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Flickr Day 341
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I believe in equality
military women have come a long way since the days of the WACs
I am very proud of Mrs. Wildkat for her service
but equality works both ways
while the men are in tents with 30-50 people, women are in identical tents with 10
the bathrooms for the men are advanced porta johns
women have normal "hard" bathrooms
men shower in two man stalls surrounded by canvas
women have normal showers
when I was at Ft Polk 38 of us shared 6 showers
the women had individual showers
deployment tempo is unequal too
Every deployment I have been on has been "male coded" - only men can fill the position
what that means is that the average male officer has deployed twice as often as their female peers
Im not talking about infantry or armor where women are not allowed
Im talking for branches that have both men and women
yet promotion and command boards are REQUIRED to select women at the same rate as their male peers
it almost guarantees that some male with more combat experience is going to get passed over
I have missed 8 of 18 birthdays for my daughter
I have missed more anniversaries than I can remember
I take pills to make my brain work right
and I have buried friends - all male
promotions and command are supposed to be the reward for doing the hard jobs well

If military women really want to be treated as equals they are going to have to start acting like equals

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Flickr Kabul - 341.jpg
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