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Yahusaf Ruach
Yahusaf Ruach : I was talking with a friend last night, and I had made a statement some thing like this, they can change calendars on paper they can change the scriptures on paper but they cannot change the moon and what it does. The moon is going to do what the moon is going to do with or without scripture or a wall calendar. It the Yarach is steadfast and does not and has not changed for almost 6000 years, with or without our permission. Now here is where the rubber meets the road, is the moon for the moed like Scripture says or not? Most Messianic Jews and Othodox Jews will say yes the Yarach is for the Moed. Then the next question is, is the Shabat a Moed or set apart time or not? And do we blow the Shofar on new moons like Scripture says? And have a set apart get together on new moon days? We Know for a fact that New moon day cannot and never will be a work day or a Shabat as Scripture state's. We also know by Scripture that The temple doors are open on Shabats, New moon days, and Moedeem. The word Keseh is a vowel point mess, it is found in scriptures twice and is translated appointed times. Now the true word Kasah is found in the Scripture's 149 times and every time it is translated to cover or conceal, or Hid, I myself believe the 149 times over the two vowel points messes. Myself I always work 6 days and then a 7th day Shabat. And all my Shabats line up with the phases of the Moon which I think is cool. Most people try to explain away a lunar Shabat, and I understand why because if you keep the lunar Shabat you cannot work in babyland. And it truly sets you apart from babyland, Plus it is very inconvenient because it does not follow the Pagan RCCalendar
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Star Man
Star Man : Photos from Robert Davila's post in NATIVE HEART         It's a lovely Moon's day Folks !
Moon & Stars
Lunar mansion
Moon Gazing
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Astrocal Lunar Calendars
The Moon Woman

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University of Minnesota Bio-Medical Library
University of Minnesota Bio-Medical Library : Wangensteen's delicious dishes: featuring the Centaur Almanac and Cook Book | Health Sciences...     Happy holiday cooking! Here's a delicious dish installment for you to enjoy.

Cookbooks from the late 1800s are unlike those we see today. This almanac and cookbook contains moon phases, horoscopes, home remedies. Note how the recipes are very simplified as compared to what we expect from modern cookbooks.

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Joey Salyer
Joey Salyer :         IWC version 1. Still a bit plasticy looking which bothers me, but might not bother you guys :) I may keep messing with the graphics to give it a more realistic look. HUGE HUGE thanks to Metah-Four Genome for her code assistance. She saved me tons of time :) #RequestFilled360 #WatchMaker #WatchMaker360 #AndroidWear360

From the original, on the date ring on the right, there was an inner circle that had the day of the week based off the numbers 1-7. I felt that was a bit redundant and did not include that. I don't think it's possible to show the phases of the moon with location of the earth in the top ring and since we are using smart watches, I felt weather was more deserving. Let me know what you think... what you like and dislike. Thanks :)


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Morgo Grant
Morgo Grant : One of my favorite sets at Phases of the Moon was Gov't Mule's ... and I just purchased the set. The simple things, like a great live set that elicited so many amazing feelings, makes me so happy
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Jim Heid
Jim Heid : NASA | Moon Phases 2015, Northern Hemisphere     Your tax dollars at work in a beautiful way: all of next year's lunar phases, along with the moon's position relative to our world and much more. Gorgeous in full-screen HD.     This visualization shows the Moon's phase and libration at hourly intervals throughout 2015, as viewed from the northern hemisphere. Each frame represents on...
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