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Cara Hudson
Cara Hudson :     Yes I don't mind if I do have a drool over Kevin bacon before bed mmmmmmm
6 minutes ago - View -
Jessica L Spencer
Jessica L Spencer : The original footloose
Chic had zero boobies. Kevin bacon smoking in that movie. Sum about him idk what tho

15 minutes ago - View -
Jamie Lynn Onorati
Jamie Lynn Onorati : Watching the original footloose makes me want to put my converse on and dance my ass everytime...i loveee this movie :) that Kevin bacon though mmmmm
20 minutes ago - View -
Amy Young
Amy Young : Watching Footloose just reassures me the relationship was even more flawed than I thought. I never got a glitter machine, he never wore skinny ties and most importantly... He wasn't Kevin Bacon.
22 minutes ago - View -
Bill Strome
Bill Strome : Jim Carrey Impressions of Kevin Bacon & Wile E. Coyote on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show    
24 minutes ago - View -
Joann Moore
Joann Moore : Big Hearts of The Lowcountry    
30 minutes ago - View -
Durah Connell
Durah Connell :     I can watch this movie over and over again!!! especially the scene where Kevin Bacon is dancing in the abandoned building
34 minutes ago - View -
Kimberly Pangaro
Kimberly Pangaro : Today's challenge - working on the dance that Kevin Bacon does in the original "Footloose" - quite a sweat fest
34 minutes ago - View -
Basia Secret-Sister
Basia Secret-Sister : Timeline Photos     "...on my planet, we have a legend about people like you. It's called Footloose. And in it, a great hero, named Kevin Bacon, teaches an entire city full of people with sticks up their butts that, dancing, well, is the greatest thing there is." --Star Lord

At participating record stores starting 11/28.    

35 minutes ago - View -
Jeannie Fassler Rupp
Jeannie Fassler Rupp : Footloose. Kevin Bacon version. Woot.
45 minutes ago - View -
Lynn Chaney
Lynn Chaney : Big Hearts of The Lowcountry    
52 minutes ago - View -
Kevin Bacon-Project
Kevin Bacon-Project : Timeline Photos     What music inspires you?     ?
55 minutes ago - View -
Kevin Bacon-Project
Kevin Bacon-Project : Timeline Photos        
56 minutes ago - View -
Kevin Bacon-Project
Kevin Bacon-Project : Timeline Photos     What the world needs is people who have come alive.
56 minutes ago - View -
Kevin Bacon-Project
Kevin Bacon-Project : Timeline Photos        
58 minutes ago - View -
Shawn Tanae Davisson
Shawn Tanae Davisson : So I'm at Mom's, putting together my Halloween costume. "Footloose" is on TV again, and I'm realizing the only difference between being Kevin Bacon in Footloose, and being David Tennant in Doctor Who, is the sonic screwdriver. Lol Can I get a nerdy hi-five?
1 hour ago - View -
Tawana Watson for Ohio State Rep
Tawana Watson for Ohio State Rep : WE HAVE CHANGED    
1 hour ago - View -
Empowerfit : Unofficial part of my personal wellness program: after a long week of working with clients and teaching a multitude of classes, spend a few hours lounging on the couch and watching "The Lost Boys" then "Footloose" on vh1. #loveThe80s #guiltyPleasure #TimeToChill #KevinBacon
1 hour ago - View -
Victoria Rafter
Victoria Rafter : Do one Kevin Bacon ....
1 hour ago - View -
Taryn Kobel
Taryn Kobel : So Marcus just realized there's an actor names Kevin Bacon....n is obsessed with the fact that his last name is Bacon smh
1 hour ago - View -
Lu Mattos
Lu Mattos : Jim Carrey Impressions of Kevin Bacon & Wile E. Coyote on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show    
1 hour ago - View -