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Lexus NdElias Mayeda
Lexus NdElias Mayeda : So like if I asked u to b mine 😏❤

Wut would u say? 💘😈

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Lexus Natividad
Lexus Natividad : Lexus Natividad added a life event: Started School at Edwin G. Foreman High School.    
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Titi Bx
Titi Bx : We are going to miss the holidays with family this year feeling sad wish I had family down here to enjoy it 💔 feeling lost

Just us 💞 baby Dave Agron Kassandra Lexus Jacob .kayla and can't forgot April🐈

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Lexus Lee
Lexus Lee :         My pretty Princess , she stay w| one sock on 😍💕
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Jamie Hotchkiss
Jamie Hotchkiss :     Kae Marie Currier Lexus Currier Meigha Hogendyk     Hey Minions fans! Check out a special holiday greeting they have just for you!
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Andy Borunda
Andy Borunda :         Couple selfies with my beautiful daughter Lexus Borunda and my beautiful mother Marilyn Zolman Borunda Heuett!!! Love you both!😁
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Sydney City Lexus

The RC F is coming soon to our showroom!

Early Christmas present for yourself? Or perhaps add it to your wish list?

Pre orders now available at Sydney City Lexus, Waterloo.

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Cassondra Garza
Cassondra Garza : Timeline Photos         Lexus Bogardus Jessenia Vaca this is us all day errrrrr day
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Sarah Hipkins
Sarah Hipkins : Looking for a reliable decent reasonable body shop, Haywood or Hendo- maybe with Subaru experience?
Selling a 1997 Lexus - 139000 miles, needs a little work, but great car! Used to go back and forth from work in Asheville! PM if interested

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Happy Phers
Happy Phers : ឃាតកម្មបាញ់សម្លាប់មនុស្សនៅជិតស្តាតអូឡាំពិក         (Graphic Warning)

(ភ្នំពេញ)៖ មុននេះប្រមាណ២០នាទី យប់ថ្ងៃទី ២២វិច្ឆិកា ២០១៤ មានករណីបាញ់ប្រហារសម្លាប់បុរសម្នាក់ អាយុប្រហែល៤០ឆ្នាំ នៅម្តុំលក់ផ្លែឈើមុខហាងយីហោឈ្មោះ ស្រីមុំ ជិតស្តាតអូឡាំពិត ក្នុងខណ្ឌចំការមន ខណៈដែលជនរងគ្រោះចុះពីរថយន្ត Lexus 570 ស្លាកលេខ 2M-1683 ចូលទិញផែ្លឈើ នេះបើយោងតាមសមត្ថកិច្ចថ្លែងឲ្យដឹងយ៉ាងដូច្នេះមុននេះបន្តិច។ ដោយឡែកជនប្រដាប់អាវុធមានគ្នា ២នាក់ បានជិះម៉ូតូគេចខ្លួនបាត់ បន្ទាប់ពីបាញ់ប្រហារ៕
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Lexus Marie
Lexus Marie :         Watch this Woman Do 14 Impressions of Celebrities Stuck in Traffic [via Lauren O'Brien: YouTube]
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Lexus D. Elliott
Lexus D. Elliott : Imma stop typing off this tablet !! Smh !!! These freaking letters be messing up! I just looked so gay !!! Ugh !!! Fml ... I put "my gf " instead of bf !!! -___-
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Lexus Ambitious Richardson
Lexus Ambitious Richardson :     They did that lol    
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Prestige Lexus
Prestige Lexus : We have the day off tomorrow, November 27th, in honor of Thanksgiving. Please be safe and enjoy the day with your families!
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Jerri Hinrichs
Jerri Hinrichs : Huge vehicle fire on 10 by Lexus dealership...emergency vehicles just arriving, traffic already backed up past Leon Springs so expect big delay if you're headed into town from Boerne.
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Superautosperu : Lexus - RC F Executes a Perfect Donut    
20 minutes ago - View -
Keo Rada
Keo Rada :         វីដេអូរបង្ហាញពីការបាញ់ប្រហារពីសំណាក់ជន ប្រដាប់អាវុធ លើបុរស ម្នាក់ជិះរថយន្ត Lexus 570
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Tanya Ratliff
Tanya Ratliff : My lil Lexus is loaded with 4 adult size passengers and a carseat...trunk about to pop with all that luggage and a pack n play...but we are finally on our way to Selma! See yall soon Tally Ho!!!
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Go Auto Car
Go Auto Car : Lexus - RC F Executes a Perfect Donut    
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Sarah Kaytlyn
Sarah Kaytlyn : Timeline Photos     With Joshua Copper and 33 others.     Lexus McWilliams
22 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Escondido
Lexus Escondido :         Edgy and striking, once you lay eyes on #Lexus' first compact crossover there's #NoGoingBack. #LexusNX #LexusEscondido
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Tintin Lexus
Tintin Lexus : Neay Kroeun song 2014 [Town VCD Vol 46] Oun chol aunsorm tov si nom pang         អូនចោលអន្សមទៅស៊ីនំបុ័ង-នាយគ្រឿន neay kroeun song 2014 | [Town VCD Vol 46] Website : Blog : Page : https...
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Lexus Torres
Lexus Torres : Truth is? 😏
Comment for inboxed 💕 doing them all fr 💦

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Alice McLaughlin
Alice McLaughlin : Frames And Fortune     It's pearl white like Motica :)
26 minutes ago - View -
Frames And Fortune
Frames And Fortune :         What a wonderful new Hybrid ride Motica and I have for Thanksgiving... We are grateful for it! #lexus #orlando #AliceMclaughlin10
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A-Lexus Ortiz
A-Lexus Ortiz : So my child is convinced she has vampire teeth lmfao gotta love her #mariyah
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Kate Burke
Kate Burke :         I am so excited to announce that I am now a brand partner with Nerium!! If you would like more info on these products please post your email! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with all our products! Also this is a ground level company! I am looking for reps to join my team. If you would like more information on the business please private message me! I am watching this company change peoples lives! Not to mention all the Lexus car earners on the team I just joined!! This is the start of something great!
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SmartMouth Lexus
SmartMouth Lexus : I miss Zeus 😞😒
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LEXUS OF MELBOURNE :         Our Lexus December to Remember Sales Event is going on right now at Lexus of Melbourne. It's never been a better time to drive the car of your dreams this holiday season. Stop by for a test drive or shop all specials 24/7 NOW →
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Lexus Alverson
Lexus Alverson :         Too Cute! - thebigtino
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The Lexus Enthusiast
The Lexus Enthusiast : Guided Tour of the 2015 Lexus RC 350 & RC 350 F SPORT    
34 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Payton
Lexus Payton :         Sitting here bored. Hmu thoo.
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Lexus Nesmith
Lexus Nesmith : Down For The Count | Girl Knocks Dad Out     Ctfuu she knocked him out     KNOCK-OUT! Little girl packs a mean punch.
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Pamela Ruth
Pamela Ruth :     Lexus Box Lexus Box lol     When you're drunk and you're trying to get someones attention...
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Jon Greenfield
Jon Greenfield : So the Lexus IS350 F-Sport just won my heart. That's a fine piece of machinery.
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Lexus Jackson
Lexus Jackson :     Enough this....     "Ferguson Missouri" Michael Brown
When will we change as Black people.
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Lexus Nikole
Lexus Nikole : Timeline Photos     Pullin up to random people house tomorrow like.....     Haha let's do it Sequoyah Hampton
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Lexus Brown
Lexus Brown :         Kids hate getting help by their mama #Truth #Ctfu
#Tag 10 of your friends in this video---> #LIKE #COMMENT #SHARE (Comedy)

Follow Jermaine Andrews to see more videos!!!
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Lexus D. Elliott
Lexus D. Elliott :     Lol reminds me of Dellishush Terrance the way he was talking l     If I remade Cinderella...
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Tia Carmela Rosales
Tia Carmela Rosales : I know the chances of anyone coming forward are slim but I'm desperate.... Sometime in the last few weeks a Canon Rebel camera was stolen from my car. I don't give a shit about the camera but in the camera bag was a memory card with my son's entire first year on it.... His birth, coming home from the NICU, first smiles, crawls, laughs, words, steps, everything.... Someone stole my most precious memories... If you have a heart please return the memory card to me... My heart is broken!!! Everyone please share this if you can I can't live with the thought of never seeing these pictures and videos again... The camera was taken from a gold Lexus gs3, if this sounds familiar to you PLEASE, you can keep the camera just let me have my memories back.
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Luh Nairaa
Luh Nairaa : Nookie ? Lexus Mileon
40 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Marie Rose
Lexus Marie Rose :         Me and mommy riding horses💕😘 I had so much thanks daddy and mommy Hayley K. Scearse
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Lexus LuvnEm Rosser
Lexus LuvnEm Rosser :         Ayeee! Lol We turnt up. Welcome home Derek Rosser......
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Pheak Dey
Pheak Dey :         VIDEO--បង្ហាញពីការបាញ់ប្រហារពីសំណាក់ជនប្រដាប់អាវុធ លើបុរសម្នាក់ជិះរថយន្ត Lexus 570

(ភ្នំពេញ)៖ មុននេះប្រមាណ២០នាទី មានករណីបាញ់ប្រហារសម្លាប់បុរសម្នាក់ អាយុប្រហែល៤០ឆ្នាំ នៅម្តុំលក់ផ្លែឈើមុខហាងយីហោឈ្មោះ ស្រីមុំ ជិតស្តាតអូឡាំពិត ក្នុងខណ្ឌចំការមន ខណៈដែលជនរងគ្រោះចុះពីរថយន្ត Lexus 570 ស្លាកលេខ 2M-1683 ចូលទិញផែ្លឈើ នេះបើយោងតាមសមត្ថកិច្ចថ្លែងឲ្យដឹងយ៉ាងដូច្នេះមុននេះបន្តិច។ ដោយឡែកជនប្រដាប់អាវុធមានគ្នា ២នាក់ បានជិះម៉ូតូគេចខ្លួនបាត់ បន្ទាប់ពីបាញ់ប្រហារ៕

ចង់បានព័ត៌មាន Breaking News ល្អៗទាំងនេះ នឹងបាញ់បញ្ជូន ដល់ទូរស័ព្ទ របស់អ្នក សូម download Fresh News (App Store & Play Store)
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Tintin Lexus
Tintin Lexus :         [HVTV-Training Session] HELLOVENUS, Wiggle Wiggle Dance

#헬로비너스 #끈적끈적 #위글위글댄스 #Wiggle
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Eagle Eyes Nitro
Eagle Eyes Nitro :     GN FB JUST GET IN FROM WORK PLEASE BE SAFE OUT THERE Y'ALL LUV YA PLEASE WATCH GOD IS REAL OMG Delanney Young Donna-Diamond Clahar Don Praises Melody Hinds Charmaine Divvaa Cherry Webster Sonja Walcott Nickie Lexus Junior DjForceripe Nicholson Marvia Taylor Jimmyluvmarsha Upsetter Lisa Fullablessing     This is worth s view.
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Jennifer Michela Mylock
Jennifer Michela Mylock :         Want some free product that all the beauty editors love?

Give me FIFTEEN MINUTES tonight! Listen to my friend and Lexus earner share with you more about Rodan + Fields! It's anonymous and muted, so pour yourself a glass of wine, call into our conference line, and type in the address to follow along visually. We have a ton of free giveaways this month, so join us to learn more about this fabulous company and their products!

Message me once you have listened and I will send you your choice of a free ESSENTIALS LIP SPF (always in my pocket in the winter), or a free MINI-FACIAL.

Dial 209-255-1000. Access code is 420949#. Follow along visually online at

9 EST/ 8 CST/ 7 MST/ 6 PST

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Dee Lewis
Dee Lewis : Rant of the day: Boycott for what? We don't (blacks) boycott when there's black on black killings everyday, so why start now? And we(Americans)buy foreign products every single day(Lexus hair weaves etc). Y'all should've staring boycotting years ago. If you're reading this message that means that you're looking at a device in your hand that wasn't made in America. If you think they won't profit, they will.
#DaF**kouttahere #ImOut

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Lexus Brown
Lexus Brown :         Her boyfriend didn't even know
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