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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : Time to catch up on WWE SMACKDOWN.
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Ryley James Buchanan
Ryley James Buchanan :    
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James Buchanan
James Buchanan : Shared Photos     Mommies!!!
I saw an article of a mom who cracked open her child's nose sucker and it was filled with mold. Now, thinking what anyone would, I assumed she never cleaned it. Paranoia crept over me, so I cracked Matthews open. And to my horror, it was filled with mold! Matt & I have cleaned this after each use with the hot water like the hospital told us to! It isn't the fact that they aren't being cleaned, its the fact that when you clean them, they are unable to fully dry inside and the moisture is trapped, causing mold. Thank god we have one that splits apart that we have been using for his nose! I suggest not using your little ones sucker because who knows what's inside of yours since the only way you can see inside is if you cut them open! Please spread word so mommies everywhere throw them away!!

**I received messages from parents about bath toys that squirt water as well! They will get moldy too so be careful with those too! I was told to hot glue the hole in the bath toys so water can't get in them! I haven't introduced bath toys to Matthew yet, so I'm very glad I got the warnings & advice before I gave him any toys! Thank you to everyone who gave me a heads up about them! It's greatly appreciated! :)     Seems like 7/8 of the world has babies... soooo... I am sharing

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Paul Weedman
Paul Weedman :     Just in time for nfl big gameday, right now - Sports Jerseys Wholesale is having a huge sale on Super Bowl XLIX Jersey. During the sale, Jersey With Super Bowl Patch Stitched are selling for 23 dollars! Also 21 bucks stitched nfl jersey are still on sale for all 32 teams! Get all the details here ---> Mary Elizabeth Huffman Edward Main LuAnne Reece Suba Nathan Laizure Jennifer Fallin Neely Justin Rhymer Scott Cameron Chassie L Timbs Anthony Yoggerst Anthony Brisbon Kevin Mark Buchanan Jessica Arnold Rebel Bennett April Moore Michael McNutt Brad Dunn Willie DeBord Monte Robert Hicks Jr Dakota Wright Thomas Ryder Amanda Hyatt Thea Allen Shannon Warren Andrea Eldreth McGlamery Robert Campbell Brionna Reece Joe Tylen Chass Kelley James Eller Tank Dugger Shelia Forrester Phil Ladeau Robert Knight Devin Moniz Lisa Presnell Amanda Martelli Peggy Nichols Shane Stout Ashley Blevins Cathryn Barnhill Christopher Patti Eastridge-Clark Steven Crews Roy Phillips Rose Moore Crystal Sisk Pope Sandra Porter Kristie Blevins Trish Lunceford Brenda Reece Sheila Weaver
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Brian Stiles
Brian Stiles : Steven Spiers     Considering they cover up themselves so no one knows how crooked they are.
This list is beyond belief that they have found so many crooked coppers,

So what would the list be like if they could access the records freely,

And weren't so hidden by their collegues.

I think its about time the good cops got off their backsides and weeded these bent ones out of their system,
You might get your respect back by doing so,

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NikiAmma-Sita Bastin
NikiAmma-Sita Bastin : Just learned that James Buchanan was the first openly gay president. Going to find out more. BRB!! What a great role model for young men and women today. Colour me impressed.
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Lincolnville, Kansas
Lincolnville, Kansas : Timeline Photos     January 29, 1861: President James Buchanan signed a bill making Kansas the 34th state in the Union. A 34-star flag is displayed in the visitor center at the Kansas State Capitol. #KSDAY15    
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Chris Buchanan
Chris Buchanan : Timeline Photos     Funny 'cause it's true! — with Wallace West and 3 others.     James Buchanan Crystal Buchanan Sam Peters Ryan Shoemaker Sara Shoemaker Connie Buchanan
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I Love Penn State Football
I Love Penn State Football : Penn State reportedly offers Virginia pair; Big Ten bowl success helping ...     In today's Penn State football news, PennLive's Greg Pickel shares some of James Franklin's Virginia recruiting itinerary and pictures while reports than two scholarship offers were doled out on the trip. Elsewhere, Nick Buchanan's more
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