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陳慶輝 : To Believe相信     Pray
I ask the Lord one small request
I know I have all I could need
But this prayer is not for me
Too many people on this day
Don't have a place to stay
Let all the fighting cease that your children may see peace
Wipe their tears sorrow away !
To believe in a day
Jan 31 2015 Toronto Canada     謹以這首詩歌 獻給馬航失事、戰爭...所有痛失親友的家屬們 願天父親自安慰 相信To believe 在我上床睡覺之前 我向上帝提出一個小小的請求 我知道我已經擁有所需用的一切 但這次不是為我自己祈禱 今天 有太多人 找不到一處地方可以安歇 願戰爭止息 好讓祢的兒女們看見和平 請擦乾他們的眼淚 好讓傷痛遠離 Be...
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Sandy Winston Hunt
Sandy Winston Hunt : Forget Climategate: this 'global warming' scandal is much bigger - Breitbart    
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Utopia D Woodson
Utopia D Woodson :         To my cousin Keisha and Stan I apologize for not being able to make it to Kansas City to support you on this day, but may God give you strength to keep on and you guys continue to be that rock for your family....I love you with all my heart - Amen
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Levander Ingram II
Levander Ingram II : Bizzle Feat. Willie Moore Jr. - Better Way     Your past may have been horrible...your current circumstances may be depressing & overwhelming...every problem you're facing could be your fault...YET, GOD CAN STILL TURN EVERYTHING AROUND! Join A Better Day Ministry, Inc. through out 2015 for Liberation 2015 'Dying to Live ' Evangelistic tour in a city near you! The tour consists of Friday night Evangelistic events, Liberation 2015-Dying to Live & Saturday morning conferences, Liberation 2015-Operation Rescue Men Conference & Liberation 2015-Daughters of the King Encounter! Any Ministry interested in bringing Liberation 2015 to your area please contact me @ Choirs, praise teams, mimes, etc interested in being a part of the tour, please contact me ASAP! All events are FREE & open to all! #Liberation2015 #DyingtoLive #OperationRescue #DaughtersoftheKing     "TOUGH LOVE & PARABLES" Album Available Now!!! on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Physical Copies @ FOLLOW MY TWITTER.COM/MYNAMEISBIZZLE FACEBOOK.COM/...
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Elisandra Cordero
Elisandra Cordero : Keyshia Cole - Playa Cardz Right ft. 2Pac     Yesss... My last music post for now. Imma end it with a BANG. May it land in the ears where it's meant to be heard ;* Good day all♡     Music video by Keyshia Cole performing Playa Cardz Right. (C) 2008 Geffen Records
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The Alamo - Authorized Page
The Alamo - Authorized Page :         ELIZABETH PATTON CROCKETT - David Crockett's widow
May 22, 1788 - January 31, 1860

In 1815, Elizabeth Patton married David Crockett, becoming Crockett’s second wife after his first wife Polly died. In the mid-1850s, many years after Crockett’s 1836 death at the battle of the Alamo, Elizabeth moved her family from Tennessee to the Acton area in north Texas to claim a land grant for the heirs of Alamo defenders. She and two of her sons settled on the 320 acres granted to them by the Republic of Texas.
She died on this day, January 31st in 1860. Elizabeth was laid to rest in the Acton Cemetery, dressed in the widow's black she had worn since hearing of her husband's death.
In 1911, the state placed a monument at her burial site, commemorating the widow of one of the nation's most celebrated folk heroes. Acton State Historic Site, a Texas Historical Commission property, is located in northeast Hood County and is Texas' smallest historic site, with a total of .01 acres.
Her statue is standing on a pedestal with her hand shading her eyes. She is said to be looking for the return of her beloved husband David...

Images and information courtesy of the Texas Historical Commission

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Chas Christian
Chas Christian : LET IT BE with BOTH GUITAR SOLOS !         Let it be was released in 1970 with two different guitar solos; Single version/Album version. Here is Let it be with BOTH solos Playing together ! (at the sa...
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Deidre Lackey
Deidre Lackey : Stomach bug, day four. Mayday, mayday. 😩
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Brian Hodge
Brian Hodge : Tech N9ne - Fragile (ft. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan) - Director's Cut         Tech N9ne "Fragile" ft. Kendrick Lamar [Director's Cut] 'Fragile' on iTunes - Official Hip Hop Music Video | Strange Music Featuring: ¡...
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Linda L. Hayes
Linda L. Hayes : Watching This Woman Getting Her Butthole Bronzed May Give You New Ideas For Valentine’s Day    
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Alessandro Warin Varagnolo
Alessandro Warin Varagnolo : National Anthem of Russia, Victory Day parade, Red Square, May 9. 2007         National Anthem of Russia, May 9. 2007. For info on the anthem, see Recorded at t...
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Cristian To-ong
Cristian To-ong : Valdosta (Full Album) - Mayday Parade     #Soundtrip     Hope this works, for some reason YouTube keeps banning the videos that i make, specifically the ones with songs I BOUGHT WITH ITUNES, but the stuff i don't, ...
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Marie Dorothee Balorio
Marie Dorothee Balorio : Jesse Parent - "To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter"     Oh papa, after watching this. i think I loved you more.     Subscribe to Button! New video daily: Download the audio of this poem for FREE by clicking here: Jesse Paren...
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Linda Thomas Bromage
Linda Thomas Bromage : Andy Williams - May Each Day    
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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson : 5 Spiritual Warfare Tactics You Need to Know About - Faith in the News    
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WTVA - The Weather Authority
WTVA - The Weather Authority :     Big weather changes are on their way, but for today cloudy + warm. How are we going to start February? Katie Burch WTVA has the details. #wtvanews

Have a great last day of January!     Cloudy today + rainy tomorrow. Bring you Super Bowl plans inside. #mswx #alwx

Happy Saturday! Today we will remain cloudy. Some peaks of sunshine may pop through, but overall clouds will be on the increase from the West ahead of our next cold front. Temperatures today will be in the lower to mid 50's. Tomorrow will be even warmer in the afternoon w/ rain beginning in the morning hours and ending in the evening. BIG cool down for Monday as the cold front has swept through and a cold high pressure sets in place.
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Tony Rossi
Tony Rossi : Actor's Business Blueprint: The Business of Acting Simplified     Good morning!

Were you one of my awesome actor friends - regardless of where you are in the country, who was interested in taking Dallas Travers' Actor's Business Blueprint?

Today is the LAST DAY to register before the early bird price goes away foreverrr!.....(and by forever, I mean until next year).

If you were planning on getting the Blueprint, I would love for you to go through my very-special-Tony-Rossi link below, as I'm an affiliate for the program. I've purchased it, completed it, and applied it. And I like it almost as much as I like chocolate.

(And if you get it through my link, I may or may not give you chocolate.....)

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Cindy Mains
Cindy Mains : LET IT BE with BOTH GUITAR SOLOS !     Man, would I have loved to have been around for "Rooftop" gig!     Let it be was released in 1970 with two different guitar solos; Single version/Album version. Here is Let it be with BOTH solos Playing together ! (at the sa...
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Axel Walter
Axel Walter : Wonderworld - Uriah Heep     But in my wonderworld
each sleeping vision is so real
so I believe and hope that all the things I see
may one day bring
such truth and peace
as we can feel     We freely speak of dreams we marvel at what they conceal but in my wonderworld each sleeping vision is so real so i believe and hope that all the things i se...
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Chrissy Skurbe
Chrissy Skurbe :         The Oak Tree-Applegarth PTA Calendar Raffles will be on sale TODAY at the Monroe Rec Center all afternoon. Stop by and get yours today! Cost is $15 and gives you 3 months of chances to win CASH! Anyone can participate - you do not need to have children at our schools.

How does it work? A raffle ticket is drawn for every day in March, April and May. Each day is assigned with a cash prize, which is listed on the calendar you get. If your number is drawn, you win the CASH for that day. If your number is drawn, it goes back in and can be drawn again on another day! Checks will be mailed automatically to the winners - there is nothing you need to do. Winning numbers will be posted on the PTA website and Facebook page after each drawing.

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Immortal Music
Immortal Music : Mayday Parade- No Heroes Allowed (Lyrics)     My hero, she's the last real dreamer I know. I don't think I'll fall asleep til I roll over. Can we just start over again?     Lyrics; Well now it's hard to see with all these flashing cameras in my face But I love the way they play Throwing shadows on the stage I wonder where you ar...
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Rebecca Chew
Rebecca Chew :     If you are someone who has always been wanting to TRAVEL and see the world in your lifetime; but is always constrained by MONEY, please kindly log on @ for more informations.

Our International Travel Company is expanding rapidly especially in Asia and we are looking for people who love to TRAVEL, people who are DECISIVE, and also people who want to work for something that they truly enjoy rather than just working and slaving for money; because we believe that if you choose to be your own BOSS, you will never have to work a single day in your life.

- Someone who has insufficient funds to start a franchise business
- Global Citizen
- Must be 18 years old and above
- Person lives in their own world may not apply, we are looking for candidate who is open minded, mature and decisive
- Only those interested and hardworking need apply
- No private messages


- 想要开始特许经营业务却又资金不足的人
- 地球公民
- 满18岁及以上
- 谢绝活在自己思想世界的人。思想豁达,成熟稳重和有果断能力的人品是我们的人选
- 谢绝无诚意与不劳而获的人士
- 谢绝PM

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Desmond MayDay
Desmond MayDay : Getting On Bad | Machel Montano | Official Lyric Video | Soca Music 2015     Weekend vibes :     Trinidadian Soca artiste Machel Montano's 4th release for Trinidad Carnival 2015, "Getting On Bad" on Precision Productions' Jam Band Riddim! Like and commen...
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Sinodos Kibreab
Sinodos Kibreab : mesfun gutu- የሱስ በተ ገባ :) May everyone have Bless day and enjoy this mezzmurr    
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Chase Mcklaus
Chase Mcklaus : #MaYdAy :-) :-D :-)
#gRaNdEspUb (y)
#1st M :-D Y

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Amy Miller DeShane
Amy Miller DeShane : Take 2 Minutes to Change a Life | 500K Views = $50K for Patti | #2Minutes4Patti     You may be tired of seeing these posts from me, but I'm asking that you indulge me for one more day. At midnight tonight the contest is over. Although we may not reach 500k views, with your help we have raised over 5,000 for Patti. This money will make a real and immediate impact in her life. It will keep a roof over her head and help her feed her children. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. If you're inclined, please share this video one last time with everyone you know. Let's try to raise a little more money for someone facing the most difficult time in her life. Thank you so much!     Take two minutes to watch this video and change a life. Patti Coyne Powell, mother of 4, has incurable stage 4 lung cancer and can no longer work. She cannot...
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Lloyd Lw Doos
Lloyd Lw Doos : Romain Virgo - Another Day Another Dollar - [May 2012]         ["The System" Album]
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Mark May Day Eventi
Mark May Day Eventi : Conrad Van Orton - Crescia (Original mix)     TONIGHT ✦ BLUEROOM ✦ FUTURE PERFECT ✦ RIALTO     Conrad Van Orton - Crescia (Original mix)
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DJ MayDay
DJ MayDay : Major Lazer - "All My Love Remix" | Ariana Grande & Machel Montano | Soca 2015     Big     Major Lazer - "All My Love Remix" ft. Ariana Grande & Machel Montano Favorite, REPOST, and comment to blow SOCA MUSIC up! Don't forget to subscribe! http://b...
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DavidAnn Taylor
DavidAnn Taylor :         The way we approach the Lord is very important to God. Just as you would approach your boss, your parents, or someone else important to you, you need to approach God with the same kind of respect and earnestness, but even more so as God is our ONLY HOPE...........He is the ONE that sees to your NEEDS. He is the one that can move mountains, that can lead you to your destiny He has for you, even when mountains and valleys are in the way. Approach Him without fear, but humbly show your love and respect to Him, knowing in faith that God is there to help you with, and in, ANY THING. God can make it happen when no one else can. What is good for you, what is great for you, this is what God wants. So don't be afraid to ask of Him, for what He does for you, this is the start of your destiny when He answers.
Blessed be the LORD, Because He has heard the voice of my supplication. 7 The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him. 8 The LORD is their strength, And He is a saving defense to His anointed.…Save Your people and bless Your inheritance; Be their shepherd also, and carry them forever.
Do you go to God with a voice of supplications? or do we just say "GOD, I need this or I need that, so I hope You can help me."
Here is the meaning of supplication.............
invocation, supplication(noun)
a prayer asking God's help as part of a religious service
supplication, plea(noun)
a humble request for help from someone in authority
prayer, supplication(noun)
the act of communicating with a deity (especially as a petition or in adoration or contrition or thanksgiving)
May you all have a blessed day in the Lord with the overflow He has for you.
GLORY HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!! We Love You God.

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Heart's Desire Christian Bookstore
Heart's Desire Christian Bookstore : Casting Crowns - Waiting on the Night to Fall (Official Lyric Video)     Scripture of the Day
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8     Music video by Casting Crowns performing Waiting on the Night to Fall (Official Lyric Video). (C) 2014 Provident Label Group LLC, a unit of Sony Music Entert...
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Bert Cottom
Bert Cottom : LET IT BE with BOTH GUITAR SOLOS !         Let it be was released in 1970 with two different guitar solos; Single version/Album version. Here is Let it be with BOTH solos Playing together ! (at the sa...
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InsideOut Lifegym
InsideOut Lifegym :         I just said goodbye to my two sisters. The three of us together over the last 20 years have laughed and cried and fought and have always come back to the love we have for each other. We created InsideOut LifeGym together and with that a legacy that we hope Will continue to offer love to anyone who steps through the door. Today is bittersweet, a day of endings and beginnings yet there are still smiles through all of the tears as it has always been. I sent them off with a quilt made of T-shirts and staff shirts through the years at InsideOut. Each one has its own memory and I hope that it continues to cover them with the warmth and the love that has bound the three of us together forever. I love you Donna and Natalie. May your future hold all the love and adventure you can handle. Safe travels, my friends. I will miss you more than you know.
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PCOS Nutrition Center
PCOS Nutrition Center : PCOS Nutrition Center - Breastfeeding and PCOS: Maximizing Success     Did you have difficulty nursing your baby? There's evidence to suggest that some women with #PCOS may have a more difficult time breastfeeding. An important read for new mom's or mom's to be one day:
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Juana Ann Johnson
Juana Ann Johnson : 5 Spiritual Warfare Tactics You Need to Know About - Faith in the News    
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Curt Morrison
Curt Morrison : LET IT BE with BOTH GUITAR SOLOS !         Let it be was released in 1970 with two different guitar solos; Single version/Album version. Here is Let it be with BOTH solos Playing together ! (at the sa...
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Lance Warren
Lance Warren : The United States In Bible Prophecy     The United States In Bible Prophecy

An excellent review of prophecy!
This is for everyone-believers and non-believers. It is long but completely worth watching!
It will probably grate at people's heart-strings but that is a good thing! It means conviction!
If he would have added the regathering of Israel
(Not "Jewish" people) it would have been perfectly done in my opinion.
God Bless and may you have a great Sabbath day! Most Bible scholars will say the United States is not to be found in Bible Prophecy. That is as far from the truth as ...
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Stephen Larkin
Stephen Larkin : Life Convicts - The eyez of a souljah     the no sleep method has been in effect, don't want to end up a convict no more !! if shit went down out my window I go before they approach my door! I'm going 2 start eating 6x a day again!! may missions besides the bullshit that life recently had brought to me - the few that surround there self with me- vanish motives - all this pump juice in my emotions is slowly bringing me back to the time I left Ft Benning GA - funny shit is I am back to the civilian living spot of late 2004 or mid 2004 - got to get hungry for the rite things again a short just mini hundreds to clear my license in all 3 locations - Town of Poughkeepsie Justice Court is all cleared no more payments there just whaa Town of Lloyd to go - newpalts cleared - PUMP juice no Sleep till the puzzle of life is fixed and complete again!!! hungry for success - going to start eating physically / emotionally /mentally - !!!     "To Live Unknown" was Released in Mid 2004, a Project that began in 2001 of bringing true Revolutionary Hip-Hop to the frontlines. Two artists/producers from...
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Immortal Music
Immortal Music : Memphis May Fire - Legacy     Today's Song Of The Day is Legacy by Memphis May Fire because when I got in the car last night with my boyfriend, he had it playing and I just love this song. And its kind of been stuck in my head every since.     iTUNES: MERCH: Chances to move mountains are few & far between, b...
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Beatrice Rodriguez
Beatrice Rodriguez : Beautiful Flower Compilation | Amazing Flowers And Music     Thank you JESUS for this. Day may everyone receive your. Love and. Blessings     Beautiful Flower Compilation | Amazing Flowers And Music Tag: Most beautiful flower in garden, The most beautiful flowers, The most beautiful flower video, T...
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Jessica Wright - Powerhouse Mouse
Jessica Wright - Powerhouse Mouse : I got your 6     This takes courage and a great amount of love for his brothers to make this video. This is a fellow soldier of my husband's unit the 173rd airborne. Last weekend these boys lost one of their own due to the internal struggle he fought. Please share this video. Make it go viral. 22 a day! That's how many veterans take their own life. This video may save someone's life. Thank you Doc Ortiz for making this.

Operation Homefront American Legion Operation Homefront's Hearts of Valor

33 minutes ago - View - : Early 1990's Internet Commercial     Throwback Saturday?
iParent 101 1990's style.

**Warning...the jingle may be with you all day.**

"Let's go surfing on the in-ter-net!"     A video of an early 1990's commercial for the internet. It's funny in a way looking back at this commercial, but in a way much of the internet is the same as...
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Tullio Novaro
Tullio Novaro : UK Decay - Mayday Malady         Mayday mayhem!!!!!
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