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Wyatt Bryson
Wyatt Bryson : you'd think they'd adjust my speeds to please me and shut me up but no, they don't care. and yes, call me stupid as hell for trying to watch a half dozen different videos and go to a half dozen different websites for 4 hours and not getting here. yeah, i'm stupid. fuck comporium.
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Wanwisa Orabut
Wanwisa Orabut : I tell u already i not b back 2 u sure.. Just leave me please!!! i don't care of u .. now why ring my friend? 4 wat? ask about me 4 wat mr? u think my friend not talk nothing with me ?...fuck off so crazy man.. !!! 2 year already i forget anything about u.. annoy me.fuck u .. Fuck off .only last time i will tell u not ring my friend ..4 sure u not c me ...55555 fuck off 2 ur life ..fuckend shit ..motherfucker ..Mr. I have nothing with u right now understand?
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Pack Man
Pack Man : Good fucking morning to you all.. You all sexy in Sherm eyez.... Enjoy y'all day.... If I slept with u lastnite don't say gm... If didn't sleep with u lastnite please say GM... Or u a rude Lil fuck.....
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Sachie Ogizawara
Sachie Ogizawara : Dear Skin

Can you please be as pale as fuck? :'( I want to be pale white not yellowish white haist.. Damn!

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Yaya Dabadbytch Navejar
Yaya Dabadbytch Navejar : It makes me laugh when the person who says they hate you n don't want nothing to-do with you....stay creepin on your page n shit smfh...get a life already please n leave me tha fuck ALONE.
Need to worry about yo dame self homie js.

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Antimadridista : Actually I love football. It's a game with most attractiveness. Not only that but fanbase of it, is incredibly increasing every now. Hopefully new generation of the world will make it even better. I've another question. It's not related with football either. Do you support business related with health? You may say 'No'. Why? We need good facility to build a proper infrastructure what will provide us better treatment. Hence business of health is obviously needed. But, you know it's not merely a business, it's business with moral and humanity. So whenever business stands like dictionary meaning, it's hopeless. We have nothing to do in front of that motherfuckers but hating them and praying to god to fuck then. So coming to the point. Whenever football clubs are formed, they have a owner(i don't know why fans don't buy all the shares), they are businessman and makes business with football because of some millions. Is million euros important than sentiment of millions? Please think. When real madrid wants to make profit they buy footballers who is in a full form and destroy the coordination of team. There fans are nothing ok,at least coach and senior players should be given a minimum f-related thing(shit). Whatever. It's your choice to agree with me or not but i have allergy in chronic argument.
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Craig Milne
Craig Milne : Tommy Sheridan might have just sealed Independence for Scotland     I have always been a YES vote, this just makes it more & more the reason for YES. All aboard the trident subs for you NO voters when they are telt te get te fuck.     Tommy Sheridan demolishes the BBC and all No campaign arguments in ten minutes. Look at the people who want you to vote No and ask yourself why? Vote for our...
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MrRonda Mathews
MrRonda Mathews : Does God Exist?     1. Einstein never did or said this.
2. Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."

Check mate and fuck you.     "A true story..."
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John Cotten
John Cotten :     Ain't shit     This may be the best video in the history of ever!

Kelly: "I'm the second lead vocalist of the group."

Beyoncé be like: "Cough. What the fuck did this bitch just say???? Bitch, please!"
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Wayne Barnier
Wayne Barnier : OMG MUST SHARE EVIL MUSLIMS KICK OVER TOMBS OF DEAD SOLDIERS!     Fuck wit's     This Video was removed from youtube as they did not want us to retaliate against the Muslim community. Here is a link to where I got the video

I have downloaded from live leaks & subtitled it.

The video shows Muslim men destroying Australian war Tombs.

It is a bloody disgrace and really makes my blood boil.. still we welcome them here!!

PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE, Send it to every POLITICIAN, especially Gillard. Send it to the Australian defense force and RSL.. this is OUTRAGEOUS and can not pass under the radar................
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Christopher Joseph Stark
Christopher Joseph Stark : Fuck the King T-Shirt | Game of Thrones     Please someone get me this!
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Mike Annis
Mike Annis : Timeline Photos     Who's ready to do an outdoor festival situation & showcase...possibly many, possibly a tour for up & coming bands & artists? I'm not new to promotions or organizing events. I'm a self made person who needs nothing from anyone. So I'm ready to kick ass & fuck some shit up for the sake of protecting & saving Rock n Roll while helping our friends & supporters. If I ever ask you for a dime, please slap me. :) And we want to distance ourselves from the greedy & dirty side of the music business. In this day & age, your band is YOUR business & your brand. We want to see you succeed without all of this ass kissing, fucked up bullshit. In the end you need a better alternative. I will bring it, I want to help, & I want your help. But I don't need your $$, I simply need you to talk to me. Who the fuck is ready because it's already on the drawing board now....     About to get shit done with D. Boyd n RRGA
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Damien Thegun Speers
Damien Thegun Speers : Never use a mobile at Petrol Pumps     Now see cellphone fuck mithwankers     Why you should NEVER use a mobile at petrol stations.
Don't attend calls, Don't make calls. Don't SMS.
Please share and spread the awareness.

People call it a rumor but cell phone companies do carry a warning that their devices should not be used in explosive environments including gas stations.

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Nate Liddell

Please share this!!!!! ITS REAL

MUST WATCH HOT CHEETOS AND HOT FRIES ARE NOT SAFE!!!!!!! They should not be eaten at all
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Flash Jordan Bcfc
Flash Jordan Bcfc : Champions league tonight is it? WHO GIVES A FUCK! League 1 is where its at! Another 3 points tonight please city COYR #SupportYourLocalTeam
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Don Collins



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URGENT: Please add "" to your email contacts.     I hope this offends you and makes you so mad you leave this Country. God Bless Americans,And God Bless our Troops. Fuck you if you don't like it.

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Shelly Brown
Shelly Brown : Jay Bruce


Conversation started today

Shelly Brown


Shelly Brown

LMFAO at you trying to bash me on the internet..First off I could care less about you or you abusing your baby you have never done anything for ANY for your have never done anything for anyone unless you were gaining dope or dope money, Lets get real you are a fucking loser drug addict hope your next overdose sticks..and as far as you judging Gordy at least he supported feed and clothed your kids he did nothing but discipline your kids more than I could ever say about you And as far as you lying to me about doing right by Josh for fuck sake youd be the LAST one Id ask considering YOU HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING FOR ANY OF YOUR KIDS...Seriously please shoot a hot dose and kill yourself for mankind and all the women you have beat and lived off of...And BTW you still owe me child support...PAY UP BITCH!

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Cassie Joncas
Cassie Joncas : If y'all are just worried about me now that I"m on the Hospital,
Please go and fuck yourselves, each and every one of you. :')
I know who my real niggas are

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Zechariah Rajan
Zechariah Rajan :     Heart of satan     FUCK FUCK FUCK... those employers are not human... may they burn in hell... but please do not generalize... cause they are only a small percentage... you well never hear in the news about good treatments... all what you will hear is the brutal abuse... WE NEED TO FIND A SOLUTION TO PROTECT PEOPLE LIKE HER...
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Charles Paidmydues Durley
Charles Paidmydues Durley :         BRUH If you want a good laugh before bed please watch this shit, man this one of the funniest shit I've seen on the internet in a long fucking time. I laughed so fucking hard it's ridiculous, whoever made this is hilarious as fuck.
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Stephen Macca McArthur
Stephen Macca McArthur : Gonna try to mae this my last personal post on the referendum before Thursday cause tbh im boring my fucking self never mind everyone else. So floating about down south word and general hello from passers (standard day to day procedure) by to which I obviously reply AWRITE. Ahhhh the people spring to life n have asked the same Q. No not can you play the bag pipes or where is your kilt but the big referedum Q.... What are your feelings on this sir? To which I replied my views and shared the views of other peoples opinions in Ecosse. I couldnt believe my ears when they allll replied to me your views are wrong fuck off back home you jock cunt? Oh no wait that was 700 years ago sorry Mel Gibson got the better of me. The cry was... No Surrender, again im joking (im such a kidder) Every single one of them man and woman said... Please dont go, we work so much better as one. Two of them actually said I wouldnt want England to break away and to Scotland, Wales and NI. Now to be honest I dont care if people hound me for this stat its no skin off my nose. Im proud to be from Scotland and everything its achieved but im also proud to be part of something much bigger and speaking to people today made me realise that my decision is defo the right one for me personally. Each to their own but im very pleased I chose to VOTE NO!!!
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Mike Felix
Mike Felix :         I one upped the ALS ice thing. Mine is better. I won't call others out like some charity snitch. Fuck you Bob Violette and Jeffrey Irizarry
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Jàýđêê Rakete-tukaki
Jàýđêê Rakete-tukaki :     Ima find you cunt and fuck you up straight up     Can anyone help me in finding out who the scumbag who broke into my car last night was. He stole my stereo, sat nav and some loose change. Luckily the dumbass didn't spot my in-car camera so I have some CCTV footage. You can't really make out his face but someone might recognise his voice so please watch and listen to the whole video carefully. Please tag anyone you want and like and share this as much as you can so everyone sees this. Not only would I love to get my stuff back but his crimes must be stopped!! Thanks!!
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Samantha Ginger Nielsen
Samantha Ginger Nielsen : Hey Larry marsh you.and.your family can . From now.on I won' tagging anyone tags will be removed and.blocked..I want.absolutely with that family and my.Kids won't either believes hitting and.cheating.on. women is a good.thing have done just fine without them. And.having the I am.a and.I don't.put my kids first . Nigga please you don't.even have custody of see your two other kids so fuck you and go to hell... anyone doesn't like what I say unfriend me or.block me cause I will block anyone sharing their pictures with this family

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