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Denise Bensusan
Denise Bensusan : Betty Benson    
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Roy Perlmutter
Roy Perlmutter : JP Morgan Chase, again

Ed Steer wrote:

"Gold finished the Tuesday session at $1,307.50 spot, down $4.70 from Monday's close. Net volume was 110,000 contracts, so JPMorgan et al. had to throw a decent amount of Comex paper at that early morning Comex rally to get the price back under control."

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Maya Diwan
Maya Diwan : رمانة صالح    
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Marcia Haley
Marcia Haley : A Bank's Gift Demonstrates the Power of Small Business Innovation |    
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Larry Fizer
Larry Fizer :         Police have identified a woman wanted in a $175,000 bank fraud scam by matching up her account name with sexy selfies she posted to Facebook.
Tanya Monique Peel, from Raleigh, North Carolina, allegedly set up a business account at a JP Morgan Chase Bank in Atlanta last December before transferring $123,000 from a stranger's Charles Schwab account.
Peel, 26, used her real name on the account and when police found the name on Facebook, her selfies matched the woman recorded by bank surveillance cameras, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. 'I think she is with a group of professionals,' Atlanta Police Detective Ken Stapler told the AJC. 'There is no way she did this by herself.'

The transfer was carried out after Peel and fellow suspects stole the identity of the Charles Schwab client, 45-year-old Atlanta resident Terance Fowler.
The investigation began when Fowler reported the theft to police. His bank refunded the stolen sum.
He lost his money when the group got hold of his identifying information and his cellphone number, knowing that Charles Schwab called account holders after transfers were made from their accounts.

The team then forwarded all of the victim's calls to an untraceable cellphone so that when they transferred the cash, Charles Schwab representatives called his cell but ended up speaking to one of the fraudsters. They pretended to be him and gave authorization for the transfers.
In total, they transferred $123,000 from his account to Peel's phony business account and another $52,000 to a Walls Fargo branch in California.
Investigators say that Peel then immediately withdrew all the money from the account.
Crimestoppers of Atlanta is now offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to arrest and indictment of Peel. Callers can leave confidential tips at 404-577-TIPS (8477).

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Black Blue Dog
Black Blue Dog : JP Morgan Chase accused of bullying people into supporting the gay agenda

38 minutes ago - View -
I Love My Blackness
I Love My Blackness : JP Morgan Chase accused of bullying people into supporting the gay agenda

38 minutes ago - View -
Your Black World
Your Black World : JP Morgan Chase accused of bullying people into supporting the gay agenda

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Equine Business Network
Equine Business Network : A Bank's Gift Demonstrates the Power of Small Business Innovation |     Small Business Innovation receive support from JP Morgan Chase.
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Ron Fry
Ron Fry :     See you Thursday with your school supplies
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رمانة صالح
رمانة صالح : Egypt's Gaza Ceasefire Exposed...
Marwan Bishara, on Aljazeerah said something very important.
The Egypt ceasefire plan which Israel was harping on about n is now using as an excuse for the ground war in Gaza was HATCHED in Tel Aviv and announced by Egypt to give Al-Sisi, their new deputy, legitimacy...

After researching deeper, it is found the plan originated in Washington and the instigator was none other than the War Criminal himself, the Butcher of Baghdad and Kabul, JP Morgan Chase special advisor, Tony Blair...

Tony Blair flew to Israel to fine tune the plan n presented it to Al-Sisi to announce. Had Hamas accepted, they would've been cornered and Al-Sisi government would've won the admiration n recognition it so desires...

Israel is using the excuse of Hamas rejection of Egypt's kind ceasefire plan to Butcher the people of Gaza, telling the world, u see we cannot negotiate with or talk to terrorists like Hamas bcoz they won't listen...

How dastardly, how cunning, how crude...

Refer to following links...

Israel used ceasefire plan to escalate war - Al Jazeera English -

Respect: How US and Blair Plotted ‘Ceasefire’ Scam -

Pls circulate this widely...

1 hour ago - View -
Dhana Sekaran
Dhana Sekaran : Awesome reply from the CEO of JP Morgan Chase to a pretty girl's questions | Inspirational...    
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