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Gospel Power Ministries
Gospel Power Ministries : The Army’s Weapons
Sermon by Ps Darrell - Text:Judges.7:16-22
“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds” (2 Cor.10:4).

1: Unity
The trumpet, pitcher and torch for Gideon’s faith-filled 300 warriors were not their weapons. They were only tools to an end. Their real weapon was UNITY.
Their success depended on them all using their tools to God’s plan at the same time. Without unity those implements would not have worked for them.
Psa. 133 tells us where there is a commitment to unity, there God commands the blessing. The Church today needs to work together in unity, using the tools and spiritual gifts that God places in our hands in unity.
The real test to unity comes when we hear rumours or criticism of so-and-so or of the Church program or of any small thing. Rumours, criticism and arguments breed suspicion and lead to distrust and disunity.
Wagging tongues are our worst enemy and a key strategy of the wiles of the devil. Together in unity we are the effective Body of Christ!

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Ruth Brooker
Ruth Brooker : What Run for the Future means to the BUI by Dr Ed Rowe     Written by one of the consultants I used to work for at Southmead with Sam Sammie Brown in Urology. Just wish I could run to help!! Thanks for the find Karen Paul.
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