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Fit Fire Studios
Fit Fire Studios :         In FB world, she's known as MF :-)

What sound do you love?
The ocean or a child laughing

If you won the lottery--what is the first thing you would buy?
A beach house in Avalon or Stone Harbor

What songs are included on your soundtrack of life?
Brown Eyed girl, Time of my life (Dirty Dancing), Best of Times, If I could Turn back time, ......this list could go on forever!!!!

What TV show made you recently cry?
Parenthood--series finale

What is your least favorite mode of transportation?

We love having Mary Fran Frankenheimer on Saturdays for BodyCombat (and sometimes, BodyPump too!)

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All Seasons Srl
All Seasons Srl :
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Fashion Clubbers
Fashion Clubbers :
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Marie DanceBis
Marie DanceBis : Only one week to go till we make the Final of the GB Kizomba Competition THE night to remember...
We have Kizomba workshop with Rico and Josy and Semba workshop with T-Boy all the way from France. You can have dinner after in the venue and dancing will start from 21:30. The final will kick off at 23:30 with a short musical break by LB Angolano. And we will continue dancing till 4:00am celebrating with the winners and al involved!

You know you'll want to be there, so don't delay and book now for advance and reduced tickets!

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