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Priscilla Lee Kelly
Priscilla Lee Kelly :        
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Health Street LLC
Health Street LLC :         Thanks to Priscilla, one of our instructors here at Health Street, 11 more teenagers are now Safe Sitter certified with the training and knowledge of CPR and Choking rescue. Having this certification will better prepare them when taking care of younger siblings and babysitting. Check our website for available classes.
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Priscilla Presley
Priscilla Presley : Priscilla Presley updated her status.     Q:Did Elvis ever play on the bongo drums you got for him?

A: Yes he did, especially at his home in Germany jamming with the guys in the evenings. They are on exhibit at the O2 in London.

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Michael Poulton
Michael Poulton : Priscilla Queen Of The Desert - Finally    
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Steve Cirillo
Steve Cirillo : Part 9.Nothing(From 《A Chorus Line》)- Priscilla Lopez     I may or may not have broken through an acting/dancing troupe near Piccadilly Circus doing weird exercises and started singing this song loudly as I rushed through (i.e. 'NOTHING!')... #thingsthatamuseme #imsureIlookedlikeacrazyperson
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Photography by Bella Michele
Photography by Bella Michele :         Marilyn with Priscilla again.
They are both too cute.
Photography by Bella Michele

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Photography by Bella Michele
Photography by Bella Michele :         Marilyn was a little doll today. She's holding Priscilla and is kinda excited. Can you tell?
Photography by Bella Michele

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Pocos Pero Locos (Likes Page)
Pocos Pero Locos (Likes Page) : Pocos Pero Locos     #NowPlaying Priscilla G @Sheispriscillag - Freak In You . Tune in @KhoolEZ @PPLDub
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Nails club
Nails club : Tipsy Bartender         Tequila, Tequila Tequila. Fun, tasty and easy to make. Watch more of our videos:

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Fallston Animal Rescue Movement (FARM)
Fallston Animal Rescue Movement (FARM) :         Priscilla is going to her forever home today with the Baldwin family. We wish them many wonderful years together. Thanks for thinking rescue.
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Ken Lampton Real Estate
Ken Lampton Real Estate : How historic preservation yields good home design - Lakewood     Sending out congratulations to all the folks, like Mark and Priscilla, who have the vision to save and transform their 100-year-old homes.
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Elvis and Priscilla Presley
Elvis and Priscilla Presley : Elvis Presley 02 Loving You     The Third movie is Loving you :D Hope you can keep your eyes open ;) xD

Admins Anna    
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The Family Treehouse
The Family Treehouse : Beto     A huge thank you to the Imperial Valley Press , Comite Civico Del Valle, Inc. "Official Site", IV Velo Club, and Kohl's and to all of the families who came out to support us tonight. Special appreciation to Scott Sheppard, Pat Urena, JoseLuis Velez Olmedo, Jackie Ponce Barra, Officer Leonard Barra, Roland Pritchard, Lauren Dial, Monica Minor, Priscilla Madero,Veronica Wright, Richard Brown,American Red Cross, Laura's Cakes, Sweets and Treats, Beto Martinez and the City of El Centro. #familytreehouseglowinthepark     1st Annual Glow in the Park
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Romance Giveaways, Deals & New Releases
Romance Giveaways, Deals & New Releases : If Love Were Enough     **DEAL** If Love Were Enough
Suzanne Quill #99cents

Priscilla Brunell, Marchioness of Rutherford, is in desperate need of a son and heir. Her seventy-year-old husband of ten years has died leaving her a virgin and the protectress of his estates. If she can’t produce a son in the next nine months, the current heir, Damon, will succeed in ruining the family fortunes in a matter of a few years due to his gaming and womanizing. Dare she ignore her morals and pass another man’s child off as her husband’s? Can she do so without losing her heart?

Soon to be the Viscount Brookfield, Brandon Bradley arrives at a house party at the insistence of his dying father. In all rights, he should be home marrying Estella and begetting his heir. Estella is certainly pleasant and attractive, but in all their years of friendship he has never felt anything but a cold distance from her. Then he meets Lady Rutherford. Not only can she help him through his grief, he is immediately attracted to her. Can he let down his father and Estella merely for his own benefit? Can he break the pattern of society and marry for love?
#romance #deal #sale #99cents

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Michael Ritter
Michael Ritter :         March 28, 2015. Brooklyn Hope Worldwide Outreach Ministry at Chips Soup Kitchen. Galatians 2:10 All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing i had been eager to do all along.
Single's and Campus Ministry did an amazing Job. Great stewards of the faith.Thank you so graciously to all who serve and to God be the glory. Nicole Polite Leslie Maddison, John Zacchaeus Andrew, Gyasi Solomon, Priscilla Zeng. They are looking forward to having us back April 25, 2015. #HOPE ww Brooklynedge #BringingHOPE #Changinglives.
— with Leslie Maddison and 3 others.

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Lipstick On A Wine Glass
Lipstick On A Wine Glass : Tipsy Bartender         This cocktail is both beautiful and refreshing. See more of our videos:

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Sidney Barger
Sidney Barger : Jelly Roll Feat. Priscilla "Let's Get Lost" (2015) [Jelly Roll 2015]    
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Sandy Walls
Sandy Walls : Priscilla Schirer - Facing A Red Sea Challenge     Yes she tells a short story that leads into her sermon. If you are in a hurry it will start around 7.
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Hillcrest Package
Hillcrest Package : Tipsy Bartender         This cocktail is both beautiful and refreshing. See more of our videos:

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Elvis Fan For Life
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