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Brittany Che'von Chestnut Brittany Che'von Chestnut : Aye Saquawanna Apple Jones && Kisha Anderson-Barnes thanks for putting me on to K.Michelle yea I'm over here screaming STILL NO FKS GIVEN!!!!!! I sit and think about a lot of shyt and observe certain shyt and those around me and see whats whats and who is who and I knw whats up so I'm for me doing things my way seeing things my way whether right or wrong it's my way my life my problems either deal or get lost cuz I GOT 0 FKS 2 GIVE
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Germaine Arbet Germaine Arbet : Timeline Photos     For all the loving and nurturing grandparents ... — with Jaimee NZach Hocker and 21 others.     Kisha Lee
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Alicia McLean Alicia McLean : Alicia McLean     Kisha Mclean
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Thelma James Thelma James : IM SO GLAD DAT MY SISTER Melissa Booker IS BEING RELEASED NOW...GOD IS AWESOME CUZ WE'VE BEEN PRAYIN HARD...GOD TRULY ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! WIT Kisha Burleigh Tina Ramsey Patti Ratcliff Glenda Boose Gabriel Booker Raymond Loc Copeland Johnny Boose Jermaine James
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Pastor Kisha Jordan Pastor Kisha Jordan : Mobile Uploads     Yep !!#repost     NOW THIS IS THE TRUTH....STAY FOCUSED..PASTOR KISHA JORDAN
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Jan Stankewitz Jan Stankewitz :         Nikonman!!! Here to aperture criminals!!! LMAO!!!!!

Models - Bruce Vayne, Kisha Blessedandfavored Rucker-Rollins
MUA for Batman - Kelsey Townsend
Photographer - Jan Stankewitz Love Photo Studios
Location - Focus on Studio Carmel, Indiana. — at Focus On Studio - Open Hours April.
— with Bruce Vayne and Kisha Blessedandfavored Rucker-Rollins.

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Heather Talbott-Morris Heather Talbott-Morris : I had tacos and a big glass of milk for dinner...yummmmmy....I fill like Kisha Morris :)
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Shante Hollyhood Hicks-Johnson Shante Hollyhood Hicks-Johnson : I would like to thank Kisha Wilkins Tysharae Williams Renee Loving Iyanna Vega LadeiiDee UnBreakable Wilson DeAshely RickyDon Curtis Nelly Holmes Natashia Hall Gregory Tanner for snapping me bck into reality...when I think no one else cares I kno now I got a awesome team of REAL friends ..💖💖💓💓 Celeste Jenkins ...
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DeNiece Thompson DeNiece Thompson : Ok prayer warriors. PLEASE PRAY. Kisha and thems flight got cancelled They got another flight but may not get to here in time for graduation tomorrow without us driving to Dallas to get them tonight. Not sure of all the details but please pray they can get a flight that will get them here before the Nathan's gradation tomorrow. Thanks!!
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Bea Reyes Bea Reyes : I SURVIVED! WE SURVIVED!! :) Thank you Kay Fabrero-Quieta, Lui Bautista, Panxenia Mina and most especially Kisha Zyra Dagunan!! Thank you for extending your help!! I survived. We survive because of you guys!! :)) WE SURVIVED!! :))
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Butta V Love Butta V Love : Celebrating my bro freedom with the family Bay Billsz My Big Bro Kenneth Daniels And MaMa n Kisha........ Can't wait til Snow come home. Free him til the free him.....
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Kinky Curly Coily Me! Kinky Curly Coily Me! : Kisha OneCanjr Little
Is there a way to promote hair growth without thickening the hair? My hair is thick enough.

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Haide Santos Haide Santos : Timeline Photos     Congratulations to Kisha who got to the TOP #1!!!!

Submit your pet photos on KLOOFF: — with Georgina Russell and 5 others.    

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Savis Simpson Savis Simpson : Love u Kisha Wingate
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Tomica Najnormalnije Manču Tomica Najnormalnije Manču : Bjesovi - Kisha         Kisha :)
Watch the video: video

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Kisha Clayton Kisha Clayton : Kisha and Rhondell     I would like to recognize some of my amazing vendors who helped make my wedding day so special!!! I would like to first thank Molly Humphrey Artistic-Imagez great for the amazing pictures she captured! Molly and her assistant photographer Sara were so easy to work with!! If you are looking for an awesome photographer check out her page and in the meantime please enjoy the slideshow she has prepared from my wedding.

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Eric Graham Eric Graham : Kisha Kesh ,I'll have more 2 smooth pics when I go back to moms #tbt
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Tatiana Walker Tatiana Walker :         Yes that my luck yall lmao! Its kool as long as he's healthy Shaneka Ansley Kana Stokes Felisha Walker Kisha Walker Whittney Walker Larry White Ramya Ansley Tara Rollins teako Colman Patricia Jimenez Tameki Remley william walker Tammy walker
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Jerome Davis Jerome Davis : There's no one in the world that I love more than my sister Kisha Davis even when I'm ready to rip peoples heads off she snap me back into reality!!! Love u loser!!!
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Re-Kenya N. Roberson Re-Kenya N. Roberson : My daddy acting like Kisha didn't call to come get Reagan is the funniest thing ever to me. He really thinks she's his child!
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Shatajah ImYourzforeva Kesler Shatajah ImYourzforeva Kesler : Lord help me cuz mi aunt kisha think she gng to run me up n dwn these stairs today i been on room services all yestetday still was mking orders since 5 am wit a breakfast biscuit nw today u mke ur order n it ends at 9 by its crazi how a person aint got no teeth n eat like they got a mouth full lmao!!!
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Tasha Tripp Tasha Tripp : Having lunch with my niggas Kisha Tripp Roshawna Jay
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Carla Mccravy Carla Mccravy : Happy Anniversary to my favorites son and daughter-in- law Jason and Kisha McCravy. I love yall to the moon and back.
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Edit Molnár Edit Molnár : Timeline Photos     Congratulations to Kisha who got to the TOP #1!!!!

Submit your pet photos on KLOOFF: — with Georgina Russell and 5 others.    

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Athena Mauga Athena Mauga : jst got hm fr some swimming and relaxing at the beach wif kisha nd kurdi...pei ua akili ai ea lo ka vaivai...gudnitey ;)
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Xtian Chan Xtian Chan : GROUP PLUG
Raycelle Joy Moya Javison
Gladys Brizo
Frayniel Guzman
Kisha Mae Bansagan Hapin
Eron Engracia
Rizza Abad Aquino



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Greg Russell Greg Russell :         Please everyone help me to give a very warm welcome to my good friend Kisha Daniels from Rocky Mount, NC. Like I said This group is growing and growing and growing, LoL We're on Fire
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Gustavo Ayala V. Gustavo Ayala V. :         Kisha & Troya after some bottle chasing!
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Sauce Clayton Sauce Clayton : Adrienne Jones Kisha Tucker Vallen Field Joi Whaley Tiffany Carter Leonard Johnson Ashley Glass Danielle Faith Allison

Thanks for buying in. I know I asked so much of you guys, but those of you that were in attendance today see what hard work do. We play by HIGHSCHOOL RULES, LEADING OFF 3RD DROP STRIKE ETC.... A lot of kids don't get this experience until they get to Highschool, and our boys are getting already. BH FUTURE IS BRIGHT! #RESTOREtheROAR #BHELITEBASEBALL ....POW POW POW

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Xhet Fejzaj Xhet Fejzaj :         kisha e lacit ...sot..

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TBL Cinemas Suriname TBL Cinemas Suriname : Filmschema TBL Cinemas 24 t/m 30 April 2014    
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Carlos YardGoreala McCain Carlos YardGoreala McCain : Hey! Kisha T You remember the 90's right! That night at the Firehouse on Tra Nina? I was OUTTA BOUNDS fuckin with you!! But you know me! Knuckle Game swell! So im everywhere! (Unless im gettin jumped by a mob of niggaz!) You was jiggalatin hard on a YOUNG BLOOD! Then, out of no where! A nigga test my chin! Stole me! Drop me to dance flo! I bounce back on my duces and the nigga got little! I never found out who that sucka was! Im just glad he didn't wet my RED T! We all kno KILLA CITY! Lmmfao! Days and Nights Living Life on the ROPES! :)
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