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Blacklisted Me
Blacklisted Me : DIE WITH ME DEMO PREVIEW- LEXUS AMANDA 2014     2000 views in less than 24 hours let's keep it going please Share     solo dark pop project by lexus amanda instagram: lexusamanda
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Sally Quah
Sally Quah : Blacklisted Me (Lexus Amanda) - Reprobate Romance (Official music video) feat. Nick and Samantha         for all news/music/contact/ ect. go to or now available on iTunes! and new single out 2013 Bad Reputation-Bla...
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Aloysius Yong
Aloysius Yong :     True machine!     The Lexus RC F engine is a statement of power, advanced technology, excitement & craftsmanship. Watch the video now.
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Mervin O. López
Mervin O. López :     Zumba... NEW GENERATION 2JZ (IN SIDE) EN 2 GOMAS HASTA LOS 1,000 PIES DE LOS 1,300 QUE TIENE EL ¼ DE MILLA. ¡NEW ZOIAN LEXUS!     !! Wanna see a Video of a 6 Second Import Wheelie @ 1,000 FT?

!! Yes !! Here @ Orlando Hook World !! Where the fastest Imports of USA are breaking World Records !! Come and see it today !!!

!!! Zoian 6.33 @ 230 MPH !!
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Krispy Columna
Krispy Columna : Eliexis - Rude(Spanish Remix)     Support my brotha hes makin good music check him out     "Rude" by MAGIC! By Eliexis Spanish Remix "Rude" by MAGIC! En Español Follow Eliexis Facebook: Twitter: @Eliexisoffi...
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Monocacy Motors
Monocacy Motors : Used 2007 Lexus RX 350 for Sale in Frederick MD 21702 Monocacy Motors    
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Lexus amanda
Lexus amanda :     2000 views in less than 24 hours let's keep it going please Share
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Lexus Jones
Lexus Jones : Shätønia Taylor bring me back a t shirt or some since yall left me 😒
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Motorcars of Denver
Motorcars of Denver : Used 2013 Lexus IS 250 for Sale in Centennial CO 80112 Motorcars of Denver    
10 minutes ago - View -
Motorcars of Denver
Motorcars of Denver : Used 2013 Lexus IS 250 for Sale in Centennial CO 80112 Motorcars of Denver    
10 minutes ago - View -
Motorcars of Denver
Motorcars of Denver : Used 2011 Lexus LS 460 for Sale in Centennial CO 80112 Motorcars of Denver    
10 minutes ago - View -
Olly Reeves
Olly Reeves : That awkward moment when you pull up at a set of traffic lights 5 miles from home. The blacked out window of the Lexus 4x4 next to you slowly rolls down and you immediately expect to be the victim of the most middle class driveby ever (after my driveby egging in Dorking some years ago I KNOW i'm a marked man) only for the nice lady to inform you that you have a pair of shoes on your car roof. Yeah that. Mind you, kudos to 'Clarks' for some very grippy shoes!
11 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Mariee
Lexus Mariee : im moving out alright.. lol

let's see how you feel losing your ONLY kidd.

12 minutes ago - View -
LEXUS BANGKOK : Lexus of Stevens Creek    
12 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Kline
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12 minutes ago - View -
LEXUS BANGKOK : Lexus NX by – the "making of" video         Enjoy a unique opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with Lexus and during the design and bespoke manufacture of the new custom 'Lexus NX by will.i.a...
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13 minutes ago - View -
LEXUS BANGKOK : Timeline Photos     A luxury SUV that was designed by racing engineers. Once you experience it, there's no going back. #LexusNX    
13 minutes ago - View -
LEXUS BANGKOK : TRD Japan Releases Lexus RC F SPORT Aero Kit    
14 minutes ago - View -
LEXUS BANGKOK : Timeline Photos     The nights are drawing in - lead the way this autumn with the Lexus NX's unmistakeable LED headlights.

(And don't forget the clocks go back tonight)    

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Kurdish Amazing Cars
Kurdish Amazing Cars :         Lexus Lx570 superchared
16 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Loving Rod Person
Lexus Loving Rod Person : My best friend Candra Young Taylor need help lol
17 minutes ago - View -
Import Autoworks
Import Autoworks : Hello FB friends
Is anyone looking for a VERY clean RX300 Lexus?
We have taken care of her since birth & have all records.
Black in color wood ----leather inside.
very very clean.
Let us know.

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Mario Lexus
Mario Lexus :         "Momma said I could be anything when I grew up..."
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Lexus Torres
Lexus Torres :         She Bodied This Lmfaoooo 💦🔥 ☝🔥☝🔥☝💦(Anaconda Skinny Girls Remix)
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Super Toys
Super Toys : Used 2004 Lexus RX 330 for Sale in Chattanooga TN 37421 Super Toys Cars    
20 minutes ago - View -
Lexus MainHitta Harris
Lexus MainHitta Harris : Otp With My Sister Minnie She Got Me Dyeing On this Phone Lmao
22 minutes ago - View -
Ameed Cars Trading L.L.C
Ameed Cars Trading L.L.C :         Lexus Lx 570 full option 2014.
Special export price $93000.

26 minutes ago - View -
Dumitru Arux
Dumitru Arux : The Weeknd - The Fall (Lyrics)
So you can watch my love vanish
In a girl with no talent
And bout to make mula vanish
Call her friend for my friend
And friends name's Lexus
I let my niggas test it
Her morals worth a cent
And best believe I already spent it
My blunt full of B.C
My cup full of Texas
Flown on that OVO jet, yeah I said it
I was born to be reckless
Was forced to make records
So you ain't gotta ask "who's next?"     The Fall... bliss and were crashing. Lyrics: You been picking my voice to dance to You say my money no good in here Even though I didn't ask you And it's the...
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Теодора Николова
Теодора Николова : Billy Hlapeto ft. Lexus - Outta Control (official video)     Music Label: Monte Music Music producer: Grafa Executive Producer: Magdalena Sotirova-Ivanova Music by Algoriddim, Billy Hlapeto, Lexus Lyrics by Billy Hlape...
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Lexus Carter
Lexus Carter : Lol i wanna do tbh now soooo
Tbh ?? ✔♥

34 minutes ago - View -
Ricky Fischer
Ricky Fischer : Just came out of the dollar general store. The guy in front of me payed with a food stamp card. He's wearing Nike air shoes and driving a new Lexus. How's that work? Am I missing something here?
35 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Loving Rod Person
Lexus Loving Rod Person : In the house for today mommy not feeling well so im going to be doctor today....might get out if she start feeling a lil better...
36 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Kline
Lexus Kline : Everything That Will Kill You, From A-Z         Everything That Will Kill You, From A-Z. Alright, now I'm scared.
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Lexus Torres
Lexus Torres : I can't wait til tonight 😘 just me & my baby 💕
37 minutes ago - View -
GoldPony21 : 2012 Lexus LFA: Walkaround     $450,000     In this video I'll do a walkaround of the rare 2012 Lexus LFA. Please like the video and subscribe! Don't forget to follow me on twitter!
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Victor Longpuan
Victor Longpuan : Pls i'm sorry 4 not coming
regularly these days, its
iphone had a problem and my ipad
battery is dead, my brother is
Samsung galaxy note-3. Am
just alone
here @ home since my parents
traveled to
Germany. I would have skyped
you but i misplaced my apple laptop
power pack, so i have to hit
South Africa
later this week to get a new
I wanted visiting the mail tonight
but my
Aunt went out with my Bugatti
and my
brothers is out with the Range Rover, the Toyota
a little
problem, the tyre of the Honda
CRV is
flat and i hate driving Lexus Jeep
night, I tried calling the driver
and pick me with mum's Ferrari but no
So pls can u send me credit of
#100 so i
call my driver?

39 minutes ago - View -
Adriano Chico
Adriano Chico :         Turn up your speakers! Modified Lexus LFA with its V-10!

Vossen Japan LEXON exclusive #LFA #Vossen #Tokyo #Lexus
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Rockstar Motorcars
Rockstar Motorcars : Used 2009 Lexus RX 350 for Sale in Nashville TN 37209 Rockstar Motorcars    
42 minutes ago - View -
Dallas Connery
Dallas Connery : Just for fun, the only joke I really know.

A young college student home for summer break decides she needs spending money. She goes to a neighbor who tells her, "You can paint my "porch, the paint's in the garage."

Not long after she knocks on the door, "All done, even had enough paint for two coats." The neighbor looks seeing no work done?

The young lady says, "Oh by the way it's a Lexus not a Porsche."

43 minutes ago - View -
Isaac Whizzleteats Brown
Isaac Whizzleteats Brown : 92 Lexus SC400 5-speed swapped (trade)

Buy my bitch. Need to do some grown up shit for a while, so I'm buying an LS400.

45 minutes ago - View -
Billie Jo Neff
Billie Jo Neff :         Santa came early for Goldie and Lexus. They love the beds.
45 minutes ago - View -
Likans Lexus
Likans Lexus :         The Candyfloss Maker - LIKE this page for more cool videos!
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46 minutes ago - View -
Brian DeArmond
Brian DeArmond :         Lexus and I
47 minutes ago - View -
Jesse Cheung
Jesse Cheung :         Lexus Plymouth can suck a dick - Complimentary valet after a service can suck my tiny one. Wheels are now fucked.
49 minutes ago - View -
Motorcars of Denver
Motorcars of Denver : Used 2011 Lexus RX 350 for Sale in Centennial CO 80112 Motorcars of Denver    
50 minutes ago - View -
LEXUS OF MELBOURNE : Photos of LEXUS OF MELBOURNE     Congratulations to Lexus of Melbourne. They are installing the 1st Child Safety Photo and Fingerprint Center in the State of Florida. This community outreach program will offer Operation Kidsafe Lifetime safety kits free and private for every local family. The Center is located at the Lexus of Melbourne showroom and opens November 19th, 2014    
56 minutes ago - View -
Lexus Nieto
Lexus Nieto :         Last night, my boyfriend surprised me after work with roses and balloons. I loved it! He is the most amazing boyfriend and always puts a smile on my face
56 minutes ago - View -
LEXUS OF MELBOURNE : Mobile Uploads     It's a beautiful day here at Lexus Melbourne. Please remember, not only do we have new Lexus's, but we also have preowned vehicles from all makes and models — with Deb Barnard and 5 others at LEXUS OF MELBOURNE.    
58 minutes ago - View -
Jesus J'nicke Ortiz
Jesus J'nicke Ortiz :         Petrol dog drives a lexus!
59 minutes ago - View -
Amr Talat
Amr Talat :         Lexus is2015
1 hour ago - View -