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Mariah Gligoric
Mariah Gligoric :     The projected growth of #ImpactInvestment is from $400 Billion to $1 Trillion between 2010 and 2020 according to JPMorgan Chase
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Chuck Miller
Chuck Miller : *** $ 7 Billion "missing" En-route from US Treasury to Haliburton in Irac**_ _-*** $ 30 Billion TAX Dollars Bailout for Bear Stearns(2008) ***
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- ***The Bush administration's*** efforts to subtly distance itself from the "bailout of Bear Stearns Cos". ended Tuesday as documents were released detailing the extensive role played by Treasury Department officials. -- __ March 2008

Last month in a deal that rocked Wall Street and possibly permanently altered Wall Street's relationship with the government, J.P. Morgan Chase agreed to pay $10 a share to buy Bear Stearns Cos. BSC, +0.11%

To facilitate the agreement, the Fed agreed to offer a $29 billion credit line to J.P Morgan and take to hold collateral of an estimated $30 billion worth of mortgage related assets owned by Bear Stearns.

Although initial news reports of the deal said it was done at the behest of Treasury and the Federal Reserve, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the White House, through its spokesmen, have taken to calling the Bear Stearns bailout a "Federal Reserve action."

But in a letter to the bipartisan leadership of the Senate Finance Committee, Treasury officials admitted that Treasury was extensively involved in the deal, under which the $30 billion of taxpayer funds were put at risk.

Indeed, Paulson signed off on the important elements of the transaction, including the risk of the loss of taxpayer funds, in a letter to the central bank

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Dayna Gonzalez
Dayna Gonzalez :     If you're looking for an accountant who specializes in doing taxes for freelancers, artists, and small businesses, I highly recommend Steven Zelin, the Singing CPA. Steven will be holding a workshop on taxes next Tuesday 2/3 at SVA.
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Seattle Area Delta Gamma
Seattle Area Delta Gamma :     We're looking forward to co-hosting a Lectureship on Values and Ethics with our Beta sisters this Wednesday, January 28th, at the University of Washington! Phyllis J. Campbell, the Pacific Northwest Chairman of JP Morgan Chase, will be speaking at 7:30pm in Kane Hall 130. RSVP today!
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Mansa Musa Muhadith
Mansa Musa Muhadith : These companies all profited from selling slaves
Wells Fargo....#fuckyoupayme
There is a petition on for them to pay descendants of American Slaves
JP Morgan Chase....#fuckyoupayme
Go show support, so they know, we know
Bank of America....#fuckyoupayme
If reparations are not paid..there shall and will be a national boycott of these businesses.

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Maryland Association of REALTORS
Maryland Association of REALTORS : Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase ordered to pay $35.7 million in Md. mortgage kickback scheme     RESPA fines for Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase.
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