pairing a black dress shirt with black slacks and a long, black trench coat. In contrast, he wears a pair of red gloves that disguise his right hand covered in reptile-like scales.

In his second battle with Arima, Sasaki wears a form-fitting black bodysuit underneath his uniform. His hair turned completely white again after his meeting with a hallucination of Hide.

Kaneki was a shy and reserved person, with Hide being his only close friend. He usually spent most of his time reading books, mostly novels. He is extremely gentle and appears to be optimistic most of the time. Influenced by his mother and a true testament of modesty, he willingly takes blame and punishment from others so that he can be someone who doesn't hurt people, but rather absorb the torment. However, this lack of assertiveness normally gets him bullied and taken advantage of.

However, beneath his altruistic and gentle nature, is an underlying fear of being alone that was aggravated by his mother's death. He despises the idea of solitude; hence he tries to protect those dear to him so he would not have to face his fear of being alone in the world. Kaneki also has a habit of rubbing his chin whenever he is hiding something.

This is perhaps his greatest weakness. Since Kaneki was always trying to protect others, he was essentially trying to protect himself from ever being alone again. Therefore, to escape that scenario, he would shoulder the task of protecting others onto himself, without relying on anyone else. This is also why Kaneki seems to reject the notion of "living", because watching others die reminds him of those lonely days without anyone beside him.

After he was turned into a half-ghoul, he clung onto his human side. To keep living in the human world, he began to work at Anteiku and established relationships with the ghouls there. He started to develop an interest in becoming stronger and began reading martial art books so that he could protect the people close to him. However, he was still troubled with the fact that he was a half-ghoul and wanted to search for a place where he could belong. As much as he treasured his life, if people close to him were threatened, he wouldn't hesitate to put his life on the line.

After being held captive and undergoing intense torture by the hands of Yamori; Kaneki’s personality changes drastically. He trashes his previous ideology of ‘being hurt rather than hurting others’, pledging to crush those who dare threaten his place of belonging. He adopts the habit of cracking his fingers from his torturer, Yamori. In his subconscious, Kaneki eats ‘Rize’, the image of his ghoul self. This displays that he now accepts the ‘ghoul’ within him. Instead of being influenced by it, he appears to have become the one to surpass it. Kaneki becomes ruthless and brutal in order to protect his friends, yet he manages to maintain complete composure. He no longer fears his ghoul side and becomes more violent during battles; such as when he began feeding on Yamori's kagune in order to strengthen himself, and mercilessly broke 103 of Ayato's bones. By embracing his ghoul nature wholeheartedly, Kaneki gave up on being ‘human’.

Kaneki is still capable of showing his gentle nature in front of people he cares about, but can instantly turn merciless against his enemies. He yearns for strength and power, therefore becoming more arrogant. His new creed that as ‘the strong’ he has the right to ‘devour the weak’ was originally an ideology held by Yamori. Banjou assumes that Kaneki developed some form of mental instability during his torture in the 11th ward, and that this would gradually wear him down.

Whenever he is near starvation and losing control of his Kagune (or half-Kakuja), he begins behaving in a way that emulates another person’s, like Rize or Yamori. He would begin speaking in a crazed disorganized manner, further implying his mental instability during these periods.

After raiding Kanou’s lab and attacking Banjou, Kaneki begins to revert back to his pre-Aogiri personality. He enters a period of soul-searching. He seeks to reclaim his lost ‘human’ side and becomes uncertain about the path he has taken to become stronger. He starts to question and seek answers from individuals such as Uta, Yomo, and Yoshimura in order to understand the incidents that have happened around him since he turned into a ghoul.

While living under his new identity as Haise Sasaki, he is a self-contained and good-natured individual. He is loyal, devoted, and possesses a good work ethic. Haise is very cooperative, as he prefers working in a group rather than working alone. He also shows mercy, as he believes that an Investigator should not annihilate ghouls unnecessarily. Haise enjoys reading books in his free time and has a habit of using puns, shown by his conversation with Akira Mado in the Naan restaurant. He tends to scratch the back of his head when he is thinking hard or feeling uneasy. He still has his old habit of scratching or rubbing his chin whenever he is hiding something or lying.

He shows appropriate respect and great concern for his colleagues, especially his underlings. He complies with orders assigned by his seniors and carries them out without hesitation. However, Haise’s gentle nature often leads his subordinates to constantly disobey him, rendering him ineffective in controlling their actions; he is left to worry about their safety.

In contrast to before his memory loss, Haise rejects his ghoul side and seems to be disgusted by it. When analyzed by Arima after his capture, Haise appears to retain his introverted nature and lack of assertiveness as Kaneki, along with his yearning of a motherly figure.

However Haise is still prone to losing control as shown when he fought the Serpent, where he started cracking his fingers during the fight, a habit that he had originally developed as Kaneki in the past. Donato notes that Sasaki is curious about his memories, but also afraid of them as he worries that he can no longer keep his current life in CCG should he ever recover his memories. Sasaki fears that relying on his ghoul side would make him disappear. After being rescued from Seidou by Hinami, Haise’s perspective on his ghoul nature changes. He concludes that the Kaneki of the past must have been a good person because Hinami cares for him a lot, even though he does not remember. He eventually accepts this ghoul side in order to protect Hinami and Saiko, with the risk of his personality disappearing. He learns a bit about Kaneki who appeared in his subconscious as a mental construct where "Kaneki" admitted that he was also scared and asked Haise to not erase him.

Haise meets his projection of Kaneki, as they accept each other
After the auction, Haise was friendlier towards his ghoul side. However, "Kaneki" said that this relationship cannot last forever, as they were two beings fighting for one body. Haise was told to ‘not erase him’, but misheard it as ‘disappear’. He then remains conflicted about his past, actively searching for information about himself.

During the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, Haise recalls a memory of his past as Ken Kaneki where he had been physically abused by his mother in the past. He also realized that he unconsciously wished to die and had been glad to see Arima. However, that failed, so he believed that burying his past was his salvation, so he chose to forget and live as Haise. Upon realizing this, Haise accepted his past, resolving to stop "dreaming".

After regaining his memories, in sharp contrast to his previously gentle personality, Sasaki became colder and much more violent. He fights with more brutal force and was willing to put Tsukiyama's life at risk, despite already remembering his old acquaintance. He did however ensure that Kanae would rescue Tsukiyama before throwing the ghoul off the building. He displayed his cold nature to Urie when the latter blamed him for Shirazu's death, calmly telling him that it was his fault as he was the one fighting beside Shirazu. He then mourned together with Mutsuki and Saiko, showing that despite his cold demeanor, he still felt sad about Shirazu's death.

Kaneki's mental state undergoes extreme changes over the course of the series. Kaneki personifies his feelings to an extent that they take the form of people existing within his mind. When meeting these mental constructs, Kaneki enters a limbo-like state in his mind where he converses with them. Kaneki only enters this state when he is under extreme duress or near-death.

During his torture at the hands of Yamori, this construct takes the form of Rize Kamishiro. She taunts him for his weakness and show memories from his past with his mother, forcing out his anger towards her for not being able to refuse her sister. Through these memories, she gradually convinces Kaneki to abandon his previous ideology of being the one who gets hurt instead of others. By accepting Rize, Kaneki embraces a more brutal view of the world and accepts his ghoul powers.

The next time he encounters this alternate self is at V14, after being mortally wounded by Arima. Within his mind, he encounters a child version of himself that he feels the desire to protect. As he comes to accept his failings and similarities to his mother, this self transforms into a version of Kaneki as he existed at the beginning of the series. This more innocent Kaneki accepts him, and thanks him for all that he has done to protect them. The two vanish together, resolving to "sleep" for a while.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, the mental construct took on the appearance of Kaneki, initially appearing as Yamori's prisoner and wearing his Kakuja mask. This "Kaneki" torments him, demanding to be accepted and given back his body. Sasaki denied this being,which leads him to moments of instabilty whenever he uses his ghoul powers. When he is finally forced to accept his past and honor the request to "look" at "Kaneki", the projection appears to him as a white-haired child that he feels the need to protect. In the months following, Sasaki and "Kaneki" regularly converse with each other. Unlike previous constructs, Sasaki often imagines the child in the real world, picturing the child going through normal activities such as reading. Though they have reached an undertsanding, the child "Kaneki" tells Haise that the two of them cannot continue to co-exist and one will eventually vanish.

During Sasaki's fight with Kanae, a heavily injured Sasaki once again retreats to his mind. The child then confronts him, taunting Sasaki for not being able to protect himself. Sasaki attacks the child, which prompts him to unsupress his memories of being abused as Kaneki . As these memories came back to him, the child expressed that Kaneki was trying to die during the events at V14. He also desired to be loved by everyone that knows him, regardless of how his actions may obtain the desired result, be them with good or bad intentions, which the mental child Kaneki perceives as salvation. Haise regards himself as a "dream", caused when he began to desire. After Haise accepted his past, he resolves to quit "dreaming".

During Haise's fight with Arima at Cochlea, the latter savagely beats him to the brink of death. As Haise was about to succumb to his injuries and die, his mental construct takes the form of Hide. Hide scolds him for his selfish excuses, deducing that Haise had heard the sound of the compactor and asked whether he was okay with seeing his friends dying and letting his efforts be in vain. Hide encouraged Haise to live, reminding that he sacrificed himself with the goal of "living together with him" and that living would allow Haise to find a purpose in life. Haise's appearance begins to revert back to his post-Aogiri days. with his hair becoming white again. Hide's advice made Haise realize that his mental constructs of Rize and Hide were all just manifestations of his inner desires and thoughts. Haise believed that Hide would stop him if he went beyond his own boundaries, causing Haise to deduce that once he began to think this way, he began to desire to live again.


Hideyoshi Nagachika.
Kaneki's best friend, who he calls by his nickname, Hide. The two of them have been close friends since childhood. Although Kaneki would lack the assertiveness to speak to others, Hide would often speak in his place as his "voice". Kaneki is willing to fight to the death for his friend, and Hide is able to perceive Kaneki's emotions. The strong connection between Kaneki and Hide earns Kaneki the capability to refrain from human meat even when driven by ghoul instincts. He cares for Kaneki immensely, and did not hesitate to help him even after finding out about Kaneki's transformation into a ghoul.

Touka Kirishima.
Before his transformation, he was indifferent towards her. After turning to a ghoul, he is beaten up by Touka, who was confused to see a half-ghoul and refused to show any compassion to him, as he is a former human. When Kaneki joins Anteiku, she bosses him around and shows little patience for his mistakes and lack of knowledge of ghoul related affairs, much to his dismay. However, their relationship improves after he assists her in avenging Ryouko's death. She becomes friendlier towards him, though she still maintains a tough attitude towards him. Kaneki in turn views her as someone important to him and tries to put her out of harm's way. He responds aggressively to someone who has hurt her, shown when he breaks Ayato's bones for hurting Touka, holding back from killing him because doing so would hurt Touka more.

As Sasaki, he seems to experience a sense of deja vu when meeting her and behaves in a distracted fashion. The taste of the coffee she makes him brings him to tears, and he thinks of her as someone that is very beautiful.

Shuu Tsukiyama.
When they meet at Anteiku, Kaneki's first impression of Tsukiyama is that he looks like a model. Even though the others try to convince him that Tsukiyama is bad news, Kaneki still thinks that he seems like a person who he can trust. He goes along with him to have coffee, then plays a game of squash with him without realizing that Tsukiyama is priming him as a meal. After Tsukiyama's plot is exposed, he feels betrayed by him and becomes wary of him.

After escaping from the Aogiri hideout, Kaneki accepts him into his group, believing that Tsukiyama would make for a powerful ally. His advanced strength makes him stronger than Tsukiyama, so he uses that to threaten him into knowing his place. He is still aware that Tsukiyama wishes to eat him even if he tries to hide it, but Kaneki never shows concern for his own safety, trusting that his strength will intimidate Tsukiyama and keep him in check. In order to prepare himself for upcoming confrontations, he asks Tsukiyama to help him train and develops a tentatively friendly relationship with him, though he is always careful to maintain his distance. He would later see Tsukiyama as a friend, recognizing the latter's attempt to kill him during the Owl Suppression Operation was Tsukiyama trying to protect him.

In :re as Haise he meets Tsukiyama in a fragile and sickly state, as he has starved and isolated himself after Kaneki's disappearance. He doesn't seem to remember him, although meeting him a few times. Later he asks Tsukiyama to tell him everything about his past as he could not stand avoiding 'fate' anymore, having figured that he was one of Kaneki's friends. During the Tsukiyama Operation, he was reluctant to fight Tsukiyama and hesitated killing him when his inner "Kaneki" repeatedly yells at him not to do it. Shortly after his reawakening, he stabs Tsukiyama in the chest, in order for him to appear seriously wounded and in danger of dying. When Ui arrives at the scene, he decides to give Shuu a chance to escape or die by hurling him off the building, glancing at Kanae in order for her to go save him. Through this, it can be assumed he still holds some regard for Tsukiyama as an individual, but not enough as to actually care about what happens to him ultimately. It is implied further by Chie Hori that Kaneki does seem to still care about him, as she stated that if he really wanted to kill Tsukiyama, he would have done it already.

Kaneki looks up to Yoshimura, and is grateful to him helping him survive being a ghoul. Yoshimura acts as a mentor to Kaneki. He would often provide Kaneki with information regarding the ghoul world and assists in his development. In turn, Kaneki diligently serves and runs errands for him at Anteiku. He provides advice to Kaneki when the latter faces a crisis, and told Kaneki the truth about the One-Eyed Owl when Kaneki inquired him about it. He believes in Kaneki to the extent that he entrusted Kaneki with saving his daughter. When Kaneki heard that the CCG was going to attack Anteiku he immediately decided to go despite the overwhelming number of CCG forces. Even while he was critically wounded by Amon, Kaneki forced himself to go save the manager.

Four years later, Kaneki still hasn't forgotten his last meeting and talk with the manager, hinting at the importance Yoshimura held for him as an individual. He even reveals he remembers Yoshimura's last wish, even though he sees no reason to fulfill it whatsoever.

Renji Yomo.
Initially, Yomo is distant and indifferent towards him when Kaneki first cooperates with him in a body scavenging mission. However, he grew interested in Kaneki's development after Kaneki's fight with the doves. He provides guidance to Kaneki, teaching him how to fight and offers him advice in times where he is conflicted. Yomo played a crucial role in Kaneki's decision to return to Anteiku, reassuring the latter of his own strength.

Enji Koma.
Kaneki has a relationship with Koma as colleagues. Kaneki also feels most relaxed working with Koma than working with any other members from Anteiku.

Nishiko Nishio.
At the beginning, Nishiki starts enmity toward Kaneki just because he thought that Kaneki was invading his feeding ground, and as the way he shows his strength to weaker ghouls.

After helping him rescue his girlfriend in the Gourmet Arc, he became more like a close friend to Kaneki. When he was taken by Aogiri, Nishiki showed concern for his well-being and wanted to rescue him. When they met again as enemies, Haise subconsciously recognized him when his mask fell off, triggering an outburst as he temporarily lost control of his kagune, indicating that Nishio was an acquaintance of his former self. Their encounter sparked the mental struggle for dominance between Haise and his former self and has caused Haise to reflect on his position at the CCG.

Hinami Fueguchi.
Hinami looks up to Kaneki as a big brother. She's aware and interested in his half-human nature as she may had a few or no interaction with human society. They both share a passion for reading, especially Sen Takatsuki's works, and he often tutors her in new vocabulary to learn. After her mother's death, both Touka and Kaneki have been very protective of her and treat each other like family.

Alongside Banjou and Tsukiyama, she joins Kaneki's group of ghouls. While he often goes on his missions, he still manages to smile and be there for her when he's around, even accompanying her to places such as Sen Takatsuki's book signing.

As Haise, he showed concern for Hinami's safety when he learned she was acquainted with his past, and he asked her to leave while she was protecting him to prevent her from being hurt any further by Takizawa. Haise also managed to convince Arima to let her be taken captive instead of eliminated on the spot, showing that he still cares for Hinami. After her capture, he shows her the same kindness he did in the past by bringing her books and asking about her condition. While he tells her that he is not the same man she knew in the past, he admits to himself that he is growing attached to her, which troubles him greatly.

After the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, Sasaki seems to have become distant towards Hinami as he has not visited nor talked to her during the six months since the end of the operation. This leaves Hinami in a depressed state as her execution is coming close. However, this was a ruse as later he betrays the CCG in order to save her.

Kazuichi Banjou.
Banjou considered Kaneki as a close fellow during their attempt to escape the Aogiri hideout. After Kaneki defeats Yamori and makes his resolve to protect everyone, Banjou gratefully and grasped by Kaneki's strength, decides to become his follower. They become close friends during their time together, often sparring with each other and going together on trips and missions. Kaneki also helps Banjou improve his reading comprehension. When Kaneki decides to return to Anteiku he states that he hopes Banjou will come with him.

Rize Kamishiro.
Rize was attracted to Kaneki because of his delicious appearance and himself. Both of them shared many interests. After their date, Rize tried to hunt him down, but failed. At the end, she died and he, heavily injured, was taken to a hospital, where Dr. Kanou decided to transplant her organs into him.

In Kaneki's mind, during his time locked in Yamori's hobby room, she appeared before him. They had a sensitive conversation about his past and personality. He attributes her to his ghoul side, as she was the cause of him. Although she was a figment of Kaneki's imagination, she supported him and strengthened his resolve.

A hallucination of Rize appears to Kaneki earlier in the anime, representing the subconsciousness of Kaneki's ghoul half. She usually haunts Kaneki when he is hungry and needs to eat human meat.

Kaneki was shocked to learn Rize was still alive in Kanou's lab as an experiment during the lab raid. Later, while contemplating his previous ideals, he visits Rize in Yomo's place. Seeing the once strong ghoul in a starving weakened state made him question his own motives for gaining more power.

Koutarou Amon.
Their initial meeting left a strong impression on both, and they serve as foils to each other in the story. It was because of Amon's passionate speech that Kaneki first began to realize the futility of the endless cycle of revenge trapping humans and ghouls, and determined that his half-breed nature gave him unique insight into both points of view. He has great respect for Amon, and in their final meeting he asked the Investigator to allow him to pass -- something he knew would not happen. Before they fought, he asked for his long-time rival's name and wished for him to survive the battle. Amon shared this sentiment, desperate to learn the story of the strange ghoul that spared his life.

Years after the Owl Suppression Operation, Sasaki, after finding Amon reports about his past self, sees Kaneki in his mind weeping because of the belief that he killed Amon.

Yakumo Oomori.
Yamori saw Kaneki as a good "toy" for his hobby of torturing. He sees him as a weak morally-guided boy and makes use of his powerful regenerative ability to satisfy his sadistic pleasures. Ironically, Yamori who initially believes he had weakened Kaneki was then overpowered and defeated by him, being the catalyst for his transformation.

Mrs. Kaneki.
Kaneki initially looks up to his mother, believing her as a hard worker who never fails to help others. He always tried to be a kind person like her, even after her death from overwork. After being tortured by Yamori and influenced by Rize's manifestation, Kaneki blamed his mother for choosing to financially support her sister - resulting in her death from overwork. He viewed this action as abandoning him, choosing his aunt rather than himself. Kaneki also sees his mother's actions as those of selfishness and cowardice. He realizes that both of them try to help and protect others just because they both do not want to be alone.

In :re, however, it was revealed that Kaneki's mother had physically abused him. The trauma caused him to warp his memory so that he believed her to be nothing but a gentle woman, whom in reality, never did love and viewed as a "maggot".

Uta helped him in making his mask. Seeing Kaneki as one of his valued customers, Uta aided Anteiku in rescuing Kaneki from Aogiri Tree. He is fond of Kaneki, and shares both advices and stories of his past with him. Despite Uta's hedonistic nature being revealed in the end of the manga, along with implications that he enjoyed his suffering, he does care about Kaneki. Uta mentions that during their "encounter" in the Auction Raid, he noticed that he hasn't changed, and that he is still a valued customer of his.

Kishou Arima.
During their initial encounter, Kaneki is both frightened by and fascinated by the legendary investigator. He suffers a brutal defeat, resulting in his subsequent capture by CCG and loss of identity. Arima was given "ownership rights" over him, and was allowed to select a new identity.

As Haise Sasaki, it is suggested they have a close bond as teacher and student. Haise highly respects and admires Arima to the point he feels that it would be impossible for him to ever surpass his teacher. Akira suggests that Arima has a parental love for him, suggesting an especially strong bond between them. This is later confirmed, with Sasaki even referring to Arima as his "father" -- the person that saved him and helped him create a new life. They share a love of reading, resulting in them loaning books between each other. Haise also inherits a quinque which Arima used as a teenager, Yukimura.

Even after regaining his memories and eventually facing Arima in battle, Sasaki still thought of Arima as his father. He mourned the older investigator's death in anguish as Arima died in his arms. It was later revealed that Arima, along with Eto had been purposely "raising" Sasaki, in the hopes that they would create a ghoul that would be able to kill him, and become the hope for ghouls.

Akira Mado.
Akira served as his mentor, responsible for training him in the field and helping shape him as an Investigator. He has great respect for her, and over the years of working together they have established a strong friendship. When out of the office, he enjoys teasing her with his puns and she responds to them with playful annoyance. However, as his superior she can be harsh to the point of giving him a "Mado Punch" to the stomach to correct his behavior. She warns him that he is too naive, and that his showing mercy towards ghouls will result in his downfall. As her subordinate, he works hard to meet her expectations and describes her as an excellent superior. She is also shown to be someone charged with keeping him under control, as he requests that she be notified prior to using his powers. Because of this, he jokingly refers to her as his "mother", something she doesn't seem to appreciate much.

After Sasaki left the Q-squad, it's unknown whether that he and Akira kept in touch.

Tooru Mutsuki.
Among the Quinx, they have the closest bond and work together on the Torso case after the team becomes splintered. He treats Mutsuki with respect, but also behaves in a somewhat motherly fashion towards him. After Dr. Shiba expressed concern over the young Investigator's health, Sasaki made a point to cook him dinner with plenty of meat and lectured him about needing to strengthen his body. In turn, Mutsuki has great admiration for his mentor and is quick to offer praise or reassurances. If the Quinx team is a family, it could be said that Mutsuki is the good child that always respects and listens to Sasaki.

When Mutsuki goes missing, Sasaki asks Urie to save him, showing that he still cares about him.

Kuki Urie.
During Urie's time as the squad leader, their professional and personal relationship is tense, as Urie is prone to challenging Sasaki's leadership on all fronts. He frequently acts on his own without bothering to consult the rest of the team, leaving Sasaki in the dark about things and deeply frustrated as a result. When the team becomes fractured as a result of Urie's manipulation, Sasaki calls him a brat and swears to teach him a lesson. Even so, he acknowledges that his troublesome subordinate is highly-skilled with exceptional intuition. That he refuses to cooperate with others, and so frequently criticizes him in front of others, is a great source of frustration for Sasaki. After the Auction Raid, their relationship seems to have improved. Urie shows more trust in Sasaki's decisions and even comes to him to train. However, during the Tsukiyama Operation, he was about to tell him off for not being there for Shirazu, only for Sasaki to immediately lash out and turn the blame on him for not being strong enough.

Even after he left the Q-squad, Sasaki still cares for Urie as the latter was the only one he met and personally requests him to save Mutsuki, while showing a kind smile.

Ginshi Shirazu.
Like Urie, Shirazu is prone to disregarding orders and doing whatever he wants. Sasaki is frustrated by this inability to control his team, and confused when Shirazu argues with him before storming out. He remains seemingly unaware of Shirazu being poisoned against him, but this does not last long. After saving his team from Serpent, their relationship is vastly improved. He recognizes Shirazu's ability to consider his surroundings and prioritize his comrades, having faith in his potential as a leader. To this end, he makes Shirazu the new Squad Leader and encourages him to excel. He also helped Shirazu in dealing with his guilt over killing Nutcracker. After his death, Sasaki mourns him together with his remaining squad mates.

Saiko Yonebayashi.
They have a very close, familial sort of relationship. He feels great sympathy for her situation and admits to going easy on her as a result even when her actions cause problems for the team. He acts as a surrogate parent to her, affectionately referred to as "Maman". They have a warm and intimate bond, as evidenced by her cuddling with him and asking him to clean her ears. Sasaki is protective of her and often tries to keep her out of battles despite their jobs as ghoul investigators. However, he is aware of her destructive power in battle and brings her along on missions where it is needed.

After Sasaki regained his memories and left the Q-squad, their relationship is now implied to be distant. However, it's also implied that he still cares for her.

Nobu Shimoguchi.
Their professional relationship is strained, with the other Investigator not even bothering to hide his disdain for Sasaki. Though well aware of how Shimoguchi looks down on him, Sasaki treats him with politeness and professionalism. Shimoguchi however, does not hesitate to humiliate Sasaki when he gets a chance. He takes these actions with minimal response, doing his best to remain professional and courteous. However, when at home he expresses annoyance at the other man and looks forward to the chance to show him up. After Nobu lost his squad however, Sasaki was quick to offer condolences to the man.

Donato Porpora.
Donato serves as an informant and adviser, offering insight on investigations and personal advice to Kaneki. He uses the Investigator's personal name, a sign of the close and cordial relationship between them. Donato even refers to him as his "friend", speaking kindly to him and wishing him well during moments of doubt. Though imprisoned for many years, Donato seems to know many secrets about his past and offers hints about Kaneki's lost memories and possible future.

Juuzou Suzuya.
As Ken Kaneki, Kaneki does not know of Juuzou. Juuzou however, apparently knew by instinct that the Eyepatch Ghoul was the same person as Kaneki even though by that time Kaneki's hair had already turned white, along with the fact that he was donning his mask and Juuzou was observing him on ground running whilst on top of an Aogiri building. This is evidenced by when Juuzou sees him and attempts to remember his name (failing to do so though, as he only remembers that the name starts with a 'K') while dragging Yamori's body around.

As ghoul investigators, both of them are considered unusual in their own ways, and became friendly through prior collaborations. Juuzou is still aware of his true identity, as he repaid the money stolen from Kaneki's wallet long ago. Sasaki always prepares for meetings with Juuzou by hiding treats in his pockets, letting the other man frisk him as a greeting.

Seidou Takizawa.
Seidou learned about Haise through Kanou and Eto, as he was "modeled" after him. As a result of being modeled after a mere test subject, which Kanou referred to as his masterpiece, he wishes to surpass Haise, still possessing feelings of inferiority as he did with Akira, who was ranked first, and him second. Seidou is also aware of Haise's true self, even calling him by name when he hesitates. He does however, show Haise a little bit of acknowledgement as a leader, even stating Sasaki was a better leader than his own boss.

Koori Ui.
Koori and Sasaki appear to have a professional relationship, knowing each other from their days in S3 squad. Ui however secretly distrusts Sasaki and is wary of both his mental state and his abilities as a ghoul.

In Tokyo Ghoul: Jail, Kaneki encounters Rio as he is searching for the ghoul called Jail, who Kaneki is also searching for. The two meet while Rio is following a lead on Jail, believing the area Kaneki is in to be his turf. Rio comes across Kaneki while he is devouring powerful ghouls in order to become stronger. Seeing that they share a common goal, Kaneki and Rio work together to find Jail. It is through Kaneki that Rio is also introduced to Anteiku.

Hairu Ihei.
Sasaki and Hairu used to be in the Zero Division under Arima together. They get along as co-workers, but Sasaki did not like her violent methods on handling ghouls.

Eto Yoshimura.
Even before becoming a ghoul, Kaneki admires Takatsuki Sen greatly, as she is his favorite horror novelist and relates himself to her works, unaware of her true identity. As Haise Sasaki, he still considers her his favorite author, but speculates that she is a woman filled with despair and hatred towards the world and has completely abandoned hope long ago.

After regaining his memories, he becomes one of the few aware of her true identity and considers her as an enemy that needs to be eliminated, and seriously wounds her during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. In the following months, he is pursuing and investigating her to bring her down. They share a cordial relationship, even after he arrested her, and gave him information about V, even suggesting that he record Furuta's conversation with her and later requesting that Sasaki should kill the One-Eyed King.

After meeting with Eto in Cochlea, She told Sasaki that both she and Arima had been raising Haise in hopes that they could create a Ghoul strong enough to kill Kishou Arima.

Nimura Furuta.
They share a casual and relaxed partnership after 6 months timeskip, as seen when he entrusted Furuta to search for Takatsuki's house, praising his skill in organizing documents, and later requested him to play the good cop role. Sasaki often chimes in Furuta's joke about his boss and seems to not mind.

Powers and Abilities:

Ghoul Physiology.
After inheriting Rize Kamishiro's kakuhou, Kaneki has displayed an unique healing factor, as well as the Rinkaku Kagune and increased physical power. Due to the hybrid vigor, Kaneki's abilities are said to be more potent than that of a natural born ghoul.

Rinkaku Kagune.
Kaneki initially displayed his kagune in his fight against Koutarou Amon, possessing three tentacles and having little control over them. After his torture, Kaneki was able to produce four tentacles in his battle with Yakumo Oomori, which are capable of pinning down and overwhelming an incomplete kakuja. During the raid on Kanou's lab, Kaneki's kagune further developed into six tentacles, albeit in an unstable mental state, and while he fought Kishou Arima, Kaneki was able to manifest eight tentacles which are able to be shaped into small hands, which have an enormous range and destructive force enough to damage V14's pillars. As Haise Sasaki, he is able to control and manipulate the shape of his kagune at will, and command the tentacles to process different tasks at once. He is also noted to have a better control over his kagune than natural born ghouls. In his fight with Karren von Rosewald and Eto Yoshimura, Sasaki was able to shape his kagune into more intricate forms, and his kagune is greatly larger, with the potency of neutralizing Owl's kakuja. After devouring Eto's kakuja, his kagune is able to form multiple eyes and mouths.

Rinkaku Kakuja.
After constant cannibalization, Kaneki has developed into an incomplete Kakuja. In this form, Kaneki was able to easily overwhelm Yukinori Shinohara, who wielded Arata armor, and to fight on par with Koutarou Amon while the latter was armed with Arata proto, as well as injure him by ripping his arm off. While using Kakuja, Kaneki goes into a mindless state, losing all aspects of his personality. In his last confrontation with Arima Kishou, Sasaki's kakuja was capable of completely destroying IXA, while maintaining his personality and sanity.

Superhuman Strength.
As Banjou paid a visit to Anteiku, Kaneki accidentally knocked him unconscious with an elbow kick.Kaneki was able to rip a lamp post from asphalt and strike one of the Bin Brothers with it. When fighting Ayato Kirishima, Kaneki forcibly smashed Ayato through multiple floors of the 11th Ward building. During his sparring sessions with Banjou, Kaneki threw the ghoul around without much effort.

Superhuman Agility.
While he engaged Yukinori Shinohara in a fight, Kaneki was traveling at immense speed, quick enough for Shinohara not being able to track his location. He was also capable of evading Narukami's condensed projectiles, while assaulting Arima. In his fight with Karren, Sasaki was able to maneuver and dodge her rapid Kagune attacks, swiftly approaching her from behind towards the end of the motion. Sasaki has also shown the ability to parry Arima's numerous Owl(quinque) attacks while facing him in Cochlea.

Superhuman Durability.
As Hide was repelled by Nishiki, Kaneki was able to endure multiple blows from the ghoul even in his weakened starving state. When he was fighting Shachi, Kaneki maintained consciousness even after being smashed through floor and walls of Kanou's building. After being pierced through the abdomen by Amon, Kaneki was still able to survive and recover from his injuries. During his encounter with Arima at V14, Kaneki continued fighting despite his critical head injures, which would be fatal even to a ghoul. As Sasaki, he survived being pierced by Serpent's kagune, and eventually overpowered the ghoul despite being grievously wounded. Sasaki overpowered Karren von Rosewald and Eto with a severed hand, gradually using his kagune as replacement. He seemed unfazed when Kishou Arima stabbed him multiple times through the abdomen, as he also took countless severe cuts to his body with Owl and was still able keep fighting.

Superhuman Regeneration.
During his torture at the hands of Yakumo Oomori, he continuously regenerated his fingers for 10 days. He easily recuperated from the injuries that were inflicted by Shachi, and recovered from a hole that he received upon fighting Amon. He survives his fight with Arima, and heals his injuries, albeit with the cost of losing his memory. In :re, he recovers from being consecutively pierced by Nishiki's kagune, as well as surviving an attack from Seidou.

Kagune Manipulation.
After his confrontation with Eto, Sasaki is able to manifest his Kagune as a form of his hand, controlling it willingly. During his fight with Arima, Sasaki was using his Kagune as replacements for his arms and legs in order to recover more quickly to counter the investigator.

Using his quinque, Sasaki has been described to have movements as swift as water, being able slice through a ghoul's kagune and also use it efficiently with his own kagune.

Keen Intellect.
When facing a ghoul, Kaneki often used his intellect and careful planning to quickly and efficiently take out his foe. Kaneki seems to comprehend Takatsuki's work, as well as understand martial arts just by reading about them in a book.

13 hours ago - Via Community - View - Trash Master King Asshole : Name "Arata Kabuto" Rank Great General and he is also known as one of the 5 complete humans Close to...
Name "Arata Kabuto"
Rank Great General and he is also known as one of the 5 complete humans Close to the Gods themselves
Age 200 years old
Gender Male
 Species Human
Race Gigant
Holy Spears
Flame Spears
Star Destroyer Spear
Planet Spear
Dark Beams capable of blowing Planets when serious and shake the Space
Earth Control whioch means that he can just summon random natural catastrophe or uise the Planets geography for his Opportunity
Minute of Powerlessness: This is a Power which when getting a succesful hit will remove all abilities of the enmy for 1 Minute. Only Gods from the Council deflect it
Divine Bond; He summons a a Spear and imaples the enmy suddenly he summons a Book with all memorioes, abilities, Feelings, fears, plans, decsions, regrets, weaknesses, Family, negative Things about the enemy and can completely predict anything from him. He seals off the experiences and the enmy can only mimic and start to create a new fighting or decision style. If the enemy uses something he or she experienced they will get sealed in the Book and live forever in the Past while their real Body turns to Dust over time. Before Death they view their whole History
Vaacum state: He can turn everything to vaccuum only possible for a few to survive
Last Crusade: This FInal skiill is extremely deadly. He creates a World of nothing  but the Allmighty. The Truth. When his Spear as large as the whole universe hits the foe the Truith of Absolute Infinity swallows the enemy in a wolrd where he views himself which means the world he seals someone in is the own existence. Inside this world no one can escape judgement only the Council
His physical strengh, Speed and durability are all top notch high leveled class
He served Comuria since ancient times and before it was found he was a Gladiator for the Gods of War. He never lost one fight so far. Only Anamos dorve him far but surprisingly Anamos lost in the past to him. He detestes the Academy for stealing his credit in slaying Demons, Vampires or other bad creatures. Azur and Mortarmus are similar like students to him. They look up to him and describe him s the greatest warrior of War
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