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Damilola Oladipo
Damilola Oladipo : Lets Talk About Relationships with Kemmystry.    
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Kris Bumbaugh
Kris Bumbaugh : In the eyes of trying to be Suzie Homemaker    
1 hour ago - View -
Amanda Russell Charvoz
Amanda Russell Charvoz : Friends and family. Most of you know I nurse Olivia. We felt this decision would be best for our her and our family. I know that seeing a women nursing her baby makes some uncomfortable. I just want to ask you all to not judge or make someone who chooses to nurse feel uncomfortable. We can't stay home all day everyday bc people feel a certain way about the most natural thing a mom can give her child. Our society forgets that breasts are for feeding our children, not showing them off (which is more acceptable then a mom nursing her baby).
If it's 97 degrees outside and my 3 month old decides it's time to eat do you expect me to make her even more hot by covering her, make her wait to eat, feed her in the bathroom stall, or make her happy and feed her.

Nursing is hard work. We stress and cry when we don't think we're making enough milk for baby.

We work to help support our families and try to find time to pump so our child has food the next day.

Yes this is all a personal choice, and until I breastfed Olivia I didn't have a clue what nursing moms have to deal with just to feed their babies.

I just feel that if I can make some of the people I know look at it differently I did my part. :) it's a beautiful thing, please don't take away from it just bc you don't understand it.

Thanks for reading, Amanda.

1 hour ago - View -
Ashleigh Campbell
Ashleigh Campbell : Mobile Uploads     Breastfeeding rant:
1.Breastfeeding is natural! The whole purpose of a boob is to feed your young. Breast are NOT sexual organs- A mammary gland is an organ in female mammals that produces milk to feed young offspring. Mammals get their name from the word "mammary." Breast are nothing but mammary glands...
2. "I should have the decency to cover up or be modest so I don't offend others or let a child see."
- breastfeeding has nothing to do with modesty. Our society has sexualized breast so much that the United States is the minority on the subject of breastfeeding.
-I don't eat with a bag or blanket over my head... Why should my baby? If eating in public is such a bad thing... Why is there so many fast good restaurants full of people eating in public?
-not everyone can pump. A baby's natural latch is much stronger than any man made pump. Also not every baby will take a bottle. Those who suggest so have never experienced dealing with something called nipple confusion.
- there is absolutely nothing indecent about feeding your baby!
3. "Breastfeeding is a bonding time with a mother and a baby. It should happen in private."
- who is to dictate where and when I "bond" with my child?
-when my baby is hungry I'll feed him- weather it is at a church, post office, playground, shopping center, grocery store, or heck even at a wedding (all in which I'm nursed at).
4. I will breastfeed my child as long as it suits him and I- so if he is 5 years old coming home from kindergarten asking for milk he will get it. Extended breastfeeding is a very beneficial thing. Again the USA is behind on this aspect of nursing. Many countries nurse until the age of 7. Breast milk does not loose value after the age of one. Human milk is for humans!    

1 hour ago - View -