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Keemat Balraj Feel Full Official Music Video 2014
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11 days ago - Via Google+ - View - Keith Keyser : "Consecration: 'and thou shalt consecrate Aaron and his sons.' Exodus 29 The word consecrate is translated...
"Consecration: 'and thou shalt consecrate Aaron and his sons.' Exodus 29
  The word consecrate is translated from two Hebrew words and literally means 'filled hands'.  These people were going to have their hands full in serving God – it was going to be their sole occupation from now on.  Their hands would be filled with various things; they would be handling sacrifices and spices, flour and frankincense.  They would be anointing with oil and sprinkling with blood.  Everything they would touch and handle would be symbolic of the Lord Jesus, so as we look back we can see in picture that from this moment on they were taken up with Christ.
  The challenge from David comes to us all, 'Who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the Lord?' (1 Chr 29.5).  Are you willing to fill your hands with the will and work of God?  Perhaps your hands are full already with your own will and your own ambitions.  Would you be prepared to relinquish your plans and release your grip on all your own desires and to fill your hands with Christ and His service?  
  Remember He opened His hands – giving up all His riches, becoming poor, and receiving into those hands the cruel nails of crucifixion.  He has taken hold of you and will never let you go (John 10.28).  This challenge of consecration means  that He comes first and everything is done for Him.  So, who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the Lord?" Christian Living Today from John Ritchie Publ.
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30 days ago - Via Blogger - View - dBw yup : RATZINGER REPORT ON THE STATE OF CHRISTIAN FAITH - scattered notes. Mt 10.28 fear those who can kill...

Mt 10.28 fear those who can kill your soul
Mt 4.4 not by bread alone
Truth in Love, the greatest admonition in the Gospel
Ortho-praxis – ortho-doxy --- the second comes first.
Christians must recognize they are a minority, often in contrast with the trendy “spirit of the World”.
A Pentecostal season for the Church: charismatic movement, cursillos, focolare, Communion and Liberation, neo-catechumenal communities. All signs of a withdrawal in the private sphere?
Old Testament: people of God
New Testament: body of Christ – the real Kingdom of Christ in Lumen Gentium
Communion of Saints, of all the baptized: they share also holy things i.e. the grace of the sacraments that pour forth from the resurrected Jesus: this union is life.
Jesus’ Church is not democratic, but sacramental, thus hierarchical.
Apostolic succession is the base for the reality of sacraments.
Authority does not come from a majority vote, it comes from Jesus.
The Catholic Church is a hierarchical structure founded by Jesus Christ and not a democratic organization.
Truth cannot be created through ballots, truth can only be found: what really matters is our testimony, not our vote.
The process of deciding together entails the risk of losing both the folly and scandal of the Gospel, the “salt and leaven” that – today more than ever – are indispensable to Christians.
Every Bishop has to proclaim the Gospel in that particular Church entrusted to him Canon 756.2
2 Tim 4:1-5 St Paul: people, instead of listening to the truth, they will turn to myths
All the Saints were people of imagination, not of semblance, appearance
Excursus: Bergoglio: annunciate verità, bonta, bellezza, Padre, Figlio e Spirito Santo
La dittatura del Relativismo denunciata da BXVI ha reso tante anime così povere nei Paesi ricchi dell’Occidente.
Non vi può essere vera pace nell’uomo senza la Verità: il cuore arido nell’uomo genera morte.
Bellezza anche della liturgia con i suoi tanti simboli – Es.28-6,14 --- 28-21 ove il sacerdote porta incisi nel cuore i nomi di tutti noi: ebbene, non si tratta di ornamenti, ma della Gloria di Dio.
Jesus afferma chiaramente che la vera cura contro il male è l’amore verso il prossimo.
Papa Francesco: chi non prega Jesus, prega per il Diavolo.
Ratzinger is against the disuse, misuse, abuse of the Catechism (his lectio in France 1983 on this topic):
Credo – our Father – Decalogue – Sacraments --- believe, hope, do, vital space (Lebensraum)
Look: the broken bond between Church and Scripture is jeopardizing the Dogma.
Rousseau scam: man is good, his nature being corrupted only by false education and by the social structure in urgent need of reform. This is the wrong basis of modern culture, both capitalist and Marxist
Original sin, an expression of Patristic origin (still adequate today?) that has been almost forgotten, which explain why we live in a state of alienation and we are in dear need of Jesus the Redeemer.
Our Redemption is a person in Christianity.
Original Sin is the biggest problem in present day theology and pastoral ministry.
A concept at clash with the Evolution theory that states man has been “simply” perfected by time!
Original Sin is a fundamental Christian Truth and yet a mystery. After all the Genesis narrative speak through images.
That is why we need some help from outside – self-realization and self-salvation brings only destruction – it is the Grace of Jesus that saves us – we must abandon ourselves to Love
Economic Liberalism so far has created Moral Permissivism
i.e. the separation between sexuality and marriage, a moral, cultural, and social tragedy
the other side of the coin of that is procreation without sexuality
“freed” from procreation, sex becomes a right, a goal that wants to maximizes its own libido and pleasure, while fecundity is seen as a threat to the free development of the individual
Humanae Vitae – Paul VI – no to contraception
Nature is moral itself. This is a constant teaching of the Catholic Church: the unity of the individual, of each person, with Nature.
Old Testament: law – New Testament: grace
Modern heresies: we are “liberated” now, we are “mature”, the Decalogue comes from a Semitic Middle-Eastern culture – Christian morals were in reality copied from the Stoic philosophy – morality can be constructed only on reason – exaggerated personalism.
In Christian philosophy there are fixed points and landmarks in the bond between Being and Good
Proclaiming the autonomy of human reason alone force to embrace a desperate search for new references. The consequences: the goodness of something or somebody depends on a calculation.
We have somehow forgotten that God reveals Himself through Revelation!
“Liberation” can be quite diabolic in its calculated-arbitrary consequences.
Gen 3:5 “you will be like God” is man’s ultimate temptation, free of the law of Creation, of Nature itself.
Man wants to be his own master and creator – at the end of this road though there is no Paradise at all!
Once it has been eradicated from the bond of fecundity, sex no longer appears to have a determined/clear-cut connotation and determination. Wrong assumptions bring always awkward consequences. “we are all humans, we are all the same”
Do we want to be liberated from our own Nature?
Even if you change your sexual apparatus, your DNA will always belong to your natural gender: are we really sure that everything and everybody has just and only a culturally-historically conditioned role?
“liberi, liberi siamo noi, ma liberi da che cosa?” Vasco Rossi
Equality between men and women requires indie diversity.
The language of Nature is the language of Morality according to the Catholic Church.
Christianity is a Revelation: we cannot change it.
The differentiation between man and woman is irreversible.
Man and woman are equal, thus different: we are not allowed to strip them of their individuality and dignity. To respect biology is to respect God Himself.
Are we living a richer, more balanced, more meaningful, longer life, because of this presumed post-Christian salvation? Appearances can be deceiving.
A masculine, emancipated woman is not creative in the truest sense, i.e. becoming a mother
Motherhood – virginity – a free choice that sets actually an example for men
Within our masculine cultural environment that wants to make efficient and marketize everything and everybody.
Sadly Social Welfare has replaced the Love of the Neighbor.
New enemies for Theology are modern psychologies, eastern philosophies and pseudo-religions.
Our identity crisis can be wrongly solved by either an exterior shift – “liberation” – or by an interior shift – in depth psychology. Too many have lost a discernible direction in their minds and lives.
Science can guess how the forces of mind might work, but it will never tell you “why”.
The soul does not explain itself by itself. Our soul needs some point of reference outside itself.
St. Augustine: Thou has made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in Thee.
Unforeseeable human burdens are waiting for those who choose to rely only on themselves.
Look! A drop in vocation from 1961-1981 of 98.5% a future without sisters in Canada?
Only cloistered orders have resisted.
Every woman has a specific role inscribed in her biology: what happens when this role is denied or ridiculed?
Church is a noun of feminine gender: in her lives the mystery of motherhood, of gratitude, of contemplation, of beauty, of values that appear useless to the profane world
Christianity is not activism, being productive, relevant, committed to action
Look: the mystical experience within the Church belong mostly to women!
A remedy (not a solution though) is MARY.
1950 proclamation of the dogma of the Assumption of Mary in body and soul to Heaven glory by Pius XII – a dogma that should uplift each of us
Wasn’t Jesus the sole mediator towards God the Father? Was he?
Mary plays a fundamental role in the equilibrium of Faith.
Mystery of Mary “de Maria numquam satis” – there is never enough of Maria, Theotokos
431 Ephesus Council – proclamation of Mary as Mother of God and conqueror of all heresies, in a time of widespread heretical aberrations
We have to go back to Mary to understand the truth of Jesus and the Church:
Where traditional Maria piety is in decline, evil political ideologies fill the gap
Mary as the pedagogy, the way to proclaim the Gospel today?
John Paul II at the Latin American Episcopal Conference 1979
1 penetrates more deeply into the mystery of Incarnation Lumen Gentium no. 65 with the dogma of perpetual virginity, divine motherhood, immaculate conception, bodily Assumption (the immortal destiny awaiting all of us) – Christ: two Natures in one Person – there is a strong eschatological tension in Mary
2 Mariology as integration between Scripture and Tradition
3 a Jewish girl, mother of the Messiah, connecting Israel and Christianity
4 man is a unity of faith and reason (of the heart)
5 model, figure, image of the Church that shields us from a masculinized society and culture model
6 Faith is not an abstraction, Faith needs a mother – when the essence of femininity is threatened, Mary’s traits of virginity and motherhood brings courage and obedience to man.

Lk 13.3 unless you repent, you will all perish – Ratzinger comments on the 3th secret of Fatima.
No apparition is indispensable to the faith: Revelation terminated with Jesus Christ Himself – Revelation is alive and vital
Nonetheless it is true that Marian apparitions are multiplying around the World
Special focus on the spiritual fruits and religious life that develop around the pilgrimage sites
Many Marian messages go against certain “post-conciliar spiritualities” - Ratzinger replies: Vatican II insisted on the unity of man, upon the incarnation of the Spirit in the flesh
Marian appeals focus on fasting are a counterbalance to the physicality of man: sexuality and nourishment
The more we focus on our body, the more we experience a loss of eschatological tension, towards eternal life
1 Cor 7:31 the form of this World passes away, but the eternal life is waiting for us
Without virginity and fasting there is no Church
Eastern Orthodox Christians are maters, great teachers, and role models in ascetic: religion though must not be relegated to exterior practices only i.e. fasting, abstinence, penance
Let us rediscover the spirit of non-conformity in present-day Church when it has lost its austerity
What compatibility between Imitatio of Christ (embodiment of the late Medieval monastic tradition “fuga seculi” flight from the World, where monasteries were oases of true life in the desert) and Gladium Et Spes? 
We need to find a right balance between incarnation in the World and tension towards Eternity!
Many sects call for a flight from the World or for a radical eschatologism (millenarism, chialism). The answer is the Church ahs to become again a “homeland for the soul”.

What about certain post-conciliar liturgical practices?
Liturgy is at the very core of Christian Faith – read Feast of Faith Das Fest des Glaubens – dealing with particular forms of “aggiornamento” that puzzled our Cardinal
Introducing the vernacular was a real improvement or was an actual trivialization?
The mystery of God’s action passes through Christ: that has been – fortunately – left untouched.
On the use of Latin language in Vatican II – “Sacrosanctum Concilium” – a linguistic lack of mutual understanding was also the problem between a Latin West and a Greek East
Centrifugal forces are always at work
Look: Pope decision on Oct 3, 1984 sort of “indult” to celebrate Mass in Latin only in churches and chapels appointed by the bishop according to the 1962 Roman Missal .
Before Trent, a certain liturgical pluralism was in place. After Trent, only rites older than 200 years were preserved i.e. Ambrosian Rite, while the liturgy of Rome was prescribed for the whole Church.
Now, Catholicity does not mean or necessarily imply uniformity.
Unfortunately the post-Conciliar (II) pluralism does not tolerate a high standard of expression
The life of the liturgy does not come from what we do, but from what takes place
Liturgy does not consist in pleasant surprises or attractive ideas, but in solemn repetitions
Liturgy too often has become mediocre. Too often silence is lacking is so many liturgical celebrations.
We have gone from inspiring and magnificent Church music to catchy tunes…! Surrender of the beautiful has resulted in pastoral defeat: intelligibility for all simply mean – too often – a poorer and way less inspiring liturgy.

And yet, music and art can reveal the Truth
The best apology for the Church is represented by the Saints it has produced during centuries and also by the art grown in her womb.
Beauty is closely linked with both the Love and Radiance of the Resurrection. Our Catholic Church must become – again – a place where Beauty is at home.
Our aim must be a worship that manifests the presence of the Eternal – the Medieval and Baroque era Church developed such a liturgical depth that has to be carefully examined, studied, appreciated before it is somehow abandoned

Eucharist is at the heart of Faith
Mass is not a brotherly meal among friends, Mass is a renewed sacrifice – there are many other gifts for the believer, aside from eating bread i.e. adoration before the Blessed Sacrament i.e. the Corpus Christi processions so loved by the people should be reiterated
The “sensus fidei” of the Catholic people can bring the inheritance of Christian Faith into…daylight.
Catholic weapons against Asiatic religious practices are: Stations of the Cross, Via Crucis and the Rosary
Nov 15, 1972 Paul VI: I have the feeling the smoke of Satan has penetrated the Temple of God through some cracks. There is a hostile and dark agent at work in our World, the Devil.
Satan is a sophisticated perverter of man’s moral equipoise: spreading error, he knows how to penetrate us: he is such a malicious seducer.
John 14.30 the Devil is the Prince of this World
Ratiznger: animist religions (too much romanticized) have created a world of fear i.e. the alleged - never demonstrated – peace and innocence of paganism is one of nowadays myths
Eph 6:12 Jesus has conquered the spiritual powers, an experience of liberation from fear – Jesus can liberate us from Evil
Non-Christian religions are often realms of fear and slavery for man
Christianity is a redeeming Light
Col 1.13 Acts 10.38 God sent his own Son in human flesh, to snatch mane from the power of Satan.
Ratzinger quotes the Bible: “Strong in faith, we must resist errors, even if they are presented in the guise of piety” “let us do the truthful Love”
An indispensable and essential Truth and Christian belief is the existence of a Beyond, also known as “eschatology” – Dogma und Verkuendigung: the devil is a major theme of preaching. The devil is not a symbolic reality, is a personal one. The devil is not an image of sin or an abstract concept.
The Evangelists never speak symbolically of the devil – Lk 11:52 Jesus is the stronger man that can bind the strong man
Scripture judges the World and not viceversa
The fear of God is Faith, very different from a fear that enslaves: the fear of demons. 

A Christian does not conform automatically to the majority.

Catechesis should always mentions the term, the concept, the idea, the Truth of Eternal Life. Many Christians have lost their sense of the “last” things, so today death is surrounded by silence, fear or its trivialization. For centuries the Church has taught to pray for death will not come over us unaware: pray that we will be given enough time to prepare. Nowadays, sadly, a sudden death is regarded as a blessing!
If we do not accept and do not respect death, we will not accept and respect life either.
Excursus Gal 5:6 what matter and is of avail for a Christian is Faith Working Through Love – on the topic of Purgatory and Limbo – eschatology does not mean only “Heaven”, often between quotation marks as an oriental myth
The Good News in the Gospel is the consoling proclamation of the Father’s infinite and immeasurable Love
The Gospel though tells us is also possible and allowed to me to refuse God, thus creating disaster.

Many modern ideologies are built on the denial of Sin, on the constant attempt of taking away people from their natural sense of guilt, of finding alibis: this explains today silence on things such as Purgatory, Limbo, etc.
Protestant “theology” and “Biblicism” denies Purgatory, because it is not explicitly written in the Bible in their view).
A Catholic, instead, reads the Bible within the Church and hears faith
Purgatory exists because we have prayers for our own departed ones. Calvin, on the contrary, reject that.
The beloved person that crossed the shore still needs my love.
We no longer hear any talk on indulgences, relegated to a theological hypothesis – Jn 3:5 unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God
Holiness of God vs. deceptive mask of Evil
A decline in holiness brings a disappearance of the awareness of the demonic – Satan was constantly compelled to show himself to Jesus – devil’s favorite element is anonymity, when he is not exposed to the radiance of a person united with Christ – we need to go back to clear words of exorcism (Faith casts out the Prince of this World) – forces are at work to disintegrate relationships among men – even a genuine realist without faith recognize we are prisoner of a baneful society.
Eph 6:10 put on the whole armor of God, in the strength of his might, be strong in the Lord, so that you may be able to stand the wiles of Evil
In the currently predominant secular culture…naïve optimism is turning into radical pessimism and despairing nihilism
There is a radical optimism that never deceive: Jesus Christ
1 Jn 4:18 Christian freedom will always cast out fear
Ambiguity is demonic – clarity belongs to faith

There are spiritual beings, angels, living in fellowship with men, whose task is to assist them in their struggle
There is always the radiant side of a spiritual army, joined in love with mankind
In spite of angels who mysteriously fell, entering into the dismal role of tempters 
i.e. guardian angels, proof of God’s loving care for men – one of the most beautiful prayers is addressed to each of them!
The only counterbalance to the devil is the third person of the Trinity, the Spirit: Satan, the absolute destroyer, capable of undermining every relationship
The Holy Spirit is the absolute mediator i.e. Father and Son are One in the unity of the Spirit
What about today rediscovery of the Holy Spirit with the so-called Charismatic movement? Exactly when the Holy Spirit seems to be quasi completely forgotten?
Pope John XXIII looked for a new Pentecost after all in a world dried and desiccated by rationalistic skepticism – Charisms are visible signs of the Spirit, of His coming
Not accidentally when a reductionist theology treats both the devil and the evil spirits are mere labels, the “renewal” brings a new awareness of the powers of evil and the power of Christ, capable of subjugating them all.
Caveat: the Spirit never speaks of himself, but lives and works at the heart of the Trinity – it does not bring anywhere a Church based only on the freedom of the Spirit
Key is maintaining the balance between Institution (Church common shared Faith) and Charisms (personal experiences) – i.e. doctrinal belief is empty without personal experience and vice versa
Spirit is never an antithesis to Institution
Instead of easy ecumenism, Catholic renewal groups have to “sentire cum ecclesia”
Never take out of their context the Holy Scriptures, which might lead to esotericism, sects, fundamentalisms, and so forth. 
Nonetheless, renewal movements represent something positive, a positive sign(al)

We have to clearly define our Faith, its true essence: this is the best thing we can do to our partners in dialogue
Protestantism within the Catholic Church? Regarding its relationship with the Gospel?
Look: the postulate “sola scriptura” implies then that faith comes from our own individual perception?
Today many like the idea of a Congregationalist – “free” Church, changeable depending on how men organize it and more “adaptable” to our modern times
BUT within the Catholic Church there is always a mysterious – and harder to understand – reality behind and beyond.
Luther puts himself above Church, Councils, and Tradition
Only the Catholic Church is the authentic interpreter of Revelation’s real meaning over human reality
Luther irremediably alter the relation between the individual on one side and the Church on the other
The Catholic Church does not have to declare itself guilty of anything or for everything
Without Tradition, the Bible is just an old ancient book – look at what happens in the Eastern Orthodoxy for instance
the “sola scriptura” idea cannot possibly survive, because Scripture is nothing else than Tradition
Eastern Orthodoxy is kind of stuck in “sola tradition” instead. Ratzinger pointed this out during the Geneva World Council.

And what about the reality of sacraments? Too many Christian are unfaithful to Christ. 
It is going to be always a long road before a Reformed Christian will accept priesthood as a sacrament and as indispensable precondition for the Eucharist, because this would mean to accept a structure of the Church founded on apostolic succession.

Look: a Catholic cannot participate in the Eucharist of a Reformed Church. The Founder of Christianity wanted this way, thus we believe in apostolic succession, priesthood, and eucharist.

Eastern Churches possess an authentic doctrine, but is all petrified and static: they accept only the first 1000 years of Tradition.
They cling on the idea of autocephaly: united in Faith, Churches are and stay independent one from the other – they cannot accept the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, center of a universal Church as Communio
Often Catholics and Orthodox share the same persecution.
Their exchange is lively (under certain circumstances intercommunion is allowed), but the respective eschatologies are different and stay different.
Anglicans as a natural bridge with Reformation? Truth is rapprochement is still a very long way to go.

Eucharist is Life
Holy Scripture lies in community and needs a language: every translation is interpretation somehow.
There are Bible passages that require to take a stand – every science unavoidably depends on a philosophy or an ideology
We must have the courage to say the Bible is Catholic, accepting the Great Fathers of the Church and the way they read it
Even a “sola scriptura” follower acknowledges the existence of a living Church to which God has entrusted His living World – Catholicism is already in the Bible: it comes from it, it is in it.
Oftentimes in history cosmopolitan meant decadent i.e. Vienna before the end of the Monarchy

Against Liberation Theology, Orthodoxy is THE way to save the poor from pain and illusion that always come with an unrealistic prospect of material liberation and satisfaction
Liberation from our human limitations in general…
The fundamental problem is soteriology: salvation, liberation, redemption.
The Gospel of Jesus should be the message of Liberation itself.
How Theology answers alienation?  To a Christian is called “lack of redemption”, a human experience that has cut himself loose from God, only to find not freedom, but slavery and despair.
A Christian wants first to be liberated by the radical slavery of sin.
The need of salvation comes from today-too-much-obscured dignity of every human being, who is created as God’s image and likeness – Genesis

1984 Instructions courtesy of the Congregation of Faith on Liberation Theology
Hermeneutics – before: Catholic Church: laity (sensus fidei) and Magisterium (hierarchy) --- after: the community (its criterion; experience and praxis) determines the interpretation of Scriptures, in a quintessentially Totalitarian view that overshadows the individual, his freedom and personal dignity
In Vatican II “people of God” becomes “people” in antithesis to “hierarchy”, seen as an oppressive power
“people” should interpret the Bible – according to Liberation Theology view – based on their experience of class struggle
History wants to swallow both God and Reveltaion
Faith become fidelity to history (Jesus is “today poor”) – Hope becomes confidence in the future (of class warfare history) – Love becomes option for the poor (a partisan choice and view according to which i.e. the Sermon of the Mount is God taking side with the poor)
What kind of meaning to the Kingdom of God (a place where there is no Sin) then? For sure not in a universalistic and spiritualistic manner! The message here is let us transform our reality, our World here, so that we can create Heaven on Earth.
The Kingdom of God is not an earthly Kingdom. Does it?
Another underlying idea is: let us eliminate every dualism and differences: body/soul – natural/supernatural – then/now – of this World/beyond it
Let us destroy the present in the interest of a supposed future
Man does what God did to Jesus when He raised Him: liberation theology man wants to give life to the poor now, in a tragic imitation of God’s work. This is how the Bible message is changed and manipulated.
Exodus is seen as a revolutionary event.
The word “Redemption” is changed in Liberation, a “progressive” liberation, which is actually a progress towards destruction
Praxis is equaled to Truth. Truth that has to be understood through history and experience, that is to say, “action is truth”.
Ultimately, Liberation theology comes from Old World theories exported in the former colonies, a sort of cultural imperialism – it is by no means the creation of disenchanted masses
In the West the Marxist myth has lost its attraction on both workers and young people – only where Marxism-Leninism is not in control, its illusory pseudo-scientific truths can be taken seriously
Paradoxically faith seems more secure in the East, where it is official persecuted by societies – the former Soviet Union – that experience the tragedy of attempting to liberate man from God once and for all.

Western hedonism and permissivism are no less dangerous than the Marxist ideology: a man corrupted by money and profit is weak in front of temptations.
The sole aim of life cannot be only just pleasure and self-interest.
The most insidious form of atheism though is Marxism. It portrays the Judeo-Christian tradition as a Godless prophetic movement. Marxism wants man’s religious energies directed to earthly goals, which is truly a diabolic pervesion of the Biblical Tradition.
Christianity - on the contrary – cam create a new man by calling him to conversion, without necessarily changing the surrounding social and economic structures,
For…it is personal sin the reality at the root of unjust social justice and unjust social structures.
Let us begin from the roots and not the trunk and branches: this is another fundamental Christian Truth.

Christianity has been foreigner ever since in both its character and genesis.

Liberation theologies in Asia and Africa are often understood as a turning point from the European Colonization.
The Catholic Faith developed from Jewish roots under Greco-Latin influence and with Irish and German additions later on (VIII a.C.)
Africa has been evangelized in the last two centuries, 1800 years and more after Christ.
Colonial oppression was often moderated by missionaries’ activity – they are often remembered as “fathers of the people”

What Gospel for Asia and Africa?
i.e. the suffering history of the Old Testament cannot be to that of much Africa?
Theology and Tradition represent and are the whole Church, not single individuals.

Africa is - culturally speaking – a multi-layered Continent, not easily squeezed in overall frameworks.
Issues: moral theology, liturgy, sacramental theology, polygamy (which is a social institution there), ancestors worship. 
Long story short: Christian marriage vs. tribal customs
Bridges: veneration of Saints and prayers for the departed loved ones.

There is but one Savior, Ratzinger says!

St. Paul: God desires all men to be saved and arrive to the knowledge of truth – Christ, who gave Himself as a ransom for all – 1 Tm 2:4-7
Jesus Christ is the only mediator between us and God.

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