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Natalie Tavarez Natalie Tavarez : Happy birthday Kisha Albarrán
11 minutes ago - View -
Barbara Fischer Barbara Fischer : Ok can this month be over with already. After 3 trips to the ER with kisha cos she can't eat or drink anything with out throwing up the idiot doctors tells us she is dehydrated no kidding if you can't keep anything down you would be. So now she has to see a gastroenterologist. As for Xavier god my sweet little guy had to have his upper front tooth pulled today n possibly next week the other one too. He kept getting bumped in the mouth. This last time the tooth bent backwards so it had to b pulled. But he still looks cute.
36 minutes ago - View -
MrsDarian Sessoms MrsDarian Sessoms : Sofull Kitchen     Thank you!!
48 minutes ago - View -
Dorethea Mckoy Dorethea Mckoy : Getting ready to get turn up!! Ready Deborah Mccoy-Weems Stacey Starbright McCoy :) it's about to go down.. Kisha VP-LadyPuma's Page me and ya Momma on our way... Lol
1 hour ago - View -
Shirnetta Mackin Shirnetta Mackin : Kisha Mackin, Brenda MackinTiffany NiChole Mackin, Danny Dee, Desmond Mackin, JR BadazzRenee L Forte, Brando Smitj, Jamarkus Get Muney Mackin, Vodreka Mackin, Shardae Mackin, Demetries S Mackin. Max Walker, Reuben Allen, James Mackin, James Livinmylife Mackin Jr., Bobby MackinJaimee Mackin, Iesha Mackin...i'm concord bound tomorrow about's up...Got some good news to share????? EASTER COOKOUT!!!!
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Amy Taylor Amy Taylor : I was nominated by Kisha Nicole Taylor to post my favorite bible verse!
I nominate Peggy Jane Ellison , Kathy Ellison Day & Jonathan Ellison

"But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed" Isaiah 53:5

2 hours ago - View -
ChrisandKisha Sutton ChrisandKisha Sutton : Just ate some lasagna with spinach, crab meat and scallops in it...YUM! Thank you Robin Sutton....-Kisha-
2 hours ago - View -
Eva Rhodes Eva Rhodes : I'm home the surgery went well. I'm in pain but alive Thank You Jesus. I want to thank my big sis Kisha Pacheco for coming in and being here for me. I love u Kiki . I also want to thank my baby Jasmine for coming too n for staying with me to care for me. My baby also bought me a new phone. Thank u God because mine was a hot mess.
2 hours ago - View -
Young Reason Bradley Young Reason Bradley : Kisha Bradley Venecia Pollard Boodie Ward Barbara Bradley Sabree Saunders Seandre' Bradley Tae Bradley CeCe Ward Mon'Sherree Ward Kevin Scott y'all all will meet RAYON VERY SOON ..I APOLOGIZE DEEPLY..BUT ITS NOT ON PURPOSE ..WE LOVE YALL..AND YALL WILL SEE MY BOYS TOGETHER ..LOVE ALK YALL..AND THE REST OF THE FAM
3 hours ago - View -
Lakisha Robinson Lakisha Robinson : Mobile Uploads     Helenia and kisha    
3 hours ago - View -
Hbe BackDoe Shawti Hbe BackDoe Shawti : S/O Kisha MissKisha thou luh momma on her shxt #Salute can't take nothing from her All about her $$$$$ #OneOfGriffinGaFinest #GreatMother #Awesome #Real #Spg
3 hours ago - View -
Takelia Perdue Takelia Perdue : Sitting home getting my drink on... Heading to Henry County later on to TURN UP up with my sister's Kisha Martin and Nicole Houston.. IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!! #3AMIGOS
4 hours ago - View -
Valerie Smith Valerie Smith : Lovely Kisha.. Hit me up.. What you doing tonight
4 hours ago - View -
Belinda Thomas Belinda Thomas : Timeline Photos    
5 hours ago - View -
Sandra Morgan Sandra Morgan : So proud of my oldest son. When I went through my life changing situation in 2003 he was 11. He would encourage me and lift me up with scripture. I didn't appreciate then b/c I was too caught up in my pitty party. He would pray with me. He would help me with Kisha and Kirvin. He was the man of the house. The lights went out. I didn't know what to do. He went and hit the circuit breaker in the laundry room. I mean I could go on and on but you get it.

Fast forward to 2014 and he is my scholar. He is conquering everything that comes his way. We both know it's not him but Jesus. He's had favor on his life every since he was 5-6 years old. He honestly requested salvation and Bro. Terrell baptized him and spoke life into him and he's been blessed ever since.

I remember him in elementary school witnessing to his friends about Jesus NOT being in Christmas.

Okay enough. I really want to just congratulate him on being accepted into Michigan school of Engineering and North Carolina A & T school of Engineering.

I don't party but I'm partying with my baby next month.

Momma loves you Will Everett and stay focused and remember those talks and sermons and you'd be just fine!!! 👍👍🙏🙏👏👏👊👊❤️❤️😄😃😀😊☺️😉😍

5 hours ago - View -
Tammi Smith Tammi Smith :         Had fun last night with the family Kisha Davis MzKold Twanna Kiki Love. Prea Jean Portis Brayia Bryant bro Reaally Milly
5 hours ago - View -
Lakisha Daniels Lakisha Daniels : What is kisha going to get n today let me think...guess i will get fucked up
6 hours ago - View -
Kisha Cain Kisha Cain : Someone asked me my name then said I dont look like a Kisha...what's a Kisha suppose to look like?? Cause if I'm getting compared to the one that most rappers always talking abt then HELL NO I dont look like one but it's not serious just a popular name #I guess
6 hours ago - View -
Eshia Loving'Lil Serg Johnson Eshia Loving'Lil Serg Johnson : Nache Lee, NuNu Marie , Lovinlife Kisha Walker, wats to it 🙋Pop,pOp,, Pop, pop out tonight❗❗❗aint no ⁉POP OUT💨🕛🕑🕒🕓💯🆘🍡🎶🎈💩💞👌💵👚👢👜👓🔫😂iiggghhttt..
7 hours ago - View -
Netta Naulls Netta Naulls : Good freakn friday moanin...CAN YALL SAY "KRUSH GROOVE"...ITS GOING DOWN TOMORROW!!! Re Moore, Kisha Williams, Zacchaues Thetaxcollector
8 hours ago - View -
Takita Parker Takita Parker : So is Kisha LovingZy'Keria Byrd ByrdKisha n Talea Jones.ready for me or nah
8 hours ago - View -
Kisha Edwards Kisha Edwards : My client gave me confirmation today as to why I do what I do for the community. "Kisha, I know you're tired, getting up at 4:00am to transport me to dialysis. Because of you, my blood gets cleaned and I'm able to see another day." It was at that moment that I realized and hour out of my morning wasn't anything compared to what he has to do to survive.
9 hours ago - View -
Dc Loudpack Geez Dc Loudpack Geez : Where itz at tonight Star-kisha Monique Don Reala PrettiiGirl Welch Itsonlyone Reen Swift Mckines Terrell Heyward we litttttt or nah
10 hours ago - View -
Donetta Boyd Donetta Boyd : Kisha Clark!!!!!
11 hours ago - View -
Rodney Against'All Odds Newell Rodney Against'All Odds Newell : Just waking up thinking at how blessed I am to have a loving and supporting family.. I would like to thank my mother Vinia Newell for all she do for me and my kids..My other half Kisha Davis for putting up with my stubborn Ass.. My sister Camille Newell-Sisroe for always being in my corner and having my back no matter what.. Last but not lease my Niece Tamesha Janeé for being a Great role model to my young ladies..
My oldest princess is going to prom tonite,and I don't know how it would of turned out without these Lovely loving Ladies in my life..
#AppreciateYall &

11 hours ago - View -
Minda Bønding Minda Bønding :         Ipad time for Keon og Kisha Isabel
12 hours ago - View -
Tasha Hubbard Tasha Hubbard : S/O to my mom & my baby sister!!!! Today is my vaby sister bday hope ya enjoy ya big 30 turn up Kisha Williams n to Kimberly Clark happy anniversary hope u enjoy ya day too!!! I b over later we gone get u together lol!!Love u ladies to death!!!!!Mwah
13 hours ago - View -
Darlene Phelipa Darlene Phelipa : Kisha Phelipa Happy birthday to my awesome little sister. Enjoy it to the fullest, and I hope this year brings you only the best...
14 hours ago - View -
Enio Elezi Enio Elezi : Gabriel García Márquez (6 March 1927 – 17 April 2014)    
15 hours ago - View -
Xavier Jerry Nato Xavier Jerry Nato : Kama kuna kitu huudhi ni msee akuombe loan, kisha you honestly tell the person huna any, then he bargains,"Basi ni save thao".

You really don't have and tell him so. Then he goes like,"Wewe unaeza kosa doe kweli?"

The best thing to do so that you don't get annoyed, text him back,"FOR REAL SINA ANY, NINA 30K BUT NI ZA KUBAIA MA BOYS. POMBE LEO NA NIKITOA HATA 500 BOB, ITAKUA UNFAIR."

18 hours ago - View -

1 day ago - View -
Syniqua Bell Syniqua Bell : Kisha Smith ur pussy smells like a old dirty rag so bleach that bitch! That whould be tthe 1st kitchen u clean everyday #funkybitch u funny built ass bitch nobody wants ur nothing having scavaging ass bitch get your life ur whole life! Wat do u call a old rat? Fb tell us!!! #possum
1 day ago - View -
Kelly Missy Carter Kelly Missy Carter : My daughter Kisha father Darryl Stewart passed away this morning please keep her lifted up in your prayers R.I.P DARRYL
1 day ago - View -