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Nelda Plain Ashe
Nelda Plain Ashe : Kids trash house with bag of flour!     I didn't laugh until her statement after the many times she said "Oh my gosh".
One weekend we couldn't believe the kids had let us sleep until 9:30. I found CRISCO all over the toys, Mystique's quilted headboard, the floor and rug, her hair, face, and when she was finished, she gave it to Tom in his crib. Grease everywhere! Tom had it between his legs, squishing his hands in what was left in the container. I took her to the emergency room at Bergstrom AFB. I sat her away from me and told her she had better not moved. Her being Korean, no one would know that greasy child was mine. LOL The doctors laughed and brought others to come see. He said she wasn't hurting, but the grease in her eyes was causing them to be blurry. It would hurt much more if he had to wash them out. It took me days to get the grease from her hair. Finally I used dish liquid.     Sooo funny. Tag your friend who probably have experienced something like this.

Work from home with our team :-)
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Natalya Kitty Lunan-George
Natalya Kitty Lunan-George : Finally in the new house. I just want to unpack! Work and rehearsals tomorrow. Yay!! So pumped to see the twinsie. You know who you are (; *:
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Rose Siders
Rose Siders :         The funding has been finalized. The house is ours! Our realtor sent over pics of the keys (she picked them up for us and put them in the house so we can access it with the garage code tomorrow morning when we arrive with the movers.
Oh, and we were able to score an amaaaaazing deal on this badboy:
a beauteous 25.4cu ft stainless Whirlpool fridge...$500 less than the sticker price. Lowe's price matched a local competitor's sale price and they give you a bonus 10% off when you price match with them, plus another 10% off for opening a Lowe's card, plus free delivery. Can't beat that.
SO much relief, happiness, and elation. Ready to move in the morning!

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Kenji Gleason
Kenji Gleason : Learn To Flip Houses Without Money Or Credit.         Meet Jeff..he wasted years trying to do real estate investing "his own way" and never did a deal until he met me!

When you are ready to stop wasting time and finally start doing deals let me know...
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Dorothy Scott
Dorothy Scott : Rep. Hastings Comments on Speaker Boehner's Lawsuit Against Pr...     finally the truth.....     Rep. Hastings Comments on Speaker Boehner's #GOPLawsuit Against President Obama during a meeting of the House Rules Committee
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Jamie Garrison
Jamie Garrison : One last story of the day.

Luke was riding the go kart around the house today. I noticed he was going faster than usual and I hollered at him to slow down. He come by again and nearly ran over me and had a blank look on his face with no smile. I then noticed the gas pedal was stuck wide open and he was so scared he couldn't talk. I finally chased him down and jumped on the back and hit kill switch. If I wasn't observant that poor kid would probably still be out there going around the house praying he'd run out of gas.

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Madison Hinton
Madison Hinton : Jesus Christ......, I've finally got in my car and on my way to my house.... All dam day trying to get home!...... I'm starving
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Haley Hebert
Haley Hebert : So happy got a 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house today with the best man I've ever met!!!!!!!! House. Check, good man. Check everything seams to finally be coming together!
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Leesa Oliver Mann
Leesa Oliver Mann :         A couple of days ago I almost had a meltdown...the Keurig wouldn't iced coffee...yikes! So Norman diligently worked on it for almost an hour to get it repaired. This morning it worked. This afternoon. gave up the coffee ghost and simply refused to work any more.

My daughter and I had plans to go get a piece of furniture this afternoon. So around 4:30 we left and returned around 7. In the process of moving 2 pieces of furniture up the steps and into the house, we were kinda rushed and I didn't pay attention to the kitchen counter when we came in. We finally were relaxing in the living room when Norman said something about needing help trying to fix the Keurig (yes this was funny to me too...I am useless with anything mechanical).

Sitting on the counter, all shiny and sparkling, was a new coffee maker. And not just ANY machine fella went and got me the super duper deluxe Keurig! 5 brewing options. Programmable. Fancy blue lights. Quite simply, a beauty to behold.

Here is the inaugural iced coffee. Tastes wonderful.

Yep...I am spoiled. And loved. And totally ruining his reputation as a bad ass...

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Rie Matsunaga
Rie Matsunaga :         finally moved to new place last week.
Look at this pics so beautiful sky !!!!
ex place was so crazy and trouble full but it was a fun house. Bye bye big house :)

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Bobbie Bustos
Bobbie Bustos : Mission Impossible Squirrel     I need one of these at my house. The end of the journey would be a one-way ticket off my property.     This takes place in England - the owners of the yard added each piece of the Rube Goldberg contraption slowly so that when the squirrel learned one section and got the nuts, they then added the next section. Finally it ended with what you see on the clip! It took over 2 weeks to get to this point.
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Mariah Rosanbalm
Mariah Rosanbalm :     Today, my sweet, best friend for almost 8 years passed away. After years of begging, dad finally caved in and let me bring a puppy into our home. We all fell in love with her the moment we met her. She wasn't just a dog in our house, she was a part of the family. You will never understand how much love you can have for an animal, until you have one. I have never seen a dog so spoiled in my life. This slideshow is only about 1/4 of the pictures we have of her. Unlike many of her doggy friends, Sanibel had the opportunity to travel the country with us when we went on trips. From Texas, to Florida, from Tennessee, to Ohio; she lived the high life. She absolutely loved to swim and got to swim in many lakes, pools, and ponds. Our family is heartbroken over the loss of our baby. Next week would have been her 8th birthday. We will never forget you Sanibel; especially while eating pizza and having no one to share the crust with, going fishing without you there to lick every fish we catch or to jump in the pond after the bobber because you think it's a ball, every time we drop some food on the floor waiting for our "vacuum" to clean it up, not having a dog bark and jump under the trampoline, or simply coming home to a puppy there to greet us, even if we've been only been gone for a minute. Here's to all the times I snuck you into places I wasn't supposed to in a purse, all the times I dressed you up like you were a Barbie doll, and all the times that you were there to comfort me. You've left a big puppy paw print on my heart ❤️    
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D'Atra Clawson
D'Atra Clawson :         Finally she went to sleepy house....
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Jared Green
Jared Green : And only because I asked how she was doing, otherwise I guess it didn't seem like that big a deal to tell me that our girl dog Scarub went missing when your friends were watching the house. She hasn't been found and surely has passed on, alone and scared probably suffered too in the desert heat. She was an indoor family dog for 9 years, loved and walked and it kills me that she was left alone outside and not let inside and treated how she was used too. I'm not blaming you and I know you love your girl, but I don't understand why she was left alone. Scarub I'm sorry girl and I will always hold a pjace in my heart for you. RIP, you are finally with your brother Tuff.
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Jamal Benjamin
Jamal Benjamin :         With the blessings of GOD I'm finally a homeowner I want to give a big shout out to Megan Forde Omar use to tell me how you was the brains on getting your house and I listen and I finally been blessed to own a house
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Laura Berry
Laura Berry : Finally found a house I cant break in to. Sucks that its my house and here I sit on the outside looking in.
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Cathy Rumble
Cathy Rumble : Deborah Cooley
1 hr
Looks like this sick bastard is still at it! I just got off the phone with my sister-in-law. Their neighbor's dog, a beagle, had been missing since Saturday. They have 5 acres and cut it all. When my BIL was out cutting grass this morning he thought he heard a dog crying. He went up to the house and got my SIL and they both went out on their 4 wheeler to where he thought he heard the dog. This was on the back side of their property. They finally found him. He was tied to the fence by his legs. The poor thing is a mess. The police were called and, he's at the vet's. And, they live in AVOCA! They have a Lab that runs loose, they do have an electric underground fence, but now they will be tying him up after dark, and going out with him in the daytime, until they catch this sicko. Please.......keep your dog in your site at all times! And if you see anything strange, anything at all, call the police, please!! I want to see this bastard caught and prosecuted!!!

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Dani White
Dani White : Got a lot done today, cleaned the car (FINALLY), visited with the grandparents, got a house phone and new internet! Now to get ready for clinicals tmrw morning and then bed early! Narragansett bound in the morning!
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Jimmie Lee Robbins
Jimmie Lee Robbins : What? The White House has just condemned Israel? Standing with Israel is one of the only things that has kept America together.

This could be the demise of America as we have known it.

Of all the Land on the Planet the only piece of Property that God has reserved for Himself is the Land of Israel. Israel cannot even give it away.

Lev 25:23 'The land shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are strangers and sojourners with Me.

Even the Gaza is reserved for God and Israel could not even make their Withdrawl permanent.

Eventually this conflict over the Land of Israel will involve the entire world.

Zechariah 12:2-3, written in the sixth century BC, "Behold! I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all the peoples all around, and it shall also be against Judah in the siege against Jerusalem. And in that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it shall be slashed. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

Israel's Islamic neighbors want to destroy the hated "Zionist Entity." An Islamic world view insists that a Jewish state in the Muslim Middle East is by its very existence an insult to Allah and Islam that must be destroye; all who lift it will be severely injured, the nations of the world will be drawn into this conflict and unite to remove the Jewish presence from Jerusalem. However they will discover that removing the Jewish people from God's Land will bring each nation a national hernia! And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it. These united nations will wage the final world war in the Middle East, and it will center around Jerusalem.

It's amazing to see the same scenario that the prophet declared so long ago shaping up before our very eyes.

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Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens : So as everyone knows..I don't ever discuss my personal life on here...but the only grandmother (My Nanny) I've got left is very, very sick!!! I need anyone and everyone to pray or do whatever it is that you do, for my nanny and her health!!!! She has terminal cancer and has had to stop treatments and move in with my mom and she is getting sicker and weaker each day. We've got hospice of Georgia (called something different besides hospice) helping to ease her pain and help us with her final journey in life! THANK GOD FOR THESE PEOPLE!! They have been such a relief on my mom and they take really good care of my nanny!!! YOU SEE, I love this woman SOO, SOO, much, she's the one who kept me everyday of my CHILDHOOD when mom was at work. If I wasn't at home with my sister or at my dads...I was at nanny's house!!! Please pray for god to take her ONLY when he's ready for her, and only when she's ready...and please without any suffering. Please also pray for my mom, me, and all of my family!! Nanny is the GLUE THAT HAS HELD OUR FAMILY TOGETHER!!! IM SO THANKFUL FOR HAVING HER IN MY LIFE AS MUCH AS I HAVE SO FAR!!!!....NOBODY WILL EVER BE ABLE TO REPLACE HER OR THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT HER AND THE LOVE SHE HAS SHOWN ME THROUGHOUT MY LIFE!!!! I love you nanny!>!> I always will!!!

Thank you in advance friends!!!

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Athena Runyan
Athena Runyan : Thank you God for a few days off to reconnect with my babies' hearts this week! Isaac resisted very strongly about going down for a nap this afternoon. Finally succumbing, then waking two solid hours later, he calls me into his room and asked me to lay down with him. After a few minutes of silent snuggling, he says quietly, "Mommy, I had a dream about God. I was with him in His house. And I get to go there every time I sleep. You are right, Mommy, I WILL take a nap every day!" later, as he told Brubber (aka Cornell) about his dream, he revealed that he got to sit on Jesus' lap!
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Maria V Hardin
Maria V Hardin : Today we signed all the final loan docs for our house.. After almost a year of hard work it finally happened.. Getting the keys tomorrow !!! ..
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Debbie Stamper McAnally
Debbie Stamper McAnally : It is getting down to the final days with my sweet,awesome grandkids before school starts back!! I have enjoyed every minute and everything we all did together this summer!! I have to admit that some days it was a struggle to do things with them when I felt so bad,but I always tried to take them places and do fun stuff with them!! We went to Sci Quest,which they loved,splash pad tons of times,bowling ,which was so much fun for them,skating several times,many times to the park to just have fun,and Southern Adventures which my son and daughter in law ended up getting them season passes ,so they went a lot there,and swimming in their pool out back,along with swimming at Kinsleys other grandmothers house!! so between me and Kinsleys other grandmotherTrisha Harris,needless to say I think they had a great summer!! Not to mention the vacations they had with going to Florida and Gatlinburg!! so glad my babies had such an enjoyable summer!! I love them all 3 so much and when they are happy this me-me is HAPPY!! I am gonna be lost next week and am really gonna miss those little boogers!!
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Ginger Thill
Ginger Thill :         Tired after a full day of classes at LSU today. Left the house at 5 A.M. and got back home at 7:30 P.M. but got our required continuing education and of course in time in baton rouge got to go by and see my buddy Mike. At first he wanted to just pace but finally decided to pose for a few pictures for me.
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Life With Dogs
Life With Dogs : Humane Society Workers Dig Out Trapped Dog by Hand     Just months after being adopted from a shelter, Delilah Gagliardi’s dog Allie went missing. Thankfully, she didn’t get too far, but she did spend two days trapped beneath her Clearwater house without food or water. Three humane society workers came to help, and after hours in the heat digging her out by hand, Allie was finally freed.
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Ryan Compton
Ryan Compton : I think I am finally ready to settle down. If you are a woman with beauty comparable to a super-model who is also rich, an excellent cook, loves to clean house and wait on your man hand and foot, then im the guy for you.
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Patrick Burgess
Patrick Burgess : Well finally got a house!!! Move in on Friday things started looking up but they could still be way better
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Jan Adams
Jan Adams :         Because I'm sure I'll be BUSY tomorrow and forget to post so I'm doing TBT tonight. I finally have my pics at my house cuz they've been in storage~ so excited. Family is my #1 meaning in life (besides GOD). Enjoy these Joe Pockat, Emmalee Pockat, Jill Pockat. Just found these & remember these like it was yesterday when these were taking!!!!!
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Robin Keepinitallthewayreal
Robin Keepinitallthewayreal : Soo me and Raeviele tearing the house up looking for my keys I finally sat down and fought my keys I say Raeviele I fought my keys she come running down the stairs talking bout Thats Good Honey.......ctfu...mindofa4yearold
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Erica Atkinson
Erica Atkinson : Ughhhh finally at 930 got the house clean(god forbid anyone but me so much as wipe up after themselves),laundry caught up,dinner,kids ready for first day of school and what happens????I step in a pile of shit because Lincoln has "forgot" how to shit on the toilet...Welp I'm taking my fat ugly bitch ass to bed..
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Dana Marie Bauman
Dana Marie Bauman : My house is finally back to normal!
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Louise Carlton
Louise Carlton : Tonight before dark , I looked out the kitchen window and walking right here near the house, ever so slowly through the soy bean field is a Mother deer with her little baby, walking just as casually a few paces behind.They are both eating a few beans on this side and as they slowly walk along taking a bite or two off the other side. You could barely see the nub of the baby's head!The Mother stopped every little bit to check on the baby! She would look from side to side , checking for any danger and then look back at the baby! Finally they meandered on to the woods! It was a beautiful sight!
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Heidi Van Rooyen
Heidi Van Rooyen :         Good news everyone!!! My final post on house updates, I know you are probably sick of them. Before and after shots of blockout blinds, no more tin foil on my windows :-) looked very dodgy from the outside....
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