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Pasado's Safe Haven Pasado's Safe Haven :     Priscilla is loving the mud and sun! She has to fit in her spa days where she can!    
Watch the video: video

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dolce vita salon dolce vita salon :         Soft red balayage highlights Hair by Priscilla. #dolcevitaorlando #orlandosalon #wella# bumbleandbumble #toporlandosalon #bestcoloristorlando #balayage
3 minutes ago - View -
Priscilla, CC#A014970, 11 year young female coonhound mix, weighing in at 63lbs
This beautiful dog desperately needs RESCUE or adoption. Please network for a dog who deserves better.

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Priscilla Messer Priscilla Messer : Priscilla is working hard on an Orchard in FarmVille!    
9 minutes ago - View -
Allegany Allied Arts Allegany Allied Arts :         Getting ready for Priscilla... Come and join the fun tonight at Windsor Castle.
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Ma-Hush-Kah Historical Society, White Cloud, KS Ma-Hush-Kah Historical Society, White Cloud, KS :         Here's an excellent undated photo of the White Cloud First & Second Grades.

Any good guesses as to what year this would have been? Can you name any of the unknowns?

Front Row, Left to Right: Dellphine Keller, Fred MCallister, Virginia Bowen, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Marjorie March.

Second Row: Oscar Mills, ? Patton, Gertrude Boyer, Frances Lansdon, Georgia Lear, Ethel Summons, Eddie Bell, Cecil Eckley.

Third Row: Melba Patton, Unknown, Ralph Banks, Ralph Taylor, Priscilla Todd, Wayne Pfaffly, Lester Nuzum.

Fourth Row: Irene Stillman, Robert Bradbury, Unknown, Olive Mills, Mildred Englehart (Teacher), Willard Nuzum, Carl Crowley, Unknown, Winifred Eckley, Lee Simmons.

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Eu, Você e Deus Priscilla Rodighiero Eu, Você e Deus Priscilla Rodighiero : Donas do lar        
26 minutes ago - View -
Priscilla Marie Medina Priscilla Marie Medina :         chivas beanie , $5
28 minutes ago - View -
Priscilla Abrantes Priscilla Abrantes : Priscilla completed Butter Or Horse?!    
31 minutes ago - View -
Priscilla Messer Priscilla Messer : Priscilla has finished building an Orchard in FarmVille!    
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Marcela Priscilla Máh Marcela Priscilla Máh :
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Priscilla Lyon Priscilla Lyon : Priscilla needs your help to uncover a Winch House!    
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Cindy Handle Cindy Handle :         Moses and Priscilla from YTT east started to practice their new tech skills today.... 12 bed nets repaired at their first training in Namatala. Shout out to Kate Roesch for teaching them this skill! Stomping out Malaria in Mbale!
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Priscilla Brasil Priscilla Brasil :        
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Official Elvis Presley Fan Club Northern Ireland Official Elvis Presley Fan Club Northern Ireland : Lisa Marie Presley (The beautiful lady)        
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Priscilla Gunter Priscilla Gunter : Priscilla is out of fuel and could use a helping hand!    
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Priscilla Rey Priscilla Rey : First five clickers get 1000 coins    
1 hour ago - View -
Priscilla Smith Priscilla Smith : Priscilla needs Ferry Barr... er, Fairy Berries!!    
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Priscilla Hall Priscilla Hall : Priscilla needs your help to uncover a Extra Large Abandoned Cart!    
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