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Reyes Cortes
Reyes Cortes : Thank every one for your concern .... Dinorha is home.. they found nothing wrong... Thank you Efren Tazer Garcia for all your help today.... That a real friend right there... Good looking out today... and Priscilla Rivera. Your know I got you on what ever you need...
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Akeem McGruder
Akeem McGruder : Doctor found live worm in patient's eye.     Ewwww mom look at this Sonica Davenport Christy Love Joyner Renee Mckinney Marina Romero Priscilla Montoya     Live worm is removed from a patient's eye. How is that even possible?
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Chris Satonaka Meza
Chris Satonaka Meza : CRUEL WEED'S THESIS


Thank you Priscilla     found this on my old pc in swf form and decided to convert and upload it
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Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez : OG ROME Rowdoggs Article – Steelo Magazine     Be sure to check out our interiew write-up on the one and only OG Rome of RowDoggs Entertainment at!!!!

Steelomag Garcia Fredy Garcia Jesse Djquad Morin Rick Gonzalez Dibslok Danny Gonzalez Edgar Duran OG Rome Rowdoggs Solo Rowdoggs Skar Rowdoggs Priscilla Marie Barnes Cilla Rowdoggs

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Luis Figueroa
Luis Figueroa :     Jaimme Lynn and Priscilla Faye Barnes     LMAO GRANDMA AINT FOR NUN OF DAT
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Billie Hearring
Billie Hearring : Timeline Photos     * Well this is awkward.... :)     Maggie Priscilla Kimi it was all of us lol
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Michelle'Giggles Fernandez
Michelle'Giggles Fernandez : NOOO DAMNIT NOOO!!!! HELL NOOO!!!     Oh wow NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Why big gurl?? WHY???? Stephanie , Priscilla , && Eva     This is NOT what I had in mind when I told big girls to have confidence!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! #SIGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! #FAINT!!!!!!!
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Holly Steinhilber
Holly Steinhilber : Priscilla Contreras: I'm colorblind
Kayla Grosskreutz: omg wanna play uno!
Me: u racist bastard she can't even see the green cards
Kayla: she don't wanna play uno...
Lmfao just about sums up my life

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Maha Gerlie
Maha Gerlie :         #ootd ni nanay Priscilla..on the way to #philippinearena musical chorus..ingat kau sanse Mercy Ann, and diche Eyrin..
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Siseen A Campbell-Brown
Siseen A Campbell-Brown :     Jeawnel Sherryann Sandrene Nancy Renee Priscilla Nisia .......this lady here means business. real hustler     BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL CALL ME NOW!


She about to take all the Hairstylist clients!

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Jhordon Taylor
Jhordon Taylor :     lmaoooo Alexis Fuller Lupe Bennetts Priscilla Vega Kyle Lamont Sains Breaun Murray     I haven't laughed so hard in a min ..people's reaction to things are hilarious
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Mingo Frezh
Mingo Frezh : Priscilla Luna-Cuevas Evette Reyes Daniel Reyes Carlos Way & Michael Gutierrez I ❤️d the Video. thank You very Much😄 if You are down maybe We all can go down the path 1 more time but with Me & if You want I can show You the path all the way home to Cecilia & Escalon. Wait till I get My Wheelchair
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Carlos Ortiz
Carlos Ortiz :     Lorenzo Alvarado Priscilla Ramirez Isabel Cardenas Erick Bautista lmaoooo tooo fucking funny !!     WHAT WOULD YOU TITLE THIS SUBMISSION BY EazieDaGod ?
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Nica Valerio
Nica Valerio : 25/26.7.14 "GIPSYLAND" @Torre Regina Giovanna     priscilla tangari    
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Naime Goncalves Martins
Naime Goncalves Martins :     Priscilla Bel     Genteee choreiiii de rir...não deixem de ver....
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Jose Serrano
Jose Serrano :     Priscilla Frank     Dog Wants A Kitty!
James Ellis

All credits to video owner.
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Jasmine Sifuentes
Jasmine Sifuentes : i had everything bottled up... I let everything out on Priscilla 😿
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Makyla Conger
Makyla Conger : Timeline Photos     Who would you like to share this with today?     Christina Fernandez Allison Goin Priscilla Inez Contreras Savannah Miller Sunshine Love
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Maribel Magdaleno
Maribel Magdaleno : FaceBook award💕🙈

Best Smile: Chai,Meli,Angie,Stephanie,Kathy
Best Hair:Dani,Liliana,Dee,Maryann
Cutest Eyes:Taty
Cutest Girl:Melissa.B,Alyssa,Liliana,Erika,Emily,
Cutest Guy(S):Jonathan,Juan,Alex,
Most FbF Person:Alex,Kim,Liliana,Jonathan,
Funniest Person:Jose,Meli,
Best Profile Picture:Alyssa,Juan
Cutest Cover Photo:Liliana

Here it is the best people won😍❤😱😁

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