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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : I'll take it!!! Great job Dallas!!!
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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : Int!!!!! Great job Claiborne!!!!
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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : That sucked!
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James Buchanan
James Buchanan : Mobile Uploads     Thank you Deep Life Quotes     Right on!!
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James Buchanan
James Buchanan : Timeline Photos     Thank you Joel Osteen Ministries     So agree!

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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : Hey Defense got comfortable. It's not over yet... come on Dallas
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Tonya Buchanan
Tonya Buchanan : Today is our one year wedding anniversary. I wish I could explain to all our friends and family how content and happy this last year has been for me. God put this man in my life, without question. He appreciates my passion and does not call it insanity. He loves my compassion and does not see it as a waste of time. He encourages me to continue learning because he knows I am capable of so much more. He is not intimidated by my strength and does not refer to it as if it is a derogatory virtue. He stands with me not because I have to have a man beside me but because I want him beside me. James Kevin Buchanan, I love you more!! Happy Anniversary!!
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Kelly Linnell
Kelly Linnell :         Class of '78 had a mini-reunion in May! From l-r: Duncan Brock, Kathy Fowler (Buchanan), Penny Smith (Ward), Annette Goski, Rhonda Rubin-Logel, Kelly Linnell (Patrick), Mary-lynn Charlton, Deanna Pierce-Colbow, James K. Hill. Fun times!
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James Buchanan
James Buchanan : Nostalgia Critic - Heil Hitler

It's the Psyche Hitler!     This is probably one of the funniest and most iconic Critic moments. I was planning on releasing this for the release for the new captain america movie but I...
Watch the video: video

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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : What's up!!!! Cowboys baby!!!
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James Buchanan
James Buchanan : Timeline Photos     With Jennifer LeAnn and 13 others.     Yeah that's wat it is
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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : Hell yeah baby!!! Touchdown!!!!!
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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : Wtf!! Romo ran for a 1st down.... that's what he needs to do..make decisions!! 1st down
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Michael James Buchanan
Michael James Buchanan : OEM stuff from my FXT that I sold a few months ago.

Here's what I've got. All is in good condition with minimal wear, if any. Came off of my previous car - 2004 FXT. Anything painted is 22w in color (Cayenne Red Pearl - NOT SEDONA RED). This is from an SG5 (2004-2005 model year). Please do your research on what will and will not fit your car.

-TD04 turbo - ran fine when I pulled it
-OEM FXT TMIC w/ BPV (at least I think I have the BPV)
-OEM FXT TMIC to throttle body coupler
-OEM FXT USDM Hoodscoop
-OEM FXT USDM Headlight surrounds
-OEM FXT USDM front mudflaps (no rears)
-OEM FXT USDM side skirts
-OEM FXT USDM Fog lights with yellow Lamin-X covers
-OEM FXT USDM cat-back exhaust (mid-pipe and axle-back)
-OEM FXT USDM sway bars and end links
-OEM FXT USDM rear lateral links

That's all I can think of right now. Overbear already claimed my front seats, so those are taken.

Need the stuff gone. Throw me an offer. The most you take, the cheaper each piece will be.

I have no aftermarket stuff left. The guy who bought my Forester took everything after market, so please don't ask.

Will ship at buyer's expense.

Post here AND PM me.


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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : Damn come on, they expected run on 3rd down...
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James Buchanan
James Buchanan : "Allow me to introduce myself I'm Winnie the--SHUT THE F&#K UP!"
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James Buchanan Jr.
James Buchanan Jr. : Yes!!!!! Touchdown!!!! That's what's up!! Bring more of that!
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Jay Underwood
Jay Underwood : Tek kelime ile muhteşem..     Alexandra M. Romine James Taulbee Tony Charles Buchanan James Malone got to watch this     Tek kelime ile muhteşem..
Watch the video: video

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