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Kisha Eley
Kisha Eley : Watching Purple Rain need I say more.
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Johnbosco Mukisa
Johnbosco Mukisa : YAMOTO BAND- NITAKUPWELEPWETA         Haya sasa ile bendi ya YAMOTO wameachia video ya wimbo wao mpya wa 'NITAKUPWELEPWETA. Video imefanyikia hapa hapa Bongo na imeongozwa na Adam Juma. Hebu itazame hapa halafu tuone unaionaje kisha SHARE na marafiki watizame
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Kisha Williams
Kisha Williams :     Reminds me of Zay Zay
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Kisha MissingRio Williams
Kisha MissingRio Williams : Damn right I'm in my feelings,who gonna check me no damn body 😈😈😈😈😈😈
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Kisha Patton
Kisha Patton : Neuer Mordfall!    
5 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Patton
Kisha Patton : New Murder!    
5 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Williams
Kisha Williams : Timeline Photos        
6 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Conner
Kisha Conner : Kisha Conner | Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21 )    
7 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Moreira
Kisha Moreira : What Everyone Needs To Know About That Photo That Went Crazy Viral    
7 minutes ago - View -
Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown : Lala Michelle Kisha White Brittany Brown ShaeYonce Turner Mesha Fields April McJunkins you'll remember Y.T. dip on that Hoe
7 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Gunnells
Kisha Gunnells : WATCH: Delta Pilot Gets Locked Out of Cockpit Mid-Flight    
7 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Gunnells
Kisha Gunnells : Cop Impersonator Arrested After Trying to Pull Over Real Cop    
8 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Gunnells
Kisha Gunnells : These 27 Photos Will Cause Your Heart To Explode From Cuteness. Really, Prepare Yourself.    
8 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Gunnells
Kisha Gunnells : Slow-Moving Winter Storm Takes Aim at Northeast    
8 minutes ago - View -
Wyatt Semenuk
Wyatt Semenuk : One class down, 8 more! Oooo the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger.Kisha D Sk
9 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Rockwood
Kisha Rockwood : Georgia just voted 'LIKE' on your photo    
9 minutes ago - View -
Jaron Galvez MaLou Xii
Jaron Galvez MaLou Xii : Solomot KISHA sa picture. !😍😍!!
10 minutes ago - View -
Pastor Kisha Jordan
11 minutes ago - View -
Lydia Pippin
Lydia Pippin : Mobile Uploads     With Nancy Kiff and 25 others.     willie and kisha i love yall so much
11 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Manning
Kisha Manning :         Tomorrow is the BEST day to get signed up to earn this $500 bonus (+$599 average monthly income)! Who can I put down to get signed up tomorrow? Message me to begin your adventure!


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Galaletsang Michell Kisha Kebaabetswe
Galaletsang Michell Kisha Kebaabetswe : um bored 2 death mi lvly twin sis
12 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Steele
Kisha Steele : LUTHER VANDROSS Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now     SINGING, YES I'M SINGING,"Ain't No stopping us now we on the move"
Maryann Jones,Jackie Steele, FoxyRoxy Boss Closs, Belle MsSmith,Lateefah Closs, Terrill Aaron Closs, Demetria Closs, Zakiyah Closs, Nakiya Closs, Keith Boss Closs.IT TWO MANNY CLOSSES TO TAG SO ALL THE CLOSSES..     SONGS 1994
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Naomi Baker
Naomi Baker : I really thought I was in a relationship I thought wrong I'm really single I don't know why I stress over the shit this nigga say and do to me because I'm still alive living and sleeping good if it ain't about him then he don't care he have a mentality of a bitch and for my so called family y'all are on the list right with him I can careless about seeing any of y'all for the rest of this year everybody talk and can't hold water for shit and that's fucked up because family supposed to be loyal Tyshaun Taylor,Valnavia Bookie Bowman,Nicole Sylvester,Kisha Bowman,Monay Gyal London,Yolanda Curry,Dana LovEly Bowman
13 minutes ago - View -
Perfectly Amber
Perfectly Amber : Mobile Uploads     I'll be waitin!I LOVE U!inmyLLvoice     La'Kisha Pruitt.... this for you
13 minutes ago - View -
Kaylah Benjamin
Kaylah Benjamin :     Yall we got is another one lmao Shalynn Williams Kisha Archangel-Delasbour     How to stay calm when you best get to steppin'
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Amber Miller
Amber Miller : This would be the perfect time for Kisha M. Buries famous nachos lol. Right on time for super bowl game 😩😂
15 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Cain
Kisha Cain :     OMG!
17 minutes ago - View -
Zack Sickles
Zack Sickles : Timeline Photos     Gummy Wine Hearts Recipe

Make healthy and fun gummy wine hearts as a unique Valentine's Day gift this year.     Kisha Marshall Dlugos

17 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Gurley
Kisha Gurley : Cop Caught Forcing Young Children to Have Sex With Each Other For Years    
18 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Smileygiftedwitdahands Pinnix
Kisha Smileygiftedwitdahands Pinnix :         #NaturalHair
1 Step Smoothing Treatment
Stylist:Kisha Smileygiftedwitdahands Pinnix

19 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Smith
Kisha Smith : Church just refueled my soul...More than ever, I know my journey is blessed because of favor and my elevation is closer than I think..#THANKYOU
20 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Rose
Kisha Rose :        
21 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Wiley
Kisha Wiley : Andy Borowitz    
23 minutes ago - View -
La'kisha Cooper
La'kisha Cooper : Evil is always ready to attack! I have to keep my focus and steer clear of the darkness cause I know there will be light and victory for me leaving the nonsense to play with themselves........
24 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Rybicki
Kisha Rybicki :         For sale.. like new still galaxy s4 with case on it. Charger box and all. 150
26 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Wilson
Kisha Wilson : Kisha is rising like the sun!    
27 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Thompson
Kisha Thompson : Timeline Photos     Tom Brady and the New England Patriots?
OR Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks?

Super Bowl XLIX Prediction: #SB49     Who are you going for?

31 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Kemp
Kisha Kemp : O.T. Genasis - CoCo [Music Video]         Download "CoCo" now here: Site: Follow: Like: Foll...
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35 minutes ago - View -
Deneasha Jefferson
Deneasha Jefferson :     Sister Kisha    
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Kisha Battiest
Kisha Battiest : Cross Canadian Ragweed - Sick And Tired     Cross Canadian Ragweed - Sick And Tired
Love this song     Music video by Cross Canadian Ragweed performing Sick And Tired. (C) 2004 Universal South Records, LLC
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Kisha Winbush-Few
Kisha Winbush-Few :         Bout to go turn up early with ms maddy
46 minutes ago - View -
Kisha Manon
Kisha Manon : Timeline Photos     Limited edition - Not sold in stores

Just for you - 1985s - Buy Now >>

Only $23.99 Tee- Normally $33.99
Don't for get to like,tag and share with your friends.Thanks !    

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Kisha Eduella
Kisha Eduella :         Im so excited for those who decided to RECLAIM their LIFE, HEALTH and FITNESS! These next 21 days will test you, push you to the limits, make you curse, but I know and believe you will ALL be successful! I will be here with you, as your accountability partner, your cheerleader, and your friend! Let's get this party started. We start tomorrow 2/2/2015. Those who are still on the fence, don't worry the next one starts in the middle of February.
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Francis Mapugilo
Francis Mapugilo : YAMOTO BAND- NITAKUPWELEPWETA     My favourite band.     Haya sasa ile bendi ya YAMOTO wameachia video ya wimbo wao mpya wa 'NITAKUPWELEPWETA. Video imefanyikia hapa hapa Bongo na imeongozwa na Adam Juma. Hebu itazame hapa halafu tuone unaionaje kisha SHARE na marafiki watizame
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Kisha Lee Hendrix
Kisha Lee Hendrix :         Christie Cichoracki
1 hour ago - View -
Kisha MakiismyLife Fowler
Kisha MakiismyLife Fowler : Amazing Tron Dance performed by Wrecking Orchestra [Better Quality]     OMG! this so cool. I'm so easily amused... Lol     Adjusted video settings for less video grain/noise and better colors, Enjoy! Tracklist: Daft Punk - Arena Justice - Waters Of Nazareth (Erol Alkan's Re-Edit...
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Lamisha Watchmeshine Davis
Lamisha Watchmeshine Davis : up cooking lunch for me n da fam... we having country style ribs..bake beans w/ ground beef.. mac n cheese n jiffy cornbread muffins.... Rosetta Knight Latisha TishaBaby Knight Kisha Knight Young Osity Precious Doinhellagud
1 hour ago - View -
The Rose House
The Rose House :         Kisha took some fun v-day pics!
1 hour ago - View -