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Kisha Dawn
Kisha Dawn :         Tbt 2011
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Kisha L. Parker
Kisha L. Parker : I wonder if sexuality is as much about SEX as it is about other things? 😉
4 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Hercu'lean Foley
Kisha Hercu'lean Foley : Made Me (CDQ) - Snootie Wild Ft. K Camp [Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks 76]     I done got it out the mud
That's the shit that made me     Download: DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Skee & DJ MLK present pt 2 of "SXEW" 1.CROOK...
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Kisha L. Parker
Kisha L. Parker :     Praise God.     #Amazing x
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Chilly Fosho
Chilly Fosho :     Annette and kisha the kids are having a ball at the hunted mansion    
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Kisha Hercu'lean Foley
Kisha Hercu'lean Foley : Hot Nigga by Bobby Shmurda [Prod by @JahlilBeats] Dir. @MainEFeTTi     If you ain't a hoe get up out my trap house.     Download "Hot N*gga" on iTunes: Bobby Shmurda of GS9 Follow The Movement Instagram: @GS9Music @Bobby_Shmurda @RowdyShmoney @__GS9myNi...
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Kisha D McHenry-mitchell
Kisha D McHenry-mitchell : Mobile Uploads     It is time for a new beginning!     Yes it is worth it
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Kisha Marie
Kisha Marie : Fans can trick or treat at Fenway Park and enjoy     TRICK OR TREATING IN FENWAY TONIGHT from 3-6pm....Don't forget to get ya tickets for the ghost busters movie playing in Fenway park tonight online!!!!! The movie starts @ 7:15pm
9 minutes ago - View -
Vikki Burnett
Vikki Burnett :         Tbt I miss my short to long Kisha XclusiveStyles Jackson were you at
9 minutes ago - View -
SoPretty NdIsh
SoPretty NdIsh :     Omfg!! Lol Kisha Davis Tee Marie Neesh Deesh Rodneysha Averette Pinky Badd Neke Bahd Negadive Cuzz'Go Fabby Davis Jr. Dirtie Stampley Kanika L. Ponder Kyng Bee Patty Clayton Tanika Nickole Bailey     Halloween Prank On His Parents While They Are Asleep #AssWhoopingTime

Follow 4 more Videos Mohamed Abdulkadir
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Kisha Claiborne
Kisha Claiborne :     Truth lol     I DON'T PLAY GAMES
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Vikki Burnett
Vikki Burnett :         Tbt I miss my short to long Kisha XclusiveStyles Jackson were you at
9 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Mays
Kisha Mays :         In the middle of the desert in the United Arab Emirates I am reminded how beautiful life is and that I am creating the life I desire & deserve. Much like the main character in "The Alchemist" I am following my personal legend. #entrepreneur #makeithappen #dreambig

How about you?

10 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Haevers Brunette
Kisha Haevers Brunette : Mobile Uploads     Looks about right to me. — with Timothy Lee Dunakey and 5 others.     I still see wine and hot sauce. I could survive...
10 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Evans
Kisha Evans : Timeline Photos     With Arlene Ferrel and 7 others.     Hello
11 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Brown
Kisha Brown : How they gonna take u out of lock up n put u n jail im so mad rite now Daddienasty Nate u was doing good im not with this bullshit
12 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Buis
Kisha Buis : Brantley has picked up on mom's habit of saying "fiddlesticks!" Except, he can't quite say the f sound, so it comes out "oh siddlesticks!"
13 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Lovekaushik
Kisha Lovekaushik : Mobile Uploads     Hitman hits a century! Rohits batting on 110, still going strong. #WelcomeBackHitman    
13 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Harden
Kisha Harden : To those of you who may have seen the post that I just removed, you know me and that IS NOT ME! Someone got into my account and I do not appreciate it! I have reported it to FB, so that if it happens again you will be banned from FB
14 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Haevers Brunette
Kisha Haevers Brunette : Timeline Photos     This was taken at Hampton Court Palace outside London. The ghostly figure was captured by security cameras when an alarm alerted guards that someone was opening a fire door. When they got there, no one was around - but this figure had been captured on camera. What do you think - ghost or no ghost?     Creepy!
14 minutes ago - View -
Kingsmen Media
Kingsmen Media : Sister 2 Sister Magazine Suspends Print and Going Digital     IS THIS THE END of PRINT????! How long before everything is DIGITAl???

First JET Mag and Now Sister 2 Sister!

15 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Williams Robertson
Kisha Williams Robertson : EEG time for Isabella!! If this one finally comes out clear it may mean that we'll b able start weening her from her seizure meds for the first time in 9yrs!! 🙏🙏🙏
16 minutes ago - View -
Kingsmen White
Kingsmen White : Sister 2 Sister Magazine Suspends Print and Going Digital     IS THIS THE END of PRINT????! How long before everything is DIGITAl???

First JET Mag and Now Sister 2 Sister! Print Magazine is declining because they can't keep up with the blogs. everything is going digital and folks are not waiting anymore!

Dino Simmons Kisha Simmons Jason Stephens Sr. Jason Austin Jason Crimley Celeste Curry Minister Denise Simmons Kendrick D. Mickel Wan Sheldon Vinny Pantagalotis

17 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Hercu'lean Foley
Kisha Hercu'lean Foley : T.I. - About The Money ft. Young Thug     That's all.
#IfItAintAboutTheMoney #Bitch miss me with it
By gones we won't let them be
Best be on your best behavior when addressing me.     T.I. feat. Young Thug - About The Money Directed by Kennedy Rothchild / TIP "T.I." Harris Produced by Maurice Sinclair Official music video by T.I. performin...
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Aaliyah Taylor
Aaliyah Taylor : So why I get to work nd I don't see Kisha Thompson truck!?? btw: I want to be on front register tonight Thanks in advance
18 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Kindle
Kisha Kindle : Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra     In case you didn't know... #HeKnow     Filmed by Danni Ogilvie Produced by Danni Ogilvie + Si Jay Gould It took us 9 days of travelling through the desert and ghost townships of South Australia, V...
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Kaizy Razi Samarai Brown
Kaizy Razi Samarai Brown : Vanessa Mwiinga
Aliyah Valerie Thornicroft
Joyce Lamar Senhouse
Existance Cutegirl
Watson Mubanga Jr.
Lily Promise Nanyangwe
Selly Mwale Mwale
Målama Amiee Gęen
Grace Gardner
Prime Alexandra Davido
Samuel Ndanyuzwe
Name's Shekinar Priceless
Patmar Chanda
Jane Tricia Noria
Liness Chamz
Casie Chick Rainz
Tesha Kelly Eli Williams
Martha Tembo
Natasha Katie Kab'z
Angel Christ Phiri
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Alex Otto Von
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Cholwe Lilrapsy Hachilala
Deany Collence Mayonda
Diana Vando Frankenayarh
Donaldson Neider
Doria Manico Jnr
Emma Kamz
Eunice Chi Toxik BlingRok
Faithy Beene Ng'andu
Fatima Jerky Blacc
Francis Daka
Gabriel M Vincent
Gift Thandi Trapster
Godwyn Gordon Xulu Geez
Jane Mjb Chaz
Josephine Trina Mwape
Joshua Tunechi Lionchess
Keisha Mungala
Kisha Kay Kim
Lee Kasper
Lenny Tirane
Lysa Nanji Nachimata
M'zamose Zee Mwale
Marrian Nyirenda
Mary Brandy Phiri
Mary Isaacs K
Mervis Nyirenda
Milimo Pearl Simwayuba
Naomi Mwape
Natasha Richards
Nizzy Young Jonx
Olypa Mukuka
Precious Mainga
Rascoe Trigger-boy Bennjy
Robert Sakala
Rockchik Petronela Golden
Siphiwe Ruth Tazia
Siza M Birdman
Smith Charlie
Taranji Njavwani Scash
Ty Henderson
Warden Maluti
Yang Triga
Yvonne Akakandelwa.....pick yo best

24 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Paul-Gould
Kisha Paul-Gould : Phone interview with holland college any minute
25 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Lindsey
Kisha Lindsey :         He all ready!!!....😊😊😊 China Takemeasiam Draper
26 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Anthony
Kisha Anthony : Baby make day seeing him just bring butterflies
27 minutes ago - View -
Stacey Pinkney Steamer
Stacey Pinkney Steamer : Kelvin Steamer    
27 minutes ago - View -
Tj Foo
Tj Foo :         Some pics of the wife nd twins..kinda old Kisha Miller Michelle Hill
32 minutes ago - View -
James Williams
James Williams : Today is my sister's Kisha Alford birthday. She was my 1st best friend, she is one of the funniest people I know and more importantly she is my sister. Our bond goes back to that german hospital and mommy bringing you home. You are an amazing woman with a bright future ahead of you. Keep pushing and remember that you are so special and unique. God Loves you and I follow his lead. Happy Birthday!!!!!
33 minutes ago - View -
Hunny Bee
Hunny Bee : Kisha & I voted today. I seen Author Sena Foster. What a beautiful bless day. One LOVE!!!!!
43 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Fuller
Kisha Fuller : On the way to the dentist with Teresa Price.
43 minutes ago - View -
Antonia Jones
Antonia Jones : 19 Reasons Your College Friends Will Be Your Friends For Life     This is so true love it and my LPG GANG Keta 'kee-wee' Humphrey Kendra Alyce Yajeeda Morrow Shantell Gillam Kisha De'Onca through good, bad, and ugly!
43 minutes ago - View -
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez :     LMBO LaShona Transou Sharaina Transou Zaheman Dash Kisha Cade man we would saw this at that anniversary man I would been done!!     I wanna see you turn up like this in your local church
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47 minutes ago - View -
Kelvin Steamer
Kelvin Steamer : 29years ago Kelvin Steamer & Stacey Pinkney Steamer on this day had a beautiful baby girl name Kisha who changed our life. She is a great daughter and a outstanding big sister. Have a great birthday! We love you!
49 minutes ago - View -
Bonita J. Canady
Bonita J. Canady : Tonight its going down at Aloft Downtown hope to see you there. Free Admission, drink special and live band. Mikey Is Yo Yolonda Ishmael York J'Ammar Meggs Sabrina Abrams Argeon Kelly Bou Kahn Dornell Coppage D'vante Black Toni Settles Tonita Saunders Tony Pines Kisha Fleming Dondria Nicole Najja Hatchett
52 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Brown
Kisha Brown : Thinking about hitting the city up with my sis Thick Bell Bell need to get out this house n find me a man with his own house lmao
53 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Mastin
Kisha Mastin : When you know that you are imperfect, when you can openly say ....."Hey, this part of me is a mess but I'm willing to work on me." When you can close the door of your past and stop beating yourself to the floor over something you can do nothing about>>>>>> THEN ,,, U can declare that you are in position & for your CHANGE! Giving up is not an option when you want better. Its about pressing your face to the glass and seeing BEYOND the fog!
55 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Austin
Kisha Austin : I knew this was gonna happen. Gotta go get my babygirl I said this wasn't gonna sit well with them and Poppa. #ripjalikaustin
1 hour ago - View -
Kisha Wilson
Kisha Wilson : OMG look who's 21!!!! Wanna wish my crazy cuzzin A Happy Cake Day!!! She's Beautiful Smart Crazy & very Bossy at da same dam day!!!! She's one of my cuzzins dat I can get on da phone wth & talk 4 hours!!! Y'all wouldn't understand dats My Hitta!!! I could go on & on but she kW wat it do!!!! HBD Cee Wishin u many many more fm me & my crew!!! Ly
1 hour ago - View -
Kisha Mason
Kisha Mason : is there anybody else who randomly sings that song BYTCH U GUESSED-WHEEEEEEW U WAS RIIIIIGHT **blank stare** oh just me **hangs head in shame**
1 hour ago - View -
Kisha Freeman
Kisha Freeman : Just got blessed with an increase on my job plus benefits...still got haters smiling in my face, throwing me under the bus and I'm doing their job plus mine....but when you trust and lean on God he will show up and show out! 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋


1 hour ago - View -
Kisha Cain
Kisha Cain : Timeline Photos     A woman is in trouble after a teenage boy recorded her giving him oral sex on her first day on the job at a school in Washington, D.C. 22-year-old Symone Greene was a substitute teacher when the boy in her class began flirting with her and asked for sex. The 17-year-old boy gave his substitute teacher his phone number and she texted him. When the classroom was empty, the two went behind the teacher’s desk and she gave him oral sex.
The teen secretly recorded the act with his cell phone and later showed it to his friends. When police learned of the incident, Greene was arrested. -@iamReGGo #BreakingNews #News #InstaNEWS #Houston #StyleMagazine #HoustonStyleMagazine #HoustonStyle #NEW #HSMNews #Breaking #CNNnews #ABCNews #FOXNews #ESPN #HOUNews #TeamStyleMag #Style25     Ridiculous!

1 hour ago - View -
Joeryn Kisha Joey
Joeryn Kisha Joey : Tobeera N'omukazi Nga Olowooza,Nti Wamuyamba Buyambi........
1 hour ago - View -
Kisha Lavender
Kisha Lavender :         Jordan Phipps
1 hour ago - View -
Kristin Lusk
Kristin Lusk : Mobile Uploads     Like Granger Smith for more. YeeYee!     Kisha Dylan Burgess Whitney Jones Martin Jaime Jeane Taryn Vines Jeane Dustin Jones Brannon Bennett Ashley Bond Bennett Chelsea Thompson Josh Martin For all my yunggins! Lol
1 hour ago - View -