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Alberto Boi
Alberto Boi : ¡MAYDAY! - Last One Standing (feat. Tech N9ne) - Official Music Video    
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Sofija Van Halen
Sofija Van Halen : a-ha - Crying In The Rain     Some day when my cryin's done
I'm gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun
I may be a fool
But till then, darling, you'll, never see me complain
I'll do my crying in the rain...◘

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Marlene Wood
Marlene Wood : Banksy in Gaza     What did you wake up to this morning ? Shabbat Shalom Friday ... May one day these 2 countries get along Israel and Palestine . Hamas is not a nice man all the tunnels but since this happened the Rockets stopped . It was everyday Rockets being fired at Israel at the Gaza strip I watched it day after day . I woke up to the Tv talking about Movies and the Movie Lazurus Effect he says on the Tv where Olivia Wilde plays GOD in the movie and than they started talking about Will in the Movie Focus. I pick up my phone and all these world leaders are on my phone and Chris in NY from CNN and immediately Val Kilmer comes on with an interesting pic of Art one hole in a Fence and he typed Gaza Banksy Art and a film and in the Art Messages of a Cat painted and a Goddess holding her Head and as I am typing wiz Khalifa comes on holding his son typing Happy BDAY telling him he is giving him the world and Usher comes on with him typing you never know who you will run into and he listed all these countries of his tour. Greta comes on from Fox Interviewing potential candidates if you want to do it right and the Gotcha questions and Prime Minister Hun Cambodia he keeps posting pics and Prime Minister Victor Ponta Romania comes on . They are all piling on James Franco in Bed than Huckabee the Lord same pic he post ove and over and now Joesph Prince , Jerusalem comes on ... President Pranab comes on Public Garden in India Beautiful pic. Come on Chris CNN the name King . Thailand comes on ... WHAT DO YOU think Val Kilmer ? His words Gaza Bannksy this Art is what he is talking about in this video ...
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South Yorkshire Police
South Yorkshire Police : REASSURANCE FOR THE PUBLIC: Police in Barnsley want to reassure the public that no reports of attempted child abduction have been received.

Two incidents of suspicious behaviour have been reported to police in the last week but after thorough investigations, no evidence of attempted child abduction has been found.

A number of comments have been placed on social media causing a high level of concern in the community.

But Det Chief Inspector Deb Mahmood said that no offences had been identified as a result of investigations.

She added: “We have investigated the matters that have been brought to our attention and I am satisfied that no offences have been committed.

Whilst people will be concerned about what they have heard, there is no cause for alarm.

“We are aware of the comments made on Facebook however at this time no offences have come to light.

“We are increasing patrols in the town centre this weekend and will take positive action around any information that we receive.

“If people have any concerns about an individual’s behaviour we ask them to contact 101 and we will fully investigate those concerns.”

Officers increased visibility and patrols in the area after concerns were raised relating to a suspicious man in the May Day Green Arcade area on Saturday 21 February.

An investigation was launched but no offence was determined to have taken place.

Officers responded to a second complaint of suspicious behaviour yesterday.

DCI Mahmood added: “I am confident that this report was completely unrelated and our enquiries have found that no offence has taken place.

“We are working with the complainants to ensure they are happy with our actions.”

Anyone wishing to report any suspicious activity should call 101 or speak to their local officers on patrol.

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Manchester City FC Supporters Club Bangladesh
Manchester City FC Supporters Club Bangladesh :         Pablo Zabaleta says City started thinking about the trip to Liverpool the moment the final whistle went against Barcelona.

“It’s always been a tough place for us to go but hopefully we can get the three points we need and take advantage of Chelsea playing in the Capital One Cup final,” he said.

City haven’t won away to Liverpool
since May 2003 losing seven and
drawing five of the 12 matches since
then – and Zabaleta believes it’s time
the champions ended that dismal run
at what will be the thirteenth attempt

“We have been strong away from home all season and we must continue that form until the end of the season.”

Zabaleta admits that last season’s dramatic 3-2 loss at Anfield was hard to take at that time with both clubs vying for the title.

A late Philippe Coutinho goal looked to have given the Merseysiders a decisive lead in the race for the Premier League crown before the Blues came up on the rails to snatch glory away from Brendan Rodgers’ side on the final day of the campaign.

“It was really hard because we had fought back from two goals down so to lose the game so late on was difficult,” he said.

“But we showed great team spirit and had a great reaction after that defeat and that’s why we won the title.

“We will go there to win but are expecting a tough 90 minutes but we can close the gap at the top to just two points so this is a huge game for us.”


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Moonlight Ride
Moonlight Ride : Eagles - Doolin Dalton/Desperado (Reprise) - Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. 1974     This song is for the REAL Eagles fans out there,...we played this semi-rare gem in Moose Creek The Red Door Lounge last May, much to our surprise, the crowd just stopped what they were doin' & listened!! Very special moment for Mike & I

So here is your "Song of the Day",...yeah the Eagles AGAIN!!!    
Watch the video: video

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Happiness Watch
Happiness Watch :         Child obesity mainly caused by lack of exercise
Lack of physical activity found to be the most significant factor in contributing to childhood obesity. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine, in collaboration with investigators at San Diego State University, assessed the exercise and eating habits of nearly 900 children who were either at risk of becoming overweight or were already considered overweight. They also documented how often the children watched television.

Results of the study show a lack of vigorous physical activity is the main contributor to obesity for adolescents between 11 and 15 years old.

Researchers found children in the normal-weight group participated in two to four more minutes of vigorous physical activity per day than those in the at-risk and overweight group.

Researchers also found that fiber intake, and not fat calories, was more closely related to a child's weight. Normal-weight children consistently reported consuming more fiber than at-risk and overweight children did.

Also, researchers found overweight boys reported watching more minutes of television than normal weight boys.

Thus researchers conclude that insufficient physical activity and too much time spent on sedentary behaviors like computer games and watching TV may equal, and even exceed, diet quality as important contributors to overweight in adolescence.

"Diet, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behaviors as Risk Factors for Overweight in Adolescence", Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2004;158(4):385-390. doi:10.1001/archpedi.158.4.385.
Source : medicalnewstoday

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PO Designs
PO Designs :         As promised, our first All Women Salon project. Capello By Nina @ Shah Alam ensure maximum privacy for ALL women of all reces and religion.

Concept derived from modernization of classical elements making it the talk of the town since their first opening day in May 2014.

Since then another branch has opened and we are currently working on the 3rd!!

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Waynesboro Family YMCA
Waynesboro Family YMCA : Save the Date! Our 29th annual Spring Gala is just around the corner on May 1. Mark your calendar to join us now!
The Y. So. Much. More.
(540) 943-9622

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Tower of Saviors
Tower of Saviors :         [Ultimate Stage “Divine Lord of Jade Purity”]

In just 3 hours from now "Celestial Divinity - Yuanshi Tianzun" will be leaving the TOS realm. Summoner should seize this last opportunity!

"Celestial Divinity - Yuanshi Tianzun" has the ability to reduce Runestone-moving time down to 2 seconds. Summoners, don't forget to bring along a character with skill to extend the Runestone-moving time.

Friendly reminders:
1) To maintain the fairness of the game, please do not use any unauthorized plug-ins, extensions or false data, or hire gamers to play the game for you to abuse the game. Playing against these regulations may cause any related accounts to be permanently blocked.

2) If Summoners quit the game during the battle, or are found to be participating in unauthorized game activities, their battle results will NOT be shown on the Leaderboard. If any accounts are found to be participating in any unauthorized game activities, those accounts will be permanently disqualified from the Leaderboard and will be banned from all future events related to the Leaderboard.

★ 4th Event: Breaching the Celestial Palaces
Time: Feb 26 (Thur) – Feb 28 (Sat)
The 3 Celestial Masters will challenge our fellow Summoners during the event period. Be prepared for the intense battles!

Event Schedule:
Feb 26 (Thur): Ultimate Stage “Condescension of Celestial Master”
Feb 27 (Fri): Ultimate Stage “Divine Lord of Jade Purity”
Feb 28 (Sat): Ultimate Stage “Birth of Jade Supremacy”
*Stages will be one-day exclusive battle

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Mayday Tattoo Co
Mayday Tattoo Co :         Chicago sleeve in progress by Gary Parisi at Mayday Tattoo Co! Email to book an appointment with Gary!
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In My Sacred Space
In My Sacred Space : The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress | WIRED     Fun with perspective :)

You may have seen this floating around the internet the last couple of days. What color does this dress look to you?

Comment below, and then read the explanation. It's fascinating! (And goes along with my color spectrum post from the other day). #Thedress

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Matt Snook
Matt Snook : What do you do when your Google Calendar says, "You have no events scheduled for today"? You take your wife's car in for an oil change and scheduled maintenance and then look forward to a hour and half drive to Albany, MO for NP District Basketball. Hope everyone has a great day and may you walk gently through your day!
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Valdemar Alvessampaio
Valdemar Alvessampaio : Oh Happy Day     Oh happy day...When Jesus whashed...all may sins away.
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Louie's Pit Crew
Louie's Pit Crew :         Happy Friday!!!!

May your face smile this big all day and your daydreams be filled of thoughts of playing ball in the sand!


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Tracy Thompson
Tracy Thompson : Your 3 day Warning before the Declaration of Martial Law + FEMA - This MAY save your LIFE!    
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Erin Butler Livolsi
Erin Butler Livolsi : Calling the Chickadee     Outside in the cold distance....This morning as I lay silently before rising, I could hear the faint sound of a male chickadee mating call (a sure sign Spring is on the way)!! It was joy to my heart! I wondered how many of us, listen to the sound of nature around us. It isn't difficult, it is just a matter of stilling ourselves long enough. Psalm 46:10 tells us to Be Still and know that I am God...I believe God shows himself to us powerfully through his creation, thus he is speaking to us...When is the last time you stilled yourself and opened your heart enough to hear his voice? Try it, you may be very surprised to truly hear the very voice of God within your heart ~ Have a wonderful day!!
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Clémence Pollet
Clémence Pollet :         DAY 5 - last day of the #5DaysArtChallenge. I'll present you the first images of my upcoming book "Mowgli" short version of The jungle book by Kipling. The book will be published in May by Amaterra.

And I offer Laurence Lechau to participate showing us 3 images a day during 5 days ;)

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Wooni Mooni
Wooni Mooni : 五月天 -離開地球表面 MV -- MAYDAY - JUMP    
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Joe Lansdale
Joe Lansdale : First day of the festival was really fun. The short films, and a couple of longer ones. I missed FLUTTER due to it hit at a time when I had to eat or die, and take care of guests to the festival. I hope to catch it soon, though in the back of my mind I feel like I may have seen it. Anyway, good day. Tomorrow my wife and I are bringing George R.R. Martin in. Hope you got tickets, because the festival is dead out of them.
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Gary Coxe
Gary Coxe : A good friend is like a star. You may not always be able to see them but you know they are always there. So how many of these stars do you have in your solar system? And here's another thought provoking question, Are you one of those stars to others? Make it a great day. Good morning all! #GARYCOXE #greatdayahead
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Pioneer Bushcraft
Pioneer Bushcraft : TEDx Talks     G'day everyone.
Just been reading the newsletter for February from Bush Lore Australia and if you weren't aware Rich has been "volunteered" to speak at the TEDx Talk in Melbourne in May.
Do yourself a favour and click on the link and subscribe.

Then go to and read through some of his content and courses.

Im keen to see what he chooses to speak on but Im sure he won't disappoint.

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DJ Ruben Lopes
DJ Ruben Lopes : Yves Larock - Mayday (Original Mix)     Release Date: 26.September
Watch the video: video

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Davide Deo
Davide Deo : Tech N9ne - Fragile (ft. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan) - Director's Cut     !!!!!
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Ross Chastain Racing
Ross Chastain Racing :         Spent yesterday at the Helena Chemical store in Cordele, Georgia with some great folks. I got the chance to tour several locations and see friends I've met along our journey together as well as meet new ones.

Yesterday was really cool because I got to show the men and women behind the scenes my JD Motorsports #4 Racecar that I'll be racing this year in the NASCAR Xfinity Series across the country!

Of course, I couldn't pass Watermelon Capital Speedway without stopping and saying hey to the great folks there! Thinking I may need to get a Late Model put together to go play there one day soon! Think you could help me out John Hunter Nemechek?

I can't thank Mr Wallace Mathis enough for putting all of this together. Pretty darn cool to hear them say "Cordele is pulling for ya!"

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Lott Thunder Revivals
Lott Thunder Revivals : Now is time to let all go and move forward for all that God has in store for you. You may not understand but God has a blessing with your name on it. Have an awesome day and remember with JESUS all things are possible. You can make it. Have a blessed Friday wherever you may be.
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Melissa Cunningham
Melissa Cunningham : I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW ~ JOHNNY NASH     It may not be a sunny day but it's going to be a great day! happy friday! Bright sunshiny day!
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Linda Thacker
Linda Thacker : North Carolina mother fed up with ‘Frozen’ on third day of closed schools     This may be the funniest video ever!
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Jason Hutchinson
Jason Hutchinson : ¡MAYDAY! - Last One Standing (feat. Tech N9ne) - Official Music Video     by far one of the best

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Kristi Saulmon
Kristi Saulmon : Judgment Night - OST     Bringing back some old shizznit...hell, I'm already awake...may as well make it a good soundtrack from back in the day! :) Happy Friday! :)
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Judyline Dias
Judyline Dias : One day at a time (lyrics)     One day at a time sweet Jesus
That's all I'm asking of you.
Just give me the strength
To do everyday what I have to do.
Yesterday's gone sweet Jesus
And tomorrow may never be mine.
Lord help me today, show me the way
One day at a time.

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GOD winks

“A number of years ago our estate tax was due and when my husband asked for the bill, I couldn't find it.

Gil is a stickler for organization so I was panicked. We tore the house apart looking, but that bill was nowhere to be found.

When we went to bed I was very upset. I WHISPERED A QUICK PRAYER before sleep asking God to help me find it.

The next morning we opened the bedroom door and THERE, ON THE FLOOR, WAS OUR BILL!

I said thank you to God. Immediately I heard a still small voice in my heart, ‘I didn't do it for you, I did it for Gil.’

God can be really funny. We still laugh about that one and thank Him for His help.”

Brenda Larson


When you make God so much a part of your life that you utter prayers and talk with Him throughout the day, He’s likely to be more responsive; with answered prayers—godwinks—and through non-verbal communication.

Today, PRAY DAY FRIDAY, is a good time to prove me right ... try talking with Him all day. And if you wish to write me your concerns and needs here, we invite everyone at the Godwink Gathering to PRAY for YOU every hour on the hour.

Wishing you many answered prayer-godwinks!

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Carolyn Jensen
Carolyn Jensen : Easy Does It - Sister Moonshine - Roger Hodgson - formerly of Supertramp     Carolyn Says: For Sarah Doll...May You Listen, Delight, And Dance To These Two Favourite Tunes Of Mine, Today On Your Special Day....My Minds Eye Can See Your Joy Blossoming Smiles. With Love, Mama
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Nicole Shree Caravajal Spray
Nicole Shree Caravajal Spray : WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE     i cannot walk. agony is ecstasy. I am entombed. I can not walk. I cannnnnot walk at all. not cause i am ill, but cause i cannot exercise. I am forced to be incarcerated by hood only Lucifer knows it is a people w/o hope. In a booming economy orville travel how many miles in the hood of progressive audacity. orville was given back one of the 2$/hr stole and Trueblue, babe i have revelation and b ya evil undefined.

I had a beautiful time. Freaked out some rich folks. Regardless of wealth or lack of Grace is an Oddity. I finished restringing my Sorrows N Sword for Lord ya are sword n in joy piercing the madness of to much harm. I take your thought and hand to Lord and pray ya may gps a definition of Hope.

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Mário Afonso
Mário Afonso : Mensagem Espirita     Who needs help is very important to ask, because I already have'm not looking sim.
Notice important aid application and my thanks to everyone who has helped me and those who may help me put my site up because right now even though I:
One-protected Registration - due 11/01/2016
Two-Domains certificate - maturing on 01.11.2016
Three-COM registration of domain names - 2 years (recurring) DJMARIOAFONSO.COM maturing on 11.01.2016
My site be out of breath because of lack of R $ 370.55 for lodging already won on 01/11/2016 which makes me very sad. And at the same time happy for the initiative of to keep this warning below.
DJ Mario Alfonso Welcome (a) to:
This web page is parked FREE, courtesy of
Sincerely, DJ Mario Afonso
And my thanks to all my friends and followers who can deposit into my checking account any value to my site get back in RA.
And please make a donation to send me an e-mail. HSBC Bank - Brazil MARIO AFONSO DE MATOS Account No. 0317-01085-59 My thanks and a great day with lots of music health and peace. That each new day is an accomplishment in your life. Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil 25/02/2015 06:39.

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Lovers of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi
Lovers of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi : Some people seek fame, others seek to be unknown and hidden. The best are those who seek Allah ﷻ.' ~ Sayyiduna Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi Hafidhahullah

'O Allah, transport me from the humiliation of disobedience to the honor of obedience.' ~ Shaykh Ibn Ata’illah al-Iskandari Alayhi Rahma
Ju'ma Mubarak
We Pray you all have a blessed day ♡

Recite Surah kahf! In sha Allāh ﷻ

May allah make us consistent in reciting his book often

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Celestine Chua
Celestine Chua : Our Wedding Day, Ken Soh + Celestine Chua (May 25, 2014)     Our Wedding Day, Ken Soh + Celestine Chua (May 25, 2014)     My wedding day with my soulmate, Ken Soh. :) For my writeup on our wedding day, along with a video montage of our wedding day and our exchange of vows, go to:
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