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Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village
Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village : Lexus bringing new F model to Detroit     The new Lexus F model is going to Detroit for its unveiling! Which model would you like to see join the F family?
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Lexus Real King
Lexus Real King :         In Mrs. Stroud Class All Day DRAWING DON'T HATE I WAS BORED
3 minutes ago - View -
Jasmine King
Jasmine King : Kd TexasmadeFuheva Deandra Fowler Kennesha Fowler Lexus Roberts yall ready for tonight ??????
4 minutes ago - View -
Grupo Lexus
Grupo Lexus : x 1    
4 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Connor
Lexus Connor : like for a horney like. xx
8 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Tuucute
Lexus Tuucute :     Jose Gonzalez     ... One Day ❤
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Samlac Yhungzera
Samlac Yhungzera : Laff mattaz    
9 minutes ago - View -
WPTV : Jenn Strathman     #BREAKING, from Consumer Watchdog Jenn Strathman - join us on NewsChannel 5 at 6 for the latest.

We'll have more information on as it becomes available.

9 minutes ago - View -
Nashville Lexus
Nashville Lexus :         Some Lexus elves took part in our favorite holiday tradition-caroling with the fabulous kiddos at Wayne Reed. Could we hear Frosty & everyone's Christmas favorite Itsy Bitsy Spider one more time!
10 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Kozusko
Lexus Kozusko :         My new Christmas present
10 minutes ago - View -
Lex Lexus
Lex Lexus : Amir Khan dominates Devon Alexander         Amir Khan put in one of the most impressive performances of his career; dominating Devon Alexander like no-one has ever done before in a high-speed chess-match. Check out just some of his best moments...
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Lexus Tnb
Lexus Tnb : Our party going up 👏👏👆 Tomorrow you gotta be there 👌💯
11 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Walker
Lexus Walker : Mobile Uploads     Happy 35th Birthday Jaimee Foxworth!🎂💗

#HappyBirthdayJaimeeFoxworth — with Chrissiemisses Shavonna CThomas and 2 others.    

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Lexus Hernandez
Lexus Hernandez : Ladies do ya know where i can get a long black dress ?
14 minutes ago - View -
Bianca Rivas
Bianca Rivas : 97 gold Lexus for sale. No rust new tires new spark plugs new battery 180,000 miles leather seats. 4 door asking 2,000 or better offer
14 minutes ago - View -
Jenn Strathman
Jenn Strathman : Breaking news: Big news for Toyota and Lexus drivers with a melting dashboard. Details in ten minutes @WPTV
15 minutes ago - View -
Christy Lynn Gonzales
Christy Lynn Gonzales :         00 LEXUS 120k,- REMEMBER GUYS- TOYOTA MAKES THIS MOTOR.

17 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Walker
Lexus Walker :         THE MORE TIMES I WATCH THIS THE MORE I LAUGH!!!! Give me a boys name that starts with the letter "H" LOL!
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Lexus Smith
Lexus Smith : Who Want To Spend The Night Tomorrow??? 😍😍😍
21 minutes ago - View -
Lexus of North Miami
Lexus of North Miami : Lexus of North Miami    
22 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Popeye
Lexus Popeye : Game of the Year?!!?     Best game of the season Godfrey Serrano Gozon Ralf Japheth Sampana     Check out clutch basket after clutch basket as the San Antonio Spurs & Memphis Grizzlies battle it out in 3 OTs.. before Memphis takes home 117-116 victory!
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Nd Ovi
Nd Ovi : Timeline Photos     ====================================
Listen to CORPONATION >>
#bmw #mercedes #audi #lexus #infiniti #acura #volvo #porsche #nissan #toyota #chrysler #honda #mazda #saab #fiat #renault #volkswagen #skoda #citroen #peugeot #mitsubishi #mini #tesla #ferrari #cadilac #jaguar #spyker #chrysler #koenigsegg #cars #news     ====================================
Listen to CORPONATION >>
#bmw #mercedes #audi #lexus #infiniti #acura #volvo #porsche #nissan #toyota #chrysler #honda #mazda #saab #fiat #renault #volkswagen #skoda #citroen #peugeot #mitsubishi #mini #tesla #ferrari #cadilac #jaguar #spyker #chrysler #koenigsegg #cars #news

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Lexus D. Elliott
Lexus D. Elliott : Imma miss my babies over Christmas break .. !!! I love you
25 minutes ago - View -
Taylor Lexus Brown
Taylor Lexus Brown : Timeline Photos     Do you agree with this?

If so, Like attn: on Facebook!

Do you believe there's a war on Christmas? Let us know:    

25 minutes ago - View -
Ari Gold
Ari Gold : Timeline Photos     The 9th OUTmusic Awards presented by Lexus hosted by Lea DeLaria star of the hit Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black and Ari Gold the King of Gay Pop Music honoring Monifah Carter Billy Porter Holly Near Wolfgang Busch Thomas McCormack and Michael C Mitchell celebrating 25 years of LGBT music culture and queer music heritage!
Monday Jan. 19th Town Hall Theater NYC
PURCHASE TICKETS NOW!!oma-tickets/c1je0    

26 minutes ago - View - : 2015 Lexus GS 350 F Sport     #passatturkiye
Araç Videoları: 2015 Lexus GS 350 F Sport

New for 2015, the Lexus GS 350 keeps its driver at the forefront of multimedia with a new system featuring a 12.3-inch display screen that can be configured into three sections to offer …    
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Ken Thompson
Ken Thompson :         FREE! Two twin bed sets. (No frames)
Sterns and Foster Bedding, which is the luxury brand of Sealy Posturepedic Co. (Like Lexus is top of the line Toyota). These have always been in the guest room so have relatively (ha! Get it? Guest room--Relative??) little use. Two of the box springs and one mattress have water stains on one end. They were stored in the garage during home renovation several years ago and water leaked into the garage in heavy rain. Has no effect on quality of sleep, of course.
Pick up in Piney Creek Bellville.

31 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Johnson
Lexus Johnson : Lms fah a tbh video!! With me and probably
#doing at 6:00

31 minutes ago - View -
Steven Handschy
Steven Handschy : Timeline Photos     8 cylinders beats 8 reindeer. #LexusRC GT3 #performance     That is one awesome looking Lexus
32 minutes ago - View -
Alicia Anne Anderson
Alicia Anne Anderson :         This is Amber, a 25 year old wife and mom of 2. She is 25!!! She is also now the proud owner of a free Plexus Lexus, is taking a free trip to Maui, and is a 6-figure earner. Hello??!! You only have to be 18 years old to start your business- the rest is up to you!!
AMAZING!!!! Love this and PLEXUS!!!

32 minutes ago - View -
Elizabeth Serrano
Elizabeth Serrano :     Lexus part III    
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32 minutes ago - View -
Gordon Nelson
Gordon Nelson : Timeline Photos     The Lexus RC F will deliver an amazing drive. Share if you’re getting more excited about its arrival than we are!    
33 minutes ago - View -
Elizabeth Serrano
Elizabeth Serrano :     Lexus part II    
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Erick Torres Colon
Erick Torres Colon : Timeline Photos     LEXANI CSS-7 20X8.5 & 20X10 CUSTOM PAINT ON LEXUS IS    
36 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Martinez
Lexus Martinez :         Love this big time thief
36 minutes ago - View -
Jaime Ramos
Jaime Ramos :         02 lexus sc430
Clean title
130k miles
Accuair airbags
New tires
Blitz re barreled wheels
Double dine
Navigation from factory
Car is a 9/10
Fenders are rolled and pulled

13k firm

36 minutes ago - View -
Paulo Sergio Rodrigues
Paulo Sergio Rodrigues : Timeline Photos     Japanese mirror.

Shot by Swedish Spotters

#Lexus #LFA — with Yousef Saed Gamell and 49 others.    

37 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Tuucute
Lexus Tuucute : My BabyGirl Genesis Vadiz , Has 3 Tickets For The 11s ;
Size 5💯🙌
She Selling The Tickets for $50💵 ✊
Inbox Her If You Want A Ticket & Is Size 5 😘💯

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Lexus Pretty'shanae Lovett
Lexus Pretty'shanae Lovett : S🎅nta's Enchanted Forest 🎄 W| My Kiddo's 🎠🎡🎢
39 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Johnson
Lexus Johnson : Add me on Snapchat coollexus82 👯

🌻🌻 😍 🌻🌻
🌻 Love YOU 🌻
🌻🌻 🌹 🌻🌻

39 minutes ago - View -
Lexus of Albuquerque
Lexus of Albuquerque :     Happy Holidays!    
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42 minutes ago - View -
Lexus D. Elliott
Lexus D. Elliott :     Lmao !!!     The girls find out everything song!
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Lexus Meyer
Lexus Meyer : Perri is growing so much she reaches so good for things... she's been trying to put her Bink in her mouth backwards that is lol.. She holds her bottle for most of her feedings 😀
44 minutes ago - View -
Lexus of Santa Fe
Lexus of Santa Fe :     Happy Holidays!    
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45 minutes ago - View -
Imani Satterfield
Imani Satterfield : Lotice - Achilles Heel [Official Video]         LOTICE (LO-TEECE) Lotice "Achilles' Heel" Produced By D.Brooks Exclusive Lotice "Achilles' Heel"Lotice "Achilles' Heel"Lotice "Achilles' Heel"Lotice "Achille...
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Lexus of Silver Spring
Lexus of Silver Spring : Instagram     We got a brand new IS under our Christmas tree! #FollowTheNX #Lexus #TheNXbestthing #LexusNX #DecemberToRemember
48 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Collins
Lexus Collins : Keep on pushing
50 minutes ago - View -
Lisa Troncoso-Castillo
Lisa Troncoso-Castillo : YEP Financial Testimonials     I wish this company existed when I was 18 to 29 years old can't believe what these young entrepreneurs are able to accomplish . Check out this opportunity call give it a listen see what you think let me know PM me or call me
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